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The Reynold's Twins
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 3
Life is a ride and we're on this  Roller Coaster

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"What are you listening to?"

"L.I.F.E.  Liiiiife... Love It, Learn it, Live it," Aidan sang as he danced around just like Alex B.

"Oh, yeah...let me listen."

Aidan pulled his earbuds out of his I-Phone and the little speaker sprang to life "Life is a ride and we're on this roller coaster....." Aidan's clear sweet voice sang. Alex B. was his fave boy singer and he had such a big crush on  him.

Jaden knew all the words too and soon they were dancing in unison and singing the words together and it was damn near as good as the real things. Both boys had sweet clear voices that hadn't been ravaged by the onslaught of puberty yet and they loved to sing and dance, especially together. All their friends said they should post a video on YouTube, but so they hadn't got around to it.

"Now that I'm bigger I pull my trigger...." Jaden said grabbing his crotch suggestively.

Gyrating and singing and putting on a real show they were not aware of their parents standing in the doorway watching them with wide smiles on their face. Only when their mom started clapping in time to the music did they notice them, but far from being embarrassed they started playing for their audience, really getting into it, and when it ended Aidan hit replay and they did the whole thing again, minus the crotch grabbing.

This time when the music ended Aidan switched off his phone and he and Jaden took a bow as his parents applauded and cheered.

"Boys, that was amazing," Mrs. Reynolds said near tears. She loved  her boys so much and they never ceased to amaze her.

"I wish I'd thought to video that," Their dad said, "Maybe we can set up the camcorder and you can play for the camera."

", it's no big deal," Aidan said beaming. He was the more modest of the two, but he did think Jaden was amazing.

"Ha, well...never lose your humility, but that was very polished and professional looking. Have you boys been practicing that?"

"Naw, we just love music and dancing." Aidan said grinning.

"So besides dancing, what are you boys up to today?"

Jaden shrugged, "Well, since we're grounded..."

Their mom laughed, "You'll be stuck with your family this weekend I guess. Is that so horrible?"

"No, not really," Aidan jumped in, "we like spending time with you and dad...right Jaden?"

"Sure, you're loads of fun," Jaden said grinning, "I guess one weekend without our friends won't kill us."

Their dad laughed, "Gee thanks. Well, I thought we'd start by going out for brunch. Anyone hungry?"

"Yeah! Starved," the twins chorused. Despite the beer last night both had woke up feeling chipper and none for the worse, and like most boys their age they were always hungry.

Aidan felt a little guilty about their slipping out and the beer drinking, but Jaden didn't give it a second thought. Putting one over on their parents was one of his favorite things to do, and even though sometimes they got caught and punished, it didn't stop him from doing it again and again.

"IHOP!" Jaden pleaded, "Please!"

"IHOP it is," Mr. Reynolds said. He knew that was the boys' favorite breakfast place so it was no surprise.

Thirty minutes later they were sitting in a booth at IHOP and the boys were studying the menu carefully. Though identical in most ways they had different tastes when it came to food and Jaden was more likely to order something sweet than Aidan who was more a meat and potatoes kind of kid. 

Jaden finally decided on pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream with bacon on the side while Aidan had scrambled eggs, sausage and hash browns. Mr. Reynold's tastes ran more to Aidan's liking but his wife's was more like Jaden's and though she didn't get to indulge her sweet tooth that often she took full advantage of it when she could. 

When the food was brought the boys dug in like hungry wolves while the adults enjoyed their food in a leisurely manner. They talked about school and Mr. Reynolds job and the things that families talk about and the boys began to realize that family time wasn't all the bad and in fact was cool for a change.

When they were finished Mr. Reynolds paid the check and left a nice tip and they piled into the Durango and headed to the mall. Both boys were surprised and excited when they learned of their destination. Both had spending money, and there was a big game store there as well as other places that appealed to boys their age and of course there was always the chance that they'd see one of their friends there or at least someone they knew from school.

"You boys can go shop on your own way, but meet us at the food court at 2:30, okay?" Their mom said once they were inside, "Your father and I want to do a little shopping and I know you'd be bored out of your minds. Do you have money?"

Aidan almost said yes, but the look on Jaden's face made him pause and Jaden chimed in, "A little, but we could always use more," he said grinning.

Their father rolled his eyes, but fished out two five dollar bills and handed one to each boy, "Well, maybe this will help, but don't buy anything that eats or makes noise," he laughed.

The boys scampered off to the toy store first because despite being almost teens they still loved toys. Besides the more conventional toys the toy store also had gaming systems and games and the boys checked those out first, before checking out the RC vehicles and Legos. Both boys had a number of Lego sets and were always looking for new ones to add to their collection. In addition they had an HO train set set up in the attic and occasionally added a new building or car to it, but usually they bought those at the hobby store.

Just as they were rounding the corner of one the aisles they ran into one of their friends from school named John.

"Hey AJ," John said offering his fist for both boys to bump. AJ was his nicknamed for the two when they were together. A for Aidan and J for Jaden. His reasoning was that they were usually together and it saved time. Of course Jaden thought it should be JA, but he finally conceded that AJ sounded better and it was alphabetical.

"Hey John John," Jaden said using his own pet name for the boy. His last name was Johnson, thus John John.

"What you guys doin," I thought you were grounded.

"We are, the rents are shopping and we're on parole," Jaden teased.

"Wanna hang out? I'm here with Eric and his girlfriend." Eric was John's older brother.

"Sure, wanna go to the game store next?"

"Yeah, that's cool. Let me tell Eric." He said then zoomed off to find his brother.

He returned quickly and they were off to the game store which was located near the other end of the mall. As they walked they talked about the party. Though John hadn't been able to attend he had been invited and wanted to know how it went.

"Girls, booze and lots of sex...." Jaden teased.

John rolled his eyes, "Booze maybe, sex probably, but way."

"Okay, two out of three aint bad," Jaden conceded.

" was it?"

"Not bad, we played some games," Aidan chimed in, "and had some laughs."

"Anyone get their rocks off?" John laughed, "If I know you guys, someone did."

"Well...pretty much everyone."

"I figured. Damn, all I had was my hand."

"Hey, you can always use the left one and call it getting strange," Jaden joked.

"I'm left handed," John said laughing.

"Oh..well...right hand then."

"Yeah, I get it, but it feels better when it's someone else's hand...or mouth."

"Like you'd know...." Aidan said sarcastically.

"Why don't you show me...." John jeered. 

"You wish...."

"Yeah...I do wish," John said then blushed. He'd had a crush on both twins for years now, but he really liked Aidan best.

Jaden eyed both boys critically then smiled, "Is there something going on with you two?"

"No!" both boys said too quickly. Aidan crushed on John a bit too, but he sure didn't want anyone else to know and embarrass himself.

Jaden laughed, "Come on, it's no big deal if you like each other."

"We're buds, that's all," Aidan said and John's spirits sagged.

"Yeah..buds," John muttered.

Jaden didn't press the mater any further but later he'd have a little talk with his brother. Instead he changed the subject and soon they were giggling and laughing and goofing like friends do. When they got to the game store they headed straight for the game section and started perusing the titles.

Time passed quickly but so far the boys hadn't bought anything. The games were too expensive and nothing at the toy store had appealed to them so Jaden suggested they go to Spencer's and see if they could find anything cool. Spencer's had a wide selection of novelty items, including posters and black lights and hilarious gag gifts and the boys loved browsing there.

"Look...fart spray!" John said cracking up.

"Look at this...." Aidan said as his eyes grew big, "It's a...a....gummy penis."

"Hey, that'd be good for you to start out on," Jaden teased John, "and maybe work your way up to the real thing."

"I wanna get sucked, not suck dweeb."

"Well...its' a lot easier to get head if you give  head, right little bro?"

Aidan shrugged, "It helps...I guess."

The girl at the checkout counter was giving the boys concerned looks when she heard what they were talking about, but she didn't feel like confronting them unless they got too loud. They moved on to the poster section next and Aidan found one he really liked. It was 4.99 on sale and he figured he could use the five his dad had given him and not have to use much of his own money. He was saving that for a special purchase.

John picked out a sticker for his bedroom door that said Fart Zone, but so far Jaden hadn't seen anything that interested him enough to buy it. When they got to the checkout counter however Jaden took an interest in the jewelry in the glass case there.

"Hey, look at these bat shaped earrings," he said excitedly.

"Hey, those are pretty cool. Are thy for pierced ears or clip ons?"

"Pierced of course. Man I wish mom and dad would let us get our ears pierced."

"You know what they said, not till we're 16."

"Unless.....we just had it done and then what could they do about it?"

"Ground us till we're 16...." Aidan said rolling his eyes, "Keep me out of this one."

Aidan and John paid for their items then they wandered out into the mall and Jaden glanced at his phone, "We have a half hour till we have to meet mom and dad, what shall we do.......?"

"I don't know about you guys, but I need to take a piss," John said suddenly, "There's a bathroom over there."

The other two fell into step with John and when they got to the hallway leading to the bathroom Jaden thumped Aidan' on the arm gently and whispered in his ear, "Remember last time we were here?"

Aidan blushed and nodded, but didn't reply. John pretended not to hear, but he had a pretty good idea what they were talking about. This bathroom was sort of hidden and rumor had it that stuff went on in there all the time. He wondered what had gone on and with who, but he wasn't about to ask.

As they pushed the door open John wondered if he'd get a chance to see the twin's junk. He knew they messed around not just with each other, but with some of the other boys, but so far he'd never invited into their inner circle of sex. He supposed one reason for that was because his folks were so strict and that he seldom got to spend nights with any of his friends. He'd never been invited to spend the night at the twin's house though he did have them over once, but they'd slept in the family room on the floor and there really wasn't much of an opportunity to do anything.

There was no one else in the men's room when they entered, but they knew that could change at any moment. The last time the twins had been there they'd stumbled upon two teenagers having sex in the back stall. At first they weren't sure what was going on but after stooping down they could see from the position of the boys' feet that one was bent over the toilet and the other was behind thrusting against him.

Either the two teens didn't hear the boys enter or they were too much into the moment to care, but either way they didn't slow down for a moment and the grunts and groans made the boys giggle. When the teens realized they had an audience they actually became more verbal and put on quite a show. When they were done the boys watched as they exited the stall and after taking a little bow they headed out the door leaving the twins in a fit of laughter.

John headed for the first urinal and was pleased to notice that the twins followed. His luck continued as it was Aidan who took the urinal next to him and he was shaking with excitement as he fumbled with his zipper. Pulling out his cock he was terrified that it would get hard and he wouldn't be able to pee and look like an idiot, but fortunately that didn't happen.

As the stream began to flow John peeked out the corner of his eye and caught a glimpse of Aidan's cock. His stomach did little flip flops as he finally got to see what he'd dreamed of for so long. It was perfect just like he knew it would be. He knew he was cut just as he was because he'd heard the story of how the twins had wound up different in that regard, but nothing had prepared him for his first look at paradise.

"It's okay to look," Jaden chuckled, "we don't mind. Here look at mine...see the difference?"

John blushed but he couldn't resist the offer and  when he looked over at Jaden he was shaking his semi-hard cock at him and laughing. John's brain was on overload now and his knees had turned to rubber.

"Well, what do you think? Which one do you like better? Aww....never mind..I know...." Jaden laughed.

"It's interesting," John said blushing even brighter red but he wasn't going to let on that he was excited by the boys' cocks, "I mean I've never seen an uncut cock before. It looks pretty cool."

"Maybe you should give it a feel," Jaden teased.

"You wish," John scoffed, but that was exactly what he'd like to do. In fact he'd like to feel both, but mostly he'd like to feel Aidan's lovely cock.

"Your last chance....."

"Jaden quit messing with him," Aidan warned.

"Just trying to make the boy's dreams come true," Jaden chuckled, "but if he don't wanna do it that's fine."

They had long since finished peeing and since there was no longer any excuse to stand there with their cocks in hand they reluctantly zipped up. All three of them knew this wasn't the time or the place, but if the opportunity arose they would no doubt pursue this further.

They washed their hands and splashed each other playfully and giggled and played grab ass until the door swung open and a man and his son came in then they scampered out still giggling. 

"What time is it?"

Jaden fished out his phone, "Time to head that way. Wanna come with us John?"

"Naw, I better go find numb nuts and his ho," he laughed.

"Hey, don't call Cheryl that. She's soooo fine," Jaden giggled, "Does he share?"

"I wish," John lied. He didn't really think of girls that way, but he had to admit Cheryl was pretty hot.

"Bros before hos," Jaden laughed, "he should share, at least have her give you a beejay."

John felt his dick stir and he reached down to adjust the growing lump in his pants, "I don't think he even gets that. They're both such prudes. I don't even know if they kiss."

They split up at the escalator and John  headed upstairs to meet his brother and the twins headed to the food court. They saw their parents sitting at a table sipping soft drinks and wandered over to join them. 

"Can we get something to drink mom and dad?"

"Yes dear,"  their mom sighed and handed Jaden a five, "bring back the change."

The boys returned a few minutes later with large cups of soda and slid into seats across from their parents.

"So what's in the sack?" their dad asked looking amused.

"Fart spray," Jaden teased.

"It's a poster," Aidan said grinning, "but they really do have fart spray there."

"Like you boys need it," their mom laughed, "you could both clear a room with your stink bombs."

"We met our friend John and we went shopping together. He bought this sign for his room that says Fart Zone," Jaden laughed. "I didn't buy anything but I saw some cool earrings at Spencer's. I wish my ears were pierced," he said sighing.

"Well, that's not going to happen for a few more years so don't waste your money," their mom said looking serious.

"I know...I know...., but I don't  understand why we have to wait. Some of our friends have their ears pierced," Jaden whined.

"Well, I guess they have better parents," his mom teased.

"Or worse ones," their dad said smugly.

"Your dad and I thought we'd make a day of it and take you boys to the movies. How does that sound?"

"Can we pick the movie?"

"As long as it's PG."

They settled on Zootopia and despite their mild protests the boys loved it. They had popcorn and more soda and by the time they got home they were still full and decided to wait till later for dinner. The twins went off to their room to chill for a while and as soon as the door was closed behind them Jaden began talking about what happened in the mall. (Author's note: If you haven't seen Zootopia, you need's awesome)

"Did you see the look on John's face in the bathroom today?"

"Yeah, so what?" Aidan said shrugging.

"I was just wondering, how come we've never messed around with him before?"

Again Aidan shrugged, "I dunno."

"I wonder if he's ever even touched a dick?"

"His own I'm sure," Aidan giggled.

"I bet he'd rather handle yours," Jaden said poking his brother in the ribs.

"I'd let him I guess," Aidan said trying not to sound too excited by the idea.

"Okay, fess up. I can tell when you're keeping stuff from me you know, after all our brains are linked."

"What do you mean?"

Jaden fell down on the bed beside his brother and put his arms around him and squeezed him tight. "I'll squeeze you till you tell," he said through gritted teeth.

"Stop silly," Aidan giggled, but Jaden just squeezed harder then began to tickle his brother causing him to squeal with laughter.

"Okay...okay..." he said between fits of laughter, "What do you want to know?"

Jaden stopped immediately and looked at his brother with interest, "First of all how long have you liked John like that?"

Aidan sighed, there was no need trying to hide anything from his twin and he knew it. "For a while, but I don't thing he feels the same way."

"I think you're wrong. I saw the way he was looking at you today and his eyes went straight to your dick when you pulled it out."

"We do the same thing, that's no big deal. I think all boys like to check out other boys. It's natural."

"Yeah, but this was different. you want me to talk to him, kind of feel him out?"

"Feel him out or feel him up?" Aidan giggled, "NO! Do not say anything to him...please." he said turning serious.

"Okay, okay...but I'm just saying...don't let him suffer," Jaden laughed, "he wants it bad."

Aidan was a little annoyed that his twin knew him so well and that he cold sense his interest in John, but not his interest in his twin. He guessed it best to keep that secret to himself. It would only complicate things and he was sure Jaden would never feel the same.

Later their parents called in pizza and they watched a movie and ate in the family room. Around nine thirty the boys went off to take a shower and get ready for bed while their parents had a glass of wine and watched a chick flick on Netflix. 

Once in the bathroom the boys stripped off their clothes and Jaden stretched his lithe body like a cat. He flexed his muscles as he stared into the mirror and then picked up his junk with his hand and shook it comically. Aidan's eyes feasted upon his twin and he felt a stirring in his loins. It was like looking at himself only different in so many ways. He could never understand why the sight of Jaden's naked body had such an effect upon him. After all it was like looking in the mirror in most ways. He guessed it was more than just his body that he loved, it was what was inside.

He loved Jaden's free spirit and the way he took control and most of all his confidence. Aidan was just the opposite, a little unsure of himself and a born follower, at least when his twin was concerned. Sometimes he wished he was more like Jaden, but most of the time he was just happy to follow Jaden's lead and take from him whatever he offered.

"Little bro what are you staring at?" Jaden chuckled bringing Aidan back to reality.

"Your butt is getting fat," Aidan teased.

", not my money maker," Jaden said trying to turn his head to stare at his own perfect butt, "Wait, what? It's the same size as yours, turn around and let me see....."

Aidan gladly spun around to let his bother check out his back side and when he felt his brother's soft warm hands on his cheeks he sighed contentedly. Jaden smiled, he knew the effect he had on his brother and it was a real ego booster. He also knew that Aidan worshiped the ground he walked on and that really made his head spin, but it also worried him a little. Sure he liked the sex play and he loved his brother with all his heart and soul, but he wasn't in love with him and that was the major difference between them. He could sense that Aidan wanted more, but he just couldn't give it. He wasn't sure if he was gay or bi or straight at this point in his life and he didn't want to risk hurting Aidan by making him think he cared for him that way.

"Yo butt looks fine," Jaden said slapping it playfully.

"Thanks, it's all yours," Aidan said leaning pushing back into his brother's naked body.

The effect was immediate as Jaden's cock began to swell. He locked his arms around his twin and nuzzled his ear causing Aidan to shiver. "Later little bro, let's get showered and go say goodnight to the rents. They did us right today and we need to thank them."

Despite being a bit of a rebel Jaden loved his parents and appreciated them even if he did cause them a little grief ever now and then.

In the shower they concentrated on getting clean and even though they washed each other's backs as they always did they made it quick and managed not to get too excited. As they were drying off Jaden breached the subject of John again.

"What if we invited John over next weekend. I mean he said his rents were easing up on him now that he was 12 and I know for a fact he stayed over at David's house a few weeks ago."

"Fine by me," Aidan said trying not to sound too anxious, "if he can."

"Okay, we'll ask him Monday at school. Here give me that towel you missed a spot on your back...."

When they were dressed they went in to find their folks snuggled up on the couch. The fell down on the couch on either side of them and watched the movie just long enough to see what kind it was.

"Dad, how can you stand this stuff?" Jaden said making a face.

"It's easy when you love someone," he said smiling.

"Oh, what does that mean exactly," his wife asked slapping him playfully.

"It means dad needs some lovin," Jaden giggled.

"Jaden!" his mom said trying not to laugh.

"Well, we know you guys do it....well, at least once," he giggled.

"It took us several tries till we got it right," their dad chuckled.

"Hey, how come you guys haven't made any more babies, is two all you wanted?"

"Two is plenty, but what would you boys think about having a little brother or sister?" their mother asked looking thoughtful.

"A brother would be cool, but not sure about a sister. I guess it would be cool though cause she wouldn't be older and bossing us around. Yeah, I guess it would be cool to be a big bro and protect her, right Aidan?"

"I think it would be nice," Aidan said smiling. He liked little kids and thought they were funny.

"Well, who knows maybe someday...."

"We just wanted to say goodnight and thanks for was fun," Jaden said leaning in and kissing his mom on the cheek.

"Yeah, it was fun," Aidan said giving his dad a quick hug, "thanks mom and dad."

" wasn't so bad spending time with the old folks," their dad laughed.

"Nope, it was fun. Well....goodnight. Don't drink too much and if you do it keep the noise down," Jaden teased.


"Sorry mom. Have fun," he said jumping up and grabbing his brother's hand and pulling him up.

As they disappeared up the stairs Mr. Reynolds turned to his wife and shook his head, "Were you serious about the baby talk?"

She shrugged, "The boys are old enough to be more or less self sufficient and in 6 years they'll be grown. It would be nice to have a little one around to cuddle and pamper."

"I agree, what say we go upstairs and see if we can make a baby," he giggled. The wine had worked it's magic and he was frisky and all that baby talk had made him feel very masculine. He'd been the proudest man on the planet when he'd found out that he'd sired a boy, and doubly so when he learned he had in fact sired two.

As they passed the boys' room they heard giggling and Mr. Reynolds chucked, "It's not just us who need to keep the noise down."

On Monday the twins invited John over for the weekend and he said he'd have to check with his folks but he was pretty sure he could stay over. That night John's parents called the house and after talking to Mrs. Reynolds they agreed that John could stay over Saturday night, but not both nights. The boys were a little disappointed, but one night was better than nothing so they began to make plans to make the best of their time together.

By Friday the boys were ready for the weekend and especially for the sleepover. They had the video games picked out and a couple of movies in case they got bored (not likely) and Mrs. Reynolds had agreed to fix chicken nuggets and other finger food and snacks so the boys could eat while they played. Mr. Reynolds was out of town on a business trip and Mrs. Reynolds said she would make herself scarce and the boys could have the house to themselves. Of course that came with the usual disclaimers including "don't burn the house down" and "keep the noise down to a roar" and other parental adages.

Friday night the twins had dinner with their mom and then the three of them watched a movie. After the movie ended the twins went off to their room to play video games and Mrs. Reynolds went on to bed. 

"Hey, wanna take a shower?"

"Naw, I don't stink too I?" Jaden said raising his arm and rubbing his pit in Aidan's face.

Aidan sniffed willingly. He loved his brother's hairless pits, just on of his many fetishes. "Nope, smells good he said sticking out his small pink tongue and licking the soft moist skin there. 

Jaden giggled but didn't pull away, "You know that makes me crazy," he said in a husky voice, "Here lick the other one, it's getting jealous."

"Lay down and I'll lick you all over," Aidan said lustily.

"Mmmmmkay, first let's get naked."

"Wait, let me undress you," Aidan said as he grabbed his brother's shirt with shaking hands.

The clothes came off slowly, piece by piece until two almost identical boy bodies were revealed sporting full blown erections, one cut, one uncut. The smell of boy funk and sweat permeated the air filling the boys' heads with lust. Even as many times as the two had been together the thrill never seemed to lessen. In fact in some ways it seemed to get better as they became more and more in tune with each other's body.

In some ways it was like making love to themselves, but so much better since there was another warm soft body to touch and please and take pleasure from. Yes, it was the the ideal situation and one that only twins could experience. They'd discovered this pleasure early in their lives, as early as six or seven years old, but of course back then it had been mostly cuddling and fumbling with their immature cocks. Not until they had accidentally achieved their first orgasm while rubbing around on each other did they begin to understand that they had discovered something very special. There had never been any guilt or fear about what they shared, to them it was as natural as breathing, and neither wanted it to end.

" like my feet....don't ya?"

"Yeppers," Aidan said grinning around his brother's big toe. He loved sucking his brother's toes and licking his feet, just another of his fetishes that his brother indulged him in. 

The truth was Jaden loved every one of Aidan's fetishes as much as he did even if he was usually on the receiving end. He could understand his attraction to feet and pits and all the rest, but he didn't get into doing that stuff as much as receiving it.

Aidan had moved to the other foot now now and was licking up and down the sole of it as Jaden purred with pleasure and stroked his uncut cock slowly. He had no intention of coming, he was saving that for his brother, but stroking just felt so good.

When Aidan had satisfied his foot hunger he moved up Jaden's smooth muscled legs and nuzzled his nuts playfully. Jaden opened his legs wide to allow his brother better accesss and Aidan moved lower seeking out his hot moist boy hole. As he licked and sucked on the puckery little starfish he thought about the one time he had actually been allowed to enter there.

They had been ten then and had stumbled across a video on the internet showing two young twinks fucking. The bells had gone off in their head and that night they had made their first clumsy attempt at anal sex. Jaden being the leader was of course first to go and even though they had used hand lotion for lube it was slow going. When Jaden's hard boy prong had finally slipped into his brother's tight hot hole it was magic for them both.  The pain Aidan had felt at first was soon replaced by the most intense feeling of pleasure that he had ever felt. If it was true that some boys were born to be bottoms surely that must have been the case with Aidan.

When it was Aidan's turn Jaden had willingly assumed the position, for it was only fair that he give what he had taken, but for him it just wasn't the same receiving as it was giving. Oh sure he loved his brother and he enjoyed the closeness, but again if it was true that some boys were born to be tops, then that was true with Jaden. Two almost identical twins, but very different in so many ways and this was only one of them, one was a born bottom and the other a born top. But of course as they went forward and experimented more and more this became natural to them and it seemed ideal.

"You ever wish you know...fuck me?" Jaden said as Aidan's tongue snaked inside his tight butthole.

"Uh uh," Aidan said without stopping.

"I mean we could try it...if you want."

"Uh uh, I like this just fine," he said finally coming up for air. His cute face was slick with spit and Jaden pulled him up and kissed him gently tasting his own butt flavor there.

"Mmmm...butt face," Jaden teased.

"Only your butt," Aidan said grinning.

"But I bet you'd like to motor boat John's fine butt.....wouldn't you?"

"Maybe," Aidan said laying his head on his brother's chiseled chest and licking at one of his nipples.

"Uhhhh...I'm gonna see if we can make that happen...tomorrow. Or at least get him naked and let you touch him all over."

"Shut up," Aidan giggled, "you talk too much," Aidan said attacking his brother's nipples with enthusiasm.

"Uhhhh...oooo...shit...that feels so good. You're so good at that stuff."

"That's cause I love your body so much," Aidan said looking into his brother's eyes and smiling.

Jaden could see the love there and he felt it too, but he knew that the love Aidan felt was so much more intense. That was one reason he was pushing for John to come over. He saw the way they looked at each other and he thought if only he could redirect that love to someone else, John maybe, Aidan would mellow out some. The only real fear he had was that if Aidan and John became too close he would get pushed out. Oh sure they'd still love each other as brothers but would they lose that closeness, that sharing of their bodies that was so wonderful?

Aidan attacked Jaden's pits again and this time they were a bit damp, but Aidan didn't mind. In fact he licked up the salty sweat causing them both to moan in pleasure.

"You're a freak," Jaden murmured, but both knew it was a compliment and not an insult.

"Thanks," Aidan said grinning as he slid down to Jaden's crotch and began to give his full attention to his hard uncut cock.


"Don't wanna waste it," Aidan giggled as he rolled onto his back and raised his tanned muscled legs high. 

Jaden responded immediately rising up on his knees and moving up between his brother's legs. He took one look at Aidan's pink healthy looking hole and dropped down and buried his face between his brother's perfect butt cheeks.

This was one thing Jaden did enjoy, eating his brother's tight hole. Maybe it was because he knew he would soon be burying his hard boycock in there, or maybe it was just the taste and feel and smell that aroused him. It was his own smell, his own taste, and he knew first hand how it felt. It was something he couldn't really explain, but he couldn't imagine doing this to any other boy except his twin. Oh sure he'd fuck another boy, or even suck them off, but this was something he reserved strictly for Aidan.

"Uh uh uh.." Aidan was panting now and pushing his fine little rear into Jaden's face, "Sooo goood...sooo goood."

Jaden smiled, he loved having this effect on  his twin and he was content to spend as much time as necessary to ensure they were both satisfied. But eventually the aching need between  his legs become too much to ignore and he raised up and sighed. Leaning down he kissed his brother deeply then positioned himself and entered his brother quickly.

These days there was none of the awkward fumbling that had marked the early days of their sexual antics. Now their lovemaking was not only enjoyable for both but very sweet. Even Jaden felt something special when they were joined this way. He knew he could fuck other boys, but he could never make love to one quite like he did to Aidan.

" feel so good in there....."

"You like that...huh?"

"I love it...I...I  love you Jaden," Aidan said as tears stung his eyes.

Jaden felt tears as well, but for a different reason. He hurt because he knew he couldn't give his brother as much of him as he desired. He supposed that doing what they were doing was only making things worse, but he knew they both needed this and there was no way he would willingly stop it. No, the answer was to find Aidan someone to love and take his mind off of his twin.

When the boys had first started having anal sex, Jaden seldom lasted longer than a few strokes, but these days he was more experienced and could bring himself to the edge over and over and make it last. That was just fine with Aidan who loved having Jaden inside him as long as possible and in fact even after he had come Aidan would beg him to remain inside.

This time Jaden was doing an especially good job of edging and as he leaned down to kiss his brother he made a decision that he would later question. Nuzzling his brother's ear he whispered, "When I'd done I want you to fuck me."

Aidan shivered, "Are...are you sure?" he stammered.

"Uh huh, I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel."

Aidan smiled, maybe Jaden loved him more than he had thought, maybe he loved him the same. He didn't care about the fucking actually, it was the fact that Jaden was willing to give him that part of him so easily.

Jaden was making little shallow thrusts now, buried deep in his brother's hot tight hole and he continued to kiss and nuzzle and rub his face on his brother's. When he came he cried out softly and kissed Aidan deeply as he wallowed in the intensity of his orgasm. He groaned as his hot boy spunk filled his brother's deepest darkest parts and then laid down resting  his head on Jaden's shoulder.

"Good one bro," he said after a few minutes, then pulling out slowly he fell onto his back and sighed, "Your turn."

"Okay...if you're sure," Aidan said shakily.

"I'm 100 percent sure," Jaden said raising his legs high, "better spit on it a little first though."

Aidan wasted no time tongue diving into Jaden's tight hole and working his magic. Soon Jaden was moaning softly and pushing back.

"Okay, do it...I'm ready. Fuck me and make it hurt," Jaden teased.

But the last thing Aidan wanted to do was make it hurt. He only wanted pleasure for his brother and he took his time and made slow gentle love to him, kissing him passionately. Unlike his brother, Aidan lacked control, especially when it came to making love to Jaden and needless to say he didn't last long. The orgasm was so intense he blacked out for a moment and shook as if being electrocuted. Jaden chuckled at the effect he was having on his brother and pulled him down into a kiss.

"That was good," Jaden cooed, "I think I might want us to do this more often."

" was amazing. Now I know why you like it so much."

"But you like it too...I mean me doing it to you....right?"

"I love having you inside me," Aidan said kissing his brother on the nose, "more even than being inside you."

They pulled apart and cleaned up and then it was time for pillow talk.

"You know as good as this would be cool if you found someone...another boy who you really liked and you could...I don't know, have fun with him too."

"Like John?" Aidan said looking into his brother's eyes.

"Yeah, like John."

"But we can still do stuff...right?"

"Oh yeah! I mean how we gonna not do stuff? We sleep in the same bed almost every night and I can't see myself not wanting to do stuff...can you?"

"No, never. Even if I had a...a...boyfriend he'd have to understand that you come first."

Jaden sighed, "Well...I don't think I'd put it that way, but I think John understands and would be cool with that."

"Could we...all three do stuff?"

"Well..if you both wanted, I wouldn't mind."

"Good," Aidan said grinning, "Cause I think that would be fun."

"Okay, now that we got that settled wanna play some Halo?"

Saturday morning the boys were up early and Mrs. Reynolds fixed blueberry waffles and bacon for breakfast. Afterwards they helped clean up without being asked and went outside to play till John showed up. They were shooting hoops in the driveway when John's mom's mini-van pulled up in their driveway.

"Hey JA, whats up?"

"Hey John John, welcome to Zootopia," Jaden said and they all laughed.

"Oh thanks officer Bunny," John giggled.

Mrs. Johnson went into talk to the twin's mom while the boys bumped together like puppies and then started shooting hoops again. When John's mom came out she seemed happy and after giving John a peck on the cheek and the usual mom talk she drove off.

The boys high-fived all around and discussed their plans for the evening. John was very excited since he hadn't been allowed to sleepover that much and was looking forward to the evening in more ways than one. He had never thought he would ever be able to get this close to the twins, especially Aidan, and the thought of sleeping in their room and seeing then in their undies or even naked was like a dream come true.

"My mom says she really likes your folks and trusts them and she said I could maybe stay over again sometime and maybe even both nights some weekend."

"Yeah, that's awesome. We just have to make sure we don't give her a reason to change her mind," Aidan said rolling his eyes, "So on your best behavior tonight."

"Me? You're as bad as me," Jaden chuckled.

"How you figure that. I just follow you and that's how I get into trouble all the time."

"It's not like you don't want to do that stuff too....."

Aidan shrugged, "I know, it's fun sometimes, but sometimes the punishment isn't worth the fun."

"Let's go inside," Jaden said taking the basketball and dribbling it in the direction of the front step.

"Mom.....we're gonna go to our room and play video games," Jaden  yelled as they came in the front door.

"'All right boys just let me know when you're ready to eat."

"Don't worry our folks never come in our room without knocking," Jaden said making sure John  understood that they were pretty much free to do whatever.

"Good thing," Aidan giggled then he blushed.

John didn't asked why, but he had a pretty good idea what Aidan meant. It was common knowledge among their friends that the twins were sexually active. He wondered if Jaden was warning him that he and Aidan might start fooling around and if so that was pretty exciting, but he doubted he'd be brave enough to join in.

Jaden pulled out the stack of games they'd sorted out for the sleepover and gave John first pick and he chose Street Fighter V. It wasn't one of the twins favorite games, but as with most video games they mastered it quickly. As John and Aidan played Jaden put on some music and stripped off his shirt. It was all John could do not to stare and he lost track of the game  for a moment as his eyes darted to Jaden's chiseled body.

Aidan noticed too, but it didn't affect his game. He knew Jaden was showing off for John and trying to loosen him up a little and that was fine by Aidan. In fact when it was Jaden's turn to play he intended to strip off his shirt too.

Jaden began to sing along with the music and dance around and that was finally too much distraction for John. He lost his life and threw down the controller. 

"Aggghhhh...I died. Your turn Jaden."

"Okay, hold on," Aidan said pausing the game, "I'm burning up," he said stripping off his shirt slowly as John watched with interest.

"Get comfortable," Jaden said looking at John, "take your shirt off if you want."

"Huh, oh...okay, but what about your mom?"

"We can put them back on when we go downstairs, but in our room we dress like we want. Heck sometimes we even strip down to our undies."

"Or nothing," Aidan giggled.

John suddenly pictured both boys naked and he shivered a little. He'd begun to wonder if spending the night was such a good idea after all. He'd be popping a boner all night if the boys took off much more clothing. Reluctantly he peeled off his shirt and folded it neatly and laid it on the bed. 

Aidan couldn't help but give John's torso a peek and he was not disappointed. Although he wasn't as buff as the twins John's body was fit and trim and had the making of a six pack if he ever applied himself. His skin was smooth and unblemished and as Aidan's eyes drifted downward he noticed John's belly button was an outie. Aidan had a thing for belly buttons and he thought outies were about the coolest thing ever.

Eventually Jaden sat down in the floor beside his brother and they started a new game. This time it was Aidan who lost and he handed the controller back to John. Instead of leaving Aidan moved over to make room for John and as he sat there only inches away from John he studied him covertly from the corner of his eye.

He'd always thought John was cute, but up close he was even cuter.  His dark eye lashes and eyebrows framed his lovely brown eyes and his cute little nose just begged to be tweaked. His lips were full and so red they looked as if he was wearing lipstick and Aidan found himself wishing he could taste them. His hair was longish but well trimmed and a shade lighter than his eyebrows.

Jaden was watching Aidan watch John and he smiled to himself. He was sure something was going to happen before the night was over even if he had to start it himself.

They tired of that game and played a racing game for a while but eventually they got bored with it as well and decided to go outside and play while they still had some daylight. Slipping their shirts and shoes back on they scrambled down the stairs and out the French doors onto the deck out back. Mrs. Reynolds was nowhere to be seen but there was a heavenly aroma wafting in from the kitchen as they passed through and the boys stomachs began to rumble.

The backyard abutted a green belt complete with a creek that ran from one end of the block to the other and Mr. Reynolds had long ago added a gate to the back fence to avoid having the boys climb over it. John followed the twins out of the gate and down the well worn path that the twins had made over the years. There was even a crude treehouse in a huge oak tree beside the creek, but these days they didn't spend much time there.

"Hey, is that your treehouse?" John said excitedly as they neared the creek.

"Yeah, our dad helped us build it when we were like 9 or 10. It's been a long time since we been up there though."

"Can we go up there now?"

"Sure, come on," Jaden said veering off toward the tree.

The treehouse sat in the branches of a a huge oak tree and the only access was up the curved trunk of the tree where they had nailed rungs every nine inches. The boys made quick work of the climb and after stepping onto the platform they were about 12 feet above the ground.

"Wow, this is so cool. You should like put walls up and a roof and it would be private."

Jaden laughed, "We're 12 feet above the ground and surrounded by trees and branches, how private do you need it to be? Are you gonna get nekkid," he teased.

"No," John blushed, "I just meant if there was a roof it would be weatherproof."

Jaden stretched out on the floor and put his hands behind his head and spread his legs wide. "Laying down no one can even see us up here."

Aidan laid down next to his brother and John soon joined them. Looking up they could see the autumn leaves and a bit of blue sky. The sun was still warm despite it being early October and there was still some green among the leaves.

"I forgot how cool it is up here," Aidan said softly.

"Have you ever spent the night up here?" 

"Huh, no's scary out here at night," Jaden said sounding serious, "there are things....out there...bad things, scary things," he said dramatically.

"Huh uh," John scoffed.

"Okay, don't believe me, but I bet you wouldn't last ten minutes up here alone before you came running back to the house."

"Well....I wouldn't want to do it alone...."

"Oh...I see, you wanna get it on up here," Jaden laughed.

"No, shut up. Is sex all you think about?"

"No, not all...but it's pretty important. Don't you think about it?"

John shrugged, "Sometimes." he said softy then fell quiet.

"Have you ever had a beejay John?" Jaden asked suddenly.

" exactly."

"Not exactly? How do you not exactly get a beejay?" Jaden asked, "Either you did or you didn't?"

" never have."

"Well...buddy your luck has changed cause tonight you are gonna get your first beejay."

"Shut up...." John laughed.

"Hey, just got two willing mouths...just choose one."

"Jaden leave him alone," Aidan scolded. Sometimes his brother went too far.

"God, you guys are no fun."

Eventually they climbed down and walked a little further up the path. The sun was beginning to go down and the temperature was dropping slowly but the boys weren't quite ready to go home yet. They talked about school and friends and the usual things that interest boys as they walked along the path and eventually it dead ended at the creek.

" that a dead skunk?" John said pointing at a clump of fur half way submerged in the  creek.

"Could be, I told you their are wild animals out here."

"Let's go back," Aidan said frowning, "It's getting cold out here and I'm hungry."

The mention of hunger reminded the other two that it was time to eat and they double timed it back to the house. Once inside they headed straight to the kitchen where Mrs. Reynolds was busy preparing their snacks. 

"I figured you boys would be ready to eat. I have chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, tater tots and nachos with cheese dip. I even sliced up some carrots and if you would eat something healthy," she laughed.

"If you got Ranch dressing I'll eat some mom," Aidan said grinning.

"The good son," she teased digging out a bottle of Ranch dressing and pouring some in a small serving dish.

"What about dessert?" Jaden said stretching his neck up and looking around curiously.

"I have fruit," Mrs. Reynolds said waiting for Jaden to start whining.

"Awww....okay...I guess," Jaden said playing along.

"Or cookies and I'm sure you have some candy stashed in your room."

"Cookies are good. Are they home made?"

"Of course, chocolate chip peanut butter."

"My favorite. Thanks mom, you're the best," Jaden said hugging his mom and grinning.

"What about drinks?"

"I have sodas or juice."

"We should get the ice chest from the garage and fill it with ice and drinks," Aidan said excitedly.

"Yeah, lets do it."

It took them several minutes to get everything ready and up to their room and as soon as they had the last of it inside and the door closed Jaden put a DVD in the player and they sat down in the floor in front of the TV and chowed down while they watched the The latest X Men movie. 

They chattered as they watched the movie and filled their faces and tummies with tons of snack food while consuming several cans of soda. When the movie ended they cleared away the mess and Jaden suggested they take a shower.

"Who goes first?" John asked wondering if he'd get a chance to see either of the twins naked.

"Huh? We take it together. We always do...unless you're too shy," Jaden teased.

"Isn't it crowded?"

"Cozy is more like it," Jaden laughed, "Come on we got a big shower. Don't wuss out on us."

"Well...okay, but no raping me," John laughed nervously.

"I swear, scouts honor. No rape. But if you accidentally fall into my dick...well...I can't be responsible where it goes."

John rolled his eyes, "Aidan protect me from your brother."

"Okay, I will," Aidan grinned, "just stick close to me," he said then blushed.

The shower was actually built for two full size adults so it was plenty big for three pre-teen boys. Jaden started the shower and as soon as he had the water the right temperature he started undressing. Aidan followed his brother's lead but John seemed to be holding back. 

"Come on John John you can't shower with your clothes on," Jaden teased.

"I'm gonna take em off....don't rush me," John said stripping off his shirt.

He turned his back to the twins when he dropped his boxer briefs and Jaden wolf whistled, "Woo hoo, look at those fuzzy peaches."

Aidan laughed, but he was looking all right and he liked what he saw. He thought to himself that he wouldn't mind burying his face between those particular peaches. Once they were in the shower he managed to brush against John's pert rear causing John to yelp and everyone laughed.

"Aidan can wash your back," Jaden said grinning, "and you can wash his, then you can both wash mine."

"Who put you in charge?" John laughed.

"I was born first so I'm always in charge and you're company so you gotta listen to me too."

"Well..okay, I guess I can live with that...for now."

When Aidan began to wash John's back he panicked. His cock began to swell immediately and there was no way to hide it. He'd waited so long for this and now Aidan's small soft hands were all over him, even on the parts that he could reach himself.

Aidan was so close he could feel his warm breath on his neck and when he reached around John and started making lazy circles on his chest and tummy he nearly fainted. But as erotic as that seemed when Aidan resumed washing his back he suddenly let his hands wander down to John's butt and that was almost too much for him to bare.

"You like that?" Jaden teased, "Haven't you dreamed of this moment forever?"

", I mean I like it fine...but, oh God....I...I....think you better...better stop...A....aidan," he said shivering.

"Too much, too soon?" Jaden said raising an eyebrow, "Ease up Aidan or he's blow a nut right here in the shower."

"All done anyway, your turn," Aidan said  handling the poof to John. 

John was really terrified now, if he turned around the twins would see his hardon and he just knew they'd tease him all night about it. He took a deep breath and placed his free hand over his junk and slowly turned around. He chuckled when he saw that both twins were also sporting hardons and he relaxed a little.

"Just us boys here," Jaden chuckled, "no need to hide your boner from us."

"Yeah, we're hard like most of the time," Aidan said grinning, "so...wash my back and my butt...I don't mind getting touched back there at all," Aidan hinted.

John swallowed hard as Aidan presented his perky rear to him. It was so pretty that he almost made John want to cry. It was perfect in every way, soft looking, round and shiny from the water and not a blemish to be found anywhere on it. His hands trembled as he soaped up the poof and began lathering up Aidan's shoulders and back. He took his time feeling the taught muscles beneath Aidan's soft supple skin and running a finger down the popple of his spine. As his hands moved lower Aidan began to hum softly just below his breath. The humming seemed to vibrate all through his body and John could feel it beneath his hands. 

This is it. I'm finally going to get to touch a private part of Aidan's body. Oh God don't let me faint when my hands touch his cute butt. Here soft, so perfect, so warm.

As John's hands wandered across Aidan's soft buttocks he drew in a deep breath then sighed. Nothing had ever felt this good before. Even if this was all he ever got to do with Aidan he was sure this would be enough to fire his jerkoff fantasies for a long time.

"Nice huh?" Jaden said grinning, "Trust me John John, that's one fine ass you're rubbing on."

"It's uh...very nice...I mean, cute....I mean...oh shit," he sighed, "It's about the cutest ass I've ever seen in my life." he said dropping the poof and leaning against the tiled wall.

"Well...I have to agree, but mine comes close," Jaden said spinning around to give John a good look.

"Double that then," John sighed, "I gotta get out of here...okay. This is too much for me."

"Hey, relax John John. We didn't mean to overload your brain with our hot bods, but here's the don't have to just look, you can touch as much as you'd like and we'll touch too."

John looked ready to cry, "I...I don't know what I'm doing. I'm not experienced like you guys. I've never even felt another boy's....uh junk before." Actually he had some experience but he wasn't ready to disclose that fact yet.

"Well, we can fix that right now," Jaden said moving past Aidan and stopping so close to John that he could feel the heat coming off the twin's body, "Here get a hand full."

Shakily John reached out his hand and gently wrapped it around Jaden's hard cock. He had never felt an uncut cock before and it was amazing. He tugged at the foreskin and his eyes grew wide with wonder when he saw how easily it moved up and down the shaft exposing the pink cockhead then covering it back up, almost like magic.

"Nice huh? One good thing about being uncut is you don't need any lube when you jerk your gherkin," Jaden said grinning, "Now try Aidan's and you'll see the difference," he added pulling John's hand away and placing it on his twin's cock.

"John almost fainted for sure this time, this was like a dream come true. No words could describe the way he felt as his hand made contact with Aidan's cock for the first time. It was identical to his brother's in every way except for the foreskin, sleek and perfect with a flaring cockhead that was shade darker than the shaft.

"It's really nice," John said then blushed, " can touch mine....if you want."

Aidan smiled as he moved a little closer and wrapped his hand around John's cock. It was almost as big as his and definitely a little thicker and straight as an arrow. It stuck out at a 90° angle and had a dark pink helmet shaped head that Aidan thought would feel good in someone's mouth or butt.

"Okay, okay enough touching, let's finish our shower and take this to the bedroom," Jaden said taking charge again.

Reluctantly the two boys gave up their prize and finished showering and when they had all the soap off them Jaden opened the shower door and they piled out and begun drying off. Without being asked John dried Aidan's back and Aidan reciprocated leaving Jaden to take care of his own.

"Hey, you guys...over here...." Jaden chuckled, "I need my back dried too...."

"Aidan reluctantly stopped drying John's back and took care of his brother then slapped his butt playfully causing a loud whacking sound.

"Oh...again, harder," Jaden teased.

Once they were dried off John picked up the clean pair of underwear he'd brought and started to put them on.

"Hey, don't bother with those," Jaden said grabbing them, "we're just gonna wind up taking them off of you anyway."

John shrugged, "What about your mom?"

"My mom knows not to bother us once we go to our room for the night," Jaden said grinning, "and if she did she'd knock first anyway."

"Okay, but if we get was your idea."

"I take full credit. Come on you guys lets grab a soda and talk for a few minutes.

After grabbing a soda the boys piled down on Aidan's bed. John was still a little self conscious about his body but other than draping his hand over his junk he had no way to hide it. He tried not to stare at the twins' junk but it was so hard what with them sprawled out with their legs wide open as if they were inviting him to look.

"So John exactly how much experience do you have, with boys I mean?"

 "Or girls," Aidan added grinning.

"Not much, I played doctor with this kid and his sister when I was about 8 or 9 but all we did was look. I mean I didn't know anything about sex back then. Me and that boy did touch each other's uhhh...dick a few times after that but we didn't know about jacking off or orgasms or anything."

"No other boy since then?" Jaden asked squinting his eyes and looking serious.

"Well...promise you won't tell?"

"Look John John, trust me...we won't say a thing to anyone, right Aidan?"

"No way, besides we do a lot of stuff and everyone knows it, so it's no big deal anyway."

"Okay, know I spent the night at David's a few weeks ago and well...we did some stuff." John said looking shy and blushing.

" tell...what did you do exactly...and who started it?"

"Well, we took a shower, but not together, and we were just wearing our underwear cause it was time to go to bed. He has bunk beds in his room cause his cousin lived with him for a while for some reason. Anyway I got the top bunk and David got the bottom like always, but for some reason I couldn't sleep. 

Then suddenly I realized the bed was kind of shaking and I peeked over the edge and looked down at David and he was laying there with his undies down jerking off. I was shocked but I couldn't stop looking.

Finally he saw me peeking and he just laughed and said he hoped I didn't mind because he could never get to sleep unless he jerked off first. Then we started talking about jerking off and he asked me if I did it and I said yes since he was doing it I figured it was okay to admit it and then he said why didn't I come down there and we could talk some more and well...we wound up jerking off together."

"Is that all?" Jaden said fumbling with his penis which had begun to get hard from the sex talk.

"Well...we might've touched each other's dick a little but we didn't jerk each other off or anything."

"That's great though. Was it fun?" Aidan asked smiling.

"Yeah, I really liked it, but you know how David is...I was afraid he'd go around school spreading rumors and stuff...."

Jaden laughed, "Why? Sounds like he started it so if anyone was wrong it was him, but I'm telling you no one was wrong. What you guys did was cool and there's no need to worry about it."

"I guess, but I felt sort of weird the next day when we were alone."

"How did David act?"

"He was the same I guess, he didn't bring it up and I sure didn't but he didn't seem as bothered as I did."

" me, we do know how David is and I'm surprised that's all he did with you. He must've not been very horny that night or he would have probably done more stuff."

"Really, have you know, messed around with him?"

Jaden laughed, "Let's just say we've had some fun."

"Now I feel bad cause I told you this and you won't tell me what you guys did."

"It's no big deal," Aidan reassured him, "we have jerked each other and once I sucked David off."

"You did?" John said as his eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open in a lewd grin.

"Yeah, and he tried to suck Jaden off, but he didn't like doing it as much as getting it done so he wound up jerking him off. He loves Jaden's foreskin though."

"Yeah, it is pretty cool," John admitted staring over at Jaden's now completely hard cock with just the tip peeking out of the foreskin.

"It's all yours," Jaden said thrusting his crotch up and causing his hard cock to bob seductively.

"Jaden slow down, give the kid a chance to get used to all this why dontcha."

"Okay, okay...just saying Disneyland is open for business and you can take a ride on the big snake if you want," Jaden laughed.

Aidan rolled his eyes, "I was wondering, what are the sleeping arrangements tonight?"

"Well...I guess you and John can share your bed and I'll sleep in mine," Jaden said, "but first we'll play."

Aidan laughed, "If I know Jaden he'll be in bed with us most of the night."

"Yeah, with John John in the middle so we can both molest him," Jaden joked.

Meanwhile they busied themselves making a cozy nest in the floor in front of the TV so they could play video games. There was always plenty of comforters and blankets and extra pillows since this was something they did often.

They piled down on the floor then and Jaden suggested they watch some porn on their laptop. Even though there parents had put parental blocks on their computer it didn't take the boys long to figure out  how to get around it and they often watched porn, although most times they really didn't need it. But Jaden figured a little porn might loosen John up and give him a better idea of what boy/boy sex was all about.

The first video they watched was a smooth twink getting jerked off by someone off camera. The guy's face was fully visible and he was making all kinds of faces as the person off camera edged him over and over then brought him to a thunderous climax. The twink's face was a mask of pleasure and pain as he shot over and over again covering his smooth flat stomach and rippled chest with his come.

"Wow, he sure came a lot," John said with his mouth hanging open.

"Look how big his balls are," Jaden said, "no wonder he can shoot so much."

"Wish mine were that big," John said suddenly.

"You'd look funny with balls that big," Jaden laughed, "and you'd walk funny too."

"I guess, but I wish I made more stuff. I barely get wet when I come."

"Well, keep practicing and edging helps too."

"What's edging?"

"That's when you almost come then you slow down and let things cool off before you start again. If you do this about three or four times you'll shoot more." 

"Hmmm....I don't know if I can do that. Once I get started I can't stop."

"But if someone else is doing it for you then they can make it last," Aidan said grinning.

"Yeah, let Aidan do it for you. He's a master at edging."

John blushed, "You guys sure know a lot about this stuff."

"We're masters at this stuff. Trust us... and we'll teach you all about it too."

The next video was of a twink getting plowed by a huge dick and the action was focused on the cock going in and out of his wet slippery hole. John's eyes got big and his cock responded immediately swelling to it's full length and girth.

"Wow, doesn't that hurt?"

"Naw, hear the guy moaning? He loves it. It might hurt the first time, but after a while it feels really good...right Aidan?"

Aidan blushed, "Yeah, I like it a lot."

John looked at Aidan nervously and blushed even redder if that was possible before looking back at the video. Instead of coming inside the twink, the anonymous fucker pulled out at the last possible moment and shot rope after rope of white goo all over the twink's ass and crotch.

"Wow, that's dirty stuff. How did you guys find this stuff?"

"Easy, I'll show you sometime, but for now just watch and enjoy."

The next video was of two young dudes doing a 69 and John really seemed to like that one. He watched intently as they rubbed each other's balls and sucked on each other's hard cocks with lust. Occasionally they would come up off the cock and jerk it for a few moments and they could see that both boys were uncut.

"They must be European or maybe Russian," Jaden said knowingly, "Over there a lot of guys are uncut, not like here in the states."

"Wow, that looks like fun," John said rubbing his hard cock absent-mindedly.

"Maybe you should try it," Jaden said winking at Aidan, "you and Aidan."

John blushed bright red again but didn't speak. Jaden was getting into his head and he didn't know what to say or do now. He wanted to scream out YES! but he didn't have any experience in sucking a dick and he was afraid he'd fail and disappoint the twins, especially Aidan.

They watched a few more videos, mostly oral or jerking off including some glory hole videos and John seemed especially interested in those.

"So you mean guys just put their dicks through a hole and let someone play with it or suck it?"

"Yeah, it's anonymous that way. You don't see each other's face and then you go on your way."

"Wow, that would be sort of long as the guy on the other side wasn't a whacko with a knife and cut off your dick." They all laughed at that.

"We should set up our own glory hole," Jaden said but the problem is everyone would know who was on the other side," he laughed.

"Well...I'd come," John said blushing and when he realized the double meaning of what he said he giggled a little.

"And come and come," Jaden laughed, "but we don't have a glory hole...yet, so for now we'll just have to do stuff in the dark."

John swallowed hard and began shaking with anticipation. This was it, he was finally going to get to find our what real sex was like and in the process get to know Aidan and Jaden in a way he'd never dreamed of. He was sure now that he could do whatever they wanted and not chicken out no matter what.

"Let's turn this off and lay down," Jaden suggested, "yeah John you get in the middle. Aidan turn out the lamp."

When they were settled in the near darkness John took a deep breath and stretched out his legs and his foot touched Aidan's and he trembled at the contact. He considered withdrawing his food but Aidan's foot felt so soft and warm and just rubbing against it was causing butterflies in his tummy.

"You guys doin it yet?" Jaden teased, "NO?..Need some help?"

John could feel his heart beating faster now and he could feel the blood rushing into his ears causing him to feel hot all of a sudden. His cock was as hard as it had ever been and it even felt a little wet on the end. If something didn't happen soon he was afraid he was going to come without ever touching himself and make a mess  and that would be so embarrassing he was afraid he'd never live it down.

"Well..I'm waiting. Kind of horny over here," Jaden continued, "Okay, since you guys aren't talking I'm gonna assume you want me to  help out so..." 

Reaching out Jaden brought his hand to John's crotch and squeezed his hard cock causing him to cry out in surprise.

"What did you do?" Aidan laughed, "Grab his junk?"

"Yes..yes I did and now he needs to grab yours. Well...go on John John get you a handful of Aidan's cock and balls."

John reached out a shaky hand and fortunately Aidan was ready for him and guided his hand to just the right spot. Gently John grasped Aidan's hard warm cock and squeezed it gently. Both boys moaned softly as Jaden worked John's cock and John worked Aidan's.

"Okay, time to get serious ," Jaden said after a few minutes.

 John wasn't used to being naked but it actually felt good to be naked and laying here with the two naked twins and all his inhibitions seemed to fly out the window. Whatever Jaden was about to do or suggest was just fine with him and he knew he could do it no matter what now.

"Okay now that we've broken the ice give him a little suction Aidan."

"Is it okay?" Aidan asked John softly.

John couldn't speak at first but he was able to nod and that was all the permission Aidan needed. Shuddering as Aidan moved between his legs he held his breath as he waited for what came next. Never had be ever thought this would actually be happening and now that it was it was almost too much to bare.

The moment was here and it was all too real and intense and when Aidan's soft wet lips touched his cock head he cried out and finally released his breath, "Ughhhh....oh..."

"Nice huh?" Jaden said softly, "let me help."

Then scooting down Jaden started rubbing and handling John's balls. John opened his legs wider giving Jaden better access and sighed and moaned lowly as the twins continued to work his junk over. He still couldn't believe this was happening and expected to wake up from some wonderful dream at any moment, but the pleasure just kept on coming and he knew he wouldn't be able to last much longer.

Then suddenly Aidan stopped sucking him and instead laid his head on John's thigh and gently stroked John's cock trying to slow things down. So this was edging, John thought. It was sort of good, but sort of hard too. His natural instinct was to come as quickly as possible and making it last had never crossed his mind before now and now that it had he realized he wanted that more than anything with the twins.

"Switch," Jaden said suddenly and Aidan moved down a bit and Jaden took John's cock into his mouth and sucked it all the way in. 

John moaned even louder as he felt his cock hit the back of Jaden's throat and when he began to swallow and work his throat muscles John thought he would come right then and there. Fortunately Jaden pulled up and began to lick John's cock up and down and all over the head causing him to moan even more.

Meanwhile Aidan had began to work on his balls and suddenly something wet and soft touched his balls and then Aidan began to lick them as if they were a lollipop. 

"Oh my God," John cried out clutching at the covers. His brain was on overload and he had never felt anything so wonderful in all his life. There was no way he would last any longer if they kept this up, but again as if sensing his closeness to orgasm Jaden stopped what he was doing and just squeezed John's cock playfully.

"Getting close?"

"Uh huh," John said breathing as hard as if he'd ran a race.

"Ready to do some more stuff...maybe 69 with Aidan?"

"I....okay, but I've never done this stuff before....."

"Okay, fair enough. Practice on me. I'll show you how to do it right."

Then jumping up Jaden fell onto his back and thrust his cock up and pointed to it comically, "Come and get it, just watch the teeth."

John was terrified, but he supposed this was better than going at it with Aidan and messing things up. Jaden would teach him what he needed to know and then he could make Aidan feel so good he'd start liking him back. He scooted over to where Jaden lay and took hold of his uncut cock and pulled the skin all the way back. There was a warm musky fragrance to it, but it wasn't  unpleasant. In fact he actually liked it.

"Uh do I pull the skin back or what?"

"Either way feels good, just cover your teeth with your lips and take it slow. No need to gag yourself on my big old cock," he laughed.

John nodded and stuck his tongue out and brought it to the tip of Jaden's cock causing the twin to sigh happily. Encouraged by Jaden's reaction John placed his lips on the head of his cock and took it in slowly. He liked the taste, and the feel of it and his heady aroma was making him dizzy. He was amazed at how natural this felt, having another boy's dick in his mouth, and he began to enjoy it more and more with each  passing moment.

"Doin good," Jaden cooed, "feels nice, you're a natural. Sure you haven't done this before?"

"Uh uh," John said around Jaden's dick, but he appreciated the compliment.

"Aidan help him out a little."

Aidan scooted over and began licking his brother's nuts as he watched John. Their eyes met and John blushed but he was happy and he liked sharing Jaden this way even if it was Aidan he really wanted to be sucking on. 

"Okay, I think you got it now. Don't wanna come yet and Aidan do each other and I'll watch then when you're done I'll show you how we roll."

"Ready?" Aidan asked smiling over at John, "Just lay on your side and I'll flip around and show you how it works."

When they were head to toe Jaden reached out and grabbed John's leg and moved it up a bit to expose his bobbing cock then scooted his crotch a bit closer to John's face. It took some fine tuning to get things lined up just right but John seemed to get the hang of things after a few minutes. 

When he took Aidan into his warm soft mouth for the first time he though he had died and gone to Heaven. Though not as fragrant as Jaden's uncut cock it still had a lovely aroma to it and the taste and texture seemed even more pleasing to his tongue and mouth. 

He had been concentrating on Aidan's cock so hard that he was vaguely aware of the magic Aidan was working on his own cock. Suddenly he realized that Aidan's soft hands were cupping his butt cheeks and he took that as a go ahead to do the same. 

He moaned softly when his hands came into contact with Aidan's soft full butt pillows and he had the strangest desire to lick them and kiss them all over. If  he hadn't already had a mouthful of hot hard boycock he might have done just that but for now he was content to suckle the boy of his dreams.

Jaden scooted closer and watched with a sly smile on his face. He couldn't believe it was this easy. He had thought John would need a lot more coaxing, but apparently he had underestimated his desire to get with Aidan. Jaden could see from the look on John's face that he was definitely into what he was doing, even more so than when it had been his dick that he was sucking.

They were cute together, Jaden thought as he watched them pleasing one another, but his own dick was crying out for release so he decided to see if he could speed things along. Scooting closer he began to lick and kiss John's soft full butt causing him to flinch at first then when he realized what was happening he moaned around Aidan's cock.

"Like that? You're gonna love this," He said spreading John's butt cheeks apart and running his tongue down his crack and across his butthole.  Up till now he had never considered doing this to anyone but Aidan, but he was so caught up in the moment that he didn't give it a second thought.

At this point John lost all sense of reasoning and began to shake with desire. Soon the rimming was having the desired affect on John and he cried out as he began to fill Aidan's mouth with his hot sticky boy cum. Aidan had been holding back waiting for this moment and with a final thrust he too came and was delighted that John eagerly swallowed his boy spunk down as well.

When they were spent they pulled off of each other's cock and Jaden sat up giving John's cute butt one last pat. It was a nice butt, Jaden decided, and one he wouldn't mind tapping, but this one belonged to Aidan and that was fine.

"Did you get a good nut  you guys?"

"Uh....never came that hard before. What were you doing back there?" John said still looking shaky.

"That's called rimming. Did you like it?"

"Like! I loved it. But isn't that dirty?....I mean poop comes out of there."

"I watched you take a shower remember? And I know you're a clean kid, so there was no poop. It tasted good," Jaden said jacking his hard cock slowly as he spoke.

Aidan could see that Jaden was getting antsy and needed to get off, but he didn't want to seem pushy. Jaden would let him know when he was ready.

"Watch this," Jaden said reaching for Aidan and giving him a deep kiss, "how does my breath taste?" Jaden giggled.

"Like John's butt," Aidan laughed, "but I like it."

"Now I'm gonna add your taste," Jaden growled as he squeezed Aidan's butt, "Assume the position."

The position was on his back with his legs held high exposing his tight little boy hole. As many times as Jaden had seen it, tasted it, and pushed his cock inside it, the sight of it still caused his breath to quicken and his cock to throb. 

"Watch this," Jaden said once again, "this is what rimming is."

Aidan gasped as Jaden's hot wet tongue began to travel up and down his crack teasing his puckery little hole over and over. Finally unable to take it any more Aidan reached down and pulled Jaden against him and held them there with his tongue touching his hole. Jaden laughed as he began to lick and suck on Aidan's little starfish then eventually he began to work his tongue inside as far as it could go.

John had moved closer to observe and was captivated by what he saw. He expected it to stink back there, but the only odor was the pleasant musk that he had detected earlier while sucking Aidan. He watched as Jaden's tongue dove deeper and wetter into Aidan's hole and instinctively he reached down and began rubbing his cock which had sprang back to life while watching the action.

Jaden rimmed Aidan for a long time, savoring his flavor and prepping him for what was to come next and when the time came, Aidan whimpered as Jaden raised up and positioned himself between his raised legs. John's heart was beating faster now and his breath was labored as he anticipated what was to come next. He'd heard of butt fucking and see it in the videos,  but never had he ever witnessed it or even thought about someone really doing it until today, and now he was going to see the two most beautiful boys he knew doing it right in front of him.

"Wet it for me," Jaden said to John and John immediately bent down and pulled back his foreskin and slobbered on his hard cock. It looked angry with it's flaring purple head, but John still thought it was beautiful and to think he would soon see it disappear inside Aidan caused him to tremble with excitement.

"That's good, thanks. Okay, get closer and watch this," Jaden said scooting up closer and lining his cock head up with Aidan's now gaping hole, "He's nice and loose now, that's what rimming does."

John nodded as he watched Jaden push his cock head into his brother, pausing occasionally to let Aidan's adjust to his invasion and eventually all of it was inside and Jaden's nuts were resting against Aidan's smooth soft butt.

Giving John a wink Jaden grabbed one of Aidan's feet in each hand and began to move in and out of his brother. He moved slowly at first and John's eyes were glued to his every movement. It was like magic to watch Jaden's cock appear then disappear over and over as Aidan moaned softly, his eyes glazed over with lust.

Then leaning down Jaden kissed his brother gently and whispered something into his ear, Aidan nodded vigorously and when he came back up Jaden smiled at John. John waited for him to say something but instead he began to move faster in and out of his brother as he pushed his legs higher. He was frantically pounding Aidan now and John worried that he might be hurting him, but one look at Aidan's face calmed his fears. He saw only ecstasy there and something,, he saw love too.

Jaden came with a thunderous grunt then fell down on top of Aidan as he continued to unload all the while kissing his brother and cooing softly to him. John sat there on his knees still mauling his own cock and staring at the two brothers suddenly feeling  a little jealous. 

Eventually Jaden raised up and pulled out slowly, but his cock was still rock hard. Many times he would go twice, but this time he had something else in mind.

"Okay buddy, it's your turn," Jaden said scooting over and grabbing a towel to clean up with.

" mean?"

"Yep, he's all ready for you. You don't need no lube, he's pre-lubed with my cum," Jaden giggled. Have at it and enjoy."

John looked at Aidan who was smiling warmly with his arms wide open, "Come on, it'll be fun. You don't have to kiss me if you don't want to," he said almost pouting.

"Oh...I guess I want to do that too," John said beaming..."If it's okay."

Aidan smiled even wider, "It's's great."

Jaden helped John get lined up, but the rest came as naturally as breathing. At first John was afraid he'd hurt Aidan but he soon figured out that Aidan liked what he was doing and he began to loosen up some. When he finally bent down to kiss Aidan his heart was beating so fast he thought it might break out of his chest then when their lips met he moaned softly and saw stars. It was the most amazing  thing he had ever felt, better even than the blow job or the rim job. For so long he'd wanted to do this and now that the time was here he never wanted it to end.

He kissed Aidan for a long time, not just on the lips, but his nose,  his eyes, his neck and his cute little ears and Aidan loved every minute of it. It was so much different than the way Jaden kissed him. Jaden's kisses were sexy but John's were...well different, sweet and loving and they made his toes curl.

When John finally broke the kiss he sighed happily and began to move again. Aidan thrust up against him lustily and whispered, "Faster please," and John obeyed.

With each thrust forward John's cock rubbed Aidan's boy nut causing waves of pleasure to wash over him and he felt as if he could come at any moment without either of them touching his hard cock. John was totally into the fuck now, lost in his desire and lust, his entire being suspended in the five inches of hard boy cock that joined them together.

When he came he literally blacked our for a second from the intensity of the orgasm. Shuddering he was barely aware of something warm and wet hitting his stomach and when he looked down he saw a jet of white liquid spurt forth from Aidan's flaring cock head. He was amazed and confused, but his own orgasm was still pulling at him and he didn't give it any more thought.

When he was finally spent,  he felt a little odd. Like a lot boys his age, orgasms were still new and mostly delivered by their own hand and he suddenly felt very awkward. As he slowly pulled out he looked down at his rapidly deflated dick and was surprised that it was relatively clean. Except for his and Jaden's combined cum there didn't' seem to be anything else.

Jaden threw him the towel he'd been using and assessing John's mood quickly he proceeded accordingly.

"First time is pretty intense," Jaden said smiling warmly.

"I'm gonna go clean up in the bathroom," Aidan said scooting out of bed carefully to avoid leaving a snail trail on the bed sheets.

When he was gone Jaden turned to John again, "He really likes you John, you know that...right?"

John nodded, "I like him too...both of you...."

"But you really like him..right?"

John blushed, "Sort of."

Jaden placed an arm around him, "That's awesome. Hey why don't we put our undies  on now and play some Halo?"

John smiled. He was happy, but still a little overwhelmed and doing something as simple as playing video games would give him time to think things over.

Aidan emerged looking fresh and clean and smiling brightly. Noticing the other two were dressed now he located his undies and slipped them on earning him a sly look from Jaden. He sat down beside John and watched the two boys play for a while stealing glances at John every chance he got. 

He'd liked what happened a lot, especially the kissing, but he sensed that John was a little unsure about things at the moment. If he had any chance of taking their friendship to the next level he would have to take it slow and not push him, but that was fine with him. It was Jaden he worried about. He seemed to be in a hurry all the time and after all he had sort of pushed John into fucking him. Not that Aidan hadn't wanted it too, but he would never had been so bold without Jaden there.

Jaden finally handed his controller to his brother and hopped up on the bed and began checking out his phone. He logged onto FB and posted a funny picture he'd found online and then checked his messages and answered a few while keeping a eye on the two in the floor at his feet. 

They make a great couple, Jaden thought, if only John can get over his fear of letting loose. His attention was suddenly pulled back to his phone as one of his friends sent him a KIK message. It was David, the boy that John had spent the night with a few weeks ago.


Nuttin, chillin

John over

Yep him and A are playin Halo

Cool having fun so far


Good you gonna teach him the

Don't need any do anything yet

Can't tell ya 

Aww...come on

Nope what happens here stays here


I'll ask him Monday

Cool I don't care if he tells you know how I

Yeah I'm hard thinking about it. Wish I was there.

Come on

Suddenly a file came across and Jaden was staring at David's hard cock. strokin

My hand is all I got

"Hey...guys look at this," Jaden said holding his phone up so his brother and John could see the pic.

"Who's that......oh, David," John said then blushed.

"Recognize it huh?" Jaden laughed.

"No, I saw his nick," John said blushing anyway.

"Oh okay if you say so."

Jaden chatted with David a few more minutes then turned his attention back to the two boys in the floor. Snapping a picture he looked it over and saved it for later. He stretched out on the bed and was lost in thought when suddenly Aidan crawled up on the bed and fell down beside him.

"Where's John John?"

"Bathroom. What you wanna do next?"

"Ravage him," Jaden teased, "no seriously bro, I think you two should sleep over here in your bed and I'll stick to mine then you two can get to know each other better."

Aidan tried not to show his excitement, but that sounded perfect, "Okay, sure...yeah, we can do that...if he wants to."

"Oh he me. He's got the hots for you little bro."

"He likes us both...."

"He likes my big uncut cock, but he loves you," he chuckled.

Aidan blushed, "Does not...."

John returned then and looked at the twins questioningly, "What's up guys?"

"Not much, just working out the sleeping arrangements."

"Oh, well whatever you guys decide is fine with me...."

"Good, I sort of like my space so you and A can share his bed and I'll sleep in my bed. If you guys need me just yell," he said grinning.

"Maybe we can all three lay here for a while and just talk till we're sleepy," Aidan suggested.

"Sure, that sounds good," Jaden said nodding, "but first I gotta go pee and brush my teeth. I think I have a bad case of butt breath."

They all laughed and eventually all three peed and brushed their teeth before piling down on Aidan's full size bed with John in the middle. At first they talked about school and video games and the regular things that boys their age liked but eventually the talk began to veer toward sex again. 

"What did you tell David...I mean...did you tell him about what we did?" John asked sounding worried.

"Nothing, I don't tell tales. If you want to tell him that's fine, that's up to you. He knows how me and Aidan are though so he probably already guessed what went on. Especially since you guys sort of messed around already."

"I hope he doesn't tease me Monday at school."

Jaden laughed, "Tease you..naw...not unless you're alone. He won't out you if that's what you're afraid of. He's got more to hide than you do. He's cool though, you'll see."

John sighed, "Well...I guess that's true."

"You liked what we did...right?" Aidan asked sounding worried.

"Oh yeah...a lot, especially...well..ummm...the kissing," John said blushing.

"Cool, me too," Aidan said beaming.

"You guys need some time alone?" Jaden chuckled, "I'm sort of hungry. I think I'll go make myself a sandwich."

"Uh, well...okay. Can you bring us back something?"

"Definitely, but it may be a little while," Jaden said winking.

"Take your time."

As soon as Jaden was gone John looked at Aidan and smiled, "Does he always go running around at night in just his underwear?"

"Our folks are cool, it's no big deal. My dad runs around in his underwear too....but not my mom, cause she's too hot to go around like that," Aidan giggled.

"Yeah, she is pretty hot," John giggled.

"She says she lives in a  house with three boys," Aidan laughed, "and that my dad is as bad as we are."

"It sounds here I mean. My parents are so strict and stuff. It's not much fun."

"Well, now that you have more freedom and can do sleepovers, maybe things will be better for you."

"Yeah, way better."

"Did you mean it...when you said you liked the kissing best?" Aidan said after a few minutes.

"Uh was awesome. I never kissed anyone except my folks before and it was amazing."

"You were really good at it," Aidan said grinning, "I liked the part where you kissed my eyes and nose and ears," he giggled.

"I don't know why I did that, it just seemed right," John said blushing.

"It was you like me?"

"Well sure...." John stuttered unsure of how much he should admit to.

"I like you too," Aidan said softly, "a lot," he added blushing.

"Me too," John barely whispered.

Aidan felt butterflies in his tummy and he smiled widely, " you wanna....(sigh) be....uh....boyfriends or something?"

What? Had John heard him right? This was all too good to be true. Was he really asleep and dreaming or had the boy he'd been crushing on for so long really asking him to be his boyfriend? The answer was yes..yes..yes, but how could he tell him without sounding too anxious or needy.

"I wouldn't mind," John said barely able to speak this time. He felt faint and his breath was labored now.

"Cool, I mean we don't have to like tell anyone or long as we know it that's all that matters."

"What about Jaden?" John said frowning.

Aidan laughed, "Jaden wants us to get together. Didn't you see how he was pushing us together and that's why he left us alone just now."

"Oh," John said feeling stupid, "but I want you to know I won't try to come between you two. I know you got something cool between you."

"Don't worry, what me and Jaden have's just brother stuff...not like what we'll have."

John smiled, "Okay, but I'm new at all this stuff so...can we take it slow at first?" 

"As slow as you want. You can be in charge okay?" Aidan said touching John's chest tenderly.

John shivered at Aidan's touch, " some things maybe you need to be in charge," he said grinning.

Aidan leaned in and kissed John's cheek, "This is gonna be sooo good."

"Yeah. Can I tell you something really personal?"

"Sure, anything," Aidan said gently.

"I...I've liked you a long time, but I never knew you liked me...that way, I mean. And now it's like...well, I can't believe it. It's like some wonderful dream."

"Well...I've liked you for a while too, but I never thought this would happen either. It was Jaden that figured it all out though. He knows me bettern anyone and well...I think he wanted to fix me up with someone so I wouldn't be clingy I guess."

John frowned, "He doesn't want to do stuff with you?"

"Oh sure, he likes the sex, but he doesn't want to be like too know, like we might be."

"Oh, I guess I see that since you're brothers and all."

"So, now that we're together....we should decide how things are gonna be."

"Like what?"

"Like....who we do stuff with."

"Oh, well...I never thought about that...."

"You sure you're okay with me and Jaden doing stuff?"

"Yeah, totally and I wouldn't even mind doing stuff with both of you too," he said blushing.

Aidan smiled, "Oh, you can count on that. I guess we can figure out the rest as we go along. We have a lot of friends who like to mess David."

"Yeah, well....I guess that makes sense."

"So we have a little more time till J gets back....."

They started out kissing and rubbing together but soon their hard cocks took control and things progressed naturally. As they reached into each other's underwear and their hands closed around the other's cock they continued to kiss making the experience even more intense. There was no time for edging nor could either have stood to wait much longer for release so when Aidan cried out and began to unload his hot sticky load into John's hand John wasn't far behind.

Afterwards as they lay panting and spent their hands still wrapped around each other's rapidly deflating cock they looked into each other's eyes and this time their was no awkwardness or guilt on John's part. He saw only love in Aidan's eyes and as he leaned in and their lips met he sighed contentedly.

Eventually they disengaged and went into the bathroom to clean up once again. Their underwear were wet with their boy spunk and Aidan suggested they discard them and sleep naked. An hour ago John would have protested, but now it seemed natural and sensible. 

As they dropped their underwear they heard Jaden enter and call out to them, "You boys decent," then he giggled, "or do you need more time."

"In here," Aidan said walking out of the bathroom naked with John right behind him.

"Oh, well...looks like I missed the fun, but I brought the food, in case you didn't get enough to eat already," he chuckled.

"Thanks, I am sort of hungry. Oh, just so you know...John and I are together now." Aidan said grinning and taking John's hand in his.

"Fantastic, congratulations you two. I'll sing at your wedding," he chuckled, "and you can name the kid after me."

Aidan rolled his eyes, " good."

"I am good...excellent really."

While John and Aidan snarfed down their sandwich and washed it down with a soda, Jaden sat on his bed and messed with his phone. Unknown to the other two Jaden snapped a picture of the two naked boys and hid it in a private folder on his phone. This one was for his eyes only and maybe Aidan's at some point.

"When the two finished their snack Jaden looked up and smiled. They were very cute together and he approved 100 percent of their new relationship. It would take the heat off of him and free up some of his time, plus he wanted his brother to have someone special in his life to love and have fun with. 

"We're gonna go to sleep now," Aidan said speaking for them both, "Good night J."

"Night you two, sweet dreams and try to keep the moaning and groaning down so I can sleep," he chuckled.

Aidan giggled, "Well if it gets too loud just come join us."

"Yeah, that would be fun," John said smiling.

Jaden raised an eyebrow thoughtfully, things were going better than he planned, not only did he fix his brother up, but now it looked like he'd get to play too. He smiled and his cock stirred a little. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night. 

End of Chapter Three

Now that A has a bf, J will have lots of free time on his hands. We can only hope he will stay out of trouble and if not that he won't drag the new lovers into it. John feels like he's struck gold, but what with his parents being so possessive things may not work out as well as he and A hoped. Through thick and thin though the two will try to work it out.

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  27. Rabbit: A Christmas Story
  28. Second Chance for Love
  29. Skateboard Christmas 2015
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And as Smoothperator52

It's Amazing What Sex Can do for a Guy (the story of a boy's first time with a boy and first time with a girl)