Tanner & Robert

by Eagle & Cody


Chapter Twenty-seven


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This story is dedicated in loving memory to Steven Simmons of Sidney, Australia, who, without question (according to him), was T&R's biggest fan. Steven died on May 19, 2002, at age 21, from complications associated with childhood-onset-diabetes.

Cast of Characters

(appearing in this episode)

Robert Chaise Worthington, III - 16-yr. old, one of the two central characters

Justice Dorothy Worthington - Justice of State Supreme Court and mother to Robert, Tanner, and Kyle

Dr. Robert Worthington, II - Doctor and College professor and father to Robert, Tanner, and Kyle

Kyle Kingston - Tanner's brother

Warden Hughes - in charge of the prison

Audie Simpson - District Attorney

Jorge Montero - Prisoner and informant

Jamie Burton - Jason Kingtson's newly adopted son

Blake Jordan - new friend to Jamie

Judge Thomas Warren - Jason's lover/friend

Jason Kingston - uncle to Tanner and Kyle

The Story

Deja Vu

Maximum Security Prison

Jorge took the comments as typical shit from the mouth of Hank Steadman – Steadman had a reputation among his fellow inmates as a real mean prick and loudmouth. It was not until two days later when Jorge was watching the evening news in the cell block’s TV room/lounge that his attention was drawn to a story about a judge’s kid being kidnapped and rescued. It seems that the three kidnappers had been killed in a collusion with an 18-wheeler soon after the kid had been buried alive in southern Virginia.

The thoughts of being buried alive conjured up some unpleasant memories of Jorge’s childhood. . He remembered the nightmares he suffered for a long time after reading Poe’s “Premature Burial”. His body shivered as he thought of what that kid must have gone through, and he became incredibly angry. Having remembered Steadman’s bragging on the athletic field, he asked his supervisor at the gym to make an appointment for him to see the warden the next day.

Following that meeting the warden immediately notified the necessary authorities. Warden Hughes remembered that his assistant warden for Administration had told him of his having to inform Steadman of the death of his brother Max just two days ago. Steadman had gone berserk the assistant warden stated. Big Bad Hank was placed in solitary under a medical watch.


...Chapter Twenty-seven


8:45 - The Morning following the Welcome Home Party

Dorothy Worthington

“Mom, it’s for you!” I heard Robert shout from the library. He, Tanner and Kyle were on the receiving end of an economics lesson from their father on the virtues of long-term investments rather than playing the more volatile markets.

“This is Dorothy Worthington speaking,” I intoned as I lifted the receiver.

“Dorothy. Or should I say Justice Worthington? This is Audie Simpson. I hope I’m not disturbing you at this early hour.”

“Audie, what a pleasant surprise. And ‘Dorothy’ will do just fine, thank you! My sons have already worn out that name game. To what do I owe the honor of a personal call from our illustrious District Attorney?” We both laughed.

“Dorothy, I received a call last night from the warden of the maximum security state prison. It seems that he is the recipient of some information regarding who was allegedly responsible for the kidnapping plot,” Audie informed me. My interest was definitely piqued.

“One of the prisoners overhead some comments relating to the abduction and asked to speak with Warden Hughes. I think you and Bob and I need to meet with Hughes tonight. He says that is the best time for him and the prisoner,” Audie continued.

“By all means, Audie. How do we want to work this?” I questioned.

“What if I pick you and Bob up at your home around 6:30? It’s an hour’s drive to Maximum. If that’s convenient for you two, I’ll call Warden Hughes and set this up immediately.”

“Go for it! See you at 6:30 … and, thanks, Audie,” I responded gratefully.

I walked into the library and said, “Bob, that was Audie Simpson. You’re not going to believe what he just told me.”


Maximum security state prison – Warden’s office

Seated around the table in the office were Warden Hughes, Jorge Montero, Dorothy and Bob Worthington, and District Attorney Audie Simpson. Jorge had just finished repeating his story to all in attendance (reference ch 26).

After hearing Montero’s story and the barrage of questions that followed, the warden sent Montero back to his evening job in the library rather than to his cell. He explained that having Montero return to his cell from the library rather than from the Warden’s office would less likely to raise questions among the prisoners.

Warden Hughes
“ Justice Worthington, I’ve been a warden for many years, having served in that capacity in four states. I’ve made it a practice to not interfere or inquire about the reasons why a prisoner is sent to prison. Once they’re here it’s my job is to deal with the prison population on a general basis, not as individuals. We have other staff members who have that responsibility.”

“But, I have to be honest with you; Montero got my attention yesterday. Therefore, I did a background check on him just to determine if I could lend any credence to his story. The man’s been a model prisoner here. That’s probably because he’s so physically intimidating; no one messes with him.”

“Anyway, I looked briefly at his record, and frankly, something doesn’t smell right. Audie, I found out that his case was prosecuted by your predecessor; the infamous Tye Hampton. If memory serves me correctly, he’s serving time in a Federal prison for jury tampering, accepting bribes and racketeering.”

“However, that’s an aside. I think what he says needs to be thoroughly investigated through proper channels,” I said. "It rarely happens to me but my heart went out to this prisoner. Somewhere deep down inside me I knew, when I met him, he was not guilty.”

DA Simpson offered, “I agree, but we have to play this one by the book. Steadman is most likely the kingpin here but, because Justice Worthington and family are involved, we have to be careful not to appear to be railroading him.”

“I totally agree,” Dorothy stated. “We don’t want to do ANYTHING that would jeopardize the case that might be brought against Steadman. I’ll just ask that you keep us informed, Audie, as you would any private citizen.”


Two weeks later at the Worthington home


“ Thank you for calling, Audie. I guess that pretty much wraps up the kidnapping case. I'm surprised that Steadman confessed, but I guess he's not nothing to lose anyway. He's already serving a life-term,” I commented. “Yes, I’ll fill Bob in on what you’ve told me as soon as he makes it home from the hospital. He had an early surgical case, but I’m expecting him home for lunch. He’s taking the rest of the day off so I’m going to drag him off for a bit of Christmas shopping. I know he’ll bitch and moan but he’ll enjoy it, whether he admits it or not! He has three boys he can’t wait to buy presents for,” I quipped with a laugh.

“ What about the informant?” I continued. “That Jorge Montero? I haven’t been able to get him off of my mind the last two weeks. Hughes had a good feeling about him, and knowing the warden the way I do, he’s not usually wrong. Is there any information on his case?” I asked, wanting some good news.

“Dorothy, I almost to forgot to tell you. Yesterday I pulled the trial transcript and evidence packets from the Montero trail. The warden was right. Something stinks in the state of Denmark, or Virginia, that is. Can we meet for lunch tomorrow?”

“Definitely, I’m interested in seeing how we can help this young man prove his innocence.”


Jamie (phone conversation with Kyle)

Kyle: You didn’t call me back last night.

Jamie: Yeah I know; I had a date. Got back kind of late.

Kyle: Well, you don’t sound really excited about it.

Jamie: Josh was not the guy I wanted to go out with.

Kyle: Bro, you’re worse than a woman. Grow some balls and ask Blake out.

Jamie: It’s complicated. He likes me…I know he does, but when I try to make my move he goes all chicken shit on me. He changes the subject, suddenly has to go, starts trying to set me up with other guys. Then he gets jealous as fuck. Ha! Dad actually told me to start going out with other guys; said it would light a fire under him.

Kyle: Well…how is that going for you?? Bro, I love Uncle Jason, but he’s been single for like a thousand years before he met Judge big dick!

Jamie: Dude, don’t call him that! He’s my dad!

Kyle: Well, you shouldn’t have told me, ha ha!!

“C’mon, dick wad, we’re going to be late for school!” Robert shouted in the background.

Kyle: Screw you, dick head!

“Boys!!” Aunt Dot screamed.

“Sorry, Mom,” they both said.

“Who the hell are you talking to so fucking early?” Blake asked, grumpily rolling over drifting back to sleep.

Kyle: Is that Prince Charming? He sure has been spending the night a lot lately. Damn, shame you’re not getting any action. Ha!

Jamie: Fuck you.

Kyle: No… fuck Blake! Ha. Bye, bro. Get back to sleep.

Jamie: Later.

Blake (two weeks ago)

Thank you, God, for letting me be at the right place at the right time; if this kid had hit the ground, whatever he was talking about on the phone would have been small compared to the pain he felt from the lump on his head.

“Could one of you ladies please call the school nurse?” I asked one of the three secretaries and office assistants standing around aghast.

“I mean, really, is it so big a stretch that when a student passes out some one would think to call for some help?” I said, ticked off that this poor sap decided to keel over in front of a group of imbeciles just when I happened to be passing by.

One of the secretary ladies gave me a filthy look, but at least she got her ass in gear and hopefully went to find the boy some help. ‘Some first day of school for me.’

“What’s his name?” I asked an office assistant who was near tears with the whole scene unfolding before her eyes.

“Wha….What?” she stammered.

“Jeez, is every body at this school fucking clueless? What is this guy’s name?”

“Like you mean you don’t like know Jamie Burton?” She said with a surprised gasp.

‘Great, I’m ‘like’ dealing with ‘like’ a valley girl bitch!’ I thought shaking my head.

“He’s like the captain of the football team, he’s on the baseball team, too, and basketball, and he is also one of our best wrestlers when he feels like participating. I should know cause I’m on the cheerleading squad…” She started prancing and twirling her hair, forgetting that there is a guy unconscious on the ground. I was getting annoyed.

She rambled on, “…and the president of the SGA and he was like all over the news because he just came out and he got ‘e-man-sip-asted’ from his parents…”

‘This guy is gay??’ I thought thoroughly surprised.

“…Ha, ha, ha, I like can’t believe you don’t know Jamie Burton…Now who’s like clueless?” The snooty office assistant bitch gloated.

“I’ll tell “like” Mr. Burton the jock king when he “like” wakes up that his publisher, or his biographer, or his personal assistant or whatever your title is has my permission to suck my dick, but all I really want is for you to disappear,” I thought.

I turned back to Jamie. ‘He’s cute enough, that’s for damn sure, but he’s probably like this bitch I’m talking to who doesn’t know grass is green. All brawn, no brains… but fuck, you’re beautiful.’

“Jamie, breathe. Please, Jamie, Jamie!! Breathe for me,” I said, willing this stranger to wake up.

His eyes fluttered, then they were open, and then for a split second I fell in love. Why is he looking at me that way? Why can’t I look away? ‘Fuck he’s so hot.’ For that split second all I wanted to do forever was hold this guy in my arms and stare into his eyes and dream of our life and our kids and our perfect family where every thing was as beautiful as he was.

For that split second…

Finally, I came back to my senses and, obviously, so did he. I moved to release him but he clung to me and started bawling. I have never felt someone cry so hard with so much pain. It was like his life literally hurt right now.

The school nurse finally arrived, but she like everyone else stood around not saying a word and not trying to help. “Is this the fucking school of inaction or what?” I said looking at the dumbfounded onlookers.

I noticed the phone was still off the receiver, and evidently the person he was talking to was still on the line. I picked up the phone to find out what was going on.

Jason: Jamie?? Jamie?!!

Blake: Ummm, Jamie kinda fainted. He can’t talk right now…

Jason: I’m Jason Kingston, Jamie's dad. You are?

Blake: Blake Jordan.

Jason: Blake, is there a teacher or an adult around? This is important I need to get my son home.

I looked around at the clueless individuals surrounding me and shook my head.

Blake: No, sir, Mr. Kingston. I’m afraid I’m all you got. Is Jamie going to be ok? He hasn’t stopped crying since he came to.

Jason: Jamie needs to get home as soon as possible. His dad and I are trying to tie up some loose ends at work and make arrangements with our jet and we will be home as soon as we can.

“His dad and I” I thought I was talking to his dad? And didn’t that office assistant tell me he got emancipated from his family?

Blake: Jamie can’t drive now. I can bring him home

‘Where the fuck did that come from, Blake? You dumb ass!’ I scolded myself. ‘You’re just going to ride off with some rich jock so he can catch his flight with “Daddy” who is too busy to come get his son himself… Is this guy (beautiful as he is…) a good enough reason to blow off my first day at my new school?’ Then I looked around at the still dense faces surrounding me.

Blake: Mr. Kingston, I will be more than happy to take Jamie home. I just need you to give me some directions… great…yeah I got it…then a left at…the gated community? Yeah I know exactly where that is…We’ll be there shortly…bye.

I guess playing taxi to super jock is better than staying in this dump. When I hung up the phone I realized Jamie had finally stopped crying and composed himself enough to talk. We stood up. He brushed himself off. I noticed the big wet spot where he was crying on my shoulder. You would have thought his best friend died.

“I have to go,” he said to no one in particular. I couldn’t catch the emotion in his voice -- desperation?... helplessness? ...

“I know. I’m driving,” I responded.

“The student’s father checked him out of school, but you, sir, are not going anywhere without parent permission,” the secretary said, butting her nose in where it obviously didn’t belong.

“Well, you, Madam, have my permission to bite me,” I said. She huffed, I grinned, that is, until I looked at Jamie.

His look told me I was being an arrogant prick. But it wasn’t the look that got me; it was how his look made me want to apologize to him for being rude to her. ‘What the fuck is wrong with you, Blake? Get a fucking grip.’

I turned abruptly and headed for the exit. “C’mon, Jamie. Let’s go,” I called over my shoulder.

He caught up to me before I hit the door to the parking lot.

“You don’t have to come with me,” he said.

“Yeah, I do. Give me your keys and point me in the direction of your car,” I said, not looking at him, still trying to figure what happened back in the office with him and the secretary.

“No way in hell you’re getting these keys. I’m driving my dad’s truck today, and besides I don’t even know you.”

“Look! I told your dad that I would take you home because you broke down back there in the office and were crying like a bitch. He told me not to leave you, and I don’t think I want to live with knowing your ungrateful ass ran into a ditch and died because you are too stuck up to let me drive daddy’s car!”

I advanced on him with a sneer ready to take his keys from him and force him to tell me which car was his but then… Damn! There was that look again. Fuck, I hurt him.

Suddenly I was ashamed for the way I was speaking to him. I was being an ass to him and for no good reason -- but I’m like this with everyone. What is so special about this guy? Why does he make me feel so ashamed of myself?

“Look, Dude,” I said in a tone so tender it even surprised me. “I promised your dad I would get you home. I can be accused of a lot of things but I never lie... something that usually gets me in trouble with hurting most people’s feelings. But fuck other people’s feelings…” I paused. ‘There you go again.’

“What I’m trying to say is, I don’t think you should drive in your condition and neither does your dad. So for him, let me drive you home, Jamie. I promise not to even speak to you on the way to your house.”

Satisfied, Jamie handed me his keys and we were off a few seconds after that. After a short drive we pulled into the drive way of his castle and parked. Jamie was on autopilot; he got out of the truck and fished for his keys to the house.

“Do you want to come in?” he offered.

“I think I have to seeing as how I drove your dad’s Navigator here, and I don’t have a way home," I responded.

As we opened the door another car pulled up and a man got out. Jamie flew into his arms. “What happened?” Jamie asked hysterically.

“I don’t know, buddy. According to Kyle, he and Robert were on their way to school when they were run off the road by two vans. Kyle was knocked out, and when he woke up, Robert was gone.”

Whoever Robert and Kyle were, you could tell they were important to Jamie. He could barely hold himself together.

“Is…is Kyle really okay?”

“Yeah, bud. He’s fine, a few scratches from the accident, but he’s going to be just fine.”

“And they have no idea where Robert is?”

“I’m sorry, Jamie.” You could tell Jamie's mind was working overtime, and judging by the expressions on his face, every conclusion he came up with was not good.

“You must be Blake,” the man said to me after trying to comfort Jamie as much as he could.

“Blake Jordan," I said, and extended my hand.

“Jason Kingston, Jamie's dad. You’re a good friend for bringing Jamie home. I would have been beside myself worrying if he had decided to drive himself. Thank you for looking after my boy.”

I looked at Jamie; he gave me a smile. Even through the tears his smile could melt glaciers. My face went crimson.

Jason didn’t miss a thing. “Is this a CLOSE friend of yours, Jamie?” Jason asked, and neither of us missed the emphasis he put on “close.”

“DAD!!” Jamie said embarrassed.

“What?? A father has the right to know. What are your intentions toward my son, young man?” Jason said to me in his best father-protecting-the-integrity-of-his-daughter voice.

To his credit, Jason seemed like an awesome dad. I could see exactly what he was doing to keep Jamie's mind off of his relative’s situation, and it seemed to be working. Jamie looked over at me embarrassed.

I looked at Jason and said, “Mr. Kingston, I have nothing but the best intentions towards your son. First, we’re going to drop out of school and get married in Vegas to save your family on wedding expenses. Then, we’re going to take a road trip across the country to the East Coast. You know -- to take a look at our lives and figure out what we’re going to do with ourselves. We’ll need you to fund the trip, of course.”

“Of course…,” Jason echoed, amused.

“Then we were planning on Europe for a few years,” I continued. Paris…Rome…staying only in the best hotels and eating at the most expensive restaurants money can buy…Again we might need a little change to get us started.”

“Well, I see you guys have it all planned out.”

“Yes, sir. We sure do...Dad,” I said easing over to Jamie; putting my arm around his waist. You would think someone painted his face red.

“I guess all that’s left for you two to do is wait for hell to freeze over -- then you can start your extravagant lives together.” Jason laughed.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Kingston. I have connections down there. We won’t have to wait too long.” We all burst out laughing. Wow! Even Jamie's laugh is infectious.

Jason winked at me. And I nodded at him.

He turned to Jamie, suddenly serious. Buddy, don’t worry about Robert. They’re going to find him. And Kyle is in the hospital, but he’s fine. He actually told me he can’t wait to see you.

Jamie gave Jason a smile. Jason ruffled his hair and pulled him into a hug. Pulling away, Jason continued, “I’m going to need for you to get your clothes ready and also pack for me and your daddy. Thomas and I have to get a lot of work done before we can leave for Virginia again, so it will be late tonight before we can depart.”

“What time?”

“It will technically be tomorrow before we are able to leave. We will get on the plane sometime around 2:00am and be in Virginia at about 4:30a.m…8:30a.m their time. Are you going to be ok until we get back?

“Yes, sir,” Jamie said seeming somehow more confident with his father’s reassurances.

“You know where we put the suitcases. Go on and get packed so we can get out of Dodge as soon as your daddy and I get home.”

Jamie smiled and headed for the door. He stopped and turned to me. “I was a wreck back at school. I’m glad you had a clear head. Thank you for taking care of me, Dude,” he laughed a little. I smiled.

He went inside the house; I turned back to Jason.

“Well, Blake, I guess I should get you back to school. Thank you again for taking care of my son. I wish you could stay longer. I don’t know why, but I would feel better about leaving him if I knew you were around.”

“Actually, Mr. Kingston, my foster mom said I could stay and help Jamie as long as he needed me,” I lied. “We had to call them before they would let me leave school and take Jamie home.”

“Are you sure, buddy? You don’t know how much it would mean to me if you could stay until his dad or I return.”

“Hey, Mr. Kingston, don’t worry about it. I’ll stick around as long as he needs me.”

“Thanks, Blake. You take care of my boy,” Jason said as he got back in his car. “There is no food in the refrigerator. We’re just getting back into the state and haven’t had time to restock.” He handed me a one-hundred dollar bill.

‘Who the fuck hands strangers a hundred dollars to eat with?’ I mused.

“Make sure you two get something to eat.” I took the money and folded it into my pocket. “Take care,” he said as he backed out of the driveway.

I turned and walked into the house. ‘Good going, Blake. You’re in trouble now. When do you think you’re going to get home and what will Mrs. Locket say…’

“You’re still here,” I heard a voice behind me.

I turned to look at Jamie. “Your dad wanted me to stay with you for a while…until he gets back. Is that ok?”

“Yeah, it’s ok with me. I really don’t want to be by myself right now.” Awkward silence followed. “Hey, thanks again for…”

“Dude, don’t worry about it; it’s a day out of school, and I get to hang out with ‘super jock’ at his palace,” I said, smiling at the inside joke with myself.

“Super Jock?” Jamie asked confused.

“It’s a long story -- kinda an inside thing with me and one of the office assistants I met today. Let’s just say you have admirers.”

Jamie had a far off look; he remembered something. “You were pretty mean to those secretaries back there.”

“They deserved it,” I said flatly

“They are kind of ditsy, I have to admit, but you still didn’t have to be so blunt.”

‘Damn it, there is that look again.’

“Look Dude, I’m sorry for being a dick for most of the time I’ve known you. I just…”

“Hey, don’t apologize for who you are, buddy. Besides, dick isn’t always so bad.” He gave me a sly grin. I burst out laughing. So did he.

I was so relieved he didn’t hate me. ‘…Why the fuck should I care if he did?’

“Bud, we have been ‘friends’ for like 2 hours now and I don’t even know your name.”

I cringed.

“Hey, Jamie, don’t ‘like’ say “like” babe,” I said in my best air headed valley girl voice. We both laughed.

“I had to curse out that office assistant who ‘like’ told me your life story.” I was getting mad just thinking about her.

“You really are a dick,” Jamie said laughing.

“Do I make you horny?” I said cracking up as well

“More like nauseous.” We were both rolling by that point. I haven’t laughed like that in years.

“So are you going to tell me your name?” Jamie asked again after we regained control.

“No. I already told you and your dad outside.”

“C’mon, Dude.”

“Rod Cox,” I said with a grin. “…I really am a dick!”

“NO!!” Jamie said surprised; his eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of his head. “Tell me you’re kidding!”

“I’m kidding. My name is Blake Jordan.”

“Well, Blake Jordan, I’m Jamie…’

“Burton. I know,” I said finishing his sentence. “You are THE recently-emancipated-from-his-parents, popular, rich, gay school hero. You’re on the football team, basketball team, wrestling team, and baseball team. You’re an all around do-gooder. You’re the president or vice president of the SGA. I would guess you’re soon to be in the GSA, and for all I know, you could be planning on joining the KKK and the NAACP.”

“I’m sorry, I only sign autographs between the hours of 12:00 and 2:00. Come back tomorrow.” Jamie laughed.

I punched him in the shoulder.

“Seriously, though, have we met? How do you know so much about me?”

“There is no way we could have met unless you’ve been to six different schools these past five years. And I told you already, the office assistant told me.”

“Are you a military brat?”

“A foster care brat.”

“Oh…,” Jamie said not wanting to ask any further questions.

Awkward silence again.

Suddenly, Jamie started to laugh. I know the look on my face had to be the picture if confusion. He looked at me and laughed harder.

“What the fuck is so funny?” I said grinning wanting to laugh myself.

“Dude…Ha.” Jamie stopped and composed himself. “Your initials are BJ.” He burst out laughing again.

My face dropped for a second. Jamie laughed harder.

“That’s it,” I said before I tackled him on the floor. He was still laughing. My fingers dug into his side. “Apologize,” I demanded.

“Oww, Dude…ha ha ha, that hurts!” Jamie said through his fits of laughter. “Let me up,” Jamie said, squirming underneath me.

There was physically no way I could have held Jamie down for long. He outweighed me by at least 30 pounds, and he was just a hell of a lot stronger than me. But by the way I surprised him, and his constant laughter zapping his strength, Jamie was pretty helpless at the moment. I was loving every minute of it.

My fingers dug deeper. He laughed louder.

“I’m sorry!” He yelled.

“For…?” I teased. My fingers buried in his rib cage.

“Oh shit…Dude, for calling you a dick!” He was trying to roll over. I held him firmly on the ground.

“And…?,” I said, not letting up.

“And for laughing at your initials!” he finally relented.

“Damn right, you’re sorry,” I said taking my fingers out of his sides. I sat back on my knees over his mid-section. I flexed both my arms and kissed my left bicep. “Who took down super jock?” I gloated.

Before I knew what happened my back was hitting the floor. While trying to get up, Jamie used my momentum to turn me on my stomach. He had my arm was twisted at an unusual angel behind my back. The more I struggled, the more my arm hurt and the more Jamie laughed.

He bent down close to my ear and whispered, “Super Jock always comes out on top.” I tapped out. He slapped my ass and released me. Of course this meant war.

We wrestled around for maybe a half-hour, my back hitting the ground more times than I can count, but I was able to take him down a few times. We squared up to go at it again, but we were both so exhausted we just fell to the floor.

“I definitely win,” Jamie said, after about five minutes of catching our breath.

“My ass!” I protested. “You outweigh me by about 100 pounds, and I still put you down a few times. That has to count for something,” I argued.

“Yeah, all it means is that you shouldn’t pick fights you know you can’t win!” He laughed at me. I was on him in a flash.


Jeeze, where is Blake finding all of this energy? He was back on me before I knew it. His lean body was stretched out on top of me with his hands holding mine pinned over my head. A satisfied cocky grin spread across his face. God, he is the cutest fucker I’ve seen since Jacob back in Virginia.’

“What’s the matter, super jock? Winded already?” He gloated.

Man, I love his attitude. He never lets up not even for a minute. True enough, I was winded, but my pride wouldn’t let me lose.

I flexed my arms and slowly willed them to come off of the ground. The expression on Blake’s face was priceless. He seemed amazed that even with his body weight pressing my arms down he was still losing the fight, and I could also see frustration from my about to get up again.

I started to sit up. I could tell Blake pretty much resigned himself to being put on his back again; however, I didn’t throw him off of me. I sat up completely; his arms were still holding my wrists but not in a firm grasp, they were just there. I smiled at him sheepishly. He returned it, red faced and all. I didn’t move -- his scent was driving me crazy. His cologne smelled awesome on him, a scent I later found out was something called Allure Sport. I had checked him out before when we were standing outside with my dad. He just seemed so out of my league.

Blake was tall and thin, not bony and definitely not feminine, just thin. To call him sexy wouldn’t even begin to do him justice. His muscles were long-toned all over, like a natural build, not one from hours in the gym. I would guess he was a runner. His stomach was flat and hard, I could definitely feel a six-pack while we wrestled on the floor. His chest was wide for someone so slim, and how he found a shirt to fit him just right was amazing. You could tell even through a t-shirt and shorts that his body was awesome.

He was blond. I never had a thing for blonds until now, and I guess I really just have a thing for him. His hair was curly like mine, just a bit longer. Surfer definitely comes to mind. Even though his hair was a mess, it was perfect -- almost like each misplaced lock was intentionally misplaced to add to his sexiness. It worked! His face was always serious…well, at least before he gets to know you, and if you were lucky enough to see him smile, I swear it would leave you breathless.

I just stared at him, trapped in his translucent emerald green eyes. He stared back at me as if he had something to say, but the words were stuck in his throat.

‘What the fuck, Jamie, get a grip!’ I told myself. ‘Why can’t I just look away from him? How does he just make me forget about everything going on right now? What is this awesome cologne he’s wearing?’ I closed eyes and inhaled. I felt his nose touch mine as he leaned in closer.

“Jamie,” he called my name.

Damn, I’m even in love with the sound of his voice. It was so deep it was more like you felt it before you heard it. I was rock hard in half a second.

He settled on my lap and stretched his legs out behind me. His hands released my wrists and gently found their way to my hands. Our fingers locked together. We sat like that for God knows how long. We both wanted to make the first move but both scared at the same time. I never wanted someone so badly in all my life. He finally found courage and his lips gently touched mine. I tensed but soon stopped thinking and let myself go. He devoured my lips gently nibbling on the bottom then the top. Our lips locked and our tongues wrestled for a while, but we soon found a slow rhythm. God, he made me feel as if I had never been kissed before.

I released his hands and pulled him towards my body tightly. His legs folded around me as if he were sitting Indian style in my lap. I felt the length of his steel hard shaft running along my abs. He started slowly grinding on my dick. We broke the kiss. My eyes were closed for countless moments, lips tingling from the intensity of what I would forever call my first kiss.

I opened my eyes; his were already staring at me. I got lost in his gaze. We just stared at each other.

“Blake, that was the…RING!!!” went the phone, breaking my thoughts away from Blake forcing me back to reality. He seemed to snap out of it as well.

“RING!!!…” the phone continually pestered me, and suddenly my memory was flooded with why I was at home and what was happening with my family. Kyle…Robert…How could I forget?

Blake sensed my change in mood and jumped off of me. He helped me up and I ran to the phone…


Jamie rushed to answer the phone leaving me to my thoughts. Damn, that was the most awesome kiss I’ve ever had in my life. But it was just so unreal. Why would someone like Jamie be interested in a guy like me? I know I’m not bad to look at, but he’s so… out of my league.

He’s so strong -- built like a machine, just bred and engineered to be an athlete. His body is so perfect; there is no wonder he plays so many sports. He is a few inches shorter than me, but everyone is, it seems. He stands about 6’ to my 6’3 skinny frame. Jamie is every bit 190 pounds, and you would be hard pressed to find any fat on him. He’s about as much man as a 17-year old guy can be.

He epitomizes the word strong. But from the way he kissed me I could tell he was as gentle as a puppy. And, damn, is he cute. Big brown eyes I could get lost in, a smile so bright it would put the sun to shame. Just thinking about him, I could see why the office assistant earlier today knew Jamie’s life story. At the moment I wanted to know everything about him.

Then it hit me. The reason we just did what we did. It’s not because it was something Jamie wanted to do. He was in a bad place. Something happened today; something so bad it made him shut down. The incident back at the school came flooding back at me. The way his father comforted him before he left to take care of some business. Why the fuck am I such a jerk? How could I take advantage of him like this?

Thinking about myself, and how I was treating Jamie made me sick. ‘Way to go, you jackass’ I scolded myself. ‘You finally meet a decent guy and you pull this bullshit!’

Jamie bound in the room and wrapped me in a bone-crushing hug. "They found Robert!" He exclaimed not releasing me to breathe.

“Jamie…a little air.” I gasped.

“Oh, sorry, BJ.” I grinned and shoved him. He laughed. “They found Robert, and Kyle is ok. I just talked to him and Dad on the phone. This probably means that we are not going back to Virginia; but who gives a shit, right? God, I’m so glad they’re ok.”

“Dude, breathe, Jamie! You’re so happy I’m beginning to think you won the lotto.” I looked around the den. “As a matter of fact it seems like you’ve already done that.” He punched me in the arm. “Tell me what’s got you all excited.”

“I will, but first, I’m hungry. You know any good places to eat around here?”

“No, I’m kinda new to the area; it was my first day of school.”

“Well, it was not my first day at that school, but I am new to this area too.”

We looked at each other for a moment and in unison we said, “Pizza.”

“C’mon, Dude,” Jamie said, grabbing my hand leading me up the stairs.

We came to this huge room with everything a guy could want: A huge screen TV, computer and workstation, something that looked big and expensive in a box in the corner, a nice queen-sized bed, and a bathroom adjoining.

I guess a prince deserves a palace.

“This is your room, Dude?”

“Yeah, my dads and my bro kinda went overkill, but why the hell would I complain?”

“I know what you mean... Ummm, you just wanted to show me your room?” I ask with a raised eyebrow, grinning from ear to ear. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

“Well, that… and you’re going to hook up my stereo and the surround sound,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh yeah? And while I’m hooking up your shit, what will you be doing?”

“I’ll be ordering the pizza and lounging around enjoying the rest of our day out of school.”

“Well, that’s a fair trade,” I said sarcastically. “Don’t I get any help?”

“Dude, 'super jock' is not a techno geek. That’s what people like you are for,” He said barely containing his smile.

“You asked for it!” I said lunging at him tackling him on the bed. We wrestled for a while with him definitely dominating again, but I held my own. Then I saw it.

It was just a picture. But it stole my enthusiasm. I tried but I couldn’t look away. It was a photo of Jamie and some guy asleep. It was the most serene image I’d seen to date. Jamie was in the guy’s arms almost like that is where he belonged. The guy had fiery red hair and a cute face and even though he was asleep, I could tell by the way he had his arm around Jamie he was the type with the attitude what’s-mine-is-mine-hands-off.

‘Figures, he has a boyfriend,’ I told myself. ‘For Jamie I would take this guy on though.’

“That’s my bro, Kyle,” Jamie said noticing my gaze.

“You’ve got a brother?” I asked, with a feeling that could be only described as relief.

“Well, not really…I mean…not blood. He just is. I mean technically he would be my cousin since his uncle adopted me, but he’s my bro.” It was so cute the way Jamie was trying to explain.

“Who is this?” I asked looking now at the picture beside the one of him and Kyle.

Jamie’s face flushed crimson. “That’s Jacob; he’s a friend.”

“Yeah, I bet. How do you know him?” I ask, my jealousy rising again. I was doing an awesome job at hiding it.

“He’s a cop in Virginia, we had just met him before we left to come back to California.”

“Dude, you can’t stop smiling,” I said, amused at Jamie's reaction to looking at this picture. “You two were more than friends?”

“Yeah, I wish! He is more amazing in person,” Jamie said, before he realized it. Looking at the picture I could definitely see why he was so excited.

I got off of the bed, went over to the boxes in the corner, and began taking the pieces and parts out of the packaging.

“Tell me about your family,” I said, not really knowing where the question came from. “And also why you were so upset earlier today?”

It didn’t take much prompting; Jamie just spilled everything from the beginning -- how he met Tanner and Robert and Kyle here in California after his parents kicked him out of his home. He told me how Kyle's uncle took him in and wanted to adopt him; and how Jason is getting engaged to his old college friend he reunited with as a result of going through the emancipation proceedings with Jamie and his parents.

He told me all about Kyle and his relationship with him. I still think Kyle is in love with Jamie, though I kept that idea to myself; even brothers aren’t as close as Jamie described his and Kyle's relationship.

Then he told me about Tanner and Robert and how they found each other and how much in love the two were; then he threw me for a loop. They’re brothers! I couldn’t believe it. I thought I would be weirded out by the fact, but I guess in a strange way it kind of made sense. The love Jamie described between those two is unlike any I have ever even read about. I guess the only way for someone to love and want to protect someone so much is if there is a bond stronger than love between them. At least that’s how Jamie looked at it…I agree.

Jamie went on to tell me about what happened today that got him so upset. Robert was in an accident with Kyle. Kyle was injured, and Robert was apparently kidnapped. Now I understand his reaction -- after hearing him go on for an hour about his new family, my heart sank when he told me Robert was missing.

The reason he was so excited when he came back from his phone conversation is because they apparently found Robert, and he heard from Kyle, so he knows he’s ok.

I was taking all of his information in and asking minor prompting questions along the way. He told me about his past with his former parents and how sad his situation was. I knew there was something between us; his early years were like mine are now, and his present life is like my past. Listening to him talk about his past I could hear myself. I understood his wanting freedom from his parents perfectly.

Before I knew it, it was dark out. I had just mounted the last of the speakers in one corner and placed another freestanding speaker beside his bed.

“Dude, you’re awesome!” Jamie said, as he reentered his room. He was holding the pizza that was just delivered, his vegetarian, mine meat lovers. We ate in his room and listened to music. His sound system was awesome. Somewhere between our talking and listening to music and watching the old “Star Wars” movies on his TV, we both fell asleep. I don’t know what time it was when we both drifted, and I never even considered going home.

The next thing I remember was waking up with my arms around Jamie and him spooned beside me. I smiled as I pulled him closer to me but stopped when I noticed an amused Jason looking straight at me and another guy -- a guy who didn’t seem so amused. I jumped up startled at the spectators. Jamie stirred and opened his eyes -- first looking around for me. He smiled when he saw I was still with him. His eyes followed my gaze and he was equally startled at the onlookers. His reaction was a bit different from mine. He jumped out of bed and threw his arms around the big guy -- the one I hadn’t met and can only assume was his other dad.

“Dad, can you believe it? They found Robert, and Kyle is ok!”

His eyes stayed fixed on me for a split second longer, then his arms wrapped around Jamie. The guy was huge. So much so he made Jamie and Jason and me for that matter look like small children. I don’t think I’d ever really been intimidated until that moment.

“I know, son, it’s great, I meant to call and check on you, but your dad said you were ok, and your friend was looking after you.” He acknowledged me again.

I jumped out of the bed almost tripping over the rug on the floor.

“And you are . . .?” he asked, with the same stern expression on his face he had when he first saw me.

“B…Blake Jordan, sir,” I said nervously. Jason snickered. Jamie had a puzzled look on his face. He kept glancing back and forward between his dad and me.

“Thomas Warren,” his dad said, putting out his hand. I took it and regretted it the instant we shook. I felt like every bone in my hand was on the edge of cracking.

“He’s the guy who got me home from school, Dad. And he stuck around to make sure I was ok,” Jamie said, oblivious to what was going on between his dad and me.

“He’s also thinking of taking our son to Vegas so that he can make an honest man of him, before they go running off to Europe to…what was it? Oh, yes, “Find themselves.”

I felt the blood drain from my face. Jason laughed; Thomas didn’t seem amused.

“Thanks for taking care of our boy,” Thomas said, easing his grip on my hand and finally releasing it. “Do your parents know where you are?”

“Yes, sir.” This time I didn’t lie. Jamie made me call Mrs. Locket, my new foster mom, earlier tonight and tell her where I was. Though she would not have known whether I had come home or not. She works nights at the nursing home, and usually when she gets back I’m already gone to school. When I called she was actually proud of me for taking care of my friend and being responsible enough to call…imagine that! I definitely have to start hanging around Jamie more often.

“Does she mind your staying with us tonight?” Jason asked.

“No, sir, she…”

“I can take him home,” Thomas interrupted -- statement that was met with two rather nasty glares from Jason and Jamie. “…I mean the boy would probably want to sleep in his own bed and his mom is probably worried sick about him,” Mr. Warren said, quickly explaining his urgency to get me home. No one in the room believed the excuse.

“I can go if you want me t…”

“No,” Jason and Jamie said in unison.

“It’s 2:00 in the morning, and you’ve got school tomorrow. You can borrow something to sleep in and hit the sack here,” Jason said, shooing himself and Mr.Warren out of the room. “You boys get cleaned up and hit the sack. We’ll wake you boys up in time enough to get you to school.”

Jamie beamed. “Thanks, Dad.”

“I’ll check back in on you boys before I go to bed,” Mr. Warren said, directing his statement towards me. I swallowed hard. Jason managed to get him out of the door and closed it.

“Your Dad hates me,” I said, still staring at the door fully expecting Mr Warren to come in and throw me out of the window.

“Nah, he’s a big softy, and besides, my other dad loves the ground you walk on. I can tell by the way he looks at you.”

“But the big one…”

“Go ahead and get showered,” Jamie said, cutting me off. “I’ll find you something to wear to bed.”



I really think Blake was afraid of Dad. But I knew in time he would love him as much as I do. ‘Damn, Jamie, get a grip, you’re already thinking of spending time with the guy. You just met him’

I sat on the bed reflecting on today’s events, getting to school, the way my true friends reacted to my coming out, getting the news about Robert and Kyle, and meeting Blake. “Blake Jordan” I said aloud. My heart skipped a beat when I said his name aloud.

He was so easy to talk to, so much fun to be around, and he had the amazing ability to take my mind off of anything by his words or even just a look. I could tell him anything. Hell, I told him everything. He’s just someone I could talk to. He reminded me so much of Kyle. That’s why I like him so much. That’s why it’s so easy for me to talk to him. He reminds me of my bro, even his temper.

‘They are so much alike they would probably hate each other,’ I thought. Immediately that thought put a bad taste in my mouth.

“Dude,” Blake said, breaking me out of my thoughts. “You zoned out; are you still with me?”

“Yeah, Dude, I…” the words got caught in my throat. Blake stood there in a towel and was still dripping wet a little. His long hair was even curly when wet and, God, the way the water was slowly streaming down his wide chest and flat stomach was slowly driving me crazy. The towel hung loosely around his waist showing his blond treasure trail and the top of his pubes. My mouth went dry I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest.

“Hey Dude… Jamie,” Blake said kneeling down to look in my eyes. I snapped out of it.

“Wha…what?” I said dazed.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, just tired; it’s late and today has been kind of draining.”

“Yeah, you have been through a lot today. I was asking for the PJ’s you had for me to sleep in.”

“Ohh… Oh yeah,” I said jumping up and rummaging in a drawer. “Here you are,” I said, pulling out the smallest boxers I could find.

He put them on under the towel and let the towel drop. Even though they were small on me they were still loose on him. ‘God, he’s sexy!’

I showered and came back to the room. Blake was already asleep . . . way over on his side of the bed. Dad really intimidated him.

‘Damn, I really like him,’ I admitted to myself.

I crawled over on my side of the bed and drifted off to sleep . . . despite my frustration at Blake being so far away. It seemed like as soon as I closed my eyes, the alarm startled me awake. I smashed the snooze button and felt something grip my waist.

“Ten more minutes,” Blake groggily grumbled, pulling me closer to him.

“Yeah” I said, smiling nuzzling in comfortably drifting back to sleep.

-- end of Chapter 27 --