By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 21

The next morning Dwayne woke looking into the eyes of a giant, black man in love. Lamar was laying on his side with his head resting on his hand propped up on his elbow. He was looking at Dwayne with the greatest love in his eyes.  He saw Dwayne smile at him, he leaned over and kissed him gently. That resulted in Dwayne’s arms finding their way around his giant and pulling him closer for a good morning kiss. Lamar enfolded his love in his arms and returned his kiss with gentle passion.

“Good morning and happy birthday, young man, ‘cause today you be a man, Son.”

“Thank you, Sir, and a good morning to you.  It’s nice to wake up and see my giant laying next to me. I hope tomorrow morning I can wake up as his bonded mate.”

“I hope you will, too, baby boy, but whatever we do, it’ll be jes’ fine with ole Lamar. You don’t have to worry yourself none about it. You be jes’ fine the way you is. I don’t want chu’ worrying all day. I want you to have a wonderful birthday.”

“I plan to, Corporal Bradley, but I also plan to make damn sure you do, too, Sir.” He smiled wickedly at Lamar.  Lamar looked a bit worried.  Dwayne didn’t push it.

“C’mon, Sir, I’ve got to report for kitchen duty, and I’ll get chu’ a cup of coffee while I help my brother.”

They used the bathroom at their end of the hall reserved for them.  They quickly dressed and headed down the stairs. Dwayne could hear Casey all ready in the kitchen. He’d been out to raid his girlfriends and had a basket of fresh eggs he was breaking open into a large mixing bowl.

“Morning, cowboys,—” Casey turned halfway around to see them, then turned back to his job, “I don’t have to ask if you rested well.” Casey chuckled. Lamar walked up behind Casey slipped his arms around in front of him, gently pulled him back into him and bussed a kiss on his neck behind his ear.

“Morning, little brother.”  Lamar said quietly in a deep bass voice.

“Wow,— thanks for that, big bro. That jes’ made my morning.”  He laughed and continued to break eggs into the bowl.

Dwayne fixed Lamar a cup of coffee and began to clean and cut up potatoes. Casey all ready had fresh ham cooked and was cooking up one whole package of bacon. He figured rightly he was going to have five hungry cowboys that morning. He also figured correctly Lamar could eat enough for two. Vince and Casey came in, fixed themselves a cup of coffee, and sat down to talk with Lamar. He was telling them all about his job as an armed guard for the admiral. Dwayne was standing next to Casey working at the counter as the men talked. He talked in a low voice with his brother.

“That little matter we talked about, Case,— ?”

“Yeah, I’m ready any time you need me, brother.”

“After everyone’s left, I’m gonna’ tell him I have to go shower and clean myself real good.  I’ll leave him with your dad and mine, go up clean myself and come to your room.”

“Do you need any help cleaning yourself?”

“You’d help me with that?”

“Sure, what’s a brother for if’n he can’t help his brother git ready for his big night of bonding with his giant.” Casey giggled. “You flush out most of the bad stuff on your own, gimme’ a whistle, and I’ll come help you. That little exhaust fan in your bathroom works great. Just keep it on full and spray around in there. You don’t wanna’ kill your brother, do ya’?” Casey laughed.

“No, I don’t wanna’ lose my brother.  It’ud be like losing my right arm. Well, you think we can take care of it in the bathroom?”

“No, it’ll be easier on you and me if we jes’ go to my bedroom. That’s were we practiced most of the time anyway. You’ll be more comfortable there.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Good think’n, Case. I ain’t think’n straight today. Of course,” he added laughing, “I ain’t been think’n too straight for sometime now.”  They both broke up. “You’re always look’n out for me, bro, and I love you for it.”

“You nervous about tonight?”

“A little,— not much. After what you and little bit put me through? Holy crap! I’m surprised I have an ass left. My giant will be a ride in the park compared to what you bozos put me through.” Dwayne laughed and winked at Casey.

“We’s jes’ try’n to help you out out, big brother.”  Casey laughed.

“Yeah, I saw that look in little bit’s eyes when he’d lean over your shoulder and whisper, ‘Fuck ‘em! Fuck ‘em harder, Case! Go on, brother! He can take it!’” They broke up laughing.

“That’s only ‘cause he loves his big brother, bubba.” Casey was breaking up.

“Yeah, right!” Dwayne said sarcastically and laughed.

* * * * * * *

Everyone began to arrive for Dwayne’s party. My brother had become one of the most beloved young men in our community. Everyone knew what he went through with the Colonel, but there was little conversation about it anymore. They all admired the way he seemed to recover and go on with his life, even without his mother around anymore. Most knew and were happy for him, his beloved dad was back in his life, and they were beginning to form a new, solid relationship based on respect, love and trust.

Furthermore, they all knew he and his dad were working hard to make a go of the ranch. It became common knowledge his mother let the Colonel run the place into the ground, almost to the point of bankruptcy. They knew the young man had big responsibilities on his shoulders, but seemed to be meeting them with good natured hard work and perseverance. They were also happy for him his giant, black friend who saved his life came for Dwayne’s eighteenth birthday. Beyond that, only a few trusted, loving men in the community knew the other reason Lamar was there.  

Rance took us to the store, and bought enough food for an army. Sticker and big Sidney contributed most of the meat for party from the Lazy 8.  However, they also brought along a large amount of weiners and hamburger patties. Folks could have anything they wanted. Dwayne and I cooked up a huge pot of cowboy beans the day before. It must have been close to five gallons of red beans with onions and ham hocks. People went nuts over them and while everyone got some they were gone by mid-afternoon. We had three big picnic tables we put together with oil cloth covers loaded with all kinds of goodies. We had been working on this day for damn near a week. It was all done, and we hoped we could relax and enjoy the company.  It was a wonderful crowd of loving people.

They all wanted to meet the giant hero who saved Dwayne’s life. Lamar seemed touched by the many genuine thank you’s he received from folks who expressed great love and admiration for his young man. Dwayne was proud of his friend. Lamar was pleasant and well met. The Marines seemed to give Lamar an added maturity he didn’t seem to have a year ago. He gave the impression of a man who was strong, purposeful, and knew what he wanted out of life. Lamar did, indeed, know exactly what he wanted out of life and that was his baby boy; the love of his life. He towered over everyone and all were more than a little impressed by his size. They were also wowed by his equally gentle nature.

As the day passed, Dwayne and Lamar socialized with the folks and got separated from each other for periods of time, but once in a while, they would look up and catch the other’s eyes. Even from a distance their love would pass between them.
Lamar wanted to see my yearling. Dad and I gelded the colt because they always seem make smarter and better roping ponies that way. They would't be distracted by sexual urges. We were walking down to the corral next to the barn and Sheriff Bard decided to join us. Lamar fell in love with the sheriff’s good natured charm and wit like everyone else, but he had a special bond with Sheriff Bard because of the trouble he went through to protect Lamar and keep him out of prison. For that, Lamar would always be grateful to Leland Bard. The sheriff had his arm around Lamar. You just never knew what was going to come out of that man’s mouth.

“Tell me, Son,— you a little worried about tonight?”

“A little, Sir. I mean,— I don’t expect my sweet, baby boy to do some’um what might hurt ‘em.  You knows I ain’t brag’n, Sheriff, but you seen how big I am.”

“Yes, Son, I shore’ do remember.   Ever’ now and then I get the DVD out and go over it again just to see if’n there’s any evidence I missed. A good lawman will do that, you know?” he said winking at Lamar. They shared a laugh. Dwayne was beginning to know when the sheriff was bullshitting him, “Truth is, big man, it’s to prove to myself I wasn’t jes’ dream’n about what I saw.”  The sheriff laughed. “However,— I really don’t think you’re gonna’ have any problems. That boy can take you. You’ll see.  Jes’ you take it easy with ‘em, and he’ll open right up for you,— nice and wide.”  The sheriff smiled at Lamar.

“I ain’t sure, Sir,— but it don’t matter none to me. I love’s him, Sheriff.  I don’t have to have that with him. We kin do other things. I jes’ wanna’ be with my boy, Sir.  My love for him don’t got nothing to do with sex, Sheriff.”

“That’s jes’ about the sweetest damn thing I ever heard a big man say, Lamar, and you know what, Son?  You deserve a fine person to love, and there ain’t none finer than that boy. Lemme’ ask you a question, Son. Do you trust this old man?”

“You know’s I trust you, Sheriff Bard,— you went to the wall for me, Sir.  I’d trust you with anything I own. I’d trust you with my life, Sir,— and I did.  My life was in yore’ hands that night, Sir. You could’ve jes’ as easily turned jur’ back and not been bothered with me. My life would’ve gone to hell. I probably would be in prison right now if’n it hadn’t of been for you. You gotta’ know I trust you, Sheriff.”

“That’s good! That’s fine! Then trust me about this. You take that boy this evening in the same spirit of love I saw you pour out on him in that bathroom video, and you won’t have yore’self  no problems. That boy’s ready to open up for you. He wants you for his mate, Son. He don’t want no other, neither. You take him with strength and love, and you’ll have yourself the best damn fuck of your young life,— I promise you.”

“Thank you, Sheriff.  I’ll do as you say, but you gotta’ know I ain’t about to hurt the boy. I loves ‘em too much.”

“We all know that, Son. We see the way you look at each other. Even his daddy knows, and Rance has no problem with you taking his boy. Hell, Rance’s been fucking him ever’ damn chance he gits in the name of git’n him over the Colonel. ‘Twene you and me, that boy’s been over the Colonel for a good while now.” Sheriff Bard fell out laughing.

I showed my new pony to the men and several others gathered to see and pet him. He was tame and social. He loved people and he wasn’t afraid of them. Some brought him carrot bits for a treat. I was all ready working with him to teach him to be a good roping pony.  He was smart and learned quickly.  We seemed to have a communication between us that was special.

* * * * * * *

Rance was sitting by himself on the bunkhouse porch. Dad and I didn’t have any hands at the time. We pretty much ran the place ourselves. He saw Lamar standing alone and motioned for him to come over and sit with him. Lamar sat beside Rance, and they talked for a while.

“Son,— I know you hear this a lot,— but damn, you’re a big man. Is it my imagination or are you bigger than you were the last time we saw you?” Lamar laughed and lower his head.

“Dwayne wondered if anyone else would notice, Mr. Rance. He noticed right away, and I think he was happy and proud of me for it.  I think it’s funny his dad would be the only one to notice today; like father like son, I guess.” Rance laughed with him. “Yes, Sir, I’m quite a bit bigger. I’ve put on another twenty-five pounds of muscle weight since you last saw me. I don’t never go out on the town when I gits liberty. I head straight for the gym. I don’t wanna’ git into no trouble, so I stay pretty close to the base and saves my money. I go workout, think about the baby boy I loves and how much bigger I wanna’ make myself for him. I done all this for my boy, Sir.

“Damn, Son! You really love my boy that much?”

“A powerful lot, Sir. It ain’t only physical love, Mr. Rance, but I do think my baby boy is the prettiest man I ever did lay eyes on. It ain’t jes’ no crush, neither, Mr. Rance,— I loves Dwayne. He’s a good boy, and he promised me, he would protect me. I know,— ” the big man said shaking his head,— “I knows that sounds stupid coming from a man my size and being six years older’n him; however, Dwayne done told me that,—  and I believes in him, Sir. He’s all ready proved it to me. He done saved my ass jes’ by love’n me, Mr. Rance. The minute he started love’n me, my life began to change, and what might have become a terrible situation for me, that boy’s love and the good folks who know and love him did some pretty wonderful thing for us.”

“You know, Son,— I never stopped to think about it that way, but you know what?  You’re right!  I saw what happened on them videos. I saw the love what passed between you two. I believe you, Son. I believe my boy. I believe you were sent to save my boy, and I believe he’ll save you.”
“I hopes you don’t mind me calling Dwayne ‘my boy,’ Sir.  I don’t mean you no disrespect, Mr. Rance, I knows he’s your boy, but I jes’ like to think on him as my baby boy.”

“Lamar, lemme’ tell you something, if’n it weren’t for you, there’s a damn good chance I wouldn’t have my son to call ‘my boy.’  S’far as I’m concerned, you have as much right to call my son ‘your boy’ as I do. In some cultures if a man saves another’s life, the man whose life he saved becomes his servant. ‘Sides, Son,— after tonight, he’s gonna’ be your boy for damn sure. You ain’t been around him like we have. You’re all that boy can think about. He worships you. You ain’t worried about tonight, are you.?”

“The sheriff asked me that, too. It seems like a lot of folks wants to see us happy in our bed tonight. I think that’s so kind and special of you folks. It ain’t gonna’ upset you, is it, Mr. Rance?”

“No!  No, not at all, Lamar. Ever’ body’s jes’ s’damn glad for the two of you, Son. They wanna’ see you happy together. That includes me, Lamar.  All I want for my boy’n you is to be happy,— and you are his happiness, Son.  He wants to become your boy. He wants to share his life with you. My boy’s dead serious about it. He loves you.  I won’t lie to you. If you two decide to live together, you’re gonna’ hafta’ share him with his old man once in a while, but that ain’t gonna’ be too often. I’ve gotten awful spoiled by that tight little ass of his, and I don’t think I kin jes’ give it up overnight. He thinks he’s got me believing he still needs me fuck’n him to get ‘em over the Colonel. Hell, he was over the Colonel the first night I fucked him.” Rance and Lamar laughed.

“I don’t have no problem with you make’n love to your boy, Mr. Rance.  I might even sneak a peek through the keyhole and watch, Sir.”  They both laughed again.

“Oh, hell, Son, you don’t hav’ta do that,— come in, pull up a chair and watch, I'm sure Dwayne would love it. As for me, I ain’t shy. Don’t make me no never mind,— he’s still gonna’ git fucked.” Rance laughed. “But, jes’ once, Son,— jes’ once,— you gotta’ let me watch you fuck him with that big dick of yours.”  Rance almost fell off the porch laughing, so did Lamar. He thought Rance Harding was one of the finest men he ever met.  He was right.

“I don’t knows if he can take me, Mr. Rance.  I guess you seen on the video how big I am. I don’t never wanna’ hurt my baby boy. I loves him too much, Mr. Rance.”

“I know you do, Son. I wouldn’t let you go with him if I thought you didn’t. Trust me,— he’s ready for you. He’ll open right up for you. He wants you for a mate, Son. Love can do some pretty miraculous things to a body.”

“Sheriff Bard told me the same thing, Sir. I guess I’ll try,--- if’n he offers it to me.”

“If he offers it to you? Woah! Does a frog have a water tight asshole, Son?”  Rance asked laughing.

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Rance,— I suppose'n it does.”  Lamar said smiling.

“Trust me,— he’ll offer it up to you. That’s all the hell he’s been think’n about for the last year. He’s ready for you. He can’t wait to git chu’ inside him.”  

“Well, you knows I won’t hurt ‘em, Sir.”

“I know you won’t, Son, you jes’ ain’t that kind a’ man. Be gentle but firm with him, and you’ll have yourself one hell of a fuck.”
“Thank you, Mr. Rance, Sir. I appreciate you tell’n me that.”

“What’s a dad for, Son?” Rance smiled at him and patted him on the back. “I ain’t losing a son, Lamar,— hell,— I’s gaining me another son,--- the biggest damn son I could ever wish for.”
* * * * * * *

The day came to an end and people slowly left. It seemed like everyone was having a great time and didn’t want it to end; however, it finally got down to dad, Rance, Sticker, big Sidney and our little brother. Dwayne excused himself and told Lamar he was going to clean up; he’d be a while and his brothers would probably be with him. Lamar looked at him, smiled and nodded his head, but he didn’t say anything. Dwayne told him he’d be back down when he was through. The men knew what we were up to. They kept Lamar busy in conversation and listening to their wild stories.

We helped our brother, but it didn’t take us as long as we thought it might. We were finished in about forty-five minutes. We walked back downstairs with him. He sat down next to Lamar, and we joined the men to listen to their stories. After a bit, Sidney said they should take off. They said their goodbyes and wished Lamar and Dwayne well. It seemed like everyone knew this was their first night together, and they wanted them to be happy. Lamar was impressed by everyone’s love, concern, and sincerity.

The five of us talked some more until dad started yawning. I was right behind him, I was about to pass out. It was a long day. I’ve worked on the ranch all day and never felt that tired before. I guess giving a party and having folks over really takes it out of a body. Dad and I excused ourselves and Rance did, too. We went upstairs, I helped dad with his shower, and we went to bed. We heard Rance use our bathroom and go to his room. Lamar and Dwayne were still sitting on the couch talking quietly with Lamar’s big arm around him holding him close.

“Did ju’ go up there with your brother’s to clean yourself like we done that night.”

“Yes, Sir. They helped me.”

“I thought so. They’s good men to do that for you. They love’s you a lot, Son.”

“I love them, too, Sir.”

Lamar leaned over, met Dwayne’s lips and gently kissed him. Dwayne kissed him back equally gently.

“Is my baby boy ready for his man to take him up to his bed and make him his?”

“I am so ready, Sir. You are my man, Lamar. You always will be. I love you so much.”

They kissed once more. Lamar stood, reached down with his two big hands, put one under Dwayne’s knees, the other around his back and lifted him like a feather into his arms. Dwayne was stunned by the big man’s strength. He didn’t feel the least bit afraid Lamar might drop him. Lamar pulled him to him and kissed him again. He turned and carried Dwayne up to the bedroom.  He laid him gently on the bed and kissed him again.

Lamar set on the side of the bed and Dwayne got up to help him with his boots. He helped him off with them, and set them aside. He went to the door, closed it, returned to find Lamar had removed his shirt off and was stepping out of his Wranglers. He turned to looked at Dwayne, Lamar looked down at his penis and smiled. He was about half hard all ready in anticipation. He moved to the bed and indicated for Dwayne to undress. Dwayne turned off the lights and quickly undressed. There was enough ambient light in the room they could easily see each other.
It was a warm, soft, early summer’s night and Dwayne had the windows open. He finished undressing and move to the bed into his giant’s arms. Lamar held him tight as they kissed a more passionate kiss than they had since Lamar came home. They were kissing, Lamar was feeling Dwayne’s body and he was feeling his giant’s. There was so much of Lamar to feel. Dwayne loved to run his hands over Lamar's huge muscular development.  He looked better than any man he'd ever seen in a body building mangazine. Lamar ran his giant hand over his young man’s butt and was going to play with his hole when his hand hit something hard. He felt around and knew immediately what it was. His baby boy’s butt was plugged. Dwayne’s brothers worked with him for months to get the biggest of the two plugs in his butt. It was the plug the Colonel made Lamar wear.

“Is that the plug the Colonel made me wear, boy?”

“Yes, Sir, my brother’s helped me learn to take it so’s when you took me you didn’t have to worry none about opening me up or hurt’n me. You jes’ pops it out when you’re ready to take me and replace it with your beautiful, black dick.”

“You done that for ole Lamar, baby boy?”

“Yes, Sir. I love you, Sir, and I wanna’ be good for you. I want you to take me, Lamar. I want to be the first to take all of you within me and the first to take your come, Sir. You’re my hero, Lamar, you deserve to empty your seed into someone who truly loves you. You deserve to shoot your load into me, Sir. I need for you to, Lamar. I need you to be my man. I want you to make me yours, Sir.”

“Oh, sweet baby, my boy child, I loves you so damn much. If you want ole Lamar to be your man,— he’s gonna’ do his damnest to be what chu’ need.  You be our guide and protector, and I’ll be your strong husband, Son. The men who loves you done told me you’s ready for me. Is that true, baby boy?  Is you ready to give yore’self up to your man, boy?”

“I’m ready, Sir. Please, Sir, take your baby boy. Make him yours, Sir.”   

They made more love and Lamar played with the big plug in Dwayne’s ass fucking him gently with it. He was driving Dwayne crazy as he pushed back to take his man’s gentle fucking.  Dwayne noticed his giant was almost completely erect. Lamar was harder than Dwayne ever saw him, and it was an awesome sight.  Dwayne had just a moments doubt when a wee small voice in his head told him,

‘Now cut that out, bubba! We trained ju’ better’n ‘nat. You can take that big man. You know you can. You’ll do jes’ fine.  Casey and I love you very much.  Make your brother’s proud of you,--- you make that big, handsome. black man feel at home in your butt.’

‘I will, I know I can take him, little bit. I appreciate what chu' and Case done for me. I loves you both, little bubba. There,--- I  done told ju’ I love you,— now, get the fuck, outa' my head and lemme’ be with my man.’

‘I love you, too. I jes’ wanted to wish you well, bubba. Goodnight.’

‘Goodnight, little brother.’ Logan was gone from his mind.

Dwayne knew little bit was gone. He learned the feeling when little bit was roaming and touching his mind. Little bit no longer could hide in the recesses of Dwayne or Casey’s mind and observe. They quickly learned how to detect him and how he felt the minute he touched their minds. Much to little bit’s surprise and amazement, his big brother learned how to lock him out, and Dwayne was teaching his brother.  Casey was learning fast. Dwayne felt little bit knocking on his mind’s door and allowed him in for a minute. He could have just as easily locked him out, but he didn’t.

Dwayne reached over to a drawer in the night table next to the big bed and retrieved a towel and some lubricant. He made a an effort to lube his giant’s huge dick with as much sensuality as he could muster. His man was responding in kind. His giant became like a stallion in rut ready to take his mare in estrus. Dwayne handed his giant the towel. Lamar reached down, surrounded the big plug with his thumb and forefinger, squeezed them around the base of the plug and with one swift, sure movement, popped it out into the awaiting towel.

Lamar was ready with his big dick and placed it at Dwayne’s hole.  He leaned over to kiss his love gently, and Dwayne felt his giant enter him for the first time. There was no problem for the young man. The giant took him with ease. There was no stretching or initial pain, just the wonderful sensation of being filled by his man. His giant felt ten times better than that damn rubber husband his brothers worked him over with for months. This was the real thing. This was what he dreamed about for over a year and a half. This was his man inside his body filling Dwayne with his love. This was his giant whom he pledged his life to protect.
Dwayne perversely wished he’d talked Lamar into making a video of him taking Dwayne to send to the Colonel for a sadistic treat. What the Colonel originally planned as a sadistic fuck for his step-son was now becoming the most sensual and loving experience of his young life. He could feel more and more of his giant entering him. He wasn’t afraid. Dwayne knew beyond a shadow of a doubt he could take all of his man. He could tell his giant was taking him with all the love and compassion in his huge body. The more of Lamar he felt enter him the more relaxed Dwayne became. All the months of work and preparation was paying off and was more than worth it for this moment.

He could feel the ecstacy his giant was feeling to be entering another’s body without them complaining or crying he was hurting them.  It seemed like there was no end in sight for how much of himself Lamar could feed his young man. Lamar was about three quarters of the way into Dwayne and stopped.

“I should probably stop there, child.  'At’s more’n anybody’s ever taken of me before, baby boy, and you feel so damn good. Ole Lamar won’t have no problem coming in your tight little butt with that much in you.” Lamar whispered to Dwayne.

“No,— don’t stop, Sir,— I need all of you. If I’m gonna’ be yore’ bonded mate, I must give all of myself to you, not just three quarters worth, it must be all, and you must take all of me to claim me. Don’t chu’ worry, none, you ain’ta’ gonna’ hurt me. If it starts to hurt, I’ll let chu’ know. I’m clean inside. I made sure, there ain’t nothing else in there so’s I could make room for my giant man, and I need all of him. I want to feel all of your love inside me, Sir.”

Lamar wondered to himself if the boy might, indeed, be able to take the rest of him. He never found anyone who could take even as much of his cock as he had inside his handsome, young cowboy right now. Of course, they were all women who couldn’t even take half of him before crying out. He never thought of trying to fuck a man.  Lamar remembered the sheriff’s words, to trust him,— the boy would open up and take him. He remembered the words of Dwayne’s own daddy. Rance told him his son would open right up for him. Did these good men know something he didn’t about his baby boy? He had to find out. It was too much of a temptation for him and Lamar trusted Dwayne to let him know if he was hurting him.

Slowly, but surely, with strong intent, Lamar sunk the rest of his enormous penis into his cowboy. He had tears come to his big eyes and drop onto Dwayne’s face. It was the best feeling Lamar ever felt in his life. His organ, his manhood, his penis, his male pride was completely surrounded by another person’s body. It was the first time lt ever happened for him.  It was a wonderfully moving moment for the giant.  He leaned over and began to kiss his love. Dwayne felt his ass dilate for his man and he was comfortable.
Dwayne had a smile on his face of a man satisfied with himself.

“Now, don’t chu’ cheat me none, Sir. I need all of you in me.”

“I ain’t got no more to give you, baby boy. It’s all inside your fine, handsome, cowboy butt.  It’s the first time my big dick has ever been completely within another’s body, and to think,— I’m completely inside my beautiful baby boy.  You can’t know what this mean to me, Dwayne.  I never counted on you take’n all of me. I would’ve been satisfied with anything we done.  I didn’t fall in love with you jes’ to fuck you, child.  I loves all of you, boy.  How does yore’ man feel in your little butt, Son.”

“Humm,— my man feels mighty fine, Sir; feels like he belongs there. I think he's found himself a home, Sir. Make a little love to me, Sir, and fuck me slowly.”

Lamar couldn’t believe what just happened and his feelings were running wild everywhere in and on his body. He remembered night after night going to the gym in frustrations dreaming of this boy who lay beneath him, just to hold him in his arms and make love to him would’ve been enough; but this,— this was an unexpected, new and wonderful world. He was beginning to think maybe Dwayne was sent to him. There was no question in Lamar’s mind, he was going to make this boy his mate. He was going to fuck him until he shot his load as far up inside his cowboy as he could get it. He was going to consummate this bonding by shooting his load into his love. He had never ejaculated having sex with anyone before. If he shot his load this time, he would surely make this young man his. He began to slowly fuck Dwayne as he requested.

Dwayne began to writhe under him feeding his ass up to the giant each time he shoved his huge dick in again. Lamar never experienced anything so wonderful and sensual in his life. This was beyond wonderful. His baby boy’s cowboy ass was a glimpse of heaven; the promise land for a physical giant. He was glad now he went to the gym to work out for his baby boy. He felt like a damn bull in rut. He felt bigger, more powerful and stronger than he ever felt in his life as he hovered over his cowboy. He allowed himself to feel like the man he was; like the man he wanted to be; strong, powerful, masculine, virile, and hot as hell at the moment.

He knew he was ready to claim this young man for his own. He felt like he could, indeed, become this boy’s man,--- his husband. Dwayne kept urging him on, more and more with his ass to fuck him a little harder, a little faster. Lamar complied and began to take some test strokes of really long, deep fucking, and Dwayne responded with sounds of pleasure. Was his big cock really bringing the boy pleasure? It never brought anyone anything but pain before. He stopped for a minute with his penis all the way in Dwayne and kissed him gently. He could feel his baby boy pushing his ass up to get as much of his giant’s cock in him as he could.

Lamar would respond by feeding him just a little more until there was nothing left to feed him. Still Dwayne’s ass was trying to get more.
As he kissed his cowboy, Lamar gently withdrew a couple of inches and let the weight of his heavy body slowly sink his blood engorged penis back into Dwayne. Dwayne continued to kiss Lamar and moan deeply in his throat.  Lamar tried again, and Dwayne put his ass up even higher to meet his giant’s thrust. Still he continued to kiss his love and heard him moan more in pleasure. He broke off his kiss, lay his forehead on the bed next to Dwayne’s and spoke softly to him.

“Baby boy,— I’m hearing you moan and sigh. Are you enjoying yore’ man’s big, black cock in your sweet little cowboy ass?”

“Oh, yes, Sir. You feel even better than I dreamed you would.  I’m giving my all to you, Sir.  Take me for your own. I want you to fuck me ‘til you come inside me. I love you so damn much, Lamar.”

“Oh, sweet, baby boy, I loves you, too. You lay back and make yourself comfortable, ole Lamar’s gonna’ see if he can do us some good. I ain’t never done me much fuck’n before, so it might take old Lamar a little while to find his sea legs. You be feed’n that tight, pretty little ass of yours up to yore’ man begging him for more. It’s time your husband takes over the fuck’n and make’s it wonderful for his cowboy.

Yore’ daddy done told me you’d open right up for me and you did. The Sheriff, he done told me, too. He told me if I trusted him to tell the truth, you’d be able to take all of me. I trust the sheriff, but I still had my doubts. I should’ve never doubted ju’ baby boy.  They was right, Son. You feel so damn good to me.  I’m shore’ as hell gonna’ trust that sheriff from now on. Anything that man tells ole Lamar,— he’s gonna’ believe as gospel.”

Lamar pulled out almost to the head of his long, big dick and slowly sunk it back into the depths of his cowboy’s butt. Once again he felt his love push his ass up to meet his thrust. He knew Dwayne was not going to just lay back and let him do all the work.  His man was a cowboy. His boy knew how to ride. He knew his cowboy planned to work just as hard to get his giant’s come as Lamar would to give it to him. Dwayne’s intensity only made the giant’s penis harder. Lamar couldn’t remember a time his dick ever got as hard as it was at that moment. He felt like he could fuck his baby boy for the rest of the night;--- no, for the rest of his life.

Fuck all those crazy thoughts he had about training Dwayne to fuck him in the butt. Lamar knew this was where he belonged.
This was his calling to be this boy’s man. This is where his baby boy belonged,— underneath his big, loving, black, body getting the shit fucked out of him. Lamar suddenly took on a new persona even Dwayne noticed, and it thrilled him. Lamar was going to take care of his boy child; his cowboy. He would provide him with what he needed, and he knew what Dwayne needed right then, more than anything else in the world, was for his man to spill his seed deep within his body. He wasn’t going to waste another minute consummating this bond. Dwayne would be his. With one last long kiss, Lamar conveyed to his cowboy to hang on tight, he was going to get the ride of his life. Dwayne couldn’t have been more ready.

Lamar started to fuck his boy with short strokes aimed at not taking his cock out too far from the warmth and comfort it felt deep in Dwayne’s butt.  He fucked and fucked his boy some more, moving only a few inches out of his ass then slamming back into him. Something clicked within the big man and Dwayne felt it. All of a sudden it was like his giant pulled out all the stops and was learning his best stride in his fucking.  He seemed to find a bigger, deeper stroke was doing the job better for him. It certainly was doing it for his baby boy.  Dwayne could feel himself building toward climax and wondered if his giant was anywhere close. Lamar bellowed out in his deep bass voice.

“I’m claim’n yore’ sweet little ass for mine, boy. That’s my little ass I be fuck'n with my big, black dick, boy. That ass belongs to me! I’m fuck’n my handsome cowboy I’ve loved all year, and I’m gonna’ make him mine tonight. I’m gonna’ shoot my hot, black man’s come deep in your little ass, boy. I’m jes’ about there, Son. ‘At’s it!  ‘At’s it!  Feed that pretty little ass up, good'n hot to your man, boy! Give yore’self to him like you promised! Give it up to me, baby boy!  Yeah! Damn! Yeah!  Offer up  yore' fine little butt to your husband; give him all he wants and needs, Son.  Kiss me baby boy like we done in that bathroom a year ago. Offer your man a little more of your sweet cowboy soul, I’ll give you a little more of my soul and the gift of my love so far up yore’ buckaroo butt, it ain't never gonna' see the light of day. Kiss me, boy!”

Lamar covered Dwayne’s mouth with his and started making furious love to him like he did in the bathroom when he fucked Dwayne’s ass with the plug.  Dwayne could feel the big man’s rhythm building and building. He knew his man was near.  Dwayne felt he could hold his load for only a moment longer.  ‘No, damn it! Oh, God,— there I go! I can’t hold it no more!’ thought Dwayne.
  He began to explode his hot load all over himself and his giant.  Each time his man would pump another stroke into him, Dwayne would erupt again until he had no more left in him.  He was drained; however, Dwayne didn’t miss a stroke and even though he all ready came he still kept feeding his ass up to his man.

Lamar felt Dwayne’s ass clamp down hard on his huge dick as it spasmed in orgasm. Lamar’s entire body began to shudder as his come came rushing up through the length of his big, black penis and began erupting within his boy’s ass.  He was filling his boy with copious amounts of his black man’s come. He was making his boy his.  Dwayne was thinking,  'Oh, God!  Oh, God! Thank you, God! My man,--- my husband is coming in my ass. He's taking me for his own. He's taking me as his bonded partner.  He is my husband, and I will be his mate.'

Lamar shot yet another volley and began to feel light headed it was so hard and sweet. Still they kissed their passionate kiss and Lamar continued to fuck his boy. He was claiming Dwayne’s ass for his own. The giant man shuddered once more and shot his third and final volley into his boy.  He stopped, held his massive shaft all the way within his cowboy, and allowed the sweetness of his cock to pump the rest of his come into Dwayne’s ass.  Once again, at that moment, the two men exchanged a small part of their souls; their essence; their being; their love. They now belonged to each other.

Lamar collapsed on top of Dwayne and pulled him to his side so he could keep his dick in him but still make love to him. They lay there making love for a good while. Once in a while Lamar would pull out a bit and gently shove his big dick back into his baby boy. Dwayne would go crazy and make more love to his giant.

“I done told jur’ daddy, I was gonna’ claim you for my own and make you mine tonight. That wonderful man, he gimme’ his blessing. I told him about how I rarely go out when I have liberty. If I do, it’s only in the day time.  I don’t wanna’ do nothing to get me into trouble so’s I can’t come home to see my sweet cowboy.  I go directly to the gym and works out hard.  Yore’ daddy was the only man to say anything about me being bigger.  I told him I added twenty-five pounds of muscle weight for you, baby boy.  I wanted to look good for my baby boy when I come to him; to hold him in my arms and make love to him.  I agreed to share you with yore’ daddy, boy. He’s a good man, and like I done told ju’ before, you will always serve your little ass up to that good man anytime he wants it, understand, baby boy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yore’ daddy done told me you wanted me to make you mine, and he told me to take you for my own. Tonight you gave yourself to me so sweetly. You’re mine now, boy. You belong to this giant man. I own yore’ ass, Son. I'm yore' big, black husband now.  I don’t wanna’ live without you, baby boy. I need ju,’ cowboy. I wanna' be your man.”

“You are my man, Lamar. You know you’ve been my man since you first kissed me in that bathroom over a year ago.  I never wanted you to let me go then.  I wanted to run away with you, hide us from the world, and have you fuck me as sweetly as you jes’ done. My man fucked me so damn good, tonight. There ain’t no man alive what could’ve taken me better than you jes’ done. My husband is a big, handsome, black stud.  I’m wearing his seed way up inside me.  How did it feel coming inside me, Sir?”
“It felt like I wanted to run outside and shout the stars down from the sky, one by one, baby boy!  It felt like I wanted to sing praises to our Maker, reach up and touch His face with my black hand so's I could thank him for the good man I had beneath me what took ever' bit of my big, black man's dick. Best of all, baby boy,--- It made me feel like a man.  It made me feel like I finally have something to call my own what’s worth having.  Fuck all that nonsense about me get’n my ass fucked. I liked it when it was being done to me, but that was another man I don’t know today.  I don’t never wanna’ do that no more.  That man weren’t the real Lamar, Son.  You’s got the real Lamar up your fine cowboy butt right now. This is what I was meant to be, Dwayne. This is why God sent me to you, baby boy, He done meant for me to be your husband. You need me as much as I need you. You know you needs me to be your husband, and God above knows, ole Lamar shore' nuff needs to be your man.”

“I believe you, Sir. I think we exchanged a little more of our souls with that fuck. That was so much better than the bathroom; although, I’ll remember that all my life.”

“You’re right, cowboy, it happened to us again. I guess that’s why I’m saying all this shit. I get carried away when I thinks about you. When I’m on guard duty I think about you; about your pretty face; I think about your pretty little round butt; I think about holding you in my arms like we’s doing now and making sweet man love to you; I think about tell’n you the secrets of a giant man’s heart; I dream of taking you like we jes’ done, but never thought it might happen. Then I go to the gym and all I kin think of is making myself bigger and better for you, my handsome cowboy. Bottom line is, baby boy, this giant black man loves you, Son.”       

“Oh, God, Lamar, you once told me never to doubt your love for me, and I never have; not once.  During this last year your love has sustained me in my darkest moments. You’re in my every waking thought; you’re in my dreams; I lay awake at night dreaming of what we jes’ done, holding you, and talking softly like we be doing right now, with you still inside me keep’n you warm and safe from the world.  My love will protect you, my giant husband.  I will always protect my mate, Sir. You are my man, Lamar, you always will be.  I love you so much.”

They knew they had become as one even before this night, in the upstairs bathroom of the Harding ranch house. This night only consummated their bond. This night put the final period at the end of their sentence.  Their love was contained within them. Lamar was their strength and power, and Dwayne was their stability and protection.  Apart they were little more than two individuals floundering in an insane world, a world neither one quite fully understood; however, together, they became an imposing force for the world to sit up and take notice of;--- for the universe to consider in its passing.
They lay hooked together enjoying the warmth of their passion, until the young cowboy’s giant, black man began to grow strong within him once more and took him again; this time, as a more skilled and learned lover.  Lamar was beginning to bloom into a man who knew what he wanted, and if offered to him he was going to take it and make it his. It was offered to him, and the giant, black man made this cowboy, this precious boy child whom he was willing to lay down his life for, this handsome, young man,--- his bonded mate. After their third exhaustive fuck, there was no doubt in either of their minds, neither could live without the other in their lives. They kissed once more, but this kiss was one of bonding.  It was one of  gentle understanding; of an all consuming passion for the love within them; a fusion of their souls.  It was as it is;— it is as it was;— the alpha and omega of the universe; the beginning and the end; the power of all creation which reduced to its essence becomes less incalculable than a single kiss.

* * * * * * *

The next morning, Dwayne did, indeed, awaken as his giant, black man's bonded mate.  He managed to suck his man off and took his strong morning come.  It was the sweetest stuff Dwayne ever had in his mouth, and he savored its flavor as he slowly swallowed volley after volley.  He carried enough of his man’s seed within his body to become him. The two men were at peace within their souls; they were at peace with the world. The had become as one with the universe.

They slowly descended the stairs holding hands.  They had to be touching each other in some manner.  They walked into the kitchen to find my dad, Rance, also Sticker, Sidney and our little brother who were invited for breakfast.  They stood there, holding hands, with contented smiles on their faces. Lamar looked at Dwayne; Dwayne looked up at his giant; he started blushing and Lamar started changing colors from dark navy-blue to black and back again.

“Lord A-mighty,— would ju’ look at them two?  Vince Longhorn spoke quietly in awe to the assembled men.

“Incredible.”  said Sidney.

“Awesome, big brother.” said Logan.

“Amazing.” said Sticker.

“I told him yesterday afternoon I weren’t losing my boy to him; I was gaining me the biggest damn son a man could ever wish for. Welcome to the family, Son.” Rance spoke to Lamar.

“Thank you, Mr. Rance. Ya’ll all make me feel like a part of your family.”

I brought them a cup of coffee, and they sat down as close to each other as possible. Our little brother was helping me with breakfast, and dad was cooking up ham and bacon. Sticker was still amazed.  The two men positively glowed.  There was an aura of love surrounding them you could almost reach out and touch; almost like you could take a basket and harvest it. You certainly could feel its presence; its strength; its power, and surprisingly, its gentleness; all the good and wonderful things that goes into the making of the souls of any men of worth.

“Did the sheriff or I lie to you, Son?” Rance asked Lamar wickedly.

“Naw, Sir, Mr. Rance. I done told jur’ boy, here, I’ll believe anything them two men tells me from now on as gospel truth.”

We all laughed with Rance and Lamar. It was a wonderful morning.  Nothing was rushed or hurried. We sat around for an hour or more after breakfast talking about everything and nothing. No one wanted to get up and leave the company of such a formidable presence as Lamar and Dwayne. Little bit and I were more than a little proud of ourselves for having some small part in helping to make our big brother’s bonding to his giant a success.  Little bit and I could only imagine what took place in that bedroom and we bit our knuckles in mock jalousie.

And thus, the giant, black man and his young, handsome cowboy, his baby boy,  set out on their journey through this world together.  They were separated many times over the first several years. Lamar found a home in the Marines and reenlisted for another four year hitch. Of course, he didn’t until there was much discussion with his mate about their future. It wasn’t really such a bad decision on Lamar’s part as it might sound at first. He was home in his cowboy’s arms with every leave he had;  Thanksgiving and Christmas he spent with Dwayne and his extended family in our community. He became a welcome face in many homes over the years.  Lamar, the giant, black man was recognized by everyone in our small community as a man of worth;— a black pearl of great value.
End of Chapter 21 ~ Texas Longhorns
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