By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 29

The next morning we were once again up before sunrise.  Master Waddie and I showered together and had coffee in the trailer before we headed to the big house for breakfast.  There were six men of Master Waddie’s family all ready in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I offered to help and was told I could give Titus a hand cutting up potatoes for cowboy fries.     

Titus gave me a smile and handed me a knife.  Between us, it took no time to finish cutting the huge pot of potatoes he had in front of him.  We were on a small service porch outside the kitchen where the main activity was going on. I have to say, Mr. Titus is a handsome man.  We stood and talked quietly as we worked.

“You having a good time on your run, Mr. Titus?”

“Yeah,— I really am,— thanks, Casey.  I’ve enjoyed meeting you and watching you and Waddie rope.  I’ve been here, to Sheriff Claymore’s ranch, many times.  I’m hoping you’n Waddie win the rodeo this year.”

“I hope so, too, Mr. Titus.  If’n there ain’t too much competition,— maybe we will.”

“You’ll win,— I’m sure of it.”  Titus replied.

“I won’t ask how you know.  I know how you know, Mr. Titus.”  I smiled at him and blushed.  “Can I talk to you honestly, Mr. Titus?”

“Sure you can, Casey.  Won’t go no further than me.”

“I know you and ever’body else in Master Waddie’s family knows I’ve fallen in love with him.  I ain’t too good at hiding some'um like 'at.  I gave myself to him as his slave before we left Tuscon; however,--- we know we ain't for each other in the long run, Mr. Titus.  He has to go on with you and his family on his run, and I have to stay here to take care of some important things in my life.  We brought something to each other we both needed for this brief period of time; but,— like Master Waddie told me and I agree with him,— once I gave myself to him there will always be a part of me what will be his slave and a part of him will always be my Master.”

“Don’t you think I’m aware of that, Son?”

“I had a feel’n you might be, but I wanted to talk to you anyway.  I jes’ never want you to think I's trying to take something away from you what’s rightfully yours.”

“I never thought that, nor would I ever think that.  Waddie ain’t rightfully mine by no means.  He’s his own man and is recognized by our family as a strong willed but compassionate Master.  I certainly have no claim to him. I won’t deny I’ve dreamed someday he would lay claim to my ass. He ain’t show’d no interest in nobody until you come along.  Lord knows, I’ve done ever’ thing in my power to get him to notice me, outside of performing my infamous,— take-me-Master-I-wanna’-be-your-slave,— dance of the seven bandanas.”  we shared a laugh, “Believe me,— I’ve seriously considered it;  however, our family,— being the wonderfully charitable men they are,— urged me not to;— told me it might send him over the edge;— he might have ta’ double-up on his antidepressants.” we laughed harder.  Mr. Titus could be drolly funny.  He continued.

“He’s been so hung up on letting go of his last slave he ain’t been able to see beyond his grief;--- that is, until you come along.  He’s always admired you and your dad. I can’t tell you how many times he’s told me what good men he thinks the two of you are.  He thinks you men are fine cowboys.  I have to agree with him. I saw the light in his eyes when we met up with you at that filling station outside of Tucson.  He wanted you,— big time. Who do you think urged him to ask you if you wanted company that first evening?”

“I know, Mr. Titus, I overheard you tell him and I truly appreciate it, Sir.  I have you to thank for getting to know and love a wonderful man like Master Waddie;— for that, I’m truly grateful.”

“Well,— you’re welcome, Casey. I never would’ve urged him to ask you if’n I didn’t think you were that kind of cowboy. What you and Master Waddie shared this last couple of weeks has been wonderful;— not only for you and him,— it’s been a real blessing for his family. You’ve essentially jump-started his broken heart. The change in him ain't gone unnoticed,— we’ve seen it happen. We’ve watched him go from being a gaunt, bent over, aging, defeated, older man to the fine looking, proud, tall walk’n, mature cowboy he used to be, and for that,— we’re all grateful to you;— especially me.”

“I hope you won’t be angry with me for telling him I thought you might like to become his slave, Mr. Titus.”

“Why would I be angry with you for telling the truth, Casey?”

“He never thought a good looking man like you would be interested in becoming his slave, Sir;--- especially, after being a Master for a number of years.”

“Maybe that’s what you’ve brought to him is the confidence he needs to see himself as a Master again. I became a Master because of a deathbed promise to my Master,— not by choice.  That’s not to say I didn’t love my slave with all my heart; it’s just,— if it were left up to me, I wouldn’t have opted to become a Master.  While I’m fully capable of performing that function, and I did to the best of my ability, I’d prefer to serve another man.  Now,— here I am,— fifteen years older, growing older by the day, with no slave and only one man I’d consider serving for the rest of my life.”  

“Have you considered telling him that, Mr. Titus? You might let him know you’d like him to consider you for his slave, Sir.  I certainly hope I’ve brought the confidence to Master Waddie to make a claim for you.  It wold please me to know you’re both happy, and perhaps, I played some small part in getting you together.”

“That’s a thoughtful and generous thing to say, Casey.  After we leave here, I think I just may follow your advice.”

“Then you’re not upset with me for this time I’ve spent with Master Waddie?”

“Lord, no, Casey,— don’t never think that.  If Master Waddie makes a claim for me to become his slave, I’m the big winner here.  Sometimes a man has to give a little to get a little.  In this case, I’d be getting far more than the little I gave by suggesting he share his love with you; however, you must remember,--- I will, in a way, always be sharing him with you, but that ain’t no bad thing.  He was truthful when he told you there will always be a part of you that belongs to him and a part of him,  will always be your Master. It’s just the way of love between men who understand that sort of thing.  You will, in essence, become my slave brother.”

“I’d like that, Mr. Titus.”

“So would I, Casey,— I’d like that very much.”

* * * * * * *

Breakfast was wonderful.  I felt much better after talking with Mr. Titus and everyone seemed to notice the free comradery that flowed between us.  Several wise cracks were made by the less reverent of Master Waddie’s family and even the sheriff had a couple of astute observations.  Master Waddie looked at me several times with a raised eyebrow.  I’d look at Titus, he’d wink at me and cause me to blush uncontrollably.  Master Waddie was no dummy, but he was also wise enough not to ask.

Sheriff Claymore stood after breakfast to announce the day would be different from the other days.  The morning would be spent cleaning up and setting up for the following days festivities.  He wanted everything set up and checked twice before lunch, so the afternoon could again be devoted to rodeoing for all interested parties.  His plan was, the following morning nothing was to be done but load ponies and make it to the rodeo grounds early.  Those assigned to lunch duty would stay in the kitchen, clean up from breakfast and began to fix lunch.  

Gip ran his ranch like a benevolent despot.  He was always willing to listen to a good suggestion, but he wanted it done his way.  No one, not even his own dad, dared to do anything without asking him first.   He was a coordinator and facilitator with more than a little skill. Everything was done and lunch was ready by eleven-thirty sharp.  Sheriff Claymore was quite rightfully smug we got it all done;--- and, done to his satisfaction.  Now, he could relax and enjoy the rest of the day.  We all breathed a collective sigh of relief.

* * * * * * *

We no sooner sat down to a lunch of homemade cheeseburgers with all the fixings when a huge pickup truck pulling a four horse trailer slowly pulled onto the gravel road and up to the large area in front of the main barn.

“Wouldn’t chu’ know,” grinned the sheriff, “old Bubba would git cheer’ right at eat’n time?”

Gip laughed and everyone laughed with him. He got up to go meet and greet the men, so did Master Waddie and a couple of the other men who knew Bubba and his boys well.  I couldn’t believe the size of the huge man who got out of the truck and his two boys were almost as big.  They were big men. I wasn’t the least nervous about meeting Bubba.  I took Gip’s advice and was wearing my blue contact lenses.  I’d let my beard and mustache grow in a bit. It wasn’t full but just enough to look scruffy and somewhat hide my facial features.  Mr. Titus told me I looked like an old time gun slinger.

I continued to sit with the other men and eat my lunch.  Several men were still waiting for burgers to cook.  They graciously allowed the cowboys who were going to be rodeoing to eat first; however, it didn’t take long before everyone was eating.

Gip brought Bubba and his boys over to the table to introduce them to the men they didn’t know;  the rest, Gip figured, could say their ‘hellos’ themselves.  Gip came around to me and I stood to shake the men’s hands.

“Bubba Swansey,  this here young cowboy’s name is Mr. Casey Longhorn.  Casey this is Mr. Bubba Swansey and his boys Vincent and Seth Quee.”
I stuck out my hand and Bubba took it with his big ham of a hand and shook it, looking me up and down like I was a peanut he’d like to shell and eat.  For only a second, I glanced down to see his monster growing in his Wranglers and he instantly looked at my crotch.  He was more than a little pleased to see mine growing, too.  A big knowing smile crossed his face.

“Howdy, Mr. Swansey,— pleasure to meet chu,’ Sir.  I done hear’d a lot about chu' and your boys, Sir.”

Bubba looked at me with a big, shit-eating grin on his face.  I could swear I could see the wheels turning in his head. He was wondering where he’d met me before.

“Nice to met chu,’ too, young man,— ” he paused for a moment, “ Have we met before, Son,— maybe, last year at the rodeo?”

“Naw, Sir, Mr. Swansey,— I ain’t never been to this rodeo before; ‘sides,— I’m sure I’d remember meet'n a fine look’n gentleman like you, Sir.”

Bubba Swansey threw back his big head and exploded with laughter from the bottom of his soul.  He pulled me to him in an embrace.  He hugged me and bussed a big kiss behind my ear.  I didn’t hold back and hugged him in kind.

“Jes’ my wishful think’n, I guess. Lemme' introduce my boys to ya,' Son.  Casey,— this here young man is my boy, Vince,— and this here, fine look’n younger man, is my other son, Seth Quee.”

I shook both men’s hands and they were grinning from ear to ear at the exchange between their dad and me. It was obvious they were well aware of their dad’s sexual proclivities.

“Vince,— Seth,— good to meet both you gentlemen.”  I told them and they responded in kind.

“You a roper, Casey?”  Bubba asked me.

“He ain’t jes’ a roper, Bubba,"  Gip interjected,  "he'n my dad won the Tucson rodeo last weekend;--- AND, if that weren't enough, he won second place in calf rope'n.”

“No shit?!  Well, I’ll be danged!  Who taught chu’ to rope, Son?”

“My daddy, Mr. Swansey,--- he be a champion roper.”

“Would I know him, Son?”  he asked.

“I don’t think so, Sir.  We’re from out California way.  Mr. Claymore’s my neighbor and main competition back home.  Since my daddy couldn’t come with me, we decided to team up for the Tucson rodeo.  We make a pretty good pair.”

Everyone around the table agreed and Bubba smiled real big.

“I’ll look forward to seeing you toss a rope, Son.  Don’t know’s I’m real happy about who you teamed up with, but ever’ man’s gotta’ have a partner, I suppose.”  He threw back his head and laughed again as he stuck out his hand to Master Waddie.

“Y’ain’t changed a bit, you old reprobate.”  Master Waddie laughed as he shook his hand, “Good to see you again, Bubba.”  he added.

“It’s always good to see you, Waddie.  Welcome back to God’s country.”  He laughed again.

I could tell Bubba was a man who like to laugh and have fun. His entire body spoke of good times.  He immediately impressed me as a man who knew how to enjoy life, but he wasn't one to sweat the small shit. Bubba wasn’t a good looking man by anyone’s standards; however, his two boys weren’t too shabby looking.  They wouldn’t win a beauty contest but they made fine looking cowboys.  Their daddy taught them how to dress Western, and they took great pride in flaunting their cowboy look and persona.  They were hot men and they knew it. They carried themselves with an air of self-assuredness that added to their overall masculine mien.  All of this, they obviously gleaned from their sire.

Even though Bubba wasn’t exactly what one might call a ‘looker’ he was the embodiment of ‘big man’ sexuality.  He was matured, prime, grade A,  cowboy beef on the hoof and moved his body like his manhood was the most important part of his person.  He had a huge dick, but he wasn’t the least bit shy about it.  I’d wager he was almost as big as me. While he was modest and reserved around the women folk, he wasn’t shy about flaunting his masculine superiority with other men. It wasn’t done in a braggadocios manner.  He simply radiated a strong masculine sexuality and surprisingly, rather than be put off or offended by his presence,  all the man felt more than a little comfortable with it.  I observed over half the men there were sporting erections after Bubba shook their hand; my Master was one of them.       

I winked at Master Waddie and moved my leg aside so he could see my erection.  He grinned, nodded and blushed.  My Master blushed like a school boy.  I thought I’d fall off the bench laughing at him.  He threw his big, beefy arm around me, pulled me to him and stole a kiss.  God, I loved that man.  He packed my ass so full of his insurance last night I knew we were going to have some great runs that afternoon.  There was just something about fucking me with his son’s load inside me that really turned him into a tiger.  He fucked me three more times last night and I sucked him off early, before the coffee pot clicked on in the kitchen.  One more night of my Master’s insurance ought to do it and I knew no one could touch us at the rodeo the next day.  

“I saw that!”  Barked Bubba at me and Master Waddie with a big knowing grin on his mug as he sat down at the table opposite us with his burger and plate piled as high as he could get it.

“Saw what?” barked back Master Waddie, “Me giving my rope’n partner a little hug and stealing a kiss?  Weren’t nothing wrong with that, cowboy.  You’s jes’ jealous you ain’t got no cowboy like him to hug, old man!”  

“Can’t gainsay that, brother.”  Bubba laughed.  Everyone at the table laughed with him.  He knew how to take it as well as dish it out.
    * * * * * * *

That afternoon I will always remember as one of the best days of my life.  The rodeo that was yet to come was also a wonderful memory; however, for some reason that afternoon was magic.  It seemed like I was surrounded by the love and comradery of these men.  Master Waddie’s biker family, the sheriff and his family all seemed very lovingly protective of me when it came to Bubba and his boys.  They never lied to him, but they led him to believe it was planned for me to be with Waddie Claymore and his son for these few days.

In a way, they were right.  Master Waddie, Gip, Titus, and I had discussed it and decided there had to be some higher intervention that meant to bring us together. They simply wanted to provide me with a smoke screen to remain incognito to Bubba until I felt ready or safe enough to share my secret with him.  To be honest, I hadn’t really given it much thought. I thought I’d put myself in the hands of providence and the time would be revealed to me.

We rodeoed all afternoon, broke for a light supper, and continued well into the evening.  Master Waddie and I couldn’t be beat.  Every catch we made was better than the last.   We were almost too cock sure of ourselves and consented to rope with some of the other men.  After Gip tossed a couple with me, to my surprise he handed the reigns to his pony to Mr. Titus who mounted his pony with the grace and authority of a trained horseman.  He took Gip’s rope from him and motioned for me to take my place in the stocks; he was going to rope heeler to my header.

I took a quick look in my Master’s direction.  He smiled, shrugged his shoulders, raised an eyebrow, but nodded for me to do as Titus directed.  I could tell he was as surprised as everyone else with the exception of a couple of Master Waddie’s family, the sheriff and his two boys.  I went to the stocks and got into position for the run.  I didn’t tell Titus anything to look for or how to follow me.  The chute opened, the steer jump forward, the barrier rope dropped, I spurred Rocky gently in the flank, he leaped forward and I let go of my rope the minute we cleared the gate.  I caught the critter perfectly, dallied my rope and turned it as Rocky was backing up.

I never saw Titus toss his rope, but there he was on the opposite side with Gip’s pony pulling the steer’s hind legs out from under him.  Everyone on the fence went nuts, laughing and applauding for Titus and me.  Hell, he shocked the shit out of me.  I looked over at Master Waddie and his mouth was hanging open.  He just shook his head in awe, grinned real big, and spit on the ground.  I started laughing my ass off.  I rode over, shook Titus’s hand and congratulated him.  It was one of the best timed runs of the afternoon.  I leaned over to him on my pony.

“If that don’t get that old man’s attention,— nothing will, brother!”

I thought Titus was going to fall off his pony laughing at my comment.

“That’s exactly what I was a’ hoping for, little brother.”  Titus grinned and winked at me.  “Thanks, Casey, for making me look good.”

“What da’ ya’ mean,— shit,— you done jes’ as good as me. You looked damn good, cowboy.  Certainly got my attention!  You sit a fine horse, Mr. Titus. We’s a good team, bro!”

“Thanks, Son,— I can live with that.”  He laughed.

By that time all the men on the fence were in the arena shaking Titus’s hand and Master Waddie rode over with the biggest damn grin on his face.  He stuck out his hand and took Titus’s hand.  He held it for a moment then gave it a good shake.

“You never told me you could toss a rope,  T.”

“I jes’ thought you knew.  Never seemed important ‘til Gip put me up to it.  I told him I might like to toss a rope with Casey and he dared me.  Told me he was gonna’ throw my ass in jail for the weekend if’n I didn’t. I didn’t wanna’ miss watch’n you’n Casey win the rodeo.”  

We all laughed and gave him another round of congratulations.  Bubba and his boys were equally wowed.  That was all it took for Bubba.

“Gotdamn it!  Ever’ damn cowboy here’s tossed a rope with that boy but me. H’it’s my turn!  Git chur’ ass to the heeler stock, Son,— I’m tossing header.”

I laughed and looked at Master Waddie for his input.  He still had a big silly grin on his face. but nodded his approval.  I nudged Rocky in the direction as Bubba rode up beside me.

“I saw you ask your Master for his permission.  He ain’t only jes’ yore’ rope’n partner,— is he, Son?”

I didn’t answer Bubba’s question.  I just laughed and winked at him.  He got a big grin on his face like he understood everything,--- then suddenly, changed his mind.

“Wait a minute,--- I ain't real sure I understand at all.”  he admitted.  “I know Titus has been in love with Waddie for a number of years, but Waddie's been blind to Titus's affections.  Waddie ain’t been able to git over his slave, Zane, who passed away five or six years ago.  Now, you tell me he’s with you?”

“It’s a long story, Mr. Swansey,— if’n you’re patient it will all be revealed to you in time. It’s more wonderful than you can imagine,— trust me, Sir.”

Bubba looked over at me and smiled.

“I'll trust you, Casey.  There’s something about you and them gotdamn deep blue eyes of yours what tells me I gotta’ trust you.  I know I’ve know'd you before.  Your walk,--- the way you talk,--- the way you toss a rope,— I’ve met you or seen you summers before,— I jes’ know it.  I ain’t never wrong about shit like ‘at.  I never forgit a man’s face once I seen it.”

“Well, you’re partially right, Mr. Swansey,— but no cigar.”

“Call me ‘Bubba,’ Son,— any cowboy what can toss a rope like you,--- kin call me by my first name.”

“Thanks, Sir,— it’ud be an honor.”

I smiled and winked mischievously at him as I entered the stock to get set up for our run.  He rode on shaking his head trying to think about my words.  At that point he knew I was aware of his conundrum and understood his confusion.  He also knew I was playing with him and obviously held the answer to his question.

We made our run and it was a good one; although, it wasn’t as good a time as Titus and I made or any of Master Waddie and my times.  Bubba was happy with it, and I was happy for him.  It took his mind off me for a while.  I could feel him looking at me all afternoon.  He’d take his hat off and scratch his head like it might jog some memory of where he’d seen me before.  He just wasn’t connecting,  his memory might be of someone else who looked almost exactly like me.

* * * * * * *

Gip and his boys built a lean-to covered shed about ten feet square on the back of his old barn.  It was a men’s restroom for all the cowboys who were there rodeoing or visiting the ranch.  It came in handy during his Fourth of July parties as well.  The women used the restrooms in the house, but the men were encouraged to use the ‘outhouse’ behind the barn.  It was really not too bad an arrangement.  One side had one long bench with four toilet seats.  They built individual stalls for each seat and dug a deep pit underneath.  The other side was a long sink-like trough with one drain.  As many as eight men could stand and piss at the same time.  The drain went to a sump hole outside the area.  It had a tin roof to protect it from the weather.  The ground inside was covered with a three-quarter inch rock about four inches deep.  It was clean and didn't smell bad.

I needed to take a leak later in the afternoon and noticed Bubba’s youngest boy, Seth, was headed down that way.  I called to him, he stopped and I caught up with him.

“Head’n on down to the pisser, Seth?”  I asked him.

“Yeah, Casey, I figure it’s about time to let out some of the ice tea. I been drink’n it by the jug full.”

“Yeah,  I been drink’n sodas all afternoon and the cola’s running through me.”

We got to the outhouse and stood at the trough together.  Naturally, every man has to check the other out to see if the other man is as much a man as he is.  I somehow knew there wouldn’t be much contest. I opened my fly, flopped my dick out and shook it a couple of times so Seth couldn't miss it.  I held it laying flat in the palm of my hand and began to piss.  I watched Seth Quee glance down, trying not to be too obvious.  He looked away, then almost broke his neck looking back again.

“Ho-lee crap, Casey!  You’re hung as big or bigger’n my dad.  I always was proud I inherited most but not all of his size, but shit,— yore’ daddy must a’ been part stallion.”  He laughed.

I chuckled and looked at his better than average dick.

“Y’ain’t too tiny yore’self, Seth.  I’d say you could hold your own up against most any man.”  

We laughed together at my double meaning.

“Well, you certainly have the right last name.  You’re hung like a damn longhorn steer.”

“That was my nickname all through high school, but I didn’t get this here dick from my daddy.  He’s about your size.  I got this here dick from my granddaddy.  I never met him, but I hear’d tell he was hung like a race horse.”

“That’s a funny coincidence.  My daddy done told me the man he named me after had a big dick like yours, and he used to call him ‘The Longhorn.’”

“Humm,— ” I mused, “that is a coincidence.  Who was he,— do you know, Seth?”

“Yeah, dad told me he was old man Lantgry’s youngest boy who was killed in Vietnam.  Mr. Lantgry’s been the foreman of the Lazy 8 ranch, down South of here about fifty miles, for nigh onto twelve years.  My brother, Vincent,--- he's named after Mr. Lantgry’s oldest son who was also killed in Nam.  My daddy really loved them two men. He talks about ‘em with reverence, and he don’t never talk about ‘em what he don’t start crying.  For a big man, my daddy’s got a soft heart for them what he loves.”

“He’s a fine man, Seth.  You should be proud of yore’ pa.  I liked him the minute I met him.”

Seth asked if he could feel my dick and I told him he could.  He stroked me a few times, and I stroked him.  Seth was a few years younger than me.  He was almost nineteen.  We heard another cowboy approaching the outhouse and laughed as we quickly put our dicks away and secured our Wranglers.  I put my arm around Seth’s shoulder, we walked back together, laughing like we were old buddies,  and nothing more was said about it.

* * * * * * *

After that the younger men wanted to rope calves.  I was surprised.  Gip’s boys were entering the calf roping contest at the rodeo and so were Bubba’s boys.  There were a couple older cowboys who were entering, too.  We all got several runs and the sheriff timed us.  I had the best time every time out of four runs apiece.  I was hot.  No one came close to me.  I was hoping I could walk away with both prizes.  If my granddaddy was going to be there, I wanted him to see me as a real working cowboy.

Perhaps it was shameful pride; perhaps it was vanity; I don’t know, but when I asked my Master about it he told me to hold my head high and go for it.  To hell with self doubts,— he  expected me to win for him and no one else.  That’s all I needed to hear.  One more night with him in my saddle, and I knew I could take on the world with no fear. Ain’t no man hotter in a rodeo arena than a freshly fucked cowboy.

* * * * * * *

Gip called a halt to the rodeoing about eight.  He figured everyone should get a good nights sleep to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the rodeo the next day.  I had to agree with him, my ass was dragging.  I roped with almost every cowboy there including the sheriff again.  He and I were good together, but his main partner was little Gip.  They pulled off some good times that rivaled Master Waddie and my times.  I thought they were going to be the team to beat unless there were other teams I didn’t know about.  Gip assured me there weren’t any better than what was there at his ranch.  He said my granddad and his partner were deadly accurate, but slower than molasses on a winter’s day.  Gip addied that my granddad was plenty fast enough but his partner wasn't.

After we put the ponies away, Sheriff Claymore came over to the stall where I was rubbing Rocky down.  I knew what he wanted but he didn’t bother to ask.  He grabbed me and kissed me hard when no one was looking.  Wouldn’t you know, around a corner comes old Bubba and his eyes lit up like a bubble gum machine on top of a patrol car to see Gip kissing me.

“‘Scuse, me there, Sheriff,— this cowboy’s cut’n in on this here dance.  I’ll have me one a’ them ‘afore I hits the barn to bunk it in for the night,--- thank ya' very much!”

“You dirty old man.  Can’t hide nothing from you.”

“You don’t call me ‘dirty’ when I got my old dick up your butt, cowboy.”  Bubba laughed at Gip.

“‘At’s different!”  laughed Gip, “Somehow that sweet old dick of yours turns you from a dirty old man into a handsome buckaroo.”  
We all shared a laugh. Bubba took me into his big arms and planted one on me that curled my toenails.

“You bunk’n it in the barn with the rest of the cowboy’s tonight, Son?”

“He’s got his own motorcoach, Bubba.”  Gip came to my rescue, “He’s staying there with his Master.”

“Awh, shit!!  Wouldn’t chu’ know?  That old man of yours aced me out again.  Ain’t bad enough I cain’t never beat him at rope’n;—  the son of a bitch has to go’n git the pick a’ the litter ever’ damn time.  That last slave-boy of his’n I’d a’ left home for.  Damn that man was a pur-tee piece of flesh. Yore’ granddaddy, Buck and me,— we was gonna’ kidnap him away from yore’ daddy and share him.”  Bubba and Gip broke up laughing.

* * * * * * *

We parted company, but Gip walked me back to my coach just to say goodnight to his dad,— you understand.

“I figured I better escort you to your coach.  You never know when that old man’s gonna’ jump out from behind a bush and carry you away.”

Gip got me laughing.  I thought maybe he wasn’t too far from wrong.

“Ju’ say anything to Bubba today, Casey?”

“Naw, Sir.  I think I’m gonna’ wait.  I talked it over with Master Waddie and he advised me not to rush anything.  He seems to think when the time’s right it will happen naturally.  Bubba knows some’um ain’t right.  He knows there’s more to me than he can figure out right now.”

“Well, listen to my old man. He won’t tell you wrong.  He spooks me with things he know about shit like ‘at.  He makes my skin crawl with his stories sometime.”

We got back to my coach. I hugged and kissed the sheriff again thanking him for his support and generosity.  He assured me he was doing it as much for himself as he was for me or my Master.  The door to the coach opened just as we were saying ‘goodbye.’

“Jes' say'n 'goodnight' to your boy, here,  Dad.  Ya'll have a good night.”  Gip spoke to his dad. “I give 'em a police escort back home so’s he wouldn't get eaten by no big bad wolf named Bubba.”  We all laughed.

“I appreciate 'tat. Night, Son,--- love you.”

“Love you, too, Dad.  Glad you’re here with us.”

Gip turned and walked away.  I went inside into the arms of my Master.  Damn it felt right and good to be in his big arms again.  He was a man among men.  I knew I was going to miss him after the rodeo, but I wasn’t going to borrow sorrow from tomorrow.  It was at that very moment, I also realized,--- I would never make it as a poet.

* * * * * * *

“You men git’n settled down here.”  Bubba asked his boys after climbing the ladder to the loft of Gip’s barn.  Most all of Master Waddie’s family chose to bunk in the loft of the barn except two couples who had their tents on the grass behind the barn.

“Yes, Sir, Dad.  We got us a spot all picked out for the three of us and some hay bails tossed around for a bit of privacy.   We done spread a lot of straw under our sleeping bags.  We should be down right comfortable here.  We ain’t far from the restroom and shower in case you wanna’ clean up.  We all ready showered and are about ready to hit the sack.”  Vincent told him.

“Ju’ men have a good time today?”

“Yes, Sir, Dad.  We were both impressed with Casey.  He’s seems like a fine cowboy and a really nice man.”  said Seth Quee.

“He is a fine young man.  I like him a lot.  There’s jes’ something about him I can’t put my finger on.  I know him from summers but I can’t quite figure out where or how.”

“He walked with me to take a leak down to the outhouse behind the old barn, and I'll tell ya' one damn thing,--- he’s hung like a stud plow horse.  I’d wager he’s as big or bigger’n you, Dad.  I laughed and told him he really had the right name.  He told me ‘The Longhorn’ was his nickname all though high school.  Didn’t chu’ tell me something about Mr. Langtry’s boy you done named me after, what had a big dick,--- didn't chu' used to call called him, ‘The Longhorn’?”

Bubba looked at his boy and his eyes flashed at his words.  Seth thought his dad might be angry at him, but Bubba's face was far from red; in fact, his face had become ashen white.  It was as if all the blood drained from his head.  His oldest boy sprang to his dad’s side, took his arm and helped him to a bail of hay to sit down.

“Dad!  Say something!  You all right, Dad?”  Vince was looking into his dad’s glazed eyes.

“Uhh,— I’m sorry, Son.  Sorry, Seth.  It was something you said what made me realize where I’d seen Casey before.  My God in heaven,—  Sweet Jesus, help me!”

The big man put his head in his hands and started weeping uncontrollably.  All his boys could do was sit next to him and put their arms around him in an attempt to console him,— from what, they had no idea.

“Dad,— I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to say nothing to upset you like this.”  Seth Quee moaned.

Bubba got himself together looked at his youngest boy, put his arm around him, pulled him close and stole a kiss.

“Shuu,— no,— no!  It weren’t nothing you said, Son.  Don’t think that. It’s what you said made me realize who Casey Longhorn is.  He’s the spit’n image of the man I named you after, Son.  He’s a dead ringer for the original Seth Quee, and for some damn reason, I couldn’t see it.  Maybe it’s cause he don’t have no purple eyes like his uncle.  Seth’s brother, Vincent Langtry, didn’t have ‘em neither.  Casey must be Vince Langtry’s boy,— I jes’ feel it.  Vince done went and changed his name to ‘Longhorn’ because that was the name we called his little brother.  It all fits. It makes sense.  Casey knew who I was and he even told me I was close but no cigar.  He told me it was even more wonderful than I could imagine.”

“You mean he’s old man Langtry’s grandson, Dad?”

“If’n I’m right,--- he sure as hell is.  I'll bet that's what he's a' doing here.  He's look'n to meet up with his granddad but he don't want him to know.  Wow!  I’ve got to go to him an confront him. I won't sleep a lick tonight.  I have ta' know if'n my brother’s still alive. Will you boys be all right here by yourselves for a while?”

“Sure, Dad,--- ain’t like we’re kids, ya’ know.”  Vince laughed.

“Yeah, Dad,— if you find out some’um,— even if’n we’s asleep when you come back,— promise you’ll wake us up and let us know.”  Seth asked him.

“I promise, Son.  I’ll be back in a little while.”

* * * * * * *

The first thing I did on returning to the coach was go to the kitchen and take out my contacts.  I was getting more use to them, but I'd been in a dusty rodeo arena all afternoon.  They were beginning to irritate my eyes.  I put some drops in to soothe them. Master Waddie had me get him a beer out of the fridge.  We were in for the night, and he wanted to relax while I jumped in the shower to clean myself and put my plug in.  I knew I was going to get fucked royally tonight, and I was more than a little ready for it.  I undressed and cleaned his boots for him, paid homage to them and went off to the shower.  It didn’t take me long.  I just inserted my plug when there came a knock on the coach door.

“You expecting somebody, Casey?”  Master Waddie asked softly.

“Naw, Sir.  Would you mind git’n the door for me, Sir?”  I was standing there buck-ass naked with my ass plugged.

“Sure, Son.  It’s probably Gip.”

Master Waddie went to the door, opened it and there stood Bubba, his cowboy hat in his hand with the most forlorn look on his face.

“May I come in, Waddie,— I need to talk with Casey for a minute.  It’s important.”

Master Waddie looked over his shoulder at me for input, and I nodded to let him in.  He moved out of the way.  Bubba took one step inside the coach and stopped dead in his tracks looking at me standing there in the raw. He got a good look at my dick, my purple eyes and big tears started running down his face.  He tried to take a step towards me, but his knees buckled.  Master Waddie caught him and gently lowered the big man to the carpet of the coach.  Bubba was a man in considerable emotional pain.  I went to him and he folded his huge arms around my waist, kissed me on my belly,  pressed his cheek to my naked stomach and cried his heart out.

Master Waddie knelt beside him, put his arm around him and did his best to comfort him. I softly stroked his head and told him it was all right; everything was okay; there was no need to worry.  I knew he’d probably figure out who I was sooner or later. If not, I planned to tell him before he left. I knelt in front of him and put my arms around him.  He began rocking back and forth while holding me,— still sobbing his heart out.

“My God, Casey, why didn’t I see it?”  He cried out through his tears,  “You’re the very image of your uncle. You have his dick.  You have his body. You even have his eyes.  No wonder you wore them contact lenses.  I would’ve know’d right off the bat who you was.  Your daddy,— Vince,— is he,— ?” he broke off his question.  He was afraid to ask.  He didn’t know whether he wanted to hear the answer.

“He’s very much alive, Bubba.  He got both his legs shot off in Nam, he only has one kidney but he gits around jes’ fine on them store bought legs the V. A. give ‘em.  He can sit a pony and rope with the best of ‘em. I done told ju’ my daddy was a champion; he was the one what taught me to rope. ”

“Yore’ daddy shore’ nuff is a champion, Son. He’s my hero, boy.  What about chur’ mom, Casey?”

“She passed away from the cancer when I was fourteen, Bubba.  Dad and I been alone for seven years now.”

“Oh, my God! I’m so sorry to hear that, Son. I loved your momma, boy.  She was a mighty fine woman.  Oh, Lord,— it’s been so many years.  I don’t need to ask why Vince didn’t come with you.  He still hates his daddy,— don’t he?”

“‘Feared so, Bubba.  He’d shit his pants if’n he knew I was here.”

“You mean, he don’t know?”

“‘At’s right, Sir.  I wanted to come see for myself what my granddad was like.  I wanted to meet him,— be around him for a while, and see what kind of man he is.  It was by the grace of God I met up with Mr. Claymore and his family in Tucson.  They said he used to ride with their family group of bikers for several years then jes’ sort of disappeared.  They told me he might be in this area, but they didn’t know for sure.  Master Waddie said either you or Sheriff Claymore might know about him.”

“Well,— I can tell you, Casey,— he’s a changed man.  He ain’t the same man he was twenty-five to thirty years ago.  He thinks yore’ daddy’s dead.  He never could find no information on him from the government.  He wrote letter after letter to the V.A.,  congressmen and senators, but he ain’t never got no information back.  He looked all over for some clue as to what happened to your dad.  He tried like hell to track down your momma.  He knew he might have a grand-child out there summers, but he had no idea where. He might have been more successful but nobody in town would tell him a damn thing if they knew anything. Ever’body hated him but me.

That ain’t quite true, neither.  I hated him plenty after he let chur’ uncle, Seth Quee, go off to Nam and be killed without ever trying to set things right with him.  He tried to come to me before I left for Nam, and I turned him away.  I told him,— in my heart and mind, he was the Devil incarnate and what he espoused as religion and moral values was nothing more than fear, self loathing and hatred dressed up in pompous rags.  It wasn’t his boys what was going to hell,— he better pray for his own God-damned soul because of what he done to ‘em.  I told that old self-righteous bastard  he might as well have taken a gun, put it to their heads, and killed them boy his-self.  He done the same damn thing by never care’n about ‘em and sending them off to their deaths without ever knowing the love of their father.  I ask him,— did he think our Father in heaven would have mercy on him when he couldn’t even have mercy for his own sons?  If so, I sure as hell didn’t wanna’ go to any  heaven if men like him was gonna’ be there.  I told him he didn’t deserve to go to heaven and he certainly didn’t deserve two sons as fine as yore’ daddy and his brother.

Bubba broke up again and started sobbing.  Master Waddie and I got him to my couch, and I got him a beer to relax him.  I went to get my bathrobe as Master Waddie held him and talked with him for a while.  When I returned I sat next to him and took his big hand in mine.

“I joined the Marines right after they sent Seth Quee’s body home to be buried.  He listed me as his next of kin, and I had to make all the funeral arrangements.  Yore’ granddaddy, Curtis,  called me and asked if he could come to his boy’s funeral.  I told him of course he could come, but one word of his perverted religious crap out of his mouth, and I’d personally take him out. I wouldn’t have my little brother, my best friend, one of the great loves of my life shown disrespect at his funeral.  He was very humble and contrite.

It was a horrible, cold, rainy day but many of the town folk who loved Vince and Seth were there.  Yore’ granddaddy came and I watched him closely as he stood alone in the cold, pouring rain.  He never shed a tear.  He stood like a statue by his boy’s grave with a blank look of confusion on his face.  It was as if his world had jes’ been lowered into that hole, and he was in a state of shock.  It was only then that I began to feel some sympathy for him.

I was to leave for boot camp the following day. He called before I left and thanked me for taking care of Seth’s funeral and offered to pay me for my time and expenses.  I told him he was welcome, but I didn’t want his money. I did what I done because I loved my little brother and not because I gave a damn about him or his money.

I didn’t hear anymore from him until he heard I was home on leave.  While I was home I married a little girl, Gladys Souixcup, I’d gone with all though high school with.  She didn’t want to, but I insisted she send him a wedding invitation.  Damned if he didn’t come.  He stood by himself and had a card with him he gave to my wife after the wedding as a wedding gift.  In it was a note,— he didn’t know what to get so he was jes’ giving us money to buy what we needed.  He gave us a hundred dollars.  That was a lot of money in them days.

I told him I’d be shipped out to Nam upon returning to Pendleton.  He asked if he could see me alone for coffee some morning while I was home.  I told him sure, I’d give him a call.  I met him and had coffee with him at the local diner on the highway outside of town a little ways.  He didn’t have much to say except he asked if I ran into Vince would I tell him for him, he realized he was wrong, he loved him and asked his forgiveness.  I told him I would if’n I ran into your daddy.  Then he did something that broke my heart.  He put his hand on mine, looked me in the eyes, shed a tear and  told me to come home for him.  He said of all the people in the world who turned their backs on him I was the only one who gave him a chance. He wanted me to know he loved and appreciated me for that.”

Bubba broke down again, and I held him until he got himself together.

“He wrote me a couple of letters while I was over there.  My wife was pregnant when I went back to boot camp.  I told her if it was a boy I wanted to name him Vincent after my friend and brother.  She agreed and I told her to call and ask Mr. Langtry’s permission.  We didn’t have to, but I thought it would be the polite thing to do.  He seemed to be really touched we named my first son after his boy.

I was over there for eighteen months and got shot up pretty bad and was sent home.  They sent me to the V.A. hospital in Houston to recover and he drove up a couple of times to visit me.  He seemed relieved and glad to visit with me, but I could tell he was deeply disturbed. He didn’t have much to say, but I didn’t try to get him to talk with me. We’d sit for a couple of hours or more not saying anything, but I appreciated him being there.  Jes’ a familiar face from home meant a lot at that time.  Then, he’d get up pat my hand, thank me for letting him visit and leave.   

He’d talk more with Gladys than he would me, and he wouldn’t put my boy down when they were there together.  He’d been awful good to Gladys and my boy while I was in Nam.  They was living with my family, but he checked in on them a couple a’ times a month.  When the money I was sending home weren’t enough he was always there and Gladys never had to ask him for anything.  He’d talk to my dad and jes’ give him the money for whatever they needed.

Gladys got pregnant the first week I was home and had my other boy.  Of course, you all ready know I named him after yore’ uncle.  By the time Seth was born, Curtis was really going down hill.  He wasn’t taking care of the ranch and he was living like a hermit.  He’d run off all his family and his church wouldn’t have nothing to do with him no more either.  He’d run them off his property a couple of times.

Me and Gladys were the only people he’d let come see him.  We’d go out a couple of time a week and Gladys would fix dinner and throw his dirty clothes in the washer and dry them for him. She’d change the sheets on his bed and try to tidy up the place for him.  I’d try to help him with some things that just had to be done that he jes’ wouldn’t do by himself.

He loved playing with my boys and was all the time giving them money. He’d have toys and goodies for them when they came out.  He really was trying to show them the love he never showed his own boys.  We saw what he was doing but Gladys and I figured it was good for him.  Then he started selling ever’ thing he had.  He sold most of his livestock and personal things.  We was living with my parents on their farm; but, it was crowded and Gladys had to put up with my mom’s way a’ doing things.

He called us to come out one Friday evening.  We went and had a good time. He took me down to the barn and showed me his new motorcycle he’s bought.  It was a brand new Harley-Davidson.  He was gonna’ hit the road and try to find his boy or his grand child.  Would Gladys and I like to take over his ranch?  He wouldn’t give it to me but he would sign a five year lease to me for ten bucks a year.  I couldn’t believe what he was doing.  He insisted and we told him to let us think about it.  He told me if I didn’t wanna’ accept his offer he was jes’ gonna’ put it on the market and sell it to the highest bidder.”

Master Waddie spoke up.

“Look, Bubba,— I’m gonna’ go clean up.  I’ll leave you two to talk some more.  I know this is all emotionally powerful stuff. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but we gotta’ think about getting some rest if’n we’s gonna’ rodeo tomorrow.  We’ve rodeoed our butts off today.  We’re all beat. You’re younger’n me, but we ain’t as young as these men are. You gotta’ think about yourself and your boys, too.  ‘Sides,— you’n Casey have all weekend to get acquainted and talk things out.

My boy’s asked Casey to stick around and work for him for a while after I take off on Monday and you two can have a lot more time together to git to know one another.  You two should set down some ground rules about how best to go about make’n his granddad’s acquaintance.  ‘At boy’s gonna’ need all our help and support. You ain’t the only one what’s got a lot of emotions invested in this meeting.”

“You’re right, Waddie,— I know,— I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to be a bull ox and bust into your privacy.  I apologize. I’m jes’ so glad to know Casey’s Vince’s boy.  It’s like I’ve found family I ain’t never know’d about.”

“Ain’t no apologies necessary, cowboy.  What happened,— happened naturally. It happened the way it was suppose to, but now that it did,— we got to work together to see it to a good end.  Ya’ll talk,— I’ll be back in a little while.”

I stood and kissed my Master in front of Bubba.  He patted me on my butt, turned and went to the bathroom.

“He’s a good man, Casey.”  Bubba said softly to me after Master Waddie shut the bathroom door.

“I know.  I’ve really come to love him in a short period of time.”

“I thought you knew him from your hometown?”

“I did,— dad and I used to compete against him and his partner Mr. Winston.  They was too good. We never beat ‘em.  I always thought Mr. Claymore was one of the hottest older cowboys I’d ever seen, but dad never let us git to know one another because Master Waddie said you and my dad used to rodeo against him and his brother Gip Justin.  He thinks dad was afraid he’d remember him and figure out his last name wasn’t originally ‘Longhorn.’  Dad never told me until I was eighteen he changed our name.”

“‘At’s right.  Yore’ daddy and I roped against him and his buddy Gip Justin many times.  That’s who his boy’s named after.  We never did beat ‘em neither.  They was pro-rodeo quality cowboys.  They was the best.  Weren’t nobody in the state what could beat ‘em.  Are you and him bonded, Son?”

“Well, Sir,— you might say that,— but it’s only for a little while,— until after the rodeo,— then he has to continue on his motorcycle run with his family.  Sheriff Claymore’s invited me to stay around here and work for him for a while; or, at least until I figure out what I wanna’ do.  Master Waddie and I realize we ain’t meant for each other; however, God brought us together for a reason and we’re taking advantage of the time we have together.

I have to take care of what I set out to do; ‘sides, Mr. Titus is in love with Master Waddie and wants to be his slave.  Master Waddie wasn’t aware Mr. Titus wanted him until I pointed it out to him.  I was the first man he’s slept with since his mate passed away.  Master Waddie helped me realize I all ready belong to another man anyways;— so, we brought something to each other we couldn’t git nowhere’s else.”

“You belong to another man, Son?”

“Yes, Sir,— I belong to my daddy, Bubba.”

“My Lord in heaven.  Somehow, I jes’ know’d ju’ was gonna’ tell me that.  I’m not shocked in the least, ‘cause as much as I don’t wanna’ think on it, my boys belong to me.  I want ‘em to live their own lives and marry if’n they wants to, but I know in my heart they belong to me, and I belong to them.  After their momma died several years ago the three of us grew really close.  It jes’ seemed  natural somehow.  I wouldn’t take anything for the relationship I have with my boys.  Well, I couldn’t be happier for you and yore’ dad, Casey.  After what that man’s been through in his life, he deserves a fine son like you, and if’n Vince is still the man I know’d all them years ago, he be a fine dad for you.”

“He is, Bubba, and I love him very much. I don’t wanna’ upset him none by finding out I’m looking for my granddad.  He begged me not to come on this trip.  I told him it was to rodeo.  He believed me to a point but he don’t wanna’ admit to himself he knows what I intend to do.”

“Is he back there all alone, Casey?”

“Naw, Sir,  my little brother, Sidney Wainright Junior, is staying with him and going to medical school at U.S.C. San Diego.”

“Sidney Wainright’s boy,— the owner of the Lazy 8?”

“One of the owners of the Lazy 8,— yes, Sir.”

“Oh, that’s right,— Curtis done told me they sold a third interest to a large corporation for some capital to upgrade their operations.  Said he heard it was a huge farming or ranching corporation by the name of Hensly Agrocon or something like ‘at.  I think Sticker bought a third as well.”

“Yes, Sir, he did.”

“So you know ‘em pretty well?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Do you know anything about the corporation what bought into the ranch?”

“Yes, Sir.  If you take all the letters in the name Hensly Agrocon and rearrange them,— it spells out the name of the man what owns the corporation.”

“How would you know that, Son?”

“‘Cause it spells out Casey Longhorn.”

“What!! You’re shit’n me!! You own a third of the Lazy 8?”

“Yes, Sir.  I ain’t shit’n ya’ none.  My daddy and me,— we won a lot of big money roping and I done pretty damn good calf rope’n in the Western states.  I saved all my money and invested heavily in stock options Mr. Wainright told me to buy.  By the time I was nineteen I had a lot of money.  I don’t think dad ever knew how much I had.  My little brother told me about the thousand shares of the Lazy 8 they was gonna’ put on the market a little over a year ago and urged me to by them.  Me, him and my other brother, Dwayne Harding, formed a corporation.  Logan, that’s what we call my little brother, figured out the name and set up the corporation; however, Sticker and Mr. Wainright don’t know who owns it.”  I sort of chuckled.

“Wait a minute!  Dwayne Harding?  No!”

“Yes, Sir, my cousin Rance’s boy.”

“Son of a bitch,— he ain’t never told me he had no son.  I knew he was in prison for a while, but I never ran into him until he started working for Sticker Wiggins’ rodeo stock company about the same time Sticker took over managing the Lazy 8.  Well, I’ll be damned.  This is all too much, Son.”

“Cousin Rance,— he couldn’t tell you, Sir.  He was sworn to secrecy by my daddy. My dad didn’t want nothing git’n back to my granddad.  He washed his hands of him.”

“Well,— I can understand that.  So,— Curtis Langtry,— yore’ granddaddy, works for you?”

“That’s right, Mr. Swansey.”

“Bubba, Son,— jes’ Bubba.”

He sat there for a minute contemplating everything we shared.

“Son of a bitch,— !”  he shook his head and exclaimed softly. “You’re pretty fuck’n amazing, Son.  Fuck Waddie, yore’ daddy and granddaddy, you come live with old Bubba and he’ll take you own as another one of his boys.”  He hugged me to him as he laughed, and I laughed with him.

“Hell,— look me in the eye and tell me I ain’t all ready one a’ your boys, Sir.”  I laughed and he roared with laughter.

“Ain’t gonna’ gainsay that, young’un. I’ll jes’ have ta’ tell my boys to move over and  make room for another cowboy brother.”

About that time my Master walked out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and went off to my bedroom.  I knew what he was going to do.  I could see the mischief in his eyes.  Bubba saw it too and winked at me.

“Sleep, hell,— that horny old cowboy ain’t fool’n me none.  He ain’t got that much time left with you and he want’s as much of that fine look'n cowboy ass a’ yours as he kin get.  Cain’t say’s I blame him none!”  Bubba laughed.

“Master Waddie told me my granddaddy began to go with men himself.  Said granddad rode with one of his brothers for sometime; a young man badly wounded in Nam.  Master Waddie told me my granddad begged the young man to stay with; told him if'n he would granddad would make him his slave.”

“Yeah,— ‘at’s true.  His name was Cassidy Crenshaw but because his face was so messed up after Nam he took on the nickname of ‘Mutt.’  His family was from down around Bandera way.  They’re one of the most wealthy, powerful, influential families in the state now.  One of them Crenshaw boys is a state supreme court judge.  His name is Cowboy Waddie Crenshaw.  Guess who he be named after?”  Bubba grinned real big.


“Ain’t shit’n ya’!  God’s gospel truth, Son.”

“Well,— I’ll be damned.  My Master must have been quite a man in his day.”

“Still is, Casey.  Ain’t but a few doors in the State of Texas that man cain’t knock on, be welcomed in and insist he stay for dinner.  Anyway,— yore’ granddaddy fell very much in love with the boy, but the kid had his head up his butt and couldn’t let loose of a really bad outlaw biker he bonded with named Spider.  Spider almost killed the kid a couple of times until Master Waddie’s family stepped in and rescued the boy from himself and Spider. He left Curtis, who went by the name ‘Job’ at the time, to go back with the rotten son of a bitch.  It almost broke your granddaddy’s heart when the boy walked away from him.  It wasn’t shortly after that, Curtis went to Sticker and asked him for a job. He put his bike away and became a cowboy.  He’s been there ever’ since.  I told him when he got too old or tired of punch’n cows he had a home with me and my boys.  Hell, he’s like family to us anyways.  He spends most Thankgivings and Christmas with us.  He never forgits me or my boys birthdays.  We help out with the spring roundup at the Lazy 8;  not so much for the money, but jes' to be with Curtis and my boys love it."

“Did ju’ ever,— ?”

“You sure you wanna’ know, Son?”

“I think I can handle it, Sir.”

“Okay,— well,— after I got home from the hospital and before my second boy, Seth, was born.  I was going out to his ranch all the time to help him git back on his feet.  Many days, I’d work with him from sun up ‘til sundown.  He insisted on paying me, but I didn’t really want his money.  I don’t know what it was.  I knew he loved my boy, but I think I really wanted to see if I could win his love.  It became an obsession with me; but,--- not in a sexual way.  I didn’t give a shit about that; although, I’d be a damn liar if’n I told ju’ I didn’t find yore’ granddaddy a good looking cowboy.

He softened a lot and wasn’t the same rigid man he was before.  He shared a lot more of himself with me and we slowly began to grow closer. Finally, one Friday evening, by the time we finished and fixed a small dinner it was late.  He asked me if I wanted to stay over and earn some more money finishing up the project we were doing the next day.  I told him I thought it might be best if I went on home and came back tomorrow.  He didn’t say nothing but jes’ nodded he understood.  Finally he looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

“Please, Bubba,— God help me,— I ain’t never asked no man to my bed before,— but there’s always a first time for ever’ thing, I suppose.  Forgive me, Son,— but I need to lay down with you and if nothing more,--- hold ju' in my arms.  I don’t know why, but I ain’t a’ gonna’ question it;  however, I ain’t gonna’ insist neither.  I’ll understand if’n you don’t want to.”  

I was shocked.  I was totally unprepared.  I didn’t know what to think or say.  I couldn’t have wanted anything more, but I hadn’t even let myself think about it.  It just wasn’t something I ever thought about happening. I was as honest with him as I could be.

“Mr. Langry,— I don’t mean to put you off, Sir.  To be honest,  I’ve always thought you was a fine look’n man and someone I fantasized about laying down with ever' since I was a kid.  Since I been back from Nam, we’ve worked together side by side and my attraction for you has only grown; however, I never thought you might ever consider that sort of thing with me, and to be perfectly honest, Sir,— it’s  caught me a little off guard.”

“I can understand, Son,— it’s okay,— you don’t have to say no more.”

“Yes,— yes, I do, Mr. Langtry.”  I told him.  “I won’t stay this evening, but I won’t say ‘no’ to your offer neither.  Give me some time, Sir,— let me think on it.  You think on it some more, and when I feel a little more comfortable, I’ll let chu’ know.  I’ll offer myself to you; then Sir, the choice will be yours. Does that sound fair to you?”

“More’n fair, Son.  I appreciate your honesty and being open with me. My invitation to my bed remains open to you.”

“That night, when I went to say ‘goodbye’ at his front door,  I took your granddaddy in my arms and for the first time since I’d known him in all those years growing up, I kissed him on the mouth.  He responded like a man who was starved for a little love and affection.  That broke the ice between us and we were never again shy or held back from each other.  I’m afraid I fell very much in love with yore’ granddad, Casey.  I still love him today, but more as a second dad, since my old man passed away.  Me’n my old man never were very close anyways and I guess I transferred my love onto Curtis.  We still mess around now and then.  My boys are both more'n a little fond of him and asked me if they could bunk it in with him.  I didn’t see no harm in it and they both share a bunk with him from time to time.  They've come to worship him.”

About that time Master Waddie came strolling back into the living area in all his leathers, with his big black motorcycle boots.  He looked hot and it didn’t go unnoticed by Bubba.

“You gonna’ go for a ride, Waddie?”  Bubba asked innocently.

My Master winked at me and grinned wickedly.  Bubba was sharp and started laughing.  

“He’s going for a ride, Bubba,— but h’it ain’t on his Harley.”  I told him laughing.

“Oh, fuck,—!”  Bubba said laughing. “I should a’ know’d better'n to ask.  Look,— I appreciate you men being generous with me this evening to let me come in and talk with you for a while. It’s been wonderful, but I’ll take my leave.  Casey, we got lots more to talk about.  I wanna’ do the right thing by you, Son, so I’ll keep all this to myself.  Except, I’m gonna’ have to tell my boys some of it, because I all ready done told them I thought you might be Vince’s boy.”

I stood and took Bubba in my arms.

“I know you will.  My daddy still loves you, Bubba.  He’s always talks about you with love in his heart and a tear in his eye.  I can’t help love you myself.”

“That goes double for me, cowboy.” the big man responded.

We kissed, he gave my Master a hug, and we saw him to the door.  He left, and my Master and I were alone.  I took off my bathrobe, threw it on a chair and walked to him.

“How you holding up, cowboy?”  Master Waddie asked quietly as he took me into his arms and stole a kiss.  I kissed him back.

“A little shaken by the emotion of it all, but I’m better’n I expected to be after something like 'at.  I’m glad the shock is out of the way and we can git down to establishing some kind of relationship.  I’m looking forward to being relaxed to the max in a few minutes.  I think I need it after that, Sir.”  I could feel Master Waddie’s dick growing in his codpiece.  His hand moved to my ass to play with my plug.

“I think I can take care of that for you, cowboy.”

“I’d shore’ nuff appreciate it, Master Waddie.”

“C’ mon, cowboy,— let’s us git chu’ fucked.”

End of Chapter 29 ~ Texas Longhorns
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