By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 14

That evening, after dad and I returned to the ranch, I finished my homework and helped dad in the kitchen prepare our evening meal.  When it was just him and I in the kitchen, we worked together as a team.  We were efficient and could put a healthy meal on the table in under an hour.  Dad was humming to himself, and I was in a pretty good mood considering I felt like I just set my brother adrift in uncertain waters.  I knew without asking why my old man was in good spirits.  I’d spent a week dividing my attentions between him and my brothers.  He had his boy all to himself this evening.

We talked about a lot of things at dinner, but I tried to stay away from talking about Operation Sideshow Bob.  I think he needed to give it a rest for a while, too.  It was just us, together again.  I think it was at that time I began to realize how our roles were gradually changing.  I leaned on and depended on him to be there for me all these years; especially, the last two years since mom died.  However, that began a period of leaning on each other for mutual support that helped me and taught me to accept the responsibility for the needs and feelings of another human being besides myself.

My dad was still the strong, stalwart, hero he always was to me; but now, he was depending on me just a little more than he had.  He wasn’t about to put more on my shoulders than he thought I could handle, but he was allowing himself to enjoy the rewards and reap the harvest of love he so unselfishly gave to me over the years.  He could feel my genuine concern for him without a word being said between us.  It was all in the way we related to each other.  I tried to treat him with the utmost respect he so richly deserved and he, in turn, sometimes overwhelmed me with his unconditional love.  That didn’t mean there wasn’t a great deal of fun pass between us from time to time.

“You finish your lessons?”  He asked.

“Yes, Sir.  I had a shit load of Algebra problems to do, read three chapters of history and made notes.  I had some other stuff to do that didn’t take as long.”

“What da’ ya’ wanna’ do for the rest of the evening?  Watch a little TV?”

“Naw, Sir.  Ain’t much in the mood for television or watching a flick.”

Dad kept eating his dessert I fixed for us.  I was good at whipping up instant pudding and putting some cool whip on top.  He knew I was looking at him, but he wouldn’t look up.  I could tell he was waiting for me to respond. I knew he wouldn’t push the subject further.  I knew him so well, I could tell what he was thinking.

“Thought I might like to curl up next to a big cowboy I love for a little while and whisper some outrageous things while I steal a couple of kisses from him; see if anything pops up between us we might talk about.”

He never looked up from eating his dessert, but I could see a big grin cross his face.

“Think you know me pretty damn well, don’cha,’ honcho?  He said, still not looking up.

“God, I’m a’ hope’n so!”  I said like I was hurting.  He finally threw back his head and laughed.  He looked at me and winked.

“I missed my boy.”  He said softly looking back down at his dessert.

“Your boy missed his dad, Sir.  In fact, I’m gonna’ steal them damn legs a’ yours so ya’ can’t get away from me tonight.”  I grinned at him.
“Humm, that’s some pretty serious shit, steal’n your old man’s legs.”

“Yes, Sir, I realize that, Sir, and I do so apologize; however, when ya’ got the honggries for some prime cowboy beef, Sir,— a body’ll do most anything to git his-self a taste.”   I explained most humbly.

“You are so full of shit, boy,— you know that?”

“Yeah, well,— you’re all the time tell’n me, the fruit don’t fall too far from the tree.”  I laughed at him.

“Oh, fuck! How can I help but love you, boy?  C’mon, honcho, let’s us git this kitchen cleaned up and git our butts to the shower.”

“Uhh,— shower, Sir?”  I asked pleadingly.

“Son, I been on my pony all damn day in the hot sun. You know how warm it was today.”

“Ooooh, yes, Sir,— I certainly do.”
My old man roared with laughter.

“You’re so damn much like my little brother Seth.  He would actually break down and cry when he found out I cleaned up after a hard day in the saddle without letting him have some of me first.”  Dad shook his head and laughed.  “So be it, boy,— yore’ old man wants to make ya’ happy.”

I assured him that would make me very happy, and in turn, I would try to make him just as happy.  We lay together and made love for a while before I took my cowboy dad.  He was just the right degree of ripe.  All his pheromones were surrounding me and made me go crazy while I was pleasuring him.  I hadn’t been intimate with him like this for over a week other than a morning eyeopener as he called them.  As soon as he shot into my mouth, my own body acted like I had no control over it, and I shot all over the bed.  Fortunately, it was time for us to change the sheets anyway.  We lay there together in the afterglow talking quietly.

“When are ya’ gonna’ lemme’ have a taste of yore’ cowboy dick?”  Dad asked.

“It’s yours any time you want it.  I been keep’n it warm fer ya’; however, if’n I remember correctly,— the last time you tried you damn near choked to death.  Thought I was gonna’ have to call the damn paramedics.”  I chuckled.

“Yeah, you’re right.  It’s pretty fuck’n intimidating when your sixteen year old boy has a bigger dick than you do.”  Dad bemoaned.

“I guess old granddad done stuck it to ya’ again, didn’t he?”  I roared with laughter and dad pinched me a good one.
“Ouch! That hurt! Wait a minute,— look at me?  Do I look frustrated to you? Here I am laying in a puddle of my own spunk after suck’n you off.  I ain’t complaining none.  What’s a son for if’n he can’t take care of his old man ever’ now and then?”  I laughed.

“I jes’ don’t want our relationship to be one sided.”

“Ah, what the Hell you talk’n about, old man?  It ain’t one sided!  Jes’ ‘cause you can’t git chore’ mouth around my dick don’t mean we’re one sided.  You jacked me off lots of times.  Besides, I like taking care of my old man.  Must be all right with my little buddy down south if’n he gits so excited he throws up while I’m do’n  it.”   

Dad thought that was irreverent and funny.   

“You’d make an excuse to the Devil for me if’n he caught me with a pound of Hell in my hand.”

“Two pounds maybe, old man,— one pound, you’re on your own!”  I laughed at him.  Damned if he didn’t pinch me again.

I got him into his wheelchair, we changed the sheets on the bed, and I took him in for our shower.  I don’t think he let me go even once during the night. I laughed to myself before falling asleep.  I probably felt safer and more secure, and certainly more loved, than ninety-nine percent of the kids in the world,— sleeping in the arms of a man with no legs.

* * * * * * *  

Dwayne was waiting for us out by the black top when dad and I drove by the Dunbar place.  Dad called and told Sadie we’d pick Dwayne up. She thanked him and hurried Dwayne out to the road.  We stopped, and he got in the back.  I was sitting up front with dad.  I could see the fear and dread in my brother’s face.

“Worried?”  I asked him.

“A little.  I’ll just be glad when it’s over.  I don’t know what he told my mom, but I’m being punished this weekend and have to stay home with him.  Mom’s leaving around noon on Friday to go back to her sister’s so I’m sure he won’t waste any time getting me strung up in the barn.”

“Just remember, Son, you won’t be alone this time.”  Dad tried to reassure Dwayne.

“I know, Mr. Longhorn.  That’s the only thing that keeps me feeling strong enough to get through it.  Mom questioned me for sometime last night. She knows something’s wrong, but I didn’t tell her a lot.  She’s got so damn much on her mind, I think she’s just given in to him.  She told me I had to do whatever he said all weekend, she was leaving me in his care.”

"If he pulls his usual shit with you, you won’t have to put up with him more than Friday night, then you can stay the rest of the time with us.” Dad told him.

“I’d appreciate that, Mr. Longhorn.”

* * * * * * *

Dad dropped us off and Mr. Wiggins pulled up right behind us.  He waved to my dad, put his truck in park, set the brake, got out and walked to my dad’s window to talk to him for a minute.  Sidney got out of the other side and walked over to us.

“Casey called Sidney last night and said everything was on for this weekend.  Sid wanted me to ask if we could meet at your place Friday afternoon and sort of use it as a base of operations headquarters?”

“Oh, sure, that’ll be fine.  I’d enjoy having you men over aside from the fact it won’t be for a pleasurable visit.”

“Fine, I’ll tell Sid when I get back.  I’m sure he’ll give you a call before then.”

“Great!  Look forward to hearing from you guys.”  Dad waved and drove away.  Mr. Wiggins waved to us, got back in his truck and left.

* * * * * * *

The days were getting warmer and it was another beautiful day at school.  The three of us took our trays outside.  Gary Peacock had his usual brown bag and looked at us. I motioned for him to join us.  He came over and greeted us all and sat down.  He seemed in good spirits.  He cleaned himself up, got a haircut and was wearing some new clothes.  He looked like a different boy; he looked damn good.

“Looking good today, Gary,--- some new clothes and ya' gotcha' ears lowered.”  Dwayne commented.

“Yeah.”  Agreed Sidney and I.  Gary smiled.

“Thanks. Bought me some new threads.  I’m working for old man Reason at his gas station after school and weekends.  It ain’t much, but it’s better’n nothing.  I saved up and bought me a couple of things.  I feel better about myself.”

“And, well you should, Gary.  I envy you making a little extra money.  Hell Dwayne and I work our butts off for our dads but we don’t get paid nothing.  Well, we get a small allowance.”  I told him.

“All things being equal,— ” Gary said unfolding his sandwich, “I’d rather live on a ranch like you guys than in a trailer park.”

“Sidney told me something about that the other night; about all things being equal in some way or another.  I think I can understand that.”  I smiled and winked at Sidney.  He smiled real big because I remembered his words.

“By the way, Casey, I appreciated your note, bro.  It took a big man to write them words, and I ain’t jes’ referring to your dick, neither.”  Gary winked at me and laughed.  We all laughed with him.

“Ah, Hell, it’s in the past, bro.  Forget it,--- we have.”  I told him and Sidney and Dwayne agreed with me.

We finished lunch and excused ourselves.  Gary was through with his food anyway and hailed one of his buddies to talk with. Dwayne and Sidney once again followed me to the field house so I could shave.  We talked on the way but Sidney and I got the idea Dwayne didn’t want to talk about tomorrow.  So, we talked about everything else.  With Sidney around there was no dearth of subjects to talk about.  We couldn’t talk about anything Sidney didn’t know something about and generally knew a lot about. Dwayne and I could never figure out how a mind in such a small body could store as much information as Sidney seemed to have.  I would look at Dwayne sometimes while we were listening to Sidney and roll my eyes.  We would break up over the fund of information he would be imparting to us.  Poor Sidney would look at us in frustration and then grin real big knowing we had no idea what he was talking about.

* * * * * * *

Friday afternoon arrived and dad and Mr. Wiggins picked the three of us up from school.  Most of the details for that evening were worked out over the phone between Sidney’s dad and my dad.  Dad heard from Frank and Curley that the Colonel gave them the weekend off starting Friday afternoon and they didn’t have to be back until Sunday evening late.  They were planning on driving directly to our ranch to be in on the ground floor of Operation Sideshow Bob.  Curley was as big a Simpson’s fan as we were and patiently explained to Frank and our dads who Sideshow Bob was. (the voice of the very talented Kelsey Grammer) He was a self-important, pathetic villain,  Robert Underdunk Terwilliger,  who was all the time trying to kill Bart Simpson. He had ‘Die, Bart, Die!’ tattooed across his chest but claimed it was a German rapid transit advertisement. Curley told them we couldn’t have picked a better name for our caper; however, he told us later he wasn’t real sure they appreciated the droll humor of it like we did.

Frank and Curley were getting ready to leave when we got there.  They never locked their bunkhouse and told us to make ourselves ‘to home.’  Mr. Wiggins, Sidney and I made our way to the bunkhouse as dad drove down the gravel road to the black top followed closely by Frank and Curley in their truck.  We didn’t worry about the Colonel finding out we were in the bunkhouse.  Frank and Curley draped the windows with heavy drapes so no sunlight could get in.  They sometimes liked to bunk it in when they weren’t working the ranch and they liked it dark.  Besides, it provided them with a lot of privacy in case they wanted to wander around in the nude.

We weren’t going to turn on any lights.  Frank and Curley left small night lights on all the time anyway, and there was plenty of ambient light to see by.  Sidney got set up with his plug-in DC adaptor for his lap top.  He wasn’t going to take a chance on his batteries going dead right at a crucial point in his recording.  We knew we’d probably be stuck there most of the evening; however, Sidney and I had our cell phones to keep in touch with our base central at our ranch.  Dwayne had his cell phone if something was going wrong or the Colonel changed his plans for the evening.  We could make our way out the back to the access road and have dad pick us up.

Sidney turned everything on to check the system and everything was working perfectly.  Mr. Wiggins just shook his head in amazement at Sidney’s genius at working everything like a professional.  Sidney was like a virtuoso with the controls.  I was surprised, Sidney wanted to leave everything turned on in case anything happened early.  Besides, he explained, there was less chance in something going wrong if the system was warmed up beforehand.  Made sense to me, but I’m not sure why.  Mr. Wiggins would walk to the window once in a while to see if the Colonel had come home yet.
After a while Sidney and I looked up when we heard Mr. Wiggins exclaim,

“Ho-lee shit!  He’s brought a giant, black man home with him!  He’s obviously one of his recruits.”

Sidney and I ran to the other window to peak out.  The big man was dressed in Marine fatigue pants, an olive-drab t-shirt, a green Marine Corp fatigue cap, and boots.  Mr. Wiggins was right, he was huge.  He towered over the Colonel a good foot and a half.  Sidney and I could see his massive development and huge arms. He looked like a damn bodybuilder.

“Well, I don’t think there’s any doubt what the Colonel plans to do with the recruit he brought home with him.”  Mr. Wiggins stated flatly.

Sidney and I just shook our heads in agreement.  We could hear the Colonel barking orders to the huge recruit.  He dutifully followed the Colonel into the house.  I turned to Mr. Wiggins.

“Uh, Mr. Wiggins, I think you should call base central and report this to our dads.  They gave us specific instructions to notify them if anything out of the ordinary happens.  Mr. Wiggins agreed, took my cell phone and I showed him the button to punch to automatically dial the number to the ranch.

* * * * * * *
“Have a seat at the table, recruit.  I’ll git chu’ a beer.”  

“Sir!  Yes, Sir,— thank you, Sir.”  The big black recruit answered crisply as he pulled out a chair and sat down.  

The Colonel got two beers from the fridge, set one in front of the recruit and popped his open to take a big pull from the can.  He motioned for the recruit to start drinking his beer.  He popped the top, took a drink, set his beer down on the table, and sat up, squarely in his chair; like he was sitting at attention.  The Colonel didn’t sit down.  He sat his beer on the table, then began walking back and forth in front of the recruit with his hands clasp behind his back.

“You’re a little older than the usual recruit, aren’t chu,’ Son.”  The Colonel asked the huge black man.

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  I’m twenty-two, Sir.  I had me a good job, was doing all right for myself.  Worked out at a gym near where I lived four, sometimes five nights a week.  Kept my big, black, nose clean, Sir.  I took a ride in a friend’s new car.  We were pulled over by the cops and come to find out the car wasn’t his.  He stole it, Sir.  Even though he told the judge I was innocent and had no knowledge of his crime, I still got sentenced as an accessory.  The judge was gonna’ gimme’ two to five but told me if I joined the Marines and did a tour of duty he’d drop all the charges.”

“Glad you joined, Son?” asked the Colonel.

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  I’d rather be in the Corps than in a prison, Sir.”

“You were told you were to come with me this weekend for a special work detail on my ranch,--- right, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  He replied crisply.

“As I understand it, you volunteered for this special assignment knowing you would be working for me all weekend,--- right, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Well, that’s true, it is a work detail, but we’re gonna’ have a little fun, too. I’m sure that’s all right with you,--- right, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  He answered.

“Remember how Sgt. O’Malley cleaned you out for the Colonel’s use several times?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“You enjoyed the Colonel using your fine black ass, didn’t you, recruit?  

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”
“Ever’ time the Colonel fucked you, you begged him for more, didn’t you, recruit?”

Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“And, why did you beg the Colonel for more, recruit?”

“Sir!  Because you fucked my black, Marine ass good, Sir!”

“Felt good with the Colonel’s big dick way up your butt fuck’n you like the fine Marine you are, didn’t it, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  It felt really good, Sir!”

“And, why did the Colonel fuck your fine black ass, recruit?”

“Sir!  For the Corps, Sir!”
“Good, recruit!  That’s exactly right!  And, I have to say, of all the jarhead butt I’ve fucked over the years, yours has got to be the finest, recruit.”

“Sir!  Thank you, Sir!

“You’re welcome, recruit. You’re a credit to the Corps. I don’t know what it is about your fine ass, recruit; however, when I get my dick inside you, you just seem to know how to use your love muscle to clamp down on my old dick,  hang on, and don’t let go until you git chur’ man off.  There’s a lot of dedication in that fine ass of yours. You’re the only recruit I’ve ever honored with the Colonel’s dick more than once, and I’ve fucked you,— humm,— let’s see,— how many times, recruit?”

“Sir!  Eight times, Sir!  And, I enjoyed ever’ one, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

“And you volunteered for each fuck’n, right, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“I’m think’n about having you assigned to my private staff after you finish boot camp. I’m not happy with the grunt I have on my staff right now.  You would be responsible for taking care of the Colonel anytime he needs a fine piece of jarhead butt.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  I’d like that, Sir!”

“I’m sure you would, recruit; however, it would require you to keep yourself clean at all times.  When the Colonel snaps his fingers and points to his desk, you have ta’ drop your pants, lean over his desk, reach back with your hands, spread your fine, black ass, and offer it up to the Colonel or any of his fellow officers he might choose to let fuck you.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Remember the last time I fucked you real good and I let Major Garrison and Major Lucas fuck you, too?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  They fucked me good, Sir, but not nearly as good as you fuck me, Sir!”

“Well, of course they didn’t, Son.  The Colonel knows how to fuck a Marine recruit better’n anybody.  I have years of fuck’n tight-assed recruits under my belt.  You’re look’n at the best jarhead ass fucker in the Corps, recruit!”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  I agree, Sir!  Mean’n no disrespect, Sir, but the Majors couldn’t hold a candle to your fuck’n, Sir.  You know how to fuck a recruit right, Sir!  After you fuck me, Sir, I stay fucked for three,— maybe four days afterward, Sir!”

“Glad to hear that, recruit!  Did ju’ volunteer for this assignment hoping the Colonel might fuck that fine, black, Marine ass of yours again, Son!”

“Sir!  Yes Sir! I was hoping you might, Sir!”  

“I don’t wanna’ disappoint you, recruit, but I didn’t bring you out here to enjoy your find ass this weekend; although, if you feel you just have to have some of the Colonel’s find, big dick up yore’ butt, if you ask him nicely, he just might accommodate you.”

“Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!  I’d appreciate that, Sir!”

“I brought you out here to help me break in my boy to the spirit of the Corps.  He’s wild, irresponsible, uncontrollable, his momma’s spoiled him rotten, and he won’t listen to or mind his parents.  He’s in great need of some discipline.  I plan to see he gets broken this weekend so I can rebuild him to become a man, a Marine!  Understand, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“And you’re gonna’ help me!  Understand, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Fine! Fine, recruit. You’re a good Marine!”

“Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”

“You sit here for a few minutes, enjoy your beer, and I’ll get him.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”

* * * * * * *

The Colonel didn’t try to lower his voice or hide his talk with the big, black recruit.  Hell, it was his home, it was his domain.  Let the little piss-ant hear how he deals with his recruits.  Maybe it would sink into his queer step-son’s head he was a man of no nonsense.  Maybe the Colonel would get his message across he would break Dwayne. Resistance was futile. Dwayne was sitting at his desk trying to read a chapter in his history book without much success.  He heard every word that passed between the Colonel and the recruit.  He was so embarrassed, he couldn’t control his dick.  It was roaring hard.  He felt so helpless and annoyed at his lack of self-control.  Just the sound of the Colonel’s voice talking to the recruit was enough to get him aroused.

He heard the Colonel’s big boots stomping down the hall towards his room. Dwayne was sure the Colonel was stomping just a little louder to intimidate him.  It worked, Dwayne was intimidated.  If nothing else, he had a healthy respect for the Colonel. He always wondered just where the breaking point in the Colonel’s controlling personality was?  How far would it take to push him over the edge?  There was no knock on Dwayne’s bedroom door.  The Colonel burst into the room and saw his step-son at his desk doing homework.  Dwayne could tell the Colonel was not in the mood for exchanging pleasantries.  He could see the sociopathic fire in his eyes.

“You’re ass is mine, this weekend, boy!  I’ve brought you a present, faggot!  I brought you a big, fine, black Marine with a dick to fill your homo tank, but good!  Git chur’ clothes off and report to the kitchen, muy pronto!  Don’t make me have ta’ come back in here and git chu,’ ‘cause you won’t like it if I do!”

“Yes, Sir.”  Dwayne answered in a normal voice.

“I DIDN’T HEAR YOU, BOY!”  The Colonel barked at Dwayne.

“YES, SIR!”  Dwayne jumped up from his desk and started removing his clothes immediately.

“That’s more like it, queer boy! I want chu’ in the kitchen standing at parade rest in five minutes!  Got that, boy!”

“YES, SIR!”  Dwayne shouted.

Dwayne tried like crazy to think of something to make his dick lose it’s erection, but try as he might, the most he could get it to do was become semi-flaccid.  In less than five minutes Dwayne appeared buck-ass naked in the kitchen.  He positioned himself in front of the table and hit parade rest.  The recruit stood up as a common courtesy when anyone came into the room he was unfamiliar with.  It was drilled into him in the Marine Corps.  The Marines may build men, but they also teach them a few manners along the way.

There, before Dwayne, stood the largest man of any color he ever saw in his life. The man was a giant. He was huge and massively developed. On top of that, he just happened to be one of the finest looking black men Dwayne had ever seen, but somehow, he was different.  He was so black his skin had a blue-black sheen to it that made his skin appear to be made of obsidian rather than human skin.  He was completely bald or he shaved his head every day.  Dwayne decided he must be bald.  His head was perfect in every detail and seemed to be flawless.  There were no noticeable shave scraps or razor burns.  His head had the same sheen as the rest of his perfect body. He appeared to Dwayne like a black God.

He had to be the most physically attractive, adult male Dwayne had ever seen.  He would’ve fallen at the man’s feet and begged to make love to him.  Dwayne’s dick immediately raised like a flag on a pole until it was so hard it was slapping against his belly. It wasn’t missed by the recruit. Dwayne's dick while smaller than Casey's was larger than the Colonel's.  Dwayne wondered sometimes if the Colonel was doing this to him because he was jealouse of the size of his dick. Dwayne was considerably more man in that department than the Colonel. The giant's eyes met Dwayne’s, he smiled warmly, and grinned when he looked down at Dwayne’s hard dick.  Dwayne could tell he was impressed with his size. Dwayne looked at the huge man’s crotch and saw his enormous cock was rapidly filling with blood.  The recruit saw him look at his crotch and moved ever so slightly so Dwayne could get a better view of him. It was like the rest of the man,— enormous.

“As you can see, Mr. Bradley, my boy is a raging homosexual.  You can see how glad he is to meet chu’”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Mean’n no disrespect to you, Sir, but my ole dick is happy to meet chur’ boy, too, Sir.”

“Good!  Good, recruit Bradley!  You two will get along fine!  Now, Mr. Bradley, this is my boy.  You don’t need to know his name.  You will refer to him as ‘faggot,’ ‘queer,’ ‘homo,’ or ‘boy.’  Got that, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“As for you, faggot,— this man is Mr. Lamar Bradley.  You will call him ‘Mr. Bradley,’ or ‘Sir.’  Call him by anything else and you will regret it!  Do I make myself clear, boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”  Dwayne answered.



“Fine!  Glad we understand each other, boy!”

“Now, recruit, it’s just us men here all weekend.  Take off your fatigue pants.  I want my homo son to see what a real man looks like.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  The big man responded and quickly began to remove his pants.

When Dwayne saw the giant black man's male member drop from his fatigue pants he almost fainted.  He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.  No man has a dick that big.  It had to be fourteen inches long and a good two and a half inches in diameter.  It had the same beautiful blue-black sheen as the rest of him; except, Dwayne noticed the head surrounded by his full foreskin was a light, dark reddish-pink color. Every muscle of the big man's body was developed to almost maximum proportions.  He looked like he was as strong as a bull ox.  He was a magnificent specimen of a man.  He, too, was semi-flaccid.  Dwayne thought if the Colonel brought him this present to intimidate him he was sadly mistaken.  Dwayne wondered if it would inappropriate to fall to the Colonel's feet and kiss his boots in gratitude for his gift.

“Mr. Bradley, you will take my queer boy here to the upstairs bathroom. There you will find the tub which has been covered  with a three-quarter inch piece of plywood.  There’s also a shower stall up there but no one uses the tub so I covered it for my wife to put plants on.  The plants have been temporarily  removed.  Take my faggot son up there and you will find equipment to clean him out like Sgt. O’Malley used to clean you out.  There’s an exhaust fan in there that works real good. Turn it on and git out while he relieves himself.  Fill him up three times and make damn sure he takes a full bag each time.  If he don’t, fill it up again, start over until he does take a complete bag and holds it for several minutes, at least five, until you give him permission to let it go.  Do just like the Sergeant does with you; massage and kneed his belly to make sure the soapy water gits way up in there to clean him out good.  You don’t want the Colonel to git any faggot shit on his fine dick, do you, recruit?”

“Sir!  No, Sir!”

“All right!  I’ll go up there with you to show you how I want the solution prepared.  I’m also gonna’ turn on a video camera and film it to my VCR in my computer room. Pay no attention to it.”

The Colonel lead Dwayne and the black recruit to the upstairs bathroom and showed Mr. Bradley were everything was.  He prepared the first bag of enema solution with warm water and a squirt of liquid Ivory soap.  He shook it up, and it was ready to go.  Lastly, he reached over and flipped the switch for his video camera.

* * * * * * *

“Woah!!  Hold on, here!  Hello!”  Exclaimed Sidney as a fourth screen popped up on his lap top.

He figured out pretty damn quick the Colonel had his own camera set up in the house, and the signal was either being sent to a VCR or his computer.  Sidney bet on a VCR.  He figured correctly the Colonel wasn’t technically sharp enough to know how to multiplex to a computer let alone burn a DVD.  He could clearly see his brother buck ass naked with the huge Marine working with him.  

“Sidney, can he pick up your signals from the barn?”  I asked him.

“Good question, Casey, but I all ready thought of that possibility.  First of all he’d have to have the same multiplex decoder software I’m using to decode the other three signals. There’s no way he could have it because I’m the only person who has a copy.  You see,— I wrote the program.  Secondly, he’d have to use the same operating system I’m using and there’s a one percent chance he’s intelligent enough to use Linux.  In his case, probably a lot lower.  Even if he was using Linux he’d still need the decoding software. I can pick his signal up because it’s the standard broadcasting signal for most remote video cameras.  Ours are set at three different bandwidths which he’d have to know to pick them up.  Even if, by some outrageously slim chance, the signals were to cross, it would end up snow or at best garbage.”

“Can you record what’s going on in there?”  I asked amazed at his genius.

“It’s being recorded even as we speak, brother.”  Sidney grinned at me.  

Mr. Wiggins looked at me, grinned, rolled his eyes, and shook his head.  He began looking at what was going on. Then the big, black man turned toward the camera for only a minute, but it was long enough to get a good shot of his dick.

“Ho-lee crap!”  Said Mr. Wiggins.  “He ain’t no man, he’s a fuck’n horse. Now I know how the Centaur legends got started.”  

Sidney giggled and agreed the idea had merit.

“You know the Colonel’s gonna’ have him fuck Dwayne, for sure!” Mr. Wiggins stated.

“Lucky Dwayne.” I said under my breath, but loud enough my little brother heard it.  

“Oh, God, Case, you are sooo bad!  You’re far worse than your old man!”  He couldn’t help but laugh. They both knew I was joking; however, Mr. Wiggins started looking at me in a new way and grinned real big. We watched the black man order Dwayne up on the covered bathtub on his hands and knees.  We watched as the recruit stuck the nozzle into our brother’s ass, hung the huge bag of liquid on a nail the Colonel instructed him to use.  He didn't released the pinch clamp for the liquid to flow into Dwayne right away.  He sat on the toilet for a minute to talk with Dwayne.

“What’s he gonna’ do to Dwayne, Casey?”  Mr. Wiggins asked me.

“He’s gonna’ give him an enema to clean him out so's the Colonel won’t get his dick dirty when he fucks him.”

Mr. Wiggins couldn’t believe the big man was going to give Dwayne an enema.  

“Humm,--- makes sense in a way, if you're gonna' have anal sex and it probably would be healthier for Dwayne not having anything up there; however, I can’t watch.  I had a nurse try’n give me an enema in a hospital onetime when I was a kid.  I ran out of the hospital buck ass naked jes' a’ leaving a trail of dirty water and shit behind me and hid for two days until my granddad found me. I wouldn’t go back to that hospital.  Hospitals and nurses still made me nervous today.”  

Mr. Wiggins moved back over to his window to keep watch.

* * * * * * *

“Son, you know I’m gonna’ have to clean you out. I’ve had this done to me several times when the Colonel was gonna’ use my black ass to fuck.  If you work with me, I’ll try to make it as quick and painless for you as possible.  If it starts getting too much for you, let me know and I can take care of it, but you have to take a full bag three times in a row.  By the way, he ain’t chur’ real dad, is he, Son?”
“Naw, Sir.  He’s my step-dad.”

“I figured as much. Okay, I’m gonna’ release the clamp now, boy.  You hold on as long as you can.  If you got a lot a’ shit in you, you won’t be able to take a full bag the first time.”

Dwayne heard the ‘snap’ of the clamp being released and felt the warm liquid flowing into his bowels.  The big black man rested one knee on the platform Dwayne was on, reached around and under Dwayne and began to slowly, but deeply massage his stomach with both his huge hands.  Dwayne could smell the clean, powerful body odors emanating from the man. Who ever said black men stink was a damnable liar.  This man smelled wonderful. This had to be the most sensual thing he’d ever experienced.  He thought he might come.  The big man read his mind.

“Don’t worry, Son, if you have to come, let it fly.  I shot my load a couple of times when Sgt. O’Malley was massaging my black belly.  If you come, I’ll clean it up real fast so’s your step-dad won’t know.  As you get more in you, it’ll pass,— I promise.  Talk to me, Son, it’ll help take your mind off the cramps.”

Mr. Bradley was pretty sure the Colonel wasn’t sitting around watching the taping of him giving his step-son and enema.  He heard the Colonel go downstairs and knew he was in the kitchen; probably getting himself another beer. Dwayne was quickly filling up.  He began to feel cramps in his stomach, but the giant man knew what he was feeling and worked his cramps away.

“C’mon, Son, talk to me.”

“Do you like him fuck’n you, Sir?”  Dwayne asked.

“I hated it the first time. I didn’t know what to expect.  I was scared shitless. Sgt. O’Malley cleaned me out so good I didn’t have any shit in me to scare out.” He chuckled, “I never had sex with a man. Even if I wanted to, I would a’ been the one what done the fuck'n.  All the other recruits told me not to volunteer for a special assignment with the Colonel, or I’d get my ass fucked.  I didn’t believe them.  I thought since I had to be in the Marines or be in prison, I’d try to make the best showing I could, so I volunteered.  After the first time, I saw it wasn’t so bad, and I could probably get used to it.  He’s think’n about getting me assigned to his staff.  Get’n fucked by the Colonel's a Hell of a lot better than dodging bullets in the Middle East.

The first time the Colonel fucked me, he was rough and brutal, but after a while it began to feel pretty damn good.  I found my body doing things, I’d beat some man to a pulp if he ever suggested I might do them one day.  I began fucking him back as hard or harder than he was fuck’n me.  I worked my old asshole so it would be as tight for him as I could make it.  It worked, too.  I got him off in no time. Only thing was, I didn’t have him give’n me that wonderful feeling no more.  I made a fool of myself.  I cried and beg him to put his big dick back in my black hole and fuck me again.  He never would fuck me the second time.  He let two of his fellow officers fuck me after him the last time he fucked me, but they weren’t near as good a fuck as your step-dad.”

“Oh, God, Sir, I can’t take no more!  Please, Sir. Let me get to the toilet.”

“Try’n take a little more, Son.  You almost got a full bag in you.  If you don’t take it all, we have to start all over again until you do it three times.  When you get all the shit out of you, it’ll be easier to take a full bag.”

“I can’t, Sir. God, I’m so full!”

Bradley could see Dwayne was having severe trouble holding it.  The boy was leaking a little down his leg.  Bradley reached up and snapped off the clamp.  The flow stopped and Dwayne stayed there for a few minutes on his hands and knees.

“You got so little left to go, boy.  Lemme’ kneed your gut a little more and maybe, together, we can get the rest in.”

“I can’t, Sir!  I have to go,— NOW!”

Recruit Bradley pulled the plug from Dwayne's ass and motioned for him to move to the toilet.  He exited the room as the bottom dropped out of the boy’s butt.  Dwayne felt like his guts were falling out his asshole.  He’d never had an enema before, and while he had to admit, part of it was sensual, it was humiliating, extremely uncomfortable, and anxiety ridden.  It was such a relief to have the pressure gone from his gut.  He took a can of aerosol deodorant and sprayed it around to mask the bad smells.  The little exhaust fan was humming quietly taking most of the foul odors away and out the window.

He looked up to see recruit Bradley with his big arms folded looking down on him from the hallway like a benevolent genie.  As wasted as Dwayne was from the experience he couldn’t help but get an erection every time he looked upon the giant’s body and huge penis.  Dwayne could only hope his step-dad would order the man to fuck him.  Could his body accommodate a man as big as recruit Bradley?  He didn’t know, but if given the chance he would try. If it killed him he'd die with a smile on his face. He had to make it look really good, like he was afraid of Bradley's size so the Colonel would perversely make sure the big man fucked him.  It almost made Dwayne want to call a halt to Operation Sideshow Bob, but something deep in his gut wouldn’t let him.  He knew in his heart the Colonel’s long range plans ultimately would destroy him and his mother.  As angry or disappointed with his mother as he might be, she was still his mother. She deserved his love and protection.  He just didn’t have to give her all of himself.  

Dwayne cleaned himself and got back onto the platform for another bagful of enema solution.  Recruit Bradley came in, took the bag, squirted in a bit of liquid Ivory and filled it the rest of the way with warm water.  He shook it to make sure it was thoroughly mixed and hung it back on the nail.

“This time it’ll be a little easier for you, boy, trust me.”

Dwayne couldn’t help but like the big man.  He was trying to make it as easy for him as he could.  He really wanted Dwayne to succeed even if it was something his perverted step-dad wanted.  Bradley gently inserted the nozzle back into Dwayne’s asshole and sat down on the toilet.  

“Ready, boy?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Bradley.”

Bradley leaned forward, ‘clicked’ open the pinch valve, and once again the enema solution he prepared began to flow into Dwayne’s gut.

“Talk to me this time, boy.  Sgt. O’Malley taught me to do that, and it works to get your mind off the discomfort.  How old are you, Son?”

“Sixteen, Sir.”

“Judas Priest!” he said quietly, “I thought you was much older than that.  You’re so big for your age.  I thought you were all ready out of school and maybe hanging around home.  I thought that’s why he wanted to do all this.  He just wanted to get you out of the house; maybe, out on your own.  That ain’t it at all, is it, Son?”

“No, Sir. I’m just a sophomore in high school.  I’ve got two more years to go. I can’t tell you why he’s doing this, Sir.  The less you know, the better it is for you.  Trust me, Sir.”
* * * * * * *

In the bunkhouse, Casey and Sidney continued to watch the spectacle of their beautiful, beloved brother take bag after bag of enema solution.  They could sometime make out a bit of the men’s conversation; however, Sidney speculated the Colonel had the volume control on the camera turned way down.  Somehow, Sidney got the idea the Colonel didn’t care about the sound. Why wouldn’t he be interested in the sound?  Perhaps he just wanted the picture.  Why only the picture?  ‘Humm’ what’s wrong with this picture.’ he mused to himself.  Sidney experienced an epiphany that made it all come together. Suddenly, he focused,--- everything came together,— and it all made sense.  There was no doubt in Sidney's mind.

End Chapter 14 ~ Texas Longhorns
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