Taylor Made – The Get Together, a short story by Josh Terrence

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Author's note: Yet another installment. If the interest is still there, I'll post another one.

This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older.

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Good morning, kiddo,” I said in a groggy voice as my vision started to clear up and the sight of my son's smiling face came into view.

Morning daddy,” he said, his own voice tinged with the tones of a boy who was still finding his bearings after a night of sleep.

Did you sleep good?” I asked through a deep breath that I exhaled slowly.

Yeah,” he said with a sleepy yawn, stretching his legs out and causing his joints to crack.

You were all over the bed last night, weren't you?” I smiled, and he nodded his answer with a sleepy smile.

To my right, my wife Samantha was sleeping soundly, plastered to my side with her head resting in the crook of my arm. We were holding hands as we slept, a common gesture of bonding and love between us that I hoped we would share more often as soon as Taylor started to stay in his room all night. Our boy was sleeping on my left side, not the place where he had fallen asleep for the final time.

It wasn't too much of a surprise to find Taylor in a different place than I had seen him last. In fact, it had been his little frame that I was holding when sleep overcame me. My wife was rubbing his back, and he was snuggled up between us in his typical spot. But as the hours passed, he somehow managed to maneuver his young body so that he was now laying on my left side, allowing his mom to move into the warm spot on the bed that he left vacant. When he woke up, he was sleeping face down on the sheet with no pillow to support his head. But being the resourceful young man that he is, he solved this problem by snuggling back up to me and resting his sleepy head on my chest. As soon as I felt his head against my skin, his knee stabbed me in the hip, rousing me from my deep slumber as he got comfortable.

When are we going to wake mommy up?” he asked curiously, his eyes trained on my sleeping wife.

How about if we let her sleep in, buddy?” I suggested, and he shook his head no with a naughty smile.

I'm hungry for breakfast,” he said, so I gave his small frame a firm squeeze.

Do you have to go to the bathroom?” I asked, and he nodded. “How about if we get up and take care of that, then we'll go get you some breakfast.”

I want mama to cook breakfast,” he said with a little whine, and I feigned offense.

You don't like my cooking?” I said, and with another naughty smile, he shook his head no.

You don't know how to do it like mommy,” he told me, then he planted a kiss on my cheek. “But I still love you, daddy.”

I love you too, little stinker,” I said with an affectionate smile. “Even though you insulted my cooking. How about if we go downstairs and I'll make you a pop tart until mommy wakes up?”

Okay,” he conceded, then I pulled the covers back and fetched his underwear and my boxers. We went into my bathroom and stood side by side in front of the toilet, releasing the contents of our bladders and a few morning farts that made Taylor giggle hysterically. When we were through at the john, I wiped the remnants of his erratic stream from the rim and the back of the toilet, then we washed our hands at the sink. After we dried our hands, Taylor gave me a pleading look and held his arms up for me, then he said, “I want you to give me a ride, daddy.”

Unable to say no to my baby boy, I hoisted him up and gave him a kiss on the cheek, then we shared a long hug.

You're getting to be a big boy for this, buddy,” I said softly as he wrapped his little arms around my shoulders.

No I'm not,” he countered in a soft voice of his own. “I like it when you give me a ride downstairs because I get to hug you.”

Oh yeah?” I said, releasing my embrace around his torso so that he could lift his head from my shoulders and look at me. He smiled and nodded, then he leaned in and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips.

I love you, daddy,” he said with an adorable smile.

I love you too, pal,” I said, then I carried him downstairs while my wife enjoyed a rare morning where she was able to sleep in. When we got downstairs, I walked straight to the cupboard and retrieved a pop tart for Taylor while he clung to me with his arms and legs. His head was resting lazily on my shoulder and he was watching me work with a thoughtful expression. I placed his pop tart in the toaster and got started on my coffee, my need for caffeine as great as his need for a warm breakfast.

While my coffee was brewing, I took a paper plate down and placed it on the counter next to the toaster, then I went to the next cupboard and took down a coffee cup and a small Tupperware cup for Taylor. Just then, the toaster popped up and his pop tart was ready, so I took it out and laid it on the paper plate to cool while I went to the fridge and found a gallon of milk to pour in my son's cup.

Do you want to get down yet?” I asked, and he shook his head no, so I planted a kiss on his cheek and went about my work. I picked his pop tart up and blew on it, trying to cool it off before he bit into it, then I held it up to his lips. He opened up without a word and took a bite, then I set the pastry down and picked his milk up. I carefully placed the cup to his lips and encouraged him to take a drink, and with a satisfied sigh, he accepted my offer.

When my coffee was finished brewing, I poured a cup and told him, “How about if we go sit down at the table, son?”

Mercifully, he nodded his agreement to my proposition. I was relieved to carry our morning food and beverages to the table and hold him in my lap, as opposed to carrying my growing boy all morning. As we sat at the table, he made no move to feed himself. Instead, he communicated his need by opening his mouth and looking up at me with almost helpless eyes as he waited for me to pick his pop tart up and feed it to him. When his pop tart and milk were gone, I tried to scoot him out of my lap so that I could pour myself another cup of coffee, but he wouldn't have it. So instead, I found myself hoisting him back up and carrying him with me to the counter while he clung to me with his arms and legs.

When Samantha came downstairs, she smiled warmly at the sight of us at the counter and made a beeline to greet us.

Good morning honey,” I said as she wrapped her arms around Taylor and I. “Did you get enough rest?”

I did,” she said, planting a kiss on my cheek, then she gushed over our boy. “Are you spending special time with daddy?”

Taylor nodded with a sweet smile, then he puckered up and kissed his mom.

I love you, mommy,” he said.

I love you too, sweetie,” she said, running her hand up and down his warm back. “I smell strawberries on your breath.”

Because daddy made me a pop tart,” he said, then he tattled on me with a frown. “I wanted you to get up and make me French toast, but daddy said to let you sleep in.”

Would you still like me to cook you breakfast?” she asked with a motherly smile, and Taylor quickly nodded his answer. “Do you have to go potty again?”

Uh huh,” he nodded. “After I go potty, can I help you make breakfast?”

If you do a good job washing your hands,” she said, and he readily agreed to her conditions. “Come give mama a hug.”

With that, our son reached out with his arms and wrapped them around his mom's neck, giving her a tight hug while she pulled him out of my arms. He quickly unwound his legs from around my waist and wrapped them around Samantha's midsection, letting her hold him close while she petted his messy head of hair and kissed his cheek.

You need to brush your teeth as soon as breakfast is over,” she told him, and with a silly smile, he blew his stinky morning breath in her face. “Come on, honey, let's get you to the bathroom.”

With that, she carried him to the downstairs bathroom next to the laundry room while I took a coffee cup down and poured her a hot cup of Joe. I took it to the table and watched the steam roll off of it while I sipped my own cup of coffee, listening to her and Taylor in the bathroom. It sounded like they were having an extended discussion, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. The bits and pieces that I caught eluded to him not sleeping in his room all night, then there was something about his homework being in their proper folders for school on Monday, but the overhead fan was drowning most of it out. Five minutes later, I heard the toilet flush and the sink turned on, then I heard my wife say, “You need to do a better job than that, Taylor.”

I smiled to myself as I envisioned our son trying to run his hands under the water without using soap, always angling for a short cut. When they emerged from the bathroom, I heard two sets of footsteps walking back toward the dining room, then I saw my wife walking with our son, who was holding his arms up with a frown and beckoning her to give him a ride. Knowing that he was getting too heavy for her to carry, it wasn't a surprise to me when she said no. Still, Taylor was determined to cling to his mom anyway that he could, so when she sat down at the table, he promptly sat in her lap and snuggled up to her.

You aren't going to give mommy a few minutes to relax and drink her coffee?” she asked, and he shook his head no. Resigned to her fate, she kissed the top of his head and sipped her coffee while we talked about our day. When her coffee was done, she scooted Taylor out of her lap with the suggestion that he go find some cartoons to watch until she was ready to start breakfast. With our baby boy now preoccupied in the family room, my wife and I visited over coffee for the next 30 minutes.

Have we heard back from Jim and Ellen?” I asked, and she nodded.

Ellen texted me this morning,” she said. “They'll be over at two.”

Are the boys coming?” I asked, and with a knowing smile that was cast into the family room at our boy, she nodded again.

Jim and Ellen are a couple who live just down the block from us, and without a doubt, they're our favorite couple to swing with. They're open to anything, and just like Samantha and I, their offspring share their sense of sexual adventure. Also like Samantha and I, they've always allowed their boys to express their budding sexualities freely. As a result, the boys have been an integral part of not only Jim and Ellen's sex lives, but mine, Taylor's and to a certain extent, Samantha's.

Their oldest boy is Jimmy Jr, an eighteen year old cutie with the sweetest disposition ever. Standing at 5'10” tall and weighing in at 130 pounds, he has dark locks of hair that resemble that of a toddler who hasn't had his first haircut. His complexion is clear for the most part, though he is given to the occasional pimple on his face or his forehead. His moist lips are deep red but thin, and when he smiles he resembles a little boy.

He's clearly bi sexual, and he aims to please no matter what. When he's in bed with his daddy, or with a male friend of his daddy's, he assumes the position of the submissive bottom. His own dick means almost nothing to him when he's being pleasured by an older man, a lesson he learned from years of sexual activities in his parents' bed. Just like his brother, he was introduced to sex in his parents' bed before he could talk, and as a result, he grew up with no inhibitions about his body or his preferences.

When he visits me, he dresses like a boy, not a young man, and he quickly searches out my cock, eager to please. He loves being kissed tenderly, and when the mood strikes him right, he confesses his love for me while taking it in the ass. When I pin him down to the bed and fuck him missionary style, he never fails to achieve a mind blowing climax that results in several shots of boy sperm painting his torso while he kisses me hungrily.

On the other hand, he has a love of eating pussy that goes over well at home, and in bed with my wife. And while he's never actually penetrated his mother or Samantha with his teen cock, he'll stroke it furiously while he enjoys his box lunch at the Y, so to speak. Since turning 18, he's been a regular at the parties that Samantha and I throw, and often winds up as the main attraction when he bottoms for man after man with insatiable moans.

His baby brother is Aaron, a horny youngster who was trained well by his daddy. At 13 years old, he stands at 5'5” tall and weighs about 95 pounds. His fleshy mounds stand out from the rest of his body while his baby face and clear complexion compliment his super short head of black hair. Just like Taylor, Aaron is exclusively into gay sex, but he's quite versatile. This works well for both his father and his brother, who love sinking their shafts balls deep into the youngster's welcoming boy pussy. This also works well for me, as the boy will often seek my cock out after visiting my son's bed.

Aaron loves sucking dick for his daddy and his big brother, and will often spend a long afternoon at home on his knees having both ends filled with hard cock. Just like Taylor, the little cock hound will also go to great lengths to stimulate an erection for his own purposes. It's not uncommon for the boy to randomly approach his father or his brother from behind and spread their ass cheeks, then use his tongue to feast at their back doors. When their cocks come back around, he's eager to wrap his supple lips around it and indulge in a long, pleasurable blow job while he rolls his available bottom around with a needy moan.

His relationship with Taylor is one of romance and special feelings. They often cuddle whenever they're together, and can often be found sharing a deep kiss and fondling each others' boy parts. Whenever they start to miss each others' touch, an exchange of texts between them will often result in a walk down the street for either boy. Of course, Taylor looks forward to bottoming for the much larger boy on a regular basis. In fact, Taylor can count on a once a week visit from his cute companion, though it isn't uncommon for the boys to hook up more frequently.

I think Jimmy Jr. is bringing a friend with him,” Samantha said with a gush. “He has the cutest little girlfriend right now. Her name is Amber and she's adorable.”

How old?” I asked, feeling a stir in my groin at the thought of sinking my dick into a hot, tight pussy.

She just turned 18,” she said with a warm smile. “Ellen said she walked out onto the patio and they were holding hands. I met her a few days ago and she's so cute.”

Sounds hot,” I observed, and Samantha nodded. “Do you think she'll want to join in?”

I'm sure she will,” Samantha said with a lecherous look. “Ellen's already eating her pussy, and she loves it.”

I bet it's tasty,” I said, and with the bite of her lower lip, Samantha nodded in agreement.

Aaron and Jimmy Jr. are coming over?” we heard from the family room, where our little busy body was listening to our conversation. He had a look of desire on his face that gave away what he was planning for them, so Samantha and I beckoned him to the table.

Are you looking forward to that, baby?” she asked, and Taylor nodded eagerly. “How long has it been since you've been with them?”

Friday night,” he said huskily, and with a knowing smile, I lifted him up into my lap.

The truth is, we already knew the answer to the question before we even asked it. On Friday night, when we held our last get together, Jim and Ellen were there with their boys, though Jimmy Jr.'s new lady friend didn't join us that evening. As a rule, the little ones all stay in Taylor's room while the grown ups have fun downstairs. Taylor is just fine with this arrangement, as it gives him access to Aaron and his pubescent dick. Jimmy Jr. still vacillates between the role of adult and kid, so he double dips at our parties. He often starts the festivities by fucking a load up Taylor's ass while his brother watches, then he allows Aaron to eat his ass or suck his cock clean while my baby boy basks in the afterglow of his deep lay. When his cock is hard again, he beds his baby brother the same way, then he hurries downstairs so that he can assume the roll of a submissive bottom boy for the men in his midst.

This last Friday was no exception. Jim and Ellen came over early, and right away, the boys got busy upstairs while we made the final preparations downstairs. Taylor quickly found himself with his legs in the air, accepting deep thrusts of hard dick from Jimmy Jr. while Aaron watched with a horny smile, playing with himself the entire time. When his big brother seeded Taylor's boy pussy, Aaron quickly wrapped his cute lips around his sticky shaft and sucked all of the cum and ass juice he could find with hot moans. As his brother's cock raged back to life in his mouth, the little cock hound assumed the doggy style position and enjoyed a fifteen minute butt fucking that gave him nothing but pleasure until Jimmy Jr. filled his hot hole with cum. Once again, the eager little boy sucked his brother clean, then he and Taylor fell into a deep kiss while Aaron donned his white briefs and hurried downstairs, where the party was starting to get underway.

Will you come upstairs and visit me and Aaron, daddy?” Taylor asked with a seductive smile, and I nodded.

You'd like that wouldn't you, kiddo?” I observed, and he responded by planting a kiss on my lips. This time, his little tongue slipped into my mouth and he moaned, so I cupped the back of his head with my right hand while I reached down with my left hand and fondled his hard little package through the front of his undies. When we broke our kiss, he rested his head on my shoulder and sighed.

I'm really horny to see them,” he admitted in a quiet voice, earning a smile from his mom.

I can tell, baby,” I said, using my fingers to toy with his little boner. “What do you think you're in the mood for?”

I want to have them both at my back door,” he said, and his mom and I shared a knowing look between us. “I want to give them both blow jobs, too.”

Anything else?” I asked, and he nodded with a glowing smile before confessing his other need.

I want to come to the bed with you and Jim,” he said, then he gazed up at me hungrily. “I want to give head and get laid up the butt at the same time by you guys.”

You enjoy that, don't you buddy?” I said with a loving smile.

I love it, daddy,” he said softly, his little boner throbbing between my fingers. “I want Aaron and Jimmy Jr. to let me stroke them off like last time, too.”

You love it when you have a lot of cocks to service, don't you baby?” Samantha observed, and Taylor let go of a soft moan. I responded by tugging the front of his undies down, revealing his hard little boner, which was pressed tight to his hairless pubic bone. Without having to be told what he wanted, I wrapped my thumb and forefinger around it and gave it a firm squeeze while I used my pinky and index finger to caress his smooth ball sack, which was pulled tight by his erection.

Does that feel good, pumpkin?” I asked, and he nodded with another moan. I responded by planting a kiss on his lips, then I felt his little tongue dart into my mouth and we shared a long French kiss that ended when he slid out of my lap and got on his knees. He quickly fished my hard cock out of my boxers and wrapped his tender lips around it, then he blew me with lust filled moans. While he was moaning around my dick, he used his hands to pull his underpants off of his hips, then he wrapped his right hand around his hard little prick. With fast strokes, my baby boy beat himself off while his talented throat and tongue pulled the climax right out of my balls.

When he sat up and swallowed, he gave his little wiener four more strokes while his body shivered hard, then he panted and brought his hand up to his nose, sniffing it hard. His dry orgasm was still roaring through his young body, making his four inch erection dance around on its own while he pinched his nipples and touched himself anywhere he could. When he started to calm down, he leaned forward and planted a long French kiss on the end of my hard cock, then he licked it clean with a satisfied smile while he grabbed his hairless little wiener with both hands. When he was content to stop, he pulled his undies up, then he crawled back into my lap and we shared another deep kiss.

Is that better, honey?” Samantha asked, and our little boy nodded his reply. “You got really horny all of the sudden, didn't you?”

Once again, Taylor nodded his answer with a satisfied smile, then he said, “Are we still having French toast, mama?”

With that, my wife and I both gushed as Taylor got out of my lap and walked over to the kitchen counter. With a determined look, he climbed up onto the counter, right beside the stove, and looked expectantly at his mom. Samantha dutifully got up and approached the hungry little cock hound, planting a kiss on his cheek before she got to work on breakfast.

After a late brunch of French toast, my wife and I cleaned up while Taylor slipped up to his room and got ready to host visitors at his back door. After lubing up, our boy selected his most enticing outfit, a pair of blue jeans that hugged his plump bottom and a plain white tee shirt that gave him a boyish appearance. Once he was lubed and dressed, he spent five minutes brushing his teeth, rinsing and adding fresh toothpaste three times until his breath was minty clean. When he reappeared downstairs, he was carrying a hairbrush that he presented to his mother as he climbed into her lap. Eager to show off his newly transformed breath, he blew it up into her nose over and over while she brushed his hair, earning him a series of kisses all over his scrunched up face.

Can I have Aaron over early?” Taylor asked hopefully. “I want to make out with him on the love seat.”

If his mom and dad say yes, it's fine with us, buddy,” I told him as Samantha held him close. “Are your other little friends coming over later on?”

No, they can't,” Taylor said forlornly. “I'll see them tomorrow, though.”

With that, Taylor dug into his front pants pocket and pulled out his phone. He quickly fired off a text, and in about 30 seconds, his phone chirped, alerting him that he had a text to read. His eyes lit up and he said, “Aaron's coming over right now. Can we watch TV on the love seat?”

Of course you can, pumpkin,” Samantha gushed. “Would you like mommy and daddy to leave you two alone so you can have some private time?”

With a smile and a nod, Taylor said, “Thank you, mama. I love you.”

I love you too, sweetie,” she said, planting a kiss on his lips, then she scooted him out of her lap and handed him the brush to take upstairs.

While Taylor was upstairs, the doorbell rang, so I got up to answer the door. As I was opening the front door, Taylor came bounding back down the stairs just in time to be greeted by Aaron, his cute classmate from down the road. As soon as the boy spotted me, he smiled shyly and looked down at his feet, then he said, “Hi Mr. Jeff.”

Hey buddy,” I said jovially as Taylor approached his lover and gave him a hug.

Seeing that the boys were sharing an affectionate moment, I closed and locked the front door, then I turned to walk away. From the corner of my eye, I saw Taylor melt into Aaron's embrace, then the two boys shared a long, tongue filled kiss by the front door. As I made my way back to the dining room, I heard Taylor tell his guest, “I missed you yesterday.”

I missed you too,” the bigger boy confessed, then he added, “You look really cute in those jeans.”

I wanted to look cute for you,” Taylor told him with a sigh. “You always dress cute for me, Aaron.”

Taylor wasn't exaggerating when he said that Aaron dressed cute, but I'm not sure how much effort he really put into it. The boy has a face and a body that lends itself to cuteness overload, no matter what he's wearing. The boy has spent the night at our house many times, and when he dons a set of pajamas or runs around with a pair of briefs on, his bubble butt is especially enticing to look at. His deep crevice is almost always on display, and today was no exception. He was wearing a pair of green cargo shorts that seemed to be too tight around his hips, but the result was very welcomed. His luscious buns had added definition and the valley of his crack looked incredibly wide between them, sending a thrill through me as he and my son walked hand in hand through the dining room.

Hi sweetie,” Samantha gushed when she saw Aaron holding hands with our boy.

Hi Miss Samantha,” the 13 year old said with a shy smile. “Thank you for letting me come over early. Mama and daddy said to tell you that they're bringing a 12 pack with them.”

Is Jimmy Jr. coming?” I asked, and much to my delight, the little boy nodded.

He's bringing his new girlfriend with him,” Aaron reported with a jealous inflection in his tone that we all caught onto.

You don't get along with her?” Samantha asked, and the boy answered with a sad shrug.

He's just always with her now,” Aaron admitted. “Mama and daddy spend a lot of time with her, too.”

I see, pal,” I said with an understanding nod, kneeling down to put myself face to face with the little guy. “Well, if you start to feel lonely, you can always come spend time with Taylor. I know he'd love that.”

Thanks Mr. Jeff,” the boy said with a smile, so I held my arms out for a hug. He immediately accepted my gesture, wrapping his arms around my neck and hugging me tightly while Samantha and Taylor watched with warm smiles. Before breaking our hug, he planted a kiss on my cheek, then he pressed his lips to mine and slipped me a little tongue. When we broke our kiss, I ran my hand over his supple rear end and asked, “Nobody's servicing your bottom at home, buddy?”

They are, but it isn't the same,” he said quietly. “I want it more often but they're all spending their time with her now.”

When was the last time you had your rear end fucked, buddy?” I asked. He shrugged and looked down, then he gave me a wry smile.

My daddy did me up the butt before I came over,” he admitted.

And that's not enough?” I asked, raising my eyebrow with an expectant look.

Jimmy Jr. was in his room with Amber, so it wasn't the same,” he complained, prompting me to give his horny bottom a squeeze.

I'll tell you what, kiddo,” I said, wanting to ease his mind with a deal. “After the grown ups have their fun downstairs, I'll come upstairs with your daddy and your brother, and we'll spend some special time with you and Taylor. How does that sound?”

Do you promise?” he asked excitedly, and I nodded my assurance. He immediately planted another kiss on my lips, and with a moan, he slipped his tongue back into my mouth while I manipulated his fleshy buns. When we broke our kiss, he said, “Thank you Mr. Jeff. I love you.”

I love you too, pal,” I said. “Now go spend some special time with Taylor before the others arrive, and we'll leave you two alone.”

With that, I swatted his bottom and he released our hug. He immediately wrapped his arms around Samantha's midsection and gave her a tight hug, then he took Taylor by the hand and the two horny boys went into the family room. Keeping our promise, we left the boys to their own devices, only going into the family room as needed. Each time we did, we would find the boys in a different compromising position. The first time we went in there, Aaron was laying on top of our son, and they were locked in a passionate kiss with their clothes still in tact. The next time we wandered into the family room, the boys had their pants down and were fondling each other quite blatantly while still kissing deeply. The third time we went into the family room, Taylor was moaning quite audibly into Aaron's cum filled bottom, eating it with moist licks while his lover pushed sperm and ass juice into his mouth.

When Aaron's parents arrived with Jimmy Jr. and Amber in tow, we gave them advanced warning that the little ones were getting hot and heavy on the couch. We then proceeded into the family room, where we were all greeted by the site of Aaron pushing his face so far into Taylor's bottom that it appeared he was trying to shove his face all the way up his ass. He was eating him deeply, and both boys were moaning wildly. Taylor had his hand wrapped tight around his hairless little boner, and he was stroking it furiously while Aaron took long, deep sniffs between ass licks.

There's my little butt muncher hard at work,” Ellen commented, prompting her son to pull his face out of Taylor's tasty bottom and smile, then he resumed the rim job he seemed to be enjoying while Taylor continued to tug on his own little root.

Unable to resist the allure, Jimmy Jr. joined the little ones in the family room, sitting on the couch behind his brother and parting his cheeks. The sight of his baby brother's well used hole sent a shiver of desire through him, and without delay, he found himself eating at Aaron's back door while his teen cock filled with blood. Watching their boys eat ass was enough to prompt Ellen and Jim to share a long kiss of their own, then they turned their attention to their son's girlfriend, who was as cute as my wife said she was. Unable to wait for her boyfriend to join, Amber allowed us to usher her to the front room, where we quickly took liberties with her while her boyfriend pleasured the little ones.

After pulling his tongue from his brother's behind, Jimmy Jr. opened his legs and allowed Taylor to straddle his cock, letting all seven inches slide into his boy pussy with a hot moan. While Taylor rode the 18 year old's cock, Aaron leaned in and gave him a long kiss that both boys enjoyed, then he watched as the two brothers gave into their desires and kissed deeply. After a satisfying lay that ended with a rear end full of cum, Taylor climbed off and Aaron quickly dropped to his knees. With a mouthful of his brother's sticky cock, the 13 year old moaned with satisfaction, gazing up at Jimmy Jr. with loving eyes. Taylor got behind Aaron and pulled his hips up, then he parted his cheeks and ate his hole deeply, eliciting deep moans from the young cock sucker.

When his hole was slick with spit, Aaron laid flat on the floor and pulled his knees to his chest, presenting his boy pussy to his brother. He bit his lip with a moan as Jimmy Jr. slid his hard cock all the way up his bottom, smiling up at him with starry eyes.

I love you,” the young bottom admitted, and his brother planted a kiss on his lips.

I love you too, baby brother,” he said, then he began to thrust in and out while Taylor planted another kiss on Aaron's lips and added plenty of tongue. In reply, Aaron reached out and fondled Taylor's boyish package, then he broke his kiss and licked his lips hungrily. He reached around and grabbed my baby boy by the ass, then he guided Taylor's hard cock to his lips and sucked on it like a pacifier. While he was sucking cock and taking it in the ass, he looked up just in time to see Taylor and Jimmy Jr. sharing a tongue filled kiss and started to spunk off all over himself.

With his baby brother shooting a load all over his stomach, Jimmy Jr. felt the contractions of his ass grab the length of his cock like a vice, causing him to lose his composure and fire a hot load straight into Aaron's insatiable boy pussy. When he pulled out, Aaron let Taylor's little prick fall from his lips and opened wide for his brother, who eased his cock into his mouth. While Aaron was moaning submissively around his brother's dick, my baby boy got between his lover's legs and felched the spunk from his boy pussy.

When the threesome was over, Taylor and Aaron got up and walked hand in hand upstairs, turning their heads in disgust as they passed by the scene in the front room, a scene that shouldn't be described in this story. When the boys got upstairs, they quickly found themselves locked in another kiss while their young boners raged back to life. This time, Taylor was eased onto his back and made love to in the missionary position while his legs rocked back and forth in the air. While Taylor was being pleasured in his bed, Jimmy Jr. assumed the submissive role for his daddy and I, laying flat on his back and taking my cock in his mouth while his loving father serviced his boy pussy. To our right, our wives were taking Amber to the heights of ecstasy, but between Jim and I, Jimmy Jr. was reaching his own orgasmic plane.

After having his boy pussy seeded by his daddy, the boy beckoned me to his back door. With a loving smile, he gazed up at his father and said, “I love you, daddy. Thank you for bringing me again.”

Anything for my little sex pot,” Jim said, petting his boy's head with a loving smile of his own. “Do you want to give daddy a little head?”

The submissive boy nodded eagerly, then he opened up and let his dad slide his cock deep down his throat while I fed him strokes of hard cock. When the youngster fired his load across his heaving chest, he was still filled at both ends with cock and loving it. Jim and I traded places one more time, and 20 minutes later, the boy was shooting a much smaller load from his hard dick with a delirious look of pleasure plastered to his face.

In the meanwhile, the little ones were sleeping soundly in the comfort of Taylor's bed, locked in a loving embrace. Aaron seeded my boy's hungry rear end after 30 minutes of lovemaking, and the boys were spent. They fell into a deep kiss as the afterglow of their sex act wrapped around their tender bodies, and they were lulled into a much needed nap. While the ladies were tending to Amber's needs in the twilight of their lesbian sex, Jim and I encouraged Jimmy Jr. to join us upstairs with the boys.

How about if we go upstairs and give Aaron and Taylor the same thing you just got, buddy,” Jim said, planting a kiss on his boy's head. The youngster smiled up at his father and nodded, then they shared an extended hug before they got up. Standing between his father and I, Jimmy Jr. looked like a little boy, and I couldn't resist the urge to take his hand and guide him up the stairs. When we got to Taylor's room, we found the boys asleep, bare naked and holding each other close. Jim's expression softened when he spotted his needy son sleeping with such a serious expression, so he sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over Taylor's sleeping form to kiss his boy. Aaron responded with a smile, but he didn't wake up. As Jim gazed down at his boy with loving eyes, Taylor blinked and started to come around.

Hi Big Jim,” Taylor said with a smile, prompting the man to smile down at the sleepy 13 year old.

Hey buddy, did you two have a good time?” he asked, and Taylor nodded.

We made love for a long time,” he reported. “We kissed until our tongues got tired, then we kissed some more.”

I heard you two got started early,” Jim said, and Taylor nodded with a shy smile.

We missed each other,” Taylor admitted, then he batted his eyes up at Jim. “I missed seeing you, too, Big Jim.”

I missed you too, pal,” Jim said, then he leaned down and gave my son a kiss on the lips. Almost instinctively, Taylor's tongue pushed into his mouth, then the two shared a loving French kiss while I leaned in and did the same with Jimmy Jr.

What do you say we take this to my room?” I suggested to Jim, who nodded his agreement.

Taylor sat up, and without thinking twice about it, I hoisted him up into my arms and gave him a kiss. With Taylor now out of the bed, Jim gave his boy a gentle shake, prompting the youngster to open his eyes and yawn, then a smile spread out over his young face.

Daddy!” he said through a sleepy yawn, then he sat up and let his gaze travel to Taylor, who was watching the interaction with a smile of his own. “Are we going downstairs?”
“No baby, we're just going to Jeff's bed so we have more room,” he explained as his son sat up. “Are you ready to go?”

The boy nodded his answer, then he crawled to the edge of the bed. Jim gave his son a kiss on the cheek, then he turned around and let Aaron climb onto his back for a ride. When we got to my room, I playfully tossed Taylor down onto the mattress, watching him bounce with a smile while Aaron got off of his dad's back and joined my son on the bed. The boys immediately started to make out again, kissing passionately while they held onto each others' shoulders. While they were doing this, Jim shared a deep kiss with his 18 year old, then he instructed the boy to get into the bed with the younger boys. Eager to please, the submissive teenager quickly followed his dad's instructions.

As soon as he was in the bed, he was attacked by the two 13 year old's. They quickly took turns kissing him while they fondled his teen boner, then they went down on him and licked his dick up and down with glazed over smiles. With the head of his dick trapped between their mouths, the boys shared a deep French kiss, then Taylor took over the blow job while Aaron moved around to his brother's backside, anxious to dine at his back door. With the two boys working him over in such a pleasurable way, Jimmy Jr. was in sheer ecstasy and gave off a series of moans that alerted the boys to his state. I watched with hunger in my eyes as Aaron's supple rear end rolled around, no doubt hungry for a cock. In the meanwhile, Taylor's horny bottom was sticking straight up in the air as he moaned lustily around Jimmy Jr.'s dick, sending a stir through my loins that I could barely contain.

I think these two need some cock at their back doors,” Jim said, and with hot moans, both boys nodded their answers.

With that, I climbed onto the bed and got behind Aaron, running my hands up and down his back. His warm, soft skin was like silk, the way it always was, and as I let my hands run down to his bubble butt, I felt my dick strain painfully. On the other side, Jim was lining up to my little boy's entrance, preparing to push in and give my son the long dicking he was craving so badly. Watching him place his dick at Taylor's puckered entrance, I knew I couldn't wait any longer.

Hey kiddo,” I said softly to Aaron. “Do you want to take it from the back, or would you like me to give it to you missionary?”

With a soft moan, Aaron pulled his tongue from his brother's chute and said, “Hold my hips really hard and do me from the back, Mr. Jeff.”

With that, he resumed his ass eating with a pleasurable smile on his face, so I placed my hard cock at his back door and took a firm hold of his hips. I felt his hole bloom as soon as the tip of my cock touched it, so I took special care not to push too hard as I slipped it into his boy pussy. As soon as I had the head of my dick on the other side of his anal ring, his hole opened again and swallowed my entire length, sending a powerful shiver through my body that almost brought me to a quick climax. I managed to hang on for dear life, then I gathered my composure and settled myself for a solid minute, feeling the heat and the hunger of Aaron's tight rear end wrap around every centimeter of my hard cock.

He was moaning insatiably into his brother's bottom, licking deeply and taking long whiffs that made his rear end spasm around my shaft. Realizing that I was fighting a losing battle, I finally decided to give into my demons and fuck the boy right away. I began a slow, gentle in and out motion that made the 13 year old shiver hard. This seemed to increase the boy's hunger, and he increased the force with which he was eating Jimmy Jr.'s tasty rear end. His licks seemed to intensify with every thrust in and out, probing deeper and deeper up his brother's chute with added moisture that was audible to us all, even over his and Taylor's hot moaning.

As my ride started to build, so did my pleasure. The moaning little boy was taking my entire length with ease, and his tight ass was responding to the stimulation by clamping down around my cock like a python smothering its prey. With every push in, I could feel the silky hot lining of his boy pussy wrap itself around my stalk as his muscles gave in to the pleasure that he was feeling. His hands were planted firmly on my bedspread, giving him the leverage to hold on while I hammered his pleasure spot over and over. The heat of his boy pussy was like a convection oven that swirled around, sending a shudder down the entire length of my hard, horny man cock. I felt the load in my balls start to rise up my shaft, causing my dick to expand in the hot sheath that Aaron's 13 year old bubble butt had provided, and as it swelled, the little boy moaned even louder into his brother's rectum.

Finally, I was at the end of my rope. With no other options, I increased my grip around Aaron's hips and fed him a flurry of hard in and out strokes as my climax took me over. With a groan, I felt my dick erupt with hot cum, filling the gay youngster up with my man seed and bringing out an even more depraved moan from the boy, who responded to the pleasure by shoving his face as far up his brother's ass as he could. When I pulled out of him, he reluctantly pulled his mug from Jimmy Jr.'s ass and spun around, taking my dick into his mouth and sucking it with lust filled moans.

When he let it fall from his mouth, it was only because he felt a familiar set of hands on his hips. He gazed up at me questioningly as I grinned at his brother, who could wait no longer. Taylor had blown him to the point of near climax, and he was desperate for a tight hole to shoot into. So when he saw Aaron sucking me off with his still cock hungry bottom now pointed in his direction, the 18 year old knew what he needed to do. I smiled down at the 13 year old and caressed his cheek, and with a contented smile of his own, he wrapped his lips back around my cock. With his mouth once again filled with cock, Aaron moaned like a true bottom boy while his big brother slid up into his ass and gave it a much needed fucking.

While Jimmy Jr. was giving his 13 year old brother the butt fucking that he was so eager to take, Jim was giving my 13 year old son a butt fucking of his own. Taylor was still in the doggy style position, resting his head on his folded arms with a dreamy smile on his young face, accepting deep thrusts of man cock that had brought him off rather easily twice in a row. His third boygasm was building quickly, and as Jim plowed into him with a labored look on his face, my baby boy looked quite sated. It was obvious that Jim was about to blow a load, and I knew that once he did, my little boy would want another cock to slide deep into his boy pussy. I watched as Taylor's anal orgasm gripped him hard, causing him to raise and lower his bottom frantically as Jim grabbed his hips to try to calm him down. Moments later, Jim's face scrunched up hard and he began a fast ride in my son that ended when he buried his cock as deep as he could and fired his load, filling my baby up with hot cum that ran out of his hole while Jim was still embedded deep inside of him.

As soon as he pulled out, Jim collapsed on the bed and Taylor was on his dick like a bitch in heat. My son was sucking his lover clean with lust filled moans while his cum drooling bottom rolled around in the air, ready for another cock to fill it. I carefully eased my dick from Aaron's sucking lips and planted a tender kiss on his face, then I got behind my son and grabbed his hips. Feeling the familiar touch of his daddy's hands, Taylor moaned desperately and raised his bottom up just enough to accommodate my cock. When I pushed in, he sighed contentedly, then he enjoyed a 20 minute ride that brought him off again.

Five minutes after I slipped up into Taylor's tight bottom, Jimmy Jr. pumped his load up Aaron's bottom. Seeing that his little boy was without a dick, Jim lovingly pulled my son off of his cock, then he laid Aaron down on the bed missionary style and picked his legs up. With a dreamy smile, 13 year old Aaron took pure pleasure in watching his daddy insert his cock, then he was made love to on the bed while his brother eased his dick into the boy's mouth. With the dicks of the two males that he loves the most filling him to the brim, the gay youngster found paradise in the form of two shivering orgasms. In the meanwhile, I pulled out of Taylor and placed him on his back, right beside his little boyfriend, then I entered him again.

With the two pussy boys getting laid side by side on their backs, it didn't take them long to seek out each others' touch. They quickly took each other by the hand and enjoyed having their boy pussies serviced while they gazed lovingly at each other. In the meanwhile, Jimmy Jr. shared deep kisses with his dad and I, loving the extra attention that he was getting while his baby brother sucked him off. When Aaron was presented with his brother's load, he swallowed with a satisfied sigh, then he pulled his brother's still hard prick from his mouth and guided it to Taylor's. Once again satisfied to have a hard cock at both ends, Taylor sighed around the hard dick he was sucking.

Seeing how much his little boy loved Taylor made Jim's heart swell with his own affection, and he soon found himself expressing that love by seeding Aaron's tight rear end. When he pulled out, Aaron beckoned his daddy to let Taylor suck him clean. With their dad's cock now snug in Taylor's dick sucking mouth, the boys presented their cocks to my son so that he could take them in his hands. With my dick up his ass, Jim's dick in his mouth and a hard cock in each hand, Taylor achieved the heights of little boy ecstasy in no time at all, climaxing hard as one by one, we all shot our loads. Still sexed up from the luscious lay in the bed, Aaron came right across Taylor's heaving tummy. He was soon followed by his brother, who aimed his dick at Taylor's forehead and presented his load to my moaning son. Shortly thereafter, I fired my load up his ass and less than a minute later, Jim pulled his cock from my son's mouth and shot his load all over Taylor's hard little pecker, coating it with man sperm.

When we were all spent, Aaron spent a glorious afterglow licking the spunk from my little boy's shivering body, then from his still spasming boy pussy while Jim held Jimmy Jr. close right beside them. While Aaron was using his eager little tongue to felch the cum from Taylor's well fucked bottom, Jimmy Jr. craned his neck and planted another kiss on my lips, prompting his daddy and I to gush.

Did you have a special day, baby boy?” Jim asked, and his son nodded his answer. “You did a really great job today. How does your boy pussy feel, son?”

It feels nice, daddy,” the submissive 18 year old sighed. “But I'm going to need you to service it for me tonight before I go to bed.”

With that, Aaron pulled his face out of Taylor's bottom and crawled into his daddy's arms with his brother, collapsing with exhaustion right before he said, “I'm going to need my boy pussy serviced again, too, daddy.”

I have two needy boys, don't I?” Jim said with a smile, shaking his head at me in mock resignation. “I guess I have no choice but to service these tight bottoms again.”

With that, he slipped a finger up both boy's asses and they responded by resting their heads on his chest, their smiles evident as the promise of another ride on their daddy's cock filled their young minds. With Jim holding his boys close, I beckoned Taylor to come cuddle with me, and with a contented smile, he crawled into my loving embrace. Soon, all three boys gave into their exhaustion, leaving Jim and Ellen with a dilemma on their hands when they were ready to leave. Even though he wanted to let his boys sleep, the loving father knew that they had things to do, so he roused his boys and guided them downstairs, where their clothes lay in a heap in the family room.

Once they were dressed, the couple and their three young tagalongs prepared to say their goodbyes. Samantha and I walked our guests to the front hallway, where we encountered Taylor and Aaron locked in a tongue filled kiss. They were holding each other close and moaning into each others' mouths, prompting Ellen and Jim to smile at Samantha and I as our boys said their goodbyes. When they broke their kiss, Aaron smiled shyly at Taylor and said, “I love you, Taylor.”

I love you too, Aaron,” our son gushed, then the bigger boy leaned down and planted a sweet kiss on Taylor's lips.

I wish you could stay here and visit me longer,” Taylor said when their lips parted again. Samantha and I gave each other a knowing look, then we made eye contact with Jim and Ellen, who nodded in understanding.

Hey buddy,” Jim said, placing his hand on Aaron's slight shoulder and kneeling down to address his son. “Do you think you can behave yourself if mommy and I go shopping without you?”

With that, the 13 year old nodded his answer with a growing smile, then he gave his dad a long hug.

I love you daddy,” the boy said.

I love you too, pal,” Jim said. “You be good, and I'll be back to collect you before supper, okay?”

Okay,” the youngster agreed, then he took Taylor by the hand and the two little lovers hurried up the stairs. We heard the door to Taylor's room close, and with a grin on both of their faces, Jim and Ellen ushered Jimmy Jr. and Amber out the door while our son's bed started to creak.

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