By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 11

We drove down the gravel road to the ranch road.  Dwayne was so emotionally torn up by the whole scene he collapsed into my arms in heavy sobbing.  Dad stopped before we pulled onto the blacktop.  He looked back over his shoulder at the devastated young man I was trying to comfort.

“Dwayne,— Son,— ya’ did fine, boy.  I’m proud a’ you!”  Dad reached back and placed his hand on Dwayne.  Sidney did likewise and I could feel their comfort radiating through my brother’s body.  It was like a wave of energy and love surrounded him, and he grew strong again.  He sat up and took their hands.

“Thanks.”  Was all he said. That’s all he had to say. Dad squeezed Dwayne’s hand gently, dropped it and pulled onto the ranch road.  We were on our way; away from the evil that was embodied in Brad Dunbar.

“God,— I’m so sorry, Mr. Longhorn. I don’t know if I can put chu’ though anymore of his bullshit, Sir.  I’m not sure if I can take anymore.”

“Y’ain’t gonna’ have to on my watch, Son.  I’m calling the son of a bitch when we get home and tell’n him he can do his own Goddamn chores until yore’ momma gets back.  Then she can sit down with the two of you and settle this thing.  You men just got in on the tail end of it.  Yore’ step-daddy and me,— we done had us some choice words together,— right honcho?”  Dad winked and grinned at Sidney.

“You wouldn’t a’ believed it, guys.  Your dad is my new personal hero, Case.  You just may have to pack your bag and go home for me!”  Sidney laughed.

“Yeah, my old man has a way about him, Sidney.  Can’t gainsay that.  I’m pretty damn proud of him for standing up to that monster.”

“What da’ ya’ think he’s gonna’ tell my mom, Mr. Longhorn, about your run in with each other?”

“Bullshit! Lies! Distortions of the truth!  It’s my word against his, except my little buddy up here, your new brother,  heard ever’ damn word, but I wouldn’t put him in the position of having to tell yore’ momma that her husband’s a damnable liar.”

“Oh, you won’t have to do that, Mr. Longhorn, to convince her you were telling the truth and he’s lying.”

“How’s that, Son?”

Sidney grinned real big at my dad and winked at Dwayne and I.  He reached in his shirt pocket and flipped a small switch.  Out of his shirt pocket came a recorded playback of the entire conversation between my dad and Colonel Jarhead. My dad almost shit his pants. He started laughing his ass off and pounding the steering wheel with the palm of his right hand.  He pulled the Bronco over to the shoulder, put it in park, set the break, turned and opened his big cowboy arms to Sidney.  Sidney didn’t hesitate for a second as my dad enfolded him and kissed him a good one right on the mouth.  Sidney didn’t hold back, either.  Dwayne and I got roaring hard watching them.  He felt me, I felt him and we giggled.

“Damn, Mr. Longhorn!” Sidney said breathlessly, “Thank you, Sir!  That was mighty fine, but what was it for, Sir?”

“For being a fuck’n genius, Son,— for being thoughtful enough, and having the balls to do that.  You just made my damn day, boy!  You’re some piece of work, Son, and I’m proud as Hell of ya’!  I’m calling yore’ daddy the minute we git home;— I’m telling him I’m a’ keep’n you!  He ain’t git’n you back!  Hell, I’m proud of all three of you men.  Ya’ done good! You done jes’ like I told ju’ to.”

Dad was still laughing, and shaking his head in disbelief as he took off again and we headed for the Italian restaurant in our small town for Pizza. Dwayne and I were laughing, too. Sidney was real smug and rightfully so.  We were all proud of him. We listened to the complete conversation on the way, and I was all the more proud the way my dad stood up to that worthless bastard; so was Dwayne.  I think it was at that moment Dwayne began to think of my old man as his second dad.  That was all right with me.  There was enough love in my old man to share him.  Dwayne and I had no doubt from that evening on who my dad’s number one fan was. Sidney was a man in love. He couldn’t have chosen better.

* * * * * * *

We decided to eat the Pizza at the restaurant as it was about twelve miles back to the ranch and it probably would’ve cooled down by the time we got there.  We had enough left over to take back with us for snacking on later.  We laughed and joked through our meal.  Sidney’s little trick got us in a party mood. It was still early evening when we started out for home.

“It’s a damn shame we didn’t get to finish our bird pen today.” I moaned.

“We can finish up tomorrow, but it jes’ won’t be the same without our little brother.”  Dwayne said.

“Sidney, you think your dad would let you stay over and spend another day with us?”  I asked.

Sidney brightened that we’d want him to stay over.  I heard dad chuckle under his breath.  I could tell, he was pleased we wanted Sidney to stay.

“Won’t hurt none to ask, but you sure I won’t be in the way?”  I got his double meaning and so did my brother. Dwayne nudged me with his elbow.

“Oh, you probably will, but we’ll work around ju.’” Sidney got my double meaning in return and started laughing. My dad got it, too, and could barely contain himself.

“Now, that was bad, Case! That was really bad!  Now, apologize to your brother!”  Dad shot to the back seat laughing his ass off.

“If it was so damn bad, why the Hell are you laughing, old man?”  That started all of us up again. “I apologize, big brother,” I winked at Sidney, “I meant no harm or disrespect. I’s jes’josh’n witcha.’”

“Don’t apologize to Dwayne!” Dad snapped at me. “Apologize to your brother up here in the front seat!”

“I did!”  I said laughing at my dad. Dwayne and I fell together laughing and Sidney howled.

“Okay, you guys,— what’s the joke?”

“Go ahead, big brother,--- show him!” Dwayne urged Sidney.

Sidney didn’t hesitate. He wasn’t shy. He undid his Wranglers, pulled it out and waved it at my old man.

“Hoe-lee sheee-it!”  roared my dad. He almost wrecked the damn Bronco. “I guess he is your big brother at that!  Damn, Son, where’d ju’ git a pecker like that?  If’n that’s from yore’ old man, no wonder ole Sticker’s been a wait’n on him to come around all these years. Hell, I’d be standing in line, next, after Sticker pray’n for sloppy seconds.”  Dad laughed thoroughly enjoying his own bullshit.

“We were gonna’ come downstairs earlier and tell you it weren’t no little green snake what was chasing us around upstairs.”  I tossed of to my dad. He was still laughing.

“I guess it weren’t! It was a big ole snake!” he allowed.
We laughed and joked the rest of the way home. It was almost a catharsis to the stress we felt from going over to do Dwayne’s chores. It probably had a lot to do with the relief of knowing we didn’t have to go back for a few days.  Dwayne and I didn’t mind doing chores, that’s just an accepted part of living on a ranch, we just didn’t want to have to put up with Colonel Jar-head’s bullshit. It was still early evening when we arrived back at the ranch.  The sun was beginning to set and the sunset was spectacular.  We went into the house and Sidney asked to use our phone to call his dad. He dialed his number.

“Hello,— Wainright residence.”  Sidney heard his big cowboy wrangler say.

“Mr. Wiggins.  How are you, Sir?”

“I be fine, Son, how ya’ doing?”

“Having a great time.  The Longhorns have asked me to call and see if dad will let me stay over and Mr. Longhorn will bring me home tomorrow evening.  We have some more work to do on their bird pen and they need me, Sir.”

“Well, yore’ old man’s in a pretty good mood this evening, he just might let chu.’ Let me git him for you.”  

Sidney waited for a minute.

“Hey, Son,— you having a good time?”

“The best, Dad.  I’m having a wonderful time. I’ve fallen in love with my brothers, but my main man is Mr. Longhorn.  Ain’t another like him, Dad.”  Sidney laughed, but his dad didn’t need an explanation. He knew and loved Vince Longhorn for a good while. “Did Mr. Wiggins tell you they asked me to stay over to help complete their bird pen tomorrow?”

“Yeah, he did, Son.  Glad to hear you like Dwayne and the Longhorns. They be fine men. You can’t do no better’n them men for friends.  I don’t see any problem with you staying over, but lemme’ speak to Mr. Longhorn for a minute, Son.”

Sidney called to my dad to come to the phone.  Dad walked in and winked at Sidney as he took the phone from him.

“Howdy, Sid.  How’re you and Sticker this evening?”

“We’re both fine, Vince. We’re just relaxing and about to rustle up some grub.  You sure it’ll be okay for my boy to stay over tonight? He won’t be any bother?”

“Bother?  That boy,— a bother?  Not on your life, Sid.  He’s got a second home here anytime he wants it. To be honest, I don’t wanna’ give him back.”  Dad broke up laughing. Mr. Wainright knew he was joking. “I’ll have to tell you and Sticker sometime the most wonderful, damnest thing your kid did today that made my day, Sid.  I’m still laughing about it.”


“Oh, Dunbar and I got into it.  Nothing physical but a lot a’ posturing with yelling and words.  He wasn’t gonna’ let Dwayne come back with us, but I assured him Dwayne would be going home with us. I told Dwayne it was my word against Dunbar’s when it came to his mother.  Sidney told me no it weren’t and proceeded to flip on something in his pocket. He had a miniature recorder in his pocket and he recorded the whole damn thing.  I almost wrecked the truck from laughing so hard at that kid.”

We were several feet away from dad and could hear Mr. Wainright laughing on the other end.

“Well, if you’re sure it’ll be all right, Vince.”

“It’ll be fine. We’ll git him home early tomorrow evening. We ain’t gonna’ go back over there no more.  I’m calling Dunbar this evening and telling him to do his own Goddamn chores until Sadie gets back, then she can iron it out.”

“Good idea, Vince.  Well,— keep us informed.  If there’s anything we can do, jes’ holler.”

“Will do, Sid.  See ya’ll tomorrow evening.  Say 'hello' to Sticker.”

“I will, Vince, and thanks.  Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Sid.”

Dad hung up the phone and gave Sidney the thumbs up.  He ran to dad, hugged and kissed him on the cheek.  Dwayne rolled his eyes at me and we laughed.

* * * * * * *

“Hello, Dunbar, this is Vince Longhorn call’n.”  My dad barked into the phone. “I ain’t a’ gonna’ bring the boys back over there to do the chores no more until Sadie gets back to sort things out.  I ain’t gonna’ expose Dwayne, my boy or their guest to no more of your nonsense.  You can do your own Goddamn chores.”  

Dad listened for a minute and we could here the Colonel ranting and raving on the other end, calling dad everything but a good man.

“I didn’t call you to argue with ya,’ Dunbar.  I certainly don’t give a big rat’s ass what you think a’ me.  I jes’ called to tell you the way it’s gonna’ be until Sadie gets back.  If you don’t like it, that’s tough shit! You can take yore’ jarhead attitude and stick it where the sun don’t shine for all I care.  I hear tell you Marines kinda like it that way anyway.  If I have anything to say about it, that boy won’t be goose-stepping to your tune much longer.”

Dad quietly hung up the phone with the Colonel still ranting and raving on the other end. The monster within him had run into an immovable, solid, block wall; courtesy of my dad, Vincent Longhorn. Brad Dunbar’s voice was the sound of a sociopath who didn’t get his way; the sound of the very coldest, most calculatingly dangerous face of insanity.

* * * * * * *
In my junk room was the biggest damn bed in the house. It must have been made for either an exceptionally large person or a large couple. I measured it one time and it was eight feet wide by ten feet long.  I’ve seen rooms that weren’t as big as that bed.  In an old ranch house like ours, each room was enormous with ten foot high ceilings. It would easily fit into almost any bedroom in the house.  Anyway, It would sleep the three of us with room to spare.  Dad and I never used it much because it was just too damn hard to get sheets and covers for it.  We’d have to have some lady sew a couple of good sized sheets together.  We did have two sets and a couple of blankets to fit it though.

I think Sidney was a bit apprehensive Dwayne and I would put him off in a room by himself and we’d go off on our own.  My brother and I had all ready talked about it.  We knew we couldn’t do that to our little brother.  He was so close to his fantasy of being with us, it would’ve been cruel and unusual punishment to put him off by himself; especially, after what he contributed to our day.  We left the choice up to him

“Sidney,— little brother,— what I done told ju’ at school the other day, Dwayne and I meant.  We weren’t blow’n smoke up yore’ butt; although, I’ll have to say, it’ ‘ud be an awful pretty little butt to blow it up.”  Dwayne was rolling on the bed laughing.  “We meant what we said, bubba.  You belong to us now.  We belong to you.  We don’t wanna’ force nothing on nobody; especially, after what we been through, so we be give’n you a choice.  We have a separate bedroom all made up you can stay in by yourself; however, you’re welcome to share our bed if’n you wish.  We must warn you, if you choose to stay with us, you just may not wake in the morning a virgin.”   Dwayne and I watched as a huge smile crossed Sidney’s face.

“Really?  Ya’ll really mean it, Case?  Really, Dwayne?”

“C’om’mer, not-so-little brother.” Dwayne laughed and held his arms open for Sidney.  Dwayne was twice Sidney’s size. Sidney was in his big bother’s arms in a flash.  Dwayne was holding him and kissing around on him.  Sidney was moved to tears.  Dwayne looked at me and rolled his eyes in empathy. He’d been there himself not so long ago.“Yes,— we really, really, mean it, little bubba.  Now, will you calm down.”  Dwayne joked.

“Damn, bubba,— don’t stop him now! I’s jes’ really starting to enjoy watch’n his little tail wag.”  I laughed, Dwayne howled and shook his head.  Sidney left Dwayne and ran to my arms.  He hugged and kissed me.

“Your dad was right, Case. You really are bad!”  He laughed. “You’re jes’ like your old man and I couldn’t love either of you more; except’n maybe I love Dwayne jes’ a little bit more.”  I sucked in air.  He got me good!

“He’s learning, brother!” Dwayne laughed.  “He’ll fit right in.”

Dad wasn’t dumb.  He knew what the Hell we were up to.  He took Sidney aside to talked with him. Since the boy was entrusted to his supervision and care for the evening he wanted to make damn sure Sidney wasn’t getting himself into something he was unprepared for.

“You sure you ain’t afraid of them two yahoos, Son?”

“God, no, Mr. Longhorn.  I love Casey and Dwayne.  They’ve shown me more love in school and today than any other men in my life, except my dad and Mr. Wiggins. They’ve looked out for me at school when nobody else would give me the time of day. I ain’t lying to you, Mr. Longhorn, sometimes them two men were the only highlights of my day.  School ain’t no challenge for me, Sir. I sort of drift though it in a state of somnambulistic ennui, bored out of my mind.”  Dad got the ‘bored’ part, figured he’d fake the rest, and nodded his understanding. “I go to school most of the time just so’s I can see Casey and Dwayne, whether they ever say anything to me or not.  They always do. That’s just the way they are. I suspect I know where Casey gets it from and I have an idea Dwayne’s real dad is a lot like you.  They talk with me and have always been kind and thoughtful to me. They’ve included me in everything; so, have you, Mr. Longhorn.  Can you imagine what that means to someone like me, Sir?  I’ve been alone so long because most kids and even adults think I’m a damn freak.  It ain’t easy for me to have friends, Mr Longhorn.  Casey and Dwayne appreciate me for who I am. It’s all right with them if I’m smart.  They have other talents I don’t have that make us equal.  I have to be dead honest with you, Mr. Longhorn, I’ve fell in love with you today, too.  I never seen a man exhibit such courage under a stressful situation as Mr. Dunbar put you under today.  It weren’t because of your kiss in the Bronco, Sir; although, it did make me pee-pee get nice and hard, it was when I was standing there watching you stand up to that monster.  I thought to myself, ‘Now, there’s a man!  I only pray one day I can be half the man he is.’

Well, what do you think that did to my old man?  It broke his old heart right in two.  He grabbed Sidney and held him for the longest time.  He stole a kiss or two then held him at arms length to look into his eyes.

“You’re as good for them as they are for you, Sid.  Go,— I know them boys. They’ll take you by the hand and lead you across the threshold.  They love you, too, Son.  By the way, boy,— if’n you ain’t noticed,— so do I.”  He smiled. “I told jur’ daddy tonight, you got a second home, here, anytime you want it and I meant it!”  That got my old man another hug and a kiss.

I took my shower with my dad as usual that night to help him and Dwayne invited our little brother to share his shower.  It never dawned on Dwayne and I, Sidney didn’t fully understand why I took my shower with my dad.  He just thought it was something we did out of tradition.  He told Dwayne he thought it was wonderful we showered together. Dwayne asked Sidney how much he knew about my dad. Sidney told him he only knew from his dad and Mr. Wiggins he was a good man, a fine cowboy and a hardworking, successful rancher.  When Dwayne explained to Sidney about my dad in Vietnam and losing both his legs below the knees, he wouldn’t believe him. Sidney didn’t even know my dad had artificial legs.  That’s how well my dad adapted to them.  It just never occurred to either Dwayne or I to tell him.  That only set my dad’s importance in Sidney’s heart as his personal hero all the more solid.

That night Sidney lost his virginity. Well,— at least to sharing a sexual experience with another person; in our case, persons.  Dwayne and I were taken at how starved our little brother was for physical affection.  We couldn’t understand why. He was like a treasure waiting to be found.  Our brother had a better developed body than either Dwayne or I.  He was also a good looking young man. We let him have free reign with us.  We withheld nothing.  We gave to him and took from him.  He did the same with us.  We played half the night and finally collapsed together in a peaceful sleep with Sidney between us. I awoke during the night to see Sidney petting Dwayne like he was a beloved object and awoke later to feel him petting me.  I reached back, gently grabbed his hand, pulled it up to my mouth and kissed it.  He let out a big sigh and promptly went back to sleep.

* * * * * *    

Sidney Wainright, Senior was laughing as he walked back into the kitchen area where Sticker was fixing their dinner. He just got off the phone with Vince Longhorn and gave his son permission to stay the night with the Longhorns.  He was very pleased his boy made some important new friends;— friends he and Sticker thought the world of and were comfortable with their boy being with.  It was the cook’s night off.  Sticker and Sidney like to get in the kitchen and play at cooking.  Sticker got better at it over the years and learned to cook everything Sid like to eat.  Tonight they were having prime steaks, boiled new potatoes in lime-dill butter, baked zucchini with Parmesan cheese, and a small salad.
Both men were in the raw, except Sticker had an apron on to protect him from any hot splatters from the grill. Sid opened a fine bottle of twelve year old Robert Cakebread zinfandel to let it breathe for a while. While Sidney believed in and practiced abstinence in most things he didn’t put drinking a fine glass of wine in the same category as the other evils of addiction.  He considered a glass of wine with dinner down right civilized. When the food was ready they sat down to eat by candles Sid found in a cabinet.  They toasted each other and Sidney spoke.

“Here’s to our boy spreading his wings and learning to fly on his own.”

“To Logan.”  Sticker agreed.

They clinked glasses and tasted the good, rich, full bodied wine.  Sticker marveled at its woody aftertaste and smooth fragrance.  Sidney fell in love with Cakebread wines several years ago while he, Sticker, and Logan were making a tour of the California wine country.  He had several cases in the basement in a cool place. He would order a couple of new cases per year to let sit until mature.

“I hope you realize, our boy jes’ may not come home a virgin, Sid?”

“I’m a’ count’n on it, cowboy.”  He laughed at the pained expression on Sticker's face.  “The two of you will be in good company.”

“I don’t follow, Sid.”

“Y'ain’t gonna’ be no virgin, neither, after tonight.”

Sidney looked at the handsome cowboy he’d been in love with for so long and could never quite bring himself to jump the fence for.  He smiled at Sticker.

“Uh,--- c'mon, now,--- don't be fool'n with me, Sidney!  Don’t be a' tease'n me none, neither.  Ain't nice to be fun'n a big cowboy who cares about chu' as much as old Sticker does.”

“I ain’t fun'n witcha’ at all, cowboy!  I'm git down serious.  I'm ask'n ya' real nice like,--- will you share my bed with me this evening, Mr. Wiggins?”

“No.”  answered Sticker softly.

“No?”  asked Sidney in surprise.

“Everything in our lives is yours, Sid.  I’ve lived with you in your home and shared everything with you, even your son. I have no problem with that. In you and Logan I found a home. I found love because I was needed, but if we are to do this thing, it must be on my terms. The only place that’s mine, is my bed.  If you come to my bed then you will, in effect, be giving yourself to me. I don’t ask for your wealth or any more than you’ve all ready lavishly bestowed upon me as your grateful employee.  All I’m asking for is you, my brother, nothing more. You must come to my bed, Sid. ”

Sidney got tears in his eyes picked up his wine glass and motioned for Sticker to pick his up.

“I would be humbled and honored, my brother, to come to your bed this evening or every evening for the rest of our lives. All this stuff with Dwayne, Vince and Casey, has made me realize what a lucky man I am. I’m not talking about wealth or possessions.  I’m talking about every day living and loving the people around you. I thought back and tried to remember when I first fell in love with you. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I shed a tear when Will served us iced tea in Mason jars.  You grabbed my arm in concern.  At that moment, I knew I wanted you in my life for the rest of my life. I didn’t know how, other than to offer you a job as a wrangler for my kid, but it went way beyond that, Sticker. I didn’t understand it at the time.  I do now and think I’ve finally come to my senses.  Vince was right this morning, I need to jump in the pool; as much for you as for me. I wanna' jump in the pool with you, cowboy. I can’t imagine growing old without you, Sticker.  The thought is just too painful for me to consider. We won’t always have our boy to bond us in common. This is his first solo flight and soon he'll leave the nest.  I want to walk by your side, Sticker. I want you to walk by mine as you’ve faithfully done for damn near twelve years.  Yes,— it's with a full and glad heart, I will humbly come to your bed, Mr. Wiggins, if you will have me.”

With that, the two men toasted and ate their meal in a mystical silence that spoke more to each other than words could ever convey.  Later, Sidney went to Sticker’s room and knocked on his door.  He heard the big man grant him enter.  Sidney turned the knob and walked through the door into the rest of his life.  Their love was passionate but clumsy the first time.  Neither knew what to do but Sidney gave Sticker control and he made the evening the most memorable night of their lives.  For a controlling man, like Sidney, to give himself completely to the control of another man was a rush of excitement and comfort he never found before.  It made sense to Sidney to come to Sticker’s bed. For a few moments in their crowded lives he could give up the helm and let his beloved cowboy row the boat. Sidney never knew he could feel such passion for anyone let alone another man.  This was no ordinary man he was losing himself in.  The man was a fount of unconditional love Sidney tested and tried for almost twelve years and Sticker’s love never failed him or his son.  He would not fail his cowboy now.

And so they slept in each other’s arms and dreamed the dreams of lovers, lost in the embrace of each other’s bodies.  How many nights had Sidney lain awake wondering what it would feel like to have Sticker’s big, cowboy, body laying next to him keeping him warm?  How many nights had Sticker lain awake imagining what it would be like to hold Sidney close to him? Here they were, after satisfying each other, laying peacefully together.  Sticker stirred and pulled Sid closer to him.

“Sticker?” Sidney whispered.  Sticker answered by kissing Sid on his neck. “Did you like the taste of my come?” Sid asked quietly.

Sticker brushed his bushy moustache against Sidney’s neck in a sensual way.

“Yes, because it was from you.  It was from the body of the man I love. It was from the man who chose to give himself to me. The thought of taking some other man’s come isn’t too appealing to me, but I found yours quite to my liking. It was even satisfying.”

“Oh, good!” Sidney paused to ponder. “For a minute there, I was beginning to think I was becoming a pervert.”   

Sticker chuckled.

“Why?”  Sticker asked quietly with a big grin on his face.

“Because I loved the taste of your come.”  Replied Sidney.

“That’s good, cowboy, ‘cause I’m a’ cook’n  you up a fresh, hot batch a’ wrangler love even as we speak.”  Sticker chuckled.

Sidney broke up laughing at him.  Sticker had a way of cutting to the bone with his down home humor and approach to life.

“You think our boy’s sandwiched in between them two fine looking young men, tonight?”  Sidney asked.

“If there’s a God he is.”  Sticker chuckled and kissed Sidney behind his ear.  Sidney rolled over in Sticker’s big, massive arms.

“Kiss me, cowboy.”  Sidney pleaded. “Hope them big, bull balls a’ yours gets a real good scald on this batch,— I think I’m jes’‘bout ready for seconds. Think it ‘ud hurry ‘um up some if’n I was to git down there and make a little love to ‘um?”

“Jes’ might.”  Grinned Sticker.

* * * * * * *

The next morning our little brother was a changed man.  It was like he shed his cocoon of childhood and was waking up a young man.  He woke up laying next to his peers; his mates; his bonded brothers.  He was, at once, more focused and mature in his approach to everything.  Dwayne and I lay there, each with an arm thrown over him, essentially pinning him to the bed with our love.  He breathed deeply and let it out in a contented sigh.

“Gary Peacock,” he spoke with conviction, “eat your fuck’n heart out!”

Dwayne and I giggled.  Sidney didn’t have to say anymore. We knew he enjoyed himself.  I excused myself and told them I had to go help my dad. I explained to Sidney I had to help him every morning with his legs. Sidney thought that was wonderful. I was surprised to find my old man laying there awake in bed.

“Good morning, sunshine.”  He smiled at me. “Good night last night?”

He patted the edge of his bed for me to sit down.

“Pert-damn good, Dad.”  I said as I sat down.  I saw his dick was rock hard under the sheet. It looked like Barnum and Bailey had come to town. “We got us plenty a’ time for an eyeopener if’n you’s feel’n generous towards your starving son this morning.”

“Yeah, right!”  He grinned at me. “Howsomever,— what man with half a heart would say no to his starving son?” He mocked me.

I pulled back the sheet and started making love to his shaft. I knew this was going to be quick one.  I could tell when my dad was ripe. It was sort of like thumping a melon in the supermarket.  I could tell from the first taste of his dick approximately how long it would take me to get him off.  He was ripe this morning, but I had enough piss and vinegar in me I was going to make him wait.  I worked on his dick and sucked him to the point I knew there would be no return and then I stopped.  After about the third time my old man was ready to turn my insolent, adolescent butt over his knee and bust me good.

“Oh, Son,— don’t make yore’ old man beg.  He wants to give you his love so bad, it ‘ud be a damn shame to make him beg to give it to you.”

“You’re right, Dad, I’m just being an ornery kid. Please, Dad, give your starving boy your love.”

Well, I got an extra heavy load of my old man’s love that morning. I enjoyed every swallow of it, and it set the tone for my whole day. I made a mental note to myself, never to tease my old man that way again.  I cleaned him up and helped him get his legs and his Wranglers on.  I brought him to a stand and held him like I always did.  I stole a couple of kisses while he was getting his bearing.

“Thanks, Dad, for giving me your love.”

“What’s a dad for, Son?”  He smiled at me and gave me a kiss. When my old man was right,— he was right!

* * * * * * *

We got busy and got the roof on our bird pen.  Sidney was a wizard at not only creating the design for our project but with tools as well.  I thought building the structure out of two by fours would make it much more sturdy. Sidney showed us how we could make it just as strong and actually more attractive using two by threes.  We had more of them than two by fours anyway.  He even designed an entry chamber that would be fully surrounded by wire with a second door into the pen from there. If a bird got out of the main pen it would be caught in the entry chamber and easily returned to the main pen. We roofed the sheltered portion with tar paper and some roll rock roofing material that was left over from the barn addition.

It was water tight and would provide a warm, dry shelter for roosting and nesting birds.  We took a break for a light lunch.  We warmed up left over pizza and dad made a salad. It was in the early afternoon when we finished the final panel of bird wiring for the pen.  It was done; ready for our first birds. It was magnificent. The Indian people couldn’t have been more proud of the Taj Mahal.  Sidney was our hero and he gratefully acknowledged his accolades. Now, all we had to do was figure out what we wanted to try our hand at raising.

Dad hollered to us to come to the house and clean up.  He needed us to help with dinner.  He’d invited the Winchester’s over.  He wanted Spencer Winchester to hear Sidney’s plan.  It was another one of our equal opportunity dinners where everyone pitched in.  They were more fun that way.  Sidney loved the idea and got into the spirit of it.

The Winchester’s arrived around six and we had everything ready. Dad  barbecued chicken on the grill out back and it was wonderful. Sidney and I were responsible for the vegetables and we made fresh corn on the cob and green beans with almonds.  Dwayne made the salad. Donna Winchester brought a grasshopper pie she made for dessert.  There was enough food for an army. Talk was lively around the dinner table. We had always just talked with Spence before but Donna Winchester was so much like family it didn’t seem to bother anyone talking openly in front of her.  We just assumed Spence shared everything with her anyway.

“So, young man,” Spence spoke to Sidney, “it’s been sometime since your dad brought you to see me last.  I still had my practice in San Diego at the time.  That’s been a few years ago.  How is your dad and Mr. Wiggins?”

“They’re fine, Sir.  They spoke of you the other day and said they were going to contact you and Mrs. Winchester and have you to dinner soon.”

“I’m sure we’d enjoy that. Give them our best.”

“I will, Sir.”

“Vince tells me you came up with a remarkable plan to stop the Colonel in his tracks.”

Sidney briefly outline his plan for Mr. and Mrs. Winchester.  He also added some new thoughts he didn’t come up with yesterday.  Dad was smiling at Sidney like a proud papa.  Sidney didn’t fail to notice his encouragement.  

“I know I’m gonna’ have a hard time convincing my dad to let me participate in this, but I want to very much.  Dwayne and Casey have gone to bat for me at school so many times I’d like to be a part of all this.  In a way, it’s the only way we can do it, because I’m the only one who knows how to operate the software and the system.  Dwayne and Casey’s dreams were right. They need me to pull this off. If I’m going to be the one monitoring the equipment from the bunkhouse we’re probably going to have to let Uncle Frank and Uncle Curtis in on it and get them to cooperate by leaving the property when the Colonel gives them the weekend off.  He’s going to want them away from the property.  I’ll have to leave that to my dad, because I’m afraid Uncle Frank might want to take matters into his own hands.  I think my dad can reason with him and if so, their complicity might work to our advantage.  Also, Dwayne, I assume there are electrical outlets in the barn?”

“Yes, there’s several.”

“I’d like to run three hidden power cords to the low voltage transformers for the video cameras.  I don’t want to rely on their batteries.  I’ve seen it happen too many times, just when you’re ready to get a great shot the damn battery runs out.”

“We’ve got two twenty-five foot power cords and one fifty-footer around here we could use.”  I volunteered.

“Good. These are all details we can work out as we go along. Another thing in our favor is the bunkhouse is on the side of a hill looking down on the barn and the rest of the ranch.  An approach to the bunkhouse from the back access road is possible without being detected; especially, at night.  With Casey and my cell phones we can be in constant contact with you men and if something starts to go wrong we can call in the cavalry.

“Amazing.” said Spencer Winchester quietly, almost to himself. “The boys were right, Vince.  They knew if anyone could help them their little brother could.  I was never much for prophetic dreams before, but I’m gonna’ have to do me some serious rethinking on that one.  Have you men thought about when you might be planning on pulling this off?”  Mr. Winchester asked the boys.

“It’s gonna’ have to be within the next couple of weeks, because I don’t know how much longer my Aunt Janeen’s got.” Dwayne said. “I’m afraid if he convinces my mom not to let me stay with the Longhorns no more, he’ll have me for the next couple of weekends, maybe more, depending on how long she holds on.  I know my mom is gonna’ wanna’ be with her as much as possible until the end. I can take maybe one more time with him knowing the end is in sight if we do this thing; however, if I have to face three or four more weekends being tied up in the barn all weekend and being abused by him, I’ll just run away.  I’ll go find my daddy and tell him what’s going on. I refuse to let myself be put through that anymore. My anger is overcoming my misplaced sexual attraction.”

“Good, Dwayne!  ‘At’s damn good!” said my dad. “Son,— I can understand you want’n to run tell yore’ daddy what the Colonel’s doing to you, but I have to ask you a serious question. I want you to think about it before you answer.  Do you wanna’ have to go visit yore’ dad on death row in prison?”

“God no! Of course not, Mr. Longhorn! Why would you ask me a question like that?”

“‘Cause, Son, I know yore’ daddy a Hell of a lot better’n you, and I know that cowboy wouldn’t even bother to confront Colonel Jarhead.  He’d git his-self a gun and go blow his Goddamn brains out!  I know Rance Harding! Most times Rance is a peaceful, generous, good hearted, loving man, but he’s not one you’d ever want pissed at chu.’  Take my word for it, Son.  I’ve seen that cowboy in action too many times.  If he thought for a minute his boy was being abused by that asshole,— pardon me, Donna,— Colonel Jarhead’s life wouldn’t be worth a plug nickel.  He’d be a dead man before the sun set, I guaran-damn-tee ya’!”

 “Oh, God, Mr. Longhorn, I wouldn’t want that for my dad.  I want him around so someday I can be with him for at least a part of my life. I love my old man, Mr. Longhorn.”

“I know you do, Son, and that’s the reason I asked you that question. I didn’t do it jes’ to be mean to ya.’ You know me better’n ‘nat by now.  If it comes down to you having to run away, you let Spencer or me know, and we’ll find you a place to hide where no one will find you; I promise.”

‘He’s right, Dwayne,” Mr. Winchester continued, “there’s folks in this community who’ll hide you, and no one but me and Vince will know where you are. Then we can go to Sadie and tell her what’s going on.  The only problem with that is, he may be able to oil his way out of it with no more to go on than your accusations.  Then there’s the question of whether he’ll be tried in a military or civilian court. If he’s doing it on the outside and gets caught it’s a civil matter.  If he’s just accused of something, that may fall under military jurisdiction. If that’s the case, and it’s based on hearsay, that is your word against his,  he has a better than good chance of beating it. That’s why Sidney’s plan is so appealing.  It’s slick and clean. It packs the maximum punch for the least trauma, and it would put the Colonel away for a good while.  He won’t be forcibly seducing young marine recruits any more either. If you nail his ass to the barn door, Son, think of the numbers of other young men you’d be saving from a similar fate.”

When would you be able to set up the cameras and how long would it take?”  My dad asked Sidney.

“Thirty minutes, an hour at the most.” replied Sidney, “We could do it one afternoon next week, early, when Mrs. Dunbar was away shopping and the Colonel wasn’t home from the base yet. If Mrs. Dunbar won’t be back until Tuesday or Wednesday we could have the time in the early afternoon before the Colonel gets home.  If dad will get Uncle Frank and Curtis to cooperate they could keep watch for me. If he came home before I finished, they could get me out of the barn and back to the bunkhouse before he discovers me. Mr. Wiggins could wait for me out by the back access road.  Once I got the system up, I can test it in the bunkhouse with no problems.  If everything checks out, we’d be ready to go for the following weekend.”
“Sidney,” Spencer Winchester spoke to him, “it’s going to be your job to talk to your dad and Mr. Wiggins about this.  If they want to meet with us we’ll be happy to talk with them, and see what we can come up with.  All in all, young man, it sounds like a great plan.  Granted there maybe a few risks we haven’t considered, but I think they’re probably minimal for what we hope to accomplish.”

* * * * * * *

The Winchester’s left early because they knew we had little time to spend with our brother before we had to take him home.  Spencer Winchester was convinced the plan would work and urged everyone to consider it. We cleaned up the kitchen and it was about time to take Sidney home. It was an hour or so before his curfew but dad thought it would be a good gesture to have him home a little early.  We had to agree.  We all got into the Bronco and headed for the Wainright mansion.  As we pulled into the compound and started up the main drive we saw something hanging from one of the balconies that looked like a white flag with something red splashed in the center. It looked a lot like blood.  Sidney suddenly went nuts laughing and clapping his hands together.

“My God, is that blood on a sheet? Do you think everything’s all right in there?”  My dad asked concerned.  Sidney was almost hysterical.

“No, no, Mr. Longhorn, you don’t understand. It’s probably catsup. I told my dad and Mr. Wiggins one night at dinner,  it was an old Italian custom for a bridegroom to hang the bloody sheet from the balcony of the room where the marriage was consummated to prove his bride was, indeed, a virgin. That’s their signal to me,— Mr. Wiggins is no longer a virgin.”

“Then,--- there is a God!”  My dad said with relieved conviction.

End Chapter 11 ~ Texas Longhorns
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