By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 22

I didn’t want to go to college, at least not right away. Mr. Wainright and Sticker told Dwayne and I they would pay for our college educations if we wanted to go. It was nice of them, but neither Dwayne nor I was interested in  more school after high school.  Dwayne did eventually attend a local college and took ag courses to help him learn to manage the ranch.

Dad and I continued to improve with our roping, and we were beginning to make some really good money.  The last year before I turned eighteen, we made more from our rodeo winnings than we did profit on the ranch, and the ranch earnings were the highest dad ever made in his history of owning the ranch.  I wanted dad to take all the money and do with it as he needed, but he had other ideas.  He thought because of my talents and working hard to improve I should get half the winnings. I took my half, socked it away in a savings account and just forgot about it.

Mr. Wainright learned from Logan I’d save up a considerable amount of money, and he asked if I wanted it to earn more money for me. Of course I did, I told him ‘sure.’ He told me about a stock to buy he was investing heavily in, and I should buy as many shares as I could.  I did and the next month the stock in the company skyrocketed split and split again.  Mr. Wainright made me a good bit of money.  Money I could use to go to college or whatever I wanted. I took a portion of my money and reinvested in several other compaies Mr. Wainright suggested, and they did better than quite well. The profits from those ventures made me a very wealthy young man.

By my eighteenth birthday, I had my own money; more money than I knew what to do with, to buy almost anything I wanted. My needs weren’t that great. I had everything I wanted.  I was pretty happy and content, but the money kept pouring in from my stock dividends.  I don’t think dad even knew how much money I had or how much I was earning from stock manipulations.  I told him I made a bundle on the several stocks Sidney told me to buy, but I never quoted him a figure.  I was afraid if I did he’d either think I was lying to him or he’d have a heart attack. I asked if he wanted me to invest some of his money, but he declined. I did talk him into going in together to payoff the mortgage on the ranch.

I had enough money to really start speculating without dipping too heavily into my original nest egg. Through the grapevine, i.e. my little brother, I heard Sidney and Sticker was offering limited stock holdings in the Lazy 8 ranch. They wanted cash to expand, improve and modernize the ranch operations. Logan showed me where to look on the internet for the company’s earnings and projected growth perspective.  He thought I should buy into the company. They were only offering a thousand shares, but each share was pretty expensive. I had the money so Logan urged me to buy them all, and unknown to Sidney and Sticker, I bought them. I had to dip into my nest egg a bit, but I still had lots of money left over for my personal use.

My little brother thought it might be best if Sticker and Sidney didn’t know who bought the shares. He also suggested I might consider not telling my dad, because things have a way of getting back. We had other reasons for not telling Sidney and Sticker.  Logan suggested I form a corporation, and buy the shares under a corporate name.  We could seal the ownership and board of directors from public scrutiny for three years. With Logan’s help we became a corporation and we gave it the name, “Hensly Agrocon, Incorporated.”  It contains all the letters of my name.  I would've never thought of it.

Naturally, our little brother came up with it after running my name through an anagram generator. 
I was listed as owner and president, Dwayne Harding as vice president, and Logan Wainright as recording secretary. Logan set me up with an online broker and the deal was done. My little brother pointed out to me the advantage of owning all the shares was, it essentially made me a third but silent partner in the company, and I would reap all the financial benefits as well. Sounded good to me to have someone else I trusted using my money to make us more money. It certainly beat three percent interest sitting in a savings account.

d and I were still rodeoing and winning the big bucks in the larger cash prize competitions.  We roped and won in several Western states except Texas. We never made it to the rodeos in New Mexico, Phoenix, Prescott, or Tucson.  They were too far for dad to travel.  Of course, dad wouldn’t set foot in Texas because of the possibility of running into his dad. Actually, he didn’t know if the old man was still alive or not.  I thought about buying dad and I a new pickup, but I dearly loved old Gertie Lou Gittyup.

Dad and I took her to all the rodeos and she pulled our two horse trailer. We’d load the cab-over camper which, when we weren’t using it, sat on four adjustable hydraulic post.  We’d back Gertie Lou underneath the camper, let off the hydraulic pressure on the posts, attach our pony trailer and away we’d go.  I’d been driving her for about a year almost every day. Gertie and I had sort of an unspoken communication. She had character and personality.  She loved me, and I loved her. I became attached to her and couldn’t imagine selling her for a newer model. Cowboys are like that, they love old boots, old friends and old trucks.

* * * * * * *

I didn’t want a big to-do about my eighteenth birthday. I agreed to let my little brother and big brother plan it, and it was to be held at the Wainright mansion; however, I stressed I wanted it to be a quiet, family affair. Well, they had other ideas and everyone was there. Sidney and Sticker spared no expense to make my birthday one of the most memorable of my life. Dad was amazed but pleased his friends went to such trouble for his boy.

“What do you want for you birthday, Son?”  Dad asked me several weeks before my birthday.

“You know what I want for my birthday.”  I smiled at him.

“Other than that, cowboy.”  he countered with a grin. “You know you’re gonna’ get that, anyway.”  he smiled.

“There really ain’t nothing I can think of dad.  You know me, I don’t have that many needs. I ain’t that interested in computers like Logan.  I’m doing good to e-mail somebody. I don’t want stereo equipment or video stuff.  We’re never home long enough for me to enjoy anything like that.  We’re either rodeoing,  out taking care of stock or over to Dwayne’s helping him and his dad.  A new roping saddle for my pony might be nice. You know mine’s falling apart. I love it and keep repairing it, but its seen better days.”
Dad got me a fine new saddle for my new pony. It was a beauty and handmade by a California leather craftsman. It was so much better than my old one. For all the hoop-la and wonderful presents I received from family and friends the thing I was most looking forward to was my night with my dad. I made it no secret with my brothers and immediate extended family members, I wanted my dad to be my first.

Everyone teased me mercilessly. It was all in good fun, and I accepted it as such. Even Sheriff Bard had a few choice comments. The one that really touched me and got to me the most, was when the sheriff told me he was actually a little jealous of me having my dad take me for my first time. He told me of his deep love for my dad; how close they were in Vietnam; and how much he missed that closeness with him. I thought for a minute the stoic but painfully funny old cowboy was going to shed a tear or two but he didn’t.

Dad and I were talking about the day on the way back to the ranch. There was a break in our conversation for a few minutes. It was like neither one of us wanted to say anything.

“It’s been a long day, Dad.  If’n you’re tired this evening we don’t have to do what we planned.  We can do it another evening. I’d be jes’ as happy suck’n my old man off tonight.”

“I ain’t that tired, Son.  Actually, I’m looking forward to it.  Ain’t had me no good piece of ass of any kind in so long my old dick’s probably forgotten what to do with it.”  He laughed.

“Somehow, I seriously doubt that.”  I laughed. “I hear’d tell it’s sorta’ like riding a bicycle, it comes back to you real quick-like.”  We both laughed.

We got home and I helped him with his shower. It took all my strength of will to keep from sucking him off in the shower; however, I just kept looking at his fine cowboy dick and wondering what it might feel like inside my ass. I toweled him dry and got him into bed.  I excused myself and returned to the bathroom.  I learned from my brother how important it is to keep myself clean. It was just cleaner and more respectful to your partner. It made sense to me. I’d been helping Dwayne once in a while, and I knew what I had to do. When I was satisfied I was clean, I returned to the bedroom to find my dad propped up with pillows reading a magazine. He sat it aside and welcomed me back with his open arms.  I crawled up on the bed, enfolded my arms around him and gave him a kiss.  It wasn’t a passionate kiss, but it was a good one anyway.  He held me for a few minutes stealing a kiss or two.

“Happy birthday, Son, today you became a man. I knew one day this day would happen, but the closer it got the more I prayed to God to rewind the clock so’s you’d be my boy jes’ a little while longer.  He didn’t pay me no never mind, and the day has finally arrived. In one way I’m so fuck’n proud of you, but in another way, it breaks my heart I’m losing my little boy.”

“Awh, Dad,— y’ain’t lose’n your little boy. He’s alive and well; he’s still living inside me. That part of me will always need my dad, but you’re right, today I became and man. I promised you when I first started bunk’n it in with you I wouldn’t have no anal sex until I was eighteen, but I made you promise me,--- you’d be my first. I kept my promise, I’m all clean, and I respectfully request you keep your promise to me tonight. I noticed my old man must be anticipating break’n in a new bronco he’s got his-self a pretty stiff rod down there. I can’t remember ever seeing you quite this hard before, cowboy.”  I kidded him as I grabbed me a big old handful of cowboy-dad dick.

“For four years I ain’t looked at your pretty little ass, so’s I wouldn’t be tempted.  Those four years were probably easier on you than they were on me.” dad laughed. “I figured tonight I could sneak a peak and watched as you left the room a while ago.  That damn thing between my legs has a mind of its own. Its been that hard since you left.” he laughed again.

“C’mon, old man, let’s rodeo. Cowboy up! I wanna’ feel my old man in my saddle. I wanna’ see if you’re as good as ever’ one says you are.”

“Oh, yeah?  Who’s been talk’n ‘bout me?  Only one person I know I been with, and hell, that was in Nam. Ain’t been with no other man but you since Nam. That flannel mouth son of a bitch, he never could keep no secrets.” Dad grinned.

“Yeah, it was him, our dearly beloved sheriff. He told me you used to fuck him so hard, you’d make his damn eyeballs spin in opposite directions; said you had one of the sweetest taste’n dicks he’s ever had in his mouth. I had to agree with him on that one. Of course, I ain’t tried my no others but my brother’s but yours is still the sweetest, Dad.  That old softhearted son of a bitch shed a couple a’ tears talking about chu.’ Told me he was jealous of me ‘cause he knew what a good time I was in for.”

“We was both jes’ kids, scared out of our minds most of the time. I don’t know why we didn’t go crazy;— some men did. Thank God I had Leland Bard for my buddy. We held on to each other so many nights it jes’ seemed natural for us to share love with one another. We didn’t have nothing else but each other, Son. It was horrible, we lived on the edge of fear and looked death in the face twenty-four  hours a day.

We didn’t know if we’d make it back or not. I damn near didn’t. If’n it hadn’t a’ been for Lee I wouldn’ta’ made it back. After they shot my legs off, I lost so much blood try’n to crawl around on my stumps, they didn’t know if I was gonna’ make it back to the hospital. We were wait’n for the next batch of evac-choppers, but they was take’n longer than they usually did. They must’ve had so many wounded it took ‘em a while to unload; I don’t know, we never found out why.

Lee knew we had the same blood type and told the corpsman to transfuse me. He wasn’t gonna’ do it. Lee pulled his bag out of his hand and got out his transfusion hand pump. The corpsman was going after Lee to get his equipment back and Lee decked him; told him if he gave him anymore grief he’d kill ‘em, but he was gonna’ make damn sure his buddy lived whether he did or not.  He told him if’n he didn’t do his job, and I died, he’d find him and kill him anyways. Lee all ready had the needle in his arm and was pumping his blood through the pump.

I guess the corpsman figured this man was serious and better help him. He made sure there weren’t no air bubbles and stuck the other needle in my arm.  They got no way of knowing how much blood they take from the donor except approximately by the number of times they pump the bulb. It must’ve worked, I came to and smiled at Lee. I knew what he’d done without asking.  I was out,— completely unconscious, but I found myself out of my body look’n down at what was going on; I watched Lee do it. It was the strangest damn thing. Leland Bard saved my life, Son. Anyway, I still love him as much today as I did then.”

“Funny, he told me the same damn thing about chu; said he missed that closeness with you; said he ain’t never felt that way about another person in his life. He told me he loves his wife, but it’s different from what the two of you shared.  He told me he weren’t afraid to tell me he still loves you.”

“He’s right,— I know he does.  I can tell the way he looks at me sometimes, and he knows me, too. He can tell,— that’s why I always try to be there or do anything I can for him. I don’t have to, but I do it ‘cause I still love him. That kinda’ love won’t never desert you, boy.”

Dad gave me his hand to help him up on his stumps. Once he got up he could use them to move around the bed.

“Lay on your back, put your handsome, cowboy head on them pillows, pull a towel from the night stand and grab that tube of lubricant in the drawer there, Son.”

I did as he ordered and handed him the two things.

“Now, pull you knees up towards yore’ chest, boy, so’s yore’ pretty little hole is a’ wink’n up at me.”  He laughed. He laughed even more when I made it wink at him.

“I saw that!”  he exclaimed and laughed. “You think it’s happy ‘cause it knows it’s gonna’ git some good, hot, cowboy dick tonight?”

“I heard it jes’ a whistling when I cleaned it out a while ago. It’s pert-damn happy. Its waited a good while for this, and it wanted to make sure it was kissing fresh for my old man.”

“Oh, it is, huh? Put it up here a little higher, boy! I’ll be the judge a’ that.”   

I raised my ass as high as I could  until it was right in front of him. Dad surprised the hell out of me. He grabbed hold of my legs, leaned in and started making love to my hole. His big bushy mustache was tickling the space between my balls and my hole. He was kissing it, and I thought I would go up the side of the wall when he stuck his tongue in my hole as deep as he could get it. He was really getting into eating my ass. It was becoming too sensual too fast. I felt myself building up to a climax.

“You better stop eat’n my ass, old man, or the party’s gonna’ be over pert-damn quick!” I said to him.

He withdrew and smiled as he allowed my legs to lower to a more normal position.

“You’re right, boy, it is kissing sweet.”  He grinned.
No one ever told me about this little fringe benefit.  This was something new to me, but I knew I liked it.  It made me wonder what his hole would taste like.  Dad took the lubricant and began to apply it to my hole.  He worked some in with one finger and it really began to feel good.  He was looking down watching what he was doing, but once in a while he looked up to gage my reaction.  After a couple of minutes, I felt him insert two fingers.  He was stretching my hole and relaxing it to get it ready to take his penis.  By the time he got around to putting three fingers in me it was beginning to feel pretty damn good.  I found myself trying to work my ass to meet his fingers.  He placed his other hand on my stomach area to hold me still.

“Save that for your old man, boy.”  he spoke gently.

I ceased and let him work on my hole.  He continued to put more and more in me working more lubricant in at the same time.  His relentless fucking and massaging my asshole was working.  I felt like I was taking more and more of his hand until he was getting a goodly portion of it in me. Finally he stopped, I could see him playing with his own dick and putting a lot of lubricant on it.  I could tell his had no intention of hurting his boy.

“You ready for some cowboy dick, boy?”

“Hell, yes! Cowboy up! Let’s rodeo, cowboy! Climb in my saddle and ride yore’ pony!”

“I’ll take it kinda easy at first, Son, but it always hurts a little the first time.  After you git loosened up a bit it starts to feel real good.” he reassured me.

He told me to raise my ass just a bit, and I felt the head off his beautiful cowboy dick pressing firmly against my hole.  He was really at a better height than any other man would be on his knees.  Dad legs were cut off slightly above his knees and his height made it all the more perfect for fucking my ass.  He leaned forward and I felt the big head of his dick pop into my ass. He worked my ass so good with his hand I was surprised there was little pain.  I felt him try a little more until it seemed natural for him just to sink the rest to his pubes.

He leaned over,  started kissing and making love to me. He held his big dick in me, kissing me for sometime.  The passion of the moment took my mind off a foreign object being shoved up my butt.  My ass was relaxing until he was beginning to feel at home in my ass.  He tried a small test stroke while still making love to me.  He felt wonderful. I moaned deeply in my throat at the pleasure is penis was bringing me.

“Am I hurt’n you, Son?”

“Lord no, Dad, that was a moan of pleasure.  Gimme’ some more of that, cowboy,— in fact,— a lot more.”

Dad began to fuck me slow and deep.  Occasionally he would take it out a little further then plunge it back into me a little harder.  He kept fucking me over and over again.  Suddenly, something happened,— I know now my asshole dilated and was now fully comfortable with his big cowboy dick inside me.  He began to fuck me using longer strokes slamming it back into me a little harder each time.  Finally he put it all the way in, held it there and made some more love to me. We were kissing and he was gently fucking me at the same time.

“I think your ready for a good ride’n, hoss.”

“Oh, Lord, Dad, this pony’s yours.  Ride ‘em, cowboy.”

Dad didn’t need a second invitation and began to fuck me like he wanted and needed.  He kept slipping on the sheets of the bed with his stumps.  I locked my legs around him and pulled him tightly into my ass.  I could feel him sink deeper into me.

“Thanks, Son, that helps.”

I continued to hold him but gave him enough room to take a larger stroke every now and then with his dick.  Dad was leaning over me fucking me with his arms around and under my waist gently urging me on to his cock with every stroke.  I began to work my ass to give him the best possible ride I could.  He found a steady stroke that was comfortable for him. I was surprised he wasn’t riding me harder and faster like my big brother described for me having gotten fucked by the Colonel and then his dad.  Unlike the Colonel, Dwayne told us his dad, Rance, was not a man who would put his dick in you then race for the finish line to get his rocks off as quickly as possible. He was a man who genuinely enjoyed his fucking, he took great pride and delight in fucking his boy’s ass for thirty minutes to an hour or more each time until he was sure they were both ready to reach a climax.

He said his dad was the difference between night and day from the Colonel. While he thought the Colonel was exciting, he told us his dad won hands down in the fucking department. Dwayne told us the Colonel would  fuck him to get his rocks off as quickly as possible and to hell with his partner. If’n they did, fine; if they didn’t, they were shit out of luck. Dwayne said after the Colonel got his rocks and pulled out of him, it always left him feeling empty and hungry for more; however, he smiled, and told us after his dad got through fucking him he felt filled, sated, and content.  Dwayne said after Rance fucked him he stayed fucked until the next time his dad could take him. He told us even though they might be separated for quite a while, Rance’s last good fucking would carry him through. 

Rance told Dwayne, fucking his boy was like learning to ride a new pony. You ride him until he begins to tell you things about himself from the way his body responds to you riding him. He’s getting use to you being in his saddle and you’re learning about how he likes to be ridden for the best ride for both. After you’ve ridden your pony for a good while, gotten the feel of him under you, you’re both relaxed and sure of each other, only then should you spur him in the flanks and get him to take you where you both wanna’ go.

So it was with my dad, I found out.  He found a comfortable stroke and proceeded to fuck me until I thought my brain would turn to mush.  I found out it was more exciting and made his fuck better for both of us if I worked my ass in rhythm with his stroke, putting it up for him for his maximum pleasure.  It was certainly better than laying back like a dead man.  I could tell he responded favorably from my efforts to work with him.

“Ah, yes, boy,— ‘at’s good.  You’re learning to respond to your old man.  Put it up there for me, Son,— ‘at’s right!  ‘At’s good!  Don’t never made a man have to hunt for your hole, boy.  If he’s gonna’ favor you with his dick you give him the best ride you can.”

Dad continued to fuck me. I could tell this was going to take a while. I relaxed and just kept putting it up there for his pleasure. It suddenly came to me,  that’s what fucking should be about; giving and taking. He’s giving me what I need, and he’s taking from me what he needs. The more I give to him the more I receive from him. I knew I wanted more of his sweet fucking and I was willing to work for it to get it. I renewed my efforts to work with him and felt him fuck me all the more sweetly. I discovered my dad was much like Dwayne’s dad.  He loved his fucking and if you gave your ass up to him you may as well pack a lunch because it was going to be a long trip.  He knew he was a damn good fucker and took great pride in being able to bring someone else pleasure with his stiff dick. He figured if he was going to give them a little pleasure, a lot more would be better. He was right.

He paused for a minute.

“When you asked your old man to take you for your first time did ju’ think this old cowboy was jes’ gonna’ get in yore' saddle and only ride until the eight second buzzer sounded;--- jes’ long enough to win his prize?”   

“I didn’t know what to expect, Sir.  I talked with Dwayne some, but I imagine every man is different.”

“You’re right, Son, but chu’ got an old cowboy in your saddle what likes to take his pony for a good long ride after he gits him broken in real good. You’re jes’ now learning to take to the saddle. You’ll make a fine pony for your old man to ride, so when you gits a hanker’n for some more of my cowboy dick up yore’ butt,— jes’ remember,—  you’re gonna’ get ridden long, deep and hard.”

“Somehow, old man, I don’t think that’s gonna’ be a problem.” I smiled to myself and settled in for some more good cowboy fucking.

After a while I could feel my old man had his fill and was going to ride us to the barn.  He started speeding up his stroke and taking longer, deeper strokes into my ass.  I tried to keep up with him as best I could.  Each time I made a conscious effort to meet one of his thrust I could feel him respond in kind until he found the right speed and stroke to make it happen for both of us.  I never thought I’d be able to come with just my dad fucking me and not manipulating myself.  Boy,— was I pleasantly surprised.  I guess dad hit my prostate gland and continued assaulting it with his rock hard penis until I could feel a climax building in me.

“Ah, Son!  Ah, Case, my boy!  ‘At’s some good fuck’n right there!  Uumm,— some fine fuck’n, boy!  Feel it?  Feel it?  Right there! Yeah, boy, ‘at’s the good stuff.  Feed it to your old man, Son!  ‘At’s it! Work with your old man! You’re doing fine, boy!  ‘At’s it!  Gimme’ more of that!  Ahhhh, damn, that be some good fuck’n right there, boy! I’m gonna’ empty my load in yore’ sweet little ass, Son.  Put it up there for you old man and welcome him into yore’ ass, boy!  Work with me, boy!  Show me with yore’ little ass how much you want this cowboy ride’n to empty his balls up yore’ ass!  ‘At’s it! ‘At’s it!  Ahhrrrgg,— ahh, damn, feel that, boy? Yeah,— ‘at’s your old man shoot’n his hot, cowboy come up yore’ butt; filling yore’ hot little ass up with my come.”

I all ready came all over me and him, too. I felt his dick get harder and somehow it began to feel bigger until it was like he was fucking me with a damn telephone pole. The sensation of his relentless fucking of  my ass and hitting my prostate flipped my come switch to the ‘on’ position and I shot and shot.  I felt my asshole try to bite his dick off when I came. He felt it and responded to it by shooting his cowboy come into me. We lay there for a while with him still inside me. We were making a little love and telling each other how good we were for one another.

“Y’ain’t no virgin no more, Son.”  he said quietly taking another big stroke into my ass.

“I can’t gainsay that, Dad. Damn, that was a good fuck’n for my first one.  I’m so glad I held out for the best, old man. I don’t know how other men fuck, but yore’ brand of cowboy fuck’n is jes’ fine by me, pod’na.”

“Think you gonna’ like get’n fucked, boy?”

“As long as it’s you or a considerate man like yourself,--- ‘yes,’ I think I’m gonna’ like it jes’ fine, Sir.”  I laughed.

He took another long, slow stroke into my ass. Damn, he felt good inside me. I was a bit sad it was over, and yet, I felt filled, sated and content. I was filled with cowboy come, and my dad’s love. It don’t get much better than that.  
“Thank you, Dad, for living up to your end of our bargain and taking me for my first time. I wouldn’ta’ wanted anyone else but you, Dad. Thank you, old man, for that damn good fuck’n. You fucked your boy like a seasoned rodeo rider. Damn, it felt good!”

“Well, Son,— it was jes’ as good for me. I worried a little about taking you for your first time, because it can be the one by which you judge all the other fucks in your life. I talked with several men about it who love us.  They told me they thought it would be better for you to judge all others who fuck you by a good fuck’n from a man who truly loves you than one who simply took you for what he needed and left you to fend for yourself. It made sense to me. I also wondered if I’d have any guilt feelings about it, but you and I have had such a free’n easy relationship for the last four years, I decided guilt wasn’t gonna’ ruin my boy’s first time.”

“Gimme’ another one of them long, slow strokes with that fine cowboy dick of yours, Dad.  Ahhhhh,— ohhhh,— damn that’s fine, old man. I’m glad I waited.”

“Here’s another,— for good measure, boy.  Damn, that do feel good.”

“I love you, old man.”

“God, Casey,— I couldn’t love you more, Son.”

   * * * * * * *

I got the birthday present I really wanted; my dad’s cowboy dick and come up my ass.  It only seemed to solidify our relationship more, and while I maintained a great respect for my old man, I felt even more comfortable and open with him.  After about a year, Dwayne and I talked and decided we wanted to try each other’s old man.  We presented it to them at breakfast one morning in a very logical manner. I told dad and Rance, I thought Rance was one of the hottest, mature cowboys I’d ever met, and I would be honored and proud to catch for him one evening.

Dwayne went a little further and told my dad he’d been in love with him since the third grade when Sadie started bringing Dwayne over to play with me for a weekend. He told dad that’s why he couldn’t ever talk to him much because he was afraid dad would figure out he was queer for him.
He thanked my dad for being there for him when he most needed him. Dwayne told him he was much like Frank and Curley was for him. Since he couldn’t see his dad my dad became his make believe dad until he really began to think about my dad as his dad. He almost had dad and Rance in tears.

Of course as hard as they may look on the outside most cowboy have a soft spot inside when it comes to sincerity and the ones they love. We were pleasantly surprised when the two old cowboys told us they’d talked about it and thought it might be a good idea. Dad fucked me for about a year before we swapped dads for an evening.  When we finally did and I undressed in front of Rance he broke into tears and sobbed in my arms. I wondered what I’d done or said to make a man of his strong reserve break down.

“I took one look at chu, Son, but I didn’t see you. I saw my cousin, Vince’s younger brother, Seth Quee standing before me. It rocked me on my boot heels, boy. I’m sorry, Son, a wave of sorrow and a deep feeling of loss suddenly came over me when I looked at chu. There was no sweeter cowboy ever walk this Earth than your Uncle Seth. I wish’t you and Dwayne could’ve  know’d him. You would of loved him. He had more love in him than any man or boy I ever met, and yet, he had a twinkle in his eye that would get his big brother into trouble with their old man.

Vince wouldn’t let his old man punish Seth Quee for anything. He’d tell his dad it was him what done it and he’d take the lick’n. Seth Quee adored his big brother and it probably hurt him more to know Vince was take’n the lick’n he should a’ been get’n than take’n the lick’n himself.  After a while, Seth cleaned up his act and became a good boy; however, once in a while an impish look would come across his face and me and Vince jes’ knew,— Vince was in for another lick’n from his old man. Afterwards, Seth Quee would cry and cry for his brother and ask his forgiveness over and over again.

Vince told me sometimes he looks at you and sees his little brother looking back at him through your eyes, and it shakes him to his foundation. When he told me, I jes’ thought it was his imagination play’n tricks on him until I seen you a minute ago. Lord a-mighty, now I know what he’s talk’n about.  C’mon, Son, I used to fuck yore’ Uncle Seth until the cows would literally come home.  He couldn’t get enough of my cowboy dick. Let’s us saddle you up real good and take us a long, slow ride. If you’re half the ride yore’ Uncle Seth was, you’re gonna’ be one hell of a fuck.”   

Afterward, my cousin Rance, told me I fucked just as fine or better than my uncle. I know I enjoyed that old cowboy fucking me and Dwayne and I chose to swap dads every once in a while when we could talk them into it. We thought it gave each of them a little treat. Dad told me later he really enjoyed fucking Dwayne, and Dwayne told me my dad surpassed all his childhood fantasies. He really enjoyed the times he spent with my dad.

* * * * * * *

Logan’s birthday came around and of course big Sidney and Sticker spared no expense for his celebration. It was one of the best parties I ever went to. Dad, Dwayne, Rance and me were stumped what to get him for a gift. Even though our invitation stated no gift necessary, we still wanted to get him something. What do you get a man who has everything?  You get him something he or his family would never think to buy for him. We went together and bought him a Western saddle from the same maker who made mine. I think of all his nice gifts our gift meant the most to him. He was stunned but very pleased. 

Even though Sticker and his dad came from cowboy backgrounds and sill believed deeply in the cowboy way, it never occurred to them their boy, as smart as he was, might enjoy some of the things they did. We all ready taught Logan to ride Western, and he sat a pretty good horse.
His saddle didn’t sit in a corner and gather dust. He talked his dad and Sticker into letting him buy his own pony and train it. He decided on a wild blue roan stallion.

Everyone told him not to, but Logan had something going for him other people don’t. Dwayne and I saw him looking at the big horse, but Logan’s eyes weren’t looking at him. He was in the pony’s head talking to him.
To everyone’s amazement the wild horse snorted a couple of time, pawed the Earth like he was trying to stop himself, then resigned himself to walking right up to Logan and putting his head down for him to pet him. Logan had a carrot in his jacket pocket he gave him for a treat.  No one had any further fear of the stallion for Logan. They immediately bonded and that damn pony would do anything for our little brother.

* * * * * * *

Logan didn’t get his cherry popped on his eighteenth birthday. Like me with my dad, he reached an agreement with big Sidney not to have anal sex until he was eighteen. His dad and Sticker asked if he had someone special in mind. He told them he didn't want to say, but he'd decided to wait for a while longer. Either Dwayne or I was willing to take him for his first time if he wanted us. He didn’t. He thanked us sincerely, but he graciously declined our offers.  He explained it was like his first experience with Dwayne and me. He knew what he wanted, and he was willing to wait for it. He was perfectly happy playing hide the little green snake with us once in a while.  As a matter of fact, he didn’t get his cherry popped until he was a little past nineteen, when he very humbly and most sincerely asked the man he wanted to take him for his first time.

One afternoon, several months after our eighteenth birthday, the three of us were playing hide the little green snake and our little brother asked if I’d mind if he went to my dad to asked him if he could suck him off. I remember dad telling Logan a couple of years ago he’d have sex with him if his dad agreed. I told him to go for it, but not to get his feelings hurt if my old man turned him down. If he did,  it was probably because he just wasn’t in the mood, or he had a lot of other things on his mind. Logan left Dwayne and I alone to play with each other.  He found my dad sitting in his favorite overstuffed wingback chair in our room reading a novel, ‘Lonesome Dove.’ Dad saw him come into the room and motioned for him to sit on the bed opposite him. Dad set his book aside to give our little brother his full attention.

“What can I do for you the afternoon, Son?”

“Mr. Longhorn, I talked with Casey and he said it would be all right with him if I came and talked to you for a minute, Sir.”

“That’s fine, Son. Glad ju’ did! You know I told ju’ since your eighteenth birthday you could call me Vince?  What’s on your mind, Son?”

“Please,— forgive me, Mr. Longhorn,— but, for personal reasons I don’t think I could ever call you by your first name, Sir. I wanted to ask you if you’d give me the honor of letting me suck you off, Sir. You told me one time a while ago if I got my daddy’s permission you’d let me. My daddy asks me ever’ now and then if I got up the nerve to ask you. He told me when I thought I was ready I would come to you and ask.  I think I’m ready, Mr. Longhorn, I’ve had lots of practice with my brothers.”

Dad smiled at him.

“Son,— I couldn’t think of anything I’d like more right at this moment. I could shore’ use a fine blow job this afternoon. See that red bandana hanging on that nail over there? Go get it, tie it to the doorknob on the outside of the door and close it; then set the night latch.”

Logan rushed to do as dad told him. My dad sat his book aside, stood up, undid his big rodeo belt buckle, undid his Wrangles, shoved them down to his boot tops, and sat back down in his comfortable chair. Logan returned to stand in front of him to gaze on the cowboy he fell in love with a couple of years ago.  Here he was with his dick in full view. It was the first time our little brother saw my dad’s artificial legs. He prepared himself not to be shocked or show any emotion, but when he look at my old man he almost came in his pants.

My dad’s legs were cut off just below the knee about nine inches. He could bend his knees all right, and his artificial legs were attached to his stumps below.  Dad got an idea to have a couple of legs built with pair of specially made high-top buckaroo boots that came up almost to his knees.  The handsome cowboy boots hid his artificial leg and could be pulled on over the leather seats his legs attached to.  When you saw him without his pants, at first you’d just think he had on a pair of expensive boots that flared slightly because he might have large calves.

“Wow!”  said little bit in awe of his hero.

 Dad smiled, put out his right hand, Logan took it and dad pulled him toward him.

“Come, Son,— don’t be shy. Git on yer’ knees, and git chur’self a big ole taste of cowboy dick.  I don’t know’s I have to tell you what to do, you been messing around with them two yahoos long enough.  Help yore’self and make it a good’un for both of us.  Chow down on it, boy.”  Dad smiled at him.

“Thank you, Mr. Longhorn, this is a real treat for me, Sir.”

“Let’s see what chu’ got, Son.”

Dad told me later our little brother attacked his dick like a starving beggar late for a feast. He said he was enjoying it so much he made Logan hold back two of three times before he let him have his come. When he did, he said Logan sucked it down like it was the finest thing he’d ever tasted. Logan told me later, it was the finest thing he’d ever tasted; it was the finest thing he’d ever had in his mouth.

Thus began a regular thing between my dad and our little brother. Logan wouldn’t push it, but if he decided he couldn’t do without my dad’s cowboy come a minute longer he’d once again ask my permission. I never told him no. He’d go off and get his prize. Weeks would go by and he’d be perfectly satisfied with us. Then, Dwayne and I could tell when he was beginning to need my dad again. Once in a while, dad would walk through a room look at us and speak to Logan.

“Son, ain’t chu jes’ a little over due for some cowboy dick?”  he smile as he asked Logan.

“I believe I am, Sir. I know I’d shore’ nuff appreciate some, Mr. Longhorn.”

“Well,— git chur’ ass on up to my bedroom, put that red bandana on the doorknob and I’ll be right along.” Dad would smile and wink at us.

Little bit would jump up like he was shot out of a gun, and headed for the stairs. Dad would go up and get his dick sucked. He loved our little brother as much as he love us. After the first afternoon our little brother sucked dad off,  Logan drove home and entered is home.  He yelled out he was home and he heard his dad holler at him they were in the kitchen. Logan walked into the kitchen to greet his dad and Sticker. They took one look at him, looked at each other and fell out laughing.

“What’s so funny?”  Logan asked.

“Got chur’self a big ole taste of cowboy dick today, didn’t chu, boy?”

Logan didn’t have to answer his dad. His face told them all they needed to know.  His embarrassment only made them laugh harder.  Sticker held out his arms to Logan and he moved into a big embrace from his wrangler.  Sticker kissed him on the forehead.

“We know you been want’n a taste of that cowboy’s dick for a good while and we’re happy for you. You couldn’ta’ picked a better man to share yourself with.” Sticker told him.

“We were wonder’n,— jes’ curious, mind ju,’ is Vince Longhorn the man you’re hold’n out for to pop your cherry, Son?”  his dad asked him.

Once again Logan didn’t have to answer his question. He could read minds, but he couldn’t control his natural animal responses.  He blushed beet red. The two men laughed again.

 “Look,— we’s jes’ kidding you, Son,— we’ve suspected for sometime that’s who you’s holding out for. All I can tell you is,— you’ll be glad you did,— I guarantee you, it’ll be worth the wait, Son.  It’ll be jes’ like today,— when you built up enough nerve and finally decided the time is right to ask Vince Longhorn if’n he’d let you suck him off, when you’re ready,— you’ll ask him to pop your cherry.  Once again, I’ll tell you,— you couldn’t a’ picked no finer man to take you for your first time. I know Vince Longhorn well, and I know if’n you asked him right nice and proper-like he’d be happy to do it for you.”

Logan moved to his dad’s arms, gave him a hug and a kiss.

“I loved and admire him so much, Dad.  Sometimes I’m afraid ‘cause I don’t want Casey pissed off at me for loving his dad.”

“Well, that’s jes’ plain silly, boy. Casey ain’t possessive of his dad for a minute. Besides, there’s room in both them cowboy’s hearts for you. Look what chur’ brothers done for you.  Look what chu’ done for them.  I don’t know how many times Vince Longhorn’s told me and Sticker how much he loves you. He’s stop saying it in front of you ‘cause he don’t want you to think he’s out to make you. He ain’t that kinda’ man, Son.  He’ll sit back and wait for you to come to him. Take it from us, Vince Longhorn thinks the world of you. Hell, he’s all ready given you a free ticket to ride by letting you suck ‘em off.” big Sidney told him and Sticker nodded his head in agreement.

* * * * * * *

It was three months past our nineteenth birthdays when Rance came home for a visit. He told Dwayne and I, he was down two hands, and he needed another two good hands to help with rounding up and transferring some new rodeo stock for the company. We’d be out in the hinterlands on a huge ranch in Montana cowboy’n for several days, and would we be interested in helping out until he could get another couple of hands? He said he would pay us handsomely because he needed us like yesterday.

For the last several years I never left my dad by himself for more than one night at a time.  A couple of times I left him for two nights, but I’d get Spencer Winchester to sub for me and give him a hand.  He could do without a shower for one night, but he didn’t like to go longer than one night before cleaning himself. God knows, I begged him many times to go several days without a shower, but he’d just laugh at me and shake his head.

Our little brother was there listening to Rance discuss it over dinner with Dwayne and I. Dwayne told his dad he’d love to do it. I started to tell him the same, but I thought about dad. He saw me look at him. I caught myself before I said anything.  I just looked down at my plate and continued eating. He knew I wouldn’t say a thing. He knew I wouldn’t consider going.

“How many days would they be gone, brother?”  Dad asked Rance.

“Can’t rightly say, brother.  I’m guess’n six to eights days maybe more.” Rance replied.

Dad looked at little bit. I knew immediately what was going through his head and couldn’t have approved more.  He spoke to our little brother.

“Son, you think yore’ daddy and head wrangler would let chu’ come over here and stay with this old man for a few days? It would mean sleeping with me to give me a hand in case the house caught on fire, or in another bedroom if’n you don’t wanna’ bunk it in with me. I need someone to assist me with my legs and in the shower.”

Dwayne, Rance and I laughed at our little brother.  He damn near fell off his chair.

“My daddy don’t have to give me permission, Mr. Longhorn. When I turned eighteen he sat me down and told me I was old enough to be making some decisions for myself.  He told me he would trust me to make the right ones.  I know in my heart, without a doubt, this one would qualify in his mind as a right decision. Of course,— you know I’d be honored to stay with you, Sir.”

“Then, there’s no problem, Son. You can go,— thanks to your little brother.”

Dwayne and I yelled and went to little bit, hugged and kissed him to thank him.  Logan told us later he was the one who should be thanking us. We laughed with him. As it turned out we were gone for a little over three weeks. Dwayne and I loved it. We had a chance to live and work as real working cowboys. It might not have been so romantic if we didn’t have other lives to go back to; however, we were living a dream for three weeks and wallowing in our good fortune.

Rance didn’t lie to us, he paid us handsomely and gave us a bonus at the end of the job. He told Dwayne and I he’d hire us on permanently if he could. We gave it serious thought, but we had too many other obligations. Our little brother stayed with my dad the whole time. Dwayne and I laughed when we returned,  we didn’t think little bit was going to give him back to me.  He finally got the cowboy he loved to take him for his first time and every night after that.

Dad said he let little bit suck him off the first night. He offered to reciprocate, but Logan told him ‘no.’ He didn’t want my dad sucking him off. He explained to dad it wasn’t because he didn’t think he’d enjoy it, it was because of his love, admiration and respect for my dad.  He wanted it to be only one way with him. He just wanted to do it for my dad and not expect anything in return but his love. The next night they were laying in bed and little bit asked if he would like for him to relieve him?

“No, not tonight, Son. I appreciate and love you for asking, though.”

“‘S’all right, Mr. Longhorn.”

“Son,— I asked yore’ brothers why you haven’t asked someone to git chur’ cherry. Them two’s loyal to you like they was joined with you at the hip.” dad laughed, “I asked yore’ daddy and head wrangle, and they told me you were holding out for a special man. They wouldn’t tell me nothing else. They said they didn’t know; said y’ain’t never told ‘em. Is it me you’s hold’n out for, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Longhorn, but it’s okay if’n you don’t want to, Sir, I’ll understand.”

“Woah, hoss! Easy there, simmer down! Don’t be setting yourself up for no disappointment, Son. If’n you want something from a man, I know you know how to ask him for it; jes’ like you asked me one time to suck my dick. A man’s much less likely to turn you down, if’n you ask him right out.”

“You’re right, Sir.  Mr. Longhorn, would you please consider taking me for my first time. It would be a great honor and privilege for me if you would, Sir.  I want my first time to be with a man I love and respect, Mr. Longhorn, and outside of my dad and Mr. Wigginas, there ain’t no man I love and respect more’n you, Sir. I didn’t know if I’d ever get a chance to ask you, but I was gonna’ hold out as long as I could on a slim chance you might.”

“Why didn’t chu’ ask me before now, Son?”

“I didn’t wanna’ push it on you, Sir, and I was worried about Casey feeling bad if I asked you. I wouldn’t do nothing to hurt my brother.”

“He knows that, Son. He was the one who suggested I have a talk with you about it. We have his full blessing. I’d be the one who’d be proud and honored to take you for your first time, Son.  Ain’t never been asked to fuck a man with such respect and consideration.  You wanna’ git in there to the bathroom and clean yourself?”

“Naw, Sir,— don’t need to. I all ready done it, Mr. Longhorn, on the slim chance I might git up enough nerve to ask you or you said something to me like you done.”

“Slip them boxers off, Son, and git over here into this old cowboy’s arms.”

Little bit lost no time shucking his boxers and getting into my dad’s big cowboy arms. Dad told our little brother he slept nude and had no problems with little bit sleeping in the raw with him. Logan politely declined. He patiently explained to dad he had his reasons, and it had nothing to do with modesty. Dad took our little brother in his arms and started making love to him. He finally moved his hand down to his firm little butt to play with and tease his hole. His hand felt something hard and flat. He knew immediately what it was.

“Is yore’ butt plugged, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Longhorn, I put it in there. It’s not the big plug. It’s the smaller one Lamar put into Dwayne’s butt on the bathroom video.”

“Still,— that one’s plenty damn big.  How’a my gonna’ fuck you if’n yore’ ass is plugged, Son?” Dad asked joking with our little brother.

“You pop it out jes’ before you’re ready to fuck me, Sir, and you don’t have to worry none about stretching me or nothing.  You can jes’ start in to fuck’n me, Sir.”  Little bit answered seriously.

“I see.” said dad musing for a moment, “Sounds like a pretty damn good idea to me. Let’s us see if’n it works.”

Dad got a towel from the night stand and his tube of lubricant. He got up n front of Logan on his stumps and positioned himself. He told Logan to hold his legs and raise his ass up a little higher to make it easier for him. Little bit did as he asked. Dad heard me talk about taking Lamar’s huge plug out of him. He knew what to do and popped it out of our little brother’s ass. He sat it aside, positioned his cock and gently but firmly sunk it into him to the base.  Logan let out a moan like it was the best feeling of his life.

He visited his brother’s mind while Dwayne was getting fucked by the Colonel, but it was nothing like this.  Logan had the big cowboy dick of his dreams soaking deep within his ass. Dad told me later, Logan was right, he started fucking him right away with no discomfort to him whatsoever.  I got the feeling my old man was hinting he’d might like me to try wearing that plug. I’ll have to check with my brothers on that.

Dad fucked Logan almost every night they were together, and little bit couldn’t get enough of my dad’s fine cowboy dick up his ass. He would go to bed wearing his boxers; however, my dad would chastise him and make him take them off.

“Git’ them damn shorts off’n you, boy! And, be quick about it! ” he sternly ordered Logan. “You sleep naked with me for the rest of the time you’re here, understand?  What if your man decides he wants to stick his dick up yore’  little ass to tear his-self off another fine piece during the night or simply to warm up his old dick for a while? I don’t wanna’ hav’ta’ worry none ‘bout no damn boxer shorts.” Dad told him.

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Longhorn. I understand, Sir.”

Logan didn’t hesitate for a minute. He knew my dad was serious and shucked his shorts pretty damn quick.

“I knows you got that damn plug in yore’ butt!  It don’t make me no never mind. It’s fine with me. You don’t have to hide it. I kind a’ like seeing you wear it. It sure as hell beats having to work so long to loosen up somebody’s tight ass. If’n you choose to wear it, wear it with pride, boy! Be proud of it! I’m flattered and pleased you think enough of this old man to do that for me. You deserved to take a little pride in yourself. I’m sure as hell proud of you.”

Dad told me Logan started glowing like a light bulb. Logan told Dwayne and I confidentially my dad fucked him so damn good he thought if he should die in his sleep he wouldn’t ask to go to heaven, he all ready had a taste of it here on Earth. He told us he was so glad he waited.  Mr. Longhorn was worth the wait.  Our little brother was a changed man when we returned. It was important to him my dad be his first. My dad knew it and helped him step across the threshold of his youth into manhood. Once again his dad and wrangler knew the minute he walked in the door he got his ticket punched; and, punched good. There was a maturity and sense of purpose about him in the way he walked and spoke, and his face was still glowing. Nothing bothered him.

Little bit subbed for me many times after that. He never passed up a chance to stay with my dad. He didn’t fall in love with dad as a lover might. He didn’t see my dad that way. Logan was so impressed by the way dad handled Brad Dunbar the day he got into my dad’s face, he fell in love with dad, right then and there. He considered him like a second dad from the first time he announced to all of us he loved my dad. He respected and revered my dad as a role model; a mentor or a father figure he could look up to and emulate; much like the way his dad thought about and loved Frank Mayhew. His father couldn’t have agreed more. If his boy had to pick a man, a role model to love, Sidney Wainright was damn glad it was Vince Longhorn.

End Chapter 22 ~ Texas Longhorns
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