by Pink Panther

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September 1960

It was Wednesday afternoon. As soon as classes had finished, Alex strode across to the pavilion where assistant games master Gerry Forbes was gathering the boys into two adjacent changing rooms. Gerry, himself a keen footballer, would be assisting with the under-12 trials.

Having changed into his kit, Alex made his way outside where forty-one eager boys were waiting. He noted that each boy was wearing a number pinned to his football top. Each number corresponded to a name that Gerry had written on a list. He passed Alex a copy, attached to a clipboard. Alex was impressed by how efficiently organised it was.

After a brief introductory talk from the young games master, the session began. Their objective was to whittle the squad down to no more than twenty-two boys. They started by giving the boys some routine drills to perform. Each time he noted a boy whose performance was not up to standard, Alex crossed him off his list while Gerry did likewise.

With four drills completed, Alex and Gerry compared notes while the boys took a breather. Gerry had crossed off eleven names, Alex ten. They were in agreement on nine of them. Gerry had crossed of two names that Alex hadn't, while Alex had crossed off one name that Gerry hadn't.

"I suggest we cut all three of them," Gerry said. "It's obvious that none of them will get anywhere near the team."

Alex nodded his agreement, bringing the squad down to twenty-nine. Gerry called the boys to order.

"Right lads," he said. "The following boys will not take any further part."

He read out the list of twelve names. There were looks and murmurings from some of the boys who hadn't made it.

"Can we go and get changed, sir?" one of them asked.

"I'm afraid not," Mr Forbes replied. "That would mean I'd have to unlock the changing rooms, supervise you and give you your valuables. We don't have time for that. You'll have to wait till we've finished."

Alex was disappointed that they'd eliminated two really cute boys, but it couldn't be helped. He knew they weren't good enough. More to the point, Gerry did too. The training session continued, more drills followed by some five-minute games. Bradshaw, along with four other boys, stood out from the rest. They, clearly, would form the nucleus of the team.

Finally, the initial trial was over. While the boys sat on the grass, Alex and Gerry looked at which boys they were going to keep. After some discussion, they agreed on the final list.

"Okay boys!" Gerry announced. "The following boys will be required for the final trial which will take place after school next Wednesday." He ran through the list of twenty-two names. "To the rest of you, I want to say thanks for coming. Keep working hard in your games classes and you might get a chance later in your school career. Right! Go and get changed."

They headed back to the pavilion.

"Is it okay if I leave you in charge?" Gerry asked. "I need to get home. I've got training this evening."

"Sure," Alex said. "I'll look after them."

He followed the boys into the first changing room.

"Okay lads," he ordered. "Strip off and get into the showers, no exceptions!"

Having repeated the message in the second changing room, he moved to the communal shower area. As all four changing rooms had direct access to the showers, he positioned himself where he had a perfect view of the boys coming from the two changing rooms they'd been using.

Over the next ten minutes, he was treated to a show that was nothing short of outstanding, far eclipsing what he had seen two days earlier. For a start, all the boys seemed quite comfortable with being naked. He noticed two who had already reached puberty, Wade, a solidly built defender, and Beckett, their best goalkeeper.

Wade was not in the least bit cute, but Beckett had long limbs, regular features, blue eyes, and smooth fair hair. His well-formed balls were already dropping into place, and in its flaccid state, his uncut penis was around three inches long. Alex found him especially appealing. There were several more delightful specimens too, with slim bodies, cute little cocks and beautifully fuckable bottoms; perfect examples of what eleven-year old boys should look like.

He didn't see any of them becoming even partially erect, but he hadn't expected to. In a perverse way, he was quite glad he hadn't. It would have made things too easy. There was a more practical reason too. If he noticed a lad getting a hard-on, some of the other boys might have seen it too. That was a complication he could do without.

Even though he was unsure which of the lads parading in front of him would be there the following week, he was confident that the training squad would contain a good number of beautiful boys, and that at least one of them would be susceptible to his charms. It was all very promising.

With the lads on their way home, and the pavilion locked, he made his way to the staff car park, in exactly the right mood for seeing Noel and Martin later in the evening.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex was sitting in the lounge marking 3-Red's exercise books. At ten past eight, the doorbell rang. He went to answer it. Martin (aka Mr Brown) and Noel were standing there. He ushered them inside.

"Hi!" Noel said warmly, "I've been dying to see you again."

"I've been looking forward to seeing you, too," Alex responded, drawing the lad into a hug.

"You are going to have sex with me afterwards, aren't you?" Noel asked.

"Sure," Alex said, stroking the teenager's hair, "if that's what you want."

"Of course it's what I want," the boy said, grinning.

"I've left some K-Y and a towel on the bedside cabinet," Alex said, turning to Martin. "Take your time; there's no rush."

Leaving his guests to find their way to the bedroom, Alex returned to his marking. At ten to nine, Martin, fully dressed, strolled into the lounge.

"That was good timing," Alex said, smiling. "I've just finished. So how was it?"

"Wonderful, as always," Martin gushed, taking a seat on the vacant armchair. "He really is a delight. During the holidays, I took him up to London for a few days. We stayed with this contact of mine that I think might take him on."

"Oh, how did it go?"

"Very well. He made a very favourable impression. I'm planning to take him again during half term."

"Excellent! I assume he's in the bathroom?"

"Yes, I did rather fill his bottom. I always do."

"Even, it seems, when you've got boys at school to fuck."

"Well, I fucked Jessop after choir practice yesterday afternoon," Martin said. "But knowing I'd be seeing Noel this evening, I didn't indulge today. So I gave myself twenty-four hours. That's more than enough."

At that moment, the lounge door opened and Noel appeared. He was stark naked, his erect penis leading the way. He headed straight for Alex, sitting on the sofa.

"Come on!" he said, extending a hand.

"Hmmm!" Alex said, getting to his feet. "It seems this young man is ready for round two."

Moments later, he and Noel were snuggled up on the bed. Alex was surprised to find Noel all over him, kissing passionately.

"I thought you weren't that bothered about kissing," he queried.

"Oh, I like kissing you," Noel said. "And Mr Robinson, Mr Brown's friend. I like kissing him too."

"That's the friend you stayed with in London?"

"Yes. He was really nice. He said that when I leave school, he'll give me a job."

"Do you believe him?"

"Oh yes. He said he's done it a couple of times before. Actually, Mr Brown had already told me. The next time we go there, he's going to arrange for me to meet one of them. James is twenty-two now. Mr Robinson said he's doing really well."

"So you'll go and live there, work in Mr Robinson's office?"

"Yeah, I think so. What other chances am I going to get?"

"Not many, I guess. Won't you miss your mum?"

"A bit, but she wouldn't give up a chance like that for me. And what else am I going to do?"

"What about your other `friends'?" Alex asked.

"You mean my punters? I won't miss them at all. They just want me for sex. I'll miss Mr Brown though. He's not really like a punter. He looks after me, more like he's my big brother."

Alex ran his hand down Noel's chest and tummy, wrapping his fingers around the boy's throbbing penis.

"Oh!" he breathed. "You are so sexy!"

Snaking around, he took it into his mouth. Without any prompting, Noel reciprocated, moving them into a wonderful sixty-nine. Instinctively, Alex ran his hand up the back of the youngster's thigh, his index finger alighting on the lad's well-fucked anus. He resisted the temptation to push it inside. It wasn't necessary. Noel would be ready for his cock just as soon as he decided to give it to him. Sensing that the boy was close to cumming, he let him go. They quickly snuggled up again.

"Daddy," Noel whispered. "D'you think I'm a naughty boy?"

"Oh yes," Alex replied, instantly recognising their previous role-play. "I think you're very naughty!"

"So what have I done, daddy?"

"You let Mr Brown put his weewee into your boy-hole, didn't you?"

"Yes daddy."

"And that's very naughty of you, isn't it?"

"Yes, I'm sorry daddy, but his weewee felt so nice."

"Well now you've got to be punished! Stand up and bend over the chair!"

Noel did as he was asked. Standing to one side, Alex administered two hard smacks to the lad's buttocks, causing him to emit two strangled yelps. The boy was ready to be fucked, but there was something else Alex wanted to do. Kneeling down behind, he leaned in close, his tongue swiping Noel's rosebud entrance.

"Oh daddy!" Noel gasped. "You're licking my boy-pussy!"

"Yes!" Alex snapped. "And you've still got Mr Brown's spunk up there, haven't you?"

For a few seconds, he resumed his ministrations. Pulling away, he stood up, quickly retrieving the boy-sized gym shorts from the drawer.

"Put these on!" he ordered.

Quickly donning the shorts, Noel got back into position. Alex knew exactly what he needed to do. He gave the boy two sharp smacks across the tops of his thighs, making the youngster's penis twitch within the confines of his shorts. He then moved in behind, pulling the leg of the shorts to one side. Inserting his cock, he guided it onto Noel's anus. Finally, he took a deep breath and impaled the lad with a single thrust.

"You like having daddy's weewee in your boy-hole, don't you?" he demanded.

"Oh, yes daddy!" Noel whimpered.

Alex set to work, fucking the boy with long, powerful thrusts. Noel moaned with pleasure. This was what he wanted. It was why he was here. As his dick rubbed against the coarse cotton shorts, the tingling sensations became ever more intense. Suddenly he began to shake, his legs scarcely able to support him.

"Oh daddy!" he groaned. "I'm going to cum!"

Within an instant, his penis jumped around with a life of its own, little drops of boy-cum, squirting into his shorts.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" Alex gasped, fucking the lad even harder. "Now I'm going to fill your boy-hole!"

His orgasm was as explosive as any he could remember, rope after rope of creamy spunk shooting into the youngster's rectum. Finally, he pulled out, watching carefully as a large wet patch developed at the back of the shorts. It had been the most exciting fuck he'd had in some time. Noel took off the shorts and handed them to him.

"May I have a bath please?" he asked.

"Sure," Alex said, smiling. "Come on then!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Leaving the lad in the bathroom, Alex quickly pulled on his clothes before returning to the lounge.

"You look like you had a good time!" Martin commented.

"Oh yes," Alex confirmed. "Quite exceptional! He's having a bath. He asked if he could. I could hardly refuse, now could I? I hope you don't mind."

"No," Martin answered. "Like I told you, it's my night off. I'm in no hurry." He paused, looking rather uncomfortable. "I hate having to say this," he went on, "but actually, there's another thing I need your help with."

"Fire away!"

"It's the boy Arrowsmith. When I told you how I acquired him, I didn't give you the full story. I'd suspected that there was something going on with him and Jessop, so I kept my eyes open, and lo and behold, I caught them in flagrente delecto. They were together in one of the toilet stalls. Arrowsmith had his cock in Jessop's bottom."


"In other circumstances, I might not have bothered, but I knew I was going to need a boy from Arrowsmith's year. So I explained to him that if he wanted to fuck younger lads, he needed to know what it was like to be on the receiving end, just like we all do. He was a bit reluctant at first, but I didn't give him much choice."

"Well," Alex said, smiling. "I've no problem with that. I did precisely the same with Whitney's friend Taylor."

"Well, by the end of last term, King had taken his cherry and I'd fucked him a couple of times. He never objected at all. But he didn't have sex during the holidays. He told me he never had the chance. When I saw him on Monday evening, I had to be quite forceful with him."

"Oh, I see," Alex said thoughtfully, already pretty sure he knew where the conversation was leading.

"The thing is," Martin continued. "I really want to see Southcott again, but that'll mean taking Arrowsmith with me, and he's clearly not ready to take Gordon's cock at the moment."

"You could bring him here on Sunday afternoon," Alex said, anticipating what Martin's request would be. "Stainham will be here. We can have a nice little foursome."

"Oh, that would be wonderful! I can't wait to watch you stretching Arrowsmith's boy-hole. You might need to gag him though."

"Are you happy for me to do that?"

"Oh yes, with him I am. He needs to learn to play by the same rules as everyone else."

"Quite so!" Alex said, smiling. "And I'll be more than happy to oblige. I love stretching boys' bottoms, but it'll probably work best if he was fucked a couple of times between now and then."

"Well, I'll be seeing him tomorrow, and on Saturday I'm taking him to John Franklyn's place. John will fuck him, of course, but he's no bigger than I am. I think Arrowsmith might need more than one session with you before he's ready to meet Gordon."

"Well, I guess you could bring him back the following Saturday," Alex suggested. "Whitney and I can take turns on him. But the weekend after that, we would like to see Jessop again. I know Whitney's very keen for that to happen. So am I, for that matter."

"Oh, that will be no problem!" Martin assured him. "Jessop definitely wants to meet you two again."

"You mentioned John Franklyn," Alex queried. "That's Mr Green, isn't it?"

"Yes, that's right. On Saturday, we'll be meeting his youngest boy, Heath. He's too passive for my liking, but very fuckable."

"Whitney and I are going to visit Gordon and that delightful ruffian Southcott."

"By the way," Martin enquired, "did you see anything of Holdsworth during the holidays? I know you do sometimes."

"Yes, he came over a couple of weeks ago, along with Whitney and Taylor."

"Gordon says he can cum now."

"He certainly can! I got quite a surprise. He didn't look any different till he got his underpants off. But down there, he's definitely not a little boy anymore. I couldn't believe how much he's grown."

"Wonderful! I love little boys with big cocks!"

"So do I. I can see Holdsworth's popularity going right back up again, especially when it comes to fucking the next set of boys. I think he'll do a super job on this new lad you're working on. I'm really looking forward to meeting him when the time comes."

"Ah, you mean Long. As soon as he's ready, you'll be the first of my friends to meet him. When d'you think you might find another boy?"

"It's still very early days," Alex told him. "Remember, I've only just met them. But I took football training this afternoon. I've got some very nice material to work with."

The lounge door opened and Noel appeared.

"Right! We'd better be going," Martin said, getting to his feet.

"It's been a pleasure," Alex responded. "I'll see you at the same time next week."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Sauntering into Mr Faulkner's classroom, Michael sat down next to his teacher.

"Taylor's family are moving out of the area," he said quietly.

"Really?" Alex queried. "When did you find that out?"

"He came round on Monday afternoon. He was really upset about it."

"I can imagine. Where are they moving to?"

"Somewhere near Birmingham. His dad says there are more opportunities there. And they're buying their own house."

"They live in a council house at the moment, don't they?" Alex asked.

"Yes sir."

"So they will have had to save for a deposit, which explains why they've had no money to spend on the boys."

"Yes sir, that's what he said."

"So when are they leaving?"

"The end of this month, as soon as the house is ready."

"I see. And what are your feelings about it?"

"I'll miss him," Michael said. "He's become a really good friend."

"Interesting! I thought you might be glad to see him go. It'll mean you won't have to compete with him for Newton's affections."

"Sir, that's a horrible thing to say," Michael protested. "I'm not like that."

"Fair comment," Alex said, smiling. "Does Newton know yet?"

"No. I asked Taylor if he wanted me to tell him, but he said he'd rather Newton heard it from him. They'll see each other at the weekend."

"For more al fresco sex, no doubt."

"Yes sir, as long as the weather's dry. Sir, what are we doing on Saturday?"

"I've arranged for us to go to Mr Smith's establishment," Alex told him. "That ruffian Southcott's going to be there."

"Oh, that's super, isn't it sir? I bet you're looking forward to it already."

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Alex quipped. He lowered his voice. "What I'm looking forward to right now is taking you into my storeroom and giving you a good, hard fucking."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Having said their goodbyes to Southcott and Mr Smith, Alex and Michael got into the car and headed out of the cathedral close. They were both in excellent spirits. Sex with the wild, risk-taking eleven-year old had been every bit as exhilarating as it had been before the summer holidays. After the two boys had had sex, Alex had spanked Southcott before fucking the lad senseless, while at the same time Michael had been soundly fucked by Mr Smith. If there was a more enjoyable way for them to spend a Saturday afternoon, they couldn't think of one.

"When Taylor moves away," Alex said quietly, "it will give you an opportunity to build more of a relationship with Newton."

"Yes sir, I suppose so. But he'll want me to stop, you know, doing this."

"Yes," Alex agreed. "He probably will if you want to keep hold of him for any length of time."

"I don't know sir," Michael responded. "I like things the way they are."

"Well, you should at least think about it. Friends like Newton don't grow on trees."

"But how's he going to find someone else, sir? He only met Taylor because I introduced them. I won't be doing that again!"

"Well, you can be reasonably certain that he won't go looking for it," Alex said soothingly. "He's definitely too shy for that. But that's not to say it won't come looking for him, which seems to be what happened when he was down in Cornwall."

"So what would you do if I stopped going with you?" Michael demanded. "If you're seeing Mr Smith or Mr Brown, you have to have a boy with you."

"But that's not your problem, is it? You've got to do what's right for you. I'm not saying it's easy. You'll have some difficult choices to make. But at least you ought to think about it. What I don't want is for you to carry on as you have been, only to be terribly upset when Newton goes off with someone else."

Michael couldn't take it in. Things were going just as he wanted them to. He didn't want to change a thing. And once Jez left, he and Chris would be back to where they were before the summer holiday. Chris might like the idea of going with another boy, but he did nothing outside school. So how could he possibly meet one?

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At half past two the following day, Alex picked up Stainham from the Kings Head.

"Good to see you sir!" the lad greeted, settling himself into the car. "Is someone coming to visit, or will it just be us?"

"Mr Brown's coming over," Alex told him. "He'll be bringing a new boy with him, Arrowsmith. I've not met him before. He's the same age as Whitney and I understand he likes to fuck. I assume you're happy with that."

"Oh yes sir, as long as he's not rough. Will Mr Brown want to fuck me afterwards?"

"Of course!"

"Good! I like doing it with him. He's super!"

"Yes, I thought you'd be pleased. Now listen carefully. When Mr Brown's finished, I want you to take your clothes to the bathroom. Get cleaned up and dressed. Then wait for us in the lounge.

There was an awkward pause while Stainham weighed up whether to ask for an explanation.

"Okay, sir," he said finally, having decided not to.

"Good lad," Alex said approvingly.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Alex was massaging Stainham's feet when the doorbell rang.

"Trot into the lounge, there's a good boy," Alex instructed.

He went to open the front door. Martin was standing outside accompanied by his latest recruit. Alex was immediately taken by Arrowsmith's appearance. Standing almost exactly five feet tall, the lad was topped by an unruly mop of almost black curls, which contrasted sharply with his very pale skin and blue-grey eyes. He also had a nice, well-proportioned face, with a fine, perfectly straight nose. It was an intelligent face, but with more than a hint of the rebel about it.

The boy's grey school shorts were almost knee length, much longer than Alex liked to see, but they were a very snug fit, and in a strange way they looked right on him. Though not exactly pretty, Arrowsmith had a cuteness all of his own.

"Come in," he said warmly, shepherding them into the flat.

He led the way to the lounge. Stainham stood up to meet their guests.

"Stainham, this is Arrowsmith," Alex introduced.

"Good to meet you," Stainham said, extending a hand. "And good to see you again, sir!" he went on, turning to Mr Brown.

"Yeah, hi," Arrowsmith replied casually, looking uncertain whether he should accept the proffered handshake.

"Can I get you both a drink?" Alex asked.

"Tea please," Martin said.

"Tea for me as well," Arrowsmith added, omitting to say please.

Alex let it go and hurried into the kitchen. Arrowsmith was somewhat uncouth, he noted, nothing like most of the boys he'd met. Over the next ten minutes, they drank tea and talked about this and that. Finally, they moved into the bedroom.

Alex sat on the chair by his desk, gesturing for Arrowsmith to stand in front of him. He began to undress the lad, noting how nervous and twitchy the boy was. He removed the youngster's shorts. There wasn't the slightest sign of him having an erection. It didn't matter, Alex told himself. Arrowsmith liked to fuck younger boys, and that made him fair game.

He pulled down the boy's underpants, Arrowsmith casually kicking them off. Alex licked his lips, admiring the lad's slim, porcelain-white thighs. Arrowsmith's penis was uncut, but his foreskin was short, his pee-hole clearly visible even though he was completely soft. Alex leaned forwards, taking it into his mouth. He sucked it eagerly, his head twisting this way and that.

His ministrations had the desired effect. In less than half a minute, the boy was fully aroused. Alex let him go. At around four and a half inches, Arrowsmith's cock was noticeably shorter than Whitney's, but of equal thickness, with a few small pubic hairs just beginning to sprout. It suited him perfectly.

"That's better!" Alex said, looking up.

"Sir," Arrowsmith acknowledged.

Alex stood up, placing the boy's hand on his own erect member.

"Take it out," he said quietly.

Arrowsmith cursorily undid the man's fly-buttons, reaching inside to extricate the man's penis.

"Jesus!" he swore. "It's huge!"

Alex resisted the temptation to tell the boy where it was going to go. There'd be time for that later.

"Suck it," he said simply.

Arrowsmith got onto his knees. Placing thumb and index finger around the base, he licked the shiny head before carefully going down on it. Finally, he began to suck.

"Very good!" Alex breathed, running his fingers through the lad's tangle of curls. "Yes, that's very nice!"

In fact, it was almost too nice. He glanced across. Stainham was kneeling in front of Mr Brown, his mouth working overtime on the young choirmaster's dick."

"Mr Brown," Alex announced. "I think it's time these boys got to know each other."

Martin, delighting in the sensations the teenager was giving him, would have preferred to carry on a little longer, but, as etiquette demanded, he complied immediately. While their teachers sat down to watch, the two boys got onto the bed, their bodies mashed together. Stainham tried to draw Arrowsmith into a kiss, but the younger lad pushed him away.

"I don't do that," he said sharply. "It's girly." He paused for a second. "When we arrived," he went on, "you'd already got your shoes and socks off."

"Oh yes," Stainham said, grinning. "Mr White was massaging my feet."

"Your feet? Why?"

"I'm a dancer. Sometimes my feet ache. A massage really helps."

"Oh," Arrowsmith said, clearly uninterested. "Mr Brown says you like being fucked."


"Good, because I like fucking."

"Okay, but there's no rush. Let's suck each other first. You do that, don't you?"

The boys moved into a sixty-nine. Arrowsmith wrapped his hands around Stainham's bum, his index finger quickly locating the teenager's anus. Sitting on his desk chair, Alex studied the scene. It was as clear as daylight that the only thing on the curly-haired boy's mind was fucking his spunk into the fourteen-year old's bottom.

Finally, they were ready, Stainham smearing K-Y over the younger lad's prick.

"Can I have you lying face-down?" Arrowsmith asked.

Stainham shook his head. "They can't see very much if we do it like that," he explained. "I'll get on all fours. Do you want to do it standing up or kneeling on the bed?"

"Kneeling on the bed."

Stainham quickly got himself into the classic Z-shape close to the top of the bed, his knees well forward, bum pushed back, head and shoulders down low. Arrowsmith moved in behind. Within a couple of seconds, he was fucking the lad like it was going out of fashion. Alex smiled. Martin's new recruit was no expert, but there was no doubt that the lad loved to fuck.

Inevitably, it didn't last very long. Feeling his orgasm beginning to build, Arrowsmith buried his penis deep in the older boy's bottom. A moment later his body convulsed wildly, his breathing shallow and irregular. His cock jerked with a life of its own, little jets of boy-juice squirting into Stainham's rectum.

Finally, he pulled out. As he got his breathing under control, he looked around. Mr Brown and Mr White were both naked. Mr White smiled and nodded at him. Arrowsmith knew what it meant. He'd done it before, just the previous day. Only this was different. Mr Green's cock had been no bigger than Mr Brown's. It had hurt a little when it first entered him. After that it had been okay. He still wasn't happy with the idea of being fucked, but he was in no position to argue. In any case, the little kid Heath had been a super fuck. It was quid pro quo.

Today, the prospect was much more daunting. Oh, Stainham had been a very nice fuck, especially as he was both older and slightly taller, but Mr White's penis was way bigger than anything he'd taken before. It would hurt like hell when that went up him. But he didn't have a choice. Reluctantly he went across to his host, sitting across the man's lap.

"So what are we doing?" he asked.

"Well, first of all, we're going to watch Mr Brown have his way with Stainham." Alex told him.

"Then what?" Arrowsmith demanded. "I can't take this up my bum," he said, running his fingers along Mr White's erect penis. "It'll kill me."

"No it won't," Alex said calmly. "I understand that yesterday you visited Mr Green, and while you were there, you fucked a younger boy called Heath."

"Yes sir."

"And you enjoyed that, didn't you?"

"Yes sir."

"And what happened afterwards?"

"Mr Green fucked me while Mr Brown fucked Heath."

"And how was that, for you I mean?"

"Okay. It hurt a bit when it went in. But his cock's not very big, nothing like what you've got."

"You make me sound like I'm exceptional, which I'm certainly not. I'm a good average, nothing more. Just now, you fucked Stainham. I'm guessing you enjoyed that too. It certainly looked like you did."

"Yes sir."

"Right then. I expect you to keep your end of the bargain. And it won't kill you. It will hurt when it goes in because it's bigger than you're used to. There's no way round it. But if your friend Jessop can take it, which he has, I'm perfectly sure you can. It's all about relaxation. The more you relax, the better it feels. Fighting it just makes it worse."

Arrowsmith didn't answer. Mr White, it seemed, had an answer for everything.

"Let me explain the situation," Alex continued. "Mr Brown has another friend called Mr Smith, who teaches at a school very similar to yours. He has a boy there called Southcott, who's eleven. The harder you fuck him, the better he likes it, so I know that you'll want to meet him. Mr Brown has been with him before and is very keen to do it again. The thing is that Mr Smith's cock is even bigger than mine. You're fortunate that Mr Brown has had the good sense to bring you here so that I can get you ready.

Now I'm going to let you into a secret. The school where Mr Smith teaches is the one I went to as a boy. When I started third year, Mr Smith began to take a special interest in me. I'm sure you understand what I mean. He didn't take my cherry. He introduced me to an older boy who did that, in just the same way that Mr Brown got King to take yours. It was actually several months before Mr Smith fucked me, but I was still only eleven, so I know all about having a big cock inside me. And it did hurt the first few times, quite a bit, actually. I got used to it. It's as simple as that. And having got used to it, I started to enjoy it. And so will you if you just relax and stop fighting it. Of course, by the time I was your age, I could cum, just like you can. Mr Smith had a couple of younger boys, and most of the time, I was the one doing the fucking. I only got fucked when one of his friends came to visit."

Arrowsmith was dumfounded. Intelligent though he was, he hadn't put together how it all worked.

"So was that how Mr Brown started?" he asked.

"More or less."

"Jesus! I had no idea."

But it was starting to make sense. With King about to leave, Mr Brown had needed an older boy that he could take with him when he was going to fuck one of these younger kids. So when he'd been caught fucking Jessop's arse, he'd been drawn into the net, tempted by the promise of more willing younger lads for him to fuck.

He'd known from the start that he'd have to take Mr Brown's cock, but he could deal with that. He knew the man wasn't very big. He hadn't reckoned on being taken to meet men like Mr White and Mr Smith. Now there was no way out.

"So have you got a younger boy, sir?" he asked.

"Not at the moment," Alex told him. "I teach at a grammar school, so our youngest boys have only just started. I haven't had time to find one yet, but I'm sure I will."

Arrowsmith felt sure he would too. Mr White had that aura of a man who gets what he wants. And the thing that Mr White wanted right at that moment was to fuck him up the bum, and there was nothing he could do to stop him.

"When you've found one, sir, will you let me fuck him?"

"Certainly, as long as I get to fuck you afterwards."

On the bed, things were heading towards their inevitable conclusion. Having coated Mr Brown's penis in K-Y, Stainham lay face down, a pillow under his hips, his legs spread apart. Very carefully, Mr Brown lowered himself into position, his hard cock spearing into the boy's anus.

"I wanted to fuck Stainham like that," Arrowsmith complained, "but he said you wouldn't be able to see very much."

"That's true as far as it goes," Alex said. "The real reason was that he'd have cum while you were fucking him. That's why Mr Brown's put a towel there."

"You mean he was saving himself for Mr Brown?"


Suddenly, Stainham began to shake, his fingers grabbing at the bed.

"Oooh sir!" he squeaked. "I'm going to cum!"

Within a second, his orgasm was upon him, his little jets of spunk soaking the towel.

"Oh yes!" Mr Brown said triumphantly. "Now I'm going to fill your boy-hole!"

He thrust in one last time. His penis jerked violently, his spunk spurting over and over into the teenager's rectum.

Arrowsmith's eyes were out on stalks. Watching Stainham getting fucked was hot! He wished that the previous day, he'd paid more attention when Mr Brown had been fucking Heath. After a few seconds, Mr Brown carefully withdrew and got off the bed. Stainham gathered up his clothes and headed out of the room, a little glob of spunk trickling down his left thigh.

Arrowsmith took a deep breath. The moment of truth was just around the corner. To his surprise, Mr Brown got back onto the bed. He lay on his back, his head right by the foot of the mattress.

"Okay," Alex said quietly. "Stand at the end of the bed."

The lad did as he was told.

"Right, now bend over," Alex continued. "Rest your hands on either side of Mr Brown's chest."

Once again, Arrowsmith complied, now understanding why Mr Brown was lying where he was. Alex knelt down behind, his tongue lapping at the boy's anus and pushing inside. It took Arrowsmith a few seconds to realise what was happening. On the one hand, the idea repulsed him. On the other, it felt wonderful, his penis becoming harder than ever.

After around a minute, the man's tongue was replaced by a well-lubed finger which pushed over that special, sensitive spot deep inside him. That felt good too, Arrowsmith decided. Suddenly, a second finger forced its way in. The boy winced and gulped, barely managing to stay in position.

Alex was surprised by how tight the lad was. Despite having been fucked three times in the past week, Arrowsmith's sphincter muscle was far less forgiving than he'd expected. It was certainly less pliable than a younger boy's would have been.

But there could be no turning back. He had a job to finish. He began to finger-fuck the lad, twisting his fingers around as he pushed them in and out. Finally, he'd done all he could. Allowing his fingers to slide out, he stood up. Having covered his penis with a generous helping of K-Y, he moved in close, guiding it onto its target. He pushed hard. Instinctively, Arrowsmith squirmed away.

"Keep still," Alex snapped, giving the lad a sharp smack on the buttocks. "You'll only make it worse."

He moved back into position. This time he pushed even harder, forcing his cockhead through the lad's anal ring. He was ecstatic, triumphant, feeling as though he'd just won the football pools.

[Back in the postwar era, the football pools, which involved predicting the results of all the professional football matches played each Saturday afternoon, were Britain's biggest gambling game. They were the one opportunity that ordinary people had to win large sums of money. Since 1997, they have largely been replaced by the National Lottery.]

"Yeowww!" Arrowsmith protested, an explosion of pain searing through him. "Please take it out!"

Alex picked up the boy's underpants.

"Bite on these!" he ordered, stuffing them unceremoniously into the twelve-year old's mouth. "Right!" he continued. "I am going to fuck you, just like I said I would. Now relax and enjoy it."

He gradually pushed in deeper, reaming the youngster's sex-tunnel until the lad was fully impaled. He paused, readying himself for the onslaught he was about to launch.

"Oh, yes!" he breathed. "You've got a lovely tight bottom!"

Finally, he set to work, fucking the boy remorselessly. Arrowsmith could hardly believe what was happening. Although he was still in extreme pain, his dick had remained obstinately hard, and twitched involuntarily every time the man's steely prong touched the hard little button deep inside him. Now someone had their fingers wrapped round his cock. They were wanking him off!

He could no longer think about the pain, his second orgasm of the afternoon approaching like an impending train crash. Gasping for air, he bucked violently, his anus clamping tight around the Mr White's invading cock.

"Oh, good boy!" Martin cooed, little drops of Arrowsmith's boy-juice splattering over his chest.

"Now take my spunk," Alex added quietly.

All voluntary movement had stopped. The only thing that Arrowsmith was aware of was Mr White's semen flooding endlessly into his bum. Then that stopped too. A few seconds later, the man's penis slid out, and the gag was removed from his mouth. And with that, reality returned. The burning sensation in his arse was indescribable. Added to that, he was leaking prodigiously. He'd leaked a little on a couple of occasions when Mr Brown had fucked him, but nothing on this scale.

"Sir," he said, determined to hold himself together. "I need the toilet."

Alex accompanied him to the bathroom. Arrowsmith immediately sat on the toilet, the man's spunk rushing out of him.

"Don't worry about wiping your bottom," Alex said gently. "I'm running a bath for you. That'll make it feel much better, I promise."

Having added bubble-bath to the hot water, he returned to the bedroom where Martin was getting dressed.

"Oh, that was wonderful!" the young choirmaster gushed.

"Yeah, beautifully tight, exactly how I like them," Alex said smiling. "I've just run a bath for him. At the moment, his bottom's very sore. I suggest you go in there and make a fuss of him. Tell him how well he did, how brave he was. Make him feel good about it."

"Yes, good idea!" Martin said. "So you enjoyed it then?"

"Of course I enjoyed it!" Alex whispered. "I told you, I love stretching boys' bottoms."

As Martin hurried off to the bathroom, Alex got dressed and strolled through to the lounge. Stainham was sitting on the sofa watching television. Alex sat down next to him.

"Arrowsmith didn't want you to fuck him, did he sir?" Stainham suggested.

"He did need a little persuasion," Alex answered obliquely.

"I heard him cry out when you stuck it into him."

"Oh, don't worry about that. I'm just rather bigger than he's used to."

"So did you have to fuck him?"

"Not exactly, but last term Mr Brown caught him fucking one of his younger boys. We have a rule about that. If you want to fuck the younger lads, you need to know what it feels like to be on the receiving end. You should ask Taylor about it if you get the chance. We had to teach him about that one. It's to make sure they don't treat it too casually."

"Jez, I mean Taylor, has always been really nice with me."

"That could be because you didn't meet him until he'd had his lesson," Alex said, smiling. "From what I've been told, he wasn't so considerate before that. The other reason I fucked Arrowsmith is that Mr Brown asked me to. Mr Brown and I have another friend, Mr Smith, who was my choirmaster when I was at prep school. Well, there's a younger boy at the school now that Mr Brown and I like a great deal. When I go there, I take Whitney with me, which works very well. But if Mr Brown is to go there, he'll need to take Arrowsmith with him, the problem being that Mr Smith's cock is even bigger than mine."

"Oh, I see," Stainham said, looking somewhat alarmed. "So you were sort of getting him ready?"

"Exactly!" Alex confirmed, smiling. "Don't worry, I'm not planning to take you there. And don't worry about Arrowsmith either. He'll be fine."

It was almost fifteen minutes before Arrowsmith and Mr Brown appeared in the lounge.

"Would you like a cup of tea?" Alex asked.

Arrowsmith nodded, but didn't speak.

"Don't worry," Alex said, smiling. "Give it a couple of days. You'll be absolutely fine."

He strode into the kitchen.

"He is very sore," Martin said, following him in. "Do you still think we should go ahead with next Saturday?"

"Well, that's up to you," Alex told him. "But if you want some fun and games with young Southcott, he needs to be able to take mine, or Gordon's really will hurt him. It's no use asking him now. Give it a few days. I'm sure you'll be able to talk him round."

"Oh, you're probably right," Martin agreed. "We'll discuss it when I see you on Wednesday."