By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 28

I didn’t elaborate on my comment to the Sheriff.  I thanked Sheriff Claymore for being so open and honest with me.  He assured me he wasn’t telling me anything that wasn’t pubic knowledge, but if he could help, he’d try.  Master Waddie and I decided to walk back to the double ‘R’ for a minute.  We were inside away from everyone else. They went about their business after we walked away to talk.

“What did you mean a while ago when you told my boy maybe he could be a fly on the wall, Son?  You know he’s gonna’ ask me about it.  That man don’t miss a thing.”                

I smiled at him and walked over to the kitchen area, pulled out a small drawer and got a key.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t wanna’ say nothing before I talked with you, Sir.  I got to thinking,— we set the lock on the door of the double ‘R’ for privacy.”  I handed him the key. “If you don’t mind a visitor, I certainly don’t.  If the Sheriff wants to come in and watch, it would be a big turn on for me.  My dick gits hard jes’ think’n on it.”

“It would be a turn on for me, too, boy; however, if I give him this key, I know my boy, he’ll use it; however, he’s gonna’ think it’s the key to the magic kingdom, and he’s invited to join in. He’s gonna’ wanna’ fuck you for sure. I can’t set no limits, I can’t jes’ tell him he can watch and nothing else.  That would be like cruel and unusual punishment. I wouldn’t wanna’ do that to him.  It would be like inviting a kid to a party, but telling him he can’t have no cake or ice cream.”

Once again, I had to admit, Master Claymore’s logic made sense.
“I have no problem with him joining us if you don’t. He can fuck me as long as you’re here to hold my hand, or— my legs.” I smiled and winked at him, “Then, you can fuck me and let the sheriff hold my hand.”

Master Waddie laughed.

“Hell, one thing my boy ain’t, is shy. He’s jes’ like my dad,  he’d fuck you in front of a rodeo grandstand full of people.  He’d wave his hat at ‘em and shout ‘yahoo,’ as he shot his load up yore’ butt.”

I laughed at that.  Master Waddie laughed, too.

“While we was putting Rocky in a stall in the barn, he asked if I’d let him fuck me. I told him I certainly would, but he had to ask you first.”  

“How do you feel about it?”  Master Waddie asked me.

“To git fucked by that big, good look’n, cowboy sheriff?  Humm,— I think I could handle that, Sir.” I grinned at him, then added, “It would be a nice way to say ‘thanks’ for his hospitality.”

“I know he’d really enjoy it.  I’ll tell him it’s okay, but only if’n I get to watch?”

“Great! Having you watch me get fucked or him watching you fuck me makes my dick hard.” I told him.

“Mine, too!” replied Master Waddie, “ Okay,  I’ll give him the key.  He’ll wait until he can get away from ever’body.  He’ll probably tell Cindy he wants to come out here and talk with us for a while. He’s jes’ like my dad. He told Cindy before he married her he probably would continued to have sex with men, but he promised her he’d take care of her, give her all the sex and love she needs, provide a good life for her and their children, but he would never look at another woman. Cindy knows, but she don’t care. She knows Gip would never look at another woman, but she don’t mind sharing him with the boys.
Cindy’s like my mom. Mom knew my dad was a rounder when she married him.  She knew about my dad’s dalliances with other men. He told her before they were married he liked to have sex with men as well as women. If she wanted him he wanted her to know ever’ thing about him so there weren’t no surprises later. He told her he’d carried on a sexual relationship with his best buddy in school for years and he probably still would,  she wouldn’t know about it, but he’d never do anything to embarrass her. My dad loved my brother Gip’s dad, Dan Justin, and they carried on a relationship for years. Their wives knew about it, but they didn’t care. Mom knew about dad and me fuck’n around with each other.

Dad would get horny driving back to town from the ranch.  We’d have jes’ enough time for me to suck him off and finish cleaning him up before we hit the driveway at home.  He’d still be buckling the belt on his pants when we got out of the truck. We’d go into the house, he’d go off to the bathroom to wash up for dinner, and I’d go to the kitchen sink. While I was washing my hands, mom would hand me a paper towel and tell me to wipe my dad’s spunk out of my hair.  She’d break up laughing and get me laughing. We’d laugh ever’ time we looked at each other during dinner, but poor dad had no idea what we were laughing about.”

Mr. Claymore, as Master Waddie wanted me to call him, and I had dinner with his son’s family and his biker family.  I guess Gip was use to having fifteen bikers visit for several days; however, the men didn’t just free load. They borrowed an old truck of the Sheriff’s.  Several would drive into town to the store. They came back with a truck load of food, sodas of all kinds, snacks, anything and everything you could think of.  Gip usually provided the beef and had hogs they had in cold storage. Being a rancher he had all the beef and pork his family could eat and more.

The men didn’t let Cindy and her daughters do all the work either.  There was a team of men assigned mess duty on a rotating basis, everyone took a turn in helping and they cleaned up afterward.  I helped several times. Cindy actually had to do very little.  She sort of thought of it as a brief vacation when Waddie’s family came riding up.  The only thing the men couldn’t buy was beer or booze.

While he wasn’t a bible thumper, Gip Claymore didn’t drink, and being sheriff of the county, he felt it was his duty to set an example and not have alcohol on his property.  It didn’t seem to bother any of the family. They knew the rules.  If anyone didn’t want to abide by the rules and just had to drink, they could rent a motel room for the week.  No one did, they were all afraid they’d miss something. They were easy going men and could live without it for several days.
We were there for the four days before the Rodeo on Friday, the Fourth of July. Every day was getting up before dawn working around the ranch helping Gip and his boys until around ten in the morning.  We’d stop for lunch and then rodeo the rest of the afternoon, take a break for a light supper, and rodeo well into the evening.  Gip’s arena was lighted, but in July it doesn’t start getting dark until eight thirty.
Gip followed a tradition started by his granddad during his days as sheriff.  After the rodeo was over for the day, he threw a huge Fourth of July barbecue party for his deputies, close friends, family and anyone else he wanted to invite.  Almost everyone in the small town was there and if anybody just dropped by they were welcome.  The whole family was busy getting ready for it.  Sheriff Claymore and his family provided everything for the party. It was one huge blowout, except there was no alcohol allowed.  No one seemed to mind and had a great time

Gip had me move the double ‘R’ down behind his far barn.  Gip and his boys poured a concrete slab over a large area behind the barn. They built a large covered port for parking their recreational vehicles.  Sheriff Claymore told me he sometimes had friends and relatives come and stay with them who owned recreational vehicles, and they planned to get another for themselves. In any case, there was easily room for six large vehicles.

The double ‘R’ felt right at home next to the Sheriff’s coach. They had a separate septic tank put in just for the hook ups from the pad. It was like a mini-R.V. park.  Gip showed us where the hookups were for water, waste and electricity.  It was really neat and convenient. It gave Master Waddie and I a bit more privacy.  It also made it easier for Gip to disappear and use his magic kingdom key, as he called it.

* * * * * * *

I never saw a hotter cowboy than Sheriff Gip Claymore.  Master Waddie was right again, the Sheriff stole my heart the minute I met him. He set a fine horse.  He looked like the epitome of a West Texas cowboy. While he was good looking, he had a weathered, tanned look about him that was hot. He was built like a rock from years of hard work around the ranch, but middle age caught up with him.  He had just a bit of a gut in front, but it made him all the more sexy for me.  I could imagine it as a nice cushion for my forehead as I was giving him a good blow job.

The Sheriff was a cowboy who believed in the old school of being a cowboy, by wearing boots, spurs, chaps, and his hat at all times while rodeoing.  Most of the other men didn’t wear chaps.  They just roped in their Wranglers.  The second day I decided to wear my chaps in deference to the sheriff.  He didn’t say anything at first until we were sitting alone on our ponies waiting a turn to rope. He wanted to toss a couple with me. He looked at me and smiled.

“I couldn’t get away last night, but Cindy’s taking the kids to prayer meet’n tonight.  I don’t care if they go to church whenever they want to, but I never was one for going to church much.  To keep up appearances as an elected official, I go about once a month to a Sunday service, Easter, and Christmas; other than that, I leave it to them.  Our youngest girl, Kim, loves going to church.  The other three can take it or leave it.  I always told ‘em to take all that mumbo-jumbo, hell fire, damnation shit at face value and not let it ruin their lives.  

“Is your wife cool about you going with men, Sheriff?”

“We don’t discuss it, but it was understood before she married me I was probably gonna’ mess around with my buddies.  I told her I’d always love her and give her all the love’n she wants or needs, I’d see to it she and our kids were comfortable and had a good life, but I promised her I wouldn’t never so much as look at another woman.  She knows I’m probably gonna’ be with my dad and you this evening.  She told me to have a good time.

I don’t know why, but throw’n a good hot fuck into a man’s ass gets me all hot an bothered for her afterwards. She told me she loves it, ‘cause she knows when I get back she’s gonna’ get it,— but good. She done told me I do my best work after being with one of my buddies.  She knows when I get a piece of ass at the station, because after I get home, I’m all over her.  Don’t git me wrong, Son, I ain’t complaining none about my life.  All of life is a trade off. I wanted what I have, the good Lord was kind enough to provide it, and I couldn’t be happier. I figure I done got all the good things out of life, and as long as I ain’t hurt’n nobody, what I do on the side is my business.”

“It must be great having a wife like that.”

“We love, respect and understand one another. Most of all, Cindy’s my best friend. I wouldn’t do nothing to hurt her. I don’t mess around that much, but when you gits it laid in your lap,— what da’ ya’ gonna’ do?  By the way, buckaroo, you look pert-damn hot in them chaps.  I can’t wait to feel my ole dick up yore’ butt.”

“Don’t talk like that, Sheriff!  I’m so ready to feel some good, hot sheriff’s dick up my ass my butt hole’s jes’ a’ twitch’n in anticipation.”  Gip laughed at me. I continued, “You don’t look to damn shabby in your outfit neither.  You gonna’ fuck me in your boots with them chaps on, Sheriff?”

“Hoe-leee, shit! That’s so hot, boy!  That’s an instant hard-on!  My old dick couldn’t git no harder’n it is right now. I’ve always wanted to do that with a somebody, but I ain’t never found nobody crazy enough to do it with me. You promise to wear yours?”

“If’n Master Waddie gives me permission.  I hav’ta’ ask him first.  I don’t think he’d mind.  Knowing him, I’m almost certain he’d  think it was hot.”

“You think my old man would look on us as weird?”

“Are you kidding? He sleeps with his leathers on, because he knows it turns me on.”

“He does look hot in them leathers of his; always did.  He and I used to mess around when I was younger and didn’t have so many damn responsibilities. That is,— when I could talk him into sharing his slave Zane with me.  Holy fuck!  What a hot man he was.  My granddad couldn’t get enough of Zane.  He used to fuck him by the hour while my dad would be laying next to ‘em watching or reading a book.  Sometimes I’d come in and dad and I would carry on while granddad fucked the daylights out of Zane.  My granddad loved Zane so much he’d jokingly tell him in front of his Master to leave that no good son of a bitch and come live with him; — to hell with convention,— he’d make an honest man outa’ him; he’d take him to a preacher and marry him proper-like.”

The sheriff and I shared a laugh.

“We been worried about dad since Zane died.  It’s been six years now and he ain’t showed no interest in nobody ‘til you come along.  Last time he was home, I got him alone in the barn and talked him into let’n me suck him off.  He let me try, but he couldn’t even get an erection. I felt so bad for him I almost cried.  Cindy and I are so grateful to you for bringing him around again.  He’s like the old cowboy we used to know and love.”  

“He told me we come together for a reason.  I didn’t believe him at first, but I do now.  I know I’ve helped him and he’s helped me see a few things more clearly.  I know we don’t have too much time together, then we have to go our separate ways, but I’ll always remember him and the love we shared.  Besides, it ain’t like I’m gonna’ lose him as a close friend,— hell,— we live in the same community about five miles down the road from each other. Lemme’ ask you some’um, Sheriff,— will you promise to ride me really hard, Sir?”

“You try’n to make me come in my jeans, Son. ‘Cause if’n you are, I ain’t too far from it.”  We both laughed. He looked at me and grinned wickedly. He leaned over toward me on his pony and spoke every word with conviction. “I’m a’ gonna’ fuck you so hard, boy,— the fillings in yore’ gotdamn teeth are gonna’ drop out!”   

I almost fell of my pony laughing at him.

“I don’t think I can make this next run, Sheriff,— I think I jes’ come in my Wranglers.”

Master Waddie looked over at us from across the arena, laughing our ass’s off and raised an eyebrow.  He didn’t have to ask what we were talking about, he knew from my red face. I told the sheriff I was kidding and we made the run.  We made the best time for the afternoon. Before we left the arena for the night and we were putting ponies away he came over to tell me he’d see me later.

“Oh, one other thing, Sheriff,— you don’t have to shower before you come out to join us?”

“You sure, Son?  I been on my pony all afternoon and got awful hot and sweaty.”

“Yes, Sir, I know.” I smiled.

He shook his head and chuckled as I watched a wet spot form in his Wranglers the size of a fifty cent piece.  He saw me looking, he looked down at his crotch and back up to my eyes.

“Does that  answer yore’ question, Son?”  He laughed.

“Yes, Sir, I’d say it does, Sheriff.”

“Okay, I won’t. Damn, boy, you got me so fuck’n horny.”

“I’ll look forward to help’n you out with that problem, Sheriff Claymore. I know my ole asshole’s got a right powerful itch only a sheriff’s big dick can scratch.”

“God, help me!” he said under his breath and laughed as he walked away.

 * * * * * * *

We put the ponies away for the evening, and had a light supper with both families. I really like the sheriff’s wife, Cindy.  She was good looking and petite.  She had a ready good sense of humor and wasn’t afraid to laugh. I also like his two boys.  The younger one didn’t have much interest in rodeoing. He was more into computers and video games.  He older brother, Gip junior, or little Gip, as they called him was a fine looking young man and every inch a cowboy.  He was very much like his dad and granddad. He and I roped several times together during the day and made decent times, but he really roped best with his dad.  They had the second best times of the day.  Master Claymore and I had the best times.

We said our goodnights to everyone and started our walk back to the double ‘R.’  We were talking quietly.

“I take it we’re on for this evening.”  Master Claymore spoke softly to me.  

“Yes, Sir, I guess we are. He seems to think so. I really like your boy, Master Waddie. He’s one of a kind, but then,— like father, like son.”  I winked at him. He grinned.

Master Waddie decided to stow his stuff in the double ‘R.’  It was almost an unspoken understanding between us he would be spending every night with me while we were there.  That was more than fine with me.  I couldn’t get enough of pleasing the big man.  We got back to the coach after a full day of roping and we were both tired.  He decided to have one of the beers I had in my fridge, but he told me not to tell his boy.  He was only going to have one to relax.  He sat on the couch and sort of stretched out.

“Come over here and sit with me for a few minutes, cowboy.”

I moved over to the couch and sat beside him.  He put his arm around me and pulled me into a kiss.  I could taste the beer in his mouth. It didn’t taste so bad that way.

“You been doing any think’n on what Gip told ju’ today about your granddad?”

“A little, Master Waddie.  I was too busy watching the rope’n and looking at you and the sheriff.”  I smiled.

“Yeah, well, he was a’ watch’n you, too.  He can’t say enough good things about you and he’s willing to help any way he can.”

“He seems like a good man. You should be proud of him.”

“I’m very proud of him.  I sometimes wish I could live closer to him and his family, but on the other hand, maybe it’s best.  He gave up my lifestyle years ago for another dream, and he’s living it.  When he told me he had a dream about coming home, getting married and raising a family I was shocked at first. Then when I figured he was serious and this weren’t jes’ some fantasy, I supported him. Of course, my dad was still alive then and he and Gip were like two peas in a pod.  I don’t think any two men ever loved each other more’n him and his granddad.  He didn’t wanna’ say today, but I think that’s really why he identifies with the situation you’re in. He misses my dad as much or more than I do.  It really tore him up when dad died.”

Master Claymore was about finished with his beer.  I had my head laying on his shoulder.  I could smell all his male odors and he was driving me crazy. I wasn’t about to say anything, ‘cause I know I’d just want to fall to my knees, pay homage to his boots and suck him off. I thought it would be best if I played it cool.

“Since you’re about finished with your beer, maybe I should get in there and clean up.  It may take me a while so make yourself comfortable. Watch T.V. if you want or there’s some DVD movies in that drawer under the T.V.”

“Why don’t you let me get in there first and clean up, then you can have it all to yourself.”

“Humm,—” was all I said like I was thinking about something.

“I know you so well by now.”  He smiled at me.

“What?”  I asked with mock indignity.

“You don’t want me to clean up, and you don’t know how to ask me without sounding like a pervert, right?”  He grinned at me. I just started blushing.  He laughed. “You won’t sound like no damn pervert.  My slave used to beg me not to shower after we’d been rodeoing all day. He wanted me like I was.  He wanted me to go two or three days at a time and I jes’ couldn’t do that.  I’ll bet chu’ beg your old man not to clean up sometimes.”

“Yes, Sir,— I’ve tired to talk him into not cleaning up for a couple of days but he won’t go no more’n two days without cleaning himself. He don’t know how much it turns me on.  I asked the sheriff not to shower before he came out. He promised me he wouldn’t. I think the idea I want him smelling like a man turns him on.”

Master Claymore threw back his head and laughed.

“You want me to put my leathers on without shower’n,--- is that it, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, Master Waddie, if you will, Sir.  Should I ask you more formally.”

“No, I think you all ready done asked me in a goodly manner.  Besides, it sort of turns me on, too.”  He smiled at me and winked. “You want help with your plug after you clean up?”

“It’s always nice if someone helps me with it, Sir.”

“Be happy to, Son.”

I got up to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off his big cowboy boots.  I’d had my eyes on them all day and every damn time I looked at them my mouth would start to water.  I had to ask him if I could make a little love to them and taste them.

“Before I go, Master Waddie, may I pay homage to your boots, Sir?”

“They’re pretty dusty, Son.  Why don’t chu’ wait until I get my leathers on. I’ll go in and change while you’re in the shower.”

“At least, let me get a rag and clean ‘em up for ya, Sir.”

“That might be nice. You don’t have to, they’s jes’ gonna’ git dirty again tomorrow.”

“Good,— then I can clean ‘em again for you.”  I smiled at him.

Master Waddie laughed at me as I went to the kitchen, found a rag and wet it down with warm water.  I returned and lovingly cleaned his big boots for him.  They looked pretty good when I got through.

“Okay,— now you may pay homage to ‘em if’n you want to.  I wanna’ kept my boy happy.”

“Thanks, Master Waddie, it would make me very happy, Sir.”

I kissed each of his handsome boots.  He pulled me up into his big arms again to give me a good kiss.  We broke it off, he turned me toward the bathroom, patted me on my butt, and sent me off to shower.

* * * * * * *

By the time I got out of the shower, Master Waddie put on his leathers and was looking hot.  I stood and just stared at him for a minute.

“You need my help with your plug, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, but I have to ask you something, Master.”

“What’s ‘at, boy?”

“The Sheriff told me he would wear his boots and chaps tonight, and I was jes’ wondering, if you’d mind,— ”

“If you put churs’ on?”

“Yes, Sir, Master Waddie.”

“Not at all, I’d like to see you two that way.  Humm,— since when did my boy git kinky?”

“He told me he’s always wanted to, but he ain’t never found nobody crazy enough to do it with him.”

“He’s found the right men, huh, cowboy?”

“Can’t gainsay that, Sir.” 
Master Waddie and I laughed.

* * * * * * *

I quickly donned my boots, chaps and an older, fine looking western cut leather vest I loved to wear.  I’d done this sort of thing by myself, at home alone,  stood in front of a mirror and jacked off, but I’d never done it with anyone.  It was a highly erotic and exciting feeling.  It was like revisiting the fantasy days of my childhood where I found the whole idea of being a cowboy not only a dream but a sexual fantasy wish fulfillment as well.  To be doing it in front of a fine looking, mature man with his obvious approval was something I’d always dreamed of sharing with another person.  

Master Waddie helped me with my plug. I could tell he was no amateur when it came to inserting a plug into a man’s ass.  To say he had a magic touch sounds trite; however, when an old phrase works,— hell, use it.  Master Waddie did, indeed, have a magic touch.  He had that plug up my butt faster than anybody ever had before and for lack of a better phrase,— made me enjoy it to its fullest. My brother and my dad were good but this man was like a professional.  He knew what the hell he was doing.  He impressed the hell out of me.

After Master Waddie plugged my butt we lay across my bed making love.  He couldn’t help but reach down to my ass and play with my plug. It was almost like an expected, automatic response for him.  He was just like my dad, he loved that damn plug. I can’t say the joy in their sexual excitement over something as simple as a plug up my butt didn’t bring me a considerable amount of happiness as well.  Master Waddie was right, I did need to serve and please a man.  I wondered if I was really imprinted that way as I overheard some of Master Waddie’s family talking or if someday my needs and interest might change.  I hadn’t fully given up the idea of marrying and having a family of my own.

I looked upon serving these men almost as a birthright. I certainly didn’t feel the least demeaned by wanting to give to such men as my dad and Master Waddie.  I felt it was my choice to be either; however, perhaps because of my youth, I chose to be taught and lead by these strong and powerful men.  It seemed like their strength and sense of purpose was only adding to my own sense of self worth.  They only made me stronger in my resolve, no matter which way I ultimately chose to live my life, it would be with principle, a strong dedicated will and a glad heart.  I was to learn more from Sheriff Gip Claymore.

I made love to and tasted Master Waddie’s fine codpiece again but he wouldn’t allow me to remove it.  He wanted to wait until the sheriff got there.  He did allow me to use my hand as we made love to feel him through his leather pouch.  It was really sensual to feel him growing strong behind the leather.  Once again the big head of his dick popped out the top of his codpiece and I kissed it gently.  I couldn’t wait to feel it up my ass and was about to tell him so.

“Shuuu,— ” Master Waddie quieted me.  I listened and heard a key in the door to my trailer.  I left only a small night light on in the living area and had a small one in the bedroom to give off a soft ambient light. It was just enough to see by.  We heard a pair of big cowboy boots walking down the hallway to my bedroom.

“Dad?  Casey?  Ya’ll in here?”  Spoke Gip quietly.

“Yeah,— come on in, Son.”  Master Waddie invited him.

 Gip appeared at the door like a kid on his first day at school.  He was peeking in like he wasn’t sure what to expect.  When he got a good look at his dad in all his leathers holding a young cowboy in a leather vest, chaps and boots with his big dick hanging out in front, a grin as big as Texas slowly spread across his face.

“Fuck me in the butt!” he laughed, “I seen me some pur-tie sights in my day but none what could top this ‘un.  Hot damn, you two look like a wet dream I been having and I can’t wait to jump in.”

“Ah,— but not before you keep a promise you made to my slave-boy, Son.”

“Oh,— ya’ll don’t have to worry none about that, cep’n my old boots are pretty dirty.  I don't wanna' git chur’ nice leather bed cover messed up, Casey.”

“You let us worry about that, Son.  Go into the living room and git chur’self ready then holler at us when you’re through.”

“Okay, Dad.  Damn, Casey,— you look good enough to eat, Son;— or fuck.” He giggled like a school boy as he turned to go into the living area.  Master Waddie winked at me and we both laughed at his anxiousness.

“I have a feeling this is going to be a night to remember, Master.”  I grinned at him.

“I’m sure it will be, Son.  I been on the receive’n end of my boy’s dick any number of times, and he ain’t never pulled out of my butt when I weren’t fully satisfied.  Fucks me jes’ like my old man done.  Gip could be a twin of my dad.  I know you’re gonna’ enjoy him.”

“How are we gonna’ handle this, Master Waddie?”

“What da’ ya’ mean, boy,— you’re still my slave,— ain’t chu?” he grinned at me.

“With all my heart, Master Waddie.  You know that.”

“Then be my slave, boy, and trust your Master.  He’ll tell you what to do.  Jes’ remember your manners and you’ll do fine.”

About that time we heard the Sheriff holler from the living room he was ready.  We got up and I followed Master Waddie.  There, in my living area, in front of us, stood a cowboy God.  The sheriff had on his big, brown latigo leather, batwing working chaps, his big dirty, dusty light brown cowboy boots and a nice dark brown leather working vest that had dark sweat stains around the armpits.  He even had his big, wide brimmed cowboy hat on. Fuck!  He looked hot.  His dick was framed by his chaps and hanging loosely in front of him.  He was about the same size as his dad. Master Waddie stopped dead in his tracks and I almost bumped into him.  I caught myself and was peeking around his big form like a kid stealing a look at the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

“You wanna’ take this one, Casey, or you want me to?”

“I think I can handle it, Master Waddie.”

I chuckled and moved from behind my Master to fall to my knees in front of the Sheriff.  I leaned over and lovingly kissed each of his dusty boots.  I didn’t give a shit if they were dirty, they were way too hot not to pay homage to them.  Master Waddie taught me his family’s ritual greeting and obviously Sheriff Claymore remembered as well.  I felt his hand by my head, I took it and lovingly kissed the back and put it to my forehead.  I heard his deep voice, the voice of considerable masculine authority, speak.

“Git up here in my cowboy arms, slave, and show me your love.”

I almost knocked Gip over I was in his arms so fast, kissing him like he was the last man on earth.  He returned my kiss with equal enthusiasm, all the while running his hands over my leathers, over my butt and down to my hole. I felt him when he touched my plug and gently felt around it.  He didn’t break our kiss for a minute, but he moaned deeply in his throat.  It was a sound that seemed to emanated from his gut; the sound of a man bound to the ecstacy of the moment.  He gently pushed in on my plug as I pushed back with my ass. His all ready roaring hard, big dick, swelled again, and grew another three inches up my stomach. I thought for a minute he was going to ejaculate but he didn’t. Our cocks were about to declare war on each other trying to find an inch of neutral ground.  He finally broke off our kiss and held me at arms length.

“Ho-lee shit!”  He exclaimed, “I knew you were hot, boy, but my daddy done trained you pert-damn good all ready.  That dick of yours has to be from yore’ granddaddy as well as them purple eyes.  I’ve hear’d talk from Bubba about his legendary cock.”   

The sheriff grabbed me to him in a big bear hug and immediately his hand went to my plug again.  I laughed and heard Master Waddie roar with laughter behind me.

“My old man make you wear that, Son?”

“Naw,— now wait a minute,— ” I heard Master Waddie jump in. “Go, on,--- tell 'em, Casey.”

“I wear it because my daddy likes it, Sheriff.   He never asked me to, but when I found out it turned him on, I got use to wear’n it for him, Sir.”

“I can understand why, Son,— does it for me.”  Gip laughed.

“Sit down there on the couch, Son and let my slave-boy clean your boots.”

“Aww, Dad,— he don’t have to do that.”

“Look, if Jesus washed his disciples feet, my slave-boy can clean yore’ boots,— right, slave?”

“More than right, Master Waddie.  It would be an honor, Sheriff Claymore to clean your boots for you, Sir.”

Master Waddie winked at me and motioned with his head to get a rag. I went into the kitchen area to get the same rag I cleaned his boots with earlier.  I rinsed it out in hot water and returned to kneel in front of the Sheriff.  I took his boot and placed it directly in my crotch so the heel was resting on my ball sack and the sole of his boot was holding my dick up and back into my stomach.  I lovingly cleaned the left one, then transferred his right boot to my crotch to clean it.  They looked pretty damn good when I got finished.

“Now that they’re nice and clean, Sheriff, may I pay proper homage to your boots, Sir?”

“You certainly may, slave-boy, I would appreciate that.”

I kissed, licked and tasted his fine boots and ended with a deep kiss to each one.  I once again found his waiting hand.  I kissed the back of it and placed it to my forehead.

“Git up here, cowboy,  and gimme’ some love’n.”  The Sheriff ordered.

Once again I was smothered in Sheriff Gip Claymore’s arms as my Master looked on with pride.

“A-hem!”  Master Waddie clear his throat to get our attention. “All right, you two, you got plenty a’ time to make love to each other after we take off after the rodeo.”

“You gonna’ hang around, Son,— maybe work for me for a while?  I can always use an extra hand around the ranch.”  The sheriff asked me with excitement.

“I jes’ might,— if’n I’m invited, Sheriff.”

“Invite, hell,— I’ll jest’ arrest yore’ pretty little ass until you agree to stay.”  Gip broke up laughing. “Besides, I know you wanna’ git to know Bubba and yore’ granddaddy.  Bubba and his boys are due here tomorrow sometime.  They always stay in my barn for a couple of nights they’s here for the rodeo.  For all the shit I say about old Bubba, I love the man and his boys with all my heart.  Old Bubba’s given me some of the finest fucks I ever did have,— on either end.

My oldest boy’s pretty well taken with Bubba’s oldest boy, Vince.   He named his two boys after yore’ daddy and yore’ daddy’s brother.  He said he asked Mr. Langtry’s permission before he did.  He said the old man cried in his arms, but he was proud to give him permission.  The old man treats them two boys like the grandkids he never had.  He’s offered both of them a job at the Lazy 8 but they’s too busy helping their daddy.  Besides I don’t knows old Bubba could let loose of either one of ‘em, and they’re devoted to their old man.  They won’t take a shit without ask’n him first if’n it was all right.”  the sheriff laughed in merriment, the continued.

“I ain’t even gonna’ tell old Bubba who you is.  If’n you wants to tell ‘em,— that’s yore’ business.  He won’t hear it from me or one a’ my boys.  Don’t think it’ud do no harm, none, to tell old Bubba.  If’n you let ole Bubba think he’s gonna’ get a big piece a’ yore’ pie, he’ll go to his grave with your secret,— right, Dad?”  The two men roared with laughter.  Gip had almost as colorful a way with cowboy lingo as my dad.  He was funny.
“C’mon, my good slave-boy.  Let’s us git chu’ fucked.”  My Master winked and smiled at me.

We returned to the bedroom and Master Waddie told me to layout on my back.  I all ready had a towel and some lube laid out for our use.  Master Waddie pushed a pillow from the top of the bed down underneath the leather spread for me to prop my head up.  He got on the bed with his knees straddling my head.  He reached over me and grabbed my boots and pulled my legs up and apart so the Sheriff could get at my ass.  He bent me backwards until my boots came to rest and be held under each of his arms.  He locked his arms so I was secure and he had his hands free.

The sheriff was standing at the foot of the bed and I could see him grinning and playing with himself like he was a kid about to ride a new pony.  Master Waddie relaxed and sat back a little until his codpiece was right at my mouth and my nose was up under the back of it.  I could smell all his delicious flavors mixed with the smell of his leathers.  It was intoxicating.  He spoke to the sheriff.

“What chu’ wait’n for, Son,— an engraved invitation?”  He laughed.

I watched the sheriff get on the bed on his knees, stroking his big, hard dick.  I couldn’t wait to feel it in me.

“Please, Sheriff Claymore, fuck me, Sir.  It’s all yours, Sheriff.  I’ll try to give you the best fuck you ever had, Sir.  If’n I don’t, then you can arrest me and fuck me ‘til I git it right, Sir.”

“Sounds good to me, cowboy.”  He laughed.

“Lube yourself up, there, Son.  Pop his plug out and replace it with yore’ dick.  You don’t have to loosen him up or nothing.  He’s ready to be fucked.”

“Son of a bitch!” exclaimed the sheriff, “I didn’t consider that’s what the plug was for.  Yore’ daddy don’t have to bother with loosen you up, does he, Son?”

“That’s right, Sheriff.  I sleep with it ‘most ever’ night so if he wants more of my ass during the night he don’t have to bother with none of that. He just pops it out, fucks me and puts it back.”

“Damnation!  If’n you’s my boy, I’d want chu’ to do the same damn thing.  In fact, I wonder if’n I could talk little Gip into wear’n one.”  He grinned as he was stroking and lubing up his big dick.

“Do you and your boys play around, Sheriff?”

“Once in a while.  I play more with little Gip than I do Buck.  I think Buck and his brother play some, but I ain’t real sure.  I know dad’s played with both of ‘em a couple a’ times.  They both used to love fuck’n his mate Zane.  H’it jes’ don’t come up too often.  We’re so damn busy most of the time we don’t hardly git time to do much together.  Once in a while we git away together and pig out for a weekend with each other.  My boys ain’t afraid of their sexuality male or female wise.  I hope they both marry and have families but if’n they don’t h’it won’t be the end of the world.  I’ll still love ‘em anyways.”
“You be talk’n too much, slave!  You need something in yore’ mouth.”

Master Waddie popped off his codpiece and his huge dick and balls fell onto my face.  I opened my mouth to receive the head of his delicious cock and started by cleaning out under his foreskin.  His balls were resting on and  covering my nose.  With every breath I breathed in, I could smell his full-bodied masculine odors from his day in the saddle.  He smelled wonderful and I heard the sheriff laugh as my dick jump to salute.  I couldn’t see the sheriff as Master Waddie’s balls were covering my eyes as well.  I just continued to suck and clean his cock.  It tasted wonderful as he fed me just a little more.

I felt Sheriff Claymore grip my plug and pop it out of my ass. I could feel him moving his big dick around my hungry hole and suddenly I was filled with sheriff dick.  Woah!  What a feeling! My ass was full of his wonderful cock.  I heard him take a deep breath.  I could feel him throwing his arms around his dad and Master Waddie putting his around his boy.  They held each other and kissed a deep kiss while Master Waddie leaned forward so a little more of his dick could slide down my throat.  The sheriff met him with his cock securely docked up my butt.  I could feel them feeling each other and continuing their kiss as Master Waddie began to fuck my throat gently with his cock and the sheriff slowly began to fuck my ass.

‘Don’t git much better’n this, cowboy.’  I thought to myself.

I held my arms up and around Master Waddie’s legs. I could feel and smell his leathers as he urged me to suck more of his dick.  I could feel the sheriff’s chaps against my bare butt as he began to fuck me harder.  He was like his dad; I could tell he appreciated and enjoyed a fine piece of ass.  I wanted the sheriff to take all he needed.  He was feeling mighty good up my ass.  I was zoned out.  Here I was being fucked by the sheriff of the county with his dad’s big cock down my throat sucking on it for all I was worth.  Every now and then I could feel the sheriff and Master Waddie steal a kiss from each other.

After Sheriff Claymore fucked me for a while my Master decided I’d better stop sucking him because he was just about to come.  He removed his cock from my hungry mouth and told me to make love to his balls.  I began to kiss them, clean his huge orbs and make love to them.  At one point he had me open my mouth as wide as I could and dropped both his balls into my mouth.  I sucked on them and pushed them around in his sack with my tongue.

The taste of his cowboy sweat from a full day of rodeoing was intoxicating.  His sexual phereomones were in full bloom.  He finally removed them and lay them gently over my mouth and nose.  I kept licking and cleaning up behind his balls.  Every now and then I would get a whiff of his signature male odor  coming from his ass and my dick would get harder.  I inched my way up under him to the leather patch covering his hole.

I was past the point of reason in my sexual high. I suddenly knew I had to taste it.  I had to taste him.  I started cleaning and making the appropriate love to his leather patch.   I felt him relax as he felt my tongue pressing against his hole through the leather.  I cleaned, kissed and licked his patch until I thought I would faint from the anticipation of the prize that lay just underneath.  Master Waddie could feel me trembling.

“Is Casey all right, Dad?”  Gip asked his dad.

“Yeah, he’s jes’ been a’ knock’n at my backdoor for sometime now, and I think he’s about ripe for a little taste.  You sure you know what chur’ doing, Son?”  Master Waddie asked me.

“Yes, Sir.  I want it, Master Waddie.  Please, Sir.”

I never wanted anything more in my life.  I was getting fucked royally and thought making love to my Master’s hole would be the icing on the cake.

“Okay, then,— you’ve made enough love to my patch,— you may remove it.”

I knew he meant I could only remove it with my mouth.  I located the far end and got a corner of the leather in my teeth and pulled down on it.  It fell into my face.  I felt Master Waddie’s hand feel around and take it away.  He shoved it into the back pocket of his leather pants.

I lost no time in making love to my Master’s hole and the sheriff continued to fuck me harder.  It was my first time being that intimate with another man’s ass but I knew it probably wouldn’t be my last time. I can remember the feeling when my dad made love to my ass and how I almost came.  Master Waddie seemed to be responding more that a little favorably and I found myself near climax.  

Master Waddie was stroking himself.  He could see my dick was poised, ready to shoot.  He was close to erupting and raised himself from my mouth to shove his dick down my throat for me to hungrily take his biker seed.  I could now see Sheriff Claymore with his head thrown back in his moment of orgasm as he emptied his hot cowboy-sheriff’s come into my waiting, well fucked ass.  We all shot within seconds of each other.  The more I felt the sheriff shoot in my ass and the more biker come Master Waddie shot down my throat the more I shot. I thought I would never stop coming.  I came so much Master Waddie and the sheriff started chuckling.

Gip grabbed my dick and gave it a couple of good pumps and I squirted more come all over me and Master Waddie.  Master Waddie instructed the sheriff to put my plug back in my ass.  He did almost as well as his dad had done earlier.  They both stretched out beside me.  Sheriff Claymore took me into his arms and started to kiss me.  I stopped him with a concerned look on my face.

“Don’t worry, Son, as many times as I’ve had my lips wrapped around my old man’s hole you don’t have to worry none about that.”  He laughed and kissed me deeply.

I didn’t resist.  I was as near heaven as I could get.  I asked permission to clean my spunk from my Master and his leathers.  He graciously gave me permission.  Sheriff Claymore couldn’t resist playing with my plug as I cleaned my Master.  When Master Waddie was satisfied with my job he told me to lay down again.  I stretched out between them and the sheriff took me into his arms once more.  Master Waddie was pressed tightly up against me with his big arms around both of us.

“I really would like for you to hang around for a while after dad leaves with the family, Casey.”

“See, didn’t I tell you my boy would fall in love with you?” chuckled Master Waddie.

“He did, Sheriff, honest,— on the way here he told me. Master Waddie ain’t never told me nothing wrong yet, Sir, but he also told me, I’d fall in love with you.”  I smiled at Gip.  He hugged me tighter.

“And have you, Son?”  He asked.

“‘Feared so, Sheriff.  What?  Are you kidding?  After fuck’n me like you jes’ done?  That was a damn fine fuck’n you gimme,’ Sir.  Master Waddie done taught me you can love more than one person; however, the love you have for them won’t be better or worse but each will be unique.  My Cousin Rance told me never to deny love anywhere I found it, even if it was for only a little while.”

“Rance Harding’s a cowboy; so’s my dad.  They won’t never tell you wrong, Son.  If I introduce you to your granddad would you want me to tell him you’re working for me for a while, but you’re looking for a steady job?  It occurred to me he jes’ might offer you a job.  If’n you went to work for him you’d really git a chance to know him even if, like you say, it was for only a little while.”

“I never considered that, Sir, but I don’t know what I’d do with my pony and coach, Sheriff.”

“Leave ‘em here.  I’ll take care of your pony and you kin lock up your coach.  I have a key in case of emergency or I have to move it for any reason.  Does the key you gimme’ fit the ignition, too?”

“Yes, Sir.  H’it’s the only key you need.”

“You git two weekends off per month. They’ll bring you into town ever’ Friday.  They let chu’ off at noon, but by the time they drive you into town, here, it’s two-thirty or three O’clock.  You can jes’ come by the station, and I’ll bring you out here to say in your coach. They pickup the hands in town ever’ Sunday evening about eight and take ‘em back out to the ranch. I’d make sure you get back to town.”

“Lemme’ guess what the rent’s gonna’ be?”  Master Waddie laughed.
“You know better’n ‘nat, Dad!”  the sheriff shot back to my Master, “Naw,— I ain’t that way, Son,— my old man knows that.  He jes’ be jive’n with ya.’  I’d never expect that.  What I’m offer’n is with no strings attached;  however, I probably wouldn’t say ‘no’ if’n you was to invite me to your coach of an evening.”  He winked at me and stole another kiss.

“I think Master Waddie knows me well enough to know I wouldn’t invite you to my coach because I felt obligated, Sheriff.  If I invited you it’ud be because I genuinely want to, Sir.”

“Have you had any experience punch’n cattle, Casey?”  Sheriff Claymore asked me.

“Yes, Sir, me’n my cousin, Dwayne,— we’s all the time work’n on our ranches; then, about a couple a’ years ago  we spent a month herding cows and rounding up rodeo stock for my Cousin Rance on a big ranch; however, there’s something I probably need to share with you men, but if’n I do, I don’t want it to go no further.”

“What’s ‘at, Son?  Anything you tell dad’n me won’t go beyond this coach.”

“He don’t know it,— but my granddaddy works for me.”

Gip raised an eyebrow, and grinned at me.

“He works for you?  I don’t understand.  How could he work for you, Casey?”

“I’m a third owner of the Lazy 8.”

The two men were silent.  The sheriff’s mouth dropped open.  He just looked at me sort of like he was trying to figure out whether to laugh or shit on my bed.  Master Waddie chuckled behind me and stole a kiss.

“Don’t look at me!”  Master Waddie exclaimed to his boy. “If this man tells you he’s a partner in the Lazy 8 you can take it to the bank.  I know him and his daddy are big friends with Sticker Wiggins and Sidney Wainright.”

“You know old Sticker, Son?”

“He’s my little brother’s wrangler, Sheriff.  He’s also Mr. Wainright’s partner.”

“Hell, I’ve know’d Sticker for years. I know the sheriff of your town, Leland Bard, too.  Good man, old Lealand!  He’s been out here to rodeo with us a couple a’ times.  Ain’t no funnier man God put on this Earth than him.”

“That‘ud be Sheriff Bard, Sir.”

  How’d you come to own a third interest in the Lazy 8 and how come you never knew before now your granddad worked for the ranch?”

I explained how my little brother told me about the stock shares Mr. Wainright put on the market.  I saved all my rodeo money and money I made from other stock ventures Mr. Wainright told me to invest in.  Those investments made me a lot of money.  I invested heavily and bought all the shares of the Lazy 8 the minute they hit the market.

I went on to tell them, I bought them about a year before I decided to hit the road, and I bought them under a corporate name so Mr. Wiggins and Mr. Wainright wouldn’t know who the buyer was.  Since my corporation has elected to play the role of a silent partner, I actually knew little about the running of the ranch; however, after learning yesterday that my granddaddy worked for the ranch I wondered why Sticker or Mr. Wainright never said anything to me about having a man work for them with eyes like mine.

“I don’t think Sidney’s ever met your granddaddy, Casey.” said the Sheriff,  “Sticker hired him on at the ranch shortly after he took over management a little over ten, maybe eleven years ago.  I don’t think Sidney’s set foot on the ranch since.  He leaves ever’ thing up to ole Sticker.  I think it’s his way of not wanting to interfere with Sticker’s management.  Why, even most of the hands what work the ranch don’t know who Mr. Wiggins is.  They all think he’s a local rancher who comes to help out now and again.   Bubba and his boys almost always help with their spring roundup ever’ year.  Besides, ole Sticker ain’t a man what talks much about his business.  He don’t mix his two worlds.  Don’t know’s it ever crossed his mind there might be a connection.  Maybe he don’t even know the story of what happened between your dad and granddad.  He wouldn’t have no reason to tell you if’n he never made the connection.”

“Well, I wondered about it and arrived at about the same conclusion, Sheriff.  Sticker thinks too much of me to keep something like that from me.”

I went on to tell them the financial venture had almost paid back half my initial investment in one year’s time and I really didn’t need to work. Master Waddie and Sheriff Claymore were amazed.

“Me and my brothers, Dwayne Harding, and Logan Wainright formed a corporation.  My little brother, Logan, Mr. Wainright’s son,— he’s about one of the smartest young men you ever run across.  He figured out a name for our corporation, “Hensly Agrocon.”  To prove to you I ain’t jes’ blow’n smoke up yore’ butts, if’n you take all the letters and rearrange ‘em, it’ll spell out my name. It’s an anagram of my name, Casey Longhorn.”  They both fell out laughing.

“Let me get this straight, cowboy!”  Master Waddie said as he was laughing. “You’re an owner,— you own a third interest of the Lazy 8 as a silent partner,— the ranch your granddaddy works for?”

Master Waddie couldn’t help himself, he and the sheriff started laughing again.

“Yes, Sir,— that’s the gospel truth, Master Waddie.  I ain’t shit’n ya’ none.”

“Ho-lee shit!  I learn something new about you around ever’ corner, boy.  I knew there was some greater power tell’n me to take you on to be my slave-boy for a little while.  H’it done told me, there’s something special about this young man.  Damned, if’n it weren’t so!”

“So,— if’n you was to go to work for your granddad,— ole Sticker and Sidney wouldn’t know you were part owner,— right, Son?”  the sheriff asked me.

“That’ud be right, Sheriff.  My little brother sealed the corporate information for three years before it can be made public.”   

The sheriff slapped his hand on his leather chaps and they both broke up laughing again.

“This is too, fuck’n much,— ain’t it, Dad?”

“Craziest damn thing I’ve heard in a while, Son.  H’it all makes sense somehow. Sometimes the Old Man,— he moves in mysterious ways.”

“You jes’ gotta’ stick around for a while, Son.  I gotta’ know how all this plays out.  Dad’s right, the Old Man above done hooked you’n dad up so’s he could git chu’ here to meet me.  He’s a’ look’n out for you, boy.  I don’t do me much church going, but I sure as hell know when He’s a’ try’n to tell me to go along with something he’s got planned.  I know I better listen to Him. I learnt me the hard way.”  The sheriff chuckled.

“If’n I did go to work for my granddad, Sheriff,— I wouldn’t consider leaving my pony here less’n you lemme’ pay for his board and you lemme’ give you something toward utilities for my coach.  My daddy done told me sometimes you have to let a man pay his way so’s he won’t feel like he’s imposing on you.”

“Hell,— ‘at ain’t no problem, Son.  I can understand that, and yore’ daddy’s right. If’n it’ud make you feel more comfortable, I wouldn’t say ‘no.’  You’d be welcome to come stay here your weekend’s off.  We’d love to have you.”  Master Waddie and I chuckled, “Now,— that ain't the way I mean it, and you both know it.  Anyways, I have a feeling after yore’ granddaddy gits a gander at yore’ rope skills and meets you, he’s gonna’ offer you a job. I could put a bug in his ear, if’n you’d want me to.”

“Let’s wait’ll I meet him, Sheriff.  I don’t know how I’ll react.  Who knows,--- maybe I might not wanna’ work for him?”  I told the sheriff.

“I didn’t think a’ that, Casey.  I certainly won’t say nothing less’n you ask me to.”

“Thanks, Sheriff, I appreciate it.  I might wanna’ talk to Bubba and feel him out.  I may not tell him all I’ve told you men.  I don’t want him spook’n my granddad.  ‘Sides,— since I don’t know him, I don’t know’s I can trust him like I can you two.”

“Old Bubba’s a cowboy, Son.  If you want him to keep something private he’ll take it to his grave,— I promise you.  You can be honest with Bubba.  He thinks the world of yore’ daddy and his brother.  He wouldn’t a’ named his boys after ‘em if’n he wasn’t pretty damn fond of ‘em.”

“We’ll see, Sheriff.  I really appreciate your interest and offer to help.”

“Hell, I don’t git to see too much happen what could really be called excite’n very often, but yore’ meet’n up with your granddaddy is pretty damn special.  I know how important some’um like that can be for a man. Anything I can do to help,— I’m more’n willing.”

We talked a little more, then Sheriff Claymore decided he wanted to suck my dick.  I told him I wanted to suck his, too, so we got into a sixty-nine position to suck each other off.  Master Waddie popped my plug out of my butt, filled me full of his big Master’s dick and gently fucked me.  I shot a load in the sheriff’s mouth I thought might drown him but he took me like a trooper.  

I didn’t want Sheriff Claymore to leave.  I would’ve loved to sleep between the two big men, but I knew he had other obligations.  He looked so hot in his  weathered, sweat stained, leather vest; his well worn bat wing, latigo leather working chaps and his fine cowboy boots.  I knew my dick was going to stay hard all the next day.  He went to my bathroom, cleaned himself so he could put his clothes on and head to his house to really clean up before his family got home.  Master Waddie re-plugged my butt and we got up to say ‘goodbye.’  We hugged and kissed at the front door of my coach.

“Wish ya’ didn’t have ta’ go, Sheriff, but I understand.”

“Wish’t I didn’t either, cowboy, but if’n you stick around for a while we’ll git to see each other.  You want chur’ key back, buckaroo?”

“‘At’s yore’ key, Sheriff.”  Was all I said.  He smiled real big and kissed me again.
“By the way, Casey,  be sure’n wear them contact lenses of yours tomorrow.  Bubba and his boys are due in sometime in the early afternoon.  They never miss a chance to toss a few with us the day before the rodeo.”

* * * * * * *

Sheriff Claymore left.  Master Waddie took me into his arms and held me for a few minutes and then gently kissed me.

“Proud of you, boy.  You made a good friend tonight.”  He spoke gently.

“I feel fortunate to have met Sheriff Claymore, Master Waddie.  I think it was meant to be; first you, and then the sheriff.  You were right, Sir, you’n me,— we needed something only we could give each other.”

“I got a lot more to give you tonight, slave-boy.” he grinned wickedly.

“I was kinda hoping you might, Sir.  We gonna’ win that rodeo come Friday, Master?”

“Any doubt in yore’ mind, Son?”

“Naw, Sir, but a little bit more insurance couldn’t hurt none.”

“I agree, cowboy.  C’mon, let’s go pack yore' cowboy butt full of Master Waddie's comprehensive rodeo package.  My old dick can't wait to make another investment."  he laughed.

* * * * * * *

Cindy Claymore lay underneath her husband,  breathless in the afterglow of their love making.  She’d experienced several wonderful and powerful climaxes; one right after the other as she felt her mate empty his hot seed into her.  In all their years together Gip had never been a selfish husband who would get his, yawn, roll over and go to sleep.  He was the husband, friend and lover he always was from their wedding night.

Cindy was a little older than most girls to get married, but she waited for Gip. She realized he was on the run from the government to avoid the draft.  She didn’t see him as a coward;— she saw him a man of convictions he gained from his dad and granddad.  She knew the war couldn’t go on much longer.  Gip never failed to write her every week while he was on the road with his dad. He never promised her he’d come back to her.  She just knew.

She was a virgin the first night he took her and she knew in her heart he was, too.  He shared with her his sexual experimentation with other men, but swore to her he’d never been with a woman.  She believed him.  He told her the truth.

She lay there smiling to herself as her husband made sweet, gentle love to her while he still filled her with his goodness.  He saw her smile and smiled back at her.  She knew, without a doubt, her big, cowboy, husband had been out with his dad and Casey earlier in the evening.   

“I’m so glad to see your dad has found someone to spark his interest in life again.  Me’n the kids have been praying for him, and I know you have.”

“I am, too, sweetheart.  Casey’s jes’ the cowboy what could do it.  He’s kind, concerned, giving, lives his life by the cowboy code, and he's a fine looking young man.”

“He is a looker, no doubt.  The girls can't talk about nothing else but him;  however,  I think they'll have to stand in line behind Buck and little Gip.  Boys will be boys."  she giggled mischieviously,  "You gonna’ ask Casey to stay on for a while after your dad and his family leave?”  She asked softly.

Gip knew why she was asking and smiled back at her question.  He hesitated for a minute before answering.

“You think I should, Darlin’?”

“Oh, Lord, Gip,— I certainly hope you do.  With all that’s going on in that young man’s life, he needs us right now.  Most of all, he needs your love and support.”  Cindy was serious, but there was merriment in her voice. Gip didn’t miss her double meaning.

“I all ready have, Darlin.’” he confirmed quietly as he stole another kiss.

“That’s nice, dear,--- I’m glad you did.”  Cindy replied.  She couldn't help but giggle again.  Gip laughed with her.  After all these years,--- they were still very much in love.  Once again, Cindy told herself she was glad she waited.

End Chapter 28 ~ Texas Longhorns
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