The Birthday Boy, a series by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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A Split Roast for the Birthday Boy -

I had a naughty grin on my face, holding my legs so that they were pinned to my shoulders while I watched my Uncle Joe crawl into my bed and place his hands on the backs of my thighs. His monster cock was raging at its full 10 ½ inches and dripping with my spit and his precum. Sitting on the edge of my bed was my cousin Joey, whose 20 year old cock was throbbing in my mouth. My body was on fire as I sucked on the massive rod and smiled between the two studs who had been tending to my needy boy pussy for the last ten minutes.

They had entered my room just moments after Uncle Nate and Donnie had walked out. In fact, I could hear them talking about my high maintenance boy pussy in the hallway, getting me even more turned on than I had been all day.

“He's in the mood for it this morning,” Donnie mentioned in a rather casual tone, then Uncle Joe chimed in.

“He just spent 20 minutes sucking cock and having his shitter stuffed but he's as hard as a rock.”

“Dad said he was hot for it this morning,” I heard Uncle Joe remark.

“He's been watching porn all night and all morning,” Donnie reported with an amused inflection in his voice. “As horny as he is today I imagine he'll want to stay busy at both ends all day.”

“Let's get in there and split roast him, dad,” I heard my cousin Joey say with a note of excitement in his tone, then I felt my boy pussy shudder with need. “I'm ready to blow a load.”

With that, my uncle and my cousin walked into my room and I took note of the fact that they were both completely naked and sporting wood. My face lit up when I spotted them and I sat up right away, anxious to greet my two new studs.

“Happy birthday baby,” Uncle Joe said in a tender tone, sitting on the side of my bed and wrapping me in a warm hug.

“I love you Uncle Joe,” I said with a beaming smile on my face, hugging him tight while my cousin Joey sat beside him and ran his fingers through my brown hair.

“I love you too, sweetie,” he told me while I batted my eyes at my cute cousin.

“Happy birthday little buddy,” Joey told me with a sweet smile, then he leaned in and planted a deep kiss on my mouth that took my breath away. His tongue was so dominant and delicious in my mouth that I couldn't suppress my moaning. When we broke our kiss he said, “Has my little makeout partner been having a good morning so far?”

“Yeah, I have,” I told him with a husky voice.

“I heard you've been getting laid all morning,” my uncle said, and I nodded with a big grin on my face. “Are you in the mood to get laid again?”

“I'm in the mood to get laid all day,” I told them both, looking up at their faces to gauge their reactions. “I want to suck cock all day, too.”

“My, my, you really are in the mood today, aren't you sugar?” Uncle Joe commented, and I nodded. “How about if you let me have a good look at that horny little snatch of yours?”

“Okay,” I quickly agreed, feeling his hand caress my rump while I smiled up at them both.

Without wasting any time, I laid flat on my pillow and pulled my knees to my shoulders so that my feet were resting on either side of my head, then I watched as my cousin used his thumb and his middle finger to hold my crevice open. The scent of my desire was strong in the air, and as it wafted into all of our noses, I watched with a naughty smile while my cousin and my uncle both leaned in and drew in deep whiffs of my pucker. I felt Uncle Joe place three fingertips against the lips of my boy pussy, then he gave it a firm, circular rub while I moaned with desire.

“How's it feel, pop?” my cousin asked, prompting my uncle to bring his fingers up to Joey's lips for a taste. As if he were in a trance, my cousin quickly sucked all three digits into his mouth and sucked lustily on them while my uncle gave him an affectionate smile.

“Does that taste good, kiddo?” he asked, and my cute cousin nodded his answer. “Why don't you go in for a taste?”

Without having to be asked twice, my cousin saddled up between my ass cheeks and dived in head first, eating me out with wild moans. His scratchy tongue and deep ass eating was pulling the pleasure straight from the walls of my boy pussy, making me moan just as wildly as he was. The whole time that he was feasting on my hole, my uncle was petting my grinning face with one hand and tousling my cousin's dark hair with the other. I could feel his tongue getting deeper and deeper in my hole, which was still gaping from the multiple butt fuckings I had been treated to so far. When I felt the tip of his tongue make contact with the hot tissue in my butthole I moaned breathlessly, still grinning up at my uncle and batting my eyes.

Finally, Joey's tongue grew tired and he pulled it out of my ass, then he sat back on his legs and sighed with satisfaction. His rock hard shaft was standing at full attention and there was a thick dollop of precum hanging off the piss slit. I wanted him inside of me so badly that I could feel it in every nerve ending in my body, so I gave a gentle push that made my boy pussy flex while I looked up at him with passionate eyes.

“I think this boy's ready for some cock,” my Uncle Joe commented, and I nodded at no one in particular while they smiled down at me. Uncle Joe ran his fingers over my lips and said, “Why don't you take care of his back door and I'll take care of this end.”

“Yeah,” Joey agreed, still panting from the deep rim job he'd administered as he stood up on his knees and pointed his cock at my throbbing hole. I watched with silent anticipation as he placed the drooling head at my pucker and gave an easy push. With no effort at all, he pushed through my anal ring and a strong shiver of pleasure gripped my body. When he had all nine inches buried in my hole, I sighed blissfully and batted my eyes again.

As if he were in a trance, he leaned down and planted another French kiss on my mouth while my uncle rubbed his back. For a full minute we shared a deep, loving kiss while his 20 year old cock rested in my boy pussy. I could feel it throbbing deep inside of me while our tongues danced and loved how its heat seemed to radiate along the walls of my boy pussy. Finally, we broke our kiss and I watched the interaction between my uncle and my cousin with a warm smile.

“Is that special for you, son?” my uncle asked, reaching out and caressing Joey's soft, unblemished cheek with a tender expression.

“Yeah, it makes me feel really good,” he answered with a soft tone. “He's always nice and tight, dad.”

“Just like you, kiddo,” my uncle complimented him, and I saw them share a sweet smile while they gazed into each others' eyes. The tender moment ended when my Uncle leaned in and planted a soft kiss on my cousin's lips and said, “I love you, son.”

“I love you too, dad,” he said with a look of devotion in his eyes, then he began feeding me full thrusts. I immediately began to moan with pleasure as strong currents of electricity coursed along the walls of my boy pussy. My uncle watched with concern as Joey's cock made its first ten passes along the walls of my love tunnel, then he leaned down to kiss me and I instantly puckered up for him. I was so hot to share a kiss with him at the moment that I thrust my tongue into his mouth from the start.

He quickly took over by overpowering my tongue with his, letting me know that he was in full control. As soon as I realized that he had asserted his dominance over me as the Alpha Male I moaned with gay ecstasy. The reality that I was laying on my back with my legs pinned all the way back so that I could take a hard cock in my ass while I was kissed washed over me and I knew that I was in pussy boy paradise. I laid still and let the waves of submissive pleasure carry me to a fast and punishing anal orgasm that ripped through me like a machete.

I could feel my bottom throbbing with carnal delight as my studly cousin fed me stroke after stroke of hard cock while my mouth accommodated my uncle's stiff tongue. My head was swimming with so many wonderful feelings all at once that I almost didn't notice that Uncle Joe had broken our kiss until I felt our lips smacking. I was still in the throes of my boygasm when our kiss ended, but then I felt the heat of a cock being placed at my lips and I eagerly accepted it. I settled into a luscious sucking of my uncle's hard dick while my cousin Joey pumped in and out of my ass with continuous thrusts that felt so good.

Two minutes felt like half an hour to me as I reveled in both acts, but my cousin was reaching the finish line with a frantic look on his cute face. Wanting him to know that he could put his load anywhere he wanted, I intentionally bore down so that my rectal muscles would wrap tight around his talented shaft. At the same time, I began a fervent sucking of my uncle's cock, trying to encourage him to fuck my throat as forcefully as he could. I loved being a pussy boy between two studs and wanted them to know it.

For my efforts, I was treated to several hard thrusts of cock from my cousin Joey, who began hammering my boy pussy for all he was worth. While he was pounding my fuck hole, he began panting and I knew what was about to happen. My body was tingling with so much intensity that I was sure I could climax again, and if he had fed me a few more thrusts it would have happened. Instead, his final flurry came to an abrupt end when he shoved his rod all the way up my butt and shut his eyes tight. I was still sucking my uncle off with horny moans when I felt his pubic bush come to rest against my taint, then his load filled my boy pussy with a gush. I could feel it pumping into me with force and responded by letting loose with a deep, satisfied sigh while I gazed up at my uncle, who was rubbing Joey's back with a proud smile.

While Joey's cock was still unloading its bounty of sperm up my butt, my uncle leaned over and shared a warm kiss with him. I watched with a naughty grin as their tongues started to dance, then they broke their kiss and I moaned with approval.

“How about pulling out so daddy can get a piece of that tight rear end?” my uncle said, and Joey obediently nodded in agreement. I shivered hard as he removed his shaft, loving how even the friction of his withdrawal stimulated my pleasure receptors. His cock looked so delicious when it emerged from my gripping bottom with a loud plop, dripping with his cum and mine. My wish was that I could sit up and suck it like a good little pussy boy, but instead I stayed where I was with my boy pussy splayed out, ready for more use. Happily, I didn't have to wait long for the chance to wrap my lips around Joey's dripping cock. As soon as he traded places with my uncle, he tapped my lips and I eagerly sucked it clean while my uncle placed his hands on the backs of my thighs and inserted his talented cock.

As soon as his shaft was buried all the way up my hole, Uncle Joe used his thumbs to pull my already parted butt cheeks further apart so he could watch his pole running in and out of my chute. Even with a mouthful of delicious birthday cock I managed a naughty smile as I watched my uncle pull my cheeks open. It felt so devilish to lay there with my legs pulled back, taking yet another cock up the poop chute while I sucked dick for the stud who had already fucked me there. My hard little rod was barely an afterthought as I moaned like a bitch in heat between my uncle and my cousin, whose cocks were filling me at both ends.

When my uncle began to feed me full strokes I immediately climaxed and my boy pussy creamed harder than it had all morning. My little dick was drooling with precum that was pooling up in the creases on my tummy and my hairless nut sack was pulled so tight that it was almost painful. I had goosebumps all over my body, most prominently on my butt cheeks and the backs of my thighs. I heard a loud cracking and only subconsciously realized that my toes were curling while I reeled with the pleasure I was experiencing.

“Open up, baby,” I heard my cousin tell me, and without giving it a single thought I did as I was told. With my mouth wide open I looked up to see him jerking his cock over it while he grimaced.

“You're ready to blow another load, buddy?” I heard my uncle ask, then Joey nodded his answer while I looked up at them with a dirty smile. Seconds later, his first cum shot hit me in the face, then it was followed by three more that went directly into my watering mouth. When his load was received, I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick with a slutty moan and sucked hungrily while my uncle spoke again.

“You look hungry for cum, baby,” he told me with a smile, prompting me to nod with an eager smile. “Do you want Uncle Joe's load in your mouth or in your boy pussy?”

With a long, depraved moan I opened wide and licked the head of my cousin's pole while I looked up at my uncle with sheer desire.

“This little boy needs another cock to suck, doesn't he?” Uncle Joe commented, and my cousin and I both nodded at the same time. Turning his attention to my cousin, he said, “Why don't you go back to the living room and send Uncle Adam and your cousin Steven up here, kiddo?”

“Okay, dad,” my cousin said obediently, then he scampered off while my uncle began feeding me strokes that were packed with power. I immediately began to shiver and shake again, feeling my little body being consumed by the flames of gay passion. Before I could come to grips with the powerful sensations that were rolling through every inch of my body, my boy pussy erupted with a series of strong contractions and I came hard. My legs were shaking with unbridled energy and I found myself struggling to keep them pulled all the way back.

While I was climaxing under the force of the deep butt fucking that I was being treated to, my uncle leaned in and planted a strong kiss on my mouth. I felt his strong hands unhooking my arms so that my legs could go free, then my ankles landed on his shoulders and my legs began to rock back and forth with the momentum of our ride. With my arms now free, I wrapped them around his neck and hung on for dear life while he drove into me with strong, pleasure filled strokes that only served to prolong my boygasm. I could feel my hot to trot boy pussy creaming again and again, almost in time with the deep thrusts that I was accepting. Somewhere in the background I could hear a set of footsteps in the hallway coming towards my room but I was so lost in the sea of anal delight that I couldn't open my eyes to see who was watching.

Without interrupting the magnificent deep dicking that I was being treated to, my uncle broke our kiss and spoke to me.

“Are you still in the mood to suck cock for your Uncle Joe?” he asked tenderly, and I nodded urgently, my eyes still shut tight while a wave of orgasmic pleasures carried me off. “You're having a nice cum, aren't you, sweetie?”

Once again I answered with a frantic nod, unable to process the sensations that were sweeping me away. Uncle Joe's massive fuck stick was hitting every spot in my body that needed to be touched, then it was finding new places to touch. I could feel my head swirling with orgasmic currents that had yet to abate while I moaned with depravity. I knew that I had an audience now, and that they were watching me climax under the force of a very delectable ass fucking. I knew that they could see into my soul, which was exposed for all to see.

Not that it was a secret anyway.

I've never hidden my love for cocks and cum from anyone in or out of the family. In fact, I flaunt it anytime I can because it increases my odds of getting lucky with a cute guy or sexy older stud, at school or anywhere else I happen to be. I want people to know that I suck dick for pleasure, or that I'll bend over with an eager smile for the chance to have my hole plugged. Everyone at school knows and most of the men in our neighborhood know, too. A lot of strangers have become lovers thanks to the way that I flaunt my sexuality.

Even my mom knows that I'm a gay slut, but she'll never be able to stop me from getting laid anytime I want to. And just like everyone else, she knows that I'm always up for a quickie. She's well aware that I'll drop to my knees and suck a dick in a heartbeat, especially if it's a big, juicy dick that I can slobber on until my reward shoots from the end. She's also aware that I keep my bottom lubed up and ready for penetration, no matter the time or place. I shamelessly take it in the ass at her house with regularity when it's her weekend, and she always knows when its happening.

I usually get lucky with James, a cute highschooler who lives next door to her with his dad. He's 17 years old and has a nice, big dick that feels so good when I take him to my room and bend over for it. His generous shaft never fails to make me moan with passion, filling the house with my call of pleasure. After a pleasure filled fudge packing, I always spend a luscious afterglow sucking his dick clean with satisfied purrs that she can hear through the door. She knows that there's no use in trying to stop me from getting laid so she just accepts that I'll be having company in my room while I'm over.

Which is why I didn't skip a beat when Uncle Joe pulled his long, thick shaft out of my juicing boy cunt. With the dedication of a true pussy boy, I sat straight up and wrapped my lips around it just in time to accept a mouthful of hot, thick cum that went down smooth when I swallowed. As soon as I gulped the first mouthful down, a second eruption filled me up and I found myself moaning with contentment as I swallowed a second delicious mouthful. My hard little prick was standing straight up, soaked with precum that had embedded itself in my tiny patch of pubic hair.

When I realized that Uncle Joe had fed me the last of his yummy load, I smiled up at him with a feeling of sheer love in my chest, still nursing on the end of his dick. He tenderly caressed the side of my head, then I felt someone plant a warm kiss on my face and looked up just in time to see my daddy sitting on the bed with me.

“Did my little guy have a nice lay?” he asked, and I nodded with sparkling eyes. “Do you need to go pee, son?”

I nodded again, realizing that my bladder was at its capacity. I had been so enamored with the studs in my bed that I didn't realize how badly I needed to pee, so as soon as Uncle Joe was out of my bed I got up on wobbly legs. Realizing that my legs were still in recovery mode, daddy helped me steady myself, then he planted a kiss on my head and I dutifully walked to the bathroom and stood in front of the toilet. With my dick as hard as it was, I had a little bit of a hard time peeing into the bowl but somehow I managed to bend over and aim it down. While I was peeing, my Uncle Adam walked in and smiled at me.

“Is everything okay, buddy?” he asked, making me blush at my predicament.

“Yeah, I just have to pee,” I told him with a shy smile.

“How about letting your uncle see if he can help you out, kiddo?” he said, stepping up behind me and running his hands all over my plump buns, then he gave them a playful swat. I smiled over my shoulder at him and playfully wiggled my bottom for him, then I looked at the door and noticed that my cousin Steven was watching from the hallway. I gave him a mischievous smile when I spotted him standing there, watching while I wiggled my horny bottom in front of Uncle Adam. I wanted both of them to know that I was ready for their cocks, no matter the time or place. They were both so rugged and manly that I can never resist their charms. And they never deny me the access that I'm so hot for whenever I see them.

As it turns out, I didn't have to wait at all for Uncle Adam to give me the action that I was horny for. While I was bent over in front of him, wiggling my ass and giving my 22 year old cousin the eye, my uncle simply placed his hands on my waist and pulled my hips up. I instinctively parted my feet and pushed my ass up so that it was easily accessible, still eying my cute cousin while I bit my lower lip with a moan. I placed my hands on the tank of the toilet and moaned seductively when I felt Uncle Adam's long, thick pole push through my entrance. As it began to fill my boy pussy, I pursed my lips and smiled naughtily at my cousin.

“It feel so good,” I whined when I felt my uncle's pubic bush smashing into my globes. I was loving how the heat of his shaft filled my already tingling senses while his bulbous glans tickled my pleasure receptors before he started to thrust. I gave my uncle a needy look over my shoulder, then I turned back towards my cousin and set my eyes on his well packaged equipment.

I licked my lips with a hot moan when I felt my uncle begin to move his cock back and forth. He started slow at first with short, soft thrusts, then he gradually picked up his speed and added more and more length to his thrusting. In no time flat I was moaning loudly and pushing my hips up in an effort to match his inward thrusts. The cold porcelain throne was just sturdy enough for me to hold on tight and gain extra leverage while he fed me harder and harder strokes that ran hot and deep in my trembling boy cunt.

“Is the birthday boy enjoying his ride?” I heard Uncle Adam ask, and I nodded in the affirmative while I shut my eyes. “You have such a nice, plump boy butt, Bobby. It wraps itself so tight around my dick, too.”

By the time I heard him tell me that, I was too far gone to answer. Visions of Steven's big dick were running through my mind while a strong burn encased my groin region and I knew what was happening. I could feel my boy pussy throbbing with authority while I accepted long, hard thrusts of my uncle's cock and my head was spinning with pleasure. As I was beginning to sort out the sensations that were ravaging my frame, I felt my boy pussy surge with juices and my legs began to quiver. As soon as I felt my heels starting to dig into the cold bathroom floor, my rear end flexed hard and I felt my boygasm flourish.

While I was experiencing yet another anal orgasm I felt my uncle drive in with added force from behind. I was luxuriating in every thrust that he was giving me when out of nowhere, he smacked me on the right butt cheek and pulled out. Running on pure instinct, I fell to my knees and wrapped my lips around the head of his massive cock, then I swallowed it with one quick motion. Before I knew it, I found myself giving a very spirited blow job while he let loose with a series of groans and expletives that a good little gay boy doesn't repeat. I stayed where I was, sucking dick with a glowing smile on my face until his shaft started to swell in my mouth.

Knowing that I was about to receive my reward, I pulled my lips all the way to his bellend and formed a nice, tight seal just in time to accept a quartet of strong, potent cum shots that filled my mouth to the brim. Instead of swallowing right away, I opened wide and jerked him off over my face, wanting both him and Steven to see the naughty mouthful I was accommodating while more cum drooled from the end of his shaft. Finally, I closed my mouth and swallowed with a grin on my face, taking it all with one satisfying gulp.

When his load was down, I stayed on my knees and sucked cock for him while he stroked my dark head of hair. Finally, he helped me up and I smiled warmly between them before walking out to the hallway, where we could hear David's moaning from the living room. His moaning was muffled, telling me that he was sucking cock for someone. I could also hear the sound of skin slapping skin that matched his muffled moans, making it obvious that he was taking a cock in his own horny pooper. I wondered to myself how many times he'd had his boy pussy filled since he began sucking cock in the living room. On his birthday I got laid twice before lunch but lost track of the blow jobs I had given while he received lovers in his room.

While I was listening to my brother take it in the ass, my cousin Steven wrapped me up from behind in a tight hug and whispered into my ear.

“If you want to bend over right now, you can get your hole filled up right away,” he offered me, and I moaned with desire while I nodded in agreement. Without waiting another second, I placed my hands against the wall and hung my rear end out while he lined up to my hole. My uncle was watching with a knowing smile on his face when Steven pushed in, then his cock slid straight up my butt while I bit my lip and shivered.

With my palms flat against the wall, Steven had the latitude to drive in hard from the back while I moaned with depravity. I could feel his big dick, so veiny and so strong, punishing my boy clit while I soaked it all up with a greedy smile. I felt his strong hands move from my hips to my shoulders, then he tightened his grip and really started hammering my boy pussy. I could hear my moans growing louder and hungrier, even as I received stroke after stroke of hot dick right where I wanted it. My cheek was pressed into the wall and my fingers were digging into the drywall as Steven serviced my boy cunt with expert precision in the hallway, but I didn't care about that at all. I only cared about the pleasure I was feeling as my boy pussy constricted and juiced around my cute cousin's talented shaft.

About 90 seconds into my pleasure filled buttfuck my grandpa appeared in the hallway with a knowing smile on his face. He was still naked and hard as steel, and I felt compelled to suck dick for him as soon as I could. I loved that he was watching me take it in the hallway, pressed to the wall and moaning like the cock hound that I am. I could feel my cousin's pelvis hitting my ass cheeks, making them jiggle with every inward thrust that I received until finally, Steven pulled out and I scrambled to get on my knees with my mouth wide open. I reached up and wrapped both hands around his magnificent pole, then I gave it five quick jerks and it erupted with cum that shot all over my face and into my mouth.

After I swallowed his load, I dutifully sucked the ass juice off of my cousin's long pole with a naughty smile. The cum was still cooling on my cheeks, but I didn't care at all. I wanted it to be there, to be a sign that I wore for all of the men in the house that I wanted to take their loads anywhere I could have it. On the face, in my mouth, up the butt, across my back, even on my feet. I didn't care where, as long as they gave it to me.

When Steven's cock was eased out of my mouth, grandpa helped me up and lovingly scraped the cooling cum from my smiling face. I hungrily sucked it all from his fingers while he rubbed my bare back and sniffed my hair. When grandpa's fingers were clean, I shared a deep kiss with him while I moaned into his mouth. When we broke our kiss, I was led to my room, where I crawled into my bed on my hands and knees while my grandpa got behind me and ate my tingling bottom out.

When he pulled his talented tongue from my busy chute, he simply lined his cock up and pushed in with no effort at all. I loved how dirty it felt to have yet another big dick slip into my ass with such ease, and knew that for the rest of the day I was going to have no trouble at all taking any sized dick at will. With grandpa's big cock now filling my horny hole, I moaned and rolled my hips around, anxious to put on another slutty performance for him. He responded with a knowing smile, then he settled into a hard, fast ride that gave me chills.

As the naughty realization that my boy pussy was in high traffic mode hit me, I realized that I didn't even want to climax while I was mounted and fucked this time. That this was my time to be a trollop and nothing more. That when grandpa was through with me, I wanted to prance around the house with my ass up for grabs, available to the first taker. I wanted men to use my ass and my mouth for their pleasure for the rest of the day. If I was lucky, I could give two handjobs while I sucked cock and took it in the ass, hopefully all at the same time.

While these deliciously sinful plans were hatching in my mind, I felt grandpa pick up the pace of his thrusting. Wanting him to know that I was eager to be his cum dump, I looked over my shoulder with a lecherous grin and moaned like the whore that I wanted to be. At the same time, my high traffic rear end began to queef loudly and I knew that the others could hear it, even from the living room. Grandpa gave me a knowing smile, as if he knew what was running through my naughty imagination, and began to slam into my upturned bottom without care or concern. I responded to this by biting my lower lip and moaning even more whoreishly, hoping that I could attract a long line at my back door.

As if everyone knew what I was after, my room began to fill up with the family studs, all of whom had serviced my boy pussy already. My daddy approached the foot of the bed and caressed my cheek while my mouth watered for his cock.

“What's going on, baby?” he asked, and I looked over my shoulder at my bubble butt before turning back to him and answering. Before I could speak, he gave me a knowing look and a nod, as if he understood that I wanted my back door to stay busy.

“I want to suck some cock, daddy,” I said in a matter of fact tone. “I want to keep my butthole busy, too.”

“Is it because my baby's getting hornier?” he asked, and I quickly nodded.

“I feel like getting cute guys off, daddy,” I told him through a hot moan. “I want to give handjobs, too.”

“It sounds like my little gay boy's getting hot for it,” he observed, and once again, I nodded my answer.

“I'm getting really hot for it, daddy,” I admitted, then I looked at the room full of my uncles and cousins and let loose with a long, depraved moan before I made my next confession. “I want everyone to watch me get guys off, too.”

“Do you feel like putting on a show for your lovers?” daddy asked, making me moan with urgency as I nodded yet again. “How about if we move this to the living room, sweetie? Your brother's down there with Uncle Billy. I'm sure they'd love to spend time with you, sweetie.”

With that, I bit my lower lip and nodded my answer, then I puckered up and daddy treated me to a long, luscious French kiss that lasted until grandpa filled my busy butthole with another hot, thick load of ball juice.

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