The Birthday Boy, a series by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Everyone Cums for Bobby's Birthday -

“Is that good, baby?” Uncle Nate asked, and I hastily nodded my answer. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Nooo,” I whined with a high pitch moan.

“Okay, honey, I'll keep going,” he assured me in a tender tone, bringing a deep sigh of relief out of me.

At 11:45 in the morning, the mood in the living room was pure romance. There was a steady beat of raindrops hitting the roof and the patio on the other side of the sliding glass door, but it was warm and dry inside. Adding to the ambiance was a crackling fire that daddy had lit that morning while I was still receiving cocks in my bed.

All around me, there were tender couplings that I could see from where I was. David was on his knees between Uncle Joe's legs, his hands resting on his thighs while he sucked cock with a contented smile. His soft moans and wet slurping were enough to give away his pleasure, but daddy had posted up at his back door and was deftly rimming him, adding to his bliss.

Sitting on the couch beside Uncle Joe was grandpa, whose experienced cock was being tended to by my cousin Joey, who had curled up and rested his head in Grandpa's lap. My grandpa had a tender smile on his face while he stroked my cousin's head with his left hand, praising him and telling him what a talented cocksucker he'd always been. With his right hand, he had slipped his middle finger into Joey's tight, welcoming anus and was strumming it gently, bringing out a soft moan from my cute cousin.

Just as tender as the scene on the couch was the one that was unfolding on the love seat, where my cousin Donnie was laying on his back, holding our youngest Uncle in his strong arms. My Uncle Billy was born two years after Joey came along, and he was just about to turn 18. To me he still looks like a boy, the way me and David do, but he's a little taller than us. Since he's the baby of the family, the older studs spoil him rotten, just like they do for David and I. Also like David and I, Uncle Billy's a confirmed cock hound who prefers to stay on his knees, sucking any available cock he can wrap his lips around. At the moment, he was basking in the afterglow of a blowjob he had given Donnie, who loves to dote on him.

I was on my hands and knees in the recliner, hanging onto the left arm rest. I had my bubble butt hanging over the right arm rest, sticking it out for my Uncle Nate. He was holding onto my slender hips with his strong hands, his fingertips pressed into the tops of my fleshy mounds. His strong hands were holding them in place while he ran his fleshy sword in and out of my quivering boy pussy.

I was looking over my shoulder with need, feeling my body shiver as the overwhelming sensation of anal intercourse gripped me. My mouth was hanging open and I was panting hard between the moans that were being brought about by the hot butt fuck he was throwing me. My pleasure was so great that my fingers were digging into the armrest. With every deep thrust he fed me, my boy box squeezed his python with a series of rhythmic contractions that began long before he entered me.

“Look at your little cousin, still taking it like a pro,” grandpa commented, running his hand over Joey's soft cheek. When my cousin let loose with a soft moan of approval, grandpa said, “I heard you gave it to him right, buddy. Is that true?”

“Mhmm,” Joey practically sang, his moist lips running fluidly along the length of grandpa's hard shaft.

“Such a good boy,” grandpa praised him, and Joey's smile beamed while he purred like a kitten around grandpa's shaft.

Two hours earlier, I was ushered into the living room by my daddy, who was holding my hand and helping me steady myself so I could walk. I'd taken so many climax inducing cock rides by then that my skinny legs were wobbly. Daddy grew concerned as soon as I tried to stand up and he noticed that I was having trouble. Taking a seat on the side of my bed, he held me close to him and told my grandpa, “Maybe he needs to slow it down.”

“I don't want to slow it down, daddy,” I practically sobbed, feeling his embrace tighten around my shivering frame while he kissed my cheek.

He lifted me up into his lap and stroked my dark hair, then he said, “Are you sure, Bobby? I don't want my little guy getting hurt.”

“I'm sure, daddy,” I smiled up at him, earning me a tongue filled kiss that send a shudder through me. When we broke our lip lock, I told him, “I want to be with you first when we go downstairs.”

“Such a precious little gay boy,” daddy praised me, then he scooted me off of his lap and I slipped my paw into his. As soon as we entered the living room, I spotted my brother David cuddling on one of the love seats with Uncle Billy and my eyes lit up. Seeing my excited expression, daddy knelt down and rubbed my back while he spoke.

“Go get a nice kiss from your bubba and your Uncle Billy, okay?”

“Okay, daddy,” I lisped, feeling a rush of feminine endorphins spread out all over my body. Acting on this familiar sensation, I pranced over to the love seat on my tippy-toes, feeling my plump bottom jiggle with every step I took. As I was making my way to David and Uncle Billy, I heard my studly Uncle Nate comment, “I bet his ass would look really hot in a pair of panties.”

Hearing this only added to my feminine feeling and I wasted little time in engaging my cute Uncle Billy in a long, tongue filled kiss while I rolled my hot to trot rear end around for everyone in the room. When Billy and I broke our kiss, I turned my attention to David, who I was so happy to see. Climbing onto the love seat, I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly, letting his warm, wet tongue dance in my mouth while I moaned with contentment. While I was being kissed up by my big brother, I felt a strong set of hands pull me up by the hips, and I immediately recognized my daddy's touch. Knowing that my rear end service was about to resume, I quickly raised my ass up in the air for ease of entry. When daddy's bulbous glans touched my quivering pucker, I moaned like a whore and ground my hips around, anxious for penetration. Sensing my urgent mating call, daddy responded by pushing through my gaping hole, sliding his big dick all the way up my ass while my body trembled with wanton desire.

“Is that better, sweetie?” I heard him ask, so I broke my kiss with David long enough to look over my shoulder with pursed lips and nod my answer. “My boy is so horny today, isn't he?”

“Yes, daddy,” I answered, lisping through a harlot's moan as he began to thrust. “I want my boy pussy serviced so bad today.”

“I know, sugar,” he assured me, his tone loving as he fed me full, satisfying strokes. “Let daddy handle it for you, Bobby. The only thing I want you to worry about right now is how many kisses you get.”

Letting loose with a long, feminine moan, I turned my attention back to David and Uncle Billy, letting them take turns sliding their tongues into my mouth while my frame rocked to and fro with the momentum of my ride. Both of their boy cocks were standing at attention as they treated me to deep kisses, then they fell into a brief kiss of their own while I watched with a watering mouth.

When their tongues disengaged, Uncle Billy cupped the back of my head and kissed me hard. I could feel tiny explosions rocking my frame the entire time, setting my rear end ablaze with the certainty of a furious boygasm. I was almost paralyzed by the powerful climax that I had achieved while daddy fucked me silly, feeling as though my tongue was being dominated by Uncle Billy's deep kissing. I was so caught up in the anal rapture that I had achieved that I didn't realize that daddy had reached his own Nirvana until a powerful jet of cum shot all the way up my poop chute and snapped me out of my delicious spell.

When daddy pulled out, grandpa moved in behind me and buried his face in my crack, letting his tongue snake around the diameter of my gaping, cum filled boy pussy. Just like daddy, grandpa is a very talented ass eater and I was moaning in no time flat. I felt my body being gripped by a surge of naughty tingles that felt like they were crawling along the walls of my love tunnel, encapsulating every single nerve ending while I shivered helplessly. I knew that I was on the verge of another boygasm, even as I watched my brother David scramble to get on the floor so he could suck daddy's cock clean. Breaking my kiss with my uncle, I lifted my head and moaned into the air, letting the flames of gay romance consume me all over again.

“Happy birthday, Bobby,” Uncle Billy said with a sweet smile while I shivered under the force of grandpa's rimming.

“I love you Uncle Billy,” I moaned. “Will you service my bottom for me, too?”

He nodded with that same sweet smile, sealing the deal for me while grandpa's tongue punished my hot and ready boy box. When his feast ended, he watched with a proud smile as Uncle Billy and I fell into another loving French kiss and said, “Take care of your little nephew, baby. He's very horny, just like you were when you woke up this morning.”

“I promise, dad,” Uncle Billy swore when we broke our kiss, batting his eyes affectionately at grandpa while I kept my horny rear end in the easy access position. Grandpa's cock was hard and dripping with precum when he lined it up to my well eaten hole and pushed in, bringing out yet another series of shameless moans that poured into Uncle Billy's mouth.

“Does that feel good, Bobby?” Uncle Billy asked when we broke our kiss, and I nodded feverishly. “Your bottom's been busy all morning, hasn't it?”

“Yeah,” I panted, then I looked around the room and saw that I had an audience. With my naughtiest gaze and my thickest lisp, I announced, “I want to keep it busy all day and all night. I want to suck a lot of dick, too.”

With that, I fell into another delicious kiss with Uncle Billy, occasionally reaching back to rub the diameter around my stretched pucker while grandpa continued to thrust in and out. When grandpa pulled out and blew his load all over my ass cheeks, I let go of a long, dirty moan and rolled my ass around. Reacting to my call for more back door action, Uncle Billy got behind me and began licking up all of the sperm that grandpa shot, then he dug into my well fucked sphincter and ate it with gusto.

While Uncle Billy was keeping his promise to service my boy pussy, Uncle Joe got up and waved his cock under my nose. Without hesitating, I slipped my mouth over the helmet and settled into a long, wet blowjob while my anus tingled continuously. While I was still moaning around Uncle Joe's shaft, Uncle Billy lined his teen rod up to my hole and slipped it in with ease. I loved how there was no resistance when he pushed in, burying all six inches with one delicious thrust.

Soon, I was in the throes of another boygasm, feeling my boy pussy cream hard around Uncle Billy's teen dick. When he seeded me and pulled out, I looked up at Uncle Joe with needy eyes and he immediately gave in to my whimpers. In the midst of trading places, my two Uncles shared a very tender kiss on the lips, then Uncle Billy said, “I love you, big bubba.”

“I love you too, baby brother,” Uncle Joe said, caressing Uncle Billy's rump with a smile. “I'll take care of this for you today, too.”

“I can't wait,” Uncle Billy sighed dreamily, stepping up to my watering mouth so that I could wrap my lips around his dripping boy cock. It was very tasty, just like always, and I loved how powerful the taste of my boy butt was as I indulged in its flavors. While I was enjoying the dick in my mouth, Uncle Joe lined his 10 ½ inch man cock up to my hole and slid in with no effort at all. Once again, I felt a strong shiver of desire run through me when I realized that my hole was now offering no resistance to the man sized pricks that I wanted to have inside of me.

“His hole is wide open, but his ass is still so damn tight,” my Uncle Joe hissed as soon as he buried his python all the way up my butt. When he began thrusting, I felt the embers in my body start to get hot and I moaned eagerly around my Uncle Billy's dick. Wanting to see who was watching, I let my eyes scan the room and noticed that my daddy was balls deep in my brother David's rear end. They were fucking in the missionary position, and my brother was grinning from ear to ear while daddy's talented rod probed his pooper deep.

On the other love seat, my cousin Joey was cuddling close with our cousins Steve and Donnie. He had his head in Donnie's lap and his legs were curled up on top of Steve's thighs. Being the youngest of the three, he was clearly enjoying the tender attention they were giving him while they all enjoyed the show. Even more enticing was the fact that my Uncle Adam had dropped to his knees behind my Uncle Billy and was now rimming his 17 year old hole with a low, continuous growl while I continued to suck dick for him.

I was still accepting deep strokes of my Uncle Joe's man prick when Uncle Billy blew his load for me. Uncle Adam had just pulled his tongue out of his poop chute and was rubbing it with two fingers when the yummy prick in my mouth spouted with more boy sperm, giving me a tasty treat to swallow while my back door was used like a flesh light. As soon as my stud came in my mouth, Uncle Adam stood up and they fell into a deep kiss that ended when grandpa wrapped an arm around his youngest son's shoulder and led him to the big couch.

While grandpa and Uncle Billy were snuggling on the couch, I resumed my duties as the cock pleaser by wrapping my tingling lips around Uncle Adam's prick and sucking on it with pure passion. I was so enamored by the fact that I had two experienced studs at my service, feeding me cock at both ends, that I didn't see daddy plant his load in David's boy pussy. My lips had just found their way to the base of Uncle Adam's shaft when I heard a wet kiss from the floor, then daddy said, “I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you too, daddy,” David said with stars in his eyes, then the cock was removed and he sat up to suck on it.

While I was still taking 10 ½ inches in my ass and an equally satisfying 10 inches down the throat, daddy and David moved to the couch, joining grandpa and Uncle Billy. I watched as daddy sat right beside grandpa while David got comfortable in his lap, then daddy leaned over and planted a sweet kiss on both grandpa's and Uncle Billy's lips.

“I love you guys,” grandpa said, giving daddy, David and Uncle Billy a protective look of love, then he smiled at the scene on the other love seat, where his three oldest grandsons were watching all of the action with tender smiles. “I love you three, too.”

“I love you too, grandpa,” my cousin Steve said with a smile, then my other cousins chimed in.

“Love you, grandpa,” my cousin Joey said, still resting his head on Donnie's lap with a smile.

“I love you grandpa,” Donnie said with a tender inflection, then he looked at my dad and said, “I love you too, Uncle Dave. Thanks for inviting us to the party.”

“It wouldn't be much of a party without my three nephews,” daddy said, running his fingers through David's brown hair. “I think we may have worn this little guy out, though.”

David smiled shyly and nodded, then he curled his legs up in daddy's lap so he could be rocked while everyone watched me take it at both ends.

“Bobby's really horny today, isn't he bubba?” Uncle Billy said, smiling over at my dad with mischievous eyes.

“He sure is, baby boy,” my dad noted, still stroking David's smiling face. “I think all of these cocks have put him in the mood.”

“It's like it was on my birthday, huh daddy?” David said in a small voice, and daddy kissed him on top of the head.

“You were nice and horny that day, too, weren't you baby?” daddy said, watching with a smile as Uncle Joe continued to drive into my rear end with authority while I moaned unashamedly around Uncle Adam's pole. In reply, David nodded with a sleepy yawn, so daddy gently began rocking him to and fro while Uncle Billy watched with an introspective gaze.

“You want to trade places for a while, bro?” I heard Uncle Joe ask, then Uncle Adam nodded and I shivered again. “I feel like getting my cock sucked for a while.”

They both eased their rods out at the same time, leaving me empty and feeling desperate for some dick. Happily, my mouth and my ass were only without pricks for a few seconds, and soon, I was sucking lustily on Uncle Joe's cock while Uncle Adam slipped his massive pole into my ass and began long dicking me with earnest.

As much as I hated not having a cock in me for those 15 seconds, I have to admit that I loved the way they talked amongst themselves about which end they wanted to use. It was so hot knowing that they weren't concerned at all about what I thought because they knew I'd take it anyway I could. Uncle Joey wanted his dick sucked, and they knew that I would be eager to deep throat his magnificent trophy any day of the week. That all he needed to do was hint that he wanted a blowjob and I'd be on my knees in a heartbeat with my lips wrapped tight around the base of his cock and my mouth watering for his imminent load.

At the same time, if Uncle Adam wanted access to my back door, he knew he didn't even have to ask. It's a foregone conclusion to everyone who knows me that my rear end is always available for fucking, no matter the time or place. If there's a hard cock that needs a hot hole, I'll drop my pants and spread my cheeks wide in the hopes that it'll slide right up my ass. So when Uncle Joey said that he wanted to trade places, I knew he wasn't talking to me. He already knew that I wanted it at either end, or more preferably, at both ends. So he directed his question at Uncle Adam with the knowledge that no matter what, the pleasure would be all mine.

So once again filled at both ends with hot dick, I moaned like a whore and fucked my throat roughly on Uncle Joey's pole. I intentionally pointed my bottom up in the air while Uncle Adam rutted his horse cock back and forth in my hole. I wanted to let all of my studs know that I was eager to have their cocks back in my rear end as soon as they were ready to use it, hopefully sooner rather than later. I looked over at the couch again, giving daddy a naughty, cock hungry smile while he rocked my brother like a little baby, and he smiled knowingly at me. To their right, grandpa was planting a tender kiss on my Uncle Billy's cheek and talking softly to him, catching my attention.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” he asked with a note of concern, and my uncle nodded quietly. “What's on your mind, son?”

“Just that I love you, daddy,” Uncle Billy said, earning a smile from almost everyone in the room.

“I love you too, baby boy,” grandpa assured him, planting a kiss on his cheek. “Do you feel like sucking some cock while Bobby gets his hole plugged?”

“Yeah,” Uncle Billy said, his voice husky and his smile big, then he curled his legs up and laid his head in grandpa's lap so he could treat himself to a mouthful of hard cock.

“That's my little cock hound,” grandpa praised him, letting his hand run over the fleshy mounds that comprised my uncle's bubble butt. “Suck cock for daddy, then show everyone else here how much you love them, too.”

Without spitting grandpa's dick out, Uncle Billy nodded with sparkling eyes, letting his lips run along the length of the cock in his mouth while I went down on Uncle Joe's prick with insatiable downward plunges. Behind me, Uncle Adam's massive trophy was kicking up another violent boygasm that I knew was coming and that I was sure would make my boy pussy cream hard. I could feel it juicing with incredible volume already, even queefing off and on as I took luscious cock thrusts in and out.

I let my gaze travel over to the other love seat, where my three cousins were still cuddling close. Joey was clearly the baby of the group and they older ones were doting heavily on him while he soaked up their affection with a big grin and a dripping boner. Uncle Nate had taken a seat on the floor in front of the love seat and had joined in the doting, tenderly stroking Joey's smiling face with a caring touch while they watched me take it like the trollop that I am.

“What do you think about that, buddy?” Uncle Nate asked, and Joey smiled at him with a deep blush. “Your daddy tells me that you two were making Bobby moan the same way earlier on. Is that true?”

“Yeah,” Joey said, nodding his head on Donnie's thigh while I moaned with depravity, then Uncle Nate caressed Joey's plump buns.

“Are you still getting this serviced, buddy?”

“Yeah, I am.” Joey admitted, his grin practically frozen to his face.

“Would you like to have Uncle Nate service it for you before the day's up?”

“I'd like that a lot, Uncle Nate,” the cutie answered just as my boygasm began to take shape.

“You just come let your Uncle know when you want it, baby, and I'll fix you right up, okay?

“Okay,” Joey said, biting his lip with a naughty smile while Donnie leaned down and kissed him on the cheek, then they turned their attention back to my split roast just in time to see me in a full scale melt down.

My boy cunt caught fire and the inferno spread fast, consuming every nerve ending in my body while I worked to deep throat Uncle Joe's meaty cock. I had blinding flashes of light all around my head and my legs were throbbing with a pleasure so deep that it felt like I would never recover. Somewhere in the background I could hear my noisy bottom, queefing loud and proud while I took my ass fucking like a true pussy boy.

When I did finally come around, daddy was watching me with affectionate eyes, knowing that I was getting my way. I knew that I was his spoiled little prince, and that he would never deny me what I wanted, no matter how concerned he might be. When David had his birthday, he had studs in his room throughout the day, just like me. The difference was, he took breaks and fell into post orgasmic slumbers at various times.

Daddy knew that a little cock hound like me wouldn't want to take a rest. That I would demand non stop back door pleasures, and that I would want to enjoy being split roasted by two or more studs from time to time. He knew that there would be no naps, no breaks to lube back up and no need to get me a drink of water while I rested. I already had to stop and pee once, and that was too long of an interruption as far as I was concerned. Daddy knew that if he made me take a break, I'd throw a fit of horny rage and he didn't want that.

My queefing bottom and the moans from my explosive anal orgasm roused my brother David from his short nap, and when I started to regain my cognizance, I saw him watching me with a sleepy, lecherous smile. When we made eye contact, I increased the passion and force of the blowjob I was giving, then I gave my climaxing rear end a sensual stir to let him know that I was enjoying the erotic stimulation at both ends. Daddy looked down at David and gave him a tender kiss, then knowingly scooted him off of his lap with instructions to go to the bathroom. With his 4 ½ inch boner leading the way, David dutifully obliged, making a beeline for the toilet so he could drain his full bladder.

My rear end was still alive with a decadent combination of carnal delight and pure, uninhibited arousal when Uncle Adam's hot, thrusting rod began to swell. Letting loose with a moan of sheer desire, I gazed up at Uncle Joe as I continued to deep throat him, then I felt my rear end fill up with another thick load of man sperm while I shivered hard. When Uncle Adam pulled out, he looked over at the other love seat and said, “Any takers?”

“I'm ready to take his tail for another spin,” Donnie said, gingerly scooting Joey's head out of his lap and getting up. His rod was standing straight up at its full 10 monstrous inches, and I could feel a needy ache in my boy pussy for it. I was rolling my bottom around in full, counter clockwise revolutions while I watched him make his approach, then the toilet flushed in the bathroom and David emerged.

From the corner of my eye, I could see David approach Uncle Adam and bend over just far enough to slip his mouth over the head of his dripping pole. He had his small hands resting on the tops of his thighs and he was bobbing his head up and down, taking his entire length for a few moments. At the same time that David was giving our Uncle an impromptu blowjob, Donnie's jackhammer slipped into my high maintenance boy pussy and I took flight all over again.

“Damn, this hole is easy access right now, isn't it?” Donnie exclaimed, and I eagerly nodded my head through my frantic up and down head bobbing on Uncle Joe's cock. I felt his hand caressing my upturned bottom, which was covered in goosebumps, and he said, “You love having such an easy ass, don't you Bobby?”

“Mhmm,” I moaned femininely, once again nodding my head while I slurped loudly on Uncle Joe's hot, juicy dick.

“You're loving that cock in your mouth, too, aren't you buddy?” Donnie asked, and I nodded again, this time looking up at my Uncle Joe with affection.

With that, he began to thrust and I had an almost instantaneous anal orgasm that caused my hole to begin contracting with unbridled force. Donnie was feeding me strokes of cock that started off slow and deliberate, but with my boygasm in full force, his thrusting quickly grew erratic as he struggled to hang on.

Seeing the struggle that Donnie was facing, daddy spoke up by saying, “Just let it go, kiddo. His boy pussy's creaming right now, isn't it?”

“Yeah I can feel it,” Donnie panted with a tinge of desperation in his voice. “His ass is squeezing my dick so fucking hard.”

“He must be having a major cum,” daddy remarked, and I wanted to nod my head to let him know that he was right, but I was too far gone to find my bearings. Ninety seconds after my luscious butt fucking at the hands of Donnie began, his massive shaft unloaded a torrent of hot, creamy sperm that the tissue in my squeezing rectum seemed to swallow and absorb while he groaned in pleasure.

When he pulled out of me, my rear end was still alive with orgasmic energy, so I hastily pushed my bottom into the air over and over again, signaling that I needed another dick back there. My cousin Joey sat up and planted a kiss on Steve's lips, then he got up and took his turn at my back door. My rectum was still contracting with force, so when he pushed through my opening it simply swallowed his entire nine inches and he was pulled into me. I felt his pelvis hit my rump, then he grabbed my hips and began an earnest ride that only encouraged my boygasm to play out even longer while I sucked cock as if my life depended on it.

While Joey was pummeling my gaping, hungry rear end, I heard my Uncle Billy sit up and sigh contentedly, then he said, “I love you, daddy.”

“I love you too, angel,” grandpa said. “Did you swallow a nice load?”

“Yeah,” my uncle answered, then he smiled tenderly at my daddy. “I really want another one, though.”

“Why don't you come spend some special time with your bubba?” my dad said, patting his thigh for Uncle Billy, who eagerly nodded and crawled between my daddy's legs. I watched as he wrapped his fist around daddy's boner with animated eyes, then he slipped his mouth over the end and began a dedicated deep throating that looked as delicious as the one I was performing.

Letting my eyes scan the living room, I noticed that David was cuddling close with Uncle Adam on the floor. Uncle Adam was spooning my brother from behind, planting tender kisses on his cheek while they watched me take my double dicking like a good little gay boy. I still had my eyes glued to the scene on the floor when I heard Joey groan, “Shit, Bobby's ass is too tight!”

And just like that, I earned another load of hot cum that was sprayed deep in my insatiable rear end, then it seemed to be absorbed in the hot lining of my anus. Before he could pull out, Steve was at my back door, reporting for duty. When Joey took his pole out of my climaxing boy butt, Steve's head was placed against the gaping anal ring and eagerly swallowed. Once again, the punishing contractions around the cock in my ass were too much for my stud to handle. Steven's hot dick felt so nice in my clutching hole, but he was only able to feed me a minute's worth of thrusts before his load erupted, this time mid stroke.

When he pulled out of me, Uncle Joey lovingly eased his rod out of my mouth and slipped it back into my hungry hole. With the hand of experience to guide him, he fed me full, deep thrusts for over ten minutes while I sucked cock for my three cousins. With three dripping boners in front of my face, I began taking turns slurping on their sticky rods, over and over again while my boy pussy burned with the flames of gay ecstasy.

“Shit, Adam, I think you triggered a fucking tornado in this boy's ass,” Uncle Joe exclaimed, and I pulled off of the dick in my mouth long enough to look over my shoulder and nod in agreement, then I instantly resumed my triple cock worship.

“Your baby brother's really loving having all of those dicks to suck, isn't he buddy?” Uncle Adam asked David, who nodded his answer. “Do you think he'll ever get enough cock in his horny little poop chute?”

“I don't think so, Uncle Adam,” David said in a husky voice, watching as I licked, sucked and slurped on the three juicy cocks that were there for my pleasure. “He gets really horny back there. So do I.”

“I know you do, buddy,” Uncle Adam said, then the head of his rigid pole pushed right up to David's tight pucker. “You know, Uncle Adam can help you out with that if you want him too.”

“I'd like that, Uncle,” David sighed, then he picked his left leg up and exposed his horny entrance for penetration. When Uncle Adam entered him, David let loose with a soft, boyish moan that I could hear over my own moaning and my wet, continuous sucking and slurping around my big cousins' dicks.

On the couch, my daddy was still getting his knob polished by Uncle Billy and I found myself feeling jealous. I wanted to have daddy's cock in front of me, just like the three I was enjoying so much at the moment. I wanted to suck it for a few moments at a time, just like I was doing with Donnie, Joey and Steve, and I wanted it to go on all day while my keister was filled with hard cock, just like it was at the moment.

Instead of fretting, though, I settled in for ten enjoyable minutes of deep, meaningful service at my back door and ten minutes of continuous cock sucking. When I cast my eyes back over to the couch, I noticed that daddy and Uncle Billy weren't there anymore. Letting my gaze travel to the other side of the room, I felt a flash of envy race through me when I saw that Uncle Billy was now sucking cock for Uncle Nate, and that daddy was sliding his meaty prick in and out of Uncle Billy's boy pussy.

Realizing that I was missing out on two cocks, I began jealously sucking and moaning with even more depravity. My bottom was still humming with delight and my body was still reeling with the flames of my seemingly endless string of boygasms. As I sucked more diligently and with increasing frequency on the three cocks in my wake, though, I felt my pleasure start to soar. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that David had changed positions, too, and was now in the doggy style position, just like Uncle Billy and I.

His round bottom was sticking straight up just like mine, and his pecker was hard as steel, and so was mine. When I looked over at Uncle Billy, I noticed that his boy rod was sticking straight out from his body and that his plump, delicious looking rear end was also turned upward. He had a long strand of precum hanging from the end of his dick, just like David and I, and he was moaning softly. David was moaning softly, too, but I wasn't moaning softly at all. In fact, I was moaning quite loudly, letting my pleasure set the volume of my feminine utters while I accepted 10 ½ delicious inches of hot, potent man cock in my flaming boy pussy.

As my little body burned with the delectation of a deep, satisfying butt fucking, I found myself wrapping a fist around two cocks while I deep throated the third. When I was ready to suck on a different cock for a while, I would take care to wrap my fist around the one that I was pulling my mouth away from. While I was sucking cock, taking it in the ass and giving two hand jobs, I greedily nuzzled my cheeks against the two cocks in my hands, letting their drooling heads paint my face with precum. This only added to my orgasmic pleasure, knowing that out of the three confirmed pussy boys in the room, I was the most cock hungry.

I don't know why I was getting so jealous and so possessive of all of the cocks in the room, but I felt like I couldn't help it. I wanted to suck every dick in the house, and I wanted to do it right away. Even as I stroked, slurped and sucked three pricks and took a thick pole up the butt, I found myself fantasizing about having every single stud in the house waving their cocks under my nose while I took turns sucking each one, over and over again until I received all of their loads. In the middle of my erotic fantasy, I felt my young body explode again and I experienced the most intense boygasm that I'd felt all day. My legs were shaking and I was squeezing the cocks in my hand so hard that my cousin Joey had an abrupt orgasm of his own, shooting his load right in my smiling face.

I quickly wrapped my lips around his spouting dick, taking the rest of his load in my mouth, then I licked up and down his spent shaft before turning my attention to Donnie and Steve while he curled up with grandpa on the couch. I found myself delirious with the need to wrap my lips around their cocks, sucking ravenously on the heads of their pricks, back and forth, over and over again until I felt Uncle Joe push his rod all the way up my butt and freeze, then he bred me so thoroughly that my boygasm intensified again, just for a brief moment while my bottom filled up with hot cum.

When he pulled out of me, I let Donnie pull his spring loaded prick from my grasp and ease it back into my still climaxing bottom, then he treated me to a three minute thrill ride while I sucked cock for Steve and Uncle Joe. When Uncle Joe's dripping shaft was clean, he staggered over to the couch and collapsed beside grandpa while I focused all of my attention on sucking a load from Steve's balls. Donnie was hitting his stride in my boy pussy and I knew it wouldn't be too long before he was ready to shoot his seed, so I anxiously deep throated my cute cousin. Two minutes later, I was rewarded twice when Steve presented me with his load, then Donnie pulled out of my poop chute and jerked off over my opened, watering mouth.

I spent a luscious afterglow licking and sucking cock for my two dreamy cousins while my rear end roared with passion and my entrance throbbed with continuous contractions. Uncle Nate, seeing my dilemma, offered me some relief in the form of his king cobra. Realizing that I had worn out everyone else, I crawled on my hands and knees across the floor, my needy rear end sticking straight up in the air as I made my way to the recliner and moaned like a girl. I climbed into the recliner and assumed the position, then I watched with hungry eyes as Uncle Nate slid his throbbing erection up my ass and took a firm, authoritative hold on my hips as he began to thrust.

“How's my little cock hound doing?” daddy asked, petting my brown hair while I moaned with feminine notes.

“I feel so good, daddy,” I lisped, enjoying the sheer sluttiness I felt as the rear end service I was receiving approached the 25 minute mark. Uncle Nate showed no signs of an orgasm, which was fine with me. Ten minutes into the butt fuck, he pulled out and slapped my rump, then he told me to get on my back. He held my ankles tight, keeping my legs in the air while he plumbed my horny hole with deep, satisfying thrusts. After five minutes in this new, climax inducing position, he flipped me back over and fucked me deep while I held onto the back of the chair and hung my rear end out for him. I could feel his tight grip on my hips, holding me still while the side of my face pressed into the back rest so hard that my moist, dick sucking lips pooched out.

While I was in the midst of another intense boygasm, daddy took a seat on the floor right beside us and was now stroking my grinning face and talking tenderly to me.

“You've been taking a lot of cocks in that horny little bottom of yours, baby,” he reminded me, and I moaned like a harlot as the side of my head and my shoulders were driven into the cushion over and over. “Do you want to take a break so you can open presents and blow out the candles on your cake?”

“Do I have to?” I asked with a dainty whimper, and he shook his head no.

“You don't have to, baby, but I think you should make sure that your guests get to eat cake,” he reminded me, and I moaned through a hard shiver. “How about if you finish up with Uncle Nate, then we'll go to the table and you can unwrap presents and we'll sing for you?”

“If I blow out all of the candles on my cake, can I get my wish right away?” I lisped, and daddy brushed my sweaty bangs out of my forehead.

“What's your wish, baby?” he asked, and I let loose with a long, depraved moan before I answered.

“I want to suck dick all afternoon while my boy pussy gets serviced, daddy,” I lisped. “But I want to suck every dick at the same time, like I was doing with my cousins.”

“Will that make you a happy little birthday boy?” he asked, and I nodded through another feminine moan. “Then of course your wish will come true, baby. Daddy's going to see to it that you get to suck as much cock as you want, son.”

Coming Soon...

Bobby Blows his Candles Out (then he blows his guests)

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