by Pink Panther

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June 1960

Alex parked the car and led Stainham up to the flat.

"Would you like a cold drink?" he asked, ushering the boy into the lounge.

"Yes please!" the lad answered.

Alex made his way through to the kitchen, returning moments later with two glasses of cold orange squash. He licked his lips. Stainham, dressed once again in his blue denim shorts, was sitting on the sofa, his porcelain white legs well apart. He was a most inviting prospect.

"Whitney should be here in fifteen minutes or so," Alex said, finishing his drink. "Would you like another foot massage?"

"Yes please sir!" Stainham responded.

They moved into the bedroom.

"Just take your shoes and socks off for now," Alex instructed. "I don't want Whitney to think we've been getting up to mischief before he got here."

Having discarded his footwear, Stainham lay on the bed. Alex quickly set to work. Pressing firmly, he drew his thumbs along the soles of the lad's feet. He glanced at Stainham, who was smiling serenely. It was clear that he was enjoying the experience. But it wasn't just that, Alex noted. The massage seemed to be having a remarkable effect on other parts of the boy's anatomy. It was turning the boy on, Stainham's erection straining for release.

With a certain inevitability, Alex became aroused too. He worked on the boy for almost ten minutes, switching from one foot to the other until his hands ached. As before, he began tickling the soles of the lad's feet, making him squirm and giggle uncontrollably. He paused. There was still no sign of Whitney. Holding Stainham's left foot, he plunged down, sucking the lad's big toe.

"Oh sir!" Stainham breathed. "Oh, that's super!"

Having licked his way along the boy's other toes, Alex set to work on the right foot. Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"Okay, that's it for today," Alex whispered.

He hurried to the front door to admit the scantily clad Whitney.

"How did things go on Thursday afternoon?" he asked quietly.

"Fine," Michael said, smiling. "It was really good."

"Okay," Alex responded. "You can give me the details later."

To Michael's surprise, Stainham emerged from the bedroom, fully dressed apart from his shoes and socks. Something had been going on, he concluded, though he had no idea what. Alex led the way into the lounge, sitting down into the armchair.

"Why don't you boys go into the bedroom and get to know each other properly?" he suggested. "I'll join you later."

"You're not ill, are you sir?" Michael asked, looking at his teacher as though he'd gone mad.

"No, I'm not ill," Alex assured him. "I just think you'll find it easier if I'm not listening to every word you say. Now go and enjoy yourselves!"

Grinning from ear to ear, Michael headed to the bedroom, Stainham following behind. Mr Faulkner, it seemed, was full of surprises.

"As it's just us," he said, closing the door. "Would it be okay to use first names? I'm Michael. My friends call me Mike."

"Sure! I'd like that. I'm Troy."

That struck Michael as odd. He didn't know anyone else called Troy. Most boys didn't have names like that. There was something unusual about the way the older lad spoke too, although he couldn't say what it was. They began to undress each other.

"Sorry to be nosey," Michael said, "but what were you doing before I got here? I saw you were in the bedroom."

"Oh," Troy said disarmingly. "Mr Faulkner was massaging my feet."

"Your feet?" Michael queried.

"Yes, I'm a dancer. I have to look after my feet. Once a month I go to the chiropodist. He always gives me a foot massage. I love it. It helps me relax. You should try it."

It was getting stranger by the second, Michael thought. Boys didn't dance. Well, older ones did when they started going out with girls, but not boys like them. Troy really was an oddity, very sexy, but quite different from any other boys he'd met.

"Actually, he did something the chiropodist doesn't do," Troy whispered. "He sucked my toes!"

"Your toes?!" Michael retorted, sure that if he got one more surprise his head would fall off.

"Yeah! I loved it!"

"Well, I've got something I like him to suck," Michael confided, trying to stop himself giggling. "And it definitely isn't my toes!"

"Yeah, me too!" Troy agreed.

They were down to their underwear. Michael licked his lips, struck by how sexy Troy looked in his little white briefs. He ran has hand over the front, feeling the older boy's erection throbbing under the soft cotton. A moment later, Troy was tugging at his underpants until they fell around his ankles. He kicked them off.

"I love your cock," Troy whispered.

"Thanks!" Michel answered, returning the favour. "I like yours too."

Wrapping their arms around each other, the two naked boys fell onto the bed. They snuggled up close, their hard shafts grinding together.

"You know last time," Troy ventured, "when I asked if you were scared the first time you did it with Mr Faulkner? You said you'd done it before. Who was that with?"

"Do you promise not to tell anyone?"

"Of course! I won't breathe a word."

"Okay, it was my uncle. He's my mum's kid brother. My dad never wanted kids. He treats me like I don't exist. Uncle Jack's always looked after me, helped me, encouraged me, played with me, you know, like my dad should have done but never did. Well, a couple of years ago it just happened. I can't even remember how it began. All I know is that I loved it. He never forced me or anything. Well, one thing led to another. I just wanted more! So after a few weeks, he got his cock up my arse. I loved that too, even though it hurt when it went in. He'd been fucking me for over a year by the time I started at Woodchurch."

"Wow! Do you still do it with him?"

"Yeah, I see him on Sunday afternoons."

"How old is he?"

"He's just turned twenty-seven."

"So how did you get together with Mr Faulkner?"

"From what I've been told, much the same way you did. I got stuck on my maths homework, so when I got to school, I told him. He said to see him after school, so I did. After he'd explained it to me, I was sitting at his desk working through the questions I hadn't done. He moved really close so his leg was touching mine. I didn't move so he put his hand on my leg. I got a hard-on right away. I sat back so he could see it, but he stopped, told me to come back a couple of day later."

"Yeah, he sort of did that with me. I guess he wanted to make sure I wasn't going to tell anyone. What happened when you went back?"

"He took me into his store room."

"Did he fuck you?"

"Not right away. The first time we never did that much. He sucked me off, that was about it. He didn't even cum."

"Yeah, he was like that with me. When did he start fucking you?"

"The following week he got down behind me and started licking my bum. My uncle had fucked me the day before. He must have realised. He asked if I wanted him to do it. I said yes."

"Oh, right! But he's a wonderful teacher, isn't he?" Troy asked, his eyes sparkling.

"Yeah, he's the best. Everybody likes him. I think that's part of the reason he gets away with it."

"Yeah! So what d'you want to do now?"

"What we did on Tuesday, if that's okay."

Troy didn't answer, his lips moving slowly towards Michael's. On pure instinct, they moved into the gentlest of lip-locks, each boy's tongue sensuously caressing the other's. Seamlessly, they morphed into a sixty-nine. It seemed so natural, neither boy had much idea how they'd got there. Gradually they moved towards the inevitable denouement.

"Are you going to fuck me again?" Troy whispered.

"Is that what you want?"


"Okay then. Let's try it with you on all-fours this time."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael lay back, watching as Troy left the bedroom. As soon as the lad had disappeared, he got off the bed. Still naked, he strolled into the lounge.

"Where's Stainham?" Alex asked.

"In the bathroom."

"I see. So have you had a nice time?"

"Yes, thank you sir! It was wonderful! He'd not been fucked since I did him on Tuesday. He was very tight."

"Did he cum while you were up him?"

"No sir; I sucked him off afterwards."

"Very good! So tell me about Thursday afternoon."

"We all went back to my place and had something to eat. Then we went upstairs and started playing about. After a bit Holdsworth said he'd have to go soon. Taylor asked if he could fuck him again. Holdsworth said yes, so he did. It was interesting though. He was much gentler than he's been before, like he wanted to make sure Holdsworth enjoyed it. But the real surprise came when Holdsworth was dressed, ready to go home. Taylor kissed him! I couldn't believe it!"

"That's remarkable! So what happened after that?"

"Holdsworth said he didn't need us to take him to the station, so once he was on the bus, Taylor and I went back to mine. We talked for ages!"

"Really, what about?"

"Oh, all sorts of stuff. He told me that he hardly sees his dad because he's always at work. He says his dad does lots of overtime. His mum works too, but if he or his brother ask for anything, their parents always tell them they can't afford it. I think he gets pretty fed up at times. He'd already told me that his brother Glen got him into sucking cock, so I asked him how Glen started doing it. He said he doesn't know. Glen won't tell him."

"Hmmm! Very interesting!"

"Then he asked me who took my cherry. He promised he wouldn't tell anyone, so I told him about it. He said I was in the same boat as he is. His dad's never at home and mine might as well not be for the interest he shows."

"So was that all you did, talk?"

"Not exactly. I hadn't been fucked, so before he went home, he took care of it. He's going to come round again on Monday."

"That's very good! I thought he might be a bit sulky with you."

"I think he would have been if it had just been me. But he loves Holdsworth to bits. I don't think he'd ever get sulky with him."

At that moment, Stainham appeared.

"Everything okay?" Alex asked.

"Yes, thank you sir," Troy replied, smiling.

"Hmmm!" Alex mused. "Now I've got a problem. I'd like to fuck you both, of course, but time does not permit. So who's it going to be?"

"Why don't we toss for it, sir?" Michael suggested.

"Fair enough," Alex agreed, producing a coin from his pocket. "Stainham's call, okay?"

He tossed the coin into the air, catching it with his right hand and neatly trapping in against the back of his left.

"Heads!" Troy called.

"It's a tail!" Alex announced, removing his right hand. He turned to Whitney. "It looks like it's your turn," he said, grinning.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex picked up the phone and dialled Martin Ford's number.

"Challiston 4758," the young man's voice answered.

"Hi, it's Alex Faulkner," Alex announced. "How's your half term week been?"

"Pretty boring," Martin told him. "It always is here. I'll be glad when the boys are back."

"That's a shame," Alex sympathised. "As things have worked out, I could have invited you over. There's another young man I'd like you to meet."

"Really, tell me more!"

"He's thirteen but small for his age. His birthday's in July, so he's actually in third year. Not pretty exactly, but very cute and he's got a gorgeous little body."

"How did you meet him?"

"Completely by accident. He's in my Third Year maths class. He asked for some extra help. I soon found out it wasn't just maths he wanted me to help him with. I wouldn't normally go for a boy as old as him, but it was a case of low-hanging fruit; it's difficult to resist."

"Hmmm! Gordon wouldn't approve."

"No, I know, so don't mention it to him please. I'm taking Whitney to Gordon's place next Saturday, but I was wondering if you and King might like to come here the day after."

"King rather than Jessop?"

"Yes, Stainham can cum, but he's an obvious bottom. To be honest, I can't imagine him fucking anybody."

"You mean he's effeminate? That's not really my style."

"A little, I suppose. He's a dancer and so he's very quick and agile. He wants to work in musical theatre. But that's his background. His father's a theatrical agent. His mother used to dance professionally. But he's a good lad. Apart from maths, he excels academically. And what he lacks in experience, he more than make up for in enthusiasm."

"So have you taken his cherry?" Martin enquired.

"Yes, the day we finished for half term."

"As recently as that! Well, I'll admit he does sound interesting. Can I take it that we'll see you and Whitney the following Saturday?"

"Yes, of course! We wouldn't want to miss that!"

"Okay then, I'll bring King over next Sunday."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having taken off his school uniform, Michael put on a teeshirt and his skimpy summer shorts. Jez was due to arrive at any time. He waited anxiously. Suddenly the doorbell rang. He hurried down the stairs to find the scrawny teenager at the front door.

"Good to see you," he said as the lad stepped inside. "How's your weekend been?"

"Okay," Jez answered as they climbed the stairs, "a bit boring. What about you?"

"Yeah, it's been good," Michael said, leading the way into his bedroom. "I saw Mr White on Saturday. He's found another boy at school. He's actually in Third Year, but you wouldn't think so. He's smaller than me. He's very sexy and I wouldn't want to say anything bad about him, but he is a bit strange."

"What d'you mean?"

"Well, for a start, his name's Troy and he says he's a dancer. And he likes Mr White to massage his feet. He talks funny too."

"You mean he's a fairy."

"Maybe," Michael conceded as they began to undress. "I don't know."

"Does he get bullied at school?"

"I don't know. He never said anything. But there isn't much bullying at our school."

"At our place, kids like that get the shit kicked out of them. What happened, anyway?"

"Oh, Mr White told us to go into the bedroom and get to know each other."

"So he didn't go in with you?"

"No, he stayed in the lounge. He said we'd find it easier to talk about stuff if he wasn't there. Well, we undressed each other. Like I said, he's only small but he's got a beautiful body. Anyway, we chatted about all sorts of stuff, messed about for a while, did a sixty-nine. Then I fucked him. He didn't cum while I was up him, so when I'd finished, I sucked him off."


"Yeah, it was. He's only taken it a few times, so he's very tight. Afterwards, Mr White said there wasn't time to fuck us both, so we tossed for it."

"Who won?"


"So he fucked you?"

"Yeah," Michael admitted while pulling down the older boy's jeans. "And yesterday I went to see my uncle. I always do on a Sunday."

"So do you want to fuck me again?" Jez queried, removing Michael's underpants.

"Yes, if you want me to. You don't have to."

"Well, I sort of want you to, but not today. We've got games tomorrow. I don't want a sore arse. Thursday will be okay though."

"Yeah, that's fine."

They got onto the bed.

"So what are we going to do now?" Jez enquired.

"Let's just mess about for a bit. Then we can do a sixty-nine," Michael suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" Jez agreed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Thursday afternoon. Michael and Jez were lying naked on the twelve-year old's bed.

"How are we going to do this?" Jez asked.

"Like we did last week," Michael said. "With you on all fours, if that's okay."

"Will it be alright if I fuck you afterwards?" Jez persisted.

"Sure," Michael said nonchalantly. "I'm used to that."

"Really? How's that?"

"When Mr White takes me to the boarding school where Holdsworth goes, I fuck Holdsworth or one of his friends. Then their choirmaster fucks me while Mr White fucks the other boy."

"Fuck! You must have been scared shitless the first time you went there!"

"I was a bit nervous. Their choirmaster's got a big cock, so it took a bit of getting used to."

"Are you ready then?"

"Let's sixty-nine for a bit first," Michael suggested. "Just make sure you don't cum."

Michael snaked around, his lips closing over the teenager's man-sized penis and sliding smoothly down. A moment later, his own dick was in the older boy's warm, wet mouth. They sucked steadily, each of them sensuously stimulating the other without doing enough to produce an orgasm.

Having smeared K-Y over his index finger, Michael pushed it into the teenager's anus. Even though he couldn't reach the lad's prostate, Jez still seemed to find it exciting.

"You'd better stop," the older boy warned.

"Okay, get on all fours," Michael instructed, withdrawing his finger.

With Jez in position, Michael reinserted his index finger and began to work it in and out. After a short time, he pushed his middle finger in too. As soon as Jez had got used to it, he twisted his fingers around to loosen the older lad's sphincter. That was it, he considered. Jez was as well-prepared as he was going to be.

He allowed his fingers to slide out. Settling back on his haunches, he coated his penis in K-Y. Kneeling up again, he moved in close. He pushed hard. After a couple of seconds, the head of his cock forced its way through the young teenager's anal ring.

"Ohhh!"Jez gasped, beads of perspiration breaking out on his forehead.

Michael held him firmly around the thighs, determined not to let his penis slip out. Finally, as he felt the older boy begin to relax, he slowly pushed in deeper, savouring how tight the lad was. After a few seconds, he thrust over the thirteen-year old's sex-gland. Jez emitted a moan of pleasure. The sound made Michael hornier than ever.

Having settled himself in position, he began to fuck with long, determined thrusts, his tummy colliding repeatedly with the teenager's small, firm bottom. The intensity built with every stroke. He'd have liked to make it last, but it simply wasn't possible.

"Oh!" he groaned, his muscles going into spasm. "Ohhh, I'm going to cum!"

He thrust in one last time. His cock jerked wildly, several jets of sticky boy-juice spurting into the scrawny lad's rectum. After a few seconds, he carefully withdrew.

"My turn now!" Jez announced, getting off the bed.

"D'you want me on my tummy?" Michael asked.

"Sure!" the older boy told him.

Pulling the pillow into the middle of the bed, Michael lay down on top, his legs spread apart.

"Aren't you going to put your pants there?" Jez queried.

"No," Michael said. "I've only just cum. I won't make a mess."

Moments later, Jez was right on top of him, the teenager's man-sized dick thrusting deep inside.

"Oh yeah!" Michael moaned. "Now give me your spunk!

"Yeah!" Jez growled. I'm gonna fuck you stupid!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The week was drawing to a close. For Alex, it had been the easiest one since he'd begun teaching. Back in December, before the previous set of school exams, he hadn't been sure that all the hard work he'd put in would pay off. On this occasion, although not complacent, he was far more confident. With his classes already well prepared, his main job during the week had been to get the boys into the right frame of mind to produce their best when it mattered.

Accordingly, he hadn't given them a vast amount of work to do, just enough to keep them ticking over. He'd advised them against staying up late to do last-minute revision, and reminded them to make sure that they had packed everything they were going to need before going to bed. He'd emphasised the importance of staying calm, passing over questions they were unsure about, and making sure that they avoided careless mistakes. It had all been very relaxed, and with few exceptions, the boys had appeared to hang onto his every word.

In such circumstances, there'd been no need for him to cut back on his extra-curricular activities. On Wednesday, he'd had his usual meeting with Whitney, who'd told him about the developing situation with Taylor, while on Monday and Thursday, he'd had storeroom assignations with Stainham. On all three occasions, he'd finished by depositing his spunk in the lad's bottom, which in his view was the perfect reward for his efforts.

His most daunting task of the week had been to persuade Stainham to visit his flat on Sunday afternoon, the day before the exams started. But even that hadn't proved too difficult. Although somewhat nervous, the sexy thirteen-year old had found the prospect of meeting King and Mr Brown too exciting to resist.

And so, with Friday afternoon classes finally over, for the first time in several months Alex could look forward to a weekend when he'd have nothing to do but enjoy himself. And that was exactly what he had planned. With a pile of exam marking to complete during the following week, he was determined to make the most of the opportunities that the next two days would give him.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Michael, dressed in shorts and a teeshirt, sat in his bedroom and waited. Chris would arrive soon and he'd try to move things on a little. Unsure how his friend would react, he was very nervous, as he invariably was in this situation. The doorbell rang. It was time to find out.

A few minutes later, they were naked and snuggled up on Michael's bed.

"Are you going to lick my bum again?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Michael said. "Could we try doing it with you on all fours? It's easier like that."

"So why didn't you do it like that to start with?"

"I wanted you to see what I was doing. I thought you might get scared otherwise."

"Fair enough!" Chris said, grinning.

He got into position.

"Okay, now push your bum back," Michael instructed.

Chris did as he was asked, fully exposing his bum-hole. Kneeling behind him, Michael leaned in, working his tongue over the slender lad's anus until it pushed inside.

"Oh yeah!" Chris breathed. "You can put your finger in now."

This was the real test, Michael realised. He was going to use his index finger, rather than his little one. After applying a generous coating of K-Y, he placed the tip against Chris's boy-hole and slowly pushed it in, stopping when he reached the first knuckle. There was no protest.

After withdrawing slightly, he gently pushed it in a few millimetres further. Chris still didn't react. So far, so good, Michael thought. He repeated the operation twice more. Suddenly, as the second knuckle disappeared inside, he encountered a hard lump in his friend's rectum.

"Oh!" Chris gasped, his penis twitching wildly. "It felt like you'd just plugged my dick into the electric!"

"That's your prostate," Michael said quietly, moving his finger back a little. "That's the gland that tells your balls to make spunk. When someone touches it, it's like being wanked off from inside, only better."

He pushed it in again.

"Oh wow!" Chris squealed. "That's incredible!"

"Are you ready for a sixty-nine?" Michael asked.

"Will you push your finger in while we're doing it?"

"Yeah, if you want me to."

"Of course I want you to!" Chris insisted. "Come, on let's do it!"

They got into position and began to suck. As his penis slid in and out of Michael's mouth, Chris cocked his leg onto the bigger lad's shoulder. After smearing more K-Y over his index finger, Michael pushed it right in, jabbing repeatedly at his friend's sex-gland.

Chris went wild. After barely thirty seconds, his cock reared up against Michael's palate, little jets of watery boy-cum squirting onto the older boy's tongue. Michael's orgasm followed in an instant, three ropes of semi-translucent spunk spurting into Chris's mouth. After several seconds, they carefully disentangled themselves.

"Wow!" Chris breathed, his eyes sparkling. "That was the best ever!"

"Yeah," Michael gasped, still struggling for breath. "It was for me too."

Turning himself around, he drew Chris towards him, their lips meeting in another passionate kiss. He was elated. It had gone better than he'd dared to hope. It was now only a matter of time. He still wouldn't rush things, but two weeks to the day, with their exams safely behind them, he'd take the slim boy's cherry.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex drove the final few yards towards the Kings Head. Spotting Whitney waiting for him, he stopped the car by where the lad was standing. Michael opened the door and got in. Putting the car into gear, Alex drove away.

"Well," he asked. "Did Taylor keep his promise?"

"Yes sir," Michael answered, smirking.

"So what did you do?"

"We messed about for a bit; then he asked if he could fuck me after I'd done him. I said he could. But I didn't want to do it straightaway, so we did a sixty-nine while I fingered him. After a bit, he told me to stop because he was nearly cumming. So I got him on all fours and did him exactly the same as last week."

"Excellent! I take it you enjoyed it."

"Yeah, it was super! I can't believe how tight he is."

"Oh, that's no surprise to me," Alex said smiling. "For a start, he's very slim, so he's pretty small back there. And one thing that happens as you grow up is that your muscles get stronger. That applies to your sphincter muscle as much as to any of the others. D'you remember meeting Jessop?"

"Yes sir."

"His bum-hole stretched far more easily than Taylor's. That's because he's not really started growing up yet, so his muscles are quite soft and pliable. If you hadn't lost your cherry till you got to Woodchurch, you'd have found it much harder."

"Oh," Michael acknowledged.

"So did Taylor fuck you?"

"Oh yes, sir! He had me on my tummy. We both like doing it like that. It was odd though. He still fucked me hard, but he was much more controlled somehow. And when he'd finished, he kissed me, you know, properly."

"Sounds wonderful! Are you looking forward to today?"

"Yes, sir. I love sticking my cock into Southcott's bum."

"Me too!" Alex agreed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Shaking himself awake, Alex got out of bed. He checked the time. It was almost eleven. He couldn't remember the last time he'd slept in so late. The previous day had been dedicated to pleasure. It had begun at Gordon's house, where he and his mentor had watched the show that Whitney and Southcott put on for them.

When the boys had finished, he'd taken the eleven-year old ruffian into the guest room. After fifteen minutes of delightful foreplay, he'd given the lad a thorough spanking before fucking him into near oblivion. In terms of sheer unbridled excitement, sex with Southcott was the best he'd ever experienced, with the added bonus that the lad clearly enjoyed it every bit as much as he did.

Having dropped Whitney near his home, he'd collected Joanne. After going out for a meal, they'd driven into London's West End to see the new Billy Wilder film The Apartment, a romantic comedy starring Jack Lemmon. They'd seen Lemmon in his previous film, Some Like It Hot, which they'd enjoyed immensely. They were no less enthusiastic about his latest one.

Leaving the cinema just after eleven, they'd moved on to a jazz club in Soho. With its unfamiliar instruments, heavily accented rhythms and a vocalist breaking many of the rules that classically trained singers are taught to observe, the music was a world away from what they were used to, but that only seemed to make it more fascinating.

For Alex, it had been like stepping back into his student days. For just a few hours, he'd moved out of the conventional, suburban world in which he'd chosen to earn his living, into a place at the leading edge of style and fashion, the atmosphere laced with alcohol and cigarette smoke. He'd found it strangely exhilarating, like some kind of forbidden fruit, despite it all being completely above board.

Had he taken up his grandfather's offer and gone to work in the City, he could have enjoyed such pleasures on a regular basis. But he hadn't, and he did not regret his decision for a moment. As a result, however, he could only indulge occasionally. He didn't have the time, and on his teacher's salary, he didn't have the money.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After a lazy breakfast of cereals and toast, Alex spent a couple of hours reading The Sunday Times. At half past one, he ate a snack lunch and prepared to go out. Despite everything he'd done the day before, the highlight of his weekend was yet to come. At half past two he'd collect Stainham from outside the Kings Head and bring him back to the flat. A short while later, Mr Brown and King would arrive. They'd introduce the lad to the hidden world of certain boys' boarding schools, and the sexual activities that took place in them. He could hardly wait.

Driving towards the appointed pick-up point, he spotted Stainham from a hundred yards away, the lad dressed once again in his blue denim shorts. He smiled to himself. King and Mr Brown would definitely appreciate how sexy they made the boy look. He brought the car to a halt. Stainham opened the door and got in. A moment later they were on their way.

"Good to see you!" Alex said brightly. "Are you okay?"

"Yes sir," the boy replied anxiously.

"Don't look so nervous!" Alex urged. "They don't bite, honestly!"

But Stainham was nervous. It wasn't just another boy from the grammar school he'd be meeting. It was a boy from a posh boarding school and his teacher. Mr Faulkner, or Mr White as he'd been told to call him, had said that they were really nice and that he'd like them. Even so, it was a big step. Suppose he didn't like them? What would happen then?

They arrived at the flat.

"Orange squash?" Alex enquired, shepherding the lad into the lounge.

"Yes, please sir," Stainham replied.

For a few minutes, they sat together on the sofa consuming their drinks.

"Are you ready for the exams?" Alex asked, unable to think of anything else.

"Yes sir. I've done all my revision. I think I'll be okay."

"I'm sure you will," Alex assured him.

Having finished his drink, he checked the time. It was five to three.

"Would you like to come into the bedroom so I can give you another foot massage?" he asked.

"Yes, please sir!" Stainham answered.

"They're due at quarter past," Alex added as the lad removed his shoes and socks, "but they'll probably be early. They usually are."

With Stainham settled on the bed, Alex set to work. He was into it now, confident that he knew what to do. Within the first minute, he felt the boy begin to relax. He glanced up. Stainham's beatific smile confirmed it.

As he continued, Alex sneaked another look. A hard bulge had developed in the front of Stainham's shorts. As before, the massage wasn't just helping the boy relax. It was turning him on. Alex couldn't fathom the mechanics of it, but that wasn't important. The effect was unmistakeable. And knowing that he was turning Stainham on, he became aroused too.

After several minutes, his hands were aching. Releasing his grip, he tickled the soles of the lad's feet, Stainham squirming and giggling in response. Licking his lips, he plunged down, sucking one big toe then the other before working his tongue over the boy's other toes, Stainham's quiet moans of pleasure spurring him on. Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

"It sounds like they're here," Alex said, sitting up. "Go through to the lounge please, so that I can introduce you."

He strode to the front door.

"Come in!" he urged, welcoming the visitors inside. "You're looking well!"

He ushered them into the lounge.

"Stainham," he announced. "This is Mr Brown and this is King."

Stainham stood up uncertainly, as though his eyes were deceiving him. He was awestruck. Whitney was good looking. He'd thought that from the moment he'd met him. But with his blond hair, blue eyes, wonderfully clear skin and long, slim legs, King was beautiful. And Mr Brown looked like a god. Previously, he'd thought some of the sixth formers at Woodchurch looked like gods. But not when compared to Mr Brown they didn't.

"Good afternoon, sir," he said timidly, extending his hand. "Pleased to meet you!"

"Pleased to meet you, too!" Mr Brown responded, accepting the handshake.

"Hello," Stainham said, turning to King. "Good to meet you. Thanks for coming."

"Oh," King said, smiling broadly. "We like coming here, don't we sir?"

After the visitors had each drunk a glass of orange squash, they moved to the bedroom. Mr Brown sat on the bed.

"Come here," he said quietly, motioning Stainham to stand in front of him. "I love the shorts," he added, running his hand up the youngster's thigh. "Very sexy! Will you take your top off for me?"

Stainham was enraptured, the young choirmaster's touch simply exquisite. He quickly removed his top, dropping it on the bed.

"Very nice!" Mr Brown cooed. "Mr White told me what a wonderful body you have."

Reaching up, he opened the button at the top of the boy's shorts and pulled down the zip. As they were such a snug fit, the stayed in place. Very carefully, he eased them of the lad's hips. They fell to the floor.

"Oh! Sexy underpants too!" he commented.

"Yes sir, I got them last summer when we were in New York, and the shorts."

"Hmmm! You're hard already!"

"Yes sir. Before you came, Mr White gave me a foot massage to help me relax. It made me horny too."

"Excellent! Well let's see what you've got for me!"

Drawing the waistband of the boy's underpants towards him, he quickly skinned them down his legs, watching as the lad kicked them off. He breathed in sharply. For a thirteen-year old, Stainham's body was absolute perfection. Leaning forwards, he devoured the lad's four inch penis, his tongue flicking out to slash at the youngster's balls.

Stainham glanced across. Mr White was sitting in the armchair. King, also naked, was kneeling on the floor sucking the man's cock. As he watched, Mr Brown pulled away.

"Why don't you kneel down and find out what I've got for you," he suggested.

Stainham got down onto his knees. Opening the man's fly buttons, he reached inside to take out the man's penis. He licked his lips. It was smooth, straight and uncut, and though bigger than Whitney's, it was nowhere near as big as Mr White's. Without waiting to be asked, he took it into his mouth, sucking it right down to the root.

"Oh, that's wonderful!" Mr Brown breathed.

"Okay," Alex intervened. "I think it's time these boys got to know each other."

Moving to the chair by his desk, he directed Mr Brown into the armchair, leaving the boys to occupy the bed. Lying on his side, King drew Stainham close.

"You're really nice," he whispered, looking him right in the eye.

Stainham's head was in a whirl. For him to be lying naked with such a beautiful boy was beyond his wildest imaginings.

"I think you're gorgeous!" he stumbled.

Instinctively their lips moved together in a gentle, sensuous kiss.

"You know Whitney, don't you?" King asked as their mouths separated.

"Yes, I've met him a couple of times."

"He's nice too," King said. "I liked him from the moment I met him. We get on really well. Have you two sucked each other?"


"Could we do that?"

Stainham grinned and nodded. King snaked around, his mouth homing in on the lad's penis. Stainham ran his fingers over the taller boy's prong, examining it closely.

"Your cock looks just like Whitney's," he observed.

"Yeah," King acknowledged. "He says our cocks are like identical twins."

There was no need for further conversation. Stainham's lips closed over the boy-god's steel-hard penis. He began to suck. King reciprocated immediately, using all his experience to stimulate the boy without making him cum.

Alex grinned at Mr Brown and nodded. The two of them quickly pulled off their clothes.

"Stainham's got a beautiful little bum!" Mr Brown whispered, resuming his seat. "I can't wait to get into his boy-hole."

"He'll love it!" Alex said, smiling confidently.

"Have you had him kneeling astride your chest?"

"No," Alex admitted, "but it won't be a problem. Just show him what to do."

On the bed, King slid his hand between Stainham's thighs, his index finger quickly locating the boy's bum-hole. Getting up from his chair, Alex passed him the tube of K-Y.

"Use plenty," he mouthed. "He's not really used to it yet."

After generously coating his finger with lube, King pushed it deep into his new friend's anus.

"Are you going to fuck me?" Stainham asked.

"Is that okay?" King enquired.

"Yes! I love having it up my bum!"

"How many times has he been fucked?" Mr Brown whispered, leaning across to his host.

"Six," Alex told him. "Twice by Whitney, the rest by me."

"Excellent! He's still really tight then?"

"Yeah, definitely."

After finger-fucking Stainham with his index finger, King pushed his middle finger in too, the young dancer showing his lack of experience by wincing as it penetrated him. Very carefully, King twisted his fingers around, using a scissoring action to stretch the boy's anal ring. Satisfied that his preparations were complete, he allowed his fingers to slide out.

"Okay," he said quietly. "Get on all fours, feet right down at the bottom of the bed. I like to do it standing up. I find it's better like that."

Releasing King's penis from between his lips, Stainham got into position.

"Right!" King encouraged. "Now put your shoulders down as low as you can. Yeah! That's good!"

After smearing K-Y over his cock, he moved in close, guiding his cock onto its target. He pushed as he was accustomed to doing. There was no movement. Taking a deep breath, he pushed as hard as he could. Suddenly, Stainham's sphincter opened up, allowing him to enter.

"Oh yes!" he breathed, the head of his penis firmly lodged in his new friend's bottom.

Alex and Mr Brown looked at each other and grinned. This was what they wanted to see! Holding Stainham around the thighs, King steadily pushed further in until his tummy was pressed tight against the boy's beautifully rounded bottom.

He paused for a moment, reflecting that Stainham's boy-hole was the tightest he'd penetrated since Mr Brown had allowed him to take Jessop's cherry. Finally, he set to his task, fucking the lad relentlessly, Stainham's moans and whimpers driving him on to ever greater efforts.

It didn't last long. In such circumstances, it was never going to. After less than a minute, his orgasm swept over him like a tidal wave. Tightening his grip on Stainham's thighs, his cock jerked violently, unloading his teen spunk into the smaller boy's rectum.

After a few seconds, he withdrew. Somewhat unsteadily, he turned around. As Mr Brown moved to join Stainham on the bed, Alex returned to the armchair, gesturing for King to join him.

"That was wonderful," he whispered as the boy sat across his lap. "Did you enjoy it?"

"Yes, sir. He's really nice, and his boy-hole's really tight, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," Alex agreed. "He's quite new to it."

"He'll be able to take Mr Brown's though?"

"Oh yes. He's taken mine a few times, so Mr Brown's won't be a problem."

"So are you and Stainham going to spit-roast me?"

"Of course we are! You know the drill. Stainham still needs to cum. What better place for him to do it than in your mouth while I'm fucking your boy-hole?"

King smiled but didn't answer. He'd been spit-roasted by Mr White and Whitney several times, and he'd always enjoyed it. The prospect of Stainham taking Whitney's place was no less inviting.

"Have you met a boy called Pickford?" Alex enquired.

"Yes," King confirmed, his brow darkening. "He's horrible! It's like he thinks he's better than everyone else."

"Yes, you're not the only one to tell me that," Alex said. "I understand that Jessop gets on with him alright though."

"Well that's up to him," King said firmly. "I don't like being ordered around and I don't like being called a slut. I only went with him once. I told Mr Brown I didn't want to do it again."

"I see," Alex said quietly, nuzzling the boy's ear. "I only asked because I've heard conflicting reports. I understand now. As far as I'm concerned, you're quite right. I don't like that sort of thing either."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

"You're a remarkable young man," Mr Brown said, gently drawing Stainham into his arms. "Did you enjoy having King's cock in your boy-hole?"

"Yes sir."

"Mmmm! I'm looking forward to getting mine in there next. You'll be alright with that, won't you?"

"Oh, yes sir, I've taken Mr White's several times."

"Very good! He's a lucky man! Actually, there's a special way I'd like you to do it. I'll show you when we're ready."

"When will that be, sir?"

"Soon. We need to give King time to recover first. I have to say that you have a beautiful body. I guess it must be all your dance training."

"Yes sir, I think so."

Stainham found such praise difficult to comprehend. Mr Brown, who looked like a god, had just told him he had a beautiful body. It didn't make sense.

"Mr White tells me you work very hard at it," the man continued.

"Yes sir."

"Excellent! Follow your dream if that's what you want to do."

"Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome! You and King did a beautiful sixty-nine. Would you like to do that with me?"

"Yes sir."

"Okay then, let's do it. But take it easy; I don't want to cum in your mouth."

They moved into position. As his penis was enveloped by the young music master's mouth, Stainham's lips closed over the man's cock. He considered it such a perfect specimen, he could have sucked it all day and not tired of it. And what was this special way that Mr Brown wanted to fuck him? He guessed he'd soon find out.

"We're ready when you are," Alex announced.

"Okay!" Mr Brown responded, releasing the thirteen-year old's glistening prong.

He picked up the K-Y, handing it to Stainham.

"Put some on my cock," he whispered, handing the tube to Stainham. "There's a good boy!"

Squeezing some onto his fingers, the lad carefully smeared it over the man's penis. Mr Brown rolled onto his back, stretching out so that his head was right at the foot of the bed.

"Right, young man!" he instructed. "I'd like you to turn around and kneel astride my chest."

Stainham did as he was asked. Out of the boy's sight, Mr Brown wrapped his hand round the base of his penis, holding it upright.

"Now sit back," he ordered.

Stainham lowered himself down, disappointed to find that nothing happened.

"You need to move back a few inches," the choirmaster told him.

Stainham obediently shuffled backwards.

"Now try again," Mr Brown said.

Once again, Stainham lowered himself. This time his bum-hole encountered the head of the man's penis. The light dawned. This was exciting! He'd never imagined doing it like that, but he wasn't going to refuse. He pushed down on it. After a couple of seconds, the head popped inside.

"Good boy!" Mr Brown enthused, placing his hands on Stainham's thighs. "Down you go!"

He pressed down, his cock steadily disappearing into Stainham's bottom until the lad was fully impaled. Stainham smiled contentedly. Having Mr Brown's penis right inside him was the most perfect sensation he'd yet experienced. And he knew what to do next, or at least he thought he did.

"Right!" Mr Brown interrupted. "Just hold it there a moment."

Knocked out of his stride, Stainham's next surprise was to find King standing facing him. As he watched, the tall lad bent over, resting his hands on the bed. A moment later, Mr White moved round behind, thrusting his rampant cock into the slim lad's anus.

Stainham's eyes widened. Although Mr White had fucked Whitney while the boy was sucking him off, from the position he'd been in, he hadn't been able to see much. On this occasion, he could see perfectly. Lying beneath, Mr Brown was equally impressed. He licked his lips, savouring the sight of King's boy-hole stretched around the maths master's penis.

"Okay," Alex said quietly. "You know what to do."

King lowered his shoulders, his lips enveloping Stainham's boy-dick.

"Right," Alex continued, smiling at Stainham. "Hold King's head and ride Mr Brown's cock."

Stainham finally understood. He was going to be fucked and sucked off at the same time! He was astonished, but he certainly wasn't objecting. This was the ultimate, surely the most exciting thing possible.

Placing his hands on King's head, he quickly raised his hips to lift himself part-way up Mr Brown's penis, simultaneously driving his throbbing spike into the blond lad's mouth. Without a moment's pause, he sank back down again. He hit his rhythm immediately, up, down, up, down, the sight of Mr White fucking King's boy-hole only adding to his excitement.

It was always destined to be quick. Within a matter of seconds, Stainham found himself gasping for breath, his muscles wracked by uncontrollable spasms. Without warning, his bum tightened sharply around Mr Brown's penis. In the next instant his dick exploded into action, three jets of sticky boy-juice spurting down King's throat.

"Oh, you sexy boy!" Mr Brown gasped, pressing down hard on Stainham's thighs. "Now take my spunk!"

The young teenager could feel the choirmaster's cock jerking deep inside him, his bum being filled with the man's warm, creamy semen.

"My turn now!" Alex growled, quickly pumping his load into King's rectum.

Slowly and carefully, they disengaged.

"You boys had better go to the bathroom," Alex instructed.

He watched them leave, delighted to see a little trail of spunk trickling down King's thigh.

"That was explosive!" Mr Brown said approvingly, the boys safely out of earshot. "Stainham's a superb fuck! Beautifully tight! That's the wildest sex I've had in quite some time."

"It never takes long when we do it like that," Alex reminded him. "But I think Stainham cums even faster than Whitney does."

"Will Whitney be here when we come over next week?" Mr Brown queried.

"Oh, definitely," Alex assured him.

"And it's his turn to fuck, isn't it?"

"I'm not sure," Alex admitted. "I leave it to them to sort out whose turn it is."

"I'm sure it is Whitney's turn," Mr Brown asserted, "so afterwards, I want you to have King on his tummy."

"Have you had him like that?" Alex enquired.

"Yes, several times, mainly when he comes to sleep in my bed. Now he needs a big one like yours."

"Fair enough!"

"At his public school, all the prefects have their own room. I'm sure he'll get lots of invitations."

"Oh, I don't think there's any doubt about it. Will he be a known quantity?"

"He could be," Mr Brown conceded. "There's certainly one boy there who knows he was among my chosen few."

"And the young man in question might want to get into the good books of the one of the more influential prefects by arranging an introduction. That was certainly how it worked at my school."

"Well, that might be a possibility. At my school it was more of a free for all, at least until the school captain took me under his wing. But by then I'd been fucked by several boys I'd never have gone with if I'd had the choice."

"Yes, well let's hope that King's luckier than you were," Alex said gently. "He's a lovely lad. I wouldn't like to think of him being treated as the school slut. He doesn't deserve that any more than you did."

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