The Messenger Chapter 1


This story contains sexual situations between older and younger adult males. It also contains situations involving slight bondage and humiliation. Please do not read this if you are not interested in these type of things. If, however, you do read this story and decide you like it, please consider making a donation to

This story belongs to me, Jack Runda, since I am the author.

The Messenger.

Chapter 1:

The airplane landed, I had my bags, the rental car was obtained, and I was checking into the hotel. Room 403. I got off the elevator, turned left and walked to my room. I slid the pass card into the door lock, opened the door and was quite surprised to see what I found.

There were two naked men facing each other. The older man's cock was pointed towards the face of the younger man's mouth. The younger guy was kneeling in front of the older man. Classic blow job position.

When I opened the door the older guy's cock began to explode into the mouth of the younger guy but my interruption caused the young guy to turn his head towards the door I just opened. The cum intended to be swallowed ended up covering the cheek, ear, and forehead of the young guy.

All three of us were surprised to see each other so for a moment we just stood and stared. They looked at me and I looked at them. All three us had the same expression on our faces. We all were shocked.

I recovered first. I apologized for interrupting their activity but explained that I just checked into the hotel and was given this room. The older guy explained to me that they checked into the room the day before and would be there until tomorrow. I told him that I would go back to the lobby to figure out what the screw up was about. I again apologized for intruding.

I did not want to leave. The older guy saw that I was interested in their activity. I saw him catching quick glimpses of the bulge that had formed in my pants.

Instead of leaving I walked towards the younger guy who was still on his knees. His head was lowered as though he was feeling shameful for being caught sucking on the older guy's dick. The cum shot onto his face was dripping down his cheek.

I put a finger under the younger guy's chin pushing his head up so that he could look at me. His cheeks flushed red with embarrassment. I smiled at him and said, "I'm sorry I caused you to turn your head and miss swallowing all that daddy cream."

Without losing my eye contact with the young cutie I took my index finger and scooped a little bit of the dripping cum off his forehead and slowly put in my mouth. I sucked on my finger and made a sound like I was savoring the taste of what my fingertip held.

Still looking directly into his eyes I said to the youngster, "That jizz is good." I took my index finger and again scooped up another dollop of cum. This time I brought my finger to his closed lips, touching them ever so slightly. His lips parted as he licked the cum from my finger.

My dick twinged as my finger was being sucked. I could imagine how great it would feel to have this kid's tongue lapping my cock.

I kept scooping the jizz from the kid's face feeding it to him one fingertip full at a time. The amount of cum that has splattered on this kid's face was great but after feeding him for a few minutes there was nothing left on his face. I looked down at him and smiled. He had a look of anticipation as though he was wanting me to feed him more.

"There's none left," I told him.

I turned my attention to the older guy. He was watching me with a quizzical look on his face. His smile told me that he was enjoying the way I was cleaning the face of the younger guy.

I again apologized to these guys for interrupting them and then told them good-bye. I walked to the door and closed it quietly behind me.

As I walked back to the lobby to get my room assignment corrected I thought that what I just experienced was one of the strangest things that I had ever been part of. And one of the hottest experiences. I knew that my nightly ritual of a jack-off session was gonna be fun. No fantasy tonight. I would replay what I had just experienced in room 403 while beating my meat.

The hotel clerk was very apologetic when I explained to him that the room he assigned to me already was occupied. I did not go into detail what I saw but I did explain that the current occupants were surprised but were not upset when I entered their room while they were there. The hotel clerk said that he would call them and apologize since it was his fault that he gave me the wrong room.

When I finally got to my room (room 430, not 403) and had unpacked my suitcase, I decided to take a slow hot shower to wash the stress of the day away. I kept thinking of my unexpected experience earlier and wanted to jack off but decided I would wait until bedtime. Nothing like beating your meat in bed and then falling into a deep sleep.

I was feeling a little hungry so I got dressed. There was a restaurant that was a short walk down the street from the hotel so I went there to grab a bite to eat. After settling into a booth and placing a food order I noticed that sitting on the other side of the restaurant were the two guys from room 403. The older guy saw me looking at them. He smiled at me and raised his right hand with a wave of recognition. I smiled and waved back at him.

The food I ordered was delivered and I began to eat.

A little later I noticed that the two guys on the other side of the restaurant got up to leave. I saw them walk over to me.

They stopped at my booth and the older guy said, "We thought we would come over and introduce ourselves since we did not do this when we last met."

I had a fleeting moment of thinking how Miss Manners would handle the introductions of two men being caught having sex by a stranger. I don't think there are any rules of etiquette for this situation.

"My name is Gus," the older guy said, "and this is my son, Harry."

So, they're related!

I extended my hand to both of them and said, "My name is Jack."

"Did you get settled into your room?" asked Gus, smiling as he did.

"Yeah," I replied. "The desk clerk made an error with the room number. I'm in room 430, not 403. He said he would call you to apologize for his error. I hope he did."

Gus confirmed he got the phone call. He also added that he appreciated my discretion in not telling the hotel clerk what I found when I walked in on them.

I smiled. "Well, it looked like you and your boy were having fun. I'm just sorry my timing caused an interruption in it." I looked at Harry. "You're lucky to have a Dad who can show you such a good time."

Harry, I discovered, was a very reticent individual. He didn't say anything in response to what I just said to him. He just stood there, smiled slightly, and then bowed his head a little. He had trouble keeping eye contact with me. His facial cheeks colored slightly as though he felt uncomfortable being the focus of the conversation.

Gus chuckled. "I'm the one who is lucky. Harry has given me a lot of pleasure as my son in a lot of different ways." He turned the conversation by asking me, "Are you here on vacation?"

"No," I replied, "I'm here for a couple of days for business. I'm a pharmaceutical salesman. In fact, I'll need to get back to the room so that I can work on a presentation I'm giving tomorrow."

Gus looked at me like he was going to ask me something, but then decided not to.

The conversation seemed to come to end. Gus and Harry wished me good luck with my sales presentation. I told them it was nice meeting them.

Thought I would not see them again.

Well, I was half-right.


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