By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 46     

“Look, Son,” Vince spoke to Logan as he pulled up his Wranglers after taking care of his boy’s problem one afternoon, “I know you’re sharp and observant.  I also know you’re in touch with your brother every other day or so.  You’ve probably noticed I opened the letter from his granddad.”

“Yes, Sir, I told him I saw it was opened, but I couldn’t tell him whether you read it or not.  Casey wouldn’t ask me to ask you.  He didn’t ask me about the letter, Dad,  I done volunteered the information.  I felt a little bad about it, but he is my brother, Sir.”  Logan said sheepishly.

“I have no intention of putting you in the middle of all this, Son,— you’re too damn good to me, and I love you.  I’d never do some’um like ‘at to somebody I love.  H’it ain’t the cowboy way.  I read the letter and you can tell him.  I just ain’t got no comment on it yet.  You have a way with him, ask him to give me time to think on it.  I jes’ don’t know how I feel about it right now.  When I do, he’ll be the first to know.”

“Thanks, Dad.  I appreciate that.  I have been a bit worried about being unfaithful to both of you.  It’s sort a’ put me in a difficult position.”

“I know,— I could tell by the way you done sucked me off this afternoon, some’um was bother’n you.  H’it weren’t jes’ one of yore’ regular blow jobs,— you done throw’d  jur’ all into it.  Now, I ain’t saying them other blow jobs you gimme’ was weak,— you always do a fine job a’ taking care of this old cowboy.”  Vince grinned at Logan.

“Thanks, Dad.  You’re right.  I guess I was try’n to do some’um special for you to make up for my guilt.”

“Hell, if’n it gits me more blow jobs like that’n,— you jes’ go ahead on and feel guilty as much as you need, Son.”   Vince roared with laughter.  Logan laughed, too.

Vince grabbed Logan and pulled him into his arms, and gave him a gentle, loving kiss.

“I love ya,’ boy.  Don’t chu’ never forget it.”

“I love you, too, Dad.   Sometimes it’s your love what keeps me going.”

“'At’s the way it should be, Son.  I made a promise to yore’ daddy, I’d make damn sure you make it through med school,— and the Lord will’n, I plan to keep that promise.”

* * * * * * *

Bart and I arrived back at the ranch.  Will and Curtis looked at us, said something to each other, nodded in agreement, then laughed their ass’s off.  I could only imagine what their exchange might have been.  They came over and gave us both a hug. Later that evening as granddad and I were bedding down for the night, I asked him what he and Will were laughing at.

“Ah,— you know old Will.  I guess Will and me’s been around cowboys to damn many years.  We seen ‘um come and go.  Cowboy’s are stoic, but they got a hard time hiding their feeling from other cowboys.   He jes’ tole me to look at you two; said ju’ weren’t the same men what left here on Friday.  You both had a glow about chu’ ‘at’s hard to miss.  We done agreed you two must a’ bonded over the weekend.”  he laughed and winked at me.

“You’re right, Grampa.  I done had me a wonderful weekend with Bart and his family.  I love his little boy Brent, and his daddy Hank is one of the finest men I ever did meet.  Bart and me, . . . well, . . . .we done rodeoed us a bit.”  I smiled at him.  Curtis laughed.

“We figured as much.  H’it’s about time I had a little talk with you.  You don’t have to bunk it in with me ever’ night, Son.  Cain’t says it ain’t like heaven roll’n over in the night, throw’n my arm around my grandson and pull’n him close.  You know as well as I do, h’it jes’ain’t the cowboy way to cling to someone or be needy of ‘um.  What I’m try’n to say is, if’n you and Bart wanna’ bunk it in together,  y’ain’t gonna’ hurt my feelings none.  Hell we cain’t do nothing here no ways.  We’re too damn tired most of the time to even think on it.”

“Thanks, Grampa.  I appreciate that, but I’m happy for right now.  If it happens, I want it to be a natural thing.  I don’t wanna’ jes’ pickup my bedroll and us move in together after one weekend.  Besides, Bart’s got another love interest in his hometown.”

I told Curtis about the experience with Nick Chambers and he just shook his head.

“I know’d Nick’s daddy Pete for years.  We used to rodeo together when we’s kids.  He was a good man and a fine cowboy.  He’d shit his pants if’n he knew his boy done some’um like ‘at.”  Curtis allowed.  “You got a good point about not rush’n into anything.  ‘Sides ‘at, have you told Bart about belonging to yore’ daddy?”

“You know what, Grampa?  I thought I told Bart all there was to tell, but I ain’t said a word to him about my dad.  I done plumb forgot about it.  I guess I jes’ thought he knew, but he ain’t been around much.  He can be pert-damn naive’ sometimes.  ‘At’s part of why I love him.   Maybe I’s in denial ‘cause I like Bart so damn much.”

“‘At’s a hard one to call, Son.  Hell, we all like Bart.  ‘Air ain’t nothing bad you kin say about the man.  If’n he gits hung up on you and thinks he’s got a chance, he might pass up some’um with Nick he might regret the rest of his life.  In a situation like ‘at,  it always pays to be honest.  Right now, I don’t think you know what you want; I don’t think you even wanna’ think on the future too much.  You’s too damn happy being a cowboy.”  Granddad grinned at me.

“I don’t know what the future holds, but for now, I’m comfortable and content.  You’re right, Grampa, I really don’t wanna’ think much on the future.  I told Bart that over the weekend, but you’re right again, I should be honest with him.”

“I’m look’n forward to us going to the Tucson rodeo together.  I ain’t really had you to myself away from the ranch but one weekend since you come back from Christmas.  ‘At’s been damn near six months.  My old balls is a’ turn’n blue.”  Curtis laughed.

“You know I’ve offered to suck you off many times, Grampa.”

“I donno’ ‘bout ‘tat.  I feel like h’it’s kinda one way.  I don’t know’s I could ever reciprocate.  I’s jes’ too damn old and set in my ways, I guess.  H’it’s different when I fuck ya.’  I know yore’ getting good feelings out of it same as me, otherwise you wouldn’t shoot them bucket loads a’ yore’ cowboy spunk all over me.”   he grinned at me.

“What makes you think I wouldn’t get nothing out of it.  I get to pleasure and bring some comfort to my granddad, and the extra added bonus is get’n to drink his hot cowboy come right from the tap.  How sweet is ‘zat?  I suck my dad off all a’ time, Grampa.  I love suck’n my old man off.  My little brother loves to suck him off, too.  We don’t never let him reciprocate ‘cause he’s a lousy cocksucker.”  I laughed and got a laugh out of granddad.

“Didn’t look to me like he was have’n much problem take’n ole Bubba’s big dick years ago.  They’s going after it like a couple a’ calves what jes’ found their mommas’ teats.  Being the hypocrite I was, I done watched ‘um ‘til I come in ma’jeans, then I scared the crap out of ‘um yell’n and a’ holler’n they’s sodomites.  God help me,— I’s jest as guilty as they was.”

“Well,— don’t think on the past.  Dad even told me, one time, ole Bubba had the sweetest dick he ever tasted.”  I laughed, “I gotta’ agree with him, Grampa,— Bubba’s dick does tastes pert-damn sweet.”   
We shared a laugh.

“Well,— lemme’ think on it.  I remember the young man I fell so much in love with years ago would beg me to let him pleasure me.  Told me it was his job as a slave to please and give comfort to his Master; told me h’it jes’ wouldn’t be right for me to reciprocate.  He insisted I be his Master and treat him as my slave the whole time we was together.  I found out a new side of myself I never knew about.  I enjoyed the feeling of owning that wonderful man even if it was only for a little while.  I’ll have to say, I ain’t never had me no better blow jobs.  I found myself wanting and needing to be ‘at boy’s Master,— but ‘at’s another story.  In the meantime, give your old grampa a hug and a kiss goodnight.  I always have sweet dreams when my grandson gives me a kiss before I go to sleep.”

I gave him a big hug and a good kiss to last him through the night.

* * * * * * *

Since we knew we’d probably be losing five of our young cowboys the Fourth of July.  After the fall roundup, they all agreed to stay on to help out and work until the rodeo in Chapel Creek.   Waddie Buck said he thought he might like to stay on a while longer, but the last night of the roundup, his daddy put the kabosh on that pert-damn quick.   I couldn’t blame him, Gip missed his boys and he wanted them home with him.  He confided in me later he damn near went crazy the ten months his boys were away working on the ranch.  

Sticker told Curtis, he and the board of the Lazy 8 agreed to pay for our journey to Tucson for the rodeo the weekend before the fourth.  They thought it would be good PR to have two contestants representing the ranch, and they always got several new cowhands as a result.  It was also a nice tax writeoff.  I called Dan Yates to ask if we could park the double ‘R’ at his place for the weekend.  He told me they were expecting us.  Griz already told them we’d be coming.   They were looking forward to seeing us.  

It was a short week for us.  The cowboys got together and decided since some would have the long weekend off for the Fourth, those cowboys who had the previous weekend off should get three days as well.  Curtis and Wade thought it would be fair and agreed to it.  That meant we’d get off Thursday noon and drive into Chapel Creek.  Curtis and I were going to take the double ‘R’ and drive to Tucson all night so we could be there Friday morning, a day before the two day rodeo.  Then we’d drive back after the second day of the rodeo on Sunday, and be back to work on Monday morning.

All the cowboys who had the weekend off got into the second ranch truck  to ride with Curtis and I into town.  Wade was going to drive in and pickup the other cowboys Sunday afternoon, but granddad and I would keep the other truck to come back in after we got back from Tucson.

I knew it was going to be a grueling drive, but I felt like I could handle it.  I was hoping it wouldn’t be too much for Curtis.  Bart wanted to go with us in the worst way.  He didn’t say anything, but I could tell.  He had to stay so he could be off the weekend of the fourth, because he wanted to rodeo in Chapel Creek with us.  We dropped off the cowboys at the sheriff’s station who were going to stay in Chapel Creek and the rest of us, drove out to the sheriff’s ranch.

Curtis wanted to take his favorite pony, Socks, and ask me if I would ask her nicely if she would consider going with us and working with him.  He told me to tell her it would be a long trip, and he was worried her hip might give her problems.  She didn’t seem concerned about her hip.  She replied to my humble inquiry with a question,

<< Is your owner going, man-colt? >>

<< Yes, ma’am, Ms. Socks, I done asked Rocky and he said he wanted to go. >>

<< Fine.  Then I’ll be happy to go.  I enjoy working with him.  He’s a sweetheart and a gentle-stud.   I know he’s a gelding, but I’d have his baby if he wasn’t.  I’d also enjoy working with you and your grandsire again.  He’s a fine man-stallion.  He knows how to treat a lady of breeding and quality. >> she laughed at her own joke and I giggled.

<< Sorry, Ms. Socks,— I didn’t mean no disrespect. >> she laughed harder.

When I told Curtis and Will what she said they had to hold each other they were laughing so hard.  They both had a great appreciation for the fine pony.  Ms. Socks was at the sheriff’s ranch waiting for us.  Gip said he couldn’t read her mind but Socks let him know she wanted to be in the stall next to Rocky.  Ocie, and Bubba brought her up.  They were there waiting to pick up Vince and Seth Quee.

Curtis and I was pleasantly surprised.  Gip, Bubba and Ocie, had the double ‘R’ disconnected, pulled out to the parking area, my trailer hooked up, and the ponies loaded.  Cindy told me she put sandwiches and other goodies for me and granddad in my fridge.  They hugged us, gave us lots of kisses and wished us well.   I looked at my watch as we pulled onto the blacktop and we were away by two o’clock in the afternoon.  I shed a couple of tears at my family’s thoughtfulness.  I looked at granddad and smiled.  He had to take out his bandanna and wipe his eyes.

“They’s fine people, Son.”  he said.

“Cain’t gainsay that, Grampa.  I love ever’ damn one of ‘um like they’s my own.”

“They think on you as their own, Son.”

“They think that way about bowfus, Grampa.”

I told the ponies we were going to try to make two hundred miles at a stretch; however, if one needed to answer nature’s call to let me know and we’d accommodate them.   Otherwise, we would walk them and take care of those things when we stopped.   They seemed comfortable with that.

From my trip from Tucson to Chapel Creek with Master Waddie almost a year ago I knew it would take us approximately fourteen hours of solid driving.  My wonderful adopted mom, Cindy, made us several nice sandwiches, a thermos of coffee, and a thermos of soup.  Granddad and I took turns driving.  We’d swap off every two hundred miles.  If we weren’t driving we’d get something to eat or take a nap.

Granddad and I agreed we didn’t think we’d get much sleep, but we did.  I’d go lay down and be out like a light.  The gentle hum of the engine and the rolling motion of the coach was like a rocking cradle.  It lulled us to sleep.  Neither Curtis nor I would wake until the other would wake us to help walk the ponies.  It took us a little longer than I estimated.  Since we kept the ponies at a standstill for hours at a time, we let them have a little extra time to be out of the trailer.

We pulled into the road to the ‘Broken Arrow’ ranch at ten after six in the morning.  Everyone came out to greet us including Mrs. Russell and her two helpers.  I was like a reunion of sorts between Curtis, Dan Yates, Cowboy, Boots, and Sonny.   Griz came along after granddad rode with the Mc Innis family and he hadn’t met him yet.  For his enormous size, Griz was so shy he stood behind and away from the other.  I caught his eye as we were greeting the others.

<< I’m saving the best for last, my big friend. >> a big smile came across his face.

<< Yore’ more purrtie than the last time I seen you. >>  

<< Flatterer,— you’ll turn this cowboy’s head. >>

<< ‘At’s what I’s a’ hope’n for. >> he grinned real big.

After we said ‘hello’ to everyone I took granddad by the hand to introduce him to my big friend, but first, I hugged and kissed him myself.  He easily picked me up and rested me on his huge chest and proceeded to give me a kiss that had the others going, “Awwww.”

“H’it’s so damn good to see you again, Griz.”

“H’it’s good to see you again, Casey.”  he stole another kiss and put me down.

“Granddad, I’d like you to meet a good friend and mentor of mine.  This, here, fine look’n gentleman is Mr. Grizzly Gunn.  Griz, I’d like you to meet my granddad, Mr. Curtis Langtry.”  

Granddad took Griz’s hand and looked him in the eye.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Gunn.  I’ve heard many good things about you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too, Mr. Langtry.  Please call me ‘Griz,’ Sir.  I’s jes’ Griz.”

Granddad hesitated for a minute, but he didn’t let go to Griz’s hand.

“You may call me, Curtis, Son.  Any man what’s been as good and kind to my grandson as he told me you’ve beet to him, commands my respect enough to be informal with me.”

“Thank you, Curtis, I appreciate that, Sir.  It’s a wonderful thing for you to find out a good cowboy like Casey’s your grandson.”

“You have no idea how grateful to God I am ever’ day for allowing me to met, git to know and love my grandson, Gris.”

Griz smiled at granddad.  He got a look of peace and understanding on his face that almost shook Curtis to his core.

“Mean’n no disrespect, Sir, but I do have an idea.  God sent Casey to you as proof of your redemption for listening to him.  He will return yore’ son to you as well.  As of this day your redemption will come full circle, Sir.”

We all stood and watched as my cowboy granddad broke into tears.  Griz pulled him into his huge arms and sang to Curtis in his low rumbling tone. He was comforting and healing my granddad’s soul.  I could help it, I broke up two.  There were a few tears shed by the other men as well.  Granddad got himself together and Girz released him.

“God bless you, Son.  My grandson was right, you are one of the finest men I ever met.”

“Thank you, Curtis,— and He blesses all of us ever’ day, Sir.”
Cowboy and Griz helped us unload the ponies, take them to the barn, feed and water them.  They were a bit stiff, but happy to have arrived. They waited breakfast for us and we went in to have a wonderful meal with the men of the Broken Arrow.

“We’s expecting Waddie Claymore and his family around noon.  They said they’d be here for lunch.”  said Dan Yates.  “I know that won’t break yore’ heart,— will it, cowboy?”  he looked at me as he took a sip of his coffee and grinned.

“Not A bit, Sir.”   I said with enthusiasm. Everyone else laughed, too.

“As you know, Curtis,— bondings run deep.”  Dan laughed.

“How well I know, Sir.”  Granddad replied.
They all knew the story of granddad falling in love with the young biker they called Mutt many years ago, and that being the reason for him giving up  biking to become a cowboy again.

“We’s planning on doing a little rodeo’n here today.  Thought we’d practice up for the rodeo tomorrow.  You gentlemen are welcome to join us if you’re up to it after such a long journey.”

“We alternated driving and got in some sleep on the way.  I feel pretty good.  How ‘bout you, Son?”  Granddad asked me.

“I feel pert-damn good, Grampa.  I’ll have to ask the ponies if’n they’s up to it.”

“They is.” spoke Griz softly.  We all looked at him, “I already done asked ‘um when we’s take’n ‘um to the barn.  They said after they git some’um to eat and drink and rest for a while they’ll be ready to go.  They’s looking forward to it.”  We all laughed.

I helped Cowboy and some of the men clear the table and clean up the dishes.  It didn’t take much doing.  All we had to do was rinse the plates and stack them in the dishwasher.  I remembered to put some money in Mrs. Russell’s tip jar.  I left forty bucks.  Twenty for me and twenty for granddad. I’d leave more before we left.

“Yore’ granddad’s a fine look’n cowboy, Casey.  I can see where you git chore’ good looks.  I always did think on him as a handsome man, but now,— he’s aged and ripened,— woah,— if’n I weren’t owned by my Master, Mr. Langtry could damn sure put his boots under my bunk.”  Cowboy laughed.

“Thanks, Cowboy.  I think he’s pert-damn special, but a’ course I’s prejudice.”

“I suppose ya’ll’s gonna’ be team rope’n tomorrow?”

“Yes, Sir; however, with Master Waddie coming, we don’t stand much chance.”

“Hey,— don’t chu’ never think like that.  Waddie Claymore can be beat.  Me’n my Master’s beat him lots a’ times.  There’s jes’ one secret you need to know to stomp that old man’s butt.”

I looked at him waiting for his answer.

“If’n you think you kin beat him,— you will.  Trust me.  I seen the way yore’ granddaddy looks on you, and I seen the way you look on him.  Ya’ll ain’t hide’n no secrets from these men.  You two be in love with one another.”

“Does it show that much?”  I grinned.

“Not to folks what don’t know ‘bout that sort a’ thing; however, it might help if ya’ll stop git’n hard around each other and consider stuff'n some’um down yore’ pants to keep the wet spots from show’n from yore’ drool’n dicks.”  he laughed then continued, “Lemme’ tell you some’um, buckaroo,— maybe Master Waddie ain’t told ju,’ but it’s hard as hell to beat two cowboys what love each other like I see with you and Master Job, or Curtis.  I gotta’ git used to calling him that.”  he said as an aside and grinned.

“Thanks, Cowboy, but Master Waddie did tell me.  He said ‘at’s why we won both rodeos last year, we was in love.  I still love him.”

“Ain’t no doubt in nobody’s mind that old cowboy still loves you, too,— he checked twice to make sure you’s gonna’ be here,— but, cha’ see,— he was right.  Jes’ remember what chore’ Master Waddie done told ju,’— and cowboy Waddie Claymore ain’t got no chance against you’n your granddad.”

   * * * * * * *

We were through and Cowboy walked me out to the double ‘R’ to show me where to park.  He had me park in the same space I did last year.  Curtis went with us. We thanked Cowboy, and he left to go back to the house.  He told us to be ready in about an hour or so to rodeo.  We went into the double ‘R’ and started to get ready.  We put on our rodeo gear, but when we were done, there was still some time left. I looked at my granddad.  He put on a fresh, bight blue Wester shit with black pin stripes running down the back and front.  I gave him the shirt for Christmas.  He said he was saving it for a special time.  I guess this was it.

I couldn’t help admire him in his brown, heavy leather, bat wing, working chaps.  They were raw and dirty looking like they belonged to a working cowboy who’d seen many hours in the saddle.  They had the sweat stains from his legs and his ponies sides that turned them into a darker brown color; almost black in places.  His was wearing his big, heavy duty, buckaroo boots, with his big spurs strapped tightly across his instep.  He was almost too much for my eyes to take in.  To say nothing of his brown sweat stained everyday working vest and his huge, wide brim, three ply, beaver felt, chocolate cowboy hat.

He turned to look at me and I smiled.  I could see what Cowboy was talking about.  Grandad was hard and there was a wet spot at his crotch framed neatly by his chaps.  I almost came in my pants.  I see him every damn day and not a day passes I don’t think about how I’d love to suck him off with him wearing his cowboy gear.  It was a powerful moment for me.  He looked at my crotch and grinned real big.  He didn’t need to be a mind reader to know my thoughts were way past the lascivious borderline.  It was a look of full blown lust.  I went to him, knelt in front of him, bent over and lovingly kissed each of his handsome boots.  I found his hand waiting for me.  I kissed it and placed it to my forehead to await his command.

“Rise, my beautiful cowboy, and show yore’ ramrod yore’ love.”

Damned if he didn’t know exactly the right words to say at the right time.  I jumped into his arms and we kissed a kiss that had me dry humping my dear old granddad’s leg like a hound dog.  We broke off our kiss.

“You wanna’ be this old man’s slave for today, Son?”  he whispered softly in my ear.

“You know better’n to ask, Sir.  Does being your slave mean I get to service you and bring you comfort without chu’ worry’n none about it?”

“It does.”  he answered quietly stealing another kiss. “Show yore’ ramrod what chu’ got, boy.”  he gently ordered me.

I fell to my knees in front of him, undid the buttons on his Wrangles, reached in and gently pulled out his big dick.  My granddad’s dick looked like an enlarged photo copy of mine.  Actually, he wasn’t that much bigger than I am. I wondered if I’d grow more as I matured.  One evening, he assured me I would.  He told me he continued to grow until he was twenty-eight.

I thought my jaw would dislocate, but I managed to give my granddad one hell of a blow job.  The smell of him and all the leather he was wearing kept getting me hotter and hotter the closer I brought him to the point of shooting his load.  I felt him put his hand gently behind my head and saw him look down at me.  I knew he was close.  I stepped up my effort and felt his come rising through is thick shaft.

I was ready for him when he shot, and swallowed volley after volley of his sweet tasting cowboy cream.   Taking my granddad’s come was so exciting for me, I unloaded in my Wranglers.  I gently cleaned him up running my tongue up, under, and around his foreskin to get the final goodness of the last drops of his seed.  I grabbed a small hand towel, gently dried him, and returned his fine cock to his pants.  Curtis pulled me up to him and lovingly kissed me.

“Master Waddie had a hand in training you,— I can tell.”

“I begged him to, Grampa.  I wanted to see what it was like.  You won’t have no more problem with me suck’n you off,— will you, Grampa?”

“I don’t think so, Son.”  he said quietly.  “Even an old dog can sometimes be learned new tricks.”

“Excuse me, Grampa,— I gotta’ change my Wranglers.  I unloaded in my pants.”

Granddad thought that was wonderful and laughed.  He waited patiently for me to clean myself and change.  He was proud of me and pleased with himself.  It was a new road mark in our relationship.  I got my act together  and got all my rodeo gear on again.

“You ready to rodeo, Son?”  he asked.

“Again? So soon, Grampa?”  I asked mischievously.   Curtis roared with laugher.

“I love you, boy.  I don’t only enjoy yore’ love,— you make me laugh. You’re daddy’s a lucky man.  He couldn’t a made you no finer.”

“Thanks, Grampa, I love you, too, . . . now, . . . . let’s go stomp us some cowboy butt.”

“We gonna’ win today?”

“Ain’t go no doubts, Grampa.”   I grinned at him and licked my lips.  He roared with laugher again and patted me on my butt.

* * * * * * *
We rodeoed all morning.  Curtis and I had the best times of the morning.  Nobody could touch us.  We were getting encouragement and compliments from all the men.  Cowboy kept looking at me and smiling like, ‘See, I told ju’ so.’  Dan decided to break off rodeoing around ten o’clock.  It was getting hot and the ponies needed a break and some water.  We took them to the barn.  Some of the men left their saddles on their ponies, but granddad and I didn’t.  We took ours off and slung him over the stall fence.   Rocky and Socks thank us graciously.  They needed a chance to cool off.

We helped Dan, Cowboy and the rest of the men move a bunch of picnic tables under a huge outdoor room Dad and Cowboy built many years ago.  It was built on a concrete slab and it was built perpendicular to the arc of the sun.  I was well designed for the most comfort from the heat.  It had no walls, but the roof was high arched and covered with corrugated tin.  There were about a dozen turbulators, equally spaced, placed in the roof at the highest point that would exhaust the hot air and pull the cooler air into the room.  They worked well and there was always air movement in the room.

Dan placed several together in the center of the room to set food on and the others were for people to sit at to eat.  They were expecting Master Waddie and his family for lunch and Dad invited the locals over to rodeo after one o’clock.  Dad liked to reserved his arena for his family and close friends to use in the morning and then whoever wanted to could come in the afternoon.  We just finished and began walking back to the house to wash up, when we heard a low guttural engine sound, the unmistakable sound of Harley-Davidson motorcycles.    I look at granddad and got the biggest grin on my face.

“Will you throw a bucket of cold water on yore’ grandson, Curtis?”

“H’it won’t do no good, Dan,— you know how them bonding go.”  Everyone laughed.

“Good point.  Indeed, I do, Sir.”  Dan laughed   

We stood and watched as the men of Master Waddie’s family pulled up and parked.  With them were the usual family members I’d meet before; Big Jim, Beau, Chef, Blaine, Bull, Charlie, Jake, little Beau, and of course, Master Waddie and his handsome mate Titus.  I looked at granddad, and he knew what I wanted without asking.  He nodded and smiled.  I took off on a run to the arms of my Master.  Master Waddie picked me up, spun me around, sat me down and gave me a good kiss.

“It’s so good to see you again, you little shit!  When was the last time we seen him, T.?  Christmas?”

I was already in Titus’ arms hugging and kissing him.  Granddad came up behind me and was greeting all of Master Waddie’s family.  There were a couple of men with them I didn’t know.   I never met them before.  One was a well built middle aged man who was so handsome he looked like he should be a movie star.  His mate was better than just well built, he was massive with huge arms, legs, a thick neck and slender waist.  He was shaped like a walking ‘V.’

He was an attractive man in a rugged way. He made my dick get hard instantly.  He looked hyper masculine like he was an ex-Navy seal.  He had several tattoos on his muscular arms.  His ruggedness reminded me of Charles Bronson’s rugged masculine appeal, only this man was much better looking.  He had a few scars on his face which only added to his mysterious masculine persona.  He looked like he’d seen many fist fights or maybe even knife fights but could handle himsel well in any situation.  He carried himself with pride.  I was sure he was the Master of the other, handsome, but slightly smaller biker.  I was wrong.

The smaller,  handsome man came to Curtis with a big smile on his face.  Granddad must have known him, because he opened his arms to the man.  They threw  their arms around each, hugged and kissed, as they patted each other hardily on the back.

“You look great, Master Job; although,— I understand, now, it’s Master Langtry.  It’s so good to see you again, Sir.”

“Harley Boone, you handsome devil.  You look just as fine as you ever did.  It’s good to see you again, Son.”  Curtis replied.

I was stunned when the big man with Mr. Boone fell to his knees in front of granddad.  Granddad didn’t have clue who the man was, but Curtis was no novice to the Master/slave ritual of Master Waddie’s family.

“Permission to pay homage to your boots, Master Job?”  the big man asked quietly looking down at Curtis’ boots.

“Granted, Son.”

The man bent over and lovingly kissed each of Curtis’ boots.  Granddad put his hand down for the man as was the custom.  He took granddad’s hand kissed it and placed it to his forehead to await Curtis’ instructions.

“Rise, young man, and show this humble, old cowboy your love.”

“I can’t, Master Job, until I have your forgiveness, Sir.”

Curtis looked around at the other men for help.  He didn’t have a clue who this big man was or why he was asking his forgiveness.  He only received blank looks from all of them except Harley Boone who just smiled at him.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand, Son.  I don’t think we’ve  met.  I would remember a fine looking man like you.  Why would you owe me an apology or seek my forgiveness?”

The man didn’t look up but remained looking at Curtis’ boots.

“A long time ago,  I done you a great injustice, Sir,--- an injustice I've regretted  every day of my life since.  I don’t appear to you now as I once did, Master.  Thanks to several wonderful and generous men,  I’ve had eighteen corrective, cosmetic surgeries on my face.  You stood up for me several times and save me from being killed by my Master at that time, Sir.  You took me away.  You saw to my wounds and offered me the comfort of your love and the gentility of your understanding.  I left you alone without thanking you, without saying goodbye or giving you an explanation.  I abused your love, your generosity and your trust, Master.  I’m so ashamed of myself.”

“Mutt? Cass? Cassidy Crenshaw?”  Harley Boone nodded to Curtis.  Granddad’s legs buckled under him.  Master Waddie caught him under one arm, Dan Yates the other and gently lower him to his knees.  He held the man away from him to look at him, but the man he called Mutt wouldn’t look at Curtis.  Granddad took his hand and gently move it under Mutt’s chin and slowly raised his head to look into his eyes.

“My God in heaven,— it is you, Son.  I’d know them eyes anywhere.  It’s wonderful jes' to see you again,--- but to see you like this,--- a fine looking man who's obviously happy and content,--- h'it's nothing short of a miracle, Son.”

Granddad grabbed Mutt, held him tightly to him and started sobbing his heart out while he was patting Mutt on his back.  Mutt was crying, too.  I don’t think there was a dry eye among the men who witnessed their reunion. I was stunned and amazed when I realized this was the young man of whom granddad spoke many times.

“Oh, Lord,--- there ain't nothing to forgive, Son.”  Curtis managed to get out, “You ain't got chore'self no idea what chu’ done for me.  You taught me a part of the cowboy way I never understood until I met and fell in love with you.  By yore’ selfless actions, sharing yore'self and love with me under trying circumstances,  you taught me to love unconditionally.  You had no way a' knowing, but you became my redeemer from a wasted life.  If you feel you must have my forgiveness,— of course,--- by all means,--- I forgive you.  You not only may have my forgiveness, you have my love as well."  Granddad paused for a moment, then continued,  "Now that I done what chu' asked, Son,--- I done give you my forgiveness,— will you show this humble, old cowboy yore' love.”

Mutt kissed granddad with all the gentle passion he could muster; like he was the last man on Earth, and he was so glad to see another human still alive.  Curtis didn’t hold back either.   Everyman there was so touched they had to place a hand on one of the men.  I placed mine on my granddad’s shoulder and felt the forgiving, redemptive power of love flow through my body.  It was a emotionally powerful moment, a remarkable experience I’ll remember all my life.  Griz caught my eye, and I heard in my head,

<< Yore’ granddad’s redemption has come full circle, Casey.  Even though he had no choice, Mutt’s lived with the guilt and grief of what he done to Curtis all these years.  A man what's done been taught to live and love the way he was, will carry a burden like that with him all his life or until he finds resolution.  Some never do.   Mutt's lucky, he's been blessed.  He's been given a second chance.  Jes' like yore' granddad,  Mutt's own redemption has come full circle as well.  Now, their hearts can be at rest;  they will find peace within their love and respect for one another. >>

I didn’t answer.  I didn’t need to.  He saw the tear run down my face as I smiled at him.
“Thank you, Sir.”  Mutt managed through his tears.

Granddad held him away from him again.

“Look at chu,'— it’s a miracle to see you like this.  You cain't know what it's done for this old cowboy's heart,--- and,— is Harley Boone yore’ Master, Son?”

“Yes, Sir,— ten years next month.”

They helped each other up.  Granddad grabbed Harley Boone to him, hugged and kissed him again.

“I always hoped you’d take on a slave, Master Boone,— but this,— to see you together, two men I love and admire, is beyond belief.  It truly is miraculous.  I’m so happy and proud for both of you.”

“Thank you, Sir,” said Harely, “his unconditional love got to me, too.  He finally won me over.  When I realized I’d never get him out of my heart,--- I’d never be rid of him,--- I never wanted to be rid of him,--- Master Beryl kicked my ass up between my shoulder blades to get my attention, and strongly suggested I might consider owning him.  I jumped the fence, big time, and never looked back.  I claimed him for my own and ain’t never regretted it for a minute, Sir.”

“That’s wonderful, I’m glad to hear it.  You make a fine team. Whatever happened to yore’ Master, Son,— Spider,— was that his name?  Is he still around?”  Curtis asked Mutt.

“Oh,— he’s still around.” spoke Harley Boone, “We run into him ever’ now and then, but trust me, Mr. Langtry, you don’t wanna’ know.” some of the men chuckled and a couple laughed out loud at Harley’s statement. “Suffice to say,  he was made to see the light,— the error of his ways.   He’s totally different today,— you wouldn’t recognize him, Sir.”

All the men laughed like there was some kind of joke attached to Harley’s statement.
“I get the feeling there’s more to the story than you’re telling me, but that’s all right,— I’m sure he got what was coming to him.”  Granddad grinned.

“In spades, Master Job.”  said Master Waddie putting his big arm around granddad and patting him on the back in a gesture of camaraderie.  All the men agreed and laughed.  I could only imagine what fate befell the man.  From the way Master Boone purposely understated his reply, I would bet the ranch, these men played a major part in his reformation.   

“Anyway, I’m glad ya’ll decided to come.”  said Curtis sincerely.

“We heard about you meeting up with your grandson after all these years, and we had to come see you again and meet him.   Mutt expressed a desire to seek your forgiveness, and I thought it would be a good idea.  He’s carried the guilt and shame of leaving you all this time.  He often speaks of how understanding and generous you were with your love for him.  He still carries your love in his heart.”

Granddad almost broke down again.  He took me by the arm and introduced me to Harley Boone and his good looking slave Mutt,— or as granddad referred to him, Cassidy Crenshaw.

“My God,— would ju’ look at them eyes, Mutt.”  Master Boone said to his slave.

“Unbelievable.  He done got the same damn eyes his granddaddy has.” said Mutt as he pulled me to him for a hug and a kiss.  The big man didn't hold back his affection and I saw no reason to either.

“Hell,— he’s ma’slave, Son.  If’n he gits a kiss,--- his Master damn well better git one, too.”   Master Boone said taking me away from his slave to hug and kiss me.  Everyone laughed.

They both were dynamite good looking men.  I couldn’t figure out which I liked better; however, I’ve always favored rugged, borderline ugly to handsome or pretty men.  Of course, that’s not to say I won’t do handsome men.  I’ve had my fair share.  My dad and granddad are handsome men, and my cowboy brother Bart is a pert-damn good looking man.  ‘Sheriff Claymore ain’t no ‘also ran’ neither,’ I thought to myself.  I guess I’ve never been with a man you might call ‘pretty.’  If it’s like I’ve heard,--- your dick has a mind of its own,— mine got just a wee bit harder for Mutt than it did for Master Boone.

Mrs. Russell ran the triangle for lunch.   All the men moved to the outdoor pavilion and helped themself to the wonderful food Mrs. Russell and her staff prepared.  It was served buffet style with paper plates, plastic cups and utensils for easy cleanup.   Curtis and I sat at a table with Master Waddie, Titus, Harley and Mutt.   Harley was sitting next to me and Mutt sat opposite him.   Mutt keep sneaking glances from me to Curtis like he couldn’t believe the two of us.  Then, he’d smile look down at his plate and shake his head.

There was no more talk of granddad and Mutt’s bonding; however, I could tell, even as quiet as he was, Mutt had more to say to Curtis.  We mostly talked about rodeoing and roping.  Master Waddie announced he was going to team up with his mate for the Tucson rodeo.  I remembered roping with Titus a couple of times at the Broken Arrow and then at the Sheriff’s ranch in Chapel Creek.  He was good and accurate, but he wasn’t fast.  I knew granddad and I had a chance to beat them.  

I roped with every cowboy there.  I roped with both Harley and Mutt.  Cass Crenshaw was no slouch with a rope.  He could roll his own with any cowboy in the arena.  Master Boone wasn’t a bad roper either, but he didn’t have near the talent of his mate.  I roped with Dan and Cowboy and several local cowboys who came to rope, but I mostly roped with my granddad.

Curtis and I were on.  We couldn’t make a mistake and we were fast.  We recorded some of the best times in Dan Yates’ arena.  The only time that came close to our times was when I roped with Master Waddie.  He and I equaled a couple of me and granddad’s times.  No one could come close to us.  We had the best times of the day.  I looked over at Master Waddie and smiled after one of our better runs.

“I think that cowboy’s out to stomp yore’ butt, Waddie.”  laughed Dan Yates.

“He jes’ might.  He knows when he and I rope together we’s a team.  He knows the cowboy way.  When we rope against each other,--- may the best man win.  I ain’t gonna’ stop love’n the man jes’ ‘cause he might kick my butt.”  Master Waddie stated.

“Thank, God!”  I exclaimed, “Other than my granddad, who would I run to first to congratulate me when we win?”

All the cowboys around us laughed.  Master Waddie just grinned at me.

We rodeoed until late in the afternoon when Dad Yates called a halt to the activities.   He figured we’d worked the ponies enough for the day and he was right.  It was a warm day and we wanted them to be in good shape for the rodeo the next day.  Granddad and I took extra time and care to rub down Rocky and Socks.  We made sure they got fed a little extra, too.  They told me they appreciated it.  We left the gates open on their stalls so they could go out into the huge pasture behind the barn and graze with the other ponies.  Dan and Cowboy ran about fifteen remuda ponies in the field, too.

Mrs. Russell had a wonderful supper prepared, and since it was still warm, we ate in the pavilion.  After dinner we all sat around drinking iced tea,  talking rodeo and telling stories.  I noticed Griz leaving the pavilion and walking through the gate to the pasture beyond the barn where all the ponies were grazing.  I asked Dan where he was going.

“You didn’t see Griz take his evening walk last year?”   

I shook my head, ‘no.’

“I’m sorry we didn’t say nothing about it.   Everyone here’s so used to him taking his evening walks we don’t pay him no never mind.  If you ain’t seen it,— you wouldn’t believe us if’n we’s to tell you about it.  Since you’re here, just watch.”

Griz walked down to the deep pasture.  He was so far away from everything he looked small in comparison to his actual size.  What was unusual was all the ponies, including Rocky and Socks, began to follow him in no particular order.  Suddenly, he stop, turned and walked toward the ponies.  As if they expected him, they moved aside and allowed him in the middle of them.

Each pony came to him, one at a time.  It looked like he was petting them and talking with them; but, upon closer observation, he laid his hands upon them.  It looked like he was praying for them or blessing them.  I moved to the corner of the pavilion to get a closer look.  Granddad and most of the other cowboys joined us, including Master Waddie and Titus.  I felt granddad standing behind me slip his arms around me and pulled me back into him

We watched as Rocky and Socks walked up to him to receive the same blessing.  When he was through, the ponies parted to allow him to pass and he walked out from among them into the pasture again.  The ponies slowly began to follow him.  It was almost like they were respectful of his privacy, like they didn’t want to intrude, but they were curious.  They wanted to see what he was up to.  I tried to contact Rocky and Socks, but I was blocked by a gentle but firm force, but it wasn’t Griz.  I sensed it didn’t want me intruding on their thoughts.

Griz stopped and raised his big arms toward the sky and the setting sun.  It was a beautiful Western evening.  The sunset was awash with different colors from deep reds, magenta, dark purples, blues, golds, bright yellows and a soft white glow.  The clouds were equally spaced across the sky to give the impression of a great painting which should be captured and hung in a museum.

We watched as the soft white glow grew brighter and coalesced into a small, even brighter object; then,— slowly,— it began to move.  There were more than a few gasps from the cowboys as it made its way down from the sky.  It slowly drifted over the ponies, who showed no fear whatsoever, and finally stopped directly over Griz.  By this time, it was a huge mass, a giant ball of the purest, white light you can imagine, and from it radiated splinters of light.  They were like sparks, but they weren’t.  They more or less flowed outward from its main body.

I started to experience some fear and apprehension for my friend when a great calm came over me.  I could sense it came over everyone watching.  I felt it in the way my granddad was holding me. He took a deep breath and let it out with a deep sigh like he had just cleansed his soul along with his lungs.  All the love from our collective beings were flowing back and forth with each other.  I glanced to my side to see all the other cowboy holding their slave, mate, or friend close to them.  I knew without asking they felt the presence of something larger.

Griz still had his arms up, but now he was welcoming the giant ball of light as it slowly descended to enfold him in its midst.  Griz lowered his arms somewhat and turned his head sideways.  It looked like he had his arms around a huge man and his head was pressed tight against his chest; but, all we could see was the pure light which surrounded him.  It was so pure it made your heart ache, and your eyes water.  It looked like what I imagine the purest, most refined essence of love might look.

The light not only surrounded Griz, it permeated his being, it poured forth from every pore of his body until he looked like a fountain of light or a fireworks display. There was a giant halo of light surrounding his head.  Great sparks of light would flow from his finger tips when he moved his hand. The sight reminded me of what the younger, anti-culture generation were trying to achieve with their ‘burning man’ raves;  the climax of which, they set fire to a huge structure of a man, not only to symbolize repressed anger, but also as an expression of a deeper, perhaps sublimated yearning, an unexpressed need to understand love; to know the joy and comfort of unconditional love.

It’s always there,— surrounding them, but frustratingly just beyond the reach of their limited comprehension; an understanding, that may only come from experience, loss, grief or age; from their sorrow, if they gain understanding,  may come too late for them to fully appreciate.  It is the carrot of joy and contentment that looms larger than life before every man.  We pursue it with wanton abandon with the foolish thought in our collective consciousness, we will live forever.  There’s always time enough for love.  

Slowly, Griz lowered his arms and held his hand out and away from his body like he was clasping another person’s hand.  He began to walk and I could see him talking as he walked.

“Incredible.”  I heard my granddad say softly.

“I’ve seen it a thousand times or better, and it never fails to give me goose bumps.”  Dan Yates said to Curtis.

“Are they angels what come to visit with Griz?”  Granddad asked.

“Naw, Sir,” replied Cowboy, “a bit higher than the angels, Sir.  It be their boss, Mr. Langtry.  I was fortunate a couple of times in my life when he come to me.”

“Cowboy’s the only other man here at the ranch who’s spoke with him directly.”  added Dan.

“And to think,— if’n I hadn’t changed my ways, I never would a’ gotten to see this.  I have to believe what Griz told me.  He will restore my son to me.”

“We heard Griz tell you, Curtis.  If’m my slave told you it will happen, Sir, you can take it to the bank.”  Dan assured him

I felt granddad’s tears dropping onto my shoulder.  I couldn’t help myself,  I started shedding a few myself.  It was too powerful a moment not to.  I turned to look and there were tears in every cowboy’s eyes.

After walking for sometime with the light, Griz stopped and turned to the ponies.  He made a big circle over his head with his hand and sparks flew from his finger tips in all directions.  Slowly the ponies moved to surround Griz and the beautiful light.  What he did next was even more unbelievable.   He scooped up handfuls of the light with both hands which he threw out and over the ponies.  It would settle on them and cause them too glow a soft, pure white light with a greenish tinge before it’s curtain would touch the ground.  Griz didn’t stop until they were all lightly dusted with the brilliant light.

Not one pony spooked or bolted from the group.  They all stood as if at rapt attention.   They were beautiful.  Socks was positively glowing.  She was brighter than all the other ponies.  It wasn’t missed by my granddad either.

“You see Socks, Son?”  he whispered.

“Yes, Sir.  I don’t know what it means, but we all know she’s special.  H’it’s like He done picked her out to shine over the rest.”

Afer a while, Griz seemed to hug the giant light again, and then,— it departed.  Griz and the ponies were  alone.   The light flew back to the sky and across like a rocket leaving behind it incredible colors to blend with the sunset.  It was like a great ‘Amen’ to a holy experience.  Everyone was silent like they couldn’t believe what they just saw.
The ponies still glowed softly and looked like they were chatting with each other about the beauty of their radiant bodies.  They slowly moved to Griz again, and he petted and talked with them.  He walked to Socks and smiled at her and gave her a kiss. I didn’t need to be a mind reader to know what socks was thinking.   He then went to Rocky, hugged and kissed him like he was congratulating him and happy for him.

Griz slowly began to walk back toward the gate.  The ponies followed him faithfully every step of the way as if they wanted to protect him.  After he let himself through, he turned and waved to the ponies.  They stood quietly for a moment as if in reverence to the man who shared his sacred bread with them.  They slowly disbursed and went their way to graze again.  I walked to Griz to meet him.  I threw my arms around him and hugged him.  His body seemed to exude a light scent of roses.  I read somewhere, blessed people sometimes exude a faint scent of roses.  It was claimed to be a sign of the incorruptibility of their loving spirit.  I didn't need convincing.  I believed.  

“You do that every evening, Griz?”

“Pretty much,— less’n He’s busy.  Then He sends one a’ His angels to walk with me.”  

“What was you doing with the ponies?”

“They be his creatures, too.  They jes’ wanna’ feel His presence.  He always lets me share a little of Hisself with ‘um.  He singled out yore’ granddad’s pony to give a special blessing to for her bravery and selflessness.  He asked her what she most wanted.  I won’t tell you more.  You should talk with yore’ ponies and see what they have to say.”  he smiled.

“I will, big man,— thanks.”

As I tuned to walk away, I noticed Curtis still looking out into the pasture at the ponies.

“Look.”  he said softly.

I turned to look and saw Rocky mounting Socks.

“That’s strange.”  I said softly.

* * * * * * *

As we disbursed to go our way, Dan Yates called to everyone, we were all invited to join him, Cowboy and Griz in the spa,— no suits allowed.  Curtis looked at me and smiled.  I thought my granddad would probably be far too modest to want to be nude in front of a lot of bikers and cowboys.  Boy, was I wrong.  He couldn’t get his cowboy gear off fast enough when we returned to the trailer, but first he pulled me to the bedroom.

We lay across the bed holding each other and stealing kisses.  I could smell the strong, healthy fragrance of his body.  He smelled of saddle leather, horse sweat, sweet hay, and the slight lingering fragrance of Lilac Vegetal mixed with his on signature aroma.  It was a heady brew.  He would always cause me to pop a solid boner.  I must have had the same effect on him.  He was roaring hard.

“I know this is dangerous to do, but I needed to share this with my grandson right now.  After what we just experienced, I wanted to feel closer to you for a few minutes.”

“I can understand, Grampa.  To see something like what we jes’ done seen can’t be talked about.  I guess you jes’ have to experience it and feel it.  You couldn’t describe it to someone who didn’t see it.  Even with us, we know what it was, but having both shared it, we need to share it with each other.   But, you’re right, it is dangerous.”  I chuckled.

“Time for that later, Son.  Come,— you can warsh your old grampa’s back for him.  We should clean ourselves before we go to the spa.”

We got into the shower and cleaned ourselves from the hot, sweaty day of riding.  If we were back for the evening, I would’ve insisted on cleaning him with my tongue; however, there would be time for that later.  I let him get out of the shower to clean myself, so I wouldn’t have to do it when we returned.  I debated with myself about whether to insert my plug or not.  Then a thought occurred to me.  I opened the bathroom door and spoke to Curtis.

“Grampa,— should I wear my plug?”

He was quite for a moment like he was considering my question.

“Would ju’ be comfortable wearing it?” he asked concerned.

“Oh, yes, Sir.  I wore it last time I’s here with Master Waddie.  It’s hot wearing it in the spa.”

“Then, I think you should.”  he said like a Master making a final decision for his slave.  My dick instantly got hard.  Hell, my dick was always getting hard.  I swear the damn thing has a mind of its own.

I slipped into my thongs and pulled my terry cloth robe on.  I handed granddad a half length white terry cloth robe I had in the closet as an extra.  He didn’t have any thongs so he decided to wear his buckaroo boots.  He looked funny with a robe that stopped just about his knees and his high top, heavy buckaroo boots on.  We walked arm in arm around to the other side of the house and through the gate to the pool.  All the other men were already  lounging in the spa.  They hollered at us when they saw us come through the gate.

I quickly took off my robe and thongs.  There was much commotion from the crowd in the hot tub.   I helped Curtis off with his robe and threw it over the chair where I put my robe.  Granddad sat in one of the pool chairs, winked at me, snapped his fingers and pointed to his boots.  I immediately went to him, dropped to my knees in front of him, bent over and lovingly kissed each of his boots.  The crowd went nuts, whistling and applauding.  Of course, when I bent over they got a panoramic, vista-vision view of my firmly plugged butt hole.  That only added fuel to their fire.  As a result, I got roaring hard.

“You trained him well, Master Waddie.”  Sonny’s dad Boots told him.

“Don’t look at me,” Master Waddie shot back, “I didn’t train him to wear ‘at plug.  His daddy decided it would be a good thing for him.  Cain’t says I don’t agree with his old man, though.  Shore’ ‘nuff makes it quicker and easier to put the stem on the rose when you’s both hot and bothered.”  they all laughed.

“Amen, to that, Master Waddie.”  Curtis agreed with him, “However, aside from the cork in his honey pot, you done trained him good in several other ways what only adds to his comfort.  He shore’ ‘nuff bothers this old cowboy.”  They laughed.  

I found my granddad’s hand waiting for me, I performed the ritual and put his hand to my forehead.

“Rise, my good and faithful cowboy, and show yore' old grandpa your love.”

I jumped into his arms and we kissed a kiss the that had the men in the spa going crazy hooting and hollering, laughing and applauding.  They were really eating it up.   Finally we broke and granddad snapped his fingers and pointed to his boots again for me to help him off with them.  I turned around with my back to him facing the pool,  grabbed his left boot,  pulled it up between my leg, clamped my thighs tight around it, and felt Curtis put his other boot on my butt and gently begin to push.  I pulled upward on the heel of this big boots and it came right off.  I almost did, too.  

When I raised granddad’s boot to my face to take a deep whiff of it, my old warrior was standing at attention and caused more commotion among the men in the pool.  I didn’t care, I was loving it.  I took his other boot and we repeated the same drill.  I did the same with that boot.  I enjoyed a good deep breath of my granddad’s essence and the smell of the latigo leather of his boots.  I sat them aside, and helped Curtis up.  I noticed he was as hard as I was which didn’t go unnoticed by the peanut gallery.  We started to walk to the hot pool.

“Would ju’ look at them two,”  said Dan Yates, “mature Frick and younger Frack right down to their dicks.  You’re looking at a fast forward video of what our young cowpoke's gonna’ look like in thirty years.”  everyone agreed with Dan.

“If I look half as good as my granddad when I’m his age, I’ll be a happy buckaroo.”

“Well, said, cowboy.”  allowed Big Jim.

I eased myself into the hot water.  Curtis put his arm around me and stole a kiss.  I noticed granddad picked a spot next to Griz to sit.  He turned to him and spoke softly to the big man.

“Thanks for your words this morning, Son,— they meant a lot.”

“You’re welcome, Sir.  You was beginning to lose faith.  It’s been six months since you wrote yore’ son and you ain’t hear’d nothing from him.  I was told to tell you that, Mr. Curtis.  Things don’t always come to us when we expect them or when we most want them to.   Our boss’ time is different from our time.  His time is sort a like cowboy time.  A cowboy will tell you he’s gonna’ do something for you,— and he will.  It may take him a spell, but he’ll git around to it when he's ready.”

“I understand, Son.  I guess He knew I needed a boost of faith.  I won’t question or expect anything,  I’ll leave it in his hands.”

“‘At’s a wise decision, Mr. Curtis.”   

* * * * * * *

We sat and talked and had a good time enjoying the company of the men.  Dan kept the hot pool really warm, and I taught granddad to jump into the main swimming pool to cool off.  It was cold at first, but once your body adjusted to it, it was a comfortable eighty degrees.  We would mess around for a while and then get back into the spa with the men.  They were going back and forth like migrating birds.

On one of our trips to the main pool, Master Waddie and Titus followed us.  We were having a good time in deeper water where the water came up to our tits.  Master Waddie was standing behind Titus with his arms locked around his front stealing kisses from him.  Granddad had his arms around my front  doing the same.

“Any news from home, Master Waddie?”  I asked him hopefully.

“I know the news you’d like to hear, Son,— but I’m sorry, it’s all quiet on the Western front.”  he chuckled and stole another kiss from Titus.

Harley and Mutt jumped into the pool,  purposely splashing us with water.  They were all laughter and happiness.  They swam over to us and joined us. Pretty soon the rest of the men were standing around with us listening to the conversation.  Granddad couldn’t get over the restoration of his buddy’s face.

“I hope I don’t make you nervous, Son, by looking on you so much. H’it’s just such a wonderful miracle it gives me hope.”

“Naw, Sir, h’it don’t bother me none.  I kinda like you look’n on me, Mr. Langtry.   I always have thought on you as one of the saviors of my life.  You saved me from git’n killed by Spider more’n a couple of times.  'At last time you rescued me,  he was beat’n me with a chunk of two by four.  You done come along, took it away from him and cold cocked him.

Instead of being worried about him killing me, I was more worried about you knocking him out.  I didn’t wanna’ leave him.  You felt his pulse and told me he’d be fine.  Then, you told me if’n I didn’t obey you, get on my gotdamn bike and follow you,— you was gonna’ finish the job; you was gonna’ kill him.  If I wanted my Master to live,  I damn well better do what you told me.

I always respected you and secretly admired you from afar; even more so when you stood up for me and challenged Spider several times; but that night you barked at me, I knew you meant what you said.  I know'd in my heart you would kill my Master.  I was so beat up, I couldn’t a’ done nothing about it.   ‘At’s why I agreed to follow you to New Mexico.  You knew I needed to git away from him and heal.  You knew I needed to heal more than my body.”

“I was so angry at him for what he was doing to you, Son, and even more angry with you for not getting away from him or fighting back, I don’t know what I might a’ done; however, h’it’s a good thing you followed my order, I probably would a’ killed him.”  Granddad told him with a smile but a sincere conviction.

“As upset as I was, I appreciated what you done for me at the time, Sir, and it’s with my Master’s permission I tell you, I never counted on falling in love with you, Mr. Langtry.”  Mutt’s beautiful pale blue eyes started to water.  “Spider was the only man who considered being my Master, but when you come along and begged me to become your slave, I began to look at things differently.  So, you see, in a way, you saved me from Spider and myself.  I never fought back, because I didn’t think it was right to raise a hand against my Master.   I belonged to him, Mr. Langtry.  I couldn’t give myself to you, Sir,— I weren’t mine to give.”   
“I understand that now, Son.  In my heart, I understood it then, but I couldn’t help myself from trying.  You opened some wonderful new doors for me and helped me walk through ‘um.  I’m just so glad and happy for you to see you overcame that horror.  I won’t lie to you, Son,— after you left,  I was devastated.  I thought there was no justice in life, because I couldn’t have what I wanted.  It was stupid of me; however, I knew I couldn’t go back to riding with the families.  

I knew sooner or later, if you was still alive and riding with that son of a bitch, and he beat you up again, I would kill him.  Unlike him, I probably would a’ spent the rest of my life in prison.  I realized you would never love me after killing your Master.   No matter how crazy the rest of us thought you might be for staying with him, I would be taking yore’ love away from you, and you would always hate me.  So, I decided to go back to what I know best,— cowboy’n.”

“I didn’t git away from Spider by myself, Mr. Langtry.  I thank God ever’ damn day Master Waddie’s biker family, the clan Mc Innis, was the only group what would officially recognize Spider as my Master.  I didn’t know they only did it to protect me from him.  He done finally beat me up so bad one night,  Master Harley, Cowboy, Booger Red, Master Beryl, and Master Waddie come to my rescue.  They done like you, they knocked him out and got me out of there to a hospital.

I was in the hospital for almost a week under another name so’s Spider couldn’t find me.  I kept talk’n about how I should be with my Master, and as soon as I got better I was going back to him.  I didn’t care if he killed me or not.  I thought it was his right if’n he wanted to.  Thankfully, the men of my family didn’t agree.  I found myself wearing a leg iron what was chained locked to my bed.  I called them men ever’ bad name I could think of, but they were only gentle and patient with me.  I cried and begged them to let me go back to my Master.  They wouldn’t let me go back to him.

They kept me captive against my will for almost two years.  I lived in a cell in the basement dungeon of Master Jeb and Master Jim’s home.  The only time I was let out was on a heavy chain attached to a metal collar around my neck they kept locked with a heavy padlock.  Even then, they’d only let me out without no clothes on.  I weren’t allowed to be with none a the slaves they was training.  They was told to be polite to me, but leave me be.  They's kept separated from me.

H’it weren’t like they let me go through it cold turkey.   I had a steady stream of wonderful, caring Masters to serve.  I got me more Master dick shoved in my face or up my slave-butt than I ever did riding solo or even with Spider for that matter.  I didn’t wanna’ betray my Master by servicing another Master without his permission;  however,  they kept assuring me I weren’t Spider’s slave no more, and the first time I refused,— was the last time I refused.” Mutt smiled, “Master Harley even let me service him several times.  Master Harley didn’t come see me much, but he sent me things and paid Master Jeb and Jim money ever’ month for my upkeep.  

It was about that time, Master Jim made me start a strict regime of working out ever’ day and they had doctors coming by to look at my face.  I didn’t know what they’s up to.  They kept me in the dark what plans they had for me.  They kept me busy all the damn time.  They wouldn’t leave me alone very often for the first six months.  They told me later they didn’t wanna’ give me time to brood and feel sorry for myself.  They talked and talked with me to make me understand why they was doing what they was doing.  Master Jeb and Jim talked to me.  Master Beryl spent hours talking with me.  Master Waddie was still practicing at the time, he would come by twice a week and talk with me.  Hell, them men even paid for a plane trip for my daddy to come out and try’n talk some sense into me.

They made me come to understand I weren’t so much in love with Spider as I was addicted to him.  I was addicted to the idea of love.  Since it was so hard for me to find anyone what would even say ‘hello’ to me, I fell in love with Spider for the attention he showed me, whether it was good or bad.  Later, I felt so bad for calling them good men such bad names.  They done saved my life, Mr. Langtry.  Slowly, I began to see I couldn’t go back to him.  I come to understand they had the power to nullify Spider’s Master/slave contract with me, but it didn’t less’n the pain none, until Spider tried to kill Master Harley.  He damn near succeeded.

While I was going through all this, I thunk a lot on things you told me when we was cowboying together.   After my family talked with me, and Spider tried to kill Master Harley, I began to put things together in a different way.  You was the one what made me cling to the thought I might be worth something to somebody.  You was the only man, other than my brothers, what showed me honest love and compassion, Mr. Langtry.  I kept on a’ think’n ,— if a fine, loving man like Master Job could love me and want me for his slave, I must have some worth after all.  When you disappeared from the biker scene, I felt so damn bad,— I felt like it was my fault you went away.  Nobody knew nothing about what you done or where you was.  It ate me up, Sir.”

Mutt started crying.  Curtis let go of me and gently took him away from Master Boone into his arms.

“Shuuu,— there, there,— h’it’s all right, Son.  We’re all right now.  I jes’ couldn’t go back to being a biker after love’n you.  It would a’ been a constant reminder to me of what I wanted and couldn’t have.  It weren’t meant for us to be together, but I’ll always carry a part of you in my heart.  Ain’t a man here would say you don’t carry a part of me with you.  I believe with all my heart, God done brought us together for a purpose to learn something from one another.   I guess we learned it, Griz told me my redemption would come full circle today, and so it has,— meeting you again.  Perhaps yours has come full circle, too.”

I saw Griz smile at granddad and nod his head.

“You taught me about unconditional love.  If I unwittingly helped you, it was worth it for both of us.  We don’t understand it when it’s happening, but sometimes we have to walk through the fire to git refined enough to be able to understand and appreciate what God wants for us and what he gives us.  I have nothing but love in my heart and good feelings for you and yore’ Master, Son.  God knew what he was doing,— he done saved you for the best.  There ain’t no finer man than yore’ Master Harley Boone.”

“Here, here!”  the men responded in agreement.

* * * * * * *

Granddad reminded me we needed rest if we were going to rodeo most of the next day.  We said our goodbyes and left to return to the double ‘R.’  We got back and I helped Curtis off with his boots again.  I could tell he was pleased with my joy taking care of him and his boots.  I felt myself fortunate to have a granddad who had been around the block more than a couple of times.  In the year I spent with him, I never saw any of ‘the man’ my dad warned me about; however, when I asked Curtis about it, granddad assured me he was that man and everything my dad said about him was true.  I helped him off with his robe and he sat back down on the couch.  I took off my thongs and robe and turned to him.  He had his arms open for me.  I sat beside him, and we hugged each other.

“Some Comfort before bed, Grampa?”  I asked him.

“One might be nice, Son.”  he smiled.

I went to the kitchen and brought back our drinks and sat down beside him.  We clinked glasses, and took a sip.

“Are you happy, Grampa?”  I casually asked.

“After a day like today, being among good men who loved and befriended me many years ago and who are gracious enough to welcome me back into their fold like I was their long lost brother,  the emotional release from meeting Cass and Harley Boone again, our redemption coming full circle,  actually getting to experience our maker, to know a man who walks and talks with him regularly what tells me my son will be restored to me,  getting to spend a much needed, wonderful weekend in my grandson’s arms, with better’n a good chance we’s gonna’ win the damn rodeo tomorrow, and you ask me if’n I’m happy?   If’n I’s any happier, Son, I’d be twins.”

I laughed at him.

“My little brother done told me that one time.  I didn’t understand what he meant, but I think I do now.”

“We gonna’ win tomorrow, Son?”

“I have no doubt, Grampa, and you can’t have none neither.  Cowboy done told me today if I believed I could beat Master Waddie, I would.”

“I agree with him.  I have no doubt.”

“Especially, after you pay our insurance policy.”  I grinned at him.

“Insurance policy?”  he looked puzzled.

“Yes, Sir,— Master Waddie done told me and proved to me, two cowboys who love each other and are having good sex with one another cain’t be beat.  Several other men, including Cowboy and Griz, done told me that, too.”

“I know you cleaned yore’self and you're wearing yore' plug, but I thought maybe you might wanna’ jes’ go to sleep,— git some rest.  We had us an awful long day.”

“Well,— I understand if’n you’s tired, Grampa.”

“Are you kidding?  I was think ‘bout chu,' boy.  I sleep next to you ever’ damn night with a hard-on.   H’it’s been damn near six month,  I ain’t had me none a' that sweet little cowboy butt of your’n.  I’m a little tuckered, but hell,— hi’ ain’t 'tat tar’d.” he grinned wickedly at me.

“I’m glad to hear that, Grampa.  You wanna’ go pay them insurance premiums.  They’s a lot of back payments you gotta’ catch up on.  I need you to pay that policy in full, so all day tomorrow, when I look over to you and smile, you’ll know I’m still feeling yore’ love back there;  I’m feeling my insurance policy;  I’m feel’n my granddaddy’s love.”

Curtis threw back his head and laughed.

“Damn, Son,— ain’t laughed with nobody like I laugh with you in a long time.  Let’s us drink up and go pay off that policy,— let’s git chu’ fucked.”   

We went to the bedroom and granddad fucked me until I thought the double ‘R’ was going to be haunted.  He put his all into it, and I mean his very all.  I thought I was drained the first time, but after he popped my plug back in I began to wonder.   Sure enough, during the night, he made a couple of more deposits in my ass and drained me again each time.   My hole was singing a hymn of praise.  Our insurance bill was paid in full.  We had full coverage.

* * * * * * *
We were up early the next morning, had breakfast with the men, and  went to help load the ponies into Dan Yates’ horse trailer.  It was big and had enough room for all the ponies.  Dan and Cowboy weren’t going to rope.  They had jobs working for the rodeo and didn’t have time to do everything.  We were going to saddle them before we put them into the trailer.  Both of them were kind of giddy like two kids sharing a secret.   They were all over each other.  Socks was a fine looking pony, but today, she was radiant.  We could barely get them apart to saddle them.  They just had to be touching each other.

<< Okay, what’s up with you two? >>

<< Oh,— nothing. >> Socks giggled.

“I’d swear these two are in love.”  said granddad.  I nodded my head in agreement.

<< Socks,— when a lady tells you there ain’t nothing going on, you can bet your boots there is. >>

Rocky laughed and Socks giggled like a school girl.

<< Griz told me to ask you two what happened when you followed him yesterday? >>

<< The Great Almighty Man-stallion told Socks she was a good and brave pony to help save your grandsire’s life. >>  said Rocky.

<< We could see her glowing brighter than the other ponies.  Griz told us He said she was special.  Hell, we know’d that. >>   I laughed.

<< She is. >> Rocky agreed, <<  He asked her what she most wanted. >>  Rocky said,  moving to nuzzle her.

<< And,— what did you tell Him, Socks? >>

<< I wanted to have Rocky’s colt. >>

I whooped.  Granddad looked at me, opened his mouth to speak, but I raised my hand for him to wait.

<< Tell me,— don’t keep me waiting.  Please.  We saw you two, uh,— >>

<< Mating?  You can say it, man-colt. >> she giggled again.

<< Yes, ma’am.  ‘At’s what I meant.  You mean,—? >>

“What are they telling you, Son?”  Curtis interjected.

Granddad could tell by my facial expressions I was excited about something.  I smiled at him real big, but held up my hand one more time for him to be patient.

<< I’m going to have your owner’s colt, Casey. >>

“Oh my God, how— ?”  I said to them out loud.  Granddad looked as me puzzled.

<< When the time comes,— he’ll just drop right out. >> they laughed at me.  They were making a joke at my expense.

“No, no,— you be fool’n with me, Socks,— how is it possible?” I asked again aloud.

<< With the Almighty Man-stallion, all things are possible, Casey.  I wanted to give Rocky a colt to pass on his line.  He’s a good pony,— a handsome Devil, too. >> she giggled, << I love him, and he deserves to have a son. >>

“I couldn’t agree with you more.  Oh, my God.  I’ll believe you, Socks. if you tell me h’it’s true.  You ain’t fool’n with me none, are you?  >>

<< No fooling. It’s true, man-colt,  I’m with foal. >>

“Can I tell my grandsire?”

<< Of course, we want him to be happy for us, too.  He senses something is happening. >>

“Grampa,— maybe you better sit down for this one.” I laughed, “Oh, hell, I cain’t wait for you to sit down,— Socks is gonna’ have Rocky’s colt.”

Curtis turned pale white.  I thought he was going to pass out, but he didn’t. He started laughing and got me to laughing.

“I know you wouldn’t put me on, Son.  After what we saw last evening, I would believe anything.  Is it gonna’ hurt her to rodeo today?”

“She laughed and told me, ‘Just try and stop her.’” we both laughed.

“Nobody’s gonna’ believe us, Casey.”  Granddad smiled at me.

“One man will, Grampa,— and he’ll confirm it.  He already knows. ‘At’s why he wanted me to talk with ‘um today.”

Granddad walked over to Socks, petted her a bit, and smiled at her.

“I’m proud of you, Socks, and happy for Rocky.  Ya’ll deserve this happiness.”
They gently nudged him, they understood.  Rocky made us promise we wouldn’t clip his son.  We gave him our solemn word as cowboys.

* * * * * * *

We got there before the crowds started arriving. Granddad went to enter us in the roping event and me in the calf roping event while I helped Cowboy, Cass and Sonny unload the ponies.  By the luck of the draw, Curtis drew last place for us to rope.  He drew third from last for me to calf rope.

The rodeo began and all went well.  We left a message with the announcer Curtis and I were representing the Lazy 8 ranch and we were currently hiring. Master Waddie and Titus roped third and made their catch; however, it wasn’t a good time.  Granddad and I beat their time several times before.  It came time for us to rope and we rode into the arena to exercise our ponies and adjust our ropes while the announcer told the folks in the stands who we were.

“Our next team is two cowboys from the Lazy 8 ranch down Southwest Texas way.  The more mature gentleman is Mr. Curtis Langtry, the foreman of the Lazy 8 and the young man roping with him is his grandson, Mr. Casey Longhorn who works as a ranch hand for the outfit.”  There was some laughter from the audience, “That’s right, folks, his name really is ‘Longhorn.’  You may remember Casey from last year’s rodeo.  He teamed up with Waddie Claymore who roped with another partner a bit earlier.  They won the team roping event last year and Casey won second place in the calf roping event.”  

There was a little applause in the audience.  I tipped the brim of my hat to recognize their efforts.

“Today he’ll be roping with his granddad.  Mr. Langtry handed me a note earlier to announce the Lazy 8 ranch is currently hiring hands, and if you’re a cowboy look’n for a job, see these men after the rodeo.  They’ll be happy to talk to you.   These gentlemen are staying at the Broken Arrow ranch for the weekend.  If you’re pretty good with a rope, know how to stay on a pony, and think you might be interested in working as a cowhand for one of the biggest working ranches in the county, talk to these men; either here, after the rodeo or contact them at the Broken Arrow.”

Curtis and I headed for the stocks.  I looked over at him and smiled real big.  He laughed,— he got my message.

“Time to kick some cowboy butt.  You ready, Son?”

“I’m ready, Grampa!  Let’s git ‘er done.”

We got into the stocks with the ponies.   Rocky and Socks were stoked.  They were ready.  The were a storehouse of kinetic energy ready to explode in a moment.  We were poised and ready.  The steer was let loose, the barrier rope dropped and we were away in a flash.  Granddad had the critter roped and turned at the same time I tossed my rope.  I made my catch, dallied my rope and Rocky backed up.  We were done.  I winked at granddad.  I knew it was a good run.  When the announcer told the crowd we set a new arena record the crowd went nuts.  I rode over and shook granddad’s hand.

“See,— it worked.”  I grinned at him.

“Cain’t gainsay that, Son.” he laughed, “You better look behind you.  You got a cowboy what wants to congratulate you.”

I turned an saw Master Waddie entering the arena on foot.  I jumped down from Rocky and ran to his arms.  He gave me a big hug, a kiss on the cheek.  He held me away from him amd looked at me with pride.

“Ya’ done gone went and done it, you little shit,— you stomped this old cowboy’s butt.  Congratulations, Son,— I’s proud of you.”

The crowd was going crazy.  They knew Waddie Claymore was my other partner.  The announcer spoke up,

“And that’s what sportsmanship is all about, folks.”

Granddad rode over with Rocky and handed me his reigns.  Master Waddie reached up and shook granddad’s hand.

“Congratulations, Mr. Langtry, the best team won.”

“Thanks, Mr. Claymore,— from you it means a lot.”

We tipped our hats to the audience. I walked Master Waddie out of the arena with Rocky and granddad following.  We won the rodeo that day and Rocky and I took first place in calf roping.  That night at the Broken Arrow was a celebration.  Dan cooked steaks on the grill over mesquite.  They were wonderful.

Several cowboy dropped by to talk with granddad and me.  I had Kevin order some business cards for granddad and me to hand out.  He made up a neat little pamphlet of facts about the ranch including pictures I took and e-mailed him.  We worked together on it and it really looked professionally done.  As far as I was concerned, Kevin deserved his promotion.

We won the first place in both even the next day as well.  We got the big money, but that really wasn’t the most important part of winning.  The best part was our showing at the rodeo got us a dozen or more new applicants to work for the ranch.

Sunday afternoon as soon as we returned from the rodeo, we loaded Rocky and Socks into my trailer, said some tearful goodbyes to Dan, Cowboy, Boots and Sonny.  Master Waddie’s family was riding on to Chapel Creek to be there for the Fourth of July rodeo.  I left Mrs. Russell a hundred dollars in her tip jar.  She earned it.  Granddad and I had a hard time saying 'goodbye' to Griz and thanked him for everything.  Then, once more, we were on the road back to Chapel Creek.  Master Waddie and his family weren’t going to leave until the next morning.

As we drove away, granddad and I began to talk about the wonderful and miraculous things that occurred over the weekend.  Curtis said it was one of the most important and enjoyable weekends of his life.  He told me it seemed like we packed a lifetime into one small time frame.  I agreed with him; however, the weekend did something more for us,— it renewed our waning faith.

End Chapter 46 ~ Texas Longhorns
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