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None of this happened. Just some fiction from my perverted wee mind.


The D Doesn't Lie

Chapter 1

by first_toke@hotmail.com


I had just turned 14 when I became dick crazy. I'm talking for real. I couldn't stop beating my own. All those hours scrunched up in my bed, dangling my dick over my face as I came. I'm sure my spine shows curvature! Somehow, as the youngest, I'd ended up with my own room. My brothers, twins, were both 17 the summer I began searching for dick. It started when I snuck into the R18 section of the video store and hid around the corner in the far reaches of the gay section, behind a storage cabinet where I'd occasionally manage to sample some cock first hand. I had tried to get a friend interested in mine but he acted strangely after that. Prude.

I remember that summer with real excitement and little guilt or regret. Even though I know much of what went on was technically wrong, I think it felt good to everyone involved. I thought I was running around starting something big, but I was just the tip of the ice-berg. Then, too, it occurred to me many times when I was engaged in some form of sex act that what the dick wants, it wants. It knows what it wants. It doesn't need you to overthink for it. And it never lies. Remember that, boys. The dick doesn't lie.

I remember, that summer my brothers would come home from... somewhere. Singlet, jean shorts to just below the knees and flip flops, sweating like dogs in the heat, practically panting. They'd come into the house, have a cold drink from the fridge then walk to the patio door, strip and head out for a swim. I watched from the window, positioned so that I'd look like I was sitting at my desk. Waist down, nothing on but my own five digits - tightly clenched around my throbbing, pulsating dick.

Watching my brothers shower, I discovered, was even better. Peeking through the slightly ajar door, I saw Mike jerk off and cum all over my mom's loofa whilst fingering his ass. One time only Jamie and I were home and he took a shower. I wasn't able to see very well though, the towel rack in the bathroom was unfortunately badly placed and in my way. But it was when I went to twins' room had a snoop. Both computers were on but locked. I found their new weed hiding place, so I took a little. Then I noticed Jamie's phone, laying on his bed and, snooping, came across a video of Jamie sucking someone's dick (just whose, I couldn't tell), and also a video of him jerking off. I had to stop there with a massive bone raging away in my jeans and run back to my room, because Jamie was done in the shower and eventually, as I peered through my slightly ajar door, walked naked to his room, towel in hand drying his hair as his flaccid cock and juicy balls dangled.

Yep, I was dick mad. I couldn't get enough. But you see, those that were in my accessible range were those of my brothers. Theirs were the dicks that I was seeing most commonly. Or my dad. My dad was a fairly blue collar guy. Brought in good money, but as a builder. He was pretty sophisticated in his own way. Dug TCM. Sat around reading news a lot. My mother was a lawyer so very rarely around which was a shame. She was a riot. My brothers were pretty...comfortable. Being twins, everything was done together at some point, for some reason. Why is that? At any rate, they walked around naked a lot. Sat around naked a lot. Dad didn't so much, although he would walk around shirtless a lot in summer. But Mike & Jamie were real little show offs. Beautiful bodies they had too. Nice bush. Short, but a bush none the less. Snail trail up fairly toned torsos. Juicy, uncut and fairly sizable 6, nearly 7 inch cocks (hard), then. I imagine they had some growing to do. Myself, I was around 6. I'd had a considerable growth spurt down there the two years prior. It was coming along, but wasn't much. It sure did love to get used though. I loved how my brothers dicks looked. I spanked off thinking about them constantly.

It really got me thinking. I almost wanted to try and initiate something with my brothers. I was out with my dad, funnily enough, picking up some dinner. Dad was inside the burger joint getting our order. His phone was next to me in the car. I had a look to see what videos my dad might have. I hoped nothing involving my mom. Vaginas make me gag. But I thought given what Jamie had on his, my dad might have something worth popping a hardon over. Well, there were three videos on my dads phone. Three. One of our dog on the old trampoline in the yard. The other, second video was the same video I'd seen on Jamie's phone the one of him jerking off! I was just about to look at the third when I saw dad coming. The fingernail looked as though it was the video of Jamie sucking someone's dick that I'd seen on Jamie's phone. I closed out of everything and set the phone down. Dad got in and we went home and had dinner. It was the toughest dinner I'd ever had in my life. I had so many questions flying round in my brain, that I really wanted to blurt out.

Jamie and Mike were both chowing down on their burgers on the couch, wearing matching onesies, with the top halves undone and hanging down, tied at the waist, barefoot. So basically, nothing but a onesie tied at the waist. Fucking drool! They were so hot. I noticed that they were sitting very strangely. Mike had his legs up on the couch, in Jamie's direction. One of his feet was, more or less in Jamie's lap, under a pillow on which sat Jamie's food. I realized he was humping against Mike's foot slightly whilst having dinner and watching the Simpsons. Mom dad and I were sat awkwardly at the table, I for I could not move due to massive, tenting trousers. Here are some of the questions by the way, permeating my universe: did my brother send my father a video of himself jerking off? Did my brother send my dad a video of himself sucking some guys dick? Or is it my dad's dick? Did my dad film my brother sucking his dick, send it to him and receive a jerk off vid in return? AND WHY HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON WITHOUT ME?

I was almost rage filled. That night I fucked the shit out of my hand, blew three loads, woke up swollen. It took another week to orchestrate a situation in which I had reasonable access to my dad's phone. I checked for the videos again and found them both there. By then, however, there was another video too. I viewed it with absolute shock and man it made me so, so horny. It was my brothers making out, sucking each other, fucking. Jackpot. I was home alone. Dad had just shot out to do the grocery shop, so I knew he'd be at least 40 minutes. The twins were...God knows where. My mother had just flown out of town for a case. Firstly, I forwarded ALL of the videos to myself and deleted the evidence. Then I went to my room, stripped, and knocked out two loads before my dad even got home.

That night I stewed. Dad was down in the study reading as usual. It was a blistering hot night. Dad and I had eaten. He made pasta. By later than night he was asleep in front of some old black and white thing, with a robe on over his underwear. I was upstairs in my room, pacing around in my boxers. Waiting for my brothers. They arrived home late, from some party. Both a little worse for wear. They went to the yard, stripped their stuff onto a lawn chair and got in the pool. Mike was in the water first, Jamie set his phone down on top of his clothes and joined him. I watched as they fooled around in the water, toying with each others' dicks, smooooching. It was super pissed. Of course, I was also tenting haaaaaard. Fuck this, thought I. I shed my boxers, grabbed my phone. Holding the phone in one of those long outstretched selfie poses from below, where my cock is the focus of the shot, and in the background the picture scans up my body to my face. I shudder to think how my expression came across. I was, by this point, out of my mind over all this. I looked a bit mad, and sounded it when I txt it to Jamie with the caption: "what's wrong with this you fucks? Can't believe I've been left in the dark this long!!!".

I watched and waited and paced some more. But they got into this ridiculous sporting prowess competitive mode and started doing laps. To be fair, they're in damn good shape. My body's average. I haven't quite managed to lose my baby fat by the summer in question. But enough already, I'm thinking, check your damn phone! Eventually, they got out and grabbed their clothes. As they came inside, dripping water all through the house, just the way mom loves it, Jamie checked his phone. They were coming up the stairs when, even though my door was firmly closed, I heard Jamie go "Oh my fucking God!". They were then silent as they made their way to their room and shut the door.

What the hell was going on there? I had no idea. I had probably just...fuck, I don't know. Caused a shit storm? Whatever was going on, I presume was going on in secret. I'm not sure why, but their bodies all seemed very natural to me. It was just part of life really, we have bodies. They have dicks. I have a dick. No big deal. But as I'd begun to become interested in sex, their bodies began to make sense to me in ways that they hadn't previously. It was pleasurable. They were pleasurable. The idea of sex with them was super pleasurable. But these were all ideas. Wrong ideas, sick ideas. At least that's what society wants you to think. To me it had seemed natural, and my curiosities led me to discover that all of the men in my family were engaged in sex with one another. Except me. I now knew about it, and now the cat is out of the bag. Of course, I had extended an offer to him. It was my dick.

An anxious hour passed when finally I got a txt back. All it said was "so you know aye". The txting went back and forwards for a little bit.

"No shit, course I know"
"How long?"
Recent" then another "well mike and i...a long time, like since we were bout 9"
"And dad?"
"last month"
"He caught us at it. When we saw him we told him to join in"
"And he just did?! Can see why, but just wow"

Then there was no reply. For quite some time. Like, another whole hour passed. I was in bed watching the time tick over to 2AM when I decided I'd had enough of the pussy footing around. I wanted in.

I rose from bed. I was laying nude on the bed still, I opened my door very quietly. I did a bit of dance in drama at school, so I could be fairly light on my feet when the situation called for it. Gently, I made my way downstairs. My dad was still asleep on the sofa. By now his robe had fallen open. He was obviously having a decent dream because he sure was tenting. I gently opened his underwear and took a peek at his dick. He had a much larger bush than the twins. But his dick was rather impressive. Standing there, buck naked in the living room perving on my sleeping dads dick... as you might imagine in such a circumstance, this is a pretty undeniably great thing. I couldn't help but have a taste. Bending down I lapped at dads dick head, enjoying strings of pre-cum. I wrapped my lips around the head, swirling my tongue, tasting my dad's dick for the very first time. My entire body was shaking, my own dick was leaking a lot of pre-cum onto dad's shoulder. I was really pumping his dick when he began to move slightly, I grew a bit anxious and moved slightly and my jittering, horned up legs started to tap the wooden frame of the sofa. I near shit myself, to be honest. I thought he would wake for sure. So I lurched off his dick with a sort of pop. After such an awkward near miss I thought it better to proceed on mission, and see what the boys are up to. I needed to collect myself again though.

I stopped by my bedroom and used a safety pin to punch a few holes in a soda can. Then, using a lighter, smoked some of the weed the boys had had. I lay down on the bed, allowing it to take effect. Meanwhile, while grabbed a Vaseline jar my sidetable and slathered my fingers in Vaseline before delving them into my tight asshole. I worked it until the jelly was all slick and warm, massaging my prostate. It felt really good, but then I heard a slight bang from the boys' room. My fingers stopped pumping my ass immediately. I felt this weird surge of rage, because I realized what was going on and I'm guessing you have too? But that rage was so mellowed out by the weed that all I could do was slowly pull my fingers from my ass, rise, and walk gently, silently to the boys' door. I very delicately turned the handle and gently opened the door. None of the hall lights were on, so no light really spilled in to alert them of me. But nevertheless, I walked in, fingers wet and cock hard and all at once saw them, mid-69 on the bed (their two singles were pushed together), fingers in each others asses AND uttered my immortal opener "I'm so fucking glad we're brothers".

They stopped what they were doing pretty quickly and both got up. They shut the door and paced around me a lot whist in hushed tones explaining a very long backstory to me. It seems that Jamie and Mike had, as Jamie said, always fooled around. Dad became involved just over a month ago when he caught Jamie and Mike having sex and then joined in. All that was true. But things had taken a rather strange turn. Dad had sat them down and said that he'd had his suspicions about the boys, and he didn't really mind them doing it. But he felt what'd happened between he and the boys was wrong and shouldn't happen again. The videos were finally explained to me too. When things had first happened between dad and the boys, dad had filmed it on his phone, almost without thinking. He obviously wanted to remember it, I guess. Later, Jamie had sent him a jerk off video to tempt him into doing something again. Dad refused, but did reciprocate by sending Jamie the video of him sucking dad's dick.

We were all three of us leaking pre-cum. You would be too. By the end of the whole story, Jamie had assured me that nothing was to happen with dad. Then he asked what I'd meant when I said I was glad we were brothers. I explained that I'd just been fingering my ass, praying for some cock, praying for something other than my own damn fingers inside me. Praying to be filled with cum. I wanted it so bad, and here they were going at it. I was stoked! I then also confessed to having just been sucking him as he slept. Before long we all snuck down there, all of us naked, stepping over dads empty beer cans, to suck his dick for a while. Then we headed back up to the boys room where suddenly we erupted into an animalistic orgy. First of all Mike pushed me down on the bed and made his way, crawling over my entire body. He licked from the soles of my feet all the way up my legs, toying with my balls and cock, up my torso to my face where he gave me a passionate snogging. He then got to his knees in front of my face and forced his hard dick into my mouth. By then, Jamie had come at me from the other end and swung my legs up, holding my ass hole, spread, into the air and tonguing it for all it was worth.

I was moaning, in a gagged sort of way, as Mike began to really pump his dick back and forward in my mouth. I could feel it getting hotter and fatter, and more veiny. Meanwhile, Jamie eventually slide his whole fucking dick inside me and was pumping me raw and ragged. Mike blew first, flooding my entire mouth with his spunk. It tasted so fucking sweet, like fucking papaya. He lay down on the bed, watching with a smile as Jamie came down to kiss me, my legs over his shoulders. His dick, lubed with nothing but his own spit from eating me out, pumping in and out of my stretched hole. My eyes were streaming slightly, and we were all dripping with perspiration when Jamie finally blew his load deep, deep inside me. He shuddered and groaned as he did. Then he picked himself up and kept fucking me wildly, whilst grabbing hold of my dick and wanking the hell out of it. Finally, I blew my load the biggest I had ever produced to that date all over my body. Then, with a heave, Jamie collapsed on top of me. Mike went "Awww" and sort of cuddled around us. We all shared a laugh. It was the best day of my life. Until Jamie told me I had to get my own damn weed dealer. Like, yeah, right, sorry bro.