Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody


Chapter Twenty-two


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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.


Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Dorothy Worthington - wife of Dr. Robert Worthington, mother of Robert, III and attorney

Dr. Robert Worthington - Doctor and University professor, father of Robert III and husband to Dorothy

Kyle Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingston' recently "adopted" 17-yr-old foster son

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge, California

Max - brother of Hank, one of the bad guys

Hank Steadman - really bad guy (in prison)

Deter Gilliard - life partner to Luis, neighbor to the Worthington's

Luis Temples - life partner to Deter, a vet. and neighbor to the Worthington's

The Story

Deja Vu

Maximum Security State Prison, Virginia

Hank Steadman (on the phone)

"Max, Last night I saw that bitch of a Judge Worthington being sworn in as a Justice on news. And, her fucking adorable family was there. That gave me the idea of how we're gonna have our revenge on the cunt judge."

"You be up here tomorrow morning sharp for visiting hours. She's going down next week, brother, along with her family."


...Chapter Twenty-Two

The Worthington's home, Sat. night


Mom and Dad had invited a few friends over in celebration of her elevation to the State's highest court. Aside from family that included Jason, Thomas, and Jamie, there were perhaps five or six more couples, some of which were Mom's law partners. Of course, she would now retire or resign from the firm to prevent any hint of possible conflict of interests.

Deter and Luis were there and mingled with the adults for a while but eventually joined us young folks in the basement rec room. The music wasn't too loud so conversations could be carried on without screaming at each other. Tanner and Jamie were in the midst of a fast and furious game of cutthroat pool, while Kyle was killing me at ping-pong. Damn, I thought I was a first-class player, but he literally embarrassed me with a final score of 21 - 4.

Throwing my hands in the air as a sign of total defeat, I joined Luis and Deter at the bar.

“Hey, guys; glad you could join us." I said. “Do you mind if I ask you a personal question, Luis?”

"Not at all, Robert; ask away!" he responded kindly.

"Well, seeing as we outed ourselves to you yesterday, how about you tell us how you guys came out.”

As Luis began revealing his more personal side, everyone stopped what they were doing and joined us around the bar and sofa. At that moment Kurt walked in carrying a plate stacked with food.


"The first time Deter and I had sex was kind of an epiphany for me. It ended a journey fraught of frustration, self-loathing, denial –all brought about because I would and could not accept that I wasgay. However, being with Deter in the shower that day made it all right. It was OK to love another man; it was OK to be gay; it was OK to be ME! My journey of sexual and self-discovery really began that afternoon. It was not until I was in my late twenties that the proverbial light bulb went off in my thick skull and pointed back to that day, that episode in the shower."

I remember thinking, 'When my family moved to Richmond, I knew that I had to be careful at my new school to hide my growing awareness that I just might be gay. At my old school I had dated girls and often did some heavy petting -- even went all the way a couple of times, but the screwing was mostly to maintain my façade of begin one bad-ass straight dude.'

But, guys, at that time I just felt that I couldn’t afford to be gay. What would my family say? My sisters? So, when we moved, I decided that maybe if I could just get laid, then I would be “fixed”; that maybe I would like straight sex so much that I wouldn’t want to be gay; that I could be 'normal' like my other teenage male friends. Yep, that’s what I needed; I needed to fuck a girl. Now, if I could just find a willing partner!'

Tanner interrupted saying, "May I ask you one thing before you go on? Yesterday you were telling us about you two's first sexual experiences and, I believe, your first time was interrupted by your dad coming home, right? Just wondering what happened." Deter turned to me and ask, "May I?"

"Be my guest, babe," I smiled and nodded


I took a sip of my martini and began, "When we heard the car door slam outside, Luis and I immediately ceased our sex play, quickly got dressed, tucked our once hard dicks into our underwear, and met his dad as he came into the house.

“Hello, guys”, my dad greeted us. 'Good workout in the backyard?'

'Yes, sir.' We answered in unison as our eyes glanced at each other. 'Very good workout!'

Everyone in the room snickered, especially Jamie.

I laughed, looked at the gang sitting here and continued, "Well, We giggled nervously at Dad's question but avoided any more inquisition by heading outside to sit down beside the pool."

"After sticking our feet in the water I remember Luis turning to me and with a serious expression on this face, asking, 'Deter, was that the first time you’ve ever done that with a guy? I mean…'"

“Well, I used to jackoff sometimes with my cousin back when we were 13 or 14, but that’s about as far as it went. We never touched each other. He’s definitely straight!” I said. “But to answer your question, no, not what we did in the shower. Why? Are you having second thoughts now? I hope not! I know I’m not!”

“ ‘No,’" Luis told me, ‘not at all. In fact, I wish we were up there now taking a shower and…'”

I interrupted him saying, “and playing with that beautiful body of yours!”

"Babe, you pick up the story again -- sorry I interrupted ya, but I wanted to tell the part about your dad coming home early..."


"Ok, no problem; you didn't interrupt, really," I told him.

“Guys, that's when I asked Deter if he had ever had sex with a girl.I well remember his answering me, 'Yea, Luis, I’m not a virgin; I lost it when I was in 10th grade. I’ll have to admit I enjoy sex with girls; but man, it just can’t compete with what we just did up in the shower. Girls are something I just stick my dick in -- but you…God, you’re more than I thought I’d ever have! And we didn’t FUCK; I want you to know that! It’s gonna be more with you.' Deter said trying to let me know exactly how he felt. '“What about you?'”

I answered, “My first sex with a girl was also in 10th grade. I mean, I went through the physical act and got my rocks off, but my heart and soul wasn’t really in it. Deter, I’ve had sex with 3 different girls; two back home and one here -- you remember, Susan Anderson. We dated a while and had sex a couple of times. She kept telling me she was on the pill so we didn’t use condoms."

"Wanna know something I never thought I’d tell you? When Susan and I fucked, I ALWAYS closed my eyes and thought about you. I swear I’d never cum so hard in my life than the times I dreamed I was making love to you. But, believe me, my hetero experiments are behind me now. I know that I’m gay, and I’ve come to accept being gay. Of course, I’m not out and don’t intend to come out while in high school. That would really be stupid living in this town full of rednecks!”

“I agree with you there, Luis. Same here.” Deter told me. “But that said, I want to be with you again--like we were in the shower. I hope you do, too.”

“Since no one was around, I reached over and took his hand and said, ‘Me, too, Deter. I want it more than you know.’”

"So guys, that's how our first experience went,” I said wrapping up our story. “You can tell it was important to us because we remember our conversation almost word for word -- or couldn't you tell?"


Just as Luis was making his final comments, mom and dad strolled casually into the room holding hands.

"Hi, guys. Are we interrupting? We just wanted you to meet a couple of our guests that arrived late. Do you mind?" Mom asked.

"Sure, mom; we'll be right out. Are you having a fun time? Sure seems like your friends are excited about your becoming 'Madame Justice'! But aren't you supposed to be wearing some sort of female version of a Roman toga and holding some balance scales in your hands?"

Dad laughed heartily at my little attempt at being humorous. Then Dad commented, "He got you good, Dorothy; you have to admit."

And then with a straight, almost sad face, Mom replied to us both, " Wow, do you guys really think that getting appointed to the State's Supreme Court is a big joke? Maybe you think I’m the joke; or maybe I can’t cut it as the new Justice. I think you guys might be right; I should resign before I even start and save us all the embarrassment,” Mom said, turning to go up the stairs.

I could feel everyone in the rooms heart drop. “Dorothy," Dad said softly not releasing Mom’s hand, "Robert didn’t mean…”

“Mom, God, I’m sorry I was being a jerk. I didn’t really mean ... I thought you should…”

Mom looked back and forward between both of us with the same hurt expression. Suddenly the pout broke and she burst out laughing when she observed the astonished looks on our faces. It took a second to figure out it was all just an award winning performance from the queen herself! Literally, the entire basement was on its side laughing at Dad and me, and congratulating Mom on her theatrical performance.

Man, she really had me going there for a while. I thought I had gone a bit too far and offended her. I admit, She got me last -- the score was Mom: 1; everyone else: kiss her ass!

When the laughter finally ended, I asked if anyone had seen Kurt or Katy because they were not at the party; their parents were.

Kyle answered, "They're at a meeting at their church -- something about organizing a youth retreat. Katy indicated to me that they would be here by 9 at the latest. I sure hope so."
He blushed ever so slightly.

"Well, there’s plenty of food so there's no worry about their not being able to eat once they get here," I stated and continued, "Kyle, are you and Katy still planning to go on the picnic to the park tomorrow afternoon? Wasn't she going to introduce you to several of her friends, I think you said?"

"It's still on as far as I know, Robert. Guess she and I will talk about it some more tonight. We're going out for a while once she gets here-- to the ice cream shop again. It's my favorite place to take her -- but then it's the only place I've been in town so far with her," he said as he laughed.

We joined in laughing at his remark about the soda shop when who should appear in the door -- Katy and Kurt.

"Hey, guys," Katy greeted us but her attention was on Kyle. She and Kurt had their plates loaded with food so they immediately sat at the bar where they conveniently ate.

Jacob entered the room next right when there was a quiet lull. All eyes were on him. He stopped halfway down the stairs scanned the room and smiled at the crowd like the cat who ate the canary. This guy gets cuter and cuter every time I see him.

My heart definitely skipped a few beats when I checked out his lower body. Tonight he was wearing faded polo jeans that hugged his thighs and hips and showed a very, very nice bulge in the front. He wore a white plane dress short sleeve, button up shirt that was way too tight for his colossal arms but seemed to fit the rest of his body flawlessly.

The shirt seemed like it was made with him in mind. It tapered down his torso comfortably hugging his perfect Vshaped frame and stopped almost perfectly on his belt line so he didn’t have to tuck his shirttail in. His shirt was unbuttoned just enough to show a sea shell choker and the beginning of his huge hairless chest. I can almost guarantee there was not a dry crotch in the room!

“Was it something I said, guys,” Jacob joked as he entered the room. “What’s up everybody,” he said waving at the crowd
Tanner and I looked at each other and smiled at Jacob. “We are!” we said in unison. It took a moment for everyone to catch on but there were a few giggles through the room.

“And on that note…” Dad said as he and Mom started back up the stairs.

I kinda got embarrassed making that joke in front of my parents. Honestly, I forgot they were in the room. Judging by the look on his face, Tanner was feeling the same way.

“Judge Worthington, congratulations on being appointed to the Supreme Court and making history!” Jacob said while hugging her as she passed by.

“Thank you, Jake, and please call me Dot,” she said as she smiled and cupped his cheek bringing a smile to his face. She went back upstairs to mingle with the ‘grown-ups’.

“So what did I miss?” Jacob asked with his attention turned to the crowd in the basement again.

“Well, for starters, you missed me and my partner here telling these horny young guys about our first time and coming out to each other,” Luis stated through a huge grin.

“Hi, I’m Luis,” he said extending his hand. Jacob took it and shook it also acknowledging Deter.

“Hi, I’m Deter,” Deter broke in extending his hand to Jacob.

“Well, I’m in love,” Jacob said innocently flirting with both of them. “This guy is good,” I whispered in Tanner's ear.

“Tell me about it, babe.” He whispered back as he finished his drink and got up to finish the introductions.

“Jake, you remember Kyle, Kirk, and Jamie right?” Tanner said as Jacob shook hands.

“Yeah, Kyle and Kirk I remember from the dinner. And Jamie, how could I forget?” He said holding Jamie's hand staring intently into his eyes. “Hi, beautiful,” Jacob said through a huge grin. “H…hi,” Jamie whispered bashfully. Man, if fuck-me-eyes were ever exchanged between two people those were the most intense ever documented.

“Aaaarrrrrrmmm…” Kyle cleared his throat. Jacob and Jamie separated like oil and water. I honestly believe they forgot anyone else was in the room. They were blushing like they had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Personally, I, along with everyone else in the room, wanted to see how far the two of them would go. Kyle, on the other hand, seemed a bit protective of Jamie -- almost like a brother protecting his sibling’s honor -- actually exactly like that. The more I thought about it the more I realized Kyle and Jamie had gotten very close over the past few weeks -- almost like brothers. They did everything together; those two were virtually inseparable except for the time Kyle was with Katy.

The way Kyle looked at Jacob, there was no way something was going to happen between him and Jamie on Kyle's watch. All this I found to be very interesting, but I figured I would keep it to myself for now.

“Jacob…Jacob!” Tanner called.

“Hmm,” Jake answered still caught in whatever it was he was thinking.

“Jacob, this is Katy…‘the man eater’. Be careful, she does bite. Right, Kyle?” Tanner joked.

If looks could kill Kyle would have had Tanner in the ground that second. The whole scene was hilarious, even Katy had to laugh.

“I don’t believe it; you’re too damn beautiful to be as dangerous as Tanner says.”

“Well, Tanner’s only telling the half truth, but my bite is definitely a lot worse than my bark,” She said smiling wickedly at Tanner. “Katy Black,” she said presenting her hand finishing her introduction.

“Enchanté, mon cher,” Jacob said surprising Katy and the rest of us as he gently kissed the back of her hand, making her blush.

“Vous êtes un prix,” Katy responded falling in love with Jacob right along with Jamie.

Kyle ambled over nonchalantly so as to appear not too obvious, but we all picked up on his actions.

Kurt grinned at Kyle when he asked, "And just what are you intentions with my little sister, big guy? Not another trip to the ice cream shop? You're not planning to ravage her over a bowl of chocolate chip, are you?"

Before Kyle could respond, Katy picked up an angel biscuit from her plate and tossed it at Kurt, catching him right on the nose.

“I see what you guys mean by that bite,” Jacob joked.

"You leave my ice cream stud alone, big brother. At least he's a gentleman and doesn't take his lady out to park on their first date like someone I know. Do you want me to spill the beans to your best buds here about how that little escapade turned out? Bet you haven't told them, have you?" Katy quipped. “I wanna hear all about it!”!

All eyes turned to Kurt as he turned beet red and stammered, "I thought we agreed that you would never bring that little embarrassing episode up again, LITTLE SISTER."

"I never said any such thing, Kurt. I just agreed to not tell Mom and Dad," she reminded him.

The aggrieved party, Kyle, jumped into the brother-sister fray with gusto. This was his moment of payback to Kurt.

"So, Kurt, what's this little deep, dark, and dirty secret you've been keeping from us?"

"Guys, it was nothing; just that my plans for that night kinda went awry," Kurt relied meekly.

"KINDA? What do you mean, KINDA?" Katy retorted with glee, enjoying every uncomfortable moment thrust upon her brother -- whom she truly adored. "Fess up, babe; fess up."

Kurt was deep crimson as he began his story.


"Well, you know there are some very embarrassing moments that one just really wants to forget about. This was one of those."

"I had invited Janice Watson out to go bowling and for hamburgers at Pete's #1 on Stanton Blvd. We had enjoyed our evening and decided to ride up to Wenton's Bluff to look at the view and watch the submarines race. I think that's where Robert and Tanner met Jacob the first time, right?"

"Yea, that's where we 'encountered' our new cop friend the first time, Kurt" Tanner admitted, while grinning proudly like a stud.

“We still haven’t heard the full story of how you met these two guys, Jacob,” Deter said, grinning wildly at Tanner and Robert.

“Hey, come to think of it, Robert, you were kinda cryptic on the phone when you were telling me something about an officer busting you for indecent exposure,” I said trying my hardest not to have to tell this story

“Hey, you’re not getting out of your story that easily,” Jamie interrupted, "Now continue. Watch the submarines race? Here in Virginia? I'm confused."

The gang laughed as Tanner explained, "Jamie, it's an old 1960's expression meaning they were going up there to make out, understand?"

He nodded and blushed slightly at his embarrassment.

I continued, "Well, I had really put down a lot of tea and coffee that night so I had to pee really bad once we got up there. You know how that can be! But I was honest and told Janice that I had to run to the side of the woods and go to the bathroom. She giggled as I got out of the car to do my thing.”

"Just as I was finishing I saw the lights of another car coming up the road so I quickly started zipping up my pants when it happened," I stated.

Robert broke in laughing, "You got it caught in the zipper! Oh, Man!"

"Yep, damn, I forgot I already told you this story! And it was not just slightly caught. I mean, I really did a job on it -- damn, I've got the scars to prove it."

"TMI, brother, TMI!" Katy blurted out while trying to control her laughter -- as we all were.

"Guys, I was sooo much pain I could hardly walk back to the car. And, then having to face Janie-- God, was I embarrassed. However, she had heard my cussing and exclamations of pain and had correctly guessed what my problem was. She has three older brothers I found out."

"By the time I returned to the car, she was sitting in the driver's seat and said, "'Give me your car keys; you're hurting too much to drive. I'm taking you to the emergency room.'"

"There I was with my dick hanging partly out of my pants right in front of her -- and on our first date too. But I was in so much pain and bleeding so profusely that I didn't care at that moment. Frankly, I was a little scared -- maybe a lot scared."

"And this is the capper! Janice reached in her purse and handed me a tampon! Can you believe that? A damn tampon! Talk about embarrassing!" Kurt continued.

"She told me to use it to stop the bleeding, after all, that's partly what they are far. At this point, who was I to argue? I just needed some help."

"I'm not going to go into detail about my experience at the hospital but to just say that the doctor who attended me was female. She was the only doc on duty at that time. I was sooo mortified, but she was very kind, understanding and remarked that I was not the first patient she had treated for this condition and that she had several brother also, all of whom had gone through similar experiences."

"I had to have two stitches to close the wound. Man, I'll never forget being giving that shot of Novocain in my pecker to deaden the pain of having the stitches put in. My dad took them out several days later and couldn't stop grinning as I related my story to him about what happened. He promised never to tell you guys."


By this time we were all in various states of hysterical laughter; but, at the same time, sympathetic to what Kurt had gone through because all of us guys had got "it" caught at one time or another -- just not as bad as Kurt did.


(Next day) Richmond, Virginia

The high school class reunion trip


Our farm is about a two-hour trip to Deter's home so we drove down the day of reunion and planned to stay with his parents. They were always asking when we were going to be able to spend more time with them so we decided to accept their hospitality. They were delighted!

The guys -- Robert, Tanner, and Kyle -- would take care of the farm duties with the horses, etc. while we were gone. We knew that Jamie would have liked to have helped, but he, Jason and Thomas were flying back to California Sunday. They would be returning for the Christmas holidays, however.

Deter’s mom and dad, his two brothers that were married and their wives, and his youngest brother who was a senior is college at UVA, were all there when we arrived. The surprise has been the brainchild of his mom. She was never happier than when all four sons were there together along with their significant others. Brian, the youngest, was not accompanied by this latest “squeeze”; she had an important paper to finish that weekend he informed us.
Frankly, he didn’t seem to upset that she had no been able to accompany him.

When we walked in the door there were the usual hugs and kisses. His family had always been demonstrative with their feelings, so different from my family. To his mom I was the fifth son and she treated me as such. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, I deeply loved his brothers and they, me. Deter and I both realized how lucky we were to be a part of such a wonderful family.

I must confess that back in our younger days when all the boys were still young enough to be living at home, the five of us probably aged their parents much too quickly with our all-boy antics.

My two sisters-in-law had no problem with my relationship to Deter. They were very accepting of our “marriage” but did enjoy going out of their way to kid Deter and me about my going out with them shopping, etc., you know, with the sisters-in-law. He and I took their good natured ragging in the sense it was given, but gave back as good as we got!

To say that Deter was surprised and delighted that his mom had arranged the family reunion would be an understatement. The family had not been together since last Christmas.

Deter and I put our luggage in his old room. We always used his room when we visited with his folks. Boy, being there brought back old memories, both pleasant and not so pleasant -- especially the time we broke up for 2 months early on in our relationship. In fact, that’s the only time that we’ve ever been apart for any length of time -- even when we were in college and the only time we’ve had a serious break in our relationship.


We had about 3 hours from the time we arrived at my home until the reunion began. Since dinner would be part of the celebration activities, Luis and I declined the invitation to join the rest of the family at the Country Club for dinner. Rather, we took a nap after a short romp in the sack. It had been a while since we had made love in his old bed. Sorta felt nice to be back in the ole loveboat again, as we used to call it! Talk about fond memories!!

Since the reunion was formal this time, Luis and I had rented Tux. I think we looked damn spiffy and sexy in our monkey suits. The affair was to start at 7 p.m., but we had been invited to join our two best high school buddies, Wayne and Steven, and their wives, at
Steven’s home for a drink before making our appearance.

It had been several months since the six of us had gotten together. All four were in our “wedding” and, over the years, we managed to stay in touch over the internet, and see each other on a somewhat regular basis -- maybe 4 or 5 times a year. They all love to visit our
farm and they’ve been our guests there often.


When we arrived at Steven’s house, the women greeted us with hugs and kisses (while the guys either shook our hands or huggedus and gave us a slap on the back) … except Wayne!
Normally Wayne was the most outgoing for all of us, but tonightsomething was bothering him. One could tell that he waspreoccupied with thoughts other than being glad to see us. It waswritten all over his face.

After drinks were served, Wayne placed his hand on my shoulder and motioned for me to sit by him on the sofa. Everyone else sat around us as Wayne looked at me and in a serious tone that I had not heard from him said, “Luis, we’ve got something to tell you. We want you to hear it from us and not from someone else at the reunion.”

-- end of Chapter 22 --