Taylor Made, a short story by Josh Terrence

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Author's note: This is a short story. If there is interest for continuing installments, I'll write more of this story.

This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older.

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The house was filled with sounds of the day to day routine of our family when I woke up. It was 8am on Saturday morning, not a terrible hour for me to roll out of bed, but still earlier than I had planned on getting up. The smell of coffee and frying bacon had drifted up the stairs, giving me all the incentive that I needed to crawl out of bed. I sat on the edge of the mattress and laced my fingers before stretching my arms, simultaneously cracking my knuckles and the joints in my shoulders. I let out a long yawn and curled my toes tightly, letting the joints in my feet crack, then I got up and made my way to the john so that I could relieve the pressure in my aching bladder.

The evidence on the seat told me that my 13 year old son Taylor had been in my bathroom, probably at the behest of my wife. My mind harkened back to the night of sleep that I'd just emerged from, remembering that we had a little visitor in our bed. Over the years, our normal routine was to let our son fall asleep in our bed, then one of us would transport him to his own room and tuck him in. In recent years, that task has fallen squarely on my shoulders as our son became too big for my wife to carry. He turned 13 a week ago, and we've been wrestling with the idea of telling him that he can no longer fall asleep in our bed, but we're both hesitant to pull the trigger for different reasons.

After tending to my morning needs, I donned my robe and went downstairs. For a late May morning, it was notably cool outside, allowing my wife the luxury of forgoing the expensive air conditioner. Instead, she opened a couple of windows and the front door to allow cool air to blow in from outside. The cool draft that I walked into when I reached the bottom of the stairs seemed to work in concert with the aroma of frying bacon and brewed coffee, sending a rush of endorphins through my system that brought an instant smile to my face.

Well good morning, honey,” I said, walking into the kitchen and planting a kiss on my wife Samantha's cheek.

Good morning, Jeff,” she smiled, holding the spatula away from my body while still managing to give me a hug. “Did you sleep okay?”

I nodded my answer, letting my gaze drift over to the family room where our son Taylor was sitting Indian style on the floor. As he typically does on a Saturday morning, he was watching cartoons while his mother made breakfast. Over the back of the couch, I could see the top of his messy head of black hair, his attention focused solely on the show he was watching. While I was pouring a cup of coffee, I heard him let go of a few giggles and looked his way again just in time to see him untangle his legs and readjust them so that he was sitting on the backs of his legs. The entire time, he kept his eyes trained on the TV, not losing his focus even though he could hear my voice in the kitchen.

Did you want to talk to him before or after breakfast?” I asked, and my wife shrugged. In the fifteen years that we've been married, her wordless answer was always a shrug when she didn't have a preference. One time I asked her why she did it, and her explanation was simple.

I never want to tell you that I don't care.”

That's one of the reasons that I love her so much. My wife wants everyone she cares about to know it, and in all of our years, she's never uttered the phrase, “I don't care.” The other reasons have to do with the fun we have. She's very open sexually, and we've spent the better part of 15 years swinging with like-minded couples. Shortly after she gave birth to Taylor, we both went on a cock sucking spree that lasted for four months. This gave Samantha's 25 year old lady parts the time they needed to recover while we still tended to our high maintenance libidos. When she was able to do the nasty again, we sustained our pace of sucking dicks together and swinging with other couples. We've hosted quite a few orgies over the years, and we're known across the city for having almost no inhibitions when it comes to gay or lesbian sex.

Which leads me to the point of our discussion with our child. Because while my wife and I were cleaning up downstairs in preparation for a Friday night get together with a group of our peers, she came across several pieces of proof that our son was hosting his own little get togethers while we weren't there. Almost certainly, they were taking place after school, though there was also evidence to support the theory that he was also having his fun before it was time to catch the morning bus to school.

Regardless of the particulars, my wife and I had to have a serious talk with our son. I for one wasn't stressing over it, but I didn't want to kill his free spirit. Samantha's take on it was that we have to be firm but fair, and that we'd have to listen to his explanation before we come down with an edict that he might not like.

When the bacon was done frying, she placed it on a plate lined with paper towels so that it could cool, then she nodded at me, telling me that the moment had arrived. While I waited for her to go upstairs and retrieve the items of evidence that we were going to present to our son while we stated our case, Taylor looked over his shoulder and spotted me standing there with a cup of coffee.

Good morning, daddy,” he said, his voice still sleepy.

Good morning buddy,” I answered, watching him get up to sit on the couch.

At 13 years old, he's still built like a very small boy. He's just 4'10” tall, not even 80 pounds yet, and his young body is just now starting to show signs that puberty is right around the corner. His skin is olive toned, just like his mother and I, and his thin lips are deep red with color. His package has only grown modestly over the years, and is scalable to the rest of his body. His boy parts are hairless and less than an inch and a half long when he's soft, barely four inches when he's hard. Never given to modesty, Taylor frequently runs around the house in the nude. Knowing that his mom and I don't fret over such things, he doesn't see it as a big deal and hasn't developed any type of shyness about his body.

Much to our liking, Taylor has always been an affectionate child who loves hugs and kisses from anyone who will give them. When we visit with extended family, he's known for cuddling and lap sitting, especially with both sets of grandparents. Our entire family eats it up, and even his cousins know that he'll want to be affectionate with them, so they respond in kind. At home, he's our cuddly bear who asks for and receives constant cuddling and attention from his doting parents.

Taylor also has a silly side that comes out often. He equates anything that has to do with bodily functions as comedy gold, and will often have a poop joke on the tip of his tongue, ready to share with his mother and I. He'll frequently swallow air with the aim of producing a loud belch, and he thinks that sharing his farts with his mom and I is the funniest thing ever. In addition, he loves to watch shows like Family Guy, then recite the lines back to his mother and I verbatim.

As I watched him stand up, I saw that he was dressed in his usual attire for home, a white tee-shirt and a pair of white briefs that hugged his plump, round bottom. With the knitted white fabric outlining the curves of his fleshy buns, a shadow ran down the center of his briefs from the blue dashed waistband to his taint, highlighting the deep valley of his crevice. He sat on the center cushion, making room for his mom and I to take a spot on either side of him, almost as if he were expecting our visit. When I sat down beside him, he grinned up at me and wrapped his skinny arms around my torso.

I love you, son,” I told him, planting a kiss on his lips.

I love you too, daddy,” he told me in a raspy voice. “When did you wake up?”

About 15 minutes ago, buddy,” I said, ruffling his messy hair. “You've been watching cartoons the whole time.”

Mom and I got up to make breakfast,” he told me. “I was still sleeping, but she said to wake up and go to the bathroom, then she took me downstairs.”

I thought you were sleeping in your own room last night, Taylor,” I reminded him, but he shook his head no with a naughty smile.

I got up and came in your room,” he said, then he gave me a very unconvincing pout and added, “I had a bad dream.”

Oh yeah?” I asked, playing along. “What about?”

Um... I forget,” he said with a grin that said he knew I was on to his tall tale.

I planted another kiss, this time on his forehead, then I told him, “Tonight, mommy and I want you to spend the night in your room. Can you do that?”

He looked up at me with expressive brown eyes and shook his head no just as Samantha walked into the family room, the pocket in her robe holding the evidence that we'd come across the evening before.

Honey, daddy and I want to have a serious talk with you,” she said, and the smile faded from Taylor's face. “We want you to know that you aren't in any trouble, okay?”

Okay, mommy,” he said, a look of trepidation crossing his face. “What did I do?”

That's what you're going to tell us, champ,” I said, massaging his small shoulder with my left hand. “Mommy and I were cleaning up for our party last night and we came across a few familiar pieces of clothing.”

With that, my wife produced three pairs of underwear, all of which belonged to our son. She unbunched them and laid them in his lap, then she gave him an expectant look. He looked up at us guiltily, then back down at the discarded briefs that we found around the house as a deep blush colored his cheeks.

I found two pair in the front room, honey,” she said in a soft voice, then she continued. “I found another pair stuffed between these two cushions.”

With that, she ran her fingers between the cushion that she was sitting on and the one that he was sitting on, prompting our son to give us a remorseful look.

Can you tell us why, buddy?” I asked, and he nodded slowly. My wife responded by planting a kiss on his cheek, and he leaned into her side with a troubled look on his face.

Am I in trouble, mommy?” he asked, and she wrapped her arms around his slight frame to give him a reassuring hug.

I already told you that you aren't, baby,” she reminded him in a soothing tone. “But mommy and daddy want to know if you've been having special visitors here while we're gone.”

He looked up at her, his face still bearing the same remorseful frown that he'd given us moments earlier, and nodded his confession.

How long has this been going on, buddy?” I asked, and he sighed heavily before going on.

Just this week, daddy,” he swore, and I believed him. “I had some special friends over yesterday after school. On Thursday I had a special friend who came over after you and mommy went to work and another one came over after school.”

Buddy, you know that mommy and I don't like you having special friends over when we aren't here,” I reminded him, and he nodded in agreement. “If you wanted to have a guest over, all you had to do was tell us and we would have made time to be here for you.”

But I got horny and you were already gone,” he whined. My wife ran her fingers through his messy hair and planted another kiss on his head, then she stroked his cheek gently before speaking.

Were these special guests that you were hosting at your back door?” she asked, using the coded vernacular that we had developed over the years to elude to our son's sexual activities. Knowing exactly what his mother was talking about, our boy nodded his answer. “How come you didn't tell daddy and I about them when we came home from work on Thursday?”

I don't know,” he almost sobbed, his voice trembling with regret. “I felt so sexy having secret fun with my lovers.”

Have mommy and I met them?” I asked, and he shook his head no. I took a deep breath to compose myself, then I went on. “Do they go to your school?”

He nodded his head and looked up at our faces, and I could tell that he was studying our expressions. My wife had an understanding smile on her face, but I wasn't feeling so generous. We knew that our son was having sex with kids at his school, and we've never tried to prevent that. But the deal between us was that we had to meet whomever he bedded, even if we didn't talk about it in front of his young guest. The other part of the deal was that one of us had to be home while he took his prospective lover upstairs just in case things got out of hand. Knowing how young libidos work, we understand that sometimes, kids get carried away without realizing it, and we wanted to keep our precious boy safe.

Tell me their names, Taylor,” I said in a short tone, but my wife flashed me a look that reeled me back in. Still, the damage was done, and my son was now looking up at me with hurt in his eyes.

Jason and Adam,” he said in a small voice, then he wrapped his skinny arms around his mom's torso and gave her an anguished look.

Honey, you aren't in trouble,” she told him. “Daddy's just upset because we want to make sure you're safe.”

I know,” he practically whispered, his feelings clearly hurt by my harsh tone, so I reached out and rubbed his back in a conciliatory manner.

Buddy, I'm sorry I was hard on you,” I told him. “But you're my baby boy, and if you ever get hurt, I think I'd lose my mind. I love you so much.”

I love you too, daddy,” he said, his voice still laced with sadness. “Are you mad at me?”

No kiddo,” I reassured him. “I just want to keep you safe, pal. Can you tell us more about your little lovers?”

Okay,” he agreed, a smile spreading across his face. “Jason is in my grade at school and he's really cute. We hang out sometimes because he knows my secret.”

Taylor refers to his sexuality as his secret, but truth be told, there's not much that he hides about it. He's very vocal about his fondness for boys, and while he's never actually come out and said it at school, all of his classmates know that he's gay. From the way his mouth waters when he spots a boy who catches his fancy, to his frequent propositioning of boys to spend the night at our house, to the reports of blow jobs that he gives in the boy's bathroom after school, all of it adds up. So when a boy that he likes is invited to sleepover, it's clearly an invitation to spend the night in his bed, giving our boy the sex his body craves.

Tell us more, honey.” my wife urged him, so our little boy went on.

Adam is in 6th grade,” he told us. “He's super cute, too, and he has the same secret as me. Sometimes we make out in the bathroom when we're all alone.”

I see,” Samantha said. “Do you make out with Jason, too?”

With a dreamy smile, Taylor nodded his reply, then he went on.

We made out on the bus on Wednesday after school,” he said. “We were in the back and no one could see us but Adam.”

Do Adam and Jeff make out, too?” I asked, and he once again nodded.

They're boyfriends, “ he explained, then he clarified. “But they think I'm cute and Adam wanted to keep making out with me, so he had me kiss Jason on the bus.”

Is that why you were feeling so sexy on Thursday when you woke up?” I asked, and he nodded up at me with a naughty smile.

I wanted to kiss Jason really bad,” he admitted. “So I texted him and asked him to come over before we had to catch the bus. I wanted Adam to come too, but he couldn't come in the morning.”

Tell us what happened when he came over, buddy,” I urged him, and with a dreamy sigh, he continued.

We sat here on the couch and started kissing,” he said, and I noticed that he had a prominent bulge in the front of his undies. “Then we got naked and I guess that's when my undies got stuffed between the couch cushions.”

Did you let him in through your back door?” my wife asked, and he nodded his answer. “What else did you do with him?”

After I rode him, we kissed some more and I sucked him off,” he said. “Then I got ready for school and we caught the bus.”

What happened after school?” I asked, and he bit his lower lip.

Adam came home with me after school, but Jason had to go home,” he said. “I was making out with Jason on the bus ride home, then Adam walked home with me and we kissed goodbye on the porch.”

But he didn't go home, did he buddy?” I deducted, and he shook his head no. “I wanted to give him head, so he called his dad and asked if he could stay. Then we went inside and kissed again in the hallway.”

Then what happened, Taylor?” my wife asked, and we watched as our boy took a deep breath and expelled it slowly, a look of pure pleasure on his young face.

We took our clothes off while we were making out,” he revealed. “Then I gave him a blow job. When it was over, I told him to turn around and I gave him a rim job for a long time, then I let him in my back door.”

It sounds like you had a very sexy afternoon,” I observed, and with a glazed over look on his face, my little boy nodded slowly before continuing.

The next day at school, I was really horny for both of them,” he revealed. “I gave them both head in the bathroom before first period, then I did it again at lunch. We kissed a whole bunch, too.”

I bet you really enjoyed that, sweetie,” my wife said warmly, prompting Taylor to look up at her with a big grin.

We kissed on the bus until we got to the bus stop,” he said breathlessly, then he went on. “When we got off the bus, they both called home and asked if they could come to my house, then we hurried home and went inside.”

What happened when you got inside?” I asked, and he let go of a soft moan before continuing.

We kissed and got naked, then I let Jason in my back door while I gave Adam head. After that, they switched and we did it again until it was time to trade again.”

How many times did they get off in your rear end, honey?” Samantha asked, and with a naughty smile, Taylor gave us the answer that we both knew was coming.

I don't remember, mommy.”

Such a horny little guy,” I said proudly, planting a kiss on his cheek, and he nodded up at me with a needy look.

I am horny, daddy,” he told me, grinding his little bottom around on the couch cushion. With a knowing smile, my wife encouraged him to tell us more about his horny state.

Tell mommy and daddy what you need to make that better.”

I want to give daddy head,” he whispered in a not so hushed tone, and I nodded my approval.

You can't wait until after breakfast?” she asked teasingly, and he shook his head no frantically. “Okay, honey, get what you need, then. Mommy and daddy can wait to eat.”

With that, Taylor pulled the string on my robe, loosening the knot and giving him access to the hard package that lay underneath my blue plaid boxers. He reached through the built in fly and pulled my dick out, looking at it with desire and licking his lips. Sporting a glazed over look in his brown eyes, he leaned over and wrapped his lips around the head, then he eased it into his throat with a moan. While he was moaning around my shaft, Samantha pulled him up by the hips, guiding him onto his hands and knees, then she watched while I slid my left hand down into his underwear. His crevice was filled with heat as I slid my middle and forefingers down into it, all of it pouring off of his puckered entrance. At the same time, there was a powerful pheromone filling the air, swirling around our heads and telling my wife and I that our son had worked himself into a sex crazed frenzy.

When my fingers came across his boy pussy, he let off a slutty moan, another tell tale sign of desire in our little cock hound. I felt his rear end roll around, his way of urging me to slip a finger or two up his ass, so I complied with his wishes. Very gently, I inserted my middle finger and let it travel up his hot, tight rectum until I found his joy button. Once again, he moaned with satisfaction when I started to rub his spot, then his arms and legs erupted with goosebumps and his eyes shut tight.

I bet he'd like to have two fingers up there,” Samantha suggested, and with a soft moan, Taylor nodded his head. I very carefully worked a second finger up my baby boy's bottom, watching his face display the pleasure that coursed through his young body when the additional finger pushed in.

Does that feel good, little boy?” I asked in a gentle tone, and he sighed dreamily, rolling his bottom around for effect while I praised his efforts. “You're doing a very good job for daddy, buddy. You always give good head, don't you?”

Instead of answering with a nod, my son simply doubled his efforts. He started to bob his head up and down with fluid movements, causing my aching cock to run back and forth in his experienced cum tube. With the stimulation that Taylor's talented throat was giving me, along with the pleasure I was receiving from having my fingers lodged up his hungry bottom, I felt a familiar burn starting to build in my groin. I used my right hand to caress Taylor's soft cheek, wanting to express my love for him anyway that I could, and he responded by tightening his ass muscles around my probing fingers.

I'd say someone's earned himself a mid-day ride on daddy's cock,” I said, and once again, he let out a slutty moan while my toes curled. “Would you like that, champ?”

Without breaking the momentum of his throat fuck, Taylor gave a frantic nod, prompting me to fuck his ass harder with my fingers. We were both moaning wildly as his blow job carried into its final throes, and just as the cum started to rise up my shaft, I felt his miniature sized palms caressing my ball sack. At the same time, he felt my shaft start to swell with its impending release, and he quickly responded by pulling it out of his throat and wrapping his lips around the head, his scratchy tongue running over my glans in a French kissing motion. Finally, I could wait no longer, and with the long growl of a daddy bear, I raised my ass cheeks from the couch cushion and fired my load into his mouth. My sperm erupted with hard shots that hit the roof of his mouth and splashed down, landing on the head of my dick and all over the insides of his cheeks. After three hard shots, the rest gushed out in a flurry and his mouth filled up with a thick pool of cum that surrounded my dick until he was forced to swallow. When he had my cum load down, he stayed where he was with my dick in his mouth and my fingers in his ass, settling into a sensual sucking and licking of my manhood while he purred with lust.

When I pulled my fingers out of his hot rear end, he took it as his cue to let my sensitive dick free. He planted several kisses along my shaft, then a long one right on the head, using his tongue to tickle my piss slit, then he sighed with contentment and crawled into my lap. I offered him the two fingers that had just been in his boy pussy, and he quickly sucked them into his mouth, letting out more lusty purrs while I reached down and fondled his hard boy parts through the front of his underwear. When he let my fingers fall from his mouth, we shared a long, tongue filled kiss while I slipped a sole digit up his tight hole, then I held him close while we basked in the afterglow of our sex act.

My wife leaned over and planted a kiss on both of our faces, then she announced, “I'm going to get breakfast on the table.”

Okay, I love you, honey,” I told her, offering my lips for a kiss. When she got up, Taylor rested his head on my shoulder and kissed my cheek, so I smiled down at his sweet face. “I love you, buddy.”

I love you too, daddy,” he said quietly, then he confessed his deep desires to me, not that they weren't already obvious. “I want you to put it in my back door and let me keep it there while we eat.”

I don't know about that, champ,” I told him. “You know what the rule is at the table.”

But I won't ride you while we're eating,” he countered, his voice filled with need as he reached down and fondled my dick with his fingers. “I just want to sit in your lap and have you inside of me.”

Do you think a quick ride before breakfast would take care of that?” I asked, and he nodded.

I'd like that, daddy,” he said, adding a slight lisp to his voice that he knew turned me on. I turned my head and looked into the kitchen, where my wife was pulling a carton of eggs out of the refrigerator and knew that we didn't have long. I pulled my finger from Taylor's entrance and he scrambled to get on the floor between my legs, wrapping his lips around my semi hard dick with a horny smile. I could feel his tongue work diligently around the head of my shaft, and I knew that he was working for his reward. When he thought that my dick was as hard as he could make it, he smiled up at me and said, “Stand up and turn around, daddy.”

I followed his instructions, wanting to please my baby boy in anyway I could. He quickly scrambled back to his feet, and without a second thought, he parted my ass cheeks and tongued my hole with moans of desire. From the kitchen, Samantha could see what our 13 year old was up to and grinned, knowing that he was a little nympho, just like his mommy and daddy. With his scratchy tongue buried deep in my chute, Taylor let my cheeks close around his face and used his hands to pull his undies down, revealing his hard boyhood for the first time all morning. When the cool air fluttered across the head of his hard little dick, he shuddered and started to eat me deeply, his moist licking only muffled by his loud sniffing and hot moans. With his tongue swirling around my asshole, feelings of pleasure coursed through me that brought my cock back to life in an instant. He reached around and ran his little paw over my hard shaft to survey its stiffness, then he moaned into my ass and treated me to one last flurry of tongue action.

Seconds later, he was laying on the couch with his knees pulled to his chest. I wasted no time in saddling up to his exposed boy pussy, using my hands to part his cheeks and tonguing it with moans of my own. For as much traffic as he sees at his back door, my son's entrance is surprisingly unblemished. And while he can easily accommodate my full 8 inches, the signs of use are almost non existent, save for the slightly sunken ring. When my feast was over, I felt ready to burst again, so I placed the head of my raging hard cock at his moist entrance and smiled down at him. He was grinning back up at me, and as we shared a quiet, loving moment, the heat that was pouring off of his boy pussy wrapped itself around the head of my pole.

He gave off a quiet moan as I slowly entered him. I gave a gentle push, letting my glans melt into his moist entrance and feeling the intense heat of his love tunnel consume my cock. When I pushed past his anal ring, he bit his lip and gave me a hopeful smile, so I eased the rest of my shaft into his tight confines until my pubic bush was smashed up against his rump. I could feel the walls of his boy pussy throbbing hard around my manhood. In contrast, his boyhood was hard and pressed tight against his hairless pubic bone. We shared another loving smile, then he reached up with his arms and wrapped them around my neck, pulling me into a deep French kiss as our dance of love began.

From the kitchen, Samantha could see Taylor's little feet waving back and forth in the air like flags of surrender while I thrusted in and out. She could see my back arch up, then sink back down with each plunge into our son's horny entrance, and she could see his fingers interlocked around my scruff of hair as he indulged in a deep, tongue filled kiss. His moans were soft, but the smile on his face was evident as my cock tore back and forth along the hot lining of his love tunnel. She was in a trance like state as she watched our lovemaking carry forth, even though she'd seen it so many times before over the years. She knew that our son was an insatiable bottom, and that I was both a virile lover and a loving father who wanted to give him exactly what he needed.

His boy pussy was so hot and tight that I knew our ride wasn't going to last long, so I made the most of it by driving in with firm, considerate thrusts. I could feel his love tunnel react to every motion I made inside of him, and as the clock ticked, I started to feel my climax build. Taylor was still hanging onto my neck, kissing me deeply with a dreamy smile plastered to his cute face. His soft moans started to gain steam toward the end of our love making, telling me that he was truly loving the action that he was getting. When my building pleasure became a frantic rush of climactic sensations, I thrusted in and out three more times, then I buried my cock all the way in his ass and froze. With a groan that carried through the entire downstairs of our house, I shot rope after rope of hot cum that I didn't even think I could muster after the load I blew into his mouth just minutes earlier. Our tongues were still dancing and his moans gave way to a look of relief that washed over his face, then he trapped my tongue with his lips and sucked on it like a baby with a pacifier.

When we broke our kiss, we shared another loving smile while I rested inside of him, the heat of his boy pussy still intense around my shaft. When I pulled out of him, he sat up straight and got on his hands and knees, then he urged me to stand up so that he could suck my cock clean. I could see the look of horny passion on his face, telling me that he was still hot for any action he could get, so I acquiesced, standing up and putting my semi hard cock at eye level so that Taylor could wrap his tender lips around it once more. After a long, sensual sucking of my flaccid dick that he got lost in, he planted a grateful kiss on the end and we got up to join Samantha at the table.

Did you have a nice time getting daddy off again?” she asked as he settled into my lap, still longing for affection. He nodded his answer while I reached over and slid his plate in front of me, then I fed him bites of food while he continued to bask in the afterglow of our love making.

He was too horny to wait for it, honey,” I told her, planting a kiss on top of his head. “I'm so proud of my boy.”

Did you enjoy having daddy as a special guest at your back door?” she asked lovingly, but Taylor shook his head no, causing us to look down at him questioningly. With a loving smile of his own, our baby boy explained himself.

Daddy's not a guest. He's family, so he can get in through my back door anytime he wants.”

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