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A new beginning

After my wife's too early death, my son, Aaron and I relocated to the eastern shore of Maryland. I had sold a few pieces of property there before my wife died and at the time, I had thought it might be a good place for us to get away from a big city.

Staying in the city would be more convenient but, Aaron was growing fast and would be entering his junior year of high school and after a few late night escapades with some of his friends, I figured a new, slower environment would be better for both of us.

At first Aaron did not seem to be that enthusiastic about the idea but after discussing the pros and cons of it with him, his enthusiasm to relocate grew as we traveled back and forth to inspect a few prospects. Using the expertise of a friend in the real-estate office I would be joining, we found a nice three bedroom home within a walking or bicycle ride distance from Aaron's new high school. 

The new house was a little larger than I had first thought. It was a four bedroom home but the room sizes were larger. We would have separate bedroom with their own bathrooms which was very convenient. After a more than initial cursory inspection, I saw that the downstairs rooms were larger. Oddly enough, one bedroom with bath was located off of the living room instead of on the second floor. When I asked the agent why, he advised that when the previous owner had built the house an invalid mother had used the first floor bedroom until she passed away. At first Aaron had asked for the first floor bedroom until he found out the reason it was not included with the other rooms on the second floor.

A large fenced in backyard with brick patio and swimming pool was, as far as Aaron was concerned, the main reason for buying the property. He was a swimming enthusiast and the rapid improvement of his physique after going through the various stages of puberty was obvious. I hadn't seen him fully nude since he was eight or nine years old but the large bulge displayed in his groin was impressive.

I had some latent erotic, feelings concerning several carnal events from my college years that had been long subdued but, they surged to the surface when I had first seen Aaron in a swimming suit, he was no longer just my little boy, he was rapidly becoming a handsome young man. 

When he was first entering puberty, I had explained the reasons for the feelings and changes that were occurring in his body. The aroma of his bedroom and some of the sounds I had heard during the night or when he was in his bathroom made it obvious that he was fully into self-gratification.

I had not given much thought too sex with another person after my wife had died although I did occasionally enjoy masturbating with erotic thoughts flowing through my mind. But, the thought of attempting to seduce Aaron when it was obvious he was sexually mature and would possibly be receptive, was repugnant to me but later extremely unusual events would change any doubts I might have had.   
* * * * * * * * * *

Since it was mid-August, I registered Aaron in his new high school before we began moving. A rented u-haul van held all of the furniture we wanted to take with us. We held an in house-sale and sold all of the items that were my wife's and all of the pieces that we really would not have used. Some were a little difficult to dispose only because my wife had purchased them.

I drove the truck and Aaron drove the car that was packed with boxes containing various items of clothing, sheets, pillows, blankets, small kitchen items and just stuff. We arrived a little late for unloading so, we pulled our camping bedrolls and some other stuff we would need and we slept on the living room floor.

The following morning started off as usual except we drove with the car still loaded, to a local McDonald's for breakfast. When we returned to our new home there were a few kids hanging around the u-haul truck. Mostly youngsters but a few kids Aaron's age were hanging out and watching as we unloaded first the car and then the truck.

All of the kids including were were wearing cut-offs or shorts and either low-cut gym shoes or flip-flops. I never could understand how they could wear flip-flops and pedal a bicycle but then, they were kids.

When we were about to unload the heavier items, couch, overstuffed chairs, recliners and appliances, I asked Aaron to see if the older boys would like to give us a hand and earn a few bucks. I didn't have any qualms about asking them for help since, from their appearance, it was obvious that they were more than capable of helping out.

All three were nice looking boys and, they jumped at the chance. They introduced themselves as Kenny Gilmore, Ralph Fairmont, and Paul Kidmann. All were juniors
in the same high-school Aaron would be attending.

Kenny lived with his parents and sister one street over from ours, Ralph lived with his father in the Whitestone Estates, a gated community just at the northern end of the school district and Paul lived only three houses from ours on our street.

Kenny was about the same build and weight as Aaron. They both appeared to weigh about one-hunded fifty-five or sixty pounds and both of them were blond haired and blue eyed with tightly muscled arms and well developed torso that merged with their ripped abdominal muscles and just a hint of golden hair flowing downward from their navel's between the ridges of hard muscle and then disappearing into their waistbands. 

Ralph was more compact. He appeared to be only slightly heavier than Aaron and Kenny and just a little shorter. But, his chest and arm muscles were smoothly defined, reminiscent of Michalangelo's statue of David. His auburn hair was well groomed and a dark trail of auburn hair led downward from the where his thick pectoral muscles met at his sternum. Dark hair flowed from his sternum, between the ridges of abdominal muscles to his naval before disappearing into the waistband of his shorts.

Paul was a sort of cross between Kenny and Aaron only heavier. His close cropped hair was a dirty ash blond, his shoulders were broader and his muscles better developed than those of all the boys. Paul was seventeen years old, probably one-hundred sixty-five or seventy pounds and, he was the bodybuilder of the boys including Aaron.

Paul's shoulders were broader, his chest pectoral muscles were thick and sharply defined, biceps bulged and a thin sheen of blond hair covered his forearms. His waist was small and ridges of hard muscle covered his abdomen. A thin stream of ash blond hair flowed down from his inny-naval button and disappeared into the waistband of a pair of cut-offs that did little to hide the bulge in his groin. I learned that Paul had performed in teen muscle building programs and had earned a bronze medal. Paul had hidden talents other than being an eye-catching young man.

I later learned that Kenny was the same age as Aaron, sixteen and, that he, Paul and Aaron would be riding their bikes to school.

It surprised me that Ralph was only fourteen years old. His father dropped him off at school on his way too work but, his dad's lady friend would drive him home after school. I thought it was a strange arrangement but none of my business.

* * * * * * * * * *

After eight Pepsi's and one beer later, we were finished placing the furniture and appliances. All of us were soaked even though, I had turned on the air-conditioning.  Their bodies glistened from the sweat and I could feel it running over mine.  I was hooking up the kitchen appliances when Aaron called out, "Dad, if we are finished would it be all right if we took a swim in the pool?"

The pool had been kept clean and in working order so; without thinking, I replied approvingly and continued with the job of completing what I was doing in the kitchen. It was not very long before I heard their youthful hollers and screams as they swam and played and the urge to be involved overcame completing the kitchen appliances installation.

Aaron and his new found friends were playing a game of keep-away with a large inflatable vinyl ball.  From the antic of the other boys, it was obvious that Ralph was "it".  It was not surprising since he was a little shorter than Aaron, Kenny and Paul but, they were having fun and I enjoyed watching, especially seeing Aaron enjoying himself.

I pulled a lawn chair from the several that we had placed on the patio and sat cooling off watching them. It had been several full days of loading, unloading and not having the stamina of teenagers, I was dozing off when a wet ball bounced off of my chest and I heard Aaron calling out, "come on, Dad, join us."

Tired or not, I didn't hesitate. Grabbing the ball, I jumped into the pool and was immediately surrounded by four water imps bouncing the ball off my head.  During the time that ball was bounced off of one or the other of us or we were ducking and playfully  grab-assing. Several times, I felt a hand grab my testicles and give a quick squeeze before I could find out who was my tormentor.  It  only took a couple of gropings and the feeling of young, hard bodies brushing against me and my seven-inch cock was at full staff.  It was stimulating, sexually and physically, feelings that I had subdued for longer than I actually wanted.

I was watching Aaron, Kenny and Ralph engaging in a violent wrestling match when Paul suddenly surfaced behind me and wrapping his strong arms around my chest, he pulled me against his hard body. I felt his hard cock pressing against the crack between my ass cheeks and then the straining of his powerful arms as he lifted me and then we both went under water.  Even though I was resisting, Paul held me tightly too him with the length of his ridge of his cock resting between my the cheeks of my ass.  A sudden erotic feeling of  need washed over me and I relaxed letting my body mold to Paul's. Closing my eyes and for a few brief moments, I was enjoying the exciting feeling of his thick cock pressing between my cheeks when we suddenly broke the surface and Paul released his hold.

As he  pushed away, he grinned impishly and shouted, "Aaron dared me to try and duck you."

"You did a good job of it," I called back.

We had been swimming and playing for about three-quarters of an hour when, while I was sitting on the edge of the pool, Aaron swam up between my legs and placed his hands on my knees. The water had tightened the cloth of my shorts, and my cock was partially hard from Paul grabbing my groin and holding me against him.  There was a noticeable bulge in my crotch but, if Aaron saw it when he placed his arms on my thighs and pulled himself into my crotch, he did not mention it.

Placing my hands on his shoulders, I saw a gleam of warmth as he looked into my eyes. For a few moments nothing was said and then I heard him whisper softly, "I love  you Dad."

"I love you too, Son."

He gazed at me for a few seconds before suddenly and without warning, he rested  his head in my lap. Inhaling deeply, I placed one hand on his head and the other on his back.  I felt the pressure of his cheek pressing on my partially soft cock and I held my breath in an unsuccessful attempt to will my cock not to harden. 

Everything seemed to go quiet as he rested with his head in my lap and it dawned on me just how much I loved and needed Aaron. I was only forty-five years old when his mother had died and for several months, I had withdrawn myself from my surroundings including him. I had continued doing what I was supposed to do but that was all. Giving of myself had stopped until the moment he had rested his head in my lap after telling me he loved me.

* * * * * * * * * *

We were in the shallow end of the pool and the boys were doing underwater laps to see how many they could do before surfacing. Aaron's was sort of half crouching/floating in the water. Placing my hands under his arms, I said, "Stand up Aaron."

He lifted his head from my lap and pulling his legs under him, he stood and looked at me quizzically as he said, "what"?

"Stand up," I repeated, slipping my arms around his chest as he stood.  He hesitated a moment before he slipped his arms around my neck as I pulled him tightly against me and held him with my legs crossed behind his knees. Looking into my eyes, he grinned softly as he leaned his head forward and kissing me gently on the nose, whispering, "Dad, we've never done this before."

"That's my fault,"  I replied, sliding my hands over the soft muscles of his smooth back.

We held each other, his arms around my neck and my hands massaging his back. Many thoughts were running through my mind, the foremost was how much I loved the boy in my arms, how much I needed and wanted him. My stiff cock ached as we held each other, both lost in reverie when, without moving, he said, "do you miss Mom, Dad?" 

"Yes I do, Aaron but,  I have you and you mean more to me than anyone ever will and, I hope you believe that I do."

Removing his arms from around my neck, Aaron leaned back slightly, eyes probing mine and I could see he was wrestling with his thoughts. Moving my hands to the center of his back, I pulled his body closer to mine and he slipped his arms around my chest. I felt the heat of his body as his chest pressed against mine but when his lips met mine, I knew he was no longer a boy, he was a virile young man.  It was as if we both had wanted the same  thing. Our lips opened and our tongues met but just as we had begun to kiss, Aaron quickly jerked his head back exclaiming, "Oh shit, Dad, the other guys will see us."

For a brief moment, I almost said, "fuck it, I don't give a damn who see us." But, common sense overruled the erotic and passionate feelings that had swept over me and I knew what he had said was right and I pulled away. But, leaving my hands on his hips, I said, "I'm sorry, son, I shouldn't have done that."

Pulling away, he glanced in the direction of the other boys before looking back at me. Smiling and looking a little sheepish, he said  "I'm not, Dad, I liked the feeling of you holding and kissing me."

I feeling of pride and warmth spread over me as he spoke but inside of me, a small voice was telling me we should talk about how we felt for each other besides being father and son.

"I liked it too, son but we should talk about it," I said, glancing at the other boys saying, "and, we should break this up."

"Yes, Sir," he replied, "I'll tell the guys."

Swiming with powerful strokes, he reached his new fiends and, I could see they were treading water as he spoke. I got out of the water and went inside for towels.

While I was inside, I did a quick toweling of my body before carrying a stack of towels too the boys.  It was quite a sight seeing them shaking the water from their hair and hand-wiping water from their chests and legs. When I handed them the towels it became even more chaotic as they dried off and as teenagers do, played grabass.  I did notice that Paul was drying Aaron's back and spending more time than was needed to dry off his legs.

When they finished and stood up straight, Paul whispered into Aaron's ear and they both glanced quizically in my direction and laughed.  I felt myself blushing.

* * * * * * * * * *