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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 14
The Plan 


 "Have you seen the new kid yet?" Mark asked elbowing Jaden.

"You mean the skinny kid? Yeah, he's in my Algebra class, why?"

"He looks kind of girly, don't ya think?"

"So, who cares? If he's comfortable with it, it's no one else's business..right?"

"Just sayin'. Don't get your panties in a wad. Only thing is you know he's gonna get some teasing and maybe worse from some of the air heads here at school."

"Then maybe we better head it off before it begins."

"How can we do that?"

"We'll make friends with him for starters and once the word gets out that he's friends with the group, the bullys are less likely to pick on him."

"That's a great idea," Aidan said taking a drink of his chocolate milk, "Maybe you could invite him to sit with us at lunch tomorrow."

"Sure, I can do that. I wonder where he is today?" Jaden said looking around.

"Maybe he skipped lunch," Mark chuckled, "as skinny as the kid is, maybe he don't eat much."

Aidan frowned. He hoped it wasn't because the boy couldn't afford lunch or that someone was taking his lunch money, but he knew stuff like that happened all the time. Now he was more determined than ever to help the boy.

In Algebra the next day Jaden noticed the boy came in late and took a seat toward the back where the less studious kids sat. He had that deer in the headlights look about him and kept darting his eyes around to see if anyone was watching him. When his eyes locked with those of Jaden's he blushed and quickly lowered his head, studying his desk as if it held the answers he sought.

The kid, who Jaden discovered was named Randy, was quiet all during class, not once volunteering an answer when the teacher asked questions as she often did. Occasionally Jaden would glance his way and as before he would lower his head as if he was afraid to make eye contact. Jaden frowned as he looked the boy over. He was indeed skinny, not slim, and his clothes looked too big for his bony frame. He wasn't a bad looking kid, but his plastic frame glasses made him look nerdish and to make matters worse they were broken in one place and taped with white tape. 

His shoes were some generic brand, probably from Walmart or someplace like that, and looked as if they'd seen better days. Jaden wondered if the kid was from a poor home and if so what was he doing at their school since most of the houses in the area were middle to upscale income.

The bell finally rang and Jaden lingered in the hall just outside the door waiting for the kid to exit. At first he'd begun to think  he'd slipped by him somehow, but when the last student emerged it was him.

"Hey, hi...I'm Jaden," Jaden said giving Randy his most dazzling smile, "Welcome to the sweat shop," he teased.

"Uh...hi, I'm...umm..Randy. Thanks," the kid said still avoiding eye contact.

"My friends and my brother and me were wondering if you'd like to sit with  us at lunch tomorrow. You could meet the gang and hang out with us if you want. They're a cool group of guys and we have a blast."

"I uh..I usually don't eat lunch, but thanks," he stuttered. He was sure he knew what this cute boy was up to. He was going to get him to lower his guard then humiliate and bully him just like the kids back at his old school.

"Hey, we can still hang out, and there's always lots of food between all of us. Our mom packs our lunch most days and you'd think she was feeding three of us instead of two. Oh did I mention I have a twin brother, his name is Aidan, get it Jaden and Aidan?"

Despite his fears Randy found himself warming up to Jaden and for one moment he almost dropped his guard and agreed, then he remembered the boy back at his old school had pretended to be his friend and what he had done to him in the bathroom and his fears returned.

"Uh, thanks anyway. I umm..have to get to class if it's okay?" he said still not making eye contact.

Jaden felt awful, he knew the kid was scared and alone and if he wouldn't accept his help he didn't know what to do.

"Hey, if you change your mind...the offer is always good. Well...see ya later man, and welcome to our school. It's not such a bad place once you get to know everyone."

Randy doubted that, all schools were alike. There were the jocks, the rich kids, the smart kids, the popular kids, and at the tail end the kids like him who were different and didn't fit in anywhere. These were the kids that the others liked to torment, simply because they didn't fit their little cookie cutter mold. He sighed as he hurried to his locker and he couldn't wait for this day to be over.

"What did he say exactly?" 

"Something about not eating lunch, but I don't think that was it A. I think he was scared of me...of us, and he probably thinks we're gonna make fun of him or something."

"Maybe I should talk to him, I have a way with people..."

Jaden laughed, "Be my guest. Just make sure he knows it's you and not me. I guess I tend to scare kids away."

"I didn't mean that J. It's just that you're so macho and tough, you might have been too much for him," Aidan laughed.

"Well, don't look now, but here he comes. I guess he decided to eat lunch after all. Let's see if he notices us."

Randy looked panicked as he scanned the room, wondering where it was safe to sit, and then suddenly he saw the boy who had talked to him yesterday and another boy who looked just like him. Or maybe that was the boy who talked to him, it was all very confusing.

A few students had looked up and Jaden could hear whispered comments and giggles among them and it angered  him more than it probably should have, but the anger was good in a way because it got him moving.

"Hey Randy, over here," Jaden said standing up and making sure everyone could hear him and see what was happening.

Randy stopped dead in his tracks. He was blushing brightly now. Why did that boy have to call out his name and draw attention to him? Why couldn't kids just leave him alone? he wondered.

When Randy showed no signs of moving Aidan jumped up and headed his way.

"Hi, I'm Aidan, that's my brother Jaden," he rattled off, "Come on over and sit with us and meet the group."

Randy didn't know what to do. If he refused he'd look stupid and maybe even leave himself open for some real trouble. And what was worse he was sure no one else would be as anxious to have him at their table. He sighed and reluctantly allowed Aidan to lead him to their table and Jaden cleared a seat for him between him and Aidan.

"Here sit by us," Jaden said, "Hey everyone, this is Randy. Randy this is the group," Jaden said then introduced each of the other boys at the table.

When he was done with the introductions he began to fill Randy in on school life and despite his initial fears Randy began to relax a little. Self-consciously he unwrapped his cheese sandwich and began to nibble at it as the others ate their more substantial lunches.

"Want some chips?" Jaden offered pulling a bag of Doritos from his lunch sack, "we got extra."

Randy wanted to refuse, but they looked so good and he was so hungry and it wasn't everyday he got a treat like that, so in the end he graciously accepted.

"Thanks," he said softly giving Jaden a shy smile.

"I gotta extra cupcake," Mark said pushing it across to Randy and Jaden gave his friend a big smile and a wink.

As they ate their lunch and talked and Randy got to know the boys better he realized he'd been wrong about them. They weren't like the kids back at his old school, but then they hadn't figured out his secret yet. Once they did he knew all that would change. He'd be made fun of, called a faggot, and maybe even assaulted in the bathroom like at his old school. But until then he'd enjoy their company and hope for the best.

"So where do you live Randy?" Aidan asked as they started back to class. It was just the three of them now and Aidan thought Randy would be more open to questions now.

"In an apartment with my mom and little brother. He's only 5."

"Oh, cool," Aidan replied. The only apartments he could remember being in their school district were over by the 7-11 and sort of run down. He thought he remembered a few other kids living there, but he wasn't sure who.

"It's okay. At my other school we lived in a house and I had a backyard and stuff."

"Well, there's a cool park near the school and we have a big backyard at our house if  you wanna come over and hang out."

"Thanks. Well, I better get going. Gotta stop by my locker and grab my books."

"Okay, was nice meeting you. See ya later man, and at lunch tomorrow..okay?"

"Sure, okay...thanks," Randy said blushing. Both the twins were so cute and friendly that it was almost too good to be true.

"Hey new kid." The voice was shrill and caused him to stop in his tracks.

Slowly he turned to see a chubby kid and another boy with greasy dark hair staring at him with menacing looks on their faces. Buddy and Mike, Jimmy's old cronies.

"Whaaat?" Randy said in a shaky voice.

"Hey nerd, what's your name," the greasy haired boy, Mike, said smirking. 

"Randy." he managed to squeak out.

"Come here," Buddy said glaring at the frightened boy.

"I...uh, have to get to class..."

"Come here nerd, NOW!" Buddy barked.

Randy managed to get his feet moving, aware that others had stopped to stare at him and the two bullies but no one seemed to be interested in helping, just like at his old school. Everything that he had gained at lunch with the twins and their buddies was now being washed away by these two.

"What's going on here?" A adult voice said from behind Randy and he relaxed a little. Maybe the teachers were more involved here.

"Nothing Mr. Tucker," Mike said quickly, "we were just uh..talking to the new kid, that's all."

"Well, the bell is about to ring, so it's time for you to get to class. And you, young man, come here a moment please," Mr. Tucker said to Randy.

Randy swallowed hard, was he in trouble too? 

"What's your name son?"

"Randy...uh Williams sir."

"I'm Mr. Tucker, I'm the school counselor. I think we have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow at two. 

"Yes sir, at two."

"Well, welcome to our school. I hope you like it here. We pride ourselves on being a safe and nurturing environment for all our students, so if you ever feel threatened or uncomfortable in any situation please tell me or one of the other teachers."

"Yes sir, I will...thank you sir."

"Well, better head off to class Randy. I'll see you tomorrow at 2," the man said smiling.

Randy felt a little better, but he knew Mr. Tucker or the other teachers couldn't be everywhere at once and there was really no safety anywhere. 

He found his next class and slipped into the back row as usual hoping no one would notice him, but they always did. He looked around and suddenly noticed one of the boys from lunch. Jimmy, or John...he couldn't remember which, but both boys seemed especially close to the twins. He figured they must all be best friends or something, but he had no idea just how close the boys were.

The boy was in fact Jimmy and he gave Randy a friendly smile and a small wave, then grabbing up his books he moved to the desk next to Randy's.

"Hi, I'm Jimmy...from lunch," he said offering his fist to bump.

"Oh, hi...yeah, I remember...Randy...I'm Randy," he said blushing.

"Yeah, I remember," Jimmy chuckled, "Well, this is cool. Now you have a friend in another class."

Randy wondered what that meant, but he was glad Jimmy put it that way. Maybe if he stayed close to the boys from the lunch group he's get picked on less.

The teacher called for their attention then and they didn't get to talk any further, but Jimmy kept looking over at Randy and nodding or smiling the whole time they were in class and Randy felt comfortable for the first time in a long time.

Next class Randy noticed another boy from the lunch table, but he couldn't remember his name either. He seemed less talkative than the rest, but he'd seemed nice and Randy felt encouraged that he was there. That is until he noticed another boy, the chubby boy who'd stopped him in the hall after lunch.

He tried to hide, but the boy noticed him right away and when he walked past his desk he purposely gave him a shove with his hip.

"Oh, excuse he," he laughed, "didn't see you there...guess cause you're so skinny."

"Or because you're a clumsy rhino," the boy from the lunch table said glaring at the boy.

"No one asked you Kiley, so keep out of it."

Kiley, yeah that was his name, Randy remembered now.

"You mess with my friends, you mess with me," Kiley said standing up suddenly.

The chubby boy looked around nervously as all eyes were trained on him. He licked his lips and seemed to be thinking about things for a minute then he fell down in his seat and grumbled something unintelligible.

Randy was afraid Kiley was going to pursue the matter, but instead he just sat back down and gave Randy a nod. Randy smiled weakly and turned his attention to his books. He wasn't sure exactly what had just happened or what was going on, but he had to admit it was nice to have someone take up for him for a change.

Gym class was the last class of the day and Randy dreaded it most of all. Not only did he have to strip down to shorts and expose his skinny legs, he had to be around all the other boys while they dressed down and that was almost too much for him to bear. He knew he liked boys, liked looking at them, but he also felt like no one would ever want a skinny nerd like him, and he felt like he was doomed to be a loner.

As he approached the gym he was surprised and pleased to see the twins and several of the boys from the lunch table, including Jimmy and John.

"Hey Randy, you have PE with us, cool. Coach is cool and it's a lot of'll see," Aidan said grinning, "Come on I'll show you where to dress out."

Randy had to admit, this was the first time he ever felt half way comfortable in a gym class, but when Aidan and the other started stripping down to dress out he had to try hard not to stare. The twins were so cute, and just about perfect, not skinny and pale like him. No, they were tanned and muscled and the sort of boys that usually wouldn't give him a second look. So why were they being so friendly and helpful? he wondered.

Gym class turned out not to be so bad, but when it came time to shower, Randy balked. No way was he going to be naked around this sexy boys. He just knew he'd pop a boner and everyone would know his awful secret and his trouble would start again. Maybe even one of them would force him to do what the boy back at his old school had. He shivered as he thought about that.

"Hey Kid...I saw how you were looking at my dick. You want some of this," the boy said shaking his hard four inch cock at Randy and laughing.

"No...noooo..I'm not gay," Randy squeaked out.

"Can't tell by the way you act," the kid said coming closer to Randy and forcing him to retreat against the wall.

"Just let me go...please," Randy had begged, "I didn't do nothing."

"Aww...come on. I know you want to. Come in here," he said grabbing the skinny boy and pushing him toward the back stall."

"No, please!" Randy cried out, but there was no one around to hear his cries and so he found himself forced into the stall.

When the boy locked the door behind him Randy knew there was no escape.

Randy was jogged out of his thoughts by Aidan who had placed a hand on his shoulder, "Earth to Randy," he chuckled, "You okay? You gonna shower or what?"

"Uhhh...noo...I..uh, hafta get home so I can watch my little brother. I'll take one when I get home," he stammered as he grabbed his clothes.

"Okay, cool...well see  ya tomorrow. Hey, do you have a cell phone?"

"Naw, mom says I don't need one." But the real reason was that she couldn't afford an extra line for him. It was all she could do to pay for the pre-paid phone she had for emergencies.

"Aww..too bad. We could've texted later. Well...see ya."

"Yeah, see ya."

He dressed quickly and after stopping by his locker he was out the door and on his way to the bus. The bus was another nightmare though. Any kid was easy pickings on a crowded bus, with no supervision except a tired bus driver.

He sat as close to the front as he could because he knew from experience that the bad boys usually sat in the back and there was some degree of safety near the driver. Some bus drivers were parents, or grandparents, and cared about the kids, but there was only so much they could do.

He was alone in his seat at first but suddenly the fat kid that had bumped him in class came ambling down the aisle and stopped beside his seat.

"Move over shrimp," the kid said giving Randy a dirty look.

Randy didn't know whether to run or give in, but he didn't want to cause a scene so he decided to just give in and let the bully sit by him.

"What's you name kid?" the bully asked in an almost pleasant voice.

"Uh, Randy. Uh, what's your name?"

The boy raised an eyebrow then smirked, "Buddy is what everyone calls me, but my real name is Bruce." Now why did I tell him that? Buddy wondered.

"Glad to meet you," Randy said not quite making eye contact but looking his way.

"Yeah, me too." What the fuck? Buddy thought, Why am I being so nice to this kid? He's a skinny nerd...but sort of cute.

Randy didn't know quite what to think about Buddy. He didn't seem quite as threatening or scary now that the two of them were alone. Then a warning bell went off in his head. What if this boy, Buddy, was like the boy back at his old school? What if he wanted to get him alone and...and make him do things? Things that he liked and hated at the same time.

He was shaking a little now even though he knew he was fairly safe on the bus, but he couldn't help it as his thoughts went back to that day at his old school.

"This what you want?" the boy had said as he opened his pants and hauled out his hard cock. It was fat and uncut and Randy could smell a musky odor coming from it.

"Noooo..." Randy stuttered, "Just let me go..please."

"Awww...come on, everyone knows you're a fag and fags love dick. Just give it a little kiss why dontcha'?"

"No, that's disgusting," Randy yelped, but the truth was his own cock was rock hard at the thought of such a thing. 

The boy frowned and pushed Randy down on the toilet then so his face was even with the throbbing boy boner before him. 


"You wan wide," the boys laughed as he began rubbing his dick on Randy's lips. 

Randy tried to pull away, but the boy was too big..too strong, and the truth was on some level he felt as if he deserved this, and eventually he just gave in to the inevitable.

When it was over and he could still taste the thin watery cum that the boy had spurted into his mouth he began to cry. The boy looked scared and touched him almost tenderly.

"Hey, it's okay. I won't tell anyone. It's our little secret. You can be queer and no one will know it. So don't tell anyone, cause if you do everyone will know and your life will be crap." With that the boy zipped up and left Randy sobbing in the dirty piss smelling bathroom stall.

"I said where do you live?" Buddy said a little louder the second time bringing Randy out of his stupor.

"Uh, in an apartment...South Pines Apartments," he spilled out without thinking of the implications of giving such information to a bully.

"No way, so do I. You must live on the front side, right? Cause I know everyone on the backside."

"We just moved in..."

"Yeah, I remember seeing a truck one day. I know exactly where you live."

Was that a threat? Randy wondered, or was he just being friendly? Randy couldn't think of anything else to say so they sat in uncomfortable silence for a moment before Buddy finally began to talk.

"I...don't suppose you want to  hang out later?" Buddy said blushing. For the life of him he couldn't understand why he was attracted to this skinny nerd of a boy, but he was, and it was not only confusing but disturbing.

"I...uh have to watch my little brother while my mom works," he said quickly although he wasn't sure if his mom would be working at her cashier job at Walmart  or not.

"Oh, well...just thought I'd ask."

"Uh...thanks," Randy said trying a smile.

Buddy smiled back despite himself. His heart was beating fast now and his hands were sweaty. He hadn't felt this way since the last time he'd beat a kid up, but this time he didn't want to beat the kid up. He wasn't sure what he wanted exactly though. This was just all too confusing.

Fortunately they arrived at their stop then and as the boys piled out  Randy headed toward his building not sure exactly what had just happened between him and buddy. It was almost like they were friends or something and it was very confusing. First the kid wants to bully him and then he wants to hang out with him. Randy was sure of one thing, it wouldn't be safe to be alone with the kid. He'd learned that lesson back at his old school and the terror of what had happened to him in the bathroom was still fresh enough to remind him not to let his guard down.

"See ya tomorrow," Buddy said watching Randy as he practically ran up the sidewalk to his building.

Surprised at the friendly way Buddy spoke, Randy spun around and waved despite this misgiving and then hurried on to his apartment. For a few minutes Buddy stood and watched him as he disappeared up the stairs then he trudged off to his own apartment and his miserable life.

The week passed quickly and as Randy became more comfortable with the group he began to open up more and more. It was obvious he loved his little brother Tyler, or Ty as he called him, and he spent a lot of time watching him while his mom worked.

He revealed to the twins that his father had run off with another woman and after the divorce his mom had been unable to make the house payment and their home had been foreclosed. With her meager wages at Walmart and an occasional child support check from Randy's father they were barely able to make ends meet. 

There was no money for new clothes, or shoes, and barely enough for food. No money to fix Randy's broken glasses or to provide him with the sort of things most boys had. 

Aidan felt especially bad about Randy's plight and really took it to heart. He felt greedy and  unworthy of all that he had, and decided he was going to make sure Randy got some of the things he needed and wanted. Problem was he just didn't know how to make that happen yet.

He thought about giving Randy some of his own clothes and shoes, but after looking the boy over he realized his clothes would swallow the skinny boy. Besides, he deserved better than hand me downs. And somehow he had to figure out how to get Randy some new glasses and maybe a phone of his own so they could stay in touch.

At home that night Aidan moped around his room until Jaden had finally had enough.

"Okay, who shit in your cornflakes bro?"

"Huh, oh...sorry. I was just thinking about Randy and his mom and little brother. They don't even have enough food and we got so much's not fair."

Jaden fell down on the bed beside his brother and sighed, "Yeah, it does suck...but what can we do about it? If we try to give him stuff we're gonna make his feel bad about his situation. I mean it's one thing to share our lunch with him, he seems to be okay with that, but if you start trying to give him money or whatever he's gonna take it the wrong way."

"I know, I know. If only we could figure out some way to raise money or something and send it to them anonymously."

Jaden laughed, "What, just stick in their mailbox or something?"

"I don't know. Do you have a better idea?"

"Have you considered asking mom and dad what they think?"

"That was my next move," Aidan said grinning, "but I was hoping we could figure something out on our own or at least have some ideas before we talked to them."

"Okay, well...we'll think about it some more first, but eventually we're going to need their help."

"Okay, sounds good. Wanna play Warcraft with me?"

"Yeah, I'll set it up."

Not far away at the 7-11 near his apartment Randy was buying a quart of milk and a loaf of bread with food stamps, or more accurately an Access card. He hated doing this, but the clerks were usually nice and always smiled at him and  he liked helping out when he could by going to the store for his mom. Ty had wanted a bowl of cereal for supper and there was no milk, so he'd volunteered to go get some.

He looked at the rows of candy bars and wished he could buy one to share with Ty, but his mom had told him that sort of thing was a waste of money. The kids at the lunch table were always sharing their desserts and he'd gotten sort of used to having sugar in his diet for a change and the candy looked so good.

"Hey Randy."

Randy had been so absorbed in his thoughts that he hadn't noticed Buddy until he spoke.

"Oh, hi," Randy said blushing.

"What kind of candy you gettin?"

"Uh, none...just some milk and bread..."

"Oh, well...what kind do you like?" Buddy said suddenly feeling very generous.

Randy shrugged, "I dunno...M&M's maybe cause I could share em with little brother."

"Plain or peanut?"

"I can't..."

"Don't worry...I got this, my old lady gave me 5 bucks and told me to get lost," he chuckled.

"Plain...I guess, but you don't hafta..."

"Plain then and...a Payday for me."

Now Randy was faced with the stigma of having to pay for the milk and bread with the Access card and he just knew Buddy would make fun of him, but surprisingly Buddy seemed unfazed by it. Truth was he was quite familiar with the card, since his mom had one of her own and often sent him to pick up things with it.

Buddy grabbed a Big Gulp and paid for everything and handed Randy the M&M's. 

"Thanks didn't have to..."

"I know, I wanted to...for your little brother," he stuttered. He didn't want Randy to think he liked him too much, even though he really did.

"Thanks, that was nice," Randy said as they headed outside.

"I'll walk with ya," Buddy said taking a drink of is Big Gulp, "Want a drink?"

Randy started to refuse, but he thought it would seem rude. Maybe Buddy would think he was afraid of his germs or something so he finally decided to say yes. He took a small drink and was delighted at how good it tasted.

"What is that?" Randy said as his eyes danced with joy.

"Mt Dew with some cherry mixed in. Rad..huh?"

"It's amazing," Randy said smiling.

"Here have some more," Buddy said handing the drink to him again, "drink all you want."

Randy took another swallow then tried to hand the cup back to Buddy but he just waved his hand in dismissal. 

"Keep it, I got some pop at the  apartment. So...when is your mom off next? I mean if you want to hang out..."

Randy still didn't know what to think about Buddy. He seemed nice enough on the bus and now buying him candy and giving him his drink, but he still wasn't sure if he was for real or not. Still what could it hurt to hang out with him for a while? At least he'd know for sure whether he was going to be trouble or a friend.

"Uh, she's off Sunday...I think," he stuttered.

"Cool, I got no plans Sunday. Wanna meet by the playground. I mean it's a crappy playground, but we could go somewhere else if you want."

"I probably can't go too far, so the playground is good."

"Okay, good...great...Sunday then...oh...what time?"

"How about one o'clock?"

"That's is good...I usually sleep late on Sunday. Okay, cool...Sunday at one then."

"Yeah, okay...well, here we are. I gotta get this milk to my brother. He wanted some cereal and we were out of milk," Randy said blushing.

"Oh yeah, sure...well see ya Sunday then...if I don't see  you before then."

"Yeah, and thanks for the candy and the drink. That was really cool of you," Randy said smiling sweetly.

Buddy blushed and shrugged, "It's no biggie.  I hope your little bro likes it."

"He will. Thanks."

For some reason Randy found himself lingering despite saying he needed to go. There was something about Buddy that attracted him despite his fears. He didn't care that he was overweight or plain looking, after all he was no prize himself and sometimes he actually wished he was fat instead of skinny. No, there was more to Buddy than just what was on the outside and Randy suspected that beneath that tough exterior there was a nice person inside. He'd seen glimpses of that person over the last few days, especially when they were alone on the bus, and today...well, him buying the candy and all was really nice.

"I...might be able to hang out tomorrow some...before my mom goes to work," Randy suddenly blurted out.

"Hey, that would be cool. I got no plans all weekend. What time? I could come by and see if you can hang out."

"She goes in at 3 so...maybe around noon."

"Okay, great...I'll come by after lunch and check...okay?"

Randy finally pulled himself away and after turning to say goodbye he headed to his apartment. As always Buddy watched until he was out of sight and with a huge smile on his face he went off to see what kind of mischief he could get into.

"I'm home mom," Randy yelled as he came in.

"What did you do Randy? You weren't supposed to get anything but the milk and bread," she scolded when she saw the drink and then the candy.

"It's okay, see here's the receipt. That's all I bought. My friend Buddy bought them for me," then thinking how strange that sounded he quickly added, "He actually bought the drink for himself but he didn't like it so he gave it to me and he bought the candy for Ty...cause he's a nice kid."

His mother was still skeptical, but she could see the receipt was correct. The idea of Randy stealing the items never entered her mind. If there was one thing she was sure of it was that Randy was a good and decent boy, unlike his father the snake.

"Who is this friend...this Buddy?"

"I told you about him mom, he rides the bus with me and lives in an apartment on the backside."

"Oh, yeah...I remember. Well, when am I going to meet this boy? I want to know who you're spending time with."

"How about tomorrow? I told him I might be able to hang out till you went to work."

"All right, that's fine. Now you better get that milk to your brother."

"Where is he anyway?" Randy said looking around. He'd expected to be dive-bombed by the kid when he came in, but so far he hadn't shown his face.

"He's pooping," she said grinning, "and you know how he is. He takes his good slow time."

"Hey, shit face. Where you been hiding?" Mike asked as he finally caught up with Buddy who seemed to be in some kind of daze.

"Huh, uh...nowhere. What's up numb-nuts?"

"Just stole five bucks out of my old man's wallet. Wanna go to the arcade with me?"

"Naw, not today...I have to get back home., mom has some chores for me to do."

"Fuck your mom," Mike snarled, "Since when do you listen to that old cunt?"

"Shut up asshole, that's my mom you're talking about," Buddy said clenching his fists.

"Whoa, calm down. When did you start being so sensitive?"

"Just shut up, okay," Buddy said softly.

"Hey, I'm sorry...okay. What's with you lately? We hardly ever hang out anymore. Where have you been all week?"

"Nowhere, just didn't feel like hanging out, that's all."

"Know what we should do? We should find that skinny nerd, that new kid, and rough him up or something. Doesn't that sound like fun?"

"No, it doesn't. Leave the kid alone."

Mike stopped and raised his eyebrows and smirked, "You like that nerd or something?"

"Shut up."

"I don't get it. You were messing with him the other you're defending him..."

"I'm tired of this shit Mike. I'm tired of being the bad boys all the time. I just want to be normal and have friends and forget all that Jimmy did."

"You going soft on me too? Well, fuck you then. I'll take care of the nerd myself."

"You touch answer to me."

"What the fuck? Is  he your boyfriend now?" Mike smirked.

"Shut the fuck up or I will kill you," Buddy said tackling his ex-friend and dragging him to the ground.

Although Buddy had twenty pounds on Mike, Mike was the better fighter and soon rolled Buddy over and began pummeling him unmercifully. Between blows Mike was cursing so loudly that he soon attracted the attention of a young couple who were walking toward the parking lot.

"Hey, you kids break that shit up," the man yelled.

"Stay out of it ass wipe," Mike snarled.

"I said cut that shit out," the man said advancing and looking menacing.

Mike was no fool, this guy was an adult and looked tough and he knew he was no match for him, but he just had to get in one more good lick before he gave it up. Standing up he gave Buddy a hard kick to the face breaking his nose and nearly knocking him out.

"That's it shit bag. I'm calling the cops," the man said pulling out his phone, but Mike was already running as fast as he could toward the wooded area behind the apartments.

"You okay kid," the man said bending to look at Buddy, then seeing his twisted nose he felt ill, "Oh shit, that must hurt like a motherfucker. Brenda, come help me get this kid up, he's hurt pretty bad."

Randy bounced out of bed the next day with excited energy at the thought of seeing Buddy again. He fixed himself a bowl of oatmeal and was about to sit down when Ty wandered in looking sleepy eyed.

"I want some bubber," he said giving Randy his puppy dog eyes.

"Here, have mine, I'll fix some more," Randy said helping the little boy into his chair.

In no time he had more oatmeal microwaved and he sat down to enjoy it with his brother. 

"What are we gonna do today?"

"I have a friend coming over, but later when mom goes to work we'll play whatever you want to...okay?"

Ty made a pouty face, but he loved his big brother and didn't want to act like a baby, "Okay, but I wish you could play with me now."

"We'll have plenty of time later. I promise."

But when twelve o'clock rolled around and Buddy still hadn't shown up Randy began to feel a little worried. What if Buddy was just playing with him and didn't' really want to be his friend and hang out at all? Or maybe he's just late, yeah that was it. He said he liked to sleep late. But when one o'clock came and then two Randy knew he'd been stood up. 

He tried not to show how disappointed he was, but his mother could tell he was upset that this new boy hadn't shown up.

"Maybe his mom wouldn't let him come or he had some chores or something...." she suggested.

"Yeah, probably. Oh well, we're supposed to meet tomorrow on the playground. Anyway I got Ty to play with, right buddy?"

"Yeah, don't be sad Randy," Ty said giving him a hug.

Eventually they went off to the small bedroom they shared and began playing a board game and Randy tried to forget about his disappointment, but it wasn't easy.

"Mom, stop...I'm fine," Buddy said as his mom fussed over him.

"You are not all right young man. You have a broken nose and two black eyes and a split lip and I want to know who did this to my baby."

"I'm not a baby mom. So I got into a little fight, it happens and it no big deal."

"Who are you protecting? It's not this new friend from the apartments is it?"

Buddy laughed at that, "Mom, Randy is skin and bones and probably weighs 60 pounds. It was definitely not Randy."

"Then who...Mike?"

Buddy clammed up then and looked away. He knew if he met his mother's stare  he would give it all away.

"It was, wasn't it? I knew no good would come of you two hanging out together. I want you to promise me that you will not hang out with that boy again."

"Okay, I won't. Happy now? Just leave me alone please. I need to sleep, that's all..."

"All right, that medicine the doctor gave you will help you sleep. Just rest baby."

Buddy slept all  night and well into the afternoon the next day and when he finally awoke he felt some better and decided to get up.

"What time is it mom?"

"Almost two thirty dear."

"No...oh shit...I was supposed to go to Randy's at 12..."

"You're not going anywhere dear, not till you get better. Are you hungry, I'll fix you some soup or something."

"No, I'm not hungry. Maybe later." He was worried  now. What would Randy think when he didn't show up? Would he think he lied or that he was playing a joke on him? He felt awful about it and wanted to go tell Randy what happened, but he knew his mom would never let him out of the house till he was better.

The next morning Randy was up by seven and ate eggs and toast with his mom and little brother. He'd made it clear to Ty that he was meeting Buddy at noon, and Ty tried to act like a big boy and not bug him about it. Randy fussed over what to wear, but his wardrobe was limited and he finally decided on a pair of jeans with patches on the knees, a striped tee shirt from Goodwill, and a fleece hoodie that his dad had bought him for his 12th birthday.

His shoes were ragged looking, but they were all he had to wear until his mom could save up enough money for a new pair at Walmart. He'd retaped his glasses the night before, this time using black electrical tape and the break was less noticeable. He wished he could get some new wire framed glasses, but that sort of thing was for rich kids, and he knew he might as well wish for a million dollars. His mom did the best she could, but there just wasn't enough money for extras.

At 11:45 Randy said goodbye to his mom and gave Ty a hug and kiss and left to meet Buddy. He knew he was early, but that was just the way he was. He had a knot in his stomach as he approached the playground. What if Buddy didn't show up again? He didn't even know exactly which apartment Buddy lived in so it wasn't like he could go check on him or anything.

The playground wasn't much to look at...a rusted slide, a swing set missing two seats, a sandbox overgrown with grass and weeds and a picnic table with one seat missing. Making his way to the picnic table he climbed up and sat down and waited.

He didn't own a watch and he didn't have a phone to check the time with, but he was a pretty good judge of time and he figured he had at least 10 minutes before he needed to start worrying about being stood up again.

However, as luck would have it, he didn't have to wait that long. Suddenly Buddy came around the corner of the last apartment building and headed his way. At first Randy kept his seat and waited, trying not to look to anxious, but as Buddy got closer he could see something was wrong. 

Was that a bandage on Buddy's nose? Sliding off the picnic table he stood for a moment before starting toward Buddy to meet him halfway. As he got closer he could clearly see that Buddy's nose was indeed bandaged and what was worse he had two black eyes and a split lip. The knot in his stomach returned, but this time it was from concern for Buddy and not fear that he wouldn't show up.

"Hi, what...happened?" Randy said meekly.

"I'm sorry I didn't show up yesterday. The doctor gave me some pills and they made me sleep all day. I wanted to come tell ya, but my mom wouldn't let me. You know how moms are...."

"It's okay, but what happened?"

"Just got into a little big deal."

"Someone did this to you?" Randy asked in horror. He had a hard time understanding violence, even though he's had his share of it done to him.

Buddy shrugged, "It's no big deal. Let's not talk about it...okay? Let's just hang out and have fun. I just had to get out of the house, my mom was smothering me."

Randy smiled sadly, "I'm sorry...I just feel bad that you got hurt, that's all."

"Thanks, but I'm okay. I've been hurt worse. It looks worse than it is. They reset my nose and the doc says it will be just like new when it heals, and the black eyes are no big deal."

"Your lip..." Randy said moving closer, "it looks like it hurts."

"Naw, it's fine. I can still kiss the girls," Buddy joked, even though he'd never kissed a girl, or anyone for that matter...unless his mom counted.

Randy smiled shyly, "Do you...umm..have a girlfriend?"

"Naw, not really...I'm not exactly boyfriend material," Buddy said slapping his fat stomach and causing it to wiggle, "I'm a fat slob."

"I don't think so,"  Randy said then blushed, " how you look. I mean...I'm so skinny..."

"Yeah, but at least people don't make oinking noises behind your back, or call you hippo and stuff like that," Buddy said opening up with Randy like he never had with anyone before.

"Well, they call me bones, and Unicef Kid, stuff like that..."

Buddy wasn't sure what a Unicef Kid was, but he understood that he and Randy had something in common, they were both outsiders.

"No one better call you that while I'm around...." Buddy said then blushed, "I mean we're friends now, and no one fucks with my friends."

Randy smiled, "Thanks, hey...wanna take a walk? We could walk to the park by the school if you feel like it."

"Yeah, that would be great," Buddy said smiling. It hurt a little with his busted lip, but it was okay...he had a friend now...a real friend.

"Hey, is that Randy...and OH MY GOD, is that Buddy with him?" Jaden said pointing to the figures approaching. He and Aidan had gone to the park to shoot some hoops and talk about Randy's situation, but they'd never figured on seeing him there. "If he messes with Randy...I'm cream him."

"Settle down Jaden, they look like they're talking and enjoying each other's company. I heard a rumor that Buddy and Randy were sitting together on the bus everyday and that Buddy lives in the same apartments, maybe they're friends now."

"Buddy? Someone's friend?" Jaden scoffed, "Only friends he ever had were Mike and Jimmy....who...oh shit, I guess it's possible."

"Let's go talk to them, come on."

"Look, it's Jaden and Aidan," Randy said pointing.

"Uh, not them," Buddy moaned.

"Why? What's wrong with them. They let me sit with them in the lunch room and they....well, them and the others watch out for me."

"I guess they're okay, but they're always showing off and talking about all the cool stuff they have."

"Hey you guys," Aidan said leading the way, "What's okay Randy?"

"Why wouldn't he be?" Buddy grunted.

"Just asking, uh...what happened to you Buddy?" Aidan asked looking at his face.

"I looked in the mirror," Buddy joked.

"Seriously dude, what happened?" Jaden said with genuine concern.

"I ran into a door," Buddy offered with a sneer, "Why the sudden interest in my health Reynolds?"

Jaden shrugged, "Look I'm not gonna lie and say that I'm your pal or anything, but I do care about people. I'm not half the douche bag you think I am."

Buddy softened a little then, "Sorry. It's no big deal though. I just got into a little fight, that's all."

"Damn, what's the other guy look like?" Jaden chuckled, "Bet you tore him a new asshole, didn't you?"

Buddy wilted under Jaden's stare, then shrugging he said, "Sort of caught me by surprise...didn't really have time to get my licks in before some guy broke it up." That was half true anyway, but if the guy hadn't broke it up, Buddy might be in hospital now instead of the park.

"That sucks. and Randy are hangin' out now?" Jaden asked looking at Randy to see how he reacted to the question.

"Yeah,, live in the same apartments..." Buddy stuttered.

"That's nice," Aidan said speaking up at last, "So I guess you two are friends?"

"Yeah, Buddy is really cool," Randy said then blushed.

Jaden almost choked, but he kept his mouth shut. If Jimmy could change, he supposed Buddy could.

"That's great. You guys wanna shoot some hoops with us?"

"I'm not really up to it, but if Randy wants to..."

"I've never played..." Randy said blushing. "I think we'll just watch...if it's okay."

"Okay, sure..." Aidan said tapping his twin on the shoulder, "Let's go J."

As the twins went back to the court Buddy and Randy sat down on a bench nearby.

"See, they're not so bad," Randy said smiling, "Jaden was worried about me, that's all."

"Well, I'll take care of you from now on," Buddy said blushing bright red, "I don't have to worry when I'm around. No one will mess with you now."

Randy smiled, "Thanks, but maybe  you should wait till you heal first."

Buddy sighed, "OH...I'm such a loser," he muttered.

"No, I didn't mean that," Randy said defensively. He was shaking a little now, afraid he'd hurt Buddy's feelings for worse, made him angry.

"I know, but you're right. I couldn't even get a punch in. I just laid there like a big fat pig and let Mike beat the shit out of me."

"M...Mike," Randy said softly, "isn't that the boy you usually hang out with?"

"Used to," Buddy sighed.

"Uh, what happened? Was it...was it because of me?"

"No. It's just that I'm tired of all the shit me and him used to do and he didn't like me telling im' that."

"Oh, well...I know I'm not much, but...I can be your friend now," Randy said laying his heart out.

Buddy actually smiled and it felt good, "Really? I mean...yeah, that would be cool."

They talked for a long time, occasionally glancing at the Twins, and slowly Buddy began to let down his guard and really open up.

"I never really had a friend before...I mean not a real friend. I used to hang out with Mike and Jimmy, but all we did was get into trouble. Then Jimmy changed, up with Jaden and he doesn't like me anymore."

"Jimmy used to be your friend?"

"Well, not really I guess. He was sort of the leader and we just did what he said, but when he was just me and Mike and we sort of fell apart I guess."

"Jimmy seems nice..."

Buddy rubbed his nose which was aching a little and sighed, "I guess he is now, but he used to be the worst one of us."

"What...what happened?"

"I dunno, I guess he...just liked Jaden so much that he decided to change so they could be...together."

Randy frowned, "You mean as friends...right?"

Buddy laughed, "Sort of. Boyfriends more like it."

"What?" Randy asked with surprise and excitement. Was it possible there were others like him at school?

"Yeah, they're gay...both of em'...his brother too and he's boyfriends with that kid named John."

This was too much to digest at once and Randy just sat in stunned silence for a moment. At first Buddy thought he was upset. Maybe he thought it was disgusting like he used to, and if that was the case then he'd have to be careful and not get too close.

"That's cool," Randy finally dared offer, "I's no big deal...right?"

"Naw, I don't care. I used to, but I've grown up some since then and learned some stuff."

"Good, so you don't hate them...cause they're gay...right?"

"Naw, but I don't think we'll ever be friends or anything. Too much shit went down between us. I don't think they can ever forget that stuff."

"They might, if you really tried to make it up to them."

"I'm not gonna kiss their asses if that's what you mean," Buddy said raising his voice a little.

"Sorry, I don't know what happened so I shouldn't have said that..."

"No, it's okay. I want your opinion on stuff, but it's just so hard to admit I was...was such a jackass."

Randy smiled, "I think you're, and I don't care what happened before."

Buddy smiled, "Me either, I mean I don't care about your past either. All I care is how it is now."

"I'm glad, cause I had some trouble before too. Bad my old school."

"It don't matter, unless you want to tell me about it."

"No, not really. Cause then you might not like me so much."

"Naw, nothing could be that bad, but you don't hafta tell me."

"Good and you don't hafta tell me about your stuff either."

"Someday...I might, but for's safer this way."

Eventually the twins came over and said goodbye and left the two alone. It was getting cooler out and Randy shivered as he pulled up the hood on his jacket. Buddy noticed Randy's shivering and scooted a little closer. Being overweight he was well insulated from the cold and barely felt it.

"Want my jacket?"

"Don't you need it," Randy said as his teeth chattered.

"Naw, I'm hot natured. Here," he said stripping off his jacket and offering it to Randy. "Here let me help you with that..." he said draping the jacket around Randy's slender shoulders. He let his hands linger a bit there and felt his heart speed up a little from the touch.

There eyes met and both blushed as they shared a moment. There was nothing desperate or sexual about the moment, they were simply two boys reaching out to one another and offering friendship. They both had their share of baggage and uncertainties, and fear. It was just a beginning, but everything good or bad has to start somewhere and this was their somewhere.

Later they walked back to the apartment complex and lingered a while at the playground before splitting up. 

"Your jacket...."

"Keep it, I got another one. I can get it next time. Maybe I'll come see ya," Buddy said smiling.

"Okay, thanks," Randy thought it was sweet of Buddy to lend him his jacket, and keeping it would ensure they'd have a reason to see each other again.

Back in his apartment Randy closed the door behind him and here came Ty throwing himself into his older brother laughing with glee. 

"'re home....come play Legos wiff me...pleeeeze."

"Okay Ty, you go get em ready and I'll be there in a minute."

"Okay," Ty said zooming off to their room.

"Did you have fun Randy?" his mom asked from her seat on the couch.

"Yeah, Buddy is nice. We saw the twin too. Remember I told you about them..."

"I'm glad you're making friend, but I would still like to meet this Buddy boy that you like so much."

"Okay, I borrowed his jacket so maybe he can come over and pick it up after school tomorrow."

"That sounds fine. Right now you better go play with your brother or he's going to bust a gut," she laughed.

"Okay, thanks mom."

Randy forgot about Buddy as he immersed himself in the world of Legos and playing with Ty and the rest of the day passed quickly. At bedtime he helped Ty take his bath and get dressed for bed, then he took a quick shower and laid out his clothes for the next day. He'd had a great weekend, but he was actually looking forward to going back to school and seeing all his new friends, but especially seeing Buddy.

End Chapter 14

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