***This story contains sexually explicit material and should not be viewed by minors and where prohibited by law.

This is my first attempt at a story, so I figured that I should go with a true one. This actually happened to me the other day over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hope you guys enjoy!

Thanksgiving with Justin

This Thanksgiving, I had driven down to my parent's house in Memphis from St. Louis, and then drove with them to my grandmother's house. It's a family tradition that every year we all meet at my grandmother's house, gorge on food and spend time together as a family. Well, me being 24, after about half a day, I was getting tired of all of the family togetherness.

I was bored to death, sitting in the living room watching a football game, when my 18 year old cousin Justin comes in and sits down across the room from me. We make some small talk and just watch the game. Mind you, Justin is hot. He is about 6'1", 160 lbs of lean muscle, tanned skin and the total boy next door look. Honestly though, I wasn't even thinking about sex or anything remotely sexual...I was at my Grandma's house, not someplace you would really be thinking of sex. After a few minutes, he gets up saying he has to take a leak...it's at this time that I notice his dick. His dick is a straight tube running down the right side of his thigh, packed nicely in his jeans. I do a double take, wondering if he is hard. I spent the rest of the afternoon, watching him and his dick never got smaller, I figured that he was either a pervert or had an awesome dick. In any event, with all of the food and family crap going on, I had forgotten about Justin...until that night.

Justin has an older brother in college named Jake that pretty much treats him like shit. When Jake came in and found out that he and Justin were supposed to be sharing a double bed out back in the motor home, he through a bitch fit. Being the nice guy that I am, I volunteered to share with Justin and Jake stayed with my other cousin.

That night when we went out to the trailer, I made sure that I cranked the heater up, just so we'd be shedding some clothes. Sure enough, Justin stripped down to his boxers and was just under the sheet with me. We spent a while talking about school, girls, and sex...you know, the normal guy stuff. I asked him if he had ever had sex with a girl and he just blushed and said he was a virgin, but his girlfriend had tried to suck him before. I asked him how he liked it and he said it was ok, but she didn't go down very far. At this point, I could see he was tenting the sheet a bit on his side, so I decided to kid him. I told him you must be one donkey dicked son of a bitch if she didn't go down very far on you. He laughed nervously and blushed, which was so fucking hot. After a minute of awkward silence, I finally just asked him, how big are you Justin? "Last time I measured, it was 8.5, but that's been a few months." I replied fuck man...I'm jealous...I'm about 7 inches myself, but I have fun with it. At this point, he was hard as a rock and you could have held the circus under the tent he was throwing. I just asked him, "Justin, you want to jack off together?" He kinda stuttered a minute, but I didn't wait for him to answer. I pulled the sheet back and jerked off my boxers exposing my hard dick. His eyes got huge, but he slowly lowered his down. I wanted to get him in the mood, so as soon as his cock sprang out, I reacted like it was the biggest cock I'd ever seen. Without asking, I reached over and grabbed his hard shaft and asked him how he jacked off...you must use two hand bro. His breathing was really heavy, but he managed to breathlessly ask if he could touch mine. Of course I agreed, and when his soft hand wrapped around my tool, I let out a low moan, forcing a big smile across his face. He started to softly jack me and I returned the favor. He was so nervous that he wasn't doing a good job on me, but it was no matter. After this time, I knew he'd be awesome at this. After only a short time, I could tell he was getting close. He had stopped jacking me and was just fondling me, he was sweating and his toes were beginning to curl up. I immediately stopped jacking him, and he uttered what the fuck so loud I was afraid he'd wake up everyone inside. I told him to relax as I crawled down to the end of the bed between his hairy legs. I ran my hands up his inner thigh and up to his bush. I let my hands rest on his bush and both of my thumbs pushed his cock up, aiming it at my mouth. He kept repeating "oh fuck man" over and over, until I enveloped his cock in my mouth. I took his head in and slowly took in about 3/4 of his shaft, all the while my tongue swirled along the back of his shaft. I went down on his cock twice before he bucked his hips and started to shoot his jizz down my throat. I swallowed each volley of his cum while totally impaled on his shaft. As the last bit of cum oozed out of his slit, I slowly eased my mouth up his sensitive shaft, before finally sucking the last bit of cum from his head.

As he laid back in the bliss of his first real blowjob, I stood on my knees and furiously jacked my cock, dropping my load all over his hairless chest. We both lay in the bed breathless for about five minutes before he leaned over and told me how awesome that was. We made some small talk before finally going to bed for the night.

The next morning I woke Justin up with another blowjob...but that'll be another story if you guys are interested.