The Birthday Boy, a series by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Party Prep -

I was laying in my bed when the clock struck midnight, watching the naughty scene play out on the LCD TV mounted on the wall in my room. It was one of my favorite videos starring an 18 year old twink who was posted up in the doggy style position on a couch, letting a group of well hung tops take turn servicing his ass. I had the covers pulled back and I was naked from the waist down, my hard as steel birthday cock sticking straight out and dripping with precum. I had a hard grin plastered to my face as I watched the cutie on the video moan as a hunk with a long, thick cock mounted him from the back and fed him full thrusts.

With my eyes glued to the TV I barely noticed that my dad had been standing at my opened bedroom door. His eyes were trained on the alarm clock on the nightstand beside my bed, filled with anticipation. I was so enthralled with the naughty video that I was watching that I didn't bat an eye until the clock struck midnight and he walked to my bedside. Without breaking my trance on the screen, I felt my bed dip and his strong grip on both of my shins, then my legs were lifted into the air. Finally, I turned my attention his way, smiling up at him with devotion while he crawled in and saddled up to my exposed boy pussy.

Happy Birthday, Bobby,” he said with a warm smile as I batted my brown eyes up at him.

Thank you, daddy,” I sighed, watching him lean down far enough to plant a deep French kiss on my mouth. As soon as his tongue slipped into my mouth I moaned softly, wrapping my arms around his neck. Seconds later, I felt the head of his rock hard man cock drooling at my back door, prompting me to wrap my legs around his midsection with a submissive whimper.

Are you ready for me, sweetie?” he asked tenderly, and I nodded up at him with needy eyes. “You're very horny right now, aren't you?”

Yeah,” I panted huskily, biting my lower lip as I waited for his entry.

A smile spread out across his face at the precise moment that I felt his bulbous glans pushing through the tight ring just inside of my hole, then he gained entry and I sighed with sweet relief. I felt like I was lost in a maze of carnal pleasures as he slid his throbbing erection all the way in, then his pubic mane smashed into my crack and my taint. Wanting him to know that I was ready for him to begin thrusting, I tilted my head to the right and puckered up, encouraging him to plant another tongue filled kiss on my mouth.

Much to my delight, his tongue quickly snaked into my mouth, then his hips began to move. His thrusts were fluid and packed with power, making me moan with reckless abandon into his mouth while my body rocked back and forth. My ankles were digging into his waist, a byproduct of the powerful sizzle that I had coursing through my body. My fingers were locked at the back of his neck, never wanting to let go as he took me to the isle of anal relief.

When he broke our second kiss, he talked gently to me again.

Are you having a special 13th birthday, Bobby?” he asked, watching with an affectionate smile as I nodded with a dreamy look on my face. “When you wake up, you're going to have an even better birthday, sweetie. Daddy's going to make sure that you get laid all day.”

I can't wait, daddy,” I moaned, knowing that my boy pussy was going to be serviced over and over again by the nicest cocks in our family.

That's my little bottom boy,” he said with a proud smile, then he leaned down and planted a lengthy French kiss on me that sent tremors through my now teenaged body. “Are you ready for daddy to put you down for the night?”

Yes,” I hissed, feeling his cock plunge deep in my boy pussy over and over again.

As soon as I answered him, he took a firm hold of my ankles and pulled my legs apart even further, then he began to thrust with authority. I was watching him with a mesmerized stare, unable to reconcile the pleasure that I was feeling at the moment. There was a powerful heat spreading throughout my groin, wrapping itself around my boy boner while I took thrust after thrust. I was about to pucker up and ask for another kiss when the side of my bed dipped and a familiar face appeared, smiling as it hovered just inches from mine.

As soon as my big brother sat on the side of my bed, he reached down and brushed my bangs away from my eyes with a tender touch. At the same time, he pursed his lips and moved in for a kiss, sending a wave of romantic emotions through my sexed up body. Giving into my desires, I puckered up and accepted a mouthful of tongue from my big brother David. As soon as he planted his lips to mine, I felt my body start to erupt with the pleasures of gay sex. He cupped my smiling face with his soft hands while his tongue explored my mouth.

While I was swapping spit with my big brother, my daddy fed me ten more deep thrusts, then he pulled out and lowered my legs down to the bed. While I was moaning into David's mouth, my dad jerked off over my chest. Seeing that our father was about to shoot his load, David broke our kiss and helped me sit up so I could wrap my lips around his shaft. With a spring loaded cock now filling my mouth, I sucked lustily on it with a greedy smile. One luscious minute later, daddy groaned and his load erupted, filling my mouth with his seed.

As soon as I swallowed, I got back to work, sucking and cleaning my daddy's cock until he finally eased it from my mouth. I laid flat on my bed and smiled up at my two visitors, grateful for such a pleasurable birthday lay in my bed. I watched David lock eyes with daddy, smiling up at him with devotion, then they shared a French kiss while my brother pulled his boxers down.

Would you like to share your boy pussy with your brother before you go to sleep, baby?” he asked, and I nodded feverishly while he reached out with both hands and fondled David's plump bottom. “Give Bobby a nice birthday treat, kiddo. When you finish in here, come see daddy for a goodnight kiss.”

Okay, daddy,” David answered obediently, smiling tenderly at our father while he climbed between my legs and shuffled up to my horny boy pussy.

Aside from my dad, my big brother is the person I love most in the world. He's a year older than me but I obey him the way I obey our dad. I know he'd never do anything to hurt me and he's never mean to me. In fact, he's very tender with me all of the time.

He carries my backpack home for me everyday after school without fail. As soon as we're on the other side of the front door, he treats me to a deep French kiss, then he walks me to the couch where we makeout some more. Feeling his loving hands explore my backside while his tongue explores my mouth is something I never want to live without. When he wraps his arm around my shoulder while we cuddle it gives me goosebumps and makes me feel so loved.

Even more special is the knowledge that I'm the only boy he's ever topped for. Both of us have “special friends” from school who visit us in our beds, but my boy pussy is the only boy pussy he cares about besides his own. Daddy calls us his little cock hounds because we both love it so much, but David ignores his need to be a pussy boy when he's pleasuring me. I repay his considerate gestures by eating his boy pussy as often as I can. It's very tasty and rimming it out makes me so horny.

When we got home from school that afternoon David was tender with me as always. As soon as the front door was closed we fell into a tongue filled kiss. Without skipping a beat, he set my backpack on the floor and began groping my bubble butt. Out of nowhere I felt my daddy's strong hands on my waist, then David's hands moved to my fly, where he worked to unfasten my pants. As soon as he got them open, daddy pulled them down, along with my underwear. Right away, my boy cock sprang free and stood straight up, pointing at the ceiling and dripping with precum that ran down into my pubic bush.

I felt his man hands parting my buns, then his hot breath tickled my anus and his tongue began working against it. Soon, I was moaning shamelessly into David’s mouth while we kissed, feeling the sweet, frantic burn of pleasure at my back door that only a deep rim job can give me. I could feel him pushing his face up into my crack, delving deeper while his tongue, teeth and the stubble around his mouth worked in concert to bring the pussy boy out of me.

Happy birthday, Bobby,” David said with a sweet smile when we broke our kiss. “I love you.”

I love you too,” I whined as seismic tremors coursed through my 5'2” frame.

With that, David and I fell into another kiss while daddy pulled his tongue from my crack and kissed his way up my spine. When he was standing straight up, he planted a loving kiss on my cheek, prompting my brother and I to let our lips part again. I leaned back into my dad and smiled up at him with pleasure. My reward was another deep kiss on the mouth, this time from my father.

Finally, they guided me to the couch and I quickly found myself in the doggy style position, hanging onto the back rest while daddy parted my buns with his strong hands. I could feel my pucker stretching as he held my cheeks opened, then his middle finger slipped in and I moaned. I watched over my shoulder while daddy used his thick digit to open my hole up. From my view in the doggy style position, I could see David on his knees in front of daddy, unbuttoning his pants and unleashing his eight inch pole.

As soon as it was free, my brother wrapped his lips around the head and settled into a wet blow job. While David was tending to his man cock, daddy maintained his focus, stretching my anus with his finger and pushing into my prostate. At the same time, he was running the flat of his second knuckle all around the diameter of my moist anal ring, sending a luscious sizzle through my entire body that made me even hotter for him.

After a 90 minute finger fuck, he pulled his thick digit out and David spit his cock out with a wet slurp. I watched with a naughty smile as he lined up to my hole and let my buns close around the head of his shaft. Soon, I felt the sweet sizzle of anal penetration as daddy's moist glans pushed through my pucker and he buried his long, thick pole all the way in my boy pussy. When he started to thrust I felt my pleasure soar and immediately started moaning. In the midst of my pleasure filled butt fucking, David crawled onto the couch beside me and I noticed that he was undressed, too. His own bubble butt was sticking straight out and he had his arms crossed while they rested on the back rest. We shared a sweet smile, then we fell into one more kiss that gave me chills of delight while I shivered with lust.

After a two minute lay on the couch, daddy pulled out of me and we broke our kiss. I watched with a naughty smile as he lined up to David's plump bottom and pushed in, then he grabbed my brother's waist with a firm grip and began to thrust with authority. The look of delirious pleasure on my brother's face was unmistakeable, and so were his lust filled moans. His 14 year old boy cock was standing at attention while precum drooled from the end. His pubic bush was matted with the sticky substance that was running out of his piss slit and streaming down his 4 ½ inch boner. With each inward thrust he took, I could see his buns smashing against daddy's pubic bone while he hissed with pleasure.

When daddy pulled out, David and I shared another kiss while his strong hands took hold of my shoulders. I felt the head of my dad's prick sliding between my buns, then his cock pushed straight up my butt while I moaned into my brother's mouth again. Soon, my head was spinning with unchecked pleasure as he fed me stroke after deep, satisfying stroke. A minute into my second lay, daddy spoke up.

Do you want daddy's load in your ass or on your face?” he asked. David and I broke our kiss and shared a naughty smile, then I answered him with a shameless moan.

I want you to shoot it in my face, daddy,” I encouraged him, then he added force to his thrusting and I felt a sharp, pleasure filled lightning strike shoot down my legs and up my spine. While daddy was feeding me the last strokes, David planted a sweet kiss on my lips and sat upright, watching with a hopeful smile while our father approached his orgasm. When he pulled out, I scrambled to get into position beside David, smiling up at daddy while he jerked off over our faces. We both opened wide, longing for a mouthful of hot spunk while he aimed the head of his cock at us.

With a grimace and a groan, daddy threw his head back and his cock jerked. Three thick strands of his jizz hit me in the face, with much of it painting my cheeks and the rest shooting right into my mouth. While I was swallowing my thick treat, he pointed his cum firing cock David's way and finished shooting his load all over his cheeks. The last of his load poured out of the end, running directly into David's watering mouth while I grinned naughtily at them both.

David and I took to Daddy's rod as soon as the last drops of cum emerged, licking and sucking on it with horny moans. When he pulled it from between our mouths, we fell into another makeout session while he stroked our heads of black hair and talked to us.

I want you two little goo faces to get cleaned up before supper, okay?” he said in a tender tone, and we both nodded without breaking our kiss. “Daddy loves you both.”

With that, we broke our kiss long enough to answer him back.

I love you too, daddy,” David sighed while I reached out and stroked his now soft man hose.

I love you, daddy,” I said with a smile. “Thank you for coming home early to service my boy pussy.”

It was 3am when I gave in to the call of my bladder, which was bursting at the seams with the need to pee. With my eyes barely focused, I made my way out of my room and across the hall to the bathroom, where I steadied myself in front of the toilet and heeded nature's call. While I was draining my bladder a familiar set of foot steps made the floor boards creak as they moved down the hallway towards the bathroom, where I was now mid stream. I smiled when daddy walked into the bathroom and joined me in front of the throne, aiming his flaccid dick and letting loose with a stream that drowned mine out three times over.

Everything he does exudes manhood, from the way he shaves his face three times a day to the ultra powerful, ultra voluminous bar of piss that erupts from his hose when he empties his high capacity bladder. Even his burps and his thunderous farts are unmistakably masculine, while David's and mine are still boyish and miniscule in comparison. When he comes out of his bedroom smelling of aftershave and man musk, neither of us can hide our desire to be close to him. His supply of testosterone seems endless as he roams the house with his horsecock swinging from side to side. In contrast, my brother and I are true pussy boys. The instant a cock is waved under either of our noses, we drop trough and bend over as fast as we can.

While my daddy was still letting his magnificent stream go, I smiled up at him and sighed. When he finally exhausted his supply of man piss, I dutifully reached out and took his cock in my hand, shaking it off over the water while he locked his fingers and cracked his knuckles loudly. As the familiar sound of his joints crackling carried into my ears, I felt a strong shiver roll through my body as thoughts of being held down by his strong hands while he dominated my boy pussy ran through my mind.

“Let's wash hands, kiddo,” he said in his deep voice, and I nodded obediently.

At the sink, he took control by standing behind me and holding my hands in his while he worked up a thick lather and ran his man sized digits between my small, boy sized fingers. When the water was comfortably warm, he held our hands under the faucet and tenderly scrubbed until all of the soap washed away. Still holding my hands, he turned the water off and grabbed the hand towel that was hanging next to the sink while he leaned down and kissed the top of my messy head of hair.

I was watching him in the mirror the whole time, seeing the look of dedication that he had in his eyes. He was always very tender with David and I, but I couldn't help but feel special as he doted on me in the bathroom. Even when our hands were dry, he continued to hold mine in his secure grip while he hung the towel back up. When he finally let them go, it was only so that he could use his thumb to gently remove the sleep from the corners of my eyes.

“Are you ready to get back to bed, Bobby?” he asked, and I nodded with a sleepy yawn. “Let's go, then.”

With that, he swatted my naked, well serviced bottom and steered me out to the hallway. As soon as we walked out I noticed that his bedroom door was wide opened and that David was sleeping in daddy's bed. He was laying face down on daddy's pillow, stark naked with his legs splayed and his knees tucked into the sheets. His plump bubble butt was propped up and his face was fixed with a dreamy smile, even as he slumbered. Daddy and I stopped in the hallway and took in the scene together for a moment, then I felt his gentle touch on my chin, tilting my head up so that I was looking at him.

“Your brother was very horny when he came to see me,” daddy explained with a smile while my little body shivered with lust. “He's very excited about your special day, baby. He knows just how much you're going to love it.”

“Will David get laid tomorrow, too?” I asked with a note of concern. Much to my relief, daddy nodded in the affirmative.

“You always get laid on his birthday, don't you?” he reminded me with a soft tone, and I nodded in agreement. “He's going to be sucking cock all day long, too. Just like you did on his birthday.”

I let loose with a soft moan when daddy reminded me of David's 14th birthday party, which had passed just three weeks before hand. Just like the one planned out for me, David's party consisted of the family studs visiting him in his bed while I sucked almost non stop cock in the living room. I delighted in deep throating the family studs, including my daddy, my grandpa, all of my uncles and most of my male cousins. In the midst of moaning like a bitch in heat around their big dicks, I was treated to no less than six deep, satisfying fudge packings throughout the day.

While I was dreaming about wrapping my lips around a collection of big dicks while my boy pussy was fucked deep, daddy leaned in and planted a tongue filled kiss on my mouth. My eyes fluttered with dreamy delight as his tongue snaked into my mouth but I never broke eye contact with him. I could feel his strong hands running all over my flat, smooth chest and tummy while my little hardon raged between my legs. When he finally extracted his tongue from my mouth I sighed and smiled up at him, then he swatted my butt again and said, “Come on kiddo. Off to bed with you.”

He took me by the shoulders and led me to my room, where a slight chill in the air made my nipples hard. When we were standing at my bedside, he leaned down and treated me to one more French kiss that made me whimper with need, then I sat on my bed. Without a word, daddy grabbed my thighs and turned my body so that I was laying on my pillow, then he flipped me with one easy motion, placing me on my tummy. I was about to spread my legs and push my bottom up for him when I felt him grab my hips from behind and pull me up so that I was on my hands and knees, then my bed dipped and I knew he was about to mount me from behind.

I bit my lower lip and looked over my shoulder as he lined up to my quivering hole and pushed in with one carefree thrust. We both knew that I was still slicked up from my earlier back door service, but the fact that he didn't even have to wonder gave me a naughty rush. The realization that he just assumed that I would be lubed up at all times hit my like a sweet, sexy shot of cum in the face and added to the thrill of the moment. Of course, he was right to think that I would be. Without even giving it a thought over the years, I realized that I never left the house without lubing up. It had become such a habit for me to keep my rear end slippery that men and boys just took it for granted that I would be lubed and ready to go.

As soon as daddy started thrusting, I felt my groin start to burn with carnal delight. My hot, horny bottom was throbbing with pleasure that I could feel running down the backs of both legs while my hard little dick drooled with a long, thin strand of precum. His balls were swinging with authority while his cock exerted its dominance over my hungry ass. The cool draft that was permeating the air lingered, swirling with the scent of my juicing boy butt and daddy's testosterone laced pheromones.

“Is daddy making your boy pussy juice, sweetie?” he asked with a low growl, and I nodded over my shoulder with a moan. “Would you like it if daddy makes your boy pussy cream?”

“Yes,” I panted through a needy whimper, feeling my hot rectum scream with unchecked pleasure. “Make it cream hard, daddy.”

“You have a very special boy pussy, don't you honey?” he noted, his fingertips now digging into my buns while he used the ends of his thumbs to pull my crevice open and examine my hole while I nodded in agreement. “It's already very frothy with your boy cream and squeezing daddy's rod over and over. How about if daddy finishes you off?”

“I'd like that, daddy,” I moaned, watching over my shoulder as he trained his eyes on my quivering hole and drew air in through clenched teeth. I could see his cock glistening with precum and ass juice as it ran in and out of my boy pussy like a piston with well timed strokes. I could feel him pumping the pleasure into my body, deeper and deeper with each thrust while I moaned with lust. His hot cock was acting like a match and his precum was working like an accelerant, lighting a fire that quickly spread through my lower body.

Before I could reconcile what was happening, my rear end erupted with the flames of gay passion and I found myself floating on a cloud of decadent pleasure. As the fire ripped through my groin and traveled up my spine, I felt my head starting to spin and I felt out of control with pleasure. I could feel every contour of his shaft as it coursed along the lining of my boy pussy, making it juice with intensity. His hard as steel man cock was hammering my sweet spot while it stimulated the nerve endings and glands that were gripping it as he thrusted in and out. With every inward thrust, I could feel the luscious pressure right at the base of my hard on, which was drooling with a continuous flow of precum. At the same time, my hairless little nut sack was tingling, inundating my boy cock with a pleasure so intense that I thought it might explode.

At that moment all I could do was moan with depravity and let my boy pussy give in to the pleasure that was besieging me. Let its juices run uninhibited around the big, thick cock that was torturing every pleasure receptor that was nestled along its lining. Let my clutching anal canal facilitate the release of a true pussy boy and give in to my ultimate fate. Let the hot, sticky walls of my boy pussy course with the end result of the deep, thorough service that brought me to this point.

Right there in my bed, on my hands and knees with my ass sticking shamelessly up in the air, I let it all go and experienced the peak of my pleasure. Because as I accepted stroke after deep, sizzling stroke of hard dick, my rear end contracted with unbridled force and I felt the walls of my love tunnel throb with ecstasy. I bunched my fists around my blanket and moaned with the depravity of a pussy boy in the throes of sweet rapture.

I'd been there so many times over the years that daddy and I both knew all of the signs. For me, it's the powerful tidal wave that crashes into me, obliterating my senses as I drown in a sea of carnal pleasure. It's the way my whole body feels both numb and alive with energy. The way I find myself floating above the bed, swaddled in a blanket of dreamy feelings while my body sings. The way my boy pussy throbs, squeezes, juices and ultimately creams under the force of a hard, horny man cock. As a pussy boy, it's my most ambitious end.

For daddy, the signs are just as clear. He can feel it around his entire length, opening and closing with tight compressions while he runs his cock in and out. He can tell by the way my juices intensify as I climb the stairway of anal sex. He can see the way my sphincter opens and closes around his thickness, slowly at first, then its pace starts to quicken. He can see the ass juice that I'm excreting building at my flexing entrance, mixing with his precum to form a frothy ring. He can hear it in my moans, which are always there but get louder and longer as I approach my peak. He knows my body well enough to understand that at some point, the ass juice that's coursing along the walls of my boy pussy starts to surge. When that happens, the trickles become pools, then they accumulate in thick pockets until finally, my boy pussy gushes. And just like that, those pockets of ass juice are now hot, voluminous rivers of cream, the final stop along my journey to pussy boy paradise.

He knows that while it's happening, my cock is hard and burning with pleasure. He doesn't care about that, and neither do I. He knows that somewhere in my boyhood, a load of sperm is cooking, but he pays it no mind. He didn't raise me to shoot loads from the end of my boy cock, no matter how hard it gets. From my very first back door service to the one he was treating me to at the moment, I've always given into my release the way a true pussy boy does. As a result, I've never considered shooting a load from the end of my dick, and it's never happened. We both know where my climax lives, and he knows how to pull it out of me. He expects me to let it go where I take it, and I'm only too happy to oblige.

Which is why, even as my boy pussy creamed over and over again with the pleasure I was reeling from, my hard as steel boy rod continued to drool with precum. Knowing that I had reached the pinnacle of pussy boy ecstasy, daddy cast his gaze on my face and smiled. When I smiled back at him, he spotted the look of satisfied pleasure on my face and blew me a kiss. We were both blissfully aware that my anal rapture had blossomed and that I was now indulging in the continuous waves of carnal pleasure that were crashing into my body.

Of course, we both knew that anytime was the right time for daddy to breed my hole. It's always a pleasure for me to take his seed, no matter the time or place. I love being a total cum slut for any man or boy who wants to use me, but daddy and David are my true loves. So when daddy decided that it was time to breed my well fucked bottom, I never batted an eye. I could feel his cock swelling in my slippery boy pussy and knew what it meant. Even through my horny, continuous moans I managed to release a sigh of contentment when he winced and his load filled my hole.

“Oh daddy!” I managed to moan in a guttural fashion when I felt his hot, potent seed shooting deep inside of me. He was still feeding me thrusts, adding to my orgasmic feelings as I took each shot like a true pussy boy. Finally, his shots abated and he buried his shaft all the way up my butt just in time for a satisfying gush of cum to pour out the end, putting the finishing touches on an expert butt fucking.

With his cock still buried in my satisfied boy pussy, he leaned forward and planted a sweet kiss on the top of my head. Wanting more, I puckered up and he kissed me on the mouth, slipping me his tongue while I moaned with contentment. When he broke our kiss, he pulled out of me and I quickly flipped over on my back so that I could suck him clean. Much to my delight, his cock was dripping with so much cum and ass juice that I was able to indulge in giving him a five minute blow job, slowly licking and sucking away every sticky strand before he pulled out of my mouth and kissed me goodnight.

“Happy birthday, baby,” he said in a soft voice, caressing my bangs while I smiled up at him. I glanced over at the alarm clock on my bed and saw that it was 3:15 in the morning, letting me know that my rear end service was quick but thorough.

“I love you, daddy,” I said in a soft voice, feeling a warm glow wrap itself around my smiling face while we both glanced down at my hard boy rod. With a tender smile of his own, he lovingly reached down and pulled the covers up over my body, then he kissed me on the cheek.

“I love you too, Bobby,” he assured me. “Get some sleep, son. You're going to have a lot of traffic at your back door tomorrow.”

“I can't wait,” I sighed, watching him get up and walk out of my room while I settled in for the remainder of the night and let my imagination run wild with the knowledge of what was about to unfold.

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