By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 6

“I apologize for getting so worked up, Son, but chu’ know’d my anger weren’t directed towards you.”  Dad spoke softly to Dwayne.

Dad was standing behind us and put his hands on Dwayne’s shoulders.  Dwayne looked at me like he didn’t know what to think  having my dad touch him and was looking to me for approval.  I smiled and winked at him to relax.  My old man was just trying to show him a little comfort.

“That’s okay, Mr. Longhorn.  It just means you care enough about me to get upset and that makes me feel good, Sir.”

“I do care about you, Son.  Hell, we all care about you, so fasten your seat belt, you may hear me get my dander up again before this evening’s over. Spence,— ?”  Dad questioned Mr. Winchester if he wanted to take it from there.  Mr. Winchester paused for a minute, went to the table where he keeps his Scotch and poured himself another two fingers.

“I agree with everything Mr. Longhorn said, Son. I just want to add a few things.  Dwayne there’s couple of things you have to understand about yourself and what the Colonel’s trying to do to you.  First of all, are you aware you’re a minor under the legal age to have sexual relations with an adult of either sex?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Winchester, Casey and I talked about that today.”

“Before I get in too deeply let me lay some groundwork here, so we’ll have something we can refer to and build on.  Son, I’m gonna’ ask you several questions, and I want you think about them before you answer. Some of my questions are going to be very personal.  I’m asking you to have unconditional trust in the three of us.  Answer as truthfully and as honestly as you can no matter how embarrassing it may seem to you. Whatever you tell us won’t go beyond this room.  Take a deep breath.  Ready, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I want you to think about before all this started with your step-dad. Other than masturbation have you ever had sexual relations with anyone, male or female before him?”

“No, Sir.”

“Do you masturbate regularly?”

“What da' ya' call regular, Sir?”  Dwayne ginned at Mr. Winchester.

“Okay,--- fair enough question.  On an average, how often do you masturbate per week.”

“Uuh, is per day, okay, Sir?”

Spence laughed and nodded his head.

“Three to five times a day.”   

“Is that all?”  I asked Dwayne with disdain. “What a lightweight! Hell, I get that many in before breakfast!”  I laughed, placed my elbow into Dwayne’s ribs, balled my hand up and hit it with my other so it would pound my elbow into him.  Dwayne grimaced, then laughed at me.

Spence shot a glance at my dad.  My dad grinned real big, shrugged his shoulders, shook his head, then started laughing.  Mr. Winchester had his elbow on his desk, put his forehead in his hand, looked down at his desk, and laughed with his brother. Then he feigned seriousness for a moment, and shook a finger at my dad.

“Don’t chu’ laugh at them boys!  Don’t chu’ do it, Vince!  We were just as bad, and you know it, cowboy!”  Then they both roared with laughter. “Lord, where does it go, Vince?  We’re sorry, Son, we ain’t laughing at you, we’re laughing with you.  I wish I still had a tenth of the sex drive I had when I was your age.  Okay, you answered me honestly and that’s good.  Somehow, I just know you told me the truth.”  Then he chuckled again.

“This is a very important question, Dwayne.  From your earliest recollection do you remember whether you had a sexual preference for men or women?”

“Sometimes I thought I really like girls, Mr. Winchester.  I’d see a really pretty girl, I’d wonder about her body and how it might feel next to mine. My old dick would get hard, and I’d have to go jack-off.  Then other times I’d see a really good looking man, like Mr. Longhorn, or another guy my age, like Casey, and think about what it might feel like to be with them,  make love and have sex.  I’ve jacked off imagining I’m having sex with girls, and other times I jack-off dreaming about holding my brother, here, and having sex with him.  It was about fifty-fifty until the Colonel started raping me.  Now, all I can think about is laying down with my cowboy brother next to me, Sir.”

“For the life of me, I can’t understand why.” Mr. Winchester tossed off with more than a bit of sarcasm in his voice.  He winked at me and grinned wickedly.  My dad and Dwayne thought that was super funny.  

“Okay, Son, that gives me something to work with.  Outside of the men in this room, can you think of any man you’ve had serious fantasies about having sex with?”

“Yes, Sir.  I done told Casey all ready.  That’ ud be my dad, Sir.”

“That’s understandable.  How do you feel about being attracted to men?”

“Like,— maybe I shouldn’t have those feelings.  Like I’m being a bad boy or I’m liking something different from everybody else.  Sometimes I feel like there’s something wrong with me, and I’m not as good as other guys because I can’t seem to make up my mind which I like better.  Sometimes I feel guilty ‘cause I think my dad would want me to be straight, like sex with girls, grow up, marry and have a family.”

“Are you sure that’s what your dad wants for you, Son?”

“Naw, Sir.  Ain’t never talked to my dad about that sort of thing. Never had the time when I was with him.  I don’t know,  he probably wouldn’t care if I turned out to like men better’n women.  I think he loves me an awful lot, and it eats him up he can’t be with me or see me more often.  I love him so bad it hurts sometimes, Mr. Winchester.  I just thought if’n I was straight and have a family, it might make him proud of me.  I love him so much, Mr. Winchester,  I just wish it‘ud been me what sucked him off instead of our ranch hand.  By the way, mom never fired old Frank, the cowboy what sucked my dad’s dick.  He’s still work’n for my step-dad, but I know my mom ain’t never told the Colonel he was the one she caught with my dad’s dick in his mouth.”
“Huum,— that’s very interesting, wouldn’t you say, Vince?”  Mr. Winchester asked my dad.

“Yeah, it surprised me when I first found out about it. I wondered about why she kept him on,  but I’ve know’d Frank as many years as I’ve know’d Dwayne’s parents.  Old Frank may be a rounder, but he’s a damn good hand.  Good hands are hard to find.  A man’s gotta’ love being a cowboy to work so hard for so little pay.  Frank’s honest to a fault and works hard without a lot of supervision. He’s worked for me any number of times over the years.  Frank puts in a good day's work for his pay. Can’t say that about a lot of men. About a year after all that happened, Dwayne’s mom, Sadie, hired Curley Blake. I don’t even think Sadie knows Frank and Curley bonded and are a couple now; have been for sometime.  Curley don’t like Frank playing around.  Too bad,” my old man got a wicked grin on his face, “old Frank,— I swear the man could suck chrome off’n a bumper hitch.”

Dad winked at Mr. Winchester, and we all laughed. I just knew Dwayne loved that. It was another one of my old man’s off the wall comments.

“Moving right along,— when you feel like you’re not living up to what you think your dad might want for you, can you find a word for it?”

“Rotten. Lousy. Unworthy. Ashamed.”

“Good, Dwayne,— that’s good.  Have you ever seen a toy,— I think they’re made in Russia somewhere,— they’re small, round, egg like dolls, five to ten of ‘em, each one is a different size and they fit inside each other until there’s only one?”

“Yes, Sir, my mom has one she got from her grandmother.  She’s show’d it to me several times, but she won’t never let me touch it. Says it’s a hair-loom.”
Mr. Winchester smiled but he didn’t correct my brother.

“Okay, Son, think of those four words like them Russian dolls and see if you can think of one word to put them all inside.”

Dwayne thought for a moment then his face brightened.


“That’s the word, Son.  I think you even used if a while ago when you said you felt guilty because you were afraid you might not be living up to what your dad might want for you. Would you say that’s how you feel when you think about having sex with men, in general?”

“Yes, Sir.  I feel guilty because sometimes I think I shouldn’t be think’n that away.”

“Why do you think that is, Son?”

“I don’t know, Mr. Winchester. Maybe it’s ‘cause most folks tell you it ain’t right, it ain’t natural, or it’s a sin.  I listen to them preachers on T.V. what yell and scream about going to Hell if you have sex with another man.  They scare the shit out a’ me sometimes, Sir.  Lord knows, I don’t wanna’ go to Hell, but sometimes I jes’ can’t help what I think about while I’m jacking off.  I don’t worry about it, none, until after I get my rocks off, then I feel guilty as Hell. I wonder if God and Jesus can see me and if they’re gonna’ sent me to Hell ‘cause I thought about make’n love with my brother while I whacked off.”     

“I seriously doubt a God of love would condemn you to Hell for think’n about loving your brother, Dwayne.  Okay, we’ve established you feel guilty about your feelings for men. Anything else?”

“Naw, Sir,— except,— I guess I’m really screwed up, Mr. Winchester, ‘cause I feel just as guilty when I jack-off think’n ‘bout a girl.”

“No, Dwayne, you’re perfectly normal.  You’ve never been told how to feel or had anyone talk to you about masturbation, so feeling guilty is a natural thing.  You ain’t alone, Son.  Lot’s a’ kids feel guilty every time they masturbate.  Like you, it doesn’t matter which sex they’re thinking about, they still end up feeling guilty. You’re a bright, intelligent young man, Dwayne, but you’re also confused; however, you were confused before your step-dad came into your life. You can’t understand why your mom would divorce your dad and keep you and him apart;--- try to keep him from being your dad, over something as simple as another man sucking his dick.  Is that right?”

“Yes, Sir.  You know me pretty well, Mr. Winchester.”

“Only from observation and what you’ve told us, Son.  Then, Colonel Dunbar marries your mom and tries to replace your dad; first as a husband to your mother, and then, as a dad to you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“All this time you haven’t been getting much love or understanding from either your mom or step-dad, have you?”

“I ain’t really thought about it, but you’re right, Sir. I ain’t real sure my mom even loves me anymore.  I know she don’t know what he done to me, but I feel bad towards her because she married him.  In a way, I feel like it’s her fault.  I’m sure the Colonel don’t feel no love for me.  Hell, you don’t love somebody you consider a piece of dog shit.”  Dwayne choked up.

“And, I take it, the person you love most in the world, your dad, seems impossible for you to be with. You feel pretty much alone in the world, right?”

“Yes, Sir.  If’n it wasn’t for Casey, I think I would’ve run away or committed suicide. I been thinking about it a lot lately.”

“I assure you, Son, that won’t be necessary.  Try not to even think about it. If you do and need to talk, either Vince or I are always around.  We’ll drop whatever we’re doing if you need help.”

Dwayne started crying and I put my arm around him to comfort him.  Spencer Winchester’s words were getting to him.

“All right!  You’re worried because you feel like you’re beginning to like or enjoy the Colonel’s abuse; is that right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Other than the sexual excitement his actions might provide you, can you think of another reason why you might like it?”

“Naw, Sir.”  Dwayne slowly answered.  

“Think, Son.  What is he providing you, you can’t find anywhere else in your life right now?”

Dwayne looked at me. I had an idea what Spence was getting at, but I knew it had to come from him.  Spence was waiting for him to discover his own feelings.  Suddenly Dwayne looked up at Mr. Winchester and paused for only a moment.

“Attention.  He’s showing me attention.”

“Exactly, Dwayne.  He’s showing you attention and somewhere in the depths of your mind you’re relating that to love; however, there’s a bit more to it than that. How does it make you feel when he calls you queer, homo, cocksucker and faggot.”

“Dirty.  Like I ain’t worth a shit.”

“Of course it does.  It would make anyone feel small, dirty and helpless. You’ve told us you’re really beginning to like the sex he forces on you.  I’m not looking to demean you, Son, nor debase you in any way, but which one do you like better, sucking him off or getting fucked by him?”

“Both, about equal, Sir, but I probably enjoy him fucking me a little more.”

“How do you feel about the enjoyment you feel while he’s fucking you?”

“Guilty. Dirty. Ashamed,— because, I’m enjoying what he’s doing to me, but I don’t want to be enjoying it.  It just ain’t right! I know it ain’t right!  If’n I was with someone I wanted to give myself to, it would be different.  Goddamn it!  I don’t wanna’ give myself to him, Mr. Winchester. He ain’t worth it!  He ain’t got the right to be doing to me what he’s doing.  Hell, I’d even give it to up to him if he showed me the least bit of affection.  He could have my soul on a bun with a side a’ fries if he just showed me a little love.”  Dwayne yelled through his tears.  He was almost hysterical.

“Go on, Son. Get it out!  We love you, Dwayne. No matter what the Hell you say we ain’t gonna’ turn away from you, Son!”

“Oh, God, Mr. Winchester,” Dwayne wailed, “he knows he don’t have to love me.  He can take it from me and make me enjoy it any time he wants. He can make me love him, he can suck it out of me like a Goddamn vampire,  but he don’t have to love me back. He knows he can pull my strings and have me begging for more.  I’m ashamed to tell ya’ll this, but sometimes, when he’s through with me, I fall at his feet, kiss his boots, and beg him to take more of me. I feel so cheap telling you this, but when I’m with him, I can’t help myself.”

I was really beginning to get a bit uneasy. Poor Dwayne was really sobbing his guts out. It was like he was vomiting his soul out of his body before us.

“Go on, Dwayne!  Gut it out, Son! You can do this! You’re almost there!”

“I don’t want to love him, Mr. Winchester, but I feel so damn good and wonderful after he fucks me in my ass, or when he fucks my face hard and I get him off. When he finally broke me, and I just started doing what he wanted, I found myself working hard to please him just to get him off as quickly as possible. I would feel so fuck’n dirty and guilty afterward.

Lately, I find myself trying to work harder to please him longer.  I don’t want him to come too quickly.  God help me, Mr. Winchester, I want to please him. I want to give him pleasure. When I do and he comes in my mouth or up my butt it’s like I know I’ve really pleased him.  He don’t never tell me, but I know.  Something comes over me, a feeling that’s almost better than getting my rocks off.  I don’t know how to describe it, but I’m beginning to think it’s addictive.  All I know is I want more.  I want more of him.  How can I hate what he’s doing to me and still want him so badly?  I only know I want more of it. I have to have it! He don’t never let me come.  One time I couldn’t help myself and he made me lick it up off the floor of the barn.  Then he laughed at me an told me, ‘See, you little faggot, you have no control over yourself. You’re so fuck’n queer you can’t even keep yourself from coming when you’re servicing a real man.’”

My dad was leaning forward with his arms on his legs, his hands clasped together, his head hung almost between his legs. I could see his back moving in jerks and knew my dad was sobbing his heart out listening to Dwayne.

“One more step, Dwayne, and you’re home free.  Can you describe for me the wonderful feeling you have after you’ve worked hard, done your best to please him and gotten him off.”

“I feel like what he made me do was wrong, but I feel free. I feel more alive than I ever have in my life. I feel wonderful I could do that for him; I could make him feel good enough to come in my body, but he made me do it, I didn’t have no choice in the matter.”

“What feeling is missing, Dwayne, when you’re feeling that way?  There’s one feeling missing. What is it, Son?”

Dwayne hung his head, his body racked with heavy sobbing. He was unconsolable.  I put my arm around him again and he leaned into me, crying in my arms.  I felt it though his body, I knew before dad and Mr. Winchester, my brother made a major breakthrough. All I could think of was, ‘Thank God, for that big man before me;’ who, at that moment,  had the countenance of an angel.  Spencer Winchester positively glowed.  He was anticipating Dwayne’s epiphany.

“Guilt.” whispered Dwayne.

“Once more, Son,— please.”

“Guilt, Mr. Winchester.”

“Congratulations, Son, you’ve just figured out why you want to go back for more. You know what he’s doing ain’t right.  He makes you feel dirty and guilty when he forces sex on you, but— wait a minute,— when you finally give yourself to him, because you have no choice in the matter, you do your damnedest to please him; you really get into it, give it your all, you’re really enjoying the feel of his big dick down your throat or up your butt; then,—  bamm,— he shoots his load and you feel great. Why?  Because you pleased him. You pleasured him.  You have his approval for your efforts up your ass or in your stomach.  You have his love.  Better yet, you have his power. You’ve taken it away from him. You momentarily have his power inside you and best of all, the most powerful and addictive of all, it’s guilt free.

He’s essentially taken away all your guilt by forcing sex on you!  Even though you enjoyed the Hell out of it, you weren’t responsible for your own actions.  He made you do it. You feel free, because it wasn’t your fault.  You’re soul is blameless; your heart is at rest, and you are so right, Dwayne,—  the feeling is very addictive.  You can’t get enough!

Many folks live all their lives and never understand the simple fact you just figured out for yourself.  Ya’ see, Son,— there’s so much more to sex than just getting your rocks off, but I don’t have to tell you that, do I?  You all ready know.  Even though the Colonel doesn’t let you ejaculate, you know the feeling I’m talking about. Down deep in your gut you know you have to have more.”   

There came a quiet knock on the door.  Mr. Winchester hollered to his wife to come in.  Donna Winchester opened the door.

“Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes, gentlemen.”

“Thanks, darling.  We’re almost through for now.  We’ll be right there.”

Donna closed the door, Spencer went to my dad and put his hand on his back.

“You all right, brother?”

Dad raised his head and didn’t make any attempt to hide his tears. Spence handed him a couple of tissues.

“Yeah, I’m fine.  Thanks, Spence.”

“Okay, we’ve reached a breakthrough point. Time to set it aside for now. I want you to think about what we’ve talked about this evening, Dwayne.  I want you to talk with Casey and Vince.  Don’t be afraid to tell them anything.  They’re your friends and after tonight, I have a feeling you and Casey are going to be a lot closer.”  Spence chuckled and Dwayne blushed.

“Share love with your brother tonight, Son, with our blessing. Learn from Casey.  He has a big heart. There’s plenty of room for his brother.  Lean on him and his dad.  Then let’s talk again towards the end of this week or over the weekend. You have one more door to open, but you’re standing on the threshold.  Take Casey’s hand and he’ll lead you through it. The worst is over.  Although you may not comprehend everything that went on here this evening, bits and pieces will start to fall into place until the puzzle comes together into a picture you can deal with.  You may feel overwhelmed, but don’t worry about it. Don’t try to figured it all out overnight. Give it time. It will come. Most importantly, remember, we love you, Son.”

Dwayne stood and went into Spencer Winchester’s big arms and shed a few more tears.  Dad and I talked later and decided they were tears of relief and joy.  My brother had folks who cared about him.  Three strong, good hearted men who cared enough to help him through his darkest hour.  His heart was at peace for the moment.  

* * * * * * *

Dinner with the Winchester’s was always a treat.  Before we all sat down to dinner we held hands and Spencer gave a blessing.  I’m sure Dwayne’s parents never said grace before dinner from the way he held my hand. I could feel it coming through him he was deeply moved by this simple but meaningful ritual.  Donna Winchester cooked a wonderful meal. Talk around the table was general, about upcoming rodeo’s and sports events Dwayne and I would be involved in.  Nothing further was said about anything we discussed in Mr. Winchester’s office.  I think Dwayne was a little relieved to let it rest for a while. I could feel his excitement growing as it got near the time for us to leave. We said our goodbyes, thanks and promised we’d see them soon; either at their place or ours.

After we got home Dwayne and I had homework to do for a couple of hours.  Dwayne was a good student and when he put his mind to studying that’s what he did.  I was through with my work before him and sat watching him as he finished.  Dad came in to join us before he went up to bed.

“You two though with your homework?”

“I finished a while ago and Dwayne finished just a minute ago.”

“Dwayne?”  Dad barked at by brother.

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Longhorn?”

“Com’mer, Son.”

Dwayne moved toward my dad.  Dad stood up threw his arms around Dwayne and held him close.

“Proud of you, Son.  Damn proud.  Spence was right, Son, you can lean on Casey and me.  You don’t have to go through this alone.  You be good to your brother tonight, Son, and treat him right.  Spence was right about another thing.  Casey has a big heart and there’s room for you. So move on in and make yourself comfortable. You’re always welcome here.”

I could see tears in Dwayne’s eyes as he spoke to my dad.  

“Thanks, Mr. Longhorn, I’ll do my best by Casey.  I love him, Mr. Longhorn.”

“I know you do, Son.  Now, tonight’s a school night so I want you two to git on upstairs, take your showers, and go to bed.  I certainly don’t expect you to go to sleep right away, but just remember to be responsible.  Morning comes early around here.  Casey’s got chores to do in the morning before he goes to school.   I love you, both.  Gimme’ a hug and a kiss, Case.”

I hugged and kissed my dad.  We lingered in our kiss a little longer than normal.  I wanted to thank him.  He felt it and let me.

“Thanks, Dad.”

“You be good to your brother, too, honcho. Now, go on, off with ya.’”
Dwayne saw the exchange between me and my dad and if there ever was any lingering doubt in his mind what I told him about us, vanished.  He had a warm smile on his face as I joined him to go upstairs.

Dwayne and I showered together.  He was a little hesitant at first.

“We shower together all the time at school.  What’s different here?”

“It’s your home, Case.  The showers in the locker room are much bigger.”

“Yes, and the shower is smaller here.  All the better to grab me a big ole hand full a’ bubba butt.”  I laughed at him.  Funny, we never had a problem after that.    

We toweled ourselves dry.  I dried Dwayne’s back and he dried mine.

“Before we go to bed, bubba, I gotta’ check on my dad.  He sometimes needs assistance getting in and out of the shower or taking his legs off.  I won’t be but a minute, so watch my T.V., play a game on my lap top, but don’t chu’ dare play with yourself.”  I winked at him and added.  “Been think’n on gettin’ me a big ole taste of my brother all damn day.”

“Don’t have to worry none about that, Case.  I just hope I can be good for you.”

“Now, cut that out, Dwayne.  There’s no doubt in my mind you’re gonna’ do jes’ fine.  We’re buddies, Dwayne, brothers, top guns in school.  We been great together since we met in the first grade.  This is just another step, bubba.  I want you to think about something.  You’re the first person other’n my dad I’ve ever shared a bed with.  From what you told us tonight, I’m the first for you, other than Colonel Jar-head raping you. We’re starting out on equal footing here.”

“Not quite, Case.  You have an advantage, coming to me from a rock solid foundation of love.  I’m coming to you as an emotional cripple.”

 “What are brother’s for, bubba?  Didn’t you hear what Spence Winchester told ju’?  Trust your brother, he’ll take you by the hand and lead you through this.”

I took Dwayne in my arms and held him tight. He shed a couple of tears, but that was all right.  He damn well deserved to shed a few. I was determined to make it right for my bother.

“I’ll be back in a minute, honcho.”

I left Dwayne going through my lap top and walked to my dad’s room.  His door was open, but I knocked lightly before entering.

“Come.”  He spoke then added, “Since when ju’ decide to start knock’n  a’fore coming into our bedroom, honcho?”  He grinned at me.  He was sitting in his favorite chair reading a ranching magazine.

“Since when you decided to start calling your bedroom ‘ours’?”  I mocked him.

“Since I realized this evening, watching you take responsibility for your brother, being there for him unconditionally, how damn fast you’s growing up, and you’re old man got his first twinge of having to let you go one day.”

“What? You found a big enough stick, somewhere’s, you think you gonna’ run me off with it, old man?”  I tossed back at him.

He laughed. My old man knew when he was licked.  He grinned real big, and put his hand up for me.  I pulled him from his chair, up to my naked body and held him.

“I jes’ come in to see if I could give you a hand with your bath. I got Dwayne playing with my lap top and told him I might be a minute.”

“Naw, Son.  Not tonight. Ain’t a’ gonna’ take no shower this evening. Won’t do me no harm to miss a day.”

“I’ll say!”  I laughed rolling my eyes.

“You always did like me a little this side a’ down right dirty.”

“Bet chur’ sweet ass, old man.  I could eat you alive when you’re a bit ripe; hold the lettuce, pickle and mayo; just hot buns with lots of juicy, matured, cowboy beef  hang’n in between. Woah, dogies! Makes me old dick hard jes’ think’n ‘bout it!”  

He laughed feeling my dick start to get hard against him.

“Damn, Son, you be get’n as bad as me saying outrageous shit.”  

We shared a laugh.

“Gimme’ a hand with my legs, honcho, and I should be set for the night.”

I assisted him taking his legs off and carefully set them aside. I got his wheelchair and moved it over next to the bed for him. I took his glass on his night stand, went to the bathroom and got him some water.  When I came back into the room he was propped up in bed watching me with a big smirk on his face.

“What?”  I asked, knowing in my heart what he was grinning at.

“Little nervous?”  He asked, raising an eyebrow, and grinning knowingly.

“Not really.  When you been loved by the best, you learn how to be the best lover.”

I sat down beside him, took his dick in my hand, leaned over and gently kissed the head.  He pulled me up into his arms for a goodnight kiss. It wasn’t our usual peck and a hug.  He was telling something.

“Take that love and give it to your brother, Case.  That boy needs all the love we can give him right now.  Spence was right about you, you know.  There’s plenty a’ room in that big cowboy heart a’ yours for all of us. Damned if that man don’t love you a powerful lot!  He thinks the world of you, Son.

“I got to think’n this evening, I’m pretty damn fond of him, too, Dad.  I was proud of you this evening. I saw things about you I’ve never seen before, and they were good, wonderful qualities I guess I never took the time to notice.  We’re gonna’ get my brother through this, Dad. I just know it.”

“Goodnight, Son.”

“Goodnight, Dad, see ya’ in the morning.  I’ll be in to give ya’ a hand.”
I turned and walked from ‘our’ room and returned to Dwayne.

* * * * * * *

Vince waited until he heard the door to Casey’s room close, picked up the phone next to the bed and dialed the Winchester’s number.

“Spence, it’s me, Vince.  I just wanted to call and thank you and Donna for a wonderful evening and what you done for the boys.”

“None necessary, brother.  It’s my privilege to be included and help whatever way I can.  One way or another, we can’t let what’s happening to Dwayne continue. I’ve got some ideas I’ll run by you before I throw ‘em out to the boys.”

“Yeah, I got a couple to run by you, too, but I think we should let the boys play a major role in this, if for no other reason, to learn they can take on a situation like this, reason it out, get help if they need it, and win.”

“Couldn’t agree with you more, Son.  How well do you know Dwayne’s dad?  Do you have any contact with him anymore?  Should he know about what’s going on?”

“I’ve run into Rance several times at different rodeos.  We wave, tip our hats, and acknowledge each other, but we don’t talk. He has his reasons and I respect them.  He knows I love him. I also respect Rance a great deal; however,— God, no, we shouldn’t tell him under any circumstances, unless it’s absolutely necessary.  I know Rance, and the Colonel’s life wouldn’t be worth a plug nickle. I’ve seen that cowboy in action on more’n a few occasions and he’d break Brad Dunbar in two if he know’d what he was doing to his boy.  If you, me and the boys can handle it, I’d rather keep Rance out of it for his own protection. Rance is a good man, and I don’t want Dwayne to have to visit his dad on death row in prison.  I’ve got a few aces up my sleeve.  I can call in some debts and can have a pretty impressive posse behind us with a couple of phone calls.”  

“You never cease to amaze me, cowboy. You know how I feel about you.”

“Your feelings are mutual, brother.  I can’t hide much from you.”

“Glad ju’ called. See ya,’ real soon. Goodnight, cowboy.”

“Goodnight, brother.”

* * * * * * *

When I returned to my room, Dwayne was reading an erotic short story I wrote last summer about him and I. It was about my fantasies of having sex with him.

“Damn, Case, you never told me you wrote stories. This is fuck’n fantastic!  Look at me!”  

He swivelled in my computer chair to show me is dick was sticking straight up, and drooling like a dog in the last stages of rabies.

“I have my secrets, bubba.  You weren’t suppose to see that!  How’d ju’ find it?” I laughed.

“I just checked out your directory and didn’t find no game I wanted to mess with, but I saw this folder what said ‘my stories.’  I opened it and saw this one titled, ‘Bubba and me.’  I just wondered and took a look.  Like to blow’d my socks off, it did!  Would’ve, too,  if  I’d a’ been wear’n any; most likely me boots, too.”  He laughed, then added, “Shit! This be a hot story, Case. Could I have a copy for my lap top?”

“Play yore’ cards right, big boy, and you can have anything the ‘longhorn’s’ got.”  I laughed.

Dwayne got up from the chair and stood before me in all his glory; all the glory and magnificence of his youth.  Dwayne wasn’t a pretty man.  He had a ruggedly hard, chiseled look about him that reminded me of unfinished masterpieces by Michelangelo; ones he roughed in the facial features and never quite finished. They were raw, strong, virile men trying desperately to come to life from the stone they were imprisoned in. Sometimes I would look at them and understand why he might not have finished them.  Perhaps he thought they were finished as they were. To have finished them would have been to ruin them.

So it was with my beloved brother who stood before me, raw, strong, virile, unfinished and incredibly appealing to me. I slipped my arms around his waist and pulled him to me until our dicks were fighting for room between our bellies.

“You know this is against the law in California, don’t chu’?”

“Two naked men holding each other?”

“No, silly, cockfighting.”   I laughed, he groaned.
Dwayne looked deeply into my eyes and I saw his eyes began to glisten with moisture.

“Case,—  I — ”    

“Shuuu, —”  I quieted him as I moved to cover his mouth with mine. My brother didn’t need any further words.  He was finally home. He was free. He was in the arms of his beloved brother. He had come in from the cold and was warming his soul from the fires burning brightly within us. His unimaginable dream had come true.  Dwayne felt himself falling, hopelessly into Casey’s urgent fire. It wasn’t frightening to him. He knew this fire would not threaten to consume his soul.  This was a fire, a fire of love, passion and understanding, that would give him back his life.  Casey took his brother’s hand and led him across the threshold of his final door of understanding. Casey would show Dwayne the way, not be taking from him, nor giving to him, but by sharing with him the secret rites of passage his father taught to him. Dwayne would become a part of Vincent Longhorn’s legacy for a greater future of unconditional love between men.

Still caught up in the passion of their embrace, Casey slowly moved Dwayne towards his bed. They were within a couple of feet when Casey pulled them down across the bed to continue their kiss.  They felt, explored and held each other bound in the first kiss each had shared with another man their own age.  They both knew its significance and didn’t want the moment to end.  They wanted their first kiss to echo down, through the sacred halls of the centuries, as a sign post to their love in the universe as any supernova might mark the foretelling of the birth of a king.  They finally broke their kiss and continued kissing around on each other.

“Oh, God, Case,  y’ain’t gonna’ make fun of me if I cry, are ya.’”

“Not if you don’t make fun of me, honcho.”  I said through my tears.

“I never knew it could be like this between two men, Case.  Hell, between any two people. I’ll remember that kiss the rest of my life.”

“Like my dad said, let’s be responsible and get to the main course. Some other night we’ll have more time to relax, take our time and make a little more love.  I could make love all night to you, bubba.”

Casey turned in the bed and got into a sixty-nine position.  Without further ado he took Dwayne’s dick in his mouth and started to suck him.  Dwayne placed his hands on Casey’s head a saw his brother’s big cowboy dick winking at him up close and personal.  Casey was so damn big, Dwayne didn’t know if he could even get his mouth around it, but he was willing to try.  He thought to himself, it would be ashamed not to learn how to eat something that looked so appetizing.

He had a wicked thought, measured against his brother, his step-dad’s dick looked like a junior miss. Dwayne remembered how good the Colonel’s cock felt up his butt after he broke Dwayne in and loosened him up a bit.  Dwayne could only dream of how, the penis before his gaping mouth, might feel deep within his gut. Wickedness must be catching.  The only thing he could think of was Casey’s dick could easily encompass both phrases, ‘Texas Hospitality,’ and ‘Southern Comfort.”  He knew it was big because he grew up with the man; however, to be looking down the fully loaded barrel of the ‘longhorn’ was an intimidating sight.

Fuck the size, it was his brother it was connected to and he had no intention of letting him down.  Dwayne tried to imagine his jaw like that of a snake who has found a large egg, bigger than its body, and somehow unhinges his jaw to accommodate its girth.  It must have worked because the next thing he knew he took one big lunge and had a mouth and throat full of ‘longhorn’ dick.  He heard his brother gasp as his dick entered Dwayne’s throat.  Casey almost had Dwayne to the breaking point and it was feeling better and better to him.  Dwayne made a valiant effort to make love to his brother’s dick. He thought to himself he wasn’t going to let the hours he was forced to spend sucking and choking on Colonel Jar-head’s dick be for naught.  ‘Oh, God,’ he prayed to himself, ‘let some good come of the evil he forced upon me.’  His prayer must have been heard, when suddenly, his throat dilated and he found about half of Casey cock was steadily pumping down his throat.

Then Dwayne felt it!  He felt Casey’s finger at his rosebud pushing slightly.  That was enough to set Dwayne afire like a skyrocket in flight. He shoved back with his ass and took his brother’s finger as deep as he could within him.  He couldn’t hold it any longer, but he couldn’t yell to Casey, either.  His mouth and throat were too damn full.  He gently squeezed his brother’s leg to let him know, but it was too late.  Casey was greedily consuming volley after volley of his brother’s thick, ropey, come.

Dwayne took one huge lunge on Casey’s cock and felt his brother’s mighty, cowboy wad begin its ascent up through his ‘longhorn.’  Dwayne learned from sucking his step-dad when to pull back to catch all his come in his mouth, so he wouldn’t miss any, but also,  he would be sure not to spill a drop. One of the worst beatings the Colonel ever gave him was for spilling a small bit of his seed. That was not the case now.  Dwayne wanted to taste and revel in his brother’s cowboy spunk. He was not disappointed.

The young men lay there making love to and cleaning each other’s penis,’ until Casey turned around to hold his brother in his arms again.  He gently kissed Dwayne on his forehead, on each cheek, the tip of his nose, and finished his odyssey by gently placing his mouth over his brothers.  This kiss was a gentle, relaxed, more sharing kiss of thanksgiving and appreciation for each other’s efforts toward a shared common goal.
“That was fuck’n unbelievable.”  Dwayne whispered almost breathlessly, continuing to kiss around on Casey’s face and neck.

“It was pretty damn special, bubba.  See!  See what sex can be like when you care about the other person and you know they care about you.”  
“There’s no comparison, Case.”

“I love you, Dwayne.  For years I been dream’n of holding you close, and whispering in your ear how much I’ve always loved you from the time I first saw you on the playground in grade school. You had a bat in your hand and wave for me come join your team.  You’d never seen me before. You didn’t know whether I could play ball or not.”

“Yes, I did. I know’d who you was. I watched you lots of times playing ball with your dad in the park. You just never saw me or knew who I was then, but I knew’d who you was.  My dad pointed you out to me.  He told me who you and your dad were.  He also told me something strange I ain’t never told nobody.  I didn’t remembered it until you brought up the subject of playing ball.  He told me to be good to you, to treat you like a brother, it was important, and someday he would tell me why.  Case, ain’t never loved another body like I love you, and all this we done tonight is,— like icing on a cake; a very wonderful cake.”

“Things are going to be easier for you now, brother.  I have good feelings about tonight.”

“So much has happened to me in such a short period of time it’s hard for me to comprehend it all, but you’ve been there by my side every step of the way.  For that, and for your love, I’m grateful, Case.  Even when the Colonel had me tied-up in the barn, all I could think of was you holding me in your arms, gently kissing my neck and comforting me.  I’d get a massive hard-on, he’d come out to find me hard as a rock and laugh at me.  He thought it was because his abuse was turning me on, but it was something much greater than he ever dreamed of, something he had no power over. It was your love, Case. It surrounded me, comforted me and protected me. I love you so much, Case.”

Dwayne began to shed a few more tears and I held him tight. I knew we had to get to sleep soon because I set my alarm to go off a little ahead of my dad’s.  I held him and kissed him some more until he settled down.

“Let’s get some sleep, bubba.”  I whispered to him.

“Don’t let me go, Case.”  He pleaded.

“I won’t never let chu’ go, Dwayne.  You’re my brother.”

End of Chapter 6 ~ Texas Longhorns
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