Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody


Chapter Twenty-three


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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood onset diabetes.


Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Tanner David Kingston - half-brother to Robert, the other central character

Kyle Kingston - Tanner's half-brother

Jason Kingston - Tanner and Kyle's uncle

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingston' recently "adopted" 17-yr-old foster son

Judge Thomas Warren - Senior Family Court Judge, California

The Story

Deja Vu


When we arrived at Steven’s house, the women greeted us with hugs and kisses (while the guys either shook our hands or hugged us and gave us a slap on the back) … except Wayne!

Normally Wayne was the most outgoing for all of us, but tonight something was bothering him. It was written all over his face.

After drinks were served, Wayne placed his hand on my shoulder and motioned for me to sit by him on the sofa. Everyone else sat around us as Wayne looked at me and in a serious tone that I had not heard from him said, “Luis, we’ve got something to tell you. We want you to hear it from us and not from someone else at the reunion.”


...Chapter Twenty-three


Sunday was finally upon us. I was a little eager to get back to work though I regretted leaving my nephews and new friends, Dorothy and Bob. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sad look on my new son Jamie’s face. He looked like he'd lost his best friend -- I guess in a way he had. With Kyle being on the other side of the country, along with Tanner and Robert and the rest of his new family, I could see why he was taking this so hard.

Kyle, too, was looking a bit out of it when they were getting dressed to go to the airport. He and Jamie were doing all the packing together but not saying much to anyone. This was hard on both of them. He and Kyle had gotten close in these few weeks they have been together. The only time I can remember them being apart was when Kyle was out with Katy, and even on a few of those occasions, Kyle had Jamie right along with them. It was like Kyle was the brother Jamie always wanted and Jamie was the little brother Kyle never had. Of course, they were the same age, and Kyle did have Robert who he adored; but it was different. It’s like Robert was Tanner's, and in some way, Jamie was Kyle’s.

We had a wonderful dinner with the Worthington’s and my nephews, but all too soon Thomas and I had to leave for the hotel. Their cook Karl is a master chef, or in my opinion, he should be.

The jet was not scheduled to arrive at the airport until 11:00 pm (EST) because a few lawyers from the firm had an important meeting with clients overseas. One of the perks I try to keep for the office is having my private jet available for my main staff. It usually keeps them from having to schedule inconvenient flights with layovers and uncomfortable seating arrangements. Sometimes, therefore, inconvenient flights and departure times couldn’t be helped. Hence the reason we’re leaving so late -- though 11:00 pm Eastern is 8:00 pm Western. Putting the time difference into perspective makes the trip seem not too bad.

Even with having the late flight scheduled we were running a little behind getting to the airport after having spent too much time at the Worthington home laughing and enjoying one another’s companyon last time. We arrived, checked our luggage 20 minutes after the scheduled departure time and hurried to our gate while saying our good-byes.

“Tanner, Kyle, you boys be good," I said, kissing both my nephews on the cheek. They smiled wickedly at me.

“Robert, you’ll keep Frick and Frack in line, won’t you?” I continued, hugging my new nephew and kissing his cheek as well.

“You got it, Uncle Jason,” Robert said, hugging me back.

“Hey, while he’s keeping us in line who’s going to ride him when he steps out of line?” Tanner asked, jabbing Robert in the shoulder.

“I thought that was your job,” Jamie teased. He and Kyle laughed hysterically; Tanner and Robert blushed deep crimson and laughed along with them.

“I always feel like there is some running inside joke between the four of them,” Thomas said in my ear. “But, the rest of us can’t figure it out.”

“Baby, have I got a story to tell you,” I said and smiled back at him.

The four of them really are like brothers, and they bond more and more every day. It feels horrible breaking them up even if it is until Christmas break in a month or so.

Jamie hugged Tanner and Robert goodbye. He turned to Kyle. As hard as they both tried to hold back, tears streamed from their eyes.

“I’m gonna miss you, bro,” Kyle said.

“Me too,” Jamie said hugging Kyle. “I’m gonna call you when we get in -- tell you how the flight went.”

“You had better call me every day ‘til you get back here. I know you’re gonna be busy with the student council, and baseball, and football, and track, and saving the world by playing every sport known to man; but, if you forget to call me even one day, I’m gonna be on the next plane to California to kick your jock ass,” Kyle continued.

Honestly, I think my young nephew forgot he was surrounded by the “rents”. To his credit, my nephew has never been the one to hold back. I'm still not quite sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

“You promise?” Jamie said, pulling away from their hug and smiling as he wiped tears from his eyes. They both laughed.

We turned to board the plane. With the emotional goodbye from Jamie and Kyle, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the area.

“Jamie!” Kyle called out before Jamie turned the corner.

“Miss me already, bro?” Jamie joked as he came back into sight. Thomas and I boarded the plane and took our seats.

“Yeah, I already miss you; but I forgot to give you something,” Kyle responded.

“What is it?”

“It’s something for you to have so you won’t forget us back here,” Kyle said pulling a box out of nowhere and giving it to Jamie. “Open it when you get home, NOT before then,” Kyle said.

Jamie kissed him on the cheek. “I really will miss you, bro.”

“Get a room, you guys,” Tanner said lightening up the mood. Kyle and Jamie both shot him the bird. Jamie took the box and turned the corner to board the plane.

Minutes later the plane took off and the band of four were down to three.


The plane ride home went by relatively fast. It’s funny, but home doesn’t really seem the same. Now, I have this amazing guy. He just adopted the most perfect son a guy could ask for; and, to top it all off, the guy is handsome as the devil. Spending the week with our new dear friends Dorothy and Bob only brought us closer together -- as close as two guys can possibly get. The trip felt more like a honeymoon than a vacation. It’s funny, but Jamie, Jason, and I were already almost like a family.

The more I thought about it the more I loved the idea. God, a family! I love being Uncle Thomas to Robert, Tanner, and Kyle. And, I’m growing to love Jamie more and more every day. He really is a special person. Too bad his parents were too stupid to figure that out. In a way I feel sorry for them because their ignorance cost them this great kid.

I was on auto-pilot driving to Jason's house from the airport. I guess I was busy reflecting on how everything was finally falling into place. We obviously had been sitting in Jason’s driveway for a while. I came around from my thoughts after I noticed the engine not running. Jamie and Jason were staring at me with silly grins. I had to laugh.

“What?” I asked, bashfully smiling as my eyes darted back and forward between the two of them.

“Nothing,” they said simultaneously.

“It’s just that we’ve been sitting in the driveway for the past twenty minutes; looking at you with that goofy grin on your face. We were just wondering if you were ever coming back to us,” Jamie said grinning.

“Something you want to share, ‘Uncle’ Thomas,” Jason asked grinning broadly too.

“I definitely would love to ‘share’, but I really can’t speak about it in front of the minor.”

“I don’t mind!” Jamie exclaimed. “Just like I’m not even in the room…car…I’ll just be back here while the two of you 'share' or whatever it is you kids are calling it these days!”

We all erupted into laughter and got out of the car.

Unloading the car seemed like a job in itself. Who knew that three gay guys traveling together would carry soooo much luggage??

“You need to grab a shower and hit the sac, kiddo,” I said not even realizing how parental I sounded at the moment. “You have school tomorrow and it’s late.

“Aww, Uncle Thomas, I was planning on calling Kyle tonight and catching up with him; then I was thinking, Uncle Jason might let me off of school tomorrow so I could gather my thoughts and collect myself before going back.”

“Catch up with Kyle?” I said. Jason laughed hysterically. “You just left him a couple of hours ago; and, besides, it’s 3:00 a.m. on the East Coast. I’m serious; it’s the shower, then the bed.” I said ruffling his hair.

“Yes, sir,” he said obviously not happy but relenting just the same. He hugged me, and we all walked in the house.

“Let me show you to your room, Jamie,” Jason said.

“Nah, Uncle Jason, I already know the way. Kyle described the house to me perfectly and told me I would be staying in his old room, I prolly know the house as well as you do now.”

“Ok, babe, good night,”

“Good night, Uncle Jason. Good night, Uncle Thomas. By the way, are you staying here tonight with us?” Jamie asked smiling.

I didn’t realize it but I brought my bags in right along with Jason and Jamie from the car. I was confused for a second. Then I looked at Jason; he didn’t know how to answer the question either. Jamie's smile got wider.

“Good night, guys,” He said as he disappeared into his room after ambling up the hall..

“You’re going to have your hands full with that one, ‘DAD’,” I joked.

“Tell me about it; I wouldn’t have it any other way. Compared to Tanner and Kyle, Jamie is going to be a walk in the park, though I should take lessons from you. You seem to be a natural at this dad stuff.”

Jason smiled at me; I blushed.

'Damn, I think that’s the best compliment I’ve heard ever. Enter the awkward moment,' I thought to myself.

“Umm, I’ll just take my bags back to the car. Honestly, I don’t know why I brought them in. I guess in these few days I’ve gotten used to being around you all the time. I don’t mean for it to sound so matter-of fact ……I mean….I like waking up beside you! I mean…” I stammered.

“TRUST ME, I know what you mean, Thomas. Since you already have your bags in here and it’s late, why don’t you just stay? I mean our house is closer to the courthouse than yours is, and you can get up as early as you like to make it to work on time.”

“But what about Jamie? What will he think?” I said trying to fight the strong urge to accept Jason's offer and spend the night. The reason I was trying to fight so hard not to do what we both wanted me to do is still a mystery to me. I guess leaving just seemed like the right thing to do.

“I think Jamie wants you to stay as much as I do, Thomas -- well maybe not as much, but… you know what I mean,” Jason said, turning a new shade of crimson. “He even asked me before we left would you be coming around the house a lot when we got back here. He respects you a lot more than you realize. I can tell by the way he looks at you he admires you so much.”

“Are you sure?” I protested for the last time.

“Do I have to tell you how I feel?”

“You can show me,” I said, smiling impishly at Jason.

He caught on quickly. We picked up our luggage and I followed Jason to his room. We walked up the stairs into the hallway and heard the shower running, no doubt Jamie washing up before bed.

No sooner than the door was closed to his room, Jason and I went at it like horny teens. We kissed hungrily for a few moments, then cloths were being shucked and thrown in every direction. Jason was nearly naked before I had a chance to remove my button-down shirt and t-shirt.

He was gripping at the waistband of his underwear, but I placed my hands on his to stop him. My awestruck gaze traveled up and down his nearly naked body. Hot doesn’t even begin to describe the man I’m in love with. All 165 pounds of him is long lean muscle, not bulky like mine. He’s just perfect…perfect for me. I looked into his eyes, his handsome face. I swear he would give Tom Cruise a run for his money.

Jason smiled and stepped a little closer to me. He lifted my t-shirt over my head running his hands over my pecs and stomach muscles on the way down to my belt. He moved and placed light kisses on my neck as he loosened my pants, letting them fall to the floor.

“I love you, Thomas,” he whispered as the palm of his hand massaged my quickly hardening cock. I couldn’t move. I don’t know what the hell was wrong with me, it’s not like this was the first time we made love today, but every time feels like I’m a virgin all over again.

Thomas lovingly kissed his way down my chest, taking each of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and biting before moving lower. His hard tongue sensiously attacked my belly button as he positioned himself on his knees before me. My rod was steel hard and leaking at this point. Then, his mouth ran over the length through my underwear. I swear I was in heaven.


Thomas was moaning like crazy as he allowed me to play with his cock through his underwear. The scent coming from his crotch was nirvana in itself, but having his cock in my mouth was what I really wanted. Since we’ve been together it seems to be all I think about. How can I please him? How is it possible that I can I fall in love with him more each day?

Pulling his underwear down, I watched Thomas’s thick monster bob up and down under his own weight. I looked up into his lust filled eyes as my tongue slowly lapped at the precum that dribbled from his slit. Thomas hissed in pent up frustration and from the sensation of my lips kissing his head and smearing the cock drool over his shaft.

I stretched my mouth as wide as I could to take his thick pole. Even then, all that could fit between my lips was his head and maybe an inch of his delicious cock; my tongue had to do the rest. I used one hand to grip his throbbing rob, but it couldn’t fit around his entire member. I wrapped both hands around his shaft and jerked him off while my tongue did its work on his slit.

“Aaahhhh! Fuck,” Thomas groaned as his hands found their way to my hair and as he crammed more of his shaft into my mouth, stretching me to take more shaft. I was drunk with lust for the man I loved and the beautiful scent that rose from his crotch to fill my nostrils.

His breathing increased as his powerful orgasm grew.

“Jason!” He moaned. “Fuuuuck, you’re gonna make me cum, baby,” he said as he forced my head away from his cock. His abs expanded and contracted furiously as he was fighting back the urge to spray my face with his hot seed.

My mouth, still stretched wide open, waited on my reward that never came. He relaxed his grip on my head and my tongue went instinctively to his mammoth balls. I swear everything on this guy was big. His body was built like a linebacker/body builder. Every muscle you can think of and some you can’t were well developed. The girth of his cock was thicker than a soda can, and his balls were like extra large eggs. And, unlike me,, almost every inch of him was covered in dark fur. He’s all man! And better still -- he’s all mine.

His prick jerked and slapped my face as my mouth devoured his balls one at a time; I just couldn’t get enough of him. He pulled my face away from his organs again, extracting a whimper from me. He stood me up and kissed me so deeply it took my breath away. His tongue was in my mouth licking out every trace of his cock that he could find. He pulled me so tightly against him that even my balls were crushed into his thighs. His hands roamed roughly on my ass and finally found my rosebud -- the place that belonged to him and him alone. I moaned softly and we broke the kiss.

“I want you so badly, Jason. You’re the only person in the world that can make me feel like this, baby,” he groaned.

“I’m yours, Thomas. I will always be yours, baby. For as long as you want me, whenever you want me.”

I found that my submitting to him was his biggest turn on -- as well as one for me. He gently pushed me on the bed and covered me with his huge frame. He kissed my lips deeply, hungrily, again making me his with his tongue. He was grinding his hard shaft into my crotch making me squirm with excitement.

All of a sudden he was off of me, turning me onto my stomach on the bed. I didn’t have a chance to realize what was going on before he was at my ass, licking and biting my two mounds. His tongue licked my crack then backed away, making me whimper and buck my hips towards his face. He evidently loved teasing me because he kissed and licked all over my ass before his powerful hands spread my ass cheeks wide and his tongue found my ass hole.

I bet women used to love for this guy to eat them out because when his tongue touched you it was like magic. I wanted to cry from the pure pleasure he was giving my ass. I tried to push back on his face but his hands had my ass almost stationary in the position he wanted me. Thomas was going no deeper until he was ready.

When he and I make love he controls my body from the moment we are naked until we both erupt in orgasm, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

His tongue pushed deep into my receptive ass and I almost jumped out of my skin. Thomas groaned lustfully into my winking hole. He had me thrashing on top of the covers, clenching the sheets for dear life. It was almost like he enjoys turning me on as much as I like what he’s doing to me.

“Are you ready?” he whispered seductively as I knew what’s coming and could hardly contain my excitement. He lifted his body from mine and sat up on his knees. I moved into doggy style position waiting for his thick shaft to fill me up again and make me complete. I turned and looked back as I watched him spit on his monster prick and massage it all over his enormous length. He looked lecherously at my body. I already knew this was going to be a long hard ride, and I was going to enjoy every moment of it.

He lined his cock to my hole and my face moved forward to brace for the entry. Both of his hands were on my hips as he added pressure to his cherry bursting weapon and slide his love inside me.

“Oh God, Thomas,” I whined as he took my ass for his own in one single slow thrust. I was filled to the core, hardly able to reason as his lovemaking took over my mind.

“Thhhooomasss” I moaned again before he pulled almost all the way out and drove back into me again.

“Yeah, baby,” he moaned. “Take it all for me, baby! Do what no one else has ever done before.” He hummed to me as he fucked me ever so gently.

His hands gripped me more forcefully as he began to slam my hips harder and harder onto his cock. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't make a sound as he pounded my ass even more forcefully. I lost strength in my arms and my chest fell to the bed. I bit the sheets, suppressing grunts of bliss as he pounded me harder still. I was lost in a sea of frenzied lust, and I had no doubt I would ever come back down from this high he was giving me. My cock was so close to shooting my load that it was jumping around beneath me.

“Baby, your ass is so tight,” Thomas moaned as he continually long-dicked me.

He released his grasp on my hips and positioned his body atop mine. His hands grabbed my wrists and held them over my head; he kissed and licked inside my ear as his cock thrusted in and out, in and out of my ass. I could feel the muscles of his hard furry chest flexing on my back and his sweet kisses and licks grew more animal… more intense … more into nibbling and biting as he slamed his whole body into mine crashing me into the bed.

“Ohhhh! God,” I moan as his hot love making pushed me into a powerful orgasm. I saw stars as I shot my load onto the covers of my bed spread. My ass tightened around his cock, but that only made him groan more and fuck me harder.

“I’m gonna bury my seed in your tight ass, lover,” he said, making my still hard cock twitch beneath me. His huge cock was working wonders on my joy button; I was almost ready to cum again.

“Jesus, you feel soooo good, Jay,” He moaned. “You make me feel so fuckin good, baby,”

He was grinding hard into my ass, not going in and out, but moving his body firmly against mine in circular motions.

“Aghhhh, fuck, here it cums, baby” he pulled out and slammed back inside me one last time before he began shivering and shaking on top of me. I shot another powerful load onto the sheets beneath us. His enormous frame and weight on top of me was making it hard to breathe; but, we were both too exhausted to move, and I was to tired to care. We stayed in that position for a long while regaining our strength and trying to catch out breath.

Thomas finally rolled us over into a spooning position, his cock still lodged deeply inside me -- not going anywhere despite my body’s naturally trying to force it out -- though 'out' was the last place I wanted it. We cuddled and kissed for countless minutes, his huge arms around me still dominating me, protecting me, claiming me as his and his alone.

“We should get in the shower,” Thomas suggested after a few hours of sleeping, waking up, kissing and sleeping again. Through it all, his cock managed it’s way out of my ass, and his load dribbled between us. We couldn’t seem to care.

“You’re right, baby. What if Jamie comes in here in the morning and finds us like this,” I said laughing at the thought.

“Oh, man, he would never let us live this one down,” Thomas laughed. “I think we might need to take separate showers. I can’t be responsible for my actions if I see you all wet and naked.”

“I am wet and naked,” I said snuggling up to Thomas, almost falling asleep again.

“I know, and you’re driving me crazy, baby. I love you so much, you know that, Jason? I love you.”

“I love you too, Thomas. All these years and I’m just now figuring it out you’re what I’ve been missing all my life.”

We kissed some more and finally, reluctantly got up. Thomas hit the shower while I changed the sheets on the bed and picked up our clothes that were scattered in various locations around the room. He came back in the room fully naked and clean. I had to hurry into the shower before I started something Thomas would have loved to finish.

I showered quickly and Thomas was still awake lying in the bed when I returned. I pulled on some underwear and Thomas looked at me strangely.

“What?” I asked as I slipped beside him in the bed.

“You never slept in any clothing when we were at the hotel in Virginia, baby,” he said as he lay down and he snuggled up behind me.

“I just put these on in case Jamie comes in here in the morning. You know how kids are.”

“I would see the logic in it if Jamie were a girl; but, babe, we’re all guys here. Did you feel you had to wear cloths in front of your dad; and, moreover, did your dad always dress if it were just the guys in the house?” Thomas said sleepily, not making any move to grab any underwear.

“No, actually we didn’t usually wear cloths when it was just the guys in the house.”

“I didn’t think so. Look, baby, I’ll do whatever you say when it comes to Jamie. He’s yours, and I can only envy you; but, we’re all guys here, and we all have damn good bodies if I do say so myself. I have been ashamed of being secretly gay for so many years. Even for a few years I was ashamed of this cock that no one would have anything to do with cause it was so thick. The way I see it we all have nothing to be ashamed of, least of all our nakedness, and especially in this family in front of each other.”

“This ‘family’?” I said turning to look at Thomas, grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah,” he said smiling back at me. “If you guys will have me. Truthfully, nothing would make me happier than to be a family with you guys. I love you so much, Jason.”

“God, Thomas, you’re making all my dreams come true. A family! Jesus, this is too good to be true,” I said reeling from the thought. “A real family!”

“You really like the idea, babe?”

“I love the idea, Thomas.” I said turning to face him in the bed.

He sprang up fom the bed and went to his pants he was wearing today. He dug around in his pocket for a second then came back to the bedside. I sat up looking at him strangely before the contents of his pocket came into view. I almost died right then as tears came to my eyes.

“Jason,” Thomas said as he took a knee. “Ever since I saw you again after all these years I knew you were the one that was meant for me. I knew back when we were in college but was too stupid to give in to what I wanted more than anything. The first night we made love you brought me to a place that I never dreamed I could go. You complete me; you’re my soul mate, my friend, my lover…”

He opened the box he was carrying to show the platinum band it carried. His eyes watered and he was crying too. “You would make me the happiest man on earth if you would say you’ll marry me.”

Words could not be expressed. I kissed him deeply as he placed the ring on my finger. I cried like never before.

“Yes…YES! I’ll marry you Thomas! I love you so much,” I said through tears.

Nothing could compare to the feelings we experienced that night. The bond we shared is one that would last a lifetime. The love we made afterwards was the sweetest most passionate thing that could happen between two people. And that night, I was loved more than I ever imagined I possibly deserved. Thomas, my love -- my life.


Thomas was right. After I took my shower all I really wanted to do was go to bed. It was so late on the East Coast; I'm sure Kyle would have been in bed hours ago anyway.

‘I’ll have to catch up with him in the morning,’ I thought.

I walked into my new room and was shocked to see all the things Dad…Uncle Jason…Jason, got for me. It’s kind of hard keeping it straight. I wondered if he would mind if I called him 'Dad' from now on.

The room was about the same size as the one I had at my old house. I walked in and was blown away by all the things he had in there for me! A new computer was completely set up on a workstation in one corner of the room. It had a bow attached and a message taped to it.


I wanted to reward you for those awesome grades you’ve been getting in school so far. You should have a new computer. So, keep up the good work. I’m so proud of you, buddy. You don’t know how excited I am to have you living with me…

Look in the closet.

I went to the closet and opened the double doors. All of my old clothes were hung neatly on one side of the walk-in closet, but on the other side were new cloths -- all the same style polo, and button-up shirts, jeans and shorts that I love to wear. A complete new wardrobe! --new tennis shoes and cleats for practice and two awesome brand new suit and dress shoes for formal occasions. I felt like a kid at Christmas. This was so awesome of Jason to do all of this for me. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this, but I did know that I would do anything to make him proud of me.

I found a second note as I was looking through the clothes.

Hi again, babe,

I stole Kyle away from you while we were in Virginia, and we went shopping to buy you some new cloths and shoes. The ones you had were fine but the cleats were a little worn out. However, I figured if you were going to start a new life with me, then you might as well have some new cloths too. I consulted Kyle on the style of clothing cause I figured he would know what you liked; and besides, if you didn’t like what was picked out you could blame it on him. Ha!

Love you, son --


I had tears in my eyes as I finished reading the note. I wanted to go it Jason's room and thank him for being so good to me, but I figured he was probably already asleep seeing as how he had to be up early in the morning. I sat on my bed and looked around my new room. He had framed posters of all my favorite bands on the wall. The theme was definitely monochromes of blue from the walls to the downy feather comforter, to the lampshades on my nightstand. Dad did an excellent job decorating. Or, he at least hired the right people to do the honors.

I sat on my bed, not really ready to go to sleep but reflecting on how lucky I was to have a family who loves each other so much. My new dad and his boyfriend Thomas, Tanner Robert and my bro Kyle…“Kyle!” I said aloud as I realized I had forgotten something -- the gift he had for me when I was about to board the plane.

I was so focused on not wanting to leave I forgot all about it. I rushed to my carryon bag I brought from the plane and retrieved the package. Jumping excitedly on the bed and reclining against the headboard, I opened up the parting gift. On top was a picture of Jacob in a frame cut from a magazine.

“He’s a model, too?” I said aloud, gawking at the pic of a nearly naked Jacob modeling Speedo’s for, I guess, a swimmer magazine. Instantly my hard-on grew to new proportions, but my gaze fell on a note. ‘What is it with this family and love notes,’ I thought and giggled.

Hi bro,

Thought you might like this little pick-me-up from Jacob. Katie said she thought he looked familiar when the two of them first met; and, when she went home, she found where she’d seen him before. We cut the pic out and had him sign it for you. Needless to say, Jacob was a little embarrassed, but he said he would love for you to have it. I knew it would get a “rise” out of you. HA!

Ok, dumb ass, the package is still heavy so quit gawking and get the other pic out, will ya!

I laughed as it seemed Kyle was almost in the room with me. I opened the package a little more and found another frame with a totally different picture in it. It was one of Kyle and me in his room at the Worthington’s sleeping. My head was on his chest and his arms were around me. We were so peaceful nothing really mattered for us except being there for each other. Nothing sexual ever transpired when we slept together; that’s just the way we slept. We’re bros. I don’t know how to explain it; we’re the same age, but Kyle always treats me like I’m his little brother and I see him as my big brother. A tear came to my eye. They flowed freely as I continued reading.

Tanner and Robert sneaked in our room and took the pic one night while we were sleeping. They were gonna give us shit about it, but when they got the picture developed they both thought it was too beautiful to make fun of… Truthfully, I do too. That’s how I see us--together! You always there for me and me right there protecting you when I can. That’s not going to change no matter how far away from me you go. Keep the picture close to you and if you ever forget me, I’ll kill you! HA!

I love you bro,

Yours, Kyle

I gently kissed the picture as I continued to softly cry. “I love you too, bro,” I said as I turned off the night light and got comfortable in the bed; the picture of Kyle and I clutched to my chest I slept peacefully -- as if Kyle were right there until morning.

I woke up at around 6:00 a.m. fully pissed but well rested -- I’m definitely not a morning person. I looked at the alarm clock and saw it was actually 6:15. I started to go back to sleep but I noticed another flashing light by the clock. It was an answering machine, damn, I have my own phone line, too?

I pressed the button and heard my brother’s voice on the other end.

“Hey, dipshit, you didn’t call me last night! It’s ok, 'cause seeing the time you guys got back to CA, if you had have called me, I prolly would have cursed you out for waking me up. Hope the trip was ok, and I know you love the new threads Uncle Jason had me pick out. You guys are gonna be awesome together; you two are going to make a great team!”

“It’s like 7:30 here so it’s 4:30 your time; call me this afternoon and tell me how your first day back goes. If anyone in that entire school gives you shit for being out of the closet, just tell me and I promise to be on the next plane out there to kick some ass!”

‘Kyle is legendary for his short temper,’ I thought and laughed at his comments.

“Come on, dick-wad, we’re already late,” I heard Robert chime in the background.

“Well, you heard needle dick #2. I gotta go, bro. I love you, chat later ok…….Oh! and tell Uncle Jason to get up and make pancakes, ok! He owes you breakfast, and besides, he’s a damn good cook! HA, Later, dude.”

He hung up the phone; the message ended. That call definitely brightened my day.

I practically skipped to Dad’s room and opened the door forgetting to knock. He and Thomas were under the covers completely tied up in each other sleeping. I’m glad I wasn’t interrupting but I definitely have to note for the future to announce my presence.

“STILL SLEEPIN YOU TWO!!!” I said loudly as I bounced on the bed right on top of them. “Honestly, you guys, it’s 6:30 and neither one of you are awake. You men are supposed to be professionals setting an example.”

They both laughed as they woke from obviously good dreams. Huge smiles were plastered on both of their faces. For the life of me I would swear they couldn’t wipe the grins off for anything in the world.

“Do you guys always wake up this happy?” I said sarcastically, worming my way between the two of them on top of the covers.

“Not usually, but today keeps looking up!” Thomas said as he lifted the covers and made a B-line for the bathroom.

I ignored his nakedness until I caught a glimpse of his flaccid cock. My mouth dropped. I gave my shocked look to Jason and he laughed loudly.

“Dad, I don’t envy you at all. I have never seen anything so big!” I said giggling.

Thomas walked back in the room and stared at the both of us laughing. “What? Was it something I said?” he asked confused.

“Nah, nothing close to that, baby” Jason said winking at him and glancing down at his huge prick.

“I can imagine the names they called you in high school!” I said.

That got me a whack in the head with a pillow and we all erupted in a huge pillow fight. My taking the prize for getting whacked in the head the most; but you have to give me credit -- it was two against one.

After my ass kicking was over and the standard vows of revenge were dished out as in any regulation pillow fight. I ran through the bathroom brushing my teeth and putting on some of the clothes that Jason bought me. I hurried down the stairs just in case Thomas or Jason was waiting on me to drop me off at school on their way to work.

I got down there and neither were dressed. They still had those silly grins on their faces. Thomas had a stack of pancakes stacked high and was placing them in front of Thomas when I walked in the kitchen. Thomas grabbed Jason's hand and kissed it gently as he smiled dreamily into his eyes. That’s when I saw it!

I must have gasped loudly cause Thomas and Jason turned and smiled at me wickedly.

YOU GUYS ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!” I exclaimed skipping over to the table giving both of them a hug and a huge kiss!

“Busted!” Thomas said bashfully as I sat down in his lap. (He had on underwear this time pervs, LOL!)

“We were waiting to tell you, buddy, wanted to see what your reaction would be,” Jason said smiling.

“My new dad is getting married to an awesome guy! How did you think I would react? ” I looked at them puzzled. “Oooooh!! You thought the gay thing would be a problem right? Duuuuh! Come on, guys, give me some credit here. HEL-LO, remember, I'm gay too!”

“I think he’s more excited than we are, baby”

“Not possible,” Thomas said gripping Jason's hand.

“This is so cool,” I said as I sprang from Thomas’s lap and gave them both another big hug. “Kyle is gonna flip.”

“I can’t wait to talk to him,” I said headed for the door. “I’m gone, you guys; have a nice day, love birds,” I said heading for school. I stopped at the door leading outside from the kitchen.

“Think fast,” Thomas said.

I turned around and caught his keys to his Navigator.

“Drive safely,” he said as he said winking at me.

“You’re awesome, Dad.” I said as I bounded out side the door.

Could my life get any better! My dad is getting married to a wonderful man. I have this awesome family that all seem to love me as one of their own. I’m gay, and even though I wouldn’t have picked this time in my life to come out to the world, now I don’t have to hide my “dirty little secret”. If this school and my friends didn’t stick bye me, as heart broken as I know I would be, I'd get over it, besides; I have a bro 2000 miles away that has my back!

I laughed to myself as I pulled in to the parking lot. I was greeted by a few of my friends on the football team.

“Jamie,” how’s it hangin, bro?" said Price, a good friend of mine since forever

What’s up, Price…guys” I said nodding at a few more of my fellow team mates.

“We’re cool, buddy -- just wanted to say it sucks about your dad outing you like that. If anyone around school gives you any shit about being gay, we’ll kick their ass.”

“I don’t think that will be necessary, guys, but thanks.”

“I don’t kno', dude, there were a few guys on the team that were running off at the mouth -- 'fag thi' and 'fag that', but you’re not a fag. You’re our friend, and NO ONE fucks with our friends!”

I looked around at the guys, and they were serious as a heart attack. I wanted to hug all of them, but that might have been too much contact for a lot of them. We chatted and shot the shit for a while before class and disbursed when the warning bell rang.

The morning went pretty much like that. Members from the baseball and track came up and made the same kinds of offers, while a few of my so-called “friends” brushed me off when I spoke to them or they avoided me completely. It proved to show who my real friends were.

All in all my day was going great until I was called out of my third block class into the office. I had an urgent phone call that had to get through.

As wonderful as I felt I had a sinking feeling that something was not right; something was wrong, very very wrong, but I had no clue what it was when I answered the phone.

“Hello……yeah it’s me……you’re picking me up right now??……what happened……I don’t want to wait; tell me now!… DAD what happened?……OH, MY God!”

My eyes watered I couldn’t control the flow of tears.

“…How bad was it? Is he ok…… Thank God!……what……WHAT??…Oh God……OH GOD!!! NO!!”

I could hardly breathe; the ladies in the office were at my side trying to console me. It became increasingly harder and harder to breathe. “NOOOOOOO!” I shouted as the room went black. I lost my grip on the phone and fell backwards.

I don’t remember hitting the floor. Instead there were two strong arms around me, and a blond angel with the most transparent emerald eyes I have ever seen.

“Breathe, babe,” I heard a calming voice say bringing me back from the darkness. “Breath for me, Jamie,” he whispered as I came around and was staring into his eyes. His arms closed around me and pulled me to his chest. Remembering the message I just received on the phone, I sat there in his arms and cried like never before.

Back in Virginia

A dark cloud slowly began lifting from my puzzled semi-consciousness as an awareness of sensations around me meandered slowly into my head. A dank, musty scent of rotting and putrid earthiness filled me nostrils, enticing me to a more intense awareness of my surroundings.

I felt my eyelids slowly move apart but no light greeted me. Rather, there was only total darkness -- like waking up in a misty cypress swamp down in Georgia. When I attempted to rub my eyes with my hands, I became acutely aware that my arms were restricted to only slight movement by my side.

Trying to move my legs or bend them at the knee resulted in the same fate. It was then that I realized that I was boxed in and had only a very limited degree of movement available to my body.

Only the smell of cool fresh air above my nose linked me with the outside world.

An overwhelming feeling of terror entered my consciousness. My greatest fear was realized; I was buried alive!

-- end of Chapter 23 --