By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 23

Having been given the opportunity, by Rance Harding, to play cowboy for several weeks was like a dream come true.  I don’t know how many times my brother and I talked about working on a big ranch where you could ride your pony for miles into the back county; where there wasn’t any roads or houses as far as the eye could see. We got our wish, to experience the world of a real working cowboy who lives it day in and day out, month after month, year after year.

It was a totally different world which existed in another concept of time. The pace of time itself seemed to slow down to a crawl. Perhaps it was because it was bone tiring, hard work, but we slept better and more soundly than we ever did in our world. We also ate pretty damn good. The food was simple and basic, but it was hearty, tasty, filling, and there was plenty of it. You could eat as much as you wanted. Dwayne went back for seconds a couple of times, but I never did.

We felt like we were living a ‘Twilight Zone’ experience where we were shot back in time to the turn of the century of the eighteen hundreds.  Cowboy life hasn’t changed much since then.  It was hard, rough, dangerous, sometimes down right uncomfortable back in the old days, and it still is today. Even though we were provided the modern convenience of toilet paper, Dwayne and I never before had to squat and shit in an open place where a rattlesnake or some other varment could sneak up and bite you on the butt.

It was an incredibly humbling experience and made you very thankful for modern conveniences. No matter how important a man’s position on a ranch might be, every man is reduced to the same level when they have to squat to shit.  At that ungraceful moment you become the same as any other cowboy on the range; no better or worse than any common man.  Oh, yes,— and we learned one very important lesson the hard way; never squat with your spurs on.

The most impressive thing to us was to lay out in the open under a huge canopy of stars with no lights, no clamor, or noise of civilization; just the occasional low of a heifer, calling to her dogie who got lost among the herd in the dark. It almost became a religious epiphany for Dwayne and I. It was like the sky became the ceiling of a holy place, the whole Earth became a huge cathedral and we were humbled by the magnificence of its grandeur. As you lay there you realize just how small you are in the scheme of the universe. I dare any man who is a non-believer to spend one night under the stars, alone, far away from civilization and not consider there just might be an intelligence behind it all.

Dwayne and I found ourselves doing something we rarely did at home,— we prayed. First of all, we thanked Him for all the things we could think of that seemed important to us; we said thanks for the good-hearted, loving folks in our lives whom we were blessed with, and for our loved ones and good friends. We didn’t ask for material things; somehow, they just didn’t seem important out in the middle of nowhere. We asked for health, strength, wisdom and the courage to stand up for what we believe in.

When we returned after three weeks in the saddle, Dwayne and I were changed men. Everyone commented on how much more mature we seemed. We even noticed it ourselves.  Things that might have bothered us before made little difference to us now. Frank, Curley, Mr. Wainright, and Sticker all new why we seemed changed. They knew what living the cowboy way could do to a man, even if it was only for a brief while.

I was so damn glad to see my old man again. I hadn’t spent anytime away from him for more than an overnighter at Dwayne or Logan’s since my mom died. When I did spend the night with one of them, it was difficult for me to sleep because my old man wasn’t laying next to me. When I first saw dad coming down the stairs to greet us upon returning, it was like I was seeing him for the first time. The man I saw standing before me was much younger than the man I left two weeks before. My sense of time and my concept of it seemed to expand from my narrow adolescent view to a greater acceptance of a larger picture and my relationship to it and him.

My dad was only sixteen years older than me; he was thirty-five years old. It seemed like the older I got, and the more experiences I matured from, the gap between our age difference began to grow smaller. I came to look upon being thirty-five as just the beginning of man’s mature life. I’ve come to believe if a man doesn’t have his shit together by the age of thirty-five, he never will. In thirty-five years, my dad married, had a son, fought a war, owned his own ranch with no mortgage, raised a son, and was a pillar of a small community. Not many men can claim that at any age.

After I returned, when dad and I went to bed that night, I was as horny as a bull in a pasture of fresh heifers. I told him I really, really needed one of his good, cowboy fuckings. I told him after three weeks without a good cowboy fucking I was sure my asshole grew shut.  He had no problem obliging me, but as he was lubricating my hole and stretching it, he kept talking about how convenient it was to just pop the plug out of little bit’s ass and just start fucking him right away with no problem. I began to wonder if he was hinting he wanted me to wear a plug. I didn’t really mind, if it was something he wanted. I know Dwayne swears by his giant’s plug.

“Why do you wanna’ wear it?” I ask him, “It couldn’t feel that good to you.”

“I don’t do it for me, little brother, I do it for my giant. I wear it around for a while, it stretches my hole, and he don’t haf’ta’ loosen me up none. He can jes’ shove his big ole dick in me and start fuck’n me right away. I guess I do it partly for me, ‘cause when he’s making love to me, I don’t wanna’ haf’ta’ wait for him to stretch my hole to get inside me. I want that big, black dick inside me like it was yesterday, and you’re wrong about it not feel’n good, bubba, it’s gotten to where if feels pert-damn good in my butt.

Lamar puts it back in my ass after he’s through fuck’n me to keep me open for him in case he wants to tear off another piece during the night. Sometimes that black stallion will fuck me two or three times a night. I think he’s try’n to make up for lost time. S’all right with me if he is. I’ve gotten so use to it, I can sleep with it in me all night.

I’ve had to learn to sleep with it most of the time. After the first time I wore it for my old man, he popped it outa’ my butt and went right in to fuck’n me.  Dad thought it was a great idea.  He loved it, and told me I’d wear it from now on if’n I expected him to fuck me. I certainly don’t wanna’ do without that old cowboy’s fuckings.  Hell, them’s what keeps my head screwed on tight.  I’d be lost without him to lean on when my husband’s away.  Bet chur’ ass I’ll wear it. I can usually count on my old man take’n his-self another big ole help’n of my cowboy butt during the night.”

“I hate to admit it, brother, but what you’re say’n makes a lot of sense to me.  Dad would never ask me to do it, I don’t think.  He’s never asked me to do anything he wouldn’t or couldn’t do himself.  He might like it if I chose to do it, but he’d never ask me. It ain’t something I’d really have much problem with if’n it would please him. You really sleep with that big thing in your butt all night, bubba?”

“Shore’nuff do, Case,— I don’t wanna’ make my giant haf’ta take the time to loosen me up if’n he wakes up during the night and gits a hanker’n for another piece of his boy’s butt. I want him to take it when he wants it. I don’t want him to havf’ta’wait for it. He can pop that plug out, shove his big ole dick in me, fill me up, I relax, and I’m ready for another one of his good, giant fuck’ns.  I sleep with it when my dad’s with me, too.  I don’t wanna’ take no chance of have’n him cut me off, even temporarily. I depend on my old man’s fuck’ns.”

“I git the idea dad would like it if I started wearing the smaller plug.” I told Dwayne, “I think he’s hinting he’d like for me to wear it. I don’t know how many times he’s told me how great and convenient the plug was in little bit’s ass. If’n it would please my daddy, I’m gonna’ do it. Would ju’ help me learn to take it, brother?”

“What’s a brother for? Of course I will. Pay backs are a bitch, bubba.” Dwayne laughed, “Jes’ kidding, little brother. I taught little bit to take it. He couldn’t take it by his-self the first couple of times neither. It ain’t easy if you don’t know what chur’ doing.”

“I’m gonna’ ring my little brother’s neck.”

“No, you ain’t!  You’re gonna’ buy a nice thank you card and sent it to him after you learn to take it.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it, bro.”

“I would! What chu’ got to bet, boy?”

“Oh, no you don’t! I know you! You’d never make a bet unless you thought it was a pretty sure thing.  Okay,— I’m gonna’ have a heart to heart talk with my dad tonight, and if I get the idea he’d like for me to wear it, I’ll ask you for help.”

“Sounds like a plan, bother.”

* * * * * * *

As it turned out, my dad must have really missed me. He was as frisky as a new born colt and grabbed my ass several times while we were fixing dinner that night.  I loved for him to feel my ass.  Then he’d make a funny sound, “Mmm-mm!” like it was the sweetest thing he’d ever put his hand on. He only started doing it after he took me my first time. Now he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of my butt. It was all right with me. I figured the more he played with it, the greater my chances were I’d get to ride that fine cowboy dick of his. Since I didn’t have anymore school, he wasn’t so strict about how late we stayed up. We sat down to eat dinner and began to talk about things.

“I’m real pleased and proud of you for taking my little brother for his first time, Dad. To hear him tell it, he was sure he heard the angels sing. He really loves you a lot.”

“I know, and I felt bad because I forgot our agreement I made with him before we set Dunbar up. I told him all he had to do was asked me. He did ask me to let him suck me off, and I really enjoy it when he does. Little bit’s a damn good cocksucker. He kin get me off in nothing flat. He don’t ask me too often.  When he does, I drop whatever I’m doing and let him have his-self a big ole taste of cowboy dick.”

“Dwayne and I’ll laugh at him. He’ll be moody and sort of cranky for several days, and we can’t do nothing to please him.  That’s when we kick him out of my room into the hallway, point him toward your room, pat him on the butt, give him a little push in your direction, go back into my room and lock the door so’s he can’t get back in.”  I laughed. “When he comes back he’s a different man.  He’s relaxed, witty, social and loves everybody. We kid him too much about his affection for you, but he can get in some pretty good shots at us once in a while.”

Dad laughed with me.

“You really liked him wear’n that plug in his butt?”  I asked him seriously.

“Oh, hell, yeah!  He kept wearing his boxer shorts to bed so’s I wouldn’t notice it. After the first time I took him, I made him sleep without them damn shorts. I told him I liked to see that plug in his tight little ass, and I didn’t wanna’ have to wait for him to shuck his underwear if’n I decided I wanted me another piece of ass during the night.”

“He slept with it in him?”

“Ever’ damn night.”

“Did you ever fuck him again during the night?”

“Yeah, five,— no,— seven nights. All I had to do was pop it out of his little butt, slam my ole dick in ‘em and go to fuck’n!  No mess, no fuss! When I was through fuck’n him,  I cleaned his ass and shoved it back in. A couple of nights I fucked him three times.”

“You horny old goat!” I laughed at him, “Are you hinting you’d like me to start wearing that plug?”

“No,— not at all! No,— absolutely not! It was jes’ something I thought you’d get a kick outa’ hear’n about. I wouldn’t ask you to do that. You’re jes’ fine like you are. ‘Sides, I done told ju’ I’d never ask you to do something I couldn’t or wouldn’t do, and I’m jes’ too damn old to even think about stick’n one of them damn things up my butt. Besides,— I do ninety-nine point forty-four one hundred percent of the fuck’n around here anyways, and I like it that away jes’ fine, thank you!  Ain’t never had me no man’s dick up my butt since Nam, and you know who that’ud be.”  

We shared a laugh. I knew all too well who it was.

“I know you wouldn’t ask me to do it, but would it please you if I did?”

“Well, Son,— I’d be a damn liar if I said it wouldn’t,— but chu’ don’t have to do that for me. I’m happy with you jes’ like you is.”

There was a long pregnant pause, then I laughed.

“You are so full of shit, old man.”  I laughed at him. “Admit it, cowboy, you’d love for me to start wear’n that damn thing.”

“Naw,— now don’t go put’n no words in my mouth! I never said that! You asked me a direct question, and I gave you a direct answered as honestly as I could. Did ju’ want me to lie to ya’?”

“Naw, Sir. You ain’t never lied to me that I know of.”

“Never have,— never will, neither! You don’t have to wear it jes’ ‘cause I think it’s hot. I ain’t even suggesting it,— but if’n you did decided you wanted wear it, I wouldn’t tell you not to. You’re a grown man now, Son, you make your own decisions within certain parameters of our relationship. I’ll always be your dad no matter how old you get, and when you’re living here with me, you’ll abide by my rules and respect me as the final say in most things.”

“I do anyway.  I’d never think of doing nothing without running it by you first.  You taught me to respect you, Dad, and I do; however, y’ain’t never fucked me two times in one night since you been fuck’n me. Would it git me another good cowboy fuck’n during the night?”

“Jes’ might.” he grinned.

I knew at that moment, I better put in a call to my big bubba.  I began to make it a habit of cleaning myself before I assisted dad with his shower.  I went upstairs to my room, undressed and walked to the bathroom.  I laughed when I walked through the door.  Sitting on the cabinet where we keep towels and grooming stuff was the plug, like someone just forgot to put it away. Yeah, right!  I knew my little brother didn’t leave it out.  He’s almost obsessive/compulsive in his habits. Was this another hint? If it was, it was about as subtle as a train wreck. I got to thinking it must really turn my old man on if he was being that obvious.  Hell, if it does, then I wanted to please him.

After I finished cleaning myself, I lubricated my ass real good, put some on the plug and tried to sit on it with the lid down on the toilet. I tried and tried,— God knows I tried, but I just couldn’t get it in. It was just too damn big. It felt like it was gonna’ split me in two. It gave me a new appreciation for my big bother taking the larger one. I decided to call it off when there came a small knock on the door.

“Case,— it’s me,— can I come in?”  It was my big brother.  The cavalry arrived just in the nick of time.

“Sure, bubba, c’mon in.  Man, am I glad to see you. You couldn’t a’ picked no better time to drop by.”

I was more than a little glad to see him. He chuckled when he saw the plug all greased up,  sitting on the toilet lid.

“I think little bit’s start’n to teach me how to reach out and touch somebody’s mind. I was over to the ranch, laid down on my old bed to rest for a minute, concentrated on you, and my ass started hurt’n like crazy. I thought, ‘Wait a minute! It ain’t your ass what’s hurt’n, it’s my brother’s.’ I ran out of the house, jumped in my truck and got here as soon as I could. I knew you were try’n to put ‘tat damn thing in yore’ ass.”

“I believe you, bro, because I been a’ think’n hard about chu’ and was about to get my cell phone to give you a holler.”

“How long you been try’n to get it in?”

“About forty-five minutes to an hour. I’ve tried everything. I was think’n on git’n a shoe spoon.”

We laughed.

“Well,— you should be loose enough by now.  Let’s go to your bedroom, and I’ll put it in for you.”

We went down the hall to my room. Dwayne told me to lay on my back and grab my legs like I was going to get fucked. He lubed the plug real good  and began to work it into my ass. He wasn’t gentle, but he wasn’t hurting me either. He was being strong, forceful and sure in what he was doing. His strength of resolve made me trust him, and I was convinced my bubba would get that plug in me.

He began to open me up wider than I think I ever had been. He would screw the plug into me until I thought it was going to split me in two, then he’d back off and start it all over again. He was really working my ass hard and not being too gentle, but I wasn’t afraid of my brother hurting me. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. I never saw Dwayne so masterful and strong in what he was trying to accomplish.
I had no doubt in my mind that plug would soon be in my ass. I don’t know how it happened but my body caught on fire with a passion I can’t describe. I never experienced anything like it before.  Although it was stimulating, and kept me hard, it wasn’t a sexual thing I felt.  It was more like a passion to complete a rite of passage. It became something I had to accomplish. I found myself working my ass back with every sure stroke my brother was giving me. I could feel my ass start to dilate to receive even more of the big plug.  I saw a smile come across Dwayne’s face.

“Won’t be long now, cowboy.” he spoke softly.

I was working my ass even harder.  Dwayne was right with me, strongly urging me to take it with each screw into my butt. I could feel it wanting to go into my ass.  I could feel ‘it’ wanted to go into my ass; I wanted it to go into my ass; I desperately needed it to go into my ass; I couldn’t stand it a moment longer not being in my ass; I had to feel that big plug it in my butt. My ass fully dilated, took one big gulp, and the plug disappeared into a world where the sun don’t shine.  I could feel my ass sliding down the other side until it hit the smaller base.  There was no pain, just a moment of mild discomfort, and bamm,— it was in!

I was hyperventilating a little.

“Oh, God! Oh, bubba!  Hoe-lee shit and shinenola! What a feeling!  Damn, that don’t feel too damn shabby, neither, bubba!  Fuck,— it feels great!”  I exclaimed softly when my body finally stopped shaking.

“See?  What’d I tell ya’?  Was your bubba right or what? You want me to pick up that thank you card on my way home?”  He grinned wickedly at me.

“I’m think’n candy and flowers, bubba.”  I laughed. Dwayne roared with laughter.

“Here!”  He took my towel from my hand, “Let me clean you up and you’re all set; but, first, lemme’ seat it.”  Dwayne took the thumb of his right hand, put it to the base of the plug, pushed and told me to push back against the pressure of his thumb with my ass. When I did, I felt it move into my ass the rest of the way and lock into place. It felt even better than before. My brother cleaned off any excess lubricant, offered me his hand, and pulled me off the bed into a standing position. He threw his arms around me to steady me and stole a kiss. I hugged him, thanked him and returned his kiss.

“You all right, Case?”

“I be fine. I can’t believe what you jes’ done. That was phenomenal. You really know what chur’ doing, Dwayne.  Impressed the Hell out a’ me!” I laughed.

“Yeah,— remember on the bathroom video, Lamar told me there would be a point when he was trying to get that very same plug in my ass, when I would jes’ know,  it had to go in my ass, and I couldn’t live a moment longer without it being inside me?”

“Yeah,— I guess that’s what I just experienced.  I just knew it had to be in my ass at that very moment.  My ass opened and gulped it down.  This don’t feel too bad. I think I could get use to it.”

Dwayne laughed at me.

“Hell,— bet chu’ that box of candy you sleep with it tonight.”

“Naw, I’ll jes’ buy you a box for helping me, ‘cause you’d probably win the bet anyways. Will it be that hard to get in me if dad tries to put it back?”

“Nope,— yore’ ass has all ready dilated to it’s size and accustomed itself to it. Here, I’ll show you.”

Before I could say a word he reach down to my butt, grabbed the plug and popped it out. I didn’t feel a thing. One minute it was in me, the next minute it was out. Dwayne place the point at my asshole and simply popped it back in again.  Nothing!  I felt no pain, no discomfort,— nothing!  I was filled with the plug again.

“Oh, darn,” Dwayne looked at his watch, “I gotta’ run, Case. I’m gonna’ miss my curfew if’n I don’t get on the road. You’ll probably need me to help you another couple of times, then you’re on your own. You won’t have no problems after that.”

“Thanks again, bro.”  I said as I pulled on my Wranglers and boots to walk him downstairs with my butt fully plugged. It felt funny, but it also felt good. I walked him to his truck.

“I’ll call you in the morning, bubba.” he told me, “Love, ya.’”

“Love you, too, bubba, and thanks.” I told him.

“What’s a brother for, Case?”  He smiled real big.

I went back into the kitchen to finish cleaning up. I was just about through when dad walked in the back door from the barn.  He’d been out there for about an hour or more getting the stock fed and bedded down for the night. We were suppose to have a big electrical storm during the night. I figured he saw my brother’s truck drive away.  He walked over to me, pushed his body up against me, and moved his hand down to feel my ass. He found what he was looking for.

He began to press in on the plug gently, but strong enough it sent shockwaves of sensuality through my body. I felt him ease off and then push in on it again. He was gently fucking me with it. It felt wonderful and the strong male odor of his body mixed with the fresh smells of the animals in the barn was too intoxicating.

Dad started kissing me on my neck, grabbed my hand and placed it on the front of his Wranglers where I could feel his raging hard dick. That damn plug really turned my old man on. I think he was the hardest I ever remember him being.  Damn, if that plug brought him that much pleasure, you can bet your ass I was going to learn to wear it.

“You through in here?”  He breathed in my ear.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Wanna’ watch a little T.V. for a while?  Check the news?”

“Sure, dad.”

We moved to our entertainment room. We fixed it up the way we wanted it. We didn’t think about visitors relaxing and enjoying the room. It was our room to enjoy. Dad bought a fairly expensive black leather couch we loved to lounge on and watch TV.  We had all kinds of pillows and blankets we could throw over us if we got chilled, and there was a huge fireplace where we burned wood in the winter. Dad stretched out on the couch, grabbed the remote and turned the T.V. on. The couch was big enough we could lay sideways with him holding me and be comfortable. He was all ready laying on his side, it was his sign he wanted me lay down in front of him.  
“Take yore’ clothes off first.”  He demanded.

I did as he ordered and set my clothes and boots near a wicker chair in the corner. I walked back and lay down in front of him. Immediately his hand went to my ass and started playing with my plug. It got my dick roaring hard. He was nuzzling my neck from behind with his big bushy mustache.  

“Ju’ do that jes’ for me, hoss?”

“Who else would I be doing it for?  Ain’t no other person in the world I’d do this for, but you.  However, there’s method to my madness,— if’n gits me another good cowboy fuck’n during the night it’s more than worth it. As much as I can see it turns you on, I’ll damn well learn to wear it. I’ll wear it with pride cause my old man likes me to wear it.

“That’s the spirit, Son. That’s the way I raised you. You’re a good boy to wanna’ please your old man like that, and I love you for it.”

“Well, if you need proof of how much I love you, put chur’ hand down there, grab yore’self a big old handful of longhorn dick to see how hard I am, then fuck me a little bit with my plug.”  I chuckled.  He wasted no time getting his hand down there and playing with my plug a little more.

“How’s it feel?”  He asked softly.

“A hell of a lot better’n I thought it would. I didn’t believe Dwayne and little bit when they told me it felt pretty damn good. Well, they were right. It does feel pert-damn good. I don’t think I’ll  have any problem get’n use to it.

“Great!  That’s good to hear! I think you’ll grow to like it as much as I like seeing you wear it. Damn, it’s hot.”

We watched a little more T.V. and went upstairs to our bedroom to get him ready for his shower.

“Dad, would ju’ fuck me first, and then I’ll take you to the shower?  You know how much I love your smell you after a hard days work around here, and you’re pretty damn ripe tonight.”

“Sure, Son.” I helped him undress and get his legs off.  He got up on his pillows and made himself comfortable. I crawled up on the bed next to him, and he took me into his arms. His big cowboy dick was roaring hard. I couldn’t remember seeing it that hard before.  We kissed a good, gentle kiss, and once again, his hand snaked down to the plug in my butt. This time he very lovingly and gently fucked me with his hand, pushing on it, then letting it resume its normal position. We continued to kiss, and he continued to fuck me with the plug. After a while it was beginning to feel way too good.

“You better stop that, old man, or this show is gonna’ be over pretty damn quick.”  I told him. I could feel myself building up to climax. He chuckled like a mischievous school boy.

“Okay, get around here and hit the position.” he ordered “Before you do that, grab a towel and the lube outa’ the night stand and grease up my dick, boy.”

This was something new, ordering me to grease up his dick.  Before, he always greased his own dick, but now he wanted me to do it. It was jes’ fine with me, I love my old man’s dick. I lubed it up good for him. He was standing on his stubs and holding on to my knees. When he was satisfied I lubed him well enough, he raised my legs and I grabbed them. He reached around the base of my plug, popped it out, caught it in a towel, set it aside, positioned his rock hard penis at my backdoor and rammed it all the way home to the base.

Damn, it felt good! He was right!  I really liked this!  There was no pain or discomfort whatsoever.  No muss, no fuss! He started into fucking me pretty hard right away, but I stayed right with him; I met him stroke for stroke. Something seemed to have changed in my old man. He was still his old loving and concerned self, but now, he was fucking me with a decided gusto; a new dedication.  Somehow, I got the feeling this fuck was for him and me to bond, on a little higher more mature level. He wanted me to enjoy giving it up to him as much as he was enjoying taking away from me. I felt his passion and met his every stroke no matter how hard he fucked me.

I knew this wasn’t going to be one of his long enjoyment fucks. He wanted his come in my ass as fast and as hard as he could shoot it into me, and I wanted it just as bad. I could feel him shudder as waves and waves of his hot cowboy come shot into my ass. I can’t remember him ever shooting that much into me before.  He was hot tonight. I shot equally as hard. My come sprayed all over him and me. We were dripping with come. We lay there together with him kissing me gently, telling me what a good boy I was to give it up to him like that, and how much he loved me.

Finally he withdrew and told me to hold my legs up a while longer.  He grabbed the white towel next to him, took the plug, positioned it at my hole and popped it back in as easily as he popped it out.  I was stunned.  There was no pain nor discomfort, but my ass was filled with my plug again. This might not be so bad after all. It felt wonderful to be freshly fucked by your cowboy dad, but having that plug shoved back in my butt to keep his come safe inside me was sort of the icing on the cake. It was highly erotic to me, and it felt wonderful. I was beginning to understand my old man’s fascination with it.

I got him into his wheelchair and took him to the bathroom. I stepped into the shower with him and bathed him good. He took the cloth from me and cleaned around my plug real good, but once again he took the opportunity to fuck me with it a few times. I was beginning to get use to his playing with it, and it really turned me on. I toweled him dry, assisted him getting back into  his wheelchair, and I took him back to our bed.  I held the chair for him as he moved himself over onto the bed. I crawled up along side of him. He took me in his arms and held me for a while. We made a little love, but I couldn’t believe he was hard as a rock again. What got in to my old man?  He was like a stud pony who smelled a mare in estrus.

“You need some more a’ my butt, old man?”  I asked him quietly. I was amazed.

“Naw,— I had enough,—  don’t wanna’ wear you out.”

“You ain’t gonna’ wear me out. I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but I shore’ as hell ain’t complaining about it none! I definitely like it. If it’s this damn plug, I’ll wear it ever’ fuck’n night. I’ll live with the damn thing up my butt if’n it pleases my old man.”

“Well,— it does please me very much and ‘yes’ I would like some more of my boy’s butt; however,— don’t tell me you want more if’n you’s ain’t ready for this ole cowboy to mount chu’ for a good long ride in yore’ saddle ‘cause I feel the need to fuck my boy good.  That last one was jes’ a must git come shot.  It was jes’a warm up,— this one’s gonna’ be for the love of fuck’n.”

“Bring it on, cowboy!  Cowboy up! Git in yore’ pony’s saddle, he’s ready for you to ride him down the longest trail you can find.”

I got into position, dad popped out my plug and slammed his dick into my ass to the hilt. I felt like my old man was at home in my ass. He felt different. He felt like he was claiming my ass for his own. My ass was his as far as I was concerned.  He wasn’t kidding, it turned out to be one of his longest fucks to date. I could see the digital clock on his dresser, and he fucked me for and hour and forty-five minutes. I made damn sure I was right there for every stroke. I stayed with him the whole time. I was so ready to come, by the time he decided to ride me to he barn.  I once again shot all over both of us.  When we finished, he cleaned my ass up and popped my plug back in. Without asking, I knew he expected me to sleep all night with it in me. What the hell, may as well start getting use to it now.

I managed to drift off to sleep. The plug almost acted like a tranquilizer.  My ass felt more than well fucked, and I had it stoppered with a huge plug my dad put in my ass.  I was sound asleep, when during the wee hours of the morning, I felt my plug pop out. I thought I’d lost it, but I didn’t.  It was my dad.  He lay on his side in the spoon position, shoved his big cowboy dick in me and fucked me again. This fuck’n was so relaxed and unhurried. He was wonderful. When he finished he shoved my plug back in, and I went back to sleep to dream wonderful dreams.

I didn’t wear my plug every night, but I wore it a lot. He even wanted to put it in for me every evening when we planned to play around. Dwayne showed dad how to put it in me without any discomfort.  Dad got better than Dwayne at it. He could have that damn thing in me and seated in five minutes flat. He loved it, and it continued to turn him on. I got so use to wearing the plug I began to have serious thoughts about moving up to the next size. I knew it would be a surprise that would trip my old man’s switch.

* * * * * * *

As time passed, dad and I were doing better than all right financially. The ranch was really paying off, and we were winning the big money roping in the larger rodeos. We became pretty well know in the Western states.  We couldn’t go to Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott or some of the larger rodeos in New Mexico. We never went into Texas. I talked dad into hiring a couple of hands to take care of the place when we were gone. We were trying to rely on the goodness of neighbors, my brothers, and friends.

We couldn’t keep imposing on our friends and neighbors. We were going more and more so it made sense. If something made sense to dad, he would do it. We had to clean out and fix up the old bunkhouse, but we got a lot of help from our cousin and my brothers. Spencer and Donna thought it was a great idea to hire a couple of hands and they were there helping. Donna found some nice little curtains for it that gave it a nice touch.  When we were through it was downright homey.

Frank and Curley recommended a couple of middle aged cowboys who were friends of theirs. They had known them for many years and they were unhappy where they were.  They wanted another job where they didn’t have to live off the back of their ponies anymore.  They were a couple like Frank and Curley, but you’d never know it. They were both fiercely rugged individuals. They rarely ever argued, but they had different opinions on just about everything; except, when it came to the bedroom.

The bigger of the two, Bodey Petrie, was the undisputed husband and Flynn Dade was his mate. Bodey was a big, muscular, good looking man who looked like he was born to be a cowboy. Flynn was smaller, but built like a fire plug.  After consulting with his mate, Bodey would make all the decisions for their life together. It was understood between them long ago, Bodey would always make the final decisions. Any disputes between them were always settled by Bodey quietly reminding Flynn of his place. Flynn would shut up and say, “Yes, Bodey, I’m sorry, Sir, you’re right.”  and that would be the end of it.

It took a big man to swallow his pride and acquiesce to his mate’s masculine ego, and Bodey certainly had an ego.  That was part of why Flynn loved him and what attracted him to Bodey in the first place; the other, was what lay warm between Bodey’s massive thighs. Flynn knew to continue riding Bodey’s big, thick cowboy dick, (say that three times real fast) he had to subordinate himself to Bodey and accept him as his husband.

If Flynn wanted Bodey to be his mate he was told over and over not to commit unless he was sure he was willing for Bodey to become his husband, with all it implied. Flynn was not to become Bodey’s wife; however, he was made to understand, he would be subordinate to Bodey the rest of their lives together.  Flynn also understood his opinion mattered, but he would have no say in Bodey’s final decision.  

You could tell it was rough on Flynn sometimes, but Flynn reaped his reward in the bedroom. For all of Bodey’s need to control his mate he truly loved Flynn, and wasn’t a miser with his affections for him. Bodey took his roll as cowboy husband for his little partner seriously, and he damn well expected Flynn to accept his roll as subordinate mate to him just as seriously. Whatever decisions he made that went against what Flynn thought they should do, Bodey would make damn sure he took extra special care of his little buddy for several days afterward.  He would show Flynn lots of love and attention until he convinced him nothing was more important or better for him than Bodey’s love and big dick.

After about four or five days and nights of getting fucked senseless by Bodey’s big cowboy dick, Flynn could care less what decision Bodey made. Bodey would fuck his little buckaroo buddy and make love to him until he got Flynn to admit Bodey’s decision was the right one.  At that point, all Flynn knew was he did the right thing by agreeing to submit to Bodey and become his mate.  He knew in his heart he couldn’t live without his big cowboy by his side.  The pride he had to swallow many time, was worth it to keep his man; his cowboy husband.

They were both hyper-masculine men and unless you knew them really well, you’d have no idea they shared the same bunk every night; and sometimes Sunday afternoon if there wasn’t a lot to do around the ranch. They fell in love with me and my dad and would do anything in the world for us. They were good men and fine ranch hands. We paid them a better wage than they ever made anywhere else as cowboys; so being cowboys, they were loyal, hard working, and devoted to me and dad. They also had a fondness for my two brothers and dearly loved Rance Harding.

Everyone came to love Rance Harding.  Having his boy in his life and having a great job which not only paid well but he enjoyed, changed Rance from a temperamental hot head to a more thoughtful and considerate man. He could still get hot under the collar, get in a man’s face, and threaten to kick his ass if he pushed him too far.  Very few tried.  The couple of men who did, never tried a second time.  Rance didn’t suffer fools readily.  Rance enjoyed his job so much Sticker said he probably would’ve done it for free. Rance agreed with him.    

Dad and I were doing so much traveling going to rodeos, the old camper just wasn’t comfortable anymore. Poor dad couldn’t get around in the camper very well without his legs. He would have to sleep with his clothes and his legs on sometimes. Every time we turned around, something else was breaking or going bad and we’d have to fix or replace it. Dad and I were pretty handy fixing things, but it was nickle/dimeing us to death.  We were putting more money into it than it was worth. We gave it to a young cowboy who wanted it for his truck.  He was happy to get it.

One of Sticker’s hired hands with the rodeo stock company went through a messy divorce, and he had to get rid of his big recreational vehicle, quick.  Rance told the man he thought his two cousin’s might be interested if the price was right. It was big, luxurious, comfortable and everything worked. I called it the houseboat on wheels. It was like staying in a Ramada Inn for dad and me after the small two man camper. It was a lot better than Motel Six. It had a good size, powerful motor that could easily pull a double horse trailer. Best of all, it had a large bathroom area where I could  take better care of my old man, and the hallways and doors were big enough for a wheelchair to pass.

The man was only asking four thousand and to pay off the note on it. He didn’t have but five payments left. I felt bad about it and gave the guy and extra thousand. It was more than worth it. It was an expensive vehicle. He was most grateful. My dad and Sticker approved of my gesture. I paid off the note and it was ours, free and clear.  They never used it very much. There were many things that no one ever used before. It was spotless and pristine. Even giving the man five thousand plus about sixteen hundred in payments due, we practically stole the damn thing from him.

Dad and I were doing so well we started teaching classes for anyone who wanted to learn to rope. We did quite well with it, but we still were going to the bigger rodeos and winning everything we entered. I was really excited about our prospects for the future.  I mentioned to dad a couple of time about going on the rodeo circuit for a year and leaving the place in little bit’s care. Logan hung around us and Sticker so much he began to understand what it took to run a ranch successfully and make money from it. He was also imparting a lot of his knowledge to me.  

A couple of Logan’s suggestions about greater efficiency and larger volume of stock paid off handsomely.  Dad began to talk things over with Logan.  Little bit seemed to be slowly trying to understand his dad’s holdings and could easily apply his knowledge to our operation.  He tried a year in college and did really well.  He was going for a degree in nuclear physics; however, he dropped out of school from boredom after one year and came home.  He knew more about the subject than the professors who were trying to teach him.

Besides, he told us he missed his family and his brothers terribly. Dwayne and I would get five to ten e-mails a day from him. After he got back he practically moved in with us for a while. He wasn’t officially living with us, but he was around a lot. He insisted in chipping in for food whether he was there to eat with us or not. I was a little surprised dad took his money. We certainly didn’t need his money.  By that time, dad and I were quite well off.  

I asked dad about it later, and he told me sometimes you have to let a man pay his way so he’ll feel he ain’t taking advantage of you. It makes him feel more comfortable when we start to fix dinner, and we ask him to join us. He’s always welcome, he knows he will always be welcome,  but dad said he needed to do it. For a man of the Earth my dad could really amaze me once in a while with his knowledge of people.

* * * * * * *

Logan’s dad and Sticker sat him down and talked with him one afternoon about a month after he returned from school. They were worried because he wasn’t making plans to return in the fall and didn’t seem to be interested in doing anything else right away.

“Logan,” Sidney began, “you may be fool’n your brothers and several other folks, but you ain’t fool’n this big cowboy or me.  You’re hopelessly in love with Vince Longhorn and have been for sometime.  It’s time you started thinking about your future, about what you wanna’ do with your life, Son.”

“I mean no disrespect, Dad, but you and ever’body else is wrong!” he exclaimed heatedly. “My brothers are wrong!  They kid me mercilessly about my love for Casey’s dad,— say’n I got an adolescent crush on him. I ain’t never denied I love him, to you or them,— I love and respect Mr. Longhorn. I ain’t  blow’n smoke up your or Mr. Wiggins’ butt, neither. Yes,— it’s true,— I love Mr. Longhorn, but I ain’t ‘in’ love with him. I ain’t the one Mr. Longhorn needs, and it would be downright foolish of me to think or hope there might be a chance for anything between him and me.  To be honest,— and here’s the biggest rub,— it ain’t never even entered my head.  Why the hell should it? I get all the love I want and need from Mr. Longhorn.  Neither him nor my brothers is selfish with their love.  I know in my heart Vincent Longhorn loves me, and he knows I love him.

I never leave that man’s house without him telling me at least half a dozen times while I’m there, he loves me; and, I ain’t selfish telling him I love him, neither. We understand each other. We understand the love we have for one another.  We’ve talked about it many times, and we’re comfortable with it. Why the hell can’t ever’body jes’ leave him and me alone to love each other the way we want to. I ain’t never had me no relationship like I do with Mr. Longhorn, and quite frankly, I treasure it. Seems to me like you had yourself a similar relationship with an older cowboy for years.  I ain’t never accused you of have’n no school boy crush on old Frank Mayhew.

I get s’damn frustrated with my life sometimes, but I always know I can go to Mr. Longhorn about anything.  He’ll stop ever’ damn thing he’s doing, and  listen to me. He may not understand ever’ thing I’m talk’n about, but he’ll give it his best shot at giving me things to think about maybe I haven’t considered.  For a simple cowboy, he ain’t never told me wrong so far and I don’t ‘spect he ever will. He’s far more important to me for his counsel than the sex part.

I ain’t had me no anal sex with him since that three weeks when Casey and Dwayne went and helped Dwayne’s dad roundup the rodeo stock; however, about once a month, sometimes maybe two, he gives me the honor of letting me suck him off.  He don’t reciprocate. I won’t let him reciprocate. He’s offered many times,— but I think he’s finally given up. I don’t want him  suck’n me off.  It’s an honor, and a privilege for me to suck Mr. Longhorn’s dick. I’m satisfied, pleased, and downright proud of myself, when I’m allowed to bring that wonderful man a little pleasure.  I feel as good and proud about satisfying him as I have about anything in my life.

Furthermore,— you may as well know, right now,— your son is a junkie,— I’m addicted to Mr. Longhorn’s come. His come has the best damn flavor, and it acts like a tranquilizer for my soul. I know that may sound stupid, it might not sound right bright, but it’s the only way I can describe it. I suck my brother’s off, but the flavor of their come jes’ can’t compare with Mr. Longhorn’s. While I let my brother’s suck me off, and I love suck’n them off, their come jes’ ain’t as satisfyin’ as Mr. Longhorn’s. I don’t know why, and I really don’t care. All I know is, I have to have me a fix of Mr. Longhorn’s fine tastin’ come at least once a month.”

Sticker slapped his leg and roared with laugher at the look on Sidney’s face. Sidney had to laugh, too, he was standing there with egg all over his face.

“I think I can understand that, Son,” Sidney said slowly grinning at Sticker, “cowboy come has the best flavor you can get anywhere, and I agree with you, it’s totally addicting; however, you could be addicted to a lot worse things than Vince Longhorn’s come.”  Sidney smiled at his boy. Sticker broke up laughing again, but this time Logan started laughing when Sticker started blushing.

“I ask Mr. Longhorn about once a month if he’ll give me the honor of letting me have a taste of his cowboy come.  He’s never said no to me! I don’t care what he’s doing, he’ll drop everything jes’ to give me some of his fine cowboy dick. If he thinks I’m a little overdue, I can be watching T.V. in their entertainment room with my brothers, Mr. Longhorn will walk by, gently grab my shoulders, and ask me if I’d like to join him in his office for a few minutes.  I know what he wants, and I never turn him down. Casey and Dwayne know, too, and they can be jes’ plain awful to me sometimes; however, they don’t stop me from get’n some mighty fine, sweet tasting Longhorn dick.”

Sidney and Sticker were holding each other laughing at their boy’s unbridled candor.  

“I just like being around Mr. Longhorn and my brothers.  I feel comfortable around them.  They love me for who I am and not because I’m a ‘Krellborn.’ I’ve loved them since grade school.  Now, they’re off rodeoing ever’ weekend, and Dwayne is busier’n a cat cover’n up shit with his’n his dad’s ranch.  They don’t have as much time for me as they used to.  I came home from school because I missed them, and I missed you and Mr. Wiggins.”

“You sure, Son?  Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t saying it’s a bad thing to love Vince Longhorn.  Half the men in this community have a hard-on for the man. God knows you couldn’ta’ picked no better man to fall in love with. I done told ju’ that when you first told all of us you fell in love with him.  Sticker and I thought you was jes’ kidding at the time, but we’ve watched it grow.

Vince taking you for your first time and spending that three weeks in his bed only made you love him all the more.  Let me add here, I thank God you decided on Vince Longhorn for your first, and he was gracious enough to do it for you. I owe that man a great debt of gratitude.  We just don’t wanna’ see you get hurt unwittingly. Vince Longhorn would never consciously do anything to hurt you, but we fear you may be setting yourself up, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t say something to warn you.”
“Dad, I done told ju’ I know I ain’t the one for Mr. Longhorn. I’ve known it for sometime. I’m no more in love with him than I am my brothers; however, if’n ya’ll ain’t worried enough, let me throw this one at chu, you don’t have to worry none about me love’n Mr. Longhorn.  The God’s gospel truth is, I done skipped over love’n Vince Longhorn, I jumped straight to worship.  I idolize that cowboy!  He’s been s’damn good to me in so many ways I can’t tell you all a’ them, and I would do anything in the world for him and my bothers.  

Now, so there’s no misunderstanding,  let me make one thing perfectly clear; Mr. Longhorn’s gonna’ need me to help take care of him in the near future, and I plan to be there when he needs me.  He and my brothers are always there for me. They can get a little carried away sometimes with their teasing, but I get in my licks.”

“What do you mean, Son?  How do you know Vince’s gonna’ need you in the near future?”

“I’ve watched my bother, Casey, over the last three years.  He’s got the itch to go rodeoing on the circuit real bad, but his dad don’t wanna’ go.  Casey’s talked with me about it and Mr. Longhorn’s shared his thoughts about it with me. Mr. Longhorn’s afraid his dad will recognize him or Casey, and he don’t wanna’ run into the old man.  I can understand why, after Casey let me read a letter Mr. Longhorn’s brother wrote him while he was in Vietnam.  According to Mr. Longhorn’s younger brother, their old man must have been hell on wheels. I take it from the letter,  the old man was so much into religion he was jes’ downright evil.

Casey’s shared with me and my big brother he wants to go back and be around his granddad for a while to see what kind of man he is. He wants to judge for himself.  Lord,— whatever you do,  don’t tell Mr. Longhorn about it!  Please!  The man comes unglued at hinges when Casey even mentions anything about wanting to meet his granddad.  The worst part is, Mr. Longhorn knows in his heart that one of the main reasons Casey wants to go, but he’d never admit it. While I can understand Mr. Longhorn’s anger against Casey looking him granddad up, I can also understand why Casey wants to do it. I don’t blame Casey for want’n to find out about his granddad. He don’t even know if the old man’s still alive. He’d be around fifty-three or so now, and ya’ll gotta’ admit that’s awful damn old.”  

To Logan, fifty-three did seem old, but as Sidney and Sticker  approached forty, they automatically put old age off another twenty years. Sidney looked at Sticker, smiled painfully, and just shrugged his shoulders. Sticker got the message and shook his head.  Logan continued.

“All this has been building up in my brother for sometime now, but his dad don’t know it. Maybe Mr. Longhorn does, but he don’t wanna’ admit it to himself;  I can see it, I know it’s coming.  Casey loves his dad and he ain’t about to leave him unless he can be sure Mr. Longhorn is gonna’ be well taken care of.  Now,— it don’t take no rocket scientist to figure out who Casey’s gonna’ ask to take care of him, and I plan to do it for my brother and Mr. Longhorn. Why?  Certainly not because I have a school boy crush on Mr. Longhorn, but because I truly love them. Them, Dwayne, Lamar, Mr. Harding, the Winchesters, and Sheriff Bard are all part of my greater family.  I’d do anything in the world for them.”

“Think he’s grow’n up, Sticker?”  Asked Sidney as he grinned at his mate.

“‘At boy done grow’d up two years ago,— you just didn’t never wanna’ see it.” Sticker laughed at Sidney.  

“Oh, shit!” Sidney said, “When you’re right, you’re right!”

“Look, Dad,— I ain’t the one for Mr. Longhorn, and I know it. I’m secure with that. I ain’t fool’n myself a bit. I ain’t gonna’ do it in hopes Mr. Longhorn will fall in love with me.  He all ready loves me, Dad. He’s proved it to me over and over again. I think of him as family; I sincerely think of Mr. Longhorn as my other dad;  however, if he should wish to sleep with his big cowboy dick up my butt ever’ damn night, that’s jes’ a fringe benefit of the job as far as I’m concerned.  There’s only one man for him, and that’s his boy.  He’s in love with Casey. Casey don’t know it yet, but he’s in love with his dad. He needs to get away to realize what he has at home is a hundred times better’n anything he’ll find out there. He’ll be back.  It may take him a year or two, but he’ll come to his senses. Until he does, you’ll know where to find me.”

“That’s all very noble of you, Son, but what about your future?”

“My future can wait! I got things to do right now, I must do! You and Mr. Wiggins were the ones who taught me these things and the cowboy way. Are you gonna’ tell me now, you didn’t mean it?  None of it was true?  It applies only when my future don’t stand in the way? And another thing, I jes’ found out a couple a’ weeks  ago about a young cowboy who gave almost his entire salary on a ranch for three damn years to help pay for the legal expenses for a man who was falsely charged and convicted with a crime he never committed.  That cowboy never met the man until after the man was released from prison.  What da’ ya’ have to say about that, cowboy?”  Logan grinned at his dad.

Sticker slapped his knee, roared with laughter and pointed his finger at Sidney. Sidney stood there with his mouth open. He was dumbstruck.

“Don’t look at me, brother!”  Sticker barked at his mate. “‘At boy done set chu’ up and shot chu’ down!”  He continued to laugh. “He’s talk’n to ya,’ Sid! ‘At boy’s tell’n you the dead level truth,— he’s a’ tell’n you from his heart how it is, but chu’ ain’t listen’n to ‘em. You ain’t hear’d a word ‘dat boy’s said.”

“You’re suppose to be supporting ME, cowboy.” Sidney said sarcastically, then chuckled.

“I do my best support’n in the bedroom.”  Sticker grinned.

“Can’t gainsay that!”  Sidney agreed.  “Okay, you’ve convinced me you’ve got it under control, and I ain’t saying we won’t be here for you if you crash, spin and burn. We’ll always be here for you,— you know that. I don’t often tell you this, at least probably not enough, but I’m awful damn proud of you, Son. Sticker’s right!  I don’t wanna’ see you grow up, and on the other hand, I’m pushing you to grow up. I guess I’m guilty of sending mixed messages.”

“A bit,— but not bad.  I know you care about me, and you’re only looking out for my best interest. I love you for it, and I appreciate it. I have some plans I haven’t discussed with you, I hope will make you feel a little better.  Since I ain’t much good at cowboy’n other than going over Mr. Longhorn’s books with him and offering him some business suggestion, I’ll have my days free to do what I please.  Living with Mr. Longhorn ain’t gonna’ be a prison sentence, Dad; however, some of the fringe benefits might be looked upon as similar.”  Logan and  Sticker felt out laughing.  Sindey didn’t.  Sticker told Sidney he’d explain later.

“I only have to be there in the evenings to assist him with his shower and to sleep with him in case the house catches on fire. Lord, don’t never make the mistake of saying ‘help’ around that man.  Take it from me,  use the word, ‘assist’ instead.”

“Humm— I never thought about the house catching on fire, but I guess it would be a real concern. Without his legs he couldn’t get out.”  said his dad.

“With your permission I’d like to attend to the University of California San Diego in the fall and take a full load to begin work toward a medical degree.  Mr. Longhorn and my brothers helped me come to that decision. I don’t know yet exactly what branch of medicine I might like to go into, but I’ll have time to decide. I’ll have to take that up with my other dad, as well.” Logan grinned at his dad.

“To be there for my bother and my other dad when they need me is more important to me than anything else in my life right now.  I don’t plan to let the grass grow under my feet. Mr. Longhorn wouldn’t put up with that from me for a minute!  You two have always been too soft on me. You let me git away with murder. That old cowboy won’t put up with my nonsense. He wouldn’t hesitate to kick my butt if’n he thought I wasn’t try’n my hardest to do my best! I ain’t kidding, none, neither!

That’s part of why I wanna’ stay with him.  Knowing him like I do, he’ll be a constant reminder for me to do my best and finish what the hell I start.  If’n I don’t,— Mr. Longhorn will kick my butt up between my shoulder blades so hard I’ll have ta’ stand on my head to take a shit!  I can abide a good hard ass kick’n from ‘em, but— oh, Lordy,— I jes’ might have ta’ listen to one of them detailed lectures of his what can go on and on for hours. I certainly don’t want that!  I jes’ know he’ll see to it I do my best!”

Sticker and Sidney broke up laughing. They knew Vince could be a bit intense sometimes. Sidney hugged and kissed his boy, then Sticker hugged and kissed, Logan.

“Didn’t I tell you the day would come when you’d really stick it to your old man?”  Sticker fell out laughing.

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Wiggins.”

“Well, you jes’ done it, boy.  Son, I’ve accepted you’ve become a man. I think I did before yore’ daddy done it. I watched what you done for your brothers. I’ve watched how you’ve handled yore’self over the last couple of years.  You’ve proved to me more’n a couple of times you’ve become a man, and now, you should be acknowledged as a man. I’m really proud of you, Son. I couldn’t love you more.  From this day forth, I’d be honored and downright proud if’n you’d refer to me by my first name. You’ve earned that right.”

Logan broke down and cried at Sticker’s words. The big cowboy shed a few and held him tightly.  Logan was devastated,— but in a good way. Sticker stole a kiss and comforted him.

“I don’t know’s I can, Sir.” he said through his tears, “I’ve called you Mr. Wiggins for so many years it would almost seem disrespectful for me to call you ‘Sticker.’  However, one thing I’ve learned from my other dad, is when a man offers you something, it’s because he wants you to have it, and to reject his gift is bad manners.”

“Vince Longhorn’s a cowboy, Son.  Always listen to that man. You said he ain’t never told ju’ wrong so far, and I agree with you, I don’t he’ll ever tell you wrong.”  Sticker admonished him.

“Thanks, Sticker! It would be a great honor and a privilege for me to call you by your first name, Sir.”  They hugged and kissed again.

Sticker and Sidney were convinced,— Logan was no longer their little boy. He’d grown up; he had become a man.

End Chapter 23 ~ Texas Longhorns
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