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April 1960

Spring term was drawing to a close. In just three days' time, school would finish for the Easter break. Michael ushered Chris into his bedroom. Five minutes later they were snuggled up on his bed.

"I'm really looking forward to the holiday," he confided. "We'll be able to do this whenever we want."

"Well, for the first week we will."

"Why only the first week?"

"On Easter Saturday we're going down to Devon. We won't be back till the following Saturday."

"Oh," Michael said, his disappointment all too obvious.

"Don't worry!" Chris said mischievously. "I'm sure we can make up for lost time when I get back. I'll need to go soon. Are we going to suck each other off?"

"Yeah. We can suck each other at the same time if you want."

"What? How do we do that?"

"I'll show you. Move down the bed."

As Chris shuffled into position, Michael turned around so that his head was level with his friend's groin.

"This is called a sixty-nine," he said quietly.

"Oh, so that's what it means!" Chris answered, giggling. "I heard some older boys say it. I knew it was about sex, but I hadn't a clue what it meant."

"Well?" Michael demanded.

"Let's do it!" Chris agreed.

In an instant, each of them was working his lips up and down the other's cock. Michael could hardly believe how good it felt. Despite his lack of experience, Chris was sucking him as well as anyone had. Slipping his hand between the slender boy's thighs, Michael's fingers tickled the lad's perineum, while his other hand stroked the boy's thick dark hair.

Chris immediately followed suit. Michael was in ecstasy. He'd enjoyed sixty-nines with several of the boys he'd been with, but on those occasions it had only been part of their foreplay. This was different. This was how they'd finish it.

The intensity built rapidly, their breathing becoming harsh and irregular. Their orgasms were almost simultaneous, Chris winning the race by barely a second. It was the most powerful climax he'd experienced, his penis jerking wildly as he swallowed Michael's spunk. After a few seconds, they let each other go.

"Wow!" Chris gasped. "That was super! I keep thinking it can't get any better. Then it does!"

"You're incredible," Michael responded, still struggling for breath. "You've caught on even faster than I did."

Back in their clothes, they exchanged a final kiss before saying their goodbyes. The first week of the holiday was going to be special, and they were both determined to make the most of it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex strolled along to the gym changing room. He found Richard Needham sitting in his office, drinking a cup of coffee.

"You wanted to see me?" Alex said.

"Yes," the games master responded. "Some of your football team have been to see me: Nicholson, Morris and a couple of others. They wanted to know if you could take the second eleven next season."

"Oh, I see. What did you tell them?"

"I said that you'd asked to take the under-12s, and I wasn't going to change it without speaking to you first."

"Nicholson spoke to me after our final game. It was very flattering to be asked, but I'm not sure. As you know, I'm not a footballer. I just feel I'd be better to start at the bottom with the under-12s."

"Well, you've done an outstanding job with the under-15s. I can't see you having any problem taking the second eleven. Just do what you did this year. Etheridge and Archer will go straight into the first eleven, but you'll have all the other boys from your under-15 squad, plus a few goodish players from the present fifth year who won't quite make the first team. You'll be absolutely fine. But it's up to you. You can have the under-12s if you want."

"Thanks. Can I think about it?"

"Yes, of course. There's no immediate rush. Tell me after the holiday."

Alex headed back to this classroom in a bigger quandary than ever. He'd hoped that Mr Needham wouldn't find out that the fourth year boys had asked him to carry on working with them. He'd have been allocated the under-12 team and that would have been that.

But that idea had gone out of the window. Mr Needham had become involved and had offered him the choice. He knew he ought to take the second eleven. He already knew most of the boys, and as the second eleven only played friendly matches, there'd be no pressure at all. It'd be easy.

But he was reluctant to do it. He knew that, come September, he wouldn't find a boy like Whitney in his new First Year maths class. But by taking the under-12 football team, he'd be working with as many as twenty-two eleven and twelve year olds, most of whom he wouldn't be teaching.

It wasn't simply that it would increase the pool of boys he had contact with, nor even that he'd be able to see them naked, attractive a prospect though that was. He'd get to know them far better than he could in the classroom. He'd find out which of them he could draw in. He was sure there'd be some. Finally, he'd decide which boy he was going to seduce, and as the lad's football coach, he'd be in the ideal position to do it. It was too good an opportunity to miss.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Saturday and term was finally over. Michael was at Mr Faulkner's flat, lying naked on his teacher's bed.

"Any plans for the holiday?" Alex enquired.

"Well, next week, I'll be spending as much time with Newton as I can."

"Excellent! You two are good for each other. You've both done really well this term. You said next week. What about the week after?"

"Oh, next Saturday, they're off to Devon for the week."

"Oh, right! So you're making hay while the sun shines."

Michael was puzzled. He'd been certain that Mr Faulkner would want to know what he and Newton had been up to, but he hadn't even mentioned it.

"So what will you be doing, sir?"

"I'm going to stay with my parents over the Easter weekend. I'll go down Friday morning, come back Tuesday lunchtime. It's fair enough. I had dinner with them once during half term. Apart from that, they haven't seen me. Of course, I'm hoping you'll visit me at least a couple of times before I go."

"Sure! How about Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, like we did at half term?"

"Yeah, that'd be good. It can't be too late though. I'm singing Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings."


"Yes, I joined the choral society a few months ago. We're performing Verdi's Requiem."


"Are you expecting to hear from Holdsworth?"

"I'm not sure," Michael said guardedly. "He's got to stay in school till Easter Sunday. He might call me when he gets home."

"Well, if you want to liven things up again, I'll be happy to oblige."

"Sir, I don't know if he's going to come over yet. If he does, I'll ask him."

"Fair enough. So what do you want now?"

"You know, what I always want."

"Come on then!" Alex urged, producing a tube of K-Y.

Michael carefully smeared some over his teacher's cock. Alex moved a pillow into the middle of the bed.

"We'd better put a towel there," he said, retrieving one from his bag. "I know what happens when we do this."

Michael rolled onto his tummy, the pillow beneath his hips, his legs spread apart. Much as he enjoyed having sex with other boys, Chris especially, he still loved being fucked. And three days after he'd last taken Mr Faulkner's cock, he was more than ready for it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Wednesday afternoon. Alex had contemplated going to the swimming pool, but he'd felt too conspicuous on his last weekday visit and had decided against it. In any case, there was no need. He'd seen Whitney the day before and would be seeing him again the day after.

Instead, he went into town to buy the few bits and pieces he'd need before going to his parents' house. With his shopping completed, he made his way back to the car park. His route took him past the bus station. He spotted a boy of about eleven standing, not at one of the bus stops, but near the wall, and looking around as though he was waiting, not for a bus, but for something or someone else.

Alex might have dismissed it and simply gone back to his car, but the lad looked strangely familiar. He felt sure he'd seen him before, but couldn't remember where. He walked towards him to get a better view. Then he remembered. It was the blond kid he'd seen months ago at the swimming pool, the one with the tough, street-boy look about him, who'd got a hard-on, knowing that Alex was looking at him.

As he approached, the boy leaned back against the wall, placing the sole of his right foot flat against it, his right hand resting on his thigh, his left down by his crotch. The invitation could not have been clearer.

"You looking for business?" the lad asked as Alex came close to him.

"Sure," Alex told him. "My car's on Bridge Street car park."

"I'll follow you," the kid said.

Alex continued walking, hardly able to believe what had just happened. For a start, the boy, who was only around four feet nine and quite slim, had just offered himself to a complete stranger. He clearly had no idea how dangerous it could be.

And what was he getting himself into, Alex wondered. With all the boys he'd been with previously, he'd known something about them and they'd known something about him. On this occasion, he was about to take a kid back to his flat that he knew absolutely nothing about. That was risky too. The lad looked as hard as nails. Would he try to rob him? Blackmail him? He didn't think so, but he couldn't be sure.

He reached the car. Spotting the boy about twenty yards behind, he opened the driver's door and settled himself inside. At least the lad was still on his own, he noted, suddenly realising that he could have found himself surrounded by a gang of older thugs determined to beat him up and rob him. He started the engine. A moment later the boy was on the far side of the car. Alex reached across and opened the front passenger door. The lad got in.

"Let's go," he ordered, ducking down below the dashboard. "I'll keep down till we're out of the area. I don't want the coppers to see me."

Alex drove away, heading back towards his flat. As soon as they were clear of the town centre, the boy sat up.

"What's your name?" Alex asked.

"Bobby," the kid replied, sounding as rough as he looked.

"Hi," Alex replied. "I'm John."

"Yeah, sure," Bobby replied, clearly recognising the lie for what it was. "How much are you giving me?"

"It depends what you do."

"Well, I don't take it up the bum, if that's what you want."

"That's okay," Alex said casually. "I'll give you a couple of quid then."

"Where are you taking me?"

"I've got a place. It's not far. We'll be there in five minutes."

"Will you bring me back after?"

"Sure." There was a pause. "So how did you get into doing this?"

"My cousin showed me. But he's queer. He lets the punters fuck his arse."

"Oh, I see. And how old's he?"


"And you?"

"I'll be twelve next week."

That sounded about right, Alex considered. It'd make the lad a first year at whichever secondary school he went to. At Woodchurch, lots of the first-year boys were around his size. They arrived at the flat. Alex quickly shepherded the boy inside.

"I need a pee," Bobby said as Alex closed the door behind them.

Alex directed him to the bathroom. He waited for him to emerge, unwilling to leave his guest unsupervised for longer than he needed to. Barely a minute later, Bobby reappeared. Alex guided him into the bedroom.

"Are we doing it naked?" the kid asked.

"Sure," Alex told him.

They began to undress.

"Leave your underpants on," Alex instructed. "I want to take them down."

He looked across. The boy's outer clothing was a little worn but okay. By contrast, his socks and underwear looked to be in urgent need of replacement. Whatever the lad spent his money on, it didn't seem to be clothes. They were both down to their underpants.

"Come here!" Alex commanded, sitting on the chair by his bed.

Bobby sauntered across and stood in front of him. Alex carefully lowered the boy's underpants.

"Very nice!" he cooed, admiring the kid's erect, uncut penis, a slim three and a half inches.

He leaned forwards, taking it into his mouth. He inhaled the lad's musky odour. Bobby was clearly not as clean as Whitney and the others invariably were. After around a minute, he let him go. Quickly discarding his own underpants, he steered them onto the bed.

"I saw you once before," he said, "at the swimming pool, months ago."

"I know," Bobby responded. "I saw you looking at me. When we got outside, I saw you'd got a car. I thought you'd drive round the estate looking for me."

Alex raised an eyebrow. The idea had never occurred to him.

"And would you have been there?" he asked.

"Yeah," Bobby told him, "once I'd got rid of my mates. I waited around for half an hour, but you never showed."

"Have you been picked up like that before?"

"Yeah, once or twice."

"I've looked for you at the pool several times since, but you've not been there."

"Noel said I'd do better down at the bus station."

"Oh, I see. Who's Noel?"

"My cousin."


"It's big, isn't it?" Bobby said, nervously stroking Alex's penis.

"Big enough."

"Are you going to suck my piddle again?"


Alex twisted around, closing his lips over Bobby's steel-hard spike. He sucked it eagerly, his fingers massaging the area directly behind the kid's marble-sized balls. But hard though the boy was, there was no sign of him reaching an orgasm. Somewhat disappointed, he released him.

He took a deep breath, running his hands over the kid's small, firm buttocks. Bobby had the most fuckable little bottom. He'd have loved to give him a good seeing-to, but the lad had been adamant that he didn't do that. He could have raped him easily enough, gagging him with his underpants to keep him quiet. But that was a step too far, a line he didn't want to cross.

"Will you suck mine now?" he asked.

"I ain't giving a blow-job for two quid," Bobby retorted.

"I'll make it three."

"Okay, tell me when you're going to cum."

Bobby set to work. His technique was not the best, Alex noted, but having any cute eleven-year old sucking his cock was exciting, the tingling in his cock building by the second.

"I'm going to cum!" he warned.

Bobby quickly pulled his head away, finishing the job with his hand. His eyes widened as Alex's penis exploded into action, several volleys of spunk splattering the man's chest and face.

"Fuck!" the boy gasped, looking horrified. "I'm glad I never got that lot in my mouth! I'd have choked to death!"

As soon as Alex had cleaned up and dressed, he paid Bobby the three pounds he'd promised him. Leaving the flat they drove back towards the town centre. There was little conversation. Alex couldn't think of anything to say.

"Do you like fucking?" Bobby asked.


"You can meet my cousin if you want. I'll fix it up for you."

"No thanks," Alex said, knowing that most fourteen year olds would be of little interest to him. "I'll leave it. I may catch up with you sometime."

He dropped the lad in a side street and headed back to the flat. He was annoyed with himself. Picking up the little street-kid had cost him money and had delivered far less than he was used to. It wasn't a mistake he intended to repeat.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Thursday morning. Michael was lying on his bed. He and Chris were sucking each other off. Sixty-nines had become like second nature. They no longer even needed to think about it. It was magical for both of them, a perfect expression of how close they'd become.

Unexpectedly, Chris cocked his right leg, his knee coming to rest on Michael's shoulder. As far as Michael could tell, it was a purely instinctive thing. It wasn't Chris trying to tell him something. Even so, it presented him with an opportunity, one he could hardly refuse.

He already had his hand between his friend's thighs, his fingers stroking the slim boy's perineum. He simply moved it a little further through until his index finger located Chris's bum-hole. There was no reaction. Chris simply carried on sucking.

Michael gently worked his finger around, tickling the lad's rosebud entrance. Chris didn't react to that either, seemingly too engrossed in what he was doing. Without really thinking about it, Michael tried to push in.

"Don't do that!" Chris said sharply, pushing Michael's hand away. "It hurts!"

"Sorry!" Michael responded, his friend's cock still in his mouth.

He'd made a bad mistake and he knew it. He'd known all along that this would be the most difficult step, the one that he simply couldn't rush, but he had. To make matters worse, he hadn't even used any lube. As a result, Chris was going to be wary of being touched back there. He might have just scuppered his chances of taking the boy's cherry.

But he couldn't dwell on it, he told himself. He still had a cock to suck. His best chance was that, in time, Chris would forget about it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At half past three, Michael was snuggled up on Mr Faulkner's bed.

"This morning Newton came to mine," he confided. "We were sucking each other off."

"Really?" Alex queried. "How long have you been doing that?"

"About three weeks."

"Very good! I take it he likes it."

"Oh yes sir! He loves it. He lets me cum in his mouth. He even swallows it."

"Most impressive! Is he cumming yet?"

"No sir. He always has a dry-cum though."

"That's very good! You've got further than I thought you would at this stage. Sorry, I interrupted you."

"Yes sir. Well this morning he cocked his leg right up. I already had my hand there, you know, stroking him. I just moved it a bit further back till I touched his bum-hole."

"Hmmm! How did he take that?"

"Okay, he just kept on sucking me. So I started tickling it. That never bothered him either. Then I tried to push it in. He pushed my hand away and told me not to. He said it hurt."

"Which finger?"

"This one," Chris said, showing the man his right index finger.

"And had you used any lube?"

"No sir. I just did it."

"Ouch! Definitely not one of your better moves."

"No sir. I'm worried he won't let me touch him there again."

"You'll need to leave it for a while, four weeks or so. Then just tickle it to start with. Let him get used to that. When you do try to push your finger in, use your little finger and plenty of K-Y."

"Yes sir."

"Ideally, you should lick him out first.

"How sir? I don't think he'll let me."

He probably won't let you do it from behind, but if he's lying on his back, I'd think he'd be loose-limbed enough for you to lift his legs up and get your tongue there. Before you do it, promise you'll stop if he doesn't like it."

"Yes sir. Thanks."

"You don't need to worry about it at the moment," Alex advised. "That's going to be weeks away. Right! Time for action! I have to be out in just over an hour, and I need something to eat before I go."

"Can I kneel across your chest?"

"Sure, if that's what you want."

After smearing K-Y over his teacher's cock, Michael got into position, pushing right down on the man's six and a bit inches. Very carefully, he lifted himself part-way up before sinking firmly back down. Within seconds, he was pumping his hips as hard as he could.

Alex fondled Whitney's penis, spurring the lad to continue his efforts. Suddenly, Michael shuddered all over, his bum clamping tight around Mr Faulkner's cock. His boy-dick jerked wildly, spraying sticky, translucent cum over his teacher's chest.

"Oh fuck!" Alex gasped.

He pressed down hard on Whitney's thighs, his creamy spunk spurting deep into the twelve-year old's rectum. For several seconds, they remained where they were. Alex stared blankly at the ceiling, pulling in lungfuls of air. Finally, he looked up.

"I think you enjoyed that," he said, smiling. "I know I did. It was wonderful!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The final performance of Requiem, in front of a packed house, was a triumph. As they left the stage, the members of the choral society were buzzing. After working for three months to get it right, they'd pulled it off. Alex was as excited as anyone.

Backstage, there was a party for everyone who had taken part, a buffet with bottles of wine. After a short time, Alex found himself chatting to Joanne, one of the sopranos. She was two years his senior, and taught French at the Girls' High School. They had so much in common, conversation was easy. They even had the same sense of humour. Joanne also seemed to appreciate that Alex wasn't in too much of a hurry, the way that so many young men were.

She'd be the one, Alex decided. He'd invite her on a couple of dates, maybe a trip to the cinema for one and a meal at a nice restaurant for the other, and would behave like the perfect gentleman. If things went well, he'd invite her for a meal at the flat. Of course, he wouldn't let things get too serious, just serious enough to keep her interested. It wasn't the perfect arrangement, but if he could keep it going, it would stop the tongues wagging.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Saturday afternoon, the day before Easter. With Chris away in Devon, and Mr Faulkner spending the weekend with his parents, Michael was bored. He could have gone to see his Uncle Jack, but he'd be going there the following day, and probably on Easter Monday too.

On the spur of the moment, he decided to go to the swimming pool. He'd only ever been there with Chris, but he couldn't think of anything better to do. And the boys' changing room always offered some interesting sights when the Splash Session ended.

Having gathered his swimming things, he cycled to the pool. He locked his bike to the cycle rack and made his way inside. With the Splash Session already underway, the changing room was almost empty. He quickly undressed and pulled on his swimming trunks. After depositing his clothes in a locker, he trotted through to the pool.

The place was busy with a couple of dozen boys, around an equal number of girls and a handful of adults. He jumped into the shallow end and began playing on one of the rubber mats. At first it seemed odd, playing on his own. But as nobody paid him any attention, he soon relaxed.

He looked around. He was surrounded mainly by younger children. Although some of the boys were very cute, he didn't find them especially interesting. He spotted one lad of similar age to himself that he wouldn't have minded getting to know, but that was all.

Most of the boys of his age and older were congregated at the deep end. As a rather weak swimmer, he hadn't ventured into that area even when Chris had been with him. He certainly wasn't going to go there on his own. And using the diving boards was completely out of the question.

But the time passed quickly enough. Almost before he knew it, the lifeguard blew the whistle and announced the end of the Splash Session. He got out of the water almost immediately. After a quick shower, he collected his clothes and positioned himself where Mr Faulkner had been when he and Chris had visited the pool.

As he began to towel off, other lads started to stream in. The scrawny boy and his friends gathered on the far side of the bench, where he'd seen them before. Michael stole furtive glances at them as they dried themselves. With immaculate timing, he looked up to get a perfect view of the scrawny one as he removed his swimming trunks. He was captivated. The boy's uncut, flaccid cock was around five inches long and quite thick, with wispy strands of pubic hair growing above, large balls hanging pendulously beneath. On a boy who was as thin as a rake and no more than an inch taller than he was, it looked magnificent. He couldn't take his eyes off it.

Suddenly, he realised that the lad had spotted him. At first he was scared, expecting the boy to be angry. But he wasn't. The lad was smiling at him. He didn't look angry at all. Swallowing hard, Michael pulled his towel away, giving the boy a good look at his semi-hard penis. The scrawny lad grinned and nodded.

Michael could hardly believe it. He'd expected to get some nice sights, but it was clear that things might go a good deal further if he wanted them to. As soon as he'd finished dressing, he packed his swimming things into his bag. Seeing the other boy almost ready to go, he grinned at him and sauntered into the toilets. He stepped up to the urinal, opening his shorts to extract his rock-hard penis.

Seconds later the scrawny lad was standing next to him. Michael peeked across. He licked his lips. The kid's stiff cock was almost as big as his Uncle Jack's.

"Wait for me outside," the boy said quietly. "I'll be back in ten minutes."

Michael nodded his agreement. After pushing his dick into his underpants, he buttoned up his shorts and made his way outside, watching discreetly as the scrawny lad and his mates headed towards the estate. The next ten minutes seemed to last forever. At last he saw the boy hurrying towards him.

"You okay?" the lad asked. "Thanks for waiting. You got anywhere to go?"

"I'm fine," Michael responded. "I don't have anywhere to go though."

"That's okay, we can go into the park, use the bogs by the tennis courts. Nobody ever goes in there."

They set off across the road and into the park.

"What's your name?" the boy asked.

"Michael; my friends call me Mike."

"Hi, I'm Jez. It's short for Jeremy, but don't call me that; I hate it!"

"Hi Jez!"

"Where's your mate today?"

"They've gone to Devon for the week."

"Oh, right! Have you done this before?"


"With that pervy teacher that comes to the pool sometimes?"


"You know, the bloke you and your mate talk to. I've seen him at the pool several times. He's a right perv! Always watches us while we're getting changed. The last time you were at the pool, he couldn't take his eyes off your mate!"

"How did you know he's a teacher?"

"You called him sir. But I haven't seen him for weeks."


It was time to play dumb, Michael decided. He certainly wasn't going to admit that Mr Faulkner hadn't been to the pool recently because the two of them had had more exciting things to do.

"How old are you?" Jez asked.

"Twelve. You?"

"Thirteen. What d'you like doing?"

"Most things. What about you?"

"Sucking and being sucked."

"Yeah, I like that too. Who've you done that with?"

"My brother."

"Oh, I see. How old is he?"

"Glen's nearly fifteen. We share a bedroom. He showed me how to do it about a year ago."

"Has he got a big cock too?"

"Not as big as mine!"

They reached the toilet block. Jez led the way inside. The place was deserted. Michael looked around. There was a long urinal along one wall with a whole row of stalls opposite. Jez headed into the stall right at the far end. Michael followed, bolting the door behind them.

Michael's shorts and the older boy's jeans were quickly lowered. Michael was surprised to find that Jez wasn't wearing underpants. He quickly pushed down his own underwear, exposing his rock-hard penis. The boys stood facing each other, their cocks rubbing together. Moving around, Michael sat on the toilet, Jez turning to face him.

Opening his mouth wide, Michael devoured the older lad's penis, sucking it eagerly, his head twisting this way and that. Jez was holding his head, the boy's large cock going right down his throat. Suddenly he felt the lad tense up. Jez's penis jabbed against the roof of his mouth, creamy teen spunk coating his tongue and spurting down his throat. Michael slurped and swallowed, not losing a single drop. Finally, he let the lad go.

"Stand up!" Jez whispered.

Michael got to his feet. Jez knelt in front of him, his lips quickly enveloping the twelve-year old's throbbing erection, sucking it right down to the root. It didn't take long. Michael shuddered all over. Grabbing Jez's head to steady himself, he pumped his boy-juice into the older lad's mouth. Their adventure at an end, they dressed quickly and left.

"Wow!" Jez congratulated him as they strode across the park. "You give smashing blow-jobs! Can I see you again?"


"How about tomorrow?"

"It'll have to be morning. I've got to go out in the afternoon."

"Okay, what time?"

"How about eleven o'clock?" Michael suggested.

"Sure. Meet outside the pool."

"Okay, I'll see you then."