By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 16

The Colonel returned to the barn with his video equipment and set it up.  He placed his camera about fifteen feet from where he planned to stage his porno movie staring his step-son, himself and the giant recruit.  His camera was mounted on a tripod which he adjusted in height and distance to get all of Dwayne, hanging from the rafter, into the picture.

* * * * * * *

“How sweet is this?” exclaimed Sidney.  All our cameras had to be hidden back up under a rafter.  Now he sets his camera up, and we have an even closer, ground level shot of the action.  We have one more camera shooting this than was used to shoot ‘I Love Lucy.’  Also, each of you owes me a blow-job.” he grinned with animated wickedness.

“Won’t cause me no grief.” I told him laughing.

“See my boss about any collections.”  Said Sticker.  We all laughed.

* * * * * * *

Colonel Dunbar untied the rope to the pulley and lowered Dwayne.  The boy fell to his knees automatically because of the time he’d been left standing only on the tips of his toes exhausted him.  The Colonel told Dwayne to hold his wrists up.  Dwayne complied and the Colonel proceeded to untie the rawhide leather pieces.  They were cutting into Dwayne’s wrist, and the Colonel didn’t want to risk his wife seeing those marks on her son. He didn’t want her asking questions.  He reached into a bag he brought with him and brought out two soft, fur lined, leather wrist cuffs he put on Dwayne and locked them into place.  He then locked them together with a slip-clip he brought to be used in the ‘D’ rings on each cuff.

“It’s time we got down to business here, boy.  I’m leaving your hands undone for right now because you’ve shown some effort this evening in cooperating with me.  Compliance gains you small rewards.  The more you comply the more trust you gain for yourself.  Got that, cocksucker!”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir” Dwayne answered rubbing his wrist.  

The Colonel unzipped his coveralls to his crotch once more.  He whipped out his dick and just snapped his fingers at Dwayne.  Dwayne wanted to comply worse than anything,  he wanted the Colonel’s dick so badly he could taste it in his mouth; however, that same small voice in his head told him, ‘Make him force you, Dwayne.’  Dwayne didn’t move.  He could see the Colonel was getting angry.

“Sir!  Please, Sir!  Don’t make me do this!  As much as you might think I’m a faggot, I’m not, Sir!”

“What’s gotten into you?  What’s come over you, boy?  You obey me one minute and defy me the next?  Is that part of your new found pride?  You can have all the pride you can carry around with you, but you’re still gonna’ suck my dick ‘til you get it good’n hard.  Then I’m gonna’ fuck you’re butt until it’s raw before I get my rocks off deep inside your faggot ass.”  Barked the Colonel obviously very angry with his step-son.
The Colonel slapped Dwayne hard across his face, but not hard enough to leave a print.  It got Dwayne’s attention and respect. The Colonel grabbed him by the hair of his head and pulled Dwayne to his crotch.

“Now, chow down, cocksucker! That’s all you’re good for anyway!”

The Colonel reach down, took his big dick in his hand an shoved it into Dwayne’s mouth.  Dwayne figured he’d given a pretty good performance, but now he was going to enjoy the Colonel’s fine dick.  He sucked and sucked as the Colonel got harder and harder.  He still had hold of Dwayne’s hair and was pulling him on and off his cock with it.  He was shoving his big cock more and more down the boy’s throat, until his pubes were hitting Dwayne’s lips.  Dwayne wanted to just give in as he’d done so many times before and try to please the man standing before him, but he remained restrained.  He let the Colonel satisfy his sadistic rage and fuck his face harder and harder.  He finally pulled out, took his cock in his hand and once again began to cock whip Dwayne’s face.  Dwayne tried to pull away this time, but the Colonel had a firm, tight grip on his hair and kept pulling him back into range of the onslaught from his big dick.

“Y’ain’t getting my come right now, boy.  I’m saving it for your ass. Git chur’ hands up here, boy!”  He ordered.

Dwayne raised his hands with his wrist together. The Colonel reached into one of his pockets and got a slip-clip.  He clipped Dwayne’s wrist together with one end of the clip, order him up and led him by his neck-rope over to the rope on the pulley.  This time he tied the rope to, what looked like to Dwayne, a garage door spring. He clipped the other end of the slip-clip to the other end of the garage door spring. He pulled Dwayne up, stretching the garage door spring until the weight of Dwayne’s body couldn’t resist the tension of the big spring and he was pulled up with it.  The Colonel didn’t stop until Dwayne could only touch the floor with the front portion of his feet. Dwayne couldn’t set the heels of his feet on the floor.  When the Colonel was satisfied he tied off the end to a beam.

“Okay, asswipe, now jump for me!”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  Dwayne replied as he tried to jump off his feet.

Dwayne was surprise the heavy-duty spring counteracted his own mass, and he was raised a couple of feet into the air; then, he came bouncing down, but not like he’d fallen. It more or less let him down swiftly but surely, to the front of his feet. If he bounced real high he could touch his feet to the floor and get an even higher bounce the next time. It was a really neat feeling except for his arms being strung up; however, as sadistic as the Colonel was, he never let Dwayne hang too long from the rafters. He would string Dwayne up, fuck him, then let him down.  When he left Dwayne alone in the barn for longer periods of time he would have him sit on an old horse blanket on some hay in one of the horse stalls and secure him to a post.

“You like that, don’cha,’ queer-boy?”  the Colonel said with wicked grin.

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”  Dwayne replied, but this time he really meant it. ‘Hell, if I gotta’ be strung up and abused, it may as well be fun!’ he thought to himself.  He could swear he heard another small voice laugh somewhere.  Was it in his head?
The Colonel turned him sideways so his camera would get the best shot of him fucking Dwayne. He reached into his bag again and brought out a clean towel.  He placed his thumb and forefinger of his right hand around the base of Dwayne’s plug, and without warning simply popped it out of the boy’s ass into the waiting towel.

“Do you feel empty now, faggot?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll put it back after I fuck you. It won’t be as big a problem for you as the first time the recruit put it in.  Here, I’ll show you!”

The Colonel placed the tip of the big plug against Dwayne’s ass and popped it back in as easily as he took it out.  Dwayne gasped for air, but he had to admit to himself, the sensation was wonderful, and once again he felt comfortably full. It also made him realize the Colonel’s big dick wouldn’t hurt him when he took him and he could start to enjoy the Colonel fucking him right away.

‘Don’t get much sweeter’n ‘nat.’ Dwayne thought to himself wickedly.

‘Easy, bubba,’ little bit spoke to him, ‘don’t enjoy it too much. Remember, you’re suppose to be a thespian.’ The voice let the word thespian role off its tongue.

‘Wait a minute!’ Dwayne thought, ‘What the Hell does ‘thespian’ mean? I ain’t never heard me no word like that before?  How could I think of a word I don’t even know?’

‘Simple, big brother, I’m sending you my thoughts. ‘Thespian’ means actor. You’re supposed to be act-ting, not enjoying this!’ the voice chastised him.  He didn’t have to guess who ‘little bit’ was. Dwayne didn’t question the voice, he just accepted it. Why was Dwayne not surprised?  He knew his little brother was way beyond smart,— but this,— what the Hell, why not?

‘Damn it, little bit, why didn’t chu’ just say actor!’ he shot back at the small voice.  He heard it giggle.

‘Sorry.’ It said remorsefully, ‘I love you, bubba.’ the voice said shyly.

‘I’s got the git-down-scratch-my-itch-home-boy kinda love fer you, too, little brother.  You been s’damn good to me, but if’n you can hear my thoughts, ya’ gotta’ know how I feel about chu.’

‘I can’t hear you all the time. It doesn’t work like that. I have to really, really concentrate. I have to go into kind of a trace-like state. I sort of leave my body and wander around outside. I been visit’n witcha’ off and on when I got the chance and no one was looking. I feigned a headache and went into one of the bedrooms upstairs to listen to you for a while. I’ve taught Casey to operate the cameras, and he gotten almost as good as me. By the way, big brother, I love that damn spring, and that plug feels really swell in your butt, no pun intended. My old dick ain’t been soft since you started getting your first enema. I know Casey’s ain’t been, neither.  Mr. Wiggins thinks we’re two perverts to end all perverts.’  Dwayne heard Sidney’s laugh in his brain.

‘You mean you can feel what I’m feeling as well as hear me?’

‘Only when I really, really set my mind to it.  I wanted to feel what you were feeling as well. I wanted to be there with you, bubba. I wanted to be there for you. Have I been in your way?  Do you want me to leave?’

‘Oh, Hell, no!  It was you what helped me git through them Goddamned enemas, weren’t it?’

‘I only helped a little bit, bubba,— you done the rest. I just kept telling you, you could do it, s’all.  Jes’ take a little bit more, bubba, you can do it! Wait a minute!  Casey jes’asked me a question; be back in a minute.’

* * * * * * *

“You okay, little brother? You’re eyes looked like you left your body,— they glazed over for a minute and you were looking off into space.”

“Oh, I do that sometimes when I’m really concentrating on something. I mean no disrespect, big brother, you know I love you,— but would mind  leave’n me be for a jes’ a few minutes and monitor the recording for me?”

“Sure, little brother.  Just wanted to know if’n you’s all right, s’all.”

“Thanks, Case, I’m fine.”  Sidney replied and immediately the same glazed, empty look came over his face.  Casey shook his head and walked over to Mr. Wiggins.

“Don’t feel bad, Casey.” spoke Mr. Wiggins, “He does that sometimes.  We used to worry about it, but he always assures us he’s okay.  We’ve just gotten use to it.  Just let him be for a while,— we do. His dad and I call it his ‘time outs’ because he’s out of it and into some other time zone. He’s all right. He’ll snap out of it in a minute or two,— sometimes, longer. We have no earthy idea what goes on in that kid’s head sometimes.  God only knows what that brain of his is up to.  Sidney and I don’t even try to guess where he’s gone anymore, we’re so use to it. It’s almost like he goes somewhere else for a while, but he won’t tell us why he does it.”

* * * * * * *

‘I’m back, big brother.  Can I hang around for the Colonel’s fuck?’

‘Sure, love to have ya’ along for the ride.’ Dwayne almost laughed,  ‘What’s he doing anyway.’

‘I wanted him to leave you alone for a minute so’s we could talk. I jes’ put a thought into his head to look for something in his bag. He’s looking for it, but I won’t let him see it until I’m ready for him to.  It’s a neat little trick I learned.  Now, I’m gonna’ let him find it so’s he can start fucking us. I can’t wait no more, bubba.’

‘Me neither, little brother!  Cowboy up!’

Dwayne couldn’t wait to feel the Colonel’s dick up his butt.  His own dick remained hopelessly erect.

‘My dick has a mind of its own. It’s definitely one area of my acting debut what needs some work.’ he thought.

‘Want me to make it go down for ya’?’ he heard little bit ask.

‘You do and you’re a deadman the next time I see you!’  Dwayne heard Sidney laugh.

‘It does feel mighty damn good.  I love your dick, bubba. You got a mighty fine, sweet tasting, cowboy dick.  Humm,— makes me mouth water jes’ think’n ‘bout it.’

‘Yours ain’t to damn shabby, neither, little bit;— big ole snake, too!’ Dwayne chuckled.

‘Okay, I let him find the dog collar he wants to put around your neck. It has your name printed on it and it says, this faggot belongs to Colonel Brad Dunbar.  Damn,— that’s hot!’ said Sidney.

‘Oh, God, my dick couldn’t get no harder, little bro!’ replied Dwayne.

“Now, this collar makes you officially my property, faggot. Guess what the tag on it says?”  the Colonel challenged Dwayne.

“Sir.  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!  I’d guess it might say, ‘This worthless faggot belongs to Colonel Brad Dunbar, Sir!’

The Colonel was a little taken aback, but the boy didn’t guess it completely right.

“Even though you are a worthless piece of shit, I left that word out.  It was a pretty damn close guess, asswipe!  I think you’re beginning to understand this is what your future is gonna’ be; it’s what you need; it’s where you belong; this is what you were meant to be in life.  You’re beginning to think like a slave.”

“That is so damn hot, bubba! If he don’t stop talk’n like that I’m gonna’ come in my chair.’  Sidney laughed.

‘I agree!  Now, shut up, little bit,— and let’s get us in some damn good ass fuck’n.  Work with me, here.’

‘I’m here,’ big bro!  Take that man’s big dick up yore’ ass like a pro!’

‘If’n you don’t shut up, you’re gonna’ make me laugh and queer the whole damn thing.  That pun was intended, little brother,— jes’ fer you!’  

Once again he heard Sidney laugh as they both felt the Colonel’s big dick slammed into his brother’s asshole.

Sidney let out an ‘ooofff’ sound while sitting in his chair staring off into space.  Mr. Wiggins just shook his head at Casey, telling him not to do anything,— just let him be.  Sidney let Dwayne be alone with his thoughts and wouldn’t talk to him unless he was asked to.  He wanted this to all be for his big brother, but he couldn’t help going along for the ride. It was just too damn tempting.  Damnation!  The Colonel took his big brother so hard, but his big dick felt so damn good inside Dwayne!

Colonel Dunbar started to fuck Dwayne’s ass with a vengeance.  Every stroke into Dwayne’s ass would lift the boy well off his feet and slam him back to the base of the Colonel’s dick. This feeling was more than just good. He felt like he was riding the Cadillac of rough, mean-ass fucks. The Colonel was really pouring on the rough part.  The only thing was, the harder he fucked Dwayne the better he liked it.  Dwayne began to wonder if he could ever fuck him mean enough to satisfy him. It became almost an ethereal feeling.

‘If it only it was Lamar fuck’n me.’  Dwayne thought. ‘How sweet would that be, little bit?’

‘Careful what chu’ wish for, big brother.’  He heard in his head.

‘I know,— you’re right.  Is this a small piece of heaven or what?’

‘It’s the wildest damn thing you’ve ever felt in your life, big brother, and you know it! It’s the greatest sensation I’ve ever experience, I guaran-damn-tee ya.’ Disney World ain’t got no ride to compare with this one.  For all his pompous arrogance and military bullshit, the Colonel is an E-ticket ride for sure! Ride that big dick, cowboy!  Ride ‘em down hard, buckaroo!’ Dwayne could tell Sidney wasn’t kidding. He was really getting into the experience and began to fully understand Dwayne’s addiction to the Colonel.  The Colonel slowed his fucking to some deep penetrating strokes.  He would let his cock slip completely out of Dwayne’s ass and then burst his sphincter open hard with a huge thrust all the way to the base.

‘If he don’t stop that,— I’m gonna’ come, little bit!’  Dwayne shouted to Sidney.

‘I can feel it building up in you.  Damn, bubba, it feels so good!  Do you want more?  I can make him hold it in you for a minute ‘til it passes.’

‘Oh, Hell yes, I want more!  Are you kidding?  Of course I want more! Does the Pope poop holy shit?  Don’t ‘chu want some more? If this is gonna’ be his last fuck, let’s send him up the river with best damn fuck’n we can give‘em, little bit!  Let’s give him the fuck of his lifetime! Let him rot in a damn prison and jack-off every night think’n on this fuck!  What say, bubba?’

‘I couldn’t agree with ya’ more, big bro!’

All of a sudden the Colonel stopped fucking Dwayne with his cock firmly planted deep within the boy’s butt.

“I don’t want chu’ to shoot yet, faggot.  I’ll hold off for a minute to let you get yourself together.”   

Dwayne was grateful for the temporary respite. The Colonel didn’t say anything. Then he slowly but surely began to fuck Dwayne again.  This time it was like he was fucking Dwayne for himself.  The boy could feel his body shake with each thoughtful stroke. It, too, was terribly sensual, but it was different somehow. This was a loving kind of fucking, it had some care behind it; something Dwayne knew the Colonel was incapable of.

‘Goddamn it, little bit!’ he yelled in his brain, ‘Get out a’his head and stop fuck’n me! I appreciate the thought, little bro,— you feel mighty fine fucking me with his dick, but I’d much rather it be yours when we do it.  Notice I didn’t say, ‘if.’  Dwayne chuckled in his mind.

“Sorry, big brother.  I just couldn’t resist seeing how it felt for him.  Then I wanted it to be me fucking you so I took over for a minute. Your ass feels so damn good, brother.  Don’t worry, he won’t remember a thing.  You’re pretty damn sharp, Dwayne, to have noticed the difference.  I knew you would.’ Sidney giggled.

‘C’mon, little bit, you were fuck’n me with love!  He ain’t got no love in him.  We may never get another chance to get fucked by a Devil like him again.  Someone told me once, the crazier a man is the better fuck he is. It’s fer damn sure we got us a crazy man, here!  Let’s use him, little buddy! Hell, he’s used me long enough. Let’s give him a little of his own medicine. Cowboy up! Let’s ride this damn pony. Let him run with it, little bit!  I promise, you’ll be glad ju’ did. My giant was right,— he’s one Hell of a fuck!  By the way, where is my giant, little bit?’

‘Your giant?’ Sidney laughed, ‘He’s almost through cleaning himself. He’s on his last bag. I’m helping a little, but he’s a strong man. He can do it own his on. Ever’ time he thinks he can’t take no more he starts thinking about you, how good and brave you took it, and he takes a little more. I think he’s in love with you, bubba.’

‘Now you know why I call him ‘my’ giant.  I think I’m in love with him, too.’

The Colonel pulled completely out of Dwayne.  He turned the boy to face him, reached behind him and started pulling Dwayne away from underneath the pulley. Dwayne’s feet were off the floor and the Colonel was raising him up.

“Lock your leg around my waist, boy!” he ordered Dwayne.

Dwayne did as he was ordered and the minute he did, the Colonel drove his dick home to the base into Dwayne’s ass.  Dwayne pulled him further into him with his legs. This was too fucking much!  The Colonel would fuck him and the spring would allow Dwayne to ride the man’s cock like it was a ride on a monorail.  The Colonel continued to fuck him that way for quite a while and Dwayne allowed his brain to float in a sea of ecstacy.  He imagined his little brother floating along beside him holding his hand. With his cock firmly planted in the boy’s ass, the Colonel slipped his arms under Dwayne’s knees.

“Rest your legs on my shoulders, asswipe!”  Dunbar ordered Dwayne.

With the Colonel’s assistance he did as he was told.  He wondered about this position, but he felt the Colonel must know what he was doing.  Did he ever!  He started fucking Dwayne again and every stroke of the Colonel’s penis into his ass would bump Dwayne up his shaft and cause him to slam back down to the base, again.  The Colonel got a good rhythm going so every slam to the base of his dick resulted in another thrust of his hips to send Dwayne on yet another round trip up his cock and back. Sidney thought it gave the term ‘most bang for the buck’ new dimensions.  At that point, it had to be the most outrageously, sensual experience of Dwayne or Sidney’s young lives.

* * * * * * *

Sidney slumped down in his chair and began drooling out the sides of his mouth. He would shudder like he was having an attack of some kind every few minutes. Casey was beginning to get really worried about him.

“I ain’t never seen him quite like this,” Mr. Wiggins allowed, “but I know enough not to disturb him.  He adamantly and firmly told me and his daddy not to interrupt him when he’s in one of his trances.  He’ll be all right in a little while, trust me, you’ll see.  Let’s leave him alone, Casey.”

Casey sat down next to his little brother to monitor the four screens.  He couldn’t help watch what was going on in the barn. He was drawn to it like a magnet. His brother was getting the fucking of his life, and Casey couldn’t have been more aroused; however, something was very odd here. He began to notice every time Dwayne would take a ride on the Colonel’s big dick, Sidney would shudder. It was in perfect sync to what was going on in the barn.  How could that be?  It wasn’t just coincidence either. It was amazing.

“What the Hell?  Mr. Wiggins, come over here, ” Casey whispered, “watch what’s going on in the barn,— then watch our little brother.”

Sticker watched for several minutes until he began to see a correlation. He was stunned.  He started laughing.  Although he was just as amazed as Casey, he knew to expect the unexpected with Logan.  Sticker’s job as wrangler for a kid like Logan was a full time job.  One, small, but brilliant young boy kept him hopping higher than a jackrabbit with its tail on fire.  In their twelve years together, Sticker could recall damn few dull moments.

“Well, I’ll be go to Hell!” he whispered in amazement. “He’s inside Dwayne’s mind with him.  He’s riding that son of bitch’s cock right along with him.  Look!  He ain’t even look’n at the damn screen.”

Casey turned Sidney’s lap top around a hundred and eighty degrees so Sidney couldn’t possibly see it and still his body was in perfect sync to Dunbar’s fucking Dwayne.

“If he shoots when his brother does,— ain’t no doubt in my mind,— yours?” Sticker asked Casey.

“I believe it now!  Hell, it’s jes' too damn remarkable to be a coincidence.  I’m so Goddamn jealous of them two I could bite though a nail. Them two's sharing the fuck to end all fucks and I ain't in there with 'em! What a pisser!”  Casey sounded mad, but he broke up laughing at the absurdity of his statement.

“I should’ve know’d all along that’s what he was up to." consoled Sticker, "He came to me in a dream one time when he was only six years old before I met his daddy and told me he needed me. Not just once, mind ju,’ but night after night I’d comfort him, kiss him, hold him in my arms and tell him not to be afraid, I promised him I would take care of him. I bonded with him even before I met his daddy, and when his daddy came to meet me, I knew I couldn’t say no to him.  I’ve been that boy’s protector and friend ever since.  I love him like no other, and his daddy twice as much; however, Casey, of all the things I could imagine to be jealous of someone about,— I don’t blame you a bit for that one. I’d wanna’ be in that boy’s head, too, right now. Dwayne looks like he’s enjoying this way too much to be having it forced on him; however, Dwayne is a minor, no matter whether he consented to it or how much he’s enjoying it, Dunbar could still get his ass sent to prison.”

* * * * * * *

The Colonel continued his fucking onslaught into Dwayne’s ass.  Sidney didn’t bother him, they both had a mutual understanding to get as much of the Devil fucking them as they could,— because, just a little later, they planned to return the favor and fuck him royally.  Dunbar wasn’t going to let Dwayne come; however, he got to thinking about it.  There was a small voice, a thought really, he could swear he heard in his mind.  If he fucked the boy until he came without manipulating himself,— that would be a huge draw for a would-be buyer.  The asking price for Dwayne just skyrocketed in the Colonel’s brain and greed took over.

“Don’t fight me, boy.  If’ you feel like shoot'n you load, go ahead. You got my permission. I’m gonna’ let you come this one time for the camera, but you can’t play with yourself.  You have to shoot just from me fucking you!  Understand, asswipe?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir! The way you’re fuck’n me, it won’t take long, Sir.”

“I know, boy.  ‘At’s because I’m the best damn ass fucker there is.  You’ll never have your ass fucked again as good as I’m fucking you.”

‘Can’t gainsay that!  Gloryoskie,— can that man can fuck or what?’  Dwayne heard little bit say.

Dwayne almost lost it and laughed, but the look on the Colonel’s face told him not to. It told him he would regret it. Once again the Colonel started into fucking Dwayne.  He got his timing down just right.  He could actually fuck the boy so hard he would bounce completely off his cock and then split his ass again on the way down.  He decided a few of those strokes ought a’ do the trick.  He was thinking how smart he was to let the little faggot shoot his load.  The little come bag would bring him a small fortune.  He might not even need to do away with his mother.  He might be able to buy a ranch on his own. These were the delusions of grandeur of a sick, self-important, deluded,  greedy mind,— helped, just a little bit, by a wee small voice.

Dwayne told his brother, now was the time.  He didn’t think he could take many more of his ass splitting rides without shooting his wad.  Sidney agreed and told him to go for it.  The Colonel started in again working up his pounding of Dwayne’s ass harder each time. Sidney likened Dwayne to a bolo bat and ball that was attached to the paddle with a long rubber string.  You hit it hard enough, it would return every time to be hit again by the paddle.  So it was with his brother’s ass.  Dwayne was getting the fucking of his young life being given to him courtesy of a mad man.  Finally the Colonel reached the full strength of his thrust where Dwayne would be propelled several inches off his shaft, have a second for his ass to slam shut, and then be forcefully split open again as he rode the monster’s dick back to the base, only to have it repeated time and time again.

“You’re really enjoying this fucking, ain’t chu,’ faggot?”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir.  Thank you, Sir!”

‘Damn, I love it when you answer him that way! I almost come when you told him that!’  Little bit said.

‘Shut up, little bit,— can’t chu’ feel it?’  Dwayne barked in his mind.
‘Go for it, bubba! Get it! Get it good! Shoot that big cowboy dick! I love you, big brother!’

‘Oh, God,— oh, God,— I can’t,— I can’t hold it back no more,--- little bit,--- I’m gonna’ shoot!  I love you, too, bubba!’  He yelled in his mind to little bit.  

The next time Dwayne’s ass attained apogee, the ride to the base made his dick explode like a thousand roman candles all going off at once.  He shot so hard he shot his big load of come into his own face. Still the Colonel wasn’t satisfied.  He continued to ride Dwayne like a bronco buster with a burr under his saddle.

“You got more in you than that, asswipe, I know it! I aim to see it all gets shot out a’ you for the camera!”

One more large thrust, and another made Dwayne shoot again; this time all over his chest.  Three more rides on the Colonel’s dick got his last volley of come.  Now, his ass was really spasming around the Colonel’s shaft.  Dunbar didn’t care. He wanted to hurt Dwayne and kept his onslaught going until suddenly the greatest feeling came over him, like he belonged in this kid’s ass.  He had become a part of this boy.  It was like a revelation to him and he shot the biggest, hardest load he ever had into Dwayne’s well fucked ass.  Sidney enjoyed the Colonel’s climax almost as much as brother’s.

* * * * * * *

“My God, would ja’ look at that!  Dwayne’s coming and Sidney’s shooting in his Wranglers.  Look at my little brother go. Woah, dogies!  He’s filling his damn jeans with spunk!  Now, it looks like Dunbar’s gonna’ get his.  Watch his face!  See!  See,— right there he’s got it,— you can tell. Look at our piggy little brother.  He’s enjoying Dunbar’s climax, too.”

It was true.  Sidney filled his Wrangler’s with two huge ejaculations.  He told Dwayne he loved him and left him. He quickly jump over to the Colonel and enjoyed his climax with him. Sidney came around to see the two men laughing their ass’s off at him.  He blushed a bright cherry red color and knew he’d been busted,— big time!  It was the first time anyone ever suspected what he was up to in his trance-like state.  He could feel his spunk in his pants beginning to run down his legs. Casey handed him a towel.

“Here, little brother, you’re gonna’ need this.”  He told him with a wicked grin on his face.

“Don’t tell anyone what you just witnessed,— please!”  Sidney begged Casey and Mr. Wiggins.

“Calm down, Son.”  Mr. Wiggins told him, “Who the Hell would believe us anyway?”

Casey agreed and fell out laughing with Mr. Wiggins.  Sidney went to the bathroom to clean himself and left Casey to watch the equipment.  Suddenly, Casey’s heart leaped to his throat.  Through the door came Frank Mayhew followed by Casey’s dad, Sidney’s dad, Sheriff Bard, and four of his deputies.  Sidney sort of slunk back into the room to his place in front of his lap top.  The sheriff came over to look at Sidney’s lap top and couldn’t believe what he was looking at.  It was amazing.  The Sheriff got the biggest damn grin on his face.

“You recording all a’ this, Son?”  Mr. Bard asked him.

“Every bit and tittle, Sir. The Colonel just got though savagely fucking my brother.”

“Good!  What’s happening ain’t good, but chu’ know what I mean.  Damn,— you got four a’ them cameras set up in there?  How’d ju’ do that without him finding out?” the sheriff questioned Sidney in amazement.

“The three, here,— we hid under the rafters.” Sidney said pointing to the individual frames on his lap top. “This one, here, he sat up to send a signal to his VCR in the house, and I’m just intercepting his signal.  He couldn’t a’ provide us with a better picture.”

“Son of a bitch! I’ll say! When you git out a’ high school and need a job, come see me, Son.”  The sheriff laughed and patted Sidney on the back. “That’s absolutely amazing!”

* * * * * * *

Lamar walked into the barn wearing only his boots, his olive-drab, wife-beater undershirt, and his Marine cap.  He got to see the last few minutes of the Colonel fucking his, little buddy.  He marveled at how good the Colonel was fucking Dwayne.  The Colonel never fucked him like that, but he could only hope he would tonight.  When he watched Dwayne shoot into his own face, Lamar’s enormous penis began to engorge with blood until he was almost erect.  Men with dicks as big as Lamar's never fully get erect. They can still do a mighty fine job of fucking someone, though. When you’re that big you don’t need to make it stretch.

* * * * * * *

“Ho-lee Sheee-it!  Would ju’ look at the pecker on that man!” My dad exclaimed.

“Biggest damn dick I ever did see on a man!”  Allowed the Sheriff. “Listen, gentlemen,— Sticker, do you and the boys figure you got enough recorded to send him up the river?”

“Oh, Hell, yes! So far up the river he ain’t never coming back!”  Said Sticker. Sidney and Casey agreed.

“Okay, then there’s no need for Dwayne to get fucked by that monster.  Whether Dwayne might like to or not is not the question here.”  The sheriff chuckled as everyone broke up laughing. “No need for the black man to have child molestation charges against him; especially, if he’s only following the Colonel’s orders.”

“He is,” stated Sidney and Casey agreed. “he’s basically a good man who’s found himself in a situation he’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t.”

“You can bet chur’ ass, though, the Colonel’s gonna’ try’n make him fuck Dwayne for his porno movie he’s making for the Internet. Poor Lamar thinks he’s here because the Colonel wants to fuck him, and he’s afraid to tell him ‘no.’ If he don’t do what the Colonel orders him to,— he could ruin him.” said Sticker.

“Damn that worthless son of a bitch!  Is there a door on the other side of the barn, Frank?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Is it locked?”

“Ain’t been since I been here almost twenty years.”

“Okay, men, it’s show time!  Phil, Dave, you and Tater go around to the other door and when you see us walk in, you come in.  Jim, you’re with me. The rest of you men stay here.  You can see everything anyway.  You don’t need to be out there until we secure the area. Gimme’ your word, gentlemen.”

Every man there gave him their solemn word they wouldn’t leave the bunkhouse until they saw it was secure.
* * * * * * *

The Colonel let Dwayne down until the front of his feet touched the ground again.  Dwayne was wiped out.  He just had the sexual and emotional climax of his life and with any luck at all he was going to get to ride his friend’s monster.  The Colonel handed the giant a small towel.

“It’s about damn time you showed up, recruit!”

“Sir!  Yes, Sir!  Sorry, Sir!”

“Take that towel and clean the faggot up.  He’s a mess.”

Bradley dutifully went to Dwayne and started cleaning him up.  He came to Dwayne’s face and started gently cleaning him.  He got real close to Dwayne like he was inspecting him for anything he might have missed. Lamar looked to see the Colonel had his back turned to them, and gently brushed his lips across the handsome young cowboy’s who hung before him.

“I love you, boy.”  He whispered to Dwayne.

“Oh, God! I love you, too, Mr. Bradley.”

“Lamar, little brother,— just Lamar.”  He winked at Dwayne.

“Okay!  That’s good enough.”  Barked the Colonel as he walked over to the rope he had Dwayne strung up with.  He untied it from the post and let Dwayne down.”

“Now, asswipe, let’s see just how good a cocksucker you really are. You suck that big Marine’s dick and make him hard ‘cause he’s gonna’ fuck you good.  I’m gonna’ get it all on tape.”  The Colonel let Dwayne’s hands free of the clip and the boy was sitting on some straw at the giant’s feet.  The Colonel was messing with his video camera.  It was obvious to Dwayne he was going to act as camera man for the whole thing.  Dwayne moved to kneel in front of Bradley.

“Please, Lamar, let me do this, I don’t want him hurt’n either one of us. I would die if anything happened to you.”

“You know I feel the same, baby boy.  Well,— go ahead and I’ll try’n think a’ something.  I’m gonna’ be do’n me some powerful pray’n while you be suck’n on my dick.”

Dwayne took the head of the big man’s cock into his mouth and tasted the sweet flow of his pre-come.  More came from Lamar’s cock than the Colonel ever produced.  He wondered if it was possible the amount of pre-come that flows from a man’s penis might be directly proportional to the love he has in him.  If so, his giant was a walking shit load of love. He couldn’t take too much of Bradley’s big dick into his mouth, but he was trying. God knows, he wanted to. He wanted to swallow the giant whole. He wanted to consume the object of his love with one big Eucharistic gulp. He wanted Lamar to disappear into him so he might protect him from the evils of this world.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around?  Whoever heard of a young, inexperienced, young man who wanted to love, care for and protect a man six years old than him?  There was no question in Dwayne’s heart, it was what he must do.

Fortunately, Lamar was getting hard pretty fast.  When the Colonel got enough footage of Dwayne gaging and trying to make love to Bradley’s dick he ordered Bradley to string Dwayne up again like he was before.  Bradley was truly praying for a miracle to happen to keep him from having to fuck the boy he’d come to love in a very short period of time.

“I’m sorry, baby brother,— I have to do this.” he whispered to Dwayne.

“No, no! It’s all right, Lamar, trust me. You have to fuck me or he may do something to one or both of us.  I can’t have you hurt because of me. It would destroy me, Sir.”  Dwayne whispered back.

“Are you sure, baby?”

“Trust me, Lamar, it’s the only way we’re gonna’ get out of this alive.”

“You mean you think he’d shoot us?”

“In a heartbeat, big man, and he’d have no conscience about it.”

“I don’t know if I can, child. If I ever fucked you, I want it to be because I love you, not to take it away from you or hurt chu,’ baby boy.”

“Then love me, Lamar!  If you truly love me,— fuck me now!”

Lamar started to move in behind Dwayne,— then he stopped.

“Colonel, Sir?”

“What, recruit?  Just fuck him!  That’s all ya’ gotta’ do!”

“I ain’t never fucked a man before, Sir.  I don’t really know how.”

“What the Hell are you talking about, recruit?  You don’t know how?  It’s simple, you stick tab ‘A,’ your big dick, into slot ‘B,’ the faggot’s ass, and make it go in and out of him; hump him, you idiot!  It don’t take no rocket scientist to fuck a man in the butt for cries sake!”

“But, Sir,— that’s just it, Sir. That ain’t the only problem.  I don’t wanna’ fuck him, Sir. He’s jes' a boy, Colonel.  He ain’t even old enough to be shaving ever’ day.  This jes’ ain’t right Colonel. This has nothing to do with being a Marine, Sir.”

“Are you refusing to obey a direct order, recruit?’

“Sir!  No, sir!  I’s just trying to offer you an alternative, Sir.  String me up, Sir, and fuck my fine, black ass. Let this boy be, Colonel.  I’m will’n for you to take me, instead a’ him, Sir.”   

“I gave you a direct order, recruit Bradley, and you damn well better obey it!”

Sheriff Leland Bard and his men were standing in the shadows listening to Lamar and the Colonel’s exchange.  The sheriff motioned for his men to advance into the barn.  They walked in silently and took their positions. The Colonel couldn’t see them from where he was standing.  Dwayne and Lamar could see them.  Lamar didn’t know what to do, but their presence emboldened his spirit as an answer to his prayers. Thank God, the cavalry had arrived in the nick of time.  He wasn’t afraid to stand up to the Colonel now.

“Naw, Sir, Colonel.  Meaning no disrespect, Sir, I can’t fuck this young boy.  It jes’ wouldn’t be right, Sir.  If you wanna’ throw me out of the Corps for not following an order what ain’t either legal or morally right, then go on ahead, Sir. I don’t wanna’ be a part of something that ain’t right anyways, and if the Corps is filled with officers like you who’s gonna’ order me to do wrong, illegal or immoral things then kick me out, Sir. I’ll take my chances in prison.”

The Colonel reached into his overalls and whipped out his service revolver.

“Fuck him, recruit or you’re a dead man! I’ll feed your black ass to my hogs and bury your bones down by the creek!

“That’s enough, Dunbar! Drop the gun, you’re surrounded on both sides!” Sheriff Bard ordered the Colonel in a commanding voice.  It was the voice of authority, and it said not to mistake his intent.  A look of pure hatred and rage came over the Colonel’s face as he looked directly at Dwayne. He knew he’d been busted,— big time!

“You queer, little son of a bitch!  You set me up!  You’re gonna’ die, you worthless little faggot!” Brad Dunbar yelled at his step-son.
“No, Colonel!  I ain’t a’ gonna’ let chu’ hurt this boy!”  Lamar Bradley yelled to Dunbar in an booming, ominous voice.

Lamar saw the demented rage in the Colonel’s eyes, and in an instant he knew what Dunbar was about to do. With no thought for himself, the black, giant jumped in front of Dwayne to protect him. Before the sheriff or his men could do a thing, the Colonel pulled the trigger. The giant took the bullet Brad Dunbar fully intended to kill his step-son with.

The deputy standing beside the sheriff fired his Taser immediately after the gun went off.  The Colonel’s hand flew into the air and his service revolver went flying across the barn.  Brad Dunbar never felt such excruciating pain in his life. It was like his entire body was exploding with radiated pain from the inside out. He started twitching uncontrollably as his eyes rolled back into his head. As he fell to the ground, he felt his bladder and bowels empty into his coveralls. He lay on the ground twitching involuntarily, like an epileptic might while suffering a grand mal seizure, his eyes rolled back into his head so far you couldn’t see his irises; then, he began to froth and foam at the mouth in great volume. It wasn’t a pretty sight, but all the deputies and men gathered around him to watch the bastard gyrate from his pain. There was neither pity nor compassion on their faces. They didn’t gather around him from morbid curiosity or a cheap thrill. They were there to make sure the filth didn’t get up. They didn’t celebrate the man’s condition, but they were all content he was where he should be, at their boots, writhing in agony.

The sheriff was on him in a minute, lifted him with the toe of his big cowboy boot, then kicked him hard with the heel of his boot to roll him over on his stomach, got his hands behind his back and handcuffed him. Dunbar continued his St. Vitus dance and managed to flop onto his side in an attempt to roll into a fetal position from the pain.  The Colonel’s pompous, self-important, grandiose dreams and delusions of grandeur had, in a few moments, flown away; vanished into thin air.  What was left was an empty, worthless shell of a man who lay twitching in a pile of his own sociopathic crapulence. Operation Side Show Bob was over.

Sheriff Leland Bard went to Dwayne who was sobbing his heart out while holding Lamar in his arms.  One of the other deputies let him down and un-clipped his hands. He went to Lamar immediately and held his big body up against his chest so he could breathe easier. The sheriff handed Dwayne his bandana and told him to hold it in Lamar’s wound to slow the bleeding.  The bullet went through Lamar’s lung and lodged in one of his back ribs.  He was bleeding and in great pain.  Dwayne stuffed the sheriff’s bandana gently into the big gaping hole in his giant’s chest that was bleeding freely.  Dwayne press gently against it to stem the flow. Sheriff Bard took out his cell phone and punched a button.

“Yeah!  I need paramedics and an ambulance out to the Dunbar ranch off Ball road. We got a man down, and I want them here like yesterday, you understand?” He listened for a few moments, “I don’t care where the Hell they are, or what the fuck they’re doing,  if it ain’t a life or death situation you tell them bastards the sheriff said to pack it up and get their ass’s out here muy pronto, if they wanna’ keep their jobs. If they ain’t out here in fifteen minutes,  tell ‘em don’t bother to come to work tomorrow! Do you understand?”

The other men joined the sheriff and his men. Casey and Sidney ran to Dwayne and Lamar to lend their brother their support. There was one final rite left to perform for the victor over the vanquished. It was meant to rob a man of his masculinity, his pride, and his humanity, if any.  It was a ritual so old, it was almost a primitive genetic need to cast out from the pack, the tribe, a member who was considered no longer acceptable for the greater good or purpose of those who lived to sustain and protect their own. It was to say to him and for themselves, you are no longer a part of the whole. You have become as one with the waste from our bodies.  You are worthless.  

“Damnation, gentlemen!  I gotta’ piss like a fuck’n race horse!” Sheriff Bard exclaimed as he nonchalantly reached for the zipper on his uniform. He whipped out his dick and started pissing on the piece of filth that lay before them.

“Damn it, Lee!” Barked Sticker Wiggins at the sheriff, “Now ya’ done went and got me want’n to piss, too!” Sticker sounded angry, but winked at the sheriff as he whipped out his big dick and followed suit.

“I been need’n to bleed my damn lizard for over an hour now. I’m sorry, gentlemen, I jes’ can’t hold it no more.”  Vince Longhorn said as he whipped  out his dick and started pissing all over Dunbar’s head.

“Now,— how can you men go and do a thing like that when I got me a fuck’n bladder full. You know it jes’ makes me wanna’ go, too.”  Sidney Wianright senior added has he started to piss all over Dunbar’s butt.

“It’s as good a time as any I suppose, to take a leak.”  Said Frank Mayhew. Frank all ready had his cock out, and he began to add his to the urinal.

“Is there room for one more at this toilet, gentlemen?”  Asked Spencer Winchester as he pulled his dick out and began to add to the flow.

Curley didn’t say anything he just whipped his out and started pissing on Dunbar’s face that was turned toward him.  The four deputies joined the men  relieving themselves.  The sheriff put the heel of his big boot onto Dunbar’s side and pushed him halfway over to make him lay on his back. Dunbar was looking up though his haze to see ten grown men with their dicks out pissing all over him. They didn’t stop until they soaked him from head to toe in their piss and completely emptied their bladders.

The men allowed the boys to watch, but they wouldn’t let them join in. This was a grown man thing.  No matter what Dunbar’s future was, it was their fraternal right to perform this rite on this maggot. By their action they were acting on their most bass primal male instinct to place Brad Dunbar on the lowest rung of the scale of men.  He was no better than a public toilet for them to relieve themselves.  They took his maleness away and made him conjoin with the waste from their bodies.  In these men’s hearts and minds, Brad Dunbar was no longer a man. He would never hurt one of their boys again.
* * * * * * *

“Casey,” Dwayne spoke to his brother, “please, brother,— grab that towel over there and pop that damn plug out of his butt.”  Casey got the towel, but he wasn’t real sure how to go about getting Lamar’s plug out without hurting him.

“Case,— wrap your thumb and forefinger around the base, like this.” Dwayne held his fingers for Casey to see, “Don’t pull it out slowly.  Just pop it out real fast.”

Casey didn’t know about this.  He didn’t want to cause the man any more distress, but felt his brother must know what he’s talking about.  He surrounded the base of the huge plug like Dwayne told him. Casey gave one good tug on the plug, and it popped right out.  He caught it in the towel.  He knew it wouldn’t be messy.  He watched the big man clean himself before the Colonel came into the bathroom to get his camera.  He and Sidney were surprised how it popped right out, just like their brother said it would.

“You big, beautiful, black son of a bitch!” said Dwayne though his tears, “I done told ju’ I couldn’t bear it if you got hurt and now you went and done exactly what I told ju’ not to do.  Oh, Hell, my, giant man, you done saved my life, Lamar.  I’d be a dead man right now, if’n it weren’t for you. What da’ ya’ say to a man who jes’ saved your life, Lamar?”

“I love you, will do jes’ fine, boy.” whispered Lamar. He was only breathing on one lung.

“I love you so Goddamn much, Lamar.”

“Shuuu, my sweet boy child, Lamar loves you more than he loves his-self.  That’s why he’s willing to give his life for you. You mean more to me, boy, than living in this hate filled world.  How could we ever love each other in a world like this?”

“You can bet chur’ sweet, fine, black ass I’ll find a way, brother! I will make it happen, Lamar.  God sent you to me for a reason.  He sent you to me to protect you.”

Lamar looked deeply into Dwayne’s eyes and saw the boy wasn’t kidding. He was telling Lamar the truth.  The giant didn’t know how he knew Dwayne was telling him the truth, but he understood it, to the core of his being, as truth, nonetheless.

“I believes you, boy. Ole Lamar ain’t never felt as good or safe no wheres like he done with you this afternoon.  It’s silly,— God sending a young boy to look out for and protect a man as big as me and a bit older than you.  Now, why would he go and do a thing like that, you suppose?”  

“I don’t know,— but there was once a young shepherd boy who save a nation and killed a giant with a single rock.  Maybe he wants a boy to take care of one of his favorite giants; a good hearted, big man who ain’t afraid to pray to him to ask his help and forgiveness. A man who’s innocent but knows what love is all about; how to give and receive love in kind.  Maybe he sent you to me just to love me, Lamar.  Hell,— you could do worse.  Maybe he jes’ done gone and give’d ME to you. Either way, you be mine and I ain’t never let’n you go!”

* * * * * * *

The sheriff came over to Dwayne and Lamar again. He could see Lamar was in a bad way, but he felt certain they could save him. He’d seen men wounded much worse in Nam make it.

“Dwayne,— Son,— are you hurt anywhere?”

“No, Sir, I be fine, Sheriff.”

“That’s good, but I want you to go with Lamar to the hospital. I want them to check you out as well.  I want them to recover the Colonel’s semen from you as evidence.  Go just like you are. The paramedics will have a cloth gown for you to put on. Casey and his dad will see you get your clothes later.

Now, men,— I need you to do something for me and Lamar.  Casey you run to the house and grab a couple of old blankets.  You men take his boots and clothes off and hide ‘em in the straw over there. I’ll tell you later why I’m doing this. We ain’t got time right now. Go Casey, to the house!  Now, Son.” He pointed Casey away from them. Casey left immediately to get the blankets the sheriff requested. “Lamar, the paramedics will put you on a gurney and throw some blankets over you so you won’t need your clothes right now anyway.  Will you trust me about this, Son?”
Something in Lamar told him he could trust this man with his life and he would be safe.

“Yes, Sir, Sheriff.  Thank you, Sir.”  he whispered.

“That’s all right, Son. Lamar, I ain’t even gonna’ contact your base until I’ve had a chance to talk with you about what went down here tonight and what Colonel Dunbar done to you. Now, don’t worry, none, you ain’t in any trouble with me. I’m gonna’ try to save your butt with the military, too, but I won’t explain now. Casey’s dad and I were in Nam together.  We know all too well about the fuck’n military, their bullshit and how they play the game.  Trust us, Lamar, they just don’t need to know all we do,— understand, Son?”

Lamar managed a smile and nodded his head to the sheriff.  Now he knew why the sheriff had the boys take his clothes off.  He didn’t want the paramedics or the hospital to know he was a Marine. The sheriff would tell them in his own time.  Lamar had never been treated this nice, had such caring attention shown to him, felt needed and loved, and he only had to take a bullet to get it.  That’s all right, he thought to himself,  he would do it again in a heartbeat for this beautiful boy he had come to love in their short period of time together.  Maybe God was listening to his prayers after all, because his life never had gone as right until he met Dwayne.  Now, maybe some good things will begin to happen for him.  Maybe Dwayne is right.

Maybe God meant for him and Dwayne to come together.  He wasn’t going to worry about it.  At least, now he knew he could see his beloved friend again.  As for the other,— Lamar would make Dwayne wait until his was eighteen before they did anything together. Then, if he still felt the same way they could talk about it.  ‘Two years ain’t a long time to wait when you love someone.’ he thought to himself.  Even then, he wasn’t sure the boy could take him. Dwayne wasn’t a small man, either. He was hung considerably bigger than the Colonel.  Maybe Lamar could teach the boy to love fucking his fine, black ass?  It didn’t matter,— for the first time in his miserable life, he had something of real value to live for. He wasn’t going to fuck it up and he fully intended to fight for it.

No one lost their job, but it took the paramedics twenty minutes to get there; however, there was still time to get Lamar to the hospital to save him.  The paramedics asked who would be responsible for the man’s medical bills.  With a nod from his mate, Sticker Wiggins stepped forward and told them he would.  He gave them all the information they needed to contact him.  They put Lamar in the ambulance, but the big man was afraid and wanted Dwayne to go with him.

One officious little paramedics said unless Dwayne was physically injured he couldn’t ride with them.  Sheriff Bard stepped forward and told them he was, indeed, injured. The boy had been raped repeatedly and he wanted to have him thoroughly checked out, and the semen removed from his rectum as evidence against Colonel Dunbar. Once again, Sticker Wiggins stepped forward to accept responsibility for any medical bills Dwayne might incur.

Dwayne crawled up beside his giant buddy, still buck-ass naked, and took his hand.  One of the paramedics gave him a cotton hospital gown that he quickly put on.  He sat there looking into Lamar’s eyes and could see he was frightened.

“I liked ju’ better when you was buck-ass naked, child.  You be so handsome and fine looking, like a young cowboy should look.  Bet chore’ daddy’s a knockout, too.”  Lamar tried to smile and winced at a sharp stabbing pain that shot through him.

“I won’t wear no cloths at all for you when were alone together, if you promise not to wear none neither so’s I can look at your beautiful, handsome, fine, black body.”  Dwayne spoke softly to him.  The paramedics were riding up front, but could come though a door in the cab of the vehicle if they were needed.  They kept a watchful eye on Lamar and Dwayne.

“I promise not to wear no clothes when we be alone together.” The giant promised like a little boy sealing a troth with his bonded brother.

Dwayne leaned over and gently kissed his giant. Lamar tried to kiss him back, but he was in too much pain.

“I’m sorry, Sir.  I didn’t mean to,— ”

“Shuu,— don’t be talk’n nonsense, boy! You’s jes’ try’n to show Lamar a little love’n and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with that. We jes’ needs us to get Lamar patched up, then he be good as new and can make sweet love to his boy. I knows you love me, boy, ain’t no doubt in my mind. I don’t never want no doubt in yore’ mind, Lamar loves you, too.”

“It’ll never cross my mind, big man,— I promise.”  Dwayne spoke softly to him.  

“That man who offered to pay our medical bills, is he a good man, Son?”

“The very best kind of man, Lamar,— he’s a true cowboy.  I only hope someday to be half the man he is.”

“You will be, Son.  Lamar’s gonna’ see to it.”  He smiled.

Dwayne wondered why Mr. Wiggins would offer to pay for Lamar and his medical bills.  He knew Mr. Wiggins really cared about him, but he felt there might be something more he didn’t know. Cowboys can be a mysterious lot sometimes.  They keep a lot of things to themselves.  They live their lives on a need to know basis.  Right now, Dwayne didn’t need to know;— maybe, tomorrow.  It wasn’t that important to Dwayne and his giant.  Even though they were down for the moment,— tomorrow was a brand-new day.

End Chapter 16 ~ Texas Longhorns
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