By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 31

The afternoon flew by.  It was as if I was living in a dream; one of those incredibly wonderful dreams where everything falls into place and the world seems to operate at its best,— like it should, but usually doesn’t.  It becomes  an oasis of time and memory in your life; which, in your darkest moments you may revisit and recall the feeling of goodness; a feeling of well being, to know that once in your life, everything went your way for a change.

I roped with every man there.  My granddad kept looking at me and smiling,— wondering to himself what I said or discussed with Mr. Sewell to make him do such a turn-around that afternoon.  Thurston was positively glowing.  It was like he woke up and came out of his cocoon a new and wonderful critter.  It was as if he had some magic pill given to him to make him a new man.  Every man there came to me at one time or other and asked what went on between us, but I wouldn’t tell.  There were a couple of men I would tell,— but not until the time was right.

Around five o’clock, Gip announced to everyone supper would be served in about an hour.  Since we were still on kitchen duty,  Gip rounded us up about an hour earlier and we put our ponies and tack away.  Shortly thereafter, everyone else started putting their ponies away or loading them into their trailers.  Right after supper the men from the Lazy 8 would be departing; so would Bubba and his boys.

Supper consisted of cold fried chicken, hot German potato salad which Titus and I cleaned and cut the potatoes for, and cut green beans.  Master Waddie and little Gip made a huge pan of salad and they had all different kinds of dressing sitting out.  It was prepared in a jiffy compared to breakfast or lunch, and no one had to stand over a hot stove for long.  It was just enough to send the visiting cowboys on their way with a full stomach.  Everyone was grateful.  During dinner my granddad stood and made a small speech.

 “We’d like to thank the sheriff, his family, his dad and his biker family for their kindness and generosity to us during this holiday. Us men of the Lazy 8 sore’ ‘nuff appreciate ya’ll inviting us to share yore’ holiday.  We’re most grateful to you for offering us a place to stay and for the wonderful food.  It’s meant a great deal and has contributed a lot to our comfort, pleasure and enjoyment over the last three days.  We also appreciate meeting new friends and reacquainting ourselves with the love of our brothers we haven’t seen in years.  It’s truly been a joy and a blessing. So,— thanks, gentlemen and ladies.  We’ve had a wonderful time.”

Everyone applauded.  Gip stood.

“Mr. Langtry, Mr. Sewell, Brett, Curt, Bubba, Vince and Seth,— it’s you good men who have contributed to our pleasure and enjoyment this holiday. We enjoyed having you visit and you’re welcome back anytime.”

“Here, here!”  agreed all of Master Waddie’s family.

My granddad was sitting next to me, and it was like he couldn’t get close enough.  Everyone was smiling and winking at me when my granddad wasn’t looking causing me much embarrassment and a red face.  Master Waddie was enjoying it as much or more than any of them.  Waddie, Gip, little Gip, Waddie Buck,  Bubba and his boys couldn’t have been happier for me or my granddad for that matter.  They just seemed to have good feelings about the way the weekend went.  My granddad talked to me more about the job.

“You git ever’ other weekend off.  We rotate men being away for the weekend.  When we have enough hands we usually rotate three groups.  We figure a man needs a couple of days per month to get away from the ranch and get personal thing done.  Paydays are the first and fifteenth of the month.  We used to pay once a month, but it became a hardship on a lot of the cowboys.”

I listened to every word my granddad spoke.  I loved listening to him.  He wasn’t a chatterbox by any means, but when he said something you wanted to listen to him, because he generally didn’t say much unless he thought it was important.  I found myself falling under my granddad’s charm and wondered how a man who seemed to radiate a basic goodness could have been such a monster to his boys; to have turned his back on his own flesh and blood. All I knew was, I was going to miss the gentle man sitting next to me.

* * * * * * *

It finally came time for the men from the Lazy 8 to depart.  There was much lingering, final instructions, sincere handshakes, and the inevitable hugs.  Brett and Curt were thrilled I agreed to come work with them and promised to take me under their wings.  Thurston Sewell got me aside. After we hugged and kissed he held me away from him and looked deeply into my eyes.

“I have to know how this all comes out.  I know Curtis won’t keep in touch with me.  That jes’ ain’t his way.  Besides, being out on the open ranch all the time he don’t have much occasion.  I’ll leave my forwarding address with Brett and I appreciate it if you’d drop me a note and let me know how you and Curtis are getting along.”

“You don’t have to do that, Thurston.  I know yore’ daddy, Thurston senior.  I worked on your ranch for my cousin Rance Harding for a month or so for the last two years rounding up stock for Mr. Wiggin’s rough stock company.  I have your daddy’s address and telephone number.”

“Wait a minute,— you know Sticker?  You know Rance and my dad?  Next you’re gonna’ tell me you and Sidney Wainright is buddies.”

“He’s pert-damn close to my daddy, Thurston,— but his boy Logan is my little brother.  He’s at home taking care of my daddy while I’m out taking care of the things I need to do.”

“Hoe-lee shit!  This jes’ keeps get’n better’n better.  Poor Curtis has no idea about all a’ this. You know what?  It’s as is should be. In my opinion he’s suffered long enough.  You’re gonna’ be a blessing to him like no other. I’ve always had a hard time with the cowboy way, Casey,— learning to live and love unconditionally like what that preacher done talked about this morning.  It sure don’t come easy for me. You asked me earlier if’n I was a real cowboy.  I told ju’ the truth, but not quite all the truth.  I ain’t got no problem keep’n things to myself and most all the other things being a cowboy means; it’s jes’ I seem to be lacking in the understanding love department.

Rather than simply love Curtis and accept the love he could gimme,’ I was greedy.  I always wanted more.  I don’t know why that should be surprising, I never seemed to git enough love as a kid.  I was all the time trying to suck love out of folks rather than jes’ let ‘em love me.  It’s one of the main reasons I left home to go find my way as a cowboy.  Because I didn’t git the love I thought I needed and wanted, I done told myself I’d go out and find if for myself.  I never did.  I jes’ brought along my full set of worthless baggage.  I’ve carried it around on my back like a heavy burden for too long.  I guess you could say, I don’t travel light.”  We shared a laugh.

“All a’ this and you have taught me a lesson.  I have to go home to work with my dad and my family.  Lord knows, I was dreading it, but I ain’t no more, Son.  I’m going back a different man; not a great man, but a better cowboy.  I know in my heart, I have that option.  It’s like being born again.  Not born again to a religion, but to life itself.  Curtis is all the time tell’n me about how he’s born again to life and he finally understood what the true meaning of being born again meant.  I think, this afternoon, I finally come to realize jes’ what he’s talk’n about.

If’n  Curtis can change,— by God,— so can I.  I’m gonna’ go home to love my dad and family,— but this time,— I’m a’ gonna’ let ‘em to love me the way they want to; the way they need to; the way it’s most comfortable for ‘em. I guess it boils down to,— if I really wanna’ to be a cowboy,— I better damn well learn to accept it all and not jes’ the parts what works for me.  I guess it’s true, when God closes one door he usually opens another.”

We hugged and kissed again.  I don’t know how I could’ve effected Mr. Sewell that profoundly; however, my daddy always taught me any action I take might have profound repercussions in the future, so be careful what you say and the way you treat people today,— they may treat you the same way tomorrow.

Saying ‘goodbye’ to my granddad was the hardest, but I didn’t want him to see how much he’d come to mean to me in a couple of days.  I knew he was feeling the same without fully understanding the reasons why.  We shook hands formally as he talked to me more about the job, and I asked him a couple of questions.  He didn’t seem to want to let go of my hand.  I didn’t want him to. I didn’t want to let go of his hand either.  It was a powerful moment not missed by any man there.

Finally,— there was nothing more to say.  We just stood there and looked into each other’s eyes.  I felt like a deer caught in his headlights.  I was temporarily in suspended animation not knowing whether to say something or bolt and run. I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react.  I didn’t know what to do,— but a wee small voice spoke to me in my heart,— just like my Master told me it would,— one, small, damnable tear leaked out of my eye and slowly began to run down my cheek,— I grabbed my granddad to me, held him and kissed him gently on his rough cheek.  His beard was as heavy as mine.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Langtry.  I guess it ain’t proper-like to hug and kiss a man what’s about to become yore’ boss.  I didn’t mean no harm nor disrespect.  I ain’t got no good excuse, Sir.  I jes’ did what my heart told me ta’ do.”

My granddad held me for a minute and the silence from everyone was thundering.  He gently returned my kiss on my cheek.  He spoke quietly to me with a shaky voice trying hard not to betray his true feelings.

“If’n you cowboy the way you live the rest of your life, Son,— you’ll have no problems on the Lazy 8 or with me as your boss.  Don’t never apologize for honest feelings;— but, lets leave the hug’n and a’ kiss’n for special occasions.”   He laughed and everyone, including me, laughed with him.  I blushed and promised him I would.

* * * * * * *

Bubba and his boys were next to leave.  I saw him and my granddad with their heads together several times during the day talking seriously.  I knew in my heart Bubba wouldn’t betray my trust.  He later told me he was talking to Curtis about working for him the last two weeks in September.  It was the time the calves were rounded up, counted, tagged, branded, and cut.  He laughed and told me I could have all the mountain oysters I could eat.  I’ve eaten them several times,— they ain’t too bad.

One of Dwayne and my buddies was Mexican/American and we would eat at his house when we were invited. We always loved to eat at Gabriel’s because his mom was such a fantastic cook.  She made wonderful authentic Mexican dishes.  One night she served chili made from calf testicles.  They were ground up like ground round so we probably wouldn’t have know unless Mr. Sanchez told us.  I think he did it for shock value to see what our reaction would be. It didn’t shock Dwayne and I.  We were raised on ranches and we were game to try anything once.  We were glad we did, it was delicious. Mrs. Sanchez didn’t speak much English, but she was pleased we liked her food.

Mr. Sanchez was an iron worker in a mill not far from our town.  He was a huge, barrel-chested man, and at the time, his arms were bigger than Dwayne and my thighs.  As we grew and played sports we grew pretty big. Mr. Sanchez would always sit at the head of the table.  He would smile real big and commend us for eating Mrs. Sanchez’s chili.

“Muy bueno!  So,— you like mommacitas chili, huh?  It be good for you!   Nothing better for growing young men than calf-huevos.  Make you grow big and strong,— like bull!!  You men eat up!”  He’d flex his huge biceps muscle to the delight of his eight kids.  Dwayne and I were certainly impressed. We had second helpings.

* * * * * * *

Bubba, Vince and Seth Quee were the last to leave.  Gip told us later it was like he and his boys just didn’t want to go.  Like his granddad before him, Gip included many men and their families in his greater family. Bubba and his boys were no exception; however, they were three of the more easy folks for Gip to think on as family.  He and Bubba had formed a brotherly love and camaraderie over the years that ran deep;— about thirteen inches on Bubba’s part.

Everyone, including me was a little sad to see them go.  All three men were lively, concerned, full of fun and brought joy to everyone wherever they went.  They were welcome in many homes all over the state of Texas.  Bubba wouldn’t let me go until I promised I’d come spend a weekend with him and his boys before I went to work at the ranch. Vince and Seth Quee were thrilled when I accepted his invitation.

“T’ain’t fair a’ Gip to hog you all to himself for two months.  I don’t give a shit if’n he is the sheriff of this here county,  he cain’t keep you locked up like no prisoner.”

“I don’t think he’d try, Bubba.” I responded innocently.

“Are you kidding?!  You don’t know what I had to promise to get him to let loose of you for one damn weekend.”  Bubba roared with laughter.

We hugged, kissed and he finally let me go when I promised faithfully I would come spend a weekend with them at their ranch.  

* * * * * * *  

After Bubba, Vince and Seth left it was like the fizz went out of the soda. Most of the rest of the evening was spent helping Gip and his family clean up. Master Waddie and his family were making plans to leave the next morning.  I helped Gip, little Gip and Buck put the livestock away and feed the ponies.

Everyone said their goodnights and retired for the evening.  They wanted to get a good night’s sleep because, they would be up before dawn and on the road as the sun came up.  Master Waddie and I walked to the big house and after saying goodnight to Gip and his family we slowly walked to the double ‘R.’
“Master Waddie, there’s something I’ve been wondering about.”

“What’s ‘at, Son?”

“Well,— now that you’re aware Mr. Titus wants to be your slave,— why ain’t chu’ never invited him to be with us?”

“It occurred to me you might like him to join us, but I can’t do that.  It has nothing to do with sharing you with him or him with you for that matter. It’s jes’ not the way a relationship should begin between a Master and his slave.  I will take Titus to be my slave in my own time and manner.  It’s something a Master should not take lightly on any level.  Titus knows, and I sense he feels comfortable to wait. He’s been patient with me this long,— he’ll be patient with me a while longer.

Bonding between two men should only be shared on a one on one basis.  I couldn’t  have shared my bonding with you with anyone else right now other than my boy; however, as separate as your two loves are in my mind I can share them equally.  Never having bonded with Titus other than as my brother, and never having shared anything intimate with him, it would be awkward for him and me. You’ve come to know about me and my ways, Titus ain’t yet.  Do you understand?”

“I think so, Sir.  To be honest, I’ve grown to love and care for Mr. Titus.  I guess my question was based on what I told ju’ the other night.  I so desperately want to be welcome in your world after you come together.”

“Rest your mind, cowboy.  You have to consider what you’ve done for us.  I was blind to Titus’ affections, but now I see.  Titus and I will forever be grateful to you for that.  How could we not welcome you and your family into our hearts?  Jes’ ain’t natural for us not to.  Jes’ like yore’ daddy done,— I didn’t set out to take you for my slave,— it jes’ happened.  We know there was a guiding force behind our bonding.  Besides all that, over the years, I’ve come to learn,  a man don’t always have to be eternally magnanimous.  He should keep some things for himself.  I have no intention of sharing you with anyone this evening.”

“I can understand that, Sir.  To be honest, I really wouldn’t wanna’ share you tonight, either.”

“There’ll be time for sharing later on, buckaroo,— trust me.”

* * * * * * *
I did trust my Master.  I considered him part of my extended family, and as much as I trusted my family back home,— I trusted Master Waddie completely. We were silent for a while.  I got him the last beer from my fridge and cleaned his boots for him.  He seemed to be really mellow and relaxed.  After I paid homage to his boots,  he invited me into his arms.  I never missed a chance to be held by him. (Still don’t.) We made a little love and he excused himself to clean up. It wasn’t unusual for him to go first because, it sometimes took me a little longer,— for obvious reasons.

When I returned to the living room after cleaning myself, I was pleasantly surprised to find my Master in all his leathers.  For the last several nights we slept in the raw together, but this was an extra treat I hadn’t expected.  I went to him, dropped to my knees and immediately began to clean and pay homage to his handsome boots.  Once again he pulled me into his big arms and made love to me, all the time playing with my freshly inserted plug.  I knew this was going to be a fine evening for our last.

It was strange,— I wasn’t depressed or sad.  How could I be?  We won every damn thing at the small rodeo and were the heroes of the weekend. I was being held and made love to by an older but very hot man dressed in his motorcycle leathers.  I didn’t have time to be sad or depressed.  I was going to make the most of our last night together, and I could sense he planned to do the same.
“You really enjoyed wearing yore’ cowboy gear the other night when Gip joined us, didn’t ju,’ honcho?”  He smiled wickedly.

“Very much, Sir.”

“Weren’t to damn shabby for my boy’n me, neither.”  He grinned.

“Feel like wear’n ‘em tonight?”

“I couldn’t think of anything I’d like better, Sir.”

“Okay,— go git chur’ gear,— but chu’ have to bring it back in here to put it on.  I want you facing away from me when you bend over to buckle them chaps a’ yores.”   He grinned, then threw back his handsome head and laughed.  His enthusiasm was infection.  I could help laugh with him.

“Dirty old man.”  I said laughing at him.

“Got ‘tat right, honcho!  I wanna’ dee-rect shot of that plug in yore’ cowboy butt when I watch you put them chaps on.  S’all part of mystery of sex, boy;  however, to be fair,— whose eyes lit up a while ago when you saw me in my leathers?  What does that make you?”

“A dirty young man?”   I asked laughing.

“I’d say we make a good pair, my handsome, cowboy, slave-boy.”

I went off to get my gear, returned and took my good time dressing before him.  I could always gage Master Waddie’s response to me. His big dick would be poking out the top of his cod piece winking at me. After I finished I knelt before him again.  I thought up a special way of begging him to grant me the honor of cleaning his magnificent cod piece; and,— should he find me worthy,— to allow me the further honor of removing it for him.  I really put my all into it, and he seemed pleased.  

I didn’t want to think about saying goodbye to this man who had come to mean so much to me in such a short period of time. I knew in my heart if we both didn’t have other obligations I would gladly spend what remaining days  Master Waddie had on this earth by his side. Fuck our age difference. My cousin Rance was right,— love is were you find it; and most times, it ain’t where you go looking for it.

* * * * * * *

After we had hot sex a couple of times, Master Waddie ordered me to take off my cowboy clothes and he removed his leathers.  He wanted to sleep in the raw with me for his last night.  I couldn’t have agreed more.  It was wonderful sleeping next to the big man. Before we went to sleep we made a pact we would say our ‘goodbyes’ in the double ‘R’ the next morning.  I purposely set the coffee maker to go off about thirty minutes early so I could suck my Master off one more time.

The next morning,— after we dressed, had a cup of coffee and were about ready to go to the big house he took my into his arms.

“Is there any words you need to hear from me, Son?”

I thought about what he was asking and realized I knew what was in both our hearts. I knew all the words and I knew all the answers as they applied to us. I also knew he knew all my thoughts at the moment.

“None I need to hear, Sir.  There’s a couple I need to say.”

“Likewise on my part, cowboy. You go first.”

“You know all the words, too, Master.  I jes’ want the love we shared and the love we will always have between us to carry you into a wonderful love filled future with Mr. Titus.  I think it would be much harder to let chu’ go if’n I thought you didn’t have someone who was gonna’ care for and love you.  Don’t know’s I could let chu’ go under them circumstances; however, my daddy done taught me,— if’n you truly love someone,— the greatest love you can have is to want happiness for them.  It’s with all the love in my heart,— I want that for you Master Waddie.”

“Don’t know’s I could a’ put it any better, Son.  I want the same for my cowboy, slave-boy.  I know you’re going on to some wonderful things, and for that I’m grateful.  Don’t know’s I could let chu’ go either if’n I thought you was gonna’ be all alone and unloved.  Hell, you got more love around ju’ here than you could beat off with a stick in both hands.”  We laughed.

“‘Sides, we ain’t gonna’ be out a’ touch.  Ain’t modern electronics wonderful?  I got me trusty lap-top, Mildred, in my saddlebags and you got churs.’  I wanna’ hear from you at least once a week.  Let me know what’s going on and how things are progressing.

I fell in love with you, cowboy. You know that. You fell in love with me. I know that.  We went a little further and bonded as Master and slave. It’s one of the strongest bonds two men can have.  I will always own a part of you and there ain’t no doubt in my heart you will always claim a part of me. It’s as it should be.  Our coming together weren’t no accident, neither. It was meant to be. Our parting was also meant to be. Bottom line,— I love you, Casey,— I always will.”

“I love you, too, Master Waddie.”

We hugged, kissed and shed a couple of tears with each other.  We were satisfied we’d said our ‘goodbye’ to each other.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it might be.  I sort of felt like I did about my dad.  I knew when I left I would always have his love to return, to and it was almost the same with Master Waddie.  His was a love I knew I could always count on. We pulled ourselves together and walked arm in arm to the big house to help with breakfast.

* * * * * * *

Saying goodbye to Master Waddie’s family wasn’t easy. I’d come to care about and love each man as if he were a close personal family member.   That’s the way these men were.  If you were welcomed by one, you were welcomed by all.  They had a powerful camaraderie that made you feel comfortable and special to them.  Other than Master Waddie the hardest to say goodbye to was Titus.  We had some long conversations and had come to love each other as friends.

“You take care of yourself, cowboy.  I know you’re going to have a good time playing cowboy with your granddad.  I’ll be think’n ‘bout chu.’”

“You know I’ll be think’n ‘bout chu,’ Mr. Titus.  I know you’ll take good care of our Master.  I don’t think I could let him go if’n I didn’t know he had such a wonderful man to take care of his needs.  I’ll look forward to seeing both of you, together, the next time we met.  I hope ya’ll come back through here on your way back and I get to see you.”

“We probably will.  We have in the past.  Usually we don’t stay as long, but we stop for several days.  Thanks for everything, Casey.  If’n it wasn’t for you I don’t know’s Waddie would’ve ever come around. You done us both a good thing.  I’ll always think on you as my little brother.”

We hugged, kissed and shed a tear or two.  We knew we were under the watchful eye of our Master, but we didn’t care.  Titus could tell him what he wanted after they left.

I watched with the sheriff and his family as the men drove down the gravel road to the main highway.  They waved as they turned and headed East; then,— they were gone.  I was standing with little Gip and Buck.  They both had an arm around me to comfort me like they were my brothers.  They had been so kind to accept me; not only as just a hand but their cowboy brother.  The sheriff and his family made me feel welcome and wanted.

I returned to the house with the family to see if there was anything I could help them with. Most of the work was all ready done. They served breakfast using paper plates; however, there was a few things I helped with. I’d never been a part of a larger family, and I enjoyed the easy way in which Gip’s family dealt with each other.  There was almost no arguing and everyone seemed to be genuinely interested in helping each other.  That had to come from Gip and Cindy’s attitudes.  They were always there if a neighbor or one of their kids needed them,  and they encouraged their kids to do the same.

It was Monday, but Gip had the day off.  Being Sheriff he could afford to take a long holiday weekend without raising any eyebrows.  Besides, if he was needed, he was only a phone call away. He wasn’t kidding my granddad or Bubba when he told them he had some work for me for several weeks. He wanted to get started right away on a couple of projects he needed to get done.

Gip, his boys and I saddled our ponies and rode out into the pasture land of his ranch.  It was a big ranch because, Gip took in several ranches around his since the folks passed away and had no one to leave them to, or others fell on hard times and he bought them out.  He had a pretty good number of cattle and wanted to round them up for counting and inspecting.

We worked all day and separated the sick animals from the herd and put them in a corral.  It was also going to be me, little Gip and Buck’s job to round up the calves, tag them and cut most of them. Gip picked out a couple he tagged he wanted for bulls.  Most of the day was spent showing me and his boys what he wanted done while he was at work. We put in a pretty good days work, but there was more to do the following day.

We got back to the barn, rubbed the ponies down and fed them.  Little Gip and Buck left to go to the house to clean up for dinner.  Working with the sheriff all day was a pleasure; not only because he was easy going and a good man to work with, but he was also one hell of a sexy cowboy.  I think my dick stayed hard all day, and it wasn’t behaving itself at the moment. We finished putting the tack away in his tack room.

“I don’t want chu’ to git the wrong idea about staying here, Casey.  I really do need the help as you saw today.  I promise, I won’t bother you or let the boys bother you unless you invite one of us to your motorcoach.”

“I know, Sheriff.  You ain’t that kind a’ man and you didn’t raise your boys to be that a’ way neither.  You’re welcome to the double ‘R’ anytime you can get away, but I’d appreciate the boys making a date with me if they’re interested.  I know little Gip is, but I ain’t real sure about Waddie Buck.”

“Oh, he’s interested all right.  He jes’ don’t let nobody know he is.  Besides, he’s looking for a cowboy what will take what the cowboy needs from him. I don’t think he’s real sure about you. If you want him, you’ll have to let him know.  With little Gip,— hell, he’s an equal opportunity lover.”
“Like father, like Son, eh?”  We laughed, “What would you say to something quick, Sheriff.”

“Like,— what,— when ?”

“Like,— a blow job right now,— here in the tack room,— before we get cleaned up for supper.”

“You sure, Son?  We been in the saddle all day, and I got pretty hot and sweaty.”

“If you remember, I’ve had you that way before, Sheriff.”

“I won’t never forgit it, cowboy.  I shot my wad all over my daddy as he was fuck’n you. Damn,— you got me hot jes’ a’ talk’n about it. Okay,— if’n you’re sure.”  

I smiled and nodded. I didn’t have to ask twice. The sheriff was all ready unbuckling his big rodeo belt buckle, undid his Wranglers and whipped out his handsome, cowboy dick and big, low hanging balls.  I fell to my knees and took him into my mouth.  If we weren’t in a hurry I would’ve loved to suck his man-sweat off his big, bull-like balls.  They smelled so good I could’ve sucked them for an hour.  I could smell his clean, strong, powerful masculine odors, the leather of his chaps and the intoxicating smell of the leather in the tack room as I proceeded to clean under the sheriff’s considerable foreskin.  His wonderful flavors burst into my mouth like an aphrodisiac and only made me want him more.

It didn’t take me long to get him off.  I think Gip was as ready for me to take him as I was to receive him.  He exploded into my mouth a full days worth of hot, cowboy come.  I greedily sucked it out of him and swallowed every bit.  I skinned him back, sucked and cleaned the head of his big dick and all around his foreskin, getting the last bit of his come.  He had a strong, wild, cowboy taste.  His come tasted like he looked,— strong and hardy.

“You want me to do you now, cowboy?  I’ll be happy to.”

“Naw, Sir.  I jes’ wanted to catch for you.  We can do it some other time when we’re alone together like we done the other night.  That was pretty fantastic, Sir.”

“I’ll say it was.  Ain’t had me a night like that in a long time.  I hope we have a couple more together before you go off to work at the ranch.”

“I hope so, too, Sheriff.  Jes’ remember,— anytime you can get away,— you’re welcome to the double ‘R.’”

I gently put his dick back into his Wranglers, he did up his pants, buckled his belt, grabbed me to him, threw his big arms around me and kissed me deep and hard.  He explored my mouth enjoying the taste of his own come.  The more he kissed me the more excited I got until I couldn’t hold it any more. I could feel myself building up toward climax.  Gip could feel it, too, but he wouldn’t let me go.  Sure enough, I shot in my Wranglers.  He felt me ejaculating and moaned deeply in his throat as he held me even tighter.  He continued to kiss me until he was satisfied I emptied my balls.  He gently broke off his kissed, stole a couple more and smiled at me.

“I turn you on that much, Son?”

“Pert-damn much, Sheriff.”

We laughed together.

“I jes’ hope I can wash a load of clothes in your washer.”  I laughed looking down at the wet spot forming at my crotch.

“Bring ‘em up to the house with you when you come for supper.  I’ll show you where the washer and dryer is.  You’re welcome to use ‘em, anytime.”  

“Thanks, Sheriff, I’d appreciated that.”

We stole another kiss and soon parted, but before we did Gip looked at me funny.

“Ya’ know, I ain’t never really appreciated being called ‘sheriff’ until you insisted on calling me that.  It takes on a whole new meaning when you say it, cowboy.  I like that,— but you can call me Gip some times, too.”  He smiled.  I knew what he was talking about.

“I appreciate that, Sheriff, and I will.”  I told him.

* * * * * * *

It was a short walk for me to the double ‘R’ from the first barn.  I went in and got cleaned up, put on some fresh clothes, cleaned my boots a bit and headed to the front house to see if there was anything I could do to help with supper.  Cindy and her girls had everything ready.

Since I brought some clothes to wash, Cindy showed me how to operate the washer and how much soap to use.  She told me not to worry about soap,— they’d provide that.  My small amount of wash wasn’t going to break them financially.  She did, however, let me know I was on my own as far as washing and drying. I was welcome to use the washer and dryer, but she expected me to do my own laundry.  Seemed fair to me.

I no sooner got my laundry going when Cindy announced supper was ready. We all gathered around the table, joined hands, Gip said a short prayer of thanks, and we sat down to a wonderful meal; one of many wonderful meals I shared with Gip’s family over the coming years.

* * * * * * *

That evening I called my dad again.  I was in touch with my little brother almost every day by e-mail, and he would check into my head every other evening or so hoping I’d let him experience a little sex with Master Waddie.  I did a couple of times, but Logan always came so quickly he’d get frustrated after that and tune out.  He laughed and told me he didn’t know how I could take the big man hour after hour.  I told him it was very relaxing.

The phone rang at home.  Dad answered.

“Longhorn ranch.”

“Hey, Dad,— it’s me,— Casey.”

“Howdy, Son, I’s jes’ think’n ‘bout chu.’  Ah, hell,— I’m all the time think’n about chu.’  How you doing, boy?”

“I’m doing jes’ fine, Dad.  I’m in a small West Texas town called Chapel Creek.  I’m staying with the sheriff of the county and his family.  His name is Gip Claymore and he’s Mr. Claymore’s son.  I was think’n about going to the Prescott rodeo with Mr. Yates and his partner, but Mr. Claymore begged me to come to Chapel Creek, his hometown, and partner with him at their Fourth of July rodeo.  We won everything, Dad, and I won first place calf roping.”

“Great!  That’s really great, Son! I’m proud of you.”

“That’s what Mr. Claymore said you’d say. I hoped you would be. He’s gone on with his family on his bike run.  They left early this morning. The sheriff asked me to stay on a couple of weeks to help him and his boys on his ranch.  He said there’s several good size local rodeos around the area he wants to go to on the weekends and have me rope with him and his boys.  They’re really nice folks.  You’d like Sheriff Claymore, Dad, he’s a fine man.  His wife is real nice, too.  They have two daughters who are really nice looking ladies.”

“Sounds like you’re having a good time.  I’m glad you are, but just remember, Son, to call home once in a while to let me hear from you.  It means a lot jes’ to hear your voice.  God, I miss you, Son.  I guess you don’t  realize how much someone means to you until they’re away from you.”

“I know, Dad.  I miss you, too, but I’m not gone.  I wish you were here with me right now.  How’s my little bother treat’n you?”

“Like I was a king.  He’s a good boy,— I love him,— but he ain’t you, Son.”
“I know.  I think about you all the time, Dad.  I promise I’ll keep in touch.”

“And, I promise not to lay a heavy trip on you ever’ time you call.  I jes’ wanted you to know how much you mean to me and how much I care about you, Casey.”

“Believe it or not, Dad, this trip is proving to be an eyeopener for me.  I’m coming to realize more and more how much you mean to me, too. I always appreciated how much you meant to me,— it’s jes,’— I guess I always took your love for granted.  You were jes’ always there to love me. Don’t worry none, Dad, you ain’t gonna’ lose your boy.”

“That’s good to hear.  That makes my old heart glad.  Look,— you have a good time, Son.  I’m glad you’re meet’n some fine folks, and I’m real proud of your accomplishments. Give my best to Sheriff Claymore and his family for me.”

“I will, Dad, and thanks.  Say ‘hello’ to my brothers for me.”

“I will, Son.  Goodnight.  Thanks for calling.  I love you.”

“Goodnight, Dad.  I love you, too.”

I hung up and sat there and cried.  It would be the first night I spent by myself in two weeks.  I really began to feel alone. I missed my dad. I wrote a short e-mail to Dwayne and sent it.  Then I wrote a little longer one to little bit and sent it.  After that, I felt pretty tired.  We’d been in and out of the saddle all day.  We only stopped for a while at noon for some sandwiches and iced tea Cindy made for us to take along.

I decided to go to bed. I cleaned myself out of habit.  I wasn’t going to plug my ass, but I remembered the nights when I didn’t, I couldn’t get to sleep; so, I decided to hell with it, I’d just plug it and get a good night’s sleep.  I had a feeling I was going to need it.  I imagined working with little Gip and Buck the next day was going to be a ball buster.  I laid down in my bed.  It wasn’t a large bed, but by myself, it seemed huge without my Master’s big body laying next to me. I wasn’t going to shed a tear,— I would be happy for him and his new slave and I was,— but what the hell,— just one would might make me feel a little better.  I indulged myself for a minute.

I recovered quickly from my brief bout with loss and self pity. It was then I noticed everything was deathly quiet. It was a silence you could feel.  The kind of moment which would make the hairs standup on your arms and goose bumps to appear. It was a warm, mid-summer’s night and I had my window on the coach open for ventilation. Usually you can hear occasional animal sounds around the ranch; however,— everything was dead quiet; it was as if everything stood still waiting for something to happen.  The air was hot, humid and sticky; like just before the sky turns yellow, then black, and you hear a roar that sounds like a thousand jet engines revving up as a Texas twister forms out of nowhere and barrels down on you; however,— this wasn’t tornado season.  That’s usually in the early spring,— April, May, or early June at the latest.

Then, I felt it.  I was no longer alone in the double ‘R.’  There was another ‘presence’ with me.  I knew enough from my little brother and some of his experiences not to be afraid; however, I couldn’t help feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.  A shiver went up my spine, over my head and spread out in all directions across my scalp.  It was a unique feeling to say the least.  I sat up in bed and looked around, but I couldn’t see anything.  I knew I’d locked the door to the double ‘R’ right after the sheriff left.  I decided to try to communicate with whatever it was.

“I know you’re here.”  I said softly without fear in my voice, “I can feel you.  You know I can feel you.  If you want to make yourself known to me, don’t be afraid,— I’m not.”

Nothing happened for several minutes and then a shape formed at the foot of my bed. I could see a vague outline of the torso of a man in military fatigues and a helmet.  I couldn’t make out his face.  The upper portion of his body formed, but he had no lower portion.  He had no feet.  He looked at me for a moment, and put his right hand out toward me.  I slowly reached as if to respond, but he drew back as if in fear of something, uttered a deep ‘uuuuuuh,’ turned and quickly floated out of my bedroom. I got up to follow, but the apparition was gone.

That night,— in my sleep,— he came to me again.  I could see him a little better, but I still couldn’t see his face. I couldn’t tell who he was or what he wanted. I told him the same thing in my dream,— not to be afraid, my brothers come to me many times in my mind and share my dreams.  He reached out his hand to me once more.  I reached for him,— but again, he vanished.

* * * * * * *

I woke the next morning with a full ass and an equally full heart.  No matter who or what my visitor was, he imparted to me a great feeling like there was a blue bird on my shoulder.  I found myself whistling “Zippity-do-da” in the shower I felt so good.

Gip had to return to his regular job being sheriff.  He was at breakfast in his uniform, and he was a knockout. It was all I could do to keep from staring at him and drooling like and idiot. I think he knew.  He’d sneak a glance at me from time to time and grin real big.  I’d blush like a school boy.  He wasn’t the only one at the table who knew.  Cindy had a pleasant, self-satisfied smile on her face all through breakfast.  If what Master Waddie told me about Gip was true, I figured she must have gotten the b’jesus fucked out of her last night.

The day was as I predicted.  It was a lot of hard work; however, nothing could touch me I felt so good.  The work was first magnitude cowboying, but I didn’t care.  I figured it would be good training for me for what I might encounter working for my granddad.

I thought Gip’s boys would quickly tire and start goofing off after a while, but neither one did.  The three of us worked as a team and got a lot done.  We took a break at noon and ate the sandwiches Cindy made for us and drank a big thermos of iced tea.  We worked just as hard the rest of the afternoon until we looked up an saw the sheriff riding his big, black stallion stud towards us. Gip took a look at the work we got done and whistled.

“Damn,— you men been doing some work.  Proud of ya.’  Now,— ya’ll gather up yore’ stuff and ride on back with me to the barn.  You men need to git cleaned up.  Yore’ momma’s gonna’ have dinner ready directly.”

Gip winked at me, and I got his message.  He just included me as one of his boys.  He had a charming and somewhat disarming way about him to let you know his affection; almost, as wonderful as his dad.

* * * * * * *
The days began to pass quickly.  It was the same routine almost everyday, but there was something comforting about knowing you had a job to do and you were getting it done with men you enjoyed being around.  For all the work we got done we weren’t beyond clowning around and having fun with each other.  Gip didn’t seem to care.  He thought it was good for us on a hot July day, to knock off in the afternoon from time to time and take a dip in the creek.

That was a real eyeopener for little Gip and Buck.  I guess their dad didn’t care tales about the size of my dick.  As hard as they tried to be polite, they couldn’t keep from sneaking glances at me.  After a while they got use to me, and we had a good time together.  I did notice Waddie Buck started being a lot more attentive to me, and asked me some pretty personal questions.  Little Gip was always his same old self,— nothing much phased him.  If a man had a bigger dick than his it was okay with him.  He was secure with his masculinity, and the size of a man’s cock didn’t make a difference.

Wednesday evening I was wondering if Gip would go to prayer meeting with his family.  I was invited, but graciously declined.  I told them I had a lot of e-mails to answer, and I needed to return a couple of phone calls.  Cindy grinned but didn’t say anything.  After supper, I didn’t waste any time returning to the double ‘R’ to clean myself and insert my plug,— just in case.

I walked out of the bathroom with my robe on when there came a small knock on the door.  I smiled to myself knowing who it must be.  I opened the door and there was the sheriff in his Western clothes with his chaps draped over his shoulder.  He was a handsome site.  Gip was a true man of the West and looked every inch a cowboy.  He took his job of being sheriff of his community very seriously, but he also took his persona of a cowboy just as seriously.

“Well,— you did say I was welcome anytime.”  He smiled shyly.

“Of course you are, and I meant it.  Git chur’ ass on in here, Sir.”  I laughed at him.  He grinned from ear to ear and came in.

Gip didn’t wait for any further invitations.  He put his arms around me and pulled me up close to him.  He looked into my eyes and kissed me long, deep and hard.  I could feel his manhood growing in his Wranglers and I knew he must be able to feel mine.  He let me go,  took my robe off of me and threw it onto my couch.  He looked me up and down and smiled at my erection.

“I was a’ hope’n this old cowboy could might turn you on this evening.  Now,— let’s try that again.”

Once again he enfolded his big cowboy arms around me and proceeded to kiss me again.  This time it was a gentle kiss; a kiss of kindred feelings, affection, and brotherhood.  I found myself returning his passion with equal verve.  I could smell his maleness and the strong leather smell from his chaps he had draped over his shoulder.  They were cool against my body as he held me. All this sensuality made my dick harder than ever.  How could I not be attracted and aroused by such a man?  We finally broke off our kiss.

“Damn, Sheriff,— I need a really good hard ride’n this evening.  Think you could strap your chaps and spurs on and give your old cayuse the ride’n he needs?”

“I’ll do my damnedest, cowboy.  Ain’t never had nobody ask me something like that afore.  Look!”

He looked down at his Wranglers which were sticking straight out from his crotch like there was a tent pole in his pants.  We shared a laugh.

“We better git that damn thing out a’ there before it breaks in two.”  I kidded him.

“Lead the way, buckaroo.”  He commanded.

 I helped the sheriff off with his boots and clothes.  Actually, it was more like we were ripping them off of him as we traveled the short distance to my bedroom.  We decided we didn’t want to take the time to put on our cowboy gear to have sex.  We wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty as soon as possible.  It seemed like Gip couldn’t wait to get his dick into me as quick as he possible could.  I knew I couldn’t didn’t want to take the time either.  I wanted all of his big cowboy dick inside me muy pronto.

We made a little perfunctory love for a few minutes; however, Gip could tell I wanted him inside me as badly as he wanted to feel his dick up my ass.  Neither of us wanted to delay a moment longer.  He quickly popped my plug out, and immediately replaced it with his fine, cowboy cock.  He didn’t just slam it into me. It was almost like he was feeding my second mouth the finest meal it had in a while.  It was the only meal it received since my Master left.

Gip and I had unhurried sex.  He took me like the gentleman cowboy he was.  We didn’t have a lot of time, but the quality of his sex made up for the lack of quantity. I was so used to having lots of sex with my Master for two weeks, the couple of nights without it seemed like I found myself in the middle of a desert with no horse.  The sheriff was a welcome oasis. We lay there afterward talking quietly.

“Thanks for that good fuck, cowboy.”

“Anytime, Gip.  I should be the one thanking you.  That was some mighty fine fuck’n, Sheriff.”  We shared a laugh.  

“C’mon,— let’s us turn around and suck each other off like we done last time.”

“You sure I ain’t too big for you, Sheriff?”

“I took you pretty good last time.  Hell,— if’n I can take ole Bubba, I shore’ as hell can take you.”

I laughed at his enthusiasm.  That’s the way Gip was.  He didn’t do anything unless it was with full dedication.  He didn’t know what ‘halfway’ meant. I switched around and took him in my mouth.  I explored under his foreskin and got the lingering flavors of his come from fucking me.  I didn’t think he’d be able to come again so soon.  I was wrong.  He was going after my ole dick like a hound dog after coon.  He was feeling pert-damn good and I knew I better increase my efforts if I was going to get him off about the same time. I didn’t have to worry too much.

All of a sudden I heard Gip groan deeply and his cock began to swell bigger in my throat.  I knew he was near.  I couldn’t hold back my ejaculation any longer and gently squeezed his thigh to let him know.  The minute my come hit the back of his throat he erupted into my mouth another volley of his hot, cowboy come.  Damn he tasted good,— just like a good looking, cowboy sheriff should.  After cleaning each other good with our mouths we rolled away from each other exhausted.  I sort of chuckled to myself.

“What chu’ laugh’n ‘bout, cowboy?”

“I jes’ cain’t imagine you taking care of your wife this evening after this.”

“Oh, hell,— this was jes’ a warm up for me.  I really enjoy what we do, but  it really turns me on for sex with Cindy.  We’d been slowing down for a while.  After last week with you and my dad, we had us a session like we ain’t had since we was first married.  Ju’ notice how happy she was for several days afterward and how attentive she was to you and my dad?”

“Yes, Sir.  Master Waddie commented on it, and I have ‘ta admit I noticed, too.”  I smiled at him.

“I was gonna’ ask you to stay anyway, but Cindy spoke up and told me she sure hoped I did ask you.  She said you needed her and me right now; said you needed a family to relate to through all this with your granddaddy. She didn’t add anything else, but she giggled like a school girl who jes’ got her first kiss.”

We shared a laugh.

“She’s a remarkable woman, Sheriff.  You’re really lucky to have her for a wife.”

“I really am, Son, and we want chu’ to feel like family.  I know you done told me you wanted to give me something for space rent and boarding your pony, but you really don’t have to.”
“Naw, Sir.  I jes’ wouldn’t feel right about it otherwise.”

Look, Son, you do enough work around here to pay for everything.  I don’t expect you to work if’n you come stay with us on your weekends off; but, knowing you, any job that needs doing around here, you’re the first one there to start.  Don’t know what you done to them two boys a’ mine, but they idolize you.  I ain’t been able to get that much work out of them in a long time.”

“Awh, we jes’ have a good time.  We work hard, but we take breaks in the heat of the day and cool off down by the creek.”

“That’s good.  I don’t never want one a’ you men to get heat stress, and it can happen out there real quick.  If’n one a’ you gits to feeling a bit woozy or light headed like yore’ gonna’ throw up,— knock off for a while, git in the shade and cool off.  Watch them damn cows,— hell, they’s smart enough to know to git out of the heat.”

We laughed again.  It was about time for him to leave.  We knew his family would be returning soon.

“Has one of the boys said anything to you about,— ?”  He asked.

“Now, Sheriff,— think for a minute,— would ju’ want me to tell them boys what we done here tonight?”

Gip smiled real big.  He knew what I was getting at.

“Good point, cowboy.  Fair enough.  Hell,— I’ll know anyway.  Them boys cain’t keep much from their old man.  I always know when they been mess’n ‘round with each other,— for days after, they cain’t do enough for one another.  Cindy knows, too, and laughs her ass off when we’re in private.”
Gip grabbed me and pulled me to him again.  He was about to leave and once again had his old, working chaps thrown over his shoulder.  He smelled so good I started getting hard again.

“Now, cut that out!  You’re gonna’ git us into trouble again.”  He laughed at me.

“Cain’t help it, Sheriff.  Damn you smell powerful good.”

“So do you, cowboy,— by the way, thanks for that blow job in the barn the other afternoon.  That was a unexpected but welcome surprise.”

“My pleasure, Sheriff.  Count on more of ‘em.”  I grinned at him.

We hugged, kissed and he was out the door.  Damn, I felt good.  Life was going my way.  My ass was freshly fucked, I had a belly full of hot cowboy, sheriff cream, and I had a song in my heart.  I could easily handle a little sex with the sheriff from time to time.  Gip Claymore was one sexy, fucking cowboy, and I didn’t mind serving it up hot to him any damn time he wanted it.  Playing catcher for him was pert-damn exciting, too.  

I inserted by plug again, and wondered what I was going to do working on the Lazy 8 without it?  How would I ever get to sleep?  A wee small voice in my head was laughing.

“Are you kidding?  Your ass is gonna’ be dragging after the first day.  You’ll probably be so damn tired you could sleep in the saddle.”

“How are you, sweetheart?”  I projected to little bit. “I felt you when I was git’n fucked by the sheriff.  What’d ju’ think?”

“Well,— you’re right, he’s hot.  He sure did feel good up your butt.  Fucked chu’ pert-damn good, too.”

We shared a laugh.

“Gip would shit if he knew I let my little brother come along for the ride.”

“Maybe not,— he seems like a really laid back kind a’ man.” Said little bit.

“So, how you been, Darlin’?”  I asked him.

“Fine.  I’m laying here freshly fucked, too.  I swear your old man gets better ever’ damn time he fucks me.”

“Yeah, he used to laugh at me ‘cause I told him the same thing.”

“I was about to go to sleep, but I thought I’d send out a feeler and check in on you.  Your time schedule is different from ours, and I didn’t know where I’d find you.”

“You couldn’t a’ check in at a better moment,— with my ass full of cowboy,  sheriff dick.  Wow, is he a hot fuck!  He’s almost as good as his old man.  With a couple more years on him he will be, I’m sure.”  I laughed in my mind and heard Logan chuckle in response.  “I called dad the other night,— the same night I e-mailed ju.’  I told him where I was, and I was going to work for the sheriff for a while.  You think he’s wise to anything?”

“No,— he’s about the same.  I’m trying hard not to show anything I know.  I can’t believe you’re going to work for your granddad who is actually working for you.  What a hoot!  I’ll bet that doesn’t happen very often.”  Logan laughed.

“You know, little bit,— I think it was meant for you tell me about them stocks.  It seems like I’ve been guided on my journey since I met Master Waddie.  It’s almost eerie.  I’ll have to say, things weren’t going too well until I met Master Waddie and his family in that filling station in Tucson.  Now it seems like the pieces are falling together like the final pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle.”

“I think you have, too.  I have no doubt I was meant to be here where I am right now, and to be honest, I think this time away from your old man is making him appreciate you in a new light.  He always talked and thought about you as his little boy before.  I think he’s letting that go. I sense he’s beginning to see you as a mature young man whom he’s going to have to reckon with no matter what your choices are in life.  I haven’t gotten into his head because I respect him way too much for that; however, I sense he’s probably been thinking  you might be trying to find your granddad.”

“Well, I know you and Dwayne won’t tell him nothing.  I know Cousin Rance knows what I’m up to, but I’d trust him with my life.  He won’t tell dad nothing.  I have to tell you something, little brother.”

“What’s ‘at, cowboy?”

“Night before last I was visited by someone or something.  He was also in my dreams like he’s trying to talk to me; trying to communicate; trying to tell me something.  Each time he was dressed in military fatigues and a helmet.  I couldn’t see his face. Have you ever had anything like that happen to you?”

“Yeah, a number of times.  It’s usually a lost, uneasy or frightened spirit who feels your sensitivity. I’ve helped several.  Don’t be afraid of them. I know your power well enough to know you can cut ‘em off with no problem. You’re as good as Dwayne now at shutting me out.  I haven’t quite figured that out yet.  Don’t know’s I really want to.  I’m actually thrilled and amazed  you two developed the ability on your own.  Even more amazing was Dwayne learned how first and taught you how.  You two rocked me on my heels. I had to learn how to block out certain voices early on because, I  heard so many uneasy spirits.  My mind was like a damn party line. They can’t take over your mind.  Some would very much like to, they’ll try’n scare you to death,  but they can’t take over.  

That’s how I contacted Sticker.  I was just a baby, no more’n three or four.  One night I found myself in a dark place in my mind, and I was being cornered by uneasy spirits. They were saying all sorts of outrageous things to me, knowing I was just a small child.  They were not nice people in life and they weren’t any better as spirits after they died.  They would scare the hell out of me. They made me feel terribly alone and afraid.  Sticker don’t know it, but he has some pretty powerful, undeveloped mental abilities.  Many nights he goes roaming in his sleep.  It’s almost like he’s mentally sleep walking.  I’ve caught him out and about several times.

He was out roaming one night when I was little. I was so scared I damn near shit my bed.  I felt his strength, love and healthy, good spirit out of all the souls out there and called to him.  He came to me, held me, talked to me, comforted me, told me not to be afraid, he was there to help me, he wouldn’t let them hurt me, and he would never leave me. He never has.  Sticker ain’t aware of it, but he still comes to my rescue from time to time.  I’ve even gotten him out of a couple of hairy nightmares.”  Logan chuckled.

“Once I learned how to filter out the chaff,  things got considerably easier.  I still help a troubled spirit from time to time if they ain’t obnoxious. I try to help them realize they’re dead, and tell them they have to cross over.  Many jes’ ain’t aware they’re dead.  They refuse to believe it. If you’re gentle with them, they’ll trust you, come to you and sometimes you can help them.”

“So, you think it might be a spirit trying to contact me?”

“Most likely, or there’s one other possibility. Maybe our friend Griz, the bear-man is trying to contact you and he ain’t strong enough; however, after you introduced us, I talk to him a couple of times a week.  He checks in on me, or I check in on him. I even let him feel your daddy fuck me one night. He loved it. I felt it when Griz shot out of that huge dick of his. Fuck, it’s three times the feeling we’d get even at our size.  I shot so damn much, I broke a blood vessel and bled in my come.  Scared yore’ daddy to death; he thought he’d hurt me or I’d hurt myself. It’s like me’n Griz came twice. I cain’t wait to meet him.  You want him to contact you?”

“Sure,— if’n he wants to. I don’t think it would be Griz because he never was in the military. You told him anything about what’s going on with me?”

“Yeah, I didn’t think you’d mind.  He helped you quite a bit in Tucson.  He’s concerned about you in a good way.  He’s a good man, Case.  There’s much more to him than we’ll probably ever know. He jes’ might be the man to ask about your visitor.”

“Hadn’t thought a’ that.  I know there’s a lot more to Gris than we can see on the surface, that’s fer’ shore,’ little brother.  I’ve hear’d stories about him what would make your skin crawl.  Tell him to drop by my mind first chance he gits, I’d like to run my story by him.  Right now,— I’d better git on to sleep, darlin.’ Got another big day of cowboying tomorrow.  I love you and really appreciate what chu’ be doing for me’n my old man.”

“Ah, fuck, Case.  It ain’t no chore, ‘at’s fer damn sure.  I wouldn’t be making the grades I am if’n it weren’t for your old man. ‘Sides,— you know how I feel about chu,’ Dwayne, his dad and especially your dad.  Them two men is like second dads to me.  I couldn’t love ‘em more.  You take care and holler if’n you get into any trouble.”

“I will, bro.  Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, brother.”  Logan signed off.

I lay there for a while erasing my mind of everything so I could fall asleep, but again, there was no air movement nor any sound outside or inside the coach.  Everything became deathly still.  I didn’t open my eyes this time. I just lay there and felt the ‘presence’ of my visitor again.  This time I recognized him; his presence was familiar. I recognized him from the time before. I cleared my mind and opened it so he might communicate with me. There was no response.  My visitor wasn’t trying to speak to me in my mind.  My hand was laying out across the bed on top of the sheet. I felt something, someone,— a hand perhaps,— cool, yet somehow warm,— take hold of mine.

End Chapter 31 ~ Texas Longhorns
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