The Messenger Chapter 3


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The Messenger.

Chapter 3:

I had been working about 30, maybe 45 minutes, when I heard a gentle tapping on my door. I went to the door and looked through the peephole. I did not see a face but did see a head that was bowed down looking at the floor. I recognized the hair on the head. It was Harry.

I opened the door and said, "Harry?"

Harry did not say anything nor did he wait to be invited into my room. He just walked past me so I closed the door. Harry's hands were still tied behind him and I saw that they held another note. I walked to Harry and removed the note from his hands without saying anything to him.

The note read, "Jack, you did a great job opening up my boy for me so that I could fuck him. And fuck him, I did. Good and hard as you recommended. Pull Harry's pants down and spread his cheeks to see what I've done." A smile came across my face. The note continued, "Harry needs to shoot his load. I normally do this myself but I thought you might want to do it tonight. Please use my boy for your pleasure, too. There's no need for you to beat your meat when my boy can take care of it for you. Have fun, Gus."

Harry was still facing away from me with his head bent down. He did not want to look at me. I told Harry that I was going to remove his pants, which I did. I then pushed Harry towards the bed and pushed him so that he fell face down on it. I did spread Harry's ass cheeks apart. His asshole had grown in size showing that a large dick had been reaming it. I leaned closer so that I could smell it. The aroma of the fucking was incredible. My dick began twitching as I smelled Harry's ass.

"It looks like your Dad did a good job fucking you," I told Harry. "Yes, sir, he did," Harry replied. My stretching of Harry's ass cheeks apart relaxed his asshole a little and I saw where he started to leak Gus's cum. As it started to run out of his asshole on to his balls, I stuck two fingers in his ass so that I could get them covered with the daddy cream. The insertion of my fingers into Harry's asshole caused a flood of cum to empty from Harry's rectum. My fingers became covered with Gus's emissions as it rolled down into the palm of my hand.

I pulled my fingers from Harry's asshole then walked around to the other side of the bed. I lifted Harry's head with my other hand by pulling on Harry's head hair. He looked at me. "Here's a cream pie from your Daddy and I want you to eat it."

Harry looked at the cum found on my fingers and the palm of my hand. He stuck his tongue out. I placed the palm of my hand near his mouth and he started lapping up the cum that had pooled on the palm of my hand. When he finished licking up all of the semen found there, I moved my fingers into his mouth so that he could lick them clean. He did not hesitate in doing this and soon my hand was very clean.

I smiled at Harry and he actually returned a slight smile when he looked at me. I told him, "You've been a good boy, Harry. Your Dad has told me that you need to shoot your load and he has given me permission to get you off. Do you like having your cock sucked?"

"Yes, sir, I do. Uncle Ralph likes to blow me but when I cum he doesn't swallow it. He feeds it back to me," Harry said. Harry might be a submissive but he gets his desires across. A cumpig is a cumpig. I happen to like sucking cock so that's what I was going to do to him.

Since Harry's hands were tied behind his back, I pulled him off the bed and walked him to a nearby chair. He sat down and pushed his butt to the edge of the seat. This allowed him to lean back so that his hands had room without being squashed and it also brought his cock forward for easy access.

And that's what I did. I started sucking on his prick and could feel his cock get even harder than what it felt like when I was finger-fucking him. Harry moaned as I bobbed up and down on his dick. It wasn't too long when his breath started getting deeper and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. Considering the fucking he received from his father, he probably has been ready to cum for a while.

I spent only a few moments with Harry's cock in my mouth when I heard him moan. His breathing changed and I knew he was ready to blow. I felt the first blast of ejaculate enter my mouth and stopped my sucking motion to allow all of Harry's spunk to fill my oral cavity. After he ejaculated all of his cum, I held it in my mouth as I pulled off his dick. Harry was lying back in the chair, his eyes closed, and his mouth slightly ajar. He was spent.

I raised myself up to his face so that I could kiss his lips. He responded by kissing me back. As I pushed my tongue into his mouth, Harry's cum left my mouth and entered his. Soon both of our tongues were covered with Harry's spunk. I started swallowing his cum that was left in my mouth as we kissed. Soon the only evidence that Harry ejaculated was the cum that had slipped out our mouths and covered our chins. I licked Harry's chin in order to clean him up. He did the same to my chin.

At this point Harry was pretty satisfied. His ass had been fucked and his cock had been sucked. But I was not satisfied. My dick had become hard awhile ago and was still hard and hurting in my pants.

"Okay, Harry," I told him. "Now it's my turn to get off."

I pulled him up from the chair he was sitting in, and laid him down face up on the bed. I quickly stripped my pants off and felt a little relief since my dick was free. I climbed on to the bed and positioned my ass right over Harry's face.

"Okay, guy, I want you to start eating," I instructed. My ass covered Harry's mouth as I felt him start to lick. I spread my cheeks apart so Harry could get his tongue further into my asshole. I let go of my checks when I felt Harry's tongue loosen my sphinter muscle. I grabbed my cock and started beating my meat.

I felt the tingle that told me that I was going to cum soon. My breathing became deeper and I pushed my ass further down on Harry's face. When I felt that I was about to explode, I lifted my ass up and positioned myself so that I could shoot my load over Harry's face.

The first splat hit Harry's nose and upper lip. The second, hit his forehead. I jacked my cock a little more and the last squirt from my cock landed on Harry's left cheek.

I hadn't cum like that in quite some time but I am not usually presented the opportunity I had with Harry that often!

Harry was trained by his dad into the humiliation scene and this was a little new to me. I was glad for the experience and thought I need to look further into this.

As a final act, I decided Harry would be returned to his dad in a manner both of them should like.

I grabbed the piece of paper that Gus had written to me about using his boy. I just scribbled a 'Thanks' on it. I pulled Harry up off the bed and made sure he was steady on his feet. I put the note into Harry's tied hands. I then took Harry's sweatpants and draped them over his shoulders.

He looked at me and asked "Aren't you going to put them on me?"

"Nope," I told him. "I want you to walk down the hall to your room with your ass dripping cum and my cum dripping off your face."

Harry acted as though he was going to resist this but I noted that his dick started to grow a little.

I put my hand on Harry's back and directed him to the door. I opened the door and pushed Harry out of the room. I stood in the hall as Harry walked back to his room.

As he got about half-way down the hall the elevator he was about to pass dinged. Harry stopped and turned around to look at me. His cheeks began to redden when he realized that when the elevator opened whoever was in it could see him in all of his nakedness and cum covered body. His face had a look of plea on it. I think he wanted to run back into my room but I just waved at him, motioning that he should go to his room.

The elevator doors opened and out came a young man dressed in a business suit. He had dark hair and dark rimmed glasses. As he turned to walk to his room he saw Harry. He stopped. I could see this guy look at Harry's face and then his eyes looked down at Harry's dick. I couldn't see Harry's dick since he was facing away from me but I knew by this time it was rock hard. Harry's head was bent in shame so he did not look at the suited man. The newcomer did not know what to do. He was shocked to see a naked guy in the hallway with a hard-on and cum over his face. The new guy just stood there with his mouth slightly agape.

Both of us watched Harry walk to room 403 and kick the door with his foot. The door opened and Harry went in.

The dark haired man turned to towards me with a questioning look of what-was-that? on his face. I just smiled at him and waved. I walked back to my room and closed the door.

The next morning found me in the dining area drinking some coffee reading the newspaper after finishing my continental breakfast. Gus and Harry were sitting at another table. I ran into them when I went to the dining room and we spoke awhile and all agreed that what happened the day before was fun for all of us and we hoped we could have something like that again. Gus and Harry were leaving the hotel that day but I did get their contact info and will make it a point to look them up in the near future.

As Gus and Harry left the dining area they waved at me. As they exited the dining room the black haired guy from the elevator was entering. He did a slight double take as he passed Harry, recognizing Harry as the naked dude he passed in the hall. As he looked around the room to see where he could sit, he spotted me. He came over to my table and sat across from me.

"Okay," he said, "I know this is none of my business, but what happened last night with that guy that just left?" His face told me that his curiosity was great. I just smiled at him and introduced myself. He let me know that his name was Stan but further inquired about what he saw the day before. I kept smiling at him and asked him if he liked what he saw when he exited the elevator last night. He looked at me not knowing how to respond. He did not verbalize an answer but slowly shook his head 'yes'.

I asked Stan if he would be staying at the hotel that night or if he was planning on checking out that morning. Stan told me he would be at the hotel for a couple of days. I then asked Stan if he had any dinner plans. He said he did not. I told him to come to room 430 at 6 PM that night and I'd have dinner delivered. I would tell Stan the whole story.

I also mentioned to Stan that if he had any sweatpants, that he needed to wear them when he came to my room for dinner.

I then excused myself telling Stan I needed to get back to my room. On my way I stopped by the lobby desk to tell the hotel clerk that there had been a change in my plans and I needed to stay an extra night.

~This story was written by Jack Runda,