Teaching Gareth.



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This story is fantasy, it never happened although I wish it did! Names have been changed to protect me, my sister and my nephew.


`Ringggg ringggg'

"Hello" I answer my mobile knowing full well who it is (well with caller display it isn't hard).

"Hey Alan," replies my sister, Julie, "Gareth's being a pain in the backside again, could you take him for the weekend please before I do something to him I regret?"

I thought about it for a minute, although I really didn't need to. "Yeah sure send him over; he can wash the dishes for me." I said

"Thanks Alan he will be over in a minute" Julie replied.

Gareth is 10 years old; he has light brown hair and dark brown eyes. Although he has stayed at my flat before I have never done anything sexual with him.

About 2 minutes after I hung up the phone I hear a small knock on the door.

"Hey unc" Gareth says looking upset.

"Hey lil dude. What did you do to piss your mum off then?" I asked

"I stole..." he said hesitating.

"You stole what?" I asked him.

"I stole 20 from her money tin" he said crying.

He's lucky his mum sent him to me because if she didn't I dread to think what would've happened to him.

"Gareth what on earth made you do that? You know that money is for your holiday next year." I said. This isn't the first time he has stolen something, but its normally silly things. I think it's mainly because he wants some attention. The messy divorce left him shattered and he misses his dad. Still, he's lucky to have been sent to me, his dad would have hit him from here to Australia. "Listen to me, I'm not going to give you a thirty minute lecture on why you shouldn't steal, I'm sure your mum has done that already, so I would like you to go into your room dump your stuff then go to the kitchen have a drink, sit down, calm down and then go and wash the dishes for me."

"Okay" he said sniffing.

20 minutes later, Gareth comes into the lounge.

"Washed the dishes for ya unc" he said.

"Good man," I say "come and sit with me"

He sits on the sofa and snuggles up to me. "You're staying with me for the weekend. Your mums still upset with you" I tell him

"Okay, I'm sorry" he says

"Hey, it's not me you should be apologizing to it's your mum."

We sit in silence watching T.V him snuggled up to my left side while I'm rubbing his stomach. I decide to take things a little bit further.

"Gareth" I say

"Yeah unc" he replies

"Time to get ready for bed please"

"Okay" He says hopping up from the sofa and going into the bathroom.

5 minutes later he comes out wearing just a pair of red briefs and his socks. I bone up immediately.

"Come over here and stand in front of me" I tell him and he does so. "Now I have something to show you" I say. I start to fondle him.

"What are you doing unc?" he asks

"Shh" I say pulling down his briefs "wait and see" I look at his beautiful flaccid 1 inch cut cock and take it between my thumb and forefinger. I rub it up and down until it gets hard. I then take it into my mouth and start sucking it.

"Ohhh" Gareth moans "this feels good"

I stop "Turn around and bend over" He does so and I see his beautiful pucker winking at me. I run my tongue over it and he shudders.

"WOW" he shouts "that feels better"

I keep probing his 10 year old boy ass for a while longer then I turn him around and finish him off.

I take his cock back into my mouth and suck on it. I lick it and poke his piss slit with my tongue. All the while Gareth is moaning his breathing gets faster. I lick on my forefinger and push it into his butt, that does it for him he shudders into his first dry orgasm trying to push his dick further into my mouth but it's in as far as it will go.

Suddenly he stops.

"WOW THAT WAS GREAT" he yells, "what happened?"

"You had an orgasm!" I answered

"Wicked so that's what they feel like" he replies

"Yep" I say laughing.

"I need to pee" he says heading for the bathroom.

"Okay then go to bed please I will be in to tuck you in in a minute"

I walk into Gareth's room, well it's the spare room really but he calls it his room, and go over to his bed.

"Good night mate" I say kissing him on the forehead

"G'night unc" he replies "can we do that again"

"Oh yeah" I say "But only if you behave yourself at home and at school. No more stealing"

"Okay" he said "I will, G'night"

"Night mate"


This is the final draft of a story I have been trying to write for ages, what did you think? Email me at boylover191@live.com give me some ideas for next chapters. I don't want anything that involves me having anal sex with Gareth yet because he is still too young for that.

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