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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 2
**Party hardy**

"Think they're asleep yet?" Aidan asked for the hundredth time as they lay huddled in their bed fully clothed and ready to escape.

"It's only 9:30, they never go to sleep before 10, now shut up and let me concentrate on my phone."

"What does Mark's the party Sam there yet?"

"Sam's there, so's Kiley and Ronnie. Mark said they're gonna sneak the beer out of his dad's fridge in the garage as soon as his mom goes to bed."

"His dad is gone...right?"

"Yep, and his mom takes pills to make her sleep and once she's in her bed he says she never stirs the whole night."

"Cool, won't his dad miss the beer?"

"Mark says his dad will just think his mom drank it and he won't ever ask. His parents are like total alkies."

Aidan frowned, "I'm glad our rents don't do drugs or drink that much."

"Yeah, well not all rents are as cool as ours, but it's a good thing Mark's are clueless or we wouldn't be having such a good party."

"I guess....I just...well, what if mom and dad find out we've been drinking? I mean it's bad enough that we're sneaking out and all......"

"Stop worrying, you're starting to sound like a little girl. You're not a little girl are you?....better check," Jaden said as he grabbed Aidan's crotch and gave his junk a squeeze."

"Owww...jerk, I'm not a little girl. I just worry that's all. Somebody has sure don't."

"That's cause I am super cool and never let stuff bother me. That's why I get away with so much shit, cause I'm so cool no one suspects I'm actually a little monster."

Aidan laughed, "Yeah, monster is right. Think we'll get drunk?"

"What's the use of drinking if we don't get drunk?"

Aidan shrugged, "Dunno, this will be our first time so.....I don't know if I'll like it or not."

"Trust me, its' cool. Mark says he gets wasted all the time. He even drank some of his mom's Vodka one time and got so drunk he passed out in the bathroom."

Aidan frowned,  "We can't get that drunk. We have to get back home before mom and dad wake up and miss us."

"Relax, I won't let you get too drunk. Now shut up and let me finish my texting."

At ten Jaden threw back the covers and quietly got out of bed. He put his finger to his lips in the universal "be quiet" gesture and went to their bedroom door and listened before opening it. Aidan watched as he crept out the door and disappeared into the hallway. He was gone only a minute or so and when he returned he was smiling.

Closing the door quietly behind him his face broke out in an even bigger smile, "They're asleep. I heard dad snoring like he always does. Come on, it's time to Rock and Roll."

Quietly raising the bedroom window Jaden reached for the two tabs on the screen and pulled it up and slid it from the frame and pulled it inside. Scooting it under their bed he turned to his twin brother and nodded, "Come on, let's do this."

Climbing out the second story window they closed it behind them and slid down the slight incline of the roof to the front porch. From there they swung their legs over and climbed down the wrought iron porch support which served as a make shift ladder.

When they were both safely on the ground they scampered around to the side of the house and waited just in case they'd been heard. When no alarm sounded and no lights came on they moved quickly to the sidewalk and hurried up the street.

Mark's house was only a few blocks away and there were sidewalks and street lights the whole distance although neither boys would have minded if there were fewer lights to illuminate their nocturnal escape. Fortunately there was little traffic that time of night and it wasn't quite curfew time but when they finally reached Mark's house they both released a sigh of relief.

"We made rents, no cops...home free." Jaden said knocking on the garage door like Mark had told him to.

The door opened quickly and their friend Mark ushered them inside. At 13 Mark was a year older but also in the 7th grade since he had failed 5th grade. His folks  had gotten a divorce that year and then his dad moved  his girlfriend  in who eventually became his step mom. Needless to say Mark had a hard time adjusting to all the changes and his school work had suffered so much he was put back a year.

Mark's hair was dark and longish but neatly trimmed. His pale grey eyes were accentuated by thick dark eyebrows and long lashes that would have looked right at home on a girl. His nose was small, almost pixyish, and his lips full and red, so red at first glance one might have thought he was wearing lipstick. His body was average for a boy his age, and only recently had the onslaught of puberty began to take it's toll on him. His cock had grown to an impressive 5 1/2" and his balls had dropped and he now had hair in his pits and just above his cock, though his balls were still hairless as was his cute perky ass.

The twins had known him since sixth grade and though not as close as some of their other friends, Mark was popular with them because his parents were so clueless about what went on with his son and his friends.

"Glad you guys made it. Were your mom and dad doin it when you left?" He giggled.

"No, my dad was too tired from doin your mom," Jaden teased.

"Burn! Aidan giggled. 

"Ewwww....your  mom's way hotter than mine," Mark reminded them, therefore nullifying the burn.

Mark had led them into the kitchen and now they were headed down the stairs to the basement playroom which was the central point of all activities at Mark's house. There was a pool table, a huge flat screen TV and gaming system in front of a huge couch and even a small bathroom with a sink and toilet.

So far only three other boys were there, Sam, Kiley, and Ronnie, all friends from school and all but Kiley lived in their neighborhood. Kiley lived a mile or so away but often spent the weekend with Ronnie as was the case this Friday night. 

"No girls?" Jaden teased.

"Just Aidan," Sam teased back.

"Hey shut up about my bro," Jaden said pounding Sam on the arm and screwing up his pool shot. Only he could talk trash about his brother and anyone else who tried got put in their place.

"Oww...asshole, I missed the shot cause of you."

"Not my problem if you can't get it in the hole," Jaden smirked, "What's to drink....where's the beer?' He said leaving Sam to deal with his pool game on his own.

"Let's go get it," Mark said, "we were just waiting on you guys. My old lady oughta be passed out by now."

Aidan started to follow them, but Mark stopped him abruptly, "Just me and Jaden, two of us is enough. No need to take any chances."

Aidan nodded and Jaden just shrugged before following Mark back up the stairs. Aidan stood there a moment then walked over to watch Sam and Kiley shoot pool. Ronnie was involved in a video game and had barely acknowledged the new arrivals before going back to his game. Aidan didn't dislike Ronnie, but they'd never been very close as friends go.  He was quiet and never caused any trouble and he was always eager to try new things and take risks, but he wasn't that friendly.

"Hey Aidan, I need some help with my balls," Sam teased. Now that Jaden wasn't around to defend his brother he felt the need to show off to his other buddies.

"When you find them let me know," Aidan said rolling his eyes.

"Burn!" Kiley said as he lined up his next shot.

"I'll let you find em.....and my dick too. I bet you'd like that....wouldn't you?"

"I like dick, I won't lie, but I'd turn to pussy before I'd suck yours," Aidan quipped.

"Wow, that's burn number 2. Better shut up Sam before you wind up a pile of ashes," Ronnie said from the couch where he's paused his game to listen to the two boys banter.

"Fuck you Ronnie," Sam growled.

"Ha, I'd fall asleep and you'd fall in love if you did," Ronnie said and everyone laughed, even Sam.

"Good one Ronnie," Sam said good-naturedly. He was a prick sometimes, but everyone liked him anyway and despite his ribs he was one of those friends who had your matter what.

Mark and Jaden eventually returned each carrying a 12 pack of Bud Lite."

"Lite..LITE!" Sam complained, "What are we 50 and on a diet?"

"Hey, it's what my folks drink. It's not like I could put in a special order, besides it tastes pretty good and it won't make your ass as fat as regular beer." Mark joked.

"I thought you liked a phat ass...p.h.a.t. pretty hot and tempting...ha ha." he siad wetting his finger and touching his perky butt and making a sizzling sound.

"I do, just not yours Sam. It's probably stretched out of shape by now. It'd be like throwing a 2x4 down a well."

"Ha, your dick isn't that big....oh....I know, I know...burn!"

"So are we gonna argue or get drunk?" Jaden said sitting down his 12 pack and ripping the end open. He grabbed a can and passed it to his twin then took one for himself while Mark dispensed beers to the other boys. When they each had a beer and the pop tops were opened they held their cans up high, bumped them together and took a drink.

Aidan hated it immediately, but Jaden liked the way it felt on his tongue and the slow burn as it went down then the resulting burp which he shared with the other boys eliciting a chorus of burbs in return.

"Aww....good stuff."

They drank their first can slowly, getting use to the taste and burping and giggling like boys do. They were after all still boys and farts and burps were still the epitome of humor. 

The second can went down quicker as the boys got used to the taste and the alcohol began to have it's affect on their inexperienced bodies. Mark brought out the snacks next, chips and salted nuts, and that helped to make the third can do down even easier. 

Each boy had already peed at least once, discovering the age old truth that you don't buy beer you rent it, and there would be many more trips to the bathroom before the night was over.

At first they just gathered around the couch and drank and snacked, but eventually Sam challenged Mark to a game of pool and Ronnie and Kiley became involved in a video game while the twins watched, eager to take their turns when one or the other lost a man.

The time passed quickly but eventually the beer brought them to the euphoric state where everything is funny. They were giggling and wrestling around and pretty soon the ass grabbing caused five boners to appear. 

"Hey, check this out," Mark said twanging his boner through his jeans, "Can I get a hand with this?"

"Why, did you forget how to fap?" Jaden giggled slurring his words horribly.

"Nah, but it's more fun when someone else does it for ya. Hey, I know you guys mess around with each about if Aidan helps me out?"

"Why are you asking me? If my little bro wants to get his hand all nasty with that thing it's his business," Jaden said making a face then cracking up again.

"I'm not a whore, and I'm right here. I can hear you guys talking about me," Aidan said frowning. He hadn't drank as much as the others and in fact had poured most of his beer down the toilet during his pee brakes.

The other boys had paused to watch the show and were mentally taking sides though none of them added anything to the discussion.

"Hey, I don't think you're a whore. I just know, a friend should help another friend out, especially one who'"

"Who says I'm gay?" Aidan smirked.

"Well....I just thought...." Mark stuttered turning red faced.

"No, you never think things out before you open your mouth," Jaden jumped in turning drunk mean all of a sudden, "And if you say one more word to my brother I'm gonna rip your nuts off and you won't need anyone to jerk you off."

Mark looked at his empty beer can and sulked for a few minutes before jumping up to grab another, "Forget you guys. I don't need any of you. Next time I'll just party alone."

The mood was somber as the boys went back to playing pool and video games and eventually Mark walked over to the door and started upstairs.

"Where you going?" Sam yelled.

"I'll be back in a minute."

Sam shrugged, "Hey Jaden, take it easy on him..okay?"

Jaden shrugged, "I did come on sort of strong..didn't I?"

"A little," Aidan said softly, "when he comes back maybe we should both apologize."

Jaden shrugged, "He started it...."

"He was joking," Ronnie said pausing his game, "you know how he is. He has a terrible home life and we're the only friends he has...."

"Okay, okay....I get it. I was a jerk. I'll fix it when he gets back."

"And maybe I'll give him a handjob," Aidan teased.

"I'm next," Sam said raising his hand and giggling.

"Hey, I have an idea," Kiley said grinning, "we should play truth or dare or something when Mark gets back."

"Oh god, not that," Sam whined holding his head in  his hands and shaking it comically.

"Hey, that's not a bad idea," Jaden said, "maybe it will get his mind off his dick."

"Or he'll dare someone to suck it," Ronnie giggled.

"No one would touch that thing," Jaden giggled back.

"Why?" Aidan suddenly asked then regretted his words immediately.

"Would you?" Sam asked looking at Jaden and cocking his head.

"I don't know...maybe, if he was nicer about it. He's such a jerk sometimes. Like he thinks I'm some kind of whore that's on call to get him off or something."

"He's just horny like the rest of us, only difference is we're not as crass as he is," Sam laughed.

"Oooooo....big word numb nuts, where'd you learn that?" Ronnie said grinning.

"I'm not illiterate like you Ronnie."

They were interrupted by Mark's return and he was carrying something in  his hand.

"What's that, more games?"

"Nope, porn. My dad has about a hundred of these in his office. He thinks I don't know about em, but I watch em all the time. You guys wanna see some pussy? Oh and for those who like guys...some dick?"

Well, of course they all did, each for their own reason, and once Mark had the DVD inserted he grabbed the remote and squeezed into the couch with the others. It was a tight fit, but they made it work and none of them really minded pressing against the warm flesh of the boy next to them. In order from left to right was Ronnie, Sam, Kiley, Jaden, Aidan, and finally Mark. 

"Okay girls here we go. Whack em if you got em," Mark giggled seeming to have forgotten the unpleasantness of earlier. That was the beauty of boys, they might get mad quickly, but they forgot as quickly and forgave easily.

The porn was pretty much straight forward at first, then as it went along it got a bit kinkier. One scene featured a big breasted blond with a shaved pussy laying on a pool table while three hot young studs filled all her holes and eventually covered her in a gallon of jizz. 

The beer had lowered the boys' inhibitions considerably and the porn was making their young hard cocks tingle with need. None of the boys were strangers to boy on boy sex, but like most boys their age they were reluctant to initiate sex lest they be labeled queer. All of the boys knew Jaden and Aidan were more than just brothers and that they engaged in sex often and freely, but they didn't fault them for it. In fact they were a little jealous of them.  What boy wouldn't love to have a live in sex partner?

"Look at that one guy's dick, it's huge," Mark said nudging Aidan companionably.

"Almost as big as mine," Sam teased.

"You wish, but that would look funny on a skinny kid like you."

"Hey, ever wonder...I mean...who's the biggest?" Sam said then blushing bright red.

Mark shrugged, "You mean hard?"

"Well...yeah, soft it's hard to tell how big it is."

"Oh, yeah...right, well...there's only one way to find out...."

"How? You know everyone is just gonna lie about how big they are," Sam frowned.

"Well...I gotta ruler. We could measure in front of each other and then there wouldn't be any cheating."

"You just wanna see our dicks," Kiley teased.

"Oh and I have a magnifying glass for Kiley's," Mark laughed.

"Funny...very funny," Kiley smirked, but he was laughing too.

"So...go get the ruler," Jaden said suddenly, "put your money where your mouth is....or put your mouth where my dick is...."

Mark managed to get up from the couch but his legs were like rubber and he nearly fell as he staggered over to the entertainment center. He reached over and grabbed something and when he pulled his hand back the boys were surprised to see that he held a 12" plastic ruler.

" come you just happen to have a ruler down here?" Jaden giggled, "You measure it all the time to see if it grows?"

"Naw, 12" isn't long enough for mine, this is for you guys," he laughed.

"Ha, funny. Stop the movie and let's get this over with. We should have a prize for the one with the longest one and one for the fattest one or something....."

Mark looked thoughtful for a minute then he grinned, "How about the biggest one gets a hand job....or a beejay from the smallest one."

The boys tittered among themselves, but this was a perfectly legitimate way to initiate sex without putting themselves out there. Of course they had to put up the usual resistance, but in the end it was decided that the boy with the smallest dick would bring the boy with the largest dick to orgasm, their choice  by hand or by mouth.

Mark paused the movie and stood before the other boys grinning like the Cheshire cat. He was pretty sure he had them all beat size wise, but even if he didn't he was sure that once something sexual started it would echo through all of them till everyone got off.

"Okay, here's how we do it: Is everyone hard?" They all were. "Okay, you should be standing up to do it..yeah, standing and we need someone who we all agree on to do the measuring." Everyone said he should do it since it was his ruler and he smiled. At least he'd get to touch their junk.

"Okay, line up girls," Mark giggled. His hands were shaking with excitement and he licked his lips nervously, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the others.

"Pull em down all the  way and spread em," Mark said in a gravely voice. 

Sam was first in line, followed by Kiley, then Ronnie, then Jaden and Aidan. The boys' cocks were impressive in their present state  but was hard to tell exactly who was the biggest just by looking.

The air was thick with the smell of pubescent boys and Mark's cock throbbed in his pants as he inahled the all too familiar aroma. He hadn't known Sam long, but he considered him a good friend and he'd often wondered about his buddy's junk and now he was going to get to see it. He hoped he could keep from seeming to anxious but the truth was he was trembling with excitement at the thought of handling his buddies' junk at last.

Mark had been hiding a secret for a long time now and though he trusted this small group of friends gathered around him, he was still nervous about being found out. His secret was simple, he was attracted to boys. Oh, it wasn't that he didn't like girls too, but they were so hard to understand and he really didn't know any that well. Most girls his age weren't interested in sex and since he'd hit puberty that was all he thought about. He liked watching the girls in the porn that he borrowed from his dad, but most times he was thinking about his friends when the guys started messing with the girls.

"Okay, I'm gonna have to hold it while I lay the ruler beside it so don't freak...okay?" Mark said wetting his lips with his tongue.

"If you rub it more than twice that's playing with it," Ronnie laughed nervously. He was excited at the idea of having someone handle his dick and he hoped he didn't embarrass himself by popping his cork.

"You wish," Mark smirked, but truth was that would have been just fine with him.

"Okay, here goes," Mark said concentrating on the task at hand. Gently he grasped Sam's hard prick and laid the ruler beside it making sure not to push it back too far. When he was satisfied that he had it just right he grasped the end of the ruler with his fingers causing Sam to flinch from the sudden contact.

Holding the ruler up for all to see he announce the results, "4 and ....mmmm5/8."

"Are you sure? I thought it was five..."

"Want me to try again?"

Sam shrugged, "Naw go ahead and measure the others."

Kiley was next and he stood perfectly still the whole time gritting his teeth and trying not to let anyone see how much he was enjoying the attention. Mark followed the same procedure as before and when he straightened up he made a funny face and wiggled his eyebrows, "4 and one half, looks like you might be the sucker," he laughed.

"Shut up, I aint sucking no one. If I got it do it I'm using my hand and  I want a rubber glove." he laughed.

Next was Ronnie and Mark couldn't help but notice that he drew in a sharp breath and held it the whole time he was measuring his cock. Ronnie's cock was probably going to win the fattest prize, whatever that was, but it was only 5" and he knew he had that beat.

Lastly was the twins and at both measured out at 5 1/4" exactly. Mark liked the skin on Aidan's cock but he didn't know how to tell him without sounding gay so he just admired it and kept quiet.

"And now, the best for last," Mark said handing the ruler to Jaden, "prepare to be amazed," he added unzipping his pants and dropping them. 

His pecker was tenting his boxer briefs and when he pulled them down it sprang free bouncing up to slap against his flat stomach. Pushing it down he thrust it aT Jaden and waited.

Jaden made quick work of the measuring but he already knew Mark was right, that he was the biggest of the bunch. Being a year older it only seemed fitting, but considering that he and Aidan were only a 1/4" smaller he didn't feel so bad about being beat out.

"Five and a half, you win numb nuts and it looks like Kiley is the smallest so...."

Kiley groaned, "Anyone gotta rubber glove?" he teased.

"Awww....I thought you'd use your mouth," Mark whined.

"No way, I aint letting no one spunk in my mouth."

"I could warn ya and you could finish it by hand....."

"No way...shut up or I won't do it at all."

"You have to," Ronnie said simply, "or you're a chickenshit. We all agreed and you must've known how small yours was so accept your fate."

"I know, I know....let's get it over with then."

"Naw, if that's the way you feel about it then I don't want you touching it," Mark pouted as he folded his arms shutting himself off.

Kiley shrugged, "I aint a chickenshit, I said I'd do it and I will."

"Hey, I'm the what do I get?" Ronnie asked trying to ease the tension a bit.

" about the fattest gets a hand job or a beejay from the next smallest and that would be Jaden and me," Aidan suggested, hoping to get a feel of Ronnie's cock and maybe a taste as well. Truth was he wouldn't have minded getting a hold of Mark's cock either if  he would stop acting like such a jerk.

"Yeah!" Ronnie cheered, a beejay would be bitchin...but I'd settle for a hand job."

"More action, less talking," Mark said impatiently, "I got five and a half inches of dick here that needs some attention. Kiley..." he said pointing at his crotch with the index finger of each hand.

"Okay, okay....where do we do it?"

"I wanna relax so...I'll lay down on the couch and you can kneel down and do it." Mark said grabbing his pants and shorts as he waddled over to the couch. When he was there he dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and then stretching out on the couch.

Though the others had seen the older boy naked or partially naked a few times they were still impressed by his thick bush of hair and his huge balls. Despite his protests Kiley was looking forward to jerking his buddy off, but he couldn't let him or anyone else know that. He still wasn't sure about sucking another boy's dick, but a hand job was no big deal and sort of exciting to think about.

Kiley buttoned his pants and walked over to the couch and looked at the others and sighed, "Here goes. Wish me luck, if I don't make it out alive tell my ma and pa I loved em," he joked.

Everyone laughed and the tension was eased a bit and as the others watched expectantly Kiley knelt beside the couch and picked Mark's cock up like it was something dangerous. Truthfully though he was not only impressed by the appendage, but a little envious of it and it's owner. He hoped that when he got older his would be as big and he'd have as much hair and shoot as much cum as Mark did. He really didn't know how much that was, but he guessed he would soon find out.

"What do I do...I mean shouldn't we have a towel or something for when it blows?"

"Oh, yeah...good idea. Someone grab some of those paper towels out of the bathroom, then we can just throw them away...unless Kiley wants em to suck on later," he laughed.

"Eww...I'll have nightmares if you don't shut up," Kiley said looking horrified.

Ronnie ran in and grabbed the roll of paper towels and when he came back he unrolled a half dozen sheets and folded them before handing them to Kiley. 

"What about lube?"

"'re killing me," Mark groaned, "just use spit...I don't care."

Kiley shrugged and spit into his hand and wrapped it around Mark's hard cock. Mark shuddered and closed his eyes and settled back into the couch and sighed, "Yeah, work that dick......"

Kiley pretended to hate what he was doing for the first few minutes but as he got into it he gave up the pretense and began to jerk Mark's cock for all he was worth. He liked the feel of Mark's hot hard cock in his hand and the scent that filled his nostrils was making his own dick throb with excitement. He was so caught up in the moment that he was unaware that he had slowly moved closer to the action until his nose brushed Mark's cock.

Mark had been watching closely as  the transformation from distaste to excitement occurred and he was almost sure that if they had been alone he could have gotten Kiley to suck him. He was getting close now and Kiley's face was so mear his cock that he could feel his hot breath on the head. It felt amazing and he was tempted to try to push the boy's head down onto his cock, but he was too scared. 

"Lick it," Mark said before he could stop himself.

Kiley frowned, but he didn't stop what he was doing. It wasn't that he was grossed out at the thought of it, it was the peer thing. What would his friends think if he put his mouth on another boy's prick? It was one thing to jerk another boy off, but sucking was, almost as bad as kissing.

"Hey Kiley, it's no big deal if you want to," Aidan said suddenly feeling the need to help if he could. He'd seen the look on Kiley's face before and he knew what it meant.

"Yeah, it's only a dick," Jaden said grinning, "take it from me, they taste pretty good."

"Do it Kiley," Ronnie said in a lusty voice, "No need for me to be the only one gettin a beejay," he said staring straight at the twins. 

"If it's gross I'll throw up," Kiley said as he stuck out his small pink tongue and brought it closer to Mark's flaring purple cock head.

His head was filled with all sorts of things as he closed the gap and in one final moment of surrender let his tongue touch another boys most private place and his life was changed forever. The feel was amazing and far from being grossed out he was suddenly filled with so much desire and lust that he could barely process it. Even the smell was amazing and he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply before opening his mouth and taking the hard slick head of Mark's cock into this warm wet mouth.

He instinctively covered his teeth with his lips but so far he hadn't closed his mouth around Mark's cock and was barely touching it. To Mark it was the most amazing feeling ever, but something inside him told him there was more to come and when Kiley finally wrapped his lips around his cock he nearly fainted from the intensity of the feeling.

It didn't take long for Kiley to get the hang of it giving credence to that old saying about natural born cocksuckers, but unfortunately Mark didn't last long enough to get the full treatment. A half dozen pistons of Kiley's warm wet mouth was all it took to send Mark flying over the edge and into the abyss.

At first Kiley sputtered and gagged as a thick rope of hot thick boy cum hit his tonsils but he was able to recover and pull off letting the next spurt hit his face. A third squirt landed on Mark's stomach then his cock began to drool as Kiley came back down to earth and attempted to clean himself up.

" got on my face," Kiley said wiping his face with the wad of paper towels.

"That's why you swallow it," Jaden jeered, "Just keep practicing you'll get it right."

" was it Mark?" Ronnie wanted to know.

"OH MY GOD, it was amazing. I gotta hand it to ya Kiley you surprised me and that was awesome. Thanks buddy....I really mean it. You're the man dude."

"My turn," Ronnie said walking over and slapping Mark's leg smartly.

Mark grumbled but finally managed to get cleaned up, buttoned up and on his feet. He was still a little shaky from the intensity of his orgasm, and he suddenly felt a sort of affection for Kiley that he found confusing.

Ronnie stripped off his pants and underwear and threw them on the floor and stretched out wearing only his white Adidas socks. "Come and get it," Ronnie said placing his hands behind his head and wiggling his crotch causing his fat cock to flop around a bit.

"Okay, okay...hold your horses. Come on Aidan let's tag team him."

The twins knelt down beside Ronnie and unlike Kiley they weren't the least bit nervous. They didn't care what anyone thought when it came to their sexual preference. Their buds knew they messed around and though they hadn't done much with any of them, they knew they were cool with what went on between the twins. This was no different really, except they were bringing Ronnie into the fun. Mark and Kiley had already had their fun and if Sam wanted to play they'd be glad to include him too.

The twins worked together almost as if they'd planned this out, Aidan working Ronnie's balls while Jaden jacked his cock to get him worked up. There was no doubt a beejay was forthcoming, but it would be Aidan who did the deed and everyone sort of already knew that. Jaden didn't mind sucking his twin, but so far he'd never sucked another boy though he'd been sucked by a couple.

When they switched places Sam moved closer to get a better look. He knew what was next and he envied Ronnie and when Aidan took Ronnie's cock into his mouth he absent-mindedly groped his own hard cock through his jeans.

Aidan made quick work of Ronnie's cock and when he tensed up and began to come Aidan gobbled down all of his boy jizz greedily. When he came up he smacked his lips noisily.

"Mmmm....good. You taste good Ronnie...kind of sweet."

"Aww shit, that was good," Ronnie mumbled as he wallowed in the afterglow of the best orgasm of his young life.

"Next!" Aidan said looking up at Sammy, "there's a prize for runner up too."

"Really, you serious," Sammy said shaking with excitement.

"If you want, I don't mind."

"Hell yeah, I aint gonna turn down a blow job. I aint crazy."

Ronnie got dressed and Sam took his place on the couch but this time Aidan did the honors on his own. Meanwhile Jaden wandered over to stand by Kiley and as they watched Aidan work his magic on Sam's cock he touched Kiley gently, "Everyone else got their rocks, what about want someone to take care of this?" he said touching the tent in Kiley's pants.

Kiley blushed and shrugged, "I don't know....who?"

"How bout you me and Aidan play? I saw how you went after Mark's cock, I think you're a natural."

"I...I didn't really like it that much....."

"Hey, you don't have to pretend with me...okay?" Jaden said placing a hand on the boy's shoulder, "It's just sex, it's no big deal. Don't make ya queer and don't mean you aint gonna get some pussy later, it's no big deal."

"Well....I guess we could try it. I am sort of horny," Kiley said grinning.

Seconds later Sam erupted in Aidan's mouth and after swallowing all of it down Aidan licked him clean and slapped his leg playfully, "You taste good too Sammy boy," Aidan said grinning, "So maybe you're not such a sour puss after all," he added laughing.

"Mmmmm....I'm so tired now....can I just crash here for a while?"

"Hey Mark, can I talk to you a minute?" Jaden said motioning for the older boy to come to the bathroom with him.

Once the door was closed Jaden didn't waste any time getting to the point. "Hey, do you think me and Aidan could take Kiley up to your room for a while?"

"Why? Oh....OH! Well, why not down here?"

"Well, I just thought it would be more comfortable in a bed with three of us."

"Hey, the couch out there folds out into a bed. How about we open it up for ya, then the rest of us can watch?"

Jaden shrugged, "Well..okay. I'm cool with that if he is."

"Come on we'll dump Sam in the floor and set it up."

Sam was already up and waiting for the bathroom. By the time he got back the couch was opened up into a bed and he took one look at it and laughed, "What's up with that? Orgy time?"

"You got yours, it's our time now," Jaden said pulling Aidan and Kiley over to the bed."

"Oh, and we get to watch? Beer anyone?" Ronnie said jumping into the conversation.

The three other boys grabbed a beer and sipped it while they watched the live porno show before them. First the clothes came off and though Kiley was a little shy about losing his, he finally let Aidan and Jaden have their way. As they lay there naked with Kiley in the middle the twins threw a leg over him on either side and leaned in and began to rub up and down his body. 

Kiley's nipples were hard now and Jaden pinched them playfully while Aidan continued to run his hand up and down his smooth warm skin. Though not as well developed as the twins, Kiley had a nice body. He was trim without being skinny and his muscle tone was good. Like the others he still had some of the summer tan they'd worked so hard to achieve and despite his cock being the smallest of the crew, it was pink and healthy and nothing to be ashamed of.

Hard and straight as an arrow it bobbed between his legs and when Aidan finally reached down and gave it a squeeze Kiley moaned lowly and shivered. He'd wondered for so long what it would feel like to be touched down there by someone else and now that it was happening it was even better than he'd imagined. 

Today had been a day of firsts and there were still more to come. Aidan was now sucking on Kiley's nipples and as if that wasn't enough Aidan had slipped down his body until he was at eye level with his cock and began to lick his balls.

"Oh....gawd," Sam said from across the room where he'd been watching closely as he sipped his brew, "he's lickin his nuts. How is it Kiley?"

Kiley simply moaned and continued to enjoy the attention, no longer worried about how his friends saw him or what all this meant. Maybe Jaden was right, he decided, maybe it was no big deal. It was just sex and didn't mean he was queer or anything. Sure that was it.

When Aidan finally took Kiley into his warm, wet, experienced mouth Kiley almost passed out from pleasure. He had never in his life imagined this could feel so good or seem so right. He was pretty sure that no girl could ever do a better job of sucking dick than this beautiful twin boy between his legs was doing. Meanwhile the other twin had moved down lower and had started rubbing Kiley's nuts and taint. 

Once of twice Jaden tested Kiley by running his finger down to his hole and grazing it gently. It felt moist and hot to the touch and since Kiley didn't seem to mind his probing he kept it up as Aidan brought him closer and closer to orgasm.

Jaden was rubbing his finger gently across Kiley's hole when suddenly he stiffened and thrust up and began to unload into Aidan's mouth. Aidan swallowed it down quickly and licked his lips before turning to his brother and grinning.

Kiley collapsed onto the bed and was breathing fast as he recovered from his first ever blow job. He wondered if that was what Mark had felt when he had sucked him off and that made him feel even better. 

Meanwhile the twins had begun to work on each other and all eyes were on them as they moved together as if their movements were choreographed.  Very quickly they moved into a classic 69 position and took each other into their hot warm mouth. Rubbing around on each other's balls and ass as they sucked and licked each other's cock they were soon nearing orgasm. 

Across the room three boys pawed at their own cocks as they watched the twins pleasure each other. Each of them had similar feelings. They all admired the twins' looks as well as their relationship, but mostly they envied their easy going personalities and their devil-may-care attitude. They took shit from no one and their confidence and easy going attitudes made them two of the most popular boys in school.

Moaning around each other's cock they moved closer and closer to release as the other's watched in anticipation.

"Wonder if they're gonna fuck," Mark whispered to Sam.

"Shhhh....course not, that's personal stuff."

"Aww....too bad, I'd like to see that."

When they looked back the twins had ramped up their efforts and were nearing orgasm and seconds later they cried out around each other's dick and began to swallow each other's familiar and delicious boy cum. Once they had stopped shooting they licked each other clean then just held each other's cock in their mouth while they cooled down. Aidan loved the feel of Jaden's uncut cock in his mouth and he would gladly have laid there all night and suckled it, but the hour was growing late and he knew they had to leave soon.

Once the boys disengaged, they stretched their lean muscular bodies out and rested a moment. Riley who had been watching them with complete abandon smiled over at them and let his eyes wander up and down their beautiful bodies. His cock twitched between his legs and he was quite sure he could have come again without much effort.

"Ummmm...we should get going Jaden," Aidan said stretching and yawning.

"Yeah, we need to go guys. Thanks for the beer and the fun," he said sitting up.

They dressed quickly and when they were ready to go they said their goodbyes and Mark walked the twins out. The other boys were spending the night and didn't have to go anywhere and Jaden grumbled about that fact the whole trip home.

Once they reached their house they stopped by the big lilac bush at the corner of the yard and surveyed the area to make sure their parents hadn't discovered they were gone. The house was dark and quiet and both boys breathed a sigh of relief before heading toward the front porch. 

Scampering up the wrought iron support they crawled across the roof with Jaden leading the way. Slowly and quietly Jaden slid the window open and they slipped inside and dropped gently to the carpeted floor. Pulling the screen from beneath the bed Jaden fitted it back in place and closed the window. 

The only light was from the bathroom as it spilled out from the partially opened door and both boys headed that way suddenly overcome by an urge to get rid of some of the beer they'd drank earlier. Once inside both boys sighed in relief and stripped off their clothes before moving to the toilet and peeing side by side.

"Man that was fun. I told you everything would be cool."

"I know but I just have this bad feeling about things sometimes," Aidan said frowning.

"I think Kiley really enjoyed himself tonight, don't you?" Jaden said changing the subject appruptly.

"Yeah, I think he enjoyed himself a lot. Did you see the way he wrapped his lips around Mark's prong? It was like he was afraid of what we'd think and then it was like...what he hell, and he just went for it."

"I just hope Mark don't give him grief over it. You know what a jerk he is sometimes."

"Oh, well....I don't think we need to worry about that. I think he liked getting head and he knows if he shoots his big mouth off he won't get anymore."

"Yeah, that's true. Maybe the reason he's such a jerk is because he's repressed or something. Maybe now that he's got off he'll mellow out some."

"Uh huh," Aidan said shaking off the last few drops and yawning, "I'm beat, let's hit the hay."

"Yeah, me too. Better brush our teeth though...and use mouthwash. We don't want the rents to smell beer on our breath tomorrow."

Once they'd freshened up and taken care of their breath they piled into their beds. Aidan was so tired he didn't even mind that they weren't sleeping together. There would be plenty of time to share a bed before the weekend was over  and  tonight he really needed a good night's sleep. 

He drifted off thinking about the evening's fun and he smiled. For a long time he'd wanted to get together with some of their friends that way and now that the ice had been broken he was sure there would be lots more fun ahead. He was pretty sure he understood Mark better than Jaden did though he did agree that Mark was repressed in many ways. He could see the lust in his eyes when he looked at the other boys but he was fighting it, no doubt afraid that someone would think bad of him or call him queer. If only he would loosen up and let go once in a while. Maybe tonight would be enough to help, but he wasn't sure. 

Later Aidan awoke to find something warm and soft snuggled up to his backside. He could feel his brother's hard cock pressing into his naked bottom and his own cock jumped with excitement. Pushing back he heard his twin suck in a deep breath and shiver with desire.  A few minutes later Jaden was inside him and they began their dance of brotherly love.

End Part One

Next: Life is a ride and we're on a Roller Coaster

I hope you're enjoying this new series as much as I am. I have always been facinated by twins and I remember going to school with a set of twin boys who used to play tricks on teachers by switching classes and stuff. I just think it would be so cool to have someone who was just like you right by your side most of the time and I would almost bet that every set of twin boys has messed around at least once. I mean who wouldn't? It would be like sucking your own cock and who hasn't wished they could do that? 

In this chapter the boys have broken the ice with their other buds and it looks like sex is on the menu now. The parents seem to be oblivious to the boys' secret lives, but truth is they're not as dumb as the boys think. In the next chapter we see a differnt side of the twins and Aidan discovers something new.

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