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January 1960

Term began on the Tuesday after New Year. Alex settled back into the routine as though he'd never been away. His first term had gone well. Now he had to build on it. He'd have to keep the pressure on the awkward squad too, especially the rebels in 3-Blue. It was not an aspect of the job that he liked, but Neil, his head of department, had made it clear how important it was.

It was Thursday evening. With only a few exceptions, the boys had settled down to work just as he'd hoped they would. And he'd had his Wednesday assignation with Whitney. The confines of his store room were a world away from what he would have chosen, but Whitney was as enthusiastic as always, and the danger involved in having sex right under the noses of the school authorities did add to the excitement.

Finally, he'd taken training with the under-15 football team. To his surprise, the boys looked very sharp, and had remembered all the things that they'd worked on before the Christmas break. He was impressed. They'd got a match on Saturday and the team were ready and eager to play.

After training, he returned to the staff room to do 3-Blue's reports. As all his colleagues had gone home, he decided to take them with him, and return them early the following morning. After dinner, he sat down and began to work his way through them. Unexpectedly the phone rang. He picked up the receiver.

"Good evening," a young, friendly voice said. "My name's Martin Ford. I'm a friend of Gordon's. He suggested we ought to meet."

"Oh yes," Alex responded. "He said he'd ask you to call. I'd love to meet if you're interested."

"Well, Whitney sounds very interesting," Martin said quietly. "I'd definitely like to meet him."

"I can certainly arrange that. I assume you'd provide someone for me."

"Yes, of course. How does a week on Saturday sound?"

"Very good! Will you come here, or do you want us to come to you?"

"We can do either, whatever suits you."

"It might be easier if you came here. Whitney can't get here much before three. It might be a bit of a rush for us to come to your place."

"That's fine."

Alex gave him the address and brief directions to the flat.

"As it's the first time," Martin said, "I'll bring King with me. He's used to being in unfamiliar surroundings."

"How old is he?"

"He'll be thirteen in March. He's a good looking boy, very slim, lovely long legs."

"Sounds delightful! I'm guessing he'll be very tight too. Slim boys always are."

"Yes. I understand you're quite big."

"I'm not in Gordon's league, but big enough."

"The thing is that I'm not. Gordon probably told you. I'm just a bit bigger than the boy Maitland. Well, King was over at Gordon's place back in October. Since then, he's been with a couple of my other friends, but they're not much bigger than I am. Gordon said that you gave Holdsworth a real pounding."

"I guess you could say that."

"Excellent! That's just what King needs. I want to watch you stretching his boy-hole."

"I'll be happy to oblige! So does King fuck your younger boy?"

"Oh yes! He can't get enough of it! They're at it all the time!"

"Sounds wonderful! I look forward to meeting you both."

"If it's okay, I like to start things a little differently from the way Gordon does it. I'll undress Whitney while you undress King. Then we'll let them put on a show for us."

"That's fine with me. And when you get with Whitney, how will you want him?"

"Ideally, I'd like him to kneel across my chest. Will that be okay?"

"Well, he certainly seemed to enjoy it when I had him like that."

"Excellent! Remember to tell him that I'm Mr Brown. And you are?"

"Mr White. Sorry, I'll have to go. I've got a set of reports to complete. We'll see you a week on Saturday. Have a good evening!"

"Thanks! Goodnight!"

Alex put down the phone. He took a deep breath, a smile of satisfaction spreading across his face. Another very tasty encounter had simply fallen into his lap. He'd have preferred it if Martin was bringing the younger boy, the "delightful little thing" Gordon had told him about, but it wasn't an issue. As long as this first assignation went well, he'd meet the younger lad soon enough.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Saturday afternoon found Alex at home, waiting for Whitney to arrive. The morning's football match had resulted in another comfortable win. But he was determined not to let the boys get over-confident. They had a good chance of winning the league, but they'd need luck to go their way. Illness and injuries could take their toll on any team.

The team had six key players, defenders Etheridge and Wilson, winger Archer, forwards Sharp and Rogers and goalkeeper Nicholson. The others he could replace, but if they lost one of those six players, things would be far more difficult. And if they lost more than one, their quest to win the title might well be over.

At five to three, the doorbell rang. Alex let Whitney into the flat. They sat on the sofa.

"Are you going to be able to come here next Saturday?" Alex asked.

"Yes," Whitney responded. "Does that mean I'll be able to come here every week?"

"Possibly," Alex said guardedly. "Next week we'll be having visitors."

"Who are they sir?" Whitney asked, his voice betraying his excitement.

"Mr Brown, one of Mr Smith's choir master friends. I understand he's only a little older than me. Mr Smith speaks very highly of him. When we visited Mr Smith's house, he suggested we ought to meet. He'll bring a boy with him of course."

"D'you know what he's like, sir? The boy, I mean."

"Well, I only know what I've been told, but I understand he's nearly thirteen, about the same height as you, very slim and very sexy. And nice looking, of course."

"Wow! Will I be able to have sex with him like I did with Holdsworth?"

"You'll definitely be able to have sex with him. It sounds like you'll be pretty well matched, so we'll have to see who ends up doing the fucking."

"Mmmmm!" Michael cooed, his excitement all too obvious. "And afterwards, Mr Brown will have sex with me while you're fucking his boy?"

"That's the idea. Mr Smith's sure you'll like Mr Brown."

That was the scary part. They'd only got Mr Smith's word for it. But apart from having a very big cock, on both occasions they'd met, Mr Smith had been very gentle with him. Would he introduce them to someone that wasn't very nice? It seemed unlikely. He also remembered what Holdsworth had told him about the care Mr Smith took not to fuck a boy before he was ready. It'd be okay. Nothing bad would happen.

"Yeah fine!" he agreed. "I'm looking forward to it already."

"Hmmm! Your cock's saying it for you," Alex quipped, licking his lips as he admired the boy's protruding erection. "I think it's time I gave you what you came here for."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

"Good evening," Gordon said, answering the phone. "I was hoping you'd call. I understand Martin's been in touch."

"Yes, he called on Thursday evening. He's arranged to come here next Saturday. He'll be bringing King with him."

"Very nice! Remember to let me know how you get on, won't you?"

"Yes, of course. And you were right about Holdsworth and Whitney. A few days after Christmas, Holdsworth came over on the train. Whitney met him at the station and took him home. His parents were both at work so they could do what they liked."

"Hmmm!" Gordon purred. "I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall while that was going on."

"It seems that they had double helpings, once before lunch and once after. And in case you're wondering, when Whitney came to my flat the day I got back, all I asked was how the holiday had gone. He seemed more than happy to tell me."

"I thought he might be. He obviously trusts you or he wouldn't have said a thing. I'm going to see one of my other friends next Saturday. I'll be taking Southcott with me. But I'll be back well before six."

"Fine! I'll call you then."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex sat and pondered. Another problem had been gnawing away at him, and he needed to deal with it. During his first term, apart from the staff Christmas party, he'd had no social life at all. He hadn't missed it; he'd been far too busy. But questions had been asked, such as "What do you do to get away from it?" They were questions he'd found hard to answer. He'd batted them off by saying that he'd had to focus on getting on top of the job, but he wouldn't be able to use that excuse for much longer.

He recognised that he needed to do something. He did need to spend some time away from school and away from the company of boys. He considered his options. He could join the town rugby club as a player. He'd played all the way through school and university. It wouldn't take much for him to get back into it. But it was not a good idea, he decided. If he was going to play, he'd want to do it properly, and he no longer had the time to train the way he had previously. In any case, the one thing that he didn't miss about rugby was the raucous hard-drinking culture. He'd never fitted into that.

If he didn't play, the club would ask him to coach. There'd be boys he'd be tempted to seduce. He didn't want that. Sports clubs were dangerous territory. He'd have to wait until he found a prep school job where he could coach rugby. That would be the right environment for his other ambitions.

The answer, however, was simple. He'd join the local choral society. He was a trained singer and had been singing in public since the age of ten. He'd always enjoyed it. And it had another advantage. It would bring him into social contact with the opposite sex. He was a good looking young man. There would be interest. So he'd have some casual dates. He might even have sex. Nothing long term would ever come of it, but he'd have done enough to stop the tongues wagging.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having completed all his subject teacher's reports, Alex had one further task to perform, to read through 1-Green's reports and add his form master's comment. The first two reports were good. He simply added comments encouraging the boys to build on the start they'd made.

The next report was that of Stuart Barnes. He read it through and was seriously alarmed. Although his term work had been close to the average, in the pre-Christmas exams, not only had the boy come bottom in maths, he was at or near the bottom in every class except art.

It was a serious disappointment. Barnes was a pleasant, happy boy and absolutely no trouble. Not once had he failed to produce his homework complete and on time. But the problem was obvious. The lad was obsessed with football. As a consequence, he rushed through his school work as fast as he could, with the result that he hadn't absorbed it properly. Comment after comment said as much.

Something had to be done. Left unattended, the situation would simply get worse. Over the course of the following day he spoke to all of 1-Green's teachers. His message was simple. If the boy produced shoddy, careless work he was to be put into Saturday morning detention to do it again.

Some thought this unduly harsh. Alex was unwavering. "If he's in Saturday morning detention," he explained, "he won't be able to play for the school football team. That will really hurt him. Barnes lives for football. He needs to understand that his school work comes first."

Finally, he spoke to John Laidlaw, who coached the under-12 football team.

"That does seem a bit drastic," the man replied when Alex explained what he'd done.

"I'm not prepared to stand by and watch him fail," Alex countered. "And that's what will happen if we let it drift. Now I need your support. At the start of last term, I had the same issue with Etheridge and Wilson. I got them back on track, and I'll do the same with Barnes."

"Yes, I teach Etheridge. He's really pulled his socks up. Fair enough, I'll have a word."

"I'll be speaking to Barnes tomorrow morning break," Alex said. "Let me talk to him first."

"That's okay. I see them tomorrow after school. I'll speak to him then."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

"You wanted to see me sir?" Barnes said, entering the classroom.

"Yes," Alex said. "Come and sit down," he added, indicating the chair placed next to his own.

"I wanted to talk to you about your exam results," Alex said once the boy was seated. "They weren't good enough, were they?"

"No sir."

"We need to do something about it. Now I know what the problem is. I've seen it. So have the other masters who teach you. You do your work, but you rush through it. You don't give it the time and the attention it needs for you to actually absorb it. I also suspect that before the exams you did little or no revision. Am I correct?"


"Well, I've spoken to all your teachers and told them that if you produce any work that hasn't been done properly, you are to be put into Saturday detention to do it again."

"Sir!" Barnes protested. "If I'm in Saturday detention I won't be able to play football!"

"Exactly," Alex said calmly. "Now that's the last thing I want and I'm sure it's the last thing you want. So the message is simple. You need to take more time over your school work and give it greater care. Take pride in doing every piece of work to the best of your ability."

He looked across. Barnes was almost in tears.

"You're a very keen footballer," he said quietly. "There's nothing wrong with that, nothing at all. But you can't let it take over. Would you like to play professionally?"

"Oh yes sir! If I could."

"Well let me tell you something. Fewer than one in a hundred boys that aspire to play professional football ever make it. That's how tough it is. And let me say something else. It doesn't matter what you do, there'll always be some aspects you'll find hard, tedious, boring, even unpleasant. But if you want to succeed, you have to get stuck in and do those things as well as you can. I love my job as a teacher. Do you imagine I enjoy marking books?"

"I don't know sir."

"Well I can tell you I don't enjoy it at all. But it's an essential part of the job. I just have to get on with it and make sure I do it properly."

Barnes still looked dejected, all the boy's usual spirit notable by its absence.

"There is one other aspect I want you to think about, Alex went on. "We need the boys who represent the school, at football or anything else, to set an example. Right at the moment, you're not setting the example we need. Do you know Etheridge in Fourth Year?"

"Yes sir," Barnes responded, sounding a little brighter. "He's your team captain isn't he sir?"

"Yes that's correct."

"He's a really good player too, isn't he? He's just been selected for the county team."

"Yes, that's right. Well, at the start of last term, I had very much the same conversation with him. He got the message. I hope you will too."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

1-Green's maths class had just ended. As the boys left the room, Barnes approached Alex's desk.

"I spoke to Etheridge," he said brightly. "He told me you're the best teacher he's ever had. He said if I've got any sense, I'll do exactly what you said."

"And?" Alex responded.

"I'm going to do my best, sir!" Barnes responded.

"Well done!" Alex said, smiling and ruffling the boy's blond curls. "That's all we can ask. Off you go then, you're missing your break."

As Barnes trotted out of the room Alex was glowing. Barnes had actually trusted him enough to come and tell him. He couldn't put into words how good that felt. Barnes was a delightful specimen of boyhood. He still wasn't interested in sex, but that no longer seemed to matter. He'd never expected to have sex with every boy he fancied. Barnes was simply one of those that got away.

The important thing was that, as a result of his intervention, the boy was showing a new sense of purpose. He was happy with that.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Under-15 football training was at an end. As the boys strolled back to the pavilion, Alex called Etheridge over to him.

"Thanks for talking to Barnes," he said quietly. "I didn't realise he'd actually go and speak to you. I really appreciate what you said."

"Sir, you know you talked about us about needing to set an example? Well, I think the most important people we have to set an example to are the younger players. So when he asked me, I told him."

"Oh, I see!" Alex responded, somewhat taken aback. "I have to admit I really hadn't thought about it, but you're absolutely right. For Barnes, hearing it from you has made all the difference."

Alex watched the boy rejoin his team mates. He was glowing again. Etheridge's transformation had been nothing short of remarkable. He was now a confident young man, working hard towards his future, nothing like the moody, half-alienated teenager he'd been just a few months earlier.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex let Whitney into his flat. As always, they strolled through to the lounge and sat on the sofa.

"They'll be a few minutes yet," Alex said gently. "Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Yes please," Michael agreed.

A few minutes later they were drinking cups of hot milky tea. Michael was so nervous he could barely hold the cup steady.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked.

"Yes sir," Michael replied.

"So why are you looking so worried?"

"Well, sir, You've never even met Mr Brown, have you?"

"No, but Mr Smith knows him very well. Relax! It'll be fine, I promise. I'm expecting them around ten past three."

Michael snuggled up to his teacher, feeling somewhat reassured. As the time approached five past three, the doorbell rang.

"Earlier than I expected," Alex said, rising from his seat.

He walked smartly through the hallway and opened the door. It appeared that there were two boys standing there, both blond and with very fair skin. One was about twelve; the other he estimated to be around five years older. It wasn't at all what he'd expected. Who were they, how had they got there and where was Mr Brown?

"Hi!" the older one greeted. "I'm Mr Brown and this is King."

"Sorry," Alex responded, recognising the voice. "I hadn't expected . . . Come in!"

"Don't worry," Mr Brown said quietly as Alex closed the door. "It happens a lot. I'm used to it."

Alex still couldn't quite believe it. Standing no more than five feet eight, and slim, with sparkling blue eyes and wavy blond hair, Mr Brown would have fitted in perfectly with his Lower Sixth class of sixteen and seventeen year olds. All the boys in his Upper Sixth class looked older. What must he have looked like at age twelve or thirteen? He would have been quite exceptional.

King was a bonus too, Alex noted. He was exactly as had been described, around Whitney's height but slimmer, his rather brief shorts showing off his long, coltish long legs. What he hadn't been told was that with his clear skin and near perfect features he was more than merely good looking. He was beautiful!

Alex led his guests into the lounge, where Michael, still on the sofa, was waiting.

"Whitney," he announced. "This is Mr Brown and this is King."

Michael was on his feet in and instant, all his fears having disappeared. Mr Brown was very good looking and appeared far younger than he'd expected. He'd seen boys at school who looked older than Mr Brown did. He wasn't just willing to let Mr Brown have sex with him; he wanted it to happen. And as if that wasn't enough, King looked really nice. He had a similar physique to his friend Newton, but was as fair as Newton was dark.

"Good afternoon sir," Michael said, accepting Mr Brown's handshake. "Hi!" he greeted, turning to King. "Good to meet you!"

"Tea's in the pot," Alex said. "Would you like some?"

"Please!" King said, his face breaking into a smile.

"Tea for me too, please," Mr Brown added quietly.

For several minutes they sat drinking their tea. Conversation, confined to Alex and Mr Brown, was perfunctory, the air of anticipation quite palpable. Finally, they were ready.

"Let's move to the bedroom," Alex said.

The four of them headed into Alex's bedroom, where the curtains were already closed. Knowing what was expected, King went to stand in front of Alex, who was sitting on the chair by his desk. Taking this as a cue, Michael stood in front of Mr Brown who was seated on the bed.

The two boys allowed themselves to be sensuously undressed. Michael was in heaven. The touch of Mr Brown's slender fingers was quite exquisite. King was pleased too. Apart from Mr Brown, Mr White was by far the youngest man he'd been with and much the best looking. Better still, the man's firm but gentle touch was making him hornier by the second.

Alex simply revelled in it. Although King was six months older than Whitney, he actually looked younger, a boy he'd have pursued without a moment's hesitation. He slid his hand up the leg of the lad's underpants, wrapping his fingers around the boy's throbbing cock.

"Mmmm!" he purred. "Very nice."

Removing his hand, he carefully lowered the boy's underwear, noting that King's rock-hard penis was almost exactly the same size as Whitney's, just as Gordon had told him it was. He took it into his mouth, gently sucking on it.

By this time, Whitney was naked too, his cock in Mr Brown's mouth. The young man allowed it to slide out.

"Time for these boys to have some fun," he suggested.

Alex released King's glistening cock. The two boys got onto the bed, Mr Brown moving to the armchair.

"We've got identical twins," King quipped as his cock rubbed against Whitney's.

"Yeah," Michael agreed, moving his mouth towards his new friend's.

"Sorry," King said. "I don't kiss."

"You should try it," Michael said, grinning. "I love it."

"Maybe another time," King responded. "You suck, don't you?"

"Yes, of course."

"Let's do it then."

Without another word, King snaked right around, plunging down on Whitney's cock. Michael immediately returned the favour. He loved sixty-nines, and he and King fitted together beautifully.

"That's hot!" Mr Brown whispered, looking across at Alex. "Is it okay to . . ."

Alex smiled and nodded. The two teachers quickly stripped naked. Mr Brown's cock was just over five inches long, and medium thick, Alex observed, but on his slim, boyish frame it looked perfect. For his part, Mr Brown was impressed. His host's penis was thick and somewhere over six inches long. It was everything he'd hoped it would be. Mr White would give King the sort of fucking the boy needed.

On the bed, things were building up beautifully. Mr Brown leaned across to his host.

"Who do you think is going to be doing the fucking?" he asked quietly.

"For what I have in mind," Alex said, "it would be better if it was King, but it's their choice."

They resumed their observations, Alex licking his lips as he watched the two horny boys cavorting in front of him. Finally, the question came.

"Can I fuck you?" King asked.

"I should be fucking you," Michael responded. "I'm bigger than you are."

"But I'm older," King countered.

Alex smiled. It was an opportunity that he hadn't expected.

"On this occasion," he said, addressing himself to Whitney, "I think you should defer to your elders." He turned to King. "Next time," he added, "it'll be Whitney's turn."

"Yes sir," King agreed, smiling.

Alex sucked in air. King's smile could light up a whole town. For his part, Michael was a little disappointed, but he didn't argue. Mr Faulkner had a plan, he reasoned. He always did. After coating the older lad's cock with K-Y, he got onto all fours, his feet hanging over the end of the bed, his bum pushed right back, his head and shoulders down low, the classic Z-position. King moved in behind him, the head of his cock nuzzling Whitney's anus. He gave one hard thrust. He was in!

Holding Whitney around the thighs, he steadily pushed in deeper, over the boy's knobbly prostate until it was all inside. After a short pause, he began to fuck.

"Don't touch his cock," Mr Brown instructed. "You'll be getting that later."

He glanced across at Alex and grinned. Alex grinned back, both men captivated by the show the boys were giving them. Two gorgeous twelve-year olds, one fucking the other. It could hardly get any hotter. It was Alex's turn to lean across.

"When they've finished," he whispered, "you use the bed. I'll have that chair. And when you get to the serious part, lie with your head at the foot of the bed. That way I'll be able to give you the show you asked for."

Mr Brown grinned and nodded, envisaging what Mr White had in mind. King was now fucking with all the force he could muster. Suddenly his breathing became ragged.

"Oh!" he gasped. "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!"

He held on tight, burying his cock in Whitney's bum. An instant later it jerked into action, jets of boy-cum squirting into his new friend's rectum. After a few seconds, he pulled out. The final phase was about to begin.

As Mr Brown joined Whitney on the bed, Alex moved to the armchair, beckoning King to join him. The boy sauntered over, sitting down across the man's thighs. Alex smiled broadly, surprised by how light the boy was.

"So did you enjoy shooting your spunk into Whitney's bottom?" he asked, nuzzling the boy's ear.

"Yes sir," King said, smiling. "It was super!"

He wrapped his fingers around Mr White's penis, eyeing it apprehensively. Though not as big as Mr Smith's, it was considerably larger than any he'd taken recently.

"Are you going to put this into my boy-hole sir?" he asked, looking the man right in the eye.

Alex smiled, amused by the term `boy-hole'. The first time he'd heard it was when Mr Brown had called him. That was clearly where the lad had got it from.

"Of course I am," he said gently.

"It's big, isn't it sir," King said, stroking it gently. "I haven't taken one that big for ages."

"Just relax," Alex cooed. "It'll hurt a bit when it goes in. After that you'll be absolutely fine. You'll love it, I promise. Now how about you suck it for me?"

King knelt on the floor. Holding Mr White's cock around the base, he took it into his mouth, sucking it steadily.

"Oh, that's wonderful," Alex purred, revelling in the delightful sensations.

Slowly but inexorably the tingling in his cock began to build.

"You'd better stop now," he ordered.

Reluctantly, King let him go, disappointed that Mr White hadn't cum in his mouth. He sat back down across the man's thighs, resigned to his fate. Mr White was going to fuck him and it was going to hurt.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" he asked.

"Soon," Alex told him. "I need to get you ready first. Stand up and bend over, please."

King did as he was asked, wondering what Mr White was going to do. Alex knelt behind him, his tongue lapping at the boy's anus. He pushed it inside.

"Oh sir!" King gasped.

"Do you like that?" Alex enquired.

"Oh yes, sir," King confirmed. "It feels super!"

Moments later, the tongue was replaced by a well-lubed finger, pushing slowly inside and gently massaging his prostate. Then it was worked around, loosening his anal ring. King loved the feeling but was far from convinced that it would make much difference, Mr White's finger was nowhere near as thick as his cock, and that's what he'd have to take next.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

On the bed, Michael found it hard to imagine Mr Brown as a teacher. He seemed far more like one of the older boys at school, except that he was better looking than all but a few of them. And he made an interesting deduction. King didn't kiss, he concluded, because Mr Brown didn't. It wasn't important. He and the young choirmaster spent their time sucking each other. It was wonderful. Mr Brown was so sensuous, so sexy. Michael loved every second of it. But things were heating up.

"How do you want me, sir?" he asked, smearing K-Y over Mr Brown's cock.

"I'd like you to kneel across my chest," Mr Brown told him. "Then sit back so I can put my cock into your boy-hole."

"Oh, I like doing that," Michael answered, smiling broadly.

"Just let me turn round," Mr Brown instructed.

After passing the tube of K-Y to King, he moved into position, his head at the foot of the bed. At first, Michael didn't understand what difference it would make, but he wasn't bothered. If this was the way Mr Brown wanted to do it, he had no objection.

He knelt across Mr Brown's chest, shuffling back a little until he was in position. Reaching behind him, he took hold of the man's cock, guiding it onto his anus. He took a deep breath and pushed down, Mr Brown's cock sliding smoothly into him.

"Just stay there a moment," Mr Brown said.

King meanwhile had covered Mr White's penis with a liberal coating of K-Y.

"Okay," Alex instructed. "Time to go. Stand at the end of the bed, there's a good boy."

King took up his appointed position, bending over without Mr White even having to ask him. It wasn't anything new. During the Autumn term, he'd been in this position a few times. But on this occasion there were some important differences.

First of all, Whitney could cum. He hadn't sucked a boy who could cum since the summer. They'd been at school camp. Davis and Allenby, who were about to move on to public school, had summoned him to their tent. After stripping him naked, they'd spit-roasted him. Allenby had cum in his mouth, while Davis, who was fucking his boy-hole, had played with his cock and made him squirt. It made him horny just thinking about it.

The problem was the size of Mr White's cock. Mr Smith had fucked him several times. He'd never enjoyed it. The entry was always painful, and he was invariably sore afterwards. And apart from Mr Smith's, Mr White's was quite a bit bigger than any of the others he'd taken. It was going to hurt.

Alex moved in behind, guiding his cock onto King's anus. Facing him, a grin spread across Whitney's face as he realised what was about to happen. Alex pushed firmly, but met stern resistance. After a few seconds, his cock slipped off its target, sliding harmlessly between King's legs.

Alex gave it a couple of strokes to make sure it was fully hard. It was time to try again. This time he pushed much harder. After a couple of seconds, King's sphincter relented, allowing the head of his cock inside the boy's tight little hole.

"Oh sir!" King gasped in protest, the sharp, searing pain making him catch his breath.

"Relax," Alex soothed. "You've done the hard part. Now settle down and enjoy it. You can do it."

Lying beneath, Mr Brown's eyes were glued to the sight of King's boy-hole stretched around Mr White's large cock. It was exactly what he'd hoped to see. And in just a few seconds, the action would begin in earnest.

"Push it right in!" the young choirmaster urged.

There was no need to rush, Alex decided. He pushed steadily, inching his way forward, slowly reaming King's tight, velvety tunnel.

"Lovely tight little bottom," he cooed. "Just stay relaxed. That's good."

He pushed over the boy's prostate, King's cock twitching in response. Finally, he was there, his pubic hair squished up against the slim boy's bottom.

"Right," he said. "Now put your mouth around Whitney's cock."

King complied immediately.

"Okay," Alex said, grinning at Whitney. "This is you and me. You know what to do."

Michael knew exactly. He began to ride Mr Brown's cock, simultaneously thrusting his penis into King's mouth. It was the wildest, most exciting thing he'd ever done. It was far better than when he'd been in this position between Mr Smith and Maitland. It was better because Mr Brown's cock didn't hurt him, but better most of all because he was in charge. Fast or slow, long strokes or short; it was his choice.

Alex set to work, fucking with long, even thrusts. He was careful not to overdo it, conscious that with King being so tight, he might cum before he wanted to. Mr Brown was in ecstasy. Whitney was riding his cock to perfection, while just a few inches above his eyes, Mr White's cock was pumping in and out of King's boy-hole. It was his best experience ever.

Being stimulated both by Mr Brown's cock and King's sucking lips, Michael was never going to last long.

"Ohhh!" he gasped, his tummy in a knot. "Ohhh!"

Instinctively, he placed his hands on King's head, as much to steady himself as anything. His cock reared up, his spunk squirting hard into the blond boy's mouth. King licked and slurped, swallowing every drop.

"Keep going!" Mr Brown ordered.

Distracted by his orgasm, Michael had been unaware that he'd stopped moving. He quickly got back to his task.

"Oh yes!" Mr Brown exclaimed.

He pressed down hard on Whitney's thighs, holding the boy in position.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!!"

Michael was aware of the man's cock jerking inside him, the spunk flooding into his bum. He was surprised and delighted. Although Mr Brown's cock wasn't large, he'd cum lots, not as much as Mr White, but certainly more than his uncle ever managed.

Immediately, Alex hit full throttle, fucking with all the power at his disposal. After just a few more thrusts he was there. Tightening his grip on King's slender thighs, he thrust in for the final time. His cock jerked wildly, volley after volley of thick creamy spunk spurting into the boy's rectum.

After taking time to recover his composure, he carefully withdrew. As expected, King was leaking, spunk trickling down his legs. The boy released Whitney's cock and made to stand upright.

"Just stay as you are for the moment," Alex instructed.

He gestured to Whitney, who lifted himself clear of Mr. Brown's cock, got off the bed and joined his teacher.

"You know what to do," Alex told him.

Whitney knelt on the floor and began to lick the spunk from King's thighs, first one then the other, working gradually higher till his tongue was lapping at the older boy's anus. King could hardly believe it was happening. Who was doing it, he wondered.

He glanced around. He could see Mr Brown and with a bit of a stretch he could see Mr White. That left Whitney. So having licked the spunk off his legs, Whitney had moved on to taking it right out of his boy-hole. He hadn't expected that. He loved the feeling, but all too soon the job was done.

"Okay," Alex said. "You boys get yourselves to the bathroom. We'll see you shortly."

He sat on the chair by his desk and looked across at his guest. With the boys out of earshot, they were on first name terms.

"Well," he demanded. "How was that?"

"Wonderful!" Martin gushed. "Everything I could have asked for. Whitney seemed to love having my cock in his boy-hole."

"Yes," Alex agreed. "He loves having his bottom filled."

"And licking the spunk off King's legs; did you teach him that?"

"When we went to Gordon's place just before Christmas, I asked him to do that to Holdsworth. He seemed to like it, so I asked him again."

"You fucked King just the way I was hoping you would. I could see everything! I've never been that close before. King needs that experience. He'll be off to public school in September. He'll be an obvious target."

"Oh, definitely," Alex agreed. "I'm guessing you know all about that."

"Oh yes," Martin confirmed. "When I started at public school, I had lots of older boys after me. Fortunately, the school captain and his friend took me under their wing. I looked after them and they looked after me. None of the other boys could touch me after that."

"What about masters?"

"My French master used to take me to his room for extra lessons."

"I'll be happy to give King some more experience if he needs it," Alex offered. "He's gorgeous and a wonderful fuck. Beautifully tight."

"I'm sure we'll be able to arrange it," Martin said. "Are you interested in meeting Jessop, my younger boy?"

"Oh certainly," Alex confirmed.

"It will mean that you'll have to come to us," Mr Brown said. "I made a mistake. I took him to Gordon's place before he was ready for it. He was sore for days afterwards. Entirely my fault. Gordon didn't talk me into it or anything. Anyway, I haven't taken Jessop out of school since. He feels safer there. I'm sure he'll enjoy meeting Whitney. You'll have to be gentle with him, of course. He is still quite new to it."

"So how long did it take you to get here?"

"Thirty five minutes."

"So we could get to you just after half past three. It'd give us an hour."

"Which is longer than we'd need. I'm keeping things fairly short for the moment."

Alex was caught in two minds. He liked the idea of fucking the ten-year old, but the limitations he was being asked to observe were not really his style.

"Are you sure he'll be ready for me?" Alex queried. "We could leave him till September if you like. I'd be more than happy to see King again."

"I was hoping you could help me out," Martin explained. "Gordon wants to meet Jessop again. I'm sure the lad will find it easier if you've been with him first."

"Fair enough," Alex agreed. "I'll be on my best behaviour. We'd better get dressed."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

King sat on the toilet, allowing Mr White's spunk to run out. He got to his feet and gingerly wiped his bottom.

"Are you okay?" Michael asked, taking his place on the toilet.

"Yeah, thanks," King responded. "It hurt terribly when it went in, but once he got going, it was okay, really exciting in fact. And I loved you cumming in my mouth. Mr White makes lots of spunk, doesn't he?"

"Yeah! Mind you, Mr Brown makes quite a bit considering his cock's not very big. He shoots more than my uncle does."

"Your uncle?"

"Yeah, he got me started, the summer before last, taught me all about it."

"Oh, right."

"So you enjoyed it today?" Michael asked.

"What does my cock tell you?" King replied, grinning, his thumb pressing down on the base of his stiff penis.

"It tells me you want to cum again."

"Yes, sort of. I mean, it's still pretty sensitive, but . . . yes."

"D'you want me to suck you off?"


King stood directly in front of the toilet. Michael took the boy's cock into his mouth. He sucked it purposefully, working his tongue all over it, twisting his head this way and that.

"Ooooh," King breathed. "I'm going to cum!"

He placed his hand on Whitney's head. Moments later his cock sprang to life, little jets of boy-cum coating his younger friend's tongue. Very gently he eased his way out.

Michael stood up, the two boys looking each other straight in the eye.

"You're nice," King said, gently holding Whitney's upper arms. "And you give super blow-jobs. Next time, you're going to fuck me."

"That's what we said," Michael reminded him.

"Good! I might even let you kiss me."

"Yeah, I'd like that."

"So d'you live near here?"

"Yes, it takes me about ten minutes on my bike. What about you?"

"I live in Highgate. That's in north London. Come on, wipe your bum. We need to get back."

The two naked, smiling boys returned to the bedroom, a delight for the eyes of any boy-lover.

"Welcome back," Alex said warmly. He looked up at King. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, thank you sir," King replied politely. "My bum's a bit sore, but it's nothing to worry about."

"You did superbly," Alex continued, looking the boy right in the eye. "I know it must have hurt when I put it into you. Well done!"

"Thank you sir," King said, still smiling.

The boys dressed quickly, Alex noting how happy they were in each other's company. They seemed so well-matched, not just physically, but in other ways too. Five minutes later, King and Mr Brown were on their way. Alex guided Whitney back to the lounge. They sat down on the sofa, Alex's arm around the boy's shoulder.

"So you enjoyed yourself today?" he asked quietly.

"Oh yes sir!" Michael enthused. "It's been super! King's really nice, isn't he?"

"Yes, he is. I noticed the two of you were getting on very well."

"Yes sir! He told me that next time I could fuck him. He said he might even let me kiss him. There will be a next time, won't there, sir?"

"Oh definitely," Alex assured him. "So what did you think of Mr Brown?"

"Oh, he's really nice too. I couldn't believe he was a teacher. He looks like some of the older boys at school. I loved bouncing up and down on his cock while King sucked me off."

"Well, our next task is to meet Mr Brown's younger boy. Mr Brown wants me to fuck him before Mr Smith does."

"How old is he, sir?"

"Ten, and very nice, I'm told. You'll fuck him first. It's okay; King fucks him all the time."

Michael was disappointed, and it showed. Fucking a ten-year old would be good, maybe very good, but another encounter with King was what he really wanted.

"You really like King, don't you?" Alex whispered, holding Whitney close.

"Yes sir."

"Do you know where he lives?"

"Yes sir, I asked him. He lives in London."

"Then it's unlikely that the two of you will be able to meet in the school holidays the way that you and Holdsworth did. So don't get too attached. King will be off to public school in September. After the end of the summer term you may never see each other again."

"But we'll be able to meet a few times before then, won't we, sir?"

"Of course. We'll meet as often as we can, I promise."

They sat snuggled up together until it was time for Whitney to go home. It had been a wonderful afternoon.