by Pink Panther

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November 1960

It was Friday afternoon and school was finally over for the week. Having dismissed his final class, Alex pottered around for a couple of minutes before making his way to the pavilion. As usual on a Friday afternoon, the place was deserted. He opened the first changing room on the left, the one the under-12 football team always used. After going inside, he sat on one of the benches.

If it had been left to him, he'd have waited until after football training the following week. Pennington, however, had wanted to meet him sooner than that. Friday after school was the only time he had available. Even then, he wasn't sure it was a good idea, but as soon as he'd mentioned it, Pennington had jumped at the chance.

As he waited for the boy to arrive, Alex was concerned that the lad might still be sore from the fucking he'd been given two days earlier, and wouldn't show up. But it wouldn't be too much of a loss, he reckoned. The next afternoon, he'd be entertaining Whitney, with Mr Brown and Jessop due to visit, and on the Sunday, he'd continue his seduction of Bradshaw. He'd see Pennington again the following Wednesday after football training, just as he'd originally intended. But while he was lost in thought, the door opened and the boy appeared.

"Hello, sir!" Pennington greeted. "Sorry I'm a bit late. I accidentally waited around a bit longer than you said."

"That's okay," Alex said, patting the bench next to him. "Come and sit here. So how are you?" he added, as the lad sat down next to him.

"Okay, thanks sir."

"How's your bottom?" Alex enquired, stroking the youngster's thigh. "Is it still sore?"

"A little bit sir." He paused. "Sir," he went on. "Are you going to fuck me again?"

"Is that what you want me to do?"

"Yes sir. I just can't stop thinking about how exciting it was."

"Oh, I see!" Alex said, running his hand over the hard bulge at the front of the lad's shorts. "Hmmm! It seems you're more than ready for it. Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint you. Stand up then!"

Pennington got to his feet, moving around to stand in front of his football coach. Alex quickly opened the clip at the top of the boy's shorts and pulled down the zip. As they stayed in place, he gave them a little tug, causing them to fall to the floor. The lad immediately pulled up his shirt.

"Good boy," Alex purred, sliding his hand up the leg of the twelve-year old's underpants. "Oooh! You are very hard!"

Removing his hand, he quickly pushed the skimpy garment down the youngster's legs. He caught his breath. Pennington was stunningly beautiful. He'd have loved to share the lad, with Martin (Mr Brown) in particular.

He couldn't imagine anything more erotic than watching the chestnut-haired boy being fucked by the young choirmaster, and he was sure that Pennington would be more than willing. But for the moment, his other commitments precluded it. Until Whitney could be persuaded to focus his attention on Newton, introducing Pennington to his other teacher friends would have to wait.

Leaning forwards, Alex sucked steadily on the twelve-year old's penis, slipping his hand between the youngster's thighs to tickle his perineum.

"Oooh, sir!" Pennington breathed.

"Your turn now," Alex said, looking up. "You know what to do."

Pennington knelt on the floor. Quickly undoing his teacher's fly-buttons, he reached inside and withdrew the man's cock. He held it around the base. After licking his lips, he took it into his mouth. He began to suck, gradually pushing down deeper until he'd got at least half of it.

"Oh, that's excellent!" Alex congratulated, running his fingers through the boy's hair. "You'd better stop now. I don't want to cum yet."

Pennington obeyed immediately, looking up expectantly.

"Okay, bend over and rest your hands on the bench," Alex instructed, getting to his feet.

"Aren't you going to get me naked, sir?"

"Not today. I think it's rather sexy to have you as you are."

Pennington positioned himself over the bench, just as he'd done two days earlier. Alex knelt down behind. Parting the lad's bum-cheeks, he began to lick the boy's anus.

"Oooh, sir!" Pennington gurgled, his pleasure all too obvious.

"You like that, don't you?" Alex said, more as a statement than a question.

"Oh, yes sir!"

Alex resumed his ministrations, working the tip of his tongue right inside. After a couple of minutes, he withdrew. In its place, he inserted a well-lubed index finger. After working it in and out for a minute or so, he pushed in his middle finger too. Pennington winced slightly, but didn't protest. Twisting his fingers around to open up the twelve-year old's anus, Alex allowed himself a smile. The lad really did want to be fucked, and he was not about to disappoint him. Judging the boy to be ready, he got to his feet.

"Okay, stand up for a moment," he instructed.

Pennington stood upright, turning towards him. The boy looked puzzled.

"D'you know what to do with this?" Alex asked, indicating the tube of K-Y.

"I think so, sir."

Taking the lad's hand, Alex squeezed some lube onto the youngster's fingers. Rather apprehensively, Pennington began to smear it over the man's hard penis.

"Don't be nervous," Alex said, smiling. "It won't bite!"

Pennington grinned, and quickly finished coating his teacher's cock.

"Okay, back as you were," Alex told him.

Pennington bent over, his feet shoulder-width apart. As before, he rested his hands on the bench. Alex moved in close, reaching forwards to push up the lad's shirt and sweater. He took a moment to admire his prize. With his shorts and pants down around his ankles, and his shirt and sweater up around his armpits, the boy could not have looked any sexier, or any more submissive. He guided his glistening cock onto the youngster's rosebud entrance. Pushing as hard as he could, he forced it into the lad's anus.

"Ooooh!" Pennington gasped, clearly in considerable pain. "Ohhh! Ohhhh!"

"Just relax," Alex urged, repeating his mantra of two days earlier. "You know you can do it."

Holding Pennington firmly around the thighs, he pulled the boy onto him.

"Ohhhh!" Pennington groaned again, the intense pain making him light-headed.

"Good boy!" Alex breathed. "You like having my cock inside you, don't you?"

"Yes sir."

"So what d'you want now?"

"You know, sir."

"So tell me. I want to hear you say it."

"I want you to fuck me, sir. I want to feel you spunking in my bum."

"And so you shall," Alex assured him.

He set to work, fucking the lad with long, powerful thrusts.

"Nnng!" he grunted on each inward thrust.

"Ohhh!" Pennington whimpered in response.

As this was his fourth fuck in three days, Alex knew that it would take him considerably longer to cum than it had the previous time that he's penetrated the lad. It wasn't a matter of any great concern. He'd give the boy a long, hard fucking, which was clearly what he needed.

Very gradually, the sounds the lad was making altered, just as they had the last time. The pain had somehow ebbed away, to be replaced by intensely pleasurable sensations as Mr Faulkner's penis stimulated that hard, sensitive spot deep inside him, making his boy-prong tingle like crazy.

"Oh sir!" he begged. "Play with my cock! Please, sir!"

"Not yet," Alex responded, aware that his own orgasm was still some way off.

He pressed on, pounding the lad relentlessly, Penningtons's little squeaks and moans like music to his ears. The minutes ticked slowly past. Finally, he felt his orgasm beginning to build. He might have taken hold of the youngster's prick, as the lad had requested, but he hesitated and the opportunity was gone. Instinctively tightening his grip on the lad's thighs, Alex plunged in as deep as he could.

"Oh yes!" he gasped. "Here it cums! Now take my spunk!"

His cock jerked into action, several volleys of cum spurting into the twelve-year old's rectum.

"Oh sir!" Pennington moaned. "I can feel it! You're spunking in my bum!"

Within seconds it was over. Alex paused, basking in a warm afterglow. Not only was Pennington as beautiful a specimen of boyhood as he could wish to see, he was exquisitely tight. But beyond that, the lad possessed that magical combination of eagerness and inexperience that made him the most wonderful fuck. Sex with a boy could hardly get any better. Alex had only one concern. Although he'd cum a considerable amount, it was far less than he'd given the lad two days earlier. Would Pennington know why that was? It didn't matter, he decided. It was done now. It couldn't be helped if the lad realised that he'd been giving other boys the same treatment. Very carefully, he withdrew.

"Stand up and turn around," he ordered.

Pennington stood upright, pleased to find that although his bum felt very messy, the spunk was not running out of him the way it had the last time he'd been fucked. He turned around to find Mr Faulkner kneeling open-mouthed in front of him. He grinned. He knew what the man wanted and was more than happy to provide it.

He pushed his throbbing dick between the man's waiting lips. Instinctively, he began to fuck. It was over in a matter of seconds, his little drops of boy-juice squirting onto his football coach's tongue. Very gingerly, he eased himself away.

"Was I a good boy, sir?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," Alex confirmed. "You were excellent. Did you enjoy it? It seemed like you did."

"Oh, yes, sir. It was super! I loved that you made it last so long."

Without further hesitation, Pennington bent down, quickly pulling up his underpants and grey school shorts.

"Aren't you going to go to the toilet?" Alex enquired.

"No sir. I like having your spunk inside me. I want to keep it there till I get home. And you didn't shoot as much as you did on Wednesday, so I don't actually have to go."

"Fair enough," Alex conceded. "I'll see you after training next Wednesday."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

Stark naked, Alex sat back in his armchair, his eyes focussed on the action unfolding on the bed. Kneeling in front of him, eleven-year old Jessop was expertly sucking his cock.

"Mmmmm!" Alex purred, gently stroking the lad's thick, dark hair. "That's wonderful!"

On the bed, things were about to get serious.

"Okay," Alex said quietly. "You can stop now. Come and sit on my lap."

Allowing his host's penis to slide out of his mouth, Jessop got to his feet and seated himself across the man's thighs.

"Whitney's cock is really long now, isn't it sir?" he suggested, absently stroking Mr White's rampant member.

"Yes, it is," Alex confirmed. "Did you like having it inside you? It looked like you did."

"Yes, sir. It felt super. He cums quite a lot now, doesn't he?"

Alex didn't answer; he had something else to concentrate on. As they watched, Whitney lay face-down on the bed, a pillow under his hips, his legs spread apart. Jessop's mentor lowered himself into position, guiding his hard cock onto the teenager's anus. He impaled the lad with a single thrust. Alex licked his lips. When he wasn't doing it himself, he loved to watch a boy being fucked.

"Are you going to have me like that, sir?" Jessop enquired, grinning.

"Is that what you want? I thought you found it rather painful."

"Oh, it was the first time, but I'm used to it now, and it is very exciting. I love it when Mr Brown does me like that."

"Really? So when was the last time that happened?"

"Early yesterday morning, sir, before I went back to my dorm."

"Lucky boy! I'll be more than happy to fuck you from on top if that's what you want."

"Yes sir." He paused. "Sir, Arrowsmith says that next week he's going to take Long's cherry."

"Hmmm! You're not jealous, are you?"

"Oh, no sir! I mean, it's about time he did it. And he's promised I'll still be getting plenty. Mr Brown says that as soon as I can shoot my spunk, I'll be able to fuck Long too."

"Excellent!" Alex said, his eyes still riveted to the action.

On the bed, Mr Brown was giving Whitney a thorough pounding. For his part, Whitney was moaning with pleasure, the young choirmaster's penis thrusting repeatedly over his sex-button. Had he not deposited his spunk in Jessop's bottom just fifteen minutes earlier, he'd have cum all over the pillow.

Alex grinned. The lad was not to know, but Jessop would be his fifth fuck in four days, so it wouldn't be the sort of quick, explosive fuck that the youngster was used to. He'd give the boy a long, hard reaming, just as he had with Pennington the day before. It would take at least five minutes, maybe longer. And he'd be doing it in his favourite position. That was simply the icing on the cake.

Would Jessop have volunteered to take it in that position had he know how long it was going to last? Maybe he would; maybe he wouldn't. It really didn't matter. The boy had said that it was what he wanted, and so it was what he was going to get. Across on the bed, Mr Brown's breathing had become harsh and laboured.

"Oh yes!" he groaned. "You're ready for this, aren't you, Whitney?"

"Oh, yes sir," Michael responded. "Give me your spunk!"

He was not disappointed. In the next instant, the choirmaster's penis was buried deep inside him, the man's warm, creamy spunk spurting into his rectum. It was perfect. If he had to pick just one person to fuck him, that person would have been Mr Brown.

After a suitable pause, the choirmaster withdrew. As he and Whitney vacated the bed, Jessop lay down where Whitney had been. Alex knelt between the youngster's legs, quickly coating his stiff rod with K-Y. Putting the tube to one side, he lowered himself into position. A moment later, his cock carelessly stretched the lad's anal ring.

Jessop gritted his teeth and screwed up his eyes, determined not to cry out. He'd asked for this, but the stabbing pain was making him feel dizzy. There was no pause, no opportunity for him to get used to it, Mr White's hard pole advancing remorselessly into his rectum. In a matter of seconds, his host was right on top of him, the man's weight pinning him to the bed.

Then it began, the relentless, metronomic fucking. Despite the continuing pain, the tingling in his penis became more intense with every thrust. Suddenly, he could hardly breathe. He began to thrash around on the bed, his body convulsed with involuntary spasms. As the tingling became almost unbearable, his boy-cock jerked into life, swelling and pulsing against the pillow in the wildest boygasm of his young life.

He'd expected Mr White to cum immediately afterwards. That's what had happened on the previous occasions that the man had fucked him. But on this occasion, the man simply carried on as though nothing had happened. As one minute followed another, his slim prong began to tingle again.

From his vantage point sitting on Mr Brown's lap, Michael was fascinated, his eyes glued to the sight of his form master's cock thrusting in and out of the eleven-year old's anus. He'd never seen the man give any boy the sort of pounding that Jessop was getting. The lad's bum was going to be very sore afterwards.

He was puzzled too. Why hadn't the man cum? Mr White usually came within a minute of starting to fuck. And if the boy came while he was being fucked, the man invariably followed within a few seconds. But today he hadn't. After several minutes, he was still going.

Although the tingling in Jessop's penis built much more slowly than it had the first time, the end result was never in doubt. Once again, his breathing became shallow and uneven, his muscles overtaken by strange forces he couldn't even guess at. And for the second time in a matter of minutes, his little fuck-stick sprang into life. But on this occasion, he got a reaction.

"Oh, you sexy boy!" Alex growled. "That's your second one! Now take what I've got for you!"

"Oh, yes sir!" Jessop squeaked. "Fill me up! Please sir!"

A moment later, Mr White's semen spurted into his bottom. For several seconds, they lay as they were. Regaining his composure, Alex withdrew. Michael watched intently as Jessop got off the bed. The lad wasn't leaking. He always leaked after Mr White had fucked him. There was only one explanation. His form master must have fucked another boy the previous day.

It was an unpleasant shock. Mr White had claimed that he wasn't looking for a first-year boy. But whether he'd been looking or not, he'd obviously found one. Maybe he'd fucked the same lad on the Wednesday too, Michael speculated. That would explain why he hadn't been quite on his best form when they'd met on Thursday. Although he'd seen it coming, he was bitterly disappointed.

"Okay," Alex instructed. "You boys get yourselves into the bathroom. You know where it is."

Jessop waddled a little awkwardly out of the room, Michael following sullenly behind. Alex sat on the chair by his desk, waiting until the boys were safely out of earshot.

"Jessop told me that Arrowsmith is about to take Long's cherry," he said, smiling at his choirmaster friend.

"Yes, probably on Monday," Martin responded. "I'm hoping that by Friday he'll be ready for me. If all goes to plan, the next time I come here, I'll bring him to see you. So how are you getting on with Bradshaw?"

"Oh, very well," Alex said guardedly. "We're not far away."

"Hmmm! I thought the way you performed today, you might have fucked him already."

"Oh, just recently I've been working my socks off," Alex said. "I guess it's taken its toll."

"Yes. I'm sure Whitney noticed."

It was not what Alex wanted to hear. He'd have to deal with it sooner or later, but this was not the time. He'd have to hope that Whitney would accept the same explanation that he'd just given to Martin.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The explanation, which Whitney had grudgingly accepted, was not without foundation. Although Alex's recent sexual activities had been rather more than he was used to, having just turned twenty-four, he would have expected to perform them rather more easily than he had. But the fact was that in preparing his classes for the pre-Christmas exams, he had been working extremely hard, especially with his Fifth-Year group who would be facing their mock O-level exam.

It hadn't helped that on Saturday morning, the under-12 football team had had an away match some fifteen miles from Woodchurch. It had finished later than he'd expected, and he'd had to rush back to make sure that he was ready for his visitors. Individually, these were little things, but the little things had mounted up.

And with the exams just over a week away, his life wasn't about to get any easier. How was he going to cope with it all? Were Whitney to conclude that his best option was to build a proper relationship with the delightful Newton, the problem would be largely solved, but there'd been no sign that that was about to happen. Whitney liked having sex with the younger boys and seemed more than a little reluctant to give it up.

Part of Alex's problem was that when he was on form, he ejaculated prodigiously. It then took him at least twenty-four hours before he was next able to perform properly, while men who produced more modest amounts of spunk were able to recover much faster. With that in mind, the one step that Alex decided he should take was to stop having sex with Noel. The boy would be disappointed, but he needed to keep Pennington happy, and it was quite clear that he couldn't do both.

Following an excellent night's sleep and a relaxed Sunday morning, Alex was feeling much better. By lunchtime, he was more than ready to welcome Bradshaw to his flat. But that wasn't merely a physical thing. Just working with the lad was invigorating. To have connected with the boy as strongly as he had was way beyond what he'd ever expected. In a very real sense, Bradshaw was his protégé, and that was special indeed.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was half past two. Alex and Bradshaw were ensconced in the flat, solving quadratic equations. Bradshaw's energy and enthusiasm were remarkable, Alex noted. This was a boy who never did anything by halves. And the lad's capacity to grasp the ideas behind the methods they were using was quite extraordinary.

After forty minutes, the class was over. Alex was exhausted and elated in equal measure. He felt as though he had just driven a leg of the Monte Carlo rally, pushing to the limits of what was possible while endeavouring not to fall off the road. Now it was time for them to relax.

Alex began as he always did by stroking the eleven-year old's firm, smooth thighs. The boy simply melted into him. Gently and sensuously they undressed each other. They moved onto the bed. Alex continued his ministrations, massaging Bradshaw's slim, wiry back, and running his hands over the lad's small, firm buttocks.

Quite spontaneously, they began to kiss, each tongue exploring the other's mouth. Alex thought he was the luckiest man alive. After a few minutes, they moved effortlessly into a sixty-nine. In just a few short weeks, Bradshaw had developed a wonderful technique. The sensations that Alex was enjoying were simply exquisite.

Sliding his hand between Bradshaw's thighs, Alex inserted a well-lubed index finger into the boy's anus and steadily pushed it in. He touched the lad's prostate.

"Ohh!" Bradshaw gasped, his penis twitching in his teacher's mouth.

"You like that, don't you?" Alex whispered.

"Oh, yes sir!"

After allowing his finger to slide back a little, Alex jabbed it in again.

"Ohhhh!" Bradshaw repeated.

Sensing his opportunity, Alex retrieved an item from the drawer of the bedside cabinet. He'd bought it on a recent trip to London, not sure when he might get to use it. It wasn't as large as his own appendage, more like those of Holdsworth and Mr Brown.

After coating it with K-Y he pushed it in to the youngster's rosebud entrance. Bradshaw winced, but emitted not a murmur of protest. That was typical of the lad, Alex mused. As his performances on the football pitch demonstrated, the boy was as tough as old boots. Alex pushed it in deeper, driving it over the lad's sex-button.

"Oh, wow!" Bradshaw exploded, his penis jerking even more violently. He paused to catch his breath. "Sir," he asked. "What's that you've put up my bum?"

Alex withdrew it and showed him.

"Sir, it looks like a rubber cock."

"And that's pretty much what it is," Alex said smiling. "It's called a dildo. Did you like it?"

"Yes, sir. It felt super."

Having disengaged from the sixty-nine, they snuggled up again.

"Sir," Bradshaw asked, looking his mentor right in the eye. "Are you going to stick your cock up there?"

"Yes," Alex said calmly, "but not just yet. I need to get you ready first." He paused. "If I lent you the dildo, would you be able to hide it so you mum wouldn't find it?"

"Yes sir," Bradshaw said, grinning. "And I'd be able to practise at home, wouldn't I?"

"Bring it with you on Tuesday," Alex instructed. "And make sure nobody else sees it."

Bradshaw grinned and nodded. Snaking around, he took his maths master's penis into his mouth and began to suck. Alex lay back, delighting in the exquisite sensations. He gently stroked the boy's smooth blond hair, reflecting on how lucky he was. Much sooner than he expected, he sensed an impending orgasm.

"You'd better stop now," he warned.

The boy took no notice.

"Bradshaw! I'm going to cum!"

To Alex's amazement, the lad kept going, slurping and swallowing as volley after volley of semen spurted into his mouth. Almost inevitably, he didn't quite catch it all, a little trail of spunk running down his chin. Releasing the man's cock, Bradshaw collected it on his finger and licked it up. Grinning broadly, he snuggled up again.

"You know you didn't have to do that," Alex said gently, stroking the youngster's hair.

"I wanted to," Bradshaw said.

"But you told me you didn't want my spunk in your mouth."

"Oh, I didn't the first time. But then I thought about it. I just knew I wanted to do it. You did like it, didn't you, sir?"

"Of course I did," Alex assured him. "It was wonderful. But what about you? Did you like it?"

"Oh yes, sir; it was really exciting. And it didn't taste bad or anything."

"You're one in a million," Alex said, running his hand down the eleven-year old's back. "Okay, just lie back and get comfortable. Now I'm going to give you those super feelings."

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Tuesday afternoon. The bell had just sounded for the end of school. The previous two days had gone well. With all his classes preparing for the upcoming exams, Alex had done little teaching. He'd given the boys sheets of questions to practice on, spending most of his time helping the weaker boys, while the others actively revised the sort of questions that they would be facing the following week.

On Monday afternoon, he'd taken First Year games. As always, this had been followed by some none too surreptitious boy-watching. With Richard Needham occupying his favoured position close to the showers, Alex had contented himself with his usual task of supervising the changing room used by 1-Blue.

He certainly wasn't complaining. Now that he knew where to look, there were some delightful sights to be had. On this occasion, he'd concentrated his attention on the enigmatic Thorpe. With his short red hair and his face covered in freckles, nobody would have described the lad as pretty. But he had a beautiful little body, and a wonderfully fuckable bottom. Had Alex not already acquired Bradshaw and Pennington, he'd have considered how to go about seducing the redhead. As it was, watching the boy unselfconsciously dry himself before putting on his school uniform was a very enjoyable bonus.

A few minutes after the bell, Bradshaw entered Alex's classroom.

"Good afternoon, sir," he said, smiling broadly.

"Good afternoon," Alex responded. "Good to see you."

They settled down to work. Half an hour later, they were finished.

"Are we going into the storeroom now sir?" Bradshaw asked, looking expectantly at his mentor.

"Is that what you want to do?"

"Yes sir. I've brought the dildo. I've been practising."

"Good. How have you got on?"

"Okay sir. It was a bit awkward at first, but I've got the hang of it now."

"Excellent! And do you like it?"

"Oh, yes sir!"

"Okay, just wait there a moment."

After a cursory inspection of the corridor, Alex returned to his desk.

"Okay, come on," he urged.

Picking up his bag, Bradshaw made his way into the storeroom, his maths teacher following behind. Sitting on the chair, Alex quickly pulled down the lad's shorts and underpants. As Bradshaw tucked up his shirt, Alex took the boy's slim four-inch prong into his mouth. He sucked it lovingly, flicking out his tongue to slash at the lad's balls.

Having coated his index finger with K-Y, he slipped his hand between Bradshaw's thighs. He inserted his finger into the youngster's anus. It slid in easily. Lust took over. Alex began to finger-fuck the lad, and to suck him far more purposefully.

"Ohh!" Bradshaw moaned, scarcely knowing where he was. "Oh, sir!"

Instinctively, he held his teacher's head. A moment later, his penis jerked with a life of its own, jabbing itself repeatedly against the roof of the man's mouth. After a few seconds, Alex gently let him go, his finger sliding out of the lad's bottom. He licked his lips. Bradshaw's orgasm had been dry, but it would surely only be a matter of a few months, maybe even a few weeks, before the youngster produced his first drops of boy-cum. He could hardly wait.

"Sir," Bradshaw asked. "Do you do this with any other boys?"

"Yes," Alex admitted, rather taken aback. "Just one at the moment. He's in Second Year."

"Will I be able to meet him?"

"Yes, but not just yet. You've got exams to concentrate on and so has he. Soon, maybe."

"Okay, sir. Would you like me to suck you off?"

"Is that what you want to do?" Alex enquired.

"Yes sir."

With an appointment to fuck Pennington the following afternoon, Alex hadn't expected to cum during this encounter. But for several reasons, it was an offer that was difficult to turn down. It wasn't a problem. He'd still have plenty to give the other boy.

"Sure?" he enquired.

"Yes sir," Bradshaw repeated.

"Okay," Alex conceded.

He got to his feet. With Bradshaw kneeling in front of him, in a matter of seconds, his cock was engulfed by the eleven-year old's sucking mouth. Alex could hardly believe it. The sensations that the boy was giving him were quite extraordinary. How, in just a few short weeks, had he learned to suck cock like that? It was simply who the lad was. He mastered things in a fraction of the time that most people would take.

"Oh," Alex breathed. "That is so good! Ohhh! I'm going to cum!"

Holding the base of Mr Faulkner's penis between his thumb and his index finger, Bradshaw stuck to his task, expertly swallowing every drop of his teacher's semen. Finally letting the man go, he looked up, licking his lips.

"Oh, that was wonderful!" Alex gushed.

Bradshaw smiled up adoringly at him. The boy was completely captivated, Alex realised, and would do anything that he asked of him.

"On Friday afternoon," he asked as the lad got to his feet. "you don't have to rush off home, do you?"

"No sir."

"Good. I'd like to see you, but not here. Wait for about five minutes after the bell goes, then come to the pavilion, the changing room we use for football training, okay? In the meantime, keep practising."

"Yes sir," Bradshaw said confidently. "I'll do that!"

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Wednesday afternoon. First Year football training had just finished. Alex was pleased. The four first-choice defenders were finally getting used to the idea of playing as a unit. If they could replicate in matches what they had begun to do in training, their results would improve immeasurably.

Back in the changing room, the boys began to strip off. As they headed for the showers, Alex took up his position in the drying area, giving him a perfect view of every boy that emerged. Bradshaw, who was popular with the other boys, was chatting happily with several of his teammates. Although all the boys knew that Mr Faulkner took the lad for special maths classes, they didn't think of him as different. He was just one of them. None of them had the slightest suspicion that the relationship between the young maths master and his star pupil was anything more than it was supposed to be.

Having taken his time removing his football kit, Pennington strolled into the showers, noting that most of the boys had already finished. Without even looking at their coach, he hung up his towel and made his way under the soothing hot water. There were two other boys there, but in less than a minute, they too were gone and he was alone.

By contrast with Bradshaw, Pennington was something of a loner. None of the other boys in the squad had attended the private junior school where he had been. None of them lived near him, and among the lads in the football squad, he didn't seem to have any friends. Whether the lad had friends in his form, 1#Red, Alex had no idea. As the first of the boys began to leave, he headed to the showers.

"Okay," he announced. "I'm turning them off now."

A few minutes later, Pennington reappeared, a towel around his waist, just as the last of the other boys was making his way out. Having locked the door from the inside, Alex sat on the bench directly opposite where Pennington's clothes were.

"Come here," he said quietly.

Removing his towel to expose his semi-hard penis, Pennington turned and stood in front of him. Alex leaned forwards. As his lips closed over it, he felt it stiffen as he sucked it right down to the root. After a few seconds he let it go, licking his lips as he admired it, standing up straight and proud.

"You want me to fuck you again, don't you?" he demanded.

"Yes sir."

"Excellent! Then kneel down and start getting me ready."

Kneeling on the floor, Pennington undid the fly-buttons on Mr Faulkner's rugby shorts. Reaching inside, he fished out the man's hard cock. After licking the large, shiny head, he took it into his mouth, sucking it steadily. Alex stroked the lad's thick, wiry hair, enjoying the pleasurable sensations. They didn't compare with those that Bradshaw had produced, but it didn't matter. Pennington was going to take it up his delightfully rounded bottom, a pleasure which Bradshaw had yet to experience.

"Okay," Alex instructed. "Now bend over and rest your hands on the bench. I want to lick you out."

With Pennington in position, Alex got down behind, his tongue lapping at the boy's rosebud. As the youngster's anus began to dilate, he pushed it in.

"Oh, sir!" Pennington gasped, delighted by the stimulation of the nerve-endings in that most sensitive area.

After a couple more minutes, the tongue moved away to be replaced by the man's greasy index finger. As it pushed in deeper, it touched his prostate, his penis twitching in response.

"I think you're ready for my cock," Alex announced.

"Yes, sir."

"Okay, stand up then."

Alex took out the tube of K-Y, squeezing some onto the twelve-year old's fingers. Pennington carefully smeared it over the man's appendage.

"Right!" Alex said. "Now put your football shorts back on."

Pennington looked at him uncomprehendingly.

"Just do as I said," Alex told him. "You'll see!"

Picking up his shorts, Pennington obediently slipped them back on.

"Good!" Alex said, smiling. "Now back as you were."

Once again, Pennington bent over, his hands resting on the bench, his feet apart. Moving in behind, Alex adjusted the youngster's shorts, lowering them slightly onto the lad's hips. Pulling the right leg to one side, Alex inserted his cock, guiding it onto Pennington's anus. He took a deep breath. Then, with one well-directed thrust, he penetrated the boy.

Pennington gasped. Although it was the third time he'd taken it, it was still a shock.

"That's what you want, isn't it?" Alex cajoled.

"Yes sir."

Pennington swallowed hard as the man's penis advanced deeper and deeper inside him, his boy-prong twitching wildly as it thrust over his sex-gland. Moments later, he'd got it all, Mr Faulkner's pubic bone pressed tight against his bum. It was uncomfortable but exciting, and what was to follow would be more exciting still.

After a brief pause, Mr Faulkner began to fuck him. The pain of entry dissipated much more quickly than it had previously, sensations of sheer pleasure coursing through him. And he understood why he'd been asked to wear his shorts. In addition to his teacher's cock thrusting over his prostate, the coarse cotton fabric rubbing against his penis would be all the stimulation he'd need. The intensity built all too rapidly.

"Oh sir!" he squeaked. "I'm going to cum!"

His prick swelled and pulsed, little jets of boy-juice producing a small wet patch on the front of his shorts.

"Oh, you horny boy!" Alex growled. "You've made a mess in your shorts, haven't you? Well now it's time to have your bottom filled!"

Thrusting in hard and deep, Alex's cock jerked violently, volley after volley of creamy spunk spurting into the twelve-year old's rectum. For a short while, they remained locked together, basking in the afterglow. At last, Alex gently withdrew. Immediately, a large wet patch appeared on the back of Pennington's shorts, the man's spunk running out of him.

"You'd better go to the toilet," Alex told him. "Then rinse your shorts and wrap them in your towel."

The boy obediently padded away. Returning a few minutes later, he began to get dressed.

"I'm sorry I won't be able to see you on Friday," Alex said casually. "I've got a dental appointment after school."

It was a lie, of course. Earlier in the day, he'd given the same excuse to Whitney for missing their customary Thursday assignation. But Friday was to be the day, the day that Bradshaw would lose his cherry. Alex was determined to be in the best shape possible.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

December 1960

Thursday morning, just before lunch, Richard Needham finished his gym class with 1-Red. The boys streamed back into the changing room.

"Into the showers!" he ordered. "No excuses!"

Not wishing to be late for lunch, the boys quickly pulled off their gym shorts and hurried into the showers, their gym master surveying them as they emerged. 1-Red contained none of the precociously developed boys like Beckett whom he particularly admired, but there were some very agreeable sights nonetheless. He turned his attention to Pennington, who was definitely one of the best looking. In no more than a year, the boy would be close to his ideal.

As he watched, the lad bent down to put on his underpants. Mr Needham swallowed hard. The lad's anus was clearly visible and the chafing around it quite unmistakable. The boy had been fucked, very recently, by the look of it.

In one way, it wasn't a complete surprise. Although the boy affected to be interested in sport, in reality, he was soft. What did seem remarkable was that having not seen anything of the sort for more than ten years, he'd now seen it for a second time in a matter of months. But as far as he knew, there was no connection between Pennington and Whitney. So it was just a coincidence.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

It was Friday afternoon. Alex strode purposefully towards the pavilion. Having been focused on preparing the boys for their maths exams, he hadn't given much thought to what he was about to do. The choice of location was probably unnecessary, he mused. Bradshaw was tough, not the type of boy to make a fuss. They could have waited until Sunday and done it at the flat. But the pavilion changing rooms were quiet and safe, and had a toilet immediately available. More than that, they had a certain erotic ambience, as boys' changing rooms invariably did.

Alex had seen his protégé at lunchtime. They hadn't discussed it, but he was sure that the lad knew what was going to happen. It seemed especially appropriate that Bradshaw wasn't going to be deflowered by the slim four or five inches of a somewhat older boy, as Martin and Gordon's new recruits customarily were. This bravest of individuals would lose his cherry to a real man's cock.

Alex entered the deserted building, unlocking the first changing room on the left. Having stepped inside, he closed the door and sat down to wait. After two days abstinence, he was more than ready. It wouldn't last long, of course. Once he'd achieved penetration, he'd fuck the lad hard. Bradshaw warranted nothing less. It would, without doubt, be his most satisfying conquest to date.

It seemed remarkable that in just a few short weeks, he had taken the boy from complete ignorance to the verge of the ultimate experience. And he hadn't rushed matters. It was just the way Bradshaw was. As soon as he'd become accustomed to one experience, he was ready for the next one.

Suddenly he heard movement outside. A moment later, Bradshaw walked in.

"Hi, sir!" he greeted, a big grin on his face.

"Good afternoon," Alex responded, smiling.

After locking the door, Alex ushered the boy to sit down next to him.

"Are you ready?" he whispered.

"Yes sir."

Reaching across, Alex ran his hand over the front of the boy's shorts.

"Yes," he breathed, his fingers lingering on the hard bulge. "You certainly seem to be."

"Sir," Bradshaw asked with obvious excitement. "Are we doing it naked?"

"Would you like that?"

"Yes sir."

"And you want me to be naked too?"

"Yes sir."

"Fair enough!" Alex responded, smiling.

Although less erotic than simply pulling down the lad's shorts and underpants, as he had with Pennington a week earlier, it did have its advantages, Alex reflected, especially in the aftermath. With footwear, jackets and ties removed, they began to undress each other. Within a couple of minutes, they were naked.

Sitting on the bench, Alex studied the boy. He was a nice-looking lad of average height for his age, with ash blond hair, lively blue eyes and a body that was slim almost to the point of being skinny. There was nothing remarkable about him, nothing to suggest how strong he was, or what he was capable of on the football pitch.

Nothing remarkable, except for the youngster's beautifully erect penis, a little smaller than Pennington's but not by much. Alex took it into his mouth, his tongue exploring every square millimetre of its silk-smooth exterior. Releasing it, he looked up.

"Have you been practising?" he asked.

"Yes sir.

"And do you like it?"

"Yes sir. It feels really exciting when it touches . . . you know, that sensitive thingy right inside me. So last night, I slept with it up my bum."

"Really? How did that go?"

"It felt a bit awkward at first, but I fell asleep okay. When I woke up it was still there, so I had one last practice with it. Then I washed it and hid it in my school bag."

Extracting it from its hiding place, he handed it over.

"Good boy!" Alex said, giving the lad an approving smile. "Right! You know what to do."

With Alex still sitting on the bench, Bradshaw got onto his knees. Holding the man's cock around the base, he took it into his mouth and began to suck. Alex was transported to his own personal nirvana, the sensations simply sublime.

"Easy," he cautioned. "I don't want to cum yet."

Understanding that their encounter was to have a different conclusion, Bradshaw let him go. He gave his mentor a knowing grin.

"That was superb!" Alex purred. "Now bend over, feet apart, and rest your hands on the bench.

Bradshaw quickly got into position. Kneeling behind, Alex carefully parted the eleven-year old's buttocks. He smiled. An inexperienced eye would not have seen anything amiss, but to one familiar with such matters, the evidence was there: the boy's anus just fractionally dilated, the area around it a slightly darker shade of pink than normal.

Alex leaned in, lapping at it insistently. The boy's rosebud dilated still further, allowing the tip of his tongue to make its way inside. Bradshaw gurgled with a mixture of pleasure and anticipation. He knew what was coming; knew that it would hurt. He didn't care. It was what he wanted, what Mr Faulkner wanted. He'd have his mentor right inside him, the man's cock thrusting over his sex-gland. It would complete their union in a way that nothing else could. And once he'd got through the pain, it would be the best feeling ever.

Alex pulled away. After coating the dildo in K-Y, he pushed it in, the boy emitting a little squeak of pleasure as it grazed his prostate. Although it slid in quite smoothly, Alex noted, it was very tight. This was not going to be easy, but he hadn't expected that it would be. The lad was smaller than Pennington, his bum firmer and less pliable. Alex began to work the dildo in and out, eliciting more squeaks and gurgles from Bradshaw. Finally, there was no more he could do.

"I think you're ready for the real thing now," he suggested.

"Yes sir."

Gently removing the dildo, Alex moved into position. Having smeared K-Y over his throbbing cock, he guided it onto its target. This was it. He pushed as hard as he could. As instructed, Bradshaw pushed out, as though having a crap. After a second or two, his sphincter relented, allowing his mentor to penetrate him. The explosion of pain as the man's penis stretched his anal ring was like nothing he had ever experienced. He gritted his teeth, determined not to cry.

"Good boy!" Alex said soothingly, holding his position. "Now try to relax. Get used to me being there."

Very slowly, the ring of muscle adapted to his presence. Holding the youngster around the thighs, Alex pushed in deeper, steadily reaming the eleven-year old's virgin tunnel. He thrust over the lad's prostate.

"Ohhh" Bradshaw squeaked, his penis twitching uncontrollably.

Moments later, the man's cock was fully embedded in Bradshaw's cute little bottom. Alex was elated, triumphant, relieved. Bradshaw, this most special boy, still several weeks short of his twelfth birthday, was impaled on his man-sized prong. Now he had to finish it. He set to work. Within seconds, he was fucking the lad remorselessly, ferociously pounding the boy's bottom.

Bradshaw scarcely knew where he was, the pain of entry overtaken by the indescribable feelings of his mentor's cock driving repeatedly over his sex-button, making his penis tingle more intensely than it ever had. The man's fingers wrapped themselves around it and began to wank him. That was all it took. The boy shuddered from head to toe, his muscles wracked by the wildest spasms he'd ever experienced.

"Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!" he squealed.

In the longest, craziest boygasm of his life, his steel-hard spike jerked violently, swelling and pulsing in a desperate effort to pump out the spunk his balls had still to make.

"Oh, good boy!" Alex congratulated, a note of triumph in his voice.

With his cock buried as deep as it would go, Alex deposited volley after volley of semen in Bradshaw's virgin bottom. After a lengthy pause, he slowly pulled out. Fucking a boy was always special, but this had been the most special of all. Nothing else even came close. Just as he'd planned, Bradshaw was his boy now; his boy in the fullest sense possible.

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