This is a story of three cousins and one good friend and the love they found in each other. It is a journey through of youth and learning about life’s choices. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it. Please let me hear your comments. Your e-mails are what keep those of us that write going. I would also like to thank a friend and educator for his support and for editing this story.
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The Cousins

One morning in late May just after school ended my dad and Uncle James called my cousin Daren and me in from the back yard where we were swimming. We were born on the same day and had played together before we crawled. His house was directly behind ours with no fence between. When we got to the porch we were told to have a seat. Now this had never happened before where both of us and our dad’s sat down for a talk. This had to be serious.

Boys, Rob and I have something we need to discuss with you now that you are 13. You see we have and unusual family genetic trait that occurs only in the males of our family. It is something that skips every other generation. It’s been recorded over five generations at the medical institute at Texas Tech. The medical profession has never been able to figure it out. Heaven only knows we’ve be tested and probed over several generations until your grandfather put a stop to it. He told us all if this is what nature decided so be it.

Boys, Your uncle James and I are not trying to scare you. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. In plain simple terms if you boys undress and look at your selves now that is how you are going to be for the rest of your life.

Dad, I don’t understand!

Darrel, you have a gene missing that starts the growth of hair that comes with puberty. That is the only change. Everything else will be as normal as anyone else. Just think you will never have to shave.

I won’t any get pubic hair?

No son you will always be as you are.

There was complete silence for at least two or three minutes.

Gee’s dad that really sucks

Boys this is not a tragedy. We know you will have concerns about being around other boys who will have hair. For the most part no one will notice your legs and arms because you are both blond so your hair isn’t as obvious as if you had dark hair. If either of you see a potential problem socially let us know so we can talk about it.

Daren and I went up to my room.

Well Darrel, you know those concrete cubicles with just doors for taking showers at junior high and high school. I think we will be glad they have them. Some of the older guys told me they were built to prevent horse play and big kids making fun of smaller kids. So at least sports won’t be a problem.

(It was a small private school grade 1st thru 12th. Our dads had gone there also. LCS was our home away from home. It was easy to have good friends in a small school. We only lived 6 blocks from school so we walked or rode our bikes every day except when the weather was real bad.)

Yeah Daren but what about all the other things we will run into.

Well do you agree that the showers are our biggest concern right now and that we have that covered?


Well then let’s take our dad’s advice and just take this one step at a time. If we see a potential problem we will talk about it and if need be we can go to our dad’s.

Yeah I guess you are right.

Look we’ve taken care of each other for 12 years and five days so I think we can handle this.

We embraced and I grabbed Daren’s jewels whispering into his ear. At least no hair is ever going to mess up our fun. He giggled and kissed me.

Yeah you know that’s right and I would call that a plus wouldn’t you?

See, this may not be so bad after all.

We were both only children. Our mothers were sisters and of course our dads were brothers. I had always been the dominate one. Not to say I took advantage of my cousin but he usually just let me handle our problems. He was a happy and loveable kid. I loved him too much to see him hurt least of all by me. We had friends but everyone knew we were a package and if they gave Daren problems they knew they were going to have to deal with me. Where he went I went and vise versa. We are both bright kids. Not brains but we never get less than a B in school. We looked so much alike we were often mistaken for twins. We are were both 5’4” and weighed 112 lbs., blue eyes and blond hair. Oh yeah our cocks were exactly 5 and 1/8 inches. Of course we measured regularly to make sure one doesn’t get ahead of the other. When our mothers bought clothes they knew they were community property. They never new who was sleeping at whose house and didn’t really seem to care. We were an unusual anomaly and they knew it. We were good kids and didn’t give our parents problems so we were pretty much left to do as we pleased. A kid just couldn’t ask for more. Parents who loved us dearly and we loved each other.

We lived in Lubbock, Texas a very conservative West Texas town. Like all west Texas towns sports was king. Daren and I both played baseball and basketball. We both ran and did light weights just for fun. It had paid off because we both had a nice six pack. Not big just nice.

I couldn’t tell you when we first started fooling around. I know it was very young. We has kissed openly from toddlers until we thought it best to tone it down as we got older because of what people might think. I believe we started sucking at about 5. We didn’t know what it was but it just seemed to come naturally. We knew there was something about it that needed to be kept secret but really didn’t know why until we were older. Of course by now we were masters at it. As we got older it also became more needed than just fun. We haven’t fooled our parents they know how much we love each other but they are just not sure how far it will go.

We were feeling pretty good about our lot so we got on my computer and went to some of our favorite spots. We had been looking at information on how to do anal sex. We weren’t ready but it was fun to plan. We had noticed before that some of the guys pictures we saw had shaved themselves. I’ll bet they would have loved to had our genetic disposition. After looking for a while we were called to dinner. Dinner was at which ever house we happened to be. We ate and went outside and rode our bikes to the school. The field house was always open until 9 pm even in summer. We did our work out and by the time we got to my house it was almost 10 pm. We went up stairs and took our shower together as usual.

Daren got a little frisky and started rubbing his cock against my butt until it was hard. I turned around and said now look what you have done. Now I’m going to have to take care of your problem. As usual he giggled. We got out and dried fast and jumped in my bed. I took his balls into my mouth and rolled and sucked at the same time. I loved how he went out of his mind every time I did this. He was just so lovingly innocent. After I had him gasping for air I took his cock in my mouth and sucked and rolled it until he was pulling my hair so I finished him off. As we reached puberty our sensitivities had become more intense over the last few months and he had started pulling my hair when it got too much for him. He had always been more sensitive in every way than I. If he kept this up I would be bald in no time. He moved down and bit my ear tenderly and then my neck and we kissed with our tongues imitating mad Samaria’s. He curled up and laid his head on my chest close to my face.

Darrel I don’t know how I would make it without you. If everyone had what we had wouldn’t this be a wonderful world!

Yeah it would be.

He kissed my nose and then each eye and moved down to massage each nipple with his tongue. OH he was good at that. He moved to my navel and reamed it while licking his way to my balls. He licked down under them almost to my butt hole. He had never done this before and now he was driving me crazy. As he came back up he took my cock in his mouth and did his usual up and down motion while gently sucking and at the same time pushing down my foreskin with his lips so he could better lick the sensitive head. In a short while I was filling his mouth with shot after shot of hot cum. He swallowed it all and gave me a quick peck on the lips saying

See yea in the morning lover.

We both drifted of in blissful sleep as we had done every night of our lives.

When morning came and I woke there he was as always looking at me and smiling. He always woke first. I had ask him long ago why when I woke he was always staring at me. He simply said because I like beauty.

We got dressed and went down stairs. Mom asked us what we wanted to eat.

How about some of you great pancakes Aunt Jean?

Mom looked at him and said flattery will get you anything you little devil. He giggled. As we ate mom said our new neighbors were moving. They and the moving van are there now. We finished and rode our bikes down the block to look them over. As we approached this real cute boy came out.

Hi guys, my name is Jacob Tyler and we just got here.

Hi Jacob I’m Darrel McVey and this is my cousin Daren.

Boy you could have fooled me. I thought you were twins.

Yeah Daren and I hear that a lot.

How old are you guys?

We’re both 13.

Oh I’m only 11

Jason there is nothing wrong with being 11.

Me being younger I wasn’t sure you would be friendly with me.

It’s not your age it’s what kind of person you are that counts.

Jacob do you want to shoot some hoops with Daren and me?

You bet. Just let me tell mom.

In no time at all he was back out and on his bike. He was cute and well built for 11. He looked to be around 4’8 with a nice trim build. He had big brown eyes and brown hair.

We rode to the field house and checked out a basket ball. He pulled off his shirt and looked pretty darn good for an 11 year old. As it turned out he was a good three point shooter. He said he played at his old school in Oklahoma.

We got us some cokes and sat down on the bleachers. He told us he was an only child also and didn’t have any kids near his old home to play with and sure was hoping we would let him do things with us.

Jacob, Darrel and I would be glad to have you as a friend Daren said with a friendly smile.

Really, Teenagers as friends. I can’t believe it. My first day here and I have teen friends. Wait till I tell mom.

Why don’t you come with Darrel and me and go swimming.

Oh god you have a pool.

Yes we do.

Let me tell mom.

We rode back to his house and his mom and dad came out. We introduced ourselves and told them we had invited Jacob to swim with us. They said that would be fine and thanked us for befriending him. He got his trunks from a bag he had in the car.

We rode to my house and introduced him to mom. We went to my room and undressed. We were so used to just the two of us we didn’t think about Jacob being there. I finally realized he was just standing there staring at us.

Jacob, it’s all right. We undress in front of each other all the time.

You guys look great. I have never seen another boy naked.

If it bothers you then you can undress in the bathroom.

No Daren if we are going to be friends I had better learn to do as you guys do.

He slowly undressed. I could tell he was trying everything to keep from showing his embarrassment. When he finished he looked pretty darn good. He had about a 4” + cock and small balls.

Man Jacob you have nothing to be embarrassed about you look good man.

You think so.

Yes we do.

I wish I wasn’t cut like you guys.

So you have never seen another boy necked but you know about cut and uncut.

Yea I read a lot on the internet.

I hit the sleep button on my computer an there was a picture of a couple guys going at it. He looked at us.

Yeah I’ve seen that site. There are some things I would sure like to try.

He looked at me and asked.

Would it be okay to touch your penis? I have always wanted to feel someone else’s.

I tell you what lets go swim and then you can play with both Darrel and mine.

You really mean it?

You bet.

We put on our trunks and went to the pool. As it turned out he was a very good swimmer. We played for a couple hours before mom called us to eat.

Jacob is your phone hooked up yet?

Yes mam.

Dial your number and let me talk to your mother.

Yes mam.

He dialed the number and handed the phone to mom. She ask his mom if he could stay for dinner. His mom said that would be fine as they were sill trying to find things. When all was said and done his parents came to my house for dinner. Mom said if they were still working on getting things set up so why not let Jacob stay with us. So it was settled he was going to stay. He said he needed to get something to sleep in but we told him not to worry we would take care of it. His parents left and we headed up to my room.

We got undressed and were going for the shower when I realized Jacob was standing there.

Jacob we can all three fit in my shower.

You mean I can shower with both of you?

Of course you can.

We all got in my rather large shower and I asked Jacob if I could bathe him. He said he would love it. I washed his hair and then started down his body. The kid did have a nice body. As I washed his cock it became hard. As I finished it was still hard. About then Daren looked at me and said now look what you have done. Now I will have to take care of it. We both laughed but poor Jacob didn’t have a clue. We finished, dried off and Daren led Jacob to my bed and lay him down. Daren crawled in and took him in his mouth. Jacobs’s eyes became as large a quarters but he didn’t move.

Jacob just take it easy and slow. Daren will be gentle and you will love it.

He relaxed and let Daren continue. It didn’t take long when he said, something is happening. I said just let it happen. He arched his back and moaned loud as he reached his first dry climax. He just lay there for a few moments. He finally got his breath.

God you guys I never dreamed anyone would do this for me. It was awesome. How can I ever thank you guys.

I laughed. You will get your chance.

We all got in my queen bed with Jacob between us. I showed him how to repay Daren and he learned fast. He had already read just about everything on the net we had so he knew a lot already. So Jacob started on his nipples and worked his way down to his navel and then to his balls taking them into his mouth and massaging them with his tongue. He then took his cock in his mouth and started to suck and roll with his tongue. Daren started to moan and shortly shot his load in Jacobs’s mouth. Jacob looked surprised but he swallowed all of it.

Good job Jacob. How did it taste?

I really didn’t mind the taste, it wasn’t good or bad.

I want you both to know how much this means to me. It is so hard to believe that you would treat me as an equal when I am still an 11 year old kid.

Jacob there are only a couple years between us and you don’t act like some little kid. I think we can all get along fine.

Thanks Guys.

I rolled over Jacob so I could be sleep next to Daren like every night. I gave him a hug and we kissed and snuggled together.

Can I ask you guys a personal question?

Well Jacob we’ve been pretty personal so I guess a question would be fine.

Are you lovers.

Let’s just say we have taken care of each other for over 12 years and are very close.

That’s a fair answer.

We all three drifted off to a very peaceful sleep. When I woke the next morning there he was smiling at me as he always did.

Good morning love.

Good morning Dar.

Jacob was still sleeping so we got up and put on shorts and tee shirts. Jacob was lying on his side next to edge of the bed with a major hard on. Daren got down on his knees and took him in his mouth and started stroking his cock. As he did so Jacob woke up but didn’t move and in no time he groaned and climaxed. He looked at Daren and smiled.

I just can’t believe how good you are to me.

Believe it and get your butt out of bed because I am hungry.

He jumped up and Daren handed him some underwear, a pair of shorts and some socks he had out grown. They fit him like perfect. Daren told him to keep them.

We went down to and ate breakfast with mom and dad.

Well I guess you all three made it fine in one bed, I just hope they let you sleep Jacob!

Yes sir, I slept just fine.

Speak for your self squirt you squirm very time I touch you.

He blushed something awful.

Yeah Daren you would squirm to if you had received the full treatment like I did.

We finished and Jacob said he had to be getting home. We walked him to the door and watched as he rode away. As it turned out his parents had just started a business and they were going to send him to a day school for the summer. So we didn’t see him much.

Daren and I went to our martial arts classes three times a week and played ball with our friends. So far it had been a lazy and fun summer. It was getting on into summer and we were excited about our vacation. We would be leaving in two days for Myrtle Beach South Carolina. We had our bags all packed and all the games we could think of to take with us. Late in the afternoon Jacob came over and we told him where we were going. You could tell he was disappointed. We went to the field house and shot some hoops and sat and talked. Justin didn’t like going to a day school but he said his parents had to spend a lot of time getting their business going so he understood. It was getting time for dinner so we all headed home.

Darrel do you think our folks would let Jacob come with us on vacation?

I don’t know but they would have to talk to Jacobs parents first.

Our Dads were on the back porch drinking tea so we wandered over and stood there.

Well boys I know you both didn’t come over here to listen to us old codgers talk. What’s on your minds?

Do you think we could take Jacob on vacation with us? He doesn’t like the day school

he has to go to and we thought he would enjoy going with us.

We Daren I tell you what. I will talk to his dad and if it’s okay with his folks I think it would be okay with us.

We both hugged our dads and thanked them

You two pretty much get what you want and it’s for darn sure you know how to manipulate your parents.

Yeah but you know you love us.

That I am happy to say is very true.

After dinner dad went to Jacobs’s house and when he returned he said that his parents agreed to let him stay for one week. He would return on a commercial airline. He had told his parents we wanted to surprise him.

Now this needs a little explanation. You see our dads own a few oil wells. We know they make a lot of money but we live like any other middle class family. We have nice homes and good cars but nothing fancy just nice and homey. It’s what they call West Texas conservatism. You can have money but you don’t let everyone know it. We don’t understand it but it but we sure won’t knock it either. Now there is one big item our dads are very fond of, it’s airplanes. They own a 6 passenger Lear jet. They call it their only vice.

Jacob came over all excited.

I can’t believe you ask for me to go with you on vacation

Everyone has their burden to carry and you are ours.

Yeah I’ll bet the burden isn’t the only thing you are interested in, he replied with a wink!

He hugged us both and then thanked our dads. Then took off home to pack. My dad laughed.

He’s a good boy were glad you both have taken him in.

The next morning Jacob turned up with his baggage. The van was packed and the three of us had to set in the small seat in the back of our van. We were squeezed in like sardines. We could tell Jacob was concerned about such a long trip without being able to move much. We couldn’t even see over the seat in front of us.

I hope you guys don’t fart a lot or we could die packed back here.

Us fart, we were worried about you stinking up the place.

Daren just sat there saying nothing.

We headed down I-27 and cut off at the private plane entrance of Lubbock International and drove up to the security gate where dad put in his ID card and the gate opened. He drove up beside the plane and stopped. We couldn’t see out.

How come we stopped?

We are at our first destination Jacob.

Just then my uncle opened the back door of he van and we crawled out.

I can’t believe it. You guys chartered a plane.

We loaded everything into the plane, got in our seats and buckled up.

Dad and Uncle James crawled into the cockpit.

Holly shit, you guys own this thing.

He thought for just a moment.

Sorry ladies. I’m too excited.

Mom and Aunt Mary Chuckled.

At 650 Knots we were landing at the Myrtle Beach airport in just over two hours. We unloaded the plane to our rental van. The Plane was secured and we were off to our rented beach house. It was a nice one right on the beach. The upstairs was half the size as down stairs with one big bedroom and a queen bed and nice bath. That’s all we needed. We put our things away and changed into our bathing suits and were off to the beach.

We played on the beach and swam. The sun was heading down so I said we should go the house. Jacob said he would be along soon. He wanted to finish his sand castle.

Daren and I went to the house. A half hour passed and it was dark. Mom said we had better go check on him. We headed out to where we left him. As we approached we could see him lying in the sand. His bathing suit had been ripped off and he was crying.

“Darrel, look he is bleeding from his butt”, I said.

I pulled off my shirt and cleaned his bottom. I could tell Daren was really upset. With anger he replied.

“Dam, Darrel he’s been raped. If I find the son of a bitch he will pay dearly”.

I picked Jacob up and started for the house. He asked me to go up the back stairs so our parents wouldn’t know what happened. We got him to our room and lay him on his stomach so I could get a better look at his butt hole.

Daren got me a clean rag and the Neosporin antibiotic cream in my bag.

I cleaned his wound. It had quit bleeding.

Jacob do you need something for the pain?

Yeah Daren do you have anything?

We have some Aleve that may work, here take two of them.

Jacob We should tell our folks.

No please I don’t want anyone to know.

Okay buddy if that’s what you want.

Daren sat him up and bathed him as best he could. We all three got in bed and after tossing for a while we slept. The next morning I looked at Jacobs Butt and there was no blood. He said he was feeling much better and got up with us. We dressed in shorts and tee shirts and went down stairs for breakfast. After we ate we went out to the beach. .

Jacob, does it hurt to walk?

No Daren not much.

I think we had better take you to the free clinic I saw on the boardwalk. The guy may have a venereal disease.

Yeah I think Daren is right we need to have you checked.

We walked to the clinic and Jacob told the lady he needed to get tested for venereal disease. This was one of those no questions ask of kids clinic’s so she took some blood and had him pee in a cup and took a swab from his but hole. She told him to come back in two days. She gave him a card with a number on it and told him he would have to present the card to get the results. He told her thanks and we left.

We walked back to the boardwalk and stopped in a couple shops. Daren bought Jacob a new bathing suit and me a new tee shirt with Myrtle Beach on it. He didn’t say so but he was replacing what we had lost. That’s one more reason I love him so much, his kindness.

When we returned to the beach house dad told us to put on some respectable clothes so we could go out for dinner. The restaurant was nice and the shrimp delicious. We were eating our desert when I noticed Jacob looking across the room at a family getting up to leave. The look on Jacobs face told me who the boy with them was. I kicked Daren and pointed a Jacob and then to the boy. Daren excused himself and went to the front just as the family started out the door he bumped into the boy. Excuse me. The boy said that’s okay. Hey aren’t you staying at the Hilton? No we are staying at the Starlight.

Daren came back to the table.

Daren what was that all about?

Oh nothing Dad I just thought I knew him.

We left the restaurant and headed to the beach house. I said to Daren,

“You little devil, that’s not like your”.

I told you he was going to pay, He replied.

When we arrived we went to our room.

Jacob do you want me to put more antibiotic on your butt.

Yeah it may be a good idea.

He pulled off his clothes and lay on the bed and I put more on his wound. It was looking almost normal. We were all a little tired so we got in bed. Daren snuggled up against me. As Jacob drifted of to sleep.



Your going to help aren’t you?

I don’t know what you have in mind but you know I will help.

I have a plan. I’ll tell you about it in the morning said Darren and then he asked me.

Do you want some more desert?

Now you know I never turn down desert.

Daren pulled the sheet back just enough to uncover us. He kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear then to my nipples one at a time. He is so good at nipples. He moved down and took my balls into his mouth and rolled them around making me squirm with pleasure. He moved to my cock and just sucked the end while running his tongue over my sensitive slit. I shot several loads into his mouth and collapsed. He moved up and kissed me. We were sleeping in no time.

Good morning Love.

Good morning Dar.

Good morning you guys.

Hey buddy how you feel this morning.

I actually feel pretty good.

We got up and all three of us took turns bathing one another in the shower. We finished, dried off and dressed. We ate breakfast and went to the beach. Daren told me his plan but said we had to wait until dark. He said he was going to set the plan in motion so I should keep Jacob busy. He went to the Starlight and found the kid. They bummed around for a while then Daren asked him to meet under the pier by the Hilton at 8. He told him he would make it worth his while.

As the time for the meeting approached we told Jacob to come with us. We got to the pier and told him to get up under it as far as he could go and not to ask any questions. When he was in position we asked if he could see us clearly. He said yes. Daren set a bag down by a pier support and I climbed out of sight. Daren signaled he saw the guy coming, as he approached Daren he reached to hug him when Daren slammed his knee into his balls as hard as he could. The kid fell to the ground and he calls me down.

Pull his pants and shorts down.

I hesitated.

Please Darrel do it now.

I pulled his pants down with his shorts all the while the kid was moaning and crying. Daren reached for the bag and pulled out a rubber glove and a Long Thing shaped like a very large dick. He looked at the kid and said I hope you remember this for a long time. The kid you raped was my friend. With that he rammed the thing up the kid’s ass with everything he had. He screamed like a stuck pig. About then Jacob came down and grabbed Daren in a hug. We turned and left the area as fast as we could. As we got away Daren pulled a rubber glove off his hand.

I’m not leaving any evidence.

We returned to our room up the back stairs. Jacob was still crying. Daren took him in his arms and kissed his forehead. We all sat down.

I know what I did won’t take away the pain of what he did to you away but at least you got to see some payback.

Sniffle I don’t know sniffle what to say sniffle I love you guys.

Daren pulled him to his lap and rocked him back and forth until he was sleeping. I helped him lay him on the bed and we undressed him. I pulled Daren into a hug and kissed him.

God I love you Daren but don’t ever let me get you mad. You are something else.

We took off our clothes and went to bed.

Good morning love.

Good morning Daren. Gees is it morning already?

You bet you sweet ass it is. And I do mean sweet.

You little bugger. I think you are trying to get in my pants.

I never try if I want in I get in.

Boy aren’t we chipper this morning. How is our buddy?

He is still sleeping.

As he spoke Jacob woke. He looked at us and started to cry. Daren patted him on the back until he quit.

You guys you have no idea how bad my gut was hurting after that bastard raped me. What you did last night took that hurt away. I will never as long as I live forget this. I’m sorry but I guess I hurt so bad inside that now what I feel is relief and I’m so tired.

You stay in bed and we will get you some breakfast.


Come on Darrel lets go down to breakfast.

Mom Jacob isn’t feeling well. He has an upset stomach.

Aunt Jean and my mom went up to look at him.

Well you sure can’t make that plane today looking like you do. I’ll call your mother and let her know. While I do that Jean will get you something to eat.

They went down stairs.

We sat down by him but he was sleeping before long.

Mom forget the food he went back to sleep.

Mom called his mother and she said if we didn’t mind keeping him at our house a few days after we return he could just stay. It seems the reason he was to return today is they had a business trip planned before we returned and didn’t want us to be burdened with him. She told her he was no burden just a sweet boy.

We went to the beach and flew the kite we had purchased. In a couple hours Jacob came out.

Hi buddy how are you feeling?

I’m feeling pretty darn good. The sleep sure helped.

We both hugged him and let him fly the kite. That afternoon we went to the lab to get Jacobs results and found the guy had used a condom as the lubricant turned up in their test. There would be no problem.

For the next 10 days we all three had a great time on the beach. Jacob was okay and we loved having him around. He was a sweet and loving kid. He said after his first bowel movement his butt hole hadn’t hurt anymore.

One night as we were lying in bed he asked a surprising question.

Guys, what about fucking, would you like to do it?

Gee’s Jacob after what happened to you I wouldn’t think you wouldn’t want to.

No this is entirely different Daren. This is what I want to do not what someone forced on me.

Are sure about that?

Yeah I have given it a lot of thought and I am sure.

Well I don’t know. Darrel and I have been saving that for a special time for us.

Oh you don’t have to let me do you. I want you guys to do me. It would help me feel that I had done something special for you guy’s for being so good to a kid like me.

We might hurt you again and I won’t have that.

No you won’t I bought a dido a couple weeks ago and have used it. It’s bigger that your dicks and it felt fine.

You little devil you have worked this all out haven’t you?

Yes I have and I would feel real bad if you won’t do me.

Daren and I looked at each other.

Well Daren it’s your call. I want you to agree because you were the most affected by what happened other than Jacob.

Okay Jacob but if I hurt you I will whip you butt rather than stick it.

Thanks guys you have no idea how much this means to me. Here is some KY lube.

Daren took it. He put a lot on Jacobs little but hole. He then put some on his stiff dick. He told Jacob to lie on his back and pull up his knees. He then put a pillow under his butt so he would line up with his Cock. He move up behind him and lined up his cock and started to slowly push and his cock slipped slowly into him and finally it was buried in him as he reached his prostate Jacob moaned and smiled and said that really feels good.

Jacob you don’t know what giving yourself to me means. This feels awesome.

Yeah I think I do and you don’t know how welcome you are.

Daren took it slow and easy, they both were writhing in pleasure and crying at the same time. It took about 10 minutes for them to climax together. Daren fell on Jacobs’s stomach. Jacob kissed him as they lay there in the after glow. In a few minutes he rolled of him.

They rested and I watched. After a while Jacob rose up and said I need to clean up so we can do the same.

No Jacob, I just watched something between two people that was very special. I won’t spoil that.

They both looked at me and nothing more was said. Jacob and Daren cleaned up and came back to bed. We were all asleep in no time.

Good morning love.

Good morning Dar

Are you mad at me for doing Jacob lasts night?

No but It has changed the fact we won’t take each other’s virginity. That hurts me a little.

Oh man I am so sorry. Why didn’t you say something before I did him?

I can’t tell you what decisions to make about your own body. That is something everyone has to decide for themselves and last night you decided.

I am so sorry, will you ever forgive me. (Daren was crying)

There is nothing to forgive I still love you and always will. You just need to learn some decisions are permanent and can affect other people.

He rolled over and kissed me.

Please, please never leave me. I would never make it without you. I am so, so sorry.

It’s forgotten let’s never talk about it again.

Okay if you’re sure.

I’m very sure.

We hadn’t realized Jacob had awakened.

Guys I have really screwed thing’s up haven’t I? I just thought I need to show you both how much you mean to me. No one has ever been so good to me. It was the only way my immature mind could think of. showing to you. Please, please forgive me.

Look Jacob. You, Daren and I have learned an important lesson here. We all make mistakes and some hurt. Let’s just all learn from it and put it behind us. You’re a great kid and will be the same as a man some day.

We all there hugged and went to the shower.

When we were dressed Ant Mary call up and told us to get our things packed before breakfast. We packed everything and took it down stairs.

We finished breakfast, loaded the van and headed to the airport. When everything was secured in the plane we all boarded and were off. In a couple hours we were landing at Lubbock International. Uncle James got the van and we loaded up. The trip home was quiet.

We unloaded Jacob’s things and he went home. We unloaded all of our family’s baggage and took it their respective houses.

Summer had come to an end so we started Junior High. Thing’s between Daren and I had pretty much returned to normal. We had both learned an important lesson. As school got under way we didn’t see Jacob very much as he went to public school. A short time after that dad told me his parents business had failed and they were moving back to Oklahoma. Even though we tried we never did get to say goodbye.

School was going well and the showers turned out not to be a problem. We both liked junior high and put a little more effort into it. Our first semester we both received all A’s, our parents were thrilled. We were told if we could finish the semester with all A’s we would be allowed to go the Padre Island by ourselves. Our dad’s had a friend that owned a hotel on the beach and he had promised to supply us with someone to watch over us. If you know anything about how wild spring break down there is you know why the body guard was offered. We would be almost 14.

That night.

Darrel I can’t wait to be on the beach with all the kids and collage guys.

Yeah I’m sure we will have fun but if I catch you with any booze I’ll kick your butt.

You and who’s army.

We both giggled.

We cuddled with Daren lying curled up with his head on my chest as he did so often. He kissed me with more passion than he had in a long time. I loved every minute of it. He moved his head slowly uncurling and moved his mouth down between my legs taking my balls into his mouth. He massaged them with his tongue as he sucked. My balls hung down but like him they weren’t large. He managed to get my cock and balls both in his mouth and in doing so he was driving me crazy. I finally had all I could stand and shot in his mouth repeatedly until I was dry. I pulled him on top of me and kissed him as passionately as he had me. We just lay there with him resting on top of me. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time.

We were talked into going out for the track team and both secured a position in the 100 meter. We would run against some of the smaller school in the many small towns around West Texas. The coach had special shirts and sweats made for us with our names in large letters on the back so he and the judges would know who we were. Some of the trips kept us overnight and Daren and I always had fun both on the field and in our room. Daren always seemed just a little livelier when away from home which always made me the recipient of his exuberance.

During the winter on one of our trips it was very cold and the wind made it feel even colder. We were lucky to be called to run among the first group. When we finished the coach told us to get out of the cold and run the two blocks to our hotel. When we got there we were so cold we stripped and got in the shower to get warm. Daren bathed me and I started on him. When I was finished I took the thin wash cloth, put al lot of soap on it and started to clean his butt hole. I pushed in his hole about an inch.

Man what are you doing to me?

Just cleaning your butt hole.

Well you don’t have to dig to china.

Very funny comic boy.

I finished and we dried each other off. Daren crawled into bed with me. I pulled our bodies together and kissed him. I then rolled him on his back and told him to pull his knees up and spread them. He hesitantly did as I ask. When he was in position I lay down between his legs and took his balls in my mouth sucking and rolling them. I then with some difficulty got his cock in with them. As I rolled and sucked he made strange noises. I then let them go and moved down to his butt hole and stuck my tongue in his hole and moved it around and almost instantly he started shooting all over me. I was a mess and he was in heaven.

Gee’s man I can’t believe you did that. I had feelings shoot through me I had never felt before. You are awesome and I love you more than life.

We if you love me so much why don’t you clean your mess off me.

Oh yeah I did mess you up pretty good. (giggle)

If you’ll get in the shower again I’ll give you a bath you won’t forget soon.

Man, you’re on.

We got in the shower and he washed his cum off me and cleaned my cock and then reamed my butt like I had his. When he finished got down on his knees and spread my cheeks apart and stuck his tongue in my hole about an inch while massaging my balls with his hand. I was feeling what he had felt and for sure I had never felt anything like it. I shot all over the shower until I just collapsed to my knees.

Christmas was only a week away and as usual we place a very large tree in each house. We would rotate where Christmas day would take place. This year it was at Daren’s house. Our dad’s brother who lived in Spain was going to spend Christmas with us. Our dads had never said much about him and we just never asked. My dad told me he had a son that was to the day one year younger than us. His name was Austin.

That means he is just like Daren and me, right?

Yes he will be. He’s in your same generation.

Has he been told about our genetics?

Yes. He also knows about you and Daren.

I can’t believe his birthday is the same as ours.

Yes I will have to admit strange things go on in this family. This oddity of birthdays on the same day is not all that unusual in past generations.

How come you and Uncle James never said much about your brother?

Well son there were some hard feeling over our oil rights when we were younger and you uncle an I never tried to fix it until last summer when we contacted him while he was in the states on business. As we got older we realized life was too short to have a brother we never saw or talked to. We worked out a plan that gives him what he should have had in the beginning. We don’t know why our father left him out of his will and at this point it doesn’t matter. He should have been equal from the beginning. You see son we all make mistakes we wish never had happened but know some things can’t be taken back. We just try and make it the best we can.

Yeah dad I know just what you mean. Daren and I had an experience we will never forget.

I won’t pry son but I would bet it involved Jacob.

Gee’s dad how do you figure all this out.

A lifetime of experience my boy.

He hugged me and said to be sure and talk to Daren about our cousin who would be her tomorrow.

Daren came over later that evening.

Do you know we have a cousin just like us?

Yeah Dar my dad told me.

Boy grandpa must have been something else to leave a son out of his will.

Let’s not judge what we don’t know. It all happened before we were born.

Yeah I guess you are right. I want to have a good relationship with our cousin. Let’s both make an extra effort to make him welcome, okay.

I agree.

The next afternoon all of us went to the airport to meet our cousin and his family. When the plane arrived dad pointed them out as the came out of the walkway. He was almost as big as Daren and me. He had dusty blond hair and blue-gray eyes. They were the first thing you would notice were the eyes. He looked a lot like us only with some brown in his hair. His little sister was right behind him. She looked to be about 7 or 8 and real cute. As they came off the adults hugged each other so Daren and I walked around them and introduced ourselves to Austin. I was a bit surprised as he reached out and hugged both of us.

You guys have no idea how happy I was to learn you existed.

Yeah, Daren and I were real happy to hear about you. Come on let’s get your bags and get out of here.

All their bags were gathered up and the porter loaded the van. When we got home we took Austin up to my room.

Holy Mother you got to see you room, Darrel.

What’s wrong?

Come and see.

As I walked in the door there was a brand new king size bed and new furniture. It had a note attached to it.

When you two get bigger the bed has to get bigger also. Merry Christmas. Mom & Dad (p.s. Daren you have one also)

I hear everything is bigger in Texas.

Well not everything. (as I looked at my crotch)

He laughed.

I’m sure we will have time to check that out.

You bet we will.

I cant’ believe how much you two look alike.

Yeah we are an oddity.

No more than me. I guess we are all in the same genetic pool.

Both of you are teen’s. Has it been a problem for you at school?

Let’s set down and Daren and I will try and fill you in on our lives. Our sleeping arrangements and love for each other. We told him the whole story. He learned about our relationship and our school and a lot about American kids.

Well I certainly missed out didn’t I? I wish we had lived in the states near you two.

We do to Austin. Maybe we can make up some lost time.

I sure hope so.

If you want to move in my room with us you can.

You mean sleep with both of you?

Yes. You’re more than welcome and we hope you’re not bashful because we are usually nude in our rooms.

With the king bed there will be plenty of room.

Well I’m not use to that kind of thing but I will sure try and fit in.

Then it’s settled you bring you stuff up here.

We moved all his bags into my room and found a place in the extra drawers in my closet for his clothes and gave him space to hang the others.

It was Christmas Eve so we always dressed extra nice for dinner. We found some nice dress clothes that Daren had grown out of that were in my closet. That way we could all three dress just alike. Then we came down the spiral stair.

Would you look at this? Three of the most handsome boys I have ever seen and they are all dressed alike. My mother could embarrass a pig.

The dinner was our traditional sea food Christmas Eve feast. There was every kind of sea food you could think of. We stuffed ourselves until I was about to burst. When we finished everyone went to the living room to open presents. Dad opened the doors to our closed in patio and there were three beautiful dirt bikes and four new bicycles. The fourth bike was for his sister.

Austin looked at Daren and me.

Hey man you’re in Texas now you got to have a dirt bike

You mean one of them is for me?

Well it’s sure not your sisters.

But who bought them?

Don’t ask so many questions just enjoy yourself.

We all received tons of other things including a lot of nice clothes.

Dad called everyone together and said the van was loaded and it was time to go.

Once again Austin looked at us.

It’s a very important family tradition. Every Christmas Eve we take a van full of clothes and toys to the children’s home just out side town. It’s to us all that we are very lucky to have a family that loves us.

That’s has to make you feel good,

Yeah Austin it does. It was started for our benefit, so we could better appreciate what we have.

We made the trip and left the gifts anonymously as usual and returned home. It was getting late so we boys went to my room.

After we took off our shoes I said. So we don’t shock you Austin Daren and I are going to undress and take a shower. We would like you to join us if you will. He looked very hesitant.

Okay Austin lets make it easier. Daren is the best undresser I know.

Daren stepped in front of Austin and started to slowly unbutton his shirt. Austin didn’t move. Daren lifted his hands in the air and pulled off his tee shirt. He took of his belt and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor. Austin stepped out of them and then Daren pulled his underwear down until it dropped. This guy had a beautiful body. He looked every bit as good as Daren and I. He had to do some type of work out because he had the beginnings of a nice six pack. He wasn’t 13 yet and his cock was as big as ours.

Austin you have to be the best equipped 12 year old I have ever seen.

How many 12 year old boys have you seen?

A lot when we played sports in grammar school.

Thanks Darrel that makes me feel a lot better.

We led him to the shower and I told him to stand still and I would give him a bath. He was hesitant again but after I started I could tell he was enjoying it very much. When I reached his cock I asked if I was okay to wash his foreskin and he nodded okay. I cleaned it and it became stiff.

I’m sorry Darrel?

Good grief don’t be sorry, that’s normal and it is every bit as nice as ours. (he blushed)

We finished and I dried him off.

I feel like a little kid letting someone give me a bath but I loved it.

Okay have you ever fooled around with other boys?


Have jacked off.


Do you want us to show you some of the things we can do on the internet.

Yeah I would like that.

With no clothes on we all three gathered around the computer and I opened several sites telling Austin what they were doing.

Do you guys do all that?

No we haven’t fucked each other yet.

The sucking looks like it might be okay but don’t hurt me.

No, no wait a minute no one and I mean no one gets hurt and no one does anything they don’t want to do. I want you to clearly understand that. If you want to just sleep with us and do nothing else that’s okay. If you would rather sleep in the guest room it is okay also. Do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. Understand?

I think it’s pretty clear and that makes me feel better. I want to stay with you guy’s and I would like to try the sucking,

Okay. Daren is the best so let him start you off.

Daren took his hand and led him to my new bed. He gently pushed him onto the bed and told him to just relax. He moved over his crotch and took him in his mouth. Austin sucked in a lot of air. He massaged it and used the old lick the end of his slit routine and shortly he raised his hips off the bed and moaned quit loud then fell back to the bed.

After he got his breath.

Judas, heaven does exist. I had no idea feeling like that existed. That was fantastic.

Do you want something else?


Daren moved up and put his lips on Austin’s and ran his tongue over them.

Austin licked his lips.

What is it I taste?

It’s cum?

But I’m only 12 that’s not supposed to happen.

Oh but it can. And you just have.

Remember you are almost 13.

I got in bed with them and kissed Daren while in a hug. As I turned I saw Austin looking at us.

Austin you are part of us. Would you like a good night kiss?

Yes, I think I would like that.

I embraced him and kissed his sweet lips. He tasted good.

Good morning love.

Good morning Darrel.

Hey guys, good morning.

Did you sleep well?

Yeah Darrel, I slept great. I’ll take one of Daren’s sleeping pills anytime.

Yeah he is good isn’t he?

Man, you guys are enough to make a guy blush.

Ah but we love you.

You bet your sweet ass you had better. I’m the best there is.

My, my we don’t think much of our self do we!

He reach over and slapped my bare ass and I grabbed his privates. I saw Austin coming so as he got within my reach I grabbed his privates and squeezed gently.

Now you two who’s the best.

We all laughed and got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast.

We got on our new bikes and rode to the field house. We took our new basketballs with us.

Okay Austin we are going to teach you how to play basket ball. All we are going to do right now is practice shooting hoops. I threw him the ball and he promptly dribbled over and sunk a three pointer.

You know how to play.

Yes I do.

We thought guys from Europe only played soccer?

Well that shows how little you know about us.

I guess you are right. I made an assumption.

Its okay Daren but I will teach you soccer.

We horsed around and got to know each other better. The more I learned about Austin the more I liked him. He was easy going and happy like Daren. His eyes fascinated me. They were the first thing I am sure anyone would notice.

School got underway again and Austin with the influence of Dad was able to get in mid semester even though there was a waiting list from the first session. Not that I was surprised he was placed in the same grade as Daren and me. With our dad’s influence the house next door to us was purchased and renovated for Austin’s family. By this time our first semester had ended and it was spring break. Daren and I both got all A’s so we were going to Padre. We talked Uncle Mack into letting Austin go with us. We had our bags packed and mom took us to the airport. We had a direct on Southwest to Galveston.

We arrive and there was this 6’4 well built early twenties guy waiting, as we walked from the ramp way.

Hello guys my name is Steve, they told me I wouldn’t have a hard time finding you. Man y’all look alike.

Yea we’re the McVey boys.

Well I am at you service. I was told anything you wanted to do that was legal was okay. I will stay out of your way unless you need help.

He drove us to the hotel where Mr. Donovan our dad’s friend met us. He personally showed us to our room. It was a suite and very nice. He told us Steve was in the next room so if we needed anything just let him know. The sun had already gone down so we had room services bring us dinner.

Well guys I call this living.

Yeah not bad

Man am I glad you guys brought me.

We ate and watched some TV until about 10 pm and decided to go to bed. We all got in the big shower and Austin ask if he could bathe me. He had learned well. By the time he was finished I had a raging hard on.

Austin now look what you have done.

What have I done, Daren?

You gave him a hard on now you will have to take care of it.

Hey that’s okay by me.

We dried off and Austin pulled me into bed and immediately came down on me. This kid had the suction power of a Hover vacuum. He sucked and moved his head up and down on my shaft until the feeling at the end of my cock became so sensitive I shot several large loads into his throat. He swallowed it all. I rolled him over and took both his cock and balls in my mouth. His balls were smaller than Daren’s so it was no problem. I sucked and rolled both his balls and cock and he didn’t last long. He shot two nice steams of thin cum. It was amazing his cum had a sweet taste to it. This was like an all day sucker. I only wish I could. All day that is.

I finished up with Daren and we went to sleep.

Good morning love.

Good morning Daren.

Yeah you guys we’re wasting daylight.

We jumped and put on our bating suits and headed for the beach. We had a great day and met several nice guys our age. The days went by and before we knew it we were headed home. It had been a great time.

School resumed and the weeks passed. School would soon be over for the year and our birthdays were coming. When the day came our parents had invited everyone from each of our classes. It was a no gift affair. Our parents both believed that it shouldn’t cost our classmate just to come to a party. It was a big bash. A meal was catered and cake and ice-cream was served. Everyone gathered around as we opened our presents from our parents. Daren and I were now 14 and Austin was 13 we were all teens now. The party was breaking up when someone put ice down Daren’s shirt and he took off after them. He caught his foot on the edge of the concrete patio and fell. I ran to him only to find he was in severe pain. Uncle James looked him over and said his leg was broken. All of us went to the hospital. In about an hour they wheeled him out with a cast on his leg. It was one of the new plastic kind. The doctor said he also had a concussion and would need bed rest and quiet for a couple weeks. I helped him to the car and then to his room. Austin and I stayed until he was sleeping. We went to my house and up to my room. We talked and our conversation turned away from Daren.

Is it okay if I spend the night? Austin asked.

You don’t have to ask me that. Of course you can and will. ( he giggled)

We undressed and crawled into bed. He moved up next to me with his hands under his chin and elbows on the bed looking into my eyes or maybe I was looking into his. Oh those eyes.

Darrel I don’t know how to say what I feel without feeling like I am intruding where I shouldn’t.

Listen, you can say anything on you mind. In fact I insist on it.

I have really grown close to you guys but I feel closer to you for some reason. It seems you always pick up on people’s feelings and needs. My first night here you put me at ease and I have felt that way around you ever sense. I like the way you feel when you make love to my body. I guess what I am trying to say I believe I love you.

I don’t know what to say Austin. I fell in love with your eyes the day we met and I have to admit I have some feelings for you also. Can we play this one day at a time and see where we go. Daren has been part of my life since birth and that has to be considered.

I know that and I’m just asking if you will give me just some of what you two have shared.

Yeah I think that would work since our relationship seems to have moved in a direction neither of us expected.

Austin moved his arms and kissed me pushing his tongue in and we embraced. He had a soft gentle way about him. Every move had purpose. As we broke off he reached down and took hold of my cock.

Can we do a 69 position?

I never have but let’s do it.

We positioned ourselves and took each other into our mouths. His vacuum sucking was awesome. It felt like he was sucking the feeling deep within out of you. We both climaxed at about the same time.

With his sweet tasting watery cum in my mouth I kissed him and with my tongue pushed some in his mouth. As we broke off.

You are right, it does have a sweet taste to it. That’s not normal is it?

No but there is nothing normal about the McVay family. ( he giggled)

Thanks Austin for giving me my first 69.

I’m just glad there was something left to be first with.

We both laughed and fell into an embrace. We woke that way the next morning.

Did you sleep well?

With you by me I always sleep well.

We kissed deeply with me still looking into those eyes.

We took our shower and washed each other gently and slowly. He had a touch about him that seemed to know just were to go. I was growing fonder of him by the minute. We dressed and went down for breakfast. When we finished we went to Daren’s house and found him awake.

How you doing buddy.

I feel like a cement truck ran over me.

Can I get you anything?

No thanks I just think I’ll try and get some more rest. The doctor said I would be doing this until the concussion is better.

Okay we will check on you later.

I’m real sorry Daren I hope you get better soon.

Thanks Austin.

We went to Austin’s house. The remodel had given him a study off his bedroom. It was decorated real cozy. I could tell Austin had his hand in the redo of his area. It just fit him.

We listened to music and cuddled up I one big overstuffed chair. We just sat there enjoying the closeness of our bodies. His mom called us to lunch and we picked up his little sister Lesia on the way. After lunch we decided to play some basket ball at the field house. There were some other guys about our age that I knew so we had a game. Austin Held his own. After the game we all sat down a shot the bull until it was getting toward dinner time. Austin ask me to eat at his house and spend the night. I agreed.

After dinner we went to his study and cuddled in his overstuffed chair and watched a show on Movie Time. When it ended we got in bed.

Can I just lie on top of you for a little while?

Austin you don’t have to ask. If we are going to be together you need to take initiative and assert yourself.

I’m not that way I need for someone to let me know everything is okay. That is why I like you so much. You make me feel safe and comfortable. In the outside world I can hold my own but in matters of someone I care for deeply I need their strength. Am I making sense?

Yeah. I understand and I guess that’s a quality I like about you. You just be you and we will both be happy.

He moved onto my stomach and I looked into those eyes again. His cock was in my groin and I was getting hard. He kissed me and said I feel junior moving you want me to change his diaper. I nodded my head and he moved down to my cock and took it into his mouth.

That vacuum suction took over and I was feeling on cloud nine when he moved his hand and gently pushed his finger into me up to the first joint. I shuddered and shot more cum than he could handle. When he came up it was dripping from his mouth and chin.

Come up here and I’ll help you clean it off.

He moved up and I started to lick his mouth and face. From there it went into a full blown kiss of passion. I was falling I love and couldn’t help it.

A week passed and Daren was feeling some better. Another x-ray showed the concussion was a bit worse than first thought. The doctor said everyone had to be patient. It would take time.

Austin and I were in the pool when mother call me and said Aunt Marry need me now. We jumped out of the pool drying off as we ran to their house. As we ran in the back door there stood Jacob. He was dirty and looked terrible.

Jacob what are you doing here and what happened to you.

I ran away from home.

Why would you do that?

It’s a long story. (he was crying)

Come on and let’s get you cleaned up.

This is Austin another cousin. I will tell you about him after we take care of you.

We took him to my room and stripped him. I turned on the shower and ask if he needed help. He said he could do it so I let him go. He stood under the warm water for a long time before he started washing himself. When he got out I helped him dry off and gave him some clothes to put on. He had grown so much Daren’s fit him fine.

We took him down stairs and mom fed him. He was awfully hungry. I sure he had missed some meals. When he finished we all sat down. My mom looked at him.

Jacob we need to know what happened.

Okay. Ya see after the business failed here my folks started fighting a lot. Finally my mom left us and my dad got real mean. He beat me up a couple times so I ran. It took me a week to get here and I slept in a couple barns and didn’t have much to eat. This is the only place I knew I would be safe.

He practically went into hysteria. Mom hugged him and rocked him until he quieted down.

When Mr. McVay gets here we will get this straightened out in the mean time you go up and get some rest.

Yes mam.

We took him to the spare bedroom and he was sleeping before we were out the door.

Dad came home and mom told him all about the mess. He went to talk to James about it.

He was gone about two hours. When he returned he said he and Uncle James had called Jacobs dad and found he was a mess. He was worried sick about Jacob and admitted he had been mean with him. He said it was the sorriest thing he had ever done. We’re sending him a plane ticket and have decided he has some skills we can use. They can stay with one of us until he gets situated. My mom patted him on the back and said; see boys he always comes through.

Jacob was still sleeping at dinner time so we slipped off his clothes and left him to recover.

The next day his dad arrived and dad went to picked him up. Daren was told about Jacob and insisted on seeing him but he was told Jacob was worn our and was sleeping. He asks his dad if Jacob and his dad could stay at their house and he was told they could. When his dad arrived and saw Jacob, he ran and picked him up in a bear hug and they both cried. After all was settled as to where they would stay we took Jacob up to see Daren. Jacob ran to his bed side and kissed him. It was obvious there were both happy to be together again.

A couple weeks passed and Daren was up but still couldn’t do anything real strenuous. He and Jacob spent a lot of time together. One evening he came to the house and wanted to talk.

Darrel I don’t know where to begin. You see Jacob and I had become pretty close before they moved, I know you noticed it. What I ‘m trying to say I like him a lot but I can’t just throw our relationship out like dishwater. We have been together all our lives and I will drop Jacob before I hurt you. I’ve been going nuts trying to figure out what to do.

Daren I’m sure you love him. You two have had magic ever since Myrtle Beach. You bonded there. I could tell the difference in you when we were together after that. It’s okay. I have to be honest with you Austin and I are finding were more than just cousins. We have found his needs mesh with mine without even trying. It’s like we have assimilated as one.

I suppose you’re right and I know we are both going to hurt for a while but at least we both have someone to help take away the hurt. This makes things a lot easier on both of us.

Listen buddy I will always love you. Maybe not in the way we use to but I will always love you. You and I are sole mates from the cradle. That will never change.

You dam right it won’t. I’ll kick your butt if you ever try and go away from me.

We hugged and cried a little but the long standing Daren and Darrel affair had ended.

I felt like some part of me had died and maybe it had. Growing up is hell.

My dad told me later that it’s common when boys reach our age. Their interest change in many ways. Our parting was just another step to adulthood and it would be one of many.

The three of us decide to have a talk with our dad’s. We told them we were all thee gay and were sure about our sexuality and had know for a long time we were. There was no chance things would change. We told them we were sorry that the McVay name would come to an end.

Dad and Uncle James weren’t surprised but Uncle Mack was surprised and more than a little disappointed. He realized as our conversation continued that acceptance was better than perhaps loosing a son. Even though I am sure it would have never happened He wasn’t willing to chance it. He loved his son far too much to chance loosing him.

The next day our dad’s called us together while we were swimming. We all sat on the lounges. We had no idea what was going to happen. My dad stood up I guess as the appointed spokesman.

Boys you’re Uncles and I have realize you have made your choices and we feel your sexual persuasion is not going to change. Although there is some disappointment we are resigned to what will be. None of this changes the love your families have. We always have and always will support each of you. Family is forever.

We all cried as our dad’s hugged us. We all knew the final chapter of the McVey Family had been written.

The End