Taylor Made – The Habit, a short story by Josh Terrence

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Author's note: Thank you for the positive feedback. Here's another installment.

This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older.

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At 1am on Sunday morning, Samantha and I were sleeping soundly in our bed when a familiar voice called out through the darkness. Two hours earlier, I scooped our son Taylor up and kissed him on the cheek, then I carried him to his bed. As usual, he had fallen asleep between his mother and I, and we were remiss to send him to his own room. For as long as he's been alive, we've allowed our son to sleep in our bed, and now that he's 13 years old, it's a habit that we're desperately trying to break him of. Unfortunately, this task has proven easier said than done for a number of reasons.

When my wife and I turned in for the night, we put a Blue Ray disc in the player and settled into our bed while our son entertained two young men in his room. We knew that the boys weren't spending the night, but had come by for a little fun with Taylor that they would never be able to have at another friend's house.

At 2pm, Taylor came to us with his cell phone to his ear, asking if he could have some friends over. Upon learning that they were the very boys who had been pleasuring my son all week, Samantha and I gave our blessing with the condition that we be introduced to them.

When they arrived, I was taken by the site of both boys and immediately understood why my son wanted to have sex with them. The oldest boy, Jason, stood at 5'2” and probably weighed about 90 pounds soaking wet. He had short dark hair and a smooth complexion. He introduced himself with a smile, revealing the braces on his teeth that completed his adorable package. Standing with him was the cutest 12 year old I had ever laid my eyes on, besides my own son. His name was Adam, and he could have passed for Taylor's double in every way, save for the fact that he had braces on his teeth. His smile was breathtaking, accentuated by his expressive brown eyes and deep dimples that could melt the coldest of hearts. Both boys spoke in soft tones, their voices not yet ravaged by puberty. Before the boys went upstairs to “play Call of Duty,” as they claimed, Samantha and I made our expectations clear to our son.

Taylor, if you're going to play, I want you to close your door, okay?” I said, and Samantha chimed in.

Daddy and I are going to be very busy down here, and we want you to keep yourself and your guests busy,” she said. “Do you want to take some sodas or some snacks with you so you guys can stay in there with the door closed?”

Both of Taylor's guests looked like they were thanking the Gods for sending them to our house, but Taylor was very aware of what we were doing. He nodded obediently and said, “We'll take some snacks and soda with us, mom. I promise to keep the door shut so you and dad don't hear us in there.”

I hope you made your bed today, honey,” Samantha said with an expectant look. “You want your guests to be comfortable while you're entertaining them.”

I made sure my bed's nice and comfy,” Taylor assured us with a cute smile, then he took his two guests to the refrigerator and had them pick out a few sodas. He grabbed a bag of chips and some cookies, then he led his soon to be lovers up the stairs to his room, closing the door behind him.

Sam and I crept up the stairs to our room, not wanting to alarm Taylor's guests by our close proximity. As we passed by his door, we could hear his soft moaning carry through the walls, accompanied by the more boyish moans of Jason. His bed was creaking non stop, and while there was music playing in his room, it wasn't loud enough to filter out the sounds of our little boy being pleasured by his two hunky classmates.

About an hour after we came upstairs and settled into our bed with the TV on, Taylor's bedroom door opened and he came out with his two lovers in tow. All three boys went into the bathroom and closed the door while the pungent odor of anal sex cleared out of Taylor's room. We picked up on it right away and knew that our son had been on the receiving end of a long butt fucking that he no doubt begged for, probably while he was moaning around a mouthful of continuous cock. Through the closed bathroom door, we could hear the sounds of muffled moaning and deep licking, telling us that Taylor had probably started to flirt with his lovers in the john and was now working to stimulate their erections with the hopes of another marathon romp.

When the bathroom door finally opened, Taylor's guests went back into his room while he came into our room to check in. His hair was plastered to the side of his head and he was dressed in nothing but a pair of white briefs that were tented in the front where his hairless little boner was sticking straight out. He was glowing with sexual energy, a sure sign that he'd been having fun in his room. When he spotted his mom and I resting on the bed, he grinned at us and let go of a contented sigh.

I told you they were cute,” he said as he approached the bed. “Thank you for letting me have company today.”

You're very welcome, buddy,” I told him, watching with a warm smile as Samantha reached out and caressed his cheek. “Are you getting plenty of action?”

Yeah, they both gave it to me good, daddy,” he said with a grin.

It sounded like you were letting them in through your back door, baby,” my wife observed, and Taylor nodded his confession.

They both took turns in there, mommy,” he said softly. “I was giving head and getting laid at the same time. I want to go back in there and do it some more.”

Then head back in there, baby,” Samantha encouraged him, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Mommy and daddy are going to head downstairs and start supper in a couple of hours. Are your little guests staying?”

I'll invite then to stay for supper,” Taylor said with a sweet smile. “It'll be like we're on a date.”

With that, our horny little guy scampered off to rejoin his guests. As it turns out, both of his tops were so worn out from the romp that they fell asleep in each others' arms on Taylor's bed after a sweet kiss that they shared while waiting for our son to return. Seeing his cute lovers sleeping soundly, our baby boy climbed in with them and basked in the afterglow of his sex while he snuggled up to Jason's side. The sexy boy responded by wrapping his arm around Taylor's skinny shoulders and holding him close, lulling our boy into a slumber of his own.

When the boys woke up, Taylor was treated to a series of long French kisses, then he watched his tops make out with each other while he eased his way down the bed and got between their bodies. With a shudder, Taylor sucked Jason off while treating Adam to an expert hand job. When the two cute lovers broke their kiss, they summoned our boy to the top of the bed and watched him lay his head on the pillow. Without having to tell his lovers what he wanted, Taylor watched as Adam crawled between his opened legs and lifted them into the air while Jason engaged him in a long, tongue filled kiss. As Adam's boy cock slid up his butt, Taylor moaned into Jason's mouth with a grin. Moments later, our boy once again achieved the heights of middle school ecstasy as Jason slipped his hard boy rod between his lips. Taylor's young body was shivering with passion as he gazed up at the boy who was giving him another mouthful of cock to savor while his boy pussy was serviced.

While the three horny boys were getting it on, Samantha and I got up and went downstairs to start supper. When the house was filled with the aroma of hamburgers and french fries, Sam and I were joined at the table by three hungry boys. Jason and Adam were fully dressed except for their shoes, but Taylor was only wearing his underwear and the blue printed tee that he had on when he took his buddies upstairs to his love palace. It was obvious that Taylor had been taking cocks all afternoon, if not by his slightly swollen lips and his disheveled hair, then his suggestive strut surely gave it away. His well serviced bottom was swinging freely from side to side as he walked downstairs while his hard little pecker still tented the front of his briefs. He walked right up to his mom while his two guests sat down.

Thank you for having us over for supper, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” Jason said respectfully as he pulled a seat out and sat down. His little companion Adam gave us both a shy smile and added his thanks.

Thank you for having us,” he said in a small voice, and I could sense shame on his face because of the sex that he'd taken part in with my son.

You're both very welcome,” I told them. “Taylor likes both of you a lot, and we can see why.”

I hope Taylor showed you both a good time,” Samantha added as Taylor wrapped his arms around her and gave her a small hug. We both watched as Jason and Adam blushed and looked down at their plates, prompting Taylor to speak up.

We're having a lot of fun, mom,” he said with a thick lisp that I knew he manufactured for effect. “I made sure that my bed was nice and comfy and we played a lot of fun games.”

That's nice, sweetie,” she said, rubbing his back with a loving smile. “I see you lost your pants while you were in there.”

Taylor nodded at his mom, then he smiled at his two guests, who were clearly embarrassed and said, “It felt better with my pants off.”

With that, Samantha planted a kiss on his cheek and swatted his butt, urging him to go sit down. With a blatant switching of his ass, Taylor walked around the table to his chair and sat down while we turned our attention back to his guests.

Are you two planning to stay late?” I asked, and the two boys shared a questioning glance. “If you are, that's fine. I'm sure Taylor would love it if you stayed for dessert.”

Maybe we can have dessert in my room,” Taylor said with a naughty inflection in his voice, biting his lower lip as he ogled his guests.

Is that what you want, son?” I asked, and Taylor nearly gave himself whiplash because he nodded so eagerly.

I take it you're really enjoying yourself today, honey,” Samantha observed with a knowing smile, watching as our little guests took nervous gasps and tried to process the conversation that was happening at the table.

I am,” Taylor answered with a soft moan, then he licked his lips and added, “Adam and Jason are really nice guests to have in my room. When we go upstairs, I'm going to let them in through the back door.”

Adam clearly didn't understand what Taylor meant, but it was obvious that Jason understood fully. His eyes got huge and he looked fearfully at Samantha and I, but his expression changed from fear to flabbergast when he saw us smile approvingly at our son, then over at him.

I'm glad you're being such a good host, honey,” Samantha said. “Have you already hosted them back there?”

Uh huh,” Taylor panted, his pleasure obviously building with the sexy innuendo that he was using. “It was nice having them there.”

I bet, buddy,” I said, picking my burger up and taking a bite. I chewed my food and set my burger down, then I added, “Maybe you can have them back over tomorrow for a whole day.”

I'd like that,” Taylor said in a husky voice, then he picked up his burger and took a bite.

Maybe they'd like to spend the night one weekend,” Samantha suggested, and Taylor practically moaned through his mouthful of food. “Would you boys like to spend the night with Taylor sometime?”

Yes ma'am,” Jason said in a husky voice of his own while his little buddy nodded with eyes the size of saucers. “We'd like that very much.”

Well, we're positive that Taylor would really like that,” I said. “Wouldn't you, champ?”

I'd love it,” Taylor practically sang with a dreamy smile, then he gazed at his two guests. “I'm going to love having them in my room when dinner's over. I can't wait to go back upstairs with them.”

With that, we resumed eating and the conversation died down. When our meal was finished, both boys thanked us again for having them over. Adam offered to help with the dishes, causing Samantha and I to gush over him.

You don't have to do that, buddy,” I told him with a friendly smile. “But it was very polite of you to offer.”

Thank you for supper, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,” the cute boy said. “It was really delicious.”

Well maybe you can head upstairs and work some of that off,” Samantha said with a warm smile, looking down at all three boys. The outline of Taylor's hard little dick was easy to spot under his white briefs, causing my wife to say, “I think Taylor would really like to get back up there.”

I would, mom,” Taylor confirmed, licking his lips and smiling at his guests. “I need a couple of visitors at my back door really bad.”

I'm sure Jason and Adam would love to visit your back door, honey,” my wife said, and almost unconsciously, Jason nodded in the affirmative. My wife smiled down at him and said, “You must do a really good job at Taylor's back door, honey. He really seems to want you there again.”

With that, she turned her attention back to the sink full of dishes while I continued to clear the table. Not sure what to think, both boys followed my horny son back upstairs and spent the rest of the evening giving it to him in the ass.

When they left for the evening, Sam and I were cuddling in bed. Taylor came out of his room naked from the waist down and accompanied his young lovers down the stairs. When they got to the front door he shared one last kiss with each of them, then they let themselves out and Taylor hurried back up the stairs. Still feeling unbearably horny, Taylor crawled under the covers and got between my legs. I felt his moist mouth encase my cock, causing my toes to curl as I held onto my wife.

Does that feel good, honey?” she asked me softly, and I nodded. We shared a sweet kiss, then we turned our attention back to the movie while Taylor sucked me off under the covers. We could see his little head bobbing up and down as he took me all the way to the back of the throat, moaning lustily the entire time. While he was blowing me, he used his small hands to grope his hard little dick, then he slipped a finger up his ass and rubbed his prostate while he worked for my load.

Ten minutes later, I shot my load and the little figure under the covers sat up and swallowed, pulling the covers off of my wife and I in the process. I reached out and pulled the covers off of his head, revealing a smiling boy who was licking his lips and rubbing one out in his ass. With a naughty smile, he expelled his finger and sucked it into his mouth with hot moans while he reached down and played with his hard boy rod. When he took his fingers away from his little cock, he crawled into my arms and snuggled up to my chest while I slipped a finger up his well fucked ass. He let go of a sigh and said, “I love you, daddy.”

I love you too, baby.”

You still owe me a ride on your cock,” he reminded me.

Do you want to take it tonight?” I asked, reaching down and fondling his stiff little dick. He smiled up at me and nodded, so we shared a tongue filled kiss while I pulled my finger from his ass. I watched him go back down on me, sucking my dick with hot moans of desire while my wife and I watched with knowing smiles. When I was rock hard, he climbed on and straddled my midsection with a naughty smile. As soon as he was lined up, he sank himself all the way down on my cock with a sigh of relief, then he took a ten minute ride that gave him the long overdue boygasm that he'd been after all day. When he climbed off, he sucked my dick clean like a good little pussy boy should, then he collapsed in my arms and fell asleep while his mom and I rubbed his back.

When we were certain that he was out like a light, I did my fatherly duty by picking him up and carrying him to his room with his mom in tow. He instinctively wrapped his arms and legs around me as I transported him to his room and waited for my wife to get his bed ready. I held him in my arms while Samantha made his bed, which was in a state of total wreck, then I kissed my boy on the cheek and gently laid him down. He smiled in his sleep when his mom sat on the edge of his bed and kissed him goodnight, then we carefully tip toed out of his room and went back to bed.

Two hours later, I heard a familiar voice in the dark and knew that our little visitor was back.

Mommy, I had a bad dream,” I heard him whine in a sleepy voice, causing my wife to sit on the side of the bed and tend to him.

It was just a dream, honey,” she told him softly, holding him close for comfort. I heard her plant a kiss on his head and say, “Do you want mommy to lay down with you in your room?”

No, I want to lay down with you and daddy,” he pleaded, and I heard my wife sigh with resignation.

Do you have to go potty?” she asked, and Taylor nodded. With that, she got up and the light from our bathroom shined into my face while Taylor peed in and on our toilet.

Go wash your hands, baby,” she told him, and he shuffled over to the sink while she wiped the seat with toilet paper and flushed the toilet. She joined him at the sink and made sure he did a good job washing his hands, then she guided him to the bed and let him get in first. As soon as she got in, he snuggled up between us and fell asleep while she caressed his cheek and ran her fingers through his hair.

I love you, mommy,” I heard him whisper through the darkness.

I love you too, sweetie,” she said in a gentle tone. “I want you to have sweet dreams now, okay?”

I will,” he promised, then he fell into a slumber that allowed my wife to do the same.

A few hours later, I was awakened by a spreading heat in my midsection. It was originating in my groin and seemed to be branching out to my ass, my legs and my stomach. I reached down and ran my fingers through Taylor's soft head of hair, and he responded by smiling up at me through the dark.

I wasn't sure how long he'd been between my legs, but I knew that I was about to blow my load, so he must have been at it for a while. I felt his scratchy tongue running all over the head, then he wrapped his lips around my shaft and swallowed it whole for a moment while I raced toward the point of no return. With as quiet of a groan as I could manage, I felt my dick pump over and over and my load spewed forth, filling my little guy's mouth while he swallowed as fast as he could, determined not to lose a drop.

When he had sucked every last trace of cum that he could find from my cock and balls, he crawled back up into my arms and let me hold him close.

Thank you, daddy,” he panted. “I really wanted to give you head.”

I responded by planting a kiss on his cheek and tightening my embrace around him, then I said, “You always do a great job blowing daddy. But tomorrow night, you're going to sleep in your own bed.”

That's what you say every night, daddy,” he reminded me, lifting his head from my heaving chest and smiling with amusement. I smiled back at him and mussed his hair, then he rested his head back down on my chest and spoke again. “When I get horny again, I'm going to give you another blow job.”

You love giving daddy head, don't you son?” I observed, and he nodded slowly.

If I sleep in my own room, I'll have to get up and come in here a whole bunch of times every night when I want to suck you off,” he said, then he wrapped his arms tight around my chest. “I'd rather sleep here and give you head right away.”

With that, the tuckered out little cock sucker yawned and shut his eyes, drifting off into a peaceful sleep while I looked up at the ceiling. I watched my little man sleeping with a contented smile on his face, knowing that he'd gotten his way yet again. Samantha rolled over and placed a hand on Taylor's back, then she started to rub it with a motherly smile. It was then that I realized that my wife and I were losing the battle with our son. I knew that he'd most likely never spend a full night sleeping alone in his bed, and no matter what we told ourselves, we wouldn't have it any other way.

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