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Teen Seduction

Chapter One

Danny is our only son.  Julie, my wife, and I have been giving him all our attention ever since he was born 12 years ago.  And he really turned out to be a great kid.  Always polite, gets great grades in school, never gets into trouble.  His best friend, Sean, is also a very well behaved and polite kid.  Julie and I felt lucky for having such a nice son.

So two months ago, Danny came to me and asked me if I could take him and Sean to a camping trip for a weekend that summer.  Well, after careful thought, I figured why not?  The both of them are nice kids.  I thought taking them to the woods for a weekend of male bonding is a perfect thing for a boy and his father, even if his buddy is coming along too.  So we made all the arrangements and on Saturday morning we set out, just the three of us.

We got to our destination before noon.  We did some hiking until we found a good place for campsite.  We set up our tent, started our campfire, and ate dinner.  After that we just hung out around the fire, roasted marshmallows, and overall had a great time.  Just the three of us, out in the woods, without a worry in the world.  Gee, these kids are really nice and I felt lucky again or having Danny as our only son.

Danny and Sean are both the same age.  Danny has dirty blonde hair, like me.  Real lean body, and a gentle way about him.  I guess testosterone has not hit the boy yet, and puberty must be around the corner.  Sean, with an olive complexion and black hair, looks a little more defined with his muscle tone, although I had not seen any facial hair yet.

Back to our camping.  Finally, around 10ish it was time for bed.  We did the old boyscout fire-out routine.  In one motion the three of us stood by the fire, took out our penises and pissed on the blazing fire until it was completely out.  Just out of curiosity I looked the two boys over to see if they had any pubic hair.  Nope, they were both bare.  Little boy-dicks coming out of pre-pubescent bodies.  Ah, the innocence of boyhood.  If I could experience that age again, knowing what I know now........

After that, we packed all the stuff and went into the tent.  Each of us crawled into his sleeping bag.  Good night, pleasant dreams, and all that stuff.

After 5 minutes, Sean breaks the silence.  "Mr. Anderson, can I ask you a question?"


"Do all men jerk off?"

GULP!!!  Where did this come from?  And what is a responsible parent supposed to say in response?

"Yeah, I guess all men experiment with jerking off at some point."

"Did you ever jerk off, Mr. Anderson?"

"Umm..  yes I did, at some point, Sean."

"Our friend Joey told us that camping is the perfect place to learn about jerking off," said Danny now.

"But we don't even know what jerking off really is, and we felt stupid asking him."

"Mr. Anderson, can you tell us what jerking off means anyways?"

"Well...  umm.. It's like .. .  when a person plays with his penis in order to give himself pleasure."

"Like how?" Danny said.

"Well, you use your hands and kinda massage your penis in a way that makes you feel good,"  this was already more than I cared to discuss about this topic at this point.  But the two boys would not let go of the topic.

Sean continued: "What do you mean massage your penis?"

"You boys are very curious tonight,"  I was hoping that with this they would understand that they are were past the limit of what was appropriate for them to discuss with me.  And they just continued.

"We are too shy to ask the big bullies in school.  We just play along like we know what they are talking about everytime they say stuff about jerking off," Danny said.

My good boy and his buddy really are innocent then.  Well, if this is going to be a weekend about male bonding, maybe I can at least teach them about the joys of masturbation, until they discover sex later.

"OK, guys, the way it works is like this.  You take the palm of your hand and you put it around you dick.  You slide your hand up and down until it gets hard.  It sometimes helps if you are thinking something erotic at the same time."

"Like naked chics?" Sean said.

"Exactly,"  I replied.

"Then what?" Danny asked.

"Well you keep doing this until you feel this good sensation down there and all over your body."

"I'm trying to do that right now, but it doesn't feel that good.  Am I doing something wrong?"  Danny asked.

"Yeah, I'm not getting a great feeling either.  Maybe we have no clue how it should be done."

The two teens have been jerking off already, just to me describing how it should be done?  I looked over in the dark, and sure enough, each had a lot of activity going on inside the sleeping bag, but their faces did not look like they were enjoying it.  Boy, they were really trying hard to be cool, but they were just too inexperienced.

As I was thinking this to myself, Sean asked: "Mr. Anderson, can you show us what we're doing wrong?"

What?!  It's one thing to describe it, but I will not jerk off with my son!

"Yeah, Dad, please!"

"Guys, it is really not appropriate for me to be doing this with you."

"But we just want to learn how it's done.  We don't mean anything bad by it, we just wanna know what all the guys are talking about in school, so we can fit in,"  Sean replied.

"Still, I don't think....."

"Dad, please, we just want you to show us how, that's all."

Well, they were still trying hard inside the sleeping bags, and something about that sight and all those hormones in the tent clouded my judgment. "OK, I'll show you how, but not a word of this when we get back home."


And with that I opened my sleeping bag, stepped out of it, sat on top of it, and took off my shorts.  They both followed me.  So the three of are sitting on our bags with just T-shirts and no pants.  What the hell am I doing????

I took my hand and fisted my cock, which was semi-hard by now.  They followed suit again, grabbing their boy-dicks.

"You see, when you grab your dick like this, you are supposed to give it a good squeeze as you jerk off."  And images of circle jerk back when I was their age and went to camp were flashing in front of my eyes.  "Then you stroke it up and down, and vary it a bit with every motion until it feels good."

Their eyes were glued to my centerpiece and they we totally amazed.  Is it that they never saw what a full-grown's cock looks like erect, or the expertise I showed while jerking off?  I continued, and by now I was enjoying this show I was putting on for them, something terribly wrong yet kinky about it.  And across from me the two boys looked like they were getting the hang of it, as they had boy-boners and were moaning.  So I figured they were on cruise control by now.  I laid back on my sleeping bag, closed my eyes, and figured I'll finish this business I started.  I was enjoying myself, not having jerked off more than a few times since I married Julie 14 years ago.

All of a sudden I felt this set of soft hands on my cock.  I froze.  I looked up and it was Sean, replacing my hands with his, and continuing the rhythmic motion on my cock.

"Mr. Anderson, can you please tell me if this is the way I'm supposed to be doing it?"

Well, this was very wrong, but his boy-hands felt very nice on my cock, and by the time I had figured what to say to stop him, it felt too good to stop.  So I just closed my eyes again, and let him do his thing.  He was very gentle with my cock. With one hand he jerked me off and with the other boy-hand he caressed my balls.  A few more minutes of this, me in a different dimension, and I felt like there were too many hands on my pelvis.  I look up, and sure enough, Danny has been part of the seduction for quite some time.  His hands felt even nicer on my cock.  I'm in so much trouble.  How did I let myself get into this situation, and now my own son is jerking me off.  I need to stop this, this is wrong.

Suddenly a nice, moist sensation engulfs my cock.  I look down, and Sean has put my cock in his boy-mouth.  What the hell.  I lean up, just about to scream something when my son Danny stops me short.

"Relax, Dad, we just want to suck your cock."

WE?!  What do you mean WE?  And in one coordinated movement Sean takes off his mouth from my cock, only to be replaced by Danny.  Ah, a chill of pleasure went down my spin.  My heart was racing.  I realized how wrong this was, yet the pleasure was immense.  I knew I was going to hate myself either way.  Not knowing what to do, I just let it go.

The two boys were working my cock like pros.  Such extreme pleasure is to be had from boy-mouth, I didn't know.  Now they locked their lips together, the two of them, with my cock in between.  They moved their heads up and down in unison, massaging my cock with both their tongues at the same time.  Where did they learn how to do this.  They are not as innocent as they claimed to be.

Soon, Sean left my cock and worked his way up my belly to my nipples.  He took one in his mouth, sucked it real hard until it hurt.  And Danny had solo control of my cock, taking all 8 inches into his boy-mouth.  I just laid there, helpless, the object of their teen desires.  Pretty soon, I couldn't hold back any more.  I screamed "I'm cumming" to warn Danny to take his mouth away.  Instead he got worked up, tightened his lips onto the base of my cock, and took every last drop of cum.  Not even his Mom had done that for me ever.  I lay there again, wasted in the stupor of the moment, and dazed at the events that just happened.

I couldn't believe what had just transpired.  I was conned by two horny teenage boys, who talked me into letting them have their way with my body.  I felt so ashamed, yet so satisfied.  I just didn't know how this was going to change things now.

The next day, we all got up, had a pretty silent trip the rest of the hike, and got home.  I just went to my bedroom, and tried to figure out how to handle things.  Luckily, Danny and Sean didn't bring the topic up either, so I decided to pretend like it never happened.

Chapter Two

A couple of weeks later, Julie had to go to Chicago for her aunt's funeral.  Danny and I didn't go.  Danny asked if it was OK for Sean to stay over Saturday night.  This was a pretty routine thing, the boys sleeping over every few weekends.  Sure, why is he even asking me at this point.

So Saturday came.  The boys played outdoors.  I ordered pizza for dinner, and then went to my room to read my book.  The boys played Nintendo, and I told them to turn everything off and be in bed at ten.  They were pretty reliable as far as that and didn't need supervision.

At 10:30 the two of them walk into my room, naked as the day they were born, with their boy-hardons giving me clue as to their intentions.

"Yes, can I help you?" I said, sarcasticly.

"Mr. Anderson," Sean replied, "We want to suck you cock again."

"Listen guys.  What happened two weeks ago  while camping was totally wrong.  It should have never happened.  That sort of stuff is not something that you do with your family members.  I was hoping you guys would forget it happened too."

"No, we didn't forget it," Danny said, "Actually, we liked it a lot and we want some more."

"Out of question.  Just go back to your room, put some clothes on, and go sleep."

"Mr. Anderson, we don't mean any harm.  We just like the taste of a real man's cock in our mouths instead of each other's boy-dicks."

WHAT?!  They've been doing this to each other all along?  Is that why they are such good friends?

"Listen, this has gone far enough.  Both of you go put something on.  Sean, I'm driving you home right now."

"But, Dad you didn't offer any resistance last time.  In fact, I remember you enjoyed it a lot.  Judging by the load of cum you shot into my mouth, I'd bet you had a great time.  And if Mom ever found out you shot your load in my mouth......

Sean continued the sentence: "And if the authorities found out you took two teenage boys camping and forced them to suck you cock......"

And with that the boys took the covers off the bed and in one motion, their four hands grasped the waistband of my shorts and pulled it down.  What the hell?  First, I let them con me two weeks ago, and now they are blackmailing me.  I'm being blackmailed by two 12 year olds!!

Sean's mouth went straight for the gold.  He took my still flaccid cock in and licked it good until he got it to where he wanted it.  Danny started to lick the inside of my thighs, just near my balls.  Oh fuck, here we go again with this mess.  While Sean was deep throating me, Danny worked his way to the junction of my balls and my crack.   He licked the area thoroughly and then proceeded up the crack.  Before I knew it, he threw my leg up, lay flat on his belly in front of me, and started eating my butthole, all the while that Sean was not letting go of my cock.  Danny's tongue encircled my hole gently.  The two boys had discovered both pleasure zones of my body, and I was melting in their mouths.  Danny then concentrated his tongue movements in the center.  Slowly, he nudged his tongue in the middle of the sphincter, and made his way into my butt.  Ah, that boy-tongue was better than anything I had experienced before.  Now he was fucking me with that tongue of is, and the pleasure waves went up my spine all the way to my head, where I was getting drunk from all this.  Maybe that's why I didn't feel it when he replaced his tongue there with his boy-cock, because the next thing I saw when I looked down was his teenage body ramming its manhood into my butt.  And what nice feeling!  His facial expressions told me he was enjoying this more than I was.  All the while, Sean was still swallowing as much of my cock as he could.

Finally, I couldn't take the seduction any more.  I shot my load, Sean tried to take it like a man, but some of it dripped out onto my belly.  And I guess that was enough to put Danny over the edge too, because right after that his body went into a series of contractions which was most likely a pre-pubescent orgasm.

The three of us just lay there for a long while, all spent.  Danny still had his cock in me , as Sean played gently with the cum which had splashed on my belly.  Finally they got up without saying anything.  Their content faces gave it all away.

Once Again, I hated myself, for being had by two teenagers again.  Over time, the boys grew, and they talked their way into taking advantage of me over and over again.  And each time I felt like I was in too deep to do anything about it now.  Gradually, I realized that I'm going to hell anyways, might as well enjoy this.  But I figured, I'm just gonna lay there, let them do to me anything they want.  If I don't take an active role, I guess I'm the victim of circumstances, and that's kinda OK.  I never started any of our session, but you bet I started to enjoy them, especially as the boys, and their cocks, grew.  I especially liked it now that they had finally reached puberty and were able to fill my ass with their hot cum after they were done fucking me.

Chapter Three

Not all of our sessions were three-somes.  Often times, Danny would just find a golden opportunity and have his way with me.  I had learned to really admire his body.  That testosterone definitely showed its effect on  my boy. His entire upper body muscles got very developed and manly.  He let his dirty blonde hair grow a bit, so he could flaunt it.  His chest and legs were now covered with fine blonde hair, which gave him a studly look.  Most importantly, his cock had grown significantly, dilating my ass everytime it went in there.  He had become a perfect specimen at age 17.  I felt so attracted to him.  So many times, during our sessions, I felt like grabbing his cock and swallowing it.  But I could never do it.  As I told you, I felt like I couldn't take an active role during this whole thing, because that would be wrong.  But that changed one night too.

Julie was off again to her folks, some other family member was sick.  Which meant I was all psyched because Danny, +/- Sean, were gonna come into my room and have their way with me again.  Well, this time it was only Danny, as Sean was nowhere to be found, and I didn't inquire.

Danny came in at 10, pulled the covers without saying a word, as though this was a routine after 5 years.  No shorts by now, as I had the routine figured out too.  He took my cock, which had been erect all day from excitement, and covered it with his mouth.  Ah, how his boy-tongue has now grown into a mouth that has figured out all the pleasure points.  I was getting worked up pretty fast, when suddenly he stopped.

"Dad, how come in all these years you always are content with me doing all the work, and you just lay there?"

No response from me.

"I mean, after all this time don't you get the urge to taste my cock or fuck me instead?"

Silence again. I felt that was the sign I was waiting for all these years.  For the first time, I actually got up from my back, threw Danny on his back, and devoured his cock like a scavenger.  I couldn't believe I had finally done it.  I took all of it in my mouth, making sure even the base is covered, as he had taught me(!), then up & down in a rhythmic motion.  But his cock was so big and thick that I needed my hands to help me cover all of it. I then licked the tip with my tongue, explored every crack and skin fold.  With my other hand I found his butthole and pushed my finger in for extra stimulation.  Danny was on fire.  In all the years I has seen his gorgeous face on top of me as he was ramming his rod into me, I have never seen this much pleasure in his eyes.  Sure enough, the boy soon reached his peak.  His body entered a violent contraction, his cock grew by another two inches, and my mouth was filled with what seemed like a liter of cum.  I swallowed it fast, and tried rubbing the tip with my tongue, as he had taught me!  This was the first time ever that he had shot his load in my mouth and not in may ass.

Even before he caught his breath, he said: "You're not gonna stop now, are you?"

I was puzzled, and he saw that.

"I think you owe me a good fuck up the ass after all these years."

With no further instructions, I lifted the boy in one motion and made him expose his ass to me in a doggy position.  Interestingly, I don't remember ever really checking out his ass!  He had a perfect melon butt.  That fine blonde hair on his legs just about disappeared by the time it reached his asscheeks.  And in the center of it all was his rosebud, still contracting from his recent orgasm, inviting me in.  With that, I entered the boy in once plowing motion, and the boy took it.  I rammed it into him for what seemed like hours.  Finally, I was spent and shot a double load into his butt.  That, by far, was the most powerful session we ever had.  I just collapsed on top of him as he lay on his belly, my cock still in his ass.

We spent the whole night in that position, because the next morning we woke up in my bed, my cock still in his butt.  And by now it was hard again from just having woken up. So without any invitation, I started to plow it into him back & forth until I reached another orgasm.

Sean and Danny ended up going to the same college and roomed together.  They eventually got married.  They always looked forward to my visits with them.


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