By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 26

The words this man was telling me made more sense to me than anything I was ever told, heard or read about man sex.  I trusted this man.  He wasn’t scaring me with outrageous demands, they were small things that were very stimulating to me. I found myself wanting to be more under his control. I felt I could lose myself in his strength and maturity.  I sensed he knew things,— important things about life and living, giving and recieving; things I was just beginning to learn about.  I felt he was a fount of untapped wisdom. I certainly had no doubt he was going to see to it I enjoyed every minute of me giving my ass up to him. There was no doubt in my mind that’s what he wanted either.  From the looks of his cock I couldn’t wait to start giving it up to him.

“Now that you’ve sucked and cleaned my cod piece would you like to taste your prize, Son?”

“Yes, Sir,  I’d love to taste your dick, Mr. Claymore.”

“Okay, fine. There’s a couple of simple rules you must follow to taste my dick.  You must make love to it and clean it with your tongue like you did my cod piece this evening.  You must make love to it, clean it and suck my balls a little as well.  When I’m satisfied you’re really sincere about wanting to taste my dick, I’ll give you permission to take me; but,— not before you tell me how much you’d like to taste it and ask permission. It should be no problem for you, you’ve been very polite and courteous this evening.  Do you understand, boy?”

“Oh, yes, Sir, Mr. Claymore, that won’t be difficult at all.  I would be honored to make love to and clean your handsome cock, Sir.”

“Fine, Son, then we understand each other. You may begin.  Show it some love, boy.  Show it how much you'd like to taste it.  Show it how much you'd like to feel it way up inside your cowboy ass. ”

Damn, what’s to fear in being given a few instructions about the way the man wants me to make love to his dick?  I had dark visions of what I might be getting myself into.  In someways, I felt more love coming from this man whose dick I was making passionate love to than anyone, save my dad. Of course I didn’t have a lot of experience to base my opinion on, but I knew his gentle control was extremely erotic and hot to me. He hadn’t asked anything of me that was bizarre or way out. Cleaning the inside of his cod piece stopped me only for a second until I got a deep whiff of it.  When my poor mouth started watering,  I knew I wasn’t about to pass up his gracious offer.

I kissed, made love to his cock and balls and systematically cleaned every inch of his big penis.  I just knew it was going to feel wonderful up my butt.  As I was cleaning under his foreskin I wondered if it would be too bold of me to ask him if he would fuck me with his leathers on. They were so hot and he looked magnificent in them.  After a while he spoke gently to me.

“I’m satisfied you’ve made sufficient love to my dick. Can you tell me how much you’d like to taste it, Son, and ask my permission like you’ve been doing before you’ve done anything this evening?  I’d like to know how much you’d like to taste my dick.”

“I’d really love to taste your dick, Mr. Claymore. I know it’s gonna’ be one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever had in my mouth, and it will taste even better when it’s down my throat as far as I can get it, Sir.  It would be a great honor and privilege for me to taste and suck your cock, Sir.  Please, Mr. Claymore, may I taste you fine, biker dick, Sir?”

“That was just about the nicest anyone’s ever asked me, Son. You made some pretty fine love to my old dick, I'm convinced you'd really love to suck on it for a while.  Of course you may taste my dick.  Take it, boy,— it’s yours to enjoy.”
Lord, I was so ready to take him I thought I never would stop swallowing him down my throat.  I thought about when I took my dad, there was none of this. I would just start taking my old man like it was mine;  like I owned it;  like it was my right as his son to chow down on his find dick.  In short, this episode with Mr. Claymore made me ask myself how much more would I enjoy and appreciate my dad’s cock if I was to show him the respect and consideration he deserves? It must have meant something to me, my old dick got harder and harder.

After he gave me permission, I could see myself swallowing my old man like a giant anaconda, starting with his big cowboy boots, flexing my huge jaw enough to take him to his waist.  I could taste the goodness of his dick the same time I tasted the flavor of his hole. I would flex my jaw even more to take another huge gulp and take him up to his chest.  Only a little more to go, but I wouldn’t need to open my jaw anymore to consume the rest of him.  When I took my final gulp and my huge mouth closed over him, I could have all of my wonderful dad inside me. My fantasy sort of gave the term ‘consuming the love object’ new dimensions.

Mr. Claymore was building me up psychologically to the point I couldn’t have said no to sucking his dick if I wanted to.  I wondered how much sweeter my dad’s penis would taste if he required me to clean and make love to his handsome cowboy dick before he gave me permission to take him. Mr. Claymore’s dick was longer but leaner than mine.  He remained  semi-flaccid even when he was fully erect. He was comfortable to swallow, and I took more and more of him.  I was really getting into sucking his dick when he gently place his hand on my shoulder.

“Woah,— hold on there, buckaroo!  Back off a minute!  Do you wanna’ take my seed  by sucking me?  I was hoping to spill my load up your fine look'n cowboy ass this evening?”

“Oh,—  and I want chu' to, Mr. Claymore.  Have I sucked your dick enough, Sir,--- would you like more?”

“You’ve done quite well for an untrained young man. I damn near came, but somehow,--- I got the feeling you needed me to hold you close and sleep in your cowboy butt tonight.”

“I do, Mr. Claymore, I really do need that from you, Sir, and I would greatly appreciate it. I ain’t had me no real man love’n since I left my pa.”

“Does your daddy make love to you, Son?”

“Oh, yes, Sir.  We shared a bed ever since my mom died when I was fourteen.  Until I was eighteen he wouldn’t allow me to fuck or get fuck, but we sucked and jacked each other off.  I sucked him most of the time because he can’t get his mouth around my dick, and it almost chokes him to death.  Don’t matter to me none, I love the taste of my old man’s come, and I always come when he shoots into my mouth anyways.”

“Has he started fucking you, Son?  Has he taught you how to please a man?”

“Oh, yes, Sir,  he took me on my eighteenth birthday like he promised he would.  I wanted my dad to be my first. I couldn’t imagine giving my ass up to anyone else but him for the first time.”

“We have some things in common, young man.  I can certainly understand you and your dad drawing close together for comfort and support when your mother passed away.  That’s tough, Son, for any man and young boy. You needed his physical love and support. I’m sure he needed yours as well.  I’ve watched you grow and develop over the years, and I can tell you’ve turned out to be a fine young man. Your dad should be proud of you. You conduct yourself like a gentleman.  I can tell you've been taught the cowboy way.
  Ah, hell,--- I know he's proud of you. I can tell by the way he looks at you sometimes.

“Thanks, Mr. Claymore.”

“You’re welcome, Son, but it’s the truth. My dad was a bit more strict with me.  He would jack-off with me, but he wouldn’t allow me to jack him off.  He would never touch me for sexual purposes.  When we showered together, which we did quite often, he'd touch me as he bathed me, but that was different. I’d bathed him, and then, I'd get to feel him. He wasn’t shy about letting me touch him.  When I was a boy, he’d sleep with me sometimes, and I could grab anything I wanted if I got frightened or felt alone during the night.  Of course, my favorite thing to hold on to was his enormous dick.  It certainly was enormous to a five or six year old boy. He never pushed my hands away, and he taught me not to be shy about my body and genitals in front of other men. We’d always get hard when we were naked with each other.  We just learned to accept when we were around each other in the nude we’d be hard.

He’d let me taste a little of his come from time to time.  He frowned at me the first time he caught me scooping up some of his come and eating it.  I told him if’n it landed on me, it was mine to eat.  I think he was proud and loved me for liking his come.  Once in a great while, If’n I begged him enough,  he’d take pity on me,  scoop up a big finger full and feed it to me.  He wouldn’t do anything with me until I was eighteen.

I messed around with my brothers and a few people.  A neighbor man I loved very much, who was like and older brother to me, popped my cherry, but I was like you, I couldn’t imagine another man, other than my dad,  taking me for my eighteenth birthday. And take me he did!  Holy shit!  I’ll never forgit that fuck’n as long as I live.  Although our lives went in different directions, we found time when I’d came home, to sneak away to his fishing cabin on the lake.  We didn’t get much fishing done, but we shore’ got in a hell of a lot of good love’n.  I had sex with my old man until about six months before he passed away in ninety-six. Would ju’ believe I still grieve for him today?”
“I certainly would, Sir.  I feel the same about my old man.  I love him as my dad, but I don’t know’s if I’m ‘in’ love with him or not.”

“I thought that way, too, until one night, after I lost my beloved brother, Gip Justin, in Nam,--- I was shot up laying in a hospital,--- I realized all those years I was in love with my dad, and I guess I never wanted to admit it to myself. When I was young, I thought my brother was the only one I should love, but I’ve learned since that time that’s silly.  You can love many people in your life, but every love is gonna’ be different. My love for my brother was unique unto itself, so was my love for my dad.”

“Gosh, Mr. Claymore, you sure do know a lot about life and things. I hope I can learn a few things from you.”

“Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna’ be a problem, Son.”

He laughed and winked at me.  I blushed, which only made him laugh more.

“Would you like to move to my bedroom, Sir?  I can’t wait to feel your dick up my ass, Sir. We could talk more while you fuck me.”

“I’d like that, Son,— let’s go get chu’ fucked.”

I liked this man. I knew I picked the right man out of all of them. I liked the way he treated me. He was strong, firm, gently controlling, but above all I felt he respected me and what I had to offer him. He neither demeaned me nor looked down on my need to please him.  On the contrary, he seemed to respect and appreciate my efforts.  The more I tried to please him the more feelings of goodness and acceptance I felt from him. I knew I wasn’t going to just get fucked and him run out the door when he finished. There was more to this man, and I wanted to find out more about him.  We walked into my bedroom, and his eyes opened wide.

“Is that a leather bedspread on your bed?”

“Yes, Sir. It wasn’t my doing. Dad insisted we get it because we could play on top of it and not soil our sheets.  I told ju’ when I suck him off I come ever’ damn time he shoots in my mouth, and not just a little, but a puddle. We’d have to change the damn sheets ever’ time.  He saw this in a store and bought it for us.”

“He’s a wise man. I always admired yore’ daddy, Son.   He's a good look'n man and a fine cowboy."

“Mister Claymore, Sir,  you done told me if I remembered my manners and asked for something politely, I might just get what I wanted,— right, Sir?”

“That’s right, Son. Do you have something to ask of me?”

“Yes, Sir. Would you think it was strange or wrong of me to ask you to fuck me with your leathers on, Sir?”

“No, not at all, Son, but— you must always ask?”

“Mr. Claymore, would you please consider fucking me with your leathers on, Sir.  I think it would be really hot, and I promise I’ll try to give you the very best fuck’n I can, Sir.  I’d really appreciate it.”

He sat on the bed and opened his big arms to me.  I was in them in a flash.  He held me and then gently kissed me.

“I think that would be fine, Son.  I know how exciting it can be for a boy his first time with a biker.  I’d be proud to fuck you with my leathers on.  With your leather bedspread we won’t mess up anything.  You want me to leave my boots on, Son?”

“Oh, yes, Sir,— ever’thing but your jacket, Sir.  When I first saw you at the gas station I thought I would die happy if that big biker would lay down with me and fuck me, even before I realized you were Mr. Claymore.”

“That’s sweet, boy, so tonight, let’s make sure, many, many years from now,  when it's your time to go, you’ll remember this evening and get a big ole smile on your face as you leave this earth.”

“Sounds good to me, Mr. Claymore.”

We moved upon the bed and began to make more love.  He began to feel around my ass, and his hand felt my plug. He chuckled.

“Yore’ daddy require you to wear that, Son?”

“Naw, Sir. He don’t require it, but he told me one time if’n I wanted to wear it he wouldn’t say ‘no.’”

“Did he teach you to wear it?”

“Naw, Sir, my cousin taught me, but when I found out it really turned my old man on, I got to wearing it more and more to please him. It saves him having to lube and stretch my ass before he fucks me.  He lost his legs below the knee so he can’t be up on his stubs for too long, so if I can save him time not  having to stretch my ass, it means more time I git to have my old man in my saddle.  I’m use to it, Mr. Claymore,  I can sleep with it all night, and if he wants another piece of my ass during the night, all he has to do is pop my plug out and go to fuck’n.  He don’t have to loosen me up none or nothing.”

“It’s a damn good idea.  I would’ve never thought of use a plug for that purpose, but it makes one hell of a lot of sense to me. Your daddy’s an amazing man.  I like him more, the more I find out about him.  I don’t think I even need to ask if you’re clean.”

“Oh, yes, Sir,--- my cousin taught me that, too.  He done told me it was safer for me and more considerate and respectful of my partner to be clean for him.”

“He right, Son. It’s just a part of manners and it is safer; much safer, especially with a man who has a cock like yours or mine. You come from an amazing family, young man. They’ve trained you well, and trained you the right way. I could tell the couple of times I met you, you were taught manners.  When you stop to think about it, that’s all I’ve really been asking of you this evening. Now, let’s us git some biker dick up yore’ cowboy butt.  Get me a towel and a bit of lubricant, Son. I’m pretty big. While the plug will keep your ass open and stretched we need some lubricant so’s I won’t hurt chu' none.”  

I reached over to the night stand, got a hand towel and some lubricant.

“Mr. Claymore, may I lube up your dick for you, Sir? I would consider it an honor, Sir.”

“That’s fine, boy, go ahead and lube me up.”
“How would you like to take me, Sir,— from the front or behind.”

“I thought chu' said you’d like to talk a little more while I fuck you?”

“Oh, yes, Sir, I’d like that, Mr. Claymore.”

“Then I’ll take you from the rear,— we’ll relax, get in some good, slow, deep, gentle fuck’n to get your really loosened up and ready for me to take you good and proper-like.  Can you come while you’re being fucked, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, but you have to fuck me pretty hard, Sir.  Don’t worry none, I’m use to it.”

He chuckled as I finished lubricating his big dick.  He took the towel and indicated for me to turn my backside to him.

“When I pop your plug out, I’m gonna’ slip it all the way in, so take a deep breath, Son.”

I took a deep breath.  He popped out my plug into the towel, set it aside, positioned the head of his big dick at my back door, and he was in my ass in instant. I didn’t have time to feel any pain or discomfort. I was just instantly filled with his goodness. He was kissing my neck and whispering how good I felt.  I turned my head to him and we share a wonderful kiss. I felt him pull about halfway out, and shove his dick all the way back into me.  It took my breath away it felt so wonderful.  I knew I was going get fucked good tonight. It’s just what I needed, and I think he sensed it.

I could feel the coolness of his leathers against my naked skin, and it was keeping me hard as a rock. I could put my feet on top of his big boots and lift myself a little off his dick then slam my ass back down on him.  He let out a satisfied groan.  He put his arms around me and pulled me into him tightly, then he started fucking me a little bit. He got a steady pace going, but he slowed down to some deep slow strokes that made me want to yell at the top of my voice how good and wonderful he felt.  Then he put it all the way in me and stopped for a minute.

“I can tell the way you fuck, yore’ daddy is a man who likes his fuck’n and knows how to appreciate a fine piece of ass.  He don’t do it just to get his rocks off, he fucks you because he genuinely loves to fuck.”

“You can tell by the way I fuck?  Damn, you’re right, Sir. I clocked him one night, and he fucked me for an hour and forty-five minutes before he decided to take us to the barn.”  

“Do you miss that, Son?”

“You know I do, Sir.  I’m convinced you know enough about me now to know that.  Ain’t had me no good, satisfy’n , deep, slow fuckings in a couple of weeks.  To be honest, I ain’t had sex with nobody a’tall.  I think you know that, too, Mr. Claymore.”

“I do, Son, I jes’ wanted to hear you say it. I realized it the first couple of strokes I took into yore’ butt your daddy done broke you in right.  Would you enjoy a good, long fuck’n tonight, Son?”

“Oh, Lord, would I? I’d appreciate it more than I can tell you, Mr. Claymore.  I think I can tell the way you feel in my ass, and the way you been fuck’n me, you’re like my dad. You’re a man what likes his fuck’n, and what can appreciate a fine piece of ass.  Please, Sir,— I would be more than honored if you take all you want, Mr. Claymore.  I’ll serve it up to you until you decide you’ve had enough and ride me to the barn.”

Somehow I got the feeling I didn’t have to explain that metaphor to the big man.  He was from the country, and he knew what taking it to the barn meant.

“I’m gonna’ continue fuck’n you like this for a good while. When I decide to fuck you really good, I’ll get on top of you from the front and climb into your little saddle.  Damn,— I wish’t I’d a’ brung me spurs!”  He laughed.

“I have a pair you could wear, Mr; Claymore.”  We shared a laugh, but I think we were both hoping the other would ask for them.

We continued to talk quietly as he fucked me.  I’d never had an experience like this before.  Sex with dad or my brothers was just that.  We had sex, but we didn’t chitchat a lot. I really liked talking with him and getting to know him while he slowly and gently fucked me. I could tell he was enjoying it as much as I was.

“Mr. Claymore, I know it ain’t none of my business, Sir, but don’t chu’ know Mr. Titus is in love with you?”

He chuckled at my revelation.

“I don’t think so, Son. I think I’d know if he was even a little smitten with me.  He’s too damn good looking to ever fall for a man’s ugly as me.”

“Meaning no disrespect, Mr. Claymore, but what the hell are you talking about, Sir?  I can feel the way you’re fuck’n me right now, any man would have a prize to lay by your side and pleasure your big dick. Don’t think for a minute that’s lost on Mr. Titus none, neither.  He just don’t know how to approach you. Sir.  He probably thinks you wouldn’t want him because he was a Master for so long.  Maybe he’d love to be your slave.  After all, from what chu' told me, it wasn’t his idea to become a Master to the other man. His Master wanted it that way, and maybe he was jes’ following his Master’s order.  Maybe he’d like to go back to being a man’s slave, and not jes’ any man either; he wants to be your slave, Sir. You don’t see the way he looks at you sometimes.  It’s like you were a banquet laid out before him, and he’s a starving man.”

“You sure about that, Son?  He ain’t never said nothing.  He’s had lots of opportunities.”

“A cowboy don’t never lie, Mr. Claymore. If’n you’re a real cowboy you’d know that, Sir.”

“I do know that, Son. I been telling folks that for forty years or more.  You really think so?”

“I know so. I’m surprised none of your fellow bikers can’t see it and told ju’ before now.”

“No one’s said a word.  They know us both so well, maybe they just ain’t looking for that sort of thing; however, you would if’n you thought we was together, and you was interested in me.  You’d be watching us real close to see if you could tell.”

“That right, Sir, and I swear to you, what I’m telling you is the truth.”

“Titus was the one what told me he thought you might want me for the evening and urged me to ask you if you wanted company tonight.  I thought maybe he wanted our room to himself to have sex with somebody. I told him there weren’t a snowball’s chance in hell you’d be interested in me; however, I thought it wouldn’t do no harm to ask, and maybe get out of his hair for the evening. That ain’t the only reason I asked you though. I’ve wondered, for a number of years now, what it might feel like to fuck yore’ fine look’n little cowboy butt.  To tell you the truth, we didn’t really stop by that gas station jes’ to say ‘hello’ to Fred.  I pulled in jes’ to check you out. I didn’t recognize you at first either until I saw them violet eyes of yours. Ain’t see’d you in about a year or more and you done grow’d some.  This is our first stop on our run since leaving the San Diego area.”

“Well, Sir,— my daddy done told me if you really love somebody you think about they’s happiness before your own. Maybe Mr. Titus loves you enough to wanna’ see you have a good time with me.  If’n you ain’t been interested in sex for a long time,  he must know it.  Maybe he’s a’ hoping I’ll jumpstart your motor, so’s you’ll notice him and get the honggries for some of his fine looking ass, and,--- he does have a fine looking ass, Sir.”

Mr. Claymore laughed, but I could tell he was thinking about what I said.

“Can’t gainsay that, Son.  I’ve checked out his ass too many times to count. It's almost embarrassing, the way my old mouth starts a' water'n and I gits me a big ole hard-on ever’ damn time I look at it.”

* * * * * * *

Damn, Master Waddie was fucking me fine.  Better than just fine, he was feeling so good in my ass I thought a couple of times I was building up to shoot.  I’d ask him to stop for just a minute and it would pass. We’d stop talking for a few minutes, and he’d concentrate on his fucking.  He was like my dad, he really enjoyed his fucking. He slowed down again. I got the feeling he was going to tell me something and he wanted my full attention when he told me.

“Son, I didn’t say nothing in the spa, but I know Bubba Swansey.  I’ve know’d him for years. He lives in the next county over from the county I was raised in.  When I was a young man, me’n my brother used to compete against him and some other fine looking young man from down around Langtry. It might of been yore’ daddy. I’m sure your dad would remember, but if’n he’s try’n to hide his past he might not want me remembering.  That may be why he ain’t never talked with me much, and I never got to know the two of you. I think ole Bubba’s from that area.  He comes to the Fourth of July rodeo in my hometown ever’ year with his two boys to compete.  He’s a huge bear of a man. I like old Bubba, but he ain’t never beat me at rope’n.”

“You're good, Mr. Claymore.  Ain't too bad with a rope, neither."  I laughed and he laughed with me.

“I ain’t too bad, but I’m real interested in seeing how you’ve come along. Push you little ass back into me,— there, that’s the spot.  Let’s work on that for a while.” he instructed me.

Mr. Claymore was quiet for a while and fucked me a few good, deep strokes like he was working up to ask me something.

“This trip is all about looking for yore’ granddaddy, ain’t it, Son?”

I couldn’t answer him because I felt a lump jump to my throat. How could this man know that? Was it a lucky guess?  He’s been right about everything else about me. I started to shed a tear or two. He didn’t need an answer, he knew. He felt me melting and kissed me on my neck to soothe and comfort me.

“Here, here,— I’ll have none of that, boy,— kiss me!"

He gently chastised me like he wasn’t going to stand for me feel’n bad while he was providing me with such a fine fucking. I kissed him, and he let me know everything was all right, he understood.  He was gonna’ help me make it through the night. He was fucking me so sweetly I could imagine him trying to heal my soul with his big dick.

“I figured as much.”  He said quietly.  “Well,— I’ll tell ya’ something,--- you and Rance Harding ain’t the only men I ever see’d with them violet eyes.  About fifteen to twenty years ago there was a man who rode with our family for a while. I got to know him pretty well. He’d talk to me when he wouldn’t talk to nobody else.  I could tell he was a deeply disturbed man.  He related to me because he knew I’d been to Nam, and I was having a lot of problems from what I went through over there.  I’d have flashbacks and wake ever’ body up in the camp yelling and screaming. He was a handsome man, and he had deep violet eyes jes' like yours. They was almost purple. He went by another name other than his real name. I never knew what his real name was.

He called himself ‘Job,’— after Job in the bible. Lots a’ bikers never use their real names. It’s manners of the road, you jes’ don’t ask.  If they wanna’ tell you, they will, but most times they go by some name they take on. I remember he told me, because he was so religious and uptight he turned his back on his two boys and kicked ‘em out of his home for having sex with a man.  They were so young they didn’t have nowheres to go, so they lied about their age, up and joined the army.  They were sent to Nam and he told me both his boys was killed before he had a chance to set it right with them.  I guess it tore him up some’um awful.  What he told me and the way he told me, it sounded like it done ripped him a new asshole, Son. He was running, searching, and looking ever’ wheres for forgiveness.

I wasn’t too great a listener then, but now I realize, he needed to forgive himself first, but it jes’ seemed like he never could. I got the idea he renounced his religion, sold ever’ damn thing he had, bought a Harley and hit the road.
A lot of men out there become nomadic bikers because of terrible things what happened to them in their lives or awful mistakes they’ve made in the past they jes’ can’t seem to forgive themselves for. They see the freedom of the road as a means to escape their pain or seek forgiveness. That’s why seventy-five percent or more were Nam vets during the late sixties, seventies and even into the eighties.

Anyway, he told me he took on the name of Job, because Job was a pious Jew in the bible who was persecuted and lost everything, but he never lost his faith in God; however, unlike Job in the bible, he told me he done lost his faith, or at least what he thought was his faith, and was trying to find answers for himself.  I felt kinda sorry for him, but to be honest, it sounded to me like he was his own worst enemy.

He was pretty much a loner; however, he rode with our family off and on for several years. He had to know what was going on. We made no secret about our preferences or lifestyle. We didn’t hide the fact we lived as Masters and slaves. I heard other men say they’d been with him, and he had an enormous dick. I have no way of knowing if they was telling me the truth or not; except for one man I know, my brother Cassidy. He rode with the man for a while and said he would do almost everything with him, but he was definitely a Master type.  He would never let another man fuck him.

My brother, Cassidy Crenshaw, was a true cowboy, and I know he would never lie to me.  Cass came back from Nam with his face half blown off and looked awful until you got use to being around him.  Then you didn’t pay much attention to it.  He was still my brother, and I love him with all my heart.  I guess he kinda got to ole Job, too.  He befriended my brother, rode with him for several months and allowed my brother to be his slave.  My brother was involved with another Master who was a son of a bitch, he kept going back to him; however,  he’d get badly mistreated and leave again.  He left Job to go back with the no good bastard.  Job,— he done begged Cass to stay with him, and he promised he’d make Cass his full time slave.  I don’t know whatever happened to ole Job, but I have a feeling my boy or Bubba might.  Why don’t chu’ think about ride’n along with us to my home town for the Fourth of July rodeo, and maybe I can hook you up with old Bubba.  I know my boy can, he’s sheriff of the county.  My dad was sheriff of our county for years. Now, my boy’s sheriff.  We’ll find you a partner or hell,--- I’ll jes’ rope with ya myself.’”

“That’ud be great, Mr. Claymore.  Damn,  you be fuck’n me so fine, Sir, I really appreciate it.  Take all you want, Mr. Claymore.  If’n you ain’t fucked a man in six years, I’d say you was a bit overdue; you need a damn good, long haul fuck’n.”

“I guess you’re right, Son.  Yore’ ass is feel’n mighty damn good to me. My old cowboy dick feels right at home up there.  Let’s us cut out our yacking for a while now, and do us some good ole, down home, deep ass fuck’n.”

He started to fuck me seriously again.  I watched my digital clock on the night table next to the bed. He’d been fucking me for over an hour, but I still couldn’t get enough of him. I wanted him to fuck me a least for another hour, maybe two.  After another hour and a half of some fine ass fucking he pulled out of me and ordered me on my back.  I raised my legs and took hold of them in my arms.  He positioned himself again and let the weight of his big body sink his fine dick into the depths of my ass.  He started to fuck me righteously. He started in slow enough, but worked his way up to a trot and then a gallop.

“Talk to me, boy!  I wanna’ know how it’s feel’n for my boy.  If’n you needs it harder,— let chur’ man know, Son. If yore’ man is fuck’n you too hard, let him know. He’s gonna’ give you what chu’ want. He’s gonna’ see to it he gives you what chu’ need, Son, but at the same time he’s gonna’ take from you what he needs. Talk to me, boy!”

“ Oh, Mr. Claymore, you’re feeling so fine in my ass, Sir. I shore’ could use a bit harder fuck’n, Sir. I don’t think you could fuck me too hard, Mr. Claymore. Damnation, you’re doing a great job of fuck’n my cowboy ass, Sir. Please, Sir,—  fuck me a little harder.”

“That’s all I needed to hear, Son.”

‘Shit, damn, hell, fuck,— he was all ready fucking me pretty damn hard.  He was deep fuck’n my ass like a crazy man, and I done gone and told him to fuck me harder. Shit!’ I thought.  Damned if he didn’t fuck me harder. Woah! Dogies! For an mature man, he could do some pretty awesome power fucking.

“Oh!  Hoe-lee shiiit, Mr.  Claymore, ‘Ats, it!  ‘Ats, it!  You’re hit’n my spot, Sir.  Oh God,--- oh damn, I feel it boiling up inside a’ me, Mr. Claymore. Harder, Sir!  Spur your pony hard in the flank, and let him take you home, cowboy! Ride ‘em to the barn, Sir!  Oh, damn!  I’m sorry, Mr. Claymore,— I can’t hold it no more, Sir.  Ahhh!  Ahhhh!  Ahhhhh!  Oh, God,—  FUCK ME, SIR!  I’M COMING!  Aarrgggg!”

“Oh, damn, Son, that feels so good!  You little ass is chow’n down on my dick like it’s trying to bite it off.  I’m taking it away from you, boy. I’m gonna’ spill my seed deep in yore’ tight little cowboy ass. Oh, God, I’m there, boy!  You done took me home, Son!  Gonna’ fill yore’ hot little butt up with some good, strong cowboy/biker come!  Feel it, boy?  Feel it, I’m filling yore’ cowboy ass with my come!”

I could feel the big man emptying what felt like six years of stored up come up my butt. It felt like buckets full. He pulled almost all the way out and slammed it back into me hard to let another volley of his come shoot out of him into me.  He repeated it once more for his third and final volley. He was filling me up. I could feel him.  Damn he felt good!  My spunk was all over his leathers and my belly.

He leaned into me and began to kiss me, and tell me how great a fuck I was.  I was thanking him for such a good fuck’n.  He stayed in me for sometime taking a stoke in my ass ever’ now and then.  It would send wave after wave of sensual pleasure through my body.  I’d never been to this place before; however,  I knew I liked it, and I certainly wouldn’t mind returning. Finally, he had enough and withdrew. He lay on his back, and I got up to get a warm, wet cloth to clean my come from his leathers.

“No, boy,— if you come on a Master’s leathers,— manners dictate you lick it off with you tongue and eat it.”

“I ain’t never done that before, Mr. Claymore.”

“You eat chore’ old man’s come all the time.  Come’s come!  Ain’t no different. Time you started learn’n some new manners, Son. If you come all over your old man you should be cleaning him up with your tongue. It’s only respectful, Son.”

His words hit me right between the eyes!  It was a respectful thing to do. I thought for only a second.  Damn, this man provided me with the only sex and best ass fuck’n since I left home three weeks ago. He was like finding an oasis in the middle of a desert. He’s right again, it’s time I learned some new manners, and if it pleased this big man for me to learn ‘em from him, it will please me to do so. After all, he ain’t asking me to do something I ain’t all ready done. I can damn well eat my come off his leathers if it would please him and show him the respect he deserves.  I started in and thought I was gonna’ gag on my own come,— but I didn’t.  My come tasted damn good mixed with the flavor and taste of his leathers.  As a matter of fact, it became so damn sensual, I shot another huge load all over the bed.

He laughed like he was pleased I found cleaning my come from his leathers so stimulating.  He grinned real big, looked down at the puddle beneath me,  reached over, scooped up as much as he could with his fingers and smeared it all over the toe of one of his big boots.  He did it again and smeared the rest  all over the toe of his other big boot.  I didn’t need him to tell me what to do; however, I did remember my manners.

“Mr. Claymore, Sir, may I eat my come off your boots, Sir. I would consider it an honor and a privilege, Sir.”

“Manners will get you most anything you desire from a Master, Son.  I'd be pleased for you to clean your come from my boots.  Git on, ‘em, boy, and enjoy ‘em.”

I was on his big, black, biker boots in a second, licking and cleaning my come off of them like it was my last meal.  I never had such an erotic experience before in my life.  While I was on my hands and knees enjoying his boots, I felt him take my plug, and position it at my hole.  I raised my butt for him, and he popped it back into my ass.

“Now you may get a damp cloth and finish cleaning us, boy.”  He laughed.
“If you told me in the spa I’d be licking and cleaning my come off’n your boots tonight, Mr. Claymore,  I probably wouldn’t have asked you to stay the night with me.  Now that I have,— I can’t imagine being with you again without paying homage to your boots, Sir. No wonder Mr. Titus’ mouth waters and he licks his lips ever’ damn time he looks at your big boots?  I know nothing about Masters and slaves, Mr. Claymore, but if making love to or paying homage to your boots is something you require as a Master, or is an accepted part of a slave’s manners,— he’s jes’ dying to show you his, Sir.”   

“That you might even consider paying homage to this old man’s boots again, Son, is about the sweetest damn thing any man’s said to me in a long time.  Co’mer, cowboy!  Crawl up here in my arms.”  He growled at me. “As far as your observations of  Mr. Titus Johannson is concerned, I can only hope and pray you’re right, Son. Time will tell. To make that man my slave would be to own a treasure of great worth.”

My big biker held me, kissed me, and played with my plug until I thought I was going to explode again.  It was at that moment I began to think about Cowboy drinking his Master’s piss in the spa as if it were the most natural thing in the world he could be doing. I thought to myself,— ‘If’n it came from this big man’s loving body,— it didn’t sound quite so bad after all.’
He got up to go to the bathroom to relieve himself, and I followed him to rinse out the cloth.  He started his heavy stream of piss into the toilet. It sounded like a cow piss’n on a flat rock. I don’t know what made me do it, maybe because my daddy told me to try everything once; maybe it was out of my need to please the big man, but I looked at his stream of piss, looked up to his eyes, he knew exactly what I was thinking, winked, slightly nodded his approval, I grabbed my toothbrush glass, held it under his stream, and collected about two ounces.  He watched me carefully to see what I would do. I knew not to smell it.  It would smell like a man’s piss, and I might not do what I intended.  I simply threw it into my mouth, tasted it and swallowed all of it.  Okay,— it wasn’t as bad as I imagined.  It was warm and tasted kinda bitter but not too bad.  It wasn’t even disgusting to me. Damned if it didn’t taste a little like a hot beer.  He pulled me to him, leaned down to me and gently kissed me.

“You didn’t have to do that, Son.”

“I know I didn’t, you wouldn’t have asked it of me, but I jes’ got to think’n about Cowboy drink’n his Master’s recycled beer, and I thought about the good fuck'n you jes' gimme,' and how much you’ve come to mean to me in such a short time. I thought if’n it was to come from your body, it didn’t sound so bad to me.  I wanted to try it, Mr. Claymore; I wanted to taste you, Sir, and I ain’t sorry I did. I ain’t a gonna’ go grab’n Cowboy’s can from his hand if’n we’re in the spa again, but I think I could get use to yours, Sir.”

“Damn, Son,— do I have a natural slave on my hands here?  A man who’s born to serve another man?  You seem to have a great need to please a man what’s controlling but good to you.  What chu’ jes’ done is pert-damn advanced for a lot of slaves.  Most Masters don’t require that of their slaves today.  I don’t,— but I’ll have to say, I was real curious whether you would or not. It told me a lot about chu,’ Son.  That little bit certainly ain’t gonna’ hurt chu’ none. Cowboy still does it because his first Master required it of him, he got use to it, he developed a taste for it, and he was telling you the truth. He’d rather drink his Master’s recycled beer that real beer.  He don’t do it all the time,— jes’ once in a while when he can talk his Master into it.  Dan ain’t too keen on it, he don’t require either one of his slaves do it, but he wants his slaves to be happy.  Do you think you’d like to be owned by a man and have a Master, Son?”

“If you were the Master, Mr. Claymore? I wouldn’t think twice, Sir; however, I know I ain’t for you, Sir, and as much as I’ll always cherish the  memory of my time with you, I know you ain’t for me neither.  Mr. Titus is the man for you, Sir. He’ll become your slave, and I couldn’t be happier for you both.  However, until you make Mr. Titus your slave, my coach door is always open to you, Master Claymore.”

“Do you realize you jes’ referred to me as a Master, Son?”

“And I will from now on out of respect for you, Sir,--- if'n it's okay with you.”

“Of course, it's okay with me! Damn, boy!  Leave something of this old man’s heart intact. You jes’ ripped out a major chunk of it, but you can keep it, Son, to warm your spirit on some lonely night.”

“Thank you, Master Claymore. Shall we go to bed, Sir?”

“Lead the way, boy. You want me to take my leathers off or you want me to sleep in ‘em with you?”

“Wouldn’t you be uncomfortable, Master?”

“No, I sleep many nights in my leathers when we’re camping out. It’s much warmer that way, and I don’t have to haul around a big, heavy blanket on my bike.”

“It might be really nice if you decide you want a little more of your boy’s butt during the night, Sir.”

“Then, I'll wear 'em on top of your leather spread. Do you have something to throw over us?”

“Yes, Sir.”  

I got a big comforter from a drawer under the bed.

He was snapping his cod piece back on, and when I saw him standing in front of me, my dick got hard again.  He laughed and lay down on the bed.

“The damn thing gives me away, don’t it, Master Claymore?”

“Ah,— but you can’t know what you’ve done for this old cowboy tonight, young man.  If you look at me and get and instant erection it tells me I still got a few miles to go.”

I threw the comforter over both of us and he pulled me close to him.  He kissed me gently one last time. It was a kiss of peace and thanks from both of us to each other.  The cool feel of his leathers against my skin was terribly sensual; however, the coolness soon went away, and they became very warm from his body heat. I could feel his cod piece against my butt, and I stayed hard all night long.  It was probably a good thing.  About four in the morning I felt my plug pop out of my ass only to be swiftly replace by Master Claymore’s cock.  He fucked me so sweetly.  Nothing rough or heavy this time. It didn’t seem to matter to either of us, we both came anyway.  He didn’t bother to put my plug back in.  He just slept the rest of the night with his dick in me.  He was the most wonderful man I ever met in my life to that time, and I felt myself falling deeply in love with him.

* * * * * * *

The next morning we woke up early.  He wanted to return to his room in the main house to clean up and change clothes before breakfast. I begged him to let me suck him off.  He complained he might be dirty, he just pulled his cock out of me. I told him I didn’t give a shit, I wanted him. I got on my knees, kissed both his boots, and told him how wonderful it would be to start my day with the taste of his come in my mouth.  He laughed and told me to go ahead.  I had him lay back across my bed and proceed to claim my prize.  I remembered my manners. I didn’t take him until I made proper love to his cock and balls.  After he gave me permission to take him I don’t think it took me five minutes to get him off. He flooded my mouth with one of the biggest loads I ever took from a man, and it was sweet tasting like his disposition. Although, I knew in my heart Master Waddie could be an imposing figure, I also knew he had a sweet and gentle nature about him.  Of course, I shot my wad again in a puddle on the bed. He laughed at me, but this time he let me clean it up.  After he left, I licked it up and ate it. What had I been missing?

* * * * * * *

I was all ready in the house when Master Claymore and Mr. Titus walked in for breakfast. I almost dropped my damn teeth on the floor.  My leather Master was transformed into a fine looking, handsome cowboy. I remembered him as being a fine looking older cowboy, but this morning, he was a knockout. To my embarrassment, I remember pissing a little in my Wrangles, not to go unnoticed, commented on, and laughed about by several of the men there.  He walked over to me, put his big cowboy arms around me and kissed me good morning.

“Awwww,— ” they all went.  He slowly turned to them.

“Eat your hearts out, gentlemen.”  He grinned wickedly. They hooted and laughed again.  I spoke up in Master Waddie’s defense.

“I’m the one you gentlemen should be jealous of. I invited the finest man among you to my bed, and had one of the most wonderful evenings of my young life.”

“Ouuuuu,— ” they all responded and then started clapping for both of us.

It was all in good fun. Mr. Titus came to me, gave me a big hug and a good morning kiss. I thought he was really hot. I watched closely to see if I could detect any jealousy or uneasiness in him from Master Claymore bunk’n it in with me, but there was nothing; in fact, he seemed happy his friend had such a good evening.  It only made me more sure than ever he would make my Master a fine slave.

* * * * * * *

 After breakfast everyone started out of the house for the barn to saddle up ponies and start a long day of rope’n and ride’n. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we walked out the front door.  I made an audible, “Whoa!” sound in shock. The others kinda laughed at me.  I was new and didn’t know what went on there. There was twenty-five or thirty pickup trucks with horse trailers. There was horse drawn carriages, men women and children on horseback all coming to watch the men rodeo. There was still two days before the big rodeo in Tucson.

“Happens ever’ weekend there’s a big rodeo nearby, Son.”  Master Waddie draped his big arm over my shoulder to walk to the barn with me. “All the women bring tons of food, and it’s the best damn stuff you ever had in yore’ mouth.”

“Mean’n no disrespect, Master Claymore,” I said quietly so only he could hear me, “the best taste’n stuff I ever had in my mouth was yore’ come early this morning before you left the double ‘R,’ Sir.”

He laughed and pulled me tighter into him. I felt good with this big man.

“Think you might like a little more, sometime?”  he said quietly.

“Anytime you care to honor me, Master Claymore. I wasn’t kidding when I told ju’ the door to the double ‘R’ ain’t never locked for you.  You don’t never have to knock, Sir.  I’d like for you to think a’ my butt as a second home for your dick, Master,  any time you need it.”  I said and he chuckled.

“I’ll keep that in mind, youngster.  That should be enough to keep me hard all damn day.”  he said laughing and I laughed with him.

* * * * * * *

I brought my saddle to the barn last evening. Cowboy showed me where to store it in their tack room.  I wasn’t worried about it, there must have been thirty saddles in there of various styles and sizes.  I got my saddle, took it to the stall where Rocky was. He seemed glad to see me. I don’t know what got into him, but he was raring to go.  He was hyperactive.  I almost couldn’t get his saddle on him.  I told him the sooner he calmed down and let me finish, the quicker we were going to get into the arena.  He calmed right down, but he gave me kind of a disgusted snort.   I laughed at him and told him the same to you fellow.

When I rode him into the area the rest of the men were all ready saddled up and waiting for me. Master Claymore sat a fine horse. He was a hot looking biker but he was one hell of a good looking cowpoke. Damn he was fine looking on his pony. I could tell just the way he sat his pony he’d been a horseman for years.

“Since you’re new, Son, they all wanna’ see what chu’ got.  We’ll go first.  What’da ya’ ride, boy, header or heeler?”

“Either one equally well, Sir.”

“Good man! So do I; however, for our first run, I’ll rope header and you ride heeler.”

“Fine, Sir.”  We rode over to the stocks together, and I was coiling my rope getting set up for the run.  I was surprised. A couple of the bikers were in their cowboy clothes and  manning the stocks.

“Watch me out of the corner of your eye, Son.  Don’t look over at me, it’ll break your concentration and slow your time.  When you see me spur my pony, spur yours right after. Don’t worry none about jump’n the barrier. You let me worry about that.”

“Yes, Sir, Master,” I replied softly and winked at him.  So help me, he blushed. I couldn’t believe it. He was still red and laughing to himself as he got himself lined up for our run.  All eyes were on us.  Being under pressure only made me focus better.  I was ready.  The steer was released, and I saw him spur his pony.  I immediately spurred mine, and as soon as Rocky cleared the gate I was shocked to find my wonderful Master from the night before all ready had the steer’s head roped and turned. All I had to do was toss my rope, dally, Rocky was all ready backing up and we were through.  Our time was eight seconds.  It was an arena record and good enough to get us a round of applause and pats on the back. Master Claymore rode over to me with the biggest shit eat’n grin on his face.

“Y’ain’t bad, kid! Y’ain’t bad a’ tall! And,--- you rope pretty damn good, too.” he laughed and winked at me, “Yore’ daddy done taught chu’ right. I can tell you learn’t from a champion.”

“My daddy was and still is a champion, Sir.  What about you?  You blew me away!  When my pony cleared the gate; you all ready had that critter turned.  Fastest damn rope’n I ever did see.  Dad and I ain’t never got that low a time.  I hear’d you tell someone you ain’t got a partner for the rodeo this year.  I’d like to ask you to be my partner, Sir, but I wanna’ save it until I can ask you right proper-like, Master Waddie.”

He smiled real big at me.

“I’d like that, Son. I’d like that a lot.  A boy should always remember his manners.  You’ve all ready learned a lot.  You’ve learned manners and being courteous will almost always git chu’ what chu’ want.”  he winked at me, and it was my turn to blush.  He pointed a finger at me and roared with laughter.  I don’t know what it was about Master Waddie, but he always seemed to bring out the best in me.  His recycled beer didn’t taste to damn shabby, neither.  Damn it!  Why did my dick just get hard thinking about that. I laughed at myself.

We rodeoed all damn day.  We broke for lunch and Master Claymore was right.  It was great food.  I ate too much.  I was sitting with Master Claymore and several of his biker buddies eating lunch.  We were talking about the morning and who had some good runs.

“You and Casey took all the top times today, Waddie. You gonna’ rope with him come Saturday?”  Dan Yates asked him.

“Ain’t chu’ and cowboy roping, Dan?”  Master Claymore asked.

“We might. Since you and Casey seem to be so hot, you might be some strong competition for us.  Hell, we didn’t do nearly as good as you two this morning.  Maybe we’ll improve, but what about you and Casey?”

“He ain’t asked me yet, brother.  I’m a’ hoping he will. I think we’d make a damn good team.”

All the men agreed including Titus.

“Well,— ?” Dan Yates asked me like was I going to ask Master Waddie or not?

“Some things in life jes’ can’t be rushed, Mr. Yates. My daddy done taught me there’s a time and place for everything.  I certainly plan to ask Master Claymore to be my partner, but I wanna’ wait until I can ask him man to man,— you know,— proper-like, Sir.”
“Humm,— okay, I think I can understand that. Damn, Son, you make it sound like a marriage proposal.” Dan Yates laughed at me; however, he knew exactly what I was talking about. He left it alone since he all ready heard Master Claymore say he would like to be my partner, and I was going to ask him.  That’s all he needed to know.

We rodeoed until the early evening. Rocky’s tongue was hanging out. I decided I’d worked him enough for the day.  He was mighty glad to get me off his back.  A good wipe down, and some chow helped improve his spirits.  I thanked him for being such a good partner,  and I appreciated his efforts.  He never let me down.  He looked at me like he understood and put his head down for me to love him.  He knew how to suck me dry. Master Claymore came over to Rocky’s stall after he finished with his pony.

“You did damn good today, Son.  I was down right proud a’ my boy.”

Damn, that smooth talk’n devil, he certainly knew how to say the right thing at the right time. Jes’ calling me ‘his boy’ was an instant hard-on and he knew it, too. He grinned.

“I always knew you were good with a rope, Sir.  You beat me and my daddy lots a’ times.  We ain’t come up against you recently though. You didn’t disappoint me, Master Waddie.  You kept up with me toss for toss and there ain’t another man I know of, cept’n my dad, what can do that.”

“You feel like having a mature biker bunk it in with you again this evening, Son?”

“You knew the answer to that question 'afore you asked it, Master. I need me some more a’ your prime, grade ‘A’, aged, cowboy beef, Master Claymore. I need to learn me some more manners, too, and I know you’re just the man what can teach ‘em to me, Sir.”

“Be proud to, Son. You want more leather or you want a cowboy?”
“More leather,— please, Master Waddie. After yore’ performance in the arena today, Sir, I have a deep need to pay homage to them big boots of yours.”

“You got it, boy. You planning on soak’n in the spa with the rest of ‘em tonight, Son?”

“I’d much rather spend that time laying in your arms, Master Waddie.”

“Damn, boy, you know how to turn me on. I’ll be at your coach an hour after we break up from dinner.”

“I’ll be a’ wait’n, clean, and a’ wear’n my plug for you, Sir.”

We had dinner in the big house after all the folks left.  There was enough left over from the spread at lunch the women didn’t have to cook.  We mostly picked and snacked, but it was all still just as good as it was at lunch.  I didn’t eat too much. I didn’t want a lot in my gut for obvious reasons. (“What could he mean by that, Brandine?”  “Shit happens, Cletus!”) For some reason all eyes were on Master Claymore and me at dinner.  Everyone was making furtive glances from time to time, then they’d look at each other and smile knowingly.

“You men gonna’ join us in the spa this evening?”  Dan Yates grinned wickedly as he asked me and Master Claymore.  The whole table knew who he was talking to.  I could see Master Claymore was blushing and so was I.  Everyone broke up laughing at us. I spoke first.

“I surely appreciate the offer, Mr. Yates.  I really enjoyed it last night, but I’m kinda tuckered out from all the rope’n today.  I think I’ll jes’ turn in early, Sir.”   

No one said anything, but Dan wasn’t about to let it rest there.

“You, Master Waddie?”  He asked Master Claymore and emphasized the word ‘Master.’  Everybody laughed again.

“I’m as tired as the kid is. I gots me a big ole tired-on.” everyone laughed,

“‘At boy done wore me out today. He’s a damn fine roper.  He used a good word for it,--- I be all tuckered out, too.  I’m gonna’ call it an early night.”

“Well,— we shore’ will miss ya’ll.” Everyone was laughing at Mr. Yates teasing us. “Ya’ll want an early morning wake up call. Be happy to have Cowboy call your room, Master Waddie, and you, young man, in your coach.”

Master Waddie came to our rescue.

“No sense in Cowboy have’n to make two calls, Dan.  I’m sure my young rope’n buddy here wouldn’t mine call’n me in my room, would ju,’ Son?”

“Anything for you, Master Waddie.”  I said calmly.

The whole table broke up.  Even Titus was laughing.

“You be careful with that big, cowboy Master, Son. He’s a fine man, but he's one hell of a smooth talker.” Cowboy warned me laughing, “The next thing you know he’ll have you drink’n his recycled beer straight from the tap.”

“It’s awful damn nice of you to warn me about that, Sir,— I do so appreciate it, but I’m afeared you’re jes’ a little too late.”

Cowboy’s mouth dropped open and Dan Yates let out a whoop you could’ve heard in Phoenix. Everyone was rolling on the floor laughing at the expression on Cowboy’s face.  I’d nailed him to the barn door, but good, and I didn’t tell no lie, neither! I could see Master Claymore laughing next to me. He pointed his finger at Cowboy like he’d really been had. He put his big arm around me and hugged me close to him. He leaned over and bussed a kiss behind my ear.

“Yore’ some piece a’ work, Son. Yore’ daddy couldn’t a’ made you no finer.” he said softly. He stole another kiss and then broke up laughing again.

“Is ‘zat true, Master Waddie?”  Cowboy asked him skeptically.

“You heard the man! Cowboy’s don’t never lie! You should know that, Son.”

Everyone was still laughing at Cowboy.

“You should a’ know’d better’n ‘nat, Cowboy.” chastised Big Jim, “You never wanna’ ask a kid what’s as bright as ‘zat boy is,  a loaded question.  It’ll blow up in your face ever’ damn time.  You better leave that one alone, Cowboy.  After watch’n them two rope today, for my money, I’m bet’n the kid’s tell’n the truth.”

Everyone around the table raised their hand including Titus to signify they agreed with big Jim.

“Are we talk’n another natural here, Master Waddie?” Cowboy asked him in disbelief.

“Pert-damn near! He’s a fine, well mannered, and respectful young man. He's been taught the cowboy way and he didn't miss a lesson.”

Cowboy knew when to withdraw and nothing more was said about us spending the night together. My asshole started twitching uncontrollably as I was thinking about the fucking I was going to get from my Master tonight. Somehow I just knew it was going to be a good one.  I began to wonder if they had fucking marathons like they used to have dance marathons during the thirties and forties.  I thought if they did, I wanted Master Waddie for my dance partner.  

I helped clean up the table and put things away. I was given a pat on my butt and sent on my way by Cowboy, but not before he grabbed me and kissed me on my forehead.

“I’s jes’ fool’n with ya’ earlier, little brother.  Weren’t a man sitting at that table what wasn’t happy as hell to see you two together.  Master Waddie ain’t shown no interest in nobody in a number of years; well,— since his slave passed away six years ago. We think you may be the first he’s been with in all that time. We’re happy for you and him and grateful to you for pulling him out of his funk.  No matter how your relationship develops, he’s one of the best, Casey. You can trust that big man with your soul. He’s a fine, quality Master.  You won’t find a better one.”

“Thanks, Cowboy. I knew you were kidding. I hope my comeback didn’t do no permanent damage or don't leave no scars.”  I laughed.

“Ah, hell, no!  I deserved that! All I wanna’ know is,— is it true?”

I didn’t answer him. I just stood there and turned beet red.  He started laughing his ass off.

“You don’t have to say a word, boy.  I done got my answer.  Well,— all I can say is,— good for you, cowboy!  Now,— go clean yore’self up for your Master!”

“Yes, Sir.”  

I left and went to my coach. I was floating on a cloud.  I was tired but happy and looking forward to a wonderful, relaxed evening in my Master’s arms.  Why was I thinking about Master Claymore as my Master? ‘Because you want him to be your Master for this evening or for what little time you might have together. It jes’ feels right. It’s manners, Son!  You owe the man that. He’s been s’damn good to you.’ I thought to myself.  ‘Ain’t seen me no tighter bonds than these men have for each other. There's more under heaven and earth than I might have dreamed of in their philosophy. Something must be working.’  
End of Chapter 26 ~ Texas Longhorns
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