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Chapter 2 - Saturday

When the bright sunlight shining through the curtains finally roused him from his slumber, Avery found that despite what had happened the previous day, everything seemed the same as every other morning when he woke up next to his older lover. Soren was still snoring on his side of the bed when Avery woke up first, Avery had accidentally stolen most of the blankets, and lying on his stomach he could immediately tell he had woken up with morning wood.

Avery knew that Soren wouldn't be awake for a while, and that even when he woke up he rarely liked getting frisky in the mornings. To Soren, mornings were for coffee and not much else. To Avery, mornings were for jerking it a few times before school. Of course by now, Avery had his routine pretty much down pat.

Booting up Soren's computer, Avery entered the user password and quickly navigated his way to their stash of dirty images and videos. Not sure of what mood he was in, Avery idly stroked his hard member as he browsed through their collection. When he had the choice, he usually liked to watch men and teenagers like Soren, or older with younger men and imagine himself as the younger. . .

That morning, however, he found himself opening a video they didn't watch often but the two had had downloaded for a while. It starred a boy Brody's age, maybe a little older, and a man who Avery presumed was his father. The boy started off clothed, but was quickly undressed and masturbated by his 'father'. He didn't look anything like Brody; this boy was a slightly chubby, he had a longer cock, and his hair was way shorter and darker. The dissimilarities did not bother Avery at all though, this boy was a true porn star; he had obviously had a lot of practice, and when Avery started to imagine that it was himself receiving the blowjob that the boy was giving, warm pre-pubescent-boy seed run through Avery's fingers, all while the boy was still working the large cock into his mouth.

Whenever he and Soren watched videos like this, he knew more or less how the boy felt in any situation; when he and Soren started, well, fucking, he was barely older than the boy he was watching right then. For the first time, however, Avery found himself wanting to be the 'top', as Soren always called himself, as opposed to the 'bottom'. He imagined getting Brody on all fours on his bed and sliding his cock into the young boy and feeling Brody clench his virgin asshole tight around it. Avery thought about being inside Soren's brother as he watched the boy in the video take at least five or six inches of a cock that might even have been thicker than Soren's, and he didn't stop thinking about it even after the second, dry, orgasm he brought himself to that morning.

After the third, however, he took a short break. Avery let the few minutes of the video play out as he caught his breath, sweating from the exertion. He was quite surprised, then, to hear Soren speak behind him

"Well, that's a first," Soren said casually, leaning on his elbow and covered by the sheets on the bed.

"What, uh, what are you talking about?" Avery asked, trying to stall while he wiped his clear seed off of Soren's chair, "I jerk it like every morning."
"No I know that, just," Soren hesitated slightly but smiled, "you never as much liked. . .that. . .kinda one before." Soren smiled at his own mention of the videos in his collection starring younger guys. He kept them in a separate folder, probably thinking he might offend Avery otherwise.

"Well uh I guess after yesterday I'm. . .in the mood for it, you know? I dunno, whatever." Avery admitted, growing red as well, he could tell.

"It's okay man don't be embarrassed," Soren reassured him, "like I've said before you can be into anything you want, you know? I'm cool with it." Soren gave him a wink as well. He really was the best, Soren was.

"Anything?" Avery grinned at his older friend.

"Well, 'cept girls, yea."

"Hah, well ya gross." Avery knew Soren was dead serious on that one, he had told Avery before that he had never once found girls attractive. Avery thought he himself had had a couple crushes on girls in his classes a little while back, but by now he had figured out it was men only for him.

Well, boys and men now, I guess.

"While you've got it all open though. . .I might as well," Soren started to say, getting out of bed with a hand already around his hard cock. Slipping it out of the slit in the front of his boxers, Soren stroked himself while he walked towards the computer. Avery hopped out of the chair and let his friend sit down while he watched what Soren was doing. He loved the look of Soren's cock; it was perfectly straight, way thicker than his own with a light pink head that was slightly bigger than his shiat. Some of the men in the videos that they watched had such ugly cocks that Avery considered himself quite lucky to be with Soren; for that reason among many others.

Soren restarted the same video that Avery had started watching, and vigorously rubbed himself. He was rarely horny in the mornings, and even when he was it took a long time for him to cum. Avery was happy to idly play with his soft cock while watching Soren jerk his own; which was a good thing since it took Soren so long to cum that the boy in the video had already spent a good three or four minutes with a cock penetrating balls-deep into his ass.

When he was done, Soren was breathing heavily and sweating way more than Avery had been from the exertion.

"You good?" Avery asked with a grin.

"Yah, hah, I'm good."

"I think. . .you need a shower." Avery drew a line in the sweat on Soren's back. Avery loved their showers together. Even if they didn't do anything, which they often didn't, it was still a refreshing and exciting experience every time.

"I think you're right. I wonder if Brody is awake yet. . ." Soren wondered out loud.

"He is," Avery replied, "I heard him watching something in the living room." Soren looked dissapointed to hear that.

"Oh well," he said, "No showering together today." Avery gave Soren his best puppy-dog-eyed look, and even threw in a little pouting for good measure, but Soren wasn't swayed.

"Just like yesterday man. . .we can't do too much in front of him yet."

"Come on, it's like showering at the gym!"

"No." Fine, whatever. I tried. "I'll be back in a few." Soren said, shaking his head at Avery's insistence. Well, maybe I could go see Brody myself. . .

"And leave Brody alone! Wait till I get back." Soren left the room and failed, or chose not to notice, Avery's scowl.

"Fiine!" Avery yelled at the closing door. He wasn't that upset, since he knew Soren knew what he was doing. Soren always made the right decisions. Usually, anyway. Often enough. Soren was only gone a minute before he was already bored and planned on finding another video, when he was surprised by a knock on the door.

Why is Soren knocking on his own door? "Uh, yes?"

"Can I come in?" Brody's voice penetrated the door. That makes more sense. . .

"One sec!" Avery called, scrambling to find some clothes. Figuring it was enough, Avery opened the door in his undies and one of Soren's tees. Brody stood there in his pajamas; silky smooth looking things that hung loosely from his body and unfortunately hid all of his lovely boy parts.

"Uh, uh, whatsup?" Avery felt himself stammer out as a question.

"Nothin, just bored."

"Nice pajamas."

"Thanks. Nice shirt. Do you have any that aren't my brothers?" Brody asked as he pushed himself past Avery.

"Hey! Did I say you could come in?" Avery turned to watch Brody walk by him and sit on the bed, arms crossed and scowling.

"Uh hello, it's my brother's room, isn't it?" Where did this kid's attitude come from? Avery could tell he was trying to be funny and not just annoying, but it wasn't working well for him.

"Okay well, what do you want then? Soren's in the shower." Avery turned the computer chair to face Brody and sat in it, his feet not quite reaching the floor.

"I dunno, just bored. Wanted to play something or something." Brody put his feet up on the bed and tucked his knees into his chest. Unfortunately for Avery's view, the boy kept his legs together.

"Like what?" Avery hesitated for a moment, "Like, what we played yesterday?" Despite how illogical it was, Brody lowered his voice a little to make sure it didn't carry to Soren's shower. "Yam maybe I dunno," Brody grinned involuntarily and so tried to hide his face a little. The multiple jerk-off sessions that morning turned out to be quite a blessing; Avery not only managed not to pounce on Brody right then and there and recreate the video he had been watching, but he also managed an attempt at dissuading Brody altogether. He was very proud of himself.

"I think we better wait for your bro to say if we can or not, ya know?"
"Well, ya duh."
Oh. "I came in to ask him, but I guess I'll just wait. He never showers long." Really? How long are your showers, kid? Thinking about Brody showering was a bad idea, so Avery tried to think of something innocent to talk about. Unfortunately, Brody's bored and searching eyes were suddenly fixed on something behind Avery.

The computer screen.

"What are you watching?" Brody asked, not so innocently as he had asked yesterday when he caught the two fondling each other.

Avery's heart stopped beating and stomach rose up into his throat. Wide eyed, he turned around and saw he had left open a folder of videos complete with thumbnails for anyone to see. Looking closely, the multitude of asses, young boy faces and man-sized cocks, interspersed with naked bodies was enough to look suspicious to even the most innocent of minds.

And now, Brody wasn't quite so innocent as he had been.

"Uh, uh," Avery stammered, unable to think. He turned around and almost knocked over the computer desk in an attempt to close the window. He managed to do so, but not before Brody had leaped up off the bed to get a closer look.

"Were those the videos you and my bro told me about yesterday? Like, the adult ones or whatever?" Avery heard a clear emphasis on 'adult' there.

"Uh, uh," Avery tried to think quickly, "something like that ya."

"Can I see??" Brody begged at Avery's side.

"Better not. . .this is your bro's computer I doubt he'd want you touching it." Avery could tell Brody was about to argue that point, probably mentioning that in that case Avery shouldn't be on it either. . .

Before he could say anything, Avery butted in with, "Let's just wait for Soren, okay? It's his call." Avery felt briefs tighten as his cock started to stiffen at the thought of showing Brody in a video exactly what he wanted to do to him. . .

"Okay, fine,"Brody turned away, obviously disappointed. "Why do we always gotta wait for him? Didn't he say you're basically his age or whatever?" Brody sat back down on the bed and watched Avery process what he just said.

That's true, he did say that. Would it really hurt to show him a picture or two? Maybe a video? Avery figured that maybe, maybe, Soren was being a little too cautious.

"Okay well maybe you could see something. . ." Avery turned around to the computer and Brody bolted to his side.

Avery took a deep breath and quickly navigated through a couple folders on the computer and got to the root of Soren's picture collection. Clicking on the folder marked 'Older', as opposed to the one marked 'Younger', Avery showed Brody a glimpse of half a dozen folders with thumbnailed views of their contents. Labels like "Underwear', 'Piss', 'Hard' and 'Soft' made it obvious to Avery what each one contained. Avery licked his lips, put a hand on his crotch, and watched Brody's eyes dart around the screen with a half-open mouth.

Avery clicked on 'Soft', to give Brody just a basic idea of what they were looking at. No anal, no oral, just masturbation and posing nude. It was mostly teens Soren's age and adults, with a few younger teens here and there. They all had body hair of some kind. . .the requirement to being sorted into that folder. Avery watched Brody watch the screen, and when Brody reached down to start playing with himself Avery did the same thing. This shouldn't have been a big deal, really. After all, Brody was only seeing what he had already done yesterday.

It was right as Avery watched Brody slide the front of his pajamas down to release his tiny hard cock that he noticed he could not hear the shower any more. A moment later, the bathroom door opened and Avery was, for the second time that morning, frantically closing the windows on the screen.

It turned out that Brody actually did realize the gravity of the situation, since as Avery was panic-closing windows, he was pulling his pants all the way back up and jumping back onto the bed, with a slightly scared look at somehow both the door and Avery simultaneously.

A moment later, Avery's older lover, Brody's older brother, and the current man of the household, walked through his own door in a towel and stopped dead at the sight of his little brother on his bed, then shot a wide-eyed glare at Avery.

He already knew he was in trouble; just how much was going to be up to Soren; and hopefully mitigated by anything Avery might be willing to do to make up for it. The guilt and fear set in as Soren began to lay into both of them.

* * * * *

Soren let his mind wander while he let the hot water from their new, massive shower run down his body. He mostly spent more time on his game-plan, as if even more time spent thinking about it would change what he was going to try that day. He and Avery only had two days left of almost total freedom; he had figured that the further he got with Brody now, the easier it would be to get him to do anything else for. . .well for however long, really. He imagined the things he and Avery would get Brody to do; and that before too many weeks, they wouldn't have to even convince or bribe him – he'd be a horny sex addict like him and his younger lover. Or at the very, very least, he would be used to Soren and Avery's attentions and unlikely to tell anyone what they were doing.

Opening the steam covered glass door and stepping out of the shower, Soren began to towel dry his hair and body. He looked down at himself and wondered if he would ever grow and chest or stomach hair. Not that he wanted it, per se, but it would make him look a little older and more dominating. When his hair was mostly dry Soren slicked his bangs to the side and wrapped a towel around his midsection. He left the wonderful warmth of the shower and braced himself for the cold air of the hallway.

Soren failed to notice that the door to his room was not shut like he had left it. He did not, however, fail to notice his little brother sitting cross-legged on his bed and staring wide eyed at the door as he opened it. Nor did he fail to notice the bulge on his lover's crotch who sat opposite him in his own computer chair.

Turning to Avery, he fixed his gaze upon the boy.

"What the hell did I tell you?" Avery said nothing, his mouth just hanging open. "Seriously, do you not listen?" Soren didn't move, he just looked back and forth between the boys, genuinely astonished.

"Wait wait wait," Avery finally found his voice, "this isn't. . .he just walked in!"

Tightening the towel around his waste and slicking back his hair, Soren turned to his little brother.

"Is this true?" Not saying a word, Brody nodded. "What have I told you about coming in here without me?"
"But," Brody almost bounced with the word, "he was in here and you said he was like an adult like you!" Brody motioned towards Avery.
That is true. Maybe I should be more clear.

"Okay. Why do you two look so guilty?" Brody shifted back on the bed a little and glanced down unable to meet Soren's eyes and as good as confessing.

"We don't look guilty!" Avery insisted.

"Maybe, maybe your faces don't. But your crotch does." Avery still had a visible erection even with his own shirt pulled below his waist. With Brody's pajamas, he couldn't tell if that boy was aroused at all, but he wouldn't bet against it.

"We didn't do anything honest! Right Brody?" Brody nodded. "We promise." Brody shook his head at that and frowned slightly. . .as if wondering what they would have been doing, precisely.

Soren was inclined to believe them, for some reason. Even so, he still had a couple questions.

"What did you want anyway, Brody?"

"Nothing. . ."
"Nothing? Come on," Soren lightened his tone, trying to put a little laughter into his voice, "I won't let you go till you tell me."

"I just. . .just wanted to play is all. I was bored 'n I heard you guys finally get up."

"And you wanted to play in your pajamas?" Brody blushed again and didn't answer. Soren moved to his dresser to pick out some clothes. "I'm not complaining," he grinned at his little brother over his shoulder, "just pointing it out."

"I haven't showered yet. 'Sides, I uh, I kinda wanted to play like," Brody hesitated, "like yesterday or whatever." Soren liked what the boy was getting at and found that just hearing his brother talk like that was getting his blood pumping again.

"Like what?" Watching the boy grow embarrassed as he was questioned was working just fine to Soren, and he had a feeling that Avery might appreciate a little squirming as well. Soren knew the smile on his face was enough to tell Brody that he was making a joke out of the situation.

"You know what I mean! Don't be dumb!"

"Excuse me?" Soren turned himself around and approached his brother, "What was that?"
"Uh uh uh, nothing!" Brody laughed and hopped up onto his feet on top of the bed, "I said nothing!" Soren paused only to give Avery an exasperated look and grin before suddenly lunging for the bed and grabbing Brody's ankles. Soren pulled, throwing Brody onto his back and laughed along with the young boy's giggles as he smoothly turned the boy over onto his stomach and straddled his beautiful little ass. Gently holding Brody's arms above his head, Soren could feel his erection growing; and with only a towel, Brody's pajamas, and maybe some underwear between his thick cock and the little boy's virgin ass crack he was soon glad he already masturbated that morning to relieve some pressure.

Rather quickly, Brody stopped struggling and giggling altogether, and only then did Soren let go and sit up straight, still straddling Brody's backside. Brody tried to turn over but couldn't, and Soren was happy to enjoy the boy inadvertently grinding himself against his cock. Lifting himself slightly, Soren allowed Brody to turn over; but only so that he could sit on the boy's crotch instead. Now, Soren could feel that Brody did indeed have an erection, which he could feel pressed against his own through the boy's pants and the towel pressed against the skin below his ballsack.

"You gonna tell me what you and Avery were doing now, lil bro?" Soren glanced over at Avery, no longer laughing or smiling; he hoped the change in demeanor would shake the truth out of them.

The entire time that Soren was 'struggling' with his little brother, Avery was leering at the two of them and idly rubbing himself through his undies. That kid is guilty as shit, and has absolutely no shame or self control. Right then, Soren knew that Avery didn't quite grasp how serious Soren was about controlling what they expose Brody to, and when. He had to rein in his young lover before he could go any further with his brother, or risk running everything into disaster.

Of course, he had this revelation while he was pressing his boner against his little brothers', but still.

His next revelation would come with the words that came out of Brody's mouth.

"It was nothing! He just showed me some pictures is all." When Soren slowly turned his head wide-eyed to stare at Brody in disbelief, but said nothing, Brody continued with, "You know, like on your computer."

"Oh he did, did he?" Soren looked to Avery for confirmation, and was instantly rewarded by the way Avery could not meet his gaze. Soren reluctantly got off of Brody and stepped away from the bed.

"Out, little man. I need to. . .talk. . .with Avery for a minute." Soren tried to instill as much chill into the word 'talk' as he could, and he thought the two boys got the message. Brody left without another word, and Avery still could not look him in the eye.

When he shut the door behind his little brother, Soren began to rip into his little lover.

* * * * *

Brody jumped when he heard the door almost slam behind him, and all but ran downstairs to the living room before he got yelled at too. The last thing he heard was Soren beginning to yell "Why the hell do you think. . ."

He really didn't see why it was such a big deal to Soren. It wasn't like he was gonna tell anyone, obviously. The last thing Brody ever wanted to do was get his big bro into trouble.

What was so bad about it anyway? Brody briefly recalled sitting through special classes at school taught by boring old women about 'not letting anyone see their privates but their parents' or 'telling an adult you trust if someone blah blah touches you or blah blah looks at you funny blah blah blah. . .'

Soren was different. If some crazy dude came up to him at the pool and told him to touch his dink ya, he would probably run away after kicking him in the groin. But, if his older bro was telling him to do it, it must be all right.

Still, he didn't want Soren to get in trouble from the old ladies at school or whatever. Who would even get mad anyway? Their parents, maybe. Teachers at school?

Brody sat back down on the couch, legs up on the coffee table and continued munching on his snack. He also continued to rub a palm on his crotch over his undies, enjoying how stiff his privates got and how good it felt. . .almost like he had to pee, but didn't; he had already tried. It felt so. . .old doing it. Like driving a car or something.

Whatever, all Brody knew was that what he was doing felt good and right, and that he trusted Soren and Avery and no matter what, he would never do anything to get his big bro into trouble.

* * * * *

. . .You don't have any idea, do you, how serious it could be if someone finds out what I have on this computer??” Soren laid into Avery, who wasn't looking so happy now. Soren held his towel up around his waist with one hand and was gesturing with the other. Avery watched that hand, as if afraid it might suddenly ball up and strike him.

Honestly, Soren was close to that point. He had never hit anyone in anger in his life. . .but Soren couldn't remember if he had ever been at once so hurt, angry and disappointed in someone he cared so deeply about.

Soren tried taking a few deep breaths and did a slow count to three in his head, not looking at Avery.

I'm sorry,” Avery mumbled towards the ground. He didn't sound so sorry, he sounded like someone who wanted to make a problem go away.

You're fuckin' right you're sorry. I've half a mind to send you home right now.” Avery's head whipped up with eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

No please! No I didn't mean it please let me stay!” Avery literally got off of the chair and onto his knees at this point.

Tell me what you showed my brother.”

It was nothing bad!” Avery insisted, looking up at his lover, “just the pics of older guys! Doin'. . .jackin off and stuff.”

Hmph,” Soren grunted. That wasn't so bad. At least he didn't show Brody a video of a kid his own age gettin nailed by. . .whomever, really. That was something he wanted to introduce to Brody personally. “You're still a little shit for going behind my back and doing that.”
Soren had never spoken to Avery like this before, and honestly, he never wanted to.

I'm sorry.” Avery kept his head down again and spoke softly. Soren said nothing. “Do. . .” Avery hesitated, “do you hate me now?”

Oh Christ,” Soren exasperatedly intoned, “of course I don't. Come here.” Soren embraced his lover in a hug and held him close, unable to stay mad at him for long. Too mad, anyway. Soren wouldn't forget this, and would probably take a while to completely forgive Avery without the boy doing something to make up for it.

Now, that was an invigorating thought. There wasn't really much Avery wouldn't do for Soren. . .except. . .

Despite everything the two of them had done together, Avery had never even once let Soren take any pictures of him.

I know how you can make it up to me.”

Really! What is it? I'll do it!” Avery's somber face broke into a grin, his eyes glowing hopefully.

I'll tell you later, 'kay?”

Tell me now?” He smiled, trying his best innocent look. It wasn't very innocent.

No. Nice try though.”

Fine.” Avery went back to wrapping his arms around Soren and burying his face into Soren's hairless torso. Soren wrapped his arms around Avery and held him for some time, before they broke the hug simultaneously.

So. . .we're good?” Avery asked.

Yes yes jeez, we're good. Just so long as you learned your lesson. I don't think you traumatized Brody too much. . .”
“Ya, I doubt it. He came in here wanting to. . .mess around, or whatever. . .on his own, anyway.”
“Really?” Soren wasn't sure he totally believed him, but it would be nice were it true. He slid off his towel and began to get dressed, choosing jeans and a plain tee shirt.

Really really, he did.” Avery watched him get dressed. “I never even left the room, promise!” That was both interesting, and promising.

Okay okay I believe you.” Soren smiled and shook his head slightly at Avery.


Nothing man, nothing at all. Get dressed, we'll get some breakfast.”
“Aw. . .do I hafta?”

Yes. For now.”

Fine.” Soren watched Avery bend over and give the older boy a bit of a show by running his hand from where his asshole would be, down to his balls and giving them a squeeze before sliding up his own pair of shorts. He chose a muscle shirt, like he often did. Not that he had any muscle to show off, but it was cute anyway. It looked great on him, since there was not even a hint of hair anywhere on his upper body. Or his lower body, for that matter.

As they descended the staircase, Soren considered his next move. He thought that in spite of Avery's shenanigans, or maybe even because of them, he could do almost anything he wanted to with his brother.

That list was very long indeed.

* * * * *

Avery figured he had dodged more of a bullet than he had any right to, pacifying Soren as quickly and easily as he did. He hadn't been sure he could convince Soren that he really did not go after his brother, and that he had come into the room on his own accord. He was especially thankful he managed to avoid having Soren become too angry at him. . .he had only seen his older lover truly angry a handful of times, and it was absolutely terrifying to see such a generally placid person go into such a rage.

For now though, he was in the clear. He did wonder, however, exactly what Soren planned on making him do to make up for his mistake.

Leading the way down the stairs two at a time, Avery leaped onto the landing but waited for Soren to catch up before hopping into the kitchen. Soren quickly followed and began to whip something up for them to eat. More than he would usually make, actually; bacon, eggs, toast, juice. . .the whole nine yards. Avery just took a stool at the counter and watched him work, enjoying the smooth fluidity in Soren's practiced motions and basking in the aroma of crisping bacon and browning toast. Brody must have thought he was still in trouble, Avery didn't hear a peep out of him in the next room over the sound of the television.

Soren put three plates together and carried them out into the living room. Avery followed with the drinks and plopped himself on the couch next to Brody, who was still wearing his pajamas, while Soren took the big armchair that was normally reserved for his father.

Don't tell anyone we're eating in here. . .right?” Soren menaced the two of them. Avery giggled, and when Brody realized he wasn't still angry at the two of them, giggled as well. The two of them shared a quick look, which Soren did not notice, and then dug into their food. That look was enough to convince Avery, again, that Brody wanted to do as much with them as they wanted to do with him. Soren was just too blind, or scared, or something, to see it.

When they finished eating, Soren volunteered Brody to clean up after them. The boy showed only a little pout, before a look from Soren and a reminder of their deal put a spring in his step. It was all taken into the kitchen and properly put away in minutes, while Soren and Avery quietly discussed their next moves.

Well?” Avery said, eyeing the kitchen, “what now?”

Good question.” Soren thought for a moment. “I know what you want to do. . .”
Avery felt himself blush and couldn't help but smile. “And what do
I want to do?” He knew very well Soren could read him like a book. . .but hearing him say it would be so sexy.

You, my good friend, want to do exactly what I want to do.” Doubt that, but okay. . .I just have slightly more self control than you.” That is probably true. So,” Soren continued, “I will lead. You will follow. Got that?”

Yes, sir!” Avery leaped to his feet and saluted, “Any more orders, sir? No sir? Sir yes sir!”
“. . .Shut up, kid.” Avery smiled at Soren's exasperated features.

* * * * *

Soren shook his head at Avery's ridiculousness, and merely turned his head towards the television. Sure enough, without any attention Avery gave up his saluting, but didn't stop bothering Soren. First he strutted in front of the television, and when Soren suppressed a smile and merely moved his head to the side, Avery sauntered his way towards the chair and climbed onto Soren's lap. Putting his hands on knees that he crossed over one another, Avery tried his very best 'charming' look. Or maybe it was supposed to be a 'flirting' look. . .it was hard to tell with that kid, sometimes.

Either way, the only response Avery got was to be unceremoniously pushed off of Soren's lap with a loud squawk and a, “Hey! What was that for?”

Soren smiled at Avery and kissed the air, not expecting anything back; which was good because he got back only a glare.

What'cha gonna do about it?” Soren asked.

You'll see. . .” Avery rubbed his behind where he fell, and went to go sit back on the couch. At that moment Brody bolted around the corner, presumably to see what the commotion was all about, and looked a little disappointed when all he saw were the two boys sitting apart from each other. He had probably been expecting something rowdy.

Brody sat down on the couch next to Avery and grabbed the remote, but didn't do anything with it. Instead, he looked to Avery and Soren, as if expecting something.

Well?” Soren asked his little brother.

Well, what?”

What's the plan little bro?”

I dunno. I thought you said you were in charge.” Cheeky bastard.

All right fine. If I'm in charge, here's what we're gonna do.” Avery smiled wide at this and his eyes lit up. “You know what I'm gonna say, right Avery?”

I, I think so!”

Yup.” Soren paused for dramatic effect. “You two are gonna clean my car, my room, and give me a foot massage.” Soren leaned back and waited for. . .

What!?” They both yelled in unison, “No way!”

Uh huh, you couldn't decide, so I did for you.” Avery and Brody looked at each other in disgust, then back at Soren.

Suddenly, Avery was in the air barreling towards him yelling, “Get him!” Avery crashed into him and knocked the chair over, sending both of them to the ground as Brody dove and held his legs down. Avery straddled his chest and held his arms to the ground above his head.

So boys, the tables have turned, eh?” Soren grinned at them, remembering what he did to Brody not even an hour before. He had a wonderful view of Avery's crotch, and felt a sudden insatiable urge to bury his face into it. . .

Ya they have! Now you're at our mercy. What should we do, Brody?”

First he's gotta tell us we don't have to clean his crap!” The boy wasn't very imaginative yet. . .

Okay. . .” Avery said to Soren, “Is that a deal?”

Hmph, fine.” Soren started to struggle and release himself from the boys' holds, which made them both readjust their grips.

Nuh uh uh! You're goin' nowhere.” Avery was still holding him down, but had scooted down a little closer to Soren's face, he could feel Avery's denim through the shirt on his chest as the boy added more pressure. It was so tantalizingly close. . .

Okay, okay,” Soren said between deep, calming breaths, “What do you want me to do?”

Hmm. . .good question. What do we want from your brother, Brody?”

We want. . .” Soren could hear his voice pipe up and feel him sitting on his legs, but could not not see his little brother.

Brody stalled, and so Avery felt the need to finish for him, “We want you to squirm!” Avery slid down towards Soren's crotch until his cock was pressed against Soren's own, and even through all their layers of clothing both boys could feel each others' erections. Avery began to slowly grind himself and bit his bottom lip while watching for Soren's reaction.

He-Hey! What do you. . .hey!” Soren tried to get up, but realized at this point that the boys had a better hold on him than he thought. A last-ditch attempt, he tried to buck Avery off by thrusting his hips into the air, but the boy stayed on like a true cowboy riding his toughest bull; one he intended to stay on top of. Soren could hear Brody's almost shrill giggling over his own protests. He couldn't tell whether the boy was intentionally grinding his pajama-clad body against his legs or if that was just an effect of him trying to hold on. Either way, Soren liked it. A lot.

Okay okay! Enough! What do you two want?' Soren stopped fighting and the boys stopped moving around. This time, it was Brody who answered right away. What he said surprised him, and he assumed Avery as well from the look on his face.

I want ice cream! You said I could have ice cream for breakfast!” Ice cream? Really? That was anti-climactic.

Okay okay, ice cream. Do you remember what our deal was? You can do whatever you want if. . .” Soren trailed off, hoping Brody would finish.

. . .if I do anything you say and tell Mom and Dad nothing. Okay?!” Soren smiled.

Good enough.” Brody hopped up immediately and darted to the kitchen, where Soren heard the freezer door open and slam shut.

Avery was still pressed on top of Soren. Both boys still had throbbing erections, and neither particularly wanted to break their embrace. Avery leaned down and stole a quick kiss from Soren, before getting up helping him to right the chair they knocked over earlier.

Want some ice cream?” Avery asked him, as if it was his to offer.

No thanks. . .right now, there's something else I'd rather lick. . .” Soren trailed off, staring in the direction of the kitchen.

So?? What are we doing about it then?” Avery exclaimed. Quietly, thankfully. “You keep saying 'follow your lead, follow your lead' but we aren't getting anywhere!”
“Yes we are!” Soren replied indignantly, “He sure liked to watch us grind together.”

True. Very true.” Avery pursed his lips and tilted his head. Soren left him standing there looking like an idiot, and walked into the kitchen. Brody was sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter swinging his legs and demolishing a massive bowl of cookie-dough ice cream.

Happy now, bro?”
“Mmph,” Brody swallowed, “yes!” He tilted the bowl to his mouth and sucked back the remaining deliciousness in the bowl.

So, lil bro,” Soren started, standing behind Brody and resting his hands on the boy's shoulders, “Avery and I wanted to know. . .uh. . .we wondered if. . .” He didn't really know what to say.

Uh, ya? Wondered what?” Brody craned his head around to peer up at his older brother. Soren saw that he had ice cream all over his face and had spilled a little on his pajama pants and shirt.

We wondered how you could make such a mess,” Soren said disparagingly. “Let's get you cleaned up. Come on, up.” Brody hopped off the stool and was pushed in the direction of the living room. Soren followed him and continued with his directions.

You gotta take those off, so we can run 'em through the laundry now.”
“R-really?” Brody stopped and turned to his brother

Yup.” Soren placed himself between Brody and the couch and knelt in front of the boy; he and explained as he unbuttoned Brody's silky shirt; “imagine if you ruin these nice clothes. . .Mom will kill both of us.” That seemed to get through to Brody, who said nothing as Soren finished undoing the buttons and slid the shirt off of his body. Tossing it aside, Soren licked his lips as he gripped Brody's waist in his hands. He could hear Avery shift on the couch behind him, probably moving to get a better view, as he slowly slid his hands down; Brody's silky pants came with them. Soren kept his hands on the boy's legs all the way down, feeling the skinny contours as he went and trying not to tickle the boy. When his pants pooled at his feet, Brody stepped out of them. Soren barely noticed, he was fixated on the Batman undies that Brody had on that day.

Do you have any undies that aren't superheroes?” Avery piped up from his seat on the couch, having shuffled over to get a good view.

Ya, some boring ones like yours I guess!” Brody stuck his tongue out at Avery.

Now now, yours are coming off too, kid,” Soren told Avery.

Mine, why should I have to take anything off? I didn't spill anything!”

No, you didn't, but if I'm doing laundry I'm doing all your clothes too. You have nothing clean of your own to wear and God knows how long till you go home.” Soren said it with a smile, both to take the sting out of his words and hopefully let Avery know to play along. Avery gave him a look. . .a look that Soren knew all too well. It was a 'you're going to have to make me,' look, and his little smile was an additional 'you're going to enjoy it,' look.

Gonna be like that, eh?” Soren turned to face his lover fully, and suddenly dove beside him on the couch. Avery only had time for a surprised yelp before he was trapped by Soren's far stronger arms and brought to the ground with a grunt. Placing himself under the boy, Soren held Avery's arms behind him and put a leg over the boy's own.

I got him, Brody! Start taking them off!” Brody caught on immediately, and dove for Avery's legs, sitting on them and wrapping his hands around the elastic on Avery's shorts, he quickly yanked down; Soren felt them slide past the point where his legs had a hold on the boy and saw them tossed to the side by his little brother, despite Avery's wild protests. Vocally wild, mostly; Soren had him in a very good hold.

Get his shirt now!” Soren encouraged his brother. With a grin and a giggle, Brody leaped off Avery's legs and straddled his crotch instead, his underwear clad crotch pressed up against Avery's likely throbbing erection. At that moment in his escape attempts, Avery was thrusting his hips up and down. . . likely intentionally grinding himself further against Brody.

Ahhhh you bastards!” Avery screeched, “I'll get you! Don't think I, I won't!” His threats were punctuated by laughs brought on from Brody's inadvertent tickling as the younger boy struggled to slide off his shirt. He finally got a good grip on the bottom and started to pull up.

Soren suddenly released his hold on Avery's upper half and grabbed the boy's arms by the wrists, allowing Brody to slide his shirt up and over his head. It was at this point where Avery seemed to realize he was defeated; he stopped struggling,lay back down against Soren, and let Brody finish sliding his shirt off. Soren supposed he wanted to avoid looking ridiculous, fighting when his head was wrapped up in his muscle shirt and arms flailing in the air.

None of the three boys moved, except for Brody to toss Avery's shirt on the pile of clothes destined for cleanliness. All three were breathing heavily and Soren could feel Avery sweating from the exertion. The boy's scent was intoxicating. . .the salty and only ever so slightly musky scent of sweat filled Soren's nose. A boy's aroma was nothing like that of a man, or even a teenager. It was a marvelous, beautiful thing all on its own, and Soren was enjoying not one but two sweaty boys on top of him. Barely clothed, sweaty boys.

Brody's weight was all placed on where his and Avery's crotches met, and both boys' weights were placed all on Soren's own throbbing cock. It was a little painful, but Soren thought it felt pretty good at the same time. Holding on to Brody's legs, which were straddling both boys, Soren adjusted himself so his cock was resting right between Avery's ass cheeks. He was rewarded with a slight moan from the boy, and a quizzical look from Brody.

Does that feel good, lil bro?” Soren didn't bother to ask Avery, he knew what that boy would have answered.

Uh, does what feel good?” his brother asked, looking a little confused. Avery responded for him by grabbing Brody's ass with two hands and rubbing his obviously erect cock into Brody's. . .possibly erect cock. Soren couldn't see around Avery well enough to confirm, unfortunately.

Ah, ha ha yea! It does!” Brody bit his lower lip. “Is that. . .is that okay?” Soren licked his lips.

It's more than okay, little bro. It's way, way more than okay.” Soren gave Avery a tap on the bum, and he got the message. He lifted himself and Brody off the ground slightly, and allowed Soren to scoot himself out. Soren sat cross legged next to the boys, who were unfortunately no longer locked together at the crotch. Brody had lifted himself off Avery's other side, who was leaning back now, and was sitting on his heels facing Soren.

That kinda thing, bro,” Soren continued, “Would get all of us in a crazy amount of trouble.” Brody said nothing. “Like, more trouble than you can imagine.”

Uh, okay. Why?” Soren exchanged a look with Avery; they had had this discussion many times.

Mostly, it's cause adults are idiots.” Brody gave him a wry grin and frown, not sure whether to believe him or not.

That doesn't make any sense.”

I know, but it doesn't matter. I'm fuckin' serious, okay?” Both boys started when he swore. . .it wasn't something he did often. “If you wanna keep doin' adult shit like this, you gotta promise not to tell anyone. Not anyone, not your teacher, Mom or Dad, your best friend, no one.” Mentally, Soren added not unless David wants to join in, Brody's best friend was a cutie for sure.

That was a plan for another day; Brody's muscular little friend would have to wait.

Okay okay, I just wanna play like you guys, God.” Brody's frown deepened.

Good bro, good.” Soren smiled at him. “I just had to make sure, it is serious.”

I know! Okay jeez.”

I believe you, I believe you.” Soren pointed at Brody's crotch, where the small fold in his undies could have been just that. “I can see you enjoyed yourself though,” Soren hinted with a wink.

I know I did!” Avery piped in, hooking his thumb around the back of his more obvious tent and pulling forward enough that his erect cock was pointing down, bringing with it the elastic of his undies and teasing the guys with a glance at the crease that little boys were famous for.

Did. . .did I. . .do that?” Brody asked apprehensively. Before either boy could answer, he moved his hands towards his crotch, stopping before he touched himself, “I thought you had to. . .like. . .do it. . .”

Yourself?” Soren finished for him.

Hah, ya kinda, I guess.” Brody was still red and looked like he was fighting a smile.

Nope! Why do you think you got one?” Brody didn't have an answer for that, beyond looking down and growing even redder, smile deepening. He had been right, it wasn't just a fold.

Soren glanced over at Avery and saw him stroking himself through his undies. When Avery saw him looking, he said “Don't act like you don't have a woody too, old man.”

Excuse me? Excuse, me?! Who's old?”

Compared to us,” Avery gestured at himself and Brody with the hand that he wasn't using to play with the tent in his undies, “You are old.”

Soren found he really had nothing to say to his insolent little friend, and sat for a moment wide eyed and mouth hanging open. He vaguely registered Brody's raspy giggle from his peripheral. Soren turned his head to look at his brother.

This is funny, eh?” Brody stifled a giggle, but couldn't contain his grin.

Could an old man do this?” Soren punctuated his last word with a leap at his brother, pinning his shoulders to the living room floor and pressing his crotch against the boy's. For the second time that day, he could feel his brother's tiny erect cock pressing against his own through a few layers of fabric.

Aaaahhh you're crushing me, old man!” Brody struggled and fought but had no hope of releasing his hips from below Soren's own thighs, “You're crushing meeeeee. . .”

Keep the old comments up and I will crush you. Crush your balls!” Soren scooted forward a few inches until he could feel the base of his cock was resting against the tip of Brody's, and reached a hand back around to tickle the roundest part of Brody's underwear bulge.

. . .aaahahaha, no, not my balls! I need those!” Brody was giggling madly and trashing like a madman, but even using two hands was no match for Soren's free hand, leaving the older boy free to tickle away.

What do you need them for? Only old men use those, not little boys!” His fingertips explored the cloth covered skin on either side of Brody's cock, up to his inner thighs and even pressing against the very base of Brody's cock, below his balls, and venturing towards his undoubtedly sensitive and previously unexplored hole.

Hey hey heyyy! Whatcha doin?!” Brody was wide-eyed and panting. Soren hadn't even made it more than an inch, yet.

Just seeing what you got down there.”

You seen it yesterday! 'Member??” He didn't stop struggling.

Yes, I saw it,” Soren corrected his terrible grammar, “But I never felt it. I'm old, remember? I can't see very well. I gotta. . .feel. . .my way around.” Soren gave the boy's tight, un-dropped ball sack a very gentle squeeze.

AAAaahh okay! Okay you're not old!” Soren stopped squeezing, but did not remove himself from his position on top of the boy. He stopped for a moment to appreciate the situation he found himself in.

Below him, pressed against his own, was the stiff cock of a very young boy. It was obvious from the lack of development in the boy's physique that he wasn't even close to beginning his journey through puberty. The remnants of baby fat that Soren noticed yesterday were endearing today, resting only on his hips below a flat stomach and nowhere else; to be honest, Soren thought it made him look healthier than the every-so-skinny boys of whom he tended to collect pictures. The boy's smiling face bore a few streams beginning at his hairline, and the rest of his body gleamed with a thin layer of sweat as well. He did not even have the slightly musky smell Avery got when he exerted himself. . .he was too young even for that. Really looking at him now, Soren realized that some people would barely consider him out of his toddler years. Soren wasn't into toddlers, and for a couple years now he had thought that the not-quite-teen age Avery was going through would be his favourite developmental stage, but Brody might just perfectly straddle that fine line between young boy and pre-teen.

To top it all off, watching both of them from the couch, was the sexiest creature that Soren had ever had the pleasure of laying his eyes on. A few dark strands of copper locks were slicked to his forehead, but the rest of his hair still waved away from his face and fell in front of his eyes. Bright blue, tinged with green, eyes were fixated on the brother's crotches; one of his hands was playing with his own. Soren was almost surprised, and only marginally disappointed, to see that he still had his underwear on.

Turning his attention back to the struggling child beneath him, Soren decided it was time to take things a step further.

Damn right, I'm not old. About time you learned some manners, little boy.” Soren glanced down, “For your punishment. . .I think you shall have to lose those. What do you think, Avery?” Brody looked over at Avery in desperation, hoping his new found friend would take his side.

Good plan. 'bout time, really.”

No! You should be on my side!” Brody turned his head back to Soren, “You're a meanie! This isn't fair, how come you get to keep yours on?”

He has a point,” Avery piped in from the couch, “It isn't quite fair.”

And I thought you were on my side.”

I'm on my own side here.” Avery was still playing with himself, and Soren realized he was likely waiting for his 'okay' to fully undress.

Soren was happy to watch him in his pretty little undies for now.

Okay, fine,” Soren said to his brother, “If it'll make you feel better.” Soren released Brody's wrists and sat up. “Do the honours, bro.” When Brody didn't move, Soren raised his eyebrows and looked down at his belt. He seemed to get the message, and his face actually lit up. A little. With a smile, he placed his hands on Soren's belt buckle. Undoing it with only a little fumbling, Brody pulled the leather strap free and went to work on the button next. There was no way Soren's cock could stiffened any further, but the inadvertent caresses of Brody's hands on his crotch as he undid the button and grabbed the zipper sure made it throb harder. Soren found himself biting his lower lip when Brody got the zipper fully down and his cock was finally released from its denim tomb.

Well, released in a sense. It was still covered by his boxers, but the way it leaped forward and nested between the open flaps of his jeans made Soren think it had a mind of its own. . .and that mind wanted itself inside Brody. The boy put two fingers in a belt loop on either side of his waist and pulled downwards, sliding them just below his ass before they wouldn't go any further.

They're stuck.”

Hmph. That they are.” Soren lifted his shirt over his head, tossing it onto their laundry pile. Lifting himself to his knees, he stood above his brother and dropped his jeans to the floor, kicking them aside

Avery,” Soren called while still looking down at his brother, “Want a turn?”

Do I?!” Avery leaped off the couch and pushed Soren out of the way, playfully. Soren let him. Before he could leap on the boy, though, he had a word of advice for them.

Why not move to the couch, instead of the floor? 'Kinda more comfy, for the kid on his back.”

Good idea.” Avery smiled and gave Brody a hand up, leading him to the couch and laying him down upon it. The boy continued to giggle, obviously not knowing exactly what to expect, but expecting to enjoy it nonetheless. Avery immediately hopped up on top of Brody and nestled his crotch into the boy's. He rubbed their cloth-covered tips together and couldn't help but release a couple quiet, sexy moans, licking his lips and staring at Brody's body.

With Avery using his hands to hold himself up on the couch, Brody was free to use his own to explore himself and the boy grinding him. Soren watched them as they rested at first on his own thighs, in the space created between the boy's bodies. They slowly moved closer to his own undeveloped package, until thumbs and forefingers touched and they encircled both boy's hard cocks. Watching it was almost too much for Soren to bear.

Watching Avery's face, Soren quickly realized that it was almost too much for him to bear as well. Without much warning, Avery sped up his thrusting and started to breathe heavily. Throwing his head back, he convulsed once, twice, three times and relaxed. Still holding himself on top of Brody, Avery smiled lightly, watching his clear seed soak through his underwear and into Brody's. A moment later, Brody noticed too.

Hey! Hey get offa' me! That's gross!” Brody wriggled out from under Avery. Feeling himself, he exclaimed, “Ahh now it's all wet!” He sat up and put his back against the arm of the couch, and rubbed at the wet spot on his crotch.

It's not gross,” Avery seemed offended as he coaxed the last drops out of his cock to be absorbed into his undies, “It ain't much different from piss.”

Oh my god kid, Soren thought, don't say that.

Well can I piss on you then??”

Oh don't say that Bro, he'll let you.” Soren had his head in his hand at this point. This isn't exactly the route he had planned any conversation to take.

Ewwww really?!” Brody stared at Avery with a wide open, grinning face.

Shut up! Don't tell him that.” Avery grew redder in the face than Soren had ever seen, more even than the first time he and the boy got naked together. He laid back against the other arm on the couch and wouldn't look at either boy. Brody just sat and giggled.

It's not weird bro, cool your jets.” Soren was struck with a great way to prove how harmless boy seed was. “Watch”

Soren approached the red-faced boy on the couch, and knelt in front of him. Putting hands on knees, he spread Avery's legs apart, leaving one foot up on the couch and one falling over the edge. Only stopping for a moment to admire the view and the dark stain on Avery's underwear, Soren buried his head in Avery's crotch and started to taste the clear seed pooled on the cotton. He heard a gasp behind him, and felt the couch cushions sink as his brother sidled beside them on the couch, resting a hand on Avery's knee and leaning over to get a good look at what his older brother was doing. Avery gasped when Soren started to lick and gently nibble on the cloth covered tip.

Soren didn't get enough of the sweet prepubescent boy cum from that, so he grabbed the elastic on Avery's undies and pulled them down. Wrapping his lips around the boy's flaccid cock, Soren sucked the sticky sweet residue left from his orgasm. Avery let out more than a quiet yell as Soren licked and suck on the post-orgasmic sensitive head of his small cock; from the corner of his eye Soren saw that Avery had grabbed onto the couch with fingers that dug into couch cushions.

Brody jumped at the boy's yell, but settled back in to watch Soren work. At this point, there was no way the teenager could help himself any longer. Around the time that he started exploring the underside of Avery's balls with his tongue, Soren pulled his own boxers down and started furiously masturbating himself. He felt Brody move, to look over at what he was doing down there, then shift himself back to watch with interest the blowjob that Avery was receiving. It wasn't long after Soren began to fit Avery's entire package into his mouth, balls and all, that Soren felt himself about to cum.

Releasing his mouth from the boy's sweat, sweaty crotch, Soren panted to his lover, “Open up boy, 'bout to cum.” Avery opened his mouth wide, eager as always to drink Soren's seed. Soren vaulted up to straddle the boy's chest and dipped the tip of his cock into his mouth. A moment later, Soren shot his first bit of seed onto Avery's lips; those same lips closed like a bear trap, sealing in the rest of the teenager's cum and swallowing like a pro. When he was finished swallowing his tongue darted around hips lips to lap up the remaining seed on his face.

Soren had accidentally pushed Brody aside in his rush to gain access to his lover's mouth, but Brody had jumped right back up to witness the entire event. Soren left his cock in Avery's mouth, who had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily through his nose, until it was semi flaccid and completely licked clean.

Oh my God,” was all Brody had to say to that. Maybe that escalated a little quickly. Oh well. Too late now, Soren thought. Panting only slightly, Soren lowered himself to kneeling back on the floor, and pulled Avery's undies up for him, covering his semi-erect cock. He left his own boxers down for now, happy to give a little view to his brother if he so wished.

What. . .what does it taste like?” Brody asked, wide-eyed again.

Depends what you eat, to be honest.” Soren replied, “Ever wonder why I eat so much pineapple?”

Mmmm,” Avery moaned from in-between the boys, “Tastes delicious.”


Yeah, really,” Soren nodded to the boy, “You should try it. Later.”

Do, do I have to?” Brody seemed apprehensive. “I don't really want that in my mouth.”

Yup, you do. Part of the whole deal,” Soren informed him. Brody looked back and forth at them, still wide eyed. “Tell you what, though, I'll let you taste his first. Way sweeter, promise.”

Uh, okay.” Soren could tell that Brody wasn't sold on the idea of drinking any fluid that came out of another boy's cock. . .but he would come around. Both he and Avery did, all it took was time. Time and practice. . .lots and lots of practice.

If you could cum, I'd taste yours to show you,” Soren winked, “And I know he would too.” Avery responded with a thumbs-up, head still resting back on the couch. Soren remained kneeling but pulled his boxers up and tucked his cock aside so it did not peak out the flap.

Too bad he can't yet, too young still.” Avery grinned at Brody, “Widdle baby.” His grin was more malicious now.

I am not a baby!” Brody crossed his arms and sat back against the couch. Soren knew what Avery was trying to do, but he thought that teasing wasn't the right thing to do.

Then prove it, lil bro.” Soren gave Avery a sharp look. A 'shut the hell up,' look. “When Avery can go again. . .you gotta taste his cum.”

. . .Do I hafta swallow it?” Brody asked after a pause.

Just taste it. A lick, maybe.” Soren had an idea, to do a little something nice for Brody. “You do that for us, and we'll do something for you.”

Like what?” Brody uncrossed his arms and raised his knees up, still sitting across the couch. Soren tried a reassuring smile.

That's up to you lil man.” Soren gave Avery a grin as well, for good measure. “We've been calling the shots for a bit now, what do you want to do?”


I guess, yeah.”

Does it gotta be like. . .this, kinda stuff?” Brody looked at his crotch, then at both Avery and Soren in turn. Soren's heart sank. . .he thought the boy had really been getting into it.

I, I guess not.” Soren tried to manipulate his voice, putting some disappointment into it.

But it can, if I want to.”

Ya,” was all Soren got out, trying not to push too hard. All of a sudden, Brody looked at Avery and an evil grin appeared on his lips. Avery went wide-eyed. . .he had never seen Brody with that look on his face either. It was a little unsettling, for sure.

I wanna see more pictures!” Brody looked from Soren to Avery and back to his brother, still with an evil grin. Neither boy said anything; Avery was caught in Soren's glare and Soren was busy. . .well, glaring. When his request was met with only a few seconds of silence, Brody continued, “You know. Like before. You said anything!”

It's true,” Avery reminded Soren from his corner of the couch, “You did say anything.”

Can it, kid.” Soren took his eyes off Avery and put them on his brother. “For all I know you put him up to this.”

Did not!” Avery cried at the same time Brody simply said, “Nuh uh!” He looked a little upset, as though offended that Soren didn't think him capable of thinking it up on his own.

It's not necessarily a bad idea, Soren's lower brain told him, it might be a good way to show him all the wonderful things he can do. . .A horny, teenaged brain was not the ideal platform for making the best decisions, but the calling that came from below his waist was almost too powerful to ignore; surprisingly so, since he had emptied himself of cum into his lover not three minutes before Brody posed his question. It would be wonderful to show Brody all the things he and Avery wanted to do with him. . .

No,” the logical side of Soren's brain responded for him, somehow winning a battle that had odds definitely not in its favour, “Pick something else. Anything else.”
“Come onnnn! You can be such a loser sometimes!” Brody looked to Avery for support, but found a boy who wasn't willing to go quite so far in egging on his older, more powerful lover. Not when on his face looked undoubtedly as displeased as he felt.

Not gonna work man, no way nuh uh no how.”

Come onnnn!” Brody repeated, “I won't tell no one!” For some reason, Soren trusted Brody when he said that.

Why do you want to see it so bad?” Brody didn't have a ready answer for that, just a lot of shifting on the couch and not meeting Soren's eyes. He left his hands on his thighs, feet up on the couch and knees apart. His briefs were stretched tight against his still hard cock, accentuated by the wet spot leftover from Avery's cum. Avery decided to answer for him.

Maybe,” he paused when both boys turned to look at him, “He's just curious?” He smiled at Brody and continued, “Maybe he just wants to see what we look at when we jerk it.” Soren couldn't quite believe what he was hearing.

Ya!” Brody exclaimed to Soren. To Avery, he asked, “Do you uh, jerk, it, lots?”

Few times a day,” Avery responded, “More some days less others. Most I did in one day was ten.” Avery puffed his chest out. . .he was proud of his accomplishment. “Even Soren never beat that.”

No, no I did not,” Soren conceded, happy to be moving the topic away from his computer.

How many can you do?” Brody asked his older brother.

Nowadays, four or five maybe. Back when I was Avery's age I did more.” Soren licked his lips and continued, “You know I started doin' this when I was your age too bro.” Brody's eyebrows shot up, but he said nothing. “But I wasn't lucky like you. . .I didn't have anyone to show me what to do.”

In truth, he could recall touching himself for longer than that, but Brody didn't need that he could remember playing his own cock like a piano for as long as he could remember anything.

Do you think my friends do it too? Like kids at school?” Brody let his hand hover around his bulge now.

Maybe,” Soren answered, at the same time Avery said “Probably.” Soren nodded for Avery to continue. . .he figured he should again use their age similarities to his advantage.

Most boys do it Brody. . .they just do it by themselves. You're lucky enough to have an older bro to do it all with. You can do way more with a friend.”

Like what?”

Uh, like we just showed you, duh.”

Oh, well whatever.” If Brody was trying to look smart or mature, it wasn't working too well for him. “Does uh, does it feel good, or whatever?”

Pretty fuckin' good, yea.” Avery responded with a little gusto. Brody looked to Soren, maybe expecting him to say something about his friend's language. Soren said nothing, of course. . . Avery knew how he liked it when he swore. Little boys doing 'adult' things always pleased him.

Brody said nothing, just smiled at his crotch again and kept his hand covering it, the other idly scratching his leg. While he was distracted, Avery looked back and forth between Brody and Soren with expectant and glowing eyes. Soren knew what he wanted without asking, and he gave his approval with a nod.

Want to see what it feels like?” Avery smiled at Brody, and was already on hands and knees facing the boy.

Ahh, uhh, okay?” Brody didn't move, but he didn't really need to. With a smile and a glance at his lover, Avery crawled towards Brody and put his hands on the boy's waistband. Not very slowly, he slid the undies up Brody's legs, over his knees, and the boy pulled his legs together so Avery could slide them completely off. Spreading Brody's legs to give Soren a view from his spot on the floor, Avery lowered himself between the boy's thighs and breathed deeply enough that Soren heard a whistling in the boy's nose. Brody's scent must have been wondrous now, after all their exertion and the lack of showering that day on Brody's part. Avery's too, for that matter.

Soren moved to get a better view, right at the same time as Avery took a last deep breath and fit Brody's entire package into his mouth. Brody's eyes opened and his hands shot out to grab the back of Avery's head. His mouth dropped open, between that and his eyes he looked to be almost in a state of shock. Suddenly, he gasped and lifted himself an inch or two off the couch; Avery must have started using his tongue on the underside of the boy's cock. Releasing the boy's un-dropped ballsack from his mouth, Avery wrapped his lips around Brody's tiny cock and bobbed his head up and down, his lips exploring Brody's entire shaft and head with short rapid movements.

Soren was torn between watching Avery work on the tiny, stiff cock and watching Brody's face as he enjoyed his first ever blowjob. The boy was still holding Avery's head, his small hands placed on either side of Avery's sweaty copper hair. A smile slowly grew on his face, as he really got into it. Avery left one hand on the couch while one migrated down to his briefs, releasing his cock again and masturbating it to a full erection.

His hand started pumping faster and faster, as did his mouth on Brody's cock. Soren watched with fascination as the smile faded from Brody's face and was replaced with an open mouth from which a low moan started to emit. Likely without knowing what he was doing, Brody started to thrust his hips towards Avery, timing his rhythmic movements with Avery's.

Ahh. . .ahh I, I think. . .” Brody stammered out, but didn't quite finish his thought. Soon enough, Soren saw him grab onto Avery's hair and thrust his hips right into his mouth, convulsing slightly and gasping loudly. Soren watched Avery tease Brody's cock, holding the shaft in one hand and darting his tongue around the sensitive tip. Brody hunched his body around Avery's head, legs stretching into the air of their own accord and almost yelling from what Soren could only assume was ecstasy brought on by his first ever dry orgasm.

Soren fondly remembered the first time he brought Avery to orgasm; it had been completely dry and a shock to both boys. Soren had had no idea that a boy his age could even have one, and Avery had had no idea what to expect. It looked like the same thing was going through Brody's mind.

Avery released Brody's cock and the boy slumped back against the couch, not quite panting but breathing heavily. It looked like Avery didn't cum again, but he probably just needed time. Soren had been playing with himself since Brody's blow job started, but he knew the semi-boner he had was as far as he would be able to go for now. He tucked it back into his boxers.

Did you like that, lil bro?” Soren asked from his seat on the floor.

Ah, uh, ya,” Brody got out between breaths.

If you were older,” Soren explained, “Like me, that's where you woulda cum.”
“Kinda. . .kinda felt like I was gonna piss, ya know?” Brody told them, as he explored his now soft-cock with his fingers. Soren smiled, remembering his own first time; no one showed him what to do, and he thought he had been pissing for at least a year before he figured it out.

Hah, yup. Felt good, right?” Soren smiled at his bro.

Ya!” Brody paused, then, “what do we do now?” he laughed.

I think the two of you need to shower, actually.”

You sayin' I smell?!” Avery swished his head to the side, flicking a bead or two of sweat off of his hair onto Soren and put both hands on his naked hips. A raised eyebrow and hip jutting to one side gave him the look of someone with attitude, but it was fairly mitigated by his naked body and small, swinging cock.

Yes, you do,” Soren managed to say with a straight face. When Avery's mouth dropped open and he was about to usher forth an undoubtedly snappy retort, Soren stopped him with a playful shove back onto the couch and all Avery managed to get out was a startled, high pitched and indignant yelp. Soren turned to give his brother a hand off the couch. He was struck, again, with how unbelievably cute his brother was. For a moment he just stared at Brody's body, enraptured by every curve of his hips, his skinny arms and legs, and his tiny cock; his body was perfect. As perfect as Avery's, in a different way.

Shaking himself out of his trance, he told Brody, “Come on lil bro, time to go.”

* * * * *

Do I hafta?” Brody asked his brother, feeling like he wanted to take a break from what they were doing, but still not wanting to shower. He already had one yesterday, what did Soren want from him?

Yes, you hafta.” Soren grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him towards the stairs. “Come on, let's go.” Soren began to gently shove Brody up the stairs, and Brody saw him look over his shoulder and nod to Avery. What was that all about? He heard Avery run up the stairs, close behind his brother.

Who's gonna go first?” Brody asked on their way up, looking over his shoulder.

It's big, I think we can all fit,” Brody stopped climbing the stairs and turned around, not sure if he heard his brother right. His crotch was right at Soren's face level, and he saw his brother's eyes stare right at it before they looked up to meet his own. Brody knew he would never have noticed that before the past couple of days.

You mean, at the same time?!” Was Soren just messing with him again?

Sure, why not,” Soren replied nonchalantly. From behind him, Avery piped up.

What's the hold up boys?”

We're just waiting on the little one,” Soren gave his brother a questioning look.

It just now occurred to Brody that Avery never questioned a single thing his brother said. He was never surprised, or whatever at all these things he was making them do. His mind raced for a moment like it never had before; his heart raced to match his brain's speed. A moment was spent trying to figure out what to say, and another moment spent getting up the courage to ask it. Just as Soren was opening his mouth, probably getting him to move, he blurted it out.

How often do, uh, do you guys. . .” He paused for a moment, but neither of the older boys interrupted him, so he continued, “Uh, do this kinda thing? Like, how long you been doing it?”

I dunno, not that long,” Soren replied, at the exact same time as Avery piped up from behind him, “A while, why?” Soren went wide-eyed and turned to Avery, making a face that Brody couldn't see but he assumed was horrific since Avery went a little white and put his head down. Brody could see him hide a smile though, as Soren turned back to explain.

A few years now, I guess,” Soren clarified. That shocked Brody, how did he never notice? He asked as much, and Soren clarified even more.

That's how we like it,” Soren sternly told him, and then told him again that “that's how we're going to keep it.” He didn't need to say any more, Brody had already gotten the message. Again, and again, and again. He had more questions, but he asked them on the way upstairs.

If you wanted a secret why'd you tell me 'n do all this?” Soren didn't answer till they reached the top and all three boys stood in the landing, and Soren put a hand on his shoulder and leaned down to him.

Because, bro, we figured you woulda' wanted to join in.” His hand was so big. . .it covered way more than just his shoulder. Brody never noticed how strong his brother's arms looked too; they were like, twice the size of his. Maybe more. “You like all this stuff we're doin', right?” He smiled and squeezed his shoulder before running his big hand down his arm and gripping his hand. Soren had never really acted like this before. . .for the first time in a long while, he really felt like this was his brother, and not just an older guy living in their house. Was that weird?

Ya, duh!” Brody couldn't let this new feeling to go waste, and if he said anything else his bro might stop. Or worse. . .tell Mom and Dad he was doin' this kinda thing. Whatever Soren said, Brody knew that he would be in the worst trouble if Mom and Dad, or anyone, found out he was doin' this kinda thing. It was okay for Soren and Avery, they were old. Well, older. “Are we gonna do. . .more, stuff?” He asked, not sure exactly how to phrase it.

Sure bro, we sure are. After you?” Soren waved Brody into the washroom with one of his big hands.

So,” he started as they walked in, “I started younger than Avery even?” He felt smugly superior, for some reason.

Yes you did, actually,” his bro told him, “Only cause you're so mature.” Hah, I knew it.

So I can do anything he can do?” He asked his brother, looking at Avery with a grin. Not a mean grin, necessarily, just a grin.

Well,” Soren started as he got into the glass shower and turned on the water, finding a good temperature, “We'll see about that. Avery does a lot for me.”

Brody wasn't thinking about all that Avery did for his brother right then, however. . .he was thinking about laughing at the fact that Soren had forgotten to take off his boxers when he stepped into the shower, and was now wearing a pair of completely soaked, limp boxers on his waist. Brody looked at Avery, and when he noticed too, both burst out laughing at the older, sometimes foolish, boy.

Trying to keep a straight face, Soren took them off, and without warning, whipped them at Brody's head through the open shower door. He dodged them easily, and watched them splat on the wall behind him.

When he turned back around, both boys were giggling, but also staring at him. Specifically, at his body. Brody didn't know why. . .his wasn't so different from Avery's. Sure he was taller, a little bit bigger in a couple ways but it wasn't like either had any hair yet that Soren had, or anything like that. Soren was the odd one out, they shoulda' been staring at him.

What're you lookin' at?” He asked both guys, and both simultaneously shook their heads from side to side.

We're looking, cause,” Avery started, then paused and looked to Soren, who nodded. Brody guessed he didn't want to say anything and get himself into trouble again. “'Cause, you're nice to look at. Right Soren?” Soren gave Brody what he assumed was he assumed was supposed to be a light slap on the ass when he asked, and jumped in the shower when Soren replied with a simple, “Fuck ya.” Then he continued with, “Come on bro, get in.”

Not wanting to let the boys know that his slap kinda hurt, Brody consoled himself with just rubbing his rear lightly. He had no idea what to expect as he stepped over the sill of the shower and closed the door behind him; he did, however, know he was going to prove to both Soren and Avery that he could do anything they could do. He was mature.

For his age, anyway.

* * * * *

Rubbing his left cheek, Brody stepped over the sill and into the warm stream of the water. The shower instantly slicked the boy's hair to his head and made rivers of water run down the curves and crevices of his body. A particularly cute stream ran off the tip of his cock, and another one from the bottom of his tiny ball sack. He stood there and let the water run down his head, spitting it out and making a face like a fish. Soren humored him with a chuckle.

You're funny, kid.” There really was enough room for the three of them in there. . .of course Soren and Avery had had their showers together whenever they could sneak one, but that was not very often. Soren assumed his Dad installed it so that he and his Mother could use it, but that was nothing he wanted to think about now.

Uh, I'll be right back,” Brody started to say and thankfully broke Soren's train of thought. He turned to the door.

Where you goin', bro?”

Just gotta piss, remember? I had to since. . .before.” Since my lover had his mouth on your cock, you mean.

Don't you just go in the shower?” Soren tried to make it sound like Brody was being ridiculous for not doing that. As if every guy on the planet did it. Which, he admitted, most do.

Soren thought about all the things he still wanted to do with his little brother before the end of the weekend. This had been one of them, and he thought he could push his luck a little and try something out while he was still recharging from a couple jerking sessions already.

Brody looked at Soren with surprise. Really, at this point, the fact that anything Soren suggested surprised Brody was a shock in itself. His red face and hesitation answering gave him away though, and before he could deny it Soren already butted in with, “I knew it!” And, before Brody got upset, he followed up with, “It's okay bro. Every guy does it.”

Do you guys?” Brody looked between the boys, all three of whom were now only marginally fighting for the warmth of the showerhead itself.

Every time,” Avery told him. With no more warning than that, Avery grabbed his cock with a finger and thumb; after a moment a pale stream of gold gushed forth from the hole on the tip of his perfect little cock and fell on the floor of the shower.

Brody jumped backwards with a squawk and put his hands up, as if to block the stream in case Avery decided to aim the stream towards the boy. Knowing Avery, and what he liked, Soren figured that was actually a safe bet.

Come on bro,” he told his brother, “it ain't gonna hurt ya.” Soren was soon adding his own golden stream to Avery's. It was only a moment before Brody pushed himself away from the wall of the shower and grabbed his own tiny cock. Soon, a stream of pale gold overtook the stream of water that had been trickling from the hole on the tip of Brody's cock and three streams were making a large pool around the drain of the shower. Having started first, Avery also finished first. He made eye contact with Soren as he vigorously shook the last couple drops off. Soren could read his mind like a book, and although as desperately as he wanted to do what he knew Avery had in mind, the logical side of his brain won another rigged battle and spoke for him.

No, Avery. Not now.” Soren felt himself finishing as well. Avery pouted, but refrained from getting on his knees and opening wide for both the younger and older boys' streams of piss. Soren didn't know where Avery got all the kinky ideas he had brought to their sex lives, but he was thankful for it; watching Avery drink his piss the few times they had done it got Soren unimaginably excited. He had a feeling that the kid was into even more activities than he knew about, but had never pressed him too hard.

What, not now?” Brody piped up, still holding his cock and finishing up his own small stream.

Tell meeee!” Brody hopped up and down a little, flinging his little cock around and accidentally spraying Avery' torso with a few droplets. He probably didn't notice, as his attention was on Soren. Avery's pleased smile proved that he had noticed.

You always say 'tomorrow'! I wanna know now! I'm mature, remember? I can handle it.”

You're not acting too mature now, buddy,” Soren warned him, and got the reaction he was after. The boy calmed down a little, flicking the last few drops of urine out and not looking quite at Soren.

Sorry bro, I didn't mean it like that. All's I mean, is you gotta listen to us, okay? Just remember that, you gotta do as we say 'cause we been doing this a long time, 'kay?”

Okay!” He perked up a little when he realized he wasn't in trouble. His smile was one that Soren found himself unable to say 'no' to. Very easily, at least.

Since you've been such a good kid, I can tell you what Avery wanted.” His little brother looked to Avery, who was suddenly quite red and very interested in squeezing some shampoo into his hands. Soren felt a little blood rush to his face as well. Brody looked intently, finishing up his own stream of urine and shaking the last couple drops.

Avery wanted uh, wanted you to piss on him bro. Me too, really.”

Really?!?!” Brody looked back and forth between them, his own cock forgotten in hand. “You're lying!”

Hand to God,” Soren told him, raising his hand palm up towards his little brother. Avery still wouldn't look up, busying himself with creating a nice lather for his hair. The colour of his skin almost matched his hair at this point. Why he was so embarrassed, Soren had no idea. Wasn't he ready to do it anyway?

Ew that's. . .kinda super weird.”

Hey! That's not nice Brody!” Soren told him, more sternly than he felt. Softening his voice, he explained, “There's another rule if you wanna fool around with us, 'kay?” Soren waited for Brody to nod, and continued. “You can't judge or make fun of what any other guy does, okay? You got that?”

I think so. . .”

Good, bro.” He did look a little chastised, again, and Soren wanted to keep the boy happy and interested.

Come on, let's get you clean.” Brody sneered at his brother, but let his squirt a bit of shampoo into his hair and start scrubbing. Brody closed his eyes and let Soren rub the soap into his hair, and didn't open them till he maneuvered the boy's head under the showerhead to rinse him off. Grabbing one of the bars of soap off of the rack that hung on the wall, Soren lathered up his hands. Brody smiled up at him and met his eyes while Soren put soapy hands on the boy's shoulders, lowering himself to both knees and running his hands down Brody's back. The boy giggled when he ran his fingers along his sides, but kept watching what his older brother was doing. He watched Soren's hands rub soap into his chest. His nipples perked up when he tweaked them a little, but he didn't waste much time on those. Gathering more soap between his hands, Soren slid a hand between Brody's thighs and the boy moved his foot a few inches, giving Soren room to work.

Vaguely, in the back of his mind, Soren wondered what Avery was up to while he was engrossed in his little brother. Probably just jerking it. . .again.

Putting his attention back to the tips of his fingers, Soren rubbed soap into the space between Brody's undropped ball sack and his asshole, feeling the bottom of his balls and working his fingers around to the tip of the boy's cock. Soren heard a sharp intake of breath and Brody put his hands on Sorens', but didn't try to stop him. Soren grabbed the boy's cock in his hand and massaged it thoroughly, working the soap in and undoubtedly giving the boy as much pleasure as Avery's mouth did not half an hour before. At least, that was probably what the gentle moans coming from his throat probably meant.

Lathering his hands again thoroughly, Soren felt himself biting his bottom lip as he cupped both hands around Brody's firm ass cheeks, thumbs resting on the boy's hips and fingers stretching all the way to his wonderful crease. His fingertips sought the prize buried in the middle of that wonderful boy-bum. Changing the position of one hand, Soren put his soapy middle finger right against the top of where Brody's cheeks met, and ran the tip along the crevice, his other fingers splayed across the boy's bum. When he reached Brody's undoubtedly sensitive, virgin asshole, he expected more of a reaction than a sharp breath from his brother and a clenching; feeling the boy's asshole tighten up and his cheeks put pressure on his hand.

Felt good, eh bro?”

Hah ya I think so.”

What'd you do?” Avery asked as he moved to stand beside the boys, stealing quite a bit of the shower in the process. He was still soaping himself up; the boy liked to get very thoroughly clean.

Just tickled his bum.”

From the inside?!” Avery winked excitedly.

No, not the inside. Yet.”
“What does that mean?” Brody piped in, his voice cracking a little. He must've been a little nervous. For a moment Soren's mind raced. . .did he explain it now, or risk telling him 'later' and getting another bout of attitude from the boy? He shared a glance with Avery, who gave a slight nod.

Here, I'll just show you,” Soren took his hands off of Brody and turned to Avery. With a twirl of his finger, Avery got the message to turn around and bend over. He did so gladly, as a matter of fact.

Hands on his knees and ass cheeks spread, Avery turned around to look at Brody, and told him: “This is why your bro keeps his fingernails short.”

Soren laughed, and told his brother, “It's true.” With no further ado, Soren soaped up his middle finger again, and making sure his brother was watching, started to gently massage Avery's hole. He didn't penetrate yet. . .without proper lube, he wanted to make sure he was gentle with his lover. From his moaning, however, you'd think he was already knuckle deep.

He was probably just putting on a little show for Brody.

Soren removed his finger, got a little more soap on it, and replaced it on his hole. With a little pressure his hole gave way and he was up to the first knuckle inside the boy. He was rewarded with a gasp from both Avery and Brody; Avery's from pleasure, and Brody's from shock, presumably. Soren worked back and forth a little, enjoying as always the incredible tightness his lover offered.

Does. . .does that feel, good?” Brody asked, shock written all over his face. He had one hand on his behind, watching his brother work.

Mmm, mm yea, yea,” was all Avery managed to get out in response between breaths.

He means to say that yes, it does,” Soren clarified for his brother. Soren pulled out, to Avery's disappointment. “That's what he meant earlier, from the inside.” Soren stood up. “You should see how deep he can take it, sometime,” Soren told his brother. Avery straightened up and turned towards them.

Why don't we show him now?” He asked with a grin and a fondle for his dick.

I think we're okay for now buddy. . .let's just get cleaned up and outta here right now, okay?”

Aw, do we hafta?” Avery asked, pouting a little. Brody remained silent on the matter.

Yes, we hafta. You can scrub my back though.”

Gee, thanks.” Avery did it, though. Soren could feel him massaging soap into his back as he lathered up his own hair. It felt wonderful, getting all the sweat off that had accumulated from all the fun that he and the boys had had that day.

Avery quickly moved around to soap up Soren's front as well. . .which he was certainly not going to complain about. The boy had nimble hands and the lather felt good on his cock and balls. Brody watched from the sidelines.

They were done quickly; Soren still sure he wasn't able to cum again, and so he didn't bother trying; Avery knew without as well without being told, but still enjoyed playing with Soren's semi-erect cock. They exited the shower one at a time, and after turning off the shower Soren watched the boys towel themselves off.

You're kinda quiet little bro, wat'cha thinking?”

Nothin',” he replied.

Really nothin'?”

Ya, really.” Brody was toweling off his mid section now, cock and balls flying madly as the towel whipped around his body.

Well whaddya wanna do?”

Up to you.” That was helpful. The kid was being really quiet. . .maybe Soren should give him something he knew he wanted.

Well if it was up to me, I'd just let you play videogames in your undies the rest of the night.” He stopped toweling himself off to see Brody's reaction.
“Really can I?”

Sure bro, why not?”

Aw yes! Wanna play too Avery?!”

Here, let's all play.”

Really?!” Except for the day before, Soren and Avery rarely played with his little brother. . .this was a great chance to just, well, keep him happy.

Really really. We've been doing what Avery and I want all morning. . .you should get a turn. That okay with you, kid?” Avery replied that obviously, it was, but he did have an important question.

Do I have to wear my undies too?”

Just put 'em on, kid.” Soren led the downstairs, where he put on his own and the other boys followed suit. He did remember to put their clothes in the laundry like he promised he would what felt like hours ago.

Playing it cool, but heart still racing a little, Soren couldn't believe in a day and a half he had already introduced the idea of anal penetration to his little brother. . .and he had barely been put off by it!

Stuffing clothes into the washer, Soren pondered his next steps. Taking it too fast would risk everything he had built up. . .but did he have the patience to slow down his advances? Even if he wasn't able to actually fuck right then, there were myriad other activities he had in mind for the three of them. Most of which were perverted beyond

Hanging out, playing some games or watching television with the boys was the next best step, he decided; it only took him five or six minutes of staring at the clothes sitting in the washer, fondling himself, to come to that decision. He headed back downstairs.

* * * * *

Soren had been gone for a couple minutes now, and the silence was making Avery uncomfortable. Sure, both he and the little boy were happy playing their game together but Soren's paranoia over Brody's reaction to their. . .activities. . .had him interpreting Brody's uncharacteristic silence as unhappiness.

So uh, uh Brody. . .”


Do you, uh,” Avery got out in between complicated moves in their game, “Uh, like all the stuff that your bro uh, does or whatever?”

Like, in the shower 'n stuff?” Brody replied, without taking his eyes off the screen. Avery had a hard time taking his eyes off the boy. . .even after all he had seen from him, watching the boy in his underwear got him all sorts of riled up. He thought he understood Soren's obsession with it, now.


Yea. Uh, do you?” Avery glanced away long enough to give Brody a telling look; it said enough that he didn't have to tell him what a stupid question that was.

Uh, even. . .all of it?”

Every single thing.”

Even uh, like. . .” He really doesn't wanna say it. Avery had a pretty good idea what Brody was getting it, but he also found himself having a hard time saying it.

You mean with uh,” Avery held up a finger, and when Brody looked at him he leaned over onto one butt cheek and pointed towards his rear.

Uh huh, ya,” the boy replied quickly. Avery grinned.

Just wait till you try it, and you'll see.” Brody heard the emphasis in his voice.

I'm gonna try it?” He wasn't even paying attention to the game now.
“Sure at some point.” Brody looked wide-eyed from him to the screen. “You'll love it,” he added when he saw Brody's face. “Trust me, Soren and I will go slow,” he reassured him with a wink and a nudge.

Ah, uh, okay.” He and Brody played for a minute, before he asked simply, “When?”

Not now, don't worry bro. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow.”

What's tonight, or tomorrow?” Soren chose that moment to come down the stairs and stand behind them silently. Of course.

I uh was just telling your bro that we would probably do more playing, like together.”

Like what we've been doing?” Soren had his hands rested on the back of the couch cushions, leaning over the two with his eyes glued to Brody. His hungry eyes. Avery nodded silently.

You're right,” Soren said, putting a hand the top of either boy's head, “We will, but I'm all played out. For now, we'll just chill out, relax, recover, and do whatever the kid wants to do.” Avery could tell from the lack of any bulge out of the front of Soren's boxers that he really wasn't ready for any more fooling around yet. . .that was okay. To be honest, Avery was a little worn out as well.

Brody craned his head around to look up at his older brother, still with that adoring look in his eyes.

I wanna eat ice cream, and play videogames.”

Then ice cream and videogames it is, boys.” Brody's haunted look was only slightly mitigated by the though of even more of his two favourite things. Three, if you count hanging out with his brother, and maybe his new best friend.

* * * * *

The boys spent the rest of the day as most would. Playing games, eating junk food, and generally making a nuisance of themselves to each other well into the afternoon and early evening. They had so much fun, even just as friends, that Soren and Avery almost forgot the goal had had in mind for the better part of two days now.

It wouldn't be until late, late that evening that they would make their next move.