By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 33

The next week was less demanding around the Claymore ranch.  We got a lot done, but they were jobs we didn’t have to rush to finish.  I think the sheriff felt a little guilty about working us so hard that first week, but he was happy and pleased with us for getting the job done.  I got to know and love little Gip and Waddie Buck all the more.  We even had time to practice our roping. I worked with Buck a lot with his roping.  He was getting better and better. He found a new spirit of wanting to learn team roping to please his dad. Saturday afternoon I found him sitting by himself, and he seemed a bit down.

“What’s a’ matter, cowboy.  You seem a bit down.  Hell, you and your old man came in second place.  You’ll probably beat us tomorrow.”

“Awh,— h’it ain’t much, Casey.  I’m happy dad’n me placed second.  It’s the best I ever done with my dad, but I think you and little Gip know the reason why.”  he blushed and grinned real big, “My problem is I got away from home without bringing some hygiene stuff with me I need.”

“‘At ain’t no problem, little brother.  Glad you said something.  I brought mine.  You kin borrow it if’n you like,— jes’ return it when you’re through.”

“Of course,— I’ll return it right away.  I shore’ would appreciate it, Casey.”

“What are brothers for?”

“I really do think on you as my brother, Casey.   May I ask you a personal question?”

“Since you said ‘may I’ I think it’ud be all right.”  I kidded him.

“Casey, have you ever,— ?”

“Why do you think I have the equipment you need, little brother?”  I smiled at him.

Waddie Buck smiled real big and blushed deep red again.

“Then,— I guess you know why I need to borrow it.”

“I can only hope I do, little brother.  If it’s for tonight, with your old man,— you’re in for one hell of a treat.”  

“Then you and dad have,— ?”

“Cowboys don’t kiss and tell, little brother.”  I winked at him and laughed.

“Yeah,— dad told me the same thing, so has my other brother.  I’m jes’ getting use to all this.”

“You couldn’t have better teachers, whether it’s your brother or your dad.  I rank your dad pert-damn high on my importance scale next to your granddad and my dad.”

“You mean,— you’n your dad have,— ?”

“Since I was eighteen years old.  We messed around before that, but he wouldn’t fuck me ‘til I was eighteen.  Made me promise I wouldn’t do it with anyone until I was eighteen.  I kept my word and so did he.  He took me on my eighteenth birthday.  It was one of the greatest nights of my life.”

“Well, I’ll be twenty next month, but I can understand why dad waited.  You must really miss your dad.”

“I do, but I’ve found two wonderful men along the way who’ve been good to me and for me.  I’ve come to love your dad like you guys.  I look on him like I do Master Waddie and my dad.  I appreciate you men sharing him with me.”

“Master Waddie,— ?”  asked Buck.

“I’m sorry, I thought you knew about the bonding between men in your granddad’s biker family.”

“Only from suspicion,  I’ve never talked to anyone about them.  I figured they’re pair off.  It’s kind a’ obvious to folks who know about that sort of thing.  Then, you became his,— ?”

“You can say it.  Yes,— I became his slave for a short period of time.  I’ve known Master Waddie for a number of years, but we only teamed up in Tucson for the rodeo.  We bonded and he was my Master for a couple of weeks.  We knew it was temporary.  I jes’ wanted to be his property for our time together and he wanted me; however, I knew there was another man who wanted and needed him.  I also know he’ll be the best slave for Master Waddie.”

“Titus?”  Buck asked, and I nodded my head. “I’ll bet chu’ really miss him, too.”

“A little, but I’m happy for him and Titus.  I have to go on with my life and it ain’t exactly been dull lately.”  We shared a laugh.

“Are you only one way, Casey?”

“To be honest, I don’t think so.  I’ve been alpha-male with my bothers and enjoyed it.  It’s jes’ you’n me are pretty young and most of the men who find us attractive are older, more sexually experienced men who jes’ expect to play the dominant alpha-male role.  It’s okay for us right now.  We’ve got our lives ahead of us to make up our minds.  I ain’t ruled out the possibility of getting married and having a family.”


“Sure.  We’re too young to think we have to know exactly what we want for the future.  I ain’t put’n no labels on myself until I know for sure what I want out a’ life.”

“You and my dad think alike.”

“He’s a good and wise man, Buck.  Listen and learn for him.  I know I will.”

“Would you ever consider,— ?”

“Do you ever finish a question, little brother?”  I laughed at him and he blushed again.

“Why should I when you all ready know what I’m asking?”  He replied. We shared another laugh.  He was right.

“Of course, I’d consider it, little brother.  I’d be honored; however, let chur’ old man break you in first.  I’m a mite bigger’n him.”

“Yes,— I know.”  Grinned Waddie Buck mischievously.  We laughed again.  

Waddie Buck got his wish the second night of the rodeo. His daddy broke his young, cowboy saddle in,— but good.  Little Gip and I were wicked. We laughed and wagered between us how long it would be before the silly grin on Waddie Buck’s face would go away.  It lasted several days.

* * * * * * *

During the week, my uncle came to me a couple of times.  He seem more clearly formed, and I could see his face.  I told him I knew who he was, and he would be getting stronger.  I would be visiting with Bubba and his boys the following weekend and perhaps it would be easier for him to come to me; maybe even communicate with me.  He got a sad look on his face and slowly shook his head, ‘no.’  I told him I had a lot of folks praying for him.  I got a smile out of him again, but I felt he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.  I felt so drawn to him.  I wanted to take him in my arms, hold him, and let my love heal him from the pain he felt.

That week the sheriff came to my trailer one evening for a while.  I always enjoyed it when the sheriff could spend a little quality time with me.  Gip was a man who took his fucking seriously and enjoyed it to the max.  He was like his father in one way.  When he fucked me I stayed fucked for several days afterward.  Didn’t mean I wouldn’t have welcomed him every night, it’s just I didn’t long for it.  I also got to suck him off a couple of afternoons in the tack room.

At the rodeo the following weekend we kept the same bed and roping partner arrangement.  Big Gip and Waddie Buck were getting better and better as a team, and little Gip and I decided we might have some serious competition.  After the smoke cleared from the rodeo, little Gip and I won the roping competition the first day, but the second day, the sheriff and Buck won.   We tied for first place.  Little Gip won first place calf roping, and I took second.

We weren’t in a great competition with each other, and being cowboys, we were happy for our brother when he wins.  It certainly did a lot for Waddie Buck.  His dad and older brothers couldn’t have been happier for him.  It was like he was blossoming into the full flower of young manhood, and he could see the endless possibilities open to him.  He couldn’t have a more supporting group of men to love and help him.  He was beginning to develop a new and wonderful relationship with all of us. His fears and self-doubts were quickly being replaced by a self-assured but humble, strong of purpose, young man.  He was well on his way to a healthy maturity.

* * * * * * *

The following week I was in contact with my dad, Dwayne, little bit, and Griz.  I related the stories to Griz, Bubba told me about my uncle haunting his old home.  Griz wasn’t surprised.  I don’t think there’s much that could surprise Griz.  He’s a man of immense size, with as much love in his big heart as his size might suggest.  He patiently explained to me my Uncle Seth’s efforts to help Bubba and his boys was not in vain.  He’s being closely watched to see how he handles this period of his passage.

My uncle came to me twice more that week, and each time, he seemed even  stronger.  He couldn’t communicate with me yet, but I assured him he would be able to soon.  He looked at me and smiled as if he hoped so, but he felt my words were wishful thinking.  I felt we were forming an unspoken bond between us.  It was like forming a bond with myself.

The sheriff and I settled into a routine.  I could pretty much count on getting my ticket punched on Wednesday nights and sucking him off a couple of afternoons; except Thursday afternoon he turned the tables on me and sucked me off.  I worried Cindy might get upset with me knowing her husband was visiting my coach on a regular basis, but she didn’t.  I guess the sheriff wasn’t kidding, the extra curricular sexual activity with me and his boys must  have stirred Gip to new heights of passion with his wife. In fact, the longer I was there, the happier Cindy was and the closer we became.

I was working out details with Gip about going to work on the Lazy 8, and  how I’d spend my weekends off.

“They bring the hands in on Friday afternoon, anywhere between two and four.  They always drop ‘em off right at the sheriff’s station on the square. They pick ‘em up there on Sunday evening about six. They let ‘em off at the ranch shortly before noon, but it’s about a two and a half hour drive into town.  Most of the men have some family or people they’ve met over the years who invite them to stay with them for the weekend.  Some stay in the sleazy motel on the outskirts of town.  It ain’t got a lot going for it, but it’s cheap and the rooms are clean. Since you’ll be staying in your coach, all you gotta’ do is come in the station, and I’ll bring you out here with me.”

“Sounds good, Sheriff.”

“I invite Brett and Curt  to the ranch several weekends a year.  I may start inviting ‘em more often.  They seem to really enjoy staying with us. They’re good men and better company. They bunk in the barn and we give ‘em their privacy.  They seem to appreciate it, because they don’t know no one else around and usually end up spending the weekend in the motel I done told ju’ about.  Here at the ranch, they can relax, rodeo with us, and eat some good food; and, h’it don’t cost ‘em nothing.   They’re always ready to help out with anything we got going around here, but I don’t invite ‘em out jes’ for that reason.  We genuinely enjoy having ‘em around.  They’re well mannered and true cowboys at heart.  I’ve invited your granddad and Thurston out many times.  They always seemed to relax and have a good time.”

* * * * * * *

The week passed quickly.  Gip got off around noon and we were all packed and loaded to travel to Bubba’s ranch for our visit.  We figured we’d be rodeoing with Bubba and his boys all weekend so we may as well pull the ponies behind.  Gip didn’t want to take off until a little later in the afternoon when it began to cool down a bit.  It would’ve been too hot in the trailer for the ponies if we left in the heat of the day.  Gip said it was about a four hour drive to Bubba’s ranch, and he didn’t want the ponies stressed.

Gip originally planned to take his motor coach, but seeing as how we were going to be at Bubba’s ranch for the weekend it didn’t seem necessary. If they didn’t have enough room in the house we could always bunk it in the barn.

We took turns driving Gip’s new Ford F-250 4X4 crew cab pickup so no one would have to drive the whole way.  It seemed to go faster that way because each of us only drove for an hour.  Every time we changed drivers we’d stop and check the ponies.

The four of us were in a party mood.  We’d worked hard that week doing some remodeling of the old barn on Gip’s ranch, but we were finished with the job.  Little Gip, Waddie Buck, and I worked good as a team.  Gip got off early a couple of afternoons, and we had a forth hand to help us.  It was always more fun with the sheriff around.  He kept us laughing most of the time.  Gip could be wickedly funny sometimes in his observations about things.

We arrived at Bubba’s ranch around eight in the evening.  We passed over the cattle guard and under a huge arched entry way to the property.  A sign hung on two short chains from the center of the arch which read: 3S Ranch. Underneath the name of the ranch was: B. Swansey and sons.  It was a winding road up a hill and through thick scrub oak to the house. The main part of the property was about a quarter of a mile back from the main entrance. You couldn’t see anything from the road.  It was still light out, so we could see everything.  As we topped a hill and went around another bend, we could see Bubba, Vince and Seth Quee sitting on the front porch drinking iced tea as we drove the rest of the way down the long gravel road to the house. They stood and waved to us as we approached.

“Well,— ” sighed Gip, speaking to me, “we done as much to protect you as we could, cowboy.  You’re on your own this weekend.”  He laughed and I knew exactly what he was talking about;  so, did little Gip and Buck.

“Cain’t says I’d mind bunk’n it in with ole Bubba too much, Sheriff. ‘At old cowboy looks like he could take care of a younger cowboy pert-damn good. I jes’ got me a feel’n that old man could make me squeal like a’ pig,  and holler for more.”

The three of them fell out laughing.

“I can verify that, first hand, cowboy.  I been on the end of that big dick a’ his more times ‘an I can count.  I squeal ‘piggy’ fluently. I’ve shamelessly begged ‘em for more number’s a’ times.  That old man’s a demon in the sack. You’ll swear you got the devil his-very-self up yore’ butt!”  Gip laughed.

“Dad,—!?”  exclaimed Waddie Buck questioningly.

“Now don’t chu’ go git’n your hackles up or all bent out a’ shape, Son.  Yore’ old man’s done a lot of things you don’t know about, but it don’t hurt you none to learn he’s jes’ another man.  Told ju’ the other night I wouldn’t hold nothing back from you no more.  You’re a grown man now, Son.  Time you realized we’re all human and no man is above another.

Tell ya’ll one damn thing,— I never laid down with old Bubba what I didn’t git up and walk away with a big smile on my face.”  Gip chuckled.  “After all these years,— once in a while I still gits me a hanker’n for what that big man has to offer.  He shore’ ‘nuff can scratch my deepest itch!” Again we all laughed at Gip.  He could be painfully funny sometimes.  His statement was also to let his youngest boy know whatever two men decided to do in bed together didn’t necessarily make one less of a man than the other.  No man could ever doubt Gip’s masculinity or his own self-image.  

We got out of Gip’s truck, and it was hugs and kisses.  Lord, you’d think we hadn’t seen them in months they were so happy to see us.  They were beside themselves we thought enough of them to come visit. Vince and Seth Quee were just as happy as their old man to have us there.

They helped take the ponies out of Gip’s trailer.  We walked them to the barn, fed and watered them.  It was a beautiful old place.  Their barn was surrounded by four of the biggest pecan trees I’d ever seen.  They completely shaded the barn and it was ten degrees cooler inside.  They had a huge fan mounted above the loft door at one end to keep the air circulating and exhaust the hot air.  Because of the amount of air movement there was almost no flying critters around to bother the horses.  Gip and his boys brought there bedrolls and bags  to the barn with them.

“Ya’ll don’t have to stay in the barn, Sheriff.  We got us lots a’ rooms in our old house, and we fixed up enough ever’ man can have his own room if’n they wants.”

“That awful damn nice of ya’ll, Bubba, but me and the boys’ll be right comfortable out here in the hayloft.”

“Well, ya’ll can stay any wheres ya’ won’t to.  Where’d you wanna’ stay, Son?”  Bubba asked as an afterthought.

“I know where I’d LIKE to stay,— ” I replied winking at Gip and his boys. Gip grinned at me.  Little Gip and Waddie Buck were laughing, so were Vince and Seth Quee.  They got my meaning, but it seemed to sail over Bubba’s head.

“Where’s ‘at, cowboy?  You kin stay any wheres you like.”

Vince leaned over to his dad and whispered.

“He wants to stay with you, Dad.”

“Hoe-lee shit!  Praise the Lord,— he done went an’ answered my prayers,— Glory,— Christmas done come early this year!”

He opened his big, cowboy arms to me, and I didn’t hesitate.  He hugged and bussed a kiss behind my ear, picked me up off the ground and gleefully spun me around once. Everyone was laughing at him.  He ignored them.  “Like I said, young’un you kin stay any wheres yore’ cowboy heart desires,— and I meant it.  Be right proud for you to bunk it in with old Bubba;— be a dream come true. Throw your gear in my bedroom; first one on the right past the stairs.”

“Dad,— since the sheriff and his boys are gonna’ bunk it in the barn, Seth and me would like ta’ join ‘em.  Is ‘zat all right with you?”

“S’long as it’s all right with Gip, little Gip and Buck,— I don’t care.”

The Claymores nodded their agreement it was fine with them.  Everyone seemed happy with the bunking arrangements and the Claymore’s  stowed their gear in the loft of Bubba’s barn.  I took mine to the house with me and put it in Bubba’s room.  He personally took me by the arm to lead me to his room.  Everyone was giggling like school boys behind us, including the sheriff.  He was the ring leader.

“Don’t chu’ pay them no never mind, Son.  They’s jes’ jealous.  Ain’t but one of ‘em what ain’t spun on the end of old Bubba’s dick at one time or t’other, and that be young Waddie Buck; however, it’s only a matter of time.”  He threw back his head and laughed. He self-assurance was infectious, he made me laugh, too.

The door to his room was open and he ushered me in with a wave of his hand.  I entered and set my stuff on a small table in the corner.   Bubba was standing so close behind me, when I turned,  I turned around into his huge, cowboy arms. I threw my arms around his big, hulking body, laid my head on his massive chest, hugged him and sighed deeply.  Bubba just held me for a minute, then he gently kissed me on my head.

“Welcome home, cowboy.”  He said softly.  I knew there was a double meaning behind his words.  He was also welcoming the spirit of his beloved little brother he knew and loved so many years ago, Seth Quee Langtry.

“It’s good to be home, Bubba.  It’s a homecoming for two souls. Some’um inside me knew the minute I saw you, who you was.  I also knew come hell or high water I had to find me some way to get a ride on yore’ old cayuse.  Wouldn’t mind make’n a little love to it, neither.”   I still had my head pressed tightly against his chest.  I looked up just in time to find Bubba’s mouth moving toward mine.  We kissed one hell of a kiss.  I could feel his legendary monster growing in his Wranglers.  If it was as big as it felt, I knew I was in for an interesting evening.

“I didn’t know exactly who you was at first; them damn blue contacts threw me. When my boy started comparing your name with the name we used to call your uncle, I knew for sure who you was.  When I walked into your coach and saw you standing there,— I knew I had to find a way to get you in my arms.  I know we ain’t suppose to pray for trivial things, but I done asked the Lord to give me an evening with you,— if’n you’s a mind to, of course.”

Well,— I don’t think you have to worry about me have’n a mind to.  I cain’t think of a nicer way to spend this evening than laying in your arms, cowboy.”  I told him.  We kissed again and sealed our contract for the evening.

* * * * * * *

Bubba’s room surprised me.  It was neat as a pin with the usual photos sitting on his dresser of his late wife and his boys.  There was a picture on his night table of  Vince and Seth Quee, together, which was obviously taken recently.  Seth was seated and his older brother was standing behind him with his hands on Seth’s shoulders.  It was a great picture of the two men.

There was a comfortable overstuffed chair and a rocking chair in the room. Each chair had a beautiful hand knitted, warm throw invitingly draped over one arm. Along one wall was all Bubba’s boots with tack and spurs tastefully nailed up to the wall.  In the middle was and old oxen yoke made into a frame which held a big mirror.

The furniture was simple but comfortable, and there was a big braided rug made out of old rags and lovingly sewn together in a giant oval.  There were two smaller rugs on either side of Bubba’s huge, king size bed.  There was hardly any female touches in the room.  It looked like it was a man’s room. There was little doubt in my mind. I wondered about that.

Later I found out from Vince and Seth, after their mom died they couldn’t get their dad to go back into the bedroom to sleep.  He slept on the couch in the living room for months afterward.  He never could bring himself to going through her things and packing them away.  His boys didn’t push.  They knew their dad too well.  He would make attempts and always fail. He would try to go to sleep in the room, but invariable the boys would find him on the couch the next morning.

They got their heads together and knew they had to do something.  They decided they’d have to put their mom’s things away themselves and redecorate the room.  Bubba was offered a job on the Lazy 8 that fall for two weeks, and it was such good money he didn’t want to pass it up; however, it was during school time and he couldn’t take the boys with him.  He asked his youngest,  unmarried sister, Kate, to come look after the boys.

Kate didn’t mind.  Vince and Seth were good boys and never caused her a moments grief.  During the time Bubba was away, they went though their mom’s things.  They gave a lot of her clothes to their aunt and other relatives they thought might like them.  They gave a big box of her stuff to the church charity.  They carefully packed away all of her personal things in a big trunk their grandmother gave them and stored it in the attic.  They got rid off anything that was frilly or looked like it was their mother’s touch.

The boys completely repainted their dad’s room and set to work redecorating it to look like what they thought the essence of their dad was,— a cowboy.  They found an old porcelain water pitcher and washing bowl in the attic.  They brought it down, cleaned it up and sat it on a  small table which looked like it was used for that purpose.  They added a couple of old brass spittoons they found and bought for a couple of dollars at a swap meet.  They cleaned them up, lacquered them, put clean, fresh white sand in them and put a small golden barrel cactus in each one.

They found old time pictures of Bubba’s and their mom’s relatives in a box in the attic.  They carefully framed the better ones in distinctive, rustic, western frames and made a picture wall on one wall.  It was very effective.  They found old Western hats and chaps in another trunk they hung on nails about the room.  They wound a couple of old lassos and hung a couple of them on the tack wall. When they finished, it looked like a cowboy’s bunk room should. Their Aunt Kate approved and thought her brother would be thrilled.  She had her reservations at first, but after she saw the love and determination of her nephews and their hard work, she got into the spirit of the project and helped considerably.

No one said a word to Bubba when he returned.  They just left the door to his room closed.  When Bubba walked into his room, the boys and their aunt began to worry.  There was nothing but silence.  Slowly their aunt got up and walked to Bubba’s room.  She told the boys to wait there for a minute. Kate tiptoed to the room and found Bubba sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands crying like his heart was broken.

“Bubba, darlin,’— I’m so sorry,— me’n the boys thought you’d be pleased.  They worked their little butts off on this project, because they love you.  They love you so much they couldn’t stand to see their dad grieving his life away.  You would’ve approved of the loving way they packed their mom’s things away.  They were respectful and reverent. Mother gave ‘em a big trunk what used to belong to her great aunt.  It’s stored away in the attic.”

“Ask them boys to come in here, hon,— please.”  Bubba managed to get out.

Kate walked to the door and called for Vince and Seth Quee.  Bubba stood and opened his arms for his boys to come to him.  They ran to him.  He hugged and kissed each one as he cried his heart out with them.  They had never grieved together, and this was the final emotional release they needed.

“I love you boys so gotdamn much.  What chu’ done for me was a wonderful thing.  I won’t never forgit this moment as long as I live.  You men done good.  You ain’t boys no more,— you grow’d into men while I was gone.  When you stop think’n about chur’self and start think’n on others and their happiness, then you become men.  Thank you, my beloved sons, I love my new room.  I won’t have no problem sleeping in here,— I promise. I’ll be surrounded by your love.”

Vince and Seth Quee couldn’t speak for the longest time.  They were still in tears crying in happiness for their dad.  Kate was a mess, too, but the men  included her in the release of their grief and the reaffirmation of their love and joy in each other.  After all,— love doesn’t end with the grave.  Love is stronger than death.

* * * * * * *

Bubba and his boys had supper waiting for us when we arrived. We gathered around their table and joined hands.

“Sheriff, will you do us the honor of saying grace?”

“I’d be please to, Sir.”  Gip responded.  He said a wonderful prayer and included my Uncle Seth in his prayer.  Every man there said ‘amen’ when Gip finished, and we sat down to supper.  I wondered if my uncle was getting stronger.  I knew beyond a doubt all the folks I’d asked to pray for him were.

“This looks great, Bubba.”  Gip told him.  “Fried catfish and everything to go with it.  You guys went to an awful lot of trouble.”

“I cain’t take no credit for it.  The boys fixed supper.  I guess they learned help’n their ma.  They got pert-damn good at it, too.  They get a good scald on most things.  I ain’t never refused to eat anything they cook.  I’m learn’n to cook.  It ain’t that I ain’t willing. They be a’ teach’n me, but I ain’t never done nothing in the kitchen ‘til after their momma died.  I got good enough they lemme’ cook breakfast once in a while.”  He roared with laughter.

“He cooks breakfast almost every morning.  He fixes a good breakfast.  We won’t let him experiment until we’re right there with ‘em, though.  We learned the hard way.  We’ve had to eat some of his mistakes.”  Laughed Vince.  “But,— that’s the way you learn.  If you’re afraid of making mistakes, you should never go near a kitchen.”  He added.

Supper was wonderful, and the comradery around the table was loving and genuine.  We talked about many thing, and we told them about our previous weekend rodeoing.  They thought it was great Waddie Buck and his dad tied for first place.  Bubba didn’t look up, but I could see a big grin cross his face.  He knew Gip must have taken his boy, and they were sharing something only a father and son who truly love each other can.

* * * * * * *

Before we sat down to dinner, Bubba gave me a tour of the house.  He showed me which room was my dad’s and which was my Uncle Seth’s.  From the moment I walked into my uncle’s room something hit me,— almost like Griz when he was trying to touch my mind the first time, and I blocked him.  I knew the feeling, but I found myself unconsciously blocking whatever it was.  I had little doubt who it was.

“Ju’ feel that?”  Bubba turned and whispered softly to me.

“Yeah,— he tried to touch my mind, but I blocked him.  He must be getting stronger.”  I said.

“He is git’n stronger.  He came to me last night for a while.  He stood there looking at me.  I told ‘em you’d be here this afternoon.  He smiled and got all excited like,— then he done some’um he ain’t never done before.  He melted down into a tiny blue ball with a fuzzy blue glow around it; he buzzed around my head a couple of times and touched me on the cheek like he was try’n to kiss me.  It was like his whole being went through me.  It was him, all right,— it was yore’ Uncle Seth.  I could feel him; I could smell him, and I knew without a doubt it was him.”

“That’s wonderful, Bubba. Sounds like he’s beginning to gain shape and mass even if he becomes jes’ a small blue light.  Maybe our prayers are working.  I hope so.”

* * * * * * *

After we helped clean up the kitchen and put the dishes away, we sat in Bubba’s living room and talked for a couple of hours.  By that time it was getting late and Bubba told Gip there probably would be a handful of folks coming to the ranch to rodeo with them the next day.  Gip decided he and his boys would turn in and get an early start in the morning.  Gip, little Gip, Waddie Buck, Vince and Seth, left for the barn.  Bubba and I were left in the house by ourselves.  I had a feeling Vince and Seth wanted to sleep in the barn to give us our privacy.  Bubba confirmed it.

“Them boys a’ mine are damn good boys.  They knew we wanted to be together so they got their heads together and decided to bunk it in with Gip and his boys to give us some privacy.”

“They didn’t have to do that.  Hell,— I ain’t shy.”

“‘At’s jes’ they way they are.” said Bubba, “‘Sides, they think the world of the sheriff and his boys.  Any chance they can get to ogle at them men in the raw they’re gonna take.  If I ain’t wrong in my guestimation, Gip’s boys is jest as interested in seeing my boys in the all together.”  We shared a laugh.

I was sitting on a huge, black leather sofa and Bubba was in his favorite easy chair next to a big, walk-in fireplace.  I looked at him and winked.

“‘S’awful damn lonely on this big couch by myself, big man.”

“Ya’ont some company, cowboy?”

“Wouldn’t mind a bit, Mr. Swansey.”  Bubba smiled real big at me calling him Mr. Swansey.  

I never saw a big man move so fast.  I thought he was going to break a leg.  I started to laugh, but didn’t even have time to get it out when he threw his big arms around me, pulled me up to him and covered my mouth with his.  I moaned as Bubba began to kiss me deeply and passionately.  I didn’t hold back from him either.   I fantasized how it might feel to be held in the big man’s arms and feel his full bushy beard and mustache making love to me. I’d jacked-off several times thinking about him.  

Bubba wasn’t a good looking man by any stretch of the imagination, but he had a raw, animal sex appeal that shook me to my core.  When I was around him all I could think of was how far up my butt he probably could crawl into my ass.  Between him and the sheriff, I kept an erection the whole weekend.

“You come highly recommended, bear man.”

“Really,— by who?”

“The sheriff, little Gip, but most of all, my daddy.”

“No shit!  You’re old man told ju’ that?”

“I swear, Bubba,— he done told me you had about the sweetest taste’n dick he ever had melt in his mouth.”

Bubba threw back his head and roared with laughter.

“I know he said that,— sounds jes’ about like some’um ole Vince, my darlin’ brother, would say.  God, I love that man.  I think I’m falling in love with his boy, too.  Don’t git me wrong, Son.  Ain’t the kinda man what falls in love at the drop of a hat and gits real clutchy.  I mean I’s fall’n in love with you as family; like I love your old man and our little brother, Seth.  Damnation, ever’ damn time I look into yore’ eyes, I see my little brother look’n back at me.  Sometimes it shake me to my core.”

“Dad and Cousin Rance tell me the same thing.  They say sometimes they could swear Seth Quee was inside me looking out at them.  I guess, in a way, he is.  I done told ju’ about what Girz told me about my uncle giving me a spark from his soul as well as my mom and dad.  Said there ain’t a lot of men walking around with a soul what three good folks contributed to.”

“You ready for old Bubba to make a little love to you, cowboy?  Old Bubba may not be good for much, but he shore’ as hell knows how to take care of a pretty little cowboy butt and teach it to sing a new song.”

“And what song might that be, big man?”

“I ain’t sure a’ the melody, but the words are about satisfaction and contentment.  Sort a goes like the old ‘Rolling Stones’ song, ‘cep’n the words is a little different,— ‘I done found my, sat-is-faction!’  He mimicked Jagger.

 “You sure?  The sheriff done told me you was a demon in the sack.”

“Aww,— I have to be with the sheriff.  He gits a lot of things built up inside ‘em until he’s about to explode.  He calls me up, comes visit for a night, or I drive in and visit him at his office.  After I adjust his attitude for ‘em by throwing a couple a mean-ass fucks into ‘em, ole Gip’s calms right down.  He becomes a new man,— contented,— all quiet and peaceful-like.  Nothing seems to git to him after a good, rough-ride’n, rawhide session on the end of old Bubba’s dick.  He’s good fer about three to six months and then I gits me another phone call.  I never say no,— I know how much it means to ‘em, and it damn shore means a lot to me.  I love that man jes’ like I love yore’ daddy.

There’s an apartment for the sheriff behind the station.  It was always used for storage ‘til his granddaddy, Buck Claymore, become sheriff.  Ole Buck,— he turned it back into a comfortable little apartment where he could relax with his chief deputy and a couple of his deputies. Quinton Tate was his main fuck.

Quinton Tate was the best look’n man I ever did see. Buck used to fuck the b’jesus out a’ ole Quinton after a hard day at the station.  ‘A ‘course he’d pay Quinton overtime.  It was a joke between ‘em.  Quinton worshiped Buck and would a’ offered his butt up to ole Buck fer nothing any damn time he wanted it. Buck and Lyle Rawlings fucked Quinton for forty years;— even after he got married and had four kids.  Quinton weren’t about to give those men up.

Buck’s Chief Deputy, Lyle Rawlings, used to scratch ole Buck’s itch to keep him on the straight and narrow.  Buck used to call Lyle his deputy in charge of keeping the sheriff sane. I guess I do the same for his grandson.  I keep the sheriff from going off the deep end by scratching his itch.  I’m damn proud to do it for ‘em, too.  I love Gip and his boys like they’s my own blood. I turn the tables on ole Gip now and again.  I throw my butt in the air and tell him to fuck it!   Gip can scratch my itch pert-damn good his-self.

I don’t never think for a minute Gip’s unstable and would go crazy if’n he didn’t git what I give ‘em; however, he’s the one what tells me it helps him git through the rough spots.  I’d do that for any man what was in need; ‘sides, I dearly love to crawl up into Gip’s ass.  He’s got one of the most fuckable ass’s I ever did see on a man; almost as per’tie as your’n.”  Bubba stole a kiss and chuckled, then continued, “But for a young cowpoke, like yore’self,” Bubba smiled at me, “ole Bubba knows how to make sweet love’n to a fine piece a’ cowboy butt;—  make ‘em a better cowboy, too.”

“But, what if’n a cowboy needs the same kinda fuck’n you give the sheriff to iron out the kinks and git all the meanness out a’ him he’s got built up inside ‘em?”

“I can tell what kinda fuck’n a cowboy needs a couple of minutes after I gits my ole dick in ‘em.  His body will tell me ever’ thing I need to know.  Then, I give ‘em what he needs.”

The self-assuredness of any man was always a big turn on for me, but in Bubba’s case it was the pinnacle of turn ons.  Bubba was the Mount Everest of self-assuredness.   He wasn’t braggadocios or conceited,— he was just very sure of himself.  From the stories I’d heard and the reverent way the men who told me spoke of him, I had to believe him.  He wasn’t just a blowhard who couldn’t deliver.  He was a simple man who knew what he was capable of. He knew his own self worth.

We were sitting there on the couch feeling each other growing in our Wranglers leaking pre-come until there was wet spots the size of a silver dollar at each of our crotches.  I looked down at the bulge in his Wranglers, his wet spot and smiled.

“‘Bout time I excused myself and headed for your shower to clean myself. It’ll take me a while, so don’t worry about me none.  I’ll be out soon’s I finish.”

“Maybe I should git in there and clean up before you, Son.”  Bubba offered.

“Naw,— you be fine jes’ the way you is.  I like a cowboy what’s gonna’ fuck me to smell like a man.”

“Gip’s the same damn way.  He don’t want me going near a shower before I fuck ‘em.”

* * * * * * *

Bubba suggested we retire to his bedroom.  I was in full agreement.  I followed him in and he was a little surprised when I proceeded to undress him.  I don’t think he’d ever had anyone do that for him before.  He smiled real big, but didn’t try to stop me.  He seemed to enjoy the pampering.  

It unbuttoned and removed his nice Western shirt.  I turned around and pulled one of his big cowboy boots up between my legs.  He put his other boot on my butt and gently pushed.  The boot slipped off with no problem.  We repeated the same action for his other boot.  I set them against the wall along with his other boots.  I removed his socks.  I asked him to stand and he did.

I fell to my knees, undid his huge, rodeo belt buckle, opened his Wranglers, reached inside and brought out his big cock and balls.  It was a fine piece of manhood and his balls looked like they’d been taken off a Brahma bull and transplanted onto him.  He smelled wonderful.  I couldn’t help pay homage to his equipment.   I gently held his big ball sack, kissed and licked each of his magnificent testicles.  I ran my tongue around on them, chasing them around in their low hanging sacks receiving the full taste of his   masculine flavor in my mouth.

I took his almost completely hard penis in my hand and gently kissed the head that was slightly exposed from his foreskin.  I teased his piss hole with my tongue, and I heard Bubba suck in air into his lungs.  He let it out with a relaxed sigh.  While I continued to hold his big dick, I looked up at him.

“May I take it in my mouth, Sir, and have a taste?”  I respectfully asked him.

“Yore’ Master done taught chu’ good, boy.  Of course you may have a taste.”

I took just the head of his cock and ran my tongue under and around his foreskin. I thought Bubba was going to collapse.  He had to sit down on the bed for me to finish.   I cleaned him good and received the full flavor of his masculine goodness bursting into my mouth like a sexual aphrodisiac.  Bubba moaned a few times, then gently place his hands behind my head to pull me further onto his enormous shaft.  He easily slipped down my throat.

I began to wonder, if he tasted and felt this good to my mouth and throat, what would he feel like up my butt.  My asshole was twitching in anticipation.  I sucked on him for a good while until he was roaring hard, then I stopped and kissed the full head of his manhood one more time.  I excused myself, got my bag and went to his bathroom.

Bubba and his boys remodeled their baths. They moved out the old claw-foot bath tubs to the barn area and used them for watering troughs for the horses.  Their baths were clean, bright and had modern tubs with a shower.  It didn’t take me long to clean myself and insert my plug.  I didn’t even hesitate.  I somehow knew Bubba was going to love that little extra.   
When I was finished I returned to Bubba’s bedroom to find him sitting up in bed reading a book he kept by his bedside. The only light on in the room was the lamp on the night table by his side of the bed.  He smiled when he saw me, then whistled softly as he got another good look at my nude body.  He opened his cowboy arms to me, and I was on his bed in an instant being held tightly by the big man.  I felt I was in the safe arms of a good hearted,  loving man.

“I cain’t git over how much you look like your uncle, Casey.  All the way down to your ‘longhorn.’” he chuckled.  “Your uncle and granddaddy was the only men I ever ran into in my life who were as big or bigger’n me.”

Bubba reached down with one hand and grabbed himself a handful of my dick and started playing with it.  He grinned real big at me, and we joined in a kiss.  He moved his hands to my butt and cupped each cheek of my ass as he pulled me up closer to him.  I knew it wouldn’t take him long to find my plug.  I laughed to myself anticipating his reaction.

Sure enough, his right hand searched to find my hole to start playing with it, but his fingers felt my plug.  He felt all around and moaned deeply as we kissed.  We broke off, and he grinned like a kid in a candy store.  

“‘What’s that in yore’ butt, Son?  Is that a chastity device to keep me out?” he sounded a bit disappointed. It suddenly occurred to me, maybe Bubba never saw a butt plug before and didn’t know what it was.

“Oh, no, Sir.  It’s for your benefit, Bubba.  It stretches my hole so when you git’s ready to fuck me, all ya’ gotta’ do is pop it out and replace it with yore’ dick.  You don’t have to take no time worry’n about loosen’n me up or hurt’n me.  You can jes’ start fuck’n right away.”

“Really?  That sounds hot.”  He commented with a bit more interest and enthusiasm while thoroughly exploring my plug with his fingers.

Bubba’s dick suddenly shot up to full salute.  In his full glory Bubba’s cock was about an inch longer than mine but not as big around.  That was all right with me. Bubba’s dick looked like it was built for comfort.

“You wear that for yore’ daddy, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.  My little brother, Logan Wainright, learned to wear one and wore it all the while my brother Dwayne and me was away playing cowboys for Cousin Rance.  My dad liked it so well he couldn’t talk about nothing else when I got back but how convenient it was.  He could fuck my little brother, clean ‘em up, pop his plug back in and if’n he wanted to fuck ‘em again in the night, he didn’t have to waste no time loosen’n ‘em up again.  He jes’ popped it out and went into fuck’n ‘em.  I got my brother, Dwayne, to teach me to wear one and surprised my daddy.  I sleep with it most ever’ night.”

“Damn,— that’s really hot.  You kin sleep with it in you?”

“Yes, Sir.  I got so use to it, it’s hard to get to sleep without it.”

“I never hear’d of such a thing.  I gotta’ try this.”  Bubba patted me on my butt as a signal to position myself for fucking.

I rolled on my back, Bubba put both pillows behind my head, and I pulled my knees up to my chest.  Bubba got his first good look at my plug.  He grinned real big then whistled.  He reached over to his night table, opened a  door on the bottom and retrieved a small towel.   He reached up and turned out his light.  There was still plenty of ambient light from the hallway and a small light he left on in his bathroom all night.

“You ready, cowboy?”  He smiled and asked softly.

“I couldn’t be more ready, cowboy.”  I grinned at him as I answered.

“How do I take it out?”

“Put chur’ thumb and forefinger tight around the base and with one quick movement, pop it out into yore’ towel.  Then,— jes’ fill me up with yore’ big  cowboy dick, Sir.”

“Damn,— that’s hot!  You really turn me on, boy.”

“The feelin’s mutual, cowboy.”  I told him.

Without further instructions or hesitation the big man did as instructed and popped the plug was out of my ass and into his towel.  Once again he let out a low whistle when he saw the size of my plug. He set it aside positioned the head of his big dick at my backdoor and drove it home.  I reached behind him and grabbed his butt.  I tried to pull more of him into me.  His big cowboy dick tasted mighty fine to my ass, and I wanted every inch I could get in me.

I felt Bubba’s big body instantly relax as he held his cock in me to the hilt.  He leaned into me on his elbows, put his hands under my back, held my shoulders as he put his mouth over mine and kissed me passionately. While we were kissing I felt Bubba pull his big dick out of me to the head and let the weight of his hips slowly but surely sink it back into me. He did it a couple more times. Each time I would grab his butt cheeks and try to pull him further into me.  He broke off our kiss.

“Umm-hmm,— I kin see why yore’ daddy likes you to wear that plug.  I kin also tell with them strokes in yore’ ass you need a good, hard fuck’n.  You need old Bubba to fuck all that meanness out a’ you; make you a sweet cowboy again.”

“Oh, yes, Bubba.  I got me a powerful lot of meanness built up inside a’ me.  I’d shore’ ‘nuff appreciate you fuck’n it out a’ me.  Don’t know how much longer I kin fight against it, Sir, if’n you don’t help me out.  You shore’ would be doing me a big favor, Sir.”

“Don’t chu’ worry none, cowboy,— Bubba’s gonna’ scratch that itch a’ yours,— but good.”

 With that, I knew the talk was over and Bubba was going to settle in for a good ride.  I locked my feet around his waste so I could pull myself back onto his cock as he fucked me; and,— fuck me he did.  To compare men you have sex with is vain.  Each man brings a different approach and attitude to the fuck.  Most younger men I ever went with were mostly interested in getting their rocks off.  It was sort of like letting them use your ass to jack themselves off in.  Instead of using their and, my ass became just a substitute.

That’s all right,— Lord knows, when I was younger, I was guilty of it myself; however, starting out in life with older, mature,  more experienced men I learned a great lesson.  Ejaculation is certainly a wonderful feeling, but more than half the fun is getting there;— not only for the fuckor but for the fuckee as well.  If a younger man crawls in your ass, takes a dozen strokes and spills his seed,— it just ain’t enough.  It leaves your ass hungry for more.  

Ah,— but when an older man fucks you, he knows, to satisfy you as well as himself,  he has to give your ass the fucking it needs.  He has to take all the goodness from your ass he needs and in return he takes care of your needs.  Your needs are to give to him and let him take what he needs. My dad and Master Waddie are like that.  The sheriff certainly is; although, he has to time his fucks around the limited periods he can get away from his family and be alone with me.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, I was getting fucked by a man who wouldn’t consider shooting his load until he took all he wanted and needed from my ass.  Bubba could feel my strong need to give to him.  It might be argued, if a cowboy offers up his ass to you for fucking,— it’s just down right rude and selfish not to accept the man’s gift and put it to good use.

And, put my ass to good use, he did.  Bubba’s fucking might easily be compared to an art form; almost comparable to the sonata allegro.  He started fucking me with a theme of about half a dozen well placed, deep strokes and began to built on that motif.  He was relentless in his fucking and kept returning to his original theme of about six well placed deep strokes.  He would pause for a moment then start all over again.

He fucked me until I thought I was going to climb a tree; however, I found the more I worked with him and presented my ass to him, the more I got into the total spirit of his fuck.  I found myself slamming my ass up and to the base of his raging cock to meet his every stroke.  I felt a change coming in his fucking.  He slowing brought his fucking down to a stop.  We made a little more love, and I began to wonder if that was all.  I should’ve known,— that was just the end of the first movement.

After making a little love, Bubba started in again.  This time it was a slow and gentle movement,— almost pastorale in content,— sweet and bucolic.  He fucked me so sweetly for over half an hour, I thought I was going to scream. Bubba took me to new heights I’d never been before, and it was all through his relentless gentle fucking.   At one point I wished I’d been wearing my boots and spurs.

While his gentle fucking was the stuff of dreams,  the sweeter he fucked me the more I wanted him to fuck me as hard and savagely as he could.  The big cowboy knew what he was doing.  He was taking care of business; his business as well as mine.  Never before had I been fucked by a man who put so much thought into his fucking. He was fucking me this way to get me ready for his final movement.

It suddenly occurred to me, when and if he did ride me down hard,— I would be so ready for it. I didn’t say a word.  I figured this cowboy was a fuck to be reckoned with any way he chose to fuck me.  He took immediate control, right from the start,  and he was doing one hell of a bang up job so far, I wasn’t going to make any suggestions.  I was glad I didn’t.

He stopped completely for a few more minutes and I relaxed my legs from around his back.  We made a bit more love.  He began to move around inside of me as if calling me back to the fuck from his brief  intermission.  I had just a few minutes relief to relax, take my seat and return to his performance.  The finale was about to begin.

His last movement might be compared to a raucous finale, complete with a coda which pretty well covered every highlight of his pervious fucking. To say I was moved by his performance was an understatement.  I was moved to tears,— not from pain, but from the sheer ecstacy of his fuck.  His fucking demanded my full participation.  This was not a fuck you could allow to wash over you as you laid back and played Mr. Funbuns.  Bubba was a serious fucker!

Bubba started his finale with the same half a dozen deep strokes and went from there.  He fucked me deep and hard for a good, long while as I tried to make myself available to his strokes and as tight as possible for him. The way he was fucking me I had no choice but to give him my all.  He was using my ass for his fullest enjoyment and damn well expected me to give him what he needed.

I had no problem with that.  The more I gave to him, the more he took until something happened deep within me. I simply could not keep my asshole tight anymore against his relentless strokes. My hole suddenly opened to him like a prairie flower at dawn.

“Oh, God, cowboy.  That’s the good stuff.  Woah, that’s good! Damnation,— that be some fine fucking in that little ass a’ your’n.  You done give it up to me, Son! You stayed with me the whole ride, cowboy.  You be a fine buckaroo to ride ole Bubba’s big cayuse like ya’ done.  Hang on tight, cowboy!  I’m gonna’ ride ju’ home!”

“Ride me home, cowboy.  Slap some leather and take us to the barn.  Harder, cowboy!  Show me what chu’ got, buckaroo!  Tame this pony!  Ride all that meanness out a’ him!  Fuck me harder, Bubba!”

I thought my ass was going to fall off.  I had no resistance in my hole against the hard fucking onslaughts of his big cock.  He was fucking me like this moment was the whipped cream on his dessert.  In another minute I knew I would be filled with his sweet, hot, cowboy cream.

“NOW, cowboy!” Bubba hollered, “Give me everything ya’ got!  Clamp that little cowboy hole own on Bubba’s dick, Son!”

I don’t know were it came from.  I had nothing left to pucker with, but there came a warm glow from deep within my gut. It told me to try.  I had to please this big man who had fucked me so mightily.  It was like a miracle I felt my hole began to once again tighten around Bubba’s big dick.  I pushed my ass up to meet each stroke and managed to clamp down on him with each one.

“Oh, God, Casey.  You fuck jes’ like your uncle.  He was jes’ like you, Son.  He’d work with me to the end.  He was one of the few men who could ever stay with me.  I can’t hold it no more!  You ready to receive my cowboy load, boy?”

“I need it, Bubba!  I need you to unload inside me so bad!  Git it, cowboy!  You tamed this bronc,— now take your prize!”

Bubba finished his piece with the same six deep strokes he started fucking me with.  He slammed the last one into me and held his big, cowboy penis tight in my ass as he began to ejaculate.

“Oh, God,— I’m coming, Son, — arrrggghhhh!”
I could feel his big dick shooting into my ass, filling me with his goodness.  I began to milk his cock to get all of it out of him.  About the third time I slammed my ass up to the base of his manhood, I could feel my eruption boiling up inside me.  I began to shoot my load in waves.  Each time I shot, Bubba could feel my hole clamp around his dick in spasms.  Every time he withdrew and slammed his big cock back into me to prompt another volley of my come.  He repeated his action a couple more times until he was sure he’d fucked all the meanness out of me.

I relaxed into an exhausted state,— un petit mort.  I was thoroughly drained and I suspected Bubba was, too.  He collapsed on top of me with his dick still way up inside my ass.  It was a moment of ecstacy between two men when you’re sure the act of coming must be part of a spiritual happening.  I began to wonder if,— at that moment,— we might be the closest to touching the heart of the universe than at any other time in our lives?     

“Damn, cowboy,— ” Bubba started but didn’t finish.

“Yeah,—” I responded like I knew what he was saying without more words.  “You done fucked all that meanness out a’ me, cowboy.”  I whispered to him as I stole a kiss.  “Thanks.  You’re right,— I’ll be a better cowboy tomorrow.”

“I should be the one thank’n you, Son.  That was some fine ass fuck’n.”

“Shore’ ‘nuff was, cowboy.” I confirmed.

We lay hooked together for a good while afterward, stealing kisses and talking quietly.  Bubba finally lost his erection and slipped out of my ass.  He gently cleaned me with his towel.
“Ya’ont me ta’ put chur’ plug back if for ya,’ cowboy?”

“Yes, Sir.  Put it back in jes’ the way you done took it out.”

Bubba wasn’t shy and popped my plug back in like a pro; however, he winced at the size of it, and grinned at me wickedly.

“So,— you gonna’ sleep with it the rest of the night, Son?”

“Yes, Sir,— if’n you git a hanker’n for some more cowboy butt during the night,  ya’ don’t have ta’ worry none about waking me up and git’n me primed.  All you gotta’ do is pop it out and replace it with yore’ fine cowboy dick and go to fuck’n.”

“Woah, dogies!  That’s like leaving a kid alone in a candy store. You know I’m gonna’ want more.”

“Take all you want, cowboy.  S’long as I’m bunk’n it in with you,— my ass is yours.  Wouldn’t mind a big ole taste of yore’ dick, neither.”

“I enjoy a good blow job from time to time.  My oldest boy’s got pretty good at suck’n me off.  I weren’t gonna’ let ‘em, but he kept after me,— begging me.  One afternoon I was so horny I decided, what the hell, if’n the boy wants it, let ‘em have it.  I never have been one-way with my boys. I wouldn’t ask ‘em to do nothing for me I wouldn’t do for them.  Seth Quee is a little young, yet; however, Vince done told me he’s asked him to play with him several times.  Them boys have formed a bond almost as tight as your daddy and his brother.”

“You know what my dad told me about chu,’ Bubba?”

“No,— what?”

“He told me not to go around ju’ ‘cause I’d shore’ ‘nuff fall in love with ya’ if’n I did.”  I laughed, “He’s right,— I did.”

“Y’ain’t alone, cowboy.  I know the sheriff’s got first dibs on ya,’ but I’d take you on as one a’ my boys in a heartbeat.  God,— I hope and pray I git to see my bubba Vincent again and tell him how much I love ‘em.”

“I have a feeling you will, Bubba.”  

We lay there for a while longer in each others arms stealing kisses from each other.  I was so satisfied and relaxed I was about to drift off to sleep when Bubba spoke to me.

“Look over there,— in the corner, Casey.”

I looked to the corner Bubba pointed at, and there, near the floor, was almost a pinpoint of a small bluish light.  It seemed like it was surrounded by a fuzzy ball glowing the same color.  It was amazing; however, I wasn’t frightened at all.  I knew from Bubba telling me about the blue light it had to be my uncle.

“What a’ we do, Bubba?”  I asked.

“Nothing,— it’s up to him,— what he wants to do.  I don’t know how to deal with him in this form.  You wanna’ try talking to him?”

“I’ll give it a shot.   Howdy, Uncle Seth,— ya’ wanna’ come over here and join us?”

Bubba sucked in air through his teeth as the small blue light slowly moved around the room then shot over to us and settled in between us on the bed.

“What now?” asked Bubba a little shaken.

“Try to communicate with him, I guess.”  I replied.  “Ju’ watch Bubba’n me fucking, Uncle Seth?”  The light jumped up and down.  Bubba chuckled.

“Guess that’ud be a ‘yes.’” he grinned.

“Hope ya’ weren’t upset by us.”  I said.

The light moved from side to side.

“Guess that’s a ‘no.’” I told Bubba.

“You get’n stronger, Uncle Seth?  Things becoming a little clearer to ya’?”

The light jumped up and down like it was excited.  

“I got everybody praying for ya.’  I got a friend who knows about these things and he’s helping me.  He said you’d soon start to notice you’re getting stronger and things ain’t so confusing to ya.’”

The light got more and more excited, flew up around my head several times and touched me on the cheek.  It moved to Bubba and did the same to him.  Then, it flew up and out of the room.  Bubba and I were stunned

“I think we better say our prayers before we go to sleep.  We take it for granted how good we have it and what we jes’ shared.  I guess it’s only right we think on our brother and pray for him.”  Bubba said quietly.

“Amen to that, Bubba.”

We held hands and spoke our prayers.  When we finished we were even more closely drawn to each other.  We slept the dreams of two men who genuinely loved and cared about each other.  I don’t think Bubba let me go all night; except, of course, to take advantage of my offer.  I felt my plug pop out of my ass in the wee small hours of the morning, and the big cowboy fucked me again ever so sweetly.  He shot his load, grabbed my dick just as he was coming, and I exploded into the towel he gave me.  He cleaned my ass and once again plugged my hole.

Early the next morning I rolled over and got me a big ole taste of his fine cowboy dick.  As the sun was barely peaking over the horizon, I sucked the big man off.  I had to agree with my dad, Bubba’s dick was one of the finest tasting things I ever had in my mouth.  His come tasted like a big bear’s should,— strong and wild,— with just a hint of clover.  Next to a fine piece of cowboy butt,— all bears love clover honey.

End of Chapter 33 ~ Texas Longhorns
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