The Messenger Chapter 2


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The Messenger.

Chapter 2:

I got back to my room and settled in for a few hours of work. My laptop was booted up and I brought up my powerpoint presentation slides and began to work on editing them.

The phone in the room rang. Scared the crap outta me! Who calls me using a hotel room phone when I have a cell phone?

"Hello," I said after picking up the receiver.

"Go to your door. There's someone waiting for you." That's all the male voice said to me before the phone connection was broken.

"What?" I said to no one but myself. I wondered what had occurred, but decided to go to the room door since that's what the male voice stated I should do.

I'm not a dummy, though. I did not open the door right away before looking through the peep hole in it. What I saw was Harry.

I quickly opened the door and looked at Harry. He was standing there with his hands behind his back. He had changed his clothes from the last time I saw him which was only about an hour ago. He wasn't looking at me. His head was tilted downwards as he looked at the floor.

"Harry?," I questioned, "what's up?"

"Can I come in?" Harry asked softly.

"Uh, sure," I said and moved out of the way so that Harry could entered the room. I closed the door and turned towards him. Harry was facing away from me and I could see the reason why his hands were behind his back was due to a restraint that had been tied around his wrists. His left hand held a small plastic jar and in his right hand was a folded piece of paper.

I walked around Harry so that I could face him. He wouldn't look at me so I extended a finger and placed it under his chin so that I could raise his head so that he would look at me.

"Harry," I asked, "what's going on?"

Harry, in his soft voice, asked me to read the paper that he was holding. I took the folded piece of paper from his hand and opened it and began to read what was written on it. It was a letter of sorts.

"Dear Jack," it began, "I'm sorry to bother you since I know you're working, but I'm wondering if you could do me a favor. My boy has been acting really horny tonight and he needs to get his ass fucked. I'm real horny, too, and want to fuck my boy real good. I noticed you took an interest in Harry when we first met today and I'm wondering if you'd do me the honor by lubing my boy up so I can fuck the shit outta him. Thanks. Gus."

I had to read the note a couple of times to really understand if what I was reading was what I was reading!

Then, I smiled. This might be fun.

I looked at Harry and told him that the note from his Dad said that he was horny and needed to get fucked. I told Harry that his Dad had requested that I lube his ass so that his Dad could stick his big into dick into him.

Harry didn't say much. He quickly looked me in the eyes and nodded his head 'yes' and then turned his eyes towards the floor.

"Does the plastic container you're holding have lube in it?" I asked.

Harry turned around so that I could grab the plastic container. I took it from him and put in on the nearest nigthstand at the side of the bed.

"Well, why don't we get you ready," I said to him. I sat on the bed and asked Harry to come towards me.

He was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of sweatpants and sandals along with a cloth restraint around his wrists.

"Does your Dad put these wrists restraints on you a lot?" I inquired.

Harry shook his head, "Yes, sir. He puts them on me before he fucks me. He doesn't like me to jack my cock while he is fucking me."

I told Harry that I would be removing his sandals and then would remove his sweatpants. The restraints on his wrists would prevent me from removing his t-shirt, but the t-shirt really didn't need to be removed.

After removing the sandals, I pulled his sweatpants down. He stepped out of them. With his genitals being exposed, his dick began to rise. Soon it was hard enough that it almost touched his tummy.

"You know, Harry, for someone whose name is 'Harry' you certainly aren't," I tried to joke. Harry did not seem to respond to my humor. He matter-of-factly stated, "My dad shaves me every day. If he didn't I would be as hairy as he is." When I first saw them earlier that day when Harry was sucking his dad's cock, I didn't think they were related because Gus is a hairy motherfucker and Harry doesn't have a lick of hair on him from his neck to his toes.

"Let's see how good a shaver your dad is," I said. I put my hands on Harry's hips and began to push on them letting Harry know that I wanted him to turn around. When his ass was facing me I lowered myself to the floor from the bed I was sitting on. Harry's sweet bubble butt was a few inches from my nose as I sat on the room's carpet. I spread his cheeks apart with my hands, Harry's asshole was in my sight "It looks like your dad does a great job shaving you. I don't see one hair follicle in your crack!"

Looking at Harry's asshole I could tell that Harry had been fucked a lot. I asked him how many times his dad fucked him.

"He fucks me almost every day, sir," Harry replied. "Sometimes on weekends he fucks me three or four times a day."

I moved my hands so that my forefinger and thumb of my left hand kept Harry's ass cheeks slightly apart. I used the forefinger of my right hand to tickle Harry's asshole. He twitch a little as my finger caressed his rosebud.

I continued my questioning. "Is your Dad the only guy that fucks you?"

"No, sir," Harry replied, "Uncle Ralph joins me and Dad sometimes. He will only fuck me if I've been fucked by Dad first. Uncle Ralph's dick is too big for me to take until my pussy has been stretched by Dad."

Uncle Ralph must be huge if he is bigger than this kid's Dad. No wonder Harry's butt hole looked well used.

I leaned my face closer to Harry's crack. I kissed it and then ran my tongue around it. Harry let out a gasp. I told Harry I wanted him to lay face down on the bad with his ass over the edge. With his hands restrained behind him, this took a little coordination but he was soon positioned the way I wanted him. I spread his ass cheeks again so that I could continue to rim him.

Harry's hard cock was pointed towards his chest so he was laying on it. I reached up and pulled it back so that it was pointed towards the floor. The edge of the mattress kept it in this position and I kept feeling it while I was rimming his asshole. I could start to feel his precum oozing from his dick so I backed off squeezing it. I did not want him to cum since all I was supposed to be doing was to get his asshole lubed so that his dad could fuck him. I had a feeling that the way Gus restrained and controlled Harry that Gus proabably also controlled when Harry was allowed to ejaculate.

I jumped up from my position on the floor so that I could grab the jar of lube that Harry brought with him that I had placed on the nightstand. I scooped some of the goop with the middle finger of my right hand and gently applied it to Harry's wet butthole. I ran my finger gently across his asshole and I felt his sphincter muscles begin to loosen. My finger entered Harry's rosebud. It slid right in without a problem. Harry moaned a little.

I started finger-fucking Harry. He continued moaning and then starting flexing his ass. His ass wanted to devour my finger. I started using two fingers and felt Harry's sphincter muscles loosen further. Harry's hard cock started dripping precum. I removed my fingers from Harry's ass so that I coud gather the dripping precum and wiped Harry's asshole with it. With the additional precum lube I started fucking Harry's asshole with three fingers.

His asshole had really opened up by this point so fucking him with 3 fingers was not a problem. His cock was leaking more precum with the attention I was giving Harry's prostate. I asked Harry if he felt like he would be shooting his load soon.

He responded that he would like to but he needed to get his Dad's approval before he could shoot. I told Harry that I was going to stop finger fucking him since it sounded like he was loosened up enough for his Dad to fuck him.

I removed my fingers from Harry's ass and grabbed a couple of kleenex that were in a box on a nearby nightstand. I wiped the lube and precum from my fingers and then grabbed some more kleenex so that I could wipe any excess lube from Harry's crack.

I knelt down and spread Harry's ass. I liked what I saw. His rosebud was very red and it was a pretty good size. The finger fucking and rimming loosened him up quite a bit.

I wiped a little bit around Harry's asshole but left enough lube there so that Gus could easily push his dick into it. I helped Harry put his sweatpants on and then put his sandels on his feet.

I told Harry to stay there for a moment. I took the note that Gus wrote to me and turned it over. I wrote a note back to Gus.

I wrote: "Thanks for giving me the opportunity to prep your son for the fucking that he deserves. Harry has a beautiful and tasty asshole. He has been a pleasure to open up. My fingers have appreciated how Harry's butt hole has sucked on them. My dick has been hard while finger fucking him and I wanted to stick it into his ass. I will be taking care of my dick later this evening before I fall asleep as I imagine your big hairy dick pounding the asshole that I have loosened up for you. I'm very grateful to you for allowing me to do this for you. Fuck him good and hard. Thanks, Jack"

I turned Harry around so that I could put the jar of lube back into one of his hands and I told him to give the note that I just wrote to Gus as I placed it in Harry's other hand. I walked Harry to the door, opened it, and then watched Harry walk down the hall past the evelator to the room he shared with Gus.

As he stopped at room 403 I saw him gently kick the door, letting Gus know that he was there. The door opened, Harry entered, and the door closed.

I went back to my room with a smile on my face. This has been truly a unique experience at staying at a hotel, I thought. But I did need to work on my presentation for work so I started back working on my laptop.