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By Lee Mariner

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After my wife's early death, my sons, Aaron and I relocated to the eastern shore of Maryland. Aaron was growing fast and after discussion, he became more enthusiastic about relocating. It would be a good place for a new start, for my real estate business and a new school for Aaron. He was sixteen-years old, good-looking, well built, a regular chic magnet and there had been an escapade or two with his buddies that would be better off forgotten.

The town we had decided on moving too was much smaller and there was only one high school but, it was a short walk or he could ride his bicycle.

The home that we had settled on was slightly large than our old home. One of the best features was the large swimming pool with a completely installed privacy fence, surrounding the covered patio and pool. It took us two days to move.

It was a hot sticky day and unloading took us a little longer and when we reached the heavier items, I asked Aaron to see of the three older and larger boys might want to earn a few bucks and help us.

All three jumped at the chance and introduced themselves as Kenny, Ralph and Paul. They were good-looking, well built young men and with their help, we downloaded the remaining furniture in good time.

While I was hooking up the kitchen appliances, Aaron called out, Dad, would it be alright if we took a swim? That is if you don't need us for something else."

I hesitated for a moment before realizing that all four boys were wearing cutoffs and I hollered "okay son, just be careful."

While I was finishing up, I could hear the raucous laughter and an occasional off-key, ribald comment that brought a grin to my face as I recalled my younger days.

Stepping out onto the patio, pulled one of the several lounge chairs that we had brought and unfolding it, I stretched out and watched the boys. I was dozing off when a wet ball bounced off my chest followed by, "come on in Dad, join us.

Groaning softly, I roused myself and jumped into the water. Almost immediately, I was surrounded by four healthy young men full of more stamina that I had at that moment.

We wrestled and on several occasions a hand would grab my cock and testicles and squeeze. Whether hard or gentle, it was stimulating and my cock quickly stiffened to its thick seven inch length. Old feelings and activities of my college years were quickly aroused and I am sure whoever was doing the groping knew it considering the number of times I was being groped.

I was standing off the side watching a particularly intense wrestling match between Kenny, Ralph and Aaron. I didn't see Paul until he suddenly surfaced behind me and

wrapped his hard muscled arms around my chest pulling me back against his hard muscled body. I felt his hard cock spreading the groove between my ass cheeks and, I started to protest but before I could speak, his powerful arms tightened and we both went underwater.

I resisted but, he pulled me tightly too him as we went under water. Holding me tightly against his body with one arm, he grasped my hard cock with his free hand, squeezed its turgid length and he humped my ass jamming his hard cock deeper into the crack between my ass cheeks. My resistance faded and latent erotic feelings that I had been long subduing emerged and I relaxed allowing my body to mold with his. Closing my eyes, I was enjoying the feeling of Paul's arms holding me to him.

When we reemerged, I was gasping for air and sputtering. Clearing the water from my eyes and I looked around for Paul. I saw him grinning and swimming away calling out, "Aaron dared me to see if I could duck you." When I looked at the other boys, the were laughing and there was a gleam in Aaron's eyes as he looked at me.

"And you did a pretty good job if it," I answered. But, the feeling of his cock pressing against me remained.

* * * * * * * * * *

I swam to the side of the pool and jumped up onto the edge withmy legs remaining in the water. I felt my balls squish up between my legs and my still hard cock soft of jam into my shorts. Sucking my gut in, I glanced at the boys before slipping my hand inside of my shorts and rearranged my aching cock. Touching it felt good but deep in my loins, I felt the tingling feeling of an eminent ejaculation. If Paul had held me and humped my ass much longer, I knew I would have shot my load. "God, I thought to myself, what am I doing?"

Breathing in deeply, I twisted around for a towel that was laying on the patio and I was drying my hair when I felt someone's hands on my thighs. Quickly lowering the towel, I saw Aaron standing in front of me in the shallow water. His eyes were soft, light blue pools and seeing his tongue wetting his succulent lips I had a sudden urge to reach out and pull him too me but as if he anticipated what I was thinking and he moved closer and brushing my lips with his he whispered, "I love you Dad."

Slipping my arms around his chest and gathering him to me, I replied, "I love you too, Son, very, very much."

Everything seemed to go quiet; I loved Aaron but, there was a sudden feeing of more than just loving him, I needed him. When his mother died, I cut myself off from him and others. As his father, I did what was needed of me but showed him very little affection. whispered softly, "Dad, we've never done this before."

"And that, Aaron, is my fault," I replied, sliding my hands over the soft, rippling muscles of his back as I spoke, a thousand thoughts of how much I needed and wanted him were running through my head as we held each other. I felt the gentle beat of his heart and the slow raising and falling of his chest as he breathed. My stiff cock ached as we held each other, both of us lost in the feeling of being together when, I heard him whisper, "Dad, do you miss Mom?"

"Yes, I do Aaron, very much but, I have you and you mean more to me than anyone ever will and, I hope you believe that I do."

Leaning back, Aaron stood looking at me for several seconds and, I could see he was wrestling with thoughts. If he was as perplexed by what had just happened, I could understand since I was just as confused by my inner thoughts and feelings.

While we were at the other end of the pool, the boys were again playing with the vinyl ball. I was about to tell Aaron he should rejoin them when he leaned forward and our lips met in a much more intense kiss. When I felt his tongue probing my lips, I knew he was no long just a boy, he was a virile young man with intense needs. His sudden forwardness caught me off guard for a moment and I was on the verge of responding when he suddenly jerked back exclaiming, "Oh shit, Dad, the other guys will see us!"

I almost said, "fuck it, I don't give a damn who sees us" but, common sense overruled the erotic, passionate feelings that swept over me and I knew he was right. Pulling away but reluctant to lose all contact, my hands remained on his his as I said, "I'm sorry, son, we shouldn't be doing that."

Aaron looked at the other boys before looking back at me. Smiling and looking just a little sheepish, he said, "I'm not, Dad, I liked it. I liked the feeling of your arms around me and the touching of our lips. I liked it Dad,"

In that instant, my feelings for my son changed completely and I had the feeling that his had changed. But, I knew it was something we needed to discuss. So, breathing in deeply, I said, "I liked it too son but it is something we need to talk about, But, right now we need to break this party up."

"Yes, Sir," he replied, glancing at the boys and with powerful strokes swam towards them.

Getting out of the water, I went inside and gathered some towels for the boys. I was almost finished drying off by the time they had gotten out of the pool. They grabbed towels and Kenny and Ralph started snapping the towels at each other but, I noticed Paul whispering something too Aaron. Glancing in my direction, they both laughed.

I felt myself blushing and I quickly went inside.

* * * * * * * * * *

A New Beginning

Aaron and I stood on the porch as the boys mounted their bikes and rode off. He like they, were still wearing their wet cutoffs. In addition to my shorts, I had a damp towel hanging around my neck. Kenny and Ralph rode off in one direction while Paul went the opposite. When he reached the corner, he waved and I waved back. We stood watching as Kenny reached his house. He and Ralph talked for a moment before Ralph rode on. Aaron waved at Kenny and he returned the wave.

When we turned to go inside, Aaron slipped his arm around my waist and we walked together.

"We still have a lot of work to do, Son."

"Yes, Sir," he replied sort of lackadaisically.

"It is a little late to start all of the unpacking so, how about we get out of these wet clothes, get dressed and find a place for dinner?

"Hey, that sounds great, Dad."

"I thought it might," I replied as he dashed up the stairs two at a time.

* * * * * * * * * *

Following Aaron up the stairs, I heard the noise he was making as he searched through the boxes and suitcases for something to wear. I couldn't help but think of how quickly a teenagers mood could change. From being despondent to full-on exuberance in an instantaneous second. I sighed, for a brief moment remembering my carefree days of such exuberance.

My bedroom was just as messed up as his but, I did find a pair of slacks and a pull-over without to much effort. Discarding my wet shorts in the bathroom, I was looking for the box that contained my underwear. I was just about to pull a pair on when Aaron walked into my room. Standing on one foot with a hand on my dresser, I glanced at him. He was grinning from ear to ear and is very stupidly exclaimed, "What is so funny?"

"You," he replied, moving closer as he spoke. "Why don't you go commando like me."


"Yeah, most of the guys are doing it now."

"What in the world for?"

"So you can show what you got, Dad and, you've got plenty to show."

He was right or at least I felt he was. Even in a flaccid state, my uncut cock was four-inches long and resting on my balls, it jutted out. When I was wearing my briefs, it made a noticeable bulge in my groin.

Seeing the noticeable bulge in his groin, I couldn`t help being just a little flippant as I said, "You are pretty observant."

Stopping just inches in front of me, he said, "no, not really, it was more than obvious while we were swimming that you had a big dick. Even Paul mentioned it"

Removing my briefs as he spoke, I said, "is that what you two were whispering when we were drying off?

"No, he asked if we were making out when you were sitting on the edge of the pool and I kissed you. But, he had already told me how big you felt when he ducked you under the water."

Aaron glanced at my stirring dick and with a smile he put his arms around me and we completed what had been started on the patio. His tongue met mine in an intense duel as we searched for and tasted the essence of the other. My cock reached full staff and, I could feel his equally hard cock pressing against mine. At that moment all thoughts of anything except that we both needed the other disappeared. Even the thought of how wrong it was for me to want my son as badly as I did, evaporated in a wave of passion.

Our lips parted and Aaron stood back while he removed his tshirt. When he started to unbutton and remove his shorts, I stopped him and said huskily, "let me do that."

He thrust his hips forward as I finished unzipping his fly. Almost instantly they dropped too the floor revealing his uncut cock, it's pink crown peeking out from it's protective sheath. A dense forest of golden hair surrounded it's thick base and it extended in a tapered length of at least six-inches Resting on walnut sized balls, it quivered and a small pearl of pre-seminal fluid emerged from ethereal opening.

I had seen him naked as a child but never dreamed he would become the golden god that stood before me offering himself too me. We both stood as if paralyzed and then as if the flood gates had opened we fell into the others arms. Moaning softly we pressed our bodies together with such intensity that we fell back onto the unmade bed Quickly twisting my body, I lifted him up onto the bed and we stretched out.

I hadn't paid attention to it but, Aaron was only just shorter than me. There was an intense gleam in his eyes and the feeling of his evenly muscled body pressing down on me could only be explained as something I had subconsciously wanted but never admitted. Waves of intense emotion flowed over and around us and, I could feel that he was feeling as emotional as I was.

Lifting his head, he looked into my eyes and started a slow almost imperceptibly movement of his hips in a circular motion, grinding our leaking cocks together. An electric feeling shot through me and I felt my balls tighten momentarily. For some unknown reason, I moved my hands up, over his back muscles and I said, "This should not be happening, Son. As much as I've wanted it, it is not right that we have sex with each other."

Aaron stopped he movement of his hips and the intense feelings growing in my balls ceased. Without moving from on top of me he placed his arms across my chest and resting his chin on his forearms, he looked at me for a few moments. He was thinking as I was but, I was really enjoying the feeling of his cock resting beside mine and his balls hanging down over mine. It felt so right but there was just a little feeling of "why were we doing this" roaming in my mind.

Gently massaging his firm, round ass-cheeks, I asked softly, "What are you thinking, Aaron?"

"Lots of things, Dad but, mostly about how much I love you. But, even though you told me about sex, I don't know why but, I wanted sex with you. You've taught me a lot and you told me about what boys and girls are supposed to do but, you never said anything about being gay."

"He was right," I thought as I listened. The idea that my son could be gay never entered my mind even though I had had several erotic and passionate liaisons' with some of the guys I was in college with. I had fought the urges and had married his mother in the false attempt at thinking it was what I wanted. It wasn't and I never admitted it until now.

"No, telling you about being gay or that particular part of sex never crossed my mind, Aaron. Usually, most boys learn about the various ways sex is performed by experimentation with another girl or boy. Usually with boys, it's a matter of self-masturbation that may of may not become a mutual act where boy's will masturbate each other. Mutual satisfaction or jerking each other off is more exciting and at the same time you can feel just how much your cock compares' with a friend or friends. For some reason, being of the same size or larger is important to boys."

"We are almost the same size Dad. Your's is longer and thicker than mine but, I think it will get bigger as I grow older."

"I wouldn't rush it, Son, you have more than enough."

"Yeah, I guess I have enough for now. But what does that have with being gay. I heard some of the guys in school laughing about one of the other boys liking boys and they made it sound sort of nasty."

Our mutual ardor had decreased as we talked and I could feel that our cocks had soften although it wouldn't be long before we both were at full staff; Aaron had re-started the slow gyration of his hips as we talked.

Lowering his lips to mine, we kissed only a little less passionate before. And, when his lifted his head and looked down at me, the intensity and speed of his gyrating hips increased except he added a humping motion. The feeing of our now rigid cocks rubbing one against the other increased the sensitiveness' and the increased feelings of an impending eruption was almost overpowering.

"Aaron," I whispered huskily. "If you keep this up, you know what is going to happen don't you?"

"Yeah," he answer, his breathing and mine becoming more labored as he spoke. "We're going to cum together and, I want to feel you cumin with me."

His humping motion increased in intensity and his balls slapping against mine with each downward thrust of his pile-driving hips sent hyper sensitive pain spreading throughout my straining body. We started moaning softly at first and passionate, boiling feeling in my loins increased with each thrust of Aaron's hips.

I felt my balls sac tightening and my cock swelling in preparation to releasing the hot lava flow of long pent up seminal fluid and as I moaned and whispered "Aaron," I heard him release a long, deep groan and he said, "Daddy, I can't hold it, I'm cumin,"

It felt like we both needed to empty gallons of the most precious of fluids, that which made life and loving worth living. Aaron stopped his humping and groaning loudly, he drove his hips downward as his cock throbbed and gushed with the power of a teenager emptying his nuts. I followed in unison, thick streams of our sperm gushing between our straining bodies.

A surreal feeling of knowing and feeling how much we loved each other filled the atmosphere while the final dregs drained from the urethral canals of our deflating cocks. Aaron had dropped down on me, his arms around my neck and his head resting beside mine. I heard his breathing slowly returning to normal and the beat of his heart decreasing. We lay together, me holding him on top of me as the passion and erotic feelings faded but lurked in the depths of our loins.

Without moving his head, Aaron said, "Dad, you don't feel any different do you?"

"Just like a teenage," I mused to myself, "ask a question with a question," but, he was reading my mind and I answered. "it was fantastic, Son, I've never felt any better that I did just now. You have shown me just how much you love me and now, I know what we did was right and that I love you more than ever."

"That makes me feel good and I really enjoyed it but, we have a real mess to clean up."

"That usually happens when two men make love," I replied as he moved from laying on me too sitting up. Rivulets of cum flowed over his rigid abdominal muscles before soaking the thick golden bush surrounding the base of his impressive but flaccid cock. Moving his index finger through the sticky fluid he said, "This is usually the way it is, how else could it be? Whenever I jerked off, I always had to wipe it off of my stomach."

I could tell he was fishing and I wondered just how much he knew about gay sex or if he was even gay. That would be left for later, I was hungry as hell.

"There are things we will talk about later, Aaron but, I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse so, lets clean up and get dressed."

"Yes, Sir," he answered with an icky look on his face.

* * * * * * * * * *