The Family
by Daddy's Boy

Story Codes This Chapter:  oral, masturbation

Disclaimer:  This story is about the incestuous relationship of a family. It contains sexual scenes between minor boys, teen aged boys and their fathers and uncles as well as men that aren't related to them at all. If you are offended by this kind of story you shouldn’t be here anyway. If you can’t read this story because of the laws where you life you shouldn’t be here. This story is fiction. The characters are fiction.


Chapter  1
Turning Ten

I think I was eight when I first noticed that something was going on. My brother was ten years old when I started to realize that he got into trouble with my dad so much. Almost every day when we would come home from school he was locked in our room with Daddy for at least an hour. I never knew what my father said to him any more than I knew what Jimmy had done to get into trouble. Jimmy would never tell me and I knew better than to ask Daddy. At that time I thought that being ten years old meant that you did all kinds of things to get into trouble. Jimmy never got in this much trouble before he turned ten.

We lived in a two story brick house on the edge of a town I won't name in this story. The house wasn't overly big. There were only three bedrooms. Even with three my father said that Jimmy and I had to share a room. He used the other bedroom for his office. I didn't know when I was eight what it was that my Daddy did for a living. I just knew that we always had everything we wanted and there was always lights, heat in the winter and air in the summer. We also went on a two week vacation on an island every year with my two uncles and my cousins.

Another thing that I thought was strange as time went on was school. We didn't go to school in the city. We didn't even go to a real school. Me, my brother and our cousins were driven to my Uncle James's house every morning. He home schooled us from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon every day. He taught us math, science, social studies, language and we learned about what was going on in the world. One of my uncle's assignments for us each day was to watch the local and world news broadcasts. My two older cousins were allowed to read the newspapers. He would ask us about one thing or another that had been reported on either broadcast or in the papers at the beginning of each day. If we didn't get it right we had to copy the newspaper's front page on notebook paper before we were allowed to even participate in physical education.

Physical education to Uncle James meant laps in his pool or he would take us to the local park and we would play basketball, football or a different form of baseball. That form was that we would each have a turn at bat and we had to run the bases. Uncle James was catcher while my cousin Steve pitched. He always pitched. When it was his turn to hit the ball my cousin Luke would pitch instead. There were no outs, strikes or balls. We either hit the ball or we didn't. We only got three swings just like normal but nothing counted but hits. Sometimes we just ran laps around the baseball field. I really hated the days when we would run laps.

My Uncle James had the biggest house of all of us. He also used to be a teacher which is probably why our education was his responsibility. Whenever we asked about why we never went to real school he would tell us that he could teach us better than any school could. That was all he ever said about it. For a long time that was the only answer I ever needed.

Uncle James was also older than my father and my Uncle Tommy. He had two teen aged sons named Phil and Randy. Phil was fifteen and Randy was fourteen at the time. They were both blond and blue eyed like their father and looked a lot like him in other ways too. My brother and I looked just like our father but our hair was dark. It was almost black like our mother's. Our eyes were the same shade of blue as our father's though.

Uncle Tommy had two sons as well. Trent was his oldest at seven and Teddy was his youngest at six. Both had the same light blond hair and dark blue eyes as Uncle Tommy. My daddy and my uncles looked a lot alike, but Uncle James was at least ten years older than my daddy. My daddy was five years older than Uncle Tommy.

Another strange thing about our family was that my mother and my cousins' mothers were not around. My mother had died when I was three years old in a car accident. I don't know where my cousins' mothers are and I don't care. We've all been fine with just our fathers so there was no reason to worry about mothers at all.

On Saturdays and Sundays I spent a lot of time at Uncle Tommy's with his son Teddy. My brother went with my daddy to Uncle James's house. Whenever I asked why I couldn't go my daddy would tell me that they were doing big boy things over there and I wasn't a big boy yet. I wondered if I would be a big boy when I was ten. Doing big boy things was the same thing that Uncle James told me when I asked why Phil, Randy and Jimmy were sometimes having their school upstairs in his house instead of in the den with me, Trent and Teddy.

That Wednesday Trent and Teddy were dropped off at our house with me while Jimmy stayed at Uncle James's house. We thought it was strange until we walked inside and found Uncle Tommy sitting in the living room with my daddy. Trent and Teddy were happy to see their daddy but I still wondered why Jimmy was still at Uncle James's house.

"Do you boys have homework?" asked my daddy when we came in.

"I have to finish a report for social studies," I said. "And we have to watch the news."

"Well your uncle will be sitting here with you three while I run over to Uncle James's house," said Daddy. "You listen to him, Jason."

"I will daddy," I said. I wondered why Daddy was going over to Uncle James's house too. I knew better than to ask. My answer would be something to do with doing big boy things I was sure.

Daddy left with his gym bag and Uncle Tommy sat us all down in the dining room to do our homework. He listened to Teddy read his two children's stories while I worked on my report and Trent worked on his math homework. The children's stories were all written by Uncle James. I'd read them all already and thought that Uncle James was a good writer. They were always stories about boys who were on some sort of adventure. It never occurred to me that the boys in the stories didn't have mothers. I guess it should have but I didn't think about it.

"All right," said Uncle Tommy. "You can go upstairs and play or outside as long as you stay in the back yard. I'll call you in for supper and then you can watch the news."

We went outside to play in my sand box for a while. Trent and Teddy wanted to build sand forts for my army men so I went along with it. We talked about what we thought the others were doing at Uncle James's house the whole time we were out there. We were still talking about it when Uncle Tommy called us inside for supper.

We had to stand on the porch and stomp our feet to get the sand off our clothes and then we were sent into the bathroom to wash our hands. The bathrooms was another strange thing about our houses. In each house the bathrooms downstairs had a toilet and a sink. The bathrooms that were upstairs had three toilets, three sinks and an open shower with three shower heads. There were no bathtubs in any of the houses. Shower time was at nine and my daddy showered with me and Jimmy every night. I'd learned from the others that it was the same in their houses. Even Phil and Randy had to shower at nine.

Uncle Tommy fed us spaghetti for supper and asked us what we'd learned in school. The food was good. Uncle Tommy was a better cook than my daddy. I would never tell Daddy or Uncle Tommy that though. Daddy probably wouldn't like it. I didn't want to get into trouble.

"I did a lot of math problems," said Trent. "I even had to bring them home because I didn't get them all done."

"I'm doing numbers and reading," said Teddy. "That's why we read the two stories today."

"What about you Jason?" asked Uncle Tommy. "What are you doing in school?"

"Well I had to write a report on the president today," I said. "I also had math but I got that done at Uncle James's house. He said that if I keep doing so well I'll be able to help Daddy with the house finances pretty soon."

"That's really great, Jason," said Uncle Tommy, smiling at me. "I could probably use some help in that department too."

"I don't think I'm really ready to help with money and bills," I said. "Why don't you ask Phil or Randy?"

"Phil and Randy have their own money and bills to think about," said Uncle Tommy. "I can't have them helping me. I don't really need the help right now anyway."

"Uncle Tommy," I said hoping that he might tell me more than my daddy would if I asked him. "What are they doing at Uncle James's house?"

"Something that you don't need to worry about yet," he said. "When you're older you'll know all about what they're doing. For now just be a kid and have fun."

That ended all talk at the table. We ate and then took our plates into the kitchen to rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher. Then we lined up on the couch in the living room to watch the news. I had my notebook so I could take notes on each segment of both the world news and the local news. There was a segment on the world news about terrorism and I knew that was the question that one of us would get from Uncle James tomorrow. It was likely going to be my question so I took good notes on the segment.

We watched a little bit of television after the news. The great thing about my daddy and uncles was that they didn't stop us from seeing anything that we wanted. We weren't supposed to watch the sex shows but I think that's normal for fathers to make a rule. We could watch all of the violence we wanted though. I'd stopped having nightmares about the shows I'd watched on television when I was six.

Then before I knew it my daddy and Jimmy were home. I noticed that Jimmy had a bit of trouble sitting in the dining room chair as he and daddy ate. Uncle Tommy talked to them quietly so I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then Jimmy took his plate to the kitchen and went upstairs. My daddy followed him a few minutes later.

"Jason you stay downstairs until I call for you at shower time," Daddy said as he walked through the living room.

"Okay," I said wondering what was going on. Was Jimmy in trouble again?

It wasn't long before Uncle Tommy got his boys ready to go home. It was nearly shower time anyway. I hugged all three of them before they left and then sat down to wait for my daddy to call me. He called a few minutes later and I went up and took off all of my clothes. I put them in the hamper and then went into the bathroom where Daddy and Jimmy were waiting.

Daddy turned on the water and we started our showers. I noticed that Jimmy looked really tired and he limped a bit as he turned around to wet down the back of his body. Daddy knelt down and applied soap to Jimmy's crack with his soapy hand. I thought it was strange because Daddy hadn't washed either of us anywhere on our bodies since we were really little. What was also strange was the way that Jimmy sucked in air and kind of flinched as Daddy washed his butt.

When we were done showering Daddy came to our room with us. He had a jar of something in his hand and he sat on Jimmy's bed. Jimmy lay down over Daddy's legs and sighed. I watched as I got under my covers. Daddy opened the jar and stuck his fingers in what looked like clear goo to me. I could smell the strange scent rising out of the jar but I was shocked when Daddy started to work it into Jimmy's crack.

"Your brother fell," he said when he caught me watching. "He's really bruised and sore so I'm putting ointment on his bruises to help him feel better."

I just nodded my head to that. If he'd fallen then what was there for me to say about it? Daddy was putting ointment on his bruises so I didn't think it was too serious. I know I was really naive but I trusted my daddy completely. He'd never done anything to hurt either of us before so I didn't think he was hurting Jimmy. And afterward Jimmy did seem to be able to move around a bit better. I was surprised when Daddy handed him a pair of briefs to wear to bed because we never wore anything to bed. I thought it might be to keep the ointment on his bruises and not on his sheets.

I watched as he kissed Jimmy. Jimmy liked to suck on Daddy's tongue when he kissed him. I hadn't tried that part yet but Daddy had been tongue kissing both of us since we were really little. Uncle Tommy and Uncle James tongue kissed us as well as their own kids so neither of us thought anything strange about it. We liked it.

"So how was your day?" asked Daddy as he came over and sat on the edge of my bed. "Did you do all of your homework?"

"I did," I said. "I even took lots of notes on the news broadcasts."

"You're a good boy, Jason," he said as he leaned down and started to kiss me.

His tongue slid across mine and then pulled back. I put my tongue in his mouth and he sucked on it for a few seconds. I could taste his spearmint candy. When he let go of my tongue and put his in my mouth I sucked on it like Jimmy does. Daddy moaned as I sucked his tongue.

"Well aren't you just a little lover boy?" Daddy asked as he smiled at me when the kissing stopped. He rubbed my belly and a bit lower as he smiled down at me. "Pretty soon you'll be old enough to learn a few new things, Jason."

"What kind of things?" I asked.

"Things that you're not allowed to learn right now," he said. "Don't rush it. Be a kid for a while. There's plenty of time for the other stuff."

"I love you Daddy," I said just before he leaned in and kissed me again.

And that's how things were for me for the next two years. Daddy and Jimmy would take off to Uncle James's house for big boy stuff every weekend and I would stay at Uncle Tommy's. Sometimes Trent and Teddy would come to stay with me while Uncle Tommy took Jimmy over to Uncle James's house. I was always a bit jealous of my brother but without knowing exactly what it was that he was getting to do I didn't really know what to be jealous about.

There was a time when I was nine when my cousin Randy got into trouble. I didn't know why but he had to stay with us for a few days and my daddy was really hard on him. He made Randy lay on the couch with no clothes on while he used the big wooden paddle that hung on the wall beside the front door to spank his butt until it was bright red and Randy was crying. I'd never seen Randy or Phil cry before and it scared me.

"I'm not supposed to talk about it," Randy had said when I asked him about it.

Jimmy wouldn't tell me either. He said that if he talked about it Daddy had told him he'd get three nights of spankings too. That made me really curious but too scared to even ask Daddy about it. I didn't want to be spanked even one time let alone once a night for three nights.

I wondered for weeks what it was that Randy had done. One day right after Randy went back to Uncle James's house Trent told me that he knew why Randy had gotten in trouble. He said that he had been in trouble too and his daddy had spanked him every night for three nights. I was shocked to hear that because my daddy had spanked Randy every night for three nights too. The very fact that they had been spanked at all was shocking to me because I could count on one hand the number of times that Jimmy or I had been spanked in our lives.

"What happened?" I asked. "Why were you guys in trouble?"

"If I tell you please don't say anything to anybody about it," he said. "I'll get more spankings if you tell."

"I promise," I said. "I won't talk about it to anyone. Not even Jimmy."

"Well Jimmy already knows," said Trent. "He isn't supposed to say anything about it either."

"Oh," I said. I was shocked to hear that Jimmy knew about it. "Does Teddy know?"

"Teddy just knows that I got in trouble," he said shaking his head. "We can't let Teddy find out or we'll both get spanked for sure."

"I told you I won't tell anyone," I reminded him quickly.

"Well Randy spent the night at our house one night without Phil," he said. That was strange because those two were usually always together. "And he slept with me and Teddy."

Trent and Teddy had one bed in their bedroom. It was a big bed like my daddy's. They both slept in it and any time that Jimmy and I would stay at their house we slept with them. The fact that Randy had slept with Trent and Teddy wasn't shocking to me at all.

"We always sleep with you guys when we stay," I said. "What's so bad about that?"

"That's not the bad part," said Trent. "I woke up in the middle of the night because the bed was shaking. I saw Randy playing with his penis."

We'd always been taught since we were really little to call it that. I used to call it my dickey when I was little but my daddy told me it was my penis each time he heard me say the word. Then he sat me down and told me that if I called it my dickey one more time I would have to get a spanking. I didn't know why it was so important for me to call my dickey a penis but I didn't argue. I never called it anything but my penis again after that.

"We play with our penises when we stay at your house," I said remembering the many times we'd played with each others' penises at Trent and Teddy's.

"Well that's not what he got in trouble for either," Trent said with a sigh. "He got in trouble because when he saw me watching he asked me if I wanted to make him feel good. I said sure and then he told me to lick his penis. Well you know that we always have to do whatever Phil or Randy tell us to do so I did it. My daddy came in to check on us for some reason and he caught us. That's what we got in trouble for."

"You licked Randy's penis?" I asked. I was shocked to hear that. The very idea of licking a penis was shocking for me. I knew that if you played with your penis enough it would eventually make you feel like you had to pee but really something amazing was about to happen. If you kept playing you got the shakes and everything in your tummy felt good.

"He told me to," Trent said quickly.

"What did it taste like?" I asked.

"I don't know," he said. "I guess it tasted like skin."

"Wow," I said shaking my head. "Why would he want you to lick his penis?"

"I don't know but he sure moaned when I did it," he said. "I licked it like a lollypop for a while before my daddy came in. Randy was moaning like crazy the whole time. He kept telling me that I was doing a good job and that was good and that was awesome. I thought I was doing something good until my daddy spanked me for it. He did it right there in front of Randy. I woke up Teddy with my screaming."

"Did your daddy say anything about it?" I asked. "I mean did he tell you why it was bad to lick Randy's penis?"

"He said I wasn't old enough for that," replied Trent. "He kept yelling at Randy and saying that he knew better. He said that if he couldn't wait two years then he would be sent away."

"Sent away?" I asked more shocked than before. "To where?"

"I don't know but Randy started to beg my daddy not to let his daddy send him away," he said. "I was scared for him and rubbing my sore butt at the same time."

That conversation got me thinking. In all the times that Jimmy had been in trouble over the last year Daddy hadn't once spanked him. Was Daddy thinking of sending Jimmy away? I didn't want that to happen. He had to stop getting into trouble. I had to figure out how to tell him to stop getting in trouble without letting him know that I knew what had gotten Randy and Trent into trouble.

I waited and I watched. I noticed that Jimmy only had to go up to our room with Daddy on the days that he didn't go to Uncle James's. I also noticed that when Daddy was at Uncle James's without Jimmy things were fine. It was the days when they were both home that Jimmy seemed to get into trouble.

It was two weeks before my tenth birthday that I finally decided to talk to Jimmy about his trouble making. We had showered and Daddy had kissed us both goodnight. We were alone in our dark room and I couldn't take it anymore. I got out of my bed and walked across the room to his bed. This wasn't strange or forbidden. We often cuddled up together in either his bed or mine. Daddy didn't care about that. He didn't even care that we played with each other's penises.

"What's the matter?" Jimmy asked as I pulled his covers back and slid into bed with him. "You want to play?"

"No," I said. "I want to talk to you."

"What about?"

"All the trouble you've been getting into," I said quickly. "Jimmy you have to stop making Daddy mad at you."

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "I haven't been in trouble for anything in a long time."

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "Then what about all the times that Daddy has to have private talks with you in our room?"

"I was wondering when you would ask about that," he said as he turned on his side to face me in the darkness.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I'm not getting into trouble," he said. "Daddy isn't having private talks with me to straighten me out or anything. We're just spending some private time together."

"Why can't you spend time together when I'm around?" I asked.

"I can't tell you about that yet," he said. "You have to understand that in our family things are a certain way. When your birthday gets here Daddy will start having private time with you too."

"Why do I have to wait for my birthday?" I asked.

"Because that's the way it is, Jason," he said. "Daddy didn't have private time with me until I was ten. Remember all the times that we both had to go to Uncle Tommy's?"

"Yeah," I said. "You hardly ever go with me over there anymore."

"Well that's because I'm not nine anymore," he said. "I started going with them to Uncle James's house right after I turned ten."

"What do you do over there?" I asked.

"You'll find out after your birthday," he said. "I can't tell you anything yet. Daddy and our uncles have a plan for your birthday. Don't worry."

"What kind of plan?"

"Will you stop asking me question you know I'm not allowed to answer?" he said quickly. "Now if you want to play we'll play. If not then we need to sleep. We have school tomorrow."

We didn't play and I stopped asking questions. Once I heard his sleep breathing I went back to my own bed. I couldn't stop thinking about what they did that I couldn't do or Trent and Teddy couldn't do. For the first time in almost two years I was a little angry about it. In two weeks I'd be doing the same things that Jimmy was doing but I wanted to know why I couldn't do it now.

The days went on and Jimmy and Daddy went to Uncle James's house a lot. On the days that they did Daddy would come to Uncle Tommy's to get Jimmy. Sometimes either Rob or John would stay with me, Trent and Teddy. Rob and John were two of my daddy's friends. Daddy said they worked together. They were both really nice to all of us and a lot of fun to be around when they had to sit with us.

Rob was tall with a lot of muscles. He was twenty-three and usually never wore a shirt. He told us that he liked to show off his muscles. He had brown hair that was cut really short with brown eyes and a really neat smile. It was kind of crooked. He would play with us in the back yard and give us each rides on his shoulders.

John was twenty-seven with blond hair that was kind of red sometimes when he was in the sun. He had green eyes and even more muscles than Rob. He was fun to be around too but he didn't play with us much the way that Rob did. He played video games with us sometimes and took us to the park so we could play on the playground.

On the night before my birthday my Daddy did something he'd never done before when he kissed me goodnight. I was under the covers just like always but Daddy rubbed my penis through the covers as he kissed me. It felt really good and I moaned into his mouth. That made him laugh.

"You really are a little lover boy," he said smiling at me. The kiss had ended but the rubbing continued.

"Why do you call me that?" I asked.

"Lover boy?" he asked. I nodded. "Well because you're such a good kisser."

"Jimmy kisses as good as I do," I said.

"How do you know?" Daddy asked. "Have you and Jimmy been kissing?"

"We kiss every night," I said.

"You love your brother very much don't you?" he asked.

"Yes," I said.

"Well tomorrow you'll find out what it is that he gets to do that you don't," he said. "You've got a big day ahead of you."

"I know," I said. I was excited but not just because it was my birthday. I knew I would get presents and stuff but I also knew that the big secret would finally be revealed. I would be just like Jimmy.

"Get some sleep Lover Boy," he said leaning in and kissing me again. This kiss was short and I was disappointed.

I don't when or how I finally fell asleep but I must have because the next thing I knew it was morning. Jimmy was shaking me awake and laughing at me. I opened my eyes slowly and looked up at him in my usual morning confusion.

"Come on, birthday boy," he said. "Daddy said breakfast is on the table and Uncle James and Uncle Tommy will be here soon."

I sat on the side of my bed and stretched while he looked at me. I know I was mumbling something but it was incoherent to my own ears. He just kept laughing at me. I swear in the mornings I don't love my brother one little bit. No in the morning I want to hurt him something terrible.

"Stop laughing," I said.

"Okay, you're awake," he said. "I'm sorry Jason but Daddy said that I had to keep you going until I was sure that you wouldn't just lay back down and go back to sleep."

I finally stood on the floor beside my bed. I was going to go to the closet and get clothes when Jimmy stopped me. I noticed that he was naked so I didn't think anything of it until he started to tug my hand. He was headed for the stares. We were never naked during the day unless we'd gotten so dirty we needed a shower.

"We can't go down there naked," I said quickly pulling my hand out of his.

"Yes we can," he said smiling at me. "Daddy's naked and I've been naked since I got up today. Uncle Tommy and Uncle James will get naked when they get here too."

Now I'd seen everyone in the family naked so the idea of being naked with them didn't shock me. We were always naked in Uncle James's pool because he didn't allow suits in the water. He said that the suits somehow clogged his filters so we all swam naked as the day we were born.

"So this is what you get to do that I wasn't allowed to do?" I asked. "You get to run around naked?"

"No silly," he laughed. "That's just something that Daddy said wasn't so important now. He said we don't have to wear clothes in the house or in the back yard if we don't want to."

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't think I'm supposed to say," he said. "I think Daddy wants to explain it to you. Come on. Our breakfast will be cold."

I finally shrugged and followed him downstairs. Uncle Tommy and Uncle James were already in the kitchen when we got there and just like Jimmy said they were naked. They all smiled at me when we came down and Daddy put his arms out to me.

"There's my lover boy!" he cried as he lifted me up. He kissed me and put his tongue in my mouth. I started to suck on it and he moaned while the others laughed.

"Eager little lover," said Uncle James as Daddy put me back on the floor.

"He sure is," laughed my daddy. "Let them eat before their food is cold. We have to be at your house soon anyway. John will be calling pretty soon if we don't get over there."

It was strange sitting at the kitchen table with no clothes on. Daddy had made us pancakes and I tried very hard not to drip any syrup on my naked self. I looked across the table and saw that Jimmy was having a similar problem and felt better. We rinsed our plates and put them in the dishwasher together.

"Jimmy take him upstairs and make sure you get both of you clean," said Daddy looking at Jimmy hard. "You know what you need to be clean. He just needs a finger with soap for now. Got it?"

"Sure I got it," said Jimmy grabbing my hand as he walked out of the kitchen.

"What was he talking about?" I asked as we went up the stairs.

"I have to clean myself out," he said. "I need to get you as clean as I can first though."

I didn't understand what he was talking about but I followed him into the bathroom and into the shower once he'd turned it on. Then he soaped up his hands and started to wash me. I was about to protest but one look in his eyes kept me quiet.

He ran his soapy hands up and down my arms then under them to get my pits. Then he was running them over my chest and down my stomach. I gasped when he took hold of my penis and balls and soaped them. He smiled at me when I gasped. Then he knelt down and started washing my legs. He told me to life both feet one at a time while he washed them.

Then he had to turn around and the process began at the backs of my shoulders. He ran his soapy hands down my back and over my butt. Then he did something that really shocked me. He ran his soapy fingers down the crack of my butt. He told me to bend over and put my hands on the wall. I did what he asked but cried out in surprised fear when his soapy finger slid up my hole. He twisted his finger around and back before he pulled it out. Then he added more soap to that hand and did it again.

"What are you doing?" I asked as he motioned for me to stand back up.

"Get under the spray and rinse off," he said instead of answering me. "I'll rinse your butt when I get mine full."

"Full?" I asked as he walked over and pulled a hose out of the closet. He used the step stool to get to the shower head and then he was twisting it off.

He screwed the hose to the end of the shower spicket and climbed back down carefully. It was a funny looking hose though. At the other end there was what looked like a handle. It was smooth and silver and as I watched Jimmy soaped it and then bent forward. He slowly and carefully slid the handle side up his hole and hissed as it went in. Then he stood back up and turned the water on. I watched with rapt attention as his tummy seemed to expand. I could see the look in his eyes and it let me know that he wasn't liking it. When I was about to say something he turned the water off and carefully pulled the hose out of his butt.

"Come here and bend over," he said.

"I don't want water in my butt!" I said quickly.

"I'm not going to put water in your butt," he said as he unscrewed the handle from the end of the hose. "I'm going to rinse your butt hole. Now come here."

I walked over to where he was and he ran the end of the hose up and down my crack. He put the tip of a finger inside my hole and pulled it back out. Then he reached up and turned the water off. I watched as he climbed the stool again and unscrewed the hose and put the shower head back on.

"Are we done?" I asked.

"Not quite," he said. "I have to get rid of the water. Hang on."

He went over to one of the toilets and sat down. As soon as he did I could hear the water splashing into the bowl. I watched his face relax as more and more of the water came splashing out of his insides. Then it stopped and Jimmy used the special wet wipes to wipe his butt before he got up and flushed the toilet.

We were in our room when I thought about asking him why he'd done that to himself. We got dressed in silence though. I just couldn't figure out how to ask him. When we were dressed we went back downstairs. My daddy and uncles were dressed again as well.

"All clean?" Daddy asked when we made it to the kitchen.

"Yes," Jimmy said. "Jason sure seemed shocked though."

"He'll get used to it," said Uncle Tommy with a smile.

"We going to make the video in the van?" Uncle James asked my daddy.

"We sure are," he said smiling at his brother. "You don't think I asked for the video van for nothing do you?"

"How's Jason going to react?" asked Uncle James looking at me and then quickly looking back at my daddy.

"He'll be fine as soon as he feels it," Daddy said. "Remember how Jimmy took it when it was Randy?"

"I remember," laughed James. "Let's get this show on the road then."

We filed out the back door and across the yard to the garage. Uncle James's big blue van was in the garage. I'd never ridden in the blue van before. Daddy had always told me that Uncle James only used it for special things.

"You boys get in the back," said Daddy as he and Uncle James go in the middle of the van and Uncle Tommy got in the driver's seat.

The windows were all darkly tinted so no one could see in. It was a little hard for me to see out of them but I guessed that Uncle Tommy could see better than I could. There were no seats in the back of the van. Instead there was a mattress that was covered with a black sheet. I wondered why we had to ride on the mattress when there were plenty of seats open for everyone.

"Go ahead and lay back Jason," said Jimmy as I watched Uncle James push buttons up next to the dome light.

Suddenly the back of the van was lit up. I laid back but Jimmy stayed in a sitting position beside me. I almost didn't notice when he started to rub my chest and tummy through my shirt. Daddy was smiling at me and Uncle James was saying something to him that I couldn't hear.

"What are you doing?" I asked Jimmy.

"Making you feel good," he said as he lifted my shirt and leaned down to lick at my nipple.

"Hey!" I said, trying to sit up.

"Calm down Jase," he said. "You'll like this. I promise."

I did what he said because he'd never done anything to hurt me before. Daddy was still smiling at me and even Uncle James was smiling so I didn't think that we were doing anything wrong. Jimmy kept sucking my nipple and it started to feel a little better. I didn't know what he thought was supposed to feel so good though.

Then he started licking down my chest and tummy. He stopped at my belly button to run his tongue all the way around it before he pulled the fly of my jeans open. I looked up at my daddy worried that this was going too far but he was still smiling. Uncle James was saying something to him again but I still couldn't hear it.

"Let's take these off, Jase," said Jimmy as he tugged at my jeans. We never wore underwear so I didn't have any on.

I lifted my hips and let him pull my pants down. He got them all the way off of me once he took off my shoes. I lay there naked from the waste down with my shirt up around my shoulders as my brother took hold of my penis and started to rub it like he did when we played in our room. I looked at Daddy again to make sure that we weren't going to get into trouble but he was still smiling. He nodded at me.

"Oh!" I gasped when my brother leaned over and took my penis into his mouth. I had thought we would be in trouble for sure now. This was what had gotten Randy and Trent in trouble. My daddy just winked at me when I looked at him again though.

It felt really good and when I was sure that the tingles would set in Jimmy let go of my penis and started to lick and suck on my balls. I'd never even played with them before so I didn't expect the good feelings that would give me. I grunted and spread my legs. I heard my uncle laugh so I looked up at him. He smiled at me and winked.

Jimmy kept licking my balls and I loved it. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have his tongue on my balls and sack. When he took one of my balls in his mouth I got a little scared that he would hurt me but it just felt good. He kept putting one in his mouth and then the other. Then he went back to my penis and put it back in his mouth. This time he didn't stop and I started to moan and shake before he took his mouth off of me.

He moved up and started to kiss my mouth. I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. He moaned when I sucked it and pressed himself against me. I could feel his hard penis through his jeans. He pulled me into a sitting position while still kissing me.

"Will you do that to me now?" he asked as he took off his pants and shoes.

"Okay," I said as I looked up at Daddy. He was smiling wide.

"Watch your teeth," he said as he lay down.

I didn't know what to do at first so I just decided to do to him what he had done to me. I started with his nipple and he put his hand behind my head and kind of pulled me tighter against him as he moaned. I licked my way down his chest and tummy to his penis. I licked it up and down like a lollypop and he sighed. When I opened my mouth and let his penis sink into it Jimmy moaned again.

I closed my lips around it and started to back off of it a bit and then go back down on it like he'd done to me. It tasted all right. I remembered Trent telling me that Randy's penis had tasted like skin. I guessed that Jimmy's tasted the same. I don't know how long I was doing that before I realized that the van was still in the garage.

"Okay lick my balls now but don't put them in your mouth," Jimmy said. His voice sounded like he was out of breath.

I licked his sack and he moaned again and spread his legs. I kept it up until the entire sack was dripping with my spit before I licked back up his penis and took it back in my mouth. He moaned a lot after that. Then he suddenly pushed me away and started to rub his penis.

I sat back on my heels and watched as three bursts of runny white liquid shot from the head of his penis all over his tummy. He was making a strange sound and his eyes were shut tight. His face was all screwed up like he was in pain. Then he let go of his penis and sighed as his face relaxed.

"That was good," he said, looking at Daddy.

"Wow," I said because I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Jason will you lick up my cum?" Jimmy asked me.

I don't know how I knew what it was he was talking about but I did. I leaned over him and smelled it first. It smelled like nothing I'd smelled before so I tuck my tongue out and just touched it to a wet spot on his tummy. The taste was like nothing I'd tasted before but it wasn't bad so I licked it all up. Then I sat up again.

"Sit behind him Jimmy," said my daddy. He was holding a camera in his hand and as soon as Jimmy got behind me Daddy took our picture. "Happy birthday lover boy."

"Thank you Daddy," I said.

He threw two towels at us and told us to wipe ourselves off and put our clothes back on. Then the van was moving out of the garage and we were on our way to Uncle James's house for my birthday party.

"Jason I want you to promise me that you won't tell anyone what happened in the van today," Daddy said as we drove down the street. "You can't say anything to Trent and Teddy about what happened."

"I won't Daddy," I said. "Is this big boy stuff?"

"That's right," he said. "Now you're a big boy and you'll be doing a lot of this stuff. We'll explain all of that when your party is over. You've got a lot to learn in a very short time but Uncle Tommy tells me that you can learn it all."

"I'll lean it all Daddy," I said and smiled at him. I was happy to be a big boy now.

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