By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 36

O.C. and I talked a little more.  I asked him a few question and his opinion about some things.   He didn’t hold back.  He was honest and seemed to speak from his heart.  Sometimes I felt like I was laying in my own dad’s, big, loving, cowboy arms and talking with him.  I was so comfortable with O.C. Harris.  There was something about him that soothed my spirit.  I was taking full advantage of being with this good hearted man whom I was quickly coming to love and accept as part of my extended family.

It was a warm, moonlit night.  O.C. was holding me close.  I had my head on his shoulder and I could see his handsome body pressed tightly against mine.   We were quiet with each other for a while, thinking our own thoughts, but enjoying the experience of holding each other;— just being together.  I didn’t have to say anything and he didn’t either.  We both knew how we felt and there was no reason for words.

“There’s something I wanna’ say,— but I don’t know how to tell you, O.C., except to jes’ speak from my heart. I mentioned earlier this evening I felt like you was part of my family. I guess what I’m try’n to say, O.C., is,—”

“I know what chur’ try’n to say, Son.  Don’t chu’ think I feel the same damn way about chu?  I love you, Casey,— pure and simple.  I don’t know how or why I’ve come to love you so quickly, but I ain’t a’ gonna’ fret none about it.  There’s very few folks in my life I can really say I love.

I loved my wife.  Annie was a good woman.  She was more’n just a wife, she became my best friend and companion.  I love my daughters ‘cause they’re my flesh and blood, but the love I feel for you, your dad, Curtis, Bubba and his boys, even Gip and his family is a deep abiding love what will never go away. It took me a long time to figure it all out, but yore’ granddaddy was the man what helped me see the greater picture of love.  It all has to do with belonging.

I guess, of all the loves in my life the most important and precious to me was your uncle.  Maybe it’s because you look and feel so much like him I feel this way, I don’t know; however, it weren’t Seth Quee who just gave his body up to me for one of the hottest, best-damn, cowboy fucks I ever had.  It wasn’t even a Langtry man.  It was Casey Longhorn, the handsome and talented son of my beloved brother, Vincent Longhorn.

You know what, Casey? I still grieve for your uncle to this day.  Your mind can eventually adjust to a great loss, but your heart cain’t never turn love off.  A part of your uncle dwells deep in my heart, and he took a small spark of mine to his grave with him. I’d give anything,— anything,— to just once, hold him in my arms again, make love to him and tell him how much I love him. I never got to tell him goodbye. Being here with you like this is almost as good.  I know he’d approve of me share’n a little cowboy love’n with his nephew.”

 “I know he would, O.C.,— and I love you, too, Sir.”

We made a little more love, but we were so comfortable we began to drift off to sleep.  I spoke quietly and offered my ass to O.C. should he experience an uncontrollable hanker’n for another big ole piece of my cowboy butt during the night.  I told him to just pop my plug out and go to fucking.  He laughed, hugged me tighter and kissed me on my forehead.

“You shouldn’t a’ told me that.  My ole dick’ll stay hard all damn night.”

O.C. did stay hard, all damn night; however, around four in the morning I was awakened when I felt my plug being removed.  I yawned, stretched and relaxed as I felt my cowboy slip his fine dick into me for an early morning ride to greet the sunrise.  As O.C. gently fucked me, I began to think about a vivid dream I had just before he woke me.

I was in a barn somewhere, with all my cowboy clothes on. I was wearing my bat-wing working chaps and a fine pair of silver spurs on my heavy buckaroo boots.  I had on a big, wide brimmed buckaroo hat and a kerchief tied around my neck.  I looked like a buckaroo who was ready to rodeo or round up the dogies.

I was standing before a full length mirror looking at myself.  I know it’s blatantly conceited of me to say, but what I saw looking back at me was a handsome, young cowboy.  As every man has secretly indulged himself at one time or another, I was having an adoring moment admiring myself, when suddenly, my reflection smiled at me knowingly, and winked.

‘Ooops! Wait a minute!’ I thought, ‘I didn’t just wink at myself.  What the hell’s going on here?’

<<Reach your hand out to the mirror.>>  Came a voice in my head.

I smiled as I reached out to the mirror, and when my hand was within inches of its surface, my reflected hand came from the mirror and took hold of my outstretched hand.

<<Pull me though the look’n glass,— >> the voice in my head gently urged.

I pulled on the hand, and through the mirror came my reflection to stand directly in front of me.  Suddenly, I was face to face with what seemed to be a real-life, living, breathing clone of myself.  One added feature the goodness of a mirror can’t provide, is taste and smell.  I could actually smell my image and taste his person.

I know!  I know it sounds weird, but I experienced these things.  Standing before me was a hot cowpoke.  The animal in me began to think how infinitely hot it might be to have sex with my own image.  Conceited?  Sick?  Maybe, but my dick sure didn’t give a shit. My reflection was one hot buckaroo, and I began to get an erection.

I noticed he was getting one, too.  That made sense to me, because he was, after all, a reflection of me; if I was attracted to my own reflection surely my reflection must be attracted to me.  Then, he winked at me again, and it dawned on me, it wasn’t simply my reflection.  He was my Uncle Seth.  

He roared with laughter as I lunged for him. I took him in my arms to kiss and hold him.  He returned my kisses with all the love in his big, cowboy heart.  I was crying and he was crying.  We were a mess, but that wasn’t important.  What was important was, we were together, holding, touching, tasting each other and making sweet love.

“Oh, Casey,— my beloved nephew,— heart of my heart,— how I’ve longed to touch you,— to feel you,––  to hold you,— to make love to you,— to tell you how proud of you I am and how much I love you.”

“Oh, Lord, Uncle Seth,— you must be growing much stronger to be able to come to me like this. This is wonderful to actually touch you and hold you.”

“I think I’m being given a second chance to set things right.  The prayers of  our family and friends are providing the gas I need to fuel my ability to do some things;— things I could never do before.  I ain’t about to waste it, Casey.”

He held me away from him at arm’s length and looked me up and down.

“Damn,— jes’ look at chu’!  A fine look’n cowboy and a quality buckaroo to boot.  We look enough alike to be twins.  Fool’d ju’ didn’t I?”  He laughed.  “It must drive yore’ daddy to distraction to see you and think on me.”  He laughed at his statement.  “And, look whose arms you be sleep’n in,— steal’n the heart a’ my man;— huh, little brother?” he raised an eyebrow and smiled at me wickedly.

“You know better’n ‘at, Uncle Seth.” I chastised him, “I cain’t steal a heart what all ready belongs to you,  no ways.”  We shared a laugh.  “He shore’ ‘nuff carries your love in his heart, Uncle Seth.”

“He’s a good man, Casey.  He knows how to give and receive love without being needy.  You couldn’t be safer and more loved than you are right at this moment.  I’m so ashamed.  I hurt him deeply. I was so young I didn’t take into consideration the hurt I’d be causing several people when I tried to punish my dad by running off to Nam for what he done to my brother. Of the folks I hurt,  I hurt O. C. Harris most of all.

My sin was the sin of pride and arrogance, think’n I could change things by my actions alone.  Action without works is meaningless and empty.  It’s like taking the bread of your life and casting it upon the water.  You have no real control over it, nor do you have a chance to correct the damage might’ve done.  Once this life’s over, those chances are gone forever.  It’s rare a man is given a second chance.  If that’s what’s happening, I certainly don’t plan to fuck it up this time.

Part of my punishment was living in a hell of being able to see him in his world, not being able to reach out to him to tell him how much I loved him, and I was watching over him.  It was like an eternity of damnable frustration; however, God willing, and with your help, I might have one last chance.  There are several things I have to do before they’ll let me cross over.  I’ve been caught in-between for what seems like forever, Case.  I so want to move on, but I cain’t until I accomplish these things.”

“What can I do to help?” I asked.

My uncle, Seth Quee Langtry, outline his plan.  I was smiling to myself when I heard a voice over my shoulder.

“You got that smile on your face again, cowboy.  Am I doing ya’ some good?  Did I hit a spot in there what made ju’ smile?”

“You couldn’t feel no better if’n you tried, O.C.  Damnation, you be one fine fuck, Sir.  That smile was for the same reason I told ju’ afore.  I ain’t git’n fucked by just no ordinary, handsome cowpoke, I’m git’n fucked by a member of my family.”

O.C. gently kissed me behind my ear, threw his strong arm around my chest, rolled me over on top of him so he was fucking up into my butt from underneath.  He grabbed hold of the ‘longhorn’ with his other hand and started stroking it in rhythm with his fucking.  The feeling of closeness and togetherness brought about by our words and his sudden aggressive fucking, triggered both our come switches.  We shot our loads together.  Mine flew into the air and landed all over my belly, chest and some even flew into my face and hair.  

I no sooner got us cleaned up when I heard the automatic coffee maker click on.   I got O.C. a cup of coffee and brought it to him.  He smiled as he took if from me.

“I could git use to having you around, Casey.   Makes me think on what I’m gonna’ do with the rest of my days.  My girls have lives of their own and while I love ‘em and my grand-kids, I ain’t got much in common with ‘em.  I don’t see ‘em but a couple a’ times a year.  I know I must drive Bubba and his boys nuts.   They invite me over all the time, but they need their time together.  Who know, maybe the good Lord will send me somebody to bring me coffee in the mornings.”

“I certainly hope so, O.C.  I’d volunteer for the job in a heartbeat if’n I didn’t all ready have obligations.”

“I know.  I weren’t suggest’n such a thing.  I’s just think’n on how nice it’ud be.”  

We talked while we finished our coffee and he grinned real big when I invited him to the shower with me. By the time I got him washed down pretty good, he was roaring hard again.  I finally got what I was hoping for.  I got me a big ole taste of O.C. Harris’ cowboy come.  

We got dressed and headed for the big house.  He dropped his big arm over my shoulder and pulled me close as we walked together.  He bussed a quick kiss on my neck behind my ear, and I started getting hard again.   O.C. Harris was one sexy hombre.  Even though I brushed my teeth, I could still taste the lingering flavor of his strong, cowboy come in my mouth.  What a way to start a day of balls-out rodeoing.

We got to the house and walked into the kitchen.  I was surprised to find almost everyone was there all ready except Brett and Curt.  I didn’t have to ask where they were.  There were smiles and big grins on all the men’s faces as O.C. and I walked in.  

“Sorry I’m a bit late, Ma Claymore.  Can I do some’um to help?”

“Y’ain’t late, Casey.  Yeah,— ” Cindy grinned wickedly at me. “git over here and gimme’ my morning kiss and fix another pot of coffee.”  

I chuckled and went to give her a kiss.  I held Cindy in my arms and gently kissed her on her forehead.  Everyone when, “Awww.”

She whispered to me, “With a cowboy like O.C. Harris bunk’n it in with you,— I’m surprised you made it for breakfast at all.”  Then she threw back her pretty head and giggled like a school girl.

I was blushing a deep red color as I headed for the big coffee urn. My embarrassment at Cindy’s statement  wasn’t missed by all the cowboys in the room.  Before I started to fix the coffee,  I got me and O.C. a cup.  I fixed his coffee like he liked it, and took it to him across the room.  That gesture wasn’t missed by any of them either; especially, my granddad.  He just grinned real big and winked at O.C.  
Brett and Curt finally arrived looking like they’d rolled around all over the barn in the hay.  I had no doubt that’s exactly what they did.  There was lots of knowing smiles and grins when they arrived.  I was glad, it kind a’ took the spotlight off of O.C. and me.  It didn’t seem to bother Brett and Curt.  They’d been together too long and were so comfortable with each other they didn’t give a shit what anybody else thought.  They were fine cowboys, and they presented that worth to the world at all times.  What they did together was their own damn business.

After breakfast I got up to help clear the table like I always did.  Cindy and the girls went off to get ready for the day and left the clean up to the younger men.  We didn’t really have to do much but rinse the plates and put them in the dishwasher.  I took O.C. and my granddad’s plate and headed to the sink.  I saw the sheriff lean back in his chair with a big shit eat’n grin on his face and I knew something awful was coming out of his mouth.

“So, O. C.,” he paused dramatically, “— tell us how you feel this morning, hoss?”

Everyone snickered and Bubba roared with laugher at Gip’s pregnant question.  It was followed by a deafening silence in anticipation of O.C.’s answer.

“I feel like a new man, Sheriff.”  O.C. shot back at Gip and grinned real big.

“Hell, cowboy,—  ain’t chu’ happy with the one you bunked in with?”  Gip could be wicked and lethal.

All the men roared with laugher at Gip’s quick comeback and poor O.C. was in the same position I was in earlier.  He just grinned,  shook his head and began to blush.  On him it looked good.  Hell, anything on that cowboy would look good.  

“Nope!  More’n a little happy with the cowboy I was invited to bunk it in with.  I’s honored and proud to bunk it in with fine buckaroo like Casey.”

  I noticed my granddad patted O.C. on the back as a sign of affection. I could see the look in my granddad’s eyes that he really loved O.C. Harris and was glad to have this time with him.  Bubba was slapping O.C. on the back like he was a newlywed bridegroom.

“Glad to hear it!”  Said Gip, “ We don’t won’t no hands around here what don’t pull their load,— or their buddy’s either for that matter.”  He added laughing at his own joke.

Once again everyone broke up laughing.

“I’m sorry, O.C., we’s jes’ fun’n wit’ cha.’  Hope you enjoy your stay with us.  You’re welcome here anytime.”  Gip added.

O.C. was a good sport, and he had been around cowboys too many years to let a little kidding get to him.  I asked him about it later and he told me it only made him feel more like family.  I could understand that.   If cowboys don’t give a shit about you, they just won’t say anything.

The pickemup trucks and cars began to arrive earlier than usual and Gip remarked there was going to be a lot of folk there for the day.  He and Cindy planned on it and had arranged enough food for everyone.  They didn’t really have to, all the women folk brought more than enough for everybody.

O.C. and I walked back to the double ‘R’ to put on our rodeo gear.  I helped him with his chaps, and he helped me with mine.  It was when I knelt in front of him, put his big buckaroo boot on my leg to strap on his spurs that I got a good strong smell of O.C.’s masculine odor and I almost came in my Wranglers. I couldn’t get his second spur on fast enough.

There was a growing wet spot at the crotch of O.C.’s  Wranglers and his damn dick was rock hard trying like hell to get out.  Poor thing, I certainly didn’t want it cramped up inside like that.  I felt strongly it should be set free, to breath freely and admired by a cowboy who could think of nothing better than to make a little love to it.

I had O.C.’s cock out and in my mouth faster than you can say ‘calf rope.’   Damn, he tasted good.  O.C. relaxed, leaned back on the sofa, and allowed me to take care of him.  I thought he was going to choke me to death when he came.  He shot volley after volley of his thick, ropey cowboy come into my waiting, hungry mouth.

We went around with silly grins on our faces that morning, and Master Waddie was right.  When two cowboys bond and are sharing love, they can’t be beat.  O.C. and I roped together all day, but nobody could beat us.  I’d roped with O.C. several times before. I knew he was good, but that day he was exceptional.  We were exceptional together.  The sheriff could only shake his head in wonder and smile knowingly at us.  It didn’t matter whether we roped header of heeler.  We were always right on.

There was more than one cowboy’s head who shook in disbelief after watching some of our runs.  Of course, all the men staying at the Sheriff’s ranch knew why and there was more razzing and kidding.  O.C. and I just shrugged it off and grinned at each other.  O.C. rode over to me after one spectacular toss we made.

“See what you done for me, cowboy.”  He grinned.

“I think you done the same for me, Mr. Harris.”  I emphasized his last name as a sign of respect for the man’s sexual powers.  He roared with laughter.

“Thanks, Casey.”  He said sincerely.

“For what, Mr. Harris?”

“For inviting me to stay with you.  It means a lot to me.”

“Well,— it’s been pert-damn good for me to, Sir.  Best part is,— we still got tonight together.”

“Cain’t gainsay that, pod’ner.  Jes’ look!”  O.C. looked down at his crotch and I laughed.

“That damn thing hard again?”  I laughed.

“Damn straight!  I look at chu’ on your pony and wonder what it would be like to fuck you wear’n them chaps and boots a’ yours.   Ever’ time I think on it, I leak a little more in my jeans.”  He smiled at me. We shared a laugh.

“We can talk about it, Sir.  I’m easy.”  I winked at him.

“Woah!” replied O.C. Harris as he rearranged his package.

I though to myself, ‘If you only knew what you’re in store for this evening, my handsome, sexy cowman, you’d have to ride to the barn and change your Wranglers.’

I didn’t look at him, but I got one of those smiles on my face again.

“I ain’t even gonna’ asked about that smile.”  He laughed.

“That’s all right, I’ll remind ju’ about it later.”  I told him.

* * * * * * *

It was the last weekend in August and it can still be unbearably hot in Texas.   There was a lot of shade around the Claymore’s rodeo arena.  The sheriff’s dad and granddad planted oak trees around for just that purpose, and they took good care of them over the years.  They grew into huge trees which offered shade and food for a variety a critters.  It was almost like a park where the kids could climb, run and play without the parents being worried about them getting overheated.

It was also good for the ponies, because they didn’t get so hot.  When we weren’t riding O.C. and I took our ponies out of the arena regularly to water them and give them a break.  I could swear my pony, Rocky, knew I was going to leave the next day, and I would  be away for a while.  He was so attentive to me several cowboys including my granddad and O.C. noticed.  He didn’t want me too far away from him all day.

I wondered if I could touch his mind. I sent out feelers like I would with my little brother or Griz. At first I only got fleeting sensations like pictures with a word thrown in now and then.  Then he looked me right in the eye, and I heard clear as day,

<<Rider? Casey?>>

<<Yes, Rocky, — did I frighten you?>>

He stamped and snorted like I was an idiot to ask.  I didn’t need to probe his mind to know what he was thinking.  I could swear I heard laughter.  ‘Can a horse laugh?’ I wondered to myself.

<<Griz tell me you have gift.  Took you a while.>> Rocky chastised me.<<And, yes, we laugh.>>

<<Sorry, pod’ner,— never knew I could do it before.  You know I’m going away for a while, don’t chu’?>>

He stamped his front feet and nodded his head.

<<Know for while now.>> he replied.

<<You upset about it?>>

<<Not so much now. Hear your head. Know you worry about me. Rocky fear more for you than me.  I be fine here.  Big man-stallion with happy laugh and his colts feed and treat me good.>>
<<I’ll be here most ever’ other weekend.  It ain’t gonna’ be forever, Rock.>>

<<I know.  You’re mine.  You my rider.  You belong to Rocky. You won’t leave me.>>

I laughed to myself about the way Rocky thought about me as his.

<<You’re right, Rock,— I am yours.  I’ll be yours as long as you want and need me.>>

<<I know.  You treat me good.  You love me like a part of you.  We good together.>>

<<I do, Rock!  I do love you. You are a part of me.  I couldn’t do without my pod’ner.  Do you know about love?>>

Again I could swear he was laughing at me.

<<All God’s creatures know about love, rider, and yes,— Rocky love Casey.>>

Rocky nuzzled me with his head and waited for me to pet him. As I showed him affection, tears came to my eyes.  I was stunned.  Not only did my pony know about love, he knew about God.  I thought, ‘How dumb we are to take these beautiful, talented creatures for granted.’

<<My man-colt not dumb! Rider not take Rocky for granted.  You good man-colt, Casey.>>

<<Man-colt?>> I laughed.

<<You be stallion soon enough.  Stay man-colt while you can. You be Rocky’s man-colt for while longer.  Rocky still teach things.” He stamped one foot and shook his mane to emphasize his seriousness.

<<Thanks, Rocky.  I promise, I’ll stay a man-colt for a while longer.  I know I still have things to learn from you.  I love you more’n you know, big guy. I’ll miss you.>> I put my arms around his neck, hugged, and kissed him.

<<Rocky know. Rocky miss man-colt.>> he nuzzled me back.

I didn’t realize the arena had become quiet and everyone was looking at me making love to my pony with a tear stained face.  Without saying a word they instinctively knew I was saying goodbye to my partner for a while.  Cowboys know about that sort of thing.

O.C. was roping with the Sheriff.  My granddad walked over to me and handed me his kerchief to wipe the tears from my eyes.

“I only ever did see me a couple of cowboys in my life who seemed to have a special communication with their ponies like you do with yours, Son.  There’s a strong bond between you. Tells me a lot about a man. Sometimes I get the feel’n watching you and him work together, he’s the heart and brains of the outfit, and he’s jes’ allow’n you to be his partner.” My granddad smiled and winked at me.

“You couldn’t be more right, Mr. Langtry.  You won’t git no argument from me.  He owns me. He thinks on me as his man-colt.  I’m his.  I’m, proud,  honored and feel privileged to belong to him,— to be his partner,  his rider.  Right, pod’na?”  I spoke to Rocky.

He stamped his front feet, whinnied and shook his head affirmative. I could swear he winked at me.

“Remarkable.” said my granddad softly, “If’n I didn’t know better, I’d swear that pony understood ever’ word you jes’ said.”

Rocky threw back his head and laughed.  I laughed at his reaction.

“I assure you, Mr. Langtry,— he does.”

* * * * * * *

The day was one of the best days Rocky and I had together in a long time.  The rest of the day was like a dream.  I only had to think what I’d like for us to do and Rocky was right there.  I no longer though about what I wanted him to do for me.  I began to think about what might be best for us, with his approval, of course.

I shifted gears in my head about my relationship with the good pony who owned me. I never loved a pony more than I did Rocky.  I could only compare it with the feeling I had with Master Waddie.  Master Waddie will always own a part of me;— and, so will Rocky.  It’s just like O.C. said my granddad taught him,— it’s all about belonging.

* * * * * * *

The day wound down, the neighbors left and we put the ponies away. The sheriff announced to the folks he wouldn’t be receiving guest for rodeoing the next day. He was going to church and wanted to spend the day with his family and ranch guest.  Being good country folks they understood the sheriff needed his own time.

We all pitched in and prepared a small supper.  It was a wonderful evening and there was an ebb and flow of love which passed between the people gathered around the sheriff’s table.  I wondered about the need to go to church.  To me, this was more sacred than the dog and pony show of any organized religion; bowing and scraping, and being made to feel the collective guilt of an ancient culture that has little relevance to our modern world.  I thought to myself, ‘You’d think if a pony knows about God and love,— after a couple of thousand years, why hasn’t mankind progressed to know  a simpler understanding of God and learn about the many ways of love?’

* * * * * * *

In the early evening the men retired to the lawn chairs under the huge spreading oaks in front the sheriff’s house to watch the sun set in the West.  It was a wonderful evening and the men began to tell stories.  Cowboys can tell  the best stories.  Gip told a story that had us on the edge of our seats and Bubba told a story that had us laughing our ass’ off.  I was hoping my Granddad would tell a story.

Several of the men, including O.C. and Bubba, asked Mr. Langtry, but he quietly declined.  I felt sorry for him at that moment and felt O.C.’s hand pull me closer to him.  I know he felt the same sadness coming from my granddad.  After a while, the men got tired of story telling and decided to call it a night.  Everyone left for their bunk space.

Since no team beat O.C. and me at roping that day, none of the men had anything snide to say to us;  however, my ‘owner’ had a few choice comments to send my way, now that he had my undivided attention.  Rocky knew I could turn him off if I wanted to, but I enjoyed his occasional take on things.  He was brutally honest, and could be deadly funny sometimes.  He complimented me on my choice of O.C. Harris as my ‘rider.’  I damn near fell out laughing while walking back to the double ‘R’ with O.C. Unthinking and  trying to be humorous, I shot back to him,

<<Make a bargain with you, pod’na.  You don’t say nothing about my sex life, and I won’t say nothing about yours.>> I laughed.

<<What sex life? >> He asked, laughing at me.

I knew he was referring to my dad and me gilding him as a colt.  I felt really bad about what I thought.  I knew he felt my embarrassment and pain.

<<I’m sorry, Rocky,— that was insensitive of me.>> I heard more laughter.

<<Rocky has sex life.  Rocky been sharing yours for years now.>> He laughed at my naivete. <<Now that you know,— man-colt not turn off Rocky?>>

<<I wouldn’t think of it, pod’na.  After all, I’m yours,— am I not?”>>

<<All of you!>> I heard him laughing from the barn.

I couldn’t help myself,  I burst out laughing.

“What chu’ laugh’n at, cowboy?”  O.C. Harris asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if’n I was ta’ tell you, Mr. Harris.”

“I’d believe any damn thing you tell me, Son.”  O.C. assured me.

“Rocky,— my pony,— he jes’ done told me he thought chu’ was a fine ‘rider’ for me.”  I couldn’t help but laugh again.

“I wondered what was going on between you two today.  Several of the cowboys commented on it.  They all said they ain’t seen nothing like it.  I wasn’t pay’n no attention ‘til the sheriff told me to watch.  He said you two was able to read each others minds, but I thought he was talk’n ‘bout an understanding.  He meant it literally,— didn’nee.”

“Yes, Sir,— he did.  Sheriff Claymore’s a more observant man than I give ‘em credit for.  My granddad picked up on it, too, but like you,  he thought me’n Rocky jes’ has an understanding.  It’s a little more’n that, Mr. Harris.”

“I’ll be damn, Son. Learn some’um new and good ‘bout chu’ ever’ day.”  He pulled me into him tighter as we walked.  His warmth and generosity felt good.
* * * * * * *

We got to the double ‘R’ and I let us in.

“How’s ‘bout a couple a’ fingers, Mr. Harris?”  

“Wouldn’t mind,— if’n you join me.”

“Thanks, Mr. Harris,— believe I will.  Make yourself comfortable on the couch, and I’ll get it for us.”

O.C. took his cowboy hat off, set it on an end table and sat on the couch as I went to the kitchen to get glasses and the Southern Comfort.  I could see the handsome cowboy out of the corner of my eye as I slowly poured the liquor into the glasses.  I started getting an erection just looking at him.  Damn, he was a hot cowboy.  I wanted nothing better than to rip his Wranglers open a suck him off on the couch, but I promised someone else other things.

I returned to the couch and handed him his drink.  I sat down beside him, took off my hat and set it next to his on the end table.  We clinked glasses in a toast and took our first sip of Comfort.  I moved closer to O.C., took his hand an pulled his arm around my shoulder.

“You feel good, ‘rider.’” I laughed and winked at him.  He laughed with me.  O.C. leaned into me and gave me a quick kiss.

“I’ll be your ‘rider’ anytime you need it, hoss.” He spoke softly to me,  “Think you might like to ‘ride’ sometime, cowboy?  You certainly got the tack for it.” he chuckled.

“I have before, O.C.; however, with men older’n me, I enjoy being ridden.  My pony calls me his man-colt.  He told me today he wanted me to stay his man-colt for a while longer;— said I’d become a stallion soon enough.  I think I know what he’s talk’n about, and I’m gonna’ take my pony’s advice.”  
 “I’d say that was pert-damn good horse sense, pod’na.”  O.C. said in all seriousness.

“Remember what I said we could talk about? How would ju’ feel about ride’n yore’ ole hoss tonight with yore’ boots and chaps on, cowboy?”

“Like a dream come true,— but won’t it mess up your bed?”

“Naw, we jes’ won’t turn the leather cover down.”

“Yore’ uncle’n me used to do it that a’ way all the time.  Yore’ uncle was really hot in his outfit.  You gonna’ wear  yours if’n I wear mine?”

“Be happy to, rider.” I winked at him again.

“Got me a new nickname,— don’t I?”  He grinned.

“‘Feared so, — you mind, Sir?”

“Jes’ be careful when you use it, hoss,— look at the wet spot at my crotch. It’ll tell ya’ all ya’ need to know.”
I laughed at him.  He was roaring hard again.  He took me in his big cowboy arms and kissed me gently.  My dick was trying to get out of my Wranglers.

“I better git in nair and clean up.”  I told him.

“I should get in nair after you.  I’ve been in the saddle all day.”

“Uuhh,— ? ” I paused dramatically, like I was hesitant to say something.  O.C. smiled knowingly and laughed at me.

“You’re jes’ like your uncle, hoss.  He didn’t want me shower’n nither, until after we done it.”

I threw back my head and laughed.  I took his glass and poured him another two fingers of Comfort and excused myself.  He watched as I undressed in front of him.  He kept sneaking glances at me, and he would smile like a Cheshire cat in heat.  O.C. was the same age my uncle would’ve been.  He was about three years younger than my dad.  It made him one of the youngest middle aged men I’d been with, and he was only about thirteen years older than I.

I couldn’t help think about my dad when I caught O.C. looking at me and smiling.  The way he smiled and carried himself was just like my dad.  It was comforting, and yet, a bit disconcerting to feel like this man was so closely associated with my uncle, my dad, Bubba, Gip and Waddie Claymore.

It didn’t take me long to clean myself and insert my plug.  When I return to the living area, my plug almost dropped out of my ass.  O.C. was sitting on the couch with only his bat winged working chaps, his sweat stained, rawhide leather vest, his big, heavy buckaroo boots and his hat.  My eyes couldn’t believe the hot sight in front of me.  My knees almost buckled, my heart palpitated, my face inflamed and became cherry red, saliva flowed into my mouth, and my poor sphincter suddenly lost all its pucker.  I felt my plug slipping out of my ass and had to reach back with my hand to keep it from falling out.

“Damn, rider!  I weren’t ready for this!  You look so hot, I damn near lost my plug.”  I chuckled and O.C. roared with laughter.

He stood and opened his arms for me.  I went to him, he embraced me with a kiss and moved his rough hand to my ass.  He graciously held my plug for me so I could throw my arms around him in response.  It was no gentle kiss.  This was a kiss of cowboy passion. My old ‘longhorn’ and his handsome cowboy dick fought each other as they grew up between our bellies.   
“Woah, dogies!”  I exclaimed.

“Me, too.” he laughed.

I got busy putting on my cowboy duds and heard my rider suck in air though his teeth as I bent over in front of him to adjust the leg straps on my chaps.  He got a clear shot of my plug up my butt. His ole dick must have had a mind of its own.  It kept leaping in the air like a gymnast on a trampoline.

After I finished I went to him and knelt in front of him.  I think I surprised him when I leaned over and kissed each of his boots.  I can’t remember ever seeing a man’s dick get harder than my rider’s after I kissed his boots.  I moved to his crotch and took a deep breath.  He smelled wonderful; he had a strong, clean masculine smell.  I leaned over and started cleaning the sweat from his beautiful low hanging balls.

O.C. was almost in agony from the sensuality.  He leaned back on the couch, and let me have my way with him.   I kissed and teased his rock hard penis for several minutes before I took him down my throat.  I felt him place his hands on my head and forcibly hold it still.  I could tell he was close to shooting. I remained still for several minutes until his urge to come passed, then he eased his dick out of my mouth.

“I wanna’ save that for my hoss.”  He breathed quietly.  I smiled at him.  I understood.  It was all right with me.  I didn’t care which end caught for him, I just wanted his hot cowboy cream inside me.
I suggested we move to the bedroom and O.C. readily agreed.  I lay on my back and raised my legs for his best access to my ass.  O.C. smiled as his climbed onto my bed on his knees and positioned himself in front of me.  I handed him a small towel and he quickly popped my plug from my hole.  He just as quickly replaced it with his stiff penis, sinking it to the hilt in my ass.  I could feel his low hanging balls slap and bounce against my butt.  My rider was home in his saddle.

O.C. began to slowly fuck me much like he did the night before; however, this time there was a decidedly more self-assuredness about him that can only come from experience.  He was feeling free with me to abandon all worries about hurting me or seeing to my comfort.  He knew I’d be all right. He knew what I most wanted from him was to take what he needed.  He was right.  I was equally shifting gears with my thoughts about him being my ‘rider’ and me his ‘hoss.’  Conjoined we formed a team, a good team, an unbeatable team, and like my ‘owner’ I was allowing him to take us where we both wanted to go.

He slowly lowered himself on top of me, and I locked my boots around his waist, working with him, pulling him into me, urging him to take more, to ride me a bit harder.  O.C. seemed to be responding like any good cowboy would  to his ‘hoss.’  He planted himself deeply inside me and came to a stop.  He kissed me, and our kiss became as sexual as his rock hard dick penetrating my hole.

<<Are you ready?>> a voice in my head asked.

<<Jes’ git’n ‘em warmed up for ya’, uncle.>> I replied.

A soft blue light began to fill the bedroom.  It took a moment for O.C. to notice, but when he did he, instead of being frightened, he looked into my eyes for an explanation.

“You said you’d give anything to hold my Uncle Seth again.”  I smiled at him.  The reality was beginning to hit him, but the mechanics of the situation was unclear.

“What?  How?”  He stammered, as O.C. moved to his knees with his cock still firmly planted up my butt.

The blue glow coalesced into a small blue sprite that slowly moved around the room and finally came to rest on a night stand next to my bed.

“You remember me asking you to pray for my uncle when I first met you over a month ago?”

“Yeah,— and I have, but— ” O.C. stammered.

“It’s him.  It’s my Uncle Seth.  He came to me last night in a dream.  We sat this up so you could be with him for a while.”

“How?  I don’t understand.”

“Watch.”  I told him as I reached out my open hand to the sprite.  It moved to the palm of my hand, and I slowly brought it in front of us.  We were bathed in the glow of its electric blue essence.  I could see the amazement in O.C.’s eyes as I released it to sit upon my chest. It was remarkable, I could feel and smell the presence of my uncle within it.  It had mass and weight.

“Take your hand and press firmly on the light and he will enter my body, rider.”  I smiled at him using his nickname as a bond between us.

“Are you sure, Casey?  Is it safe?”

“Not to worry.  It’s my uncle, O.C.,— he would never harm me.”

Hesitantly, O.C. moved his hand and held it over the light.  He suddenly drew back his hand and sucked in a deep breath of air.

“My God,— it has mass! I can feel him!  It is Seth!”  He exclaimed.

I smiled at him and nodded.  Once again he moved his hand to my chest, but this time, he gently pushed upon the light and watched it flood into my body.  He watched my body arch and gasp taking a deep breath like I was filling my lungs with air for the first time.

“Casey,— are you all right?”  He shouted.

“He’s fine.  He’s here with me, Ocie.  How good it is to breathe again; to feel myself inside a living body, and best of all, within the body of my beloved, cowboy nephew.”

Seth was the only person to ever say O.C.’s name like the two letters were one name.  His name was, in fact, Ocie Creynallis Harris, but only a few knew. There was no doubt in O.C.’s mind his beloved brother was speaking to him.

“Seth?  Is it really you?”  Tears begin to well up in his eyes.

“Yes, my beloved brother.  It’s your loving and adoring ‘poon.’”

When they were together, O.C. heard the term ‘poon tang’ used as a slang term for an Asian woman’s vagina.  He thought it was the funniest thing he ever heard and started calling Seth Quee his little ‘poon’ as a loving reference to his partner’s hole.  It was a secret shared only by him and Seth Quee. O.C. broke down in tears, and my eyes started to flow as well.  My uncle moved my arms around his cowboy and pulled him close.

“There, there,— it’s all right, Ocie.   I’m here with you for a while.  Casey’s been kind enough to let me use his body, to speak through him and let me hold you once again.  I can only stay a while,  just long enough for us to make love, and for me to beg your forgiveness for having left you after we made plans to share our lives together.  I’m so sorry, brother.  I loved you so much, and I still do.”

“You came to me once before, but I couldn’t understand what you wanted.”

“Yes,— I remember.  I didn’t have much strength, but I was trying to tell you I was still with you, looking out for you;— still loving you.  Can you find it in your big, cowboy heart to forgive me, brother?”

O.C. started crying again, but Seth held him tight and once again soothed his spirit until O.C. could get himself together.

“I forgave you long ago, Seth.  I was hurt and disappointed, but I was young,  I got over it.  I went on with my life, but I’ve never forgotten your love and what you meant to me. You taught me about love, Quee.  You taught me how to love and the meaning of love.  I love you today as much as I ever did.  Now I know why it’s so easy for me to love Casey. He’s so much like you in every way;— but, he’s Casey.  He’s a good man,— a fine cowboy, but he ain’t chu,’ Quee.”
“I know, but he has a spark from me.  After I was killed in Nam I went to his mother who was still pregnant with him and gave him a spark from my soul.  He has a spark from three people; his mother, Francis; his dad, our brother Vince; and me;— however, Casey is fully his own man, and I’m so proud of him.  There’s more to your connection than either of you know right now, but it will be revealed to you.  There was more to your and my connection than either of us ever knew.  I’m not allowed to tell you, but there’s one who can and will tell you.”

“It is you, Quee,— ” O.C. spoke softly to his mate and kissed him gently on the lips.  “I can feel you, and your body always had a fragrance like no other.  It always made my dick hard.  I can smell you now,  and I’m getting harder in yore’ ass.”

“We were younger then, Ocie,  and you were one of the most handsome cowboys I ever laid eyes on.  Look at chu’!  You’re a mature, middle aged man who is even more sexy now than you were then.  You feel so good in my nephew’s ass, hoss.  I feel it.  I feel you growing strong inside of me.  This is too wonderful.  No wonder my nephew is so taken with you, and he’s right; you do fuck him just like his dad.  

Make love to me, my stallion.  Fuck me again like you used to.  This is what you wanted.  This is what you wished for.  It’s what I want, Ocie.  It’s what I need.  We only have a little while. This moment is for you,— for us, my beloved cowboy,— my stallion.”  Seth Quee chuckled.  “Ride me like the wind.  Ride me like you used to, Ocie.  My nephew even has us both dressed in our cowboy duds like you and I did so many times.  This is hot, Ocie.  Let’s not waste a minute.”

O.C. didn’t reply but started making sweet love to his mate.  They shared a passionate kiss that communicated the joy of reunion and of missing passion they both longed for all these years.  O.C. began to fuck Seth Quee like he used to when they were young cowboys together.  He fucked him long and deep, playing with his body, filling him with kisses and his strong, cowboy loving.

It was strange.  I was there along side my uncle.  I could feel everything,— every nuance of O.C.’s fucking,— the rutting smells of both of men,— the new and slightly different, but not unpleasant odor of my uncle,— everything.  I could’ve taken over at any moment, but I didn’t want to.  This was between my Uncle Seth and his mate. I only felt joy and happiness in being able to be the vessel to get them together again.  I began to wonder about other possibilities.

O.C. was fucking for joy and the sheer pleasure of once again fucking the man he loved all those years ago.  He would shed tears onto Seth’s face and kiss them away as he fucked him.  He knew to fulfil his mate he once again had to take from Seth Quee what he needed.  O.C. slowly built up his pace until he was fucking Seth Quee at full gallop. Seth Quee urged him on.

“Fuck me hoss!  Fuck me cowboy!  Blow that big, bull-wad in yore’ balls inside your poon.  Oh God, Ocie!  You never felt better, hoss.  Ride me home, cowboy!”

“I love you, Seth!  I love you and I forgive you!  You will always be my Quee;— my poon.  You gave it to me so long ago, and I’m reclaiming it as mine.  I’m gonna’ give you what chu’ need, brother.  Oh, God!  I can’t hold it no more!  I’m gonna’ come, Quee!  Hold your poon up there for me, hoss!  Take all of your cowboy!  I’m coming, Quee!  Oh Lord, that’s so good!  So good!”

I could feel my own ejaculation boiling up inside me, but I gave my uncle  full control.  He held back for a moment until he was certain his mate was emptying his balls deep within our ass.  I gave it up to my uncle and he, in turn, gave it up to our rider.  It was a hard won shot for each of them and O.C. collapsed in a pool of sweat and ecstasy whispering to his mate his love for him and thanking him for one last fuck.

“I love you so much, Ocie,— but I have to go now. I must return Casey’s body to him.”

“Stay a while longer, Quee.  Don’t leave me yet.”

“I can’t my beloved cowboy.  I have to leave Casey’s body while I have the strength.  Kiss me once more, cowboy.”

O.C. kissed his love goodbye with the gentleness of a saint.  His kiss conveyed the depth and breadth his love reached with his soul for his lost mate. They broke off their kiss, and the small blue sprite exited my body, flew around our heads several times, bussed a kiss on each of our cheeks, moved beside the bed and began to grow into the image of a man.  We saw my cowboy uncle as I saw him in my dream the night before.  He was stunning.

“Thanks, Casey,— I love you for your humanity and your generosity.  You’re a good man, Son.  I’m proud of you.  And, as for you, my beloved cowboy,— death ain’t the end of love.  Love is stronger than death.  I’ll carry your love with me even when I cross over.  I’ll be waiting for you, and we’ll love again.  Count on it! I love you both, more’n you can know.  Goodbye,— catch you cowboys on down the road.”  And he was gone.

For the first time since I’d been with him, O.C. Harris lost his erection and slipped out of my ass.  He was laying on top of me, but rolled us on our sides facing each other.   He quietly broke down again and poured the long lost tears of his heart out to me.  I held him close and make gentle love to him to calm him.  He finally got himself together.

“Thank you, Casey.   Your uncle was right.  You are a good hearted, generous man.  It’s exactly what I wanted and needed.  Now my old heart can be at peace.  I only hope Quee can make amends to his father.”

“We’re work’n on ‘nat, rider.”  I whispered to him.

“Could you feel it while I was,— ?”

“Everything!  I was right here alongside my uncle.  It was him what was using my body, but I was right there.”

“Making love to two men,—  two souls at once.  Wow,— that’s a first. It was hot, Casey.  I appreciate your generosity.”

“How much?  Enough to fuck ME this time?”  I laughed teasing him.

I didn’t have to ask a second time.  I felt my cowboy growing hard against my belly. There was only one other man who could hold a candle to my dad, ‘the sex machine,’ and that was O.C. Harris.  I couldn’t imagine a potent man like O.C. living alone on a ranch with little or no sexual outlet.  He was one of the most caring, thoughtful, demandingly sexual men I ever met.  It was my decided opinion, O.C. Harris would make some man a fine Master.

 O.C. and I fucked like two squirrels storing up nuts for the winter.  We didn’t get a lot of sleep that night.   I didn’t mind.  I was as much to blame as he was.  I couldn’t get enough of him.  I sucked him off again the next morning in the shower.

* * * * * * *

When we walked into the kitchen the next morning there was a hush came over the assembled men.  I learned later there was a glow about O.C. that none of the men witnessed before.  I helped Cindy and her girls get breakfast ready for everyone.

“What happened to you, brother?  You look ten years younger.”  I heard Bubba ask O.C. as I handed him a cup of coffee.

“A good nights sleep will do wonders for a man.”  O.C. replied and grinned real big.

“Yeah,— right!” said Bubba laughing.

Nothing more was said, but I noticed my granddad managed to sit next to O.C. at the table with me on O.C.’s other side.  I could tell he was curious about O.C. and me and what might have occurred.  He didn’t ask any question,  but he sure was curious.  I knew, for my sake, O.C. wouldn’t tell him anything.  He probably wouldn’t believe him anyway.  There was only two men at the table who would believe him,— the sheriff and Bubba.

The sheriff announced to everyone, he and his family would be going to church and anyone who wanted to join them was welcome; however, he realized church going wasn’t some folks druthers and no one should feel obligated.  I was surprised when every man there indicated they’d like to go with the sheriff and his family.  I was especially surprised when my granddad announced he’d like to go.  I would’ve thought, after his experiences,  he’d steer clear of church.

After breakfast clean up duty, O.C. and  I joined the men to walk down to the barn to care for the livestock for the day.  Talk had been lively around the breakfast table and the men continued their conversations on the way to the barn.  We fed the animals and returned to the double ‘R’ to get ready for church.  We had several hours before we had to be ready.  I was glad O.C. and I had some time to talk.

I figured after church and Sunday dinner we wouldn’t have much time to say goodbye to each other.  I knew the sheriff and his boys would want to rodeo for a while, but they would have to break off in the afternoon so Bubba, his boys and O.C. could load their ponies and start back to their ranches.  Also the sheriff had to take us into town so we could catch a ride out to the Lazy 8.
We had some time to kill so I suggested to O.C. we lay across my bed and talk.

“I’m glad we have a little time together this morning so’s I can tell you goodbye proper-like and not make a fool of myself later this afternoon.”  I smiled at him.

“Yeah,— after what we done and been through this weekend it’s gonna’ be awful hard to say goodbye to you, Case.”

“I’m so glad you accepted my invitation to come stay with me.  It’s meant as much to me as it has for your, rider.”  I grinned at him.

“I ain’t a’ gonna’ push, Casey, but am I gonna’ git to see you again?”

“Like you said,— after what we shared this weekend do you think you could keep me away?”  I chuckled.  He smiled at my response.

“I hope not.  I wouldn’t wanna’ keep you away.  I know you have other obligations, Son.  I ain’t playing a needy card here; however, if’n you feel like it, I’d like to spend as much time with you as I can.  When you git one a’ yore’ weekends off from the ranch, and you don’t have other obligations to the sheriff or others,  come stay with me.  I’d love to have you down to the ranch.  Hell, come down and stay with Bubba and his boys.  We don’t have to bunk it in ever’ time.  I’d jes’ like to see you, Casey.  I wasn’t kidding when it told ju’ I love you.  After what chu’ done for me and Quee, you’re like family to me now.

“You gotta’ know I love you, too, rider. I’d be right proud to drive down and spend a weekend with you at your ranch.  I’ll keep in touch and let chu’ know my schedule.  Right now, I have no idea how all this will turn out; however, we’ll git to see each other when you, Bubba and his boys come for fall roundup in a couple a’ weeks.  We may not be able to do a hell of a lot, but I’d be willing to share my tent with ya.  I’d love to take care of my ‘rider’ after a hard day in the saddle, go to sleep in yore’ arms, with the taste a’ yore’ cowboy cream on my tongue.”

“Stop talk’n that a’ ways!  You gonna’ be in big trouble in a minute, hoss, if’n you don’t.”

“I was a’ hope’n I might git myself into a little trouble.”  I laughed.

“What about chur’ granddad, Casey?  I see by the way Curtis looks at you he’s think’n on more’n jes’ yore’ cowboy skills. What if he decides he’d like to bunk it in with you some weekend?”

“My purpose in coming here to Texas and going to work for the Lazy 8 is to git to know my granddad.  It’s no secret among the men I’ve met and love around here, I bunk it in with my own dad.   Like my pony owns me, my heart belongs to my dad, O.C.; however, I certainly wouldn’t have no problem bunk’n it in with my granddad.  I think he’s a good looking man.”

“Curtis is a mighty fine look’n man.  He’s a hell of a hot cowboy.  I’ve had fantasies of bedding him myself, but I ain’t never got up the nerve to ask him.   He ain’t never let on like he’d like to share my bunk.  He’s come to the ranch many times and stayed a weekend with me and Bubba.  Me’n Bubba’s ‘bout the only family he has.

 The last several years he’s spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with us. Most times my girls and their families will join us and he enjoys my grand-kids almost as much as I do.  Probably more so, ‘cause I’m always glad to wave goodbye to ‘em.”  O.C. laughed.

I wasn’t prying, Casey, I’s jes’ concerned for you. I guess I’ve watched so many things blow up in my face I thought was the bedrock of my life, and I hope and pray with all my heart you and Curtis come to love each other.   He’s a good man, Casey.  For all the grief he caused earlier in his life he don’t deserve not to be forgiven and to be reunited with any family he has left.”

“What do you think my uncle meant when he told ju’ we had a greater connection with each other we have no idea of?”

“I wondered about that.  I ain’t real sure, Son.  You got any ideas?”  

“None, other than you’re so much like my dad in many ways.  You don’t look like him, but you’re each good look’n men.  It’s jes’ the way you conduct yourself and the way you deal with folks what makes me think on him.  I guess that’s about the best compliment I could pay you, rider,— my dad’s one of the best.  Don’t make ‘em like my old man no more.”

“I agree.  I haven’t seen him in years, but I remember him as a young man and he would give you the shirt off his back if you asked him.  Sounds like he’s still that way.  I’d love to see him again, Casey.”

“I have a feeling you will, O.C.  I hope so.”

* * * * * * *

We talked some more and I sucked him off again.  This time O.C. insisted on taking me at the same time.  He didn’t gag on the ‘longhorn’ and took my spunk like a pro.

We went to church and my granddad sat on one side of me and O.C. on the other.  We all sat in the sheriff’s family pews and were all welcomed by the preacher.  He preached a good sermon about being kind to those less fortunate than us.  He wasn’t a dynamic speaker and I found myself thinking about other things.  Sitting between two powerful men like my granddad and O.C. it was hard to keep my mind on anything.

* * * * * * *

After Sunday dinner Gip and his boys wanted to rodeo a bit more.  The day wasn’t as hot as the previous day and there was a cool breeze blowing though the big oak trees.  My granddad commented he thought it might be a sign of an early winter this year.

O.C. and I continued to beat the pants off of everyone; except, one run I made with my granddad tied a couple of our better runs.  I was kind of glad to have one last time to work with Rocky before I left.  He and I didn’t communicate too much.  We’d said our goodbyes the day before, but I gave him some extra oats and took more time rubbing him down when I put him away.  I hugged and kissed him goodbye once more and left the barn to get my gear to throw in the back of Gip’s pickup truck.

Bubba, his boys, Vince and Seth, and O.C.  got their ponies loaded, goodbyes were said, and they took off to return to their ranches.  It was hard saying goodbye to the four of them.

After a tearful good by to Cindy, the girls, little Gip and Waddie Buck, we got into the sheriff’s big crew cab pickup and he drove us into town to the sheriff’s station.  After we got there, Gip asked me into his office for a minute.

“If you need anything, you call me.  You call me here or at home anytime.  If’n, for some reason, I ain’t around you leave word with Cindy or little Gip, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.  You understand, Son?”

“Thanks, Sheriff.  You and your family have been so damn good to me.  I’m gonna’ miss you.  Thank you for everything, Gip.”

“What are families for, Son?”  He smiled at me.

We hugged and I gave him a big kiss.  I almost lost it.   

* * * * * * *

We didn’t have too wait long and the truck for the ranch was there.  I transferred my saddle and duffle bag to the rear and climbed in the rear cab of the truck with Brett and Curt.   My granddad rode up front with the driver, another cowboy from the ranch named Joe.

We got on the road for a two hour drive to the ranch.  I was excited but a bit melancholy from the high of the weekend and having such a wonderful time with O.C. and my uncle.  I wondered if I was doing the right thing and if I’d make the grade as a full time cowboy.  I was more interested in doing well to gain my granddad’s approval than proving anything to myself.

Rocky taught me a good lesson about how to think about things and I reached out with my mind to thank him.

<<Why you worry, rider?  Main man-stallion from ranch may be blood, but you own him,— jes’ like Rocky own you.>>

I laughed and thanked him again for his sage advice.  I had forgotten I owned a third interest in the Lazy 8.  I sat back, smiled to myself, relaxed and enjoyed the ride to the ranch.

End of Chapter 36 ~ Texas Longhorns

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