The Family
by Daddy's Boy

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Disclaimer:  This story is about the incestuous relationship of a family. It contains sexual scenes between minor boys, teen aged boys and their fathers and uncles as well as men that aren't related to them at all. If you are offended by this kind of story you shouldn't be here anyway. If you can’t read this story because of the laws where you life you shouldn't be here. This story is fiction. The characters are fiction.


Chapter  2
The Father, The Son And A Nephew

I sat at the patio table with my brothers and our friends to watch our naked sons splash around in the pool. This was my son Jason's tenth birthday and he would soon be heralded further into the family business than what had already happened. I found myself looking forward to the coming days in his training. These coming days would bring me and my sons closer together and I couldn't wait for the final part of his training to take place.

This had all started about a month after my wife died in a car accident just after my youngest son Jason had turned three. My older brother James came to me with a proposal that at first made me sick to my stomach. He said that he had been making videos of his two sons having sex with each other as well as having sex with him. He wanted to bring me into the business with my sons.

Now at first I was against this because my sons were very young. James's boys were ten and nine. The though of having sex with any of the boys wasn't really high on my list of things to do before I died. They were family of course and they were just boys. It wasn't something I had ever seen myself doing.

When we were young James had taught both me and my younger brother Tommy to masturbate. He'd taught us about using hand lotion to make it easier and more fun. Then he'd taught me to suck his cock after he'd sucked mine. The experience of having my cock sucked nearly blew my head off. Then before I knew it I had my older brother's cock in my mouth.

This went on for a few years before he taught me to take his cock in my ass. It hurt like hell the first few times but then I got used to it and even started to like it. James told me that this was something that brothers did. He said I couldn't tell our parents or anyone else what we were doing. When I told him that I wanted to put my cock in his ass he laughed and said that was only something an older brother did to a younger brother. This of course brought me to teach Tommy everything that James had taught me.

But all of this stopped when James and I discovered girls. Well James was married and moved out when he stopped fucking my mouth and ass and sucking my cock. I stopped it all with Tommy when I met Marry.

I married Marry right out of high school. She was pregnant with James shortly after our wedding night. I loved her with all of my soul. She was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my life from her dark hair to her curved hips. I never thought about having sex with Tommy or James again once I met her.

I thought that was the way it was supposed to be. I'd never questioned James's story about older brothers having sex with their younger brothers and when it was time to stop it was time to stop. I did feel sorry for Tommy though. He didn't have a younger brother to do those things with. When I met Marry he was left in the cold. Or so I thought at the time.

James's wife Rachel had left him shortly after their second son was born. Randy was just a baby when she left without a word. I felt sorry for James and was at his house a lot to help take care of the boys. By that time I was married to Marry and we'd already had Jimmy. Marry became as much of a mother to Phil and Randy as she was to Jimmy.

Then before I knew it we had Jason and Tommy was married with a baby on the way. Julia was a bitch on wheels from the day Tommy met her and James and I hated her almost on sight. She waited until their second son Teddy was born to leave Tommy and run off with his best friend. Then it was time for me and James to be there for Tommy and his boys.

Then Marry died and I was lost for a while. When James came to me with what he was doing with his boys I didn't know what to think about it at first. Then he told me how much money was making from the videos he was making and selling to men all over the world. What I didn't know was that the Hardy's that lived next door to where James was living at the time were also having sex with James and his boys in the videos.

James gave me a few videos to take home and told me that I'd be into it in no time. I didn't believe him because I was still mourning over Marry and hadn't thought of touching another guy since I'd met her. When I put the first video in I got another shock. My younger brother Tommy was fucking Trent in the video.

Then Tommy and James were sitting in my living room talking to me about the business. James said we would get more money the younger the boys were when they started. I still wasn't convinced and was shocked to find that Tommy was going along with it. They quickly decided on ten years old and then it was time to talk about how it was going to happen.

"We'll have to pull my boys out of school I think," James said. "None of the boys will be able to go to school. Once they start gym class it'll be hard to keep them from being found out."

I didn't know what gym class showers had to do with it. We'd all had sex growing up and were never found out in the showers after gym class. But James was adamant that the boys stop going to school.

"Who's going to teach them if we home school them?" Tommy asked. "We all have jobs."

"Well I think that since you're the teacher in the family you need to quit your job and teach the boys," James said.

"And what am I going to do to feed my kids?" Tommy asked.

"You can move in with Alex for the time being," James said to that.

"Move in with me?" I asked.

"Your boys are still too young to be involved Alex," James said quickly. "If he comes to live with me his sons will know what's going on too soon."

"I suppose that would work," Tommy said.

"It won't be forever guys," James said. "I promise we'll make a killing with these videos."

And he was right. I fucked Trent on camera for the first time a few weeks later. That video sold like crazy. The buyers were happy to find a different adult involved. Then it was me fucking either John or Rob Hardy. John was sixteen at the time. Rob was fourteen. They were both attractive boys with sandy brown hair and big brown eyes. They were in shape from their athletic interests.

The more videos we made the more money came in. We made videos of fucking the Hardy's and Phil and Randy at the same time. A few times we had all out orgies on film. Those sold like nothing I'd ever seen before. By the time Jimmy was six years old we'd moved into the house we now lived in. Tommy had moved as well.

Now here we were at James's house for my youngest son's tenth birthday party and I was looking forward to sinking my cock into his little mouth. I was even more eager to coax his ass to open for me.

"You're being quiet," said James as we sat there.

"Just thinking," I said.

"He's thinking about fucking Jason," laughed Tommy. "I can't blame him though. I've wanted to get my cock in that kid for a year now."

"How soon are you going to start training him?" James asked me.

"Tomorrow," I said. "They don't have class tomorrow so I'll start him with a real enema and a plug. I still have Jimmy's first one. It'll work for Jason too."

That was something we'd read about on the internet. We'd sent off to a company for butt plugs, dildos and other toys in sizes for the boys. They'd come from Europe disguised as presents from family members that didn't really exist.

"That sounds about right," sighed James.

We sat quietly and watched the youngsters play and splash in the pool. I noticed that Phil and Randy seemed to pay special attention to Jason as they splashed around. It made me smile. I knew exactly what both of them were thinking. They were older now but when James had turned ten it had been Randy that had been his first fuck. Now they were both wondering if they would get a chance at Jason's virgin ass. That wasn't the way it was going to be but telling them that wasn't something that Alex or James wanted to do. It was better to let the horny pair hope for a time.

"I've gotten a request from a very important buyer," James said into the silence that had grown as they watched their sons play and splash in the pool with the Hardy brothers.

"What kind of request?" asked Tommy. His job was not only to make sure the boys had a proper education. He also set up the basic scripts for each video and plotted who would be in which position for each.

"He wants to see a boy younger than ten initiated," he said carefully. He knew that Tommy might get angry about this. After all it was his two boys that the "buyer" would be wanting on video.

"What exactly is he asking for?" Tommy asked surprising me.

"I'm not sure," James replied. "I'm to discuss this with him tomorrow while he's in New York."

"Well when you know what he's wanting to see let me know," said Tommy. "It may be possible. After all Randy's already had Trent licking his cock."

That little incident had pissed all three of us off. Randy had convinced Trent to lick his cock one night while Randy was sent to stay at Tommy's while Phil and James filmed a video of their own. He was sent there to keep him from being jealous over Phil fucking their father on video but what had happened while he was there was a McCain family law broken. No child under ten years old was to even know what the others were involved in. What Randy had done came too close to telling young Trent everything.

Personally I would be happy when all of the boys were involved and knew what was going on. Keeping the secret from any of them was hard especially now that all three of them were having sex with each other and the children that knew what was going on. If they weren't careful it wouldn't be long before Trent and Teddy knew everything.

"We'll talk about it after I talk with the buyer," said James. "If he wants too much I'll tell him no and that'll be the end of it. We still have the buyer in Paris asking for the gang bang video."

"I thought you were against that," I said quickly. He'd thrown a fit about it a few weeks ago when the Paris buyer had asked for a thousand copies of a gang bang video. The star he'd requested was Randy.

"I've talked to Randy about it," sighed James. "He seems to think it might be fun. It'd be all three of us, his brother and the Hardy brothers."

"Do you think he could handle it?" Tommy asked.

"I fuck the kid every day," said James with a smirk. "Phil fucks him at least every night. I think they might be doing it a bit more often though."

"Well we knew that something like that would probably happen between those two," said Tommy with a sigh. "They both like the sex a lot more than we'd expected them to. I notice you've stopped taking them over to Cindy's."

Cindy Marshal was another friend from their younger years. She was living with her female lover and her two daughters. James had been trying to get Phil and Randy interested in the two teen girls for at least the last two years.

"Well that's a funny thing," said James. "Tanya and Hannah are a little more interested in each other than Phil or Randy. Phil and Randy are too wrapped up in gay sex to even think about a girl."

"She's still making videos too?" Tommy asked.

"She says she's making more money than ever now that she's added the neighbor boy to the mix. The girls seem to think it's disgusting to fuck the poor kid though. From what Cindy tells me young Luke is having the time of his life."

"He doesn't know about us?" Tommy asked.

"No," said James. "Cindy said she's going to start feeling him out about what he's interested in. She's left male videos around when he's spending the night. So far she doesn't know if he's interested or not."

Luke Coleson was fourteen years old. Tanya and Hannah were both seventeen. The twin girls looked like their mother with strawberry blond hair and green eyes. They were pretty girls, Tommy and I both had resisted bringing them into our videos. Our clients were all gay or boy lovers and adding a girl to the mix wouldn't be their cup of tea. I argued that rocking the boat wasn't a good idea. We were making a ton of money and I didn't want it to stop.

I hadn't met Luke yet but James had told me that his family situation was almost exactly like John and Rob's. Their father was a famous drunk who liked the financial arrangement that James had presented him with when both boys were younger. He was still paying the man now that they were both adults but I knew it wouldn't be long before that ended. It seemed that Cindy had a similar arrangement with Luke's mother.

"Well that's something to look forward to if the boy is interested," said Tommy. "How much does Cindy pay his father?"

"About what I pay Alan Hardy," James said. "That arrangement is about to come to an end. I've done my part. Now it's time for him to fall off the grid."

"John and Rob are both doing very well in college," Tommy said. "I've talked to their advisors."

"Well it's nice to know our money is being well spent," laughed James.

After that it was time to get the eight naked youngsters out of the pool so they could have cake and ice cream. Then Jason would get the presents he could open in front of Trent and Teddy. We passed out towels as each boy came out of the pool and sent them off to the house to put on shorts. Tommy was waiting for them as they came out of the house with tubes of sunscreen.

"Happy birthday Jason," Tommy said as he handed him a tube of the lotion.

"Thanks Uncle Tommy," Jason replied excitedly.

I sat down and listened to the boys talk about their school work as Tommy went inside to get the cake and bucket of ice cream. I watched my two sons interact with their older cousins and the Hardys for a minute before my attention drifted to Trent and Teddy. I thought about what James had said about maybe pulling one or both of them into the business before they reached ten. Trent was nine years old. That wouldn't be as bad as pulling Teddy into things. I figured there might be a few conversations necessary with Jason about Trent being brought in before he was ten but I was sure I could handle that.

"So how are things in the financial department?" Rob Hardy asked as he sat down beside me with his plate.

"Looking good," I replied with a smile for the hot younger man. "Your last one made quite a bit of money."

"I was wondering about that," he said glancing at the younger boys. "James said something about a group thing soon."

"We were talking about that while you were all in the pool," I said. "James is going to talk to Randy about it."

"I was wondering if there was a chance that I'd get to work with you again soon," Rob said looking down at his plate.

"I'm sure we'll have a request for something like that soon," I said smiling. "You know we don't have to wait for a request."

"I think it would be pretty cool to do that without direction," he said carefully letting me know that he was interested in some off camera play time with me but keeping his words carefully away from what the youngest boys would understand.

"How are things at home?" I asked to change the subject only a little bit. This would lead into what I really wanted to say if the answer was right.

"The last time I stayed at home it was pretty bad," he replied. "I stay at John's most of the time now."

John had an apartment across the city from my house. We sometimes filmed the adult on adult scenes in his bedroom. To hear that Rob was staying at John's almost full time made me a little mad. If their father was being an ass again I thought it might be time for James to go and have a talk with him again. But then the arrangement with the man was coming to an end soon.

"Well why don't you come and stay with us for a while?" I asked without asking what I really wanted to ask. The younger man was very sexy in his tight running shorts and I really loved fucking him. What I wanted was for him to become my live in lover. I'd have to work into that later.

"I think I'd like that Alex," he said giving me that sexy smile of his.

"Well we've got work to do tonight," I said. "Why don't you come over tomorrow and we'll talk about things?"

"Sounds good," he said smiling again. "Thanks Alex."

"Oh you don't have to thank me," I said smiling back at him. "I'll love having you around and the boys loved you."

He seemed pleased with the idea of spending some time with us. I just hoped that he would want to make the arrangement permanent. I knew I'd have to explain things to my sons but I was sure they'd be all right with it. After all Jimmy had already had sex with Rob and John. I was sure he would be all right with it.

We moved to the living room so that Jason could open presents. We settled in fanned out around the room with its many couches. James had set the room up with four couches that were arranged in a semi circle in front of the fireplace. The family room was through an arch behind the couches and was set up with recliners and a custom made theater screen television with custom made video equipment. That was where we'd be watching him cut the video we'd be making after the party.

Jason was happy with his presents. He cried out excitedly over the computer software that Tommy and John had bought him. It was all educational but set up as games to make them more interesting to kids. He wasn't as excited over the clothing that James and I had bought him but that was to be expected. He liked the football and the trampoline that the three of us had pitched in to buy. What he didn't know was that it was already in our back yard. We'd put it together while the boys were sleeping the night before.

He got DVDs of current movies that had been released. He was happy with those. He'd be getting his own copy of the movie we'd filmed on the way over to the party as well as a copy of the one we'd make tonight. Those wouldn't be suitable to give him with Trent and Teddy sitting on either side of him though.

After we let the boys play a few of the computer games and have seconds of cake and ice cream it was time for Tommy to take his two, Jimmy and Phil home with him. Rob and John stayed to help James with the video cameras while I got Jason all ready for what was about to happen.

"What are we gonna do?" he asked me looking up at me with those cute little eyes of his.

"Well you're going to put Randy's penis in your mouth like you did this morning with Jimmy," I said. "He's going to put yours in his mouth first and then after you get done sucking his and licking up all of his cum he's going to lick your butt."

"Is that why Jimmy had to clean me?" he asked. The kid was smarter than he should have been.

"That's right," I said. "Do you think you'll like this?"

We'd always said that any of the kids could say no to anything we were going to film. The only time they couldn't say no was when it was off camera and it wasn't going to hurt them in any way. The scenes that we were going to film this evening weren't going to hurt Jason but he'd see Randy getting fucked for the first time. It would be Jason's first time seeing anyone get fucked. I decided that I wouldn't tell him about that at first.

"I liked it this morning," he said grinning at me. The boy had a grin that melted my heart every time I saw it.

"Well why don't you and Randy go put on the swim trunks your uncle bought for this," I said, swatting his little butt as he ran off to grab Randy's hand and disappear into the family room.

"He's a cute little bugger," said Rob as he came to stand beside me. "You're going to have your hands full with him soon."

"Oh believe me I know that," I chuckled. "Had my hands full with Jimmy when he first started too. He wanted to suck my cock every hour."

"Well I think you're going to have a different kind of problem with Jason," Rob said. "Just looking at the little guy makes my cock hard."

"You'll get your chance one day," I laughed. "Just give it time."

"I'm not worried about me," he said. "I see the way that Phil and John look at him. Hell even Tommy gets a little hot looking at Jason."

"Well I guess I'll have to have a talk with the older men in the family then," I said seriously. I didn't want them fucking with Jason until he was ready. He had to be properly taken care of before even Jimmy could fuck him. I didn't want the boy hurt or traumatized in any way.

"They're in the pool," John said as he stuck his head in the sliding glass doors.

We went outside and stood there with James as he filmed them splashing around. Rob took the third camera and went to the left side of pool to film his shots while John was on the right side to get his own. Both of them were very careful to stay out of James's line of sight through the camera.

I picked up the packet of paper off the patio table and began to read what Tommy had typed up for this movie. He'd typed the name of the buyer at the top with his email address beside his name. He'd have the guy's shipping information on his computer at his house. The scenes were pretty straight forward. They were to start out swimming in the pool of course. Then Randy would do a bit of rubbing Jason's crotch with the trunks still on.

I watched as Randy sat Jason on the edge of the pool as James, Rob and John moved into better positions to get good shots. Randy began to fondle my son for the camera. I smiled as James reminded Jason not to look at the camera until he was told to.

"That feels really good," Jason said as he was supposed to.

"You like that?" Randy asked. "I know something you'll like better."

James's back yard was set up for filming. The patio had lights that were concealed. Two steps down from the patio would bring you to the bricked walk that went all the way around the in ground pool. It extended four feet from the sides of the pool all the way around until you got to the back of the pool where the cabana was located. It looked like a miniature version of the house with two stories of its own. There were shower heads along the back wall of the cabana with shelves filled with towels on the front walls.

The lighting was concealed all the way around the cabana. Realistic looking fake palm trees were situated all over the yard. There were lights in each tree that lit up the back yard perfectly as the sun went down. There were fountains along the eighteen foot high privacy fence that surrounded the back yard. Each had lighting of its own. The entire back yard was set up to look like we were either in Florida or some tropical location. We never let any of the clients know exactly where we lived or where we filmed.

"Let's take these off," Randy was saying to Jason as I put the "script" back on the patio table.

As soon as he had the trunks off he leaned over and took Jason's little cock into his mouth. Jason moaned as Randy worked him over with his mouth and tongue. I noticed that John and Rob were both hard from watching. They along with James were naked as usual. They were always naked when they filmed.

Randy went back and forth from sucking Jason's cock to licking and sucking his little balls. Jason continued to moan and gasp as Randy kept going. It would be a while before I would be moving into the pool from behind the cameras to supposedly startle Randy and punish him for molesting a young boy by making him suck my cock and then fucking him. I had time to watch what was going on.

Jason moaned and sighed as Randy continually lapped at his balls and then engulfed his little cock with his mouth. Then Jason was jerking and breathing hard as he gasped in breath. His little body had to be tingling with his dry orgasm. Randy went straight to the kid's balls to keep from making the experience painful. Then he stood back up and smiled down at Jason.

"Wow," Jason said.

"I knew you'd like that," Randy said. "How about doing that for me?"

"Okay!" Jason said excitedly. I had no doubt the boy really was excited. The scene called for excitement but Jason probably couldn't wait to get at Randy's cock.

Randy pulled him back into the water. He lifted him up and kissed him shoving his tongue into Jason's mouth. I stifled a chuckle as I watched Jason suck on Randy's tongue before Randy eased him back down into the water keeping him tight against him as he did so. Once he was standing on his own feet Randy let him go so he could take off his swim trunks too. Then he turned them around and pulled himself out of the water to sit on the side of the pool.

Randy laid back on the bricks displaying his perfectly sculpted chest and rock hard six pack abs. His buzzed blond head was a contrast to his tanned skin. He had his eyes closed as Jason wrapped his hand around his cock and started to gently squeeze it as he masturbated him.

James walked up to them and knelt over Randy's head for a bit to get the close up shot he wanted as Jason started to lick the head of Randy's cock. The boy licked it like candy before he let his lips close around the head. Randy moaned under James's crotch as Jason sucked on the head of his cock.

While the three of them were getting their close up angle shots I made my way to the cabana so I could watch from the window and still be in position for when I was to come into the scene. I couldn't see how Jason was doing from that angle. Luckily the other feature of the cabana was screens that showed what each camera was filming. I watched my youngest son suck his little heart out for a few minutes before he let go of Randy's cock to start licking his balls.

Randy was moaning almost continually between telling Jason how good he was doing and giving slight directions when Jason seemed to stall. James and the boys moved back to get wider shots and then they found their places and got perfect shots that showed everything they needed.

They took their time. I'm sure Randy was thoroughly enjoying my son's tongue, mouth and touch. I couldn't wait to feel them for myself. I thought that might actually happen later in the night. I wasn't sure yet. I knew that John was planning to fuck Randy after the filming was over. I couldn't decide if I wanted to stay and watch him fuck or if I wanted to go home and let my sons play with my cock.

I was standing there and starting to get impatient as I watched. My cock was hard and I could feel the wet spot growing in my trunks as I watched. Thankfully they were black so it would be hard to see. The guys wouldn't be filming my crotch as I waded into the pool anyway.

"Oh God yes!" cried Randy bringing me back to the scene on the screen.

Jason was sucking the head of his cock again and using his smaller hands to jack Randy off at the same time. I knew that it was only a matter of time before Randy would be shooting cum all over those washboard abs of his. As soon as he switched places with Jason and had the boy bending over the side of the pool so that he could rim his ass I would be wading into the pool to pretend to be outraged by what I was seeing.

Then it happened. I saw on the screen when Jason took his face away from Randy's cock just in time to escape the blast of cum that erupted from it. Six powerful blasts of pearly sex juice landed all over Randy's sculpted torso. My son giggled. He giggled as he watched. I laughed out loud. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen in my life.

I thought back to those first days when James told me what he and Tommy had been doing with Randy and Phil and how disgusted I'd thought I was. What a hypocrite I was then. To be standing here now watching my son bring his older cousin to orgasm with a stiff prick in my shorts and a wet spot ever growing I realized how much of a hypocrite I had been. I loved this. I loved seeing my little boy bent over his cousin sucking his cock and making him cum. I loved it.

"Oh God baby boy!" Randy breathed as he slid his hand through his own cum. I saw him put his fingers in Jason's mouth on the screen. "Lick it up for me baby."

Jason got to work licking all over Randy's abs and chest getting all of the salty goodness. It made my own cock pulse in my shorts to watch. Then Randy slid back into the pool going completely under the water for a second and then breaking the surface on the other side of Jason.

"Did I do good?" Jason asked in his innocent voice.

"Baby boy you were so good," sighed Randy pulling the boy against him. "I want to show you something amazing."

I left the cabana when he said that. I just nodded at my brother as he made sure that his camera didn't catch me as I slipped into the deeper end of the pool and swam until I could stand on my feet. Randy had my boy's ass cheeks spread and was going to town shoving his tongue into his hole as I came up behind him. I grabbed him and spun him around.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I demanded.

" was..."

"You like to fuck around with kids?" I yelled.


"Well I'll show you what fucking with that kid will get you," I said as I grabbed his arm and pulled him to the side of the pool. I didn't let go of him until we were both out of the water standing there in front of John's camera.

"What...I mean..."

"I'm going to show you what it gets you," I yelled, shoving him to his knees as Jason came up behind John. I shoved my trunks down to my knees and slapped Randy's face with my cock. My precum splattered across his face as I rubbed the head over his lips.

He opened his mouth and I shoved my cock inside. He moaned as I began to roughly fuck his mouth. Then he opened his throat and I dove in to the hilt. He moaned again and I jerked from the sensation. It felt so amazing to be in his throat but I kept imagining what it would be like to fuck Jason's little ass.

"That's it," I said as I pulled my cock from his mouth. I grabbed him and pulled him to his feet.

Jason and James followed us to the picnic table. I pushed him back on the top of it and pulled him across the plastic top until his ass was hanging off the end. Then I walked around and picked Jason up to sit him on Randy's face. The boy sighed when Randy's tongue connected with his hole again.

I walked back to the end of the table getting a squeeze of lube from Rob as I went. I was greasing up my cock as I came to stand between Randy's legs as he held them up. I lined up my cock and shoved it into him until my balls were snug against his ass. He gasped under Jason as I started to roughly fuck him.

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" I spat as I fucking in and out of his ass. It was gripping my cock as I watched my little boy's eyes slide closed in ecstasy as his cousin tongued his ass. The sight turned me on and I pounded Randy's ass faster. I could feel the little nub inside him with the head of my dick each time I thrust into him so I knew he was getting the full effect of the fuck.

Sure enough his body jerked and he erupted his second load of cum all over his stomach. As soon as his orgasm began his ass clamped down on my cock and milked me. I pulled out and stroked twice before I was blasting off adding my own cum to the messy pool that was gathering on his stomach.

It wasn't scripted but I leaned over Randy until I was close enough to Jason. I gripped the back of his head with one hand and pulled his mouth against mine and kissed him. He sucked my tongue and moaned into my mouth.

"And that's it," James said closing his camera. "Really hot guys."

"Great fuck," I sighed as I pulled Jason closer to me sliding him through the cum on Randy's stomach.

"That felt weird Daddy," Jason said as I lifted him in my arms crushing his sticky ass against my hip.

John wasted no time. He handed Rob his camera and then walked over and shoved his dick into Randy. Randy gasped as John's dick pushed into him. I just chuckled as I walked away with my son. We had a shower to take and then we could watch James put the video together.

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