By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 15

“Ah-ha!”  Exclaimed Sidney to his brother and Mr. Wiggins.

“Gees, little brother,— I hope that’s an ‘ah-ha’ I’m gonna’ like.”  I stated.  Sidney’s exclamation also got Mr. Wiggins’ attention.

“It is, indeed, cowboy! I don’t know why it never occurred to me before.  Could I be slipping? Maybe it’s because I never figured anyone like him would be either clever enough, bold enough or down right stupid enough to try something like that.”

“Like what, bubba?”  I asked him.

“He has a web site, Case.”  Sidney announced to me and Mr. Wiggins. “He’s recording this for his web site.”

“Can you find it, Sidney?”

“Can a dog lick its butt?”  Sidney grinned at me. “I have a network of other computer folks out there who are somewhat vigilantes for the web. If I can’t find it, one of them will in a matter of minutes.  Bet you both a blow-job he’ll take the camera and set it up in the barn to video his sex sessions with our brother.  He’s either planning to make money on the side with porno movies of sex with a minor or he’s trying to test the waters of the white slave market to see if he can sell Dwayne.  Either way, I can’t believe he’d have the balls or be stupid enough to think he couldn’t be traced.  This man is incredible!  He’s digging himself a deeper hole at every turn.  He’s not only nefarious, he’s an abomination.  He deserves anything he gets thrown at him.”  

* * * * * * *

Back at ‘control central’ as the adults like to call Operation Sideshow Bob headquarters, at the Longhorn ranch, Mr. Winchester joined the men.  He knew something was probably going down Friday and called Vince to check.  Vince confirmed his suspicions and told him he was going to call him anyway to invited him over to keep watch with them. The phone rang at the ranch. Vince went to answer.  He listened for a few minutes.

“Okay, Sticker,— thanks for keeping us informed.  That’s important news. I’ll pass it along to Sidney, Frank, Curley, and Spencer Winchester.”  Said my dad in response to Sticker’s phone call alerting them to the Colonel bringing home a giant, black man with him.

“That was Sticker.  Seems Colonel Jarhead has brought a giant, black man home with him. Sticker says he’s obviously one of the Colonel’s recruits.”

“Vince,— I think it’s time you notified your sheriff buddy what’s going on over there.  Do you know him well enough to have him and several of his men come by here to explain what’s going on?”  Asked Sidney Wainright.

“We were asshole buddies in Nam.  You might say we were more than on a first name basis.” dad grinned, “Francis and I put Lee up for several months after he came back from Nam until he got on his feet.  I was his best man at his wedding.  His second boy’s named after me. I’m an inactive sworn deputy of his posse.  Lee would do anything for me, and he knows I’d do the same for him.  I guess I know him pretty damn well. I know him better’n I know’d my own brother.”

“Damn, Vince,— you never cease to amaze me.  My boy couldn’t a’ picked no better man to develop a crush on. Make that call, cowboy. I think we need some support.”  Sidney told him.

Dad dialed his buddy’s personal, cell phone number.

“Leland Bard.”  The sheriff answered.

“Lee, how the Hell are you?  This is Vince Longhorn calling.”

“Damn, Vince,— Lois and I was just talking about chu’ and Casey this morning.  She said she was gonna’ call and have ya’ll over to dinner next week.”

“Oh, Lord,— Casey would be thrilled.  He loves Lois’s cooking.  He really enjoys your kids, too, Lee.”
“Well, they sure think the world of him.  What can I do for you, brother?”

“Could you come over to my place with four of your best men you can trust to keep their mouth’s shut.  There’s something going down tonight over to the Dunbar ranch we need to tell you about.  We need help, Lee,—  lawman type help.”

“Oh, dear God, Vince!  Tell me it ain’t that pompous, tight-ass Marine Colonel and Dwayne.”

“Wish’t ta’ Hell I could tell you that, Lee, but I’d be a damn liar.”

“Goddamn it,— didn’t I tell you there was something wrong with that son of a bitch the first time I met him at your place a couple of years ago? My opinion of him hasn’t changed a bit since then.  Give us thirty minutes and we’ll be there, Vince.  No sirens, right?”

“We’re gonna’ need an element of surprise on this one, Lee.”

“You got it, buddy!  We’ll be right there!”

“We’d sure appreciate it, Lee.  Bye.”

Dad hung up the phone and smiled at Sidney, Frank, Curley and Mr. Winchester.

“They’re on their way, gentlemen.”

* * * * * * *

The second full bag of enema solution Dwayne expelled with a loud swoosh.  Mr. Bradley exited the bathroom for a few minutes when the Colonel came to check on Dwayne’s progress.  He changed from his uniform and was wearing a pair of rather form fitting overalls like a mechanic might wear.  It had one long zipper that went from the neck down the front to the crotch.  It made it easier to get into and out of with your clothes on; however, the recruit could tell the Colonel had nothing on underneath.  He noticed a bulge under his left arm and knew the Colonel was wearing his sidearm.

“How’s the queer coming along, recruit Bradley?”

“Sir!  Fine, Sir!  He only has one bag left to go, Sir.”

“Good!  Good!  I’m almost ready for him out to the barn.  Come with me a minute, recruit.  I have something else for him.”

The two men walked away and left Dwayne there to drain.  When Mr. Bradley returned he had a small black bag he sat on the top of the toilet.  Dwayne watched the Colonel walk by.  He only glanced at Dwayne and sneered at him in disgust.

The third bag of solution the big, black man filled Dwayne with was clear, warm water to rinse any residue soap from his gut. It was still difficult for Dwayne to take it all because it was a huge bag of water; however, when he was just to the point of screaming he couldn’t take any more, a wee, small voice in the back of his mind would speak to him quietly and tell him to relax, he was just panicking, everything was all right, it was just uncomfortable, it wouldn’t hurt him, but he must take more,— just a little bit more, — a little bit more,— just a little bit,— only a little bit more to go,—  and he would until the bag was empty.  He decided he’d name the voice, ‘little bit’ for obvious reasons.  Dwayne managed to take every drop as the giant, his enema coach, urged him on.  

“C’mon, boy, you can do this!  I knows you can!  You took them other two,— this ain’t no more’n them had in it!  I got faith in you, boy!  You’s a good boy,— you’re do’n jes’fine, not much more to go!  Hang in there, Son!  You only got jes’ a little bit more ta’ go.  You can take it! You know you gotta’ take it all, boy, ‘cause your daddy is filming this, and he’ll know if I don’t make you take the whole damn thing.  This is your last bag, Son.  Gut it out, boy!  I know you can take it!  Jes’ a little bit more! “C’mon, jes’ a little more.  There, you done it,— you’re done!  Good, boy!”

Finally, Dwayne felt the big man remove the bag from the nail it was hanging from, and he held it high so the very last of the water would drain into his gut.  He was surprised he wasn’t as uncomfortable as before, but this time his dick was rock hard.  He felt Bradley shake the bag to get every last drop into his ass. Then, he gently slipped the nozzle from Dwayne’s asshole.  Dwayne squirted just a small amount as the nozzle was removed, but he clamped down hard with his sphincter and held back the rest.  Bradley told him to stand but not to sit on the toilet yet.

“Don’t be embarrassed by your stiff dick, boy. It happens to me, too. You be proud of that fine look’n big dick a’ yours.  Mighty fine dick ya’ got there, Son. I shore' as Hell wouldn’t say no to have’n that proud flesh up my butt sometime. You’s much bigger than the Colonel.  Now, on your knees with your back to me, Son.”

Dwayne turned his back to the giant man and slowly knelt on the floor.  The black man knelt behind him.  He place his huge arms over Dwayne’s shoulders pulling him back into his big body until it pressed tightly up against his.  His huge hands were resting gently on the boy’s abdomen. Dwayne could feel the warmth of his big body pressed up closely against his and it was a terribly erotic feeling for him.  The giant began to massage and move his hands gently but firmly around Dwayne’s extended belly. Dwayne found himself pushing back into the comfort zone of the warm, huge, living, black wall behind him.  He felt his very soul was melting into the giant’s body.

Bradley must have sensed Dwayne’s need and let the boy take all he needed, all he wanted, from his support. He pulled Dwayne’s upper body tight into him as he gently rubbed and massaged Dwayne’s water filled stomach area. The boy knew instinctively when the giant was though with his massage.  He was now patting, and rubbing it gently as if Dwayne held his child within. The big, black man was only doing what he was ordered to do and making Dwayne wait five minutes before he expelled the water. This was the third and hopefully the final time Dwayne would have to submit to having his ass filled to capacity; however, each time the giant enfolded Dwayne’s body with his huge arm, it became more than just an indignity. The act was changed to one of bonding which he and his giant were sharing together.  He could feel through his body how much the big man wanted Dwayne to succeed in holding his water for the specified time, and he would do everything in his power to see that the boy did.

The gentle touch of the giant’s massive hands was nothing short of electrifying. It sent shock waves of ecstacy to the bottom of Dwayne’s being.  The big, black man’s rubbing, patting, and caressing him became too much for Dwayne.  It was all too sensual.  It was almost like a holy experience to him. It was certainly a revelation. Suddenly, all pressure and cramps were gone. It was as if he walked into another realm, passed silently through a door into a state of suspended consciousness.
Sensuality had given way to reason. In Bradley’s arms he became one with the spirit of the water within him and the essence of Bradley’s body.  He no longer had an urgent need to expel the liquid. Bradley had taken away his discomfort. He felt like he could hold his water ‘til the cows came home in Bradley’s huge arms; in fact, he began praying Bradley would leave it in him a while longer than five minutes.

Dwayne could smell the big man’s fragrance from the closeness of his armpits, and it was highly intoxicating to him.  Dwayne thought he was going to come. No,— he knew he was going to come!  The giant man could feel it building in Dwayne’s body.

“If you have to shoot, Son, let it fly.  Don’t chu’ worry yourself none.  Ole Lamar will clean it up and hide it from your old man.”

It was all too sensual for Dwayne to hold back anymore.  With the big man’s hands cradling his belly, he let fly a load that shot three feet across the platform on the tub.  It was so powerful he almost fainted into the arms of the big man, but Bradley held him tight. It felt like his guts were being pushed up and out though his penis in one sudden, huge exploding fountain of come. Bradley held him tighter to restrict any movement, and he did something Dwayne didn’t expect.  The giant leaned down and kissed Dwayne gently and lovingly on his neck.  It was a moment of tenderness from the big man that touched Dwayne’s heart.

“Good one, Son!” he whispered, “Damn, you shot a big load!  My ole ass feels cheated.  Times up, I’m through with you now.  Empty that load a’ water you’re carrying.”

Dwayne hurried to the toilet and evacuated his bowels.  Bradley took a small hand towel, quickly wet it in the sink and wiped up Dwayne’s spunk from the plywood platform over the tub.

“He’s gonna’ want you to fuck me with your big dick, Mr. Bradley.”  Dwayne spoke softly to the big man.

“No, Son, I’m here because he wants to fuck me, too.  You wait and see.  I ain’t never fucked another man.  Don’t know’s I could; especially a young boy. I ain’t bragging or nothing, but I’s jes’ too damn big to fuck a man in the butt.  Ole Lamar’s dick might hurt chu.’ I mean no disrespect to the Colonel, Son, but I don’t think he should be fuck’n you as young as you are.  It might make a permanent impression on you.  I trust you not to tell him I told ju’ that.”

“I won’t.  Trust me, Mr. Bradley, he may fuck you, too, but you’re here for me to suck and to fuck me.  If he orders you to do it,— just do it, Mr. Bradley, for both our sakes.  He’s a crazy man, Sir.  You can’t refuse him.  He’ll go nuts if you do, and I’m afraid of him, Sir. I’m afraid of what he might do to either one of us.”

The big man looked at Dwayne and cocked his head to one side like he was thinking about something.

“Oh, Sweet Jesus,— why does God put me in situations like this?” the giant man spoke to himself, “First I take’s me a ride in my friend’s new car only to find out he stole it, I get arrested and charged as an accomplice to his crime.  Now, I’m in another situation where I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  Please, God,— help me!  I’m a’ begging you, Lord.  This is ole Lamar Bradley speak’n to ya,’ Sir,— if I done something to piss you off,— please forgive me, Sir,— I’m s’damn sorry!”

“Mr. Bradley, I ain’t gonna’ feel bad towards you, none, if you do it to me.  I’m use to him fucking my face and my ass, Sir.  I’m sure by the time he gets through with me, I’ll be loose enough, you ain’t gonna’ hurt me none.”

“Are you really a homo,— you know,— a queer like he says, boy?”

“How do I know, Mr. Bradley?  I’m only sixteen years old. I ain’t never had no chance to have sex with nobody but him. I was a virgin to both sexes before he started raping me.  I jack-off thinking about girls.  Then sometimes I think about boys when I jack off.  What does that make me?”

“Humm, I don’t know, Son.  I used to jack off thinking about fuck’n my buddy in the butt when I was in high school.  I was like you.  I thought about fuck’n girls, too.  I ain’t never had me a whole lot of sex.  I only tried to fuck three women in my life and ever’ damn one of ‘em said I was too big.  I hurt ‘em too much, even though I was try’n to be gentle with ‘em. Ain’t never fucked nobody ‘til I come. They’d start holler’n, cry’n, and a’ carrying on I’s a’ hurt’n ‘em.  I didn’t wanna’ hurt ‘em, none, so I stopped.  I don’t wanna’ hurt nobody.  If it ain’t good for them, it ain’t good for me.

I finally jes’ stopped try’n and started lift’n weights to pass the time.  Work’n on my body seemed to take the place of the sex I wasn’t get’n. Ever’ one thinks a big man like me must get all the women he wants.  I jes’ let ‘em think it, but it ain’t so. It’s harder for me to get a woman than and average size man, because they’s all scared a’ me.  They think I might hurt ‘em, and I guess I do. Being a big man and having a big dick ain’t all its cracked up to be, Son.
I figure I turned out straight until your step-daddy come along and started fuck’n me in the butt.  Now, I really like it.  I can’t seem to git enough of the Colonel’s dick up my big, black ass.  Makes me wonder sometimes about myself,— if maybe I’s been that way all along and never know’d it.  He likes fuck’n me, too.  Said he might have me assigned to his staff, so he could fuck me regular like.  I’d be his main grunt in charge of taking care of Colonel Dunbar’s fuck’n needs.”

Recruit Bradley went though enough cleaning routines with Sgt. O’Malley he knew to have Dwayne stand and walk around for a few minutes to let the rest of the water drain from his gut.  Gravity is a force of nature which will not be denied.  As Dwayne sat down on the toilet to let the rest of the water expel from him, Bradley looked between his legs into the toilet bowl to see if the water was clear.  He was satisfied Dwayne was clean for the Colonel’s use. The giant took the small black bag from the top of the toilet tank and removed a big, black plug.  Dwayne’s knew what it was for before Bradley said a word.

“You gonna’ put that in my butt, Sir?”

“Yeah,— but I have to wear one, too.  After he takes you to the barn, I have to stay in here and clean myself.”  He reached into the black bag again and brought out another huge plug that was bigger than the one he was going to put into Dwayne’s ass.

“My God, that’s big!  He makes you wear that?”  Dwayne exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s big all right, but Sgt. O’Malley taught me how to wear it.  Once he gets it in me, it don’t hurt me none. I’ve gotten kinda use to it. I have to wear it when I have duty with the Colonel.  After Sgt. O’Malley puts it in me, I ain’t allowed to touch it until the Colonel takes it out to fuck me.  After he’s through using me he puts it back to keep his come from running out my ass.  It come in real handy the last time when him and his officer buddies fucked me.  I had a lot of Marine officer come up my butt. Once the Colonel puts my plug back in my ass, I ain’t allowed to touch it again, neither, until Sgt. O’Malley takes it out back at his apartment in the barracks.

The Colonel gave Sgt. O’Malley permission to fuck my black ass after he gets through with me and sends me back to him. Last four or five times, Sgt. O’Malley’s fucked the Hell out a’ me.  He’s got a big dick, too, almost as big as yours,  and man does it feel good inside me. He ain’t as good a fuck as the Colonel, but he’s damn good.  The night I had all that officer come in me, Sgt. O’Malley added his load, but he plugged my hole again, gave me a blanket and told me to sleep on a cot in his office.  Next morning he removed my plug. I was afraid I’d leak all that come out, but I didn’t.  It was the strangest damn thing. Nothing came out; not even when I sat on the toilet. I don’t know where it went to.  I asked Sgt. O’Malley, he jes’ laughed and told me not to worry about it none.”

Dwayne smiled to himself from the giant’s simple but innocent naivete.’ Dwayne suddenly felt the need to protect this man. Why did he feel that way?  This black man was an imposing giant who could physically intimidate most any man; yet, here was Dwayne, a sixteen year old boy who was about ready to stand against the evils of this world to make it safer and better for such a man as Bradley. He felt anger and rage inside him that these men in positions of unquestioned power could so easily abuse their trusted positions in such a sordid, selfish, and demeaning way. It just wasn’t right!  To make him angrier still, they picked a simple, good hearted, innocent man to debase, and his step-dad was at the center of it all.

Did the Colonel have the same diabolical plans for the giant as he did for Dwayne? Dwayne wanted to shout at the big man to waken him to the possibilities of what might happen to him if he continued to cooperate with the Colonel; but wait, where was his own anger at the Colonel?  ‘Little bit’ inside his head asked him some tough questions.  How could he be seething with rage inside at the Colonel for what he was doing to Bradley?  He was doing the same damn thing to him, wasn’t he? He realized then, he would never convince the giant his step-dad was an evil man.

The giant was equally caught in the Colonel’s conspiratorial, predatory sexual draw. ‘All the more reason for him to want to protect the giant,’ he thought. They were in the exact same boat together, neither knew how to row nor swim away, but— Dwayne, threw out a life line and was being rescued by some wonderful men. Dwayne, at least, had some loving men to help him see clearly the plight he was in, take him by his hand, give him the love he needed to be strong against the Colonel’s evil, give him direction, and point him to the shores of reality; a beachhead of safety. They gave him an anchor of hope to hold on to.

Once again, ‘little bit’ asked Dwayne,— almost as an echo,— could the Colonel have the same plans for the black man?  Who will be his helmsman and steer his boat to safety?  The giant has no one.  Dwayne watched as the big man took a small jar of Vaseline and began to coat the plug for Dwayne’s ass.  Dwayne was still sitting on the toilet.

“Come, boy!  Lay across ole Lamar’s lap.  Let chur’ dick hang between my legs.  Spread yore’ legs so’s I can get to your pretty little hole.”

Dwayne moved towards the big man, but before he could lay across his lap the giant took his greased hand and coated Dwayne’s cock with some of the Vaseline. Then he motioned for Dwayne to lay across his lap.  Dwayne obeyed and got comfortable.  Bradley locked his legs together pinning Dwayne’s dick between them.

The big man began to rub Dwayne’s back in a gesture of offering him a little comfort for what he was about to do. It was a gesture of comradery as if he knew what the boy was about to go though and he wanted to make it as emotionally and physically painless for him as possible. He rubbed Dwayne’s ass and finally came to his hole and began to gently press on it and tease it. Dwayne was about to go crazy from the giant’s touch.  He never had anyone touch him before who had such electric skin. It was like Bradley was transferring some of his energy, strength and life force to him. He found himself pushing his ass back to try to get Bradley’s finger to slip into his ass.

“Now, now, boy!  We gonna’ be git’n to that pretty damn quick, now.  You jes’ let old Lamar do the fuck’n, ya’ hear?  Ole Lamar,— he’s gonna’ take real good care a’ you.  Don’t chu’ worry yourself none.  Now, I’m gonna’ put this, here, plug in your butt.  I ain’t got no choice, Son, the Colonel done ordered me to do it. We’ll get that big plug in your butt with no problems, you’ll see.  Why, pretty soon ole Lamar will lean over and tell you, ‘it’s in, boy,’ and you’ll say, ‘all ready?  You sure, Sir?  Why,— I didn’t hardly feel a thing.’”  Bradley told him in a cajoling voice.  Dwayne didn’t think it was gonna’ be quite that easy, but he appreciated the big man’s attempts to comforting him.

“I understand, Sir, I ain’t blaming you none.  Jes’ do a good job of put’n it in me.”  Dwayne said as he felt the big man start to grease up his hole with a big glob of the Vaseline.  The giant started with one finger, progressed to two, and then added the third. By the time he stopped, he was fucking Dwayne’s ass with about a third of his hand.”

“You’re loosening up real good, boy.  I do declare, I’ll bet chu’ could take ole Lamar’s whole hand up your butt if we tried.  The Colonel promised he’d stick his hand in my fine, black ass some night.  Now,— this plug’s gonna’ be uncomfortable until the widest part gets past your ass muscle.  It may even hurt a little until I get it all the way in.  Then it won’t hurt no more.  We ain’t in no hurry.  I’ll work it into your hole jes’ like I did with my hand. When you think you’re ready to take it, put your ass up high and that’ll let me know you’re ready for me to sink it.”

“How will I know, Sir?”

“Believe me,— you’ll know, boy!  There’s a feeling what’ll come over your entire body, and you know you can’t live another moment without that big plug in your butt.  Trust me, Son, you’ll know!”

Dwayne just nodded his head.

“When it pops in your ass, it’ll close around the smaller base and lock it into your butt.  If it gets too uncomfortable while it’s stretching your ass,  hump my legs with your dick just like you was fuck’n ‘em.  It’ll feel good and take your mind off the plug going in.”          

Dwayne could all ready feel the heat from the big man’s body melting the Vaseline on his cock and it was beginning to move around on its own.  Dwayne was rock hard as Bradley positioned the plug right at Dwayne’s hole.

“Ready, Son?”  Recruit Bradley asked Dwayne.

“Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir.” Dwayne added as words of respect for the big man’s concern for him.

Bradley began to work the plug into Dwayne’s ass.  At first it felt really good to Dwayne, but the deeper Bradley worked it in the more uncomfortable it became until it almost hurt.  The big man was relentless in working the plug into Dwayne’s ass.  Dwayne could feel his muscle giving way to the giant’s onslaught.  At one point, his ass felt so dilated, he began to wonder why Mr. Bradley didn’t just go ahead and sink it into his butt.  Dwayne trusted the big man.  He didn’t know why, but he did.  He felt safe with the giant.  He knew Bradley wouldn’t purposely hurt him. ‘That,’ he thought to himself, ‘was, after all, the Colonel’s job.’

The giant continued to work the plug into Dwayne until his ass was losing its fight with resistance.  Dwayne could feel his ass opening wider and wider and suddenly the very feeling Bradley described to him washed over his whole body.  At that moment he knew. He knew he had to feel the big thing inside of him.  He started humping the giant’s legs and bucking back to meet the big man’s thrust.

“That’s it, boy,— hump my legs good.  Yore’ little ass is tight, but it’s shore’ nuff trying to eat that big thing.  Jes’ a little more, boy.  One big gulp!”

Dwayne bucked his ass back just when the giant took a big screw with the plug into his ass.  Dwayne didn’t drop his butt or try to get away from it.  He  held his ass in the air against the onslaught from the pressure of the giant’s hand fucking him with the plug.  Bradley knew it was Dwayne’s signal to him to go for it. With one swift, strong, sure movement, Bradley sunk the big plug into Dwayne’s ass. There was a moment of extreme discomfort; almost to the point of being unbearable;  however,  there was little, real pain, when Dwayne felt the widest part of the big plug slip past his sphincter.  He wondered how he could’ve gotten that huge thing in his ass without Bradley’s patient help and urging him on like he was Dwayne’s football coach?  The big man really knew what he was talking about. He was right, Dwayne did have the feeling come over him, just like he told him it would. His hole quickly close around the smaller base of the plug.  At that moment, Dwayne shot another load of come between recruit Bradley’s legs.

“‘At’s all right, Son!  Not to worry about a little come.  Lamar can always clean himself up.  The main thing is, we got it in.  The Colonel will be pleased.”  

He gently patted Dwayne’s butt to comfort and reassure him.  Despite the big man’s understandably conflicted allegiance to his step-dad, Dwayne felt the giant had a good heart.  If Dwayne had to describe him, he thought the giant to be a good hearted, not stupid but simple minded, naive, innocent man, who found himself getting led astray by the more powerful, intelligent but not so good hearted among us. As big as the giant, black man was, and no matter what he’d done, Dwayne found himself wanting to protect him. He might not be the brightest button in the box, but that wasn’t a criterion for goodness; neither, as his brother pointed out, was it a test of his own compassion.  Compassion knows no color; it knows no age; it knows no boundaries in the human heart.  The conundrum was, there is no test for compassion. It simply is a part of the wise ape.

The giant, black man, who could break most men in two with one arm tied behind his back,  worked gently and caring with Dwayne so he would feel the least amount of pain.  He managed to get the big plug into Dwayne with little more than a moment of discomfort.  The plug was in him.  He was wearing it like a badge of courage. He was even a little proud of himself, but he gave credit were credit was due. He couldn’t have done it without the giants compassion.  Somehow, he felt strangely bonded to the big, handsome, black man. The plug in his butt was a strange feeling. He felt full but not uncomfortable.  His dick suddenly became roaring hard again, and he knew there was no hope of getting it to go down.  Dwayne wondered at his body’s own unique perverseness.

Throughout the whole ordeal of Bradley cleaning him out, the giant’s huge penis was in Dwayne’s face, in his direct line of vision, pressed tightly up against his own nude body; Dwayne could imagine it wanted him to reach out for it, to fondle it, to hold it near him, to make love to it, to even surround it with his body.  Dwayne resigned himself, at least for the moment,— he was hopelessly lost. The giant, black man ordered him to stand and bend over.  Bradley got along side of him facing the same way Dwayne’s ass was.  He put his huge arm across Dwayne’s back and under him to hold him steady as he placed the butt of his hand on the base of the plug and prepared to push on it.  Dwayne felt like a pig under the giant’s arm.  

“Push back with your ass and let me seat it properly.  It’ll make it a bit more comfortable for you.  The Colonel will want to inspect it, and he’ll probably wanna’ seat it to suit himself. ”  The giant instructed Dwayne.

Bradley had the butt of his hand on the plug as Dwayne pushed back.  Dwayne could  feel the big plug move further into him, and lock into place.  Once he was satisfied, the giant instructed Dwayne to put the lid down on the toilet and sit there until he returned.  Bradley quickly cleaned Dwayne’s spunk off him and cleaned where some dropped to the floor.  He left the room and walked downstairs.  He went into the kitchen were the Colonel was sitting at the table.  He handed Bradley another beer.

“Is my queer son ready, recruit?”  The Colonel asked.

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  To your specifications, Sir!”

“Good, recruit!  I like a man who knows how to follow orders.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Take this rope and put it around his neck and bring him down to me when you’re completely finished with him.  When you get him here, order him to, turn around, spread his legs,  bend over and grab his ankles and I’ll inspect your job.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“You take your beer with you and leave it upstairs.  You’ll go back up,  clean your fine, black ass and plug yourself,— understand, recruit?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

The Colonel was pleased with his new recruit.  He watched Bradley’s ass like two bowling balls move together as he walked from the room.  One night soon, the Colonel thought he would try a taste of that tight, black hole.  Bradley was the finest fuck he had in years.  He wasn’t letting this man get away.

* * * * * * *

“Woah, dogies! Did you see the size of the plug the black man put into Dwayne’s butt?”  Sidney asked Casey in awe.

“Did you see the size of the one he has to put in his own butt?” Casey asked with equal awe.  

Sticker couldn’t watch.  He knew if he did it would build in him until he would spoil the whole thing by running in there to the boy’s rescue, but to hear Casey and Logan talk about it, they almost envied Dwayne.  The boys sat there most of the time speechless.  At one time, during one of the fillings with enema solution Casey put his hand on Sidney’s shoulder.  Sidney reach over and gently put his on Casey’s.  Nothing needed to be said.  They were there with their brother. While they abhorred what was being unwillingly done to Dwayne, they couldn’t help stay erect the whole time. They were beginning to understand Dwayne’s conundrum,— how he could hate what was being done to him, and yet, be so turned on by it.     
* * * * * * *

Bradley enter the bathroom and found Dwayne right where he left him. Standing in front Dwayne, while he was sitting on the toilet, the giant’s crotch was right in front of his face.  His long, enormous dick was hanging down, right there before him.  Bradley stood there for a moment before he dropped the loop of the rope around Dwayne’s neck and snugly closed the noose.  Dwayne looked into Bradley’s eyes, then down to his dick.

“May I, Sir?” Dwayne said moving his hand toward Bradley’s penis.

“Sure, Son,— I don’t mind.”

Bradley held on to the rope as Dwayne reached for the giant’s huge shaft. He took it into his hand and with his other hand gently pulled back the man’s foreskin to expose the beautiful dark reddish-pink head of his penis.  He slowly moved forward and gently kissed the exposed head. Bradley took in a deep breath and let it out with a contented sigh. Something was happening to him. He didn’t expect this from this boy.  From what the Colonel told him about his son, Bradley thought he would be loud, spiteful, belligerent, and rude.  He found none of those things in this young man.  He was polite, sensitive, thoughtful, and Bradley could tell when he touched him, he responded to Bradley’s touch like no other person ever had, male or female. What was going on here? What was happening to him?  He knew he didn’t want to take the boy to the Colonel; he wanted to take him by the rope around his neck and run away with him to hide where no one would find them, but he couldn’t; he had no choice in the matter.  His giant heart felt the heaviest it had since his granddaddy died.

“You can take the head in your mouth if you want to, boy, and taste some of my juice.  Don’t take too long though, I have to deliver you to the Colonel pretty damn quick.”

Dwayne took the huge head of the giant, black man’s penis into his mouth and began to eagerly suck his all ready flowing juices.  The big man was like a pre-come factory.  The more Dwayne sucked the more came flowing out.  The taste and the feeling of the big man’s penis in his mouth was like the rest of his body; it was electric.  It’s the only word Dwayne could think of to describe the feeling.  His mouth actually tingled like it had been lightly shock with static electricity. Dwayne slipped off the toilet onto his knees to greedily suck more of the giant’s delicious juice from his penis until he felt Bradley’s hand gently on his head as a reminder of their limited time. Dwayne didn’t want to get either of them into trouble with the Colonel so he withdrew, but not before planting another strong kiss on the giant’s dick.  He held it tightly within his hand and pressed his lips heavily against the head of Bradley’s penis.

Bradley never had anyone kiss the head of his dick before. This was an unexpected, especially moving moment like he’d never experienced before, but it was as equally unnerving to him. He reached down, put both his enormous hands under Dwayne’s arms, pulled him up off his feet to rest the boy on his massive chest, surrounded him with his huge arms and passionately kissed him. Dwayne didn’t hold back and returned Bradley’s kiss with equal verve.  He could feel himself begin to fuck himself with the plug as he sucked it in with his muscle and then push out on it like he was trying to shit it out of him. His ass muscle effectively stopped the plug at the wide base.  He continued to do that several times.

Bradley knew what the boy was trying to doing. He’d done it himself.  The night he lay on the cot in Sgt. O’Malley’s apartment, he got some toilet paper from the head and fucked himself with his plug until he came.
As one giant arm held him, Dwayne felt the giant’s other huge hand move its way down to his plug and start to help him fuck his ass with it.  Bradley was pushing the plug back into him harder every time his hips bucked against it. The giant worked with Dwayne’s natural rhythm of his own fucking motion. He could feel the boy’s urgency growing and gradually fucked him harder with the big, black plug.
Dwayne was telling Bradley with his kiss, and with his tongue he needed Bradley’s strength to pour into him, to help him, to join with him at that moment.

It was such a powerful moment, Dwayne felt like he might pass out, but the giant only held him tighter.  Dwayne’s body began to go limp, it shuddered and shook uncontrollably, but still, the huge, black man continued to kiss him.
Dwayne could feel the big, butt plug in his ass as his muscle spasmed around the base trying desperately to bite it off and send it shooting up, deeply into his body; however, it held fast, locked into place by his muscle. Their passion was reaching critical mass. Dwayne suffered a melt down and collapsed into Bradley’s strong arms with a gut wrenching orgasm all over both of them.  Dwayne’s hot come spilling onto him and the heat between their bodies was too sensual for the giant. His body started shaking in sync with Dwayne’s, he gave three rutting motions while still holding Dawyne and  ejaculated almost at the same time.  There was come everywhere. They didn’t break off their kiss until they heard the Colonel yell up the stairs from the kitchen.

“Be right there, Colonel!”  Bradley shouted back to him.

Bradley took the same small towel, quickly but gently cleaned Dwayne and then himself.  He took Dwayne in his arms again. He looked deeply into the eyes of the boy as if he were looking for something.

“What just happened, boy?”  Bradley whispered to Dwayne as he stole another small kiss.

“I ain’t real sure, Sir,— I was a’ hoping you’d know;— maybe you could tell me. I overhear’d you tell the Colonel you’re twenty-three. You’re six years older than me, Sir.  You should know about such things, shouldn’t you?”

“I ain’t never had nothing like that happen to me, boy. Age ain’t got nothing to do with what jes’ happened here; experience maybe, but not age. I ain’t had that much experience myself. Once, when I was a young man, younger than you, my granddaddy tole’ me about a feeling a man could get. He said it was like no other I’d ever feel. It lifted a man above the ordinary  into a realm of undiluted passion. He said it weren’t nothing to do with sexual passion; although, it could occur then. No,— no, he insisted it weren’t like that at all. Granddaddy said it’s a passion of the heart; a passion in a man’s soul. He said it raises a man’s spirit to be just a little less than God’s angels. I asked him what it felt like, and he tole’ me, when it happens, you’ll know, Son,— you’ll know.  Ain’t another feeling like it in the world.  Trust me, you’ll know, Son. You can’t hold it, you can’t touch it, you can’t taste it, you can’t see it, but it’s there, but chu’ can only find it when you’re sharing with another.

He tole’ me it didn’t matter, none, who you were with, a man or a woman, you both would exchange a little of each other’s souls. My granddaddy tole’ me it’s ageless; he done tole’ me it’s older than time itself; it’s what made the Sun and the Moon; it’s what brought forth the waters from the deep, it made the Earth, it set it into motion, and it made every living thing that moves upon it. It is a host unto itself, Son. It sets the stars out at night to shine. It has a name, but know one knows it; it’s so sacred,— to say its very name would consume you. I think that’s what jes' happened to us, boy,— we exchanged a little bit of our souls with each other,--- and what we shared,— there ain’t no name for it.”

“I ain’t never been no place like that before, either, Sir.  I can’t tell you about someplace I ain’t never been before, so I don’t know, but I’m willing to take your word for it. It was the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced.  I think some folks might sell their souls for a taste of it. I know it went beyond just liking it. I know I have to have more, whatever name it might go by. I don’t care what it’s name is, I jes’ know I don’t wanna’ live without it.”

“Y’ain’t alone, Son,— ya’ ain’t alone.  Best damn feeling ever happened to this black man. Never had that feel’n with nobody before.  I may love the Colonel fuck’n me, but truth is, boy, I don’t love him.”  Bradley spoke softly, “Come now, I have to take you to the Colonel.  Don’t be worry’n none about chur’ hard-on.  What we jes’ shared will see you though the very gates of Hell itself, jes’ a struttin’ and a high step’n to your own happy tune. You got a giant, black man’s heart in your back pocket, Son. Don’t let him down! Hold jur’ head up high, boy! Walk with pride in your step. You earned that hard-on in my big, black arms!  Stick that big, fine look’n dick a’ yours out there and let him see it.  Defy him with it, Son.  Show him you’re a bigger man than he is. He can’t do nothing to you, that feel’n in your heart won’t see you though. He ain’t got no power against it, and worst of all, he don’t even know it exists. He ain’t never had a taste of it. To taste it like we jes’ done, my granddaddy done tole me you have to be willing to share with another, and that word ‘share’ jes’ ain’t in that man’s vocabulary, Son.” 

The giant, black man gently kissed Dwayne one last time.
Dwayne did as the giant told him.  He squared his shoulders, lifted his head up, and walked with his hips slung slightly forward to accent his all ready roaring hard dick.  They walked down the stairs with the giant leading Dwayne by the rope around his neck.  They walked into the kitchen and Bradley barked for Dwayne to hit parade rest.  Dwayne complied immediately.  He made sure his hips were push forward to accent his roaring hard cock.  He was proud of it.  The giant told him it was fine looking.  Bradley hit parade rest beside Dwayne.

“Well, well, well,— what in the Hell do we have here?”  The Colonel said slowly getting up from the table.

“Sir!  Recruit Bradley delivering the queer to you, cleaned and ready for your use, Sir!”  Bradley reported to the Colonel.

“All right, boy,” Bradley barked at Dwayne, “turn around, spread your feet, bend over and grab your ankles!”

Dwayne decided he was in the same boat as Bradley, so he may as well try to mimic his responses; maybe, it would please the Colonel and he’d be a little easier on him, couldn’t hurt none.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir! Right away, Sir!” Dwayne barked as he quickly turned, spread his feet, bent over and grabbed his ankles.

“Well done, recruit Bradley.  Well done, indeed.”  The colonel said as he walked to the side of Dwayne, and like Bradley did to him the Colonel grabbed him around the waist and placed the butt of his hand on the base of the big butt plug. As the Colonel held Dwayne tightly to impede any forward movement from his hand pushing on the plug, he firmly pushed the big plug just a little deeper into Dwayne’s ass. The Colonel ordered him to get up and turn around to face him.

“Sir! Thank you, Sir!”  Said Dwayne as the turned.

“That big plug in your faggot butt is keeping you hard, ain’t it, queer boy?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

You’re dismissed, recruit.”  The Colonel barked an order to Bradley,  “Return to the upstairs bathroom, clean yourself good.  No less than three bags full, understand?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Take a shower when you finish, clean yourself well, insert your plug and report to me in the barn.”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

Bradley broke ranks and turned to return to the upstairs bathroom.  

“So,— boy, what a’ ya’ think of my new toy I brought home to fill your queer tank?”

“Sir!  Recruit Bradley seems like a fine man, Sir!”

“Good, faggot!  Real good!  I see you’re picking up some manners from the big man.  That’s good!  How does that big plug feel in your butt?”

“Sir!  Fine, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

“Fine, boy?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir, jes' fine, Sir.”

“Glad to hear it’s ‘fine’ with you, boy, ‘cause you’re gonna’ be wearing it a lot from now on.  That one’s just a trainer, boy.  You’ll be moving up to the same size Recruit Bradley wears in no time.  You’ll git so use to wearing it, you’ll feel incomplete without it in your butt.”

“Sir! Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”

“Thank you, Sir?  Humm,— there’s something different about chu,’ queer- boy.  You’re being much too cooperative.  What happened to the pansy assed little school boy who used to live here, cocksucker?  What have you done with him?  Where is he, boy? What’s gotten into you?”

“Sir!  He don’t live here no more, Sir! Mr. Bradley told me to be strong and proud, Sir!”

“Good man, recruit Bradley!  He knows what it means to be a Marine!  A real man, not a pansy ass, sniveling, little sissy boy!  Knows how to give his fine, black ass up for the Corps!  You’d do well to heed his advice, boy!”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“You think you’re jest’ about ready to give into me, so I can start reshaping you into the come-bag I want you to be, queer?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  barked Dwayne.

“That’s good, boy!  Doesn’t really matter to me much, a proud pansy breaks jest’ as easily as a sniveling one. Kneel before your man, asshole!”  Ordered the Colonel to Dwayne.

Dwayne dropped to his knees and lowered his head. The Colonel unzipped hit overalls to the bottom of his crotch, reached in and pulled out his big penis. He pulled his considerable foreskin back and held it in front of Dwayne’s face.

“You want this man’s big dick?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  Dwayne wasn’t pretending to go along with the Colonel.  He could smell the essence of the man, and it drove him crazy.  He wanted the Colonel’s dick more than anything in the world at that moment.  His dick got even harder and slapped against his belly. It wasn’t missed by the Colonel.

“You bet chu’ do, come bag!  And,— why do you want it, faggot?”

“‘Cause you’re a real man, Sir, and I’m only a worthless faggot.  Like you said, Sir, that’s all I’ll ever be, Sir.  I’ll never be a man like you, Sir. I wanna’ feel like a man, Sir, and if you honor me with your come to drink or shoot it up my ass, Sir, I’ll be able to feel like a man, too, a least for a little while, Sir!”

“Very good, boy!  You’re beginning to listen to me. You’re coming along jes’ fine, queer!”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”

“Kiss the head of your man’s dick, faggot! Show him how much you want him to make you a man for a little while tonight!”

Dwayne leaned forward just a bit, lovingly kissed and ran his tongue over the head of the Colonel’s dick.  He kissed his piss slit and stuck his tongue in it to get some of the Colonel’s man juices.

“That’s enough, faggot!”  The Colonel slapped Dwayne hard in his face with his dick several time. All the other times when the Colonel tried to cock whip Dwayne the boy shied away from his onslaught. This time was different. Dwayne didn’t move an inch as if in defiance of the Colonel’s assault, and the Colonel got in a few really powerful hits with his big dick; however, Dwayne refused to move. Brad Dunbar was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe there was more to this boy than he thought.

‘That’s all right,’ the Colonel thought to himself, ‘the more defiant, and proud they are, they might be a little harder to break, but the end result was always the same, a willing, subservient slave of the highest quality.’  He only had to name his price for the boy; just like he’d done for several choice recruits over the years who simply disappeared. Once he got rid of this nuisance who stood in his way of owning the ranch, he’d focus his attention on getting the black giant ready for market.  He should fetch a handsome price, indeed.

 “Stand, boy!”  He ordered Dwayne.

Dwayne stood face to face with the Colonel only inches away from him.  He was looking down not daring to look into the Colonel’s eyes.  The Colonel took his hand, moved it to Dwayne’s chin and slowly raised his head to look directly into his eyes. Without a word he moved the short distance to Dwayne, threw his arms around him and kissed him hard and passionately.  The harder his kissed Dwayne the tighter he held him. Dwayne was caught a little off guard and failed to respond at first.  The Colonel didn’t give a shit what Dwayne wanted or felt, he was taking what the wanted; what he needed from him. Dwayne’s misplaced passion overrode his common sense and he began to give and take from the Colonel what he wanted.

He slowly moved his arms around the bigger man and held him tightly as he kissed him back with equal passion.

Dwayne began, once again, to be sucked into the event horizon of the Colonel’s sexual gravitational pull.  Dwayne knew he couldn’t maintain orbit; he was spiraling out of control, about to enter the rarified atmosphere of the Colonel’s world only to crash and burn. ‘God help me,’ he thought to himself, ‘Why does this man have to be so damn hot?’ Once again he heard   ‘little bit’ in his head, ‘Because he’s from Hell, bubba!’ The Colonel broke off their kiss but continued to still hold Dwayne.  He looked deep into the boy’s eyes again.

“Now I know!  I can see it in your eyes! Why didn’t I see it sooner?  Now I see what’s happening, here!  Now I understand why you’re coming around.  You’ve fallen in love with me, haven’t you, faggot?”
“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  Dwayne spoke quietly as if he was resolved to accept his fate.

“Tough shit, asswipe!" The Colonel said sternly. “I’d never allow myself to fall in love with a faggot.  If I was gonna’ give my love to another man, he would, first of all, have to be a real man.  Besides, cocksucker, why would I fall in love with a boy I intend to sell? Don’t make no sense. If you think just because I kissed you, I have any feelings for you whatsoever, you’re sadly mistaken, dick breath. Like everything else I’ve taken from your pansy-ass, I was sucking your love out of you.
You’re too damn weak to resist a real man, queer!  That’s why you’ll make some man a good slave someday real soon. You gave me exactly what I wanted.  You gave me exactly what I needed, to do what I’m gonna’ do to you. You gave me all I could ever want or need right then, and you will continue to when I want it. I don’t even have to ask you for it. You’ll simply give it to me, or I’ll take it away from you.  It costs me nothing, faggot!”

The Colonel took the rope around his neck and tightened the noose just a bit.

“Enough of your queer, school boy crush. S’about time we git chur’ clean, plugged butt to the barn and secure you for the weekend.  You’re gonna’ stay out there all weekend.  Would ju’ like that, boy?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Of course you would,—  and why is that, faggot?”

“Because I’m a worthless faggot, Sir.”

“You’re beginning to see the light, boy! You’re beginning to understand!  What are you again, boy?”

“Sir!  A worthless faggot, Sir!”

“Damn right chu’ are!  Don’t you never forget it, faggot and we’ll get along jes’ fine!  You’re starting to understand resisting me is futile. Make it easy on yourself.  Make it easy on me, and we’ll have you trained and sold in no time.  You cooperate with me, and I just may have you sold to a man by this time next year.  I won’t have ta’ wait until you graduate.  A worthless faggot don’t need no education when all he’s good for is to suck his owner’s dick and git fucked by him anytime he snaps his fingers!  Right, boy?

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

The Colonel didn’t say any more to Dwayne, he turned and started walking to the door leading Dwayne by the rope around his neck.  He led Dwayne down the front steps, across the clearing about fifty yards to the door of the barn.  The Colonel got some long rawhide strips and started to tie Dwayne’s hands together.


“What, faggot?”

“You don’t have to tie me up, Sir!  I’ll stay out here all weekend like you want,— I promise, Sir.”

“Bullshit, faggot!  Y’ain’t fully broke yet, you’ll remain strung up until I’m satisfied you’re properly broken.  Don’t ask me again, understand, queer-boy?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”  Dwayne held out his hands together to show his willingness to cooperate with the Colonel.

“You’re progressing nicely, boy.  You keep cooperating this way, it won’t be long before you’re completely broken, and then, I know I can trust you. After I fully break you, you’ll never even consider disobeying any order from me.  I can order you to eat a pile of fresh cow shit and you won’t even hesitate. You’ll eat every bit of it, smile real big with shit on your teeth and beg me for seconds.  I won’t have a bit of problem selling you to some man who’s in the market for a good, broken in, well trained, cocksuck’n, butt fuck’n faggot to take care of him.”
“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”

The Colonel finished tying Dwayne’s hands together.  He had a pulley mounted in the rafter beam over his favorite place for stringing Dwayne up.  He took one end and secured it to the leather strip he used to secure the boy’s hands.  He used the pulley to stretch Dwayne up until just his toes were  touching the floor.

“Now, faggot,— I’ve got a couple of things to get in the house.  You hang around until I git back.”  The Colonel chuckled at his own joke at Dwayne’s expense.

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”  Dwayne replied.  The Colonel turned to leave, stopped, turned back to Dwayne and looked at him funny.

“That’s okay, boy,— you deserve it.”  He said with a sneer on his face.

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!”

The Colonel smiled, nodded his head he understood, turned and left the barn.  Dwayne could only pray the cameras were turned on and recording.  He tried to look for them, but Sidney hid them too well.  He couldn’t see a one of them.  They were, indeed, turned on and recording every small detail.

* * * * * * *

“Heads up, men!”  Mr. Wiggins spoke softly to Sidney and I. “He’s leading Dwayne to the barn with a rope around his neck.  You rolling, Logan?”

“Locked and loaded, Sir.”  Sidney grinned at the big cowboy.

I patted Sidney on the back. We watched the Colonel lead Dwayne to his favorite spot and hoist him up on his tiptoes.  Mr. Wiggins came to watch for a minute.  The sound was terrific. You could hear a mouse fart in the barn it was so clear.  We all looked at each other when we heard the Colonel say how easily he could sell our brother.

“Did that bastard jes’ say what I think I heard him say?”

“Mr. Longhorn told dad that might be his intentions, Sir.” said Sidney to his wrangler.

“Yeah! Yeah, I was there.  I heard Vince tell us that, but I jes’ dismissed it. It was too awful for me to believe one man would do that to another.  Son,”  he spoke directly to Sidney, “I guess your old wrangler is, after all, jes’ a dumb old cowboy.”

He shook his head as he walked back to the window to assume his position.

“Y’ain’t dumb at all, Mr. Wiggins. Hell, I’ve learned lots of things from you I never would’ve if it hadn’t a’ been for you in my life.  I doubt seriously, if it weren’t for you, I would be doing this right now for my brothers.  It was you what taught me about love.  I ain’t talk’n ‘bout romantic, passionate love what eventually peters out. I’m talk’n about unconditional love for your brother and fellow man.”
Mr. Wiggins looked over at Sidney.

“Thanks, Son,— I needed that right now.”  He said with his voice cracking.

* * * * * * *

“Vince, for all the shit we been through, and what we mean to each other, God knows, I’m the last one who should be lecturing you; howsomever, humor me this one time.  I mean no disrespect to any of you men, but you should a’ let me in on this from the beginning.  We would’ve worked with ya.’ We could a’ handled it.  What you’ve told me so far about the boys filming the whole thing is outstanding, and I’m less worried about them know’n ole Sticker is there with‘em.  That big cowboy could break Dunbar in two.  Since Dunbar brought home a confederate it becomes a bigger problem than you anticipated. Ya’ done the right thing, gentlemen, by calling us inta’ this. We’ll still work with you.  We ain’t a’ gonna’ go in there with guns a’ blazing. We leave that sort of shit to the ‘governator’ and his second rate action movies. We have no idea what this other man’s reasons or intentions are for being there.  I suspect he’s just one of Dunbar’s recruits he’s buffalo’d inta’ coming with him to scare the crap out of Dwayne; maybe, even more, I don’t even wanna’ think about.”

“The reason we didn’t call ya’ right away, was because Dwayne told us he could put up with one more weekend of being with the Colonel to git the evidence we needed to hang his ass out to dry.  Aside from what Dunbar’s doing to Dwayne, we thought it would be neat and clean with a minimum chance of anyone getting hurt.  Then we were gonna’ bring it to you and let chu' take it from there;  but, chore' right, Lee,--- we should’ve come to you in the first place.  We were jes’ so worried about Rance’s boy, we weren’t think’n properly.”

“Oh, Sweet Jesus, brother, you didn’t tell Rance Harding what was going on, did ju’?”  Sheriff Bard grimaced at dad.

“I knew better’n to do that, Lee.”  My dad said.  “I warned all these men and Sticker not to tell him.”

“Good!  That’s fine!  That’s one worry out of our way.  Okay, Mr. Mayhew, you say you have a key to the back gate to the rear access road?”

“Please,— call me Frank, Son.  Yes, Sir.”

“Thank you, Sir.  All right, here’s how it’s gonna’ go down.  We’ll take two patrol cars. Frank rides with us.  Now, Sir, I’ll have to ask you to stay in yore’ bunkhouse with Sticker and the boys.”

“I will.  I give you my word, Sir.”

“That’s good enough for me.  If the access road and a rear approach to the bunkhouse is possible, we’ll all join Sticker and the boys to see what’s going on first.  Now men, I don’t want no gun happy vigilantes.  I will be the only man to pull a gun. You each have a Taser. Use it before your gun, got that? The only time you pull your gun is if you see the Dalton gang ride into that barn.”

“Yes, Sir, Sheriff Bard.”  They all agreed laughing at his joke. “Even if he gives up quietly, can we Taser the bastard for the Hell of it?” One of his deputies asked, “I’d personally like to watch that tight ass, pompous, military son of a bitch do the St. Vitus dance, hit the ground writhing, and foam at the mouth.”  The deputy laughed.  The Sheriff looked around the room at all the men present.  He got their votes without even asking.  He winked at Vince Longhorn.
“Sure,— why not?  But, just one!  I don’t wanna’ go’n kill the man before he can be brought to justice, understand?”  The Sheriff told them. They all agreed.

“Another thing,— the big black man probably won’t be a problem. Don’t Taser him.  We’ll decide later why he’s there and for what purpose,— got that?”  Sheriff Bard instructed.  They all agreed.

Vince, you and Mr. Wainright may come with us since your boys are involved in this, but only under the condition you stay in the bunkhouse along with the boys.”

My dad looked at Mr. Wainright and he nodded his agreement.

“You have our word, Sheriff.”   Dad said.

“Good enough!  Mr. Blake, you and Mr. Winchester remain here, as soon as the situation is secure, we’ll call and you can bring the other vehicles to the ranch.  Whatever you do, don’t block the road from the ranch to Ball road!  I’m gonna’ need access for vehicles and possibly the paramedics depending on Dwayne’s condition. Park ‘round in back,— out of the way.”
Mr. Winchester and Curley Blake agreed to stay at the Longhorn’s Ranch. Dad gave Spencer his keys to the Bronco and Curley said he’d just drive his and Frank’s truck back over.

“All right, Deputy Reynolds,— you’re driving the other car.  Absolutely, no sirens or flashing lights! When we get to the back gate and park the vehicles, there will be no slamming of doors, or any chit-chat on the way to the bunkhouse.  We have the element of surprise on our side, here, let’s not fuck it up, gentlemen.  Everyone got that?”  The Sheriff looked at all of them. Everyone agreed.

“C’mon, gentlemen,— let’s haul some ass!  Let’s put us a child molester behind bars where he belongs.”  Said Sheriff Leland Bard.

End of Chapter 15 ~ Texas Longhorns
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