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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 10
New friends

 Saturday Mrs. Reynolds drove Aidan to John's house and Mrs. Durro invited her in for a cup of coffee. While the boys played a video game in the living room the ladies sipped their coffee and chatted. Mrs. Reynolds wanted to get a feel of how things were since their talk, but Mrs. Durro didn't seem to in any hurry to discuss the situation. Mrs. Reynolds finally decided to take the initiative.

"So, I assume your husband hasn't changed his mind about the boys?"

"No, I'm afraid not, but we did have a nice long talk last night. Aidan is welcome in our home, but no sleepovers...for a while anyway."

"That's fine. Aidan seems fine with that arrangement. How about John, how is he taking all this?"

"Well...amazingly he seems fine with it. I mean at first he seemed...well, bothered by it, but later when he had dinner he seemed...well...back to normal."

"Well, maybe everyone just overreacted to the situation. I'm sure our boys will be fine."

"I hope so. At any rate I think it's important that we not let this interfere with our relationship with you and your husband."

"I agree. As I said we respect your right to raise John as you see fit. Well, I really should be going. We're taking Jaden shopping for shoes at the mall. What time shall I pick Aidan up?"

"Oh, we thought he could at least stay for dinner, how does 8 sound?"

"That's fine. We'll probably go out and eat after we're done at the mall, then we can swing by and get him."

Mrs. Reynolds stopped long enough to tell the boys goodbye and tell him what time she'd be back to pick Aidan up then Mrs. Durro walked her to the van.

"Well, enjoy your outing and we'll see you around 8 and thank you for understanding."

"No problem. I have a good feeling about all this. I think things will get back to normal before too long."

"I hope you're right," Mrs. Durro sighed, "I hope you're right."

In the house John and Aidan took advantage of Mrs. Durro's absence and stole a quick kiss. It was a sweet kiss, not as wet or passionate as usual, but just as satisfying after their separation.

"I've missed kissing you?"

"Me too...I mean I've missed kissing you," John sighed.

"Do you...." Aidan whispered, "think of me when you....jerk off at night?"

John grinned and blushed, "Yeah, all the time."

"Me too, but I miss the real thing."

"We just gotta be patient, that's all."

"I know. We can still have a good time....even if we have to be good."

"And then when we finally get to do stuff it will be even better."

"So where's your dad?"

"He's at some meeting at Church, but he'll be back around 2."

Aidan frowned, "Well....we can have fun till he gets here. Can we go outside?"

Mrs. Durro returned then and after getting her permission the two went into the back yard to play catch. Both boys liked baseball and though they'd never played on a league, they had both played sandlot ball.

"So what's Jaden doing. Is he with Jimmy?"

"Naw, he's going to the mall with mom and dad. I think Jimmy and his mom were going to visit his grandma or something."

"That's cool. I think it's cool that they got together. It's like...Jimmy is a different person now."

"Yeah, he's sure changed, but so has Jaden."

"What do you mean?"

"Let's sit down for a minute," Aidan said catching the ball and holding it. 

The boys walked over to the lawn swing and sat down side by side. Ordinarily they would have sat as close as possible, but in lieu of what had been going on they left a few inches between them.

"Well, for one thing," Aidan said picking up where he left off, "he's happier."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't mean he was unhappy before, but I mean he's really happy now. If I didn't know him better I'd think he was in love or something."

"Maybe he is."

"Probably...but there's more. You realize that him and Jimmy haven't had sex....yet?"

"Really? Nothing at all?"

"Nope, they cuddle and they hold hands and they kiss, but nothing below the waist."

"Wow, and Jaden is okay with that?"

"Yep, in fact he seems fine with everything just like it is."

"Wow, he must be in love."

Aidan shrugged, "I guess anything is possible. I mean I knew he liked Jimmy a lot, but this is totally off the grid."

John laughed, "Well...until we got together I never knew love could be so I can see how Jaden might feel that way too."

"I just can't figure Jimmy out though. I mean...I think he wants to have sex, but it's like he's afraid or something."

"Maybe all that stuff his dad drilled into his head about gays being bad and stuff is the reason," John said being especially intuitive for a boy his age.

"Yeah, I think you may be right. Jaden just says that he's not ready and that's fine...that he doesn't mind waiting. He says the kissing is almost as good and not nearly as messy," Aidan chuckled.

"So...J isn't having sex? Wow, how can he stand it?" John chuckled.

"We need to talk," Aidan said frowning ,"I mean we discussed this and  all, but I just want to make sure you're okay with me and Jaden messing around."

"Oh sure, yeah...I'd never try to keep you two apart. I don't think of that as cheating or anything. He probably really needs you right now, and heck you too since...well, since we can't do stuff. But don't forget me..okay?"

"Don't worry, I won't. Do you know what I'd do to you right now if we were alone?" Aidan said grinning.

"No, tell me," John giggled. And Aidan did.

Bot boys had erections by the time Aidan finished his graphic description of what he would do and that didn't help matters any.

"Man, I wish we could just be alone for five minutes."

"Yeah, me too, but even though my dad's not here...we can't risk it with my mom. She's sort of on our side and if we can make them think we don't care about all this stuff, eventually they'll forget about it."

"I know, let's throw the ball around some more. At least that will get our minds off our dicks," Aidan giggled.

Across town at the mall Jaden was trying on a pair of Nikes while his mom eyed him critically.

"Make sure there's plenty of room at the end. You boys are growing so fast you never have time to wear a pair of sneakers out before you outgrow them."

"Mom, I know how to buy my own shoes. Why don't you go help dad. He probably needs you more."

Mrs. Reynolds laughed, "You're probably right. Well, whatever you decide on get two pair. I don't want Aidan to feel left out."

"Okay, but not the same color."

Mrs. Reynolds could remember when the boys insisted on dressing alike, right down to their shoes and socks, but lately they'd begun to pull away and become individuals, at least fashion-wise. Her boys were growing up and that made her a little sad. Sometimes she considered having another child, but the time  never seemed right to discuss it with her husband and she let it slide.

Jaden tried on three more pair of shoes before settling on a pair of  blue and grey Reeboks. Knowing his brother as well as he did, he picked out a pair of orange and black ones in the same size for Jaden and went to find his folks. 

"I see you found shoes. How much is it going to set me back?" Mr. Reynolds sighed.

"Only 59.99 each," Jaden said grinning, "They're on sale."

"I remember when I was your age 5 bucks would buy a pair of tennis shoes. Ah for the good old days."

"But what you failed to remember dear was that 5.00 was a lot of money back then. Relatively speaking we have it better than back then."

"Why are you always injecting fact and reason into my ramblings of the past?" Mr. Reynolds laughed.

"To keep you grounded. Now then why don't  you try on these nice brown shoes?"

After the shoe store they split up and Jaden decided to check out the latest games at the video store. He'd compromised and was carrying his shoes, but had left Aidan's with his folks. As soon as he walked into the video store, unknown to Jaden, the teenage boy behind the counter was checking him out.  His name was Jason and he was gay, though still basically a virgin as far as other dudes went. 

Jason had messed around with a few of  his friends when he was younger, including a few girls, but he was 16 before he finally figured out he was gay and so far he had yet to meet another boy who he felt would understand. At 17 he was tall for his age and recently he'd begun to work out and his slender body had begun to show it. His chest was well defined and the makings of a six pack could be seen even beneath his tight fitting tee shirt. His legs and arms were  muscled from track and swimming, and though no one except him knew it, his body was clean-shaven from head to toe. Not that he had that much hair, except in his pubic region, but he had always preferred the feel of smooth skin.

"Uh, excuse me." 

Jason had been so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed Jaden had approached the counter and was now standing only inches away.

"Oh, sorry dude. What can I do for you?" Jason said smiling. Up close the kid looked even cuter and he could see that he had a good body. He guessed the kid was 13 or 14, but little did he know that Jaden was not quite yet a teenager.

"Do you have the new Resident Evil I think?"

"Sure, right over here," Jason said coming out from behind the counter.

Jaden hadn't paid much attention to the teenager until that moment but suddenly he couldn't help himself from checking him out. He was cute, that was for sure, and tall with lots of muscle and he couldn't help but notice that he had a nice bulge in his jeans. Lately he'd been noticing older boys more and more and fantasizing about them, but it wasn't like he ever had an opportunity to do anything about it.

As  Jaden followed Jason to the X Box Section he checked out  his firm muscular butt and felt his penis begin to stiffen. Ever since he'd started going with Jimmy he'd been putting his horny side on hold and it was starting to catch up with him. Thank God he had Aidan to help him relieve his sexual frustrations occasionally.

"I only have two left," Jason said picking up a copy and handing it to Jaden.

Jaden studied the back cover and squinted his eyes as he read the captions. "Uh, how much is it?"

"49.99 on sale."

"Oh, well...I'll have to talk to my folks. Thanks though."

"Hey, no problem. If you need anything else just ask, I'm Jason," he said pointing to his name tag and grinning.

"I'm Jaden. Cool, both our names start with a J."

"Cool name. It's suits you dude."

Jaden laughed, "You won't believe it but I have a twin brother and his name is Aidan."

"Jaden and Aidan, way cool. Is he identical?"

"Yep, well...I'm buffer," Jaden giggled causing Jason to smile.

"You do look pretty buff. Do you play sports?"

"Naw, not really. I like to swim though and ride my bike and stuff. Sometimes Aidan and I work out in the garage with my dad. He has a nice set up there."

"That's cool. I swim and run and it's really paid off lately. I used to be really skinny, but now I've put on some muscle."

"Yeah, I can see," Jaden said blushing.

Jason smiled. Was this kid flirting?

" old are you anyway?"

"12, almost 13."

"Wow, I thought you were older. You look...more mature or something."

Jaden looked around then moved a little closer and said softly, "That's cause I already started puberty," he said grinning even as he blushed. Flirting was fun, even if it didn't go anywhere.

"Whoa, way cool. I was 13 before I hit puberty, but when I, it was crazy."

"I know, right? It's like overnight you become a horn dog or something."

Jason laughed, "You're really know that?"

"You too. Uh, how old are you?"

"Just turned 17. I'm a Junior at Edison."

"No way, that's near where I live. I go to Lincoln Junior High."

"Wow, so does my little brother. Maybe you know him..his name is Mark Lewis."

"Mark...Mark...skinny kid with black hair?"

"Yeah, he's your age."

"I have Math class with him, but he's sort of quiet. He doesn't really talk to anyone that I know."

"Yeah, he's shy...that's for sure. Maybe you could tell him that you know to him some time. He doesn't have a lot of friends and he could use a cool one like you. I'm sorry I shouldn't be asking that...."

"No, no it's cool. I don't mind. Not to brag, but I'm pretty popular at school and I could help him meet the right kind of know?"

"Hey, that'd be really cool. You're a cool dude."

"So are you," Jaden said smiling. Suddenly it occurred to him that if he did make friends with Jason's brother he'd have an excuse to see Jason again.

"Well, gotta get back to the register, someone is wanting to check out. If you need anything just let me know."

"Yeah, sure...thanks Jason," Jaden said giving the teenager his best smile.

The smile did not go unappreciated as Jason took it all in. His heart was beating so fast he thought he might faint and his palms were sweaty. What was happening to him? he wondered. Fortunately the obnoxious teenage girls at the register took his mind off Jaden, and it only confirmed his belief that girls were undesirable creatures.

Meanwhile Jaden was wandering around perusing the games while all the time keeping an eye on Jason. He was especially interested in how he would react to the two cute teenage girls at the register, but it was hard to tell what he really thought. While he didn't act very interested in them he was polite, but Jaden supposed that was part of his job. Still he hadn't been as friendly to the girls as he had been to him and that made Jaden think that maybe, just maybe Jason might be gay, or at least bi.

Eventually he got a text from his mom asking him to meet them by the fountain and reluctantly he started to leave, but not before saying goodbye to Jason.

"Well, I gotta go meet my folks. We're going out to eat," Jaden said then regretted sounding so lame, "I...uh, I mean it was really cool meeting you and all. I'll definitely talk to Mark Monday in math know, and tell him I know you...even if we just met," Jaden said feeling flushed and shaky.

"Well, do you believe in...friendship at first sight?" Jason said grinning.

For a moment Jaden was afraid he was going to say love at first sight. "Uh, yeah...I make friends pretty yeah, definitely."

"Good, cause  I think I'd like to be your friend...uh, if it's not too weird."

" cool."

"Well, then...I guess I'll see ya' around."

"Yeah, for sure." Jaden was tempted to give Jason his number, but  he didn't want to appear to anxious or pushy. If he made friends with Mark then he'd have an excuse to exchange numbers, but not until then. "Well...gotta go," Jaden said offering his fist to bump.

Jason smiled as he bumped fists with the cute 12 year old and he swore he felt a little electric shock as their knuckles touched for a brief second or two.

"Oh, by the way...I have RE 7, if you wanna borrow it."

"What, no way. Oh man, that's so cool."

"Yeah, just get with Mark and  he can work out a time for you to come get it...or I can bring it to ya'."

"Wow, all right. See ya' dude."

"Yeah, later dude. Have fun and eat lots of food," Jason giggled.

Jaden loved the sound of Jason's voice and he was looking forward to getting to know him better. 

At the fountain he found his parents sitting on a bench so close you couldn't slip a piece of paper between them. His mother had her hand on his dad's thigh and he looked as content as a rich lady's cat.

"Mom, dad...get a room," Jaden teased.

"Oh, poo...we're just sitting here waiting for you. We did our making out in the dressing room at Macy's."

"Gross, now I've lost my appetite."

"That will be the day," Mr. Reynolds said standing and offering his hand to his wife then pulling her to her feet.

"Well, I could force myself to eat I guess," Jaden giggled.

They wound up at a BBQ restaurant that they'd been wanting to try and it proved to be a good choice. The food was tasty and fresh and the service was extraordinary. Their server was a cute teenage girl who kept flirting with Aidan who played along half-heartedly. He still wasn't sure if his folks had figured out he was mostly gay, and he wasn't sure he was ready to tell them, so it was easier to just pretend he liked girls.

"She's a sweety, isn't she Jaden?" 

"Yeah mom, but not as sweet as you," Jaden said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh my, a gentleman and a tongue as smooth as molasses."

"What ever that means," Jaden laughed.

"It means you could sell refrigerators to an Eskimo."


Mr. Reynolds laughed then explained the old joke. The conversation soon changed to other subjects and eventually Aidan and John came up.

"I hope the boys are having fun."

"I'm sure they are mom. They always do."

"I just hope Jimmy's dad doesn't give them a complex by following them around and eavesdropping on every word," she sighed.

"I'm sure he'll be more reserved than that. He's probably planted bugs and spy cams everywhere," Mr. Reynolds teased.

Mrs. Reynolds slapped at him and he feigned injury.

"This is serious dear. You should have seen my baby's face when I first told him about this."

"But he seems fine now," Mr. Reynolds said eying Jaden curiously, "Almost as if he and John had contrived some plan to make it appear that they didn't care...right Jaden?"

Jaden gave them his innocent puppy dog eyes and shrugged, but they weren't fooled.

"Look, whatever it was you boys cooked up, if it works we're all for it. I think this will blow over eventually. I think John's dad has been listening to too many sermons on how the gays are out to take over the world," he chuckled.

" one has said anything about the boys being gay."

"No, that's true, but the way he's acting sort of points in that direction, don't you agree?"

His wife sighed, "I suppose."

Jaden wanted badly to change the subject, but he didn't want his folks to see how uncomfortable he was talking about this particular subject. He was relieved when the waitress finally brought the check and it was time to go. 

After leaving a hefty tip for the cute waitress they proceeded to the register to pay. Jaden grabbed a handful of mints from the bowl by the register and wandered outside to wait for his folks. It was just starting to get dark and the air was cooler now. He wondered what Aidan and John were up to, but he felt a sort of peace about that. He and Aidan were so close that they could literally feel each other's emotions even over long distances, and he was pretty sure Aidan was okay at the moment.

It was pushing 7:30 by the time they started for the Durro's house and Mr. Reynolds took the long way so they would arrive right on time. As they pulled up in the driveway the boys came running out to meet them with Mrs. Durro close behind.

"Hi, where did you guys eat?" Aidan said excitedly as he greeted his family. 

"The Rib Palace," Mrs. Reynolds said happy to see that Aidan was in such good spirits.

" fair, but we had pizza and it was good."

"Hello Ruth, did Aidan behave  himself?" Mrs. Reynolds said as Mrs. Durro finally made it to the van.

"The boys were fine, Aidan is always a perfect gentleman when he's over. My husband got hung up at church and he still hasn't made it home," she said frowning.

There was something there that Mrs. Reynolds couldn't quite figure out, but in a way it was a relief that he hadn't been around to make the boys feel as if they were  under surveillance.

"Oh, is everything all right?"

"Yes, fine. He just gets wrapped up in things so easily and he loses track of time."

"Well, thank you for having him. Next time we'll host."

"Oh, you're welcome. Your boys are always welcome in our home."

"We feel the same about John. Well, we'd better get on home, thanks again."

Aidan and John gave each other a longing look then bumped fists and Aidan piled into the van. As they drove off John waved and the twins waved back.

"What did you guys do today?"

"Oh..played catch and video games, watched a movie and ate pizza. We had fun," Aidan said giving Jaden a wink that said he's fill him in later.

"I'm glad you had a good time," Mrs. Reynolds said turning to speak, "but we missed you."

"I missed you guys too," Aidan said warmly, "next time we go out to eat can we go to the BBQ place."

"Yeah, it was great," Mr. Reynolds said, "and the waitress kept flirting with your brother," he teased.

"Wow, really. Was she ugly?" Aidan teased causing Jaden to slug him in the shoulder.

"She was a fox. And if you're saying I can only attract ugly girls then that means the same for you, cause we look alike," Jaden said sticking out his tongue.

"I'm just teasing. Hey dad...can we stop for ice cream?"

As soon as they were home and safely in their room Jaden began interrogating Aidan. Still licking his ice cream cone Aidan gave Jaden a silly grin.

"Well....John's mom took a nap and John and I were alone for almost two hours so you do the math."

"Oh My God, you did it with John's mom right there in the house...asleep?"

"Well, we weren't allowed to be in his room with the door closed, but no one said anything about the bathroom," Aidan giggled, "We  had to go real bad."

"I bet. What is she'd woke up and caught you two in the bathroom?"

"John said she sleeps like the dead and we already knew his dad wasn't coming home." Aidan frowned. "John's mom acted real upset after he called and said he wasn't coming home till later. Right after that she took her nap."

"Hmmm...weird, but good for you two. So...what did you do in there?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

"Aww..come on...tell me...please."

"Well, first we just kissed. You know really kissed, tongues and hugging and rubbing against each other and stuff..and well, we got hard, and then we started pulling at each other's clothes and we got naked."

Jaden could see the excitement his eyes and hear it in his voice and he was starting to get a little excited himself.

"Then we kissed some more and rubbed together and then I sucked him and he sucked me. Then we kissed some more and got dressed. We spent like an  hour in there and it was fun....nice really, and sexy."

"Wow, that sounds so wicked. I guess the danger and all made it more exciting or something, right?"

"Sort of, but we'd just been missing each other so much that we just couldn't help ourselves."

"Well...I made a new friend today, his name is Jason...." he went on to tell Jaden all about the meeting and their hitting off so well. "We know his brother, Mark Lewis."

"Yeah, he's in my English class. I don't think I've ever talked to him though."

"Well, Monday we're going to talk to him and try to be friends."

Aidan grinned, "You liked that boy...Jason, didn't you. Is he sexy?"

"Wow, is he ever...but that's not why. I mean he has RE 7 and he said we could borrow it. And after all we could help Mark make friends."

"Okay, you know I'm in...but have a boyfriend..Jimmy."

Jaden frowned, "I know, I know, but I can make a friend or two can't I?"

"I'm gonna go take a shower, you coming?" Aidan said dropping the subject.

"Naw, go ahead. I'm gonna text Jimmy."

"Okay, tell him I said hi."

When Aidan returned clean and dry and dressed in bright green boxer briefs Jaden was still texting Jimmy. He was smiling and seemed to be in good spirits and Aidan didn't want to bother him, instead he grabbed a book and piled down on his bed and started reading.

A few minutes later Jaden sat down  beside him and patted his leg, "I didn't mean to snap at ya' a while ago."

"It's cool. I know. So, what was Jimmy up to?"

"He was beating off," Jaden giggled, "I told him he could finish but he said he'd rather text me then beat off."

"You could have had....uh, text sex," Aidan giggled.

"Good one," Jaden laughed, "I'm gonna go shower. See ya' in a bit."

In the shower Jaden thought about beating off, but he decided to save it for later and maybe get Aidan to help him out. He closed his eyes and the image of Jason, the hunky teenager from the video store, filled his brain. He wondered what was between his legs and if he liked girls or boys or both. This was new territory for Jaden. With all the boys his age, he'd known exactly what to say and do to get things going. He had a reputation as a leader and even the straightest of boys found it easy to follow Jaden's lead when it came to messing around. It was just experimenting, just practicing, that was what Jaden always told them, and it didn't mean they were gay. The fact was he'd believed that  himself for the longest time, but lately he'd become to realize that for him it was more than just practice, more than just experimenting. For him it was a declaration of his sexuality.

He was still thinking about Jason when he turned off the water and started to dry off. Aidan breezed in suddenly and  peed then turning to his brother he looked him up and down.

"Did you beat off?"

"Nope, I'm saving it in case someone wants to help me out."

"Good, cause I'm sort of horny. I'm gonna brush my too, cause I wanna kiss."

Jaden slapped his brother with his towel and giggled, "Okay, but I'm gonna lick your butt so I'll have butt breath anyway."

"My butt don't stink," Aidan said grinning around a mouthful of foam.

", it doesn't," he said grabbing his own toothbrush, "and neither does your dick."

"My dick smells good, really good," Aidan giggled.

"Not as good as mine, I have extra flavor under the foreskin."

"No fair, but does."

Back in their room the boys piled into Jaden's bed. Jaden was till naked from his shower and Aidan soon stripped off his underwear. They kissed and hugged for a long time until their cocks were rock  hard and soon they were grinding them together and moaning softly.

"Is this what you and John did?"

"Uh huh, feels good."

"I know, right? When me and Jimmy do it's so good. I just wish we were naked when we did it."

"Soon I bet. He's getting there...just give him a little more time."

"I will. I don't mind waiting long as I got a sexy bro like you to help me out."

"Is John okay with us doing this stuff?"

"Yeah, he said he understood and that it was cool...even if him and me were doing stuff."

"He's pretty cool."

"Ummm...less talk...more lip action," Jaden said nuzzling his brother's lips with his own.

The conversation ended and all that could be heard was soft moaning and the wet smacking sounds as they devoured each other. Eventually Jaden moved down and began kissing Aidan's neck then his chest paying special attention to his hard little nipples causing his brother to moan louder and shiver with excitement.

Tracing a path down the center of his chest to his belly button, Jaden reveled in the taste and feel of his brother's smooth skin. Tonguing out his belly button he lingered only a moment before nuzzling his brother's sparse pubic hairs and inhaling his spicy boy scent.

" smell good," Jaden growled lowly.

Then lifting Aidan's legs he began to nuzzle his balls. Aidan took the hint and raised his legs  higher exposing his wrinkled starfish. Jaden growled as he moved lower and zeroed in his brother's love button. Aidan gasped as Jaden's hot tongue came into contact with his most private place and for the next ten minuets he was lost in ecstasy.

When Jaden finally moved back up to his balls Aidan grabbed his hair almost roughly and pulled him up for a kiss. Jaden was shocked, but excited by this new side of Aidan and as they kissed he bit at his brother's lip causing him to growl his approval.

"Fuck me," Aidan moaned softly, "put that big old dick in me big brother."

Jaden almost came undone when he heard Aidan's words and goose bumps covered his lean pre-teen body. Quickly reaching for the bottle of lotion on the bedside table he applied a little to his finger and worked it into Aidan's tight hole. It didn't take much to loosen him up and when he placed the head of his slick cock against Aidan's hole he sank in easily, causing them both to sigh in contentment.

Jaden usually fucked Aidan slowly, kissing and nuzzling and concentrating on both their needs, but Aidan was having no part of that this time. 

"Fuck he hard and fast," Aidan said shivering, "rabbit fuck me big brother. Pound my hole."

Jaden had never been so excited as he was at that moment and more than glad to grant his brother's every wish. Pushing his brother's legs higher Jaden went deep then pulled back quickly almost all the way out only to ram back in again.

"Oh that...harder."

"What's got into you little brother?"

"Your dick," Aidan said moaning, "feels so good. Fuck me hard and make me come."

"Okay little brother, if that's the way you want it."

Jaden began jackhammering Aidan then and pounding  his hole faster and harder, his only goal to get both of them off at once. It had happened a few times before while they'd made love and Jaden was pretty sure that as hard as he was pounding Aidan it was probably going to happen again.

As many times as they'd made love this time it felt different somehow and it wasn't just because Aidan seemed to be more verbal and aggressive. No, it as if their relationship had moved to a new level. It wasn't that Jaden didn't love his brother with all his heart and soul, it was just that this time it was more about the sex. Oh, in the beginning that had been the case, but over the years as they'd grown closer their sex had become an expression of their love for one another. Of course Aidan had always been more sensitive and needy in that regard, and that was one reason Jaden had pushed him so hard to get together with John. 

John and Aidan's relationship had been good for all of them and now Jaden felt he could have sex with Aidan without all the hangups he'd had before. Aidan had matured as well, and now he was less demanding and less clingy, but this side, the side he was showing right now, was something totally new. Jaden couldn't help but wonder if it had something to do with his and John's relationship. Had Aidan swapped roles and become the aggressor to John's submissive nature?

Well, whatever the reason Jaden was more than happy with what was  happening at the moment. He had never felt so exited or so alive as he did pounding his brother's hot tight hole relentlessly. It was no wonder that he was getting close to orgasm and Aidan was right there with him.

Suddenly Aidan moaned and cried out and began to squirt  his hot boy cum between them. A hot splash hit Jaden's chest and as Aidan orgasmed his anus contracted sending Jaden over the edge.

"Oh shit, commmming...." Jaden moaned as he began to unload in his brother's guts. He hadn't come all day and this was a big one and he could feel his cock contracting and expanding as it continued to unload.

"Ummm...fill me up, breed me...." Aidan moaned, "give me your baby," he giggled.

Jaden laughed softly, "Then I'd be his daddy and his uncle."

"Mmmm...that was good, but I'm soooo tired now."

"Tired? I did all the work," Jaden said pulling his still semi-hard cock out slowly and slapping his brother's ass smartly.

"Ouch, abuser. You pounded my poor little hole and now you're beating me."

"Hey, you asked for it. Just wondering though, where did all that stuff come from?"

"I don't know, sometimes I just get like that, especially with John. Was it okay?"

"Okay? Heck was awesome. I really loved it."

"Good, I'm glad cause it was really, really fun."

"Well, anytime you wanna' play that game, that's fine with me, but right now...I'm gonna go pee and clean up a little."

Aidan joined Jaden in the bathroom and they wound up taking a quick shower together. As Jaden gently lathered up his twin he sighed contentedly. Aidan leaned back into him and mocked his sigh.

"We're so lucky, you know that?"

"Yeah, we really are. We have each other, and our friends, and the best rents in the whole world."

"Yeah, I just wish...I just wish John's dad would forget all that stuff and let  us be together."

"Yeah, me too. Hey, wanna sleep together?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. I really don't like sleeping alone most nights."

"I've sort of gotten used to a warm body next to me too. Come on we can dry each other off."

In Jaden's bed they snuggled close and Jaden put his arm around his brother and nuzzled his ear. "Ever wonder what it would be like to be know someone older?" he said softly.

"Like Jason?" Aidan giggled.

"Yeah, someone like that."

"Not really, but I guess it would be pretty exciting. I mean his junk is probably ginormous and I bet he has lots of hair down there and in his pits."

"I dunno, he said he was a swimmer and those guys shave their bodies most of the time. Not that I care, hair is okay...I guess."

"Well, all I can say is...before you drag him off to bed better make sure Jimmy is okay with it. He doesn't need to get  hurt any more than he already has."

"It's not like I'm planning anything you know...."

"I know, but I also know how horny you are and when you want something you go after it."

"I guess I have thought about it... a little. He's so hot one of those twinks in those videos we watched."

"I guess your gadar was going off...huh? I mean it sounds like he was flirting with you as much as you were flirting with him."

"I got that feeling, but when he was ringing up those cute teenage girls that was the real proof. He hardly paid them any attention, in fact he acted bored."

"There you go, he's probably gay."

"Yeah, probably. I wonder if Mark is too? Maybe that's why he's so shy. Maybe he's afraid someone will get too close and figure him out."

"Well, we'll probably be able to figure that out when we get to know him better." Aidan said lowly, then yawning he pulled Jaden's arm tighter around him and sighed, "I'm sooo tired. Goodnight bubber."

"Night bro, love ya'." 


Not far away Jason lay in his bed staring at the blades of his ceiling fan. He couldn't get Jaden out of his head. He'd never really thought about getting with anyone that young, but Jaden had just been so cute, and so sexy, and so cool that he felt as if they were meant to be friends. 

He'd talked to his brother Mark about Jaden and he'd noticed his brother seemed to perk up a little and show some interest. When he'd told him that Jaden was going to approach him at school and try to make friends though, he'd clammed up and seemed distant once more.

Jason wasn't quiet sure what his brother's problem was, but he hadn't always been that shy and reclusive. When he was younger, he'd had lots of friends and was very outgoing. Things had changed when he started Junior High though. He supposed part of it might be caused by Mark entering puberty early. He knew firsthand what that would do to a boy because he's gone through it himself. He was sure Mark was masturbating now and producing spunk, because he had accidentally witnessed the end of one of his jack off sessions. Fortunately Mark hadn't been aware of Jason at the door and he had backed out quickly and quietly. 

He knew some brothers might have confronted their little brother and teased them, but he remembered what it was like to be that age and become a slave to the hard tube of flesh hanging between his legs. He felt a  new fondness for his brother after that and had gone out of his way to be extra nice and understanding. He'd even considered telling him that if he had any questions about that stuff, and didn't feel comfortable asking their dad, that he would be glad to help. But he was afraid he would upset him and instead he just continued to observe him from afar.

One day his mother had given him extra chores and one of those chores was to pull all the sheets from the beds and wash them. He'd grabbed his own and his parents sheets and carrying the laundry basket to his brother's room he sat it down and peeled back the covers.

In the middle of the bed was a small whitish crusty stain that Jason recognized immediately. Pulling the sheet off the bed he brought it to his nose and sniffed it. Smelling the familiar musky, bleachy smell he smiled. He'd known his brother masturbated and now he knew he was producing semen. He felt a strange feeling of pride wash over him as if he had something to do with his brother's entrance into puberty. 

He smiled when he remembered the look of horror on this brother's face when he found out he's stripped off his sheets and washed them. He'd given Jason a wide berth for the next few days but when nothing was ever said about the sheets or the stain he finally relaxed and came back around.

I should talk to him, Jason thought to himself. Let him know that I got his back, no matter what. I wish I'd had someone to do that for me...maybe I'd even have come out to them.

Then suddenly Jason had an epiphany. Was it possible that the reason Mark was so shy now that he'd reached puberty was because he was gay? Thinking back Jason realized he'd changed a lot when he's realized puberty. He'd been a little older, but it was a turning point in his young life. It was shortly after his first wet come that he'd admitted to himself that he liked boys better than girls. Was it possible Mark was experiencing the same sort of feelings and afraid to get too close to anyone for fear  his secret might come out? He felt as if he had a whole new understanding of his brother and he vowed to see if he could find out more and help him. 

His thoughts quickly went back to Jaden and he felt his cock begin to swell in his boxer briefs. Reaching inside he grabbed his cock and began working it slowly. He wondered if Jaden jerked off a lot, or if  he'd ever  had a blow job, or given one...or fucked or been fucked. Jaden had said he had an identical twin and that caused Jason to moan lowly as he thought about how hot it would be to see the two of them having sex.

He was getting close now and suddenly he threw back the covers and jerked his boxers down to his knees so he could get at his cock better. The feeling was so intense that he felt his entire body shivering and shaking as if he were cold. Closing his eyes he fantasized about the twins as he continued work his hard teenage meat.

Suddenly he was aware of a soft sound and a draft hit him and opening his eyes suddenly he looked up just in time to see his brother standing in the doorway. The look on his face might have been amusing if he hadn't been so humiliated at being caught with his cock in his hand. Mark's eyes were big as saucers and his mouth formed a perfect O and for one horrible, sick moment Jason thought how good it would feel to shove his boner in that perfect O.

"I'm sorry!" Mark squealed as he backed out and closed the door.

Fortunately his parents were still out for the evening, so he wouldn't have to explain to them what was going on. Pulling his underwear back up he quickly hit the floor and started after his brother. He didn't know exactly what he was going to say, but he knew he had to try to explain if for no other reason than to let him know that he wasn't mad about being disturbed.

"Markie," Jason said tapping gently on his brother's door.

"What?" Mark said in a shaky voice.

"Can I come in buddy?"

"I...guess," he said sounding hesitant.

Jason took a deep breath and pushed the door open to find his brother sitting at his desk, his computer screen opened to Google.

"Hey, what's up? Did you need something?" Jason said pretending nothing weird had happened.

"I was..I...I'm sorry," Mark said sounding frightened, "If you wanna' pound me you can."

"No, I'm not mad.  It was sort of my fault. I should locked the door."

"You're not mad...really?"

"Naw, I just wanted to make sure you weren't weirded out or anything," Jason chuckled.

"Naw, not really. I...guess I knew you did that stuff."

"It's not like you don't do it too, I washed your sheets...remember," Jason teased.

Mark turned bright red and turned him attention to his bare feet, "Uh,'s natural...right?"

"God yes, I've been doing it since I was a lot younger than you."

"Really? And you...I mean you still do it?"

"Yeah, two or three times a day usually," Jason chuckled.

"Me too," Mark said grinning.

"You know......ever since that thing with the sheets I been thinking....about talking to you."

"Uh, okay...about what?" Mark said squirming nervously.

"Well, when I was your age...and going through puberty I didn't have anyone to talk to. I know you guys today have the internet and all, but I just thought....if you ever had any questions...maybe I could help."

"Really, you mean it?" Mark said sounding relieved and happy.

"Yeah, that's what big bros are for," he said offering his fist to bump.

Mark smiled and bumped back, "Thanks. It was pretty scary the first time it happened...uh, I know...shooting?"

Jason laughed, "Yeah, I thought I broke something. I was terrified, but fortunately my friend Troy knew all about that stuff."

"I don't have any friends I can talk to  about this stuff," Mark said sadly.

"You do now buddy and maybe if you and Jaden become friends...."

"I couldn't talk to him about this stuff," Mark said in horror, "he might think I know, gay or something."

"Naw, he wouldn't think that, but even if he did I bet he wouldn't care."

"Uh, why do you say he...uh, gay or something?"

Jason shrugged, "I don't know. It's no big deal though."

" isn't?"

"No, not really," Jason said wondering what his brother would say if he came out to him at that moment.

"It's a big deal at school," Mark sighed, "this one kid got beat up cause some kids said he was gay."

"That's terrible, did they catch the boys who did it?"

"Naw, I mean he didn't report it, cause' he was afraid they'd get him worse."

Jason doubted anything like that really happened, that it was more likely one of those rumors that went around school to make kids feel intimidated. In high school there were a few haters, but no one ever beat anyone up for being gay, and in fact most kids were pretty accepting. Still he couldn't bring himself to come out. He figured one more year and he'd be off to college and there he could finally be who he was intended to be.

"Well, there are bullies everywhere. Hey, you're not being bullied are you? Cause' if you are you need to tell someone."

"No, not me," Mark said quickly, "Uh, I just keep low and no one messes with me."

Jason laughed and ruffled his brother's messy hair, "Well bro, I'm beat and I'm gonna' go back to bed."

"Are you...gonna' finish?" Mark said blushing and grinning widely.

"I don't know, I'm pretty tired."

"I bet you're not that tired," Mark laughed.

"Probably not, well goodnight bro. Nice talk."

"Yeah, thanks...for not getting mad and...for talking to me about this stuff."

"Welcome buddy. Well, see ya' in the morning."

"Yeah, later."

When Jason was gone Mark was finally able to adjust the bulge in his pants. The whole time Jason had been standing there in his underwear, his prominent bulge in plain sight, Mark had found it  hard not to stare. He'd always wondered about his brother's junk, wondered if he beat off, or if  he was having sex now, and after catching him jerking off he was more curious than ever. 

The image of his older brother's huge hard cock as he pounded it would be etched in his mind forever and would not doubt be the jerk off fantasy for many sessions to come. And what was even cooler was that Jason had offered to talk to him about sex stuff. He had so many questions and now he finally had someone to talk to.

He'd known for quite some time that he was different, but not until he'd reached puberty did he really understand what that difference was. As a kid he'd done his share of messing with his buds, playing show and tell and even masturbating together, but his buds had always seemed less enthusiastic about it than he did and now he knew why. Now he knew for sure that he liked boys better than girls, that he was gay, and  he was terrified of what would happen if someone else figured it out.

He'd left most of his old friends behind when they'd moved and  when he'd started Junior High he'd found it hard to make new ones. He knew Jason was only trying to help, but he wished he hadn't told Jaden to talk to him. He wasn't sure he was ready to be someone's friend again.

He knew Jaden all right, and his twin Aidan, and they were two of the cutest boys in school. He'd even heard rumors that Aidan was gay and had a boyfriend, but he knew how rumors got started and he didn't pay it much attention. He knew he'd be nervous as heck around the two cute twins and even if they did become friends he couldn't tell them his big secret.

Standing, Mark shucked his jeans and rearranged his stiff penis. At just over 4 inches it was slender and cut and his balls were a nice size hanging loosely beneath it. He had a sparse patch of pubic hair forming a V just above his penis that he was very proud of, even if no one else had seen it..yet. He sighed as he pulled off his tee shirt and prepared for bed. He supposed he should brush his teeth, but he was too tired and instead piled down in his bed and pulled the covers up over him.

Absent-mindedly he reached into his underwear and began stroking his penis bringing it to full hardness. He closed his eyes and pictured his brother's hard teenage cock and he shivered with excitement. He wondered what it would feel like to touch it, to feel the hard heat in  his hand. To stroke it put his mouth on it.

He moaned softly as he thought about that. Even though he had never had a penis in his mouth, he knew that was something he wanted to do, no needed to do, but he supposed it would be a long time before it happened. He was close now. It seldom ever took him long to achieve orgasm and the extra stimulation of this evening's events had sped things up. Closing his eyes tightly he imagined that down the hall Jason was working his own cock and thinking about him, and suddenly he cried out and began to shoot, filling his briefs with  his twin watery cum. 

Collapsing on the bed he grabbed the old towel he kept under his pillow and cleaned up as best he could. His orgasm had been a big one, the kind that starts in your guts and radiates all through your body and he was still a little shaky as he settled down to sleep. He thought of his brother and smiled. Jason had always been a decent brother, but the five year difference in their ages had kept them from becoming as close as Mark would  have liked. 

He'd gone through that phase when he'd idolized his brother and wanted to emulate his every move, and now he realized that in masturbation they finally had something in common. He smiled as he thought about some of the questions he was going to ask his big bro when he had the chance. He finally fell asleep with that same smile on his face and feeling better than he had in a long time.

Indeed down the hall, Jason had picked up right where he'd left off before being disturbed by his brother. This time however he was thinking of Mark as he stroked his almost 7" of hard teenage cock. He'd never thought of his brother in a sexual way before, not that he was bothered by the idea of incest, but now that he knew his brother had entered puberty and was masturbating he had a whole new outlook on things.

He tried to picture that time he had caught Mark masturbating, but he really hadn't seen much of his body. He tried to remember how big he'd been at that age and decided he's been a little over four inches, but his nuts had been huge, even at that age. They were still big and produced a huge load now, something he was very proud of. 

"This one's for you little bro," Jason grunted as he began to spew, peppering his chest and neck with a copious amount of teen spunk. Then gathering it up with his fingers he brought them to his mouth and sucked them clean imagining that it was Mark's cock he was sucking on.

Even when he'd sucked down the last of his tasty spunk  and his cock had gone soft, he felt no shame or guilt. It was simply a fantasy, no one was harmed, and no one but him would ever know that he'd come that hard thinking of his younger brother.

Finishing the clean-up with a towel he quickly settled into his pillow and fell asleep almost instantly.

End of Chapter 10

Well, John and Aidan seem to be making things work despite John's dad. And speaking of John's dad, what do you suppose was so important it kept him away all evening? Meanwhile Jaden has a major boy crush on an older teenage boy and is working on getting to know him better by befriending his younger brother.  And what of the two new characters, Jason and  his brother Mark? It seems like there's some pent up sexual tension there and we know what usually happens in a situation like that. Lots more ahead fans, so hang on tight.

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