***This story contains sexually explicit material and should not be viewed by minors and where prohibited by law.

This is the last part of my Thanksgiving tryst with Justin. I've gotten tons of emails from you guys and here are the answers to 99% of your questions. Yes, the story is true. No, I'm not married. I'm a 24 year old, single, bisexual male. I'm 6'3", 180lbs, dark hair and eyes, and a 7 inch uncut cock. Justin is about 6'1", 160lbs, dark hair and dark skin. His cock is fucking amazing at 8.5 cut.

Thanksgiving with Justin, Part 2

The next morning, I woke up really early, just as the sun was coming up. It took me a minute to remember what all had happened the night before and that it wasn't just an awesome dream. I looked over at Justin, noticing his morning wood. Justin and I had both slept naked the night before, it seemed silly to get dressed after what all we did. I gently crawled out of the bed trying not to wake Justin; he stirred a little bit, but never woke up. I was still in shock and amazed at what all we did the night before. I sat on the couch and started to think how hot it was last night, it was at this point that I thought I'd wake Justin up like I'd love to be.

I crept over to the foot of the bed and slowly started to pull the covers back. Justin's semi hard cock had a perfect arc that just cried out for attention. I lay on my stomach at the end of the bed and started to ease his muscular thighs apart. My right hand cupped Justin's hot, loose balls, while I took his head in my mouth. Justin was still asleep, but was really starting to move around and make noise. I quickly started to suck his shaft in my mouth, inch by inch, letting my tongue swirl around the sensitive underside. The next thing I heard was "what the fuck!, oh hell yeah man, suck my big dick" I was sucking him like a baby bottle, slow and steady, but with lots of pressure and massaging. I pulled off and looked up and asked him "are you hungry bro?" He looked confused, but as I got into a 69 position, he figured out what I wanted. I told him to just lick the back of my shaft and my balls while I sucked him, then when he came, he could return the favor. I could tell he was nervous, but he never missed a beat.

Being 18, Justin didn't take long to cum. I was just going down his shaft's base, my face in his pubes, when he let out a moan and said he was cumming. I took hold of his balls and gently held them, while he pumped his cum in my mouth. When he quit sputtering his seed, I eased up his shaft, sucking his sensitive head, making him writhe under me. When he couldn't take it any longer, I released his cock from my lips and began to turn around. I lay on his chest; my hard cock pressed against his and leaned into kiss him. I thought that he would protest, thinking that he couldn't kiss a guy, but to my surprise he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his tongue in my mouth. I started to grind my cock against his while we kissed, him tasting his own cum and swallowing it from my mouth.

When we finally broke our kiss he looked up at me and told me how awesome that was. Then he began crawling down to the end of the bed, as he moved down, I smacked his ass. I spread my legs wide for him and he started to fondle my dick and roll my balls around. I started talking dirty; telling him to suck my dick like a bitch and how I wanted to pump my load down his throat like it was a pussy. This got him excited and took about half my shaft in at once. I had to do a bit of coaching, but after a minute, he was sucking like a pro. I was so into the moment, him sucking me and jacking his fucking big dick. I let my hands caress his head, and then I felt like an 18 year old, because I exclaimed that I was cumming. He eased up to just my head sucking and jacked my shaft. I shot about 6 good volleys of cum, and I could tell he was choking but kept up pretty good swallowing. As I lay spent, he surprised me. He got up on his knees and spread his legs. He used what was left of my cum to lube his shaft and he kept jacking his cock. He was aimed at my cock and chest, so I reached up and fondled his balls while he worked his tool, in only a few moments, he dropped his second load all over me. Justine collapsed on me, kissing me.

We made out for quite a while before coming back to Earth, realizing we would have to start cleaning up soon. We discussed his fears, basically that I would tell no one and vice versa. I'm bi, but not out to most of my family. He says he's straight, but I suspect he'll experiment more now that we've had our fun. We're going to try and get together over Christmas and he wants to spend his Spring Break with me, so hopefully Justin and I will have a few more stories to tell. Until then, let me know what you think at jordaninthemix@yahoo.com