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The Longest Weekend

Part 1 – Saturday

How do you know he wouldn't tell anyone?” Avery asked, when Soren hinted at what he might want to do with his own little brother.

Did you ever tell anyone when we started?”

Well, no, but-”

This is the same kinda thing. It's not like I haven't done this before.” The pang of jealousy that Avery felt surprised him – it's not like he and Soren were boyfriends or anything, but the older boy's casual attitude towards fooling around with another boy put a nasty feeling in his chest. Soren was the first and last boy that Avery had been with in the three years they had known each other.

Soren might have noticed Avery's disappointment, since he followed up immediately.

I didn't mean another guy or anything buddy. . .I meant what I did with you,” he laughed. That was reassuring. Again, surprisingly reassuring. Maybe I should talk to him about being actual boyfriends or whatever. None of his friends had real girlfriends, but most kids in his grade were so immature it wasn't surprising. Soren was old, he was in the eleventh grade and almost graduated. Probably a good idea to ask Soren out for a real date before he found someone else.

No, you don't have to worry man. I'm his boss this weekend, and if I let him stay up late and eat ice cream for breakfast he'll do anything we want,” Soren explained as he cleaned up after their latest romp. He put his boxers on afterwards, but Avery remained naked while watching his older friend work.

Avery admired Soren's muscular body during his work. The older boy wasn't exactly tall for his age, but never call him short. . .Avery remembered learning that the hard way. His dirty-blond hair was matted and twisted with sweat, as was Avery's own copper hair. He wore his boxers, but Avery could still see a bulge where his thick member rested. “Wha, what will we do?” Avery asked, “like, with Brody or whatever.” Soren didn't look up from his job while he answered.

Well we'll see, it depends, he might want to do some things or not others or. . .” is he blushing? He was nervous! Avery didn't remember Soren being nervous when they first messed around maybe. . .but then, Avery had been skittish enough for the two of them. It's not likely he wouldn't have noticed something like that.

. . .So we'll have to see,” Soren finished his rambling and finally looked up at Avery. When he saw his friend still naked, he smiled, “what do you want to do with him?” His face had lost most of its redness.

This was your idea, remember? He's your brother,” Avery responded as he started to get dressed. Tried to get dressed anyway; all he could find was his underwear. He slid on his white briefs, resting his small hairless member on the waistband of his undies for a moment, to give Soren a little show, then went about trying to find the rest of his clothes. Soren did this all the time; he liked to see Avery in just his briefs, and so he had a habit of hiding most of the boy's clothes.

He found them easily, since they were only quickly shoved under the bed while Soren was cleaning up. Avery let his lover have his fun. . .and honestly, he preferred being nude or in his underwear anyway. Unfortunately, Soren's family would be home soon, and they had obviously had to hide what they had been doing. Walking around in his 'tighty-whiteys', as Soren called them, would hinder that effort.

How come you never did this before?”

I dunno. He was kinda young before I guess, right? This is perfect, we'll be alone for three days. It'll be like our first time,” he said with a wink. Now, that was an exciting thought.

After dressing, they had time to set up a video game in the living room and pretend that's what they had been doing all day. As Soren's family walked in, Avery tried to get a good look at his brother, Brody. Of course he had seen Brody before; he had even played with him and Soren, they'd gone camping and slept in the same tent. Up until now though, he had never considered the boy in any way other than as a usually annoying littler brother.

That was probably why this was the first time he found himself wondering how it would feel to run his hand up and down Brody's smooth legs, slide off his t-shirt and bare his skinny chest to lick and nibble. . .

Avery shifted one leg over the other to cover up his unfortunately noticeable excitement. This was why he rarely wore anything other than jeans; the shorts today turned out to be a bad choice.

Hey guys, how was the mall?” Soren asked, genuinely curious. He and his mom chatted while he helped his dad and brother put away the groceries. Soren and his parents seemed to be as much friends as they were family. Avery had long ago stopped being jealous of his friend's family; he spent so much time there he felt more at home with Soren's family than his own home. His own mother would rather he spend his time there anyway; sometimes it was an entire day or two before he came home.

. . .You think you got enough food for us?” Soren asked with a smile. The way Soren ate, it was likely that they didn't.

Even if he'll be here the whole time,” his mother replied, nodding towards Avery. Most people would take offence to the words if not the tone, but Avery knew she would prefer him at her house than his own; in the three years he's known Soren his mother definitely came to see Avery as a middle son of her own. Even if he didn't know better, her motherly smile and beaming said all that and more.

No, I promise he'll go home at some point. When are you guys leaving?”
“Gee, thanks son. We love you too. We're leaving as soon as your aunt gets here to give us a ride to the airport. Can I talk to you for a minute?” Soren's mother nodded to Brody and Avery, indicating a desire for privacy. He might be almost family, but sometimes she saw Avery as closer to Brody's age than Soren's. Even though he was, really, but he didn't act it. Usually.

Avery asked Soren's father the usual questions he already knew the answer to about their trip. He found out they were going to New York for a trade show and a miniature vacation. Luckily he didn't have to wait long for Soren's mother to be done telling him. . .something. I'll have to ask later. Soren's father wasn't quite as warm towards Avery as his wife. Brody had picked up the game that Avery and his older bro had been playing during all this, and was off in his own little world.

Soren sat back down on the couch on the other side of Brody and put his arm around the boy's shoulders, with a knowing look and smile at Avery. While his parents were in the kitchen, he asked his brother “are you stoked for our weekend or what, little man?” His favourite way of referring to his brother.

Ya if you let me stay up all night playin' Playstation, duh,” Brody smirked, not taking his eyes off the screen.

He won't be!” Soren's mother's voice cried from the kitchen.

No, I won't. I don't want to get in trouble, duh,” Soren said loudly, but with a wink and smile for his brother. Which he failed to notice. Soren shook his head, but gave the same knowing look to Avery with another wink. Avery smiled back nervously, and made sure to keep his legs crossed. The three boys sat and chatted for a while; Brody gave one word answers while he indulged himself in his game.

It wasn't long before Soren's aunt arrived to drive his parents to the airport. The usual dramatics ensued, hugs were exchanged, goodbyes were almost tearfully said, and it seemed like forever before the door was shut, the car drove away, and they really were alone for three days. In a row. Avery's heart started to race and he noticed he was sweating. This was something he hasn't felt for a long time; it should be an amazing time.

* * * * * *

Man, was Soren glad he wore jeans today. He had never been so anxious for anything in his entire life; not even the first time he messed around with Avery three years ago. This was different; if he messed this up, he won't live it down. This is his brother, after all; he can't just never see the boy again like he could have with Avery. Soren had spent weeks preparing himself mentally; he sure didn't want to chicken out now.

He looked over at his wonderful little boyfriend; at least, that was how he saw Avery. His barely wavy longish copper hair framed a gentle but almost sharp face. His perfect button nose rested on top of a delicate mouth, which was now opened wide and smiling as he encouraged Brody in the game he was playing. The boy was adorable when he got excited about something. He may act mature – a result of having grown up with one neglectful parent, and spending so much time with a boy so much older - but at heart he was still a child. And a young one at that, really.

Soren had an entire long weekend to enjoy and he knew that he didn't want to rush anything with his brother. . .but seeing both boys there and just imagining what he wanted to do was almost too much for him. Getting up, he looked at Avery and nodded towards the kitchen. Avery got the hint, and followed him.

Well well what's the plan?” Avery asked as soon as they sat at the counter. Jesus, this kid was a lot more gung-ho than a couple hours ago. Seeing his shorts, Soren noticed exactly what Avery had in mind.

I, I'm not exactly. . .I haven't decided. . .um. . .maybe we should make it a game with him?”

I don't think he cares about any game besides the one he's playing now.”
“Then he's just going to have to take a break.” Soren came up with an idea, “maybe, if he does something for us, we'll let him play past his normal bedtime,” he said with a wink, “just follow my lead, okay?” Avery nodded, smiling, and followed Soren back into the living room.

Pause your game Brody,” Soren said, “we gotta lay down some rules for this weekend, okay?”

Rules?” Brody said in his high pitched, slightly raspy voice, “what rules?”

The rules that you and me and Avery are gonna follow so we all get along.” Soren knew how much Brody looked up to him. It was obvious in the way that he tried to emulate his older brother. Soren had friends with brothers that were Brody's age who did the same thing, and they were always annoyed by this. Soren never had been, really, and his plan was to exploit it here.

If you follow all the rules, I'll let you do whatever you want all weekend; stay up late, play games all day, eat ice cream for breakfast. . .whatever you want.” Brody's eyes widened more and more as he finally looked up at his older brother, his mouth even dropping open at the end.

Really? Like you really mean whatever I want?” Brody brushed a stray lock of light brown hair out of his bright hazel eyes. Soren hadn't seen him this excited since. . .well, since ever, really.

Almost anything, obviously. But, we have rules.” Soren gave Avery a look. “Rule number one, you have to do anything that me or Avery tells you. Rule number two, you have to agree not to tell mom or dad anything okay?”

Oh. . .uh, okay I guess.” He narrowed his eyes a little at Soren. “Why not?”

Why do you think dummy?” Soren gave his brother an incredulous look. “I'll get in a ton of shit if you tell mom I let you do what you want. I just want an easy time, okay?”

Okay!” He was back to excited again, rising up on his knees on the couch. “So, can I keep playing now?”

First you have to promise. Promise that you'll do whatever we say, and that you won't tell anyone.”

I promise!” Brody almost shouted, jumping to his feet on the couch with a huge smile.

Okay okay okay, calm down, go back to your game,” Soren smiled back. “Avery, I assume you're staying tonight?” Avery nodded excitedly. “Then come help me make dinner.”

As soon as they were out of Brody's eyesight, Soren embraced Avery from behind and held him tight. Breathing in the smell of his sweaty neck, Soren ran his hands down the front of Avery's body down to his crotch feeling exactly how aroused Avery was at the thought of their plans. Without a doubt, he could feel Soren's own hard member pressed against his back

Avery moaned as he turned himself around to press the front of his body against Soren's, and stood on his tiptoes to press his lips against the older boy's. His copper hair fell beside his face and waved behind his head as it tilted back. The sight of Avery stretched up to reach him, his back arched and head tilted to reach Soren's lips was too much for him to refuse. Their lips met and opened as they shared a heavy kiss, tongues seeking each others, hands seeking purchase under clothes, groping for sensitive areas. Avery felt so smooth, there wasn't even a hint of hair near either of Avery's soft, delicate lips. Avery's hand found exactly what he was looking for in the front of Soren's pants and he began to unzip, but not before Soren had a hand down the back of Avery's shorts and sliding them down.

Wait, wait we can't right now,” Soren broke away from Avery, grabbed his hands and held them away, panting and sweating as much as the younger boy. “Save it for later,” he said in between breaths.

I really don't want to stop. . .” Avery took his hands out of Soren's and reached for his pants again, managing to undo the button. Suddenly, his eyes focused behind Soren and he jumped back. Soren's heart leaped into his throat.

He couldn't move until he heard the fridge open behind him. Soren turned around to see Brody bent over, ass sticking out from behind the fridge door.

Wh-” Soren squeaked, trying to catch his breath, “whatcha getting?” He could feel red heat creeping up his cheeks.

Nothin'. Just a pop.” Somehow, he didn't notice anything. “When's dinner?” Thank God he wasn't observant; then again, most kids his age weren't.

The less you bug me the sooner it'll be,” Soren said with only a little sarcasm. Which Brody also failed to notice. “What do you want?”

Whatever I'm just hungry.” Brody started to walk back towards the living room. Before he left, he turned around and looked at Avery, then Soren “What were you guys doing, anyway?”

Whether it was Soren's partially unzipped jeans, Avery's shorts that were halfway down his ass or the two older boys panting and sweating it didn't matter; Really, Brody would have to have been blind not to notice anything.

Soren turned to Avery, who wasn't even looking at either of them anymore.

What are you talking about?” Soren tried to buy some time as he looked back at Brody.

Like, just now you were hugging or something,” Soren heard the hesitation at the 'or' in Brody's voice; he knew something was up, but couldn't place it.

Uh,” Soren laughed nervously, “nothing man. Don't worry about it”

No, tell me! Tell meee!” He looked back and forth between the older boys. Brody hated thinking that he was missing out on something.

I'll tell you later man, okay?”

No you won't! You always say that,” Brody pouted.

I promise I will, okay? Promise. Now go and let us work okay?”

You better.” Brody tried to be menacing as he walked back into the living room. Soren shared a look with his friend, both wide eyed, before bursting into laughter at the same time. They adjusted their clothing and got to work making some food for the three of them.

Are you really gonna tell him?” Avery winked and grinned at Soren.

We won't need to, he'll figure it out before then.”

Soren was very proud of the productivity; they barely delayed at all to kiss or fondle each other. Soren knew it was risky doing anything when Brody could just walk in, again, at any moment. Every time he thought about just that possibility, it only got him more excited. They planned as they worked, trying to brainstorm their ideas on how to convince Brody to play their own games.

* * * * *

As the three boys ate dinner, Avery saw that Soren couldn't take his eyes off of Brody. He had never really tried to be friends with his friend's little brother before, but he definitely tried to now. It surprised him, how easy it was to connect with the boy; he felt closer to Brody now after one dinner's worth of small talk.

So. . .umph. . .” Avery said around a mouthful of spaghetti, “why do you like Street Fighter 5 more than 4?” He swallowed his food as he waited for Brody to answer.

Well it's not that I like it more it's just that. . .” Avery didn't exactly listen to the boy's answer. Between them, he and Soren had hashed out a rough idea of what they wanted to accomplish with Brody; at least in the first night. Soren wanted to be careful not to rush anything or scare Brody, so building up Avery and Brody's friendship, if they could, was their first step.

The best way to do that, in Avery's opinion, was to play to Brody's favourite activity: Videogames. Man, he can talk forever about them. Is this was Soren has to put up with all the time? This had better be worth it. Avery knew, if he got what Soren was after, it would be worth all the boring talk in the world.

Well we should play after dinner and you can show me, okay?” Avery said with a glance towards Soren. Soren smiled and nodded, giving his approval.

Okay! Deal.” Brody exclaimed with a smile. He went back to scarfing his food down as quickly as he could. Soren had suggested that Avery play Brody's games with him; Brody always asks his older brother, but often Soren either doesn't have the time or plain doesn't want to.

Right now, Avery wanted to. As long as he shuts up while he's playing. . .

Did I eat enough, bro?” Brody asked when he was done.

Ya man, you can go.”

Yay! Okay com'on Avery I'll show you how to play and. . .” he left without even seeing if Avery was going to follow. Avery looked to Soren, and when he got another nod of approval he went after the boy, grabbing at his crotch on the way and thrusting towards Soren with a wink. Soren smiled back and grabbed his own.

As Avery left to see what Brody was doing, Soren stayed behind to clean up and give them a little alone time to bond one-on-one. As far as Avery could see, everything had gone according to their plan.

* * * * *

Soren figured he should clean up right away after their dinner, as he wanted to give the boys their time alone like he and Avery planned. After a quarter of an hour he could hear their voices rising louder and louder in the next room; Avery was obviously getting into the game. Or he's getting into my brother. . .I'd better go see what they're up to.

Soren walked into the living room and found two young boys fighting over a fighting game. Well, not really fighting, but arguing vehemently. It was mostly semi-abusive insults and claims that one or the other boy was a dirty cheater. . .but apparently that was what gaming was all about?
“How's it going, you two?” Soren asked as he plopped himself down on the couch between the two.

It'd be fine if your brother wasn't such a cheater,” Avery eventually replied, not taking his eyes off of the television.

Whatever! You just suck monkey balls.”

Hey!” Soren gave Brody a smack on the shoulder, “Where did you learn that kinda language?”
“Uh, from you.”

Oh. Well, not in front of mom, okay?”
“Yea, no shit.” Brody dodged another smack from Soren, and before he could say anything, “I learned it from you!”

Whatever,” Soren said feeling himself smile, just a little bit. “This weekend you're allowed to act like you're our age, okay?”

What does that even mean? I can swear and stuff?” He still wasn't really paying attention. . .he wouldn't until the round was over.

Hah, well,” Soren stuttered a little, “being older isn't just about swearing.” Avery glanced over at Soren quickly. “There's lots of things that adults and people my age do.” Soren's palms were sweating, and he thought he was breathing too heavily.
“Yeah.” That was it? A 'yeah'?” Soren thought Brody would jump on that, he was always trying to act as old as Soren.

Yeah, like adult games and stuff.”
“Ah, damnit!” Brody lost to Avery, and finally paid some attention to his brother. “What games, like video games?”
“Not really, no. A different kind of game. . .one that Avery and I do sometimes, you know.”

Really? But, he's not old yet. He's like, barely older than me.” Brody frowned at his new friend. “Besides, no one ever lets me do anything fun.” He was pouting a little now, and started to pick up his controller again.

I know I know,” Soren said quickly, “but he's cool so he's allowed to. You can too, if you can be cool about it.”
“Really??” Brody forgot his game again. “What do I get to do?”

Even though he had rehearsed it Soren's mind blanked at the question, and didn't manage to get out anything more than a nervous short stammer. Luckily, Avery was on the ball.

Why don't we play this same game,” Avery nodded towards the television, “but how we've done it before, Soren?”

How do you play it?” Brody was really curious, now.

Well we play it like, when you lose a match, you gotta lose a piece of clothing too.”
“Whoah, like, really?” Brody looked with narrowed eyes at his older brother

Uh ya,” Soren chuckled, “Really. First person to chicken out loses.”

Brody looked at Avery for confirmation, and when Avery smiled a nod at him, he said, “Okay that'll be fun.” Brody was almost never shy, but this surprised Soren.
Really? It's that easy? If I'd known that. . .Soren looked at Avery, shrugged, and they picked up their controllers.

Here's how it works bro,” Soren started to explain. Now that he got some momentum, he didn't stammer as much “Only the guy who wins gets off free, both other guys have to take off a piece, okay?” Brody nodded, looking back and forth between the older boys. Soren could feel his pants growing tighter again as he watched his brother think about actually doing this. “First one to give up loses, and you can keep playing after everything is gone, but if you still lose you owe the winner something every time.”

Well like. . .okay!” Brody exclaimed, “I'm gonna cream you both though!” After a few minutes of setting up they boys were starting on their first round. Soren was so nervous he wasn't surprised that he came in last place; even Brody commented on it.

Well shut up, I don't spend all day playing like some people.

Ya but you don't usually suck that bad,” Brody retorted. “Now since I won, don't you both. . .” Brody trailed off, looking to the side. He seemed to be unsure whether Soren and Avery were serious about their rule-change.

Yup, fair and square.” Soren and Avery looked at each other, then both took of a shirt. “No, not fair!” Avery exclaimed, “Soren's wearing two shirts I only have one on!

It's cause I'm not as good as you two, so it's far. Round two?” Soren asked. After a little more grumbling from Avery, another round went by, which Avery managed to win. Barely. Soren took off his under shirt as Brody removed his socks. That probably got Avery going at least a little bit; he had a bit of a fetish for clean bare feet, even though he would never admit it.

If Soren had really hoped on Avery's horny nature to keep him distracted, he was soon proven wrong. After winning another round, Avery watched Brody as he slid off his t-shirt. Soren wasted no time in appreciating Brody's young body, with his flat stomach, barely defined chest muscles, and thin arms. Soren couldn't quite count any ribs on Brody's chest. . .the boy wasn't gaining weight, necessarily, but he hadn't gone through a growth spurt in a while and was hanging onto a little bit of baby fat.

Whaddya think little bro, gonna chicken out yet?” Soren asked teasingly.

No! Duh! You're obviously gonna lose, stupid,” Brody quickly shot back. Soren figured he wasn't anticipating a tough match anymore, which was probably why he was so upset when he lost to Soren in the next round.

Owned, kid.” Losing at first was okay, since Soren and Avery wanted his little brother to get into the game. However, now that it was crunch time, Soren wanted to go ahead as they had planned and cream his little brother. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Mostly.

Whatever, lucky break.” Brody pouted a little as he would be the first to be reduced to his underwear. Avery slid off his socks one by one and threw them on the ever growing pile of discarded clothing. Both of the older boys took a deep breath as they watched Brody unbutton the fly on his size seven jeans, and neither exhaled until he slid them down to his ankles, raising his knees and lifting his feet to pull them off completely. He threw them on the same pile and leaned back, not even bothering to cover himself a little bit.

However, he did notice the two older perverts staring at him. “Take a picture why don't ya, it lasts longer.”

Soren and Avery both snapped out of their trance at the same time. “Whatever man, ready to lose?” Avery asked

Whatever, bring it loser.” The kid was pretty cocky, playing against two boys who wanted nothing more than for him to lose.

Turns out, he was cocky for a good reason. Whether he knew it or not, the way he sat with his thighs spread just so gave Soren and Avery both a perfect view and a wonderful distraction. The

Spider Man briefs he happened to have on, which Brody knew for a fact were at least a year or more old, were a little small on him. They rode up enough to catch a glimpse of the little boy's crease between his thigh and hip, and at the same time rested nicely against his presumably small member; his cock and balls left barely a crease on the front of his undies. Soren and Avery both looked thoroughly, to make sure.
In retrospect, that was probably why both lost to Brody again. They glanced at each other, knowing precisely why they both lost, but also knowing it was well worth it. Soren stood up to remove his jeans, but suddenly felt nervous over how obvious his erection probably was. He turned away from his little brother as he slid off his jeans and tried to will his cock to go down. Soren resorted to hunching over as he sat back down on the couch and relied on his hard cock to rest against his body if he leaned back.

Avery, however, had no such shyness about him. In locker rooms, pools, the lake, Avery was always willingly the first to show off what he had. Right then, he stood up, tucked his thumbs under the elastic on his shorts and slid them off in one smooth motion. The white briefs he wore had an obvious tent in the front where Avery's cock stood at attention. His erections did tend to stick out horizontally instead of vertically, so even the few inches that he had looked impressive when trapped within such tight briefs.

It was clear that Brody noticed, since he was watching Avery slide his own shorts off. He didn't say anything, of course, but the way he shot quick glances at Avery's obvious bulge and Soren's strategically minimized tenting, he might have been feeling a little inadequate. Soren would have figured that boys his age weren't concerned about their own size. He blamed the media.

Finally, all three boys were sat back down on the couch, to finish the last round before someone got naked.

Ready?” Soren asked the boys.

Ready,” they replied in chorus, then giggled at each other. It was at the same time the longest and the shortest match Soren felt he had ever played in his life. All three boys played the best they ever had, all wanting desperately to win and none being distracted by the others in the least. Luckily for Soren, intense pressure was when he had always been able to do his finest work, and so he managed to scrape by a win against both boys.

Avery and Brody both sat, staring at the screen with wide eyes and open mouths as Soren leaned back, polished his fingernails and waited for both boys to admit defeat.

Fair and square kids. Lose em,” Soren nodded at their underpants. Avery smiled at Soren, and when he looked over at Brody's incredulous face, his smile brightened,

On three, okay bro?” Avery said to Brody. Brody looked at Avery and nodded. He tucked his own thumbs under the elastic of his Spider Man briefs, and waited for his signal.

One, two, three!True to the agreement, Brody slowly slid off his briefs as Avery whipped his own down. Soren watched as Brody revealed more and more of his tiny cock. Sliding his underwear off seemed to take a hundred years, and Soren savoured every moment of it. The boy's package was exactly like Soren had imagined: small even for his age and thin, circumcised like his own. It couldn't have been much more than an inch in its soft state, the tip didn't even hang below the bottom of his un-dropped balls; it rested at a bit of an angle outwards.
Brody grew red in the face as he saw both older boys examining him, but Soren noticed that he took the time himself to see what Avery had. Avery's cock was rock-hard now, sticking straight out at the three and a half inches the two boys measured it a while ago. His hairless balls were pressed right up against his body, looking ready to burst with his still-clear, sweet tasting seed. Avery had his hands on his hips, pointing his crotch towards Brody. Soren thought maybe that was being a little forward, but there wasn't much he could do about it now but sit back and enjoy the show.

How does if feel to lose, boys?” Soren smirked and leaned back, putting his feet up on the coffee table.

I dunno,” Avery smirked back at Soren, “you tell me!” Avery yelled as he lunged towards Soren, grabbed a hold of his boxers and yanked down before he had a chance to defend himself. Soren pushed Avery away but not before the boy got a good grip on his boxers, pulling them away as he was pushed, showing off six inches of thick teenage cock to his little brother for the first time.

Soren could feel the blood rushing to his face and his cock at the same time as he saw both boys' eyes on him; he was throbbing with anticipation. Soren stood up while he pushed his assailant away, watching the younger boy's cock sway with his body's movement as he jumped back to a safe distance. Soren had an immense urge to wrap his lips around that which he had tasted so many times before, but he had enough self control not to pounce on his young lover.

Instead, Soren looked towards Brody who was staring at his junk and bluntly asked, “You know what a boner is, right? Where it gets all hard like this?” He tried to be frank about it, and maybe come off as a little humorous to try to break the tension.

Brody nodded and was still looking at Soren's crotch when he asked “Is. . .do you have a. . .is that how big it gets when you. . get one?” He rushed his sentence after stammering it out, and giggled after. His face was beet red, likely worse than Soren's.

Soren's pride swelled as big as his member. He knew compared to lots of other men he wasn't exceptionally big, but to these boys whose two cocks together weren't the size of his, it was huge. Even though Avery knew better from all the porn he and Soren had watched, Brody had no idea.

Ya man. Yours will get like this too, when you're older. Just gotta wait.”

Brody looked down at his own crotch and giggled, then covered his face as he turned around. Soren caught a big smile on his face before he covered it, and said “What, nervous? Scared??” Soren hoped that would get a good reaction out of him.

Hah no!” Brody turned around again quickly. “I'm not a baby remember??” Right, that he was not. He leaned over and peered behind his brother, “I just don't want anyone to see me out the window.”

Soren's heart managed to stop and leap into his throat at the same time. He could feel his eyes growing wider than they had ever been as he spun around to lower the blinds before someone saw what they were doing. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Avery doing the same thing, with probably the same look on his face.

By the time he saw the already closed blinds, he realized that he had remembered to do that out of habit once his parents left. He breathed a sigh of relief with Avery, who, even though was young, realized how important it was that they kept secret their activities.

Hah! You're the babies!” Brody gloated, “gullible babies!”

Ya ya ya, good one, tiny-dick,” Soren retorted as he and Avery turned on his brother, “very funny.”

Hey that's mean,” Brody exclaimed, inspecting himself, “you said it'd get bigger!” As innocently as only a young boy can, Brody cupped his hand under his small sac and lifted to get a better view of his own member. Using his other hand, he grabbed the tip of his cock and pulled it gently, probably trying to make it look a little longer.

Avery watched Soren's little brother with staring eyes, his tongue sticking just out of his lips and hands hanging beside him. He seemed to be unsure of what exactly he should be doing.

Uh, well, you know,” Soren started, and paused for a moment when Brody looked up from what he was doing. “The more you play with it, the bigger it gets.” Avery broke out of his trance and looked at his friend when he addressed him, “right, Avery? Like, uh, like this.”

Soren didn't think, he just acted. He was already naked with a massive erection, in front of his young lover and little brother. At this point, he had nothing to lose Soren grabbed onto his already throbbing cock, and started to stroke it. Brody watched, entranced, as his older brother slowly slid his hand back and forth.

You can try it too bro,” Soren said and nodded towards Avery, who had already began to masturbate as well. One hand on his hip, one hand running up and down his cock, Avery closed his eyes and bit his lip. It was something he tended to do without meaning to.

Brody lightly gripped the shaft of small member with his thumb and forefinger, and began to stroke himself. Soren watched as he gently pulled the skin back and forth on his inch and a half gently pulling up his tight sac when he reached the tip of his cock. It wasn't long before he started to smile and his eyes lit up; it happened about the time that his cock began to stiffen and grow, which gave him more purchase when he changed his grip and held on like the older boys were. Brody's hand was wider than his cock was long,

Feels kinda funny,” Brody giggled, “but look! It's bigger see!” Brody continued to play with himself, stroking like he saw the other boys doing so.
“Well ya, you got a boner now. Course it's bigger, like ours,” Soren responded. He knew he had to pace himself f he wanted to last much longer, this was already almost too much to bear. Moments before he was about to burst, Soren let go of his cock; it was one of the most difficult things he had ever done. He released a breath he didn't know he had been holding, and put his hands on his hips.

Brody looked at his older brother when he heard him breathing heavily, continuing to stroke himself. “Why'd you stop?” He asked, still smiling.

Cause, well, when older boys and men do that for long enough they uh,” Soren wasn't sure how to put it, “they shoot out white stuff and I don't want to do that yet.”
“White stuff?” Brody frowned at Soren, “from like, your. . .like. . .” He looked down and pointed his cock at Soren; the boy was willing to stroke it, but not say the word.

Yeah,” Avery piped in, finally opening his eyes and looking at the younger boy. “Like this!” Avery sped up his stroking and held onto his balls with one hand. Within a few moments he was gasping and with his mouth open threw his head back; Soren watched as spasms racked his small body. They started at his hips and rippled through his legs and torso, punctuating his gasps. In just as few moments it was over, and Soren could see clear prepubescent-boy cum pulse from the tip of his cock and run through his fingers. Compared to an older teen or a man, not much came out at all, but Avery proudly lifted up his hand and spread his fingers, allowing his semen to drape between them, in order to show Soren that he was indeed producing more and more.

Brody stopped his stroking to go look at what Avery had on his hand. “Wow, weird! What is it?” He asked as he drew closer to inspect it.

It's cum!” Avery exclaimed, his breathing slowing down. “I don't make much and it's not real white but Soren shoots tons.”

Really? Weird like, how much or whatever?” Brody looked at his older brother, cock rock hard and back in his hand.

Right at that moment, Soren knew he had made the right choice to bring Avery into this first experience with Brody. Soren had worried about hesitations, awkwardness, or his brother just plain being weirded out about the whole thing. Having Avery there, however, might have formed a kind of age bridge between the two. In Brody's mind, having another boy closer to his age there must have made their games more natural to him; something every boy had probably done except him. Avery made him want to fit in. Combined with wanting to please and emulate his older brother, Soren had created the perfect situation in which to introduce his little brother to the wonders of sex. With other boys, of course. No girls allowed.

Well,” Soren said, “I guess I could show ya. Come here.” Soren waved Brody over and made him stand about a foot away to watch. Behind Brody's back, Soren watched as Avery slowly started to lick his own clear cum off his hand, making eye contact with Soren to make sure he was watching. With that, Soren grabbed firmly onto his still rock hard cock, and began stroking madly. In just a few moments, and right as Avery slid another finger into his mouth to suck the sweet, clear liquid off, Soren knew he was about to burst.
“Here, watch bro,” Soren said while breathing heavy. Brody leaned in a little closer just as Soren started to cum. He didn't often do it standing up, so the spasms he had watched wrack Avery hit him just as hard and he felt his whole body arch forward to accommodate them. Soren saw his cum leak out with his first spasm, then burst at least a foot in the air, twice, before emptying his balls completely. The cum ran over his hand and down the shaft of his cock, enough in fact to drip down from the bottom of his balls.

Whoah!” Brody exclaimed at the first powerful spurt. He had leaned in closer to watch, and was almost hit in the face by it. Too bad. “Wow. . .that's, a lot, right?” Brody was right, Soren thought that might have been the most he had ever cum. There were massive pools on the hardwood floor where his seed landed or dripped off his cock.

Yeah,” Soren breathed, “it was. Holy shit,” he laughed at Avery who was looking wide-eyed at the mess he made, “ever seen so much?”

Nuh uh,” Avery shook his head, “only in videos.”

Ya true.”

What videos?” Brody asked, again as innocently as only a boy his age could, but with just as much curiosity as one as well.

Just uh,” Soren hesitated a little, “just adults doing adult things. Don't worry about it.”

Like, this kinda adult thing?” Brody asked as he stroked himself.

What are you doing?” Soren asked as Brody continued to masturbate faster, trying to emulate the older boys but going extremely fast and hard. Not that Soren was complaining, of course.

Trying. . .to,” Brody panted between words, “do what. . .you guys. . .did. . .”

Oh whoah slow down champ. . .you won't be able to do that yet. Not for a while, anyway.” Soren busied himself with cleaning up his mess on the floor, but kept sneaking glances at Brody when he could. The boy slowed down his jerking, but continued to gently play with himself. He seemed to be more exploring than playing with himself; he was testing out this new amazing activity. He even moved to sit down on the couch and put his feet up while exploring himself.

Soren still couldn't believe his luck. Not only has this so far gone off without a hitch, if Brody was so into it already he felt as though he could push his luck and go even further with his brother. The question was whether to continue now, or work his brother over time.

All in all, it had been less than ten minutes since he saw his brother naked for the first time since he was a baby, and he had already almost sprayed him in the face with this cum. He could feel himself getting hard again already, and wasn't exactly sure what he was going to do about it.

Tell you what, bro,” Soren started, thinking on his feet, “when you go to bed tonight, you keep playing with yourself like that. Tomorrow, Avery and I will show you even more adult kinda things we do, okay?”
“Oh. Well, do I gotta stop?” Brody asked, now looking down at his crotch and fondling his tiny ball sack. “This is kinda fun.”

Avery and Soren exchanged glances.

I guess not. Avery, you good to rub one more out right now?”

Only one?” Avery replied with a cheeky grin, “you know I can do better.”
“Ya true. I got one more in me now, so why not eh?” Soren waited for his brother to ask what he meant, but Brody remained silent and intent on pleasuring himself at the moment; he only looked up when both older boys started breathing harder from exertion.

Soren stood facing Avery this time, watching the younger boy masturbate with gusto. His head was still reeling from the night's activities, and it was quite possible that the full magnitude of what happened hadn't hit him yet. Either way, between watching Avery masturbate as hard as he ever had and his little brother fondling himself watching both of them, Soren didn't last long this time either. Before he knew it, his cock became a fount of cum again. Well, more of a stream this time.

Whew. . .huh, okay. I'm good for now.” For a few moments afterwards, he processed nothing. He just watched Avery orgasm, with only a drop of cum emitting from his cock. He blinked a lot, and breathed heavily through his mouth.

At that moment, Soren realized he needed a rest. The day was catching up with him now. From the anticipation to the planning to the execution and two intense orgasms back to back, it all took more out of him than he had anticipated.

Okay boys, that's enough for now.”

Aw, okay.” Both boys said in chorus, then looked at each other and giggled. Soren never thought he would be putting a hold on something like this, but once his mind cleared he realized he had three days to take advantage of. A long weekend to groom his little brother forever, he knew now that he shouldn't rush things.

But, we can play more tomorrow, okay?” Avery's glistening face lit up at that, even though he knew all along that had been coming.

Tonight??” Brody asked, grinning.

Tomorrow.” Soren could see the question forming in Brody's mind, thinking quickly he added, “it's not good to do this kinda thing too much at first. Go put your clothes on.”

Aw, fine.”

You too Avery, come on.” Even after seeing him completely naked and jerking off, it was just as exciting to watch Brody put his clothes back on as it was to take them off. He thought maybe his little brother was making an effort to tease him, the way he bent over to grab and pull up his undies. Deep down, Soren knew that wonderfully smooth and inviting backside would have to be used a later day; not then.
Avery, however, knew no such thing. He reached to give it a squeeze, or maybe just a caress, maybe even an exploratory finger towards Brody's small virgin hole before Soren blocked him and gave what he hoped was an intimidating look. It probably didn't work too well, since Avery just winked at him and shrugged, but it stopped him from going after the boy any more.

Although, the thought of watching Avery bend his little brother over a chair and slide a well lubed finger into his tight hole, getting all the way to the second knuckle before Brody started squirming. . .No, not tonight dammit! Not worth risking going too far. . .yet.

You, are going to get it, mister,” Soren menaced Avery.

Why, what'd I do??” Brody asked, turning around while he finished sliding his undies up and over his crotch.
“Not you. That one.” Soren pointed at Avery who was trying, and failing to look as innocent as he could.

Oh. That's fine then.” The older boys watched Brody put on the rest of his clothes and almost reluctantly did the same thing themselves.

So,” Soren began, trying to play it cool and act like what they did was completely normal in front of his brother, “are you staying here later or am I taking you home?”

Jeez,” Avery grimaced, “You wanna get rid of me that easy?”

Shut up,” Soren laughed Avery's attitude away, “you know I don't. So you're staying?”

You already asked me, and I already said yes. Remember?” Avery scolded Soren. Fair enough, that I did. As they finished clothing themselves again Soren found himself considering his next move.

What's the plan then boys, a movie? More gaming? Or, we could. . .” Soren rattled off a number of innocent activities in order to fill the time for rest of their Sunday.

Soren managed to keep his mind occupied until they turned in after midnight; far, far later than Brody was normally allowed to stay up. When they put him to bed he was overtired and a little annoying. However, in Soren's mind it was worth it since every thing he let his brother that wasn't normally allowed was another 'favour' he figured Brody would owe to him.

Soren and Avery wasted no time going to bed either, but there was no sleeping involved right away. Besides their usual night time romp, they stayed up late to plan the rest of their time alone and speculate as to what exactly they thought they could get away with.

It was going to be the best long weekend in history.