The Reconciliation



Jimmy Smith



Part One


It had all started when Adam Jenks, Jr. was six-years-old. He was happily living his life as a normal kid, going to First Grade, playing with his friends, and just being your typical boy. He loved his mommy, daddy and his newly arrived little brother, even if Zacky did cry too much. He'd had no idea just how much his life was about to change.

All was not well in the Jenks family, at least among the parents. Adam Sr. Was becoming increasingly frustrated by his wife, Marie. It seemed that giving birth had killed any interest that she had in sex. He kept trying to initiate and she kept refusing him. Things might have gone on as they had indefinitely if it hadn't been for a chance occurrence that took place one night when he went to a friend's house to play poker. He was early but he didn't think it would be any big deal. He and Sal had been friends for so long that he thought nothing of the lack of answer at the door. Sal was probably busy, as usual, getting his son, Savio, who was his own son's age, to bed so he would be asleep before the poker game started. Well, it turned out that Sal and his son were busy, and while it did involve a bed, it had nothing to do with getting the boy to sleep.

Adam opened the door and walked in as he usually did when Sal was hosting poker but he was confused when he didn't hear the usual noises from the upstairs. But he did hear some really surprising noises coming from the den. They sounded like sex noises. Adam shrugged his shoulders, figuring that Sal and the little woman had shipped the boy to the grandparents so they could have a quickie before poker. Well, he was half right, Sal was in the middle of some hot sex, but Adam just got the partner wrong. So he decided to walk toward the den in case the door was open. It was, but the latch part of the knob was touching the brass plate on the frame, so Adam couldn't see anything. He turned around to walk back into the living room when a voice came from the room for the first time.

"Yeah, take that fucking cock, you slutty little bitch!" Sal growled in a lustful voice.

Those words didn't raise any issues in Adam's mind. He'd often said the same to his wife during sex. As well as the fact that Sal had about a hundred and fifty pounds on his wife, so she was literally his little bitch.

"Yes daddy," the other person said. "Fuck me hard daddy."

Even those words didn't seem out of place in Adam's mind at first. He just assumed that Sal and Jenny were merely playing a "daddy/daughter" role play. But as he listened to the continued to hear Sal's partner continue to plead to be fucked harder, it finally dawned on his that the voice he was hearing was not the voice of Sal's wife, nor even that of a woman: it was the voice of a boy, and a very young one at that! Who the fuck? Adam said in his mind, then a suspicion crept into his mind. No. No way! Not Sal! Adam tried to push the suspicion out of his mind. He grasped the door knob and pushed the door open quietly, praying as he did so that he was wrong and it was Jenny and she just sounded like a little boy.

He walked quietly into the room and all he could see was Sal on top of a much smaller body. The pair was on top of the fold out bed that was usually a couch. There were no sheets on the mattress. The two were naked except the bottom person had on a pair of white socks, white sport socks, socks like those his own son wore every day to school. The legs of the socks were puddle around the ankles. Actually those feet were the only part of the person's body that Adam could see from his angle. And he could no longer deny the truth. Those feet were too small to belong to even the smallest woman, added to the sport socks and the voice sounding like a small boy all added to one conclusion: Sal, his boyhood friend, was a pedophile! Adam thought he should turn around and run from the room and call the police to rescue the boy that was being molested by his soon to be ex-best friend but he decided that he needed to know who the boy was, so he walked around to where he could see. He was shocked to see that his suspicion in the hall had been right: Sal was molesting his own son. But as he looked at the boy, whose eyes were closed as he chanted, "Fuck me daddy" over and over, certainly didn't look like he minded being molested. In fact, it looked like he was enjoying the whole thing.

Adam moved around further and moved closer to where he could see where his friend and the boy were united. He had seen Sal's cock at the gym a few times and it was large enough when flaccid. He remembered wondering how Jenny managed to take it into her cunt, being as tiny as she was. Now here he was facing the fact that his friend's massive Italian sausage was pounding in and out of a six-year-old boy's ass. And there was no doubt that the boy was taking every one of what Adam would learn later was eleven thick inches. Adam decided he had seen enough and turned to leave. He was strangely erect in his pants, and the thought went through his mind that at least Sal was getting lucky.

At that precise moment, little Savio opened his eyes and upon seeing Adam there, smiled and said, "Hi Uncle Adam."

"Uh, hi, uh, Savio," Adam stammered. "Uh, having, uh, having fun?"

"Oh yes, Uncle Adam," the boy chirped. "I love it when mommy goes out and daddy fucks me."

At that Sal opened his own eyes and turned to his friend while not missing a thrust into his son's bottom. "Hey buddy, I'm sorry but I kinda forgot to tell you that Poker was cancelled for tonight. As you can see, something came up. Why don't you take a seat over in the other chair while we finish up? We're almost done here. Then you and me can talk for a bit."

Against his better judgment, Adam went and sat down in the other chair and watched his friend continue to sodomize his own son. Adam had no love for child molesters, especially those that went after boys. Like most people he couldn't fathom any boy wanting a man's cock up his bum. But he had to admit that Savio seemed like he was enjoying what his dad was doing. And he sure seemed like he could take a pounding. Sal was by no means going easy on the boy. In fact, the massive man had actually sped up to as fast as he could go. Adam could hear the boy grunt every time his dad's massive body slammed into him, nailing the little ass to the mattress. In what seemed like forever to Adam, but was really only about ten minutes, he heard the boy cry out for his daddy to breed his little pussy and Sal's matching growl that he was doing just that. He watched as he saw his friend and his "nephew" shudder and shake in their shared orgasms.

With a grunt, Sal pulled out of his boy's ass and stood beside the bed. The boy sprang up and immediately began to clean his dad's cock with his mouth and tongue. When that was done he told Savio to put on his little undies and go sit on his Uncle Adam's lap. The boy slid into his Batman underoos, so much like those Adam's own son wore. He scampered over and before Adam could protest, he was in the man's lap, his cotton covered buttcrack settling perfectly over Adam's erection. Adam felt the boy wriggling in his lap and prayed for his dick to go down, but figured it would not. He just prayed that the boy would eventually stop wriggling around so he wouldn't blow his wad in his shorts.

Savio sighed as his felt his buttcrack settle over his "Uncle's" hard cock. It was longer than his dad's but not as thick. Savio hoped that his daddy's plan would work so that Uncle Adam's cock would be going up his ass that night. Savio had lusted for the muscular friend of his father's ever since his daddy had introduced him to the many great feelings a man's cock can give a boy while sliding in and out of his little body. Adam was much more his type than his own father was, although he would never tell his daddy that.

"So how long have you been molesting your son, Sal?" Adam asked.

"I'm not molesting him," Sal said. "To molest means to bother someone. Did my boy sound bothered to you?"

Adam sighed. "So okay, when did you start fucking him?"

"On his last birthday, five months ago," Sal said. "Actually that was the night, Jenny left us."

"Jenny left you?" Adam asked. He'd had no idea. Had it really been that long since he had talked to his best friend? The he realized that would have been just about the time that Marie had given birth to Zack and started cutting him off. "So what happened?"

"Apparently, she met a guy who was younger and, in her words didn't make her feel like she had just been raped by Ferdinand the Bull every time they had sex," Sal said. "She was just heartless enough to wait and spring that on us on her own son's birthday."

"That must have been rough on you both," Adam said.

"Savio was devastated," Sal said. "He was in his room sobbing and I went in to console him and things went from there."

"You mean you fucked him that night?" Adam asked.

"Yeah, but it wasn't something I planned," Sal said. I went into his room and found him lying on his belly, his face in the pillow. I was at a loss as to what to do, until I remembered what my dad had done for me when I was Savio's age and my mom died. I sat on the bed and began to rub his back. I remember thinking about how smooth his back felt through his shirt, how muscular he seemed yet so soft. Before I knew it, my hand was underneath his shirt on his bare skin. I heard him moan and then my brain went on autopilot and I just did what my dad had done years before, including taking his cherry."

"Your dad fucked you?" Adam asked.

"Yep," Sal said. "Sleepovers were a bitch but that was why we always had them at my house. Dad would tell me to come to his room for a quickie after you were asleep."

"Wow," Adam said.

There was silence in the air for about ten minutes until Sal spoke again.

"I have another confession to make," Sal said. "This wasn't an accident tonight. The boy and I meant for you to find us."

"What did you say?" Adam ground out.

"What I said, Savio and I meant for you to find us," Sal said.

"Here's the sixty-four thousand dollar question: Why?"

"Because we're concerned about you, Uncle Adam," the boy piped in.

"Exactly," Sal said. "I got a call from Jenny a couple of weeks ago and she said she had been talking to Marie and said that Marie had said she cut you off and hadn't let you touch her since the baby was born. Marie knew you must be frustrated and so she called me and said maybe me and the little slut could help you out." He made a head gesture toward Savio so Adam knew who the little slut was.

"Wait, Jenny knows about you two?" Adam asked.

"Sure does," Sal said. "She figured I would at some point especially since I told her what my dad had done. She's fine with it. To be honest, she never cared for the kid at all. But anyway, she figured that me and the boy could help you find someone that will give you steady pussy, even if it is a male's."

"And who is that?" Adam said but had a sneaking suspicion he knew already.

"Don't you have a son?" Sal said.

"No. No way." Adam protested, but not very strongly. "Not Junior." The truth was though, earlier he had briefly that it was he and his son on that bed fucking.

"We thought you might say that," Sal said. "So we decided to help your get over your resistance." He nodded his head at the boy.

Immediately Savio went into motion, moving his hips so that his butt rubbed along Adam's erection. Adam knew he should stop the kid, but it had been soooooo long since he had gotten any action that his cock didn't care that it was being stimulated by the ass of a six-year-old boy. All that mattered to it was the desire to be slammed into a warm, tight hole. Sal didn't help matters any at all as he started to describe in graphic detail how great it felt to slide your cock into a young boy's rectum: the warmth, the tightness, the softness and the silkiness. He talked about how no woman's pussy could compare to a young boy's; that a young boy's cunt was as close to heaven as a man could get on earth. He watched with delight as Adam began to sweat and breath heavily, the words Sal was saying combined with Savio's expert lap dance having their desired effect. Sal knew it wouldn't be long.

It was, in fact, two minutes. Adam growled deep in his throat and lifted the boy as he stood up but he held the boy in place against his crotch when he was standing. He walked over to the bed, grinding his cock into the boy's plump ass as he walked. He was totally lost in his lust and for the first time since he walked into the room, the rest of his being caught up to his cock in its lack of concern for the boy's age. In Adam's mind, he was decided that the boy had been asking for it and he was, by God, going to get everything he wanted.

"This what you want, you little slut?" he growled as he walked and dry humped at the same time. "You want your Uncle's cock in your ass?"

"OH FUCK YES!" was the shouted reply.

"Good," growled Adam again. "Cause you were getting it whether you said you wanted it or not because I know you want it."

He threw the boy on the bed so he landed on his back. For the first time, Savio was unsure as to just what he and his daddy had unleashed. The man was like an animal and while it turned him on, it also frightened him. His eyes went to his father and the man nodded reassuringly. Sal had known that this would be Adam's reaction after five months of no real sex.

Adam missed all that as he was focused on undressing as fast as he could. Soon he was naked to his socks and climbed onto the bed. He pushed the boy's legs back and grunted for the boy to hold them. He didn't even bother to remove the boy's underpants; he merely tore them like tissue paper. He put his fingers against the boy's asshole to see if Sal's load from before was still providing sufficient lube. It was, as could be attested to by the way the boy's ass immediately swallowed three of his fingers. This interlude allowed Adam's brain to get some semblance of control of himself, not enough to prevent him from fucking the boy, but enough that he would not just drive his cock into hot, tight hole. He removed his fingers and in one steady thrust he slid in to the boy's ass. He had a good inch and a half to an inch and a quarter on his friend and he watched with pleasure as the boy's eyes got widened as Adam's prick plumbed to previously uncharted depths inside him.

"Oh God, daddy," Savio moaned. "I think he's in my fucking belly!"

Sal got up and approached and looked and sure enough, he could see the lump caused by Adam's cockhead. The lump was just above the head of the boy's erect penis which was flat against his belly. Sal had no doubt that Adam was in his boy's colon. He laid his hand on his son's head, and then returned to his seat to watch.

Adam started to move, the first few thrusts tentative but his penis took control once more and he began his sodomy of the young boy beneath him in earnest. In and out, his cock plunged, coming almost all the way out before plunging back to its original depths. The boy came almost the second that the man started to fuck him hard, but he actually did cum three thrusts later, followed by about five more orgasms during Adam's first frantic fifteen minute coupling with a boy. Adam roared his triumph as he came inside a boy for the first time. He had never had that kind of sex or orgasm before with Marie or any woman. He, like so many men before him, had discovered that there is something primordial and primeval about a man fucking a boy.

He pulled out of the boy and rested. And for the next two hours after that first frantic fuck, Sal and Savio schooled Adam in the art of deflowering a young boy. When Adam returned home, he couldn't wait for a chance to make his oldest son his boy.


His chance came two days later. That morning before work, he made another attempt at initiating sex with Marie, but unlike all the others he had made over the past five months, he wanted this one to fail, so he was as forceful as he could be with his demand that his wife, "do her wifely duty". She, of course accused him of selfishness and only thinking about his own needs and not hers. He got up and got ready for work and he was not surprised when Marie called him and said she had dropped Adam off at his parents and she was taking Zack with her to spend a couple of weeks with her parents. Adam was almost cackling with glee and rubbing his hands together with the knowledge that he had two whole weeks alone with his son. He got up from his desk and walked into the personnel office. He'd been banking a lot of his vacation time and so he marched in and asked for two weeks of it starting after work that day. He cited a family emergency which took his wife to her family's for two weeks and he needed to be at home for his six-year-old son. The Personnel Director ranted and raved about short notice but he knew he had no choice. Adam was entitled to that time and could take it whenever he pleased.

Adam left a little bit early and as he walked out to his car, he called a special number that Sal had given him. The man that answered asked for the special password, which Adam provided. He was given an address and he told the man when he would be arriving. He got in the car and drove to this man's house. He rang the doorbell as expected and was ushered inside. He was taken into a sitting room and left there.

"How old is the boy?" said a voice from behind him.

"He's six," Adam said.

"Follow me," the voice said. "The Master is expecting you."

Adam followed the butler down into the basement through a secret door. He was led down into a room where a tall and slender man with salt and pepper hair and goatee was sitting.

The butler bowed and said, "The boy is six, Master."

The man at the desk waved the butler away and stood up. He bade Adam approach and sit after they had shaken hands. He asked Adam why he was there.

"Well Sir, my wife had become totally frigid since our second son was born five months ago," Adam began. "I recently discovered that my best friend has been sodomizing his own six-year-old son for the last five months. He suggested I consider to my own son to meet my needs and also said that you helped him make things smoother for him and his boy and he wishes he had come to you first."

"So your son is pure and untouched back there?" the man asked.

"Completely," Adam said.

"And how long do you have the boy to yourself for?" the man asked.

"At least two weeks," Adam said. "The wife is at her parents' with the baby."

The man smiled. "Excellent," he said in what struck Adam as an eerie imitation of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons. "That is plenty of time. That is enough time for you to train the boy and have many days of uninterrupted time enjoying the fruits of your labours." The man stood up. "Please follow me."

He walked to a door way across from the one that Adam had entered. He placed his thumbs against a scanner and there was a pinging sound before there was the click of the door unlocking. The man ushered Adam through the door and allowed the door to lock behind them.

"That door is now locked until I place my two thumbs on the scanner on this side," the man said. "Even if the police SWAT team came down here with all their toys, they could not break through that door."

Adam nodded and followed the man over to the first section of the large room. On a series of shelves, were a large number of tubes that Adam quickly surmised were various types of lubricants.

"These are our lines of lubricants," the man said. "All designed for anal training and anal sex, especially between men and boys. You sure your boy is a virgin?"

"Yes," Adam said. "The only thing my son knows about sex is how his baby brother was made. He knows nothing of the pleasure that men and boys can give each other. Hell, until two days ago, neither did I."

The man's hand went and immediately grabbed a certain tube from the shelf and handed it to Adam. "For the complete virgin, you must use this," he said.

Adam read the tube. "Desensitizing lube?" he asked. "Could I not get that anywhere?"

The man shook his head indignantly. "That is NOT your ordinary desensitizing lube," he said. "It is just labelled that way to not give away what it really does, for if the Government and Law Enforcement knew what this substance does, they would ban its use immediately."

"Well what does it do?" Adam asked.

"It is a special formula that not only blocks the pain nerves, it amplifies the pleasure nerves," the man explained. "So if you use this on your son, Mr. Jenks, he will experience nothing but mind blowing pleasure from his anus and rectum from the second you begin to insert the first training device."

"Okay, point taken," Adam said. "What's next on the list?"

"Follow me please," the man said.

He led Adam to another set of shelves in the wall of the room. The man asked Adam again how old Adam Jr. was and if he could read. Adam confirmed that his son was six and could read a bit. The man led Adam to an area of the shelves that had what looked like a series of kids' picture books that had simple text, just like you would find in any bookstore. But the content was certainly not what would be found in any mainstream bookstore. Every book was about little boys and little girls having sex with adults. The man explained that the books were often an excellent icebreaker for kids. He handed Adam a selection involving six-year-old boys and their daddies. He looked through the first one and knew they would be perfect for his son.

Next the man led the way over to a two way mirror looking into a separate room. In the middle of the room was a large bed. There was a man and a boy in the room. The man was sitting on the edge of the bed, the boy was kneeling between the man's legs and his little head was bobbing up and down in the man's lap. Adam saw a camera on one wall but it seemed to be stationary.

"We have found that child pornography is also an excellent ice breaker, especially with young boys, who are as easily visually stimulated as any man is," the man explained. "Today we are filming ones showing oral sex. This one is for nine-year-old boys. We find it helpful in training when a boy sees another boy his age performing the act we wish to teach him. This causes him to become competitive and therefore more willing to comply."

"I noticed that the camera is stationary," Adam said. "How to you get different angles?"

The man smiled and pushed a button on the wall. Immediately the bed began to rotate until Adam and the man were looking at the sideways view. Adam could see that the man was thrusting his cock deep into the boy's throat. He could see the huge glans bulging out the kid's neck and he thought it was the hottest thing he'd ever seen.

"When your order has been filled it will include several of similar videos involving boys your son's age performing various sex acts ranging from kissing and petting to full anal sex," the man said. "I recommend that you take it slow, Mr. Jenks and follow the program to the letter. I would give him the books to read while you make supper, so the ideas can be percolating in his little mind through supper. Then after supper I suggest beginning to watch the movies. I would start with the kissing and petting one first. Then I would suggest watching it again while encouraging the boy to try it. After he gets used to that and you have him and yourself finally naked to whatever degree you like, then advance to oral sex. I would not try to then advance to anal sex training until the next day."

"Okay, I agree with that," Adam said. "How to I begin the anal training?"

"Follow me," The man said again.

He led Adam to another set of shelves, these containing various sized butt plugs. Adam was led to a section labelled "6-year-olds". At one end of the shelves were the smallest butt plugs he had ever seen. This time he wisely reserved comment and waited for an explanation from the man.

"You're learning," the man said. "These are special butt plugs." He handed Adam a remote control, then picked up the smallest sized plug. "Push the green button, Mr. Jenks."

Adam pushed the required button and was amazed when the tip of the plug split into four sections and separate. The man waited until the sections had just stopped touching each other before telling Adam to press another button. Adam did and the sections stopped moving but stayed where they were.

"As I said Mr. Jenks, these are special training devices," the man said. "They are designed to not only gently stretch the anus, but also the rectum as well. This is the first plug you will insert in your son and this is the distance you will initially set the spreaders to be the first time. The green button spreads them, the yellow button locks them in place and the red button closes them again. It is of the utmost importance Mr. Jenks that you always close the spreaders before removal of a plug. The consequences for both you and your son would be unfortunate. Now unless, you have any questions, our business is finished."

Adam said he had no questions and the man led him back to the security door, where the man repeated the procedure that had gained them entrance into the room. He led Adam through the door and found the Butler standing there with a large black canvas bag. The man named a price and Adam handed over the cash. The Butler then handed Adam the bag. Adam then drove away from there with two thousand dollars worth of sex aids to help him train and seduce his own son.


From the moment Adam got his son home from his parents', He started following the man's instructions to the letter. When he sent the boy into the washroom to wash up, he placed the books on the boy's bed. He expected the normally curious boy to ask him what the books were the minute he saw them but he didn't. He merely picked up the top one on the pile and started reading it. Adam deliberately chose to make something for supper that would take a long time to prepare, to give his son a chance to read ALL the books before supper. Adam Jr. was unusually quiet at dinner and Adam Sr. noticed that the silence from the boy was not uncomfortable, but rather thoughtful and contemplative. He did have to smile though as he also noticed Junior constantly adjusting the front of his shorts.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Things moved very quickly from the minute the two Adams sat down to watch the first of the special movies. From the very first kiss the father and son shared, the boy took to it like the young duckling takes to water. Things moved very rapidly after that, Adam was even able to insert the smallest plug into his son's bottom that first night, the spreaders open to the initial distance. Adam Sr. soon realized that he needed to make sure he was with his son whenever the boy tried to walk anywhere. The special properties of the lube combined with the natural stimulation of the spread device rubbing his magic place and the boy was having an orgasm almost every one to three steps he took. So it was a very worn out six-year old boy that collapsed into his daddy's big bed that first night.

They continued the training over the following two days until at exactly nine p.m. on their third night together Adam Jenks Jr. grunted with pleasure as roughly six and a half inches of Adam Jenks Sr.'s cock slid past his virgin sphincter into his rectum for the first time. They were in the boy's room, on his bed. Both were naked except for socks, a look they both discovered they liked. Junior was on his back his sock covered heels on Senior's muscular shoulders. The boy had his first cock induced anal climax the very first time his father drew back and slid forward again. He had four more during the twenty minutes that his father rocked, grunted, growled and sweated above him before giving a loud shout and filling his son with his seed, making Adam his in an even deeper way. Father and son fucked many times during those almost three weeks that Marie was away.

When she returned, she was no less frigid than she had been before she left. The only difference was that Adam Sr. had stopped bothering her for sex. She had a pretty good idea why. She was pretty sure that her husband and eldest son were engaging in pedophilic gay incest together. She wasn't blind and stupid. She saw the smouldering looks and he knew full well the meaning of that fact that her husband would come to bed after "tucking the boy in" smelling like sex. She didn't necessarily like it, but at least Adam had stopped trying to paw her. And she really never cared about her oldest son anyway, it was little Zacky that was her favourite. So she held her peace until an opportune moment arose for her to use it to destroy her husband.


The two Adams remained inseparable until the boy turned twelve then Junior started to separate a bit from his dad. They still maintained a regular sex life; it was just a little less frequent than it had been. Sometimes when Senior would try to initiate sex, Junior would rebuff him saying he had plans with friends. So Senior wondered where he would find someone else to meet his needs when Junior wouldn't or couldn't. Then one morning he woke up and as he was walking out for breakfast he noticed Zack walking to the bathroom in his little cartoon underwear. For the first time, that morning Adam began to look at his younger son as a possible sex partner as well. But how could he get the boy alone for two weeks to train him?

He was at work when the idea occurred to him. He would arrange to rent a cabin in the woods for two weeks. He would tell Marie that he was taking Zack there to bond with him as he had with Junior, not knowing that she knew what kind of bonding he had in mind. He was mildly surprised when she readily agreed to the trip. Adam Jr. didn't mind it because it gave him a two week break from his dad. Senior didn't realize it, but his oldest son was growing tired of their relationship as he had discovered sex with other boys and at least with other boys he wasn't on the receiving end all the time and he decided that he quite liked topping.

As soon as Adam Sr. got Zack to the cabin, he started the process he had first used so successfully on Adam Jr. six years before. The younger brother, as it turned out, required less training than his older brother, twelve hours less as a matter of fact. So at nine a.m. on the third day of the trip, Zack Jenks let out the same grunt of pleasure as a full eight inches of his dad's cock slid into him for the first time causing his first ever cock induced anal orgasm before the first full thrust. As with Adam Jr., Zack's anus and rectum got to be very good friends with Adam Sr.'s cock over those two weeks.


But unfortunately Adam Sr. had no idea what his wife had been planning to do for quite a while. She decided to play on her eldest son's likely jealousy, even though she knew of her son's increasing desire to separate from his dad. She knew that just because Adam might no longer desire sex with his dad, it didn't necessarily follow that he would want to see his dad having sex with any other boy, especially his own brother. She started during supper the very first night Senior and Zack were away.

She fixed her eldest with a concerned look. "He's replacing you, you know," she said simply.

"Who is?" Junior asked.

"Your father," Marie said.

Adam Jr.'s first thought was Oh shit, she knows. But that was swept away by the next thought, this one he voiced.


"Think about it dear," Marie said softly. "Your father suddenly decides to take your brother on a bonding trip." She took great delight in placing emphasis on the word bonding. She let her words hang there before adding, "Your brother who is the same age you were when your father started molesting you."

Junior shook his head in denial. "No. No. He couldn't. He wouldn't."

"Wouldn't he Adam?" Marie said. "After all, he replaced me with you six years ago." A little white lie, but she shrugged away any guilt before going on. "You know that you're growing up, Adam. You are going to start becoming a man soon. You'll be growing hair where you didn't have any before, especially down there."

Adam blushed. "So what?" he asked.

"So men like your father lose interest in boys when they start growing up and become hairy, especially down there," Marie said, her perverse pleasure growing. "So your father has decided that since you are soon going to start becoming a man soon, he is going to replace you with your brother."

Adam Jr. began to brood. He didn't want to believe what she was saying. He may be tired of sex with his dad, but that didn't make it okay for his dad to think that he could just hook up with some other boy, much less Zacky. Zacky was innocent and had no idea about sex, Adam thought, unaware that at that very moment, Zacky was catching on to the concept quite well. As Junior thought of his brother's innocence a voice in his mind said, You were just the same when your dad started with you. So why would he not go on to Zack? Junior tried to dismiss that thought, but the seed had been well and truly planted and would sprout into a very bitter tree.

After Senior and Zack returned home from their trip, they had no idea that they were being watched closely, by a person doing so with jealous eyes. Adam Jr. had tried to ignore his mother's words but every time he looked at either his dad or brother the words replacing you echoed through his mind. And he saw the signs, same as his mother had six years before. He saw the smouldering looks that Zack and his dad gave one another when they thought no one was watching. And because in contrast to Adam Jr. Zack was such an eager partner, Adam Sr. stopped trying to initiate sex with Junior, and the final signpost on Junior's road to full blown jealousy was the fact that some nights when he would come to tuck Junior in after tucking Zack in, Senior would often smell of sex. Actually Junior was even more attuned to it than his mother had been because he knew the subtle odours that lingered on a man's body after anal sex. Lord knew he had smelled it enough on his dad after they had done it. But he still tried to deny what he was coming to know.

Finally, Junior made the apocalyptic decision that he had to know for sure, he had to see for himself. He waited until the next time his mom said she was going shopping and he said he was going to go to a friend's house. Marie saw the real intent in her son's eyes and smiled to herself, knowing what was coming. She left. Junior waited for about ten minutes until he sensed that his dad and brother were acting very antsy and impatient, like they couldn't wait for him to leave. Finally he said he was going and walked outside. He knew they would be at the window watching him walk out of sight. So he gave them what they wanted. He walked about ten minutes away and walked immediately back, figuring they would be well involved in whatever they were doing.

When Junior arrived back home, he walked in the front door and was not surprised to see no sign of his father or brother in the TV room. He looked in the den and they weren't there. But when he went upstairs, he knew exactly where they were: Zack's room. He could hear the tell tale signs of what they were doing. Senior was growling and grunting, Zack was pleading for more of daddy's cock harder, deeper and faster and the sound of their bodies meeting. That should have been enough for Junior but he stubbornly resolved that he actually had to see. He strode to Zack's door, which was open so they could hear if anyone came in. Fat chance of that with the noise they're making, he thought. He pushed open the door so he could look in.

Adam Senior and Zack were both naked except for their socks. Their other clothes were literally strewn all over the room. Zack was on his bed in the doggy position. His head and upper body were on the bed, raising his ass up. His legs were spread wide and his socked feet were hanging off the side of the bed. Zack had his eyes closed and a grimace on his face. Junior knew it was not a grimace of pain, but a grimace of pleasure so powerful, it was almost painful. That pleasure was being caused by the fact that Adam Senior was standing behind Zack between his legs. His hands had a firm grip on the boy's hips as his muscular body and ass rippled with the effort of sliding his twelve inches of cock in and out of his youngest son's ass.

Adam stood there watching and listening to the scene before him. Once again he heard his six-year-old brother plead for daddy's cock harder, deeper and faster in a voice that sounded so much like his own at the same age and in that same position: so full of daddy's cock that you almost couldn't stand it but you had to have more. Then he heard daddy's growl for Zack to take his daddy cock like a good little boyslut. Those were words Junior thought that his daddy would only use with him! How DARE he? His next thought was Daddy's replacing me with Zacky. That was when the seed of jealousy sown by his mother burst forth inside Junior and he snapped. Never mind that Junior was replacing daddy with Billy and Mikey on the next block, his thoughts were only on himself and his sense of betrayal. His mind settled on the most hurtful way he could get back at both daddy and Zacky. If Junior couldn't have daddy, then neither could Zacky.

Junior ran down the stairs and called 911. When the dispatcher asked what the emergency was, Junior forced himself to burst into tears and said, "Please send the police quickly! My daddy's raping my six-year-old brother and he rapes me too!"

Within ten minutes, the police knocked on the door and Adam Jr. let them in. He then led them to his brother's bedroom where Zack was by then on top and riding his daddy's pole to what he hoped was another gut wrenching orgasm. It was not to be. The first officer ripped the boy off of his father's cock and carried him out of the room. The second and third officers tossed Adam Sr. his clothes and ordered him to get dressed. The officer that carried away Zack took him downstairs and left him with Adam. He asked the older boy for his mom's cell number, which Adam gave him. As the officer walked into the kitchen to call Marie, Zack looked up at his beloved big brother and saw a pleased look on his face which turned into a smirk as their father was dragged from the house in handcuffs.

Adam caused this. Adam made them take daddy away from me. He opened his mouth to cuss his brother out but in the end, all he could say was, "Why, Adam? Why?"

"Because daddy's a dirty pedophile that molests boys," Adam snarled. "He molested me for six years and because I'm too old for him now, he's started molesting you."

Like his older brother had been at his age, Zack was a gifted child and was quick to figure things out. He knew the minute the words left his brother's mouth why Adam had done it. Adam was jealous, jealous of daddy, jealous of Zack. So if Adam couldn't have daddy anymore, he had decided that he wouldn't let Zack have daddy either. Never mind that Zack knew that it was his brother that had been pulling away from their dad. These realizations hit Zack hard because his brother was his idol. But at that moment, a seed of hate began to germinate inside Zack and he vowed that he would NEVER forgive Adam.


The case was over quickly. Zack refused to tell the police anything and also refused to testify, but the damage was done. The police had Senior's semen retrieved when they did the rape kit on him. That and the ring of bruising around his tiny anus, the circumference of which the police were later able to match to that of Adam Sr.'s penis was all they needed for them to convict him of molesting Zack. As for Junior, well, as has become the norm for cases of child molestation, all Adam had to do was say that it happened and a conviction for molesting him was going to be a slam dunk as well.

Fortunately, Senior lucked out with the prosecutor in his case. The woman was one of the few that really cared more about children's wellbeing than putting a pedophile away for twenty years or more. She never wanted to put the child victims of sexual abuse through a trial in cases that were slam dunks the way the Jenks case was. She decided that she would offer the defendant six years for a guilty plea because the abuse of both boys had started at age six and the abuse of the older boy had gone on for six years.

She offered the deal to Senior through his lawyer and he accepted it. His sentencing hearing was as one might have expected. Senior pled guilty to molesting his two sons and then talked about how he had done it. After that, there was the opportunity for the "victims" to address the court. Zack, who was there reluctantly, pleaded with the judge to let his daddy go home to him. But any possible effect that may have had on the judge was more than negated by the statements of Marie and Adam Jr. Both statements were finely crafted to make Adam Sr. look like an even bigger piece of garbage than people already thought he was. The judge asked Senior to stand and looked at him sternly.

"Mr. Jenks, I find your actions as regards your two little boys to be reprehensible," she said. "Your younger son's statement mentioned nothing of what you did to him, what you robbed him of. He may be simply too young to understand fully how you have victimized him. Your older son, as evidenced by his statement to this court, knows very well what you took from him six years ago and kept taking from him for the following six years. As a Judge, I have the right to refuse to abide by the sentencing recommendation in any plea deal. However, I do not like doing so, as it unnecessarily ties the hands of prosecutors to make plea deals in cases like this. So I hereby sentence you to a term of six years without the possibility of parole, to be served at a location determined by the State Department of Corrections."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Zack screamed from his seat and burst into sobs.

The Judge continued undisturbed by the outburst of the distraught boy. "In addition to this term of incarceration, I am also placing you on a term of probation to last for ten years." The Judge ran through the standard terms then added one last term. "I am also ordering that the defendant, Adam Jenks Sr., during the term of this probation order, be barred from making any contact, whether direct or indirect, with Marie Jenks, Adam Jenks Jr. or Zacharias Jenks."

That brought another wail of despair from Zack, who also slid from his seat and sank to the floor. He looked up at his older brother and mouthed the words, "I hate you!" Adam smirked at his little brother and then watched as his father was led out of the court room.


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