By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 34

We got up early the next morning to fix coffee and get breakfast underway. It wasn’t long before the men from the barn stomped into the house.  Cowboy boots make a lot of noise on wooden floors.  The men clomping up the wooden stairs to the back porch sounded like a stampede.

“Damn,— they sound like a herd of buffalo what’s jes’ been spooked.”   Bubba said dryly.  I laughed at him, he was like Gip in his humor.  He could be painfully funny at times.  I guess that’s probably why he and Gip got on so well together.
Bubba and I were the center of attention that morning.  I can’t say we didn’t expect it.  It’s just the way cowboys are.  Bubba and I remained stoic;  we all ready discussed and decided we weren’t going to throw them any bones;  neither of us volunteered anything, but there was much whispering and giggling behind our backs.

“J’all have a good time last night?”  Gip drawled cautiously, which caused much snickering from the four younger men.

“Tolerable.”  Bubba tossed off as if it was no big deal.  “Right tolerable, Sheriff.” he added.

“Jes’ tolerable, cowboy?”  Gip addressed me with a wicked grin.

“I’d have ta’ agree with my bunkmate, Sheriff; however, for me, it was a bit more than jes’ tolerable.”  I smiled and winked at him.  They all caught my meaning and laughed.  “I’d venture to say,— on a scale of one to ten,— ole Bubba rang my chimes at about twelve plus;— fucked me pert-damn good, too. I had to strap my belt around my butt to keep my ass from fall’n off.”

I couldn’t help but laugh after my statement of Bubba’s sexual powers.  That broke the dam for much laugher and hooting.  After that nothing more was said.

* * * * * * *

We spent the day pretty much as Gip guessed we might.  It became almost a full blown rodeo.  The local cowboys got wind of Bubba having the Sheriff and his boys from the next county as weekend guest, and the word was there was to be an impromptu rodoe at the Swansey ranch. Pickup truck pulling horse trailers started arriving around nine in the morning and continued until almost noon.  I don’t think Bubba counted on such a large crowd descending on his ranch, but he took everything in stride.

Bubba and I roped together a lot that day and I have to believe what Master Waddie told me about two men sharing something special were hard to beat at roping.  The nearest team to come close to Bubba and my times was Gip and Waddie Buck.  They were getting better all the time.  I was glad for both of them.   I roped with everyone at least a couple of times.  I even roped with some of Bubba’s neighbors who were damn good ropers themselves.

We broke around noon to enjoy the tables of food the neighbors brought.  Vince and Seth Quee had also prepared several dishes they contributed to the overall feast.  Bubba lite his outdoor grill for anyone wanting hot dogs or hamburgers.  There was plenty of food for all.  When country folks get together they always bring lots of food.

One fine looking older cowboy kept staring at me all morning like he was really interested; in fact, he couldn’t take his eyes off of me.  Bubba, Gip and all the boys commented about it as we were having lunch.  I didn’t want to seem vain, but I asked if they got the same feelings I was getting from him?

“You mean like he’d like to shuck you like a ripe ear a’ corn?”  Gip chuckled and everyone else laughed with him.

“Uhhh,— yes, Sir,— I guess.” I replied.

“You ain’t imagining it, cowboy.  Jes’ look at that ear a’ corn in his Wranglers and the wet spot at his crotch.”  More laughter from the men.

Bubba knew the man and told us his name was O.C. Harris.  For many years,  O.C. lived with his family not far from Bubba’s ranch.  He lived his entire life in the community and went to school with Bubba and my dad.   O.C. lost his wife to cancer several years ago, and his children, two daughters, were grown and moved away.  They only came to visit him a couple of times a year.

“He was a close friend of your uncle’s, Casey.  He was really tight with your uncle, dad, and cousin Rance.  The five of us were always together and yore’ uncle and him was best friends all through school.  They’d never admitted it, but Vince and I knew they was fuck’n each other.  We caught ‘em in the barn one afternoon, but we didn’t say nothing to ‘em.  I think he’s seen yore’ eyes and has a thousand questions running though his head. ”

Bubba said he was a lonely man, but he didn’t know how to help him other than be a good neighbor and friend.  It seemed strange, because he never made an effort to meet me; however, we were never together with someone we both knew to introduce us.  Country folks can be strange that way.  They believe you should be properly introduced to a man before you talk with him; however, it’s all right for you to stare at and wonder about him.  I thought it might ease the man’s mind, and he wouldn’t be so obsessed looking at me if we were to meet.  I asked Gip to introduce us.  Gip had met the man several times before.  As we walked towards O.C. Harris, he got a look of panic on his face. I though he was going to bolt and run.

“Good Lord,” Gip spoke quietly to me, “I hope the man don’t have a heart attack.”  

“You noticed it, too, huh?  Then I ain’t crazy.”

“You ain’t crazy, Son. I seen cows in a thunderstorm what weren’t as spooked as that man looks.”

We arrived were Mr. Harris was standing; he couldn’t take his eyes off my eyes and his face lost all it’s color.  It was like he was mesmerized.

“Howdy, Mr. Harris.”  Gip stuck out his hand to shake O.C.’s hand.  O.C. took the sheriff’s hand and diverted his attention from me for a moment. “Ain’t had a chance to come say ‘hello’ since you got here, but I wanted you to meet my new hand working for me.  This, here, young cowboy is Mister Casey Longhorn.  Casey this gentleman is Mister O.C. Harris.”

I stuck out my hand and the man took it and slowly began to shake it as he once again looked deeply into my eyes.  His face lost all its color. He looked like he’d seen a ghost.

“Pleased to meet cha,’ Mr. Harris.”  I told him.

“Good to meet you, too, Son.” he paused for a moment like he was trying to figure out what to say next, “Sheriff Claymore said yore’ name is Longhorn.  Is ‘at right?”

“Yes, Sir, it is.”

“Humm,— ” He mused like he was confused.  “Got any relatives around  here, Son?”  He asked.

“Naw, Sir,— I jes’ went to work for Sheriff Claymore this month and I met Mr. Swansey and his boys at the Chapel Creek rodeo several weekends ago.”

“I’m sorry I been staring at chu,’ Casey.  There was a young man who used to live on this ranch before Bubba bought it from the boy’s dad.  Bubba named his youngest son after him.  He and his daddy had eyes the same color’s yours.  His brother didn’t, but their cousin who live on the next ranch over yonder a ways had ‘em.  It’s got to be more’n chance.  ‘Sides,— I grew’d up with the boy, Seth Quee Langtry.  We was the same age and went all through school together.  I knew him well. We was best buds.  We was like brothers. You could be his double or identical twin.  Seth Quee, his brother Vince, their cousin Rance, Bubba and me was together all the time.”

Unknown to me, Bubba walked up behind me and was listening to the exchange.  I felt Bubba’s big arms surround me from behind and pull me back into him to hold me close.  He nuzzled me on my neck in a gesture of affection.

“Best we tell Mr. Harris the truth, Casey.  H’it won’t do no harm and it sure would do him a world of good.  He loved yore’ uncle like he was his brother.”  Bubba whispered to me.  I nodded my head in agreement. “Casey is Vince’s boy, O.C.  Vince made it back from Nam and changed his last name to Longhorn so’s old man Langtry couldn’t find him.  Casey’s come looking for his granddad.”

The poor man’s eyes started watering.  He kept shaking his head like it couldn’t be true; and yet, the undeniable truth was standing right in front of him.

“Oh, my God!”  He exclaimed, almost reverently. “All these years we thought Vince was dead.”

I opened my arms to the man, and he didn’t hesitate letting me hold him.  That’s all it took for his emotional dam to burst. We stood there surrounded by loving men who understood his turmoil as he broke down into uncontrollable sobs.  I held him and comforted him as best I could until he got himself together.

“I’m so glad yore’ dad made it back alive, Casey.  Have you met yore’ granddaddy, yet, Son?”  He asked.

“Yes, Sir,— I met him at the Chapel Creek rodeo.  He came to the picnic at Sheriff Claymore’s afterward.  I was wearing my blue contact lenses so he wouldn’t put two and two together like you done.  I let my beard and ‘stache grow to hide my facial features.  I don’t think he figured out nothing.  I wanted a chance to be around him to see for myself what kind of man he is.  My daddy would shit if he knew I was anywheres near my granddad.”

“He has good reason to feel that way, Casey.  I don’t blame you a bit, but Curtis has changed.  It didn’t jes’ happen overnight, but he ain’t the man he used to be.  Yore’ granddad’s a different man today from what he was then.  He done some wonderful things for me and my family over the years.  Do you think you’ll ever tell him who you are?”

“Cain’t say, Mr. Harris.  He offered me a job work’n as a hand on the Lazy 8.  I accepted and start work in September for fall roundup.  I wanna’ chance to be around him for a while before I decide whether I wanna’ tell him.”

“That’s understandable, Son. I’ll be there, too.  He always includes me in the fall roundup.  It helps me financially,  and since I ain’t got nobody to home no more, it gives me a chance to get out and be with men I know and care about.”

“That’s great, Mr. Harris,— then we’ll see each other again.”

“I got a thousand questions, Son.”

“I understand, Mr. Harris.  I’ll do my best to answer them.”

We hugged again and someone yelled,

“Let’s rodeo!”

Between times of roping with someone I would ride over to Mr. Harris and answer his questions.  He told me a lot of wonderful stories about my uncle, my dad, Bubba, and Cousin Rance.  I even got him to rope with me a couple of times.  He was a fine horseman and a pretty good roper.

“I talked to Rance a couple a’ times at rodeos he was at managing Sticker Wiggan’s rodeo stock company.  I knew he’d been in prison, but he didn’t have much to say except to talk about the old days when he lived around here. A man’s life is his own, and I don’t hold it against him none we didn’t git to know each other a little better.”

“He couldn’t, Mr. Harris.  My daddy done swore him to secrecy about him and his family.  Cousin Rance wouldn’t tell nobody where he lived.  He and my dad didn’t want my granddad look’n into things and finding us.  Did Cousin Rance tell you about his boy?”

“Rance has a son?  No, Casey, he didn’t.”  Another tear fell from the poor man’s face.  I thought he might be feeling betrayed or left out.

“Don’t fell bad, Mr. Harris,— he didn’t tell Bubba, neither.”

“I don’t feel bad, Son,— I’m jes’ so damn happy for him.  Is he a good boy, Casey?”

“The best, Mr. Harris.  Looks jes’ like his daddy.  His name is Dwayne, and he’s the same age as me.  Him and Mr. Wainright’s boy, Logan, are my brothers,— like you was with my uncle.”

“My God in heaven,— you live in the same community as Sidney Wainright, and Sticker Wiggins?”

“Yes, Sir,— all my life.  My daddy done taught me to rope.”

“He can still ride a horse after having his legs blown off?”

“Sure, you’d never realize he had store bought legs if’n you didn’t all ready know.  He gits around fine on ‘em things and rides his pony with no problem.  He’s my hero, Mr. Harris.  I put my dad above all other men.”

Mr. Harris smiled at me, and another involuntary tear ran down his cheek.

“He should be your hero, Son.  To make it back after all he went through,— he is a hero.  I’m so damn happy for you and Vince, Son.  Many times I wish’t I’d had a son, but God saw fit to gimme’ two wonderful girls.  Don’t see ‘em too much anymore, but I always enjoy their visits when they come; I git to see my grand-kids.  One a’ my girls got three boys and the other’s got two.  They each have a little girl.  I spoil them kids rotten.  They come stay with me for a week or two ever’ summer.  They’s jes’ here over the Fourth of July. We had us a great time.”

“That’s great, Mr. Harris.”

We talked some more, and I told him about my uncle coming to me.  He revealed to me Uncle Seth had come to him several times over the years, but he didn’t tell anybody for fear they’d think him crazy. I asked him to pray for my uncle.

“I ain’t a church go’n man, Son.  I saw what organized religion could do to a family with the Langtrys, so I mostly stayed away.  I never said nothing when my wife wanted to go and take the girls, but I wouldn’t go.  Oh,— I would once in a while at Christmas or Easter for appearances sake.  Other than that, I’ve pretty much steered clear of the church.  Me and the good Lord’s got us an understanding.   He don’t bother me, and I don’t bother him.  I doubt if my prayers would be heard anyways.  I ain’t prayed in years.”

“Trust me, Mr. Harris, your prayer will be heard.  If you ever loved my uncle, I hope you’ll reconsider and ask God to forgive him and give him strength to do what must be done.  You don’t have to say nothing fancy, jes’ talked to Him like you’re talk’n to me.  He’ll hear you.  Your prayer jes’ might be the one what makes the difference.”

“Okay, Son,— since you seem so sincere and hell bent on help’n your uncle,— I promise,— I’ll try.”   He said softly.

* * * * * * *

We rodeoed the rest of the afternoon.  Word must have gotten around town there was a rodeo at the Swansey’s ranch.  By late afternoon there were thirty cars full of town folks who drove out to watch.  It was a great afternoon and everyone had a good time.  Folks started leaving about six in the evening, and by eight o’clock, everyone except Mr. Harris was gone.  Bubba invited him to stay and have supper with us.  He gratefully accepted.  I’m glad he did.  It gave us a chance to talk some more.

The ladies who brought the food left more than enough for us to have supper.  That’s the way country folks are.  They think about the poor men who don’t have a woman around to provide a good hot meal for them, so they bring enough to see that they do.  We were all grateful as we were tired and dirty.  Of course, we washed up before supper. Bubba asked Gip to say the blessing, and he, once again, prayed for my uncle.  Mr. Harris was standing next to me, and I felt him gently squeeze my hand.

There was much hugging and a couple more tears saying goodbye to Mr. Harris. Bubba invited him back for the following day.  He told everyone else he wasn’t having a rodeo on Sunday.  He wanted to spend the day with his family and guests.  Mr. Harris’ face brightened, and he accepted Bubba’s invitation.  In front of all the other men, Mr. Harris promised me he’d say a prayer for my uncle.

* * * * * * *

That evening we sat around and talked.  We were in the huge living area of the house.  

“I don’t think O.C. wanted to go home.”  Said Bubba.

“I don’t either.” said Gip, “After you told him who Casey was and they talked, I don’t think he moved three feet away from our cowboy all afternoon; ‘cept, when he was rope’n.”

“I didn’t mind.  I liked him a lot.  I’m glad ju’ invited him back tomorrow, Bubba.”  I told him.

“Me and the boys is going to church tomorrow morning.  You men are welcome to join us or stay here ‘til we gits back.”

“Awh, Dad, do we have to?”  Whined Seth Quee.

“Yes, Son,— we ain’t been in a coon’s age, and we got us a lot to be thankful for.  Won’t do you boys no harm.  I promised yore’ momma on her  death bed I’d take you boys to church once in a while.”

“Wouldn’t do me and my boys no harm, neither.  We’ll go with ya.’  Ain’t never been to the church here.”  Added Gip.

“What about chu,’ cowboy?”  Bubba asked.

“I think I was included in the Sheriff’s ‘boys,’ Sir.”  I chuckled.

“Of course you was.  Don’t never have a doubt!”  Claimed Gip.

“Oh, Lordy,— I walked right into that one.”  Bubba laughed.  “I should a’ know’d Gip Claymore would toss his rope around ju’ and claimed ju’ as his own.  Cain’t say’s I blame him none.  The way me’n the boys feel, you’re welcome here anytime.  Don’t bother to call,— jes’ come.”  Bubba said and Vince and Seth Quee confirmed.

“Thanks, Bubba, I appreciate ‘tat.  I know my dad would be grateful to you, Vince and Seth.  He’d be so proud to know you named them after him and his brother.  I hope, someday soon, we can tell him.”

“So do I, Casey,— so do I.”  Said Bubba like a quiet prayer.

* * * * * * *

That evening Bubba and I had a repeat of the previous evening. I don’t know how, but the big man was even better than he was the night before.  When the big man got his huge cowboy dick all the way up inside my ass I was sure I got a glimpse of the pearly gates.  I may not have envisioned heaven or the promise land, but it sure came close to a religious experience for me.  That old cowboy fucked me nine ways from Sunday and then threw in a few extra moves of his own invention that had me begging for more.  The sheriff was right.  I understood Gip’s candor completely.  I found myself shamelessly begging the big cowboy for just one more fuck.

Once again, during the night, I felt a big hand grabbing hold of my plug.  Bubba popped it out of my ass into a waiting towel and quickly replaced it with his big cock.  Damn, he felt good and I welcomed him by meeting his first full thrush into me with an equal backward thrust with my hips.  He felt like he belonged in my ass, and for that moment in time, he did.  Gip was right, but so was my dad.  I couldn’t help but fall in love with the man.  He was a good man, a fine cowboy, and a superior fuck.

Bubba fucked me with the strength of a seasoned cowboy, and the gentleness of a saint.  He fucked me so sweetly he brought tears to my eyes. I turned my head back to him and felt his mouth cover mine in an intimately passionate kiss.  He didn’t stop his fucking.  He was enjoying my cowboy ass too much to even slow down.  He was ruthless in his steady fucking and knew it was having his desired effect on me.  He kept on an on until I could feel him growing even bigger in my ass, and I knew he was almost ready to shoot his load.

We were still engaged in a lengthy kiss when I felt his big ham of a hand rap around my shaft and began to pump it as he emptied his hot cowboy come deep into my ass.  I was more than ready to shoot and shot so hard my come splattered against the headboard of his bed.

We lay there hooked together afterwards enjoying the glow of our mutual climax.  Being the gentleman cowboy Bubba was, he grabbed a clean towel and handed it to me to clean my spunk off myself.  He didn’t seem to be in any hurry to remove his dick from my ass.  He felt so good I wasn’t about to suggest he do so.  We made a little more love and talked softly.

As we were laying there, the same small blue light flew into the bedroom and buzzed about our heads.  Bubba and I chuckled at its seeming joy at finding us hooked together in an intimate moment.   It removed itself from the bed area and began to grow larger.  As it grew it began to take human form.  Bubba held me tight, and I could feel his anticipation from his breathing.

When it was fully formed it was clearly my Uncle Seth, but not as he had ever visited me before.   I could see him in his entirety.  This time he removed his helmet and was smiling down at Bubba and me.  Gone was his dour face and he looked positively radiant.

“He must be getting stronger.”  Bubba whispered.

“Yeah,— I think so.”  I replied.

The spirit of Uncle Seth came to the bed again and reached out his hand.  Without thinking I reached up and took it.  We made a connection and I could feel him flow into me.  I could feel his soul desperately trying to communicate with mine.

“Don’t try so hard, Uncle,— I think you have the strength now to communicate with us.”   I said to him, quietly.  “We love you and have everyone praying for you.  Do you believe me now?”

Seth nodded his head he believed me and in our minds Bubba and I heard him say,

<<Yes,— my beloved nephew, I believe you.>>

Bubba and I were thrilled and I chuckled as I felt him move in my ass.  I wondered if us being hooked together had some effect on my uncle’s ease of communication with us.  Without asking he smiled.

<<Of course, it does,  nephew.  It’s much easier for me to communicate with both of you when you’re as close as you two have become this weekend.  Just like a shared a bit of my soul with you, so have you shared your soul with that big cowboy.  Lord knows, he’s torn off a piece of my soul many times in the past.>> We could see and hear him laughing/

I heard Bubba sigh and chuckle under his breath. I knew he was privy to everything Uncle Seth was saying.

“It’s so good to finally meet you,— to be able to tell you how much I love you, Uncle Seth, and thank you for contributing to my being.”

<<If you two could only know how much I love you.  My heart has ached for so long to tell you how I feel about you.  I watched you grow up, Casey, and I watched my beloved brother become a fine man and father.  I’ve watched you, Bubba, and tried to help when I could.  I love you and your boys without measure.>>

I felt a tear drop on my shoulder.  The big ox of a cowboy was really touched by his little brother’s words.

“You gotta’ know we love you, too, little brother.  We always will.  We’re trying to help you and get chu’ to where you should be.”

<<I know and I appreciate all your prayers and efforts.  I’m beginning to be less confused and see what must be done.  I can’t stay too long right now. I jes’ wanted to make contact and let you know your efforts are paying off.  I’m so grateful you haven’t forgotten about me and love me enough to try’n help me.  Give my best to your boys, Bubba,— and Casey,—  remember me to Sheriff Claymore and his boys.  I love them, too.  I’ll try to come to you when I can.  I know you’re gonna’ enjoy working for your granddad.  I know you’ll come to love him, Casey.  He’s a good man.  He’s not the same man he was years ago.  I love him with all my heart.  I’m growing weak, so I must go now.  I love you, both.>>

“We love you, too, Uncle Seth.”  I told him as he faded and was gone.

Bubba and I lay there together not daring to breathe.  I felt him wrap himself around me and enfold me with his love like a giant snake.  I leaned back into him, turned my head to his and was rewarded with another deeply passionate kiss.  

“Other than Seth Quee tell’n us were little Seth was that one night, that was about the most amazing thing what’s ever happened to this old cowboy.”  He whispered to me.

“Me, too, big brother.”  I sighed deeply.  “I think that calls for something special, don’t chu’ agree?”  I asked mischievously.

“Couldn’t agree more, little brother,— ya’ got one more left in ya’?”

“I got as many as you wanna’ gimme,’ cowboy.”  I laughed.  “You think an old man like you can fill me up again?”

“Oh, hell,— them last two was jes’ warmups.”  Bubba boasted.  “Now we’uns can get down to some serious fuck’n.” he roared with laughter, “Hang on tight, buckaroo,— tight’n yore’ belly chinch,— yore’ cowboy’s back in the saddle and he’s ready to ride.”  We shared a laugh as the big man proceeded to fuck the snot out of me one more time.

 * * * * * * *

We lay there early the next morning in each others arms after having sucked each other off.  We were talking about many things, not the least of which was the miraculous happenings of the night before.  Bubba’s clock radio was playing low in the background.  Some cowboy was singing a song about, “Ya’ got me scratch’n fleas and howl’n at the moon.”  I laughed at the thought.

“What chu’ laugh’n at, cowboy?”  Bubba asked.

“‘At’s what chu’ be doing to me, big man,— make’n me wanna’ scratch fleas and howl at the moon.”   I laughed.

“Jes’ promise me you won’t forgit about us.  Don’t be no stranger, Casey,— you’re always welcome here.”

“Damn,— now I know what my old man meant.  He told me you’d shamelessly steal my heart and never give it back.”

“Your old man knows me pert-damn well, youngster.  I cain’t gainsay that.  I’d keep you as close to my heart as I do them two boys a’ mine.  I have to know how all this is going to work out with your uncle and granddad; but most of all, I need to know how it works out for you and yore’ dad.  Me’n the boys will git to see you for fall roundup.  We’ll be looking forward to it.  I know O.C. will be, too.  Sometime the way he looks at chu’ makes me wonder.”

“Yeah, me too.”  I smiled at Bubba and winked.

* * * * * * *

At breakfast that morning, Bubba and I revealed to the sheriff and the younger men our brief encounter with the spirit of my uncle.  They were just as wowed and encouraged as we were.  Gip said another prayer for him at breakfast.  About half way through breakfast O.C. joined us,  and didn’t seem to be surprised at the news.  I was beginning to think he knew more than he was letting on.  I was surprised when O.C. announced he would be joining us to go to church.

We all went to the small church together.  It was a small clapboard building with wooden pews.  The Sunday morning service was Methodist, but the Baptist would have their services in the evening.  The following Sunday it would be reversed.  I found it amusing the two beliefs used the same house of worship but couldn’t come together for their services.  I don’t think that’s what Jesus had in mind.

I think that’s what I always loved about being a cowboy.  Cowboys don’t bother with what church you go to or the details of your theology.  It’s enough for them if you believe and know when to be reverent about it.  I rarely found a cowboy who claims he actually prays,— but they all admit they talk with God from time to time.

It was such a small congregation, we were more than half the folks there.   The preacher was especially pleased Bubba and his boys attended, but he was particularly pleased the sheriff of the adjacent county was there with his three sons.  Bubba grinned wickedly at me as Gip referred to little Gip, Waddie Buck and me as his boys.  Bubba didn’t say anything though.  Neither did O.C. who didn’t miss Gip’s introduction.  Gip didn’t lie. He didn’t say we were his sons, and by that time, I certainly considered myself as one of his boys.  I would’ve been proud to think of Gip as my dad.  Come to think on it, I would’ve been proud to have been the son of any one of the three older men sitting there.

The last hymn we sang before the service was over brought tears to my eyes.  Bubba must have understood because I felt his huge arm slip around my waste and hold me to him tightly as he shared the hymnal with me. It reminded me of the one man whom I was very proud of to be my dad, my own father, Vincent Longhorn.  The hymn was “How Firm A Foundation.”  It make me think of how firm a foundation my dad gave me in rasing me to understand not only how to love, but the meaning of love as well. It never ceases to amaze me how some of life’s most meaningful lessons come to you completely from out of left field;  from a totally different source or perspective than you might otherwise have considered.  This was one of those times.  I must have been gaining as much from trying to help my uncle as he was.  My perspective about things was beginning to become more clear.

* * * * * * *

Everyone pitched in to make Sunday dinner.  You’d think a bunch of cowboys in a kitchen would be disaster; however, it was quite the contrary.  Every man was assigned a job and Bubba was in charge of seeing everything came together at the right time.  The two youngest men stood at the sink and cleaned as we went.  As a result, there wasn’t a lot of clean up afterward and we had a great meal of fried chicken with all the fixings.

After dinner we saddled the ponies and rodeoed for a while; however, Bubba called a halt to the cowboying early so we could rub the ponies down, feed and water them and let the rest before we had to put them into the trailer for the trip home.  We spent the rest of the afternoon in the shade of a big tree drinking lemonade and talking.  It was a wonderful afternoon, and I got to know O.C. Harris better.

“So,— you’re gonna’ go to work for the Lazy 8 and your granddad,—  the first of September,— is it, Casey?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Harris.”

“Hope you get back down this way before you do.”  He commented.

“Yeah,— what about that, cowboy?”  Bubba added.  “We’d love to have you back down again or all of you for that matter.”
I was flattered, but didn’t know quite what to say.  I had obligations to the sheriff and his family.  I didn’t want to seem like I was taking them for granted.

“I’d like that, gentlemen; however, I have to consider what projects Sheriff Claymore might have in mind.  I might not be able to get away.”

“I don’t see any problem with you coming back for another weekend, Casey.”  Gip spoke up. “I don’t think me and the boys is gonna’ be able to come with you, but you should have a free weekend before you leave for the Lazy 8.  Besides, we’re gonna’ see quite a bit of Bubba, Vince, Seth and Mr. Harris at the fall roundup.  We’ll be there, too,— starting the third week in September,— is that right, Mr. Harris?”

“Yes, Sir, Sheriff,— the fifteenth of September.  Got it on my calendar at home.”

“Yeah,— ‘at’s right.”  Added Vince.

“Well, then,— I won’t make any promises, but I’ll try.”  I told them.

“Wouldn’t hurt chu’ men none to drive up and visit us, ya’ know?”  Gip chided Bubba and Mr. Harris. “Ya’ll are always welcome,— anytime.”  He added.

“We’uns jes’ might take you up on that, Sheriff.  Right, O.C.?”  Bubba deferred to Mr. Harris.

“If’n I kin git my daughter and son-in-law to look after my place for a couple of days.”

“Well, we can work out the details later.  We’re jes’ so glad you come to visit this weekend and hope you come again real soon.  It’s always a pleasure to have you and the boys down, Gip.  Ya’ll know how we feel about chu’ men.”

“Feel’ns mutual, brother.  You know that.”  Replied Gip softly.

* * * * * * *

County folks get ready to leave and spend two hours saying goodbye.  It’s like they jes’ don’t really want to part company so there’s always one more thing to say, or one more short story to tell.   By the time we got on the road back to Chapel Creek, it was late in the afternoon.   I took first rotation driving and my time seemed to fly by.  Since we left later in the evening, it wasn’t so uncomfortably hot for the ponies and we didn’t have to stop as often.  We actually made better time on the return trip; however, I don’t think I believe Gip’s simple explanation, Chapel Creek was downhill from Bubba’s.  I’ve been around enough cowboys I know when I’m having smoke blown up my butt.  Nevertheless, the sheriff got a good laugh out of little Gip, Waddie Buck and me.

At first we talked a lot but after I turned the driving over to little Gip I got in the crew seat with Waddie Buck and leaned up against the side of the truck. Before I knew it I was drifting off to sleep.   Just before my lights went out I had a warm feeling come over me.  I thought about Master Waddie and Titus and wondered how they were doing.  I thought about how wonderful it would be to share in their bonding and to know what was going on with them.  A small voice in the back of my mind spoke to me.

<<That’s easy enough, if’n you really want to know.  I could ask Master Waddie’s permission.>>

I recognized my big bear buddy from Tucson in my mind and smiled to myself.

<<I really appreciate it, big man; however, I think some things are best left to the privacy of others.  I don’t know’s I’d want a lot of folks know’n ever’ intimate detail of my personal life.  I’m certainly not ashamed of the love I’ve shared with any of the men I’ve been with, but the better part of that love was because it was only between me and them.>> I spoke to him in my mind.

<<The Old Man told me you’d react that way; said ju’ was grow’n up and learning to respect others in a new way.  He’s proud of you and so am I.  He told me to tell you again, you’re on the right path.>>

<<Thanks, bear man.  I appreciate you checking in on me, and thanks for the offer.  I’m going to dream about Master Waddie and Titus.  Maybe they’ll get my good wishes.>>

<<I’m sure they will, Casey.  Sleep well and remember,— you kin always dream a’ me, too,— if’n ya’ won’t to.>>

<<I’d like nothing better, Griz.>>

I heard the big man chuckle as he faded away; however, I could still feel the warm glow of his aura surrounding me.  My dick suddenly got roaring hard, and once again, I was drifting off to the land of nod.

* * * * * * *

Suddenly I was in a strange motel room that had two big beds in it. It wasn’t fancy but it was comfortable.  I could see everything and move around, but I couldn’t see me in a mirror when I looked.  This was weird.  I walked to the small desk every motel has and there was a small pamphlet on the desk with a picture of the motel and the name written underneath.  “Bayou Motel ~ Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”  Why was I dreaming about a motel in Baton Rouge?  I began to ponder my question when I heard the sound of motorcycles pulling up to the room I was in.  I almost panicked until I realized they couldn’t see me.  I heard someone insert a key into the lock and open the door.  There stood Master Waddie followed close behind by my good friend Titus.

<<Griz!>> I sent out a thought, <<I told ju’ I didn’t wanna’ intrude on Master Waddie and Titus.>>

<<Ain’t me what’s doing it, little brother.  Ain’t yore’ little brother, neither.>>

<<You mean, — ?>>  

<<Yep,— you done graduated, Son.>> I heard the sound of two people laughing in my mind; Griz and little bit.

<<We wondered when you’d make your first venture.>> I heard little bit say.

<<But, why?  Griz offered and I turned him down.>>

<<Your first time out has to be connected to someone you’re very close to. I got a suspicion yore’ Uncle Seth might be help’n you a little, too.>> Griz offered.

<<I feel like such a pervert; like I’m a peep’n tom.>> I laughed.

<<So,— what else is new?>> shot back my imp of a little brother.  He and Griz roared with laugher. <<You can always pull back. I’m sure Griz will be happy to take care of you.>>

<<You’re welcome to come to me any time, cowboy.>> I heard Griz confirm.

<<Well,— now that I’m here,— I would like to hear a little news about them.>>

I heard another roar of rude laughter and giggles in my mind.  They were really enjoying my conundrum.

<<We’s jes’ josh’n with ya,’ cowboy.  We’ll leave you be.  Follow your heart.  If’n you wanna’ tip from your bear man,— jes’ remember how much your Master loves you.>>

<<Thanks, Griz.  You, too, little brother.>>

Once again I heard them laughing together as they faded from my mind.

* * * * * * *

“S’not bad!  S’not bad a’tall.”  Allowed Master Waddie as he stompped around in the room in his tall black motorcycle boots and leathers.  Damnation,— I’d forgotten how hot he looked in his leathers.  My dick wasn’t only roaring hard,— it was dripping in my Wranglers.

“Reasonable enough.  Certainly the price is right.  I cain’t believe they ain’t charging us nothing for the night’s stay.  Who owns this place?”  Titus asked Waddie.

“As I understand it,— the owner’s a good friend of Beau’s.  Big Jim told me Beau gave the man a hand when he was down and out and helped him buy this motel many years ago.  He repaid Beau back a long time ago, but he’s remained close to Beau and Big Jim for years. He’s a brother and biker.  Big Jim says he has a string of these motels throughout Louisiana; said he’s worth a fortune today, but he’s still down to earth and don’t forgit his brothers.”

“For the price I guess you and I could’ve had separate rooms.”  Titus grinned looking at Waddie.

“I’ll ask him if that’ud be yore’ druthers.”  Waddie retorted.

“Oh, no,— no,— hit’s all right.  I don’t mind bunk’n it in with you,— if’n you don’t mind bunk’n it in with me.”  Titus shot back like he was asking a question.

“And miss you parading around in the raw with them bun’s of death a’ yores?  I think not, pilgrim.”   Master Waddie grinned wickedly at Titus and chuckled.

I couldn’t help myself and fell across the bed laughing at Master Waddie’s comment.

“Did ju’ hear someone laughing jes’ then?”  Master Waddie asked Titus.

“T’weren’t me!”  Titus shrugged, “But, yeah,— I heard it,— like it was in another room.”

“It was almost like I recognized that laugh; like I know who it belongs to.”

“Who’d ‘tat be?”  asked Titus.

“I know it’s crazy, but it sounded like Casey’s laugh.”

Titus shrugged his shoulders like he wasn’t sure. I stiffened and stayed very still.  Could Master Waddie and Titus actually hear me?  I had to be more careful.  I wondered if I should touch Master Waddie’s mind.  I knew I could.  I now knew how to do it,— I’d had it done to me so many times.  I decided to see if I could put an idea into Master Waddie’s head.

“Didn’t I see a liquor store a couple a’ doors down from the motel when we pulled in?”  He asked Titus.

“I think so,— yes, Sir,— I saw it, too.”

“Be back in a minute.”  was all Master Waddie said as he headed for the door.  He headed for his Harley, but I put another suggestion in him mind.

<< Hell,— it’s a beautiful evening.  Hit ain’t that far.  May as well walk.  Do you good after being on that vibrate’n beast all day.>>    

‘I could a’ sworn it was my little cowboy-slave’s laughter I heard.’ he thought to himself as he was walking to the front of the motel.

<<It was, Master.>>

“What!!  Casey!!  Where the hell are you?”  Master Waddie asked as he turned to look around.

<<Talk’n to you in yore’ head, my beloved Master.>>

<<You got the same gift as Griz and yore’ little brother?>>   he asked.

<<Apparently so, Master.  I didn’t discover it until jes’ a few minutes ago. I’s about to go to sleep and got to think’n on you and Mr. Titus; about how much I’d love to be a fly on the wall and see if you’s bonded yet.>>

<<Well, we ain’t yet, but I plan to talk with him about it this evening.  You’s the one what gimme’ the idea of gettin’ some’um to drink,—  didn’t chu, cowboy?>>

<<Yes, Sir,— that, and git’n you to walk to the liquor store so’s I could ask your permission to share.  I won’t do nothing.  I jes’ wanna’ be a part of your bonding, Master;— like, I was part of you take’n on my slave brother.  After all, it was you what told me a part of me would always be your slave, and I  believe you.  I know I’ll always will be a part of you and Titus.>>
<<Of course you will, my handsome, slave-boy.  S’far as I’m concerned,— I’m thrilled by the prospects of you being a part of our bonding.  You have ever’ right to be; however, Titus ain’t my slave, yet.  We have to respect his feelings and wishes.  Somehow, I don’t think it’s gonna’ be a problem.  He’s talked about little else but you lately when we’ve been alone.  He really admires and love you.  He knows how much I’ve missed you.>>

<<I understand, Master.  If’n he wouldn’t be comfortable, I’ll withdraw.  I’ll go away.  You’re still my Master, and I’ll always obey you.>>

<<Stop that, salve!  That’s an order.  You’re gonna’ have this old cowboy bawling his guts out, and we’re almost to the damn liquor store.  You want them folks to think I’s looney as a bed bug?>> I heard him laugh to himself.

<<Naw, Sir, Master Waddie.  I’ll leave you be for now.>>

<<You better not.  I need your help.  What da’ ya’ think Titus ‘ud like ta’ drink?>>

<<Ya’ont me to check, Sir?>> I giggled.

<<Damn,— I could git use to this kind a’ slave service, Son.>> he was laughing out loud as he walked through the door of the liquor store.  The clerk behind the counter was an attractive, dark, olive skined, Cajun looking young man of about twenty-five.  He looked at the big man laughing like he was a bit daft; however, the poor man almost broke his neck from the double-take he did looking at Master Waddie in all his leathers.
<<Mr. Titus’ preferred drink is Southern Comfort, Master Waddie.>> I told him.

<<I knew the man has good taste, cowboy,— ‘at’s one of my favorites, too.>> Master Waddie laughed again out loud as asked the clerk for a bottle.

“A buddy jes’ told me one hell of a joke and I’m still laughing about it.”  He explained his laughter to the clerk.  

The man smiled, shook his head like he understood and retrieved the bottle for him.  Master Waddie paid him and thanked him.  All the time the young man behind the counter kept looking Master Waddie up and down.  He didn’t want to be obvious, but he just couldn’t take his eyes off of the bulge in Master Waddie’s cod piece.  I could see a smile come across Master Waddie’s face as he let the young man know he recognized his lust.

<<Y’ain’t gotta’ be no mind reader to hear his thoughts loud and clear,— eh, young’un?>> he tossed off in my direction.  It was all I could do to keep from falling on the floor in laughter.

“You jes’ ride into the motel next door with all them other bikers, Sir?” The nervous young man asked Master Waddie in a decidedly Southern Cajun accent.

“Yeah, Son, I did.  Me and my biker family is on our way to Key West, Florida and stopped by to say hello to the owner who’s a good friend of two of our members.”

“Mr. Kingston.  Yeah, he told me one time he used to be a biker;— said he still has his bike.”

“Yeah, ‘at’s him.  Good man, Bill Kingston.”

“I git off in a couple of hours, Sir.  Ya’ont some company to share that bottle with?”  The young man asked with a decidedly lascivious grin on his face.  There was no doubting his intent or meaning.  I couldn’t help it, I broke up laughing.

<<Hesh up, cowboy!>> I heard my Master laughingly scold me.

“I do so appreciate your kind offer, Son; however, I be sharing a room with one a’ my buddies.  We been bunk’n it in together on this run to share expenses.”

“I’d be happy to take care a’ both a’ ya,’ Sir.”  The young man offered in desperation.

This time, Master Waddie almost lost it.  I was still laughing my ass off.

<<If’n you don’t stop that, cowboy, I’m gonna’ turn you over my knee!>>

<<Ya’ promise!>> I blurted out through my laughter.  To my Master’s dismay, it only inflamed me more.

“I know I’d enjoy it, Son, but my buddy’s a pretty straight laced, uptight kind a’ man.  In a week or so,— when we come back through,— I’ll get a room by myself and if’n you’re still here,— and you still wanna’ share a little Southern comfort with me,— I’d be obliged.”

Southern comfort, indeed!  What an awful pun.  Master Waddie could be  funny sometimes without really trying to be. The poor young man looked like he’d just watched his puppy die.  I was laughing my ass off as Master Waddie turned and walked to the door.

“I’ll be look’n for ya,’ Sir.”  He called out to Master Waddie.

We were finally outside and Master Waddie let it all out.  He laughed his ass off and so did I.

<<I told ju’ before,— I cain’t take you nowheres, Master!>> I chided him.

<<Oh, fuck,— you’re right!  See what you git me into, slave-boy.  I done told ju’ what them damn pheromones do to a man in love! Ain’t laughed like that since you and me was rodeoing together.  Now, youngster,— on the way back ya’ gotta’ tell me all you’ve been up to.  My boy been treat’n you right?   Ole Bubba nail your sweet,  young, cowboy butt to his bunkhouse wall, yet?>> He laughed and I laughed with him

<<All that and more, Master Waddie.>> I told him of all the wonderful things that happened to me since I last saw him.  I told him about my uncle coming to me.  He was astounded, but Master Waddie, above all others, believed me. I told him about our brief conversation and our trip to Bubba’s ranch.

<<I’m in the sheriff’s truck right now pretending to be asleep.  We’re returning from our weekend at Bubba’s ranch.  I’m afraid I fell in love again, Master Waddie; not only with the sheriff and his boys but Bubba and his boys, too.>>

<<Ain’t no harm in ‘nat, cowboy.  Love’s what makes the world go ‘round. It’s what separates the men from the boys.  It ain’t how tough you is,— it’s how well you kin love your fellow man and learn to forgive him his foolishness.>>

<<Don’t won’t chu’ to think I’ll ever stop love’n you, Master Waddie.>>

<<Y’ain’t gotta’ defend yore’ actions to me, cowboy.  You kin love as many men as you like, but — chu’re only gonna’ have one Master.>> he chuckled at his truism.

<<I only want one Master, Sir.>>

<<Someday, I’m a’ hope’n I kin give you to your old man as his slave, but a part of you will always remain my slave, Son; jes’ like, a part of you will always remain yore’ old man’s little boy.>>

<<I wouldn’t want it any other way, Master.>> I told him sincerely.

By that time we were back to the motel room.  We entered and there stood Mr. Titus buck ass naked holding a towel.  He took advantage of Master Waddie’s time away and was just coming out of the bath.  I’d only seen Mr. Titus in the raw a couple of times at the Broken Arrow but what I saw standing before us was one of the most handsome older men I ever saw.  I couldn’t help but let out a long, low whistle.  >From the look on his face I suddenly realized Mr. Titus heard it.  He looked a bit puzzled, but he took a chance anyway.

“Why,— thank you, kind Sir.  Glad to know I still rate a positive response in another man’s eyes.”

“T’weren’t me what whistled, Son;” laughed Master Waddie, “however, I share the cowboy’s sentiments what did whistle at chu.’”

“And,— who might that be, Sir?”

“The same man you heard laughing at me earlier.  He was in the room with us.”

“Casey?  You mean,— ?”

“Yep,— jes’ discovered he has the same gift as Griz and his little brother.  He wanted to check us out and wish us well.  You obviously can hear him, too.  Told me he checked and your favorite drink is Southern Comfort.”  Master Waddie handed Titus the paper bag which contained the liquor. A big grin spread across Titus’ face.

“You really here, cowboy?”  Titus spoke out loud.

<<Yes, Sir, Mr. Titus.>>

“Damned if he ain’t!  I’ve only had this happen one other time when Griz came to me several times after I lost Button.  He was a great comfort.  I’ll always be grateful to him for that.”

“Go ahead on, cowboy,— ask him what chu’ done asked me.”  Master Waddie spoke. “In the meantime,— I’ll have two fingers of Comfort, if you please, Sir.”   He said to Titus motioning for him to carry the bag to the bathroom.  Titus dutifully took the bottle to the bathroom to get some glasses.

<<Would ju’ mind if’n I hang around for a while, Mr. Titus?>> I asked him.

<<Can Master Waddie hear my thoughts with you, Casey?>>

<<Naw, Sir.  I can let chu’ hear me or both.  It’s up to me.  Right now, he can’t hear nothing we’s say’n to each other.>>

<<I’d be proud for you to hang around for a while, little brother.  I have a feeling Master Waddie’s in an amorous mood.  It’s been a while since we left Chapel Creek, and he’s been missing you a lot.  I can tell he’s been doing a lot a’ cogitate’n about me the last couple of days. He ain’t let me git more’n three feet away from him since we left.  I think tonight may be the night.>>

<<I’m sure you’re right, Sir.  I asked his permission and he said he had to take you into consideration.  I appreciate that.  ‘At’s why I’s asking, Mr. Titus.  I told him I jes’ wanna’ be a small part of your bonding.>>

<<I think you should be.  If’n it weren’t for you,— this evening might not be taking place.  Sure,— you can hang around.  I’d be pleased for you to.  After all, you’re gonna’ be my little slave-brother, ain’t cha’?>>

<<With all my heart, Sir,— and with all my love.>>

<<Good enough for me, cowboy.  Stick around and let’s us see what that old cowboy comes up with.>>

Titus returned to the bedroom area and handed Master Waddie his drink.  Master Waddie patted the bed for him to sit beside him.  They clinked glasses and each took a sip of the Comfort.  Master Waddie sucked in air through his teeth and grimaced.

“Smoooth!”  He choked out.  Titus laughed at him, and so did I.

“I told my cowboy slave-brother I didn’t mind if’n he wanted to stick around for a while, Sir.”

“Good!  I had a feel’n you wouldn’t have no problem with it.  I told him I didn’t mind, but we had to take your druthers into consideration.”

“I’m glad he’s here.  It jes’ seems right, somehow.”

There was a long silence between them, but I decided to stay in the background.  After all, I was there to share and experience, not to impose my personality on their bonding.

“As you well know, T.,— I ain’t a man to beat around the bush; unless, of course, a slave requests it.”  Master Waddie added wickedly then fell back on the bed laughing enjoying his own joke. Titus, being a man of great patience, just grinned real big at his nonsense.  Master Waddie sat back up and took another pull of Comfort.

“I guess it ain’t no secret between us, your cowboy slave-brother brought me around to think’n differently ‘bout some things.  We both suffered some pretty bad losses.  I lost Zane and less then six months later you lost Button.  I went into depression and probably would’ve died if’n you and our family hadn’t roped, hog tied me, throw’d me in the back of yore’ truck and hauled my ass to the V. A. hospital.

Even though you lost Button and were probably in as much pain as I was you were always right there for me.  You never left my side.  I began to take you for granted. I never could understand how you could be adjusting better’n me.  It was only recently, with Casey’s help, I come to understand,— you were giving of yourself, and that’s the only way we recover from great loss.  

After Button died, you never expressed a need or preference since you were first a slave and then Button’s Master for fifteen years.   No one in our family seemed to want to press you one way or the other.  It was the right thing to do,— not to press you.  We never discussed each others loss or how the future might effect us, so over the last few years, I just assumed you were satisfied with the status quo. I certainly never reckoned you might ever have a hanker’n to pay homage to this  butt-ugly, old, cowpoke’s boots.  It never occurred to me until our young cowboy hit me upside the head with the idea,— you jes’ might.   Was he right, Titus?”

Titus clinked his glass against Master Waddie’s and motioned for him to drink up as he tossed his handsome head back and slammed down the last of his Comfort.  He took Master Waddie’s glass and headed to the bathroom to pour them another two fingers.  He returned, handed Master Waddie his glass, sat beside him, clinked his glass with Master Waddie’s, took another stout pull of Comfort, and sighed deeply.

“I never expressed a preference because I didn’t have to. In a way, I all ready found my Master, and I was doing my best to serve him. I was satisfied taking care of you and trying to be there for you when you needed me.  It didn’t matter to me none we weren’t sharing a bed.  It would’ve never mattered to me because there was only one man I was interested in serving,— sex or no sex.  You never reached out to me that way, so I assumed, because of your deep loss and sadness, you lost interest in sex or any kind of relationship beyond friendship.  Thank God Casey came along when he did.  I think you’d pretty much given up on life and were jes’ going through the motions. Hope you’re listen’n, cowboy,— !” Titus said addressing me.  I didn’t respond, “Yes, Master Waddie, our cowboy was right.  Hit’s true and it has been for sometime. ”

There was another silence between them as they sipped their drink.  Titus continued.

“My question for you is,— would you consider taking me for your slave?”  
It was Master Waddie’s turn to motion for Titus to drink up.  They once again clinked glasses and tossed back the rest of their Comfort.  Master Waddie took Titus’ glass and set them on the small desk in front of the beds.  He sat back down and took Titus in his big arms, looked deeply into his eyes, and gently kissed him.  It turned into more than just a gentle kiss. It became quite passionate.  I couldn’t help myself, I started bawling like a damn baby.  It was one of the most moving things I ever witnessed, and it was between two men I loved and cared about.  At that moment, I think I understood what a mother might feel watching her baby girl being given to a man at a wedding.   They broke off their kiss and began laughing.

“Would ju’ please— ?”  Master Waddie chided me. “A mother at the wedding of her daughter?”  I didn’t count on him hearing that part.  Titus broke up in laughter so did our Master.

<<I’m sorry, Master.  I’m sorry, Mr. Titus.  I jes’ couldn’t help myself.  I’m so happy for you.>>

“You’re forgiven, cowboy; however, if’n this man claims he wants me to take him for my slave,— he must realize,— I wouldn’t buy a pair a’ boots without try’n ‘em on first.  I think if he wants to be my slave, he should show his Master a little homage,— don’t chu,’ cowboy?”

I laughed at Master Waddie’s way of asking Titus to pay homage to his boots.

<<A good slave always agrees with his Master, Sir.  I only wish I was there to share one of your boots with my slave-bother.>>

“If’n you’re gonna’ be my slave-brother, I think it’s time you dropped the ‘Mister’ from my name.  You don’t call your brother, ‘Mister.’” Titus chastised me.

<<Yes, Sir,— I appreciate that.  Jes’ try’n to show my respect, brother.>>

They both laughed at me.  “And so you have, Son.”  Master Waddie allowed.

As Titus knelt in front of Master Waddie and began to pay homage to him,  I bid them a fond farewell, and took my leave.  I left them to their further bonding.  The better part of discretion is knowing when to take your leave.  Besides, I was about to come in my Wranglers watching my handsome slave-brother make love to our Master’s boots.

* * * * * * *

“Must a’ been one hell of a dream, cowboy.  You’s laugh’n, crying and carry’n on.  I didn’t wanna’ wake you ‘cause you seemed to be having a good time.  You weren’t yell’n or nothing.”  Said the sheriff as I came around from my trip to Baton Rouge.  I was unaware they’d changed drivers  and Waddie Buck was now driving.   Gip got into the back with me.  I smiled at him.

“Don’t asked me how I know, but yore’ daddy and Titus bonded this evening.”

“I don’t have to ask.”  Said Gip grinning at me.  “I’ve suspected all along you had talents y’ain’t never discovered yet.  I think this weekend and communicating with your uncle has opened some new doors for you.”

“You’re right, Sir.  I’m still a little shaken by it all.”
“Aww, you’ll cope with it jes’ like you do ever’ thing, cowboy.  You’ll take it in stride.  Ain’t nothing you cain’t handle.”

Gip grabbed me and pulled me to him to hold me close.  It seemed like the most natural thing in the world for him to do at that moment and I melted into his big arms.  I’d met some truly remarkable folks in my sojourn into the world by myself.  Folks who were good hearted and knew how to give and receive love.  Strong people of the Earth who believe in the innate goodness of their fellow man.

End Chapter 34 ~ Texas Longhorns
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